Pointless Forever

My cousin died this morning. Her name was Mitha, and she was only 15 years old. She died from a brain tumour. They didn’t even know how she got it.

I wasn’t very close to her, because she lives in Indonesia. But it really tore my heart hearing about it. Yesterday her parents were told that if she made it past today, she would be fine. But sadly, she didn’t. :(

Life is short. It makes me realise how much I complain and whinge about what goes on in my own life. I should feel really lucky. And I should also savour every moment. I thought it was crazy when people got angry about this kind of thing in films.

Goodnight Mister Tom was a movie where a young boy lost his friend in an accident. He was standing in a church screaming, “I hate you God! I hate you!”

It’s not about what he said. It’s about what drew him to say that and what he must have been feeling inside. And now I feel like screaming into a pillow and tearing the hell out of my flowing curtains. It’s not that it’s not fair that Mitha died. It’s because I feel in the fucking pits. Why did she have to go? Why did she, a smart, beautiful and kind girl, have to go?

Now I’m in doubt – did she live her life to the max, like she should have? Was she too weak to move? Did she spend those last moments smiling, or crying? Did she know she was going to go, or was she just hoping, in excruciating pain, that she would make it past today?

I can’t believe she’s gone.

I remember when we were younger, and I went to Indonesia, we were naughty kids, but we loved spending time together. There was a time that just hits home for me. It’s one of the only memories I have of her.

We were in our aunt’s house and found a box of toothpicks. From the top of the stairs we thought it would be funny to throw the toothpicks down into the lounge, like confetti. It might have been pretty dangerous considering they were toothpicks. But we weren’t aiming at anyone.

I hate saying this but I’ve had a bad day. I don’t want to go to work either; the weather looks idiotic. It’s hot as hell and I’ll be trudging home. Walking. Walking.

And then I’ll be thinking that any chance could get me hit by a car. If I stepped a foot wrong. If someone stepped their foot wrong in their car. Like a toothpick. Someone could drive over me and I’d be gone. I could fall, but survive, but something could crush me.

It makes me cry. Humans are fragile and one mistake can leave us lifeless. But it makes me even sadder that Mitha won’t grow up, fall in love, have children, and tell them how she survived a brain tumour.

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I don’t know why I bother responding to this but I’m giving you the recognition. :P

I’m so sorry to hear about your cousin. :( Well, you told me before, but I didn’t know her name or how she died or anything. =/

Yeah, we should really appreciate what we have. We are healthy… or at least, mostly. We’re not terminally ill at any rate. We have already had more life than she was given. I hope she made the best of what she had.

Goodnight Mister Tom is also a book; it’s sitting on my shelf in my room right now! :) I tried to read it in third grade, but I got bored quickly so I never read it. Maybe I’ll read it eventually, now that I’m older.

I wonder the same things as you. =/ I hope she was happy in her last moments, and I hope that she lived her life to the fullest and wasn’t scared in the end.

I’m always so afraid that I scared my grandma when she died. We all went in separately to say something to her, and my mom offered to go in with me but I said I wanted to go by myself. When I got in there and tried to talk, I just started crying. My grandma was pretty much out, but she ended up saying something to my mom and I (I ran away to get my mom to come with me and help me). I think she said “I love you”. Maybe. I wish I remembered.

Anyway, I hope Mitha wasn’t scared. Just like I hope my grandma wasn’t. =/ Gosh, I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since my grandma died.

Oh god. That last bit (the last paragraph of your blog) makes me want to cry. 😢

On that note, I have to do my math homework. /ho

I feel like I should say more. I’m sorry. D:

I feel really sad because she was so young, and like you said, we’ve already lived longer than she has. :(

I have read the book too! I just can’t quite recall if he did that in the book too. It’s a good book – I read it in eighth grade, though. One of those ones we had to study. I still really liked it though. That’s where we learned about “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”.

My mum talked to my aunt and said something about how in her last days, she still had a good memory and could remember things fine; her friends even visited her and she seemed okay. It was a little sudden.

That’s really sad. But it must have been really hard, all the same. Knowing someone is leaving is sad and upsetting and it’s normal that you were lost for words. I’m sure you didn’t scare her away. Your grandma must have understood how you were feeling. She sounds like she was a brave woman, too. 😢


You don’t really ‘get’ a tumor, but you develop them. At any given time, you can develop mutated cells but the reason that you and I don’t have cancer is because our immune system can destroy those cells before they can mutate some more and cause more harm. A lot of people don’t realize that they have a tumor, cancerous or otherwise, until it begins to have a profound effect on their everyday life. My aunt was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year (thankfully, she is now in remission) but she suffered through months of chronic headaches and it got to the point where she had blurry vision before she considered that it might be something actually serious and went to the doctor.

As much as humans can be fragile… You can’t go through life wondering when something’s going to happen to you. You can’t think not walk by a building because there’s a possibility that someone will drop a brick on your head. You can’t believe that something will happen like that. What you do have to do is be able to look yourself in the mirror and be happy with yourself, be able to respect yourself and the decisions that you have made. You can’t bend yourself to someone else’s wishes, but you have to be able to live with the things that you have done and be proud of the accomplishments and things you have done or else there’s no point in anything at all.

I’m really sorry to hear about your loss. My deepest condolences to you and your family.

Life is extremely fragile and we will never know what is planned for us in the future. Perhaps whoever is up there has a greater plan for Mitha.

No matter what, we should look forward to the future and cherish the people around us.

I hope you feel better soon!

Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry Georgina. That is horrible! I’m so sorry, is there anything I can do? :( I mean I know how you feel because my dad, but it’s just not RIGHT for a girl that young to go. She is 15….she deserves the rest of her life to live.

Most people get their whole life to live, or at least most of it. They get to make friends in middle school, high school, and college (university). But when a girl this young dies…it brings me to tears…I’ve read this blog about five times already, and the first 2, I cried. Yes cried. I didn’t know her, that is true, but here’s something I do: I DO know how it feels to lose someone, I DO believe she deserved a longer life, and I DO want to help you.

It really sucks that you weren’t close to her. I mean, yea it makes the pain not as strong, but it still stinks. It breaks my heart how close she was to recovering…it really does. 😢

That’s what I feel. I feel as if you should LIVE your life. Not complain, not be mean, etc…especially like that, it really gets to you when someone you know passes away…it really does.

Really, you blame it on whoever you can. I mean, that’s what I did, that’s what the person in the movie did, and that’s what most people do. Which is really bad, but it’s human nature…and we are human.

Like your doing now, just think of the good memories, it always helps, it makes you realize how much you appreciate them, makes you laugh…makes you cry…makes you a little happier.

