I’m lost again

Wooooow. I cannot help but feel overwhelmed and feel like I’m a bit of an idiot. Really Georgina now, 14 domains and ever so many websites?

Today I started to read The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks. I liked reading, and I got up to chapter seven before I realised I had to do some chores. I was feeling a little low today, not really in the mood to do much, at least… on the computer. I feel like I’ve put too much on myself and pressured myself too much.

I was complaining about having to clean the house in my break (it goes on until the end of July), and not even being allowed out of the house. It’s starting to bother me a bit more now, because I’m not in the mood for staying at home all the time. I feel like getting out and doing something exciting, but my mum isn’t letting up. I don’t dare ask again – it’s too soon to ask again, when I know the answer might be “no”.

I am quite a boring person, though, admittedly. Most, if not all, of my days involve sitting at the computer and working on websites and chatting. I don’t even watch many movies or television shows (then again, I’m not really a movie person and I don’t watch many television shows).

I feel like I gotta let this out though. I have an internet addiction. They say the first step to curing an addiction is to admit that you have one. That’s step number one. :P

Now what have I got to do about it? Use it less!

It’s going to be more difficult than I think. And seeing as I find it very difficult, it is going to be excruciatingly difficult. You know, I admire James because he has hobbies off the computer, and on the computer. He can walk Keeks, which I would love to do, for a change from my own daily life. He likes to make things, and he has time to relax. /faw

Stupid time. I fill up all my time with unnecessary things and don’t give myself a break. That’s one thing I’m going to do. Have a break every now and then.

I admire Lilian, for being a more avid reader than I! Something which I sort of dumped at the end of high school. I think that’s when my computer addiction fuelled. She also plays the piano and guitar regularly… something which I don’t do terribly often. I really want to read more books.

Speaking of the piano, I dusted my piano today and played a bit. I still remember how; I guess that’s because the movements of my fingers remember the songs I used to play.

I admire Sebby because despite his ability to sit at the computer for such long periods of time, he always seems to be alive every morning when I’m half dead, and he seems to be oblivious to the fact that he’s permanently… tired… I admire… that he… can… live… on so… little… zzz… /zzz

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Yes, use it less. Hrrng
Get some Sun :B you’re as pale as bleach D:

Find something you like doing, then just do it. It isn’t really that hard :)
I wish we could walk Keeks together. That’d be rather /love

Play more piano /bounce
Just get off the computer more. It melts your mind, it does. /nad


But I like being pale! I hate being tanned. Sun doesn’t really tan me either, my skin gets sunburned instead. :(

I love doing things on the internet though. Maybe I should get more into reading. :3

We should… like when we walked Karen’s dog (I forgot his name).

My mind is melting! D:

Hi Georgie! :D

You’re not an idiot! You’re just dedicated to your domains and this web-design hobby you have :) It sucks you’re feeling overwhelmed though :( *HUGS* I hope you don’t stay overwhelmed for too long D: Take a break! :D

Man, I really have to give you a super big hug the next time I see you :( I hope The Way of Shadows cheers you up a little :) Although the name does sound sort of depressing! Haha. It seems like a pretty thick book though D: I like the covers ^^ Hahaha. I’ve seen them in book stores :P EPIC fantasy novels :P

:( It’s so not fair how you’re not allowed out :( I hope your Mum lets you out SOON. I’m getting restless sitting at home, and I finished semester AFTER you D:

LOL, you’re not boring! How man people can say that they’ve got 14 domains and can create websites like a pro? Hahaha! You’re totally different, so that makes you interesting ^^

GOOD LUCK CURING YOUR ADDICTION! ♥ YOU CAN DO IT! Hehehe! Maybe set a time limit! Like aim to only go online after a certain time? Although that might be a bit hard for you because you’ve got more to do online than the average person. =/

James does woodwork! :D That is so cool 8D Maybe you can walk Keeks with him the next time you’re over at his house :P

Hahaha! Don’t admire me too much! I’m like a complete book-worm. It makes me a little boring. At least web-design is cool, cos you need talent for that. When someone asks me what I’ve been doing with my holiday, and I go “Reading! :D ” it sounds a little boring. Haha, but I CAN’T HELP IT! I LOVE BOOKS :D

Ohhh piano. Wow, I haven’t heard you play in ages! :O Probably cos we’re not in highschool anymore :(

Yeah, I admire Sebby for being able to live on such little sleep too D: I’d be like this: O_O @_@ Oh well, some people have odd talents.

And I admire YOU for being able to always return your fortymillion comments when I struggle with like…5. Hahahaha :P And cos you can fix all your website related problems or work out how to get around them. I couldn’t ever do that D:


I KNOW! When someone says “We’re dying every second” I don’t like to think about it because it’s so true D: God, if we could pause time! It would be so cool. Make James engineer a time machine or something :P

Duty is good sometimes because it keeps us grounded, but sometimes it just makes life boring. WE NEED MORE TIME!

Death is very, VERY depressing! Except when it’s narrating The Book Thief :P But no, death is very sad to think about :( And I agree! We’re going to die young from STRESS! Ughhhh…our life expectancies are going to shoot downwards because of all this stress causing our blood pressure to shoot up!

Yes, we BOTH need more freedom! But you’re right about the night thing. I can understand that much. Night time is so dangerous, but surely we could at LEAST go out to dinner with friends once in a while!

