Eight Days a Week

I hate time. Someone once asked me what I would wish for if I had one wish. I would pause time. Whether or not I want to grow old while time is paused, I don’t quite know. (We know what happened when Bart and Milhouse froze time.) But if I could pause time and take certain people with me or do certain things… the hell I would. How much more I could do with more time, with less deadlines, and to just forget about time even for a few moments.

Life is short. It tore me up when my 15 year old cousin passed away. Yesterday I was wondering why I couldn’t live for everything she never got to live for. Not because I have to, but because I want to.

In our lives there are many things we have to do. Things like go to school, shower, brush teeth, travel, and eat. So many times I have wanted to not do those things. I don’t want to do the things I have to do. I want to do the things I want to do.

Life has too many duties, and not enough time to do everything. Why do people make “bucket lists”? Is it because life is short? Because it’s a challenge to fit everything we can into a period of time?

It upsets me that yesterday my mum told me I wasn’t allowed to go out. She won’t tell me when I’m allowed. It makes no sense. I’m nineteen. I’m not even allowed to go out when I want. Never mind what my mum or dad say -I accept what they say but deep down, I don’t think it’s very fair.

I was looking forward to this break for a long time. I want to see James because his internship is finally finished. We want to go to the zoo. I want to see Lilian because I only see her about twice a year. I want to visit high school and see all my old teachers.

How many times I’ve been called Superwoman, Superwuggs (James calls me Wuggs), Super Georgina, and everything past the moon – is beyond me – but it means a lot. I hardly believe how much I get done in a day and how much I seem to do, but every time I receive a compliment I want to smile because it encourages me.

Today I cried.

I cried because I was happy. Something I haven’t done in years. I looked back on my first day of university and how scared I was that I would have to make new friends and that I might get lost. I look at how far I’ve come, and the friends I’ve made, and the friends I still have.

The journey of a thousand miles starts from beneath your feet.

We might not have all the time in the world, but we have time. We can’t pause time, we can’t get a TARDIS (sorry Sebby), we can’t change what we’ve done in the past.

We might wish there were more than 24 hours in a day, wish there were eight days a week, wish that for a moment we could stop everything from taking place – but we’ll have to keep on dreaming, right?

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I feel so mean giving you a comment to return! Chill and leave it for a few days if you can’t be bothered – I totally understand.

Short comment only today, because I’m trying to write an art essay for tomorrow and failing miserably.

I completely understand the feeling of wanting more time. Everything seems to go too quickly, and it just gets filled up with work and chores and everything you DON’T want to do at that moment. Right now, I really need a break – especially from my violin teacher, but that’s another story.

I’d love to be able to just pause time whenever I wanted. Imagine how much time I would have to sleep/procrastinate/finish work then!

I think people make bucket lists not because there’s so much to cram in to a short amount of time, but because they want to make their time worthwhile. I don’t think that made sense…

Ahh D: Essay. Must run. The term ends in two days so I’ll come back and comment in more properness (that’s how tired I am – it’s affecting my command of the English language!) when I have more time!

Haha don’t feel mean. Such is life. At least it’s easy to return yours. I look forward to returning ones that I can just respond to on my blog. :P

Good luck with the art essay! I think my brother ends school next week though. I want to visit my high school, but I feel like I’m strapped for time.

I would love to be able to sleep if I were to pause time. I would sleep as much as I wanted, resume time, and it would be like nothing happened… :O

I think that is true though, we do have to make the time we spend and the things we do worthwhile, somehow.

Hi Georgie! :)

Time! I always have this irrational fear that my time here is running out too fast. Well it IS running out, but it seems to go so much more quickly that it’s supposed to. It’s so frustrating! 🤬

I wish for more time too! You’re right. We could do SO MUCH MORE. And it seems only fair that if we have all these duties to fulfil that we get a little extra time to do them with. What’s the point in living if you’re so duty bound, all your time is devoted to doing stuff other people want you to do? That’s not time. That’s like an imposed routine and it SUCKS. /angry

Oh my god. Your cousin dying was so sad. :( At such a tender age as well. Seriously. FIFTEEN. It really puts things in perspective when you hear about someone dying that young. I hope wherever your cousin is, she’s at peace. Life can’t have been easy for her. :( It’s heartbreaking! These children deserve more!

I hate when people impose all this pressure on me. It’s like…Okay so I don’t want to do this, but no matter how annoyed and infuriated you get, you know you’ll end up doing these things anyways :( It’s so annoying! UGHHH! Too many duties! Duty is good sometimes, but it sucks when it seems to take up your WHOLE LIFE.

It SUCKS! That your mum won’t let you go out :( SUCKS! /angry You’re nineteen! You should be allowed to go out. You’re responsible. You can find your way around. You have James to take care of you. Your parents can’t protect you forever :( I feel your pain. I’ve missed so many outings because they were at night. I missed Francesca’s 21st birthday dinner because it was at night. Ouch :(

You really DO deserve a break too! I know how hard you work. And this semester wasn’t easy for any of us. It sucks how we only see each other like twice a year :( SUCKS! But don’t worry! We will see each other SOME TIME in this break. WE HAVE PRESENTS TO EXCHANGE! We’ll make up for not seeing each other the rest of the year by having an AWESOME time or something :P

Hehehehe, Super Wuggs! I love that nick name ♥ It’s cos we’re all AMAZED by your ability to deal with horrid time constraints :P Hahahahaha! Like I keep telling you, HOW DO YOU KEEP UP WITH COMMENTS?!?! D:

I’m glad you were happy today :D Yay! Hahaaha, we’ve ALL come a long way. The first day of uni was scary as for me too! :( BUT WE BOTH MADE IT :D /bounce

I agree. We don’t have a lot of time, but we have some. We’ve got to make use of it :P But we can always try to sleep early so we can keep dreaming more ^^

COMMENT REPLY: (Oh My God. My comment is already so long D: )

Hahaha! I’m sorry, by commenting, I am technically taking away your title of Miss None, but I’m sure you’ll get there again :P ♥ I agree. It’s a good thing I won’t get as many comments as you. I WON’T BE ABLE TO COPE D: Hahahha I LOVE comments and everything and I appreciate people reading my blogs, but once uni starts again, I will be forever catching up on law-readings and feeling perpetually bad about my inability to return comments in a timely manner D:

HAHAHA, so David Tennant IS hot :P :P Maybe I should google him? XD Or I could just keep obsessing over Skandar Keynes :P

I agree! I’m trying to repress all my bad memories. For the sake of my sanity! D: It’s only half working. It’s good that you’re forgetting stuff Bearman said :) He’s not worth remembering. I’m trying to repress memories of him too. Hahaha! But sometimes you can’t help but be reminded of crappy memories. That pisses me off /angry Oh well, we’ll cope :P There’s always therapy.

Hehehe! Friends DO get better as you grow older. Maybe because we’re more mature so we value friendships more and can tell when they’re more serious? But I agree. It’s easy to get over crappy friendships when you have really good friends to rely on too. :)


Hahaha! Maybe we could be the Sisterhood of Travelling Teddybears instead of Pants because I sincerely doubt we can find a magical pair of pants that fits us both. Although it’d be SUPER COOL if we did. Let’s look! Hahaha. But you’re right. We don’t have to be friends for a very long time to be really close. But when you’re friends for so long, it has its advantages :P

Oh believe me, I was rawr-ing. SEBBY DOESN’T LIKE YUM CHA? :O WE MUST CONVERT HIM! Hahahaha.

