Know What You Have

Man… I’m writing this post in a rush. Today was full of emotional feelings.

I felt like I connected to God more at church. I was in a really deep prayer. Instead of praying what I normally pray, I kind of “talked” with God. I know previously I started to feel far from God but I guess in a way, things are changing a little. I can’t be too sure. I’ll admit it as I have many times before – I’m an indecisive person. /faw But perhaps I’m connecting with God again, I don’t know. Maybe.

Some things have been going well – friendships have been going well, my health is okay, life in general is running its course smoothly, yet I still feel oddly overwhelmed.

Maybe it’s just that I’m excited. I hear Ben Jorgensen is coming to Australia, and not just Australia… but Sydney. I can’t help but fangirl over the fact that he is coming. Without getting my hopes up too much, I am hoping that I meet him and get a picture with him or something. I’m crazy I know, but any girl would be the same with their celebrity idol, I would like to think. :D

Thus in the hopes that my mum will let me out even if he’s just out and about. I sound like a stalker, but I’m going crazy right now while trying to keep calm as I’m typing this. :P

On the other side of the spectrum, I guess things are a little rough at home as usual.

Earlier today, I was looking at random things on my desk and spotted a pretty nail file my mum bought me. It’s got a light in it, so it lights up when you flick a little switch in the handle.

Looking at it made me sad… about our fights, arguments and stuff that’s just happened. I felt like I wanted to cry, and I got a bit teary. I didn’t want to let it out. I feel really upset about our arguments. I know I’ve made her mad in the past, and even recently. I’ve been trying to change but it’s so hard. It’s hard… it’s difficult. Totemo muzukashii desu.1

Then again, life is pretty difficult. I guess I never showed my parents how much I loved them. I guess I’ve always been a reserved, un-showy-feely person. Maybe this is the time. The time to change.

But inside I felt like maybe God listened to my prayers somehow, or was helping me. I am not sure.

I’ve been putting it off a little… but maybe I’ll go talk to my mum… maybe give her a hug or something, if I’m not too scared.

  1. “It’s very difficult” in Japanese.

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Helloooo :)

Yay! Church was actually worthwhile for you today :) Hehe. It’s a good thing that you might be starting to connect with God again, right? :) Try not to get too confused :P Let’s just hope no idiot makes any degrading comments about your blog on facebook. /angry Or there will be hell to pay /argh /pow

BEN JORG! /love Oh my god. I can’t believe he’s in AUSTRALIA! I can’t believe we just found out TODAY when he’s on the plane! I’m not as big a Ben Jorg fan as you and I’d be way too intimidated to actually meet him, but it’s still way cool! I hope you get to see him too 👏 /eee

Awww :( Once again, I am very sorry that things are rough at home. I seriously do hope they get better! SOON.

It’s okay, I’m sure your mother loves you HEAPS, and AND will forgive you for making her upset. She probably knows you don’t mean it! Like I said, this is what teenagers do. We can’t help it, we’ve GOT to resent authority figures sometimes :P

And I think it’s really hard to show people how much you love them sometimes. Especially if they don’t show you how much they love you back :( So it’s not all your fault. I don’t think you’re an “un-showy-feely” person :)

I hope your Mum appreciates her hug ^^



LOL, I still think you should make Sebby read Twilight in revenge! HAHAHAHA. *jokes* Dark books are often pretty good ^^ I read this really awesome book series about faeries (like the evil kind, not the cute little pixie kind) in the holidays and that was dark. The darkness was what made it really good :P Have fun reading The Way of Shadows :) Hope it’s awesome. Harry Potter gets darker as the series progresses D:

Yeah, our birthday presents are collecting dust D: Must buy dust-repellant or something!

Hahaha, I think even if you didn’t have all these online things to do, you’d still have to spend a lot of time on the internet. Uni makes you spend lots of time on the computer, and you just can’t help going on the net XD and MSN and social networking = internet, so I’d blame technological progress for your internet addiction too :P

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one with books sitting on her floor that are waiting to be read. There are books on MY floor waiting to be read and I read ALL the time D: That effectively means I buy too many books, but oh well! Haha I ♥ books ^^ I WANT A LIBRARY!

Hahaha! I think when Mr Chand said that, everyone probably went quiet because they were thinking “OMG, what a weirdo” as opposed to “Oh crap! I’m wasting my life D: ” But then again I could be wrong. XD

WHAT? THE MORTALITY RATE IS LOWER BECAUSE OF STRESS?! How is that even possible D: Hahahaha. I find that funny.

LOL, but if you did have birthday celebrations, chances are I wouldn’t miss them anyways cos you’d have them in daytime and I’d be allowed to come ^^ Provided not in some random park. Haha!

