Never Take Friendship Personal

Yesterday I did a little dance.

I’m one of those people who returns (almost) all the comments she receives, in one form or another; at least acknowledges the wonderful words people leave on her blog posts; takes time to read each one and respond to them somehow.

For months and months, I longed to reach the point where I could say, “I have no comments left to return”. Last time I could say that, it was probably six months ago, and it didn’t last for long. Yesterday, I jumped for joy. It was really something – it was really something to be screaming and shouting “none!” for having no comments to return. It was like a huge weight off my shoulders. :D

I started watching Doctor Who the other day; I’ve only watched one episode but I know I’ll get around to the others soon.

I wanted to write about something that is more important to me than food.


It rips me apart every time I think of my true friends, to think of how wonderful they are. They are the most amazing people in the world. In the universe. In all of existence. I wouldn’t trade them for my miso soup.

In the past, I’ve been through rough patches. The past is something I despise looking back on, but for the life of me, cannot stop doing. I know we tell ourselves not to ever look at the past because it’s gone, it’s something we can’t change, and it’s no longer important.

The reason I look into the past is because of how much has changed. When I was younger, I didn’t have many friends. I always realise things years later. And now, years on, I realise that I was, indeed, a lonely person.

I’ll be honest… I had a group of friends when I moved schools at the age of ten. They welcomed me into their group and everything, but I realised that our interests drifted us apart. Our interests were strikingly different, and more often than not, our large group was split into one group of two, and… the rest. I was always in that group of two.

I wasn’t close to many people at high school. We were in one of the biggest groups. As a group, we were together. As individuals, I don’t think we were close at all.

As I grew up I think I realised how precious friends are. They’re rarer than diamonds. It doesn’t take a long time to find a friend, and it doesn’t take a long time to become friends. Lilian and I have been friends for – well, I can’t count anymore, but – eight years or so – we forgot how easy it is to make friends.

Yet, it’s hard to find a true friend. It’s hard to find someone who will be there for you when you need them; someone who will laugh with you when something funny happens; who will give you a hug when you’re feeling down; who will surprise you with random presents on your un-birthdays; who will shout you lunch when you least expect; who you have a secret language with…

With the friends I have now, I wonder why I didn’t meet them earlier.

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Yup Truefriends are hard to find then when you find them do wonder why did we never meet or get close before :X ♥

Like me right now.. 2 of my true friends actually live miles away from me about 3 4 hours on the train o.O but if i need them they are there for even if it only on phone (H) (Y) /heart sorry night now i’m bouncing in my head.. yeah.. that sounds daft.. but i’m a happy girlly haha!!



While I don’t like judging by time, it’s still really special to know someone special for a long period of time.

That is such a long way away, but it’s still amazing that you guys are friends!

Ahaha, another Doctor Who fan? ♥ I’m only just getting into it!

Food, Friends (and family), and Mating. The 3 F’s to a happy life (=

Georgie I’m so sorry for being a bad online friend, if you even consider me as such! I really don’t know how to truly appreciate all my visitors’ comments. I just let them sit there and collect internet dust because I’m too lazy to read them carefully and respond. I wish I could be more like you! I’m so thankful that you always return my comments loveyy <3

Congratulations for having no comments to return though! That's an AWESOME accomplishment for someone like you who always has soo many comments from visitors to go through and respond.

I actually tried watching Dr. Who also! Amanda from Sunnyish is like obsessed with it. And I saw that on Twitter the other day, you were watching it too. So I thought, hey…I should check it out on Comcast OnDemand. I think I watched episode 4…and had like no interest. I just can't seem to get into or wrap my head around it? I'm such a looooserrr ;P

Do you mean if you had your miso soup, you'd trade them for your friends instead? Lol. The way that sentence came across seemed like you would trade THEM to have miso soup every morning ;P

"With the friends I have now, I wonder why I didn’t meet them earlier."
That's a beautiful ending to an equally well-written blog. You must do spectacular in your writing courses at university (if you have any such courses ;P)

I don't think anyone can appreciate true friends until s/he is older and more mature. I'm so happy that you have Lilian and James, and from your recent tweets Ryan and Sebby also (and I'm sure more!) I can honestly say I only have a few real, true, close friends: Harry, my younger sister, and my best friend Fran. But I must say, I almost had to hesitate to add Fran because I don't tell her everything, nor do I trust her with everything. *sigh*

There's nothing wrong with looking back on the past! I do it sometimes to be thankful for how far I've come and grown as a person and how great my life is now compared to the past.

Hiiii Georgie! This is so cool, this is like the 2nd time I get to reply to your comment ^^ /bounce

Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS on returning all comments! You shall forevermore be known as the Georgina formerly known as “Miss None” :P

Wow. Six months is a very long time to always have comments! Hahaha. You’re so dedicated :) And you get so many comments and return them ALL! :O MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT! I am SO proud :) ♥

Ohhh Doctor Who. The only thing I know about that is there is a supposedly very “hot” actor in it. I’m pretty sure his name was “David Tennant”, but I’ve never actually watched the series =S I hope it’s good :P

FRIENDS! Friends are super important :) ♥

Awwww! I would trade my morning miso soup (if I actually drank miso soup in the mornings) for you too /eee

Oh there’s this Jane Austen quote: “Look at the past only as it gives you pleasure”. Or something along those lines, ,but I think it’s a good quote. I think we shouldn’t dwell on the past, but we should look back on it when we want to remember something good :) Otherwise there’s no point in having memories :(

I’m the same as you…when I look back, I realise I was pretty lonely :( Until about year 6…then I thought I had the most awesome group of friends EVER, which I did at the time, but when high school came around, it was like…oh, maybe not :( And it kind of hurt…so growing pains, I guess =/

Hindsight is totally 20/20. Hahaha.

I think with our group…we all thought we were close…and then at ski camp. We got proven wrong. I mean, I guess we could tell before ski camp that we were drifting apart, but then at Ski camp, it became painfully obvious that there were secrets completely driving our group apart, that we weren’t privy to. We got quite hurt, huh? But at least we had each other :)

I mean, have. We STILL have each other :) :) ♥

Friends are special! True friends are even more special and really rare *nods* So I’m glad we’ve been friends for god knows how long…one day we’ll have to sit down and find out :P Hahahahaha!

We totally DID forget how easy it is to make friends sometimes. It’s a little harder to keep them, but still. Wow…uni showed us ^^ It’s good. I’m glad uni reminded me of how easy it is to make friends :)

Yeah, I’m wondering why we didn’t know each other before highschool! x( WE MISSED OUT ON LIKE…11 YEARS OR SOMETHING! Why couldn’t our parents meet at the hospital or whatever! Hahaha :P

Comment reply!!!!!