At least you bothered extracting the ribbon. Unless I really liked the ribbon, I’d just leave it in there :P I’m too scared of the dust to extract anything from the vacuum. That’s like a sneezing fit waiting to happen D:

I love how your blogs have footnotes! I never noticed. So cute /eee

Time…is such a precious thing, especially to those who have a lot on their plates. Sometimes, I wish I had less time…like when I’m waiting for something. Harry has been gone for almost 3 weeks, but technically his working days didn’t start until a week ago. So he’ll be gone for 2 weeks longer than planned. I can be so impatient…especially if I have to wait 10 weeks for something!!

Is university out for the year or…? I’m so glad James’s internship is finally over! How did it go for him? Is he ever going to do anything like that again? I’m so happy that you two will be able to spend more time together XD

Sometimes I feel like parents just say no out of pure control issues! There is nothing that distinguishes a certain outing from another to make either of them allowable and the other not. I’m sorry you couldn’t see James and Lilian. If I ever come to Australia, I want to meet you three! Watching Lost is making me want to visit Australia reeeeaalllllllllllyyyyyy badly!! You should watch it Georgie Porge !!

Crying from happiness feels soooo gooood! I usually do it when praying, seeing Harry after a long time, or something small. I should keep a log! lol. Georgie Porge can you do me a favor?

I know you’re really into photography. If you ever see a “heart in nature,” can you capture the moment for me? What I mean by this is like if a cloud looks like a heart, a leaf looks like a heart, a shadow looks like a heart, a rock looks like a heart, etc. It’s just a thing I have with God to make sure that no matter what’s going on in my life, He still loves me. I haven’t seen one in a while…♥

If I haven’t said so already, this blog’s title is so clever! You definitely would have been in Ravenclaw. Just sayin :P

I think I went a little overboard with smilies for this comment. My B /poo

Yeah yeah I read that blog. We talked a bit about that sermon too. I also don’t think we can appreciate love until we can love ourselves first, you know? How can we hand out and experience something we can’t give and grasp ourselves? Na mean gUrl ? 🙄

Is your mom the main cause of stress in your life? I feel like she puts SO much pressure on you! I hate it! She doesn’t make your brother do anything! Same as in my family. He’s the *boy* and the *youngest* so he’s still the *baby* and heavily favored even though he causes SO much trouble. Where do you get your stress balls? You need like a lifetime supply ;P

There’s no such thing as too much venting! Some people go through a lot more trouble than most, and they should be allowed to release that frustration in a healthy way. Just know that all your blog readers and Twitter followers are here for you!! As I know James, Lilian, Sebby, and Ryan faithfully are also ♥

So…does Sebby have a thing for you but you don’t/can’t return that because you’re in love with James? Ahhh must be so painful for Sebby. I’m so glad that you two can be civil, close friends though! You’re definitely one of those girls who are easily to like because you get along so much better with guys. Girls can be so catty and talk to much. It’s just like SHH! sometimes, you know? kukuku /hehe

Really? I don’t feel like Japanese food is unpleasant enough to not like. Maybe it’s because I’ve always had American-Japanese food. Mmm miso soup. I only have that when I go out to a nice Asian restaurant…I haven’t had any in so long! 🤤

People make bucket lists because by the time they have the time to do the things they want, there isn’t enough time to undertake them all on a leisurely basis. It’s how life works out; we are forced to cram everything in around society and the things we dream about doing are crushed in at the end.

Super Georgina just sounds clunky /um
But don’t tell them I said that 33333

Time travel would suck. It’s easy to think that ‘oh, it doesn’t matter that I spend twelve months in the Age of Orgies, I’ll be only gone for three seconds!’ But in reality, to everyone you know you’d have aged twelve months in three seconds. Trippy. 3:

That is sad… sometimes I wish there was more time. I really want to travel the world but it’s like life was just made to work for money to live (food, clothes, etc.). :(

LOL clunky? But I like Superwuggs. :3

I know that, haha. It’s a shame that even if it were possible, we probably wouldn’t be able to stop the aging process. D:

I read your old blog now, about your cousin passing away.
This is so sad. :( It is terrible. Sometimes I want to shout out loud that I hate God, too, the way the child did in that movie you mentioned. But then, it is not fair.
I am not much of a philosopher, but I think we only blame God because we have nobody else to turn to.
The last death I witnessed was of my great grandfather, about two years ago. And even though I barely knew him (he scared me because he had a glass eye), I was pretty much torn up. I cried like crazy on the funeral. The grimness gets to you.

Sigh. I don’t really feel like replying to your previous comment. WordPress and FanUpdate seem kind of pointless now. Thank God I’d saved your comment for the last, otherwise I would have not been able to blog.

I guess we are probably going to do Shakespeare now. I am still in XIth grade.

About a month ago, I had a dream that I had the power to stop time. I used it to go faster than everyone else and do things in no time at all. When I woke up, I was disappointed and tried to do it again. It didn’t work.

It would be awesome to stop time; that way, I could find time to do everything.

At the same time, I think that I wouldn’t want to make life any longer. It could get boring, and, honestly, if we’re not satisfied with how long life is now, I don’t think we’d be any more satisfied if it was longer. Life’s the longest experience you’ll ever have. If that’s not enough, then what will be?

I would never make a bucket list. I’ve always hated lists. They just slow me down for some reason.

I cry tears of joy every now and then from memories like that. There was a time in my life when I cried almost everyday. I often look back at that and realize how all that doesn’t matter anymore, and how I don’t need to worry about those things anymore. It just makes me happy.

I try not to judge the people I had bad relationships with in the past. I’m sure some of them were just really confused at the time; I’m sure I was. I don’t particularly hate anyone either. There are just some people that I’d rather not get too close to.

I’m pretty much done with my new layout already. :D I probably won’t love it as much as I’ve loved this one though, but I had to change it eventually, haha.

Time is definitely a delicate thing. I think that’s what makes time so precious, though. It’s how we choose to spend our time and who we choose to spend it with that makes it so fantastic. ♥

I would love the ability to stop time. Not my first choice for a super power, but a definitely close second. I don’t know why older people always say that “you young people think you have all the time in the world” because I never feel that way. Just a couple of nights ago, I was up until 2am, lying in the dark, thinking loudly about my future, all the things I needed to do when I get home, all the deadlines I need to meet, all the preparations I need to make, bills to pay, schedules to arrange, work, school, even graphic design throws itself into the mix to stir things up.

As for that thing with your parents… they’re kind of strict… in a weird way, perhaps a bad way. I was JUST thinking, about 20 minutes ago, that young people today are so much younger than they used to be. A kid in college is still a college kid at the age of 20. A woman at the age of 20 three hundred years ago would be well into her second or third child, married, settled, perhaps even going through midlife crisis. Living longer has made us more childish, yet we haven’t changed, and we certainly haven’t devolved to stay children for longer… So my question, then, is if we had more time, would we use it well? Would we use it differently?

Controlling the time is one of the ability I wish I can have. I’ll love to me able to stop time and just do stuff I want, go to places I want to go etc. There just aren’t enough number of hrs in a day and number of days in a week.

When my mum says I can’t go somewhere I get really upset and annoyed! It does seem unfair especially if you can’t see your friends that often.

You are like super woman seriously! You blog pretty often, review sites, update your 1000000 other sites regularly. How do you do it? I can’t even manage 1 site let along like 10.

Pointless Forever really touched me. When I was a freshman in high school I had a classmate in my advanced English class that wanted to gather all of the education she could possibly gather to help her better understand others, and to hopefully, help them more. Two years later she passed away in the hospital, on a Saturday, when there was a huge storm, all because of a congenital heart defect. But she is still helping, even though she’s not on Earth. Perhaps your cousin is helping you, or another, even though she isn’t there.