OMG, It’d be so funny and so weird, if you got your Masters before I finished my bachelors! :P Hahahaha. Omg, I still have 3 and a half more years and you’re finished after next year. That is so weird. For once in our lives we’re not going to be students together. Oh wait…well you started school before me, so I guess it’s for the SECOND time in our lives :P

BALL PIT! I cannot WAIT :D

Thanks (: I really don’t like it. But I’ve been extremely too lazy with my site to make a new one : I’m always smart with my parents cause I actually do know more “book smart” stuff then they do but they definitely got me on street smarts, ahah.

I think I can understand what you’re saying, particularly about feeling a bit overwhelmed by emotions and not knowing how to show it. I guess I have the same sort of issues, but I know everyone who does will have them for different reasons. I’m sure when it comes to your mum though, she knows you do love her very much. My mother and I fight a lot too, but we’re also very close, which I guess is what makes it all the more stressful and emotionally draining. So I think I know where you’re coming from, though I should really never assume I know how someone else is feeling…I guess I’m just trying to express empathy and not doing a very good job of it! Lol, sorry.

It’s great though that you’re feeling closer to God at the moment. Even though I’m not really religious myself, I know religion can be a great source of strength and comfort to others, so I’m happy for you. *hug*

And yay for Ben Jorgensen coming to Australia! I may not be a fan myself, but I can relate to the same sort of adoration! I definitely don’t think you’re overreacting either, and you’re exactly right when you say that most people would be like that with their celebrity idols. Heaven forbid I ever got a chance to meet Morrissey or even see him in concert…well, you can probably guess what that would do to me! Lol. And as for sounding like a “stalker”…that word has such negative connotations. :P I prefer “devoted disciple”. After all, such God-like people should have disciples, not stalkers, shouldn’t they? /bounce

Btw, I’ll have to remember “Totemo muzukashii desu”. I can use that to describe learning the language. ;)

I’m not a religious person, but I have gone to a Christian school before. I even attended chapels.

I hope you get to meet your favorite celebrity. :) I would be the same as you if I got to meet Lostprophets.

A few years ago I was the quiet type of person who didn’t like to be emotional, but now I’m completely the opposite.
I’ve had several arguments with my mom. Some of it was my fault, and some of hers was her fault. I don’t like her, but I still love her.

That’s really unfortunate that you seem to be having trouble with your mom, but your mom is different from any friend or even your siblings when it comes to hearing you out. Whenever my mom and I get into a fight, even if it scares me to do so, I know the best way to get the situation resolved is to suck it up and talk to her. Of course, we fight. Every family fights, but my mom and I live at home alone, and the house is so quiet when we’re in those awkward moments between the argument and making up and I hate prolonging that silence. Maybe that pushes me to talk to her earlier than I would if I wasn’t alone, but I’ve learned in this past year (my sister went to college in new york this year) that it is worthwhile to just talk it out. Sometimes, we all just need to vent, and that applies to mom as well, but if you hear her out, I’m sure she’ll hear you out too (and some of it might actually reach her, lol!).

Good luck! ^^

Oh no don’t be scared to talk to your mom. She is your mom after all. I know when I was younger, and I didn’t want to talk to my paernts cause I know I was in the wrong or that I was “scared” as well, I would write them a note and give it to them, explaining my feelings and why I couldn’t say this to thier face and wrote it on a note… It worked, I mean they would give me wierd looks but things would normally resume as they were previously after a couple of days. I know I have made my parents mad at me in the past and even now, but you know life isn’t always on the smooth road, and things happen. But once you get through all the bad things, it just makes the relationship and everything else so much stronger and lovely. I hope that everything works out with you and your mom and it’s great to hear that other things are well =).

Take care

Beautiful, honest and heartfelt blog post <3 Life is pretty difficult and we all have our "could have, would have, should have.."s. But what matters is what you do from now on :) Don't look too much in the past. See the future.

Aww Georgie, all I have to say is that God does work wonders for people who believe in him. And maybe, just maybe he’s finally answering your prayers. I say go hug your mom out of the blue and tell her how much you love and appreciate her rules and what not. That’ll shock her 10x’s.

But, with God he does have miracles and strange powers, that we even with the naked eye can’t see. The wind that is out there is actually him trying to hug us. And as far as I can see it, he tried creating a utopia on earth where there was no wars, fighting, enemies etc. But since the snake tempted Eve, to eat the apple, they and pardon my language, fucked up and now the world is the way it is because of that snake aka the beast. Jesus rose again on Easter sunday to prove to people that he did have the power to heal people and his job wasn’t finished yet. His job is never done. He takes peoples life with out one reason. When I found my grandmother on the floor dead, and my daddy came to see what was wrong and said she had passed I was confused I started crying really hard, and said “I hate god” “God bring her back”. “Grandma wake up” “Daddy bring her back”. Etc. But in Heaven which we cannot see, our souls goes there and it’s covered in gold, and is a utopia where everyone is nice and friendly, no enemies or anything like that. I told my ex friend Gloria (she was my best friend since junior year of high school and than in jr. college is when she became my ex) through a text, that I will see you up in Heaven and we will be best friends again whether you like it or not. I knew that because of going to church and what not. I admit sometimes I don’t really understand what my Pastor is saying, but I kinda get the gist of it. Ya know?