Fran DID have a day time thing as well. She had a picnic AND a dinner, except I couldn’t go to the picnic because it was in some park that my parents hadn’t heard of before. But it was near Sydney Boys Highschool! /wah How much could happen to me near a highschool in broad daylight?! *sigh*

Hahah, poor James. If this is us now, how are we going to survive NEXT year? Haha. How am I going to survive my fourth and fifth years, where I’ll be doing nothing BUT law readings? D:

Your present isn’t collecting dust! But the bag it’s in might be! Oh dear, I better go an move it :P

Don’t worry! I’m sure if you get drunk, either James or Sebby will be there to take care of you :P Or me. Hahaha, drink carefully! LOL. And not to worry, I will jump into a ball pit and shout “BAZINGA!” with you. But I will not be held responsible for any balls I squash. I’m not exactly light XD

LOL, I WOULD die if I got as many comments as you! I’d never ever blog because I’d be perpetually returning comments. Or I’d blog, but all my blogs would be about returning comments! Hahahaha. WUGGSFAME? LOL THAT’S SO CUTE!

Finding a pair of pants that fit us both would DEFINITELY be super scary D: Unless they don’t fit us perfectly. Cos I bet we could find a pair of pants that were too tight for me, but super loose on you :P LOL, yeah, I’m sure I have plenty of shirts that fit us both :P We can be the Sisterhood of the Travelling Shirt or whatever XD

I feel like time is going against us. I think that is all of us feel.

There’s two versions of it, but I watched the 1992 one.
A friend of mine told me that Ian Watkins looks like the Doctor. She was way off. xD

My mom keeps telling me that the eye patch makes her look like a monster. It’s mostly metal with a bunch of tiny holes in it, with blue rubber at the edges. She has to tape it to her face every night.

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like a lot of stuff in their bed. I only have two layers of sheets, a pillow, and a blanket.

I’m a lazy person. I want to do all kinds of things, but I just don’t feel like it. I could be doing nothing today, and die tomorrow.

Thank you. He knows that I’m really scared of him dying, so he always says that he’ll live for a long time.


14 domains–I really don’t know how you can handle it. You must be superwoman. :O

I always want to go out. I look at myself and say that I need to improve my life outside of home. My dad doesn’t mind it when I go to a friend’s house, but my mom thinks that I shouldn’t be out of the house too much. I think it’s weird that she doesn’t have any friends besides family.

I have an internet addiction, too. I want to be on the computer less, but it’s just too hard. Likes it’s hard let go of my chicken obsession.

I get what you mean about the internet. I sometimes feel like I’m on it too much, but then I think “Well, If I want to go into graphic design.. I’ll be on it as my career”.. so xD

I like reading too, but I can never find any good books to read! The library has so many books, but not enough that appeal to me >..< Oops.

Yeah it is pretty crazy. It's hard to keep in touch, especially since a lot of her Facebook is in Swedish now, haha. But now that she's here, it almost feels as if she never left. We spent the first night catching her up on all the gossip, and now its just like old times pretty much, which is awesome. It's gonna suck when she goes home though :(

Yeah, I didn't want to actually sell any, because the shipping and what not would be a hassel, but I wanna try to maybe make some for cheap, and then I could always give them as gifts to my friends as well :)

I think we get a water bottle or something, maybe a travel mug.. with our logo & class of 2010 on it. And apparently something from Prom too, but idk what that'll be, haha.

I guess if your mom gave you a chance to go out more often, you’d spend less time on the computer. :) After all, the only way to ‘go out’ when you’re stuck at home is surfing the net, isn’t it? That’s a virtual way to go out for a walk and meet people. Sometimes, when I’m overly creative and I stay on the computer for very long hours (either working on websites, or designing something, or writing or coloring a picture), I just work on the subconscious to get out of the chair and go doing a small chore. I’m going to after this comment, for instance. :) Because I feel my body needs it, even though my mind is running faaaar away with all of its bursting new ideas. Well, we’re only human, and we only have so much time a day.

14 domains are not so many compared to mine. :P But I understand how difficult it can get to update all of them. My little advice is to work 3 days per 3 days: i.e. update (even small updates) sites 1-2-3-4 on day 1; sites 5-6-7-8-9 on day 2; sites 10-11-12-13 on day 3. Then a day of rest from any websites. And then update again. :) I know the updating gap is bigger in this way, but again, you’re only human. For the blog, instead, just update when you feel like, without scheduling. Blogging is a need, I believe, not a chore. (These ones are only suggestions by another domain-junkie, but don’t take them if they don’t apply to you of course)

Aaah reading! *___* I’m currently reading writing manuals (I’m addicted to the essay genre), and I have an Asimov’s novel waiting for me on my shelf on July. I don’t know about “The Way of Shadows” but I’ll look at some reviews to see if it might be of interest to me.

** argh! my comment is a novella! XD **

– Luana S.

I feel your pain. I just want to get up and go. The only difference between you and I is that your mom wont let you go. I’m sorry about that but you have a reason. I’m just a lazy butt.

Ooooh, I give you prompts for playing the piano. I love playing the piano. I hope I can get a digital piano in the future! They are so much better than keyboards and are a good/cheaper option to a real piano LOL.

Haha we had a digital piano in high school; it was hard to believe that it had amazing sound and feel, albeit digital! It made trips to the school hall much easier for performances. I’ll admit I do like the traditional piano though, at least for performances. :P

Why can’t you leave the house? :O D: @_@ I would go all 🤬 /bash 💥 /angry /argh crazy. D:

Fourteen domains – that’s a lot. o.o I only have three that I use, and two are used for sub domain hosting. o.o

I wish I knew how to play the guitar. I used to be able to play Chopsticks and Fur Elise on the piano but I forgot as time passed by and I didn’t practice. >.> But I can play it a little bit. Okay … so four to eight keys max of Chopsticks – but that’s it.

