Pictures of you

It didn’t go down very well with my mum. But I’m putting it behind me, and it’s something I don’t want to go into detail on. Yesterday morning I woke up a happier person. I dreaded the day, but my day became calmer, more relaxed, than others this past week.

I don’t know what really made me feel like I had changed, but I guess despite things going down pretty crap, and nearly crying myself to sleep, my mum and I haven’t been too bad. I guess deep down, I’m ticked off that I still can’t go and hang out with friends, but what the heck. There’s the telephone and internet – I talked to James on the phone the other day; I forgot how much I loved talking about anything and everything. ♥️

I’m also just trying to put the bad things behind me. I found myself being awfully nice to the children at work, even the ones I normally can’t deal with or put up with.

Even seeing a big blob of comments in WordPress didn’t seem to worry me in the slightest. I might fall behind again, but I feel like they’re not the most important thing on my mind.

Last night I smiled so hard; Daniel and I were smiling until our cheekbones fucking hurt. :D I couldn’t believe how much I was grinning. Just a night chatting to friends online. I think I always took those little chats for granted, because I felt really happy.

Taking for granted? I don’t know how Sebby and I managed a 10MB chat log in just a month. 😰 Lilian’s and mine, as well as James’s and mine, continue to grow more hugely each day. It’s funny when you document these things.

I looked at the photographs in photo frames around my room today. They capture wonderful moments, but who really prints off their photographs anymore? For some time after I used my digital camera, I started printing the best ones to slip into photo frames. It wasted a lot of ink and I simply printed them on paper. :P

I still have an old camera lying in my shelf; the old “retro” kind where you have to look through the viewfinder before you shoot. It costs so much to develop onto film now. I don’t even think it’s worth it. My family have a machine that prints straight from a digital camera onto photo paper, but the photo paper is also mighty expensive.

My dad says it’s cheaper to hop over to the store and use the photo machines, which charge about 12 cents a photo.

I don’t know. But I’d hate to lose copies of memories. It’s funny, how times have changed. People take photos on their phones. We save things on our computers. The world goes digital, but memoirs of good moments don’t have to be pieces of paper or things. Heck, they don’t even have to be digital files, of JPG, PNG, MP3 and who knows what. Most of it… is all in the mind. ♥️

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You sound a lot more cheerful and happy in your blog :) Hehehe. I’m glad.

But I AM sorry things didn’t go well with your mum :( It’s GREAT that you can put it behind you though :) I’d dwell on it and sulk for days. /um

It sucks you still can’t go out :( But it’s okay, we will meet up! We still have about a month. James can kidnap you! Hahahaha! *jokes* Hang in there, you’re right. There’s still msn and the phone. Or in some cases msn AND the phone at the same time :P :P Hehehe!

Hahaha! It’s so funny when you’re smiling so hard at something your cheeks feel like they’ve been given a HUGE work out :P Those moments are cool ^^

Oh my god. 10mb in ONE MONTH? That is EPIC. Hahaha. Our chat log(s) ARE getting pretty huge. We have one for every month since I got this computer at LEAST! It’s so funny :P One day I’m going to go through all those chatlogs and laugh at all the things we’ve said over the years XD Should be fun 👏

I only have a few photo frames around my room :( But I have one sort of big one, only I didn’t just print off one picture for it. I printed off like, 3 little ones and chucked some sticker photos in the photo frame :P Saves space!

Photos are great for documenting moments. If I look at them for the first time in ages, they make me smile ^^ And sometimes they remind me of moments I’d forgotten :)

Ohh! We have a retro camera too ^^ Hehehe. We’re so retro. LOL. But it IS expensive to develop film now :( /angry Hmph! I think your Dad is right. Unless you have a laser printer or something, it’s probably cheaper to go use a store machine to print pictures. I bet printer makers do that on purpose so we have to buy more ink cartridges if we wanna print photos /angry

I hate losing memories too :( I agree: Most memories we keep safe in our minds ;) But sometimes you really need the photos to remember more clearly or to show others ^^

My mum still prints off film; we have a camera that’s over 25 years old but still works fine /bounce
I like it; I think it’s rather elegant. While it lasts /frog

Mind memories are my favourite. /love

*hugggg* it’s sure cold!


Haha I think our old camera – the first family one – broke. I have had my old one from about 2001 or so, though, and the film is still in it. Our old one looked pretty “vintage” and nice, but my crappy old camera is a bit ugly.

