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The first movie I ever watched was The Fox and the Hound – a Disney production. I think I can safely say that it’s my favourite Disney movie. No other ones have touched me as much as that one, and that’s also the one I’ve watched the most.

I was about five years old – maybe even four – when I watched it. I received it on VHS as a birthday present. I don’t remember who it was from. Either from a friend, or parents. But that video still sits in the cabinet under the television.

It was also the first movie that made me cry. 😢 I swear, when movies and books have that effect on me, that’s it. It is a good book or movie. Or even better than good. Whatever can put that kind of strong emotion into you is well written, well created.

That also goes with anything that makes you laugh or smile excessively. It doesn’t have to make you cry. You know a good humourous movie when you see one. You know a feel-good movie when you see one. I know everyone’s tastes differ, but even then, we have our own favourites.

I’ll admit I’m not a huge movie person at all. If I could sum it up – I dislike watching movies – at the cinema/theatre, anyway. The reason is because I can’t exactly sit there for a long period of time and have a good time. I can’t sit still unless I’m comfortable, and my idea of comfortable is not in the dark with people munching on popcorn and squishy seats with armrests on the sides.

I hate chairs with armrests. I don’t have room to move. /angry I seem to get so frustrated over something small. But for a long time I’ve not been able to stand watching things for so long. I have to get up and have a break every now and then. 😰

I don’t go to the cinemas often because I hate the experience. I also don’t like spending money to sit there and watch a movie. I’d rather watch with friends at home, sitting on a comfortable couch or on a sofa bed… that’s how I prefer to watch a movie.

I’ve never really been a fan of watching many things, which is also why my favourites list of movies is pretty small. People ask me, “What’s the last movie you saw at the cinema?”

The answer to that, my friend, is Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. If one were to ask me for the movie before that… The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Wow, I am a sad case. O_O

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You’re not kidding? Oh my gosh me and my sister were obsessed with that movie when we were little! We always watched it in her room in a tent! ♥

I don’t like the movies so much either. I love watching movies, but the cinema is pretty bad, just whenever people talk during them. The only thing I like is that when all the tourists aren’t here, like in the winter, we can go and nobody will be there, and we can talk all we want and still watch a movie.

Hahaha chairs with armrests bug me too. Almost every time I sit in one, the two people beside me take BOTH of mine! /angry

Helloooooo :)

OOOOOOOH The Fox and the Hound ♥ //love We have that on tape too! Except it’s not the proper tape. Someone taped it from somewhere for us :P

But that story…is so moving. I cried too! It was like: 😢 /wah

Todd and Copper! ♥ Man, I want to go buy the DVD too. It’s not my favourite Disney movie, but it’s definitely the most moving for me. It’s the Disney movie that made me cry most.

Omg, I agree. If a book or a movie can make you cry, then it is REALLY good. If something can evoke that much emotion from you, it is definitely worth your time :) Except the My Sister’s Keeper Movie. COMPLETELY CHANGED THE STORY LINE :@ It would probably have made me cry, but I DO NOT CARE! IT CHANGED THE BOOK! /angry

Hahaha! I know! You definitely are not a movie person! But it’s okay, when we watched Meatballs, I definitely didn’t notice you moving around and fidgeting alot :) I used to be like that too! But I don’t know what changed. Now I’m all: LET’S GO WATCH A MOVIE! //love *excited* /bounce

I don’t think getting annoyed at armrests is that little :) I get annoyed too, but for different reasons. I get annoyed because sometimes people hog the armrests, and it’s like, EXCUSE ME, YOU’RE INVADING MY PERSONAL SPACE! GET YOUR ARM OFF MY ARMREST NOOOOOW! /angry 🤬

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs! :) I loved that movie. It was so worth it, right? :P

And Benjamin Button was also VERY awesome. *nods*

Hello! I’m returning this in a mad rush again; ignore me. :P Mine is the proper tape. I actually don’t think I own proper tapes of anything besides that movie, because we recorded a lot of movies and stuff on blank tapes – and still do. LOL.

I just bawled when she took him away and “Goodbye May Seem Forever” played, as she spoke the words. :(

I wonder if they have extras? Well, the DVD would be a much better version of course, and probably have extra stuff.

When The Book Thief made me cry I just knew that it was going to be my favourite book – or already was. I remember crying reading so many books, I can barely remember them now.

I’m not watching the movie of My Sister’s Keeper after knowing what they did to the plot!

Ahaha yeah, although my problem is also choosing what movie to see. Meatballs was James’s suggestion after all; I’m glad he suggested it though. XD

That’s so annoying though, and then they have the “couples seats”. WTF? Can’t you just remove armrests altogether or make them less obstructive?

I got you the DVD! /bounce XD

I’ve never seen the Fox and the Hound. i havent seen many disney movies, for some reason they just werent part of my childhood like they were to so many other kids. but i have been buying a lot of them lately. :-)

i agree though, a movie that can make you cry, laugh, or even maybe make you angry is a good movie. if it makes you feel like that, it’s touched you someway or another and that right there, is a good movie. it’s like you become a part of the movie ya know?

i used to not go to the movie theater at all, but as you know i have “movie sunday” now with my boyfriend…well not really now because he is up north visiting his sister, but i usually watch a new movie each week for 5 bucks. we go in the morning because they are cheaper compared to at night (regular movie tickets in the afternoon/evening are $8.75!)

i hate those stupid arm rest things too! we have two theaters in our mall and i always choose the movie depending on which theater it is in. one of them has arm rests, but you can put them up and so i love it cause you can sit closer to your boyfriend. /love

the last movie i saw was KILLERS. :-)

no u not at all a sad case i most likely prefer watching movies at home.. its warmer and comfortable.. the last movie i saw at the cinema was Ghost and that was like a month ago.. the first movie i watched was the lion king i think and i still love that one and my second fav is finding nemo.. hows ur holidays going my friend?

Haha definitely and ultimately more comfortable. :)

I love Ghost! If you’re referring to the one with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, that is. I love that movie a lot, it’s beautiful.

A lot of people seem to have watched The Lion King first. I loved that movie as well but it hasn’t stayed with me so well.