I’m sorry, this day is probably the worst in the while, not mentioning the things leading up. :(

Like a toothpick…I agree, people are toothpicks, making one mistake can kill you, literally. It’s not fair, at all, especially because sometimes there’s someone else that snaps the toothpick (kills someone). It’s just not fair for anyone to die who are young…no one WANTS to die that young. Their life is incomplete.

Humans are fragile. Always were, always will be. :(

I know this comment probably didn’t help at all, but yea, I hope it does…I <3 you Georgina…and if you need anything just talk to me, K? Promise? Get better! :)

Omg :( i am very sorry for your loss. Anyway no matter how close you were, a person dying is always sad. To be only 15 is scarier, considering i am 15. Her being 15 put me into perspective. Like life is to short right? i should live it out? idk i am having fun, i am doing the things i love. Anyway maybe your cousin died happy? Like not happy that she had a tumor, but happy that she lived the life that she lived. I’ve learned that people who know they are going to die soon, have a different apperciation from life. Even though she didn’t get married, or even find love. She is probably in a happier place and happier and healthier then when she had the sickness. Also just try to be happy, don’t think about dying when your crossing the street or something, because i think it might make you more stressed out. Feel better:)

Haha, I should thank you for hosting me! ♥

50 domains?!?!? O_O what?!1

Yeah D: The bus system is really bad. Sydney Buses is planning to cancel my bus route. :X

Ugh D: When I went to Beijing, they smoked in the restaurants and I tried my best to breathe clean air but it was really hard.

Haha !! I’m so bad at being a morning person :( It’s so hard for me. It’s like a struggle to even get up. :(

:( :( I’m really sorry about your cousin. Tumours and cancers are just…terrible :/ She’s just so young..*sigh*

& Yes, life is really short but sometimes we can’t help complaining – humans are big bottles of emotion. Sometimes we’re sad and then sometimes we get annoyed so like, you might be able to control the complaining but you can’t help the stuff that goes behind it so don’t be too harsh on yourself about it. Just live life to the full :)

I hope your cousin lived her last few days to the max and I hope you feel better :)

I’m so sorry :( that made me sad when I read it. I am so sorry :(

Life is so fragile, I got sort of scared of going in cars since there are mad drivers out there.

She will always be with us ♥

I hope you and your family get better soon :)

I’m so sorry for your cousin and I send my condolences to you and your family. It’s just sad when you lose someone in your family and you had few memories together. To me, that’s what’s hard about losing a distant relative. It’s not only the fact that they passed away that’s sad and difficult to take in, it’s also the fact you barely had special moments with each other.

Life is the most precious thing to me and it can be gone in a second and we may not even know it. But we also can’t just plan out what’s going to happen in our lives, that’s a good and bad thing.

I hope you feel better soon! ♥

I’m so sorry to hear about your cousin. I know how you feel. Just half year ago when my uncle died because of a fatal collision car accident. My Uncle and his family went to Canada to meet his old friends, on their way back home, on the highway, that’s when it happened the collision. I was very sad of what happened but at the same time “lucky.” ‘Cause on that day, I was supposed to go with them but I volunteering some event in Seattle so I didn’t go with them. What really makes me upset was, it’s not my Uncle’s fault. It’s the other driver (he also died from the incident). We couldn’t believe that he’s no longer with us. My Aunt has 6 broken ribs, my 11 yr old cousin had skull fracture, and the 4 yr old had bruises. Ever since then, when I read some other status or blog post just like this, it breaks my heart. Let’s be thankful and cherish our lives to the fullest. Our families are watching us from heaven. They will be in our hearts.

Condolence to you, your family as well as hers. :( I feel really sad when I read this since I know how it feels.

We only have a limited life on earth and death is like a thief in the night. We won’t know when it would come, but when it does, we’re left with nothing but a memory of what it stole.

What hurts it that she didn’t go through that day. If she did, she’d be still with us today.

I remember when my little cousin died because of Leukemia, and it was all because of her drug-addicted mother who even let her out of the house with no clothes on. T_T

Mitha is probably happy right now. She knows that you guys love and care for her. It’s just that we can’t accept that they’re gone. At least not automatically.

Hope you feel better soon! T__T I don’t feel too great when I read it, so what you feel is more than twice horrible than mine.

This guy liked me a year ago, and that was when I liked someone else. Though he moved to a new place, we still communicate and he has always been there, especially when I have problems. Now, I’m having weird feelings. It’s been a long time since I felt like this. Seems like the story was reversed if you get what I mean.

Thanks for the encouragement! *hugs* I actually failed though. But I still have Finals to patch it up. Hopefully, I’d pass! :)

My condolences. What a beautiful text, though, in spite of its sadness.

I just wanted to say thank you, and I really appreciate your comment. :) ♥

My condolences goes to you and your family. I’m sorry you lost a cousin. I’m also sorry that you guys weren’t all that close like you were when you were little. Times in life can be very rough. *Hugs*.

I know what it’s like to lose a loved one. I know animals aren’t considered family members but we still treat them like one, and when my cat died I just lost it. I cried myself to sleep every night and my dad even made a cross for her grave. But it got ruined due to the rain. *Curse the rain*.

My dad’s friend wife died and I was almost in tears in my class one day in highschool, but luckily I held it back.

If you’re feeling bad, call your work and tell them you can’t make it today, due to a death in the family (which is true) I don’t know how things work in Australia, but I’m sure they’ll let you take the day off or something. It won’t hurt.

Chin up, she’s in a better place now and not suffering anymore. Well; girlie I gotta go. So I’ll leave a longer comment later on. Take care and *hugs*.

My condolences to you, and Mitha’s family. It is so hard to loose someone in your life.

I don’t know what else to say. I suck at comforting people in these situations. I guess life is like gambling at times; the stakes can be high, it’s risky and dangerous. Sometimes we win, most of the time we loose. But we can’t live our lives in cotton wool, otherwise we wouldn’t get past our front yard, or we’d be stuck at a certain point and not moving forward.

I hope that made you feel a little better.


I’m so sorry about your cousin :( /wah 😢

It’s so sad that she’s gone :( And only 15! That is such a young age to go. It’s so tragic. And of a BRAIN TUMOR. Jesus. Life is so unfair. *heartbroken*

I’m so saddened, and I didn’t even KNOW your cousin. It’s just really confronting when something like this happens. :( It kind of really shows you that life is fleeting and you shouldn’t waste time. Because you don’t know how much time you have left, and others didn’t get the time that you had to waste.