*hugg* I have an electric blanket! ♥

My dad is a lot better now. It was nice of you to ask, ♥
My boyfriend forgot. :P
The way he (my dad) got better is a crazy story. Do you believe in mystical powers? You know, God’s healing touch and everything?
My dad was ill for seven days and was showing no signs of recovery, when a distant relative of mine suggested a “Guruji” -that is Hindi for a Scholar – who told mom to make a swastika -(, which is what the Cross means to you means to us – on a lemon with kohl. Dad was better an hour later. It is SO darn creepy!

The new layout is up now. I really really like it, and it is different from my usual ones. Tell me what you think?

I wanted to ask you something. If/Whenever you get time, could you please tell me how to fix this:

One comment is perfectly all right, and after another comment, it is and both.

Comments on wordpress not the most important thing in the world? Shows your addiction is improving. I think. Anyhow, it is a good thing. Taking things in your stride, I mean.
My mom has gone to her sister’s place for a day, and I miss her. Usually both of us drive each other crazy, but it takes days like these to remind you who she is.
Talking of cameras and photographs reminds me of a quote-
A picture is more precious than anything in the world, because in a picture, nothing ever changes.

I kind of modified that one because I cannot remember the original. :P
Ha, I’d heard of “floccinaucinihilipilification” too. We had this “Spellathon” competition in class eight, and I learnt all those things then. I was the first runner up. *Proud smile*

When I first began reading e-books, I’d have a nightmare of a headache. Now I am used to it. I don’t mind reading e-books unless it is summer and the AC is broken in my room. It is hell then.
Jason Bourne is like James Bond. I think it is more the thing in America. It has also been turned into a movie, starring Matt Damon, if I am right.

Ooo! We still have those old kind cameras. LOL! It brings back those memories. The big bulky ones and you have to squint hard through the viewfinder to make sure it looks alright. XD
Mind memories are precious, but kind of unreliable sometimes because you tend to remember something that didn’t actually happen.

Honestly, I prefer the old cameras because you have to print out the photos because that’s the only way to view the pictures. It makes it more meaningful. With digital cameras, you can just stick the memory card into you computer and save them there and you can always view them anytime you want. As easy as that.

Wow, that’s a huge file size. 10 MB in a month? I can barely reach half of that in a year! :P I believe the more you communicate with your friends, the stronger the bonds between you will get. Sadly, it is not something that I do.

I couldn’t believe how much I was grinning. Just a night chatting to friends online. I think I always took those little chats for granted, because I felt really happy.

Me too! Thanks again for all the smiles, it was a fun chat!

Hope things continue to go well at home :)

You’re most welcome. ♥ Thank you for your comment on my previous post as well. I can’t say I’ve always been close to God but I guess feeling his presence a little more also makes me feel pretty reassured about everything (at least in comparison to how I was before). :)

I didn’t get around to hugging my mum because things kind of… sucked… but well, I’m putting it behind me. :3

You don’t have to answer if it’s personal, but this has been bugging me for a while now. Why IS IT that you’re not allowed to go outside? It sounds like being grounded, but when I was grounded, I wasn’t allowed to watch TV or get online, and you don’t seem to have that limitation.

Nah, it’s fine. :) My mum just wants me to help out at home. To be honest I think she doesn’t want me to enjoy hanging out with friends. She mentioned a “punishment”; I honestly don’t know what the heck for, though. :(

I’ve been grounded before which has been much worse. All in all, my mum is otherwise strict.

Ahhh, Georgie, it warms my heart to see this happening. ♥ The same thing has been happening with me. I just suddenly do nicer things and have so much tolerance with everything and everyone.
This post has given me goosebumps.

My mom has a camera that’s really old, and it uses film. I’m the only one in the family with a digital camera, and, heck, I don’t use it enough. I’m just so embarrassed walking around with the huge thing around my neck. I’ve missed recording so many memories because I’ve been too nervous to take my camera out and use it…

This reminds me of a book a read. “Extras” by Scott Westerfeld. The main character documents EVERYTHING she does in a day with her (hovering, somewhat-interactive) video camera. When she doesn’t have it, she’s freaking out. The book’s set in the future after our generations are dead, and it strikes a real message home. How much we rely on electronics is so unnatural.
The best memories are the ones that you can remember on your own.

