Love Is A Tower

Happy Valentines Day, and happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it. /bounce

Unfortunately, my mum did ruin my plans for Valentine’s day so I’ve been at home. I’ve done a few chores – the usual… and we put together a clothes rack, because we needed to replace one of ours. It’s unbelievable how many clothes we have in my room on the rack. The rack pretty much broke, so the new one was needed. :P

I remember chatting with Asmiya about how we both love to write. I told her about my “book”. I wrote it when I was about 15 years old. It’s only about 88 pages really (depends how big the text is, haha). I’m reluctant to show my book to anybody, but Lilian and James know that it is a very cheesy piece of writing.

It’s about a girl who seems to be cursed every Valentine’s Day. Yeah, not such an interesting plot. I wasn’t really enthusiastic about February the 14th, so I wrote the book in pessimism.

About seven years ago I liked this guy (too bad it wasn’t James). We became friends. We were friends after I moved on and found somebody else. It seemed to be going alright and we were really close.

It took a turn for the worse, and maybe we became too close. I don’t know if it was just dragging down that my then-boyfriend happened to be his best friend. I liked my boyfriend at the time though; I’ll give you that.

Near Valentine’s Day, my school would always sell roses so that you could buy one for the person you liked. It was also extremely common tradition for you to get one for your best friends. These were yellow, as opposed to red. 🌹 /hehe

I got a yellow rose for him, and a red one for my then-boyfriend.

Little did I know he was going to be a rude ballsack and throw it back in my face.

“I never asked for this,” he blurted out, shoving the rose into my hands.

I wish I could have plucked the courage to punch his face, or ignore what happened and not let it get to me. But I’m too sensitive.

I ended up explaining my heart in the most awkward, pathetic fashion, essentially begging him to take the rose back (LOL damn, by the sounds of it, I might as well have been begging him to take me back 🙄). His friends (also my friends) were urging him to take it and give me a hug.

I was only 13. Damn, geez. I always knew I had a lot to learn.

I didn’t talk to him for four years until a simple “hello” brought it back. Our friendship was never the same again, but sometimes you need to forgive and forget.

They say love is a friendship that has caught fire. I guess that too, might be why my past relationships have failed. There wasn’t even a source for the fire in the first place – the friendship.

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:D ✌️ (H)

Wheeee! You’re going to buy bubble tea soon. Yes, I’m such a stalker. LOL. ;)

Man, it was so cheesy they grate copies of it at Pizza Hut.

Yeah, Danny was a turd. Lets face it. Hahah there was even a time where he glared as Mrs Killen because she said he was wrong about a question in a practice HSC paper. Man. Dude. It sounds embarassing now but once in year 9 I beat him in an arm wrestle. /gonx

Sides, who asks for Valentines roses? /um


I didn’t quite get the Pizza Hut reference… do share. /um /cool

LOL he was a bit pompous. Hahaha. I remember even when I raged at him after we broke up, and Kiah was completely in his face calling him a goat, he was still like “Georgina, what’s your problem?”

And his face was like this: 😏

Fuck man. LOL.

You asked if I wanted roses last time. /love

Heellooooooo :D

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Chinese New Year to you too ♥ ♥ (Even though I’ve already wished you both on msn. Hahaha. Oh wellz, you’re special XD ).

Grrrrr @ your Mum for ruining your Valentine’s Day plans. You actually celebrate Valentine’s Day and you couldn’t today :( That sucks. NEXT YEAR! :D /love I’ll buy you Valentine’s Day (the movie) and you guys can watch it together (muahahahaha) while I celebrate Single’s Awareness Day :P

Oh, I should totally invest in a clothes rack. :P The amount of clothing hanging on the back of my chair because it won’t fit in my wardrobe is so heavy, it’s breaking my chair. Seriously the back is all wobbly now. D:

Ohhh! I remember your book :) It wasn’t *that* cheesy. Especially considering you wrote it when we were what? 13? 14? 15? Trust me, I wrote WAAAAY cheesier stuff (not by choice. :P I did it for english assessments, cos I always hated creative writing.)