I’m slowly getting back to them. Yesterday I have having a bad day – I didn’t want to take the chance of taking it out on a lot of people. o.o

It’s okay if you ramble. :P

I ran out of ideas for the art thing. D: I should have written my deck ideas down when I had them originally. I also need to find someone who can make pixels, and could make about five for the currency. This one girl said she’d do it, but then she said, “Sorry, I lied. I don’t know how to make them.” /ho

I have a back up of 6birds sent to me – I had one of Ruby’s Zoo, but will it work if the database info isn’t alike? I need to get one for POM sent to me. I totally for got about it! I would HATEEE to lose all of those pages and stuff. >:O /angry

Yeah, I agree with you I have an internet addiction as well. But that probably won’t stop me from using it constantly, though I’ve tried. I even went to bed early last night at 10:00 usually I stay up until 2:00 a.m. and on the computer, but now that my domain is complete, I feel that there isn’t any need to stay up that late doing little things on the computer like that. If I’m not careful, my computer’s monitor might fry up…for being on it so long.

But hell; there’s nothing to do and noone to see, unless it’s a family member and they were all my dad’s friends and they all work with him, except for two of them. They’re old and retired. But any who, I’m hoping that when I’m in Beaumont there’ll be stuff to do. Ya know? I know I’m gonna be busy unpacking and getting everything I want the right way and organized. And of course swimming heehee.

But yeah life can take it’s toll on any one. I hope you don’t get really stressed out. I’m sorry your mom is so strict about not letting you get out of the house! That must really be hard!

But hopefully, you’ll be able to see James, Seb, and Lillian again sometime soon? I hope so.

I like to read Fear Street Books by “R.L.Stine”. That’s probably the only thing I like to read besides magazines and manga’s. Going back to Yorkies….I’ll probably have to save up near $3,000.00 for a female cause I really don’t know how much they are. But yeah, reading isn’t really my thing. Well; Georgie, I gotta get going. I’m still kinda tired. So I hope to hear from you soon!

You have so many kind things to say about your friends! I hope they know how lucky and blessed they are to have you in their lives! You really are an amazing person Georgie. Don’t let anyone (especially yourself!) tell you any different ♥

I think a lot of web designers and bloggers have internet addictions. If we’re in a blaming mood…I would blame it on parents who don’t let us go out like EVER. That’s what sparked my interest in graphic and web design: I had SO much free time on my hands because I wasn’t allowed to spend it with friends outside of my house.

Maybe cutting down on a few sites will help with the internet addiction. Give yourself allowed times to use it. Go to bed at a certain time. I don’t know…but something must be done! /bounce

Butchering is an awesome word. I love to use it in terms of language mispronunciation: I butcher my Korean. pwahahaha. Some people find my current post amusing…but it’s true! It’s gonna be a complete disaster!

Ahh I must finish this comment later for I have to go to work now. x33

It must be difficult to keep up with so many sites! But you still do it, which really amazes me. /bounce

I’m sure everyone feels that way. Heck, I feel that way a lot. I’m so lazy when it comes to site stuff.

Haha, I’m boring too. I wake up, log onto my computer, check my email and everything, eat, internet, read for like ten minutes, eat, internet, draw, internet, eat, sleep. The only time I really ever spend time outside is when I’m walking my dog. O_O

LOL. There should be an IAA. Internet Addicts Anonymous. I would have checked in a long time ago…
I’d like to able to balance my time accordingly as well, so it’s beneficial to me.

I remember you saying that you played the piano before! I gave up on it a long time ago. It’s good that you still know how to play. :D

I have an Internet addiction too, Georgie.
However, I’ve added a website blocker add-on to my Firefox, and I now stay away from the most addicting sites! :D (Facebook being the most addicting. To get through that, I also deactivated it. People are wondering how I can live without it.)

You gotta find what you’re actually addicted to on the Internet and stay away from it. For me, it was Facebook. Just this morning after my last exam, I went to type it in and waste time, but my site blocker didn’t load it, I remembered what I had done, and cleaned up the house a bit for my parents.

I don’t think it’s fair that you aren’t /allowed/ out of the house on your break. It’s a break for a reason! You need time away from things. D: Can’t always keep going at everything all the time.

I can only do chores if I can have my music blasting. I was cleaning the kitchen today, and I was head-banging while washing the counters. It made the two hours go by a LOT more quickly.

LOL!!! So funny you said that. I was on the phone with a friend (finalising plans! Oh my goodness, I’m leaving the house this weekend!!) and I was plucking my leg hairs. It was so weird. xD
Most of my daydreams are far-off fictional theories. Like dissolving walls, living underground, doing scientific operations on humans to add a gene into them to cause wings to grow and be usable and undeformed. Things like that. :D

My teachers this year loved what they taught. That kind of passion for a career just gets to me and I honestly feel like they want to be there, regardless of the fact if kids are paying attention or not. It’s their love for it that speaks out to me through their lectures.

I have developed a terrible internet addiction as well. I admitted it also.

Yes, you need to give yourself a break. One person can only do so much.

I’m also a rather boring person. I feel so lonely. Since I’m moving, I’ve already told all of my friends goodbye and I chose not to see any of them again for the sake of my emotions so I have been on my own for awhile.