I haven’t even started trying to get into that routine. I keep taking forever to fall asleep, and a lot of the blame is on my family. My parents stay up relatively late watching TV with their bedroom door open. Even after, I’m still too wired to sleep. I wake up early, but then just fall asleep again. D:

I write faster with pens, but it turns into a huge scribble that only I can read. My friends try and read it and get some gibberish nonsense. :P
I wish I could type out exams. I’d get them done so much more quickly, and my hands wouldn’t hurt as badly as they do when I use a pencil. I basically drill the graphite into the paper, maybe just trying to ensure my thoughts are solidly down…

I’ve been interested in my future for 2 years. Maybe I grew up too fast… Or at least tried to, to try and get closer to my ex-boyfriend’s age. (He’s 23 now. Kinda bad, I suppose, with an 8-year difference.)

Aww, I’m drowning in nostalgia /wah

I agree, though I love it when I have printed copies of photos and retro cameras like lomo brand, toycams or poleroids. I love to pin them up on corkboards; stick them in books, papers and random places; and just make ‘photo lines’ with them. All sorts. I think each photo is amazing. Though, I’m not a photographer or anything. I just love them. I think though, it’s sad seeing happy photos of people and situations that have changed for the worse.

Wow, talk about digression. Sorry. /wave

I hope you have a great week.

I agree though, I love looking at photos and I love that kind of thing. Too bad I don’t have any corkboards or anything though. I really want to stick things on my walls but my mum doesn’t like that. I thought that one day I should get into scrapbooking too, but I’m too lazy. :P

Ah, that is sad though. :(

I’m sorry things are still not so good with your mom *hugs*! I’m sure they’ll get better, maybe she’s still a bit shaken up by the car and the expenses they had to pour out.

I’m glad you have your “memories” in picture frames. I do too, but they’re in an photo album both online and offline. Though the recent pictures that I’ve have online aren’t offline :(. I don’t know if they even make a photo printer for my casio camera ya know?

Anyways, yeah, I’m naming the puppy after my grandma to remember her by, and we’re doing a tribute room to her and my grandpa. The front room is the room I was going to take (the yellow one), and my grandmother was going to take the back room (pink one), and we were going to share the jack and jill bath room. But since the lord took her away from us (which I cried last night about), I’m taking the pink one over and will eventually get the puppy I just have to save and not piss away money on useless stuff. Ya know? I’m not naming it after her first name but after her middle name which is Belle.

So yeah, I’m glad you got a chance to talk to your boyfriend over the phone though. I wish I had a boyfriend to talk too. But these jerks out here in Ca, are nothing but jerks. Ya know? There’s this one idiot that I met in the 6th grade, and well; it’ll be on my blog in a few. But let’s just say he was and is a jerk.

Thanks. :) I tried to do a more original layout this time.

Joan Jett also looks hot for her age. I saw a video of her singing karaoke with Ellen DeGeneres. xD

Well, at least you can still keep in contact with your friends, even if it’s not person-person all the time.

I don’t print photos…That’s my dad’s job. xD Whenever we want some digital photos to be printed, he just takes the memory card and goes to the store to print them. He still hasn’t printed any of the photos from Florida. I want them so I can stick them on my bedroom walls.

I think there’s a camera that uses film buried somewhere in my house. I remember it being gray.

Pictures Of You is actually a song, by the way. ;)

Sorry to hear that things didn’t go well between you and your mom. Hopefully, it’ll get better soon. Just stay postive and everything will be alright. :D

I know how you feel. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep because things went down. I’d feel pretty crappy. I don’t want to be bothered. I just want to be left alone. 😢 I have those good days. I have those bad days. Sorry to hear you still can’t go and hang out with friends. That sucks. /pow Thank goodness for telephone and internet. XD

Sometimes you have to put the bad things behind you and move on. If you dwell on the past then you’ll just stay sad and angry. That’s what you don’t want to do.

I remembered I’d always wanted to get comments. Sometimes I wouldn’t post until I get a certain amount. Not anymore. It doesn’t matter if I have comments or not. I love to blog. That’s what I’m going to do.

Wow. Sound like you and Daniel was having a smile contest or something. So, who won? Haha. :P

Wow. A 10MB chat log? I didn’t think there was such thing. You and Sebby must love chatting a lot. Do you ever sleep? Sounds like you chat 24/7. Haha. :P I didn’t think you can have a big chat log.

I think you’d make a great photographer. It sounds like that’s what you love to do. (Y) You could take them to the store. I’m sure it’s cheap. The last time I went to Walgreens, it was only $.13 a picture. That’s a good deal to pass up.

Yeah, having a machine that prints straight from a digital camera onto photo paper, is better. Some photo paper are mighty expensive. It depends on the name brand.

