Eating Fire

I really hate to mention anyone directly in blog posts when it’s on a negative topic but I feel like I should be as specific as possible here, in regards to who I am talking about.

James’s sister. Oh hello girl, if you’re reading this. ;)

Her immaturity shocks me (she’s the older one). Sure, she’s never said a word to me, save a muffled “hello” when she woke up one morning I was at James’s house. And I don’t think I’ve said much more than a “hello” either.

Now she thinks she can just go and call me a “slut” and an “ugly cow”. She went into James’s room while he was away and started chatting to me online using his account, calling me names and saying I’m “stupid like my brother”.

All this over what? A handbag that she lost.

Long story short, she lost a handbag and then tried to blame me for it. She doesn’t even know me. She loses a handbag then tries to blame it on her brother’s girlfriend… Considering I haven’t said more than a word to her, I think it’s really ridiculous. Sorry sweetheart, but what makes you think I have your dear little handbag? I’m sorry I didn’t have it; I’m sure that’s all you wanted, right? Just for me to have it so you could go and dob on me. 🙄

She said “the bag would suit u though / its yucky amyway”. Then why do you care so much about it, sweetie?

I know, Sebby told me not to play with fire but I did. I responded, albeit she might not have read anything I typed. I felt pretty pissed off. That’s fine if you think I’m a slut and you want to say it to my face – thanks for your opinion. I too commend you on your ability to snoop into your brother’s room – wait, hello – that’s an invasion of privacy!

And she thinks she can sue for defamation. LOL. In what universe? Lilian, have my back1! ;)

I just deem it really immature that she just blamed someone she has never talked to – for her own problem. Get this. I misplace my brand new Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide omnibus – why of course, the first thing I do is go on my brother’s Facebook account and look for every girl who is his friend to start accusing them of having my book? No, because that’s just stupid. :P

James says she’s jealous of us. “Because we’re :3 and she’s fat and ugly and single”.

Whatever the case, I’m still laughing. Sure, it pricked a little bit to be called names, but it bounced back. /bounce After being called a paedophile and a “paedophile slut with AIDS”2 in past years, as well as being called “stupid” by my parents from time to time – I can deal. It is understood that not all human beings get along.

Obviously, because something from someone I barely know isn’t going to mean all that much to me. :D

She might be my future sister-in-law (oh my gosh, then she’ll be a cow and a slut too!), but I’ll still bake her cookies and go shopping with her. Hey, maybe she’ll point out another ugly bag that suits me! What’s to lose? (H)

  1. Lilian studies law.
  2. My ex-boyfriend was younger than me, and a close friend said behind my back that I was a PSWA (paedophile slut with AIDS)

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Oh. My. God. And she’s OLDER than James? Excuse me, but is she ADOPTED? She did WHAT?

Seriously, I looked like THIS: D: O_O @_@ when I was reading this blog because that is ridiculously RETARDED! Okay, I don’t even KNOW James’ sister, but I already know that I am going to have difficulty respecting her.

HOW DARE SHE CALL YOU A SLUT?! HOW DARE SHE CALL YOU AN UGLY COW? Anyone who thinks you’re UGLY needs to have their brain examined (preferably in the most painful manner possible) OR NEEDS THEIR EYES CHECKED. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HER?

Over a HANDBAG? God, just go buy another one. If it was UGLY, shouldn’t you be GLAD you lost it? Is she mentally retarded?

AND YOU RARELY GO TO JAMES’ HOUSE. WHY, oh, WHY would you steal her HANDBAG. You have plenty of prettier handbags. Why not steal MONEY, which is more undetectable? Jesus CHRIST.

What gives her the right to call you NAMES anyways, that BITCH. /angry /argh

DEFAMATION? Dude. Does she even KNOW the meaning of “defamation”? NOTHING YOU DID COULD AMOUNT TO DEFAMATION. Fame = what other people think of you. According to my ethics textbook. DEFAMATION = abusing that perception to the public. As if she’s got the GUTS to do that. Georgie, I definitely have your back, even as an undergraduate. I don’t even have to get a DEGREE to represent you on that case, cos it’d get THROWN OUT OF COURT. She’d be held in contempt of the court for even THINKING of suing you for defamation. HMPH! *snob look*

WASTE OF TIME! Defamation, my ASS!

Considering she’s the one who started the name calling, she’s not exactly in the right either. Hypocritical much? There goes her remedies from the court of Equity…

Don’t worry, if you have to go shopping with her, I’ll come with you and mutter snide remarks under my breath. NO ONE CALLS MY TWIN A SLUT AND A COW AND GETS AWAY WITH IT! /angry RAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR!

Ironically, seeing as though you are laughing at this, I seem to be more upset than you. :P


Don’t worry, ONE MONTH ISN’T TOO BAD =D At least we get to meet up :)

LOL, I wasn’t hinting at you NOT to talk on the phone and go on msn at the same time :P I was just teasing you and Sebby and your weird ways :P Hahaha!

Me too! I’d delete everyone elses chatlogs, but I’m definitely keeping ours. I think we’re up to our 15th chatlog on my computer D: WOW.