Yeah…It really makes me sad when characters in books are struggling to deal with loss and death. Like in The Catcher In the Rye. How Holden punched a window. It’s not the fact that he punched the window. It was the fact that he was so…overwhelmed by his brother’s death that the only way he could think of to try and deal with this was to punch a window. Ouch.

Scenes like that. I think they really hit a nerve. :(

Yeah…it’s hard to think that in her last days, she might have been suffering too much to enjoy her life to the fullest extent. I mean at fifteen she probably didn’t do all the things she wanted to, but hopefully she was a little bit content at least? Hopefully she died with the people she loves and those who love her close by. So she knew she wasn’t alone.

Awww, that’s a really cute memory of her. /um Treasure it. :) At least you have that one memory. So she’ll never be forgotten. :)

I’m sorry you had a bad day too *hugs* But at least you weren’t hit by a car :D Yay! I’d be so sad if you were. I’d rush to the hospital for you. *nods*

It’s really scare to think how fragile humans really are, huh? Life is so fleeting.

It’s really upsetting and I think the biggest part is because she was so young. And I’m older, and I feel like it isn’t fair. :(

It’s hard to tell how much time is left for all of us. It’s sad to even think about. It always slips my mind, though. Death isn’t something I think about very often at all… because I like to think that “here” and “now” is what I should focus on and what should matter. Who knows how much is left for all of us? It’s making me really want to live it out now. For Mitha, too. ♥

I guess we all deal with it in different ways, though. I’ve been writing, and listening to music. It’s sort of soothing. But this kind of thing angers some people – like in Goodnight Mister Tom.

It was a bit shocking because it didn’t seem like she was doing badly at all. Diseases are terrible. Some of them don’t even show until they’re at their final stages of ruin. :(

Ah, it was a poop day. *hugs*

My condolences to your cousin. Yeah I agree,life is unfair.. But we still have to believe to God.

Damn. *hugg*
I hope she died peacefully :( Well, there aren’t many good ways to die. Humph. 3:

God sucks. Seriously, if he were a parent his kids would be in the care of social workers. Yeah, all seven billion of em. Ah well; good thing he doesn’t exist.Besides, aren’t grown ups too old for fairy tales? ._.

(Y) *cuddle*

*hugs* It was weird because she didn’t show any signs of it getting worse. She could still remember everything and it was all going well. It was just a shock. :(

Well I don’t think I’m too old for fairytales… yet. ;)

I can’t say I totally know what you feel, but my brother died of a brain tumor when he was eight. I get the whole humans are fragile and it’s not fair thing. He died a year I was born, but I can still see how much my parents miss him. Even though I didn’t know him I wish with all my heart that one day he’ll just show up at my door like nothing ever happened. You are going through terrible pain right now and I hope everything will get better.

Awee. :3 Well I probably could live with it if I lived in cool Australia. (H)

Well, you have like 20 +18 so 38 or so left now. :D So you’re getting there.

LOL. I’m the total opposite. I usually love the outcome, just not so much the little details. They drive me crazy. I quite like it now, not really, but I’m not gonna bother changing it again. xD

Yeah, and she will – or else. /pow

Haha thanks. :$ 19th this time. :P

Yeah, it’s good for her, but I mean also other people who are offering them don’t stand a chance. xD Well, I guess it doesn’t even matter, I mean, whatever. :P One time someone used a premade I made, like in 2008, I was SO MAD. LMAO. It was weird, I had it out to be used and someone was using it and I went insane. 0.o Kinda random story but yeah. ;)

As I said before G, I’m here for you. <3
Only 15, RIP Mitha.

I seriously don't know. I felt the same way when one of my family members died. Too amazing died in the same time, and too many horrible things happened to me at the same caused me to just give up on god and whatever the hell is "supposed to happen" when you die. :/

T.T Yeah, when you think about everything they're missing, it makes it even worse sometimes. I remember when my nephew died. He was only 3 bloody months old. I always cried about how he never got to see snow, and things that a child should. …Oh great, now I'm crying about it.

If you need anything – I'm here, I know what it's like.

My condolences goes to you and your family, Georgie. I can’t believe she was only 15, that’s just not fair. :( RIP Mitha. <3

Despite the fact you weren't close doesn't mean you'd feel any different. She's family, she's your cousin.

Life is short, that's a fact. It really does make you realise how you live your own life. When my best friends cousin (whom I was very close to) died, it made me realise all of this. He was only 11 for god sake. He died in a car crash.

I can't really say I believe in God but I can't say I don't (if that makes sense) but whenever someone does say "I HATE GOD" or whatever, you always have to think about the reasons behind it.

It's not fair that she died without living her life, but maybe she's happy now.

Even if the memories are so small, they're something you should hold onto forever, never forget. She will appreciate that even if she's not here anymore, she's with you in spirit. She's watching over you, protecting you.

It's just sad, it's awful. :(

I apologise, I sort of rambled and it probably didn't make you feel any better but I suck at this sort of thing. *hugs* I'm always here for you though, don't forget that!

I feel kind of weird returning your comment now… but I will.

Maybe your mum is going through the menopause? I know when my mum was going through it, she was a right cow.

Aww, you guys are too cute. :')

I think the iPad is weird looking too haha. Oh well, it seemed like fun to do anyway.

Haha yeah that's what I love about them, hardly anyone has heard of them but I love them SO much. :') It annoys me people go "OMG BREAKING BENJAMIN ARE SO GOOD" yet they've heard one song and pretend to be in love with them…

LOL become a rebel. :') Haha yeah, sometimes when you have loads of posters it looks a bit of a mess.

I'm sure you'll be on top of it all at one point or another. :)

Oh maybe writing it down would be a good idea… hm. I don't know how I used to manage before I started moderating them LOL.

Yeah, the pay isn't BAD but it's not great either. I hope I hear from them soon too! My step dads getting annoying. -_-

LMAO, it would sound rather cool. You should record yourself saying a pile of sack. :P

LOL yeah, proper is like one of main things we say hahahaha. Well where I live in anyway, not sure about everywhere else. :P I'm proper tired..

Yeah, I've had the same person ask about sweaty toes four or five times since. I just keep deleting the question. The person has never commented me before either so I have no idea who it is LOL.

People did download the theme, statcounter tells me how many times a .zip file has been downloaded. :P It's amazing how many times my themes get downloaded. o_O I find it scary when people I know, who make their own themes download one of mine.. it makes me wonder why, hm.