My holidays are going okay – at the beginning it was a bit stressful with chores and whatnot, but I’m doing fine. :)

I’m not a big fan of the movie theater either. I’m not exactly sure why, I would just rather watch movies at home or at a friend’s house. Maybe because if I want a snack I don’t have to pay $7 for way overpriced popcorn.
The last movie I saw in theaters was A Nightmare on Elm Street and before that Alice in Wonderland.
I guess those aren’t too far back, but honestly those were 2 exceptions to my not going to the theater often.

Haha, that is a strange coincidence. Something like that happened to me one time. I was getting ready in the morning and I always listen to music. So I was listening to Chicken Fried by the Zac Brown Band and randomly my friend texted me with the lyrics. I was like, whoa.

I’m also not a fan of watching films in the cinema. I’d much rather do it from the comfort of my couch. It’s a control issue – I decide on the volume, how I sit, the lighting. I can pause when I need to – and not miss anything when I go to the toilet.

And, best of all.. no-one TALKING while I’m trying to watch it!

I hate going to cinemas, the best thing is to watch movie at home, and put the lights down. :)

well, if you are in mood of hangout, so cinema may be good, but depends on choice, but I never prefer cinema. :(

I’m not really a big fan of turning the lights out, but I do prefer watching a movie at home.

Heh actually, my friends know how much I dislike the cinema so we don’t go there much when we hang out. :P

Thank you for your comment. :) She seems to be recovering alright, although not completely recovered yet (and of course she might never be). At least, she hasn’t been peeing and such in the house (at least not when I’m home) and she’s been eating some and sleeping some. I guess she played ball with my dad yesterday, which makes me smile.

Ahaha, this made me giggle, because on the site I visited right before yours, she also blogged about Disney movies. :) I don’t remember what the first one I ever watched was, but my favorite growing up was The Aristocats. I still love it. ♥

Finally, someone who agrees with me! (Even if not for the same reasons.) I don’t particularly care for watching movies, either. At the theater, I sometimes get bored and uncomfortable, but both there and at home, I have a hard time watching movies because I’m too sensitive. Like, I cried when I watched the movie UP, and I get freaked out during any sort of violent scene and always cry at emotional scenes. They scare me. I tried to watch a movie with Gordon about a guy who was suffering from depersonalization, and I cried so much when he got into a fight with his girlfriend that I had to stop the movie. I tried to watch Burn After Reading, but when the guy got shot in the head, I flipped out and made Gordon turn it off. So I can’t ever watch a movie by myself unless it’s a kid’s movie because it might prove to be too much for me to handle. :/

Wow, I skipped over the last part of your blog. I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button a couple weeks ago with Gordon, and I cried for ages at the end of it. It was a pretty good movie, though.

The Fox and The Hound is such an amazing movie. I love it, it’s the first movie I ever cried at too, and the first time I saw it I was about 6!

I really love a film that can make me cry, laugh or smile a lot. :D

The only good thing about those chairs with the arm rests are the drinks holders! At a cinema about an hour away from where I live, you can push the arm rests down so you still have the drinks holder but it’s not in your way!

I get like that- I don’t like getting up for a break though because I’ll miss the film!

Is Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs good? I wanted to see it in the cinema, but I forgot about it, I might buy the DVD!

Thank you!

I use to have like a million badges pinned to my bag a few years ago, I don’t have any at all now though! I’m not a big fan of badges any more, I just like to have 1 or 2 to brighten up my school tie.

I once read a romance novel that made me feel scared LOL it was some odd mysterious and scary scene and it was so descriptive and I was so into it that I actually felt what this person in the story was feeling, it was great? lol xD

Aww really you don’t like watching movies at the theatres? I honestly don’t like going to the movies with someone I barely know xD I always go with close friends and have my boyfriend there that I can get cute with and watch the movie. Does your armrests not move? The ones here do so you can get all snuggly with your date xD I have seen so many movies in theatres, my boyfriend loves to go out and do things so we often do movie dates. But I agree, sometimes it’s good to just sit at home comfortably and watch -which we do as well, but it’s nice to mix things up xD

Take care xxx

Oh, I don’t think that there is a person alive who doesn’t like Disney’s The Fox and the Hound. The guys in my hometown love it, they claim its on the same scale as Old Yeller. It’s another movie that seems to affect people. :)

As for going to the movies, I only go when there is a free movie and the weather isn’t bad. I was going to go see The Karate Kid on the 14th…but it was over 90 degrees and definitely too hot to walk to the theater. But I definitely know what you mean about preferring to watch movies at home. I like to sprawl on the floor to watch movies. :D

The Fox and the Hound waa an amazing movie. It made me cry, too, because it was a touching movie. But, I was about 5 and I cried at almost every sad movie on the market.

I, too, have the old VHS version packed somewhere in a box. Maybe I’ll happen to pull it out and watch it one day :).

When it comes to cinema movies, I’m a reoccuring figure there… LOL. I adore cinema movies. But, you have made a point about the seats and popcorn. >.> and don’t forget the people who talk during the movie, or text.

That bothers me! :(

Haha :D. I guess if you love purple, you wouldn’t mind purple hair, bur I do xD. Especially when it isn’t even a nice dye job. And I didn’t notice it because I wasn’t really paying attention… next time I’m putting my hair in a bun!!

My laptop came predecorated xP. And it was less money thana black one. Haha :P. It’s a cute laptop though.

O.O damn. 2000?! You must have had a lot to say! LMAO.

I hate the movie theater or cinema. Period. End of discussion. People always take my armrests, and they think that I am sharing my popcorn.


Haha I hate it too. So hard to get used to and not very comfortable. I usually sit with my friends and we pick a spot away from too many people so we don’t have that problem. :)

I;m suprised that you remember the vey first movie you saw. I can’t even remember that, lol.

The only movie that I remember (when I was that young) was Stand By Me and that was on tv.

The last time I went to the movies, I saw Aladdin. That was back in the early 90’s and I was in like 1st or 2nd grade.

