Flying Above Everything

Thank you for all your lovely comments on the last post regarding my cousin’s death. They really helped me pull through. It’s only been about two days since I found out. I know she was young and only 15, but I’ll come to accept it soon. ♥️

I had a weird thought. I sometimes wonder what people online think of me. I know some people think I’m a bitch. They can think what they like. I’m happy I have friends who support me and are still my friends even though I can get moody and angry.

I know people think I’m the general… I get compliments that I’m nice, kind, generous, pretty… but maybe that’s not what I’m getting at. What do people think of me as a person, truly? It’s an easy thing to ask your friends but I feel strange propping up the question online. I wonder what impression people get from me and my work on my site and what I do online.

I was talking to an old friend of mine, Dylan, about our group in high school. It’s changed so much. He’s obviously kept in touch with some via Facebook. And there have been some seriously weird things going on.

In high school my friends and I made up a large group of about 15 or so – I can’t quite remember. There were too many of us to count. But we were close as a whole, until the end of high school dawned on us. We sort of split apart into separate groups. And now, after a year of university, I can’t even see where they are.

There hasn’t been much contact between us. They seem ignorant. It’s like our group has split into little pieces. There have been same-sex relationships with people in our group since high school ended. It’s weird. It was never like this at all.

High school was the best time of my life. I’m not saying that I’m not enjoying university now. But there were so many good times in high school. It’s sad that it’s sort of dissipated.

I’ve got a few friends from high school who I talk to now. I don’t have Facebook, but most of them are on there and I guess that’s where all the news is.

But that shouldn’t be an excuse at all. If they’re my friends they would try to contact me. I don’t know – are Lilian and I still too immature for the group? We’re the youngest of them, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t relate. Lilian and I came to the sad conclusion that perhaps they just don’t want to know us anymore. But hey, we’ve got each other. ♥️

I’ve been trying to sleep earlier, but it’s not working. I find too much to do on the computer, haha. I’ve got to get my sleeping into shape though. As usual. :P /zzz

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✌️ (H) 👏

That’s okay :) sorry have to continue comment tomorrow, of that’s okay! on iPod Touch. Night!

Haha. I’m also the youngest of our group! :D

sigh… at least your friend Lilian (hai there) goes to your blog and read, and get updates from you and you to her. my highschool friends want me to keep in touch with them, and thats something i just cant do since I study here, far, faaaar away from them. I talk to them online sometimes, but they dont even put an effort coming to ME, for a change. so i just got tired and yeah, probably they dont want to know me anymore too. </3

SIGGH. oh well. change change change. :(

Sorry about before, still on iPod but I will try to not have errors.

I think you are nice :) you are really kind xD

It sucks you don’t see some of your high school friends anymore. It’s good you still have Lillan :)

Haha. I’m always trying to get to bed early, but I never do. I either watch tv late or stay using the computer :P

Sorry iPod touch went weird and I wrote email in website :S

Hi thx for comment, u are so kind. thats so cool that u write music and play it. what type of songs do u write, and what do u play? i would love to see or hear ur music :).. my break up wasnt tough just a bit sad cause we not going to be that close anymore (cuddling and kissing).. i also question my friends that i had at school, i had a very close friend at school for a number of years but when we left school she moved away and got a boyfriend and the rest is history.. i sometimes think that im not good enough for anyone.. u are such a talented girl dont think other wise ok?

Heyyyy :D

Let’s see if I can comment before I have to rush off and pick up my stupid brother. /angry

I’m glad that you’re coming to terms with your cousin’s unfortunate passing :( It’s always going to be a tragic thing, but you know. You can move on :) Moving on doesn’t mean you have to forget her *nods* :)

UH! I am totally insulted on your behalf that people would judge you as a bitch. It’s obviously because they’re prejudiced (They should read Pride and Prejudice. RAWR. Hehehe). I mean sure, you can be a little harsh sometimes, but you’ve always got a reason to be. So you’re reasonably harsh, not unreasonably harsh, and no one can fault you for that. HMPH.

Oh well, who cares about them. They all suck. Hahaha.

What do people think of you, judging by your online activities. LOL, I think I know you too much offline to answer that. I suppose that if I didn’t know you at all offline and judged by your site, I’d think you were the most awesomest web-designer ever. But then again, I have no idea about this web-stuff :P I’m a website-airhead. Hahaha. But looking at your network, I’d say you’re heaps talented, very dedicated, organised and really hard-working. And also that you like to help people if you can, and probably that you’re very stubborn too. I mean if something’s wrong with your layout, you won’t rest until you’ve fixed it! :P

Hmm…I think you totally know what I think of you as a person :P How could you NOT?! You’re my best friend and my twin. Obviously I totally hate your guts. DUH! *sarcasm* :P No really, in high school I totally did worry about whether I’d stay in contact with everyone else, but we were so close, I never had any doubt that we’d still be talking heaps even if I go to uni in the middle of nowhere and you go to uni in the city, and we rarely see each other.

You know I love you heaps ^^ ♥

Yeah, that stuff about our group…to me, it was really unexpected…I totally DID NOT SEE IT COMING. LOL. I don’t see a lot of things coming, but I really DIDN’T see this coming. :P Oh well, I guess I’m happy for them :D

We did split in the end. I mean, it’s amazing how things turn out. It is sad. Because we were really good friends :( But you know, like we said. WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE EACH OTHER :D LOL, that’s so cheesy-sounding. Cue “Graduation (Friends Forever)” – Vitamin C.

I don’t think we’re too immature for them. I think it’s just that we’re different in that our parents don’t let us go out as much. It’s hard to be as mature as they are with that over our heads, huh?

Hello! Sorry that you didn’t get to comment before you picked him up! :O

Haha. There’s no need to feel insulted. I guess they just jump to conclusions most of the time, because I usually come off as a bitch when I am angry at someone – but of course, I try not to get angry for no reason. :P It’s their loss, really, and their stupidity too. I won’t let it get to me.

ROFL. Well you know me; you’re my best friend! ♥

Very true though… I’m probably a little too dedicated sometimes. XD

You knew the future pretty well and clear. :) I can’t say that I have doubted our friendship but I always knew it would last longer than the others’… if ever. :O Sadly it has happened, but I’m sure they’re fine with how they are now, even if they don’t talk to us. :(

Oh well, such is life. /poo

I think about reunion and how that will go, though. It would be so strange… but I guess that’s what most reunions are like.

Maybe they don’t understand us as well as we do each other. :) I find it hard to care anymore now. 😢 But I guess things were meant to change.

I know… it sucks more because I only see him during summer time too. But we just have to accept that life is short, but you gotta live it ♥

I only order cookies and cream ice cream 👏 HAHA. I’m really addicted to it! My whole family knows that if they’re buying ice cream – it better be cookies and cream. I’m fascinated at how I listen to Jpop songs even though I don’t understand the lyrics. I guess I love the beat and the fun in it. I don’t know.. I think in Jpop songs, you can actually feel the emotions of the song.

That was my first time playing Rock Band, coz I have Guitar Hero. It felt so weird. I don’t know, just everything. Well, it always feels weird the first time around.

I know, I don’t know how relationships just tend to break like that…as if there was no relationship in the first place. I’m just hoping that some of my friends will stay in touch with me when we leave high school ♥ even though we don’t see each other a lot. It sucks thinking about how close you were in high school, and then university comes, you’re just getting farther and farther from each other.

