Smells Like Teen Spirit

They say smell is the sense most closely linked to memory. I suppose that’s why I miss the smells of certain things, and some of them linger in my thoughts for quite some time.

I mean, it’s quite regularly that I’m walking through university buildings with my friends or through a shopping centre with friends, only to have one of them blurt out, “I smell food!”

And instantly, that makes you want food… of sorts. It must be the feeling of realising that you haven’t eaten for a while, or you suddenly recall that you are craving something completely out-of-the-blue like strawberry pudding, or you rack at your brain trying to remember what the heck that smell is.

It probably doesn’t help that smell is so closely linked to memory. More often than not, we walk through dirty streets or public areas, thinking of saying to the friend we’re walking with: Something smells funny. Yet instead, what comes of our mouth is something a little more coarse than expected, and a little more loudly, we grunt, “Something smells like shit“.

Right now my hair smells of hairspray. I didn’t wash my hair today because I washed it not too many days ago. I hate hairspray but my mum wanted to do my hair nicely this morning. We were going to the shops and market, and she decided to put makeup on my face as well. 😰

I really don’t like makeup. Sometimes for special occasions I’ll accept it and wear it, but otherwise, I hate it. I rub my eyes a lot during the day, and heck, sometimes I even sleep on the train or on public transport (yes, my sleeping patterns are that gonked). If I had eye makeup on, I’d forget and I would just rub my eyes. I find makeup to be inconvenient.

I don’t mind; my mum’s a beauty consultant and she does gorgeous makeup! :) But I’m really just not a makeup girl right now. My mum says it’ll all change when I get a bit older. I guess I got really turned off by excessive makeup on some teenage girls, not to mention all those girls wearing it in high school. Was that even necessary?!

On the home front, things are going alright. I whinged at my mum this morning, told my dad I was too tired to go to church (I was more lazy than tired, because I’d just gotten home from the markets with Mum when it was time to leave for church at night), but none of them screamed at me or hit me, which was a relief. I need to keep the levels on my complaining/whinging meters down.

My brother’s computer crashed, so my dad’s going to take it for repairs soon. He recently installed new games so that might be the problem – but the keyboard and mouse refuse to connect to the hard drive and Windows won’t start up. :(

Tomorrow is James’s and my 29 months. ♥️ And today, happy birthday to Ben Jorgensen, my freaking idol. :P /faw

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Well howdy! I’ll start it off with a greeting, too! :D

Gonna admit this, but taste is one of the things I associate most with memories. I think it’s because my sense of smell isn’t as strong. Well, neither is my taste… or my eyesight. Damn.
Touch and hearing! Those are my strongest!
Actually, I think it’s hearing that I connect with memories. Whenever I’m studying, I somehow connect the music to the study notes. Whenever I listen to Hilary Duff, I’m reminded of science, Atreyu is art history, and Backstreet Boys is math.

Makeup is an inconvenience. Takes so much time to put on, then you gotta worry about it, and, ugh, it’s just… An inconvenience!
Aside from not even owning any makeup, it was the girls at school who turned me off it. I mean, one day, I was up-close with one of the “pretty” girls, and her face was freaking orange. No lie. It was orange, and you could see the border of makeup against her natural skin.

Not a good idea to whine and complain all the time, but it’s great you weren’t punished for it. ♥

MEMORY OVERDRIIIIIVE! He probably killed it with the games.

Wow, 29 months?! Impressive, I suppose.

There were people that couldn’t go only because they’re going off to camps. My best friend is leaving for eight weeks to camp either today or tomorrow. D: Then there were others with family get-togethers. Such a shame.

I would have DIED from heatstroke. Canada used to be milder in the summer! Why is it nearly 30*C now!? D:
I should move to some cold European country when I’m done school…

Over Christmas holidays/winter break (which is 2 weeks off near Christmas. I find it unfair for people with other/no religious holidays.) I complained so much and hated it. I just hate being stuck at home all the time without a routine. :

It reminds me of the time when I was a little kid. On the last day of school, everyone would sign on the back of my shirt. I still have it and it still fits me, but that’s because I accidentally ordered an Adult size back then. Most of the ink wore off, though.

I feel guilty for not telling her. My other friend, Lauren, already knows that she was being made fun of, and she started acting a little bitchy towards them.

The payphone had brought you two back together…lol.

That was probably expected of her.


I love smelling things, as long as it smells good. I have this thing with smelling people when I’m happy. My friends tell me that it’s a bit creepy. Like, whenever I hug someone, I can’t help but sniff them. One time I hugged someone and told them that they smelled like my refrigerator. =))

I don’t wear makeup either. I have tried it one before, but it felt weird. I think the only thing that I’m actually comfortable with is eyeliner, but not too much. I’ve seen girls who put on way too much eyeliner.

Congrats on another month of being together with James. :)

I doubt I’m the second comment but I’m going to say it anyway, SECOND COMMENT! w00t! :) If I actually am the second comment, I will be SHOCKED. 0.0 Lol. :)

Hey! How ya’ been, Georgina? I know I’ve asked for your help on MSN but I haven’t asked you how you have been in a while. How selfish of me! :/ So, how are you? Got a lot on your plate lately?

Happy bithday BEN! Lol. :)

Congrats on getting to 29 months. :D I’m sure you guys will last a lifetime.

That is so true. That is probably why I tried to eat 4 biscuits yesterday. I smelled them and I instantly wanted them. I ended up not eating all of them and giving the rest to Dante. I also had made pizzas for all of us but I was full so I didn’t get any. There is only some of the second pizza left. & That was the biggest one so I’m not surprised.

Your mom is a beauty consultant?! WOW! I would love it if my mom were a beauty consultant! I’d look gorgeous all day, every day then! :)

I know what you mean about whining. I tend to whine a lot as well. I need to keep that meeter down but I know I’m not so I’m not really trying to. Lol.
I don’t really need the fresh air, I just need the activity with people that are not in my monitor. I couldn’t live like that.

I currently work over time. Lol. I worked 28.3 hours last week (I’m supposed to have only 25 hrs). I would probably scream as well. In time I’m sure you’ll be able to handle more and more, you just have to keep calming yourself down. :)


Okay, then I wont. :)

Yeah, it is so close. It’s already July. CHRISTMAS IN JULY! lol.

Mhm. :) I’m not really doing it out of being nice though. Lol. She is deathly allergic of animals. & My mom and dad force me. If I wouldn’t clean, they would ground me for at least 2 months.

Huh? Lol. I don’t remember what we were talking about? XD

Mhm. I do. & I am more of a “do it to get it done” person. So, doing it first just comes naturally. So, I like to go first. :)

Mhm. You need to get your sleep back on track. It’s bad to have a bad sleeping pattern like yours.