Maybe if I got off the computer…

hahah yes, admitting it is the first step! i’m a computer addict myself. i think its mainly just due to boredom though, and lack of a better activity. like, now that i’m in UCLA and have such packed days i can literally go without the computer for 2 days straight. and that’s a pretty big damn deal for me, let me tell ya.

as long as you’re with friends, you’ll find yourself going on the computer wayyy less.

sounds like a pretty ring! I love beads and buttons so I know it must be great =]

I was thinking “Why in the world are people buying broke lamps and not the cool stuff??” but then I went off and bought a narrow bookshelf for 5 bucks. I’m guilty lol

Thank you for the compliment on the layout. I usually hate my layouts but this one just felt right for some reason. I like it too.

You have 14 domains? What the hell. I never realized that. What kind of sites are they??

So yeah, you probably do have an addiction.. but addictions can sometimes be healthy for you. Don’t do anything drastic like abandon the web or anything (could you even do that…? lol), but maybe you can find some sort of offline hobby or something that will demand more time? I dunno… just a thought. ;)

You’re out of the loop! Just kidding haha, they’re all listed at Georgie.nu. I have a photoblog, some random blogs, a 365-project, not to mention some fanlistings/mini fansites. It’s all a huge muddle. Believe it or not I had 20 before (let’s not go there).

I think it would be impossible to abandon the web! I check my email on my phone every morning as it is. :P

Perhaps someone ought to fill my room up entirely with books and I’ll have to read my way in, eh? :D

hahahaha we’re the same when it comes to reading.. LOL if I really like the book, I can finish it in just 1 day,, lol the first book ever that I kinda like was less than zero by bret easton elis.. :)) hmmm maybe i should also go try reading The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks.. haha

I dont think youre a boring person.. You have so many ideas in mind so that isnt boring at all..

hahaha its great to have an avid reader.. in my case, I’ve got a fan somehow. lol she visits my site everyday to check if ive got a new update.. lol

speaking of piano, i used to have piano lessons before but then teachers dont last because of what im doing to them.. haha im hurting every piano teacher i have.. haha

Whoah, internet addiction?
My mom and dad have told me more than once (every week) that I have an internet addiction and I’m not on the computer very often anymore because of it. /argh
I have hobbies. I think. I scrapbook when I feel like cleaning something up, I write, and draw. I also play guitar quite a bit. I’m not very good because when I took lessons I didn’t practice. I don’t like practicing or doing homework when I take lessons for a hobby. /oh My grandma paid for me to have expensive art lessons (in which I learned almost nothing except that I have a fondness of graphitint pencil-paints.) The teacher told me she didn’t want to see me drawing or painting anything that I wasn’t looking at with my own eyes while I drew. I don’t like not having creativity. What’s the point of art if I can’t get creative? And moving cleaning supplies around and drawing that wasn’t exactly something I wanted to spend hours doing, which she seemed to like making me do. /angry

Getting off that little rant, I think addictions are good in some ways. :) Little habits and addictions are what makes you you. If you weren’t on the internet as much as you are, you might not know some of the good friends you’ve met online. You might not have Heartdrops.org or your thirteen other domains. I like having little things to obsess over. True, a few weeks or months later I think how ridiculous it was, but I guess that’s part of life, right? 🙄

My mom doesn’t usually ask me when she buys me stuff (mostly because she doesn’t buy me anything unless it’s Christmas or Birthdays) except on books because she doesn’t want to me get something I have or have already read four times. She likes to say I’m obsessed with reading, but I think it’s only that I go through them so quickly. 👏

Sorry you feel overwhelmed! :( I hope you get out of it, or at least get a chance to take a break soon :)

Hey Georgie XD
I honestly don’t know how you don’t feel overwhelmed ALL THE TIME with the number of sites you have. Don’t do anything drastic (like leaving permanently :O ), but maybe you need to cut down on the sites you run… Do you REALLY need all your sites – I took a look at the list and I can see a few that I personally would drop. But that said, it’s entirely your decision and I don’t want to just barge in and tell you to drop everything, so don’t listen to me ;D But sometimes you’ll realise that you can enjoy your other sites more if you drop a few of them – and you’ll know after it being offline for a few days if you desperately want them back.

Anyways, you don’t have to do any of that, but if you want to know my personal opinion on what I think you should keep/drop (sometimes it’s easier to let a stranger tell you) then let me know. No pressure though – I don’t want to… impose, I guess?

I suppose I have a bit of an internet addiction, but not entirely. I’ve tested myself, and if I want to, I have plenty of non-online things I can do and plenty of offline hobbies, I just choose to spend a lot of time online. It isn’t bothering me, so I’m just gonna stick with it ;D

Ahh I won’t be leaving permanently, gosh, that isn’t even on my mind at all. Don’t put it in my mind!

That’s my whole problem, though. You know I used to have 20 websites or more, and it broke my heart to drop some of those. Now I’m with a bunch of websites which I love dearly. It’s going to be a more difficult feat trying to get rid of any more. :P

I really like the time I spend online but I guess at the same time I want to spend less time on it and go out, which I can’t do right now. :(

Okay. 14 Domains. Cough. Cough. Ahem.
Anyway, I remember reading somewhere that every one of ten people who use internet are addicted to it. So, no big deal. Or maybe I am just saying it in my defense, because I feel I am addicted myself. But my cousins keep me sane. We usually hang out together in a local market in the evenings, especially these days when the weather is nice. They’d kill me if I refused to go for these outings. Some of the adjectives they use to curse me are really unique. Could teach Webster’s some new words.

My friend’s house is a little too far for walking, so usually mom gives me a lift. The only bad thing about that visit was that she also only reads romance novels. So all the ten novels I got are romance. Ah, well. It was God’s will. Amen.