There’s a couple of movies that make me cry everytime I watch them and one is Steel Magnolias. It’s also one of my favorites. :)

Wow, I’ve not heard any of the movies you mentioned. Goes to show how many I haven’t watched, or how little I do watch. I guess because The Fox and the Hound stayed with me pretty deep, I remember it really vividly. :)

I never watched The Fox and the Hound before. I remembered watching The Little Mermaid in sixth grade. I fell asleep at my next door neighbor’s house while watching The Lion King. 😴 I teased my best friend about Bambi being boring. :D I don’t remember ever having a favorite Disney movie.

I did watched some of them over and over again. My friend had to baby-sit her niece a couple times. That’s all she wanted to watch and nothing else. 🙄

In high school, we did a Disney musical assembly. Different songs from Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, etc. It was a lot of work. It was fun to watch though. /faw

I can’t sit there for a long period of time and either. I’ll feel comfortable at first. I’ll sit there and munch on my popcorn. Later on, I’ll start to feel uncomfortable. I move around in my chair. Sometimes I have sit in an uncomfortable position. It’s hard to explain. So people can see in the back. My big head isn’t in the way. /argh

I don’t like when you have to share the armrest with someone. It’s like you have to fight for it. /angry There’s the armrest on the other side. I guess they prefer that armrest. /hmph

We used to have a $1 movie theater. Unfortunately, they closed down. 😢 They weren’t making much business due to the slow economy. That sucks. Consolidated Theaters general admission is $10.75. That’s just too damn expensive. I rather watch a movie at home for free. I do miss eating theater popcorn. It’s not the same with store bought popcorn.

A lot of people ask me that too sometimes, “What’s the last movie you saw at the cinema?” The answer is Avatar. It was alright.

I like to drink coffee or tea in the morning too sometimes. I didn’t get enough sleep. I had a hard day or night. I probably was out running around. That tends to make me tired.

I’m glad you and your mom likes the different types of Traditional Medicinals teas. Not a lot of people like organic stuff. They think it tastes more bland. It’s actually good once you try it.

I didn’t know you had Starbucks in Australia. I heard of Gloria Jean’s. Unfortunately, they closed down. We had a couple locations here. That’s too bad. I’d like to try their coffee. It sounds good.

Wow. I didn’t know Seven Eleven had coffee for a $1. That’s cool. I wished we had that here. They have two different types of iced coffee. I’m not sure about the regular coffee though.

My WordPress Timezone is set to Honolulu. I like Tweetable. I just didn’t like the time setting being off. It won’t show you the replies.

I’m glad I got rid of Lifestream. It gives you a lot of problems. One after another. It was a pain in the ass. It’s not worth to have that plugin. It felt it was really complicated.

Thanks. I’ll check out your Widgetizing tutorial. :)

I’ve never seen The Fox and the Hound. lol.

You need to come to Ohio. There’s a movie theater about an hour from where I live that I hear is great. The seats lean back, and you just have so much more room them normal. I’ve been wanting to go there (they also have 3D movies) but haven’t really had the money for the tickets, plus paying for someone to drive us up there.

My mom can’t go to the theater and watch movies because she can’t sit there that long, she’d end up having to take extra meds.

Ryan and I go to the movies as much as we do (when we have money) because that’s really the only thing there is to do around here. Plus it’s one of the few times we get to do something “alone”. lol.

I haven’t seen Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs yet! I want to though.

Hmm, last movie I seen at the theater was Iron Man 2…and before that it was Shutter Island. :) If we’d have the money I’d be going to see Toy Story 3 this weekend. lol.

I don’t have my license either, and because I’m so short I’m going to need a small car. So my dreams of something like a ’67 Chevy Impala are out the window. lol.

Ah, I know what you mean about movie theaters. They’re so uncomfortable and squished, though I still do go.. probably too often xD I went Sunday to see the A Team. I always spend the majority of the movie fidgeting around and trying to get comfortable, but it never works out too well.. Except the odd times where you’re SO comfortable, but know you’ll never find that comfy spot again next time.. haha

I didn’t end up getting to see David that night. When he finally did text me, he said he had to go to a funeral visitation for an hour and then we could hang out. So I said okay, but I’d prefer if it was before 8 so I don’t start watching the secret life. He texted me right before 8, saying I could just watch it.. but I said I’d miss it for him, it was okay.

But he made a big deal about how I shouldn’t sacrifice it for him (yet, for Grey’s Anatomy which I like WAY more.. he thought that I should miss it for him whenever.. :/) and blah blah. So after not replying to my text for like two hours, he said he regretted not seeing me. I was just like okay buddy, I told you like three times that I was okay with missing it.. but you said I should have my ‘space’.. Not that I thought I needed it, considering I had family stuff the next day so it’s not like I’d see him then.

Yeah, I don’t see the point of a private blog.. you might as well just get an offline diary instead of taking up space on the net that only you can see :P Whatever though, to each her own.. haha

Oh man, I swear when I’m pissed off David just TRIES to piss me off more. Because I become a total bitch, and he HATES bitchiness, so he gets cranky and gets pissy and then it’s just no good. But if you don’t want me to get pissy, just don’t be stupid.. geeze :P

Yes, only two days now! Hurrah.


Ooh, I love that movie. That’s funny, though, the first movie I ever saw – Mulan – is still my favorite, and one of those goshdarngreat Disney animated movies too (: But those disney movies in general are my absolute favorite – all of them! (:

I’m a movie person and I love watching movies especially in cinemas. :)

I do love that Disney movie but they got so many movies I ♥.

Ooh, that’s good! At least you won’t have to worry about having to update so much domains anymore. I’m not saying 15 domains is “few”, though. :P

Yep. A lot of students have been enrolling so there’s not enough space for all of us, so they have to put a lot in one classrooms. Though I’m sure they have enough money to make more classrooms if needed.

You said it! It’s one of my greatest achievements. :D

Ugh, yeah. Whenever she follows me around or stares at me (which she does a lot), I just roll my eyes and that’s her cue to stop staring at me.

