7 kettles

Today our kettle decided to be a jerk and stop working. I don’t remember how long we had it for.

As Rachel and I discovered, Australian and American kettles are different – or at least, the ones we both have in our homes are! Rachel puts hers on the stove to boil. I found this odd, then she asked how mine works.

Ours is an electric kettle, to put it simply. You plug it in, flick the switch on the kettle and the water begins to boil. I often use this method to make coffee or cup noodles. It’s pretty simple.

Today, I made coffee in the morning. Water was already in the kettle and I knew that my mum boiled water before she left for work, so I just let boil the remaining water to make my strong cappuccino.

For lunch I wanted to make cup noodles. I asked my brother which kind he’d like and put them on the kitchen table.

I figured there was still enough water for two cups in the kettle so I just flicked the switch. I opened the cups and emptied out the seasoning into the cups, before I realised that the kettle wasn’t boiling the water. O_O

I was extremely puzzled and walked to the kettle to investigate. I flicked the switch again, but after a minute, the water still wasn’t boiling. I took to unplugging the kettle and plugging it in again, and resetting the power board.

The latter was a bad idea. When I tried to reset it, a huge bright green spark came out of the board. I freaked out, my finger feeling a bit numb from the impact of the zap. I got really angry and shouted, “Fuck!”

I unplugged the kettle, thinking the board was pretty screwed up, and went to find another outlet. I plugged the kettle in, next to the stove instead. That was the only other free power outlet I could find. I plugged it in, but when I turned the kettle on, a huge popping and crackling noise sounded from inside the kettle.

Exasperated, I threw my arms in the air and started screaming profanities. Mostly the “f” word. In fact, I don’t think I said anything other than “urgh” and the “f” word for ten minutes after the kettle had popped. I was so angry, thinking about how to boil the water.

I got a pot and boiled water on the stove in the pot instead, then used that for the noodles. I was so annoyed. My parents argued over the incident when my mum got home. They wanted to know my side of the story. /hmph They continued to ask me about it and wondered why it stopped working and pretty much broke.

Then after that they told me to get out the new kettle. We had a new kettle?! /ehh Why didn’t you say so… you didn’t have to argue! *facepalm*

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Hello! :)

Whoa! American and Australian kettles are different? What a revelation :O That is way cool! Now I want to go to America and use a kettle! Hahahaha.

Actually if you have to put it on the stove, I don’t think I’d be allowed to use it D: It’s generally not a good idea for me to be near a stove.

Oh my god. GREEN SPARKS FLEW AT YOU! I’m so glad you’re not seriously hurt. That is like…DANGEROUS D: D: EVIL, EVIL KETTLE! /angry *hugs Georgie*

Ughhh…Evil, evil, EVIL kettle. How mean of it to stop working randomly /angry Well I guess if it was that old…but IT SHOULDN’T HAVE SPARKED AT YOU!

Haha, at least you know how to boil water on a stove. I’d be so lost. I have no idea how to do that.

Oh my god. You had a new kettle and they were arguing about the OLD ONE? WHAT?! Parents sometimes! Hmph! 🤬

Wow, you had a pretty eventful day D: I’m so glad you’re safe!

Okay, now I have to return your comment on my blog :P Hilarious!

WHOOOAAAA! 11,000 COMMENTS?! Yep…I really am amazed :O I don’t think I’ll return anywhere near that number in my entire life!

Cucumbers! Hahaha if I tried that, I’d end up eating the cucumbers :P LOL. But let me know if it works :)

Haha, no I think I just over-use emoticons. I find them so cute. Your blogs are awesome WITHOUT emoticons :)

I hate when things just suddenly stop working like that. It’s extremely frustrating.

I’ve never experienced being zapped, but I don’t think I’d want to. :))

Wow, it’s like they argued for nothing.

Like when the kettle just suddenly broke, I just found it strange that I wasn’t able to write straight so suddenly.

I’m sure I’m not the only one, haha. The whole school’s always in a bad mood now cause of the weather.

I get lazy when the weather’s really cold, haha.

I never just feel like watching a movie. Sometimes I just watch movies on T.V. while I’m doing other things like homework or working on my site, as long as I can still follow the storyline without paying too much attention, haha.

I’ve seen kettles that heat up on the stove in films, I didn’t think anyone really had them any more haha!

My kettle works in the same way yours does!

That sucks so much! It’s strange how the kettle worked in the morning but it stopped working by lunch time. :S

I hope your finger’s okay now though!

It’s a shame your parents argued over it. :| At least you have a new, working kettle now though!

Oh cool. I might buy Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs on DVD soon. :’)

Thanks. :D I can’t wait for them to all be over and done with!