Well you have a plog so I guess it makes sense that you take more pictures of stuff than people :P Hehehe. I take more pictures of people, I think =S

BUT PRINTING PHOTOS IS SO EXPENSIVE, IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY! GRRR! Oh well it’ll eventually get cheaper ^^

Now that doesn’t make any sense at all. Why would you steal her handbag? And I doubt you’d steal an ugly handbag. I know you’ve got better taste Georgina. :)

It is utter ridiculous for her to accuse of doing something nasty when she doesn’t know you at all. I believe she’s just looking for an excuse to vent her rage and jealousy on you. She probably lost the handbag somewhere and to get herself out from the feeling of guilt, she tried to put the blame on you. :/

Sue for defamation? LOL! I suggest you buy her a book on law for her birthday. That’ll teach her something.

An immature attempt by an immature person. For an older person to do this to you, I can’t help but feel embarrassed about this.

Oh wow, that would make you feel uncomfortable wouldn’t it? My boyfriends two older sisters like me, so I’m happy with that. Although when they call me, they talk and talk and talk. Some times I would prefer they not like me. /ehe

What a crazy bitch. I’m glad you didn’t let her get to you so much. I think you’re right; she is just jealous.

I wonder if she found her bag, would she apologize to you? Doesn’t sound like it by the way you explained her.

(oh my gosh, then she’ll be a cow and a slut too!) /hehe

Jeez she sounds like a rude :|

She has no reason to hate you whatsoever :s People like that I’ll usually just try and avoid (but I guess it’s hard since she’s your boyfriends sister Dx), she’s just being stupid and immature :S

People throw out the word slut alottt, even if it’s not true everyone just uses it :| once when I was like 12… 13, someone commented on the ask me of my old site and called me a slut, I was like: “Huh? What? Who? You don’t even know me!”

Lol atleast you didn’t let it get to you xP Like I said she’s just being immature xP

Wow, that’s pretty funny. :P I really don’t like how people judge others when they hardly know them. I commented my friend’s status who lives a few states up north and he replied with, “How would you know I was talking about you?” His friend who is a girl and has been trying to get with him for years – and thinks I like him more than a friend added, “Yeah, put a little baby in the picture and that bitch thinks everyone’s talking about her.” I ignore her now and just laugh. 👏

I don’t know what one’s like either, but a lot of my friends have had them, and they all say it’s like Hell.

It’s not the leaving him at home alone that scares me – it’s the leaving him with my 96 year old great grandmother with dimensia and alseimers. :/ She acts like a little kid. And once she thinks of doing something, she goes for it. D:

I haven’t changed my hair style since last year, so I guess I’m overdue. :O

I don’t like to cling on mine, but I can’t forget it either. Maybe if my mom would quit bringing it up…

And I believe that he can help you; I just … I think that you have to first try hard enough, as hard as you can. Otherwise he won’t. But that’s just me – people at church don’t seem to think that.

Oh hell of a future sis in law eh? Yeah, she’s really a bitch and you’re boyfriend is right, she’s just jealous of you. It’s hard not to stoop down with her level but sometimes you just can’t avoid it.

Well, goodluck girl.

Aw. She really does sound like a bitch. I am sure she is just jealous. It does not bode well, though. She IS your boyfriend’s sister, after all. My sister doesn’t like my boyfriend’s sister, but it does not trouble me that much.
I hope you get over it. ♥

I know! I read twilight just when the movie came out. A month later, it was all the rage. Irritating as hell. The movies aren’t really good, unless you like looking Robert Pattinson suck blood and Bella cry because there is a lot of that in there. I hated Kristen Stewart as Bella. Kristen is beautiful but terrible as Bella.

Oh, I swear to God, it was creepy as hell. At least the rituals did not involve animal blood or such. I would have flipped out then. I am reading a lot about African history right now, and I find it morbidly fascinating. It is like a totally different planet out there. D: D: D:

I like the colors of my layout too, but somebody told me to set the layout in the center. Since my screen is small, it appears in the center, but when I got a screenshot from her, it was horribly set at the left. I am thinking of fixing it.

Oh, I fixed that part. Thanks a ton for looking at it, though. I appreciate it, especially when I know you’re so busy. :)

My mom is a very social person, directly the opposite of me. She loves going out and partying. I’d rather stay home alone and read a good book with a nice drink. Ditto my dad and sister. So, she often goes out, sometimes as long as three days at her cousin’s wedding, and it is quiet in here. A whole day mom stays at home and we get on each other’s nerves.

I guess I would probably be dead now without the e-books. Most of the books don’t release in India, especially in the paranormal genre for the first time writers, and when they do, it takes months, sometimes years. I don’t have a bookstore near my house. I get a chance to visit the one in the next city only about once/twice a month. In this case, internet is like the best thing ever discovered on the face of earth.

LOL, wow. Honestly? Wtf is that girl’s problem. She clearly is just jealous, and it’s quite funny. I’m glad you didn’t let it get to you, because you are nothing even close to a slut, or an ugly cow. It makes me laugh how immature she is 😝

You should go! While they are scary, it’s fun too. Just be careful of bugs, because I’m pretty sure they make sure that bats and such don’t go in, but bugs are hard to keep out of the wilderness xD haha. We say many giant spiders >.<

Thank you, so much for your comment <3 I was tearing up while reading it ♥

I know that I should have danced with him, but I honestly just didn't want to be near him at that time. He spent the whole night avoiding me when I wasn't even pissed, when he could have just asked me if I was and solved everything. But instead, he just kept leaving.