I know! It really sucks. The media are bad influences. :/

Yay! That’s good. You’re really improving! Next target: to sleep at 10pm. I’m sure you could do it. Hahaha. :D


I can’t remember the first movie I ever watched, but the one I watched the most was the one about Moses’ life story. I’ve watched it in school, at home.. I’ve watched it a billion times. :P

You’re right. Movies and books don’t have to make you cry just to be able to tell that they’re good.

I’m actually a movie person. I love going to the cinema and watching movies. Sadly, movie tickets are expensive, so we just buy the (pirated. shh!) DVD.

Aww, I’m the opposite. I want chairs to have armrests so I can rest my hand and my head on it when I’m not feeling well.

Oooh! I’ve watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and it’s really good and funny! :D

I have so far done the German listening and that went okay. I’ve got German reading next which will definitely bring my mark down. I’m just glad I got B’s in my speaking and coursework.

Yeah, poor Tim Cahill and more Australia. Me and my dad were really supporting them!

Yeah we have decided to go to a spa in the next few weeks when there is a rainy day and we haven’t got much else to do.

In the UK when people commit crimes they get an ASBO (Anti-Social Behaviour Order) which is a status that young people aren’t suppose to want. But they think it’s cool to say “yeah I’ve got an ASBO”.

How me and Tyrone got together was really sweet. He told my best friend like months before he liked me and he was going to ask me out. It took him quite a while and in that time I told my best friend I fancied him too and I was still unaware he liked me. Quite funny really.

I plan on spending time on Wii this summer when the weather isn’t good. I need to get some new games.

I think I have seen the Fox and Hound which makes a change for me as I haven’t seen a lot of the Disney films!

I remember the first film I ever saw at the cinema. It was Barney the Dinosaur’s Great Adventure. I must have been 4 or 5 time. I thought it was amazing. I haven’t watched in since but I just watched the trailer. I can’t remember any of it.

If I go to the cinema I have to watch a film I want to watch or else I feel uncomfortable. I don’t watch many films at home. I get bored and I don’t end up watching the whole film.

I don’t think I’ve ever watched The Fox and The Hound. I agree with you. A movie must be really good if it makes people cry or laugh a lot.

I’m not a movie person either. As you know, I don’t like going out much, so I dislike going to the cinemas too. But once I’m watching a movie there, I don’t mind it much. I actually like the dark atmosphere and everything. But having to sit in the same place for so long is not something I like. I can’t even make much noise in case others feel disturbed. I prefer watching movies at home. It’s more comfortable and I don’t have to think about others much.

You blogged about watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, right? That’s a LONG time. :D I went to the movies yesterday, also after a REALLY LONG time. We watched Avatar.

Thanks. <3 LOL. I've actually come to considering Anika as a friend. She has been more regular to school lately so we're getting to know her better. She is not that bad, but she still annoys us A LOT. But since she is the type of person who will force you to talk even if you make it clear that you don't want to talk with her, we have to put up with her and be her friend. :P

I wish I could send some of the heat to Australia. It's been terribly hot. The weather is getting cooler now though because of the storms. I hate that a lot too, because I'm terribly scared of storms. O_O I don't like rainy weather either, so I'm sort of unsure about what sort of weather I want now. I can't wait for winter to come, but that's months away. :P

Hehe I never knew my phone had a self-time either. But I hate the camera on my phone. Yeah, self-timers are really helpful. I'm glad I thought of the idea. :) I had a lot of trouble finding a proper place to put the camera. I couldn't find a table that was tall enough. My friend thought of putting a bag on the table and tying it to my camera. I laughed at first but that was how we took the picture. :P

Yes, YAY I'm FREE! :D My summer is turning out to be boring, though. I hope we go out of the city or something. My mom's been talking about it. I have nothing to look forward to except football now.

I'm really glad that I have my cousin to talk to. We only see each other once every few months since she lives in another town, but that's also a good thing because every time we see each other, we have a lot to tell each other. :P Yeah. I trust my friends a lot but I cannot talk about some things with them. I have many people in my family who love me a lot, but I just don't feel very close to them.

I think I'm going to be needing stress balls too. I feel very mad at little things nowadays. I think I'm going through some sort of a phase. :/ I feel terrible.

That's good. I have written a lot of poems in different books and torn pages but I don't get to put them on my site since I mostly lose them. :P Every time I have a fight with someone, I start thinking that I would write about it in my blog. But after some time, I calm down. It's better to wait for the anger to calm down, otherwise I would probably regret what I blogged about in a rage. I write letters to people when I'm mad at them and then tear them apart. That helps.

Haha nothing stops me either from dancing. But that's mostly when I'm alone. XD

Same here. I love going outdoors but mostly "going out" means going to the shopping malls or something. I really hate that. I hate being forced to go out by my mom, but she does that almost every time she has to go out. :( Now that school is over I want to stay home and not go anywhere too, but my mom keeps on telling me to go and visit my cousin upstairs. She lives in the same building, but I hate going there too.

Yeah, that would suck if I went to a concert and disliked the band. There are a lot of concerts by students and ex-students in my sister's university. They look really fun. My sister goes to them a lot and I feel so jealous. :P

Me too. I don't listen to a lot of songs anyways so it's really difficult for me. Yeah. Some songs remind me of little things like how I used to play Tomb Raider with my sister. XD Then there are songs that remind me of other happy/sad things.

This is why even when I sometimes get tired of Westlife's songs, I keep on loving them because most of their songs remind me of my childhood. :)

Old things like that are always precious to me. :D My mom was going to throw away my old school diary. I fought with her because of that because that diary is full of games and song lists and stuff that I've made with my friends. They are useless stuff but precious. <3

Sometimes you just can't help but start drama. Like if someone stole my things or copied my layout, I would be pissed off and definitely blog about it. That would automatically be a sort of drama. :/ But of course you have to move on.

I cleaned my room up a bit. Still my desk drawers are in a terrible state though. :P

Hey,hun..This Is Jad Again :D :D
I’ve just came back from my last day at school,this year!! :P
and 👏 i can’t believe it’s finally summer!!
Btw..i wanna get a new domain,something always better & more pro…I Wanna be a better graphic/Web Designer.. /ehe

So.. /bash What i’m worried about isn’t the domain registration,but hosting.. /argh I want a free hosting for existing domain..For free…and for unlimited space.. 😢 I Dunno..where i can get out this problem..i got no money..and i’d not wait..for my debt card,to come next i’m not waiting..:/ /ehh

:D anyway.. :) happy it’s finally sumer :D

Hey Jad. :) I’m glad you had your last day! Any plans for your summer? It’s winter in Australia so there’s not too much we can do; the rain means we can only stay in on some days.