I’ve always shown my daddy how much I appreciate him and everything. There was time I did go behind his back and did something wrong that I shouldn’t have done. But that was in the past. He has slapped me across the face when I was younger with his temper and all, but he finally admitted he had a problem in my sophomore year of high school and even though he’s on medication, I still fear that he’s going to slap the piss out of me. But I know he won’t. My mom, I tried and tried and tried for her to be mom and tried to show her I love her. But she didn’t want to, and she didn’t want it. She just wanted to be Melissa’s mom (my older sister) and that was it. Last I heard, she was in Iowa in rehab (or so my aunt told me) or in prison (is what we found out), for doing drugs and gambling issues. But I’ve always wanted my mom to be there for me, hell she didn’t even knew I graduated from high school. I had to show a picture that I did. You may have your rough spots with your mom, but you’re lucky you do have a mom who cares and loves you. She may not let you go out but I’m sure she has a pretty good reason for it. Just take it with a grain of salt is what I keep hearing. And you’ll do fine on it. :) *Hugs*. I hope all this made some sense at least?

Wow you’ve a lot of emotion things going on. First happy then overwhelmed to sad. You’re going through a huge roller coaster of emotions right now.

Hope you get to meet Ben. Hahaha it’s okay to be a fan girl once in a while lol. You’re just so excited. :D
I hope everything with your mom gets better. I get that feeling sometimes, but then it goes away because they do something to piss me off. /argh

In my family we don’t really show emotions to each other. Idk why it’s like that. Never really heard anyone say i love you to each other, even my parents…weird right?? When i have my own family, it will be soo different. (Y)

I saw holdfire and some of their packages are expensive. I mean seriously?? I’m waiting for my dumb host to transfer me my domain from namecheap to mine already and she is taking forever!! She said she will do it but when?? it’s getting on my nerves.

I love anything spicy. :D Spicy food is delicious for me lol.

You could just get married, travel the world for a year or two then settle down a bit and start a family. :D

Not a fan of hyphens because they will look funny on the layout lol. What do you think about I’m not putting this on my site at all. No one else will find out about it till i buy it. Paypal told me to wait to three days because they are going to send me a mail of some sort and then when i confirm it, my account will be verified. This is doing too much.

It’s great that you feel connected to God again! I’m not really religious so I’ve never really connected with God at all…

I hope you get to meet Ben Jorgensen! Is he doing a concert or something? I hardly ever go to concerts any more, but I do wait outside the arena during the day, you’re almost guaranteed to meet him then!

I also hope things get better at home! Everyone has fights and arguments, it will all work out in the end.

The art exam looks like it’s been planned the week I’m holiday! There’s nothing I can do, but it should be okay because it’s only a mock exam!

I have a 10 hour exam next year though! Which is even worse! It’ll be spread over two days though, thankfully.

The theory part is the part I want to do and not the cooking! I don’t like cooking! I’m making strawberry and chocolate muffins tomorrow though.

Thanks. :D

That’s a good idea! Maybe I’ll use Word when I’m doing that next.

I’m so glad you are feeling connected to God. I want him to reveal himself more to you.
It is great that your celebrity idol is coming to town. I hope you get to see him.
I heard this guy say that offenses aren’t usually made on purpose. At least not in the beginning. If that’s true then maybe one kind step by one person is as easily effective. I think you rock for at least thinking about trying to be nice to your mum.
Oh thanks. I hope I find the end of snoring to. :D

Connected with God? That’s awesome! I haven’t really connected with God in at least two years. I struggled a lot during the beginning of freshman year and ever since then I’ve had trouble hearing God. I talk to him but I don’t really feel his presence anymore. Hopefully that will change soon.

I’ve never heard of Ben Jorgenson before. I understand your excitement though. A model on America’s Next Top Model came to visit her home town and I saw her at a football game at my school. It was really cool to see someone famous. I didn’t have a celebrity crush on her. That would be gross. :P Just the idea of someone important visiting our school was pretty cool.

I hope you make everything right with your mom. I know she loves you. Arguments happen but they can always be forgiven.

God always listens to your prayers. Sometimes I’ve been angry with God and make myself believe that he doesn’t. But it’s a lie. He will always and forever listen to your prayers.

I took your advice and I’m so glad I did. My friends are amazing, I can’t believe I was planning to avoid them. I saw some of them today. It helped me realize how much I missed them. Thank you!

Doctors give me and my family a lot of trouble. My mom has a gluten and dairy intolerance. She had been visiting several doctors trying to find out what was wrong with her and then finally, she did the research and solved her own problem. When she told her doctor, he didn’t believe her. How pathetic. I’m sure there are good doctors out there, I just haven’t met very many.

Aw, it’s always great when you can clearly see your feelings and they all feel in line and like you are being guided and helped along. I am glad you feel that way. I hope you continue to feel strong in your relationships with your family and with God.

