Eating Fire

I really hate to mention anyone directly in blog posts when it’s on a negative topic but I feel like I should be as specific as possible here, in regards to who I am talking about.

James’s sister. Oh hello girl, if you’re reading this. πŸ˜‰

Her immaturity shocks me (she’s the older one). Sure, she’s never said a word to me, save a muffled “hello” when she woke up one morning I was at James’s house. And I don’t think I’ve said much more than a “hello” either.

Now she thinks she can just go and call me a “slut” and an “ugly cow”. She went into James’s room while he was away and started chatting to me online using his account, calling me names and saying I’m “stupid like my brother”.

All this over what? A handbag that she lost.

Long story short, she lost a handbag and then tried to blame me for it. She doesn’t even know me. She loses a handbag then tries to blame it on her brother’s girlfriend… Considering I haven’t said more than a word to her, I think it’s really ridiculous. Sorry sweetheart, but what makes you think I have your dear little handbag? I’m sorry I didn’t have it; I’m sure that’s all you wanted, right? Just for me to have it so you could go and dob on me. πŸ™„

She said “the bag would suit u though / its yucky amyway”. Then why do you care so much about it, sweetie?

I know, Sebby told me not to play with fire but I did. I responded, albeit she might not have read anything I typed. I felt pretty pissed off. That’s fine if you think I’m a slut and you want to say it to my face – thanks for your opinion. I too commend you on your ability to snoop into your brother’s room – wait, hello – that’s an invasion of privacy!

And she thinks she can sue for defamation. LOL. In what universe? Lilian, have my back1! πŸ˜‰

I just deem it really immature that she just blamed someone she has never talked to – for her own problem. Get this. I misplace my brand new Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide omnibus – why of course, the first thing I do is go on my brother’s Facebook account and look for every girl who is his friend to start accusing them of having my book? No, because that’s just stupid. πŸ˜›

James says she’s jealous of us. “Because we’re :3 and she’s fat and ugly and single”.

Whatever the case, I’m still laughing. Sure, it pricked a little bit to be called names, but it bounced back. 😁 After being called a paedophile and a “paedophile slut with AIDS”2 in past years, as well as being called “stupid” by my parents from time to time – I can deal. It is understood that not all human beings get along.

Obviously, because something from someone I barely know isn’t going to mean all that much to me. πŸ˜„

She might be my future sister-in-law (oh my gosh, then she’ll be a cow and a slut too!), but I’ll still bake her cookies and go shopping with her. Hey, maybe she’ll point out another ugly bag that suits me! What’s to lose? 😎

  1. Lilian studies law. ↩
  2. My ex-boyfriend was younger than me, and a close friend said behind my back that I was a PSWA (paedophile slut with AIDS)↩

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