Mhm. Yeah, they should have but they didn’t which sucks. :/

Yeah, it was really hard for me to get mine, so I can’t take mine for granted. I can take the money for granted though. Hahahaha. I love my $9 an hour.

Yeah, it was amazing. :) I have to wait to get a new phone though. It’s the same phone but the one I had didn’t want to charge so we are sending it back and then my mom bought a new version of that phone.


I love it when I smell something that I haven’t smelled in a while and it reminds me of a memory. Like a perfume, it usually reminds me of someone and I’m always like “This smells like *name*” haha!

I usually say that instead of ‘something smells funny”, I often forget myself and don’t mean to say it. XD

Wearing no make up is a lot better than wearing make up, however I wear it everywhere! I love being able to rub my eyes when I have no make up on, but I wear it anyway because I have quite bad skin right now, so I need to cover it…Obviously make up doesn’t help it though! :|

I get what you mean about girls wearing excessive make up though! I wear foundation, which is the same colour as my skin, so I’m not orange like most XD and some mascara, but some people I know plaster themselves! :S

I’m glad things are going okay at home!

Woah, 29 months is a long time! Congratulations. :3

Yeah that’s cool haha. I’d kind of forgot too, I’ve taken a long time to reply this time though. :/

Haha yeah, everyone said that when they first saw the picture. XD

She won’t let me go somewhere 15 minutes away now. :( I’m really getting upset that she doesn’t trust me though, I’ve never done anything irresponsible to make her not trust me!

LOL! Yeah there are times when we’re like, “I remember smelling this before, but I can’t just place my finger on it.” The sense of smell is indeed important because it helps us to determine the state of an object, like whether this food is still good or not or whether this perfume has a moderate pleasant smell or an overpowering smell. :)

Nuuuuuu!! Not makeups! I don’t like them. I mean, I do wear them occasionally but only for special occasions like weddings or interviews. I hate to have blobs of coloured stuff on my face and it is quite a hassle when it comes to removing them. Urgh.

Speaking of wearing makeups to school, I used to have a classmate whom I didn’t quite like (because of her snobbish attitude) who liked to wear makeups (complete with mascara, lipstick and blusher) to lectures/tutorials. As you said, I don’t quite see the point of wearing them to class. I mentioned this once to a friend and the reply I got was, “You never know when you need to rush to an important event and you don’t have time to put on makeups”. I see her point but do you really need to have that lot of makeups on your face? :/

ye my nose is very weird even if i dont smell that smell i crave a certain food.. congrats on tomorrow on ur 29 months.. im opening my site again in couple of months so watch this space

Thank you! And I do wish you good luck opening your site and everything. Good to see you back.

I love your Blogs, I love reading them. :D

Aha, buenas noches. :P

My tastebuds just suck in general. Even if it’s something I’ve never tried before, I won’t be able to taste a lot of it. It’s weird, though, because I need foods that have a lot of flavours to actually like them.

To me, scents are sort of… a luxury. I dunno. They’re just added things that make something else special. Like people! People that smell great are fantastic. :D

30 minutes? That much time? :P
I guess it’ll depend if you need to shower or not…
The shortest time I’ve ever taken to get ready is 15 minutes, with a shower. Pretty proud of that.
Then again, I don’t mind leaving the house with wet hair.

It used to be cold here, but “global warming” is melting us. I suppose it’s colder up north, but where I am, southern Ontario, it’s so hot. DX

Wow, I’ve never heard of “this smells like shit” before. Maybe I have; and never acknowledge it or maybe I did? I dunno.

I’m glad things are going okay at the home front for you! *huggles*

Yeah I definitely learned my lesson not to jump in the pool on an empty stomach with pain killers in it. Lesson well; learned! LMAO!

I got my photoblog back up and running :).. I still need to do the content area. I’m just wondering, how do you do the archives page? If you don’t want to share that’s ok. I’m just asking.

Anyways, as far as the pictures goes; I linked all of them so no copy cat there. I actually thought of what you said way back when I had them, and you said that was a different and unique. So I did just that. :).

I know what you mean about the smells. I hate walking through malls and smelling the food court.. it makes me soooo hungry! haha.

It’s good that things are better with your mom :D & I’m glad that they were okay with you not going to church. It should be your own choice, not theirs.

You should def. go :) Don’t let the bugs scare you off, haha. It’ll most likely be dark anyways so you won’t see too many. As long as you aren’t afraid of the dark (which I kinda am…haha) it’ll be good, plus there’s always flashlights and such.

Him picking at my flaws.. Idk, I feel like that cuold have been just to piss me off so that I’d want to give up and he wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore. And it did piss me off, but I’m not going to let that affect us. I’m not perfect, and he sure as hell isn’t either.. things like me being scared of two animals shouldn’t be enough to break a realtionship. And if he does think that my flaws are too much in the end, then okay.. it’ll be his loss, because he’ll be the one searching for a perfect girl forever.. but he’ll never find one.

That’s what I think too. I know saying this makes me sound like one of those girls who won’t let go of a relationship, but I do think he loves me, or he just never did. If he didn’t, he WOULDN’T keep trying. He wouldn’t have spent the weekend with me, at my family’s trailer. He wouldn’t have agreed to come somewhere with my family next weekend, and we wouldn’t have been talking about what our house would look like if we got married. I do believe that if we were to break up in a week or so, he would realize after that he loved me, and most likely regret it. And then he’d try to make us work out, and what’s the point in us breaking up and getting back together AGAIN when we can just work it out?

I was so hurt when I broke up with him the last time, and it was maybe even worse this time with him saying he didn’t love me.. but I’m still sticking with it. You’re right that it is just hanging there by a thread, and there are so many times a day when I wonder why the hell I’m still holding on, but I believe it can be worked out. It’s like the song ‘Keep Holding On’ by Avril Lavigne.

I’ve still kept my word on refusing. I refused to do ANYTHING sexual at all, even though he was trying so hard. And I’m glad he didn’t get pissed off, though he did keep saying ‘I think I love you’, or even saying he did. I don’t think he was saying it to get me to do things, but it didn’t work either way. It’s just iffy that he’ll always say it when he wants sex, but still doesn’t add it in the goodnight texts, or say it when I do. I know he feels bad when I say it, because he told me he does.. but idk. Nothing’s going to happen sex wise until he figures that out, and even then it’ll take awhile after that.