:D :D

Omg, those green cake things! I know what those are. Those are SO YUMMY! =9 They look so hard to make though! D: Hahaha, one day we’ll have to get together and try making these things. We’ll both suck at it, but we’ll learn ^^

Don’t worry! I might just buy one or two things. Cannot spend so much money and buy too much crap because my room already looks like a bomb exploded inside, scattering all my stuff. BUT WE MUST GOT SHOPPING! :D

Ugh! Time is seriously flying! Maybe cos I wake up late though :P I feel like I did NOTHING today D:

Ohhh! Marcus Zurzak! Okay, let me know if it’s good, when you’ve read it :P I just read the second Harry Potter book today :P I’m addicted to the series all over again D:

Haha we’ve only emptied our bagless vacuum once! So it’s long over-due to be emptied. I’m still waiting for dad to empty it so I can vacuum again :P

Oh, how I wish I could say the things you were saying about returning comments. It would be awesome to have that many comments!

I’ve had some not-so-good friends in the past too. My 3 best friends in Grade 5 consisted of one very confused girl, who wasn’t a very good example because of some of her confusions; one “bad girl”, who swore in practically every sentence; and one girl who would seem completely decent at first, nice, smart and friendly, but it turned out she was this huge backstabber, even until now (she finds a way to say something bad about one of her “friends” ever time I talk to her). That wasn’t a good year for me, and I was very confused, like my first friend, hence my bad choices in friends.

I’m just glad that, now, I’ve found a good group of friends who I know wouldn’t say bad things about me behind my back or be bad influences. :)

I hope something interesting happens soon too – at least, something not too personal to blog about. My life seems pretty dull right now to me, though that’s probably just my bad mood taking over.

I hope it turns out well. I keep making changes, haha. I’m just so fickle with layout designs sometimes.

I’m sorry you had to hear this, about the flooding. Fortunately, the storm has passed. But the floods have left some roads cut and many families with flooded homes. In my city there weren’t so many misfortunes. I too have watch the news about what is happening in other countries. Sorry to hear that you have some warnings in Australia. If true, that the rain appears to be toll in recent months. The weather has improved dramatically in my city, and I can enjoy the summer. You know? Now comes the summer. I guess that there begins the winter in Australia, no?

I fully understand that your parents don’t want to hold a slumber party at your house. It is true that you should have a lot of space for guests. It is totally understandable. Fortunately, I have a flat owned by my father, and he let me use sometimes ;)

Certainly, parents are very protective of us. My parents never didn’t let me invite my friends who are boys to my slumber party.

Yeah that’s true. I think you should see Notting Hill, if you like romantic movies ♥

That’s okay. “Truth or Truth” sounds interesting.

Yeah I know. It’s amazing to realize that the years have passed, and I’ve grown as a person. I totally agree, five years is a long time. It’s good to have changed.

I’m glad that now you are more confident about your future. I agree, change is good. If I understand you, pass me something simiar

Thank you Georgina! :)

If it is a shame that celebrities have to be surrounded by security. I guess. Oh didn’t know that. I see that some fans go crazy.

I think so too. I understand, I do, too. That sometimes happens due to lack of self confidence.

I’m glad you’re enjoying your holiday. It’s great. I’ve never seen Doctor Who, but I have talked about it and seems interesting.

Beauty and the Beast is a beautiful story. I love it. ♥ I have that game. I remember as a child was obsessed with the Jungle Book. :)

Hehe yeah that’s true. I also like collecting old things as you. It’s great to keep things like a memory.

I agree. Your viewpoint is well :)

Haha I was amused that you did a little dance for replying all your comments and not having any slope.

I enjoyed reading your blog :). True friends are as rare as diamonds. It is difficult to find true friends, but when you find is the most beautiful in the world. Friendship is a precious commodity, but very few people can boast of having true friends. Glad that your have them.

During my time on high school, I also considered as somewhat lonely girl, because I like my space and was never compatible people my interests. I lived years of suffering for being classified as weird, and also years in which I was insulted by some classmates. :( So now I decided to show how I’m, no matter what others thinka about me. So I avoid suffering. At this time of my life, I have some people that I can consider true friends. Are these people that make you experience moments of happiness :)

I agree with you, it is difficult to find someone who will be there for you when you need, someone who will laugh with you when something funny happens,… but over time you find them.

It’s great you have good friends 👏

hey hun u lucky im quite the opposite i use to have lotsa friends wen i was younger now im alone, i dunno why but my friends have never got time for me :(

It is sad that your friends can’t even make time for you. True friends would put aside their time just for you; as I said though… it is really hard to find good friends. Hang in there. :)

It’s a good habit, comment returning. It’s nice to know that when one comments, it’s not to a wall. I’ve seen a couple episodes of Doctor Who, its fan base is mainly British after all (I live in the UK for the time being). It’s very hard to escape it.

I haven’t lived through quite as much as you but I find that in this way we are polar opposites. I’ve moved school many times, mostly cross-country, cross-continents so I don’t believe people saying that moving makes for a lonely childhood. However, don’t you ever get those special moments that you just think “Wow! These ARE my best friends in the entire world and they’re all around me and we’re purely happy together!”?

I totally agree with you on that! I still have friends I’ve known since Kindergarten, 3rd grade and even since I was born. I dont see them much anymore, but I still really care about them. I have even met some friends online that I am really close to and are some of my best friends. I know that you and I dont know each other that well, but I’m always willing and ready to listen if you need someone to talk to. /mwah

Thanks Bethany! :) It’s a bit sad to see some of my old friends go but at the same time I do hold nice memories of them. I also have many close online friends who I do consider real true friends.

That is so sweet, Georgina! Honestly I feel the same way. Except the only thing is, I question if some of my friends are true friends. Sure I have great friends like Kevin Le who always listens to me when I rant but I don’t get to see him that often or anything. I don’t consider him a best friend but he is a great friend.

I think I’m a lot closer to you than I am closer to other people. Whether it’s because I spend way too much online or because we just communicate better..I don’t know! You know of all my friend problems I’ve told you about’s not hard for me to make friends it’s just hard for me..for any of us, to find TRUE friends.

My dad used to always tell me that there are only 5 true friends he has. The rest are friends but they’re not true friends. I miss having…like really good friends that were there to listen to your heart breaks on the phone at 3 am..but it’s okay. life moves on & you’ll meet new people.

But lucky youuu that you have such great friends. :) Like Lilian, Sebby, Ryan, & James! Although James is a lover ;)

HAVE YOU SEEN HIM YET?! GAHH! I want you to tell me if the package I sent you will cheeer you upp! Btw you can totally edit this part out if you need to know..the reasons you told me to keep it hushush.

Anyway, I actually have maybe one or two comments to return! I always save the ones with super long blogs for last. I just get sooo damn lazy. You’re so silly…you get so many wonderful comments & it’s become more of a burden than a happy thing to return the comments. It’s okay, at least you get like 80% real comments on your blog. I don’t even know how to get that ratio. I don’t know how apricot-tea gets like 200,000 viewers in a month when her blogs are really long & gets NORMAL blog related comments. But I love her site so I get why she gets so many viewers, it just amazes me that people have the ability to read there but not elsewhere. wtf? Maybe because her viewers aren’t concerned with getting a comment back or something.

I was a lonely child in elementary school, because I was made fun of for lots of things. So I didn’t really like the idea of trusting someone with secrets. But, I made friends anyways, just because I’m tht kind of person. But I really became a socialite in middle school, because I didn’t like being alone in a group of 1,000 students. It bothered me, I guess. LOL. But I’ve grown over that.