I think you’re honest, refreshing and MARVELOUS, dear! /rose

I am so sorry to hear about your cousin, my very best wishes to your family ♥

P.S. I still fail at getting to bed/getting up early! /sweat

Awe, thank you! *hugs* ♥

After I wrote this blog, I slept at 1:00am. How’s that for trying to sleep early? Fail! /um

I think people online aren’t lying when they say you’re nice, kind, generous, and pretty. Even if we’re not that close, I’ve been reading your posts for quite a long time already. It’s like I was getting to know you without you knowing me. Lol. XD It’s true though. I really believe you’re a really good person. :)

About the high school days thing, I can’t summarize my high school life yet since I am in high school. Lol. :D Good thing you’re still in contact with your high school friends. ;)

Sweet, blog mention 💀

I think in the end it is better everyone kind of split apart, in some wierd way. I mean, the group interaction was awesome, there is plenty of positive memories to look back upon and all of that, but by the start of uni everyone had changed to the point where it just didn’t feel the same anymore.

Well change, true colours…either way it just didn’t seem right to me. O_O

I suppose we could always try a group reunion, see if anyone has gone back to being normal yet. @_@

Hah to think people online would try judging you, or anyone for that matter without any sort of physical meet is just plain amusing. /pow Maybe it’s time for some self reflection, “Wow, I spend my time judging others because they decide to vent their feelings on their own personal blog. Great life I’m living!”

♥ Dyl

I don’t know you much yet, but I can definitely say that you are willing to help people and I like your website, there’s nothing wrong with it. 👏
I know this was not the answer you seek, but I’d still like to give a try ;)
Everybody promises to keep in touch on the last day of high school but that never comes true. I still talk with my best friends from high school, we still meet and hang out but a lot of people don’t do that..
Omg? Same-sex relations.. /ehh Wow this is really weird. You would definitely understand if some one in your group had that kind of biology…

Oh and thanks for those websites you gave me but only thing is does not work :( I would love to be your hostee /eee is there an other place to apply? You offer the things I’m looking for :)

Awh.. my partner. He drives me nuts these days. We have a competition to participate he does not even come to rehearsals. I dance basic steps on my own for 5 hours which is quite boring…well it’s always useful to practise the basic steps of cha cha, rumba, paso doble, samba and jive but since this is a competition we have a dance to impress the jury, and to be ready…It looks like I must find someone else to dance..oh well. :(

Hey Georgie!
My apologies for the seriously late reply, i fail. 😒

Ah, I read about your cousin in your last post and from your tweets. I’m so incredibly sorry, I send my condolences to both you and your family. ♥ I honestly feel like I’ve been hearing about death everywhere lately, like late last year one of my close mates Courtney, her old brother (about 17), died. She was so strong throughout the whole ordeal, I don’t think I’d cope if I were in her shoes. Along with my other close mate Ash (who’s actually Courtney’s best friend); the other day she lost this gorgeous gold bracelet, which is super special because it was from her Dad, who passed away. /wah

Death is such a depressing subject, but I’m sure that your cousin is in the safe hands of God :)

My honest opinion of you? Well I’ll go with the minority and say you’re a fucking bitch. Just kidding, I LOVEEE GEORGIE ! ♥ I don’t understand how anyone could dislike you at all, nor how online
people could hate you considering they’ve never met you D:

Ah, I hate that about large groups! When I moved to Safety Bay in year 9, the group consisted of about 10+ or so people (all of us soccer girls + the occasional guys). Year 11 now and everyone has gone their separate ways, people have left the school, others have changed drastically (opening their legs to anyone with a penis) or even just moved to a different group. With that said, we’ve lost members but we’ve gained new ones too. At least Lilian, James and you all have each other. You guys are the epitome of true friends (IMO) :D

I’m not against homosexual relationships at all, in fact I can’t stand homophobic people. But I also can’t stand stereotypes. A lot of the soccer girls from previous years (who’ve already graduated) were lesbians, so people tend to stereotype the soccer girls who have never had any male action as lesbians /hmph (I’ve never been classed as one).

It’s weird how things change, I doubt your friends from highschool feel that way at all. No one can erase such cherished memories like that, perhaps they just don’t know how to contact you (like if you’ve changed numbers/they’ve lost your number, etc).

Personally, if they really aren’t interested in catching up with you and Lilian then they’re the ones missing out :)

Ah yeah, we don’t have an open wi-fi connection around, we use a LAN network lmao. (I really prefer it though, for me it’s more reliable & no one else can possible steal your downloads).

Oh true, he kind of sounds like a tech geek XD (in a good way, like he’s up to date), I wish I were more than just a computer geek rofl.

;o I asked my Mum whether we have an Apple store here in Perth and apparently we don’t! Which explains why I’ve never seen one whilst shopping in the city, it freaking sucks. They call W.A the Wait Awhile state, which isn’t fair at all ! I’ve been to Melbourne & Adelaide. Adelaide is on par with us (if not behind) and Melbourne isn’t too far ahead, like the fashion is relatively the same.. They just have trams. With that said, I do believe that Perth has a better transport system. We have “transperth” and we use Smart Riders, which you use to tag on and off. Whilst I was in Melbourne they still used the cardboard ticket card thingos (I keep it in my wallet haha).

You’re lucky, everyoneee loves Sydney ! *Kicks Sydney* ;P I think people would like Perth due to it’s limited population, it’s nowhere near as busy as Melbourne (nor from what I can imagine Sydney).

I have a good relationship with my Mum, we get along well. I guess it helps that she isn’t invasive like a lot of other Mums, like if you’re having troubles with a friend she won’t involve herself. She knows that once parents are involved, it just gets blown out of proportion. Plus, she acts like she lives in the 21st century and not the medieval days, if you know what I mean. Your Mum is quite strict due to her background eh and (i’m not discriminating against racial differences) culture. But your Mum loves you and has made sure you grow up to be a great person (she succeeded woo !)

Oh cool. Your Dad sounds pretty cool. Is he Australian? (Both my parents are Scottish, as like everyone, including us kids, in my family).
Although, my Dad is kind of a douchebag. He’s a clean freak – he’ll spend literally one hour hoovering the floor /hmph

Lmao! I bet. You end up returning what, like an average of 60 comments per blog, like per day. I can only imagine how stressful that must be, as opposed to me and my 8 comments which I return when I can haha.

And just so you know, I freaking ADORE THIS LAYOUT. I don’t know how you can say you’re not comfortable with your graphics skills. You’re so talented, so stop trying to deny it! :D Plus I love how you included the rest of your design in your footer, so amazing ^^

Ahh! Thank you so much for that link, sorry if it troubled you any! How on earth did you end up finding it? I literally googled for like 45 minutes, but all I could find was random unanswered questions. I’ll give it ago some time soon :D

Hehe, naww ~ I love favouriting tweets, I tend to favourite a lot of yours /ehe Talking about NameCheap, congrats on being a top winner with the most recent contest. It hell sucks how they don’t update the scores properly, I remember the one before and I would be in the top scorers but my score wouldn’t be updated; causing me to give up.

Lmao, why are sex scenes even necessary in scifi movies? Apparently they deleted one from Avatar to ensure they could keep their M rating or whatever.

Oh cool, so do you go to the Sydney Opera House to see them? LOL :D

Haha naw thanks :D

Nooo, I have seen Spirited Away; I’ve seen it many times. I adore it :) I doubt anyone dislikes it eh! O.o and did you end up getting accepted for the Oddish TAFL? I hell want you to own at least one Anime Fanlisting XD !

Omg, I’m jealous. Your high school Japanese teacher sounds so cool, letting you guys watch anime. LOL! -jealous-

Hell yeah for the 80s ! I miss the good old music, I wasn’t even alive in the 80s, but the music back then rocked (like the ramones, etc) ♥ But that’s the same with me, my taste in music tends to differ (quite greatly) from my friends. Like my love for old school rock and Jrock/Kpop XD

Oi, I still don’t think you can receive my questions via formspring. It hell sucks D:

and hell yeah for scoring some pokemon fanlistings, DO IT WOMAN!