Thanks again, for everything <3 *big hugs*

i love clothes shopping, shopping in general :P but yeah, i get moody easily so :(

james sister should learn how to communicate you and get to know you since you ARE her brother’s girlfriend and there always a chance you guys will be family!

haha your mom is so cute (: fixing your hair and doing your makeup! something i’d do to my sister when i’m bored :P

when i was in gr8, i saw these high school girls putting on makeup during a CAMPING TRIP. theyre all like ‘it’ll all change when you get into high school’. i guess its true, but i dont put exccessive makeup. i had a phase where i really loved makeup though. i still do, but i dont depend on it.

Ello!! :D It’s been like forever lol. I finally opened my new site today. :D

Hahah very true. When i smell food, i instantly get hungry lol. I do hate it when i smell something bad though. it’s just gross lol.

I like makeup lol. The only one i use is foundation. I don’t eye shadows or anything crap like that lol.

Hahaha happy belated b-day to your idol lol. :D

GEORGINAAAA. Geeze, I think everytime I comment it’s been two months since we’ve talked. O.o I fail. I need to IM you more often. Perhaps you are the antidote to my laziness and my lack of motivation.

So many things to comment on but so little time. A million (more like ten) comments to respond to and a blog to write. GAH, but I’m taking my time with yours, as with everyone else’s. I love reading on everyone’s thoughts, blogs, lives. So here goes my comment as fast as I can type.

Happy 29 months with james!!! What are you planning to do?

And smells.. I like how cookies smell. Oh, which reminds me food and smelling. The other day we had this little taste test thing in my PSAT class. There was regular goldfish (these cracker things) and FLAVOR-BLASTED goldfish. We had to close our eyes and determine which goldfish was which. It was easy right after I smelled them. The flavor-blasted ones smelled super cheddery. SUPER cheddery.

I used to hate make-up. To a certain extent I still do. I guess you can say the reason I wear it is because I don’t like how I look. I need some sort of mask to cover it up. O.o I hate admitting that, but it’s kind of true, and though make-up fails at making me any better looking, I choose to wear it. O.o -Sigh- Such a sad sad confession. And I’m only in high school. I try to avoid wearing pounds of it on my face though. Eyeliner, mascara and some concealer.. that’s usually my daily routine. :P

And then here’s my response to your comment from long long ago, I understand if you don’t recall what we were talking about, but I responded nonetheless.

Hahahahaha, my expression in that picture (the one with my short hair)… somedays I think it looks cute, other days I’m like, I look like I need to go bathroom. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA. That was basically my haircut when I was little. Probably why my mom loves it so much. But it was my decision to cut it this short. She refuses to meddle in that sort of stuff, because she knows I will reject most of her ideas… :P

-Raises hand- I spend SO much on food when I go out with friends. My parents were like, YOU ONLY BOUGHT FOOD? And then my mom got mad at ME because I had spent money for Addy since she didn’t have money (until we went to an ATM). And I was like, she’s paying me back, but my mom was like, look at Addy she knows how to save money. Right, she was the one who bought clothes.. I bought food. In a life/death situation, which one is more important? .. Well I suppose it depends but meh.

Kuya is allowed out, just that one time.. it was stupid.

Gisha? … I feel like that’s the one you used on your layout (I can’t recall the conversation, old comment, me and my forgetfulness.)

Late night conversations. GAH I love them. :D My dad hates them. “GO TO SLEEP”

I’m glad you like my blogs regardless of the no deepness. I miss my deep blogs, I miss writing them. They were my outlet, and I’ve been meaning to use my blog as my outlet again but I .. I don’t know. O.o

Well, there’s a lot of people who I know around my age who do have their licenses, I just was lazy. XDDD

Everytime I smell wood buring, it reminds me of when I was little. I ? burning wood! XD

Maybe your bro’s computer has some sort of virus or something?

I started wearing makup late in my teen years, when I was about 16 or 17 years old. Now I”m almost 28 and I don’t wear any at all. It’s too much of a bother, especially if it’s not for a special occasion. Why get all dolled up for nothing?

Ahh I love the smell of burning wood too! It’s a beautiful smell, honestly!

My dad took the computer to the repair men today and they said they would have to reinstall Windows; not sure what actually went wrong though. :S They said they’d give us a call.

Yeah, I agree. I only wear makeup on special occasions or when my mum thinks it’s appropriate. It just takes up so much time!

LOL that is so true.
If I smell food, then I WANT FOOD. It’s weird! 🤤
How have you been? Sorry I haven’t replied to the last comment you left on my site. I’ve been sick and haven’t been on for a while.
And also, I have nearly finished the fanlisting for gold jewellery! (…I think, anyway.)

♥ , Tamika (:

I see your site is on maintenance mode; good luck with the new layout and everything. :) No need to worry about my comment.

That’s great! Just email me when you’re done, haha.

I was just looking at photos of mashed potatoes and it makes me want some. 🤤

Huhu, makeup. I like it in small amounts /love
Caking your face in it just seems creepy /sweat

You look awfully good without any :B
*scrobble*! :3

Short comment /bum

Hahha when I showed you a picture yesterday, I honestly thought you were going to freak out and say I looked more of a ghost than a doll. 😰

I do like it in small amounts too, like at the formal. /faw

I think that’s one of the reasons why I don’t wear it, I look fine without any, it just looks horribly unnatural when some people wear it. D:

YES! I am serious! Its too hard! Look what I have done, it’s a total mess! I don’t even use containers! I think it should be fine once my layout is up then I can just edit it to put up a new one right? No idea…This is going to send me crazy! How much do you want to make my problem go away? ♥

Helloooooo :)

Happy 29 months to you and James ♥ How very exciting /eee 👏

I agree: everytime I smell food, I just get hungry. Even if I just ate. God, must be terrible to be on a diet. D: But I think I get hungrier when I look at the pictures of yummy food that you plog :P Everytime you plog your food, I always start craving that food D: It’s kind of funny :P

But yeah, I believe that. That smell is closely linked to memory, because before my stupid brother moved into my grandmother’s old room and f**ked it all up (it stinks now), it used to smell like her, and that would bring back these memories I totally forgot. Actually even if I’m thinking of her, I remember what she used to smell like, but I don’t know how to describe the smell.

Hey, that totally reminds me of Gwen Harwood. ‘Violets’ was all about how smell was related to memory, wasn’t it? :P Ahhh…memories of English XD

Ohhh…hairspray smells nice :) In small doses that is. After a while it’s like D: Hahaha. I hope it didn’t make your hair all stiff and coarse and yuck!