It’s good that you’re reconnecting with God. I’m not religious myself, but I know that your family is and that it caused a bit of arguing in the past. I’m glad that you’re starting to reconnect on your own terms, and not just because of your parents wanting you to believe.

As for your relationship with your Mom, you should go hug her! I think mothers really like that (especially when its teens) because it shows them how much you really do care. I wanted to give my mom a hug last night because I found out her and my dad got into a huge fight a few days ago when I wasn’t home, and I know that she ended up crying and I just felt like hugging her when my sister told me, but she wasn’t home :(

My ear doesn’t hurt now, but I can’t hear out of the left one >.< I should go to the drs as it's been like this for over 24 hours now, but I don't have time with prom and matilda here and what not. I wont be able to go till next week, and I'm hoping it's better by then. Ugh, I hate being busy! haha, now I am wishing for that eighth day of the week ;)

I am enjoying that she's here :D I'm sad that there's only three days left until she goes home.. it's gone by wayyy too fast! I've barely been home at all the past week, I think I may have spent more nights not in my own bed… maybe not, but it still feels like it xD haha.

HELLO Georgina! I’m really glad you liked my blog & haha even showed Sebby. :D It made me feeel all special. :) :)

You know my stances on religion & a deity but I know that Catholicism says that you can’t talk to God & that only priests can. I think that’s a bit silly but I know that you feel like you’re able to pray to him directly. If I believed in a deity, I wouldn’t go through another human to talk to a higher power, I’d talk to him myself. Why shouldn’t I be able to? But anyway, I hope that instead of just depending on a higher power, you’ll just try your best to make the situation better. It’s better to find strength through yourself than depend on something else but you already know that. :)

I really do hope that your relationship with your mom gets better. I know she’s a bit crazy with you but you don’t seem to do anything wrong. I mean you never tell me anything that makes me think that you deserve a scolding. :/

I hope you get to seee Ben! :) I’ve never seen Armor For Sleep live before so you can definitely just go up to him to huggg him. I wish you could take a plane to California & go see The Juliana Theory with me!! :(

Sometimes, it’s just easier to express our emotions and feelings via actions rather than words. I hug my mum often though I’ve never really told her I love her. I’m sure she will understands. :)

That’s good that you enjoyed Church a little more! I didn’t want to go, but there was a guest priest who said a really interesting sermon, so it was worthwhile.

Good luck with your mum. If it doesn’t work out the first time, keep on trying! Everything will turn out fine in the end – you’re such a lovely person, I doubt that anyone could be angry/annoyed with you for too long.

Good luck with Ben Jorgensen. Crazy fangirling over things/people – we all do it! It would be awesome if you got to meet him!

We don’t have too many guest priests. Admittedly I get a little bored listening to the guests, but I kind of like the priests we have regularly. :)

I did try, it didn’t go down too well. I guess I tried to put everything behind me after that, though.

Ahaha I wish! He’s going to be in Sydney for two weeks! If you bump into him, I swear I’ll be jealous… :P

It’s normal to go crazy about a celeb, I’m sure every girl will go all fangirl like, especially if it’s a male! I would totally do the same, I would probably faint if I got anywhere near hot male celebs I like.

I don’t really show that I love and care about a person easily. I find it difficult to show…not really sure how to. You should tell your mum and talk to her. Good luck with that if you do end up telling her anything.

I smiled when I read your blog. That’s totally awesome! It really does feel good talking to God. He’s very kind and forgiving. I have had too many shortcomings but He always forgives me and continues to shower me with blessings. I know He’s doing the same for you :) He’s really awesome!

I know how you feel, I’m not the type that shows how I really feel. A lot of the time it has gotten me into trouble, but I just can’t change it. It’s how I’ve always been, mostly because of the rough childhood I had, and when I’ve tried to change it hasn’t worked too well. :x

Hmm… maybe later when I work on the site I’ll change my tutorials to have all the pictures on the page, or thumbnails at least.

I couldn’t agree more. But it helps to have a positive outlook on it like you do. :]

Yeah, I remember when it happened everyone who knew him (including me), we were all stuck. We didn’t know how to react and we just just kind of stood there thinking “that could have been any of us.” Especially the boy who was with him when it happened. It was horrible, because he was right next to him and walked away without a scratch while he watched his best friend die. It was just a horrible experience all together, hopefully that won’t happen again (although I know it probably will, just maybe not to someone I know). :/

I get what you’re saying xD It’s funny because everytime my mom complains about bringing my friend and I to the amusement park so often, I always respond by saying “at least I’m not shooting up on heroin” lmao