He says they're just little things that pisses him off about me. But really, you're picking at me because of little things like I don't like birds? How in the hell does that affect our relationship at ALL? He said so many more things, stuff he didn't even KNOW SHIT about (like what I do at work, what I do online). There are little things about him that bug me, but you don't see me listing them off and saying that it's going to make the relationship not work. If he is honestly iffy about a relationship because of those things, he's going to have a hard time finding someone if we do end up breaking up.. She's going to have to be PERFECT, and nobody is. I'm not perfect, but I'll keep trying.. 'cause that's what I said I would do from the start. (Hedley ftw)

He wasn't still hanging on. Before he even said that he didn't love me, he told me that he didn't think it would work, and such. But I was still fighting for it, and then his mind changed. And then it changed back and forth and back and forth all night.

Idk if he means them or not. Honestly, I don't believe that if you love someone one day you can just STOP the next day. Yeah, people divorce because they fall out of love.. but that's over months/years, not overnight. So I kinda think he just doesn't WANT to love me to make it easier if we did break up, but the fact that he believes it still hurts. ANd if he doesn't, then I don't think he ever did at all.

It is going to take a lot of work. As much as I just want it to go back to normal, I'm not going to just let all of the things he said slide. It's gonna take a lot to get it back to how it was before and I'm not going to just jump into bed with him to have him just change his mind again. And I don't want him to change his mind based on whether or not I'm willing to have sex. He didn't get pissed that I refused, which I'm happy about.. but it still made me feel like he only wanted sex, so he's not getting it until I know for sure that that's not all he's after.

He did suggest that we had a break, but he was always the one to say he hated breaks. So for now, we're together. In a few days it'll be back to normal (I'm assuming), but if in a week or so he's still confused about whether or not he loves me, then I might just say okay, then I'm done. As much as I love him, I'm not gonna put myself in a situation where I just keep getting hurt over and over again.

Thank you again, so much ♥ *giant hugs*

Haha, it’s like she’s about 12. It’s completely insane; why would you steal her handbag anyway? I think James is probably right, it sounds a lot like jealousy. Because you’re so awesome and she’s clearly a 12-year-old who cannot type. :3

I agree with Catherine, people really do use the word slut far too much, even when it’s clearly not true or there’s no proof. It’s used so often that it’s practically meaningless now, which is rubbish when I want to use it as a serious insult. XD

Another “sister” problem. Wow, we’re tuned today. ^^”

I’m more and more shocked at people’s stupidity nowadays. She might indeed be jealous because her brother’s got a girlfriend (sisters can be jealous of their brothers, yeah), or because she’s single… but whatever it is, she’s got no right to throw the fault on you and accusing you of being a thief.

If that’s the kind of person she is, then it’s good that the two of you never went beyond a simple ‘hello’. XD Annoying person she is… I hope she’s going to mature ASAP, because such a foolish behaviour by an adult is a real shame. I would hide in a hole if I was her.. >.<

P.S. sorry, perhaps I exaggerated with this comment :P I guess that’s because I’m pissed already, and highly untolerant of annoying people.

Way to go Georgina! I really like yor attitude. :) It is a good example because I have a hard time bouncing back from something like that. It is better for me just to forget the whole experience.
I hope James’ sister grows up. And people stop calling you names! :)
I’m glad you don’t judge me for what I believe. That actually feels really nice. :D

My friends and I have actually prank-called several people we knew before. Someone pretended to be an angry woman yelling in Spanish, another being a school administrator, someone acting like a loan shark demanding money, and I pretended to be a scout for Miss America. XD

I would just laugh at that girl. She’s acting up rudely and really immature just because of a lost handbag. I can’t believe that she’s James’ older sis.
You could secretly videotape her when she’s talking to you like a brat, and then show it to her so she can see what a princess she is. ;)

Personally, I don’t even like handbags or purses. I don’t carry that much stuff.

Hey, I feel your pain. I once was called a VERY mean thing, and then they started crying after the bus driver got her into trouble. Shouldn’t I be the one crying?

Well, have a good day.

Haha I’m not too bothered by it now. I’m sure you had a laugh after that incident – they were clearly the ones in the wrong. It’s funny what people do after someone of authority comes along. :P

James’s sister, eh? What the hellll! How could such a nice guy (James) have such a mean sister (no offense).
I can’t believe she accused you of stealing her handbag, i’m pretty sure you have far better taste than her and therefore have no need to steal her handbag.

LOL fail. She’s just a walking contradiction! Some people, eh! And eheh, Sebby is a wise one and you two seem like rather good friends, but i’m glad you went against his advice LOLOL. Sorry, but if I were in your situation I would have too.

Some people are so amusing, rofl. She wants to sue for defamation? Oh my fkn god :l. That kind of reminds me of this one time in year nine, Matt in my class chucked like this 1cm x 1cm bit of paper in our S&E teacher’s hair and she didn’t know who did it and told us all that she could have the cops come in and lay charges against the culprit LOL. She wasn’t joking, she’s one of those people who are dead serious. But lucky you have Lilian to cover your back~! I reckon she’ll make a great, hyper, lawyer XD!