And writing 88 pages of a book is quite an achievement for that age, right? Your writing’s improved. :) I still have that semi-book on my hard drive somewhere :P

That guy was such an arse for rejecting your rose. I mean shouldn’t you at least accept it to be polite? /argh Hmph! Well I guess he was immature at the time. (Like all guys are. HAHAHAH. *jokes*). But it’s not like it was a RED rose. It was YELLOW. AS IN FRIENDSHIP! Grrrr!

He didn’t reject your rose very tactfully either. If he was going to reject it, he could have at least done it in a way that didn’t embarrass you in front of all those people.

Oh well, it’s in the past now, I guess :P I’ll kick the next guy who does that to you. And so will James. Except I’ll kick him out of indignation on your behalf and James will probably kick him out of semi-jealousy and protectiveness over you. :P

I agree! I think the strongest love is that which…umm…evolves (lack of better word) from friendship. *nods*


You are special too! ♥ And Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! Even though it’s super late, haha. I said it to you on the day though!

I know… so crap. I don’t think I celebrated it last year either. I can’t remember. But the day I want to celebrate and have reason to, I don’t get to. /bash

LOL. You should see my chair too. My chair is already wobbly but I have two other chairs in my room which are piled with clothes. But I already have another rack in my room, besides the new one. Though that has my mum’s and brother’s clothes on it too, since it’s easily accessible and my room is big. O_O

Haha, James said so too. It’s okay considering I was young when I wrote it, but he said it needs some work now. :P

I think I wrote too much crap into the plot. It had a beginning, an end but no middle. Or some part of the middle just jumped to “3 months later”. I kind of hate that kind of stuff… :P

Ahaha, bloody hell. It was crappy to look back on. We were just friends, anyway. He didn’t have to be so rude.

I’m guessing he threw it away when he got home. Idiot.

I hope no guy does. Humph. I shall get James a red and yellow one. :) He won’t be that mean, of course. ;)

Agh, okay. Crap. My mistake. *gonx*

Yeah, but I never really liked him either. He seemed so snide and judgmental, like Judge Judy. I still think he’s gay. Must remember to investigate that further.


LOL. I think he liked Michelle for a bit.

Hmm, you could be right… I don’t know if he liked anybody. I don’t think he’s gay though. Heh.

Happy Valentine’s Day :) Sorry your Mom ruined your plans, but we can have party online if you want :)
Lol,i wrote short stories when i was a kid. Of course the stories weren’t that interesting too XD

I agree, Love is a friendship that caught fire. ♥
It’s just sad when you lose a friend of yours when you become a couple. And when you break up it’s like you didn’t knew each other before :(

Georgina!! :)
Happy Valentines Day and Chinese New Year to you m’dear!

I have so much clothes as well, I have two large wardrobes, I don’t like to put loads in one wardrobe cause it will break the rack lmao like what happened to you bwahah. I own a lot of jackets and stuff so yeah LMAO.

Awe, I would like to read the book you wrote. I bet it’s not cheesy at all! But if you insisit not showing anyone, that’s fine also. ^^

I actually CANT belivie what Im Reading. So basically, you bought him two roses, and he didn’t want it so he gave it back… Rudely? Omg, honestly. That’s so fucking rude YO. :@

I can’t belivie it. That’s so mean. I’m sensitive too, if someone did that too me, they would get a black eye. Yeah ~ And that’s not me chatting stuff. UGHHHHH. That guy is uber rude.

It was nice of you to forgive him though. I wouldn’t of but your a nice person so there you go haha.

My crush is a cutie, lmao. He has features of TAYLOR LAUTNER so you can’t say he’s ugly. Bwahah. :) Also, he’s a look a like of this Korean dude(s) I love so… Go me. ^.^

Yeah. That’s the good thing about wooden roses! They don’t die. LOL!