I never got to comment yesterday becasue my computer was being a bum but I read the post and I send you my condolences. I don’t know what else to say than that.. I read Cozza comment above and feel the same way becasue I aswell have heard of too mnaay deaths in not only the past months but the past few yars. I could never imagine being a doctor. I am a much to emotional person.

Happy though to hear all the comment from yesterday helped. There where a lot. @_@ I would have gotten confused reading all of them.

As for you as a person. Think of the internet as highschool. Too many people (unless you go to mine which has 300 students) and so many different ways people look at you.
I personally love you! ♥ Cross that out…. I adore you!! 👏 You are so inspirational and you are actually the perfect role model. /bounce
But going back to my point who realy cares. Aslong as you have your real life friends and your real online buddys it doensn’t matter. I don’t really see why your concerned. When someone call me something I take it as a compliment because they get even more mad about that. (I am sort of a kill joy :D )

I can’t say to much about highschool. I am a freshman but I can tell you that even in the world outside of school there is drama. Especially at work, from what I have observed. I don’tthink we can ever get away from it. :(

It’s hard to determine the personality of a person you met online but I think that you are the type of person who likes to spend a lot of time with family and you like to discern and ponder about various things. A very interesting person I might say! :D

I also have the same idea as friends as you, you shouldn’t lose connection but even if you do, there should be this “connection” and you’d be able to hit it right off. If these are your true friends that is.

I’m glad that I’m still going strong with my group since graduating (maybe because we’re only 5?) and my best friend from grade 2 is still my best friend! I feel like she really understands what I’m talking about.

I hope you can get in touch with your group again, but at least dear, you’ve found who are real to you then. :P

same-sex relationships? now that’s down right weird for a former high school group. :/

Haha yea I could tell you were quite hyper, haha, it was fine though! :)

Haha, seriously? I think comments are more important than homework, it’s so much better than homework at least, but yea, I guess I have to do homework (and haha, sorry I continuously am returning your comments late, which, really, isn’t fair at all..I mean you return my comments in like 1-2 days, and it’s been about 5 days I think and I’m JUST returning yours…sorry :/).

Anyway, I bet your being a good girl! Haha, I got mine taken away as you know…it was because I didn’t pick up my dogs poop when I took him on a walk and the neighbor complained. I did extra chores, apologized, and am being grounded. Life sucks! In fact if my mom found out I was online right now, I’d dieeee! :P

I didn’t know who vinton cerf was till the “Greatest American thing”. Haha, is that where they get “cerf the net?” haha! Cept it’s “surf”….

Haha I get less comments, but I’m lazier so it still takes twice the amount of time, haha! It is hell though, when you don’t like the persons site/blog especially or if your just not In the mood, in which case I just usually don’t do it (I find some excuse).Haha yea I could tell you were quite hyper, haha, it was fine though! :)

Haha, seriously? I think comments are more important than homework, it’s so much better than homework at least, but yea, I guess I have to do homework (and haha, sorry I continuously am returning your comments late, which, really, isn’t fair at all..I mean you return my comments in like 1-2 days, and it’s been about 5 days I think and I’m JUST returning yours…sorry :/).

Anyway, I bet your being a good girl! Haha, I got mine taken away as you know…it was because I didn’t pick up my dogs poop when I took him on a walk and the neighbor complained. I did extra chores, apologized, and am being grounded. Life sucks! In fact if my mom found out I was online right now, I’d dieeee! :P

I didn’t know who vinton cerf was till the “Greatest American thing”. Haha, is that where they get “cerf the net?” haha! Cept it’s “surf”….

Haha I get less comments, but I’m lazier so it still takes twice the amount of time, haha! It is hell though, when you don’t like the persons site/blog especially or if your just not In the mood, in which case I just usually don’t do it (I find some excuse).

Haha so many numbers!! Mine would be like 1 2 hahaha!! :)

Well, depending on the type of JavaScript your doing, that depends on the compatibility it includes…haha it’s useful to know in my opinion!

Haha people look foward to commercials on superbowl, it’s like mini comedy shows that are 1-5 minutes :D

Saints won…BOOOOO!! haha oh well, colts will have more chances….hopefully. :)

I watched your videos, they are really good! You should make more vlogs too! I made one!

Yea, hope you get better soon (100%)! :)

I think really highly of you, honestly, your like one of my idols online! One of the people I look to inspiration, seriously. I mean I WISH I could have the webdesign an blogging skills you have!!

But anyway, it’s an interesting question, and just last week me and someone else online were pondering the question…I thought everyone hated me/despised me. Haha! Probably true, but oh well! :D

I have a group of friends like that, I hope at least most of us remain friends, it’s unlikely, but I hope somehow it happens…

I haven’t been to high school yet haha, but I plan on it being awesome…hopefully it comes true! :)

When you grow up, I heard you list most friends and just gained new ones, and it happens to most people. I’m guessing that’s what you and Lilian are facing right now?

Haha I always go to sleep by 11pm unless it’s a weekend, but when summer comes, it’s going to be 3am most nights. :D

Have a GRRRRRRRREAT day Georgina! :)

Haha so many numbers!! Mine would be like 1 2 hahaha!! :)

I’m sorry about your cousin… sending out big hugs and prayers!!!

From what I’ve seen of your blog and work online, I think your a very nice person honestly!!!

I know exactly what you mean about friends seperating after High School — that is exactly what happened to me. I now VERY RARELY talk to any of my good friends from High School.. =( I think of it in the same light as you – If they are truly my friends they would make time in their lives to atleast say hey, I care about you! Ah well, we have to be blessed for the friends who do care and do stay in contact.

*hugs* I hope you get some rest and have a good weekend and know that even though your cousin has been taken out of this life, she is at peace and rest and she knows that you love her, I am sure of it!

Georgie ♥

I read your last blog late last night and had so much to say but didn’t know how to explain it in words. So I thought I’d comment today but you’ve blogged, ay, so I’ll comment here. :)

I am sorry about your cousin Mitha and that she died so young. But not everyone will make it through until the ‘deep end’ – the elderly stage. Some people don’t like to go that way.
But I hope she was happy when she died, or as happy as she can be, and that she wasn’t alone and I’m sorry that you’ve had to experience this. :(

Oh yes, I tend to think about this too. /oh Like what DO people think of me and my work? It’s very easy to hide behind a screen and make up whatever shit you want, or to disguise what you really think of people.

But, personally, I don’t care about your moody moments or the times when you are angry. Because it’s not as if you flare up for no reason. Maybe some douchebag pissed you off by being rude or you’ve just had a bad day. Whatever it is, I wouldn’t ever class you as a bitch for being moody/angry, we all have those stages so why should you be reflected upon any differently because of them?

I mean, really; some people pick others so they have an EXCUSE to be angry (pathetic). Whereas you are not angry or moody without a ‘trigger’ – bad day, whateverrrrr.

So you ain’t a bitch *HUGS* And if anyone says so I can rant all I want at ’em. ;D

Man I’ve missed you recently. :( But I have a week off now and the site is still BLEHHHHHH. I’m so lazy. Pffffft. I need a new layout cough.

You are nice and kind and generous and pretty alongside the ‘moody’ side. :P Everyone has a dark side, just some people choose to show it more then others.

WTF. I wrote ‘cho’ for ‘show’. /um

It is strange asking people this kind of question online, because they could still give yo’ the stuff about them loving you and work etc. when really they don’t. /type

We have discussed the whole ‘it’s-better-to-say-someone’s-a-bitch-to-someone’s-face-then-do-it-behind-their-back’ thing before so. :P

Just so you know that I consider you to be a close friend of mine. Sometimes random things remind me of you (like a song) and I wonder what time it is there and whether you’re still awake (LOL) and what you’re listening to and how your day was…

Yeah. xD

It’s a shame when groups split or just drift apart. My friends and I are a group of about ten or so, so not as much as your group, but it’s weird to thing that maybe one day I won’t see as much of them, if anything at all.