She sure is :D shes soo cute lol, I’ve calle her my baby since she was born cause it was just awesome :D lol, well I have other neices and nephews, but I guess knowing that my brother and i have the same mom and dad made a difference.. but i love them all the same :) (ok, maybe her a little bit more, but thats because i just LOVE babies :D ) . Yeah, its really nice to see when a boy is good to his mom, no matter what the age :)
Moms can be very hurtful, i know mine doesnt do it on purpose, but I feel like total shit when she calls other girls around or on tv pretty and beautiful and she never says them to me.. oh well.
that must be a pain for sure, I can’t even imagine recieving a ton of comments and then return them, only to find 100 more in that time lol. You deal with it quite well, though.
yeah thats true, cause kids gotta have their freedom and they do in fact need to learn things on their own. you just have to try your best and raise them in a good way and teach them the differences of good and bad and what the consequences are. I know mine did for sure, I asked for permission for EVERYTHING and i felt bad when I didnt haha! Even to this day, because I’m still living with them
Packing will be a nightmare. I always pack way too much, and bring a lot of pointless stuff- I’ll probably bring all my belongings and then lugg them back LOL jk. Most of my clothes will probably come with me thats for sure :D
Ohh nice, yeah fantasy isnt really my style, but I have been stepping outside of the box lately. I prefer real stories, i find them easier to read and easier to get into because you just wanst to know! lol, and I like any book that is told in first persons view, for example the kite runner (which i havent finished, and started reading eclips.. oops!)

Thats good that your finding more of a connection, i myself go back and forth when it comes to God, because I don’t know for sure… im the type that needs proof, and sometimes there is proof but other times I’m just left on my own it seems.. maybe if i had more faith? i dont know.
OMG thats awesome! I would be like that as well if someone i knew and liked were coming to my city lol. I’d grab up anything they touched because im crazy like that LOL. Hopefully you get to meet him and get a picture, because, how awesome would that be?!
I hate arguing as well, and i go through a lot of the same stuff when it comes to this subject, so i get how you are feeling. I hope your plan to talk to her goes well- heart to hearts can change a lot, on the other hand I’m afraid to just talk to my mom about things and even give her a hug.. im not sure why lol. Only time will tell for sure, but i really do hope things go well from here on out. sure theres going to be arguments, it just cant be helped at times, but in the sense that they lighten up a bit more and happen less often. <3

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who doesn’t watch the news. I never do. The only time I did is when we had to everyday in my government class. That’s about it. I have little common sense, haha.

Hmm. I think it’s just great that you’re realizing your mistakes and wanting to change. That’s hard alone.

If you really want to change, you’ll do it. Just take baby steps because you’re young, have time, and I’m sure your parents will always love you.

I know that I’ve been working on changing myself too…I know I need to become WAY more grateful and nicer…I also have to work harder on my school work. I just need more motivation to push myself, I just don’t know how to do that. 😰

Oh, and thanks for the Japanese! I want to learn Japanese some time in the future…though, I doubt it’ll ever happen. XD

I know what you mean about the whole, “Normal prayer” at church thing, A lot of times I’m so tired in the morning and I zone out at Church, and I don’t really say a prayer, or talk to God much. It’s so easy to get away from God. /:

Good luck with your mom, I know what that’s like. I always feel so bad when I fight with my parents, I have to apologize right away. I just hate it when I say something for fun, and they take it and make it a life lecture. That’s not fun at all.

Ahh, fangirling. A subject I know all too well. xD I hope you get to meet him!

{ my site is down right now so I can’t reply to your comment…so I’ll just start a new conversation! }

Is your family the affectionate kind? A lot of Asian families aren’t touchy-feely, affectionate, tender, etc. It’s a lot of “well of course I love you, you’re my family….so there” kind of attitude. It’s so awkward for people in my family to hug each other. It’s so awkward to apologize sincerely for being wrong. Being a part of Harry’s family has helped, so I say “I love you” and hug people the most in my family.

I’m happy to hear that you connected with God at church. It’s so easy to feel like God’s not paying attention and it’s even easier to gradually stray away from His covering, but once you’re back in light, it’s so amazing!! I’ve been feeling very apart from God lately, and it makes me so sad ); But I’ve been reading the Bible more and using a prayer journal. You should do it too!

Instead of always silently praying, write down or type in a diary/journal/private blog your prayers. That way, you can look back after times has passed and see all the wonderful prayers God answered. I like doing it at least (=

Uhmagosh you MUST see Ben Jorgie when he comes! You can’t just not see him! You’re Georgie and he’s Jorgie!! You’re like his biigggggesttttt fannnnnnnn !!!!

I hope things get better with your mumsie loveyy<3

It was alright but the free food was great. I saw my new college for the first time because they have built a new campus. It’s amazing!

I like to read a good story but I can’t seem to find a book I want to read so I’m sticking with autobiographies.

Haha Top Gear is amazing. It’s so funny. I’ve been watching it for years now.

I would hate my parents to speak a language I didn’t speak. I can imagine them saying things about me while I was in the room :( I would have to learn it secretly so one day I would catch them out ;)

I want to have fun while I am young and I don’t rely on working to make money to provide me with food. That will change when I go to university.

I’m glad you have the opportunity to chat everyday. You must be really close friends and you must have a strong bond.