So far none. I haven’t celebrated a Valentine with any guy in my life yet. Ugh, I hope to find a good guy one day who will celebrate with me. Lmao.

Yeah. My friends call me TamTam sometimes so they wrote it on the note thingy. Buh, they TRY and not say it aloud anymore cause about everyone knows my crush got a rose from a secret someone. -wink, wink- Ahaha.

I hope my crush didn’t throw my rose away… Like the guy who did that to you cause I would be sad and then angry and then I would punch him in the face. Woooo, that would be fun. Ahaha. XD

Hopefully, he’s going to figure it out soon… I mean isn’t it obvious…? Well not really buh you know. ;)

I really hope not! If someone did say that your a bitch, hire me to spam them… Haha. Jokes!

Stress sucks. I hate stress. Stress is my worst enemy. Belivie it.

:) Thats nice of you Georgina! At least you still respect them even if they have changed…

I will show you a picture when I finally have time to buy the black and yellow polish. Haha.

Glad you had a great sleep! :)

Love commenting you! Baiii till next timee. (Dude that ryhemes…!)

Georgina!! :)
Happy Valentines Day and Chinese New Year to you m’dear!

I have so much clothes as well, I have two large wardrobes, I don’t like to put loads in one wardrobe cause it will break the rack lmao like what happened to you bwahah. I own a lot of jackets and stuff so yeah LMAO.

Awe, I would like to read the book you wrote. I bet it’s not cheesy at all! But if you insisit not showing anyone, that’s fine also. ^^

I actually CANT belivie what Im Reading. So basically, you bought him two roses, and he didn’t want it so he gave it back… Rudely? Omg, honestly. That’s so fucking rude YO. :@

I can’t belivie it. That’s so mean. I’m sensitive too, if someone did that too me, they would get a black eye. Yeah ~ And that’s not me chatting stuff. UGHHHHH. That guy is uber rude.

It was nice of you to forgive him though. I wouldn’t of but your a nice person so there you go haha.

My crush is a cutie, lmao. He has features of TAYLOR LAUTNER so you can’t say he’s ugly. Bwahah. :) Also, he’s a look a like of this Korean dude(s) I love so… Go me. ^.^

Yeah. That’s the good thing about wooden roses! They don’t die. LOL!

So far none. I haven’t celebrated a Valentine with any guy in my life yet. Ugh, I hope to find a good guy one day who will celebrate with me. Lmao.

Yeah. My friends call me TamTam sometimes so they wrote it on the note thingy. Buh, they TRY and not say it aloud anymore cause about everyone knows my crush got a rose from a secret someone. -wink, wink- Ahaha.

I hope my crush didn’t throw my rose away… Like the guy who did that to you cause I would be sad and then angry and then I would punch him in the face. Woooo, that would be fun. Ahaha. XD

Hopefully, he’s going to figure it out soon… I mean isn’t it obvious…? Well not really buh you know. ;)

I really hope not! If someone did say that your a bitch, hire me to spam them… Haha. Jokes!

Stress sucks. I hate stress. Stress is my worst enemy. Belivie it.

:) Thats nice of you Georgina! At least you still respect them even if they have changed…

I will show you a picture when I finally have time to buy the black and yellow polish. Haha.

Glad you had a great sleep! :)

Love commenting you! Baiii till next timee. (Dude that ryhemes…!)

Sorry I sent that twice… My bad…

I didn’t read that series. I only actually read The Famous Five series and another one that I forgot. :P

My parents love each other a lot as well. My mom especially cannot bear if anyone says anything rude about my dad but I guess they love fighting with each other as well. XD Well, not really but it’s better when I think about it that way rather than think that there’s an actual reason to why they want divorce.

I hope so. :)

I feel like a stalker as well. A couple of days ago I removed most of those pictures because they were really of no use. But I kept the ones of Westlife as I love them a lot. ♥ And I also kept some of cute celebrities. :P

Yeah. But I guess everyone dies some day or other so it’s better that we move on instead of just thinking about it all the time. Me too. I don’t get why people would want to die, unless each and everyone on earth hates them, and that is not really likely to happen.