It’s good to capture the moment. It’ll only happen once. That’s it. It’s good to get it on a picture. You can put it in a photo book and always look back at it.

The best thing you can do with some situations is put it behind you and look forward. :)

And you’re right, you always have internet and telephone. Sit in your PJ’s with messy hair and still talk to your friends and have fun! That’s what I do…lol.

I still print pictures out. I can’t wait to get to the store to print a few off from the weekend. But unlike you, I have no photo frames! lol. I have a shoe box. I know that sounds horrible. lol.

Around here you can get good quality photo paper, a pack of like 15 sheets for one dollar.

I collect cameras so I have a bunch of different ones. My favorite is the Kodak Bulls Eye Brownie. Ay. I still carry a 35MM camera with me as well though. But that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone! lol

I’m coming to visit to print pictures! The cheapest around here is 28 cents a picture. (For 4×5!)

I’m just totally new to wordpress and don’t understand any of it…makes me feel kind of stupid. I downloaded a couple of your themes, as I said before, and I’m just trying to figure out how to get an image in the header…ugh…and then I’m trying to figure out how to make the pages of the website show up like they should. One big headache. lol. I just need so much help I don’t know where to start. lol.

I’m going to try to unslack tonight. I really need to. I’m thinking everything will work out fine with me and my boyfriend. Things have actually been really, really good. (: I haven’t read any of the Twilight books. I love reading but I never have time to. It really sucks. You really should watch the movies, they’re great (:

Aw sorry about your Mum :/ Sometimes parents are so unreasonable Dx but I guess they have their reasons.

At least there’s online friends to talk to ^_^ That’s something I love about web design: as well as offline friends, there are online ones.

I actually never realised that everyone keeps their pictures on the computer now :O but now that you mention it it’s true – our photos used to be developed and put in an album; now they’re on a file on the computer xP

I know my mum’s got her reasons; I was a bit annoyed though, because it’s my break and I deserve some time off, but I’m over it now. :)

Haha! Well it’s true, everything is digitalised now, people barely use those old film cameras now. They always said the problem with things going digital is that it’s easier to lose things; I get paranoid but I haven’t backed up photos yet. XD

Hey Georgina!
I hope you and your mum can talk things out. Why isn’t she letting you out to see your friends?
Sometimes, you just have to be thankful that you have a mum :)
I still get prints for photos!
I love the feeling, it’s almost like holding a memory in your hand. They were 9cents at Kmart, but I’m not sure, I’m getting my prints soon, I’l just have to see the quality of them. But, I still like them printed off rather than saved on my computer.
I still havethe film cameras too! One of them still works, and I’ve seen Kmart selling these electronic thing where it can scan film pics, so pretty cool. :)
Yeah, true, the best memories are in our mind :)
I would love to travel to different places. New Zealand seems pretty cool :)

I see. You can have friends and not have to be your partner. An example can be yours. What I say, is how I think. Unfortunately if you give tokens of affection to a boy most people think that is your boyfriend. I agree with you, the way people think. I guess it depends on where you’re seen differently. That’s okay :)

You never know. Unless that guy showing some signs that wants to be something more than your friend. Yeah, you’re right :)

Me neither I agree with the saying “boys and girls cannot be friends.” I think it’s possible to have friends of both sexes. Glad you now want to maintain friendship with the boys.

That’s okay. I believe that when you’re a young girl usually has a mix of boy and girl friends, but then you choose who your friends in a function of your hobbies and so on.

I’m glad we have the same point of view. I also find it easier to relate to boys.

Me too I suppose. Hah that’s true, it stimulates the curiosity of people who walk down the street when they see a supposed “couple” /love

Yes, it is sad that your mother is a little strict. But it’s your mother, and cares about you. I know, from ancient times girls have always been seen as weak. Although I disagree with it. I think we can defend ourselves, without a protector.

Maybe some day you managed to have less comments. Thank you so much Georgina! 👏 I’m glad you enjoy reading my blogs. I guess no matter how much followers I have in my blog, but all who read.

I’m glad you’re trying to think positively and you try to concentrate on what is good in life. That’s great. While your mom won’t let you go out, you’re going through good times with your friends online. Good for you.

your welcome! I also think that reading will help you spend less time on the computer (Y)

I’m glad you have become a happier person. And that your day became calmer, more relaxed. It’s great :)

If you cannot go out, you always use the telephone and internet, that is true.

I’m glad you had fun last night chatting with friends online, and made you feel happy.