I always forget to put the read me file in haha! Once I forgot to put the theme in, it just had a read me file. XD

Yeah with some short comments you can tell they tried but they just didn't really have a lot to say. I hate it when they ignore your blog. o_O It annoys me when people return your comment, but don't comment your blog as well…

I HATE THAT SO MUCH! One person I know does it ALL the time. "NEW BLOG *links site*" I go and look and the blog is like 3/4 days old. :|

That's good you've been sleeping a lot though. :D Enjoy it while you can, before you go back to uni next month!! :D

Lol my nails do look scary. Only one hand has blue nails today… I'm a freak.

Oh I hate the "I hope someone buys me this" ugh, shut up. Yeah, sometimes you can tell some people aren't hinting, they're just upset about it or something.

Again, I'm here if you need to talk about your cousin! *hugs*

I am so sorry to hear about your cousin. It really makes you think about how fragile we are and how short life is but at the same time it makes me feel that life is precious and we need to enjoy it. We can’t always worry what is going to happen to us because then we would never enjoy any of it!

Georgina, I’m genuinely sorry to hear about your cousin. I understand how unfair it feels, and what a jolt it is to suddenly be reminded of our own mortality. My cousin, Gemma, died at the age of 7 from multiple cancers after fighting against it from the age of 2. She went into remission at age 4, but after collapsing on the street when she was 6 years old they discovered a tumour on her back. She told her grandmother, in her last month, that “it’s okay, Nanny, I’m ready to be with the angels now.” Heartbreaking, but incredibly brave and indicative of her character.

It’s always heartbreaking when children die, and even more so when you consider everything they’ll never get to do. There’s a monologue in a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode spoken by a demon-turned-human who is experiencing loss for the first time, which goes something like this: “She’ll never brush her hair. She’ll never yawn. She’ll never drink fruit punch. [etc]” which really taps into the core of it – no part of death is sadder than missed opportunities or lost potential.

So be your potential. Don’t put things off. Live life to the full, and all those other cheesy things. Because they’re true; We really don’t live forever and this is all the time we have.

As BtVS’s Angel put it in his spin-off show, “if nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do.”

Hey Jennifer. I really appreciate your comment and it’s made me feel a lot better. :) It’s really sad when people pass when they are so young, because you always think of what they never get to do. As you said, it does remind us of our own mortality.

I’m really sorry to hear about Gemma. It’s so heartbreaking but I know she must have fought so hard.

Someone did tell me to go on living, and live for what she didn’t have. I should feel lucky for still being here now. ♥

I’m really sorry about your cousin…She was so young. I don’t know what to say…I mean I cannot tell you to not to be sad…All I can do is pray for her soul.
Well life goes on Georgina…it’s hard to accept this but death is what makes our lives special.
But the way she died is so tragic… :( She was your cousin even you were far from each other that doesn’t really show that you would feel different.

I wouldn’t really hate God in every case of death. Instead I would pray for the souls…

Mitha…My God that’s so unfair. RIP.

I hope you’ll feel better soon Georgina. *hugs*

im so sorry to hear about ur cousin, i know u feel like shit now but at least shes not in pain anymore. ive lost two of my closest friends and it was tough i still miss them and i sometimes question god in why now why not later but if everyone lived the earth will be so crowded and god what have his special angels to look after us

I wasn’t expecting a blog like this :(

I am so sorry to hear this. Thats all I can say. Dying at fifteen is horrible. There is not much fulfillment in those early days, so I hope she lived a happy life.

My late father died of a brain tumor. He was diagnosed when it was to late to operate, and was given only three months to live, but he lived for an amazing four years extra. They called him the miracle man. But in the end he didn’t make it. I was only thirteen, and he was my best friend. I remember my last words were “I love you” after kissing him on the forehead. He couldn’t speak, and a lot of times would cry when he saw me. I lived in Perth and he lived in Melbourne, so I only saw him twice a year on school holidays. My Opa Adolf also died. My Oma Truce is still alive, but I haven’t heard from her in nine years. She lives in Germany, and I don’t have her address. But now I am older I really want to connect with her, because she is part of my father.

So I guess I know what you are going through. Sometimes it really seems like the good die young. Maybe its because there is something out there better for them. Life is a test, and the good who succeed with kindness and innocents are taken to a nicer place in the universe. And all tho it hurts the one’s they leave behind; we will one day see them again, and can share memories of life on earth.

I had a fifteen year old friend die of leukemia. No one knew she was sick. She was such a strong person to hide her fears or any bad thoughts. I bet your cousin was strong as well. And she is probably reunited with old family members having a blast.

Once again I am sorry to hear that. I hope the pain dies down soon. You will never forget but things will get better, and soon you will stop thinking about the awful death, and think back on only good times.

I closed my website. I won’t be graphic designing for a long time. Instead I will be writing a novel. I would have done a fair bit by now, but its hard to come up with good plots I won’t get bored of. I hope we can still speak from time to time. I will continue to read your blogs. My MSN is blinkchick1@hotmail.com if you ever feel you need someone to talk to :) I don’t own twiter, but if you have facebook my name is Stephanie Heijkoop. Get well, and I hope its not to hot for you on your walk home.

Hey Steff. I just wanted to say thank you for the comment. I really appreciate it and it made me feel better. ♥

I’ve added you to MSN as well.

It just really hit me because she was so young. I hope she lived to the full – it makes me realise how lucky I should feel.

I’m sorry to hear about your father. It’s amazing that he lived longer than they predicted, but it’s a shame that she still passed. That is really touching. :(

My grandparents are all gone and they passed when I was so much younger. I really hope you can connect with your grandmother somehow.

It’s been hard to forget but I know she’s in a better place and that she must have known. She must have lived the best she could. It’s hard to believe but I just hope she did enjoy her last days. It came as a shock because she seemed to be doing fine.

I’ve been writing and listening to music and it’s been making me feel better about it.

I really hope you publish that novel because I would love to read it. Your writing has become so much better. :D I hope things are going well for you!

I’ve only really heared of tumours once, but omg, FIFTEEN! :o I feel sooo sorry for the family. :(

Yeah. I’m young :p

I’m sorry about your cousin. It is so sad that she died at such a young age. 😢 /argh At 15, she should be going out with friends, go shopping, find a guy to fall in love with or just simply enjoy her life. Sadly she didn’t get the chance to do all that.
Looking at the bright side (if you can call it that), at least she doesn’t suffer from the disease anymore.

My condolences go to you and the family.