Happy Valentines Day! :) That sucks you had to do chores when you had plans to go out today, but I guess you got some work done.

Hehe I’m not much enthusiastic about the 14th as well. I think that people should show their appreciation to the people they love everyday. Nevertheless valentine’s day is something special.

That was so rude of that guy! Even though it happened five years back. You should have punched him. /angry He would have deserved it.

It’s really true, without friendship, you wouldn’t be able to love anyone.

HAPPY VALENTINES’ TO YOU TOO!! *hugz* hehe and Happy Chinese New Year if you celebrate it :D Celebrated it with my mum’s side :D hehe

Man… i know what you mean… I’ve lost a friendship because of that too… except no other guy involved, it’s probably because I was afraid of being teased…. sighs… I wish I could go back in time and change it somehow.

I’m kinda scared of how love would evolve from a close friendship too because… if it doesn’t work, you’d have lost a good friend too. I’ve seen my friends experience this too.

Love is realllyy complicated.

Hey lovely. :)

I really hope that she will get the chance to experience all those things, because I think everybody really deserves it. Glad that you are starting to accept it slowly. ♥

I believe in you and I think that you will have caught up with them soon. Especially because you actually work the queue off. :)

I’ve actually been trying to remember from which episodes some of the parts are but I just can’t remember. I bet they were from season 1-3 because I only started tow watch from season 4 on. Too lazy to watch it all over again. xD

Yeah, he is feeling much better now. He also already played soccer again so he’s definitely feeling pretty good! Me and my brother usually never watch the same things.. but thats probably because he is 8 and loves to watch Cartoons and I am just not really a fan of Cartoons. xD

Even if people meet a celeb I don’t know/like I am like “LUCKY YOU!”, because you really don’t get the chance to meet a celeb that often. And if you don’t live within the US it’s ten times more difficult. And if you’re from a lil community with like 12000 people its at least a million times harder. xD I once saw a German actor that was quite known when I was in a supermarket in Berlin. xD I was like “WHAT?! Is that really him?!” But I was the only one who knew him. xD

Yeah, it’s actually really expensive compared to the cost of developing from a memory card. We usually pay around 20 € for like at least 100 pictures if not even more. Dad still gets pissed though. xD He thinks most of the pictures are pointless. What ever dad. xD

You’re still and always will be the superwoman Georgie. ♥

Thank you! I will probably start studying on Monday cause our economics teacher won’t be at school anyways and we get a teacher that will come to watch us during economics class, so I can use that time and sum up some of the stuff I need to learn. :)

Haha, there are definitely quite a few pretty hot guys out there and also a lot of different types so there is a guy for every girl to crush upon. xD

Yeah definitely! Have you seen/heard the official version with all those celebrities singing it? I kinda thought it wasn’t that good because they had too many different voices and stuff. It’s awesome that they all want to show their support and help out, but sometimes too much of somethings ruins it in the end.

That’s definitely not the best way to spend such a holiday, but I guess you and James can have a date on a different day and just pretend it’s your Valentine’s date. :)

To write an 88 pages story at the age of 15 is definitely a lot! Great job. :) Hehe, I guess we change the way of thinking and writing throughout the years so probably a story you would write right now would have a different plot or at least not be all pessimistic. :) Cheesy stories are great though. ;)

I think that guy acted realyl mean towards you by throwing that rose back at you. Guys are stupid. xD

But I amg glad that you guys could talk to each other again later – even if it took 4 years. I guess you both grew up and he probably also realized that what he did wasn’t that great.

I totally agree on the last part of your blog post. I really believe that love is a friendship set on fire. I mean, there has to be some kind of a base of trust and knowing each other before you can start dating and develop the love for each other. Or at least that’s what I think.

And if that base isn’t there you can’t really built upon it and have a great relationship and stuff.

That sounds soo sad! Awe! :'( happy valentines day though!! Sorry to hear you mom ruined you plans.