Work on those skills, you can do it!

It’s a shame but you can’t really get a domain for free. Some websites offer them but you have to use ads. It’s sad but we can never get everything. There’s always a catch. Good luck though!

I love Disney movies! one of my all time favourite series of movies. It’s just sooo easy and happy to watch. My first movie was Snow White and it’s one of my favourite when I was 6.

I love cinemas but only to watch action movies with loads of special effects and sounds. I really dislike watching drama/comedy movies in cinema because it’s such a waste of money. It isn’t really worth the big screen and crazy sounds affect for movies like that.

I dislike old cinemas because the seats are small and there isn’t much height difference between you and the row in front. Tall people always gets in my way because I’m so small. There’s a newish cinema around my area that’s really nice. The seats are bigger and loads of height difference so no one’s head will get in my way.

When I read ” I seem to get so frustrated over something small.” I thought of something kinda…dirty!! LOL

Oh, I am so sorry for not replying. I never got those comments. Maybe I added a new post without checking the previous ones.
I feel like such a cad, because in that post only you’d thanked me for returning your comments.

Well, thank you for the compliments. I did make some new icons that have only pictures in them.

I tried out Disqus but Liz (my host) has agreed to install Fan Update on the Book Of The Month page.

Romance novels are sometimes very sad. The link to the book I gave you that day, is also very sad. It has a killer twist mid-way. But it is funny too. Sure, read it whenever you get time. :)

I agree, I hate going and watching movie in a theater too. /angry Unless I have my best friend/boyfriend/sister, I avoid going to the theater. I usually watch it on CD at home. Me and my friends/cousins make popcorn and cake and get settled with a comforter and air conditioner on. It is usually fun, even if the movie is not.

It gets really hot in summer in India too. The AC in my room is broken and whenever I have to sit on the computer, I can almost feel myself melt. Grr.

LMAO i have 8 fanlistings! i just dont see myself owning THAT many lol if i apply for one i try to make sure its one that i really really want/love. id go crazy if i had so many lol but then you are some internet super woman, im not surprised you have so many. ;)

The Fox and the Hound? Jeez, that’s old, lol. I barely remember it myself, although I get a sad nostalgic feeling when I try to remember it.

You have some unique pet peeves, and I don’t mean that in any offensive way, so I hope you don’t take offense. I’ve never met someone who didn’t like armrests, except for sometimes, if you’re in the airport, the armrests prevent you from sleeping across the seats, which is kind of annoying.

Although I don’t particularly like or dislike watching movies in a theater, the most recent movies I’ve watched are Backup Plan -> Bounty Hunter -> The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, lol. Not too far from your track record. XD

And you’re right! It does say in your sidebar that you’re from Australia. My mom’s there right now. o.o Sorry, I’m kind of oblivious. XD


Hahahaha :P

I still maintain you are tank! Cos I look like this: @_@ STILL!

Anyways, in reference to your comment, YAY! I was first to wish you happy birthday ^^ I think next year I will have stiff competition from Sebby! LOL. and/or Ryan. XD

Don’t worry! I plan to make a book of all these little stories for you and James and give it to you as a wedding present or something :P

HAHAHA, James always talks in emoticons cos for some reason they seem to capture his personality more than words. Or maybe I’m a crap writer 🤬

LOL Fangirls. Yeah, if Ryan HATES Twilight I can’t imagine him liking fangirls xD They annoy ME too.

I remember watching that, though I don’t remember the story. I’m not a movie addict, but it’s not that I’m not a movie person. I watch movies every now and then, though I often find people getting mad at me for saying that I’ve never watched certain movies. I told someone I didn’t watch Titanic, then she suddenly gathered a whole group of people in one house and forced me to watch, haha.

I just went to the cinema to watch The Karate Kid (though we were supposed to watch Toy Story 3) with a few of classmates from last year, so it was like a really small reunion. It was really fun though, but there was this sadistic little kid behind us that laughed really loudly every time someone got hit really badly.

I like watching at home too, though there are some movies that I like to deam “theater-worthy” that I just think would look better in a huge screen for all the special effects and stuff. Otherwise, I’d probably just watch it at home.

You don’t like amusement parks?? Scared of roller-coasters?? Aww that teddy must have been soo adorable lol.

Lots of movies are like that, you know exactly how it’s going to end. I want something that will surprise me in the end. So i can be like “i did not see that coming”. I don’t get to say that a lot lol.

The forum is awesome. :D I was actually member of the day yesterday lol. There are really awesome people on there.

Parents don’t realize this is the 21st century. I don’t think they ever will. I hate when they say “when i was little…” i really don’t care about when they were little because they’re not anymore lol. Haha they totally are alike lol.

People don’t get that we all have different taste. They just think that if i don’t like their kind of music then my taste suck. Not everyone has to love rap lol. I know they love it but they will never admit lol.

I wonder what one day without parents would be like lol. Soooooo muchhhh funnnnnn.

I cannot wait to have my own website. No more unexpected changes because i will host myself. :D That ad will make me hate this site. Everything has to be right and that ad just doesnt cut it at all. Thanks. :D I am soo glad you like the name. :D Someone said people might mistake it for a fansite.

Wanna know a secret? I never saw that movie. I’ve heard a lot about it but i never sat down and watch it from beginning to end before lol. /bash

At the movies, we always sit in back, away from everyone else. :D The cinema here, you can raise up the arm rest so that it will look like a couch lol.

Hahaha i never saw the benjamin button one lol. The last movie i saw in the theaters will have to be Avatar?? I cant remember lol.

I haven’t seen the Fox and the Hound for years. The last time I saw it I was too young to really pick it up much and I haven’t seen it since so I can’t remember it. I want to watch it again though. I’ve been meaning to rent it or something.

