I’m lost again

Wooooow. I cannot help but feel overwhelmed and feel like I’m a bit of an idiot. Really Georgina now, 14 domains and ever so many websites?

Today I started to read The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks. I liked reading, and I got up to chapter seven before I realised I had to do some chores. I was feeling a little low today, not really in the mood to do much, at least… on the computer. I feel like I’ve put too much on myself and pressured myself too much.

I was complaining about having to clean the house in my break (it goes on until the end of July), and not even being allowed out of the house. It’s starting to bother me a bit more now, because I’m not in the mood for staying at home all the time. I feel like getting out and doing something exciting, but my mum isn’t letting up. I don’t dare ask again – it’s too soon to ask again, when I know the answer might be “no”.

I am quite a boring person, though, admittedly. Most, if not all, of my days involve sitting at the computer and working on websites and chatting. I don’t even watch many movies or television shows (then again, I’m not really a movie person and I don’t watch many television shows).

I feel like I gotta let this out though. I have an internet addiction. They say the first step to curing an addiction is to admit that you have one. That’s step number one. 😛

Now what have I got to do about it? Use it less!

It’s going to be more difficult than I think. And seeing as I find it very difficult, it is going to be excruciatingly difficult. You know, I admire James because he has hobbies off the computer, and on the computer. He can walk Keeks, which I would love to do, for a change from my own daily life. He likes to make things, and he has time to relax. 😚

Stupid time. I fill up all my time with unnecessary things and don’t give myself a break. That’s one thing I’m going to do. Have a break every now and then.

I admire Lilian, for being a more avid reader than I! Something which I sort of dumped at the end of high school. I think that’s when my computer addiction fuelled. She also plays the piano and guitar regularly… something which I don’t do terribly often. I really want to read more books.

Speaking of the piano, I dusted my piano today and played a bit. I still remember how; I guess that’s because the movements of my fingers remember the songs I used to play.

I admire Sebby because despite his ability to sit at the computer for such long periods of time, he always seems to be alive every morning when I’m half dead, and he seems to be oblivious to the fact that he’s permanently… tired… I admire… that he… can… live… on so… little… zzz… 😴

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