I have started to write a book. But I got stuck after chapter 1 on the second page ;) lol

As for the friend it is his lose. He should learn to forgive and forget as u said. That was mean. You did it to be kind and he just backfired it. @_@
he must have had a reason though. That’s the only explaination I can come up with.

Thanks for the support on dropping a subject. I was actually suprised that my mom let me. She has never done that before. I guess people can surpise you. As for french if the teacher knows how to teach and not just give us I work I will take it next year.

Oh thanks for the heads up on the review thing. I got an email saying she wasn’t taking anymore. Sort of my fualt. I skim when I am reading a lot and I always miss the important stuff.

Again, I’m sorry that your plans for Valentine’s Day were foiled! Hopefully you still get to do something fun at some point to celebrate. And Happy Chinese New Year! :)

Wow, that guy was a jerk to throw it back in your face. I would’ve kicked him in the nuts lol.

Lol my friend wrote a book like that before. It was like, 20 pages long and now when we read it we just laugh lol.

Yeah, I always try to think that our loved ones who have passed are in a better place and that God is watching over them so they don’t suffer anymore.

Lol I love laughing at old rock stars. You just see them with all these piercing and tattoos…..and wrinkles. Lol.

Yeah, or when they base a movie off a TV show, it sucks too. Like the new Avatar: The Last Airbender movie. It’s being directed by these freak who writes horror movies and casts the Jamal from Slumdog Millionaire as the Fire Lord’s son….WHO IS ASIAN. THEY’RE ALL ASIAN and he casts Americans and Indians. Grrrrrrr….

Yeah. I just think it’s wrong when 15 year old boys model. *cough, GAAAAYYYYYY, cough* ^-^

Yeah, I didn’t think it would count that much either. It was like, less than half a second lol.

I know, it was so nice of him. Before that, no one has ever stood up for me before that. Not even my closest friend. So it was really nice of him.

Awwwww sorry to hear about your crushed plans. I’m only going to see Percy Jackson in theaters tonight with a big group of friends. But we’re all girls so one of my self conscious friends is worried about looking like a lesbian going to the theater with girls on Valentine’s Day lol.

Yay a hug ! :D *hugs back*

Hah yeah, it’s kind of upsetting to look back at your high school life to now, isn’t it? Yeah, it probably was for the better, but still a little depressing at times. But you have lots of friends still, so it’s all good :D

LOLL. EXTREME CLOUDS :D Ah, or you’ll have to go somewhere cold ;]

Haha I know right? If I was expecting real news, I would go to CNN! They let me down >.< Haha yeah, they want to be the first to report it too. Oh well XD

Haha aww XD. Well my room is like the same color as all of the othr rooms in my house. It is an off white. Boringg ✌️

Thanks, I hope you have a good Valentine's Day, even though your plans were ruined. & Happy Chinese New Year :D

Whoa, you wrote a book!? Haha I can never write a good story. It is always cheesy and like the rest. Always your typical plot. Haha.

Aww, my school does that too! But they are chocolate roses :D My school also sells heart shaped lollipops. It's a shame your friend didn't accept the gift! You were the one who actually took the initiative of thinking about him for Valentine's Day. Hah but now you have James ! ♥

It’s alright. I actually quite enjoyed showing the picture, ’cause I don’t usually put pictures of myself on my site.

Wow, that’s so unfair. PE’s not a great subject anyway, I just used to get shouting at for not catching the ball or something.

I don’t think I’d get a hairstyle like a celebrity anymore. Unless I really liked their hair, but knowing me I’d feel embarrased saying, ‘I want to look like them.’

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Shame you had to stay at home. I didn’t do anything either.

I’ve never given my friends a Valentine’s Day present. That yellow rose thing sounds like a lovely idea, he should have accepted it, the idiot.