I stay up late on school nights, and my mum always tells me off because I’m late for school, so I can’t wait to be allowed to stay up late haha!

But yeah I love just going out with friends, we often go for a meal to celebrate the start of summer so I’m looking forward to that too. :)

I live in America so I am used to the put on the stove & wait forever kettle lol. I think stores here to sell electric kettles too but, people here don’t ever really think about there being an alternative to the stove top ones other than using a microwave.

😳 Thanks for fixing it. /oh 🤫 I was going through a rough time, and … well, trying to forget about it. :X

I have had people come by and “pretend” to read my blog. It’s as if they read the title, first paragraph and last paragraph, or just wait until I write a “shorter” blog. Unfortunately for them, I try not to leave “short” blogs. :P /hehe Because I don’t like small blogs. :O

I only have one, but most likely will be getting another one. There are so many kittens being abandoned! :( /angry /argh /bash 💥 🤮 Besides – Todd NEEDS a playmate. Nana and Twilight live at my mum’s house. /oh

Yeah, cats take a lot of money. That’s another reason I REALLY need a job – kittens need a vet visit within the first twelve months and their shots. Plus, I’m getting him fixed hopefully sometime in the fall.

I’m trying to start a TCG – I am working on the decks in my free time/when the internet is down, or at night. However, I can’t settle down with a name for it. I came up with Chancer, and it’s going to be similar to “Chance” in the game Monopoly. :) Have fun, if you happen to join one, or any! It IS time consuming, though. So I allow myself up to one hour a day to spend on TCGs. :P

I think your visitor section looks better than mine. :) You use bullets. I want to use bullets, but I have been … lazy … lately. :(

If she would have least told me – instead of going behind my back – I wouldn’t have cared. Heck, she could have even put it on Facebook instead of waiting until we broke up. But she didn’t, she hid it from me. :( But it’s okay. We still … talk … sometimes – er, rarely? She doesn’t want to because she “feels bad”, but she says she thinks he’s the one, and I’m okay with that. He doesn’t want someone who wants to wait to sleep together, or is a Christian. She is Catholic.

Thanks! I’ll try that site! :) Blahh… I’m at my dad’s house, and he and my step mom and I are all making a shopping list, since I’m here for the week. *stomach growls*

That’s SO weird. :( To me, a kettle is something you put on the stove. I’ve never heard of an electric one! And I’m really sorry about your finger – I hope it feels better! What does it look like? I’m not home, so I can’t send you a picture of mine and my grandmother’s, but her’s is blue. It looks kind of like a teapot – only tall and wide. :]

I need an Australian kettle! Hahaha. We have the American Screamer (that’s what my mom calls it), which is an old old kettle. It screams when the water is ready :/. Like a high-pitched wail. I hate when my mom boils water in the thing… it gives me the biggest headache in the world! D:

Haha :). I’ve had my hair in a braid all weekend because I’ve been sick as a dog. I probably slept for 12 1/2 hours yesterday because I had such a bad fever. It’s been very suck-ish. So I’ll put my hair in a braid when I wash my dog xD.

I’ve never had any problems with Dell, but then again I’ve never had a Toshiba. My uncle is a total tech nerd, and he always has the latest gadgets. LOL :). So he always tells me what I should buy when it comes to technology.

I have a habit of writings tons & tons of stuff :). LOL. Just because I’m known for being the “girl who writes too much” in all of my classes xD.

I haven’t commented in a while. Sorry for that. Instead of re bringing up our old conversation I am going to start all over. With a clean slate.

To tell you the truth, I think it is just your kettles that are different. I live in Canada, so I don’t think that makes much of a difference but we have both types of kettles. I own both because my mom bought the one that goes on the stove after she bought the one you plug in. She couldn’t return the other one and she didn’t want to give it away so we kept both. I hope that clears up some stuff. I think you can probably get both in the USA as well.

That sucks though that it had to break right then. At least you still got your noodles. :D I probably would have done the same thing though, if I saw green sparks fly out of a kitchen appliance. 😰 Atleast you had a new one already too! That makes the situation much easier. /eee

Sometimes here in America we use the plug-in kettles, but mostly we use the ones that go over the stove run by propane.

A Bright Green Spark? WOW! Once we had lightning around our house and a blue spark came out of the phone, went around it, and popped the phone. Green, Blue, White, it doesn’t matter.

Your parents didn’t tell you that they had a new kettle? Well if I were them I would be sorry because you couldn’t make a STRONG CAPPICHINO.

Well, talk to you later!


Our stoves are electric too, I think. Things are so different across different countries!