Your Mum is so different from mine. When we go to market, we don’t even bother dressing up. Even if we go to weddings we NEVER bother with make up :P Hahaha…Seriously if you gave me a make up bag, I’d never figure out what goes where. You’ll have to show me if I ever see the need to use make up. My mum hasn’t worn make up in YEARS. I can’t even remember if I’ve ever worm make up :P

But yeah! I’m like you. I rub my eyes quite a bit. I’d probably stuff up my eye make-up if I had any. And I’d always worry about how to get the eye make-up OFF without poking myself in the eye D: Or I’d worry about the make-up leaving a rash on my face 🤬

OMG, those people wearing make up at school. It was seriously weird. Why do you want to look good for SCHOOL. You have to wear a UNIFORM anyways. You’re never going to be able to look more mature in a UNIFORM. Even with make up ==

I’m glad things are a little better at home :) Hehehe. I hope it stays that way :P And good luck getting your brother’s computer fixed. Man, he must be super frustrated without a computer atm D:


I KNOW! Even if you WERE ugly, which you aren’t, doesn’t she have any MANNERS? You don’t TELL someone they’re ugly. God. How rude of her. And of ALL people to blame. Does she think her mother is going to turn against you? It’s so petty. *rolls eyes*

LOL, of course I’d side with you! :P And don’t worry, blogging about her doesn’t amount to defamation because what you say has to be untrue and deplete the public’s original perception of her…I think. Man, I swear I read this somewhere, but I forgot. But if you’re telling the truth, it’s not defamation. I’m sure of that :P

SHE PRINTED THE CHATLOGS? Dude. She’s obsessed with you D: She NEEDS a life. What’s she going to do with the chatlogs? Show her mother? Come on. Waste of paper. How much did she print? Yours and James’ chatlogs must be HUGE D: The tree-killer! /angry

LOL! Sebby went over his cap? He’s with voda, right? Cos if he is it’s not too bad. If he’s with 3 like me. That is EPIC serious cos you gotta pay the WHOLE AMOUNT. Voda just charge you how much you went over your cap by :P

My schools English department always smells nice, ‘cos it’s right next to the Home Economics department which makes nice food. I’m sitting in English and all I can smell is scones and cakes and cookies and nice stuff like that and it makes me hungry, so when lunchtime comes I buy tons. They probably do that on purpose so I buy more food the school makes more money. Damnit, if I become obese one day I’m blaming the school. XD

And I think it’s cool that smells can bring back certain memories.. I remember years ago (when I was about 10) I had this nice body spray and I always sprayed it in my room, and back then me and my played Tomb Raider constantly on my old computer (oh yeaaaah). The other day I got this new deodarant, and it smelt EXAAAAACTLY like that old body spray I used to have and it made me think of me and my friend sitting there playing Tomb Raider. XD

Now that I think of it, I’m not quite sure why I sprayed body spray in my room is it was BODY spray. Hm, IDK, I still do that now. XD

Aaaa I wish I didn’t wear make-up! Well I don’t, I just wish I didn’t need to go through the hassle of applying it every morning, it’s just I look a complete MESS without make-up on and I’m not just saying that. I’m a really confident kind of person, but without make-up I’m really not as confident as I usually am. And I’m also a really optimistic kinda person, and I feel kind of weird looking without it on, so that’s saying something. XD

But it’s not like I wear TONSSSSS, I don’t cake on like 10 layers of foundation that’s the wrong colour for my skin. I wear one layer (like I’m supposed to ;D) and in the right colour.. I got the colour tested and everything XD And I keep my eye make-up simple (just some mascara and eyeliner, but not in a fancy way unless I’m going to a party or something) and I don’t overdo it with the blusher and lipgloss. So yeah, I don’t look like a complete make-up junkie, I look relatively normal. XD

I am sorry, I tend to ramble when leaving people comments. Kind of like how I ramble in real life. God I’m annoying. XD

It is goood to be back. :D I know lots of people spell it color but colour sounds better lol. Haha that’s how i spell it too. Colour looks better than color lol. Thank you. :D Soo glad you like it. :D

You soo have to try it out. Basically you get invited by someone who is already a member and then you watch some videos to get points. You don’t have to watch it, you can just leave i to while you go do whatever. You also answer daily questions to get points. You invite people for points too. When you invite 20 people, you become a z-list. Your points for everything doubles. You make twice as much points than usual.

You can also buy things in shop, they let you use your points instead of actual cash. The on redemption (which we are hoping is today) you get to redeem your points for whatever is in the prize place. You have to be fast before they run out of stock though. Sound fun???

I slept a bit longer today….i think. I went to sleep around 12 or 1 and woke up at 8am. That’s longer than usual. Maybe my body is still used to waking up early for school or something. I rarely get bags, for me my eyes just hurt and give me headaches.

Haha yup, you mention your hated for make up. :D

The worst kind of smell manure. My neighbor plants a lot. So he buys a lot of it, which really stink and it’s just soo annoying when you walk outside to smell the fresh air but instead you get the cow poop.

I wear it to school because in a school full of teenagers, there’s that one person who thinks they are better than everyone else. so they judge you according to how you look, smell and even dress. /angry

I seem to remember sounds more than anything else, but I don’t know. I guess it’s different with everyone.

I’ve never really liked make-up either. People get surprised when I tell them that I don’t even know how to put it on, haha, though most of the girls in my batch in school wear eyeliner all the time, even if it’s not allowed in school.

It’s good that everything’s going okay with your family. :)

Yesterday was my friends’ monthsary, and today was my other friends’ monthsary, haha (monthsary’s such a weird word, but I just got so used to it). Congratulations to you two btw. :D That’s really long. :o

A lot of people do try to take advantage of me like that, but I usually don’t mind. If I’m busy or just don’t feel like answering questions, I say I’m busy.

Hehe thank you :)

It look about an hour to walk the 3 miles. The time went really quickly because I was chatting to Tyrone and one of his friends.

I always bring back loads of clothes from my holiday that I haven’t worn. I pack too much.

Oh damn I’m worried about forgetting my brace. If I forget it I will be in big trouble. I

Oh it’s cool that you are picking up what they are saying. I expect you can tell by the tone of their voice if they are talking about something in a good way or a bad way.

Yeah I know. One of my friends must pay to live at home now. She’s only just turn 16 so she needs to get a job. It sucks.

We have a few celebrities that live near up. There is a TV presenter who always goes in to one of the restaurants near us. He also shops at the local supermarket where my mum and my brother work. They see him all the time.

I wish I could talk to some of my favorite celebrities online. Many of them don’t have Twitter or anything :(

I love the smell of food. We have a bakery near us. I use to smell it every morning when I walked to school. Yummy.

I have to wash my hair nearly everyday because if I don’t it gets greasy and that effects my skin. I get really bad spots :(

I don’t like make up either. I wear it to cover up bad spots but I use it lightly and I only use neutral colours. My mum always says that when you wear make up it shouldn’t look like you are wearing it at all.