I agree with you, photographs capture wonderful moments.
Oh it’s great that still preserve your old camera. My parents have kept our first reflex camera that has 25 years, yet we use it. This camera makes some amazing photos. /eee

That’s cool that you have a that machine prints straight from a digital camera onto photo paper.

I also think it is cheaper to go to a shop to print the photos.

You’re right, times change a lot. And it is good to take photographs of certain moments. I also think most of the memories are on our minds.

Thanks Georgie!

It’s friends like you who I know I can count on, when I’m down in the dumps. You’re a true blue best friend even if we haven’t exactly met in face to face yet. But hopefully that’ll change. I’m still planning on whether or not to save up for a trip. My dad said we could go see the Winchester Mystery House which is somewhere near San Francisco if I wanted too. Which is cool. That’ll happen after we move to Beaumont of course, and the Meat loaf concert. It hurts to know my grandma’s never coming back, and to be honest I don’t want her back just for my selfish ways. Ya know? You’re right, she is in a better place and not suffering or hurting any more. So that makes it all worth while.

And yeah it kinda did break my heart to not be able to kiss her forehead. But ya know I know deep down she knows I tried.

I’m kinda flip flopping on what I want to do after I get Belle. I know Belle’s going to take up a lot of time, training her and what not, petting her, brushing her, grooming her etc. So maybe I should skip school for now, and just save up ya know? It wouldn’t hurt to start saving up. And I think I can handle the Australian currency better, and hell; you guys SPEAK ENGLISH! ROFL!! Nathan and his sister went to Australia quite a few years ago, and loved it. I so wanna go. I know I need to get a passport, and than see what I can do and what not. I know I want to meet you and James and Lillian. That’s for sure. What is there to see in Australia? Give me some places!

Thank you. :D

That’s why I like using my home phone more. I don’t have a private line, but I don’t have to worry about my parents listening in on conversations.

My mom can’t handle technology very well. And whenever my dad gets a new technological thing, he gives it to me so I can figure out how to use it. Except for the TV.

/love As i see it 1,000 words make up a 1 picture, 1,000 pictures make up one memory.. 1,000 memories last a life time.. and that life time is never forgotton.. it’s always stored ♥ :X

Hope you’re okay hunny!! /faw /um I’ll try and open my site asap ^_^

and grr at your mom hope everything works out.. and i’m only an email away if you ever needed me <3

Aw that’s so sweet! I’ll have to remember that, Emmie. ♥ I always just thought that a picture is worth a thousand words, and actions speak louder than words. But indeed memories are so very precious.

Take your time opening your site, I’m not too fussed! :)

OMG SO THIS BITCH…ahahahahaa I swear…I’m a magnet for bitches. But that’s because I don’t put up with crap so I bitch back which makes people get all fussy because they weren’t expecting it. Whatever, dealll.

Yeah I’ve stopped telling people about Johnathan because it’s just private & they don’t get it…plus you get it better. :) & it’d just be effin’ weird if I talked about them on my blog because it’s so personal that I just don’t feel comfortable with people knowing my tiffs with him. I don’t really have any tiffs with him though..probably like some disagreements but no major fights or anything.

Your dad is right! It is much cheaper to just go to a store & print those copies out.

I save all of my originals on my computer because I’ve learned that it’s a bad idea to just edit them & then delete them. Plus my originals are HUGE. 5MP huge & now I’ve recently changed my formatting on my camera from 5MP to 10.2MP so they’re even bigger. This’ll be nice when I want to print pictures but 5MP is big enough.

I actually have a printer for my digital photos. I print some pictures but like you said, ink & photo paper = expensive. :( A lot of my friends print out their pictures so they can put it on their walls. I would too except I get lazy ahaha. But I have some printed out, I just need frames.

This world may be going digital but it doesn’t mean we still can’t print out our beautiful pictures of memories! BTW newspapers over here only accept photos from an SLR that is NOT a digital one because you can easily edit those & they want photos from an SLR that you can’t edit. Pretty nifty, aye?

I have an SLR that was my dad’s. It’s actually really cheap. I can get one for $15 online (that’s USD I mean) & like you said, developing it costs a lot of money. :/

But you could always try to develop it at your school. I’m sure you guys have a photography lab, right? Unless your university is super specialized in which you guys focus on certain majors. I don’t know how it works there which is why I’m so interested in learning about it. So tell me allll about it. :)

I’m sowwie about your situation about your mom. :/ I guess you can’t really do much because you’ve done all that you can do. Just live each day without regrets & find small things that make you smile a big part of your day so that the fights with your mom don’t matter.