But you had your good times and you have the pictures so you don’t have to forget anything or anyone. Friends come and go and like you said, you always have Lilian! And James, of course. :)

High school is currently a weird stage of my life but I guess it’s levelling out and before you know it I’ll realise it’s great. Better than junior school anyday!

Sometimes people expect YOU to the the contacting which sucks balls. >:( If they really wanted to stay in touch they should at least try themselves!

Maybe one day your group might get together for a day or something? (Y)
And you could catch up on everything.

LOOOOOOOOOOL. You and your sleeping patterns. :’)

But they’d better be fixed soon heh! University’s getting close for you! /ehh

Take care and luh yo’! x

Hey Jorja! I see you’re not open yet but… take your time. No rush. :)

That’s alright. ♥ I appreciate how you (and other people) have been so supportive. It’s helped me think about it more clearly and helped me to accept what’s happened; hopefully she’s in a better place.

You know I love your work because it’s so unique and you put a lot of effort into it. (Hey, look how far you’ve come the past year.) :)

I know I can be nasty, and Lilian said the same thing – that I don’t flame up if I don’t have a reason. And people do have their bad days.


Aww, that’s alright. Really. I’ve missed you too! But don’t worry about your site too much. Just come back when you’re ready, and as I said, take your time. :)

You wrote “choose to show”. Perhaps that’s why you wrote “cho”. XD

I have to agree though… if you have a problem with someone it’s better just to say it to their face.

Aww. *hugs* You’re one of my closest friends on the internet. You’re a very close friend of mine. I don’t even bother saying “online friend”, because I consider you a friend, period. /eee

It’s something to wonder about! When I was younger I had a different group of friends but I didn’t fit in, so I moved to another group. It’s a shame that I’ve lost some friends but I should be happy with what I’ve got now.

Things seemed to go wonky at the end of high school. I think it’s just expected – people change. High school is where you grow up!

Blah, absolutely. If you want to be friends with someone, make an effort. Friends don’t just come to you.

Hahaha. /um I keep sleeping late, but at least I’m not waking up too late… at least I don’t think so. 😰

Love you too! /rose

Hey Georgina! /wave

You know what? Now you’ve wrote this, I’m begining to think about what people think of me, you know? I bet some people think I’m a bitch actually. Lmao. I’m sure no one thinks your a bitch Georgina, your too nice, we can all see it from the comments you give us, m’dear! ;) And that’s what I truly think. (H)

Wow. You liked high school? I don’t. Well, atm i’m not since all the stress is sorta… killing me. I really wanna punch something sometimes when it gets too stressful at school like this: /pow

Same-sex realtionship? Really? I’ve never had any of my friends…go there. I don’t mind it, it’s just kinda weird for me tbh.

I’m Catholic also and I belivie in God and all that. I also belivie there’s an after life etc. Your cousin is in a better place now and she’ll be looking after you. :) *hugs* You now know that theres someone to fall back on, if that makes sense.

LMAO. You betcha! I hope to see 1st Georgina then 2nd Pauline on the leaderboard and we’ll both get an iPad or whatever they are giving out. LOL. Cause we are cool like that! (H) (Y)

Yellow with black fingernails??? OMG! That’s uber cool. I will try it and post a picture next time!

SLEEP GEORGINA SLEEP! Haha. You need your sleep or esle you’ll feel dizzy and horrible thoughout the day and your skin will go dull! We dont want that! :) Now 😴

Thanks! Take care <3

Yeah, It was a sad time for her, her family, and everyone who knew her. Thanks! I did have to stay after-school yesterday even though it was the last day of school for the week, but It was worth it. Yeah, I hope so. Still no info yet /sweat. Sweet! I usually just fall asleep to whatever music is playing on my ipod. /eee

Oh my gosh, I’m extremely sorry about your cousin, Georgina … I had no clue about it now, and I feel bad that I didn’t! Returning comments/reading blogs once a week really puts me out of the loop sometimes.

But I do hope you, your family, and your cousin’s family are all doing alright. :(

On a lighter note, I’ve always thought of you as hard working, intelligent, highly motivated, and very emotionally versatile.

That’s probably a strange way to phrase it, but basically, I’m referring to the fact that you can bounce back from negative emotions fairly easily. I envy this, as well as how hard you work, as I’m a very lazy and also stubborn person.

When I get SERIOUSLY pissed off at someone, for example, I’m pissed off them for years. I rarely ‘let things go’, and this is always a source of mental discomfort to me. /bash Bleh.

As for your old highschool friends, sadly, that’s always what happens … Everyone’s the best of friends during the years that you all attend school together, but once you finish up, everyone goes their separate ways … Except, of course, for a good friend or two who sticks by your side.

I don’t know this from personal experience, obviously, since I was homeschooled, but I’m familiar with it from hearing about it from others. With some people, it’s like once they get out of school, they don’t want to associate with anything that reminds them of it ever again! Seems like a strange thing to do, in my opinion, because to me, it’s like they were just putting on a facade all those years, y’know? Like they weren’t truly who you thought they were. /argh

Kinda unsettling! :O

Again, I do hope you’re handling your cousin’s sudden death okay … It sounds like a really scary thing to have to deal with. :(

i totally love shopping online but i dont have a credit card and i dont wanna bother my parents :( one more year until i get a credit card though tehe
trophies in the lounge are so awesome, mine used to be in the living room so whenever guests come over you can show them off haha.
yeahhh, my parents are kinda like ‘eh’ because i dont get paid but i still have to pay for lunch and bus tickets and blahblah, but its gunna be so exciting.
omg i am so sorry to hear about your cousins death… i honestly dont know what will happen to me if one of my cousins passed away just like that. i hope you heal quickly <3
my elementary friends seem to stay the same, but i know theyve changed according to their new environment . awww i hate it when groups just drift apart, something that happens but its sad :(

First of all, my condolences concerning your cousin. And good luck with giving it a place in your heart. ♥

About friends and all.. I must say that university for me is a much better place and I’ve met greater friends here. But I understand what you mean. I also had some friends I used to hang out with every day but in the end I haven’t spoken with them ever since graduation day.. /hmph
Everyone is really busy you know with their own lives, and so are you, right? I mean they haven’t contacted you perhaps, but have you thought much about them up until now? I don’t think they just don’t want to be friends with you guys anymore, but everyone goes their own way eventually, right? ^^ And if you want to hang out again sometime, just call them ! Perhaps they’ll be really suprised and excited about it. If they don’t really feel like picking up old friendships, you’ll know soon enough. :)

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry to hear about your cousin Georgina. I hope you can get through the rough times. I’ll keep you and your cousin in my prayers. The same thing happened to my friend when her four year old cousin died from a brain tumor. It was so hard to just see such an innocent face and lively spirit just be gone. I hope everything will work out for you :)

If some people are calling you a bitch, that’s their problem. I have no idea what you could have possibly done to make you think that but just let it go. They’re probably just jealous.

Ugh I know! There are so many bands that were just awesome and now you see them and they’re all old and going bald and you’re like “Uhh….EW.” lol.

Yeah, the books are so much better than the movies. The movies just help you visualize the book, but when they screw it up it isn’t much of a help lol.

Ugh the Justin Bieber shirt was just dreadful. It was him on a skateboard and I was just appalled lol. I had to give that guy a high five. He rocked. It was really weird though because there was another girl working there and she looked like Justin Bieber lol.

Lol yeah, I’m gonna look up who he chose his name from. But I’m just gonna call him Pope Benny. It’s so much easier to remember lol.