^^Too serious for a smiley.

I think time is a short but serious matter. It seems like no matter what I do, I never have enough time to do what I want or need to get done. When that happens I tend to feel like what I needed/wanted to do would have been a waste, and that I waste my time doing them. Maybe it’s because of how my mom raised me. My dad raised me differently, as I moved in with him in 2007, my junior year. My mom says time is precious, and that we must spend time “serving out elders” and getting jobs done. She also says I don’t have anything I “need” done until I have kids. She’s turned into my step dad. :(

Haha! I call my olddd domains my “babies”. I used to own SillyMonkees.com. It bugged me when people would separate SillyMonkees, making it be Silly Monkees. Once, someone corrected me, too. And I, being my childish, [13? 14?] year old self had replied with, “Uh, no. I purchased this with my own money, I created the name, I am the OWNER. I know how spell it. I’m not stupid!!!!” Man, I was a mean kid. :( Until I hit age fifteen. :)

Hm… Nope, but you’re on the right lines. :X 🤫

I don’t think it was the server. Or it could be … It was a database problem. o.o

Yeah … I have the forum script on a sub domain to play with. Er… Did. I accidentally deleted it. :(

I did – my mail at [e-mail provieded above] is forwarded to my Yahoo! e-mail. I ended up signing up again with the e-mail I’m commenting here with. :P

Thanks! I did finish the review. :) But I got slightly lazy and half-did it. And I started to get emotional. :(

It’s okay – I’m typing up a new post, playing My Tribe on FB and finishing up this comment. /hehe

I must say, it feels weird to semi-know someone who is far away from your own time. o.o 2:17am. So our time is nine hours apart. No – more. D: Because you’re on a different day! It’s the 23rd! :O

I am ready to start over, I guess. I was actually very shocked back then. I accept I don’t know shit about blogging, but people usually blog happy stuff. Or they complain about stuff (see thevault.6birds.net :P). And I was in a crappy mood already back then because my neck ached since I was bent over the keyboard for six hours continuously. Plus my space bar key has suddenly gone crazy. I have to hammer it to make it work.
Ha, see I’m complaining already. D: :O

I think all girls are sucker for romances. It is like some inbuilt tendency. Like girls have long hair, girls wear skirts, girls have an elevated chest (I’d rather not use the b word for the sake of vulgarity), and girls like romance.

Yup, pre-paid is awful. I’d rather not talk about that. 😴

I usually like sci-fi, too, but sometimes they carry the bizarre too far. I loved “Avatar” though. Did you see it?
Talking of movies, you remember how I told you I hated watching movies alone? I discovered something yesterday. I hate watching movie with my sister even more.
Yesterday, we were matching some pretty intense movie on politics, which had a lot of names and characters in it, and Riya would be like, “Who is this?” “What did he do?” And we had to pause the movie every two minutes. In the end, we shut it off. 🤮 /bash 💥 /angry

I am yet to finish Dragonhaven though. No book has never taken me a week to finish. I usually finish it in a couple of days, or I never manage to read them even in a year.

I mostly watch movies of Jane Eyre and everything. I’d heard a lot about Wuthering Heights, so when we got the abridged version of the book from school in tenth grade (100 pages), I decided to read it. One of the worst worst worst books I have ever read. I don’t know though whether it was because it wasn’t the original, or that the plot really sucked. I would have to read the original to find out, which I am just not willing to do.
Come to think of it, I should add a “Wall Of Shame” on my website. Wuthering Heights would be the first, and the second would be “Only You” by Cynthia Victor. Awful book. 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮

When I look at my younger sister, who is in eighth grade, I think, “Oh I can’t remember when I was in eighth grade.”
XI is going to officially start from 2nd July and I have a feeling that it is going to suck.
I have no friends left in school, except for the slut I once mentioned to you (I think) and another girl who thinks I suck because I get good marks and she doesn’t. She acts like she is seven.

Okay, I feel a little incomplete about without ending the message with a quote, so here it is, from one of my favorite poems, An Ode To The West Wind by Percy Shelley.

And thus with thee in prayer in my sore need.
O, lift me as a wave, a leaf, a cloud!
I fall upon the thorns of life! I bleed!

Wow, you have 14 websites. *Puts her finger below her chin to close her mouth*. Way to go. Seriously.

Breasts isn’t vulgar, its a perfectly respectable term. It’s not even colloquial.

I get that feeling. Just wanting time to stop, or to be able to go back and do things differently. I hate that feeling. It’s never a good day when the thought “perhaps if I had/hadn’t done this things would be different” comes to my mind.

I know what you mean when you don’t want to get up, shower etc but want to do something wild and out of the blue and exciting.

Fifteen is too young for anyone to pass away. It’s terrible that anyone close to her had to experience that and she didn’t live a long life. I guess that kind of event in your life puts a lot of things into perspective you were oblivious of before.

I have to say, you do seem to have a knack of getting so much stuff done in a short amount of time.

That’s good you can look back and realised how far you’ve come. I’ve never really had a moment like that, I’m always caught up in the present, no matter how boring and insignificant it is.

I like “the journey of a thousand miles starts from beneath your feet.” It’s quite an optimistic outlook.

Would you really want to.. pause time, or just have some more of it?? If we paused time, then there would be no movement or anything. And if you do, there are people that won’t even remember it…
I am so sorry to hear about your cousin. It is always so hard when you lose someone close in your life. But agian, that is life. Life giveth and life taketh..
But I am happy that you cried out of happiness and that you are doing everything that you can to live your life to the fullest. Honestly, my parents are the same. I was often told that I cannot go places, and I still do. I often just go behind thier backs because if I would listen to them and not do anything, I have and would miss out so much of my life. I am 19 myself, and I still do not have as much independance as I wished, but… I know my parents’ intentions are well and they have made me the person I am today, as have yours made you this wonderful person.

Take care xxx

I’m not sure if I wish there were more days or hours in a week. Idk, I guess there’s a reason that we only get 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. I don’t have a really busy life, so I guess I just don’t need the extra time.. though I wouldn’t mind an extra hour a night of sleep, haha.

The only thing I’ve wanted lately that I know will never happen is to have a retractable arm. Random, I know.. but it’s so uncomfortable to sleep because of my arms sometimes! geeze.

Yeah, it hasn’t been easy to keep in contact with her. Sweden is 6 hours ahead, so she’s generally sleeping a few hours after we get done school here, so there’s not much time to talk. I talk to her every few weeks though, as well as on facebook.. we know what’s going on because of it, haha. I’m super excited to get to see her again. I’ll be leaving for the airport in about an hour probably to pick her up with my friend :D

Haha, yeah I can just imagine. That’s what you get for having such a good blog! haha

I thought about making jewlery yesterday, because I saw a really cute charm thing at a store that would make a nice necklace. I might make some once I get a bit more money :)

The only thing I really mind about the grad is that we don’t get the caps and gowns :( It makes me quite sad.. I wanted them so badly!

Fleas are gross -_- And annoying, and leave itchy marks when they bite you.

You said a mouthful! Sorry I haven’t commented on your last post, but I was kinda “busy”.

Anyway, I agree with you time is precious and so is life. Your statement about The journey of a thousand miles starts from beneath your feet. That is so true! Believe it or not, it really is.

I’m sorry that your mom won’t let you go out of the house to see James. I really don’t know what else to say about that situation. But I can say that it must hurt not being able to see your boyfriend or your best friend when you want to. It really is unfair. But that’s life. Take it with a grain of salt ya know?