I hate it when girls wear 2 inches of the wrong colour foundation. It looks awful. Some people can’t put make up on to save their lives. I can image your mum is amazing at it being a beauty consultant.

Oh and happy anniversary to you and James :D

I had – sorry, lol, HAVE this cousin who once told something about me to my mom. She had come over for summer vacation and that night I had lot of homework to do. At my place, every one tucks in early and since I was the only one up, she settled down next to me.
I talked to her while I worked and somehow, told her something personal about myself. She told it to my mother. Even though I didn’t mind my mother knowing some of the stupid things we did in school, I did not like that she was a tattletale. My mom was pissed off at me, too. Sometimes parents have no idea what goes on in high school.
Well, I am fifteen right now, and I can remember my puberty years pretty well. I don’t think I was very horrible then. My family, of course, disagrees.
But I am glad you’re over the whole thing. Sometimes forgiving a person takes a lot of burden off you. The cousin I told you about has never apologized to me. She just acts awkward whenever we meet because at that time, mom had been angry for me for nearly a month. I can’t forgive her because she doesn’t have the guts to own up to her mistake. She is as old as me. I love her, but I don’t like her anymore.

I think the majority of the girls hate Bella because they’re jealous they’re not her. I don’t know about myself, though. I do not like to analyze my reasons for hating her. :P
Taylor Lautner. Sizzle. ‘Nuff said.

Oh. I like getting dressed up and putting up make-up if we are going to a party/dance, but at home, I barely comb my hair everyday, unless it is school.

Wait, your parents hit you? It is a serious question, and if you do not mind telling me about it, I’d really like an answer.

Hm. Well, I hope I get in some good uni too. Too bad they don’t hand out admissions on the basis of being well-read. World would be such a better place, then.


Wow dude, how on Earth did you talk about Photoshop for five whole minutes? D: I mean I love the thing as much as the next girl, but I could never do that. xD I wouldn’t know what to say about it. :P


I think it’s really interesting how smell is connected to memory like that. :3 There are a lot of smells that remind me of very specific points in my childhood… although I can’t think of a single one right now. -_- THEY EXIST, I SWEAR. D:

I remember one time, I was coming downstairs while my mom was making dinner, and at the top of the stairs, where I couldn’t yet see the food, I asked my mom if this one… thing… was what she was cooking. It was! My mom was seriously shocked because she couldn’t understand how the smell could have made me realize exactly what she was cooking, when to her it didn’t smell distinctive. She said her dad used to like to guess what they were having for dinner each night based on the smell, and he was almost always right. /bounce

Gah, I freakin’ love makeup. xD I love how I can be so creative with it, and it can make me feel really good about myself. :3 I’m not one of those people who can’t leave the house without makeup though. During school, I think I definitely went to school without makeup more often than not. It really is quite the inconvenience though!! I haaate removing it at night. -_- And I have to wake up earlier if I want to have time to put it on!!

You should have boothed a picture of you after your mom was finished with you! I want to seeee. D:

Sounds like things are going better in your home than mine. Oh god I was HORRIBLE to my mom two days ago… :( She hit me too. It’s a really tense atmosphere in my house right now with the divorce and the move and everything. =/

Yayyy, happy belated anniversary to you two! /love


I LOVE smelling things. I love that my parents bought a new car two weeks ago and it still smells like they just drove it out of the dealership parking lot, for example. But I’m MORE of a taste kind of girl myself. :)

I understand what you mean about makeup. :( My mom had my makeup done for my Junior High prom and my High School prom and I kept specifying, “NOT A LOT.” but I pretty much ended up ignored. -.- Upsetting.

Congrats to you and your boyfriend, by the way! That’s SO long!

I can’t remember if I returned your last comment on my site or not. D: I want to say no because you probably would have returned it if I had (and I don’t think I got another comment from you…), but I don’t think I’ll post one relevant to your comment on my post just in case I already said one so I won’t be repetitive. :P

I hate hairspray. I hate the smell of it and the texture it leaves on your hair, but mostly I hate how whenever my mom or my friend Calliope feels like doing my hair in some fancy way, they have to use probably over half a can of spray because my hair is so straight that it will simply not hold any shape whatsoever. -__-

I’ve started wearing tiny amounts of makeup occasionally now, mostly because I want to look nice when I try to get a job. It’s just something to make my face look not so red and a little bit of eye stuff. I think, depending on what you use, that you don’t have to worry about rubbing your eyes. I had eyeshadow on yesterday and I cried and it didn’t even smudge. Sweat? Doesn’t affect it. Got in the shower? Most of it will still be there when you get out. It’s nearly impossible to remove eye makeup unless you use makeup remover. :P

Wow, 29 months? Congrats to you and James! :D

I don’t wear make-up except for lip gloss. I’m only 13! I don’t get why people feel the need to wear make-up. I do wear make-up for special occasions, but it’s usually just a bit of mascara and lip gloss, maybe eye shadow? I don’t like make-up that much, either. :3 I find it disgusting when girls layer TONS of make up onto their faces. I understand if it’s a blemish or something they want to cover up, but still…

LOL. I try not to cuss too much, but sometimes curse words just slip out. I probably WOULD say “something smells like shit” if I were to smell something weird.

Thanks so much Georgina! It’s a shame that your parents didn’t buy anything when you did well in school, I guess some parents don’t surprise the kids when they deserve it. Although not think it’s because you never did it right. It depends on the parent. My parents do to encourage me to study more.

That’s great. I had an iPhone in my hand, but I like my mobile phone. That goes on tastes. I agree, touch screen is easy to use. I understand, that’s what happens when you get one thing for the first time I tend to use much, but once the past time no longer seems so interesting.

Thanks! Glad you like it :)

Oh you had a Nokia 3315, I had a Nokia 3300, both phones were good.

Okay. Thank you Georgina! :)

I know. Maybe one day your mother change of opinion on this issue. I also hope that your friendships last long enough so your mother can change your opinion and realize that it is possible.

I understand. I suppose it’s difficult thing maintain a conversation to deeper levels as we are.

I’m glad it was the best. That’s true, though sometimes ashamed to throw some old stuff.

Good luck with it! I hope that we have a good relationship with James’s sister. I also hope that comes to its senses soon. That’s what you must do 👏

That is so true and I agree with you, I also think that smell is closely linked to memory. So you can remember the smells that you like. What made me remember the smell of cookies made from my grandmother when I was little /hehe

If I smell food, then I want food, it is common. I guess it’s the feeling that you are hungry or you have like a craving.

But unfortunately we also have to cope with unpleasant odors.

I don’t like too make up. Besides if I wear makeup can cause an allergic reaction to the skin /um

Maybe your mother is right and change your mind when you’re older or you never change opinion.

