7 kettles

Today our kettle decided to be a jerk and stop working. I don’t remember how long we had it for.

As Rachel and I discovered, Australian and American kettles are different – or at least, the ones we both have in our homes are! Rachel puts hers on the stove to boil. I found this odd, then she asked how mine works.

Ours is an electric kettle, to put it simply. You plug it in, flick the switch on the kettle and the water begins to boil. I often use this method to make coffee or cup noodles. It’s pretty simple.

Today, I made coffee in the morning. Water was already in the kettle and I knew that my mum boiled water before she left for work, so I just let boil the remaining water to make my strong cappuccino.

For lunch I wanted to make cup noodles. I asked my brother which kind he’d like and put them on the kitchen table.

I figured there was still enough water for two cups in the kettle so I just flicked the switch. I opened the cups and emptied out the seasoning into the cups, before I realised that the kettle wasn’t boiling the water. O_O

I was extremely puzzled and walked to the kettle to investigate. I flicked the switch again, but after a minute, the water still wasn’t boiling. I took to unplugging the kettle and plugging it in again, and resetting the power board.

The latter was a bad idea. When I tried to reset it, a huge bright green spark came out of the board. I freaked out, my finger feeling a bit numb from the impact of the zap. I got really angry and shouted, “Fuck!”

I unplugged the kettle, thinking the board was pretty screwed up, and went to find another outlet. I plugged the kettle in, next to the stove instead. That was the only other free power outlet I could find. I plugged it in, but when I turned the kettle on, a huge popping and crackling noise sounded from inside the kettle.

Exasperated, I threw my arms in the air and started screaming profanities. Mostly the “f” word. In fact, I don’t think I said anything other than “urgh” and the “f” word for ten minutes after the kettle had popped. I was so angry, thinking about how to boil the water.

I got a pot and boiled water on the stove in the pot instead, then used that for the noodles. I was so annoyed. My parents argued over the incident when my mum got home. They wanted to know my side of the story. 😐 They continued to ask me about it and wondered why it stopped working and pretty much broke.

Then after that they told me to get out the new kettle. We had a new kettle?! 😓 Why didn’t you say so… you didn’t have to argue! *facepalm*

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