Haha he has this TARDIS and he thinks he looks like David Tennant. When the new series was released my brother went to a Dr Who themed party at his flat.

It’s good to hear you are connecting with God again. I can understand why you must feel differently and why you are indecisive. Although I’m not religious, as I have mentioned before, sometimes when I’ve been to church at Christmas or for funerals I have felt some connection to God. It’s really strange for me to feel like that.

I would be the same if my favorite celebrity came to a place near me. One of my favorite celebrities, Tom Meighan from Kasabian, lives about an 1 hour from where I live. I’m very lucky!

I do hope you get to meet Ben Jorgensen :) That would be so amazing for you.

I suppose I have always shown affection to my parents, even though we fall out a lot. But when I have had an argument with them there is always something that reminds me about how much I respect and love them

I’m glad that most things in your life are looking good for you. I hope that maybe your faith will lead you in the right direction when it comes to your parents. My priest always tells me that even though sometimes we may fight with the people in our lives because they view life differently that maybe one day we can understand their point of view and appreciate it. I find it sort of hard now, but maybe in the future I can get along with my parents better. I feel like sometimes just having a break from them is a good thing, going out shopping away from them, and talking about it helps.

By the way, how are things going with James? The last couple of blog posts I read did not mention him.

How sweet. ♥ This Sunday at Church I was in a very emotional state too, for several reasons, for heart reasons, and I’m happy to hear that you had a similar experience too. God can provide us with such a sweet and warm refuge that letting Him surround us with His arms just feels so safe and secure.

I hope you’ll get to take a photo of yourself with Ben Jorgensen when he comes over, and that your mom will allow you go to see him. ^^

I can see that your relationship with your mom is kind of problematic. Though, from what I understand (forgive me if I didn’t get it right) it would be good to teach her, gently and slowly, to understand and respect that you are the person you are, the person God created, and that she should accept you for who you are. If you do fall, it’s her right and duty to correct you, but if you’re just being yourself and not harming nor disrespecting anybody in and out of the family, then she should open her heart to you, because being parents doesn’t mean dictating how children should be, but love them and accept them for who they are. *hugs* ♥

Of course, all of the above didn’t mean to be nasty toward your mom. It’s just the picture I got from reading your entries. I hope she will be able to open her heart to you with time, because you’re definitely being a wonderful daughter to her. :) She should be proud of you.

Comment Reply:

It’s okay. :) I mainly cared about opinions on the articles, because I was worrying that I did not write clearly. Sometimes it’s very hard to put an idea from your inner guts, something almost instinctual, into written words. So I’m very happy that you dedicated some time to reading my Blogging Character articles, and provided your opinion. Thank you! ^-^

Overall, I think you’re doing some amazing work with mantaining all of your websites. And for making graphics for them all, for constantly updating them, etc. Your blog is surely popular, but believe it, it earned it rightfully. :) Your entries are interesting, heartfelt, definitely catching. I never get bored here, and I always come back checking for updates when I’ve got the time. Really, Georgie dear, keep it up! ^.^ Just don’t stress too much. *hugs*

P.S. You’re welcome about the idea. Whenever I can be of service with my little tricks, I will. ^^

This is a drastically late reply and it’s on an old post. I noticed you didn’t have a new post so I figured I’d just respond here, I felt bad leaving the comment for such a long time though, I’ve been taking it easy website-wise. :P

I’m not going to be too bummed if I don’t see Ben; I found out that he went to the zoo today; if only I were there I would see him too. :( Aw well, I know I’ll get over it and it’s no big deal; I’ll see him one day. :)

I know I’ve disrespected my mum on occasions and disobeyed her. I know that’s what gets things going downhill and that is something I do have to work on. I guess without making her angry she is less likely to snap at me so much. It does take time, and patience (which I lack).

You are most welcome! Believe me, I’ve looked at your character blogs and only been mesmerised at how much time you seem to have for them all, it’s amazing. :) ♥

I’m sorry that he came there earlier and you lost the chance. :( Hope you’ll be more luckier next time. *hug*

Sometimes parents can get very strict upon our disobeying, but I’m glad the two of you are getting closer, and that you know where you need to improve as a daughter. :) In the end, family relationships can be the most wonderful when there is respect and understanding for each other.

(Today I went to my mom and cuddled her. She told me “You’re being like a mom to me now?”; I replied: “You cuddled me all life; now that I’m an adult, it’s good to return all this love and take care of you too”. She was teary-eyed, but I really meant that. We may have had our bad moments, but they’re not important, they’re long over; love’s all that counts. :))

For the characters: I wish I really had THAT much time. XD When I’m online I usually multi-task, as in: reading/replying to emails + talking on the phone or to my parents/siblings + drawing + reading articles and my university website + updating my personal sites + updating my Characters’ sites. In the end, I update 6-to-8 Characters’ sites a day, even though it’s just small stuff. ^^

Of course there are times when I only update to do paid reviews (even though I integrate them inside personal stories), especially when I’m busy studying for my exams, but in general I simply can’t live a single day without my imaginary world. :) I’ve been like this since young age: I didn’t have a PC back then, or the Internet, but I used to write stories in the change of class at school, at break time, when I was waiting for the bus, when I go at the doctor, etc. I’m still like that, I simply ‘extended’ my creativity tools. The Web gives me a chance to give these Characters a slice of real life, making them interactive and all-round. :) I would be lying if I didn’t say that I have learned many life experiences through their eyes too.