Sometimes it does make me wonder, why do the nice people have to die early? It seems so unfair. And the answer I always get is that God love them and by dying young, the less chance they have to commit sins. Don’t know if that is true but for the sake of those who died young, I hope it is true. Not that I’m questioning God’s will, but knowing for a fact you won’t see the person you love EVER again is too, too much to bear. 😢

The last funeral I’ve been to was my cousin’s as well. I can’t remember whether you read the blog on that topic few months ago, but the thing about my cousin was, we didn’t even have his body to bury because he died from crocodile attack and well…I don’t want to mention the gruesome details here, I’m sure you get the picture. I wasn’t close to him at all, but when you heard something like this happening to your own family, it raked my heart.

That is true, humans are fragile. We get hurt and bleed easily. Even a little bug in the air can make us sick. There’s no telling whether you will live today and gone to the heavens a second later. But whatever it is, we should value ourselves and the ones who love us.

Hopefully yours and her family will be strong to go through this difficult moments.


Now on to reply to your comments :)

Hahaha, no I don’t return comments that fast. I just happen to have the time to do it. XD

Thanks for the idea. I think I shall redirect chibiholic to nekonette. Man, why didn’t I think of that before??? 😳

Yea, hopefully your mom will change her mind about not letting you go on Valentine’s Day. You and James should be spending that day together. Hehehe.

I’d love it if our house was totally filled with furniture from Ikea. It would look so tidy :) I feel really lucky that my parents wanted to treat me. I just keep telling them how happy I am with my room now and it makes them feel happy.

Thank you :) I’m glad you like my room. I can’t guarantee it will be so clean and tidy for long! I like have a plain room because I love so many different colours its hard to pick just one. So my have neutral colours for walls and furniture I can have bright colourful things like my duvet and curtains :D

I’m sorry to hear about your cousin. Life just it’s fair sometime. Losing someone has such a big effect on your life and it’s difficult to understand how life can be like this. I was going through a similar time last year when my Grandad past away. We were very close and it really shocked me. It just shows how precious life is.


I’m so sorry about your cousin. I really am. I’ve never had someone I know die yet. I’m so sorry. I hope she’s happy whereever she is now. I was going to say Heaven but I’m not sure if you belivie in God and all that.

I feel sad really this blog, I really hope you are okay. Cheer up! Your cousin would be happy to see you happy. *hugs*

I hope to earn money when I’m older, a lot of money so I can help my parents. Especially now, at a time of great sorrow and stress over money and bills, taxes… Etc.

Sleep is important m’dear! At least you tried. I didn’t win an iPad either but I will try again next time. :)

that’s awesome. Haha. I wish to try blue or black nail polish soon, maybe yellow? Ahaha.

Wow, you had a dream you were pregant? That’s so uber werid. Lmao!

I hope my dream isn’t trying to tell me something… It’d be werid if you get me. Aha.

Peace <3

aww, thats so sad. I’m so sorry. I know its hard when a family member dies. My older brother was killed years agao and It broke me to pieces. I hope you recover soon.

I’m so sorry to hear about your cousin. It’s just so sad that if she had have made it through the day she would still be here. :(

It’s when things like this happen make me realise how much I hate it when people say they want to die. They have their whole life ahead of them and there are people who actually want to live, and actually want to live yet their lives get cut short.

You shouldn’t feel bad for complaining- it’s just a part of life. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t thankful for what you have, life is a complete bitch at times and we all have our own ways of ‘letting that out’.

If there’s anything I can do, let me know. ♥

er, sorry for the repetition, didn’t realise /bash
and also sorry for the double comment

Georgina, reading your blog made me cry. I rarely cry.
I know you hear this a lot, but it’ll be okay. I cant really relate to having a family member die because I’ve had the privilege of not having/knowing of a family member dying in my family.

But many of my friends have died, I live in a fucked up city where people are smoking weed and don’t know what they are doing. 4 of my friends killed their self. One of the 10 friends of mine that have died, had a brain tumor. Unlike Mitha they knew he had a brain tumor. But, I didn’t. I was never informed or anything. I went to his funeral and everything. Then I found out.

Like I said at the beginning of the comment. It’ll be fine. Also she will live, fall

in love and love people. But only not in the same room as you

(Sorry, hit submit too soon)

I’m so sorry about your cousin. :'(

Life is too short. We sould really appreciate life. But still I can’t help myself putting that out sometimes. I tell myself that tomorrow is the day I’m going to start living my life, but I never get there. I dream of doing things but never do them. We all need to stop thinking and just live while we can, maybe we won’t get a tomorrow.

You’re right. The future is something that goes by our mind but we never think about what’s happening now. It’s something that humans naturally think about but because life is so precious we don’t think about it. We should definitely live for the moment and savour what we have. I have so many dreams of my own as well, but still, that doesn’t mean that what I’m living can’t be something to smile about. :)

I’m so sorry for your loss. *hugs* I know it must be incredibly hard for you. It wasn’t fair to her, at all.. but I guess life just isn’t fair.

Your blog made me think.. because we can die at any time, without warning. There are so many things that can go wrong or happen unexpectedly, so we SHOULD enjoy life as much as we can. We just all get too caught up in the littler things to worry about bigger things.

Just remember though, that either way if she was in pain or not.. now she’s out of pain. She will always be with you wherever you go, and she will be there without feeling any pain.

*hugs* I’m so sorry to hear that, I wish Icould say or do something useful but I think people passing on always makes us feel lost ♥

Aw, I’m so sorry for your loss. I guess saying sorry isn’t going to help, I know. It never really helps whenever someone from my family dies. It’s not bringing them back, and once I start remembering our memories and thinking that they’re not coming back I just burst into tears. Actually whenever I just think about what happens if someone close dies I cry too. It’s okay to feel sad sometimes. You have the right to cry, and sometimes crying makes you feel better.

I guess, what would help is remembering those moments. And learn from this experience, and make every moment so precious, spend time with the loved ones. So when we die, they’ll have those moments to hold on too. Life is too short. We better spend it learning. For example, with your cousin, you learned to to spend as much as possible with your loved ones because at any glance you or your loved one could be take. It makes me sad to think this way, but it going to happen and I just can’t sit here thinking about it but I should get up and do something.

My grandfather did when I was about 15, and my aunt died when I was 11 . I didn’t get to spend time with neither of them, which really hurts. I never got to truly know them. I never got to spend time with my grandfather and for him to tell me stories about his youth. i envy everyone who still has a grandfather. I’m actually crying while typing this. I got to see him for the last time, he was so weak and ill, I don’t think he could even see , or eat properly. he’d just say stuff. When I told him about my aunt and that she’s dead, he was like no! I guess my grandfather won’t see me getting married and having kids but I will be a doctor and successful women and achieve what he couldn’t.