I wish I could’ve paused time the night of my grandmother’s passing, and said “Good night, I love you, see you in the morning” instead of saying “Okay, good night, I’ll see you in the morning.” But I can’t take back what I said. I did say I love you grandma out loud though.

I made a video presentation for my grandmother’s services last night and I stayed up all night to make it perfect. I found two images that went well; through out the entire thing. And I only got one hour of sleep. I had my dad watch it and he cried. I’m so proud that I actually did this and I’m sure my grandmother and grandfather are very proud as well. (Not trying to sound conceited or anything!).

Anyways, I better go, it’s getting to be that time for the funeral.

I have finished one movie: The Last of the Mohicans. It’s actually really good; it takes place during the French and Indian War. The leading actor was gorgeous. XD

Thanks. I had to make the videos with a different movie maker, because Windows MMV kept freezing and shutting down. -__-
Darn. Maybe the second video might work this time.

My mom just got back from surgery. Her vision is better than before, but it’s still not good. I think she has to wait for a few days before her vision becomes really good. My dad complained about how much the laser surgery cost.

I’m also the same with new bedsheets or blankets. They have to be soft when I go to sleep. Whenever I change the covers, I lie on my bed and roll around until everything is wrinkly. :D


Sometimes I get obsessed with time. I always look at the clock, wishing for the day to be longer. I’m already in the middle of my summer vacation, and I keep thinking that summer will end so fast and then the school year will begin. I try to not think about time, but I can’t help it. On some days, I try not to think about it, and just let life flow.
Not only do I wish to pause time sometimes, but also to go back in time. To fix the several mistakes that I’ve made in the past. But I can’t do that. I just have to accept those mistakes and use them as experiences.

Fifteen is such a young age. If there is an afterlife, I hope your cousin is happy. If I only had few moments to live, I would try to do everything. I would tell my parents I love them, tell my crush (I don’t have one now) I like them, tell people what I’ve lied to them about…There’s just too much.
I’m scared of my dad dying. He has Hepatitis C and already had a liver transplant about five years ago. I don’t know the life expectancy of people who’ve had liver transplants. If it wasn’t for that transplant, my dad would already be dead. He’s on anti-rejection meds, so it’s easy for him to get sick.

I try to think about others who are suffering more when I feel low because it takes my mind off my problem. I complained about my dad getting drunk but at least I have my dad, unlike one of the girls in my year who’s dad died last week. I just felt so sorry for her and she still managed to come in to do her exams.

It’s good to have someone who is there for you when you are feeling low. Sometimes it’s a real boost.

No my dad doesn’t do it regularly, thank goodness. We did manage to go to Liverpool in the end. My mum drove us to the station.

I think the German reading went okay, better than the mocks I’ve done before. I am exam free now, yay!!

I use to play golf and sometimes I enjoyed it but other times I hated it. It’s a really stressful game! I stopped playing nearly a year ago because I hadn’t got the time. I want to start again this summer. My new college has golf facilities so it would be good to continue there. I’d hate to do a sport I don’t enjoy. Dancing is fun :)

I went to see Bugs Life! It was amazing and I had a lunchbox for school with it on haha!

I’ve seen that Simpson episode! I guess it would be cool to freeze time. Sometimes when I’m enjoying something so much, or I need extra time then being able to stop time would be great.

My friend always says life isn’t short, it’s the longest thing you will ever do. I suppose that’s right but I still wish life was longer.

When I think about life I think about why do we have to meet deadlines and why can’t we be free. I guess that’s just life, unfortunately.

It’s a shame your mum wouldn’t let you go out. That’s so unfair! Sometimes parents don’t want to let you go. My parents let me go out as long as I have the money (if it’s going to cost anything) or we aren’t doing anything else.

It would kill me if I only got to see my best friend twice a year. I’m so close to my best friend! I hated it when she went away to Australia for a month over a Christmas.

I noticed in your previous blog you had been watching Doctor Who. It’s great, isn’t it. I want a TARDIS. My brother’s neighbor has a life size model of it in his flat. It’s so cool!!

Sometimes (actually, many times) I wish I had more time, but like you said, that’s just not possible. So instead of hoping for more time, I’m learning to make the most out of the time given. Your post kind of reminded me of this quote:
“Life isn’t about the moments we breathe, but the moments that take our breaths away.”

Tell that to the psychotic serial murderers. (Y)

Aww, why do you have to look at the glass half empty like that?

Because others all look at how half-full it is.

Because life is too short to always look at it any other way. May as well enjoy life while we’re at it ;)

Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you. I’ve been out with friends. I haven’t been home in days, haha.

But yeah. I think my mom has been like ridiculously nice to me lately, but that’s never a bad thing. I’m so excited to get it done but tomorrow is going to seem like it takes forever.

I totally agree, life is extremely way too short. It’s sad when someone is taken so young. You wish you could of given them the chance to go out and do everything that you’ve done and they never got the chance to do. I’m sorry about your loss ):

Ahh, to stop time and do things…
That seems so… I don’t know. It might be a bit odd, I suppose.
I hate when time goes by slowly. Today, I had to wait around for an hour and a half after my exam, and it was the slowest thing I’ve ever had to endure.

I used to have a bucket list, but I got rid of it. It made me think that they were things I had to do and, like you, I don’t often like doing things I have to do. (Aside from brushing my teeth. I love doing that.)

I admire your ability to just get things done. You really are super, and it’s a great skill that I wish I could have. Sure, I could develop time management skills, but I just wouldn’t be able to keep up with doing things at the right time, or just in time, or anything.

-gives a great big hug- :)
I’m good with dreaming. It gives me something to talk about endlessly. I can’t really talk over and over about things that have happened, but give me something fictional to converse about, and it’ll be hard to get me to shut up.

When it’s my time of the month, I usually don’t go all moody. I kind of stick to one mood for the entire duration. It’s not normally a good mood, however. D:

Maybe I should try out stress balls… I’m always clenching my hands when I’m angry. It’s odd, really. I’d be walking down the hall way and all I could focus on was the clenching of my hands beside my thighs.

The best people are usually the ones who have seen the worst, I like to think. Not saying that the best people have, but a lot of the really good people I know have been through so much and gotten through it.

Movies in class are a bore for me too. The kids I know enjoy it because they don’t have to listen to the teacher, but I honestly loved my teachers this time around and enjoyed listening to the lectures they gave.

I feel the same way. Sometimes I want to stop time. I wished I had Piper’s power Molecular Immobilization. I just everything to stay the same. I don’t want to grow old either. I want to stay the same age forever. No one wants to be old. Everyone has to grow up. That’s just how life is.

Sorry to hear about your 15-year-old cousin passing away. I agree. Life is short. You never know what, when, where, why, who or how it will happen. You just have to live your life everyday.

I know how you feel. Sometimes I don’t want to do the things I have to do. It takes up a lot of your time. You don’t have time to do the things you want. If you don’t do it then it’s not going to get done. It’s going to start piling up. /pow Sometimes I don’t want to do the laundry. /argh I know I have to or risk getting yelled at. 😢

People make a Bucket List because they want to do things before they die. There’s so much to do. People want to go here and there. Do this and that. I know what I want to do. Travel to Paris, London and Rome happens to be one of them. (Y)

No matter how old you are, your parents still order you around. My mom does the same thing. She would ask me, “Where I’m going?” I’d tell her, “Out” Your mom is just worried about you and your safety. That’s all. It doesn’t mean she wants to lock you in your room forever. You have to come out sooner or later.

It’s summer. Go out and have fun with your friends. School is going to start pretty soon. Now is the time to do it. Going to the zoo sounds like a lot of fun. (H) I hardly see my friends. They’re really busy with their own stuff. I went to visit my old high school. A lot has changed since then. There’s a lot of new teachers. Some of the teachers I had either moved to another school or retired.