Again, thank you with all my heart for reading those articles and giving me your opinion. I really appreciate it. ♥

– Luana S.

I’ve never been a religious person, but that isn’t to say I don’t respect people who are– I envy your ability to be so fully connected to something, I just don’t have that kind of faith in anything, and there isn’t any way to convince me to. I feel my life is in my own hands– but yeah.

I think in the end, faith is a good thing, religion is a joke, and everyone should believe in something to get them through the day, and if you feel that your connection to God has led you to your new feelings of encompassing good, then that’s good for you, and I’m happy for you. <3

I haven’t been to church in so long, I feel guilty going back. It’s good that you felt the way you did, and it’s good to see someone connect so well with their faith. I wish I could.

I don’t have a clue who he is, but I hope you get to meet him!

Me and my mum had many many fights, but I know that she knows I love her. I hope everything sorts itself out for you.

Yeah I definitely have to say that had I not made the stupid mistakes I did in the past, I would’ve never found Johnathan. I wish I didn’t have to make them in the first place but it’s part of life. You have to mess up to learn something sometimes.

Haha btw I know you talk about stupid people all the time but you never really talk about say your friends negatively or talk about the trivial dramas between your friends. That’s what I was gettin’ at. I might have to change up my blog to make that a little more obvious haha. But anyway the people you encounter on the subway are ridiculous. I meant something like talking about how much you hate Lilian or something but you don’t hate her & any fights you may or may not have with her stay private. :) Which is what most people need to do. sure it’s THEIR blog but I mean come onnnn, they name drop like no other & it’s no wonder more shiz happens to them.

I’ve seen like 3 blogs that talked about their social life & how this girl backstabbed her..only to find out later that her next blog was, “alright so they read my blog & now they’re all mad at me” & I couldn’t help but laugh. It’s sad but it’s their fault & they know it. It teaches us a lesson. :/ Sigh.

YOU’RE MY WAVELENGTH SHARERERRERERER. Weeee. I know we’re definitely on the same wavelength when it comes to things likeee loveeeeeee ♥ Weee which is why it’s always nice to be able to just BLARGH OMFG THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME TODAY to you :) :) Gemini powerrrr.

You’re a wonderfullllll person & a wonderfulllllllll friend; don’t let any bitch tell you otherwise because they just don’t get you like the rest of us do. :D love ya!

no big plans. just working, make money probably (:

sometimes its hard to show someone you love them when they make you angry. ive never been that kind of person who says ‘THANKS MOM. THANKS DAD.’ just cause it doesnt come out naturally and idunno why. i just tell them i love them in a subtle way haha. i usually just go in a cute voice DO YOU LOVE ME? and they’ll be all like er… YES??

thats so cheesssyy ahahah

Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now. And this post rocks. It touched me in a small way too. ♥

Glad that you’ve been praying with heart. Sometimes you just have to get the real things out, and that’s good.

I hope you find it cool with your mom. She’s your family after all.

Thank you Danielle!

Things didn’t go all too well when I tried, but hey, I tried. Things are easing up a little and there’s less tension, even though bringing up my feelings didn’t do the best thing.

This is a lovely post. I think you should talk to your mom or just randomly hug her. I think doing so will maybe cut the tension and maybe she’ll be more lenient.

I find it very annoying that I can feel so many emotions at one time. Sometimes, I wish I could only feel happy, without the added weight of pain or depression, and the happiness is just a façade. Life is always so hectic, which is why I wish I could only feel and do one thing at one time… I think I have somehow wandered off the topic of your post.

I hope things are mended with you and your mom :). Sometimes it takes one little trinket to remind you of how much you love someone. Yes? LOL.

Respect to your fangirl self :). Haha ~ I am a big fangirl to the band Evanescence, and Skillet. But, uh, they never come to Vegas D: ehh. You’re lucky your fangirl-obsession (JK :)) is actually coming to your country! Ahaha :P. Well, I hope you get to see them/him!

Sorry for the late reply xD. Haha. And my exboyfriend is being a big freakin’ ass…so, therefore, I am smiling and happy because I’ve moved on and forgotten about him! He left me for his “#1 girl-friend.” How the hell does that happen in middle school? Jeez.

I’ve given up dating for a while :/. There’s nothing in it for me. I’m going to spend some time in California in July, at the beach with my three “brothers.” Frankly, I’m all good. But thank you for the support :D. LOL.