I am glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better about your matriarchal-imposed exile. My mom used to tell me that breaks from school do not mean that I get a break from doing things with the family or around the house. We used to argue about it all the time. My opinion was that I shouldn’t have to spend any more time with the family *meaning the subspecies known as brothers* than I normally did during the school year. However, luckily, there is now such things as Instant Messaging and Texting. :P

Haha my mum is the same, except she doesn’t say that directly. Really though, I know the feeling. When we have a break from studies we don’t just want more work! I’m pretty glad for instant messaging though; I use it daily and sometimes I can’t imagine life without it.

EVERYTIME, I come to write this, I get distracted or my teacher locked my computer, so here I go… at home.

First paragraph- I am lost. :) Miss a few blogs and you are completely confused and lost.

I am sorry you can’t hang out with your friends, even though I don’t know why. Which is so not fair. I never hang out with my friends, so really I cannot relate. Sorry. :(

Film is so expensive, I prefer a SIM card and use the stores machine.

I think everyone knows what you have. To-do lists. Blog, Hosting, and so on and so forth.

Well the farm life isn’t to DIE for, but it is better than the city life with all the drugs here. Seriously we were once the Drug Capital and all the bands came HERE for drugs. Messed-up right? Anywho, don’t know why I said that.

Winter? I forget that the seasons are opposites. I mean I know your in Australia, but I just can’t get into my thick noggin that the season are different.

I want to so grow my hair out. Okay… We need to make a pact. No Cutting of the Hair until we can sit on it!

Parents can be difficult somtimes, (I think I missed out on a big chunk of this story, but I can kind of assume things from it ): but I hope you and your mom keep figuring things out, and everything will be good again soon!

And I would love to have that big blob of comments in my cutenews, haha, but I just don’t work hard enough at keeping content on my site, plus I don’t have the advantage of being such an interesting commenter as you ;)

I love printing out all my digital pictures, I just walk over to the store and print them out, and have them taped up all over my walls, it makes me happy to go back through old pictures <3 Just having it there makes me feel better, and a little bit happier about everything :]

Maybe I'm just like that 'cause my moms a scrapbooker, so we have my entire life documented in books, which is usually a good thing… 'scept when the boy you like comes over to your house, and, bored, decides to look through them. Then he sees naked baby pictures and toddler you kissing all sorts of boys in a different state (: hahah

I hoard everything. D: I have a hard time getting rid of anything… but I do manage to do it on occasion when I set my mind to it. My bookshelf is incredibly full–overstuffed, really–so I have to get rid of them occasionally. I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of the last set of books that I did, because I think there are a few that I want to read now. D: Oh, well… it’s not like I can take them back.


I don’t really understand what’s going on with your mom (and I read through your last entry to see if I’d missed something)… but I’m sorry things seem to be going down so badly. :/ I hate confrontations and arguments….

Haahah. I couldn’t agree with you more.

Sometimes I ask myself, “What has happened to this world?”
We put EVERYTHING on computers and a part of me loves it because it’s the world we live in and we’re used to all of this groovy stuff.

But…yeah, all of our memories that we actually want to keep will always stay in our hearts and minds. :)

I think simply talking to your mom probably released some of the tension. Maybe it didn’t go as well as you would like but at least you got some things out.

You seem to be in better spirits! It’s good that you got to talk to some friends. I have a friend that makes me smile when we chat online. Without her, I wouldn’t make it. She’s the one I helped out a lot with her blog. Through CSS and WordPress, we’ve become closer friends.

It’s good that you are putting the bad things behind you. When you put them behind you, don’t forget them. Remember and learn. I love my memories whether they be the good or the bad.

Paper photos hold a special place in my heart. I have several photos from elementary school that I will cherish forever. I do have several photos on my laptop that I know I’ll look back on someday and smile but it just isn’t the same as holding a memory in your hand. Getting paper copies is too expensive. I should make backups of my photos so I don’t lose them…. 😒

I’ll check out those authors next time I go to the library! I’m always up for new books.

I suppose I’ll just have to experiment with simple tags. I’ll get the hang of it after awhile.

Crayola says that the proper spelling is “grey” and I tend to believe them rather than Firefox spell check. I’ll spell it the way I want to.

I’m trying to be a better Christian. It’s really hard sometimes. My new youth group is encouraging me a lot but it still isn’t enough. I have to move forward myself. I can’t just sit around and let others build me up, I have to let my relationship with God build me up, not theirs.