I am like that with my studies. Since it is the summer break, I try to sit a little everyday, so that when school re-opens and I am swamped with homework, I would be prepared. But I just can’t do it. I promise myself everyday, that Shriya, today, just one hour. But I always post-pone it for tomorrow. Fighting an addiction is like that.
I once tried to reduce my books to two every week. It was exam-time, and my mom made my promise. My boyfriend found it very funny, because his mom begs him to read a book instead of kicking ball outside. But my mom says that excess of anything is not good. Not even books. I managed for three days, but after that, I would get up at 4:00 am, read for two hours, and by the time mom get up, I would be preparing for my exams. Worked beautifully. 😳 😳
Some addictions just cannot be fought. For example, right now, my dad is really really, really ill with fever, and my grandfather has come over to visit him, and I am sitting on the computer. My mom is going to start shouting in another minute, so I am thinking of ending this comment here.
I have to work on those fanupdate pages too. My style.css is acting weird. When I changed the color of my to white, nothing happened. I don’t know what is up. 0.0

Hey Georgina! :)
Yes, I think I have an internet addiction too. I spent my whole day at home and I have turned on the computer about 4 times already. I’m not even kidding. I just get extremely bored.
I always say I’m busy, but the majority of my time is probably spent doing nothing or on the computer.
I want to get out, explore markets, have a nice walk, hang out with friends, but I am just… lazy. :P
Good luck with spending less time on the computer! This holiday break, I’m going to try and get out more or take on a hobby. I think you should, too! Interests like piano and other hobbies can help stop those boring hours.

Yeah, I know! Everyone my mum instantly recognises, she usually makes me go ‘Say hi to her!’ She thinks every single classmate is classified in the ‘friends’ list. Yes, the other day I asked my dad why he bought the old fashioned kettle, and he told me it was because the otehr one broke and it was cheaper to buy these ones rather than the electric ones ==” Heh.

OMG I just love the way you’ve written this blog post :) It just sounds like me, the dead me. I gotta admit, I used to have an internet addiction earlier, about 7 months ago. That made me update my site more, and get scoldings almost everyday >.< I knew I had an addiction and that I needed to stop it, but everytime I look at the laptop I get this sort of urge to switch it on and surf the net for 5 minutes, reply to the comments and all the other junk stuff in about 5 minutes. It sounds so tempting, hence it's an addiction (:

I read books late at night so that I have a sound sleep. I've always noticed that whenever I read books early in the morning, I tend to be stubborn and sleepy. I seem irritated and sound like I have a fucked up nose. Hence I try to avoid doing that.

I like surfing the net, gardening, teaching my friends and listening to music. Recently I've started 'teaching' my friends as mentioned above. I know it's a rare hobby, but so far I've been enjoying every bit of it. My friends used to tell me about this teaching ability of mine and they used to encourage me to start a tuition center, pahaha. Sounds funny, but a few days back I had my biology teacher tell me to start a tuition centre for just a few of my friends. I was like, 'Whaaaaaaaaaaat theeeee fuccccck!?' but she was actually serious. Lmfao. I'd never start a tuition centre for god's sake! I'll just do it to waste my time, help others and also revise my portions side by side. Three in one xD

Hahaha, I swear the survey lady was a bitch. I wonder where she is now! Must be wasting someone's time now.

I swear, 14 domains. Holy shit. You're ah-maaaazing <33 xD

I know, I used to be a retard when I was small. I'm still the same though ahha. Using a pencil to push the plug into a socket sounds like a loser's work :D

Lol, alive in the mornings? Lol, I just appear to. In truth, I’m half dead and struggling to stay awake xD
Though it’s quite possible I just stay awake for my friends. As I told you before, I push myself for my friends’ sake ^^;

And seriously, you’re not boring. Look how popular you are! So many comments to return to =x though I’m not helping with this one… i should keep it short >.>

Oh well, as for your ‘addiction’…just read more :p I hope you’re liking the Way of Shadows hehe. :3

Yes you are. I know I’m crazy but that takes effort… okay, maybe not. ;) I doubt you have to try being alive! You just look it, despite how much you yawn.

Don’t you ever feel like your laptop gives you energy sometimes? Maybe that’s just me, but if I didn’t have my laptop at night I’d probably drop dead early. I feel like it keeps me awake. :D

It doesn’t matter! And you know that. ;) I appreciate every comment I get (given that it’s not overly rude or discriminatory, of course), and I know one can’t say too much on a blog post sometimes. Some people have lots to say, and some have not so much to say.

I am liking it! You’ll be at the end I’ll have that dumb voice in the back of my head saying, “Hmm… stupid fantasy book” – but honestly, it is far from the worst/most shit books I’ve read, and I’m hooked already anyway. :)

I would be exhausted if I had that many websites to maintain!

I don’t think you’re boring at all; if you were, then you’d have nothing to blog about, now would you?

I consider myself to be addicted to the internet as well, though some days more addicted to it than other days.

I should really lessen my time on the computer as well, though, unlike you, I’m unwilling to attempt doing something that difficult right now, haha.

I wish I could play the piano or guitar or something; I kinda did before, but that barely counted

My moods can kind of be erotic sometimes because of that, especially if so many major things are happening to my life all at once! It’s like I can be in the best mood one day and in a completely terrible mood the next.

I have to temporarily force myself out of the internet sometimes, haha. It doesn’t work sometimes though.

Sadly, I get easily overwhelmed, so lists really aren’t good for me, haha.

Oh I’m glad that despite being a cloudy day, the sun came out a little. Today is cloudy here, after some days with sun.