Once my dad got shaken and zapped when he was fixing a computer. That was scary. He was unharmed though. I used to have problems plugging in my old computer because sparks would fly out of the power outlet. Not good. D:

I did get to make the cappuccino but after the kettle broke I was pissed off. I’ve been trying the new kettle though, and today it was working awesomely!

lol! that stinks that your kettle broke & your parents argued about it even though there was a new one all along! i’ve never heard of plugging in a kettle before, i set a pot on the stove & let the water boil that way. /hehe

I guess you’ve never heard of electric kettles, then. They’re really common in Australia, and we don’t really boil water on the stove unless we’re going to use it on the stove. :P

Lol i guess not. Damn Americans with their weird pots & pans! /bash

Oh, I think I know what Aristocats book you’re talking about! I never had one for the Aristocats, but I had one for Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin and probably several others. I never really cared for the books, though. XD I think Yemaya has most of them now. Not that she ever reads them; she hardly reads.

I think that domains are nice. I don’t know why. D: I think it’s… like, I don’t want a domain for my pixel stuff, because it’s not all that great and there’s not that much to it. But because Lovesnuggles is my big project that I’ll probably be working on the most, I think it deserves a domain. :) I might ask Olivia about it… I’m kind of scared too, though… mostly because I don’t know how to say it, I guess. I thank you very much for your offer, and I’ll think about it, because the domain name is cute and using it would definitely buy me time to come up with a more permanent solution.

LOL, wow. Your side of the story? What story? What other ‘side’ is there? How is it a sided story? XD I find it amusing that they waited until after all this to tell you that you had another kettle. God, the sparks would have been scary. I’m glad you didn’t get hurt from it!

Gordon uses his kettle all the time for boiling water… which I think is weird, maybe because we don’t have a kettle. I just use the microwave and heat until it’s really hot, but not boiling.

Oh geez. I was supposed to feed the dogs and give Zena her three pills over half an hour ago. :( I hope that doesn’t make a terrible difference… gah. I feel like such a horrible person. D: I’m not usually the one that feeds them anymore, so when nobody’s home and I’m supposed to, I usually forget. :/

Oh man. I broke a kettle not putting enough water in it once, now I always make sure to check. It never is much fun when some things blows up right in front of you and you cop some of the blast, hopefully you are okay. ♥

If you are still reading Harry Potter, I think the kettle was trying to show the dark mark. :O Or use some pretty twisted magic right thar. :B

Yeah (: I spent the day with my friends today and then tomorrow I am spending the day with my daddy for Father’s Day (: What about you?

That is kind of weird. I wish I had an electric kettle. That would honestly make life so, so much easier, haha.

We use the kettle on the stove and the plug in ones.
The electric in ones are better because they heat faster and the water gets hotter.
I guess you have to buy a new one, they are pretty expensive though. I guess that’s why everyone uses the kettle on the stove.

Hey Georgina!
Wow, how upsetting and a waste of time. There was a new kettle ==” lol.
I used to have the kettle you’ve got, it was so much easier until my parents’ bought a new kettle, it’s the one where you put it on the stove. I guess there isn’t much of a difference between a the kettles in America& Australia.
Yes, We heart it, is a really good place to go to for awesome images, however, some of the images are kinda gross… heh.
Hehe, if you went to a music shop and asked if they knew the song, chances are you involving awkward descriptions of the songs and the music person raising their eyebrows. But, thankfully you found the song :)

Parents argue about the silliest things sometimes, well mine do. My dad doesn’t have the best temper, so he can go off on the smallest things ==” annoying most of the time.

I’m sorry you had that terrible accident with the kettle. I hope you weren’t hurt badly. A zap is really nasty. I once tried to fix my bedlamp wire and in the middle of doing it the wire snapped off and there was a yellow spark and then the whole house lost electricity. :/

Uh, your parents could’ve told you about the new kettle and you guys wouldn’t have to go through the argument. O__o

We have both kinds of kettles here. Though now we only use one of them (the other one was already busted years ago but somehow we still keep it). I like plug-in kettles because they don’t need constant attention unlike the one you put on the stove.

I am not being sarcastic, but Australian and American kettles are different? Who would have thought such an atrocity was possible in today’s globalized world. :P
Um, okay, I admit, there WAS a teenie weenie sarcasm in there. You couldn’t guess though, could you?

Aw, cutenews sucks, man. As soon as Liz is done with installing FanUpdate, I am going to switch.

Dear John is a good book. I think if you read it, you’d like it. It is your time. Lots of grief. I cried like crazy after I finished the book. Have you seen/read any other Nicholas Sparks?