Haha. I think Superwoman matches you. :P You should smile
when you receive a compliment. Everything you get done in a day and how much you seem to do? I feel the same way. A never ending task list. 🤬

I like that sentence. The journey of a thousand miles starts from beneath your feet.

I wished there were more than 24 hours in a day and eight days a week. I agree. Just keep on dreaming.

Sorry, I had to split the comments in two. It was really long. My first post was leave my comments. My second post was return your comments.

Some people are or was obsessed with Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters. I had a Keroppi notepad. I don’t know what happen to it. I think I used it up already. I agree. No one finds the solar toys useful. Only pretty to look at. /ho I don’t like when things don’t have prices on them and I have to ask. /argh They could just display the price.

It’s a cute outfit. I’ll take a picture of it. I’ll post it on the site. It’s a good thing I didn’t wrap it yet. ;) I’m glad I got a good bargin on it. (Y) I rather shop at Ross then at Goodwill. The quality at Ross is still in good condition. The quality at Goodwill is somewhat condition. 🤫 I like shopping at Ross. Most of the time they have good stuff.

Thanks. I never went to preschool. I went to Kindergarten. I remember I didn’t want to go on the first day. Haha. :P That’s how come I started school late. XD

Isn’t it true that once you hit 18 you are allowed to do as you please? But you just have to follow their basic rules… I’m not sure XD. I have a good 5 or so years before I’m 18 (but I’m going to collage and not wasting my time dealing with parents more than I need to!!).

I like doctors when they tell me I’m okay and can go, free of charge :). That’s when doctors are awesome. I don’t like doctors when they tell me I have a terminal disease and have 6 months to live. That’s when doctors deserve to vanish in thin air. I would’ve loved not knowing that information so I could just… drop dead in 6 months. XD. But I’m not going to die in 6 months, just using that as a prime example of good and “bad” doctors. LOL.

I hate fighting :/. Especially (best) friends, and the people you’re close to. It hurts, some of the things they say. Like, she called me a protége from the whorehouse. :| I was dragged out of the classroom for pinning her to a desk and punching her in the face :D.

My mom loves Overstock.com, LOL :). She buys everything off of there: rings, furniture, clothes, etc. I’m just like, “Mom, WTF do you need a horse head towel rack for..?” O_O

Haha :). Yes. Everything is cheaper in the USA. So I’ll stay here, and happily pay $1.29 less than you pay!

Aww, I’m sooo sorry about your cousin. :( It’s really cruel how so many people have their lives cut short before they get to do so many things they had the potential to do. But there are good things that come out of it (as crazy, and probably rude [sorry], as it sounds). It makes those that witness it happen think about what they really have. Not even just death, just seeing someone who doesn’t have all the things we take for granted will make you stop and think. It’s a horrible way for people to come to these realizations, but it’s true. :/ Again, I’m sorry to hear about your cousin.

Hearing about your cousin reminds me of a boy in my town who got hit and killed by a drunk driver. He was 14 years old, one of my best friends’ real close friends, and I had talked to him several times. It’s so awful, especially when you know that it could have been prevented. Had the driver not been drunk, he wouldn’t have been killed. And it made me think for a looong time (still does) about how I assume that I’ll be able to grow up, go to college, get married, have a family, etc. and that all my friends will be right there with me, when really, it may not happen that way at all.

Now to respond to your comment. :P
Yeah, I kind of realized as soon as I uploaded the image that it was a bit much, but I didn’t really feel like making the whole thing over again or trying to fix it, and since it didn’t take a whole lot away from the layout, I decided to just leave it. I’m glad you like it though, thanks. :]

Hmm… Perhaps I will add him to my list of celebrities to make graphics of.

Haha, well when it is Father’s Day, tell your dad I said Happy Father’s Day! XD

I LOVE roller coasters (I feel like I’ve already said this lol). One of the few “dangerous” – for lack of a better word – things that I like. I hope to visit more amusement parks soon. I’m always up for new rides. :]

I guarantee you, however horrible your first icons were, mine were worse. I seemed to think cropping images, and then putting really large, obnoxious text on them made them look nice. -facepalm-

YESS SUMMER BREAK YAYAYAYA ^_^ officially, i start tomorrow but im done school anyways.

yeahh cup noodle = MSG haha! i love it though. oh man.

im short too, so im gunna pick a short prom dress (cause no one really wears traditional ones anymore haha).

awww touching blog (: wish there was a time machine. i was at my sisters grad today and im like wow, i wish i could go back 3 years ago and experience this agian. its only elementary but man, it was a pretty good impact, such good memories!

Haha. Well, it’s nothing bad – no worries. It’s just one of those blogs that is probably going to get people stirred up. O_O

I used to write prose, poems, lyrics and novels. But I have phases. :/

Yes – it WAS directed toward you. :]

Hm. That’s nine people that think so! D: TCG Publicity’s forums pretty much destroyed it. I don’t visit that forum anymore .. :O 😳 /um

You’re welcome. I figured I would better understand this post if I did, and I wanted to … Nvm. Don’t know where I was going with that! :(

I figured out XMB!!! If you want to see it (looks crappy right now) you can at hf.6birds.net. :)

Yes, you’ll have to wait and see. /hehe 👏 😏 /bounce XD :P :D :) 😝 /wave (H) 🙄

I don’t get my time of the month every month, I get it every other month. But the stomach cramps I get every month. I think that’s what is going on. It hurts like hell. /wah

But I’m glad I’m like that – my doctor thought I had lung cancer (about that time when Jem gave me an open review; that’s why I was so 🤬 /argh /angry and vulnerable/a witch) until he found out about that problem. He said the “symptoms” and X-rays just don’t connect. When he told me I may have it, I wanted to drop a 💥 in his pants. 💀

Hm. I think it’s the fact that my mom doesn’t see me as independent even though I am – that’s one of the reasons I live with my grandmother. :)

—whom has leased her property to my mother, so my mom and..stepdad… and siblings can live there. :)

I know the exact feeling you’re feeling. I often feel like this during school, and especially during the week of my final exams every semester. Yet, once school is over, all I want to do is speed things up. Like right now, I just want these next 6 months to fly by, because in sis months I’ll be graduating university, and I’ll FINALLY be on my own. But next semester I’m taking the maximum credit hours allowed, AND working about 20 hours a week (I might cut that down though). And I know once school starts, all I’m going to want to do is pause time so that way I can do everything I need to do each day. I’m already panicking a bit about my lack of time that I’ll have next semester, but I just have to look forward to the end, and graduation, and FREEDOM XD And that’s why I’m just silently putting up with my family’s demands for now, because I know that in less than a year I’ll be on my own and can set my own standards for myself and my life. Being young is hard, but you won’t be young forever, so despite all the demands set upon us, it’s important to still make the most of it.

I am one of those people who has a bucket list. I’m not one who feels the need to accomplish everything on it, though. It’s just nice to have things to strive for an look forward to. I made a list of 100 things, and so far I’ve accomplished 10-12 of them, which I’m very proud of. Some things will never happen (like, I wanted to attend a baseball game at Yankee Stadium, but I had made that wish before they tore it down and built the new stadium. Of course I can go to the new stadium, but it won’t hold the same meaning as going to the old stadium would have). But again, I’m okay with accomplishing even just a few things on my list.

I remember that episode of The Simpsons! I don’t really wish I could freeze time, often I wish that I could rewind. Maybe rewind it to the good moments and pause them. Re-live them again and again but that’s why we have memories..because they last forever.