I’m sorry things are not very good between you and your mum, but at least it’s not too bad. I’m really glad you’re happier now.

Anyone would have been annoyed if they weren’t allowed to hang out with their friends. But you’re right, there’s the phone and the internet. You can always talk to your friends when you want to. :)

It’s always nice chatting to friends. I laugh a lot while talking with friends, and then smile later on when I remember about it later on. These small things are what makes me really happy.

Wow, 10MB in one month? That’s a lot. I haven’t been chatting a lot to my offline friends often lately. I’ve been feeling sort of depressed, and I don’t feel like talking to people much. I still love talking to my online friends, though.

I haven’t printed a photograph in AGES. I really want to print some of the best ones too. It’s always nice to see photos and remember all the memories.

We have an old camera like that. But it doesn’t work anymore. I think my mom had once chucked it on the floor because my dad wouldn’t let her fix it for some reason…XD

I agree; memories don’t always have to be photographs or things like that, most of them are in the mind. :)

That’s okay. Aha yeah. I am relieved that we started over. :P

Thanks a lot! I really love Keep Holding On. It’s one of my most favourite songs by Avril Lavigne. Hehe yeah, brown is the new black. I love using it now. I’m not a great fan of the colour but it looks so great in layouts.

Yeah. Bangla is pretty tough so reading English books is much better for me, and I improve a lot in English too.

It’s a really nice book. The ending made me so sad.

I agree. And I can take a poem in almost any direction I want, and write about anything I want. Stories are also like that, but they require a great deal of thought and a good plot. Me too. My ideas are just not very good. I’m not very good at writing poems, but I’ve been writing more and I have improved. I just hope I could be the same at writing a story. I would really love to complete at least a single story, but I just am not very good at them. My current story is also going to get abandoned, I think. :P

LOL me too, mostly. :P My mom keeps on shouting at me because I’m getting fat, but she wouldn’t take me to basketball practice either, so I’m not sure what I am supposed to do. I try to use the computer less, but it keeps on getting more. XD

I’m glad to hear you’re looking at your life in a much more positive way now. :) I still hope your mom will open her heart more to you, and that the two of you will get along more over the years. *hugs tightly*

A 10MB chat log? XD Wow! I haven’t had such a big one in years, perhaps because I don’t chat as often lately.

Photos… I know how you feel, memories are too important to let go. Every little piece of our life counts, and even of the family members that passed away years ago. Photos give a feeling of continuity to a family and a person’s life. :) One day when I move out I’d love to dedicate a whole drawer just to photos. They’re worth of it.

Luana S.

P.S. I linked your writing portfolio on, as I’ll be visiting it as often as I can, and reading. :) I hope that’s okay with you. *hug*

Thank you! *hugs* I just gotta look on the bright side, I ticked her off today because I forgot to do something, but thankfully it slipped her mind after that.

I think chatting is one of the reasons I come online; I can live without looking at my site but if MSN Messenger dies, I’m sad! Some of my friends are online all day; sure sign we’re addicted. XD

Of course I don’t mind, why thank you for linking me! I shall have to bookmark your writing journal too. :3

I keep my pictures on Facebook. :) I like to, though, because so many of my friends and family are on it, and I can see pictures and remember what everything was like. I don’t know if that makes any sense…

It’s okay. I didn’t mean to sound mean, if I did.

My mom is … she thinks that family issues shouldn’t be shared, or that … that night was … me being a disrespectful teenager. But since then I have met so many teenagers who went through what I’ve gone through, and wanted me to tell my story. I feel as though I’ve let them down when I didn’t. It’s very … Okay, in a quick explanation, I stood up for what I believed was right and wrong. And I told my mom and my stepdad. If I wouldn’t have, I wouldn’t be alive today. And she doesn’t want anyone to know what happened because she thinks I was sinning by going against my parents. I wasn’t; I didn’t even have faith. I didn’t even care if I died at that time. I mean, moms are supposed to help you, and my mom merely … she just sat back and didn’t care what my stepdad did to me. She uses people, though. I have learned that since I moved in with my dad. She was getting child support, and I wouldn’t doubt that’s what she used me for. I never saw any of the money – I wasn’t taken care of. That’s why … I want to tell people the whole thing. Before something bad happens, because I feel like the three teens that committed suicide within the past two years did it because of me, because I didn’t tell them what happened or that someone can truly get out of a situation like that. I blame myself.

I agree about the cheaper part. I never have really long phone conversations…One time I had a 20-second conversation with a friend.

I never look at manuals. I just play with the things until I get it right. I’m that lazy.