I got a link for a video, but that follows the same ending as the book. I saw that today morning at 6:00 am when I got back from my morning jog (and got nearly bit by a stray dog). Bad starting of the day. Then I watched Kangaroo Jack on HBO and I am okay now.
My brother doesn’t let me download stuff from torrentz.com or movies, because he says I have no idea what to download. I always download something laden with a dozen viruses and my pc crashes, no matter I have an awesome anti-virus. He asks me to tell HIM to download what I want, but he is so very lazy.

Oh, the first time I read that quote, on a silly glitter site, I was really really touched. But now I have kind of gotten used to it. It is really sweet, though. And nostalgic.

Harry Potter movies are a lot different from the book, but they are better than the first three books. I prefer books to movies (which you might have guessed) but if you really want to read HP and can’t read it, then watch the movies. I know you don’t like watching them much, but maybe you could call over your friends and make some popcorn and sit comfortably in your room. Deathly Hallows – the movie – is releasing next year. I hope it is good.

Now that you mention it, I was watching Dirty Dancing with my cousins yesterday and suddenly my dad entered the room. It was really awkward. They were making out on the screen and when you suddenly switch the channel, the circumstances only worsen. God, I was very embarrassed.

Thank God you find your kettle. I cannot live without coffee, especially during exam time. Everybody says to avoid coffee during exam time because it makes you jittery, but as long as I don’t take two cups in a row, it has a very soothing effect. I am addicted to caffeine. ♥

Heh, cheers to the fried kettle. Parents are a funny bunch; they attempt to bind the family unit into a orderly “bunch” yet are simply contradicted by their incessant bickering the moment something unplanned happens.
It’s useless to argue; it is YOUR fault, “somehow”. I find this is simply explained by Aesopica – The Wolf and the Lamb.
http://www.aesopfables.com/aesop4.html =D.
Exploding kettles eh? Well it seems that particular kettle reflects Australia’s performance in the world cup. ~Australia, ‘stralia THIS IS YOU~~~ Electric shocks are fun 🤤 An artificial high. (I’m not a masochist… nor a sadist /ehh please don’t think me strange :X ).
Gee, its amazing how eventful your life is. I find my boring life
extremely tedious. Perhaps creating an everyday blog of my own would reduce this or I guess I could enumerate my many stories entitled “My life – The Divine Comedy”. Ahahah

Ahaha thanks for the link to that fable. :P

Too bad we lost in the World Cup; not like I follow football anyway. I’m happy to say that we have a new, prettier kettle, and one that is much lighter too.

I have friends who have had nothing to blog about so they have closed their blogs or been on an extremely long hiatus. Nevertheless I am glad you find my posts and hence daily life to be interesting, in the least. :)

The exact same thing happened to me not long ago. Your parents are hilarious, making you stress even though you have another kettle.
I hate when electrical appliances fail though, its always out of the blue.
Hopefully your new kettle will treat you kindly haha.
Hope your good x

That’s good (: I’m so excited for summer now that I can hang out with all my friends now considering I was swamped with school work and sports the entire school yea. A lot of them aren’t even in my classes so I didn’t see them much.

My dad would love if Father’s Day was in September considering that’s when his birthday is, haha. He’d have a good month (:

I don’t really use a kettle often, hah. I’m pretty sure we have electric kettles, but I’ve never gone out looking for one, so yeah (:

There was this one time when I was in school, and my brother was suddenly freaking out. He was telling me about how he was walking and lighting suddenly struck directly in front of him. That must’ve been so scary.

Well, at least you have a new kettle. :D

It’s hard to wake up when it’s raining.

I like multitasking as long as I don’t need to focus too much, otherwise all the things I’m doing are gonna get all mixed up. :))

I’ve never heard of kettle’s that you put on the stove D: The kettle I use is much like yours: fill it up with water, plug it in and click a switch then it boils xP

LOL the kettle in my house has broken a few times before xP Since we’ve been living in this house (since late 2007) we’ve had two kettles D: Whenever it breaks I like you, spend ages boiling the water in a pot on the stove xP

Lol that’s weird you parent’s didn’t tell you there was another kettle at first D: /huh

I have a kettle similar to yours.. an electric one. It’s really simple! Uhh, I never knew there were kettles where you put them on the stove to boil the water. What’s the use of a kettle then?

Okay, this is a random shout out but I love cup noodles xD I just had one right now. They’re so.. wow. I find cup noodles way better than pasta for some unknown reason.

Oh yeah, my reaction was the same as yours. I just screamed out ‘FUCK!!’ once. Yeah once. You reminded me of an incident where I wanted to plug a wire into the socket (a three-pin one) and I used a PENCIL to insert the plug into it. What a grave mistake. It led to huge yellow sparks pouring out like a fountain and my teacher literally blew my ass apart, screaming her head off. It was bad and life threatening.