& in my opinion: when you’re single, you aren’t tied to any one thing or person, and you can look at other guys and not feel like you’re betraying someone. And you can get in with the “OMG!” gossip with your best friends :). That’s what I love about the single life <3.

I hate how many restrictions there are these days :/. Meet my parents…I'm not even aloud to leave the house from 7am – 3pm. :| I hate it so much because my friends think it's weird how isolated I become :'(.

I am starting a writing portfolio for my writing, and I hope to put up the book I finished, and also the ond I'm working on :D. I hope your book is going well, LOL. I love writing <3.

David Tennant is oh-so-sexy ;). I will not and refuse to deny it. I'd give my…laptop to meet and become friends with him! He's my fangirl obsession XD.

My friend that I got in a huge fight with used to hit and insult her friends. :/ but she's "fixed" her issues…LOL.

Sorry for such a long-winded reply! & I didn't even cover everything! ;)

– Katarina

That’s awesome that your fav celeb is coming to your city. I know I would be excited to see No Doubt or Gwen Stefani, so fangirl all over the place, /bounce

I don’t consider myself a very religious person. I’m especially inattentive while hearing mass; it just feels like too much of an obligation. I do pray a lot though, especially for my friends. When they’re having problems that I can’t help them with, I like to pray so I feel like I’m helping them in some way.

I’m not really a huge fan of anything, but, if I was, I would definitely be excited as you are now if something like that happened. :D

I had some issues with my mom a few years back, and it lasted a very long time. It was tough, but, now that everything’s okay, I learned to appreciate my life so much more. :)

Everything happens for a reason. I can honestly say that I believe that. I’m sure everything will work out eventually. :)

There have been a lot of changes in class lists last week – mostly to balance out the number of students in each section. The people that moved mostly volunteered to move, so I’m sure a lot of people are feeling the same way as me right now- excited and confused.

I didn’t notice the difference when I changed the CSS either, haha. I kept changing it back and forth until I actually noticed something.

Thank you! ♥

Yeah. I re-read my last comment to you and it sounded really.. boring and I barely even returned your comment. I just blabbed about stuff. I’m sorry about that. I was in a rush and I just wanted to get the comments out of the way already.

I do need rest. A lot of it, actually. I spend my rest time online writing a new blog post, returning comments and other site-related things. But it’s okay, I really don’t mind. I love going online, anyways. :)

I hope you get more sleep, too!

Yep. If only we had more time to do our schoolwork and spend enough time online to catch up. :(

It’s okay! My last comment sounded waaay mopey-er.

Yeah. The bad things that are happening to us right now influence the way we think about the future. I suppose you’re right; I should just take life as it comes. I know lots of good things will happen to me in the long run.

I guess so, too. But I don’t know. I’m so frustrated. Sometimes she acts like a real best friend, but MOST of the time, she doesn’t. She likes ditching me, which kind of hurts.

Yeah. I may like my Dad more than my Mom, but I still love her. A lot. I know she’s done a lot for me.

Yes well, pizza is good. xD You said it. Parents are parents, you’d probably make things worse by arguing.

Ah! Well that blows. It sucks you only get to see your best friend twice a year. At least, you have a bunch of good friends there at your uni.


That’s good to hear! I usually do that, too. When I pray, I don’t pray like, in a scripted way. You know, like when you pray the rosary, you have to say “Hail Mary…” I say whatever I want and talk to him like the best buds we are, even though I can’t really hear his voice.

Woot, that’s so awesome! Your idol, coming to your place! Could your life get any sweeter? I wish my idols would come here. I hope your parents allow you to go!

I’m in the exact same situation. I always get in a fight with my mom. I’ve never really shown her how much I love her. Maybe, I’ll go give her a hug, like you. Maybe…

I haven’t been going to church as advised by my pastor due to my anxiety problems. While it’s a nice break from all the sensory overload, I really miss connecting with God, or at least trying to, at church.

But then my friend offered to pray for me — on the same night when you wrote this post — because I’d poured out to her about how crappy I felt after 24 hours of very little productivity (even now, I haven’t gotten around to finishing the language-related post I polled my followers about). She typed her prayer to me through MSN and had me say it out to myself and God at my seat.

After that prayer, we were both thoroughly refreshed. I haven’t prayed for so long that it just felt great to have had a chance to talk to God again that night, although truth be told I wasn’t 100% sure of what I had said in my prayer either other than the little but big truths about God (the extent and power of His love, for example).

God really is there for us always, and even when we aren’t aware of it He is continually working in our lives. I’m so glad you connected with God in a comparatively significant way, and I’d like to keep you in my prayers too ♥

God is nothing less than aware of everything that goes on at home and I’m sure that he’s working to help harmonize everything. I have no idea how He’s gonna do it as I’m not a prophet, but in my heart I know that He’s doing something big for you and your family.

So, those were just my two cents. I’m not that experienced myself, but it’s what I feel so you can be sure I’m not lying about anything.

Last but not least… did you get around to hugging your mum after all? ;)