I understand. It is a difficult situation, especially because you have to adapt to the new environment where these. I understand your point of view :)

You must to understand to your mother, as cares for you. Parents are afraid that kids try to take advantage of their daughters. I agree with you. It is true that parents worry more for girls than for boys. They think we are weak and we seem helpless.

I see. Your site is too well known. Personally, I wish I had more comments than I have, but I suppose that over time will get more someday.

You do well to not worry about people judging you. It’s the best we can do, to ignore what they say about us. You’re totally right :)

I suppose that past mistakes are for some reason and we should learn from them. Also I think we Have to take Every moment as it comes.You’ll keep making mistakes, but there will always be someone to ensure that not making them again.

That is what we should do all. Trying to live each day positively, without worrying about death.

That’s okay. Perhaps life is a challenge in itself 👏

It is frustrating that it plans to go out with the friends, and your parents didn’t let you go. I’ve ever lived, and is very frustrating /argh

I think you aren’t an idiot. You enjoy to spend time with your domains. Maybe you should find something you like, and do it. The first step in curing an addiction is recognizing it, and you’ve already taken the step. Good luck curing your addiction! :) I’m sure you can. Maybe you need to give a break to all this, and give you a time. The pressure isn’t good.

I don’t think you’re a boring person, you enjoy to be on the computer. I occupy part of my time reading, which at first see seems dull.

Hey Georgie!

Thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate them! I do have my off days like yesterday. I called to see if I can’t speak to a nurse or a therapist. But they weren’t there, but a lady made a note of it to put me on an emergency appointment to change meds. I just feel that these meds aren’t working any more ya know? I’m on Klonopin, Which is supposed to calm you down, it’s been working since 2004, but I think I got immuned to it ya know?

Anyway, yeah that was really nice of my dad’s gf to buy the tickets for us. Of course like I said in my post, I’d have to pay her back. But it’ll be worth it. And the seats are right smack in the middle 5 & 6 Row N. How exciting is that? I just hope that the people in front of us aren’t tall!! Expect a lot of pictures from the show! Heehee. And yeah, I will have fun and hopefully this time I won’t be so shocked to see him like I was in 2006. I saw him on Halloween night in 2006, in Hollywood, and I was like *stares dumbfounded, looks at people to the left sees them dancing and starts dancing* lmfao. That’s how I did it. My dad got filmed live, and I’m sure I did too, but they never did put up the rest of the concert on the website :(. I did get filmed but because I was in the very front, all you saw was the back of my head. Oh well. Those tickets for the september show is selling like hot cakes the lady said. Haha. I’m so excited. Two months to wait!

Yeah, I was really close to her. I mean we did have our differences, but that’s what happens when you put two or three women in the same house hold. But yeah, I’m thinking of getting a tattoo with roses + 1 or 2 humming birds, and her initials. She loved humming birds. I kinda know how I want it done. Once it’s done, I’ll have the artist take a picture of it. Or my best friend Kim take it. I told my dad that I wanted another tattoo and it was my dad’s idea to get the initials because I was thinking of getting her picture on my calf, but a guy my dad works with said they’re expensive as hell. So my dad said just get her initials. I came up with the humming bird part. I hope it isn’t going to cost too much but my dad said if it costs $150.00 go ahead and get it. I was like okay. I’m going to get it on Thursday afternoon, since we get paid that day. My best friend is coming with me because I’ve forgotten how to get there lol. Oh well. They’re the ones who did my butterfly on my shoulder. :). So I know they do a really good job on it.

I admit that I have an internet addiction as well. I was constantly on my lap top also. But now I gave that to my dad, in return for buying the speakers for my desktop computer. I paid for the monitor and tower and he bought the speakers. But once we move out to Beaumont, I’ll have plenty of things to keep me busy and won’t be on as much ya know? Like if we move next month, I’ll be unpacking a lot of the stuff, and going swimming and what not. Than in august, swimming and exercise and whatever else. Than September 4th Meat loaf!!! I can’t wait heehee.

Yeah I love R.L.Stine, one of my childhood friends got me addicted to Goosebumps and I found Fear Street later on in life. I’ve tried reading heavier books but I can’t do it. The only thing that was heavy, that I’ve read, was Meatloaf’s biography book. We have a signed copy of that, and a signed stratocaster(sp?) guitar. It’s metallic green, and signed in gold. Heehee. My dad found that on ebay and won it. He’s going to hang that on the wall. We also have a PROMO LP of “Blind Before I Stop”. How cool is that? You do know what Promo’s are right?

Well; I can’t wait to read your next post, so take care and like I said, I’ll take a picture of my new tattoo next thursday and show you guys!

Well, I don’t actually watch Doctor Who anyway. I think David Tennant was in a Harry Potter movie…

She has to wear it at work. I finally know why she has to wear the patch–it’s to prevent water from getting in her eye.

My mom is always on her laptop, watching Korean or Chinese shows/movies that either have English subtitles or Vietnamese dubs.

I guess I could be away from the internet for a while, but after maybe a week I’ll get bored.

I feel like I’m you because I’m such a boring person, it’s ridiculous. Like actually this summer I’m volunteering at a hospital but for the most part I’m at home everyday. I don’t know though because I like being home but I wish I could drive just so I can go out and do whatever I want when I want to. I hope that sentence makes sense.

Just know I feel your pain and you admire all those people but you play the piano. I’m so jealous of that! Even if you’re not the best at least you know how to play and remember how after however long you’ve been away. I don’t have a piano at home so I’m totally jealous of you at the moment.

Maybe you should give your mom some time and then ask her to let you out of the house? She might say yes if you explain how much you just need to get out of the house because you don’t have much to do, hope it works out for you!