And you’ve got the right definition for a true friend :). Someone who knows everything about you and doesn’t judge you for it <3.

Doctor Who :P?? <3 yumm. The second Doctor is hhhooottt, but the 1st Doctor is funny :). Haha; you'll see if you haven't watched it before…

I felt proud donating my hair to someone with cancer :). I just wish I knew who had my hair as a wig because I'd like to personally tell her, "You're welcome." I don't like just giving her my hair, because I want her to know I wanted to do it, y’know? That my parents didn’t just force me.

I’ve had it for 2 days now :/. This rash. It’s ALL over my back and front. D: My mom is taking me to the doctor tomorrow. I hope it’s nothing serious , too…

My dad is the “saver.” My mom says he has the money for us to get a new house, he just doesn’t want to pay for it. Ehh :/. I want to move now.

I had the old RazR flip phone back in 4th grade, if you know what I’m talking about XD. It used to be “the phone.” Now… not so much ;).

Sorry for the late return! I’ve been closed for a little while… but now I’m back :D

Doesn’t it feel great when you’ve returned all comments?! I like to return all, but sometimes I just don’t feel like reading in general so I keep putting it of and putting it off while they all pile up… I haven’t been comment free for a while :P good job! I’m sure your all commented up again :P
high school was the same for me, I knew a lot of people but I was never really close to any of them.. and now, I am the lonely person since their all gone away for school and have made new friends.. something i need to get around to lol. It’s very hard to find a true friend. I thought I had a few; one in particular i was close with; then she got mad at me for no reason and blocked and deleted me off of everything.. which is fine I guess? I even forgave her when she tried to make a move on my bf… asking him where he lived and if she could stay there if she ever needed a place to stay, or even just hang out. I know that shouldnt be anything to worry about, but shes the type to be all over every guy she sees even in front of her boyfriend.
anyway, sorry for my rambling lmao! my bad! I’m glad you have someone like Lilian as a friend, hopefully more people like her come into both of our lives :)

Friends are the most important thing in life!! There’s really no point in living if there’s no one to live for, is there? (:

Thank you!! It took me a while, but I finally got everything ready! And I’m glad you like the layout, it took me a while, haha.

Oh right, I forgot! You and your crazy not watching TV or movies. :P

I’ve known my best frind for about 20 years. I actually don’t remember how we even became friends back in 2nd grade. lol. I guess it just happened. We’ve had our ups and downs, most of the the “downs” were silly kid stuff. But to this day, we’re still best friends.

I feel the same way about my friends. I mean, most of my ‘close’ friends are from high school – most of them don’t attend the same university as me, so it makes it even harder to spend time with them. I’ve made a *few* good friends in university, I find it’s hard to stay friends with some people for more than a term if they happen to not be taking a similar class as me the next term. But I find that as I get older, I’m a lot more selective with who I become friends with and those friends are usually people that I’ll stay in contact with :) Which is awesome.

Well Georgina, I’m here to give one reason to return comments. XD

It is indeed hard to find true friends. Every time I thought I’ve found one, that person drifts away from me. And as you said, the difference in interests keep us apart. My passion is in web design and a little of web development. Unfortunately, none of my friends are into these kind of things. For them, they only use the internet to get on social-networking sites. :/

I’m glad you have found yours. And I’m sure you’ll treasure them :D
You didn’t meet them earlier because it makes you appreciate them more. Had you met them earlier, you would have not tasted the difficulties of acquiring true friends.

I read this blog earlier – tried to figure what I would say if you replied to my comment – and I still can’t think of much. So excuse me if this comment sucks. :(

I used to think friends lasted forever but as I changed schools so much growing up (changed fourteen time) I lost a lot of friends. I think that as you grow older, your friends change – you grow apart.

I recently found my best friend from kindergarten a month or so ago, and we read each other’s “info” tabs. It turns out we’re exactly alike, to an extent.

I think that long distant friends are easier to stay “close” to, as you’re not talking every second of the day. Even if they live far away, you can still have a long distant relationship. I don’t know … That’s my thought on firends. :)

… I used to get 0 comments on my blog. :( But if I end up getting 15+, I think I’ll start to want zero again. :P 🤫
It’s not pretty (the watermark) – :( But I do like the layout. o.o

Thanks. :) I really like the colors, green and brown, so I wanted to put a little bit of me in the layout. :]

And yeah, I guess I could. o.o But a lot of TCGs use [TCG] forums … I don’t know where I was going to go with that. Any who, the forum Admin makes them a moderator for the TCG’s forum. Kind of similar to :D … OMG. I just saw this really cute TCG I may join on there … D: / O_O O_O 😰 /type I think I need to stay off of these TCG forums for a while – or at least until I finish mine.

I already missed Sunday – oh well. :P

I’m trying not to make this one limited. I don’t know … I’m sort of … NOT caring for the “everything” TCG feature now. :/ I think i’m going to get my pen pal to help me after all. *sigh*

{to be continued – going to guest room; if I shut the lappy, I’ll lose the comment}

I find it easier to make friends online – I think it is because we have something in common. I have a blog, they have a blog. They don’t think blogging about your life is stupid. My mom and grandmother (the grandmother I live with) think that I 1) wasted my money and 2) am wasting my time. So far I’ve made almost three bucks from that one little advertisement at my footer. That’s better than what I made when I had my other layout up. I also feel like I don’t HAVE to hide myself – my mom is all about secrets. She doesn’t want anyone knowing how I grew up. :( She doesn’t believe in me like I wish she did, either.

Is it really around two in the afternoon for you? It is currently 11:29 at night for me. :O

I am starting to favor your message board too. Which is kind of a bad thing – you’ll see why later on.

I don’t think I’m ready to receive a lot of comments, which is why I moved sub domain hosting by me back to my web hosting site. 🤫

Becoming a nostalgic, aren’t we. It is very unusual though, how it sometimes hits you out of the blue how lucky you are. Aside from the two functioning legs/arms/ears/poverty thing, I, too, sometimes feel blessed.
Only last week, one of my best friends moved about 2000 miles away, almost halfway across the country. We don’t even get to talk properly anymore, and it is so sad. My dad says that there would be hundreds of people whom you would have to leave behind or who will leave you behind. It is sad. /faw 😢

Ah, I can’t wait for FanUpdate. But Liz is busy with her THREE websites, and she has promised to install it as soon as she can. I can’t imagine how she manages three websites and the demands of irritating hostees like me.
I did try WP, but I was rusty and it was difficult, and even Liz was too busy to help me out. So, Ethan, my computer whiz pen pal and ex-host, told me to go for Cutenews/Fan Update .
I had had cutenews before, and I wanted to open the site as quickly as I could, so I went for it.
Does FanUpdate also have problems with long comments?

Oh, I want to drive. I am going to be sixteen this july, and most of my friends drive. But there was been a lot of accidents in my family history by driving, so my dad has strictly forbidden me.

With pre-paid, I am always short of cash and have to call my friends and tell them to call me. So, I prefer post-paid. My mom doesn’t.