That’s whats so scary about brain tumors, sometimes you don’t even know how you got them or you don’t even know if you have them!

See, remembering good memories is always good.

I understand how you’re feeling and I hope you feel better soon.

Thanks! Then pen tool was just so evil.

Ah! Thanks for telling me that! I didn’t know it was normal.I do hope it’s nothing serious, and yeah maybe I just started noticing now :P .

Yup, it is! I can’t believe how silly they’re -.- . I just hate when anybody makes fun of anything. Sure, maybe you don’t agree with their lifestyle and stuff and so do I, but i don’t treat them like animals. That’s just cruel. You don’t have the right to do that.

Yup, Nedaa is a great friend!

Hope you get well soon<3

I am so sorry about your cousin. No matter how close you were; it hurts beyond hurt when you lose someone :( My prayers go out to her and the rest of your family, including you.
Yeah, this post got me thinking too. Life is fragile. Something, anything…can be the end to everything.

I’m sorry for your loss :(

Its always hard living life to the fullest when all we think about is our problems that need to be solved. Well, life is hard – that’s the reality. But no matter what, we must all live life like its our last day. That’s what my teacher used to say.

I know how you feel. I had a friend; we met in the summer and never get to see each other until summer only. But before I came to Canada, I heard that he was shot and died. It’s really shocking because I was wondering where we was… I never knew :( We weren’t close and all, but it still tears you apart that someone you know is gone. Without even saying goodbye.

I’m so sorry I didn’t comment earlier; I didn’t notice you’d actually blogged about it…I only knew what you’d said on Twitter. :( Anyway, my sincerest condolences on your cousin’s death. To be honest, it’s hard to think of what to say when everything that springs to mind is so cliched. I’m not good with words, I’m afraid. But I am thinking of you and your family and sending lots of virtual hugs your way. *hugs* It’s such a horrible thing to happen to someone so young; I can understand how it makes you think. Life is so tragically unpredictable like that sometimes. :(

Anyway, more kind thoughts and condolences to you and your family. I suspect you already have a huge support network online, but if you need anything, please do let me know. *more hugs*

That’s totally alright. *hugs* Thank you for being there, even though I didn’t feel like talking about it at the time. :)

It’s alright – I’ve received a lot of those comments, as you guessed. But altogether it’s really lovely to see how many people are cheering me up. It means a lot. ♥

If you want to open a design site, you soo need to find on your hands because it’s not fun when you got a lot of orders and no time to make them lol.
OFF TOPIC: you will never guess who actually came to lecture me about how my design site is illegal. The same person who stole from you and Vicky. It’s on my ask me page. I had no Idea how to reply lol.

I rather walk than get in a taxi. It’s too scary for me. I just cannot do it at all lol.

Hahaha they are cute lol. They act all childish but it’s totally adorable. Girls may not like it at times but it’s totally cute. :D

Thanks. :D After sunday, all designs are not free anymore. I get to make cash again. :D I finally got paid from that one online job I had. Now I have like fifty something dollars in my Paypal. :D They took forever to pay me.

I got FF once but I didn’t use it much because I just got Safari too and I really liked it but now, I’ve used all the browsers and FF is the best. :D It has a plug-in that takes screenshots!! That’s is soo amazing. :D

It really suck but it’s worth. I get to learn more. :D

I honestly have no idea what to say in situation like this. I’m can’t say I know what you’re going through because I really don’t. I can’t say I’m sorry because I know that really bugs me when something tragic happens and someone says I’m sorry because they have nothing to be sorry for. So all I can say is I hope she rests in peace and I hope her family gets better. I hope everything gets better and life is unfair but there’s always a reason for everything. Even though it doesn’t seem like it.

Life is short but some people don’t get that. There’s not second chances. They need to live life to the fullest and not spend their lives stealing or murdering people, or just making people’s life hell.

Keep those memories you have of her. Do not ever forget them and as long as you have the memories, you will always have her.

I’m so sorry to hear about your cousin. This blog is actually really touching, and I know that things like this can really make you step back and think about things differently.
At least you’ve got some good memories with her, even if you didn’t get to see her too often. Sounds like you really had some fun with her. :'(

Oh, the SGAs are on hold for me at the minute while I wait for the rest of the regional events to finish. Then I’m onto round three so I’m hoping I get through that. I’d love to make it to the final, even if I don’t win. I think it’d be a really great experience. :)
I know what you mean about Jess. I’m really proud of her too, she’s so strong. Even when she has times and experiences that make her feel down, she picks herself up and carries on. That’s the sort of thing I really admire in people. /eee

Omg. Georgina, this is so sad. :'( I’m very very sorry for you loss. I would hate it if my cousin died, too. I wish I could relate but I’ve never lossed anyone, I’ve never even lost a pet.

Deaths do really make you think. I mean, it shows you how precious life actually is. I know someone that actually died and came back to life, she said that she saw a white light and was walking towards it but then “woke up” before she could get there and she was thinking DANGET! I wanted to go there! Lol. I mean those were her exact words. I’m sure your cousin died in peace. :)

Go to: http://www.givesmehope.com/ That should cheer you up. It cheered my friend, Paige, up. :) She just broke up with her boyfriend and she said it changed her life. & I read it and it hit me a little bit. I’m sure it should help you at least a little. :)

Trust me, I would be sad if you died. I would miss your extremely long comments that take a LONG time to return and your awesome smilies and seeing your cheery pictures that you post on your website and all of your websites. I’d cry. /wah ____________________________________
Cool. (:

Yeah, that’s all you can really do. :/

Okay, I was thinking that I wasn’t while I wrote that. I wanted to apologize anyway. (:

BAD GEORGINA BAD! hahahahaha. Jk. YAY! I see the link. ;)

No problem. & Yes, you will. You will easily return all of your comments. Seeing as you post new blogs every other day you have to get through them all. :)

Yes, I don’t have the money now though. I need a job first. My ‘rents are forcing me to get it with my money because my mom just got me a new phone and I can’t get another one for another year. I don’t wanna wait that long cuz I hate the phone. :/
I love love love the iPhone. I used to think the Razr was the coolest thing ever. Pshhhh. hahahahaha.

Yeah, it’s kinda weird to ask for money in return for stuff. I completely understand. I’d do it though, it’s another source of income. It may not be a big income but you could be $1 off of getting something you want and all you have to do is make a layout to get it, that is a small price. :) That’s how I think of everything. :P

Hahahaha. Yeah, Dante may not be impressed at my stuff cuz he is intimidated by it. Hahahaha. Same with James and you.