Hi Georgina,
I just read your previous post. I’m really sorry that your cousin died. At only 15 years old :(
Sometimes, we take life for granted. Everyday, we take risks, even crossing a road is a risk. ou could get hit by a car or fall over etc.
Yet, we groan, about the things we don’t have, and it only hits us when something bad happens. When someone dies, it’s horrible. Especially when it’s someone close. I remember when my grandfather died and my mum was downstairs crying so loudly, that the whole unit could hear her. :(

At least you got to meet your cousin and got to know her, and what a wonderful person she was.

Georgina, every single person who comments on your site 95 percent are ones who actually bother to comment because they know you are a kind person.The other 5 percent are more likely the ones who are jealous that you receive so many comments. You are a generous, funny, kind, pretty, awesome…. etc person :D

I remember in primary school, I had a few friends and two of them went to selective high schools. It’s really awkward if we see each other, I always end up turning my head nd pretending I haven’t seen them. It’s sad how close we were but I guess if you don’t talk or keep contact for a long time, they sort of drift off.

Cuter hoodies? My jacket hoodie was pink ==” It wasn’t like it was black or anything… maybe I should choose one with rainbows and lollypops on it. heh.

Yes, so true. My parents are kind of hopeless when it comes to computers. They know where the on button is and then the rest is like it’s in a foreign language to them. (Actually, it is…. since their english isn’t what you call fantastic….)

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day for tomorrow! :D

I know that I don’t know you very well, but from the comments between us, I can’t see you as anything but a kind person. You’ve always posted supportive comments, even the first time you commented my blog. I really appreciate it :)

I’m kind of afraid of how my group of friends will end up after highschool ends this year. We’ve been through everything together the last four years, but the majority will be going off into really smart programs that will take up ALL of their time, and going to different cities and living on residence, so we really wont get much time after this year. It’s kinda scary to think about, how EVERYTHING is gonna change… /ehh

I’m sorry to read the previous blog Georgie (Oh yay! I feel like so close to you whenever I try to call you that way). *hugs* I hope you’ll get through.

Seriously and with all honesty, I first thought of you as a snob, bright lady who loves to impress people with her web design skills. But after exchanging of comments, I proved myself wrong. Now I find you very approachable (despite the fact that some people are starting to be abusive), friendly and one nice girl I’d love to befriend with. You know, I’m really picky when it comes to having friends (so feel lucky because I choose you. LOL. Don’t mind this. I know you have a lot of good friends online and offline. And I’m just one of the few people who love to appreciate you as being you; no more no less.

My friends aren’t really the type of wasting their time on the internet. That’s why barely of them knows about my site and that I am blogging.

Oh my. Your cousin died..I’m so sorry to hear that. I’ve never experienced that kind of death, like of someone young that I was close to and all. Always someone older so I don’t really think I would know how you feel. It’s always sad when someone dies though :(

I wonder what people think of me all the time. People online, off, and everything. I just really never ask..I think you pretty nice though from the “comment talks” we’ve had. Seems like we can relate pretty well too :)

hmm..I know when I was in elementary school that’s when we had like a large group of friends but as we all grew up and older it all thinned out and we hand in groups of twos and whatever. I believe it’s because people change when they grow older, some for the best some for the worst. It’s just how things are. I doubt your “old friends” think you and Lilian can’t relate and such. I know I have a lot of old friends that I’ve lost touch with and things like Facebook have brought us back together. I think you have to blame technology..I bet if you got a Facebook or something that you’d catch up with all of them.

I can’t believe all this crap is happening either. I think my mom made a big deal out of nothing because like I said, this isn’t her’s my grandma’s and really she must have forgotten because she use to dress in front of her children too and some were boys! It’s wasn’t a problem them or when she does it so why does it have to be a problem now. I really do hope my grandma puts her out soon..I know one thing, I won’t be going with her. I refuse.

Yeaa, I have gay friends. Actually I like them..they’re pretty cool in my opinion, well the boys. I’ve always wanted a gay bestfriend :D This situation that my friend is in though, it’s pretty scary.

I wouldn’t know unless I actually got as many comments as you. I use to not respond to comments until I blogged again that way they don’t really pile up unless you have that many visitors if that makes any sense.

I would definitely say you’re really nice! :)

Maybe your old friends are thinking the same about you getting into contact with them? You shoud join FaceBook and try and get into contact with them, and make the first step? :)

I showed them the receipt but they wouldn’t give my money back :| I am going to tell everyone I know to never buy from Allphones again! they don’t even tell you about the 10 day policy.

Today I wrote a text message, it took me ages to write it :| because of that damn phone! I don’t know what I can do… /angry

Yeah, but they weren’t big. I can’t remember them much! hopefully you can go to a concert soon :)

Sometimes people say that if you are connected to a wi-fi the person can see what your doing. I just hope they can’t, I can’t use my internet on my iPod since I don’t know how to make a setting so it will come up on wi-fi.

I read your last entry about your cousin, I’m really sorry to hear that.

About the friends in high school thing; the same thing happened to me and my friends too. It’s been 4 years since I left high school now. At first, everyone would make arrangements to meet up and catch up with each other and what we’d been up to at university, but now, nobody bothers anymore. I think it’s because everyone moved to different universities and all made new friends :/ It’s kinda sad.

Aww good job getting better:)
i dont get how people could think you are a bitch if they do not know you in real life, or heard you talk or act like they “know” you. idk it seems superficial that way. and i can’t tell you how you are, cause i haven’t really talked to you or gotten to become friends with you. that should change. haha well we can’t decide that. haha anywayy yea idk i think about what people think of me all the time.
With your High school friends, i think facebook does get people in touch. like it’s the easiest way since myspace is dead and e-mail people don’t really use. Maybe you should give them a phone call. Like sometimes people just don’t want to be bothered or maybe they are thinking the same thing you are.. that they want someone to contact them. Anyway if you really liked them, you would contact them. Maybe all you need is Lilian. :) and i hate hs. haha well maybe not hate, but i certainly don’t like it that much.

Aww yeah, sorry about your cousin, I read the post yesterday, but I didn’t comment because I still had to return this one.

Hmm, I think you are a very nice, you remind me of my sister. Like she’s really nice and fun, and yet serious. Sometimes she acts like a kid, but in a good way! She’s always fun and entertaining.

The same with my sister, but she still hangs out with her high school friends ALL the time. They always visit each other in college when they have break, and when they are all home to visit, they all have huge get togethers. My sister likes her high school friends better, I guess because she can relate to them much easier because there are so many more memories & plus they all grew up together. But that’s hard, people change. I don’t like change /hmph

LOL! Haha, umm I’m not thatt sure how it snow. I know it has to be below freezing, & certain clouds. Oh and for it to snow a lot, the ground has to be somewhat frozen XD It’s a tad odd. I like walk on the ground and it’s a lot harder then usual XD

LOL i know right?! I was like, “Whoa, what are the odds?” It felt like bad karma. I’m glad it was fake! But the fact that I saw a CNN article, just freaked the heck out of me! But then, CNN magically deleted the post!

Hahah aww! Last year we learned them because we got ahead, and we did it with normal calculators! They were so much more time consuming though! But graphing calculators are confusing XD

Hah definitely! lol You can make your own Valentine’s Day ;D

Hah yeah, it also doesn’t crowd your walls. Some day that it makes your room look smallerr XD

LOL, my parents NEVER allowed me to. But then we’ve been renovating our house since I was in 3rd grade [5 years so far ?] and my parents FINALLY allowed me to paint my room: D

Hi Georgina! :)

Your post certainly reminded me of my high school friends. Oh man! Those were the days. High school indeed has the best memories. I am in college too (currently in my 3rd year) and I somewhat miss the days I spent when I was back in high school.