In your case it’s worse because you were alone (right? :D) Take it as an experience? LMAO, the ending was PERFECT. Your blog post was a perfect short story, with a perfect suspense. Hahaha you weren’t aware that there was a new kettle hiding behind a cupboard? XD

Oh yes, I can very well see how particular you are about grammar and spelling. English is not my first language but I still manage to convey my message across people :D

Ew, rabbit poop in your garden. Can be a wonderful manure though!

I LOVE OLIVE OIL. I’m going to try out your method – use Olive oil as a lip balm :)

My kettle has broken three times in one year. I think it’s because I bought cheap ones. Actually, the first one broke because I boiled the kettle with no water in it. Which apparently makes it break.

Maybe your parents received a new kettle for Christmas or something, and didn’t see why they needed to use it while the older one still worked. Haha, or maybe they have a spare every thing, in case what ever it is breaks. 🤫

LOL! You had a new kettle all along?! I don’t have a kettle at home, yet I live in Australia. O.o is that weird? I don’t know :L But to make tea in my house, we have those pyrex glass measuring jug thingies (that’s where the water goes) and we put it in the microwave :P
btw, i really really like this layout. and this font :P haha what font is it?

Haha yeah, I guess my parents just wanted to be prepared for everything. :P

Oooh, we used to have a rice cooker that worked that way. I do think it’s odd that you don’t have a kettle though. I thought they were commonplace here.

Thank you! :) The font is Gisha. One of my favourite fonts right now. :D

I love strong cappuccinos and ALL coffee /bounce

In England we have two types of kettles, an electric one you click a switch and it just boils /hehe

And one what you put on a stove and wait for the hob (fire) to heart up a mettle-tin sort of thing. /angry They’re horrible.


I don’t like coffee too much but I think since drinking it in the mornings I have become a little addicted. I like my coffees to be generally light.

I see! It seems that most people in England have the kind that you plug in. :P I think those are more efficient. :)

Well, I don’t think that my cutenews doesn’t like you. :P I think the problem is that we exchange comments that are too long.I got it from mom, the headphones to her phone are hooked to her ears all the time, even when she is driving. I talk on the phone a lot too. I get a sore thumb and I want to tell my best friend. And if I listen to a romantic song, I have to tell my boyfriend. Hence, my phone bill often crosses limits and I have to remain grounded for a day or two, after which the whole process starts all over again.

Lol, the book is A Walk To Remember, not Day To Remember. I find it funny because “A Day To Remember” is probably a more apt title for the book. You’ll know what I am talking about when you read it. :P
Mm…A Walk To Remember is nice, but my favorite is Dear John (as you might have guessed). I have read all his books, except the latest – The Last Song, which has been also turned to a movie – with Miley Cyrus in it.
No offence, but is Miley Cyrus famous in Australia?

Um, I’d rather wait for my brother to download it for me. The last time I tried it, my pc crashed and couldn’t be repaired for a week. I was miserable the whole time, because when my computer is not working properly, I just cannot concentrate on anything else, especially studies. Thank God I didn’t have exams at that time.
Actually, since my brother is also 14, he is younger than me, too, and because I very rarely ask him for anything, he likes making me wait (read: beg).

Okay, here is a good quote.
I like walking in the rain because nobody knows I’m crying.
Ha, it is raining outside and it reminded me of it. There is one more: “Whoever says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in rain.”
Have you ever danced in rain, by the way?
A couple of years ago, I had this obsession with collecting good quotations. I used to google them diligently and then learnt them. They help me now impress people. Especially when I talk to my father’s friends. They love it when I quote Shakespeare (I only know one quote by him but I use it again and again) and then scowl at their kids to “learn something from me.”
I love that part. ♥ I am evil. XD XD XD (I love that emoticon. Muahaha.)

Dirty Dancing is amazing. Have you seen the second one? Havana Nights? I didn’t like that part. Too bad Patrick Swayze is deadnow. :O :( /faw /faw /faw 😢 😢 😢

Now, relating this comment to your blog…
I am addicted to the caffeine in chocolates and coffee. I hate cola.

Yeowsers! That would have scared the hell out of me! I can’t believe you had a new kettle the whole time. My goodness. Why did you have to go through all that, then?

We were in school, and we were waiting for the car, so we had to stay outside. I try to stay inside when there’s lightning too though, if I can.

I don’t like waking up to the smell of rain. I just really don’t like the smell for some reason.

I usually don’t get much for getting good grades considering I’m expected to get them since I always do. But I asked my mom since I was having trouble with this class. I hated the basic part of chemistry, but when it came to the math I was soo happy. I love math (:

I mean he always said he trusted me, but I never really believed it. And we’ve been fighting a lot for months now, and it just doesn’t seem worth it anymore. I’m really not too upset over it. I guess I’ve been over it for a while, but just now realizing it.