Yeah :P I’m gonna just save up alot, then when there’s something I REALLY want, I’ll buy it. :)

Haha I don’t know much about the super bowl either, but i’m just too busy to be there like every hour XD

Hahaha. If you had to look at black walls all the time wouldnt that be… Depressing? :P

Whoop! happy valentines day, I made you a little gift, its in you twitter direct message mail box ^^

I didnt really have any plans for valentines day :/

Haha since i was like 5 i’ve loved to write, I used to write stupid stories for my age now, but they were good for a 5 year old. They’d be like 1 page, and no ending, i’m horrible at endings. :P

OMG that’s sooo mean D:

I’m 12 and i’ve never had anything close to a boyfriend. I have story kinda like yours, It;s too private, so I’ll tell you on msn ;)

There are a few boys I like, but I can’t work up the courage to tell them my feelings. so friends are good for now :).

oh my ..goodness what a little prick! that jerk! i mean i know he was also only 13 but wtf that’s just so mean. i would’ve just slapped him round the head but then again, like you, i’m also very sensitive. i would’ve just cried & been like YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE & ran off. jeez. bitter melon much?!

but you are entirely right, love is a friendship. :) james is your best friend & that’s why you guys work well. plus he’s someone you described as someone you could see yourself spending the rest of your life perhaps the missing puzzle piece? glad you ended things with that guy though..seriously wth.

i think i would’ve written an angry book about that too. hahaha not gonna lie, we had the same thing at my school & i never got a candy or flower gram. :( it was sad. everyday i wished that i had someone who cared about me enough to send me one but alas..i never had anyone. :( so sad. fml. haha oh well high school is over! & we can get real gifts & love from our current boyfriends. weeeeeeeee.

i was lying in bed last night & i realized we get along so well because we’re both geminis. hahaha. so we semi think alike & we’re both pretty sensitive & loving most of all! :D

i didn’t have much of a friendship with two of my exes. ALTHOUGH i had a good friendship with one of them & that just happened to be like the one who hurt me the most after i thought i could never get hurt more. yeah…i don’t know. i think it was just an empty friendship more than anything & that he was only nice to me because he had an interest in me & not because we were friends.

were james & you friends before you dated or did he just immediately swoon after you & was like, “I NEED TO MAKE YOU MY WOMAN OR MY LIFE WILL BE T3H FAILZ” ? haha because johnathan & i were like study buddies before we started dating but we weren’t like best friends or anything. we became best friends afterward. but i love those “i fell in love with my best friend” storiesss. :) they’re so cute. :D

I have a clothes rack for clothes too and agree to loads of clothes i still have stuff I’ve never worn before! it’s really bad haha!

What a rude little boy! I never went to a mix highschool I was always in an all girl school so we never had such traditions of giving roses out to each other

Everyone makes mistakes in life no matter what age we are. we will always be making mistakes so that is what makes us human too, however as long we all learn from our mistakes thats the most important factor.

I personally feel love is too powerful to describe as it’s never how one person feels, it’s about two hearts communicating and merging practically as one and everyone is different so doesn’t it seem hard sometimes? :P

I know what you mean. I don’t understand why people think its wrong for you to get mad at them when they have stolen something from you. I know how annoying that is. I have a girl who copies me all the time! I just hope she doesn’t find my new website, or I wish I new the IP’s that she uses so I could block her.
I changed a lot as well. At first I just looked for people i could be friends with since I was new lol, but they turned out to be the “wrong” type because they were more into drugs. I moved groups a lot up to grade 11- I just had a few close friends, thats all you really need I guess lol. I hate the drifting part, thats probably what makes me not become friends with many people, plus I’m shy, so I tend not to make new friends unless they come and talk to me first lol.
It really sucks :( I have backups emailed to me, from using a wordpress plugin, but I’m not sure if thats what I need. I tried to do it once, but I totally messed it up and lost my articles.. since I had all my articles on 7singlelines. Oh well… lol. Hopefully Wendy comes back soon! This happened not to long ago as well, I remember everyone was rushing around trying to get their stuff since her host opened her site and stuff.
Thanks, I’m glad too, plus, this ones more reliable lol.