I never has my own crowd back then though. Most of my friends are the ones on my class. We are like a block section so I always have them as my classmates throughout the year. We still see each other from time to time though, when we bump into each other at the school hallway.

And it also helps when Facebook is around. Youll never know, someone just tagged you on their photo and instantly, your connected with your friends again.

Gr. My computer died and I was halfway through my comment.

Wow! What does your friend do with 50 domains?!

Yeah, we’re really lucky Australia’s air is pure and the health laws on smoking are strict. I was actually smelling of cigarettes in China. That’s how bad it got.

Damn. I don’t get enough sleep, it’s really bad. I will try and sleep at 9:30 xP

It’s good you’ve found a way to release your emotions healthily :P Just think that she’s feeling better wherever she is instead of being in pain because of the tumour. I hope you and your family are ok. ♥

I remember last year, we got tons of attention. Like we got peer support and all that shiz and like this year, we get kind of ignored because last year it was like excursions and stuff… :P

Yeah :/ She’s not too happy at her new school either so it’s a bit of a lose lose situation.

Haha, we were the loud ones last year in maths. Now, this year we are too busy learning instead. ^^;

Ugh, my pile of homework is piling up rapidly!! It’s already doubled in the past week or so.

I don’t think your a bitch despite what some people might think :P I think your actually pretty cool ^^;

I don’t like asking people what they think of me upfront because it’s like….wtf O_o but like sometimes you hear it through other people. Sometimes its bad, sometimes its good.

Wow. I can’t really imagine my group (18 people) losing contact like that. I kind of feel like I have to keep in contact with all of them. It’s really hard to imagine them out of my life in a month because they’re like a second family. It’s so hard to keep in touch sometimes.

Hahah! My sleeping pattern is so weird. School nights is only 7 hours and weekends are 9 hours…argh, I’ll never grow at this rate xD

If people think you are a bitch then obviously they don’t know you very well. I hate when people make flash judgments like that without really getting to know the person. I wouldn’t take those kinds of assumptions personally at all.

I think you are really a nice person with a good head on her shoulders. I think you think things through, you are very thoughtful and kind, and you are very sensitive. I am sensitive too and I consider it to be a positive quality. It means that you care a lot about people so things tend to bother you more than most other people. That’s how I see it anyway. I always get angry or hurt more easily than most of my friends but I know it’s only because I just care way too much. That’s how I view you, too.

I am sorry that your group of high school friends has changed a lot but unfortunately that’s what happens. I am sorry that you couldn’t all stay close but hopefully you will be able to make some new friends and keep some friends close who changed with you. :)

I don’t like telling people what I think of them, ever, because I’m pretty sure they’ll get offended.

I remember talking to you ages ago about how my group of friends is like this now. I’m fairly certain we haven’t had any same-sex relationships, though. o_O

There aren’t really a lot of places that I want to travel to for various reasons, including health difficulties and fear of flying overseas. And language differences. :x That being said, I’m obviously never going on that trip to Sweden, lol. The only place I really REALLY want to go to is Canada! And according to my professor, Canada and U.S. territories are cheating. XP

This is quite a lovely layout. Fabulously done. ♥

I’m really sorry to hear about your cousin :( I will pray for your family and that you can make it through this tough time. Whether you were close to her or not, it’s still hard.

My highschool “group” of friends was vastly different than yours, it seems. I probably had about three good friends in my senior year. Those were my boyfriend/ex husband, Sabrina who I never talk to or hear from now days, and Nicole who I rarely speak with on facebook. Sabrina got pregnant shortly after highschool and moved opposite direction of me, so we never stayed in contact. Nicole and I went to the same university (as did the ex husband) for the first semester, until she dropped out to go to a local community college. We only recently added eachother to facebook and even then, we never talk. Matthew and I obviously stayed together and kept contact and ended up getting married but we see where that went, hah.

I never wanted many friends. To this day, I don’t really have any. There is Final and an old friend who was a year younger than me that I talk to on the most regular basis of all but eh..
Okay Im ranting, anyway.. I guess it’s natural to lose contact. I doubt you are too immature for the other people in the group. You’d be surprised as to how many people actually get MORE immature as they age.. it’s an odd thing.

Yeah, we were a wierd bunch. /sweat

Hahaha, but now we’re even smaller /bash
Maybe better this way, thanks to Lesbianages /bounce
But it’s slightly huhu /um I guess we aren’t good enough for them. Hrrng


Of course we don’t seem “good enough”. We probably don’t live up to their desires maybe – or they don’t trust us. Or we just don’t fit. I always had that thing going on in my mind. It’s just odd, and a little shocking. @_@

I still love you. /eee

What? You stopped eating ice cream?! No way! That must have been a very unpleasant event for you to stop eating! Well I guess it’s healthy, but still… Haha I need to stop ranting here.
Ice cream is preety expensive here so I don’t get to eat it often, only when it’s on sale ;) but if I’m really craving… I’ll get a cheap vanilla ice creak and mixed them with some broken Oreos. Now that’s an improvised cookies and cream :) LOL

well yeah I guess I need to let go to some of my friends because they plan on attending university somewhere far away. But thank goodness the closest ones are staying in the city. So they’re just a phone call away and we can always hang out. But it still depends on the courses we are taking. Don’t want to waste the money we paid for..

Well, I certainly know how it feels to have your friends change, even if you don’t…

Sometimes, you just have to let them go.

I don’t think you’re a bitch: far from it. There are
so many other people online who are awful- you are not one of them.

And plus,when you have your own blog,and talk about yourself, it’s hard not to be accused of some bitchiness

Awh. No problem. I’m sure you will accept it soon and move on. All that is left to say is the fact that Life moves on for the living but never forgets the dead.

Sometimes I can see your moodiness and temper come out online when I ask you questions…which is why I don’t ask more questions. I don’t want anyone online to hate me the way a few people in my school do. :/

Wow…My group in high school (that I actually care to hang with) is only about 4-5 maybe 6 people. I feel so lonely at times but another group I hang with, which is about 5-10 people, makes me feel better. I don’t hang with the bigger group because some of them are stuck up. This one girl lives right next door to me and her head is SOOO far up in the clouds I can’t wait to see her reaction when she goes to college. “Awh. This is so hard! Mommy, do it for me, please!” hahahaahaa. Bitch.

Are you talking about Lilian from online with a site? I can’t remember the name of the site; it has something to do with hearts or flowers or something… Hahahaha.

Yeah, she had like 15 blood clots to her lungs and they had a machine breathing for her and all of these wires. She was asleep when that happened but she laughs about it now like it’s no big thing. That would scare me though.

No problem. :) Paige gave me the link and I just though that it would come in handy since you lost your cousin. <3

Yeah, I was shocked. I love her stuff and all of the layouts. Luckily, I still have some saved from when she owned Purple Hoodie. Shellz was and is awesome. I was only in one of her famous 15-20 people online chats. It was fun and hard to follow. I'm gonna miss the chance though. :/
Awh, Thanks Georgina. That makes me feel special. /heart ♥
Yeah, I think it would be the same as someone you know offline dying. I think we are all one big family, just like my soccer team. The coaches and players each have been together since they were able to go into the U-18 league (under age 18, jysk). My best friend, Lacie, plays soccer with me. That is actually where I met her. :) Soccer is my life if anyone there would die…especially Lacie…I would die…I'd be so sad. :'(

Yeah, this is my last comment. After this I'll be like AHHHHH! YES! FINALLY. Then I'll refresh the page and I'll have 5 more. /hmph Hahahaha.