Smh, your 19 so why are your parents treating you like your 9? Have you ever thought of moving out, trying to get your own place..maybe that’ll help some. OR stand up for yourself. Let you mom know how your feeling because your 19 for goodness sake. An adult actually so you have some say-so. I find that to be very sad. Even though things have been going well for me at home, that doesn’t stop me from getting away every chance I can get. I just know when that day comes when I can finally move out they’re going to at least miss me a little when I’m gone. I bet that’s how your mom will be when you’re gone.

I can’t remember the last time I cried becaue I was happy. It’s probably never happened before. Even though things aren’t the best for you at home, I’d bet we’d never know unless you told us like you did. That goes to show that everything isn’t SO bad.

We’re back friends again, all because of facebook. Smh…technology. I’ll see him tomorrow though. I’m sure things will go good because girls hold grudges and not boys and I’m not really that type of girl.

Sooo I’m guessing that you like this friend. You say it’s too bad that you already have a good boyfriend..you just have to like him like he likes you or you wouldn’t be saying that.

Sorry to hear that your cousin died. I’ve got a friend who recently lost his close relative who I know acted has his mental support and care giver. I guess it is slightly better that she wasn’t too close but even then I guess that isn’t much consolation but rather callous of me.
Well true we now have a higher life expectancy and quality of live but that seems to be a useless illusion – something that I unexpectedly found in a picture book “The short and incredibly happy life of Riley”. Many of the older generation don’t experience happiness later in life and spend more time cursing their misfortune than living through it. Not to mention that you and perhaps the people reading this blog; about a small minority but probably amounting to a quarter to a third of your life has elapsed. Plenty to live for, but not much time to do it.
Put into perspective I would not like to live forever, sure there is many lifetime’s worth of joy, knowledge and worldly beauties but the grief, burdens and tedium of one lifetime is enough for me. But if you DO live forever, find a way to send a message, though based on your busy schedule living forever would mean an ever-increasing “Bucket list”, blog replies, rant pages and schedules – that’s the organized life for ya D: .
Merry Christmas everyone~~

Nah, it’s fine. I know I wasn’t close to her, and I probably would have been more devastated if someone really close to me had passed away. I guess it’s because she’s family, it feels that way.

Hmm, exactly what I was thinking, just looking from my parents’ possible point of view – they’ve spent half their lives working and raising my brother and I. I do wish there was more time, I want to do things like travel, but it seems that next in line is getting a full-time job and a multitude of responsibilities, just earning money to pretty much survive. But I guess life wouldn’t be as awesome to live for if we were all immortal. Perhaps it’s just the pressures of daily life that get to me.

I wish we could manipulate time as we do with modelling paste. Unfortunately, there is only so much time a day, a month, a year, and we must do our best to make our needs get along with the passing minutes. It’s a sort of slavery, I know, especially since the speed of our thoughts is well close to infinity, and the material world is so slow compared to it, so limited in its daily hours. Sometimes I wish I needn’t sleep to be able to finish everything I start during daytime. But that’s a kind of sci-fi utopia. ^^”

I’m sorry about your cousin. :( My sincere condolences, hun. I wasn’t around here much on February, so I hadn’t read that post. It’s even sadder when such a young person dies, knowing that he couldn’t live all the beautiful things we live until now.

And YES, definitely keep dreaming, Georgie dear! :D Life wouldn’t reserve smiles for us if we didn’t.

– Luana S.

I’m sorry I was a bit pooped up on MSN just then, but I had to talk to my boyfriend and iron out things – didn’t have such a good night!

I have felt exactly the same way – I have felt like we humans shouldn’t need to sleep so we can do all that life needs us to do! It’s just the fact that daily life is so tiring, I guess. It makes everything so hectic.

I’ve been trying to smile a lot more lately, I know it’s never good to focus too much on the negative. :)

Don’t worry at all. ^^ I was not offended by your words on MSN, I could sense something going on. Thankfully everything’s alright now. *hugs*

Sometimes I had to cut hours of sleep to get things done, but I ended up with memory loss, depression and other bad things from a worn out brain, and I’ll never do that anymore. Guess we just need to make peace with the nature of our bodies, even though that doesn’t mean resting on our limits, but doing our best always. :) Perhaps we won’t get ‘everything’ done by night, but knowing that we did our VERY best is still a victory, something to be proud of. :)

– Luana S.

Yeah, kids tend to feel like that a lot. But I understand your situation. I like going out and it’s frustrating when I can’t especially when you make a bunch of plans. Your just like what theeee .

I don’t think she’s pleased about Chemistry. She never even took it in high school. My parents weren’t in a lot of the classes I was in and then they complain when I get a bad grade. I always tell them if they want to try and do it for me and see how well they do. But then I get yelled at for me being smart d: Haha.

Aww. I felt the same when my dad passed away. I wish there were more time for us. more time for me to get to hug him and tell him how much i loved him.
But if we have all the time we want, life may not be too exciting for us. We might get bored.
The feeling of adrenaline rush within our body when we are late for school; we might not be able to experience that.
We all ask for more time especially when the worst and the best happens but that is all the time we can get. :)
Let us just be optimistic about it.

And oh, I hope your mom will change her decision and let you go out. =)

Thanks Georgina! I’m also glad. Finally, we are having sunny days. I hope so too. I know this situation isn’t pleasant :/

Glad to hear that you have had some sun. That’s okay, I thought so.

Yeah I know. I understand, it isn’t easy to sleep away from home if you haven’t a flat.

I also think that your parents are too protective, so it says. While it is understandable to some extent. But don’t understand why not let you visit your friends’houses, when those friends are boys.

I also love romantic movies ♥ Maybe.

Thanks! It means a lot to me :)

I see. I hope you enjoy watching Doctor Who. It’s okay.

Hehe it’s great.

Glad for you! :) I guess it’s hard to get few comments, when your website is well known.

your welcome! I understand perfectly, I happened something like you. /um I’m glad you find these wonderful people that helped you be less shy. thank you Georgina! I’m also sure.

If it is hard not to think about what people think about you, but you can try. I agree with you, people who are our friends know we are. I hope so, I have already taken several disappointments. But for now, my current friends have shown me they are very good friends.

I completely understand the feeling of wanting more time. Everything seems to go too quickly.
I’d love to be able to stop every time I want. That would be great. But unfortunately, this can not be done. I wish I could have at our disposal a time machine to fix some mistakes in the past.

I read your old blog now, about your cousin passing away. I’m sorry :(
It’s so sad, was a young girl that had much to live. :( I agree with you, life is short. So I try to live each day as if it were the last thing I have left. You never know what can happen.

I’ve never done a “bucket lists”, but there are people who for some reason makes. I think you are a Superwoman. You blog pretty often, review sites, and you have some domains to manage. I guess there’s a reason that we only get 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. But it is true that sometimes we need more extra time to do things 😰

Sorry to hear that your mother wasn’t allowed you to go out. I guess you understand although it must be frustrating for you :(

On a computer for more than eight hours a day? Woah. Right now I am on my summer break, so I get to sit for around 10 hours a day. Next week, my school re-opens and I doubt whether I’d get to come online once a day. They swamp us with so much work. 😢 😢 😢

Yesterday, the neck pain proved out to be too much and I begged mom to drive me over to my friend’s house. I got ten books from her.

I know. I live in constant terror of the day when I won’t be able to read as much as I like anymore. Books are my food and drink and everything.

I read your “Signs You Are Addicted To The Internet.” Pretty crazy. I agree with all of them. :P

I saw a Jane Eyre movie once. Don’t remember the year it was released though. I yawned the whole time but managed to finish it. I remember it had a sequel though.