Haha, that is pretty funny. We both have the “I-can’t-stay-away-from-the-internet-too-long” syndrome. It IS addictive though! It’s always updating and there’s always something new. /bounce

LOL I don’t remember life without my computer! I honestly can’t remember what I did during the day when I was like five years-old. I probably sat around bored and watched TV. I don’t even watch that much TV anymore. If I do watch a show, it’s most likely on my computer. xD

Thanks for your comment on my bird graphic. :D

My friend hates that too about her side-bangs. They always grow out (her hair grows super fast) and the bangs end up down to her chin. o_o I told my hair stylist I wanted a side-fringe, but he cut it like Jennifer Aniston’s hair, when she was on Friends, haha. Oh well. It’s a good thing that I like her hair anyways. xD

I’m usually not a big movie person either – I just go out once in a while to see what’s out. I don’t remember Toy Story 2, don’t worry! I may need to read a summary of the movie. :P

yeah, I can’t really blame his girlfriend for ‘stealing’ him anymore, mainly because they now have a baby- well 1.5 yr old, baby to me :D (and very cute if I may add). It just sucks that he totally cut me out when they first got together- you know brothers, its not cool to hang around your sister and for friends to know you do -_- … whatever I guess.
your own mother said that to you?! OMG! That would definitely kill me over and over 1000 times… hopefully one day she’ll realize that theres a lot more to be proudof you about besides just being pretty! (at least she has called you pretty.. my mom never does to me, but she calls people she don’t know pretty and beautiful… this really adds to my no confidence and insecurity and the feeling of never being good enough).

ah crap! i have to goo (ironically, my brother texted me telling me to get ready.. going shopping!) I’ll finish returning the rest of the comment when I get back, sorry!
ps. thanks for the link! you’re the best x849382 <33

Just letting you know I neglected the icon contest and you can take the button down. (Don’t worry, though, your efforts weren’t wasted.)
I’ve started up a new (hopefully easier) one, though. :)

LOL. I have an internet addiction too. And it’s bothering me since I don’t even know what to do when I’m using the computer. I just want to be online and use it. It’s like my hands are always trying to find the keyboard. I just want to be in front of a computer or laptop or anything that has internet connection.

This sucks. I bought a book last December and I didn’t even open it once! 😰 And my mom keeps reminding me of how I wasted money for a book that I didn’t even open. I used to have some excuses about being busy with school and stuff. But since summer started, it’s getting harder finding some VALID excuses. I really need to open that book!

I wish I have different hobbies too. Maybe cooking or anything else that will keep me away from the computer all day. Maybe I should buy a new guitar to replace the old broken one. That will keep me off the computer for hours. Or maybe practice/learn how to play the piano since its just there sitting and eating dust. GRRR…

But even though I am not in front of the computer, I still use my iPod touch to connect to the internet. FAIL. O_O Or I just play the Wii.

ARGHH. I just need to find something that does not need electricity! /bounce

**last comment cont’d**
your lucky your website is pupular, but all the comments, I probably couldn’t put up with it because I go through phases- I can only return them when I feel like it or when I’m in the mood to read lol. When I left I just had your half comment left to return, and now i have a ton more -_-
Honestly, I don’t know how to cook LMAO i wish I did because I’d definitely help out with that. I always told myself I’d never be like my mom, she was way to protective because im the youngest, but thinking about it now, I think I would be protective of my kids if i ever have any. More so because people cannot be trusted easily anymore; so many kiddnappers and rapists lingering around.. sickos!
hahah yeah, true. Hopefully won’t be too much longer. I can’t wait to get out of here, but when i do, I’m sure i’ll miss home like crazy!

at least you know your addiction lol, most people would deny it. Internet is my addiction too, I’m constantly checking random things. I plan to come on for a few minutes but that never works out.. turns to be the whole day LOL.
Ohh, what is that book about? I’m trying to start to read more, I’m going to have to learn to like it, especially starting college soon and theres going to be a TON of it; considering im going into health!
some people are amazing at running on little fuel, i don’t know how they do it. I love my sleep lol.

You went all database/PHPAdmin on me, and I just sort of zoned out. O_O D: /ehh 😒 @_@ :O /huh /huh /huh Thanks for trying, though! :)

Awh, thanks. :) I’ll send you an e-mail sometime later – ’cause I’m lazy like that, and can’t decide what kind of pixel. :/ That is … if you don’t mind. I have this problem – I don’t like asking for help. D:

It’s kind of easy coming up with the ideas, I guess. Finding the pictures? Not so much. I think, when I get home, I’m going to take pictures of my art supplies – and use THOSE. That way, I’ll 1) have the pictures and 2) won’t have to list credits for them. o.o I don’t know. Not mention the fact that I haven’t seen one TCG that uses pictures NOT found on the internet. So it would make this one stand out? That probably sounds stupid….

My mom tries to get onto me but I don’t live with her. Same with my step dad, only…. It’s different. He’s afraid of my grandmother. He tries to scare me, but it doesn’t work. I’d love to be able to blog that story, and how I grew up – what happened, etc. But my mom doesn’t want anyone to know. She keeps telling me that I was just over exaggerating – that I’m a drama queen. If I hadn’t moved in with my dad in 2007, I wouldn’t be alive. That’s how bad it was. But I’m here now, alive, and I know many teenagers are out there, wanting someone to help them get out. I’ve a domain name picked out for it; I just don’t know whether it’s worth going against my mom and making it happen – helping people, I mean.