We’re probably going to read more Shakespeare in school now that we have grown up enough to actually understand it. I tried reading Anthony and Cleopatra, but it had so much Greek/Spanish/Italian (Maybe all) in it that I left it after about 20 pages.

Eclipse is releasing this June, so me and my friends are probably going to watch that on theater.

Oh, I have one on best friends:
“You know what we said,
You know I’ll take your hand.
Best friends: forever;
Boy friends: whatever.”

This one made me laugh, even though I don’t agree with it. :P

Its a sad reality; friends tend to split up due to the different forks in life. Also a simple reason why you don’t meet up with all your true friends in life right off the bat can be summed up by C’est la vie. … Okay maybe that comment was a bit lame, cliched but it cannot be helped. It’s befitting of the situation. It takes time to know someone truly. Sure you can meet many people with similar interests but time is a major test in whether they are truly a friend; can those people you meet be there for you? Can they make time for you? A extended period of time where they prove they can accompany through life is a safe bet.
It is easy to befriend someone than it is to be a true friend.

You’re right though, c’est la vie. I don’t like looking at relationships by how long they’ve lasted, because even if you’ve known a friend for a short amount of time, your friendship could have developed greatly.

True that, I didn’t mean knowing someone for a long time makes them a good friend (and its counterpart). But it does require at least some time before you get to know them. That was what I was referring to. Sorry for the implied meaning, I’ve yet to master the specific nuances and syntax of speech/literature.

Your blogs always have some meaning behind them /bounce

I think me, myself have a lot of friends BUT only a few close ones. As I get older though people’s true colors shine brighter and brighter and I realize who my TRUE friends are. The ones who are in it for the friendship and are going to stick with me no matter what. The ones who help me through my mistakes and are gonna tell me the real deal whether I want to hear it or not.

This past weekend I got a little dab of that. My bestfriend truely is my BESTfriend. She’s true, with the mistake that I made she told me, and I mean really told me what I did wrong, the consequences and how dissappointed she was in me and everything else. That talk we had was the REALEST and I swear I love her for that.

Ha, sorry I got a little carried away but yeah, it truely is hard to find those REAL TRUE friends.

I don’t really remember the first two Toy Story movies but it doesn’t really matter. I remember enough to say that Toy Story 3 was goood. In my opinion, movies like that are worth going to get the movie theater effect.

I surely will let you know when a movie or book makes me cry. It has yet to happen though.

The sad part about friendships is what I am about to say. I met some of my best friends online, weather it be on a networking site, my own personal site, or xbox live. I have never met my best friend John(next month will be the first time we meet in person) yet have been close friends for years.
It’s funny how things work sometimes =O

I think you are known for returning comments :D I know you always return your comments no matter what. I’m trying to do the same too.

I’m a big doctor who fan! I’ve watched all the ep from the new series.

It’s so hard to find a true friend that you feel completely comfortable with. I had a friend that I met during university. We instantly clicked and became very close. Within days I was extremely comfortable with him and told him anything and everything. He was the only person that could calm me when I was angry. For some reason, my temper would just jade as soon as I hear his voice. You can say we were a little more then regular friends but we couldn’t be more due to real life issues. He’s in the USA military now, separating us into two different countries and two different worlds. I think back because I want to cherish those moments we had and this special friendship I may never find again.

I was similar to you during high school. I had many friends but not that close to many. I was into really different things like websites & blogs. I never told them about my websites.

I did eventually meet those that shared similar interest to me.

I’m not that dirty minded, it just…came to me LOL

Georgie Porgie you have no idea how nice it is to talk to someone who always is so close with her boyfriend (= You and James are just so awesome together. How did we both get so lucky?! ;P

What’s been going on that’s so stress ball-destorying worthy? I saw that picture of a torn up stress ball on your plog the other day, but I just thought you did it on purpose for a photo…I guess not! I’m so sorry that crap is going on!! If I would trust anyone in the world to get through a tough situation with a little help from her friends, it would be you my Georgiest Porge in the world ♥

I think venting and fishing for pity are two completely different things. We all need to vent, and I welcome it — I actually encourage it! Keeping anger, frustration, and sadness inside will only just build up and explode someday. Venting just releases frustration and puts it out there that someone experienced something really crappy. That’s different from bragging about troubles and expecting pity. Shameful!

Right, I understand about disorders. That’s why I was so careful about the way I worded things, because some people just can’t control their frustration and unfortunately don’t have trustworthy and awesome family/friends to talk to. I couldn’t imagine being under such a burden without anyone to rely on! Bless their hearts.

Maaaaybe you’ll end up like Doctor Who better than Big Bang Theory! …or am I just speaking blasphemy? ;P

Does your house just always have a constant supply of miso soup? Does your mom make it? Yummyyyy (=

Same here! When it comes to official papers and such, I’ve always been a gifted writer…but the forces of due dates and specific subjects blocked my creativity and desire to write. My younger sister wants to be a creative writing/english literature major when she goes to college (university). I hope she doesn’t mind having her hand amputated once it breaks from writing/typing so much !!

Hi Sebby !!! :D

I suppose it can be a good thing and a bad thing. :))

I do learn from my bad friends and experiences, so I try to be thankful for all of them. :)

A lot of slightly personal things have happened to me recently, some related to what I blog about and some not. I usually just skip those details, though some of my blogs would make more sense if I didn’t. :))

Yeah, your current layout’s awesome. :D I love my layout now too, but it’s getting a bit boring. It’s gonna be hard to replace this one though; I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite from all the layouts I’ve ever made. :D

Aww yeah, I can relate to a lot of that. I’ve had so many ups and downs with friends my whole life – and ultimately lost a lot of friends that just… weren’t good enough friends to remain loyal, i guess. And it also makes me sad how i’ve drifted apart from so many friends, because of change of circumstances, interests, etc… and it makes me sad too. Ahhhh. dont want to think about this at this hour! ><

Bon Tache! 8D

Yeah, around late high school I realised that friends were rather hard to come by. After some really largely unnecessarily drawn-out drama I figured that good friends were worth looking after, and bad ones just deserved to be cut away. Champagne for your real friends, real pain for your sham friends. I think that’s how it goes.

I always tried to avoid making friends because they would be hard to..manage. Being not the really outgoing partybeast type of person, it’s just the way it is. Hrrng, but apparently friends help you live longer. /bounce

Wuggs and Keeks. I don’t really need much more there :)


Bon Tache, me Wuggh. 💀

Lilian said that year 11 ski camp was probably “the realisation”, after all, I think it was only in year 12 that I started to notice who my real friends were. Or where they had been hiding. /love

I thought it was hard to make friends; at least it was for me in the past. Even now it’s still hard to be close to anybody. I’m very anti-social sometimes. At least I don’t brag about how many Facebook friends I have. 8D

Thank you so much for advertising! I’m very, very grateful!!

I don’t mind myself not using a domain and I don’t mind giving out domains but I prefer to gift them to people I know that will make a good use of them. I’m always afraid of checking back in a 3 months time to find out that it will be abandoned!