I had a lovely day, too. It rained. I was standing outside with the same friend who lent me books,and something wet fell on me. I looked at the sky, at the blazing sun and the pigeons circling overhead. I was terrified for a second – fearing the worst – but it was water, after all. Whew.

Oh, my sister is awful. You just can’t watch a movie with her. As long as its romcom, its alright, but a movie which has more than three characters in it (the hero, the heroine and the villaine) and her questions begin. You would think we were watching some greek comedy show.
You wanna hear something weirder? I have an older cousin who just cannot watch TV/MOVIE with the fan on. He says that it drowns out the sound. Even when he sits right in front of the TV. Even when it is the middle of summer, and you cannot breathe without AC.
No, sirrah, he would turn the fan/AC off. Geez.

Ha, comments are bearable. But Riya’s questions….Would drive Einstein nuts. So logical. Not.

I see. Yeah – I don’t want people to judge me. And that’s something that (in case my mom decides to randomly read it one day) I don’t want my mom to see – ever. I think interracial relationships are cute, and I like … (I like to call the very…silky-milky-looking chocolate milk African Americans “Chocolates”… 😳) the Chocolates. 😳 I almost dated one, but my grandmother found out. It’s not that she’s racist, it’s just the fact that her last husband was a Mexican American, and he cheated on her. So she told me, “You’ll see. It won’t work out.” And he said he wanted to meet her, and hopefully help the case, but I told him she shouldn’t because it’s either her way or no way. He was like /oh. And I was like “Yeah”. /bash

Thanks. :3 Yeah, it was. I like the name though. Hm. I don’t know. :P But the TCG is going to be an art TCG, called “Artish”. :] I figured I could do SO much with that. :D

Softaculous does – but I couldn’t figure out the themes. D: So finally, I just hit “View Source…” and found out for myself. I was almost in tears.

He did. :/ So I guess he’s my ex-doctor? ‘Cause I changed doctors, and said something totally different. XD

I really love this blog because I agree so much. More time would be awesome because time goes by so fast…I have noticed that a lot recently, and it’s a little scary like to think about my life ahead of me.

I am so sorry about your cousin; I think I read that blog, but I don’t know. :S I just feel like I already knew about that.

OH! I happy belated birthday to your mom! :D

LOLLL. Thank you!!! I love WordPress so much; I really couldn’t stand Fanupdate any longer. /hmph Oh and that is because I already figured it out. I just didn’t have the footer include thingy in the correct spot. XD

Yeah, I use the div thing now, and I think some of the coding validation issues are coming from amailzing since it a script for PHP. Isn’t there a plugin for forms? I think I’ll look into that. :)

Aww, really? Well, at least you have been to a sleepover in your life. :3 I know a girl whose mom doesn’t let her do anything fun; I feel so bad for her. D:

LOL. Normally my best friends and I get into sooo many arguments because of the family thing. :P Normally they aren’t very bad though. I have found it’s actually pretty difficult to build up a strong friendship.

Hahaha, I would miss a lot of comments if I were you. I am also not very good about returning comments sometimes. XD I feel bad about that lol.

Don’t worry, I HATE BEING BANNED too. LOL. My mom normally grounds me and then lets me back on like after everything is done. She is kind of a softy at times. ^_^

LMAO. Good thing I am not the only one! Hahaha, I kind of understand where my mom is coming from though, but she could at least give me a second chance. At least my dad is a little different. When my mom is out of town, the house is a wreck haha. XD Aw, we do! *hugs*

Ours has some issues too (the weather). In the winter, sometimes we have really hot days… O_o It’s so weird. This year though we had an exceptionally cold winter. It snowed (and stuck) like five times! We never have any snow.

Oh, that’s excellent (about the links)! :D

I mean if you try to perfect your website too much, it may not really be “you” anymore. Yes, positive is always good to hear haha. ;)

I actually love the color bright green (well, I like all bright, neon colors), but not normally in a layout. I guess I would if they can make it work, but that’d be pretty hard. My favorite color is yellow! I don’t think I could really make it work in a layout though. Some people can though, and it looks amazing!

Hahah, really? I normally just answer “I don’t know…stuff?”. That normally always works. /hehe

YAY for improvements! That is good to hear.

I just can’t seem to get a grip of this whole situation for the life of me. Your situation is far worst than mine :( I think deep deep down your mom maybe wants her little girl back. She sees you as a little girl but really you are a young adult and she doesn’t want you to go. She’s maybe afraid. I still think you should talk to her. I know you live her their house and have to follow rules of course but some things are just unreasonable.

Moving out is NOT a bad idea. Moving out doesn’t neccessarily mean moving with friends, it could be by yourself but I understand that your too dependent. Don’t let your mom discourage you though, she just doesn’t want to see you leave. Wow, your going to wait until your engaged or maybe married…?!

really?! you would advertise me?? your awesome! I’ve been looking for people for a while now, and these days not many people do it anymore… or maybe I’m going to the wrong places… I’ll leave it up to you where and how you want to link me :D
yeah, I don’t see the big deal with limos when its prom and whatnot, its just another added price; prom is expensive its self lol. I’d only get one for a wedding… but I enjoyed the ride, considering i didn’t have to pay or anything :D yeah, the 2nd driver was annoying! he didnt know where anything was! and then my cousins sister tipped him -_-
I just had a few drinks, with not much alcohol in them haha :D I enjoyed the night though- everyone that she invited left so it was just me her, her sister, and her best friend along with a bunch of her friends dads oldie friends :P
well at least your comments are from current blogs! I still have some waiting from blogs before i went on my “break”.. I’m terrible I know!
I’m glad shes gone as well, cause what kind of friend is that? lol. After high school was over I definitely knew who my true friends were; none of them. they dont even talk to me anymore LOL. hopefully when I start college in sept i’ll meet some amazing people!

It would be awesome if you could just stop time when ever you wanted to. The days seem to short some days; not enough hours in a day to get done what you want to or what you need to. A lot of people have busy lives and arent able to do take the time and do what THEY want to do. I see it a lot with my mother; she works all day and when she comes home she just wants to do what she wants to do, not what others want or request- she usually has to make dinner as well once she gets home, and who wants to do that?? Especially since she just came from her clients house whom she just made dinner for (shes a personal support worker). I soo dread “growing up”- since now I just do what I want lol.
That sucks that your parents won’t let you go out at times; you’re 19, you should be able to! you shouldnt have to ask for permission; but maybe tell them an idea of where ur going and what time you’re going to be back- since you’re living in “their house” in a sense… parents are complicated at times, and its very annoying. I know all about it- being the youngest and all mine were always so protective of me. I wasnt allowed to even go across the street to play on the equiptment when I was little..
you ARE Super Georgina, no doubt about that! I would probably just give up and have a mental break down with all that you do and with all that you have put up with (though a lot of it i’ve been through as well). you’re a very strong woman, who deserves everything in the world that you want/need and nothing less!

You find and use the best plugins! I wonder if you just sit there and search for awesome plugins ;P I always refer to your Website page to find new/good ones XD

It’s SUCH a good show Georgie Porge. There’s an epic plane crash and THE OTHERS and a smoke monster and then there’s the DARMA INITIATIVE and Charles Whitmore and…uhmagosh Georgie you’re in for a CRAZY RIDE !!! ♥ ♥ ♥

You haven’t seen Lost. You haven’t read the Harry Potter series. Next thing you tell me is that you’ve never eaten chocolate before or something crazy sinful like that!! Hehehe but Harry Potter is SO good. You can’t put the book down – so captivating! The series gets “darker” as it goes along, but also makes it more interesting. I wish it was real :(

I’ve noticed that you haven’t been tweeting as much lately. Why is that ); Or is there no reason for it?