That example is so hilarious, and yet so true and as you said; stupid. People should learn the facts before they go throwing about false claims. And you and James are definitely :3 ROFL n__n

That’s why we love you Georgie, for your resilience and ability to laugh at trollz. I can’t believe people would call you a paedophile though, that’s just fucking stupid and immature, they obviously lack basic comprehension of the english language. But still, ‘PSWA’ that fails. If people are going to bitch about you, or make shit up, then they should at least make it something believable and not hilariously pathetic bs :l

You know? I love how often you blog, I love reading your blogs lmao. Trust me, despite my lack of commenting; I check your site nearly every time I’m online /hehe

AND yes! You were indeed one of the few who wished me a happy birthday! *GLOMPS* Thank you again for that :3

Haha yeah, I’m a bit silly like that; having to explain myself a lot of the times.. I guess I just don’t want people to misinterpret what I say or anything. Plus the WWW is the home to many from everywhere i guess XD

Lol! Thank you, though my attendance is farked now, thanks to everything that has happened during March. But it’s okay, the school knew about my situation. And yeah, I remember talking about the differences between our grading systems and such on msn :P

Aw Georgie !~ hahaha, your inner geek is showing. I guess it is good in the sense that I only have one day of biology a week, but it’s bloody tiring eh. Like by the last hour, we’ve all pretty much given up (even the teacher)! haha.

Oh god! Tell me about it LOL. Douglas’o’phile is so freaking weird and ugh, frustrating. Lmao, I don’t know why he took it so personally; I was just telling then truth. Surely as a teacher of 10+ years you would assume he could handle the honest truth. /hmph
LOL *hugs* naw, well I have that affect on teachers, haha. Lmao, it was good though; due to his lack of knowledge and experience of dealing with me he didn’t know whether my innocence was genuine or not. Boo yah!

Yeah man, god you’re probably the busiest person I know (no offense ♥ ) ! Like I seriously do not know how you do it all, it’s inspiring man /faw ! Not only the balancing of all your life’s priorities; but constantly having the motivation and drive to do everything accordingly. It’s just like.. woah – that girl is superhuman! *insert superhuman emoticon here* oh wait, this one will do /pow hahaha

LOL so true. I could say ‘you’re a farking biitch’ to your face, although it would hold absolutely no truth behind it, even my award winning acting skills (LOLFAIL) couldn’t fool ya, in no way could I deliver that line convincingly hehe! Actually, no I couldn’t say it. I would be laughing too much! Georgie, a bitch? SO IMPOSSIBLE IT’S HILARIOUS ! ♥ /hehe

;o you mean when people changed in year 11 and 12 for you, that none of them changed for the worse? All the changes I’ve seen in my peers has been negative, it sucks.

;o Really? Well in my opinion, if they haven’t even bothered their lazy selves to try get in touch with you then they shouldn’t be considered friends /hmph I mean you have far better friends than them anyway, like James, Lilian, Ryan and everyone else – like us, your online buddies (i fail with names :x)

Aw man! I want to come to Sydney just as bad as you want to visit Perth! I’ve heard so much about Sydney /faw Everyone says that Perth doesn’t even begin to compare to it *cries* haha. Oh and Grum? Yeah! I follow him on tumblr, or I used to. Well I’ve heard of him anyway (plus I’ve seen you RT his tweets and stuff). Never seen him around the area though, haha. Although I think he lives directly in the heart of Perth, I live in a suburb which is about 40 minutes away by car.

LOL aww. Let’s swap parents for a day. I think you’d go mad with my Dad’s hoovering and his general, overall annoying/embarrassing mannerisms. My Mum’s cool though (H). Gosh I respect Asians. I don’t know, just a thought; but you don’t generally hear of many divorces involving Asians – this could just be due to my lack of knowledge though. I don’t know, just I reckon that Asians would take marriage a bit more seriously / recognize it’s importance more than a lot of other races. I don’t know though XD

Oh, haha that’s cool! Do you all speak English? Or do you and Brandon talk to your parents in Indonesian or Chinese? (Sorry if I’m being too invasive, I’m just curious haha – I wish I knew a second language.. besides double dutch or pig latin haha).

LOL *bows* being scottish isn’t so great sometimes though, everyone stereotypes us a rangas who wear kilts and play the bagpipes. /angry hahah :P

Oh wow, you must search better than me. Seriously, I had searched every phrase pertaining to the help topic I thought possible.

Yeah, oh well – placing in the top scores is a great achievement in its self :) NameCheap’s contests are always so generous.

LOL, i will join you and we shall both O____O to people who do not like Spirited Away. It’s so gorgeous ♥ first time I watched it was on SBS lmao! XD

True, haha. I still believe the 80s to be cool! Well it’s cool to us anyway (H) LOL.

Yeah, formspring is officially f*cked. I tried posting anonymously from my phone too, whilst I was in Perth. No freaking luck. It would be funny if one day you just logged in and had about 212991 questions all from me hahah!

I want to start commenting others and blogging more often, I miss talking to you and everyone frequently :( !

When you first mentioned the handbag, I read it wrong and thought you were saying headbang. I read over it like three times and was so confused. “What’s a headbang?” I pictured you and James’s sister headbutting each other and then her falling backwards on the floor. Only after a few more times of reading it did I realize you had said “handbag.” /hehe

Wow. She insulted her own handbag. When she finds it again and starts carrying it around, you’ll have a comeback.