I’ve been sitting here wondering whether I should write another blog before replying – I think I’m going to blog everyday of the week. :P

Well, I’m going to have to be doing laundry tomorrow, Thursday and my step mom does it on Saturdays. :( I’m … on “vacation”. LOL. (Y)

Actually, I’ll have to blog later – going to my Grandmama’s house. :D I thought I was in trouble, because I had mistaken last weekend for their 50th Anniversary. :( It turns out I’m not. 👏

Alright, I’ll let you know. :) It will be an “everything” TCG, because I don’t want to limit it to merely one thing, as boredom strikes me easily and regularly.

I try to write at least 500 words. I usually tag my entries with how many words I wrote. I originally started that because I wanted to see (in one place) how my blogs progressed. Sometimes, I “fail” at writing long blogs, though. /um /bash 😳 O_O D: D: Mostly because I don’t have much to say. :X

I wanted to start a fan listing, but I didn’t want to take the chance of me letting it go/forgetting about it. Unless … someone would have been willing to take it over. I don’t know. I didn’t have enough want. I used to browse TFL.org and join a bunch of fanlistings. That’s what Rubyszoo.info was originally used for, until I forgot about it. D:

I understand about the hostee thing. I went through and deleted a lot of accounts at Party of Me because they were all either 1) hosted by someone else or 2) had moved to a domain and was hosted by someone else. We had downtime ONCE and so many people moved. But it’s only because each week, the servers are backed up and restarted, and they are only down for about 30 minutes – one hour at the most – around nine in the morning.

Grr. I have to go straighten my hair, because I just spent ten minutes on this comment. /bash 🤬

I’ve never returned comments quick enough to comment on one of your blogs twice haha, I’m on a roll this weekend. XD

It’s a really good idea to type things offline, sometimes I forget though and I click ‘Ok’ or ‘sumbit’ and it takes me to the error page! :|

My house is all fixed now haha! When we first moved in, some plug sockets were dodgy but they were fixed, the roofing slowly became defaced with all the bad weather because it was old, but yeah that’s fixed now too! But yeah, it was falling apart at first. :(

My parents wouldn’t really know how to fix it, they aren’t very clued up with DIY. XD

Hopefully those noisy builders won’t be back for a long time. ¬_¬

Since we have a driveway their parking has never been a problem, but when we had the scaffolding it was kind of our right to park there, but man that sucks about that neighbour parking in front of YOUR mailbox, especially if their car fits on the driveway. :|

Haha we’re in desperate need of a new kettle, ours seems to make popping noises all the time, I really think my mum should get a new one, it won’t be long before the bloody thing blows up!

Yikes, you got zapped! D: That’s happened to me before with appliances – really rattles the nerves! At least you had the sense to boil the water on the stove though…I probably would have just scowled and eaten dry crackers for lunch instead. :P

I must say I haven’t seen one of those stove kettles for a very long time…I’d quite fancy getting one though; it seems rather quaint. :) I just use an electric one too, though my dad likes to remind me that it’s not really a “kettle”, it’s just an “electric jug”. Geez, so bloody pedantic! =/

Meep, I’m sorry about the kettle problems! Gosh, I haven’t boiled water for stuff like that in ages since we have a hot/cold water dispenser. I use that for tea and cup noodles :) I never had a kettle, though. Just pots XD

Yemaya’s the same as ever… she’s just about to finish up the fourth grade (she’s so excited to graduate from elementary school next year). And she can walk a bit on her own now unaided! I don’t think she’s been doing it that much–I don’t know why–but she and Holly came down to my room a few weeks ago so Yemaya could show me how to “balance,” and oh my word I was so surprised when she got up and just stood there on her own–and then took at least three unaided steps to Holly without doing her usual ‘eek I’m losing my balance forwards so I’ll just try to run’ thing. I was so proud of her. ♥ Otherwise, though, she still irritates me. She can’t make it a single day without crying (usually not even half a day) and it’s almost always over the dumbest things. Have I told you before that she cried when she spilled her milk on the *tile* floor? I think it’s really weird that she doesn’t cry at things I might cry at (she doesn’t always cry when she gets yelled at and such), but she cries at tiny little things. And she doesn’t do little sniffles, either–it’s big, long, drawn-out howls that you can hear through the ENTIRE house. -__- Enough of that before I get too angry… I haven’t eaten breakfast yet and my hunger is already turning me into a bear. :P

omg! I have a big Disney book of different stories, too! How funny. I still have it even though I’ve never actually read it; I liked the movies better. I can’t bear to get rid of it, though, for some reason.