Yes, I can tell my 'rents want me to pay for things like a phone myself. My mom said I was very mature because I've been thinking of how much I would have to save up to get a phone and be able to buy a car. My mom will match whatever money I have after $1500. I want at least $2000 so that I can get a pretty good used car. I'm using my dad's currently and it's too small. I want a SUV to start off with though because they are big and I can do grocery shopping and buy a tiny fridge for my room so that I can live in it. Hahahaha. :)

Yeah, would you pay for advertising? I'm thinking of deleting all of my advertisements and making people pay for it. I would only make it like $0.50 for 1-3 months and $1 for 6-8 months and $2 for 12 months. I don't want people to go broke but I need a bit of an income from someplace other than my future job. :/ I mean those prices aren't that outrageous but I had it one other time and no one wanted to advertise with me. & Currently, I have no one sending in a submit form for Affiliation or Advertising. I apply at other people's sites. :/ Kinda depressing. :(

Yeah, he loves me. & I wasn't even sure that he was intimidated by it and I brought it up to him the other day and he agreed with me. I was just like WIN WIN WIN WIN!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

Hahahaha. These are 6-8th grade kids though. They aren't that small but there hormones are starting so I have to watch out. I don't wanna be molested by a 7th grader. :/ That would be weird. Hahahahahaha. Jk. None of that stuff happens at the school I went to and planning on teaching at. :) I just hope I can get the job there even if it is in Science, I'll take it and move to Math the next year. :)

hahahaha. I get off topic so easily. I just keep the writing there and write that cuz I'm soooo freaking lazy. hahahaha.

Hahahah. I figured that would. I'll blog about that after my upcoming blog. :) I have so many interesting topics to blog about now…where were these when I needed them??? hahahaha.

So true. He was letting me but I ended up seeing him yesterday. I'll take monday without him (we are off on monday). Haahaha. I failed at not seeing him. XD

Yes, I'm sure we can be the closest of friends. :)
Awh. Thanks. I'll make sure that I don't go to crazy though. hahaha. I tend to overreact TONS when I'm trying to figure something out. Hahahahhaa. I need a HUGE chill pill at times. Dante, though, needs a bigger one because omg does he overreact. :/ It's aggravating but whatever. It's just something I have to deal with. :)

Oh! I’m sorry! I read it yesterday, but I guess I didn’t comment about it. Sorry O_O

Hmm… in my opinion, you seem like a person online that other web designers/bloggers, like me, look up to for help and for inspiration :)

I haven’t been in high school or college yet, but I kind of understand what you mean. Since, I’ve been to middle school now, I’ve lost a lot of my elementary school friends. In elementary, I was kinda the girl who was friends with everyone, and only had 2 people who disliked me. Now we rarely talk, and I only know them now on facebook. I’m slightly okay with it, because some of my old friends still talk with me on a daily basis, and some are even friends with my new friends, so it all works out.

That’s lame that they don’t talk to you anymore, because by them ignoring you and Lilian, and not bothering to still talk once and awhile, their missing out on very awesome people, that if they took the time to communicate with them, they wouldn’t regret it XD

Yeah, whenever I wake up my iPod headphones are always tangled up. One time, I woke up to go to the bathroom, and I didn’t realize that my most favorite headphones were tangled on me. I had walked out the door and the headphones got snagged on the door and popped right off. I was so ticked off at myself. /angry

HOLY SHIT. I haven’t been on your website for ages and I miss it so much. I’ve been terribly busy and not to mention, I have been through a lot of bad days. /End of rant :D :P

I’m going to flick through your previous posts. :D

I’m so sorry for your loss! I know how sad it feels when someone who is related to you dies. My great grandmother died at the age of 89 but I guess it was a reasonable age since she was already very weak and old. :(

I’m going to say this as honest and bluntly as possible but this is the furthest I can go: I think you’re a great friend. Well, better than great actually. 👏 If there are people who hate you, then there is a certain that there are also people who love you. ♥

I’ve lost contact with most of my friends too from the last school. I know this might sound mean, but I never considered them as “good” friends and so did they. They will only befriend me when they want something from me so I’m actually pretty thankful that I lost contact with them because whenever I talk to them, it’ll only remind me of the bad things they did because there were just too many of them. :(

It is a bit unbelievable that such big group of close friends back in high school have separated. Though it’s always possible. A lot of things seemed to change for you compared when you were in high school and in university now. Gosh, I didn’t expect someone in your group to become a gay!

Lilian is right. If they are your friends, they might as well keep in touch with you. That just made me think though… I wonder what you’ve thought of me when I wasn’t commenting your blog(s) for several days? I hope you still consider me as your friend! :P /eee

You and Lilian are indeed lucky you guys still have each other! You two are best friends so it’d be hard for both of you to ever be separated. ;)

Luckily, I don’t have any trouble sleeping any more. :D I hope you’ll be able to go to bed as you usually do! ;)

Shit. I forgot one last thing:


Hey Georgina,
I’m sad to tell that I still cannot visit /wah
I’m really happy that I keep in touch with my friends from high school. High school is different we shared soo much with my friends and we still do…I think I’m lucky too /hehe
Umm yea I definitely need a new partner…My current partner dances great but…you know.
I have been doing ballet since I was 4 years old..Istill do. It’s nice I like it but couple dances are more fun…i think. International Latin and Argentina Tango are just wonderful. I love them sooo much ♥

Happy Valetines day! It’s nice that you don’t go out with James though, everywhere gets really crowded… ;)
♥ ♥ ♥

I’d love a house of my own. But I’d be lonely so I would have to have someone to live with. I could live with my boyfriend. That would be great fun :D

Since I last wrote you a comment my room has become messy again haha!

I’d love to be an interior designer, that would be awesome. I love helping people to design their rooms. I have lots of plans for what I could do in our house. Some of the rooms are decorated horribly! I should have advised my parents!!!

Enjoy your break from university. I can image the work is quite stressful. I’d really like to go to uni. I can image that its great fun.

Some of the scripts I use are really hard to validate so I might just leave them. Just as long as my coding is mostly correct and it looks the same in each browser.

I always worry about what people online think of me but then I think if they don’t like me it doesn’t matter because I will never have to meet them. I think you are a really nice person :)

I have wanted to leave high school for years and I have really wanted to move on to college. However now I only have a few month left there, I’m dreading leaving. I’m worried I won’t be able to keep in contact with my friends because they are going to different colleges. I hope my boyfriend goes to the same college as me or else we won’t be able to spend much time together. I really don’t want that to happen because he’s my best friend :)


Grr tell me about it. Opacity is so annoying but has a nice transparent effect. I spent like 2 hours trying to figure out what the problem is… so annoying.

That is horrible about what happened to your cousin. :( She was so… young. I mean, her life has ended and she didn’t even have the chance to go to university… get married have kids, then one day be a grand parent. R.I.P Mitha. Life is short. :(

It’s so true. People can change A LOT in just a couple of years or maybe even months. Sometimes I wonder what happened to all my classmates who moved to another school or all my old classmates at my old school.

Last month I saw one of my old classmates at a birthday party, and WHOA. She turned all snobby, and she has hair all the way to her waist. :O

I try to sleep early on school days as best as I can but I always fail or I can’t just fall asleep. XD

I can’t see why ANYONE would think you are a bitch honey ♥ My grandma died from a benign tumor when my mom was 16 =/

-hugs- I saw the tweet regarding your cousin but I never did get a chance to send you my condolences.

What do I think of you? Well, I just think your a really nice person who has worked extremely hard to get to where are you now. You have an amazing site and well you’re kind and compassionate and you have a lot of good things to say. And you’re cool. You listen to people and take the time out of your busy schedule to comment on everyone’s sites. Yeah, that’s just great. ^^

It’s hard to keep in touch with people. I have such difficulties doing that with my grade school buddies and we do have Facebooks. And each others’ numbers. We’re just so busy these days. O.o


Yeah, I used to read a book a day or so. But now, I barely read a book a month. Technology got to me.