I’m glad that everything goes well at home ^_^

So James IS the boyfriend. I noticed his comment a while ago and I thought he might have been, lol. Congratulations on 29 months! Let me see… if July 5th is your 29 months, then… February 5, 2008 is when you started dating? Are you doing anything fun? I’m kind of surprised you’re still keeping track in months. My boyfriend and I stopped tracking months after the first year, and we stopped tracking half years after the second, lol. Now that we’re past our third, we actually only count our anniversary on the anniversary because there are so many other things to buy presents for like valentine’s, birthdays and Christmas.

I totally agree with the makeup thing. I’ve never been big on makeup and never wore any in high school. I’ve recently spent some time figuring out how to put it on because I’d like to be able to do it myself if I need to spruce up, but I don’t wear it too often.

Also… your parents hit you…?

Hey Georgina,
Ooh 29 months! ♥ congratulations :)
I usually don’t really think about scent. When I’m writing I do, because it’s part of the setting and whatnot, but other than that it’s like… egh. Every time I open up a copy of “The Thief Lord” by Cornelia Funke (something I liked three or so years ago) I start to smell yogurt-covered raisins. I used to like those, too, however now I definitely stay away from those books. Yucky yogurt. Eating yogurt has started to make me feel really sick /poo
Ah, makeup. I’ve only recently really started wearing it on a semi-regular if-I’m-going-out-in-public-or-a-restaurant basis. I don’t like feeling like I have to put it on. In the beginning of last year I did every day and everyone commented when I didn’t wear any that I didn’t look as good with it on. /pow I was just like “Excuse me?” and decided I’d rather be liked for just plain old me and not how certain bitchy girls wanted me to look and act. Yuck.

I’m not too big on makeup either. I will occasionally put on a little eyeliner if I’m trying to impress somebody (lol) but other than that, I just go as I am. I feel people rely too much on makeup to make themselves feel beautiful.

My dad is doing much better. His kidney stone has partially passed, and he went back to work today. I don’t think he’ll last the whole day though. It has been taking a lot of my time, but I’ve discovered that if I put in a movie and give them popcorn they shut up for awhile. XD

I don’t usually make things I wouldn’t use unless I know for a fact that there are a decent amount of people who would. Sometimes I go to a person’s site and see random things and can’t help but think to myself, ‘Who would ever use this?!’ lol but hey, whatever floats their boat :P

yeah, but at the same time mental abuse scars people for much longer than physical abuse (or so I’ve been told) and often causes problems later on in life. For awhile I was barely eating at all because I was constantly called fat or a cow everytime I went to grab someting to eat. :X I’ve been hit/slapped on occasion, but not anytime recently. It helps to be older so you can figure out ways to deal with it, but it doesn’t make it any easier to accept, for lack of a better word. :/

gahh cases at the apple store are always like $30+! i personally think all cases work the same but im sure there are better casses out there :P i was working once and this girl had a case, on a case for her iphone cause she was thhhatt scared it’ll break! its insane.

ahh i remember those days when looks and fashion were the shizz and winter gears were soooo out of it. i used to be kinda like that, but my parents would never let me :P i always had to wear puffy full out winter gear. but now you can be fashionable and warm during the winter (: but still, i got a friend who refuses to get a winter jacket because he says he’s not cold.. i still dont understand why.

thx for the luck, i missed u commenting on my site.. u’re a good mate..

Lately, it’s like a trip to memory lane here. I feel like associating you with the whole vintage and concious stream of memory thing. You totally have that going on. :P

So true. When I think about food, I can either “almost” taste or smell it. With music, I sort of play it in my head too. It’s funny. I wonder sometimes about the brain’s functioning.

Some people also get confused when you say something like…”I can taste the smell of wet mud”. People forget that the mouth and nose both use the same pipe, so smells do get stuck at the back of your throat every so often, so you often feel like you’re tasting them.

SN: Lately, everyone around me seems to be obsessed with the big bang theory. Have you been converting people to the nerd side again? D:

If yes. You’re doing a fine job soldier. Keep up the good work ✌️

That’s the most interesting fact that I never knew. Looks like I learned something new today. 👏 I didn’t know smell is the sense most closely linked to memory. I tend to have the good things and bad things linger in my thoughts for quite some time, instead of the smell. XD

Whenever I pass by The Cookie Corner, I can smell the cookies being bake. It smells so good that I want to one. ;) A lot of people like the cookies their, so they have to bake so much a day. Sometimes there not that busy.

Sometimes I craved for certain foods. It’s amazing because that only happens after I eat lunch and when it’s time for dinner. Sometimes I’m too lazy to cook something or I don’t have anything to eat at home. The other times is when I’m too lazy to go out to eat. :D I do have a sweet tooth from time to time. I like to go to this Crack Seed store and buy Ice Cream Float. It has Coke flavor Icee and Vanilla Ice Cream. It’s so good. 🤫

I don’t usually walk through dirty streets or public areas. Probably because the State or City and County keeps it clean. When a homeless person walked by, you can smell them. It’s really horrible. /hmph They have that stink body oder. Probably because they don’t have any place to take a shower. Perhaps they should jump in the ocean. I know I would. It was just a thought. :D

Before I go out, I have to put gel in my hair. Otherwise, I’ll go out looking like I put a finger in a socket or something. I tend to go to sleep while my hair is still wet. I’m so tired after I take a shower that I just want to jump in bed already. When I wake up it stands up.

My mom says I take long time to get ready because I have to look beautiful. Haha. :P I have to shave, wash my face, use mouthwash, brush my teeth and brick off the plaque. it usually take about 15-20 minutes.

Not everyone wears makeup. I have friends who just put little makeup. I’m sure they don’t want to go out looking like a prositute or something. I always tease my friends about putting on makeup. I’d say, “Do you need to go and put on your face?” Haha. :P

I haven’t been to church in a long time. When I’m ready, I’ll go back. I just feel like I’m not ready yet. I don’t have a problem about church or anything. It’s kind of complicated, which I rather not go into it. I remembered helping out a local church. I was a Levites where you prepare the sanctuary for worship, setting and cleaning-up for services. I also did Power Point where you create & present PowerPoint media for announcements & worship. It was a lot of fun.

Sorry to hear about your brother’s computer crashing. That sucks. I hope you get that taken care of.

The one thing I really relate to memory is probably feeling, not like emotional feeling or anything like love, but the way the air feels. I can remember being a kid and watching Are You Afraid of the Dark on a Saturday and exactly how the air felt against my skin. I remember how the air felt on my first date with my boyfriend of 2 years. I can see how smell would be an important factor, but it’s always been feeling with me.