I normally set alarms on my phone for almost everything. XD When I need to make a doctor appointment, for example, I set a reminder on my phone. I guess I just assumed I would remember to feed them, though. :/ I’ll not make that mistake again and will certainly try to remember to set an alarm the next time I’m asked to feed them.

Hi Georgina!

Long time no speak, I’m glad to be talking to you again dear! I do hope you’ve been well. *hugs* ^-^

In the UK, the kettle is pretty much the same as the kettle you have. :) I use my kettle for hot water for my green tea. *yum*

Amercian kettles are different? Awesome. :3 Thats another reason why I want to go to Amercia — to use the kettle.

LOL, I would of freaked out like you. Once my microwave started making weird sounds and I got freaked out so I unplugged it then plugged it again. Next thing I knew, it made a huge BANG sound. I screamed because it hell scary. D: Story of my life.

My parents always argue pointlessly, so what your parents did was normal to me. Hehe.

Well, my mom got this new kettle and it doesn’t make any noise, so I can sleep in the morning and not wake up shouting, “What the hell?!” because I think someone’s dying xD. Unfortunately, it’s very heavy and has many different compartments. I don’t even know how to use it :/.

When I was in 1st & 2nd grade my mom braided my hair all the time because my hair was down to my knees, too, and as a kid that sucks. But before 3rd grade, I had it all cut off and sent to Locks of Love for cancer patients :)<3.

I'm actually much better now :). Except I have odd red spots all over my back and chest o.O. It's extremely weird… but my mom says it could just be, like, something from my fever. IDK. It’s kinda scary.

My dad just got a $400 phone and he doesn’t know how to use it and doesn’t use it except every once in a while :|. Which really bothers me because we spent so much money on the phone. Eh. I think it has something to do with the generation that had the big block phones… ;P.

Yeah :), I get in trouble all the time in school for talking too much and mouthing off.

i think we use the kind of kettles youre talking about! the electronic ones, you just pour some water in there, plug it in, press some buttons and it’ll boil. CUPNOODLES. I WANT CUPNOODLE RIGHT NOW.
gah, i’d be superscared. i hate it when things in the kitchen doesnt work.. always the most dangerous thing.
ahahah palmface for sure!

Ugh, what a stupid kettle! I know how you feel, stuff always breaks on me >.< I'd be so annoyed, especially since you went through all the trouble, had your parents argue about it.. yet there was a new kettle you could have just used the whole time to save all the issues! Geeze. Stupid technology.

I use an electric kettle too, though it seems like maybe the stove ones could be a bit more reliable xD My grandparent's use those.

I probably wont be going to the movies a lot this summer, unless David wants to see a movie and pay for me (haha) or if it's a random Tuesday when the movies are cheaper. Idk, I reaaaally need to save money this summer since I'm not working :/

Haha, what a great way of arguing that is! When it's David I'm arguing with, I just ramble off a whole bunch of shit, and sometimes bring things up from the past that annoyed me but I never mentioned. I get sooo bitchy when I'm angry though, haha.

He is odd. Even today, he was being odd. And getting mad at me for not being happy, because I wasn't happy that he brought up the whole, me doing nothing all the time thing again -_- Yet he knows how much that bothers me, and could see how much more upset I got when he said it, but he didn't even apologize. Just commented on how I wasn't happy. pfft, obviously.. you're being a dick :(

You should be jealous ;) haha, it was sooo good! I'll have pictures soon! They're uploaded to my computer, I just wanna figure out lightbox to show them. Because that's probably the easiest, especially for when I wanna do prom pictures and stuff xD

It's so annoying for him to be so vague -_- It's not even like he's not on facebook (where I sent him the messages), because I can see your status updates! Geeze. I guess that's what happens when it's a job that you find out about on facebook, and get told you got the job over facebook. Bleh.

hey sorry its been forever since ive read and commented on your blogs, i took a break to focus on my studies but i’m glad now yay :P hope you are well
i’m not sure if you got my message on twitter cos you never responded but ive finally got the results on the icon challenge you entered which seems like a million years ago… well anyway check out my blog and see how you went :)

I love your layout its so pretty :) how long have you had this up for?

Whoa! American and Australian kettles are different? I always thought they were the same, I didnt see a reason why they had to be different Hmmm
I remember something like that happened to my kettle, it was so scary i started to swear as well

At least you have a brand new kettle now :)

take care x

Don’t you love when parents forget to mention things that would’ve prevented such frustration until AFTER you already solved the problem another way?!

That sucks. :/ Sometimes everyone is boring, but that’s very rare – for my dad’s side of the family anyway. My mom’s family is a whole other story…

I’ve only been to 2 different amusement parks, but I love them both. I’m a big fan of roller coasters. :D But, like anything, amusement parks aren’t for everybody.