Controversial books often are the best books. Often, they are liked years after they are written though. :P

Oh man I’ve been so sick lately that I can hardly hear out of my ears because they’re so blocked & I’ve gone through two tissue boxes!!! Stupid runny nose. Argh. Anyway, enough of that but I was going to leave you a comment yesterday but I was getting all drowsy.

Eek..yeah wow migraines are normally not something to be too concerned about unless you get them everyday. When I had a headache everyday, my mom was scared I had a tumor so I got a CT scan for my head to see what was going on. Turns out I just had a really bad sinus infection. It was so bad that my nose was kind of like crooked for a while. WEIRD RIGHT? Oye though..I’m really sorry to hear that you can’t attend her funeral. I think it might be a lot more hurtful if you went though..then you’d really really face it & it’s just sad to see your little cousin being put in the ground. :/

When one of my friends died..he wasn’t a close friend but I talked him every now & then..but when he died, I wanted to go to his funeral but no one really told me when it was. I was kind of distraught by it that I had a dream that he told me he didn’t die & it was just a rumor. But what I did before I went to sleep was I wrote a note to him. I mean I wanted to toss it in his grave when they toss the flowers on the coffin but I didn’t get a chance to go his funeral. So I wrote him the note & then burned it. In some cultures, they burn the dead with money to give to the gatekeeper (well that comes from the greeks & their mythology of the river of the dead & waht not) but yeah..I mean, you know that I’m not particularly religious but I mean, it can’t hurt, right?

There are so many questions about life that are just unexplained like where we go after we’re we really have souls? Is there a heaven? Is there even an after life? Do we just die? You don’t know for sure & I don’t either but I mean, I just wrote this letter to him telling him like all the things I wish I could’ve told him. Even if he just died & there is no after life & he’ll never hear what I got to say to him, at least I’ll know that I wrote what was in my head down on paper for him. . .to let him know that he was cared for. I don’t know, that probably doesn’t really make much sense but you kind of just hope for the best.

But I’m glad you took a liking to my advice. :) Live out your life, girl! Take chances & most of all, stay healthy & see a doctor just in case. We don’t want to lose youuuu, too! :( :(

BUT onto your blog: know I get mixed feelings about how people think of me too..haha. I know a lot of people think I’m a bitch too, more than they think you are..that’s for sure..but that’s just because I can be really blunt but you are much too nice. I think you’re more of a secret in you express your true anger about people in private. lulzzz with me & others. lulzzz hahaah but I mean OBVIOUSLY we can’t help that. But I mean, sometimes I know how frustrated you can get with people so I don’t think you’re a bitch in general! We just can be if we want ahahaha. But you’re far too kind, I think. That’s my opinion. :) You’re really kind & really pretty! :D

I went through the same group dispersal around the same time you are right now too..ahaha because this is your first year at University & that’s when my friends from high school & I are started drifting apart. We just realized we were far too different. I think it comes with growing up. I don’t think you’re immature, girly, I think that they’ve just either grown too cool for you or they’re just moving on with their lives & never felt the group was like a friends forever thing. What can you do, right?

Sometimes it’s just harder for people to get in touch or they’re honestly just lazy to & facebook is just a lot easier to talk to people. But no, you’re absolutely right. If you have someone’s number & screen name or email, it shouldn’t be hard to ask them to hang out if you really wanted to…so I don’t know. Or, honestly, kids these days could just be so jaded & they don’t think of it that way & just don’t want to go out of their way to do that & would rather go on facebook to communicate.

It can be a lot easier to talk to people on facebook. I mean because think about it..say you don’t talk to someone for a reallllllly long time & then you randomly text them. Don’t you get this feeling that they’ll be like, “….wtf…?” or if you call them. hahaa versus a friendly message on their wall on facebook. haha. I don’t know, I find it easier to reach out to people I haven’t talked to in a while on facebook versus texting them out of the blue because it’s just like too random & awkward I guess.

you’ll always have the good memories you had, right? i hang out with anyone from my high school anymore & i had a huge group just like you too..although that’s because they’ve dispersed everywhere to go to different universities &/or colleges. Some of my friends have just changed .. for the worst…so I kind of eh..don’t make an effort to see them.

But people change, you know? At least you still have Lillian &’ll be friends until the end of time!

I know exactly what you mean. I always wonder what people think of me as well, but more past the physical characteristics and being “nice and friendly”. Like, if i were to be a bitch to them would they still think im nice or would they want to avoid me as much as possible lol.
It’s sad that groups of friends always fade and drift to pretty much nothing- It’s good that you and Lillian are still good friends.
I guess maybe that’s what causes me to be less social when it comes to meeting friends and whatnot. They all seem to “grow up” and suddenly think your not worth it or think “why did I ever hang out with her”. some of my old friends are now complete bitches because they prefer their friends to be skinny mini’s and their totally mean to those who are not; I thought that was pretty stupid and just forgot about them, their not the type of people I need to be around lol.
👏 sleeping early! I need to for sure! I go to sleep late and wake up early and its really annoying! but when I sleep early, I wake up late :/ it’s quite strange
(I love the emoticons :D OH, and I moved to a new domain since dropthephone has died on me :( )

The closest relative that I had to die was my uncle, and he was my favorite but he was still older but like I said it’s always sad when someone passes. Everything will get better in time though :)

Thanks, people like in person always tell me I’m mean. Some say that they’re just kidding but I doubt it. I admit that I can be mean at times and at others I’m just speaking my mind. I really think it all depends on how you take what I’m saying.

I was reading or watching something the other day and it said that’s it’s always easy cutting people out of your life..the hard part is keeping them in. I think that’s so true and it sort of fits here.

You know that is a good point..maybe she is going through menopause. She is slowly getting up there in age but her not taking her medicine doesn’t make it any better.

Yes, my grandma is a strong woman. She’s like a pillar for our whole family..if she died I don’t know what this family would be like so I hope that does not happen anytime soon. Thanks, but she is WAY stronger than me. She goes through a lot everyday.

aha, that’s true. I mean’t like blog..let all the comments pile up and stuff then by the time your ready to blog then return comments..see what I mean?

Haha, I know. I actually say that I said something ..or something and I’m actually typing it. There I go saying “typing” something confusing, haha.

I followed you on Dailybooth! I got lucky and got First site I’ve got just my name on.

Rogan, as well as the others, are getting HUGE. They eat all the time and are sadly still nursing, haha. But Chloe lets them so.. oh well. I heard that it’s okay until they get 3 months, then it’s gotta stop.


Still sorry about your cousin *hugs* I told you on Twitter, but didn’t make it to your last blog. Things are okay though, she’s not suffering anymore <3

I find you, as the person I'm told you are and as the person I see you as, are just a great person. I've never actually seen you be mean about anything to anyone (opinions aren't mean!) and you always seem to have a good outlook on things. I think people who think otherwise are crazy :P

I've split up from everyone in high school except 3 people and that's including Donnie. The other two are girls that I met in Freshman year. I still talk to a few people here and their, but nothing great. It's actually really sad, but then again, now that I'm out of high school, sometimes I wish I could go back and redo everything. Meeting Donnie and a few other friends is probably the only thing I'd keep the same. I wish I would have done better, been more outgoing, and all kinds of things. But we can't change the past so I just try to make the future better.. hopefully once this anxiety just goes away, haha. One step at a time though. Right?

My sleeping is bad as well, from go figure, the computer!

I’m also the youngest of our group – by nine months. :/ Weird.

I don’t get any bitchy impressions of you online. And immature? Pssh no – honestly with what goes on online you’re hardly immature.

Ooh, you’re probably young for your year group. :)

Thanks. ♥