AHHH. I’m very, very sorry for not replying to you until now. I’m just a bit lazy, and my computer hates me. ):

Normally I go on the computer during holidays (Christmas Break, Spring Vacation), but that’s because I had my laptop, so I could use it in my room or outside if it was nice. But since I gave it back to the school when I left, I only have the old, dinosaur computer in our basement. It likes to randomly shut down Google Chrome and iTunes when I’m using them, so I don’t have a lot of patience for it.

Yeah, my school was a private one. It definitely wasn’t higher education though, and the prices just kept going up. At least I’ll make new friends at my new school!

I like the iMovie on Macs, as windows Movie Maker kind of sucks. Or really sucks. :P And I really don’t know how I deleted Paint… it may have been my brother, as I use that program a lot. I somehow deleted the recycling bin a while ago too, so it may just be my talent on the computer.

Most people just add their pictures to facebook now, but I still like printing them out and making scrapbooks or photoframes. (: They’re nice to look at, and they make people smile if they’re feeling sad.

Hm well at least you have technology right =) I know how tough it can be when you just want to go out. I remember in high school I just used to turn down my friends when they asked me to go out before even asking my parents because I knew my parents wouldn’t let me go so I didn’t want to waste my or thier time asking them..

Ah I know I love love love love talking photos, I just love it. I document them and save them on CDs the ones that I don’t print. And I print the ones that I love love love and put them in albums and such xD. Hah. How I love pictures. I think they are one of the best inventions I tell you!

Take care

It’s good that you’re putting it behind you! It really sucks that it didn’t go how you planned, but at least you can move on and it hopefully gets better <3 *hugs*

I know I haven't posted in awhile, I'm hopefully gonna do that right after I finish returning comments. It's been a hectic week, and I was BARELY home at all since the last time I posted. Matilda is home now though ( /wah ) so tomorrow I'm going to try to figure out lightbox and get all my pictures form the concert, prom and the last week up.

I also need to catch up on skeletons! and make a massive post (or blog) about what happened the last few days between David & I because we had a giant fight after prom, ugh. I will update everything soon though!

I know how you feel. Sometimes I want to be left alone. I’d go out for a while until I’m ready to go home. I’ll just walk around the neighborhood or check out the stores nearby. I tried not to stay out too long. If I stay home, my mom would ask me about this and that. Even if I closed the bedroom door, she still comes in and talk to me. Even when I’m in the middle of doing something.

It’s good to talk to friends. They say, “You shouldn’t hold it in. It’s just going to build up on the inside. It’ll end up blowing up.” Sometimes my friends are busy with their own stuff. They eventually get back to me sooner or later. I just have to wait. Yeah, I don’t blog about certain stuff. They’re some things that are private. They’re others that are public.

Wow. 50 comments are a lot. I don’t even get that much. Maybe 1-2 comments per blog. I guess it depends how interesting people want to read it. It maybe good. It maybe boring. Who knows?

I loved chatting on AIM, Yahoo! and MSN Messenger. Too bad the public library aren’t able to have them. I’d love to talk to my friends, instead of through email.

You’re Welcome! :) Photography is just an interested I like to do on my spare time.

Whoa. I suppose things are really not so good for you at the moment. I feel your pain /:

I don’t even own a digital camera anymore but when I did NEVER have I once printed out a picture. People just don’t seem to do that anymore I guess. Everyone is soo involved with Facebook and things like that, they share ALL their memories in those places. Things really do change over time.

Yes I suppose I am right. You should talk about things like that with your mum. I know she probably would “approve” but have you ever thought about going to a therapist or anything like that. You situation seems far worse than mine ever was.

Yeah, she is losing her little girl and that’s probably what she fears so shes forever living in the past, seeing in that little girl’s body that you once, use to be. Were you guys ever close?

Sometimes I don’t mind being left alone. I need to clear my head. There’s just too much stuff is going on. I’d start to feel the pressure. There are other times where I wished I had one of my friend’s company. I enjoy their company. I have someone to talk to. I don’t know. That’s just me.

I like that quote. It’s sounds nice. Yes. It’s true. Friends should put aside time to make you feel better. That’s what friends suppose to do. Help you through the tough times.

It’s hard to write an interesting blog. You don’t know how many people will reply back. You don’t know how many people will pass. It just depends. It’s your blog. You can write whatever you want. It shouldn’t stop you from writing a boring or interesting blog. Just pour your heart out. XD

Yes. Emails can be a pain in the butt.