I keep my images on my computer too, but I would rather not have to upload them all over again, ya know? It’s much easier if you can just log into your account, and find the images again.

I have too. I remember some of the first icons I ever made, and they were just awful… lol

I’m not allowed to go travelling on my own too. Apparently my parents don’t think I can take care of myself. /hmph

Oh I hope you’ll find a perfect gift for Sebby! I’m sure he deserves some nice gift after the hard time he’s been through with his bossy teammate.

Ah I’m glad the new kettle is working nicely. Ah, they don’t sell the old ones anymore there? We still have them here. I think it is because there are old people who insist on using the old types rather than the plug-in ones.

The only type of kettle I know is one that is stereotypically used for making tea. Heh. :D
I’ve always used pots on the stove to boil water.

I really don’t know how else to comment on a post that is purely about a broken kettle… xD

I’ve never actually spoken prayers out loud unless I was forced to by my parents to bless the food or whenever. My friend told me that, as long as it was from the heart, He would hear it. It’s so comforting to know that, in all honesty.

Awww, spinach. :D My parents don’t buy fruit or vegetables… Maybe that’s why I’m overweight. 0_o We don’t have much variety in food… Meat and pasta. That’s basically it. It kind of sucks. D:

We actually have the kettles you plug into the wall and the normal ones you put on the stove or gas or whatever lol. Soo you had a new one….so whats the point of the argument exactly?? 💥
I have special ways of making noodles so i always do it in a pot because i add a variety of things in mine. :D

The best rollercoaster i’ve ever been on is the drop. You go up a couple feet in the air and you drop, it last like 4 seconds but it doesn’t feel like it at all. It’s scary lol, its like your stomach goes up and doesn’t come down for a long time lol.

I know i saw your reply. :D You soo need to come on more. :D Its really fun on there. :D

I have made a vow to never let my kids go through what i’m going through right now at all. I’m not saying i’ll let them do whatever they want but i won’t make them feel like they’re in jail or something.

I am not sticking with my parents till i get married. I can’t handle it. There has to be an argument everyday, there’s never peace in my house. Its just not possible at all. I’m getting out as soon as i get the chance too. I’ll start with a dorm in college. That way it will be like my own apartment. :D

Thanks. :D I’m getting a bank account tomorrow. :D I cannot wait to buy the domain. Who are your domains registered with?

Yah that is true and the site wont even look like a fansite so i dont see how the can mistake it lol.

We always sit all the way in the back, like the top top row because people tend to sit in the front so we avoid them lol.

Hahah lol if i was near you i would soo force you to see that movie lol.

2000 words?! And I thought that the comment I left you was huge! :O
OMG, if anybody left me a comment of 2000 words, cutenews would probably go crazy, And that person too.

In India, you have to pay a fine if you’re on the phone while driving, but the traffic policeman in my city – they really don’t care. Here, the legal age of driving is 18. But my boyfriend, who isn’t even sixteen yet, drives all the time. Everybody does. Except me because my dad has stipulated that I can’t touch a car until I graduate. Bah.
Sometimes when I type a lot of pages for my book, my fingers get sore too. It is an affliction we cyber-addicts are cursed with.
I am not on prepaid. Go figure.

I don’t like Miley Cyrus either. And I missed out “The Last Song” too. I mostly miss out on good english movies because nobody wants to go watch english movies. We Indians have different accent, and so when we see english movies on the screen, it is a little difficult to understand at first. And nobody likes watching a movie alone. :|

Oh. I like that quote. I had heard one exactly like that, “Nobody is perfect until you love them.”
And here is a popular, funny one: “Practice makes a man perfect. But nobody is perfect, so why practice?”

I have not read much Shakespeare. I have read Julius Caesar and Hamlet, I think. But I have my mom’s this old, huge book of quotations, which is just filled with Shakespeare and Gandhi.

Havana Nights sucks. You are lucky you didn’t watch it. It is like a bad parody.

Yep, RIP Patrick Swayze. He really had a rocking bod. /hehe

Cola has a lot of soda in it which makes me sneeze. Lol, that is why I don’t like it.

Gah, I feel bad for not returning comments sooner! I’ve been moving my site… WHICH IS FINISHED!! (: Please look at the new, non-webs, non-disquis, FANUPDATED, PHP, FTP website!! Mwahahaha.

Well that’s just stupid. You should’ve just had an apple for lunch instead. (: Hopefully that new kettle doesn’t break too!!

Most people were staying inside the building, so I don’t know what my brother was doing outside.

I would usually be disappointed by rain, but, if it rained now, I’m sure I would be extremely happy, considering how bad the weather’s been lately.