I think the first movie that made me cry was The Lion King. When Simba’s Dad died I thought it was so sad. I love that movie, especially Timon and Pumba.

That’s good. I wasn’t really expecting anyone to really reply much to the blog but, well, it’s my blog. I haven’t actually seen 30 Seconds To Mars yet but my friend Michaela is probably buying tickets for their Aberdeen show as I write this. Their recent album is really good. If you think their other stuff really gets to you this does so more, I think. And the song you heard was probably Kings and Queens.

Haha, I love the pink hair too. He calls it “The Pomegranate”. I didn’t like it at first but it’s really grown on me.

I find it quite strange that you can’t stand cinemas. I guess it’s pretty understandable because they are uncomfortable but I always find that the darkness, the loud volume and the big screen demand your attention and I’m always sucked in.

Oh, I’ve been wanting to move hosts for a while and I was looking at Florential. When you say you can’t have any copyrighted material does that include using celebrity images and such like I do?

I used to love the Fox and the Hound but I can’t really say it was my favorite. My favorites as a little kid were the Little Mermaid and the cartoon Disney version of Alice in Wonderland. Unfortunately for me I spent a lot of time at my cousin’s house because her mom would babysit and she was afraid… of just about every movie I liked. I wasn’t allowed to mention Scooby Doo or Alice in Wonderland. :(
I usually don’t like movies that make me cry. It’s rare I’ll cry (only two movies so far) for a movie because in two hours I find it difficult to get too attached to the characters. Some movies, on the other hand, that really get into the depth of the characters are movies I like. I like being able to feel like I know them. /eee
My first movie in a theater was The Emperor’s New Groove. My dad took us one day while my mom was at work and bought us popcorn and pops and those incredibly over-priced candy. Afterwords he gave my brother and I a dollar to spend on games in the arcade. Since then I’ve kind of grown a liking to movies in the theatre. I think I’d like going by myself more, though. It’s more enjoyable for me if I can see the movie without anyone else influencing my thoughts. I feel like I can laugh at things I find funny without criticism of who I’m with. I haven’t had a chance to try this out at a theater yet, though. /ehe

Ahh!! I named Todd after Todd the fox in The Fox and the Hound. /hehe 🤫 :D XD (H)

Ah, VHS movies. That seems like so long ago! And I know! I cried after reading Dear John. 😢 It touched me so much, because I’ve kind of been in John’s place before? I felt like John. My guy went away into the military, and when he got back, I’d found out that he was dating one of my best friends. So I guess, that in a way, I’ve “been there, felt that”? Let’s just say that that best friend and I are no longer friends, period. 😒 🤬 Since he cheated on me WITH her while he was in training. /argh /angry 💥 It’s okay though, now – he is one of my Facebook friends and he said it “bothers” him to know that I don’t love him at all anymore. :P 👏 😏 /bounce /pow /hehe /eee

Sorry… I like playing with your smilies. :)

Don’t worry, I dislike the movie theaters, too. I would rather WAIT until the movie comes OUT. -.- The last movie I watched at a theater is Alvin and the Chipmunks – the first one. It was at a restaurant movie theater, though, with my dad. Although, I have to admit I did enjoy his /hmph (raised eyebrow) /ehh face throughout the entire movie. :P /eee 👏 😏

I can honestly say I wasn’t in love with Christopher, but he says he loves me. /hmph /heart I don’t know if I believe him, after all he did.

My smilies were “dark grey speech bubbles”, but I CAN’T remember where I got them. /type /um 😢

And thank you! Todd and I are both much better. :3

Thanks on the job good luck thing. :) It’s too bad there isn’t a website for people my age to go online and find a job for THIS AREA. Or, at least two or three cities away, at least for the summer. (SMALL, 30 minute cities!) I actually thought of creating one, but I don’t know if it would be worth it. Maybe I’ll try in the future. :)

I can’t begin to wonder what the last movie I saw was in the theater. I don’t blame you though. I walked out on Mama Mia! The musical. I was like I’ve had enough of this movie, and just went to the restroom, and walked out of the theaters. Lol. It was like meh oh well.

Anyway, I love “The Fox And The Hound”. I love that movie…but I probably like “Lady & The Tramp” that would be my favorite movie than A Goofy Movie. Lol.

But yeah, I get nervous when I’m by myself and a lone at the theater so I know how you feel…

I used to go to the movies SO MUCH more, haha. But now without working, I try to go as little as possible :P

and yeah, he can be annoying like that sometimes :P I totally understand that he had to go to it, and wanted to.. it was just the after part of it that was annoying, where we COULD have hung out and he just.. didn’t want to I guess, idk. It’s just stupid, because then he goes and complains about not seeing me.. when he had the chance.

haha, well I know that David doesn’t like my bitchiness :P Except for once, when I used it to COMPLETELY bitch out a dumb girl who was hating on one of my best friends, saying stuff like she hoped her plane crashed when she moved to Sweden and stuff.. but that’s another story, haha.

and I posted! It wasn’t last night because I was too tired, but I did it as soon as I got home from school today :) so read itt, and i’ll have pictures laterr!

haha we’re opposites I love going to theaters becasue of the big screen and awesome sound effects..but I think our theaters are alot different then yours.
Our chairs recline and you can pull the armrest down if you want it or not,plus their real cozy I think one theater actyally had lazyboy furni…xD mind you ticket prices are high but it’s worth it imo.
I think a good movie is one you forget your watching..
Perhaps it’s because I’m going into the industry I have a easier way of losing myself into the movie instantly.
I forget I’m in the theaters whenever I go and it’s just me and the actors on screen.

I never finished watching the fox and the hound because it made me cry..I just remember the fox died and I turned it off after that..
but they made a second now i’m quite curious..xD
I liked old disney more so then new disney, movies like aladdin and lion king(my personal all time fave) are alot better than the stuff they put out now like princess and the frog and what not..