Gah. Sorry for rambling. D:

-shuts up. :X

That sucks your mom isn’t letting you get out of the house when you want to. :( I’m like you too. It might be boring but when I’m not allowed to get out of the house, I have nothing else that I like to do.

Hehe I admit I have an internet addiction too. :P I know it’s going to be really difficult to use the internet less, but I’m sure you’ll succeed.

I hope you get around to reading more books and playing the piano or guitar. Sitting in front of the computer all the time can be tiring. :P Let’s hope one day we’ll both be cured from this addiction!

Hehe I think you’re no longer “Miss None” now. Hopefully you will have that title soon once again! It must have been such a huge relief!

Yeah, and that’s why sometimes looking at the past makes me feel better about myself. I know that I have learned something from the past and am now a slightly better person. :)

Yeah. Friends are always awesome. They never fail to cheer me up. :)I agree. True friends will always be there for you. Other friends won’t.

I’m not interested in tennis. I’m not much interested in sports in general. :P Haha yeah!

My sister is also sort of like that. Only she puts on her glasses while watching TV or something. I ALWAYS have my glasses on. I feel sort of empty without them. XD And it’s much better when I can see everything clearly. :P

LOL and I’m sort of neglecting my site more and more day by day. XD

We once played that too. It’s funny how we end up thinking up so many different games that sort of “evolve” from other games like truth or dare. :P Sometimes only choosing truth can get boring. Haha at least I showed some courage and chose dare!

I think so too. I’m glad I invited her and didn’t make her feel left out. She also invited us to her birthday party. But only a few of us showed up in her house. If she wasn’t so annoying and had an “I have a boyfriend better than yours” attitude, I’m sure everyone would have liked her a lot more. She didn’t feel bored as a lot of her cousins and other friends were there.

Hehe you wrote “good” instead of “food” and I kept on wondering “loves making good what?”. LOL. My mom complains all the time. I think it’s a much better idea for a party where everyone brings some food. My mom has been planning something like that for AGES but we still haven’t had one like that. XD

I agree, DVDs are really expensive so I don’t buy them much. I’m also too lazy to download movies, they take so long! I’ve been trying to download a single movie for almost a month, but it still hasn’t completed. It also makes the internet really slow so I’ve pretty much abandoned it. :P My sister’s boyfriend downloads a lot of movies and she takes them from him, and I take them from her. :P

I never keep all the curtains closed but during storms I always do that. It’s so much better not knowing what’s happening outside. :P

Yeah. I still haven’t gotten around to cleaning my desk…:P My mom has forgotten about that but I’m sure she’ll start shouting at me about it soon. XD

I’m glad you have a cousin like that! Hehe it must have been sort of weird to talk to each other since you don’t know much Indonesian and he doesn’t know much of English. I hope he goes to Australia. :)

Comments are always awesome! Yeah, that’s the only bad thing about getting comments at you don’t have enough time to return them.

LOL yeah. I have a lot of crushes now. XD I’m sure I’ll laugh at them when I get older too.

You’re right. Around 90% of the users should be addicted. I love using big words too. Ha, I made myself memorize the three biggest words in english dictionary, and whenever I use them in conversation, it is fun to watch others’ reaction.
1) Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis -40 something letters: A lung disease.
2) hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia – 38 letters: fear of long words. (Ironically).
3) Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – 34 letters : A title of a song.
What do you think? :P

Jeez, as soon as I told you I couldn’t study even for an hour, my math teacher called up and said that he was going to take a special two hour session. On saturday morning. 7:00 am to 9:00 am. I am never going to complain again.. :|

My brother, too, has never read books. Which is kind of amazing, because he has a brilliant mind. He is ALWAYS hungry for knowledge, and despite being a year younger than me, he knows everything I have learnt from reading too many science-fiction novels. Yep. I went through that phase too.

I was thinking of reading the Jason Bourne books. I have read one of them and I loved it, but since I do not have the hardcopy with me, only the e-book, I would have to plant myself in front of the computer screen and go through the neck pain again. The good news is my school is re-opening on 2nd, so the library would be open too. I would issue some nice books from there. We are not allowed to issue romance novels from the library, they are only for the teachers, but the previous librarian knew me, and knew my interests, so she occasionally allowed me. In March, she got married and left. And the whole April-May, the library was closed even though the school was open. I hope they have found a new librarian now.

My dad has very high fever, and since it has been nearly a week and the fever has shown no signs of abating, the doctors are worried that it might be typhphoid. :/

Aw, why is your mother shouting at you? *Hug*

“He can walk Keeks” what’s that?

Australia seems like a fun place, get out and explore.
Is it possible to drive around the whole island?

Keeks is James’s dog.

You can drive from state to state if you wish; the state of Tasmania is across the Bass Strait though, so you would have to travel across water.

Thanks! Haha, yeah, new layouts excite me too. :D

I had to restart my computer, so when I turned it on and tried to load the screenshot, everything started to hang. :| Haha, I think it might be cause my internet’s extra slow these days though.

It wasn’t really meant to be denim (just some random texture), but when I changed it to blue, it obviously ended up looking that way, haha.

I made the text a little lighter, so is that any better?

No problem, haha. :D

Well, it would be hard to cut yourself out of a swinging potato sack. :))

I tried learning piano before and, for a while, guitar, but I never really stuck to any of them. I sing though, and I’ve always loved singing. I guess I just might not be an instrument person. :))

I just seem to be extra moody these days, haha. I would actually be worried if I wasn’t moody – how boring would my life be if nothing major ever happened?

When I used to use Webs, I would make tons of sites then delete them willy-nilly.