There’s a grammar school near me and my parents have been pestering me for ages to take the entrance exam but I’m afraid of starting anew with friend-making and the competition at very academic schools. @_@

Haha, congrats on getting all the comments returned! You get so many each post, so it must be nice to have them all taken care of!

I completely understand what you mean about finding good friends. I’ve known my best friend since kindergarten, and for some reason I hated her until grade eight, and she hated me too. But we were put at the same table in grade eight, and we’ve been best friends ever since. We’re always there for each other and most of the time, I really don’t know what I would do without her.

I’ll get to the picture eventually! I have them uploaded to my computer and everything, I just need to go through and get the best ones, then figure out lightbox. I’m just wayyy too lazy, haha. That, and I always get distracted. Hmm. Soon though! haha.

I hope it clears up soon too. Because when he’s not being such a silly goose, it’s awesome xD haha.

Congrats on returning all your comments!! I usually try and make it a point to return them on the day =D

I’m also the type of person that likes to keep a few close friendships =) i like having a lot of friends around, but only keep a very small number as being close friends whom i can share my secrets with :) i guess everyone has a different way on how to choose their friendships ;)

Oh God! I haven’t commented on your blog in a while. Sorry! ♥ (: I do still visit though, heheh I need your awesome tutorials. And I don’t think I’ve told you how much I love this layout! I loooove the light green/grayish and the headers really cute! I don’t really like the light brown/red but I get why you used it! As always your layouts are amazing. :)

CONGRATULATIONS! I haven’t replied comments in a while cause well I moved sites. :P Well I’m giving you one more to reply to but you don’t have to cause my sites not open. ;)

“I wanted to write about something that is more important to me than food. ” I’m sorry but that actually made me laugh out loud!! /hehe

I love my friends. Even though sometimes they can be a pain I don’t know what I’d do without them! I always think about the past, just something I do. I guess it keeps me going, even the bad memories. It pushes me forward. I know what you mean about the group things, I mean right now I have one big group but we split into two.

It’s great to be friends with Lilian for 8 years!! ;D Hehe, it’s hard to keep a good friendship lasting that long (my grammar sucks sorry, xD). It really is hard to find true friends. I’m glad that you’ve found Lilian

I haven’t written a long comment in a while… it’s soooo easy to do so with your blogs because they’re all interesting and aren’t random pointless ones like some….mine… ;)

OMG hi Maddy! Good to see you online and alive, I thought you were going to beat my posts in the forum, even. But I’ve been inactive there so you might anyway. XD

I see you’re on summer break and you’re going to get your site up soon. I can’t wait! :)

And thank you for your comment on my layout. :D Admittedly I am really proud of this one too, especially the colours.

It’s true though! My friends are wonderfully amazing. Better than food… then again, someone mentioned friends + food. :P

The bad memories really help me learn. It’s not something I keep in mind so much but I learn from what’s gone wrong.

I find that you can leave comments on random pointless blogs, but I guess it depends how you can relate to randomness. People sometimes don’t have too much to say on a blog, but it differs from person to person, and the topic of the blog. If I can relate, I can write more. :)

Yeah. At least you get comments. I have had about 6 blog posts up and none got comments exept for ONE from my mom. We are good friends, I mean like online, right? I read all of your blog posts, I comment on most of them, and I even use your website content.

I like you and your blog! Thanks

~Mike ♥

*joins in with the dancing*

“I wanted to write about something that is more important to me than food”
What about eating food with friends? ;)

Ah, you remind me of myself when I was younger too. I was quite alone in primary school. Most of the time I made up imaginary games and worlds in my head to keep myself company, probably another reason why I was a loner. :’) *sigh* Memories.

I had a huge fight with a close friend of mine in 6th grade, and it helped me breakout of whatever middle school shell I was in. So that’s a good thing and I’m actually really glad we had that fight. We’re “friends” now, but she’s still a bitch XD.

I want to move to Australia :). I hear it’s very cool out there! LOL. <3.

Actually, the rash has cleared up :D!! Now it's pretty much gone! I'm so relieved! I was seriously worried… phew. XP LOL. But now I don't need to go to the doctor :). Good. Because doctors/dentists scare me…

My dad is more of the saver. My mom… spend, spend, spend… XD. It's where I got my spending problems from. LOL. But we were just at the mall today <3. I got tons of new clothes and everything. But my dad was like, "Oh. Just money." Which is something shocking to hear from someone in America 'cause of our economical problems ;/.

Of course they have better models! But I'm content with my Blackberry so I don't care XD.

It actually kind of disappoints me when I have no comments to return. I’ll keep going to my dashboard and look for the “You have # new comments!” so I can return them. However, I don’t get as many as you do, so HURRAY FOR GEORGINA!

I was a lonely child, then I got into a group of “friends” who were really completely rude and only liked me around to mock me. I keep in touch with one of those five, and the other one, who was too timid to stand up for me, is still my best friend.
Now in high school, I’ve found people I can get along with, but only two other people I’m truly comfortable around and feel I’m actually friends with.

I sometimes like looking back to the past. It’s kind of like going over an old piece of writing and seeing all the flaws, but not having the heart to change it. Or, even looking at a painting you’ve done, and you just can’t change the things you hate or did wrong.
It sucks looking back, though, I’ll admit that. I regret a lot of what I did and wish I could change things, but I can’t.

I’m feeling much better now, thank you. :D I was barely able to move, so I would have probably fallen before I could bring myself out of the classroom. I would have gotten talked to a lot by teachers and students walking in the halls, too.
I fell asleep on Monday in math and English, and my math teacher let me sleep through the movie he put on, but my English teacher kept making smalltalk. If anything annoys me more than interruptions like asking what’s wrong or such, it’s smalltalk. DX

My mom sees cooking as a chore, and my dad always has to cook plainly to make sure my mom doesn’t complain about it. My mom’s rather bland, I must say. 0_o
The only vegetables we have right now are canned corn and peas… Then the fruit is all wasting away in the bottom of the fridge. Maybe I should go eat some of it…

It’s so nice when you have no comments to return. I always try to return comments, too. I also end up reading their blogs because I generally have lots in common with them so my RSS reader is always overflowing.

That is so sweet about your friends. It is so great to have a group of friends like that and I’m glad you have that. ♥

I always try to return comments as well. It might take me a couple days depending on what’s going on in the house, but I always try to.

I have never watched Doctor Who but hear everyone talking about it. I think Ryan watched it a couple times…maybe I’ll have to break down and watch it. lol.

I am a lonely person now. Everyone has moved away and moved on with their lives, forgetting those they told they’d never leave. It comes down to me having Nikkie…and a few people on-line I chat with every so often.

Ming was very warmly welcomed into the family. Aside from my mom telling Ryan ‘I hate you’ lol. Ming has found a love of the kitchen, so she’s always under my moms feet. lol

ps- I downloaded one of your wordpress themes to play around with, I installed a dummy version of wp but am getting no where with it. Ugh. lol.

AHHH. Your message board won’t come up!! :( I just blogged. /bash 💥 /huh /faw /wah /type /sweat

I tried to understand XMB but I couldn’t figure out the themes. :( It would be so much easier if I could. :/ Grr. Because then I could host the TCG there! Gahh.