It’s great that she was creeping in her brothers room. She went to all that trouble just to insult you. At least you know that she made herself look bad.

I lost a book I borrowed from the library. I’m going to go blame my friend that has been in California all week for taking it. Since that makes perfect sense.

I would be mad as well. In fact, I would be furious. I hope everything works out or at least gets a little better for you. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your sister in-law to hate you.

Thank! Now I have three votes. I’m still winning.

I’ve been lazy for the past couple of days. That’s probably why I’ve had boring days. I should get outside and run or something. I think I’ve gained a couple of pounds. XD

I told my friend to read some of the tutorials on w3 schools so she could actually learn some things about CSS and XHTML but I don’t think she did. I’m a terrible teacher so it’s kind of hard to help her out sometimes but it’s completely worth it. She has a lot of fun with it.

So it’s decided. We will rebel against Firefox spell check and spell it grey.

Wow, is she really that immature and stupid? Is she really this worked up over a stupid handbag? A handbag that she thinks is UGLY anyway? I swear, some people are just so irrational. I just don’t understand why somebody who lost a handbag they don’t like would go to their brother’s girlfriend, who they haven’t ever spoken to, and blame her. It just makes NO SENSE.

I’m not really a big fan of Megan Fox either, but there’s a decent amount of people who were and I was looking for ideas (this was awhile ago btw) so decided to make some graphics featuring her. Same thing with the color schemes. I don’t use them, I think I have maybe once, but other people do. So I added those as well. :]

Ehh, my childhood was the worst but it wasn’t really pleasant either. I was mentally abused by my father, and still am, but it could have been worse, ya know?

:O what a BITCH!! Those are the kinds of people I enjoy punching…I mean, what the hell is their problem? Though I don’t know you personally — face-to-face — you don’t strike me as the “stealing” type. Wow. Jeez. I can’t believe someone would say that crap. I have been called a slut — and numerous other names :/ — but I end up saying something rude back. I don’t take insults well…nor do I respond in a calm manner. My dad has told me as long I pick a fight but don’t throw the first punch, but the second, and win, he doesn’t care if I fight xD. Woo dad! Lmao.

Jeez, Georgina, write a book for me to read ;)? Haha :P.

Well, I can say I know absolutely nothing about Australia…or anything outside US lands xD. I should probably start learning something or other about my heritage lands, but I find it boring and rather dull. Sooo…no, unless it is required at school, I’ll pass :). Lmao.

Bees only scare me because I hate pain, and it is painful to be stung by a bee D: So I try avoiding them at all costs…but they like water and are frequent flyers around pools :/.

I think they would hospitalize you if you were stung in the eye/on the eyelid. I’m sure it could effect your vision in a very bad way :/.

My feet are fine, thank goodness! LOL :). And I agree: if someone is that afraid of something, they should help and not laugh :/. It is rude and kind of insulting…

I am afraid of the dark as well! :O I can’t watch horror movies either :/. Of any kind. I’m home by myself sometimes, and it scares me because I don’t like being alone…in the dark, or just in the house. The dark is unknown, which is why I don’t like it.

Las Vegas has very bipolar weather, which I really hate and cannot stand. :| LOL, I have wanted to move to either London or Australia since 6th grade!

I go on the computer everyday, but I’ve been absorbed in my fanlisting collective…which has become a very addicting thing :P. LMAO. So I’ve sort of forgotten about Retro Circus. But I finally got off my lazy ass and returned comments :). So sorry for the late reply!

Guys can be such…kids :|. Sometimes they’re not even worth the trouble. I love the single life :D. But if you’re with someone you love, I can understand hating the single life. But they’re wonderful years and I know I’ll cherish them :).

I think David Tennant is worth meeting :). I love him, in an absolutely straight and non-idolising way. :D. It’s like Twilight-obsessed fans loving Robert Pattinson…I just love David Tennant! My mom says it’s the accent xD.

I’m sorry I didn’t reply to everything in your comment. We’re both busy, and I’ve written a book myself here :). LOL. Thanks for reading though xD. I love writing comments back to people, but I tend to get a little winded…

Wow, that’s absolutely horrible! D: I just don’t understand how a grown woman could talk to someone like that. People really need to learn some manners. Anyways, hopefully, someday, the two of you will find a way to make up and get past this little spat. All the best of luck! :D

I was kind of like that with the sister’s friends – I wouldn’t say anything, and I was a uber!bitch. I was going through a lot at the time, and took it out on them. It was wrong, needless to say, but in a way I can see where she’s coming from (not talking to you, that is), as it looked like I was the biggest bitch in the world, and I meant no hard feelings towards them!

HOWEVER. I never, not once, blamed them for me losing something, snooped into the sister’s shit, or even called people names. That’s low, and it’s stunning how much people have diarrhea of the mouth when it comes to insults. It’s not classy, and you’ll be the last one laughing. ;)

that is extremely immature but what can you do: some people are what others call dumbasses. Don’t be surprised, it’s that simple lol.

Hopefully she matures as she ages though. I remember stupid conversations and opinions I used to have so my only hope is that she recognizes the stupidity of this jealously.