OMG, this blog entry’s title — It’s a line from a Linkin Park song, isn’t it?! /cool

If so, then I love you even more than before, ’cause Linkin Park is one of my most favourite bands of all time. I’ve liked them even longer than I’ve liked Green Day, believe it or not! :O

And dude, I feel the same way about Disney’s Bambi movie! I watched that for the first time when I was super young, as well, and it made me cry, too! And I wasn’t the type of kid who just cried at anything for any reason whatsoever, either, so I know it was meaningful.

Even though, for the most part, I despise Disney, I suppose they deserve a bit of credit for making SOME stuff that doesn’t completely suck dick. :P

And oh, my, I can’t believe you don’t like watching movies in the theatres — That’s my FAVOURITE way of watching movies, but the only problem is, I never have enough money to do so! x_x; ‘Specially when tickets are ten bucks apiece. I love the squishy seats and the confusing armrests and the people crunching popcorn, LOL! XD

Well, okay, maybe not so much the crunchy part, but still. I think it’s an awesome group experience, much like attending a concert. In my opinion, it’ a nice, unified feeling, and I don’t get the chance to feel united with people very often, so I thrive on these little events, hehe. 😝

There are so many coincidences that always happen and most the time people don’t even realize them.

I remember the fox and the hound. I also had the book to it. Remember the Disney book collections with hard covers? They were the movie written in a picture book. I had a few of them.

My first movie was the lion king. And then babies day out.

I’m different, I love the movie experience. It can get a bit boring though, so I have chose a movie I know I’ll like.

Last theater movie I watched was Alice in Wonderland. The last DVD I watched was the boy in the stripped pajamas. It was very sad :(

I have never seen the fox and the hound. I saw its trailer at the start of most of my videos, and always wanted to see it, but never did. I think once I get paid I’ll trawl around amazon of ebay for it. I did always fully intend to watch it.

Books, films and music always make me cry. Always. Have you ever watched When the Wind Blows? I was in tears. But what you said about the feel good film is true too. My guilty pleasure is Legally Blonde. Usually “chick flicks” annoy me, but there’s something about it I really enjoy!

I don’t like going to cinemas because I get really paranoid in the dark, but sometimes it is nice to go as a social event. I can’t stand it when people are rude or loud though, and I don’t understand why they would pay so much money to see a film, then just talk through it.
The armrests don’t bother me, the leg room does. I need to stretch my legs a lot, but I’m always worried I’ll disturb the person next to me.

Saying all this though, I don’t really watch much! Your blogs are always so well written and response provoking! I love them!

I like the title “Commit This To Memory.”
Speaking of memories, I am remembered of a very quote:
“Memories are weird things.
You laugh when you think of the times you cried together;
And you cry when you think of the times you laughed together.”

What do you think?

Thanks for forgiving me. :) I just don’t understand how I didn’t see your comments. I remember being confused because you always reply back almost immediately, then I remembered your last post about a hectic week. And then I was on Aileen’s website and saw your comment there, that is why I decided to swallow my pride (a very difficult thing, it turns out) and ask whether I’d done something to annoy you. I do that sometimes. 🙄

You finished the first Harry Potter book? Aw, you poor baby. :P Even I can’t read the first Harry Potter now, and I am just sixteen. It is too childish. The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh one, however, are worth it.
Order Of The Phoenix is my favorite. Have you seen the movie?

Nothing is more embarrassing than watching a movie alone. We have a theater about two minutes from where I live, so whenever we make plans to watch a movie, they are spontaneous, and almost no friend of mine can make it on short notice. So, I go with my siblings, and it is usually fun. But I remember this time we were watching a movie which was initially given an “A” certificate. We watched the night show – from 11 to 1 pm – and my mom had driven us there. Since it was night, and whenever some kissing/sex scene came on the screen,the crowd- which mainly comprised of ruffians and young, unattached males – hooted like crazy.
It was really embarrassing. 😳

Lol that’s not a sad case at all. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and in yours going to the cinema is not a good experience. I beg to differ though, I just went today actually and see Toy Story 3. I do agree with you that watching a movie at home in the comfort of your friends & cough/bed is the best movie experience because it is.

I’ve never heard of that movie The Fox and The Hound though. A movie or book has yet to make me cry though. I cry all the times on songs though.

I want to see A Serious Case of Benjamin Button sooo bad. I just haven’t gotten my hands on it though.

I don’t mind family picnics, because although there’s no one my age that’s ever there, my dad and uncle are complete goofballs when they’re together which is always entertaining. lol Plus sometimes I have older cousins who feel more comfortable talking to me than to the other adults even though they’re in their 20s. :P

Hooray for being on break! :D

I ♥ amusement parks. I don’t really know why, I guess it’s just because they give me a chance to act like a total kid and I don’t get to do that unless I’m at an amusement park.

I got an account because knowing my luck, I’ll completely lose all my images and never be able to get them back if I don’t, haha.

Thanks so much! I’m glad you like it. :] It’s my favorite icon of mine.

Lol, I usually do that too! But one of my good friend’s mom offered to take us to see Alice in Wonderland, and since I’m completely obsessed with Johnny Depp (I practically breathe him lmao) I couldn’t help but take her up on the offer. ;]

Haven’t seen that movie before! I love Disney movies. I actually can’t remember the first movie I saw. I’m not good at remembering things like that!

The thing I hate about seeing movies in the cinema is that it’s dirty. The workers don’t clean the place properly. When I went to see New Moon at midnight it was annoying since people were laughing /ehh

I hardly watch movies. I’ve never watched Avatar. People always say, “Are you serious?” I just haven’t had time to watch it. Even though I have it on DVD. Have you seen it?

Wow going to sleep at 3am! I always try to get at least more that 6 hours of sleep. Especially on a school night.

Yeah. It’s nice of them to do that.

Wow, that’s lots! True, it is worth it!

Thank you :D I think I’m going to fail though.

I didn’t really want the person to know my website! Just in case they tell everyone. I don’t every tell my school friends that I have a website. I don’t want them to see what I write.. well I did tell one person at school. But I trust them not to tell.

It’s good you have a break! I have 2 more weeks until schools over for the semester. Next week I start new subjects, yay! lol.

It was so embarrassing, my mum was the one who noticed it the most though. People were probably thinking I was a weirdo. Oh okay, you should get more sleep! :)

That’s good it makes the skin smoother! Maybe I should try using it since it still looks like I have bags. Not as bad though, it is getting better.