This is the error message I received:

—Never mind. :)

Just really slow. :/

My mom doesn’t know about or – unless she hasn’t said anything. It’s on my Facebook.

She doesn’t know [for sure] about the adoptable domains I have. :P I think she would freak if she found out. D:

I think I want just ten or so different commenters. But I don’t know. o.o /hehe /heart

I tried changing my settings – it’s so weird though. :( But it works. And that’s all I want. It’s not that it “shuts off” though. :/ It just … FREEZES. :’/ And I sometimes end up having to restart my browser.

I know!! :/ Oh well. I made a signature out of the header. I guess that’s all that matters. :P At least I didn’t get “nothing”.

My mom hasn’t changed much. :( She’s still a LOT like my stepfather. Only she’s ignorant – she doesn’t see how controlling of her he is.

D: I signed up as an advertiser @ instead of a blogger. /bash 🤬

I don’t know what else to say – my stepmother brought Ruby home from daycare and I lost all my thoughts trying to make the baby smile. I get sad when they cry. :(

I agree. I take the time to read people’s blog. I’ll leave and return comments. All I ask if that they do the same. It’s not that hard. They make it seem difficult. They’re so busy with school, friends and family. It’s not that important anymore. It’s “only whenever I want to” type of attitude. It’s really sad. /hmph If your that busy then don’t do a site or blog. Your not just wasting your time, but other people’s time as well.

I feel the same way too. I’d jumped for joy because I have no more comments to return. /eee I can work on my site. Sometimes I run out of time. I’m not able to leave and/or return comments. The public library time limit is only one hour. It’s not enough. I need more time. I try to get to everyone’s site when I can within one or two sessions. By the time I go on, a new blog is already posted. I don’t like to skip blogs. I like to leave my comments.

I never watch Doctor Who? before. I’ve heard of it though. I’ve seen the DVD’s in Walmart. I’m not sure what channel it’s on. I’d have to order it if it’s on Showtime or HBO. If it’s on the regular channels, I may check it out.

Speaking of teleivion shows, thanks again for getting me into The Big Bang Theory. Since then, I’ve started to watch it now. I like it. Sheldon can be annoying at times. /pow That’s what makes the show funny. Howard does seem like a mamma’s boy. :D Raj seems out of place sometimes. I like Leonard and Penny. 👏

I like watching 30 Minute Meals, Barefoot Contessa, Everyday Italian and Giada At Home. I’ll take their recipes that they featured on the show and turned it into my own. Maybe add or take out some ingredients. ;)

I love miso soup. I didn’t know there was two different kinds of it. I was surprised. I did taste the same.

I feel the same way. Sometimes I wished I did it differently. 😢 It already happened. There’s nothing you can do. You can’t change the past. All you can do is let it go and move on. That’s what you have to do in all situations.

I didn’t have much friends either growing up. I’m not good-looking, smart or rich. I don’t drink or do drugs. You could say I’m a goody-two-shoes. I get tease from elementary school to now. It’s because of the way I look, talk and walk.

A friend accepts you for who you are. A friend doesn’t judge you. A friend is like a second family member to you. A friend is trushworthy and loyal. A friend is a person you turn to for comfort. A friend is someone you can talk to when you have a problem. A friend can tell deep dark secrets with each other. A friend lets you rant to get things off your chest. A friend makes you feel good about yourself. (Friend vs. Foe Article)

It’s their lost. They don’t know how good of a friend you are. Although we don’t see each other in person, I think your a kind, friendly and good-hearted person. That’s how my friends would described me. Your heart is in the right place.

It’s hard to find friends both online and offline. I’m sure they’ll come to you when you least expect it. That’s how I made friends. Don’t give up! /wave

Aw. Well, I don’t want to upload it to Youtube. I like to keep personal videos for Facebook.

Exactly. I was worried about the eggs accidentally being dropped or cracked, but they came safe and in good condition last Wednesday. I just remembered that I need to upload the video I made that day. It’s going on Facebook again. I can probably upload it to my domain, if you want.

I can get lazy when it comes to returning comments, but I’m the same as you–I always try to return them.

I didn’t have any true friends before being a teenager. I was in a private school at the time. I had some friends who were nice, but I knew that they would forget me or wouldn’t contact me if I disappeared. Then I transferred to a public middle school. It wasn’t until 8th grade that I started having true friends. It was hard to make friends the year before because I was the “new kid,” but then I started acting more naturally and easily made friends. All of my close friends know my personality, and they even give me chicken gifts on random days. xD

Haha congratulations on returning all of those comments, it must be so time consuming!
I haven’t gotten around to watching any of the new series of Doctor Who. I was in work when the first episode was on and never got round to catching up.
I know exactly what you mean about friends, and it’s so true. Looking back now, I also realise how lonely I was, but I seemed content or just accepting of my lonliness. Now I couldn’t imagine living without my friends. Reading your post has made me realise I should appreciate my friends more, and show them how much they mean to me. Thank you!

I completely get your post here. I have only a handful of friends that are super close to me. Most of my school friends are good friends but not as close. My close friends I have known since I was a baby..I know we are close because we would treat each other as if we were sisters.

Awwhh, I am sorry that you can hardly ever say “I have no comments!” I see how you return all comments, and well too. You are so good at writing out good comments. :)

Thank you! I had a wonderful time for the most part. I personally don’t like Panama City’s the worst part you can go to in Florida. :/ LOL. We have started over a lot, haven’t we? Not this time though. :3

Oh, always? Well, you are such a dedicated site owner! Everything on your site is just so high should be very proud. :D I think my mom causes me a lot of stress too. Like she bans me for no reason sometimes. Like I’ll be on the computer and then I’ll later in the day (when I am not even on the computer) find out I forgot to do something. Then she goes all crazy on me and grounds me!

Yeahh. We normally have seasons. It’s soo cold in the winter, semi-warm in the spring, hot in the summer, and cool in the fall. It’s not a year round weather thing here. We actually have separate seasons and you can feel the difference. :)

I get annoyed sometimes too. I have had people call me “bitter” before, but I don’t think I’m bitter. XD

Oh, I really liked that layout but I think I like this one more. I just like the colors better, that’s it. :) WHATTT?! “It could be a bit more awesome”….uhh WTF. Who says stuff like that?

Well, if I had done it that cream color that I did the text, it would be the same color…that’d be confusing. I changed the shade to a lighter color. Why don’t you see if that’s better? :D Oh, thank you!

I personally like getting reviews only when I am confident with my layout. I can’t stand getting negative feedback if it is not said in the right way. I suck it up sometimes though. I don’t really like it when someone doesn’t personally like a color, so they bash the entire layout. I have had a review like that before. -_-

LOL. Yeah, now I have no excuses for not getting website crap done since school is out for the summer. XD Darn!

Ahh, that’s nice to hear! 1am is really not too bad at all. It’s 12am here right now, so I need to be getting to sleep soon. LOL. Shame on me!

Hahaha, that could come in handy sometimes if I ever need to save myself. Thank you for the tip. :P

Yeah, but I cannot stand being here thinking of him suffer. It’s so sad to think about. Same here…it would just be so lonely without them to fight with!