I have a butt load of clothes too, some of which don’t fit me anymore. My grandmother and I were both hoping that I could lose my stomach enough that I can get back into those shirts. But it doesn’t look like I’m gonna too so far.

I’ve been on my exercising machine for a week, and last about 3 lbs. It’s quite the fun one though. I can do an easy 3 minutes on it. Yesterday I did two minutes. But I’m slowly getting there. It makes you tired though. I guess I really am out of shape.

Well; I changed my domain’s layout and gallery’s layout (which I did all by myself >D ).

I’m sorry your mum’s being a bugger about you not going out on V-day.

So I’ve applied for two fanlistings. I’m done with one the ayumi hamasaki one,, but I also applied for Chinese New Year, but I’m confused as to what to do for a layout. Any ideas would be nice.

Ahh, that guy sounds like a bit of a jerk =/ But at the same time, I’m assuming he was the same age as you (13 at the time), so what do you really expect? He was probably just reacting to the fact that you didn’t like him back the way he wanted you to, or he felt embarrassed to even *get* a rose because he wasn’t expecting it, etc. Luckily people do grow up though :D

That sucks that your mom ruined your plans for today. The only thing my mom said mean to me was “Put your phone away while eating, or I’m throwing it out the window” D:

That sounds like a interesting story(: I wrote a story last year, It’s really childish, but has a lot of drama in it. Then this year I wrote a complete story about an evil witch kidnapping my best friend and going to save her. It was fun to write also.

That guy sounds like a jerk. But I understand that since you guys were 13, and people my age right now (13) would do what he did: probably freak out and spaz, and don’t react to it the right way.

Ultimate rejection; we all have one of those moments in life. That is something that can only happen when you are really young and when most guys are jerks (girls mature quicker,huh? it’s a curse.) but as you said, at least you now have James. :-) I do like the yellow roses idea for friends. I might nick that for next year.


Happy belated Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year! Gung hee fatt choi! /bounce

That book you wrote sounds quite cute, even if it was cheesy (and of course I’m just taking your word for it). And hey, at least you finished it! That’s a lot more than I can say for my feeble attempts at a novel as a teenager. (Thankfully I’ve given up now – I know when something’s a lost cause, lol!). I think it will probably end up being one of those things you put away as momentos of your teen years and then take out years later in a fit of sentimentality. :)

Wow, I didn’t know schools here did that sort of Valentine roses thing! I thought that was just an American thing, to be honest. Though I guess my school just didn’t do it because it was an all-girls school and there wouldn’t have been much point. =/ That sucks about that guy you gave the rose too though…what an ass. :( Sounds like he was just bitter and jealous because he got the yellow rose and not the red. *sigh*

They say love is a friendship that has caught fire.
Well that explains why I keep getting burned then. Thanks for clearing that up! XD

haha, i have all kinds of stories that i start and of course, never show anyone. it just seems to .. personal xD idk. or maybe ii just think they all suck too much to show anyone.

and yeah, it is basically cyber bullying. she was too afraid to say anything to stand up for herself back in september when it started, but when it resurfaced she did because she realized that ignoring it clearly did nothing to help.. it’s so stupid, honestly :/

and yeah.. it WAS good that david and i were trying at least, but i swear everytime it seems like we’re getting somewhere, he has SOME reason why he thinks it wont work. literally, 15 minutes after us hanging out and having an awesome time.. he said that he thought it wasn’t going to work.

Wow. Lol, you really did have a lot to learn. That seems like a pretty complicated situation..for me anyway. It really is true when you look back at the things you’ve done as a kid it makes you wonder…’ What the heck was I thinking ‘ but we’ll never know :P

Yeah, I have a reason to be mean buta t other times I don’t but who cares. Maybe I just don’t like the peron /ho

I hope my grandma is strong enough to live until them too. It would really be a blessing but I once told somebody that if my grandma ever died I don’t want to live with my mom so