Really? Most people I know has told me it was the best. I really couldn’t be bothered reading the whole series but I ended up to since most of my friends were. It took me forever to read the first book. Breaking Dawn is sort of confusing though. In the middle it is from Jacob’s side not Bella’s.. if you know what I mean. It confused me.

That must have sucked carrying everything around.

Yeah, but great for some things. That would be funny carrying around a iPad nearly everywhere. I don’t really like the name of it..

It’s good when celebrities do, they care about their fans! :)

Sorry sometimes I might tell you things that I’ve told you before. I can be forgetful.

With so many trashy movies, or movies that plain disgust me because Hollywood likes to take thier movies one way, uneccesarily I might add, I truly value a movie that makes me feel good.

One thing I don’t like is when people disregard movies they absolutely love only because it is a younger audience film. If they were doing that to look cool they just looked uncool.

I enjoy watching movies at the theatre, but it getting a little old now. Maybe I’m just tired it is almost midnight. But I don’t ever want to watch a movie that I don’t want to see in a theatre. I think maybe the reason I like to go to the theatre is because I’m excited to see that particular movie.
I have a problem with sounds of eating if I can really hear it. But I really zone when I watch tv. You can barely get my attention. :D

Yeah well, times are pretty hard nowadays. Everyone wants to get good education so they can’t just say no to the students who enroll.

Mhm. Though sometimes I wonder if she tells her parents about it. Her parents are really strict. Once, she got a low grade and they burned her clothes. They expect too much from their daughter. I pity her because of that.

Haha. You can do it! Okay, I guess 11:30pm is good enough. Tell me if you do it! Yeah, at least you can still wake up early after sleeping late.

I’ve seen the Lord of the Rings a bajillion times. Haha, yeah, when you watch a movie a lot, you tend to memorize the dialogue. :P My brothers have watched it more than I have, and they know EVERY SINGLE WORD already!

Hahaha. You can’t be human if you’ve never broken the law. :P Yeah, movie tickets are pretty expensive, that’s why people choose to buy it on DVD or download it online, instead.

LOL, yeah. I’m going to join that fanlisting later. :P

To me, the cinema is a luxury, something that is only worth when there’s a movie that I REALLY love. ^_^ That means that I go to threatres only 1-2 times a year. But I usually don’t like wasting money on cinema tickets for the random movie just for fun: I watch it on DVD rent if I need, I spend a LOT less!

And Disney movies really catch my heart too. *___* Especially Tarzan… I’m in love with that movie!

– Luana S.

omg watch Up already! It’s one of the best movies of 2009!! Like hands down, so cuteeeee. SOSOSOSOSOSO CUTE. I don’t like going to the movie theaters either to be honest. I hate that it’s so expensive to see one & that the movie most likely sucks anyway. So I’d rather watch that shiz at home in my own time. I normally just watch movies at home with Johnathan anyway. There’s not much to do.

But we always watch movies on a bed so I get to sprawl around on my bed. woooo. In my space. But normally I keep to myself although downstairs, my dad has this awesome chair that is a massage chair..oh man every one of my friends claims that chair to sit in so they can abuse the massage option. haha. Interestingly enough, I hardly ever sit in it…I don’t know why. I prefer the sofa because I can just lay down on it. Odd. We’re odd people, Georgina.

But seriously…….go watch Up!! ahahaha or Wall-E. It’s so cuteeee. I haven’t seen cloudy with a chance of meatballs though.

I too love going to parks. I find it relaxing, stay in touch with nature. I hope you take lots of pictures :)

If I already understand, it is difficult to approach these celebrities when they are surrounded by security personnel.

your welcome! That’s okay :)

It is true that there are people who have a disorder and can’t speak in public, though they try.
I believe that most overcame the stage fright as the years pass. Personally, I think I have gone my stage fright over the years but the shyness is never lost /um

Yeah. Glad that your friends understand when you complain.

I too hate being banned. I agree with you, is frustrating. I understand you.

your welcome! I’m good, thanks. Just enjoying my summer holidays. I hope you’re well :)

I love Disney movies. I’ve watched The Fox and the Hound and it’s a great movie. My favorite Disney movies are Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book and Little Mermaid.

I still keep my VHS as if they were a treasure, because they are memories of childhood that I’d like to keep forever 👏

I agree with you, when a movie or a book cause this effect, is that they are well written and well created Really. The movie I was most excited when I was child, it was Beauty and the Beast, the story told is wonderful.

I love movies. However, understand that you don’t like very much to see movies in the cinema and theater. It is true that going to the movies is not as comfortable as it should be. And the reasons that you have a lot of weight.

I don’t usually go to the cinemas much, for the same reasons as you. I’d rather enjoy seeing a movie at home.

I love going to the movies :) but I hardly go, so I think that’s what makes me like it even more. I think the last movie I watched in the cinema was Valentine’s Day. The only reason I remember that is because my friend managed to sit on the cup holder that’s on the arm rest and well, the drink spilled everywhere.. (her excuse is that it was dark)

I’m the sort of person who really gets absorbed in a movie. Someone had to throw popcorn at my face to get my attention ;D

The tiniest things make me cry in movies – it probably isn’t even that sad, and you’ll see tears rolling down my face, but much less in books. I think the only time I cried reading was during A Child Called It, I’m not sure how well known that book is, but it’s about the author being abused when he was little. It was really sad :(

I remember seeing The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but I haven’t seen the others. *adds to my list of movies to see*

I don’t go often but the times I’ve been, I really haven’t liked the experience very much at all. I don’t like the dark (I’m scared of it haha) so I guess that’s another reason why I don’t like being in a cinema.

I often get absorbed in books, people have to shake and poke me for me to get out of the dreamland I’ve made. I love books like that though.

I recommend The Curious Case of Benjamin Button! I have heard of A Child Called It, but I haven’t read it. It sounds like it would be pretty deep.

ohw.. I haven’t tried watching that movie yet.. :) I don’t watch cartoons/disney that much.. except for Barbie. LOL.. /argh