That brought tears to my eyes. I can’t begin to describe how jealous of you that blog made me. I’ve only dreamed of having friends like that. Every friend I can remember has either stabbed me in the back and left me for dead or was a friend that I had to change myself to get along with. There is only two people that I consider true friends to me and they live 8 hours away. Any true friend I have, I treasure.

If I didn’t look in the past, I would make the same mistakes twice. The past should be left in the past, of course, but it should never be forgotten. We learn from our mistakes. We should be able to move on but never forget.

Congratulations with the comments!!

It really does take time to recognize the real from the fake. I swear I did everything for this boy, I was the true definition of a bestfriend. I think that I’m too giving I guess I should say. I do a lot for others. I’d jump up in a heartbeat for someone else but when it comes down for them doing the same for me, it doesn’t happen. I can’t really think of the word for this but I think it’s time I cut it out. People are starting to take my kindness for a weakness. He’ll need me one day though, when everyone else has failed him.

I had this friend, might remember. We were good friends, bestfriend maybe. I don’t know how it happened but I fell in love with him. Honestly I don’t think you can control things like that. I understand that you have a boyfriend and I bet he does too because Jamal had a girlfriend. Feelings like those are uncontrollable in my opinion though.

It’s great you have wonderful friends. I bet they’re the best. I have wonderful people around me, yes I do. Sometimes I just wonder who the true ones are though. Lol, I don’t think I’ve ever cried because I was happy but this made me remember the times when I cried without a reason at all. Who knows, maybe deep down inside I was just happy :)

Hehe you seemed to be so happy you couldn’t stop using capital letters. XD You get SO many comments so it must have been a huge relief! :D

I agree with you. When I think of my friends, I feel so glad to have them. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. They are all awesome and make my day just by talking to me.

No one likes looking at their past, but sometimes you just want to do it. I know things have changed with me too, and I feel glad they have.

It’s better to have a few true friends than lots of friends who are not close to you at all. True friends are really hard to find, and it’s a really nice feeling when you have those friends with you all the time. :)

I’ve never been a fan of football either. I thought I wouldn’t be interested in this world cup, but somehow I ended up watching almost all the matches till today. :P Aha yeah unfortunately Australia is out. I support Brazil since they have won so many times. Every time I get confused about which time I should support, I start cheering both of them. XD

Hehe actually my sister wears glasses too. But she prefers not wearing them. People say that I look like her too. She has glasses just like mine and apparently we look like twins when she puts them on. :P Hehe yeah I guess I do mention Tasneem a lot. :P

I’m really happy with the presents. :) Especially the books. They’ll save me from too much boredom in this vacation.

Haha I’m always scared to choose dare. But I chose that since it was my house and all my friends are too scared of my mom to make me do something that would be embarrassing or something. XD We play truth or dare a lot. It never gets old. :P

LOL snow spray cans are really popular here, probably because it doesn’t snow here. They’re really fun to play around with. We almost always have them in parties and such. :P

Yeah it would be really bad. I would feel guilty since I would think that she felt bad. :/ I don’t really regret inviting her. At one time everyone was feeling bored but since she is always so hyper and happy, it was nice to have her. :) Me too.

Yeah, it was A LOT of people. Some of the people couldn’t come, though so I don’t think it was more that 50 people. My mom would have pretty much exploded if she had to make food for so many people. Thankfully, she knew this cook who made all the food for us. It cost a lot too. :P

Hehe I’ll watch it.

Yeah. Like when you’re watching a horror movie or something, the dark atmosphere can be quite fun but not all the time.

Haha that’s great! At least you know you won’t feel bored. :) The last time I watched a movie (before watching Avatar) in a theatre was probably more than a year back. :P I like buying DVDs and watching them at home. Much more comfortable.

Me too. :) She just doesn’t get it that we don’t want to talk to her all the time. Whenever we go somewhere during the break or something, she keeps on following us. :/

Storms are very scary stuff indeed. Whenever there is a storm, I start running in the house searching for a room where there is no window so I don’t have to see the lightning or hear the noise of the wind. Usually i settle down to hugging my mom or sister. XD At night when everyone’s sleeping, it’s worse. I mostly listen to music so I can’t hear the wind outside, but I can know when there is a storm by seeing the shadows of the trees outside moving so fast. O_O

Hehe you are lucky. I started using my sister’s old phone yesterday. The camera is pretty good.

I hope so. It’s getting really boring here. My mom doesn’t let me use the computer much nowadays either. :( She wants me to move about and have more exercise.

Yeah, it’s really nice to see someone after a really long time and catch up on each others’ lives. I don’t even talk to my cousin much on the phone, so we basically have no idea what is happening with each other until we meet. :P

Same here. Parents would want that we confide in them but I just can’t. It’s much easier to blog about it or rant it out to a friend.

Thanks so much! <3 I always cheer up when I see my online friends commenting on my blog. I try to relax. I spend a lot of time alone nowadays but still I get angry at little things.

That's a really good way to vent out anger. Blogging would only make me feel bad about it afterward. Writing about it and destroying the note is much better.

That would be annoying. Yeah, I agree.

Hehe. I also wouldn't want to do it.

I really like that song too. :)

Yeah, me too! So many notes and other stuff. My mom laughed when I said I didn't want to throw my diary away because of those memories. :/

Yeah. Sending emails is a good way to avoid drama, but blogging would be one way to vent out anger as well.

That’s true- true friends are hard to find. You have to look at how they talk. Are they being mean to you? Do they talk “sarcastically”? Do they actually act like they ♥ you? If they do, and you do back, that should be a true friend. When you find a friend you must act like a friend back to them. If you are, they must act like a friend. Not actually “act”, but stay true to their/your-self.
What you said is really true and you put alot of effort onto your blogs. It first, I didn’t get the title. But after I read a bit more, I understood what you meant and how you feel. But I did have to laugh at when you put “I wanted to write about something that is more important to me than food.”

Sometimes I really feel like /poo complimenting people, but right now I am staying “true” to myself and saying your site is really awesome. YEP.

♥ ,
Tamika :)

A little bit more to add to that-
it is really awesome when you have no comments to return. I love it when I take a break, and don’t leave a cBox because I don’t have to return as many comments. I have only just opened my sites so I am commenting on some blogs so more people will hopefully comment on mine. :P

Good job on returning all comments! Even when I have just a few, it seems like such a daunting task, but I want to try to keep up with it this time!

I haven’t watched Dr. Who yet… I actually don’t watch tv much at all :-/ Any shows you recommend?

It’s always been really hard for me to make and keep friends. I like to consider myself a nice person, but I’m very shy and introverted, and it takes me a while to get warmed up to people. Granted, I can be very outgoing and friendly when I want to be, but I have trust issues with people, so I tend to view people as disposable, as horrible as that sounds, and as much as I wish I didn’t feel that way. I only have one true friend. Her name is Olivia, and we’ve been the best of friends for 8 years. She just graduated university, and right after, she moved to New York. I’m pretty torn up about it. I don’t really have any other friends. Granted there are the girls from my sorority (I joined a sorority for the sole purpose of making more friends), but those girls are so superficial that I feel so awkward every time I’m around them, so I choose not to participate or communicate with many of them anymore. So the only people who occupate my time now are my family. I feel a void. I just want to meet new people and open up, but I just feel like everyone is going to leave me for something or someone better, just all of my other friends have. I mean, Olivia will always be my best friend, but I just miss her company.