But it looks like you’re good. Go on about ya life :) that’s all you can do

That’s a little over the top of James’ sister. I would be really angry if someone did that to me, although I’d probably not be as calm as you were about it. And why would she care so much if it’s “yucky”? Gah. /argh That’s what would piss me off. She was probably just angry at someone or feeling insecure and felt that being a bitch would make her feel better. Or she was just in the mood to be a bitch.
It seems like people crave drama to make their lives more like something they see on the totally real world of television.
I admire your attitude about the whole situation. I would be upset for more than a day. /poo
As far as worms go, I’ve never been bothered too much by them (although I’m a bit disturbed by the mating thing…) growing up with a bunch of guys in my family who love fishing. My dad used to pay me for getting them, but now my brother can find them without ripping them apart. I also don’t really care about spiders. I mean, I freak out a little when they crawl on me because I don’t want to kill them (especially if they’re big. I always picture guts and… ew. Plus, what did they do to me except make me feel ridiculously girly?) but I have no desire for them to be crawling on me.

Mmmm, it’s really bad that she acts like that. I can understand how mad you are, though if she’s really like, I’d just ignore her – in the sense that when she’s being a bitch, and as far as she doesn’t directly hurt you or those you care about, just freaking ignore her.

Remember how I told you, don’t worry about people you don’t care about? It’s something like that. Don’t let people like her bring you down or piss you off – they’re not worth your time ^__^

She’s so annoying! /argh I actually wish I didn’t feel this way, because I feel mean. But then again, it’s still something to laugh about. Oh well, I’m hoping she grows up soon. :P

I used to get easily annoyed and hurt by people’s remarks, never mind who they are, but there are better things to worry about and even think about. :)

I’m not one to judge a person because I don’t know their background, but blaming you for losing her handbag is absolutely NUTS!!! /pow I’d like to see her come across this website, and /pow right in the kisser see all these comments written about her. I’d laugh my head off. I mean seriously. She’s older than James, and yet she by what it sounds like acts like a 12 year old little girl. Meh. Is all I can say.

I hate people who are immature, and get away with it. You don’t deserve to be beaten up Georgie! Hell; no one does and over what? A freaking HAND BAG!

People really need to get a life of their own and just chill. I’m done.

Your bf’s sister sounds like an idiot. What made her think that you wold even take anything that belonged to her in the first place? I bet she just wanted someone to blame it on, because she probably lost it in the first place.

She sounds like /poo and she probably acts like /poo

I wouldn’t even give her a second thought.

I’ve got no idea, considering I have barely spoken more than a word with her. She found her bag in the end, which just makes me laugh. I’d understand if she took it out on James but… me? What the hell did I do? LOL.

Oh well, it’s not bothering me anymore; I’m just laughing it off. :D

Puberty is a phase. It does not give anyone a reason to be mean. My brother used to do that sometimes, but he was never that bad. That is the worst part. That you may be related to her, I mean.
Since I live in a joint family, fights often break out in my house, and I hate it. I just want to pull a pillow over my head so that I do not hear them shouting at each other and threatening to move out. I love my cousins. I don’t even refer to them as cousins anymore. It would be like my dad moved out, or my mom. So, I think I am especially sensitive to family feuds. I hate them. /wah

Yep, as soon as I am done replying to comments and messages, I am going to center the layout.

I hated Kristen as Bella too. She has such an inexpressive face. In fact, I hated the whole Bella character, She seems too needy. Always groveling and not a shred of self-respect.
But Kristen and Rob Pattinson do look really hot together sometimes. I prefer Jake to her. Taylor Lautner has a hot bod.

Yes, I know. Some people think Indian rituals are crazy. And they are not always wrong. But since I have grown up with them, I am used to them and don’t find them crazy. I guess ditto would be the case with those African tribes I am studying. There is a tribe in Nagaland which slits the throat of its enemy and eat its head for lunch.
Sorry. Don’t throw up.

Yep, sometimes I become so sick of my country that I would trade my soul for living somewhere else. But hey, it is my country, and nationalism is a hard thing to get rid of. I love it and I am proud to be an Indian. I often think of completing my higher studies somewhere abroad, though. Harvard. Hah. But that is just my day-dreaming.
Even if by some weird weird luck I got in, my parents would never be able to afford it.
Indonesia is India’s neighbor. One of my friends lived in Indonesia for two years. She didn’t say anything bad about it. But it is true. Imagining yourself living somewhere else is tough. Our lives would have turned out so differently then. And for the good or the bad…who knows?

It’s no trouble! You can just return the comment and not comment on the post, if that would make things easier. :) I feel to lazy having to read a post sometimes. :P

Yeah. I’ve just noticed one thing, though. She only acts… bitchy? Yeah, let’s go with that one. When my other friend comes with us to lunch. I think that other friend of mine is a bad influence.

Ugh, yeah! Whenever I have to research something on the net I always feel tempted to log in to Twitter. :P But yeah, studies is more important.

Haha. We weren’t able to watch Eclipse. I’m going to watch it next week instead with my cousin. I watched the inauguration instead. It’s history, I can’t buy it on DVD. XD

Thank you! I’m so nervous. I hope I don’t embarrass myself. :P


Wooow. That’s really rude. You’ve barely spoken a word to her and she blames YOU?

Pfft, how lame and immature.

Ha, yeah! If ever she wants to sue you, you can just call on your best friend Lillian!