I’m off and on with makeup. Somedays I put it on and somedays I go natural. Some days I can’t be assed to get pretty or whatever. That’s awesome that your mom is a beauty consultant.

I’ve almost fallen asleep on public transit before. Especially, if it’s a long ride. I get really tired on those.

I suppose this is normal but I mostly associate specific songs with memory. Taylor Swift songs make me sick to my stomach now. I can’t listen to her music anymore because of so many songs associated with my past. Paramore must have been creeping inside my brain when they wrote Brand New Eyes because when the CD came out, every word in each and every song described my feelings perfectly. It blew my mind. They were in my head, I swear it!

Smell plays a big part in memory for me as well. I bought a PS2 from the first guy I had a relationship with. His smell is stuck on the controller. After I play some games for awhile, I can smell it on my hands. Ugh. It was weird. Yes, it smelled “funny.”

I’m a big makeup person. I don’t wear it because I think I look ugly without it. I wear it because I love it! It’s so much fun to me. Putting on makeup or styling my hair is somehow relaxing to me. I can leave the house without wearing makeup. I’m not a super self conscious freak. But I do love to wear it anyway.

We had a fish fry today so my hair was really stinky earlier. It smelled like fish. Yuck! I would rather my hair smell like spray :D

I hope your brother’s computer is fixed soon. I hate it when computers crash. So frustrating!

Ewh. Tarantula’s fur floating through a closet. That’s a really sickening thought. It scares me. I’ve only seen 2 or 3 cockroaches before and they were pretty small from what I remember so they don’t creep me out too much.

Thanks for the birthday wishes for my dad. I designed him a wordpress theme for his blog because he was using one of those custom themes and it looked really bad. I’ll post a link to the theme in my next blog.

I had a 1 minute conversation with my parents. It was hard to get my point across because I was crying and trying to keep myself from whirling into depression again. I’ll try again another time.

The church picnic stunk. I wan’t out of this stupid town.

Hi Georgina!
Yeah, i dislike make-up as well. I don’t mind if it’s for a special occasion and I just HAVE to have it on. But I haven’t had mae-up on since 4th grade. Heh.
Oh, and I went to UNSW, for the science & engineering challenge, do you go to that uni? Yeah, they gave out free energy australia ‘showbags’ which contained a bottle, mobile sock, pencil and a rubber ==” Haha.
Yeah, don’t worry! My sis isn’t big into photography but she always takes photos of yummy food, the majority of her photos are food. They look so nice.
Yeah, a lot of girls put on make-up, and most of the time, they lok pretty without make-up on.

Happpppyyyy 29 months to you & James! Today marks my 8 month official boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with Johnathan. We don’t celebrate it though. In fact, I totally forgot until I read your last sentence & thought, “ is the 6th..oh that’s our monthsary” haha.

I wear make-up everyday & I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep make-up on for longer than 3-4 hours because I rub my eyes a lot too…but after I started wearing it, I always knew I couldn’t touch my eyes & sometimes even after I remove my make-up, I feel like I have to check before I rub my eyes. I don’t do it too often anymore’s like something you don’t really need to do anyway I guess.

Lucky for you, you look good without make-up. I’m a different story. Without make-up, I look like I’m 16 again. Yikes! People don’t take you seriously when you look like a child -_-

Your mom is right though. You’ll eventually get into it just because it’s part of that becoming a woman part of your life. One of my aunts doesn’t wear make-up & I honestly wish she did. hahaha she looks so much better with make-up on. She’s just lazy & she has two kids, but would rather take her kids out to eat than learn how to friggin cook for them. My goodness…don’t you want to know wtf you’re feeding your children?!?!

Anyway–there were some girls at my school we used to call “cake faces” because they had so much make-up on their face. I just wear eyeliner & mascara though. :)

Smell is linked to memory! Sometimes I smell things that remind me of an ex or summer of ’09. It’s such an interesting little sensation. Some of my fragrances remind me of certain times in my life that I have refrained from using them. Not that they smell awful–more like I wore it for a guy who I’m currently not with.

I have to wash my hair everyday or else it gets all oily & yucky. My hair is ultra fine & everyone who touches it always tell me how soft it is or how it reminds me of a Barbie’s hair. My mom calls me her poupee (doll in french if you forgot) because my hair is so fine! haha. You have thicker hair, right? Lucky you. You don’t have to wash your hair everyday like I do. hahaha.

Yeah so my internet was down for 2 days..that was serious bummer. Whatever, I had to study & I took my test earlier today. Well now it’s july 7th. Shiz. haha anyway so I took my test “yesterday” & I didn’t do too well………& I know this for a fact. I’m really really REALLY upset. I kind of wish you just lived next door so I could run over to your house & cry about my day. I saw Johnathan today, but he’s a guy so he doesn’t understand why I’m a huge bag of emotions versus girls who just understand….we’re raging with goddamn estrogen. Crying is natural for us. -_- I HATE CRYING. Shit.

HAH I kind of want to send you an SLR for christmas now! They are incredibly cheap although the film isn’t…so that’ll be a HUGE pain in the butt to develop. I have this awesome Canon printer that prints pictures directly from an SD card or a USB card or your computer ($100 USD) & it came with tons of printer paper & ink. Ink is expensive though. I haven’t used up that many because I haven’t printed much. :P

But you could always send me pictures to print & I can print them for you & then send them to you. ahahahaha. That’d be a lengthy process though.

My sense of smell is really strong especially when it comes to food, my favorite food! XD

Like you, I don’t like wearing make up on. Feels like I’m allergic to! I just use powder and lip balm and I’m all set.

I like the smell of hairspray, which probably isnt a good thing :P I’m also the same with makeup – I’m not too fond on it, but I’ll wear it if I have to. The most I wear on a day to day basis is a bit of eyeliner.

eeeeeeee congrats on your 29 months! That’s so sweet! ♥ /faw Me and Ben have only been together *counts* almost 8 months hehehh. <3

Aww I missed your monthsary! Happy belated, Georgie dear! ♥ Hope you could spend a great time with James. *___*

I’m not a make-up girl either. I mostly only wear some pink lipgloss and seldom pink or light blue on my eyelids.

And smells… memory remembers them pretty well, I believe. Just like tastes and sights. All of our perceptions enter our big “memory bank”. :P Like when you strongly miss something sensorial, your memory will make up for that (it happened to me when I was on a strict diet years ago and I missed some tastes).

I’m glad you’re managing to get along more often with your family. :) It’s happening the contrary to me… with my sister, my brother as well (he defended her for shouting at her, saying if I shout people will hear me O_O like if I care…), and my parents, a bit (they’re good parents, and I know they’re going to undergo operations, and of course I’m willing to renounce to some vacations to help them and stay close to them… but not like I’m not going out anymore for a year apart from university! We’ll see what happens next week though..).