Argh. Silly me! How did you find me? I didn’t notice I written my fanlisting collective instead of my site. :X 😳
Gosh, you really did scare me. When I logged into wordpress I thought “Oh no… She’s mad at me *sweat*” but suddenly I turned brave and looked. /hehe
That’s fine. I am trying to stalk everyone’s blog’s, so I can get more hits and comments. ;)
The worst thing is returning them. :O (Sorry, I just love these smilies xD)
Yeah, I got spammed. Someone wanted me to buy hosting. Another wanted to give me 21 million AU dollars. Eeek.
I’ve always wanted to be popular. Always. I don’t know why. I was always picked on and said my sites were boring when I first started. I was only 8 and I was on piczo. Emo people were stalking me :O But then I found someone, and she explained to me how to make layouts. She was so nice until she left piczo. After that I had to survive on my own. /wah Lol, joking. I still miss her. Anyway, enough about my history. O.O
That’s fine again. :D
Haha, it is 7:50 PM here. I live in Aussie, like you. But I live in Tasmania. I have 2 brothers whom was taken away from my mum when I was probably 2-4. I hardly know who they are now, but they now live in Sydney, like you. XD
Aw, thankyou <3 Guess what? I am 11. That's quite young but I don't care. I basically taught myself so i'm going to be meeeee online until I get sick of it.
I'm actually glad I taught myself HTML. With the help of that girl from piczo, and also Joey from who inspired me to get a professional site. And you, Georgie, inspired me to try and blog longer posts. :P

Update: I have now changed my URL. /hehe

Oh, and also about my kitty,
I know! I love her eyes. My parents don’t, but as soon as I got her, I knew she was special. We found her on the side of our driveway trying to climb up the hill (we live on a hill). She almost got ran other. Believe it or not, she is very tame. :)

If that can help, my sweet friend, you may not return my comments at all. ^_^ I appreciate it every time you comment on my blog entries, but I don’t want you to get too tired, so it’s alright if you skip my comments. *hugs*

Friendships – TRUE friendships – are indeed so rare and so precious that they deserve more care and dedication than people usually do. We have have LOADS of friends in our group, at school, at work, etc. but only a few of them will be true friends, people who will do anything they can for you at all time, that make you an important person in their life, and they gift you with a smile every day; I call them brothers and sisters, because they share part of my soul, and that means that they’re family. ♥

Wish you to find more true friends in your life, Georgie. *hugs* Just for the great person I feel you are. /mwah

– Luana S.

Oooh, haha :X Yeah, I remember sending you that email a couple of days ago asking you to help me. And I left my site addresses and email on the bottom. I remember that, and yes, I have been commenting on people’s sites, whom I only just noticed are affiliates with you. XD
LOL it’s fine, /hehe you was just really funny when you decided to scare me virtually. :)
cBoxes are just a waste of time, really. it is better to have people comment on your blog. So you can keep those comments forever… Well, unless wordpress stuffs up. /poo O_O
I knowww, it gives me headaches. /argh It’s hard thinking of things to say, but I like talking to you because you have a good sense of humor and all. Your hilarious and very kind. /eee
LOL I have never taken anyone’s things… Well actually I did- I took someone’s collage/blend/layout of Avril Lavigne and covered their name other with mine. Thankfully, no one noticed. Bahaha! XD
Actually yeah, your right there. Popularity is nothing. It’s how kind the people are. They come to your site and write a long comment on your blog. Well, at least some do. Like you & me, we try to be kind and reply every single comment (unless it is nonsense XD ) Piczo was good, but since it changed, I decided to move to professional as I knew I was improving and I would hopefully improve if I did a little more HTML. I know I am taking some premade layouts and re-doing them, but after that I pretty much know what to do and re-do it all so it looks like no-one has never made it before even though I started off with someones layout. You can just about claim it as yours. ✌️
Where I live, there was a cherry tree orchard. But then the previous owner of our house sold it to my dad, and my dad sold the cherry tree orchard and then the owner made it into a golf course. I don’t really like golf course’s but I am happy because I get to see some of my friends at school… Not actually girls, but boys are more interested in me. Even though I’m not interested in them. /poo << That, is boys. O_O
I'm quite mature, I think anyway. I am not actually girly but tomboy. That's because I'm homeschooled. Homeschoolage. It sucks. BAD.
Aww, a rabbit? Adorable! I've never had a rabbit but once I am old enough to have my own house, I'm gonna have a rabbit. A BLACK ONE. ♥ Poor little rabbit… I feel terrible for it. Did you leave it outside or something? 😰
Sorry if your getting sick of replying to me, I'm just soooo bored and your really making me feel… Talked too. /hehe

Sorry. I should of had posted on your new blog. I didn’t see it until I went on twitter. 😝

Thanks. I’m glad you like reading my blog and articles. :) I always having something interesting to share with everyone. I don’t know why. I guess I experience a lot of the good and the bad. It’s funny how people is/was in the same situation.

I get really stressed out having to update the site, post a new blog, leave and return comments. I tried to do it all in one session. Sometimes it’s not enough. 😢 I need to break it in two sessions. The first session to leave and return comments. The second session to update the site and post a new blog.

You lucky you get a lot of comments. I only get one to two comments per blog. I guess it’s better then nothing. I don’t like when people don’t return comments. /angry You leave a comment on their blog. It’s okay that they don’t have to return your comments. It’s just stupid. /argh

Thanks. I do appreciate it. :) Some people post a new blog everyday, every other day or whenever they can. It’s hard to keep up with everyone.

What do you think of Doctor Who? Is it another medical drama show? It kind of sound like it. I watched ER here and there on NBC. Unfortunately, the series has ended. They play reruns on TNT. I didn’t like Nip/Tuck.

Haha. Sheldon and his genius talk. :P Sometimes I’ll be like, “What’s he saying now?” I feel like that’s what comes out of Sheldon’s mouth most of the time. When he isn’t doing his genius talk, it’s Penny and Leonard, Penny and Leonard. XD

I don’t like the seaweed and tofu. I’ll drink everything else, but that. Haha. :P I know that’s the best part. I was never a fan of seaweed or tofu growing up. I always say it’s gross. ;)

True. There’s no point in dwelling in the past. All you can do is learn from what you’ve done wrong. You can always correct it too.

I agree. It’s not what’s on the outside that counts. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. It’s a shame because they never will be able to see what they’re like on the inside. /hmph

I love blogging. True. No one can judge you by what they see of the person. They won’t be able to anyway. That’s what I love about the internet. You don’t have to worry about being turned away other then having a hideous personality. As Mrs. Benson of iCarly said it. XD

True friends will become a second family to you. That’s when you know those are the ones you can count on. The ones who aren’t true will go.