I read that she found her bag already. Did she say anything to you when she found it?

What a lovely human being *sarcasm*

My exes sister didn’t like me because I took her brother away and they were close. You’re stepping into her territory and that totally threatens her … just keep being you, in the end her actions will be noticed by someone she doesn’t want noticing them.

Considering I’ve not said more than a “hello” to her, I wouldn’t even call it stepping into her territory, and I wouldn’t say she’s close to my boyfriend either.

Ugh, what a bitch. OMG. She called you a “slut” and “ugly cow”? And wow, she’s the older one.. D: That’s just so ridiculous, And apparently she didn’t even like the bag. That’s just so…immature, rude, mean and a lot of other things.

LOL, that really sort of made me laugh. Don’t you know, when you lose an ugly handbag that you don’t like, you get into your brother’s room, and then abuse his girlfriend of stealing your bag using HIS account on HIS computer, and then call her names like an immature 6-year-old.

I’m sure James is right. She must be jealous of the two of you.

OMG thanks a lot! I would like to use that domain, and the name is really nice too. But I would feel sort of bad using it. I’ll make sure to try to pay you back some day. :)

LOL I often do that! And mostly I spill water too. :P I guess I’m just too lazy to take the time and pour the water carefully. XD I agree with you; it wasn’t really my fault that I keep on knocking off things. Clumsiness just cannot be helped. And it just sucks. I guess I will have to just stick with my plan of staying away from disasters, like Lilian. :P

LOL she wasn’t. She kept on shouting and glaring at me but later she actually ended up laughing. :D
My mom too. But this time she wasn’t THAT mad, thankfully. She only kept on glaring at me while cleaning the floor. :P

That’s nice. My phone has a case that is really weak, actually. It belonged to my sister and she used it for nearly 4 years. It had stopped working but my mom fixed it, but still it has weird problems. Every time I drop it it either freezes or restarts or something.

I’m glad things are better now. :) At least she didn’t stay mad for long. It’s really nice that you are trying not to make her angry. I try, and fail. :(

Yeah. Chatting with online friends is always a fun thing. :D I hope we get to talk more on MSN in the future. We don’t chat much. :)

I chat mostly to my offline friends too. I constantly chat every time I’m on the computer. Someone always is there talking to my on Yahoo or MSN. It’s really nice that even when we don’t see each other, we can talk so much.

Yeah, printing is really expensive. I always keep every photograph that I take, though I mostly delete the ones of myself. :P Photographs mean a lot to me. All of them are full of memories and it’s so nice when I see them after a while. <3

LOL yes it was! :D

I like almost all the songs from her album Under My Skin. I only listen to Keep Holding On, Innocence and When You're Gone from her latest album. The other songs are not really that good. The songs from Let Go are also really nice.

Yeah. I think my next layout is also going to have brown in it. :P Hopefully not. I'll probably get tired of brown very soon. xD

Me too! I can never understand how book authors can write so much, even after thinking up good plots and such. I would really love to complete at least one novel, but I'm too impatient even to complete short stories. :P I usually never edit my poems either. I note my mistakes and can write a better one. But stories are just really hard to write.

LOL. I need to do that too. :P

From what you posted, I can honestly say that, if you didn’t mention that she was you’re boyfriend’s older sister, I probably would’ve thought that she was 12; 13, maybe. It all just seems so childish to me with all the name calling and false accusations.

I sometimes doubt my faith, though I try to avoid those types of thoughts.

I’ve never actually believed that saying either until now; it’s just like everything bad in my life just suddenly got better, all at the same time. It made me grateful for everything I’ve gone through, no matter how good or bad.

Yeah that’s true. I know, I also think it’s a shame when a girl shows affection with a guy, people think they are couple. I know, but in most cases occur. I’m glad you liked my blog, and you identify with what I wrote in my blog 👏

I understand. I said because something similar happened to me on one occasion, and these signs can be confusing and indicate that you want something more than friendship. That’s right.

Some people think so. Luckily my parents didn’t think so. It’s great to talk with your ex-boyfriends. I agree with you, Georgina :)

I guess it’s something nice. What you say is true, but unfortunately people always think the opposite to what it is.

That’s what I think, it isn’t about how many people visit your site but the people who do visit. It’s better quality than quantity. It is better to have few friends online who are close, which 10000 friends that aren’t close. That’s true.

I’m glad you feel much better. We must always focus on the positive, because otherwise we tend to demoralize us.

It’s a shame that your parents had to throw away the camera they used. But I guess that was the best, since it was broken and not working.

I understand :)

It’s an annoying situation. She sounds like a rude and inmature girl. It’s really bad that she acts so, just because she have lost her handbag.

She has no reason to hate you. I think you should try to avoid it, but I guess it’s hard because it is the sister of your boyfriend.

You know so I think she’s jealous that you are with your brother, and she is single.

Immaturity isn’t at odds with age. There are many people over 20 who are totally immature even when at that age already must have matured.

The best thing to do is to disregard what it says about you.

I should’ve done that. :O That’s such a great idea, getting people to sign a guitar.

Yeah, but they ignored me. I didn’t want to tell Amy about the things that were being said behind her back, since I didn’t want her feelings to get hurt.

I’ve never used a payphone. =)) Never.

Did she apologize to you?