*hugs* ^_^

– Luana S.

I’d never really thought about smell being so closely linked to memory before, but I guess it’s true. For example, my uncle always smoked these roll-your-own cigarettes that had a pretty distinct smell; you couldn’t escape the smell in his house or around him, and it’s one of the strongest memories from my childhood. Now, a year and a half after his death, a lot of his belongings are still in one of our spare bedrooms, and when I go in there the smell always hits me. When I’m not in that room I don’t remember him very well, but in that room I can recall his voice and appearance perfectly. It’s odd.

I’m afraid I’m one of those people who can’t leave the house without make-up. D: I don’t tend to put on very much, but I’ve never been a person who looks good without it. It’s hardly an inconvenience, it takes 5 minutes to put on in the morning and ten seconds with a wipe to get rid of it at night. xD I do hate the girls that have like 16 million layers of orange make-up(the ones who’ve been tango’d, ehehehe), and I’ll admit my make-up is a little darker than my skin, but that’s only because I have extremely pale skin. I buy the palest foundation in the shop that isn’t white(because then I look freaky) and it’s still too dark. ¬¬

Congrats on your 29 months as well, haha. :3

Smell really does have an affect on people. When I smell food I get really hungry. Not sure if I’m hungry and haven’t noticed it or the smell is making think I’m hungry.

I use to dislike make up and never wear any. As I grew up I started wearing it so now I’m pretty comfortable with it and love it. I dont wear too much though. I try to be as natural as possible because I don’t want to look all fake. I know I could just not wear any but I can’t help it. Make up really does enhance features.

I litereally laughed out loud and so hard on the inside on “Something smells like shit” because that is soo true. I can’t say how many times I’ve done this. I never really noticed but smell is linked to memory. Everywhere I go, people I meet I always seem to remember their smell. Like my aunt, it’s weird but she always smells like some type of lemon and if she didn’t then something is wrong. When I visit people’s houses too, I always remember the smell and if it’s different then of course they have made some changes.

Cool, your mom’s a beauty consultant! I wear eye makeup just about everyday. Mascara and eyeliner only though, sometimes I’ll go for the eyeshadow but it’s rare. I like makeup though. I start disliking it though when people start going overboard..its annoying.

I want to buy myself a digital camera. I probably won’t get around to it though but I should..soon they’ll be making something new!

Oh my. I hope things get better for you seriously. My mom has hit me plenty..actually it’s normal in my culture for parents to “whip” their children for punishment. I haven’t gotten many because I’m actually not a bad child I just really have a smart mouth and that’s what always gets me in trouble. I’ve never had any of my friends or anything be hospitalised by getting hit though, I hope it never happens either /:

It’s okay. I understand that your busy with school, friends and family. All I ask if that you return comments. I don’t care when as long as you do. Out of courtesy. :D I try to keep it short and sweet. Sometimes I tend to go on and on like a robot. Haha. :P

I like the smell of certain foods. I don’t like the smell of certain foods. There’s this Chinese student living next door to me. He makes something that’s so stink the smell comes in through the fan vent above the stove. They have their fan vent on. I can’t stand that smell. Sometimes it makes me want to gag. I’d have to go in the bedroom.

I’m pretty lazy when I’m at home. I like to either watch tv, listen to my music or read a book. Haha. Your going to think I’m crazy. I like to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at a certain time. If I eat something big then I’ll eat later on. I try to stick to the schedule. ;)

Haha. I wish I was beautiful. ✌️ Yeah, I use gel and water too. After I cut my hair, I have to use gel because my hair is so short. I tend to use it a lot. When my hair gets long, I don’t use that much.

Wow. That’s not too bad. It better then paying over $100. I know some places where you have to pay big bucks.

I know. I feel it doesn’t do anything for me. I don’t… connect. I feel like I don’t know what to do and I’m wasting time there. That’s why I don’t go to church anymore.

Yeah, I know you return my comments and I do appreciate it. I just meant in general. Sometimes people don’t return my comments, so I don’t leave comments until they do so. I don’t know when that is either. I only go to sites that do leave and return comments. You happen to be one of them. :)

I love Chinese foods. We used to get take-out from Happy Dragon Chinese Restaurant whenever my mom was too lazy to cook. I love their scallop soup. Hmm. 🤤 I don’t eat Chinese food very much. Only when I’m in the mood for it. I heard they put a lot of MSG in it and that’s not good for you. I like to go to Panda’s Express because I heard they don’t put MSG. When I’m with my friend, we’d ordered a chicken and beef dish with side order rice. When I’m by myself I like to eat Beef with Chinese Peas and Rice. 👏

I can tell someone is barbecuing. I can smell it and it smells so good. Hmm. 🤤 It makes me want to find whoever is making it and invite myself over. Haha. XD

Sometimes I’m tempted to snack at the wrong times too. It’s mostly before dinner time. I’m so hungry that I can’t wait. Sometimes I eat lunch early. I want to get to the public library before it gets busy. The best time to go is around late morning to early afternoon. The worst time to go is mid-afternoon. That’s when school is out. Bad time to go. I’d often eat all kinds of junk food and lose my appetite. I don’t have dinner until later on. Sometimes I don’t eat at all.

I’m so gorgeous that I’m going to enter the Mr. America Pageant. Haha. Jk. XD I wished I was good looking. I’d say about average I guess. I don’t like to post my picture because I might scare people away. ;)

Go with God, girl! Haha. /hehe

Blog-hopping is so much fun. You should try it. ;)

I didn’t know a lot of Asian food has MSG in it. Some places will post a sign that says, “No MSG.” I learned something new. Thanks for letting me know. :) Although, I hardly eat Asian food anyway. I eat mostly American food.

Every time I smell someone barbecuing, it makes me want to eat steak. I love eating it. Sometimes I crave for it too. There so expensive to buy now days. They want $6-$7. I rather just buy a piece of steak from the super market and put it in the oven at home. That’s good enough for me. :D

Yeah, me too. Sometimes I can’t help it. Your so hungry that you need something in your body. I’d get full too and not able to eat that much dinner. My mom gets annoyed too. She spends her time cooking something good and I ruin it. :(

Sometimes I’d eat dinner at 8pm too. That’s if when I eat a late lunch or late snack. They say not to eat 5 hours before bed. I forgot why. You’ll gain weight or something like that. /hmph

I only have photos of myself on my Facebook. People need to know who you are before they add you. I’m sure there’s more than one Brice. They want to be sure that’s the right person. Otherwise, they’ll be adding the wrong person. ;) That’s the only explaintation I can think of at the moment.