Yeah, he loves the Coast Guard. I can tell. It is a shame. :/

Yes, everyone changes their minds about what they want to do, except me. I wanted to be a Teacher from the start. I just didn’t know what grade, where, and what subject. I have the whole thing figured out now though. :)

Yes, it will. :) & LUCKY! I hate homework. It can go die for all I care. :/
Yeah, as long as I can get myself to study. Which most of the time as long as I have notecards I am perfectly fine. :)

Yeah, it’s my first time using my own photos. I think I’ll do it more often to make them unique even if I do use someone else’s coding, it still has that unique quality.

Awh. Thanks. I always think that no one will want to read my blogs when they are really long. I just write like I am talking to my readers, it’s how I’ve always written. On my papers in school also. I always get off subject in my papers in school and I’m like, “Okay back to the ___.” like I’m talking to the teacher. It’s the easiest way for me to write and I’m not gonna change that ever. I shouldn’t have to. It comes naturally to me. :)

Yeah, it is HILARIOUS! One time a-literally, no joke-retarded dude and his gf (also retarded) were having sex in the library the librarian (still works there) caught them and freaked out. HAHAHAHAH! Now I look at the dude and I’m like FAIL! 💥 = his fail. He got suspended for 3 days and so did she. It was hilarious. The middle school knew about it before our first class even ended. XD The fastest traveling story in the world. Hahahahahahahhaahhaahhaahaha.

Yeah, it’s nice to know how much he loves me though. We just got through one where we were both pissed at something stupid. XD Hahaha.
That is exactly what Dante and I fought about today. Stupid I know but still. I wanted to not see him tomorrow so I’m seeing him before my game today. :)

Yes, really important. I <3 best friends. They come in handy through tough times. :) OH! If you need anyone to talk to I am a good listener. Just get on IM one day and pour your heart out. I wont mind. :)

HAHAHAHAH! That is hilarious. They yell at us after school but I'm just like Whatever. XD I know. It's just like Okay???

I’m so sorry about your cousin. Life is short, and I hope she lived it to her fullest. I remember a few years ago, my best friend lost her mother to cancer, and it was really hard for her. In the end, she started to feel better, knowing that her mom was always watching her in heaven, and I hope you’ll feel that way about your cousin as well(:

Aww. Thats really sad, I am so sad to here about your cousin! She is like as old as me, and my parents would be screaming, “WHY?!?!” not really, my parents really don’t care about me. But really, my condolences.

The weather here is really crappy too. We had a snow day on Wednesday, and they called it so early, I was so happy but I went to bed as I usually do because I was so tired.

I hope your day gets better :)

Eep just an hour ago, you had like half the amount of comments you currently have right now. I was kind of looking through your comments & James left such a silly comment. haha. But in all seriousness, I am sooooooo incredibly sorry to hear about your cousin’s death, dear! :( I send you a million hugs & a shoulder to cry on.

It’s hard to imagine that no one even knew she had a brain tumor because people with brain tumors show symptoms of abnormal behavior. Sometimes they’ll mix up their words or can’t think right..or won’t be able to be as animate as they usually are. I can’t believe she’s just…gone like that.

And contrary to that comment that didn’t even say “my condolences” but gave you a lesson on tumors, getting a tumor is just about the same thing as developing a tumor. Sure you don’t contract a tumor the way you can contract a flu, but my goodness it’s the same thing. For goodness sake’s, your cousin has passed away & a lesson on how one can harbor a brain tumor is the apparently more important. RUDE. I’ve read that how someone gets a brain tumor is unknown..well at least the causes of it which is what you were getting at, am I correct? Obviously, we know how one forms, (overgrowth of cells) but WHY is a mystery apparently. It could be any number of factors from diet, the air she breathed, hitting her head, or any number of things that could’ve caused the cells in her brain to just divide uncontrollably. I honestly can’t tell you because I’m not a doctor & I don’t know but it’s almost impossible to tell unless she mentioned some sort of abnormality & traced it back to some sort of incident. Okay but seriously, I’m really sorry for this loss of yours. You said you weren’t particularly close to her but nonetheless, she is blood related to you & you have fond memories of her despite the shortness of them. :( She was your family. Your last paragraph..so :( :( :(

She was so young & I’m crying on the inside for your loss. The young shouldn’t die from something like this! They shouldn’t die, period!

You’re absolutely right though, life is so incredibly short & I know how crummy you feel. Death is not something most people can take & it can be overwhelming. I just hope that you’ll be okay & cheery. Are you & your family going to attend her funeral? I’m guessing it’ll be held in Indonesia. :/

I don’t feel that it is appropriate for me to return the comment you left me because I don’t want to in anyway belittle this situation. Treasure each day! I know it’s really hard to..even when death strikes, you promise that you’ll live every day to the fullest but sometimes you just can’t help but take your luck for granted.

BUT TO MAKE YOU GIGGLE..ONE DAY..I will beat Gillian’s longest comment to you. I promise. I’ll even use word to count how many words I’ve typed. Don’t worry, I’ll make the comment completely related to your blog.

Cheeeer up buttercup! I know that it’s really hard for you to right now, but you’ll feel like a ball of sunshine again & you’ll be able to get back into the knack of things. Do not even apologize for claiming to have left me a terrible e-mail or comment, I can’t complain because they’re the longest e-mails/comments I receive & I love hearing from you! So it’s really sad for me to hear you’re not having a good day. At least you have James to cry on & hold you when you’re sad. Although your mom has to unlock your jail cell first.

You know that you can just send me angry e-mails if you need. haha & it’s okay if you’re not in the mood to do anything. I understand right now all you want to do is lay down & do nothing..or throw your hands up into the air & scream. Life is honestly just not fair & it’s hard to make the best of it but because your life was not taken away, it is your duty to make the best of it. Live on for your cousin & don’t forget about her. :) She won’t be there for your wedding or your children but she will always be in your heart & memories! Live your life the way she couldn’t. Live a little for her. :)

Hello lovely ♥

I am really, really sorry about what happened to your cousin and I hope that today was at least a tad bit better for you. It of course won’t be easy to go back into your normal routine, but nobody expects that. My wishes and hopes go out to you and your family. ♥

I kinda hope that Mitha didn’t have to suffer and that she died peaceful. Like, maybe she fell asleep and didn’t wake up afterwards. Maybe her body was tired because of all the fighting and decided to stop Mitha from the pain and fell asleep forever. Let’s hope she is at a better place right now. A place where she can be happy and live without any pain. You might see her again when you go leave this planet in a future that is still far, far, far away.

We human beings really are soo fragile. The smallest mistake can mean the end for us. Which is really sad.