I would love the ability to stop time.
Except, stopping time would be cheating life.

Right now, I’m looking back at certain parts of my life.

I would stop time with my friend and think about how I could help her through her struggles. Maybe if I had more time to think things through, she wouldn’t have cut herself or struggled with demons.

If we could stop time, what would we ever learn? How would we ever grow up and mature? What if that trial my friendhttp://heartdrops.org/x/wp-includes/images/smilies/em72.gif has been through taught her a valuable lesson? If I stopped time in order to fix her problem, how would she ever learn something that could lay out the road for the rest of her life?

My friend will always have those scars. I thought I had lost her forever and in some ways, I may have. She is in California now pursuing an acting career. She dyed her hair from brown to red and she changed her name from Joy to Torii. I suppose her theory is that if she can change everything about herself, all of her struggles will go away. I know she’s wrong. I wonder if she will ever be as happy as she used to be and I wonder if she would choose the ability to stop time. Could she stop that knife and think about how the pain would affect her life forever?

Lately, I have felt like I should make something more of my life. I don’t know how and I don’t know what I would do or how I could be of any help to anyone.

All I know is that I’m meant to do something. I will never walk through this life thinking that I don’t have a purpose. Today, I choose to enjoy every moment of my life whether it be the ugly or the beautiful.


Thank you for the compliments on the layout and good luck wishes about my family’s relocation :P It really does mean the world to me.

You live in Australia? That’s amazing! I would love to go there someday. I have some complaints about the United States but I suppose I’m thankful for indoor plumbing and air conditioner. Also, internet XD

You’re right. I guess everyone goes down the /poo road. Hopefully when I start a new school I will find some true friends. The friends I have had definitely taught me a lot as well. Through all of the backstabbing and stupid drama, I learned that you can only trust people with a little bit at a time. Don’t dump all of your hearts desires, secrets, and pains on a friend all at once. They’ll be so full of information that they can’t help but tell everyone! /hehe

I’ve been reading your blogs lately but haven’t gotten around to returning your comment, so here it is, 10 days late XDD

Hahah awww! I’m okay with amusement parks, but that amusement park just was so much fun. Maybe it was because I was with all of my close friends since I’m not much of a amusement park fanatic xD

haha thanks, yeah, our school is known for having a pretty bad team, but we did a lot better then the school has ever been so that’s an improvement!

Yupp! He has like the whole school supporting him.

Hah thanks, I’m almost done. I just have to edit like the CSS for like blockquote, input, textarea and little things like those :]

lmaooo! Haha, crazy + no sleep crazy = super crazy !

hahah hmm maybe dark eyelids you can put like some sort of powder to hide it? I don’t know XD Just a thought, but its cool how olive oil makes it smoother !

Ahhh I hate water in my nosee xDDD I just absolutely hate that feeling!

Ohh I remember when your cousin passed away ): It was soo sadd. And it definitely is sad to think about how short her life was. ;[

Time is short, and that is a scary thing to accept. I always get freaked about thinking about how fast things are going. There are so many things that we must do, that we feel that we never get time to do what we want to do.

I’m sorry you can’t go out ): Hopefully you can go out and hang out with your friends soon! :D

We just have to make the most of everything ;]

This is all so true. Everyone is so tied down with responsibilities and obligations to other people and just to daily life, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important and basically what makes us happy. Of course we have to “do stuff” because without action there is no progress, but there has to be a balance between doing what we HAVE to do and doing what we WANT to do, because indulging only the latter is just as much a road to ruin (exhibit A: *points to self* :P ) as the opposite end of the spectrum.

Gosh, what I wouldn’t give to have a TARDIS! Lol. Even on days when I do absolutely nothing productive, it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day. I think you’re bloody amazing for being able to squeeze so much into your days, every day! You must be very efficient. /bounce

I had to giggle at “Superwuggs” though. That’s so cute! /eee

Apparently, if most people could have an extra day in the week, they’d use it for work. Weird, huh?

Thank you!! I didn’t really know what to call the sidebars other than “sidebar 1” and “sidebar 2”.

What’s Doctor Who? That’s a British show, right?
I don’t think I’ve ever seen it… or really know what it’s about. :P

Sorry if I don’t reply to your comments very often now… it’s officially summer for me, as school is now done, so therefore I only use the computer once a week at most.

Yeah. I mean, I do have someone I call bestfriend. We hang out together everyday, we have a few similarities (which is good enough) and all those. But, I don’t know. Sometimes the way she treats me is so.. not bestfriend-ish. Still, I couldn’t imagine life without her.

I DO think I’m the mature one in our group. It’s not really that. We all share the same interests. It’s just our different attitudes that get in the way. My friends have changed a lot since when I first met them. In a bad way, I mean. :/

You’re right. I’m still young. I still have my whole life ahead of me. I’ll meet good friends as I grow up. I just have to stay strong, like you said. :)

I know right?! I don’t think it’s necessary to burn her clothes just because she got low grades.


I agree. Life would have been perfect if we had nothing to do with our time expect do whatever we want.

Aww, that’s really unfair. You’re nineteen, for the love of pizza. I can’t believe she won’t allow you to go out. Then again, she’s your mom.

What?! You only see your bestfriend only twice a year? Why?

I envy you. I don’t think I’ve ever cried out of happiness. I only cry because I’m sad.

You’re lucky to have friends who call you names like that. :) It’s really nice and it kind of shows how much you mean to them/ how much they love you. Or.. something. :P


Sorry for the late reply, by the way. Been busy with school.

I’ll eventually have to force myself out of using the Internet for other things, but I’m trying not to worry about that too much now. :))

I’m 14, and I can’t imagine my life ending in a year. So young. :(

I think I just get overwhelmed seeing all the things I have to do written down and put in front of me like that. :))

Thanks for the click. :D Yup i typed it wrong but its been fixed now thanks. :D

I know!! I was soo shocked i mean a free master reseller!!! I do have to re-new next year though. It’s 50 bucks but by then i’ll have enough cash. :D

I have like 59 dollars in paypal. Not much but hopefully i will get some more soon. :D I’m opening SecretNotes today and it looks soo awesome and i am soo excited lol. Hopefully some will order something because i seriously need some cash lol.I’m still waiting for the bank to send me my cash so that i can verify my paypal because its still not. I need to have an online bank account. I need my pin number for all that. So they need to hurry up lol.

Normal noodles never taste good to me. I have to make it spicy. I sometimes but eggs and all that jazz.

When ever we go on rollercoaster, we always eat after the rides because i do not want to throw up at all lol.

I want to get married early too. :D I don’t want my kid to be like 6 and i’ll be in my mid thirties, yah that doesn’t work for me lol.

I need you help. I need to come up with a new site name because i just found out that someone purchased lovelybones…..how annoying is that?? Do you have any ideas?? I was thinking something with lovely or bones with. I have no idea why i suddenly love those words.

I wish we had more time too. I mean we spend so much time doing things that others want us to do and never what we want to do.

I really do think that your parents are being unfair. I mean are 19. You are grown up, they should at least let you go out when you need to.

Who is Doctor Who? I saw it on my TV Guide ones but i didn’t see it because i thought it was one of those old James Bond movies lol.

I sometimes wish that i could stop time. Like freeze everything just for a minute so i can do what i want to do for once. 1 minute to be controlled by anyone.

I have never had happy tears before. I only cry when I’m frustrated or sad or when everything is just going soo wrong. Wishing i could just go back in time and fix it all. But it’s not meant to be like that.

Time is limited so don’t waste it.