I just don’t like carrying extra weight me.

Haha thanks for the heads up! Yeah I saw Charice perform “I will always love you” and “Note To God”, it was either on abc, Good Morning America, or on Oprah. I can’t remember which but it was so long ago. So yeah.

Yeah I know now not to jump into a swimming pool on an empty stomach or on a stomach that just had two tylenol go down. Haha. Oh well; live and learn I guess.

Yup Disneyland again…I’ll have to buy a ticket but it’ll only cost me $45.00 because I have an annual passholder thingy, and we’re going on a black out date. I called down there just to make sure. But yeah, I’ll have a sweet time with Hillary and her mom. We all three like each other and are very good friends. So I can’t wait. She’s coming out here on the 25th of this month and we’re going to Disneyland on the 28th. I’m assuming because she said that we’re going on a wednesday after she gets out here. I’ll be taking a lot of pictures so watch out for them. I feel bad for actually ‘copying’ Tiff’s idea for gallery, but I like it. I might change it though…

Well that isn’t very nice of her. But I think James is right in saying that she’s really just jealous of you. (:

Or maybe she just sensed in the one “hello” that you gave her that you absolutley cannot stand her and hate her to the ends of the earth? Because you know… people can get that from one word. (:

Just joking. (: She sounds like she has… problems.

We don’t have world history here, thank GOD. Otherwise I’m sure that I’d be failing every single year. xP

In general, MP3 players suck. I love mine, but it took me all of two years to figure out how to smoothly get iTunes songs onto it. And it’s starting to run out of room… blahh. ):

OH! XD I wanted to do this about someone about a week ago, but I told me self to grow up otherwise the drama would get worse. /um But is was very tempting. /bounce

I don’t know her and I am not very sure I want to say anthing. The only thing I can say is you definitly do not deserve that attitude and that she has no right to do any of that. People who do that can be so agitating though. /pow

I of couse forgot where we left off last. 😳 Sorry for such late replies. It isn’t the internet that is annoying me it is my mom, signing me up to do all this stuff. /angry No summer time to my self. I might just explode. 💥

Oh my gosh, I totally hate people like that, they bug me to no end. You’re nothing but nice, or say nothing to them, and they go off and say you’re the worst person ever. Seriously, that’s just harsh. At least you’re being the better person and laughing it off, that’s always good. (: Don’t let it get to you too much! Someone like that isn’t worth worrying over.

I am getting the hang of things, mostly! Haha, it’s just a bit tedious replying to comments and getting my site out there, haha.

Haha, oh my goodness, I went on this really crazy spinning coaster one twice in a row, that was the worst idea ever. And one called “Hurler” right after I ate, yeah, that wasn’t a good idea. I think I should have waited a bit. xD

IT’S JEALOUSY, I TELL YOU! SHE’S JEALOUS OF YOUR AWESOME FASHION (geeky joke t-shirts, those awesome guitar pick necklaces, etc.) AND WANTS TO TRY AND… I don’t know. Put you down? :D

How old is she? I mean, I could understand if she’s younger than 14, but, honestly, that’s just damn immature.
Defamation? Yeah right.

Ahhh, I hope he comes clean, too, but, in reality, the thing I hope for the most is a personality transformation. I don’t want the angry, violent, stubborn, arrogant, ignorant older brother I used to tease for being shorter than me during our toddler years.

Yeah, yeah, I’m a good girl for doing almost all the cleaning. It gives me something to do, and I enjoy the progress. :D

If anything, I’ve gained weight. I haven’t done anything for the past few days. I really gotta get back into it. DX

Scott Westerfeld is one of my favourite authors. His books always give me a nice look on reality. :D

It’s not much of a number when they start asking for porn, and then say you have to wait until you’re 18 to physically be around them. Rahh…

You’ve got a brilliant friend in Lilian. The number of capatilized sentences in her comment – she’s awesome :3

Back to your blog, this girl sounds like a bitch… She’s just jealous – because her younger brother is so much more mature (and awesome) than her, and has an awesome girlfriend.

I like James’ explanation of it. Very funny.

Anyhow, I think the best way you could get back at her would just to be really, unreasonably nice to her from now on. I’ve tried it, and it’s the best way to irritate someone who dislikes you because they can hardly accuse you of being too nice to them. And if they do… it’s pretty funny XD

I have to agree, undoubtedly. It was the first thing I noticed about her comment, in fact! :P

I know James and his sister don’t get along so well, but it shocks me how immature she was… is… but yeah, definitely. I got snappy, but I’m just going to be really nice to her next time I encounter her. Ouch, I know, but a good ol’ slap in her face.

yeah the dress shopping part was actually pretty crazy. i didnt find it enjoyable like i thought i would haha.

oh my thats so weird that she’s blaming you for the handbag she lost :/ sounds like one of those evil in-law family you see on TV! it sucks how she acts like that…

Hello again!! I’m incredibly bad with keeping up with my blog these days, haha.

What a complete bitch. It’s awful when someone accuses you of something you haven’t done. At least you have Lillian!! Haha. I love it when people say their gonna sue someone for something so small. They sound ridiculous!!

Hope things get better between you. Either that or you just stop talking at all like before. Then you’re still able to bake cookies in the future. I think lots of people have trouble with in-laws anyway, but usually it’s the mother.