Never Take Friendship Personal

Yesterday I did a little dance.

I’m one of those people who returns (almost) all the comments she receives, in one form or another; at least acknowledges the wonderful words people leave on her blog posts; takes time to read each one and respond to them somehow.

For months and months, I longed to reach the point where I could say, “I have no comments left to return”. Last time I could say that, it was probably six months ago, and it didn’t last for long. Yesterday, I jumped for joy. It was really something – it was really something to be screaming and shouting “none!” for having no comments to return. It was like a huge weight off my shoulders. 😄

I started watching Doctor Who the other day; I’ve only watched one episode but I know I’ll get around to the others soon.

I wanted to write about something that is more important to me than food.


It rips me apart every time I think of my true friends, to think of how wonderful they are. They are the most amazing people in the world. In the universe. In all of existence. I wouldn’t trade them for my miso soup.

In the past, I’ve been through rough patches. The past is something I despise looking back on, but for the life of me, cannot stop doing. I know we tell ourselves not to ever look at the past because it’s gone, it’s something we can’t change, and it’s no longer important.

The reason I look into the past is because of how much has changed. When I was younger, I didn’t have many friends. I always realise things years later. And now, years on, I realise that I was, indeed, a lonely person.

I’ll be honest… I had a group of friends when I moved schools at the age of ten. They welcomed me into their group and everything, but I realised that our interests drifted us apart. Our interests were strikingly different, and more often than not, our large group was split into one group of two, and… the rest. I was always in that group of two.

I wasn’t close to many people at high school. We were in one of the biggest groups. As a group, we were together. As individuals, I don’t think we were close at all.

As I grew up I think I realised how precious friends are. They’re rarer than diamonds. It doesn’t take a long time to find a friend, and it doesn’t take a long time to become friends. Lilian and I have been friends for – well, I can’t count anymore, but – eight years or so – we forgot how easy it is to make friends.

Yet, it’s hard to find a true friend. It’s hard to find someone who will be there for you when you need them; someone who will laugh with you when something funny happens; who will give you a hug when you’re feeling down; who will surprise you with random presents on your un-birthdays; who will shout you lunch when you least expect; who you have a secret language with…

With the friends I have now, I wonder why I didn’t meet them earlier.

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