I agree what you said about Mitha and how said it is she’ll never get to experience things like falling in love, having kids and all those lovely things. In some way it’s really not fair that she didn’t get the chance to experience all of this.

Your complete blog was written really beautifully and I didn’t really know what to say. I hope I didn’t make things worse with any of the said above. ♥ ♥


There are some people per week/month joining the campaign, which still makes me really happy. :)

Hehe, yeah I am the same way! I think it’s fine going more into detail when it comes to let the visitors know things about myself, but when it comes to the website it’s not really “needed”. Yeah I will think about that tip and see what I can do. :)

Yeah, you’re definitely busy like hell with all your projects and stuff! :) And you still manage to update, like writing reviews and stuff!

His sense of humour definitely makes him a little it cuter – but what is even more awesome is the fact that he is shy. It just really doesn’t fit the character he plays on Supernatural because Dean is the one who loves women and loves to hook up with them at any given moment. And Jensen is just soo completely different from that, it’s awesome. /love

Yeah those two videos are definitely hilarious. I loved the sucking dicks parts too. xD Especially when that white haired dude asks him if it really is part of his every day life to suck his own dick. xD

But the best part of the video is the “pussy” part where Dean screams after seeing the cat in the locker. xD I laughed soo hard when I saw it in the actual episode.

OH I hate that with a passion too! Like, you try to memorize it or at least most of it and then SURPRISE!, not part of the test.. my economics teacher tends to do that a lot..

I was trying to brighten my lil brother’s mood up a lil bit at the beginning of this week because he was feeling sick and we watched some YouTube videos of babies dancing & laughing. My bedroom door was open so mum heard us laughing and came to see what was up. xD I usually don’t mind showing them what I laugh about, but if it’s in English there is not much sense behind it, so I just tell them that I am watching something.

Speaking of those competitions.. xD I was browsing through a Tumblr blog I am following and saw this conversation two people had all in CAPS were this one girl met Jensen, Jared & Misha at a convention. It was hilarious to read and I got kinda a lil bit jealous that she got to meet all three fo them! I’d probably pay a lot of money (if I had it) to meet them!

I mean, it’s not like you like a person because his or her parents are rich! Its about personality and I honestly don’t even care what my friend’s parents earn. As long as they live in good conditions everything is cool. No need to tell me your daddy is rich and bla bla.. I think that’s just kinda stupid.

I kinda miss what my website used to be too. But I just got really lazy when it comes to making graphics and even writing articles. But it good to hear that you liked what my website used to offer in the past. :) ♥

My mum was like “Why on earth are you putting a poster up on your walls?!” after we just made everything new when my sister and I moved into our current bedroom. And I was like: “I don’t like my walls empty!”

If I ever manage to give the photos I have of my friends and me to the shop so they can develop them, I want to put them up on the wall next to my bed. I already have some on the same wall my dream catcher is on but that’s not enough yet. :) I’ll see.

Maybe I get some inspiration and make something super awesome and stuff and then I’ll show it to you guys. :)

People should read it! The comment form is BELOW the BLOG so that people comment on the BLOG. Otherwise they can use the contact form or email.

Hehe, I loved Enid Blyton’s books a lot. My favourite was the Famous Five series. It’s mainly because of The Famous Five that I like her. :P

Well, my parents fought again. My mom said stuff about divorce as well and I ended up crying. :(

When Odreka told me that she was leaving my school, I thought I would feel so bad. When she did it, I felt really very bad. Then I saw that I don’t feel like that anymore because I had my other friends. Now if they leave, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t want to feel awkward talking to them as well. O_O

I don’t really mind that my dad doesn’t allow me to put up posters. My computer is full of pictures of my favourite bands and stuff though :P

I’m really sorry about your cousin. :( RIP Mitha. My best wishes go to you and your family.

It’s really unfair that she passed away at such a young age when she was only fifteen. She should have gotten to live her life fully and be happy.

When I hear any news about people dying, it makes me feel really lonely and scared. Because I know that like the person who died, I can die at any moment as well. Maybe I can die the next day or even the next hour. Like me, they’d had a lot of dreams that they wanted to fulfill but they didn’t even get that chance. I used to think about these things some time ago, and I would always be depressed. Now I think that even if I do die tomorrow, I’ll try to be as happy as I can be. I try to appreciate that I’m living and I have so many people who care about me.

I hope Mitha died happy and spent her last moments with her loved ones. That’s the best we can hope for and maybe she is happy now, wherever she is.

Awww Georgina! T^T Thats so sad.

youre right, I also feel bad about your cousin, since she wasnt able to even fall in love cause she was so young. i hate death, but it’s a natural thing. =_= sigh.

Haha same here: Most of my family live in China.
Oh well I’ll just bring some stuff to do tomorrow. To occupy my time. Family gatherings is not my thing ahaha.
I know… I wish money could buy me happiness right now but it’s not going to work.
Lol, I don’t usually paint my nails. If I paint them then I would have them in shell pink or clear.
I’d rather my laptop than that IPad! It’s lacking so many qualities from a normal computer.
Meh I don’t give a damn about my mum anymore. She can do what she wants and in the end it will be her that will regret it.
Aww, I’m sure your mum had reasons to bail you out on a day with your bf. I sort-of want to see the movie… I’ll read reviews of it first so I won’t waste $11 on a movie ticket.
Haha, Taylor and Taylor….. I just don’t like them going out at all.
Yes, I do hate it when events clash. I actually can’t go to her party tomorrow so I’ll give her present on Monday at school, :)
Aww, I so sorry! I know that Mitha wasn’t close to you but I know how you feel. My granddad died when I was about 7. I never actually appreciated him but when he passed away I remember great things about him. Like the time we went to China to visit him he took Emily and I for an ice-cream. There were so many things-I just regret not knowing him more, :( He even had the same birthday as me!
It is very sad to know that Mitha won’t grow up and have a long life. And as you said we should cherish each moment of our life because something could happen to us when we least expect it.

Aww dear!! *hugz* People even if not your relatives who die are just just… heartbreaking. Life certainly is so short and we’re so fragile that any time, something could fall on our heads and crack our skull and kills us. But this doesn’t stop us from doing what we think is best and from living. If we are afflicted by some disease, I always think of a reason for everything. I believe that in after life, we would be free from material bondage and we’d really be in a happier place. I would like to think that your cousin is there and enjoying and free from all her suffering.

That’s okay :)
She was young :( but as you said, in a better place now ♥

I hope your doing well too :)

Oh my, I’m sorry to hear about your cousin. My brother passed away on June 19th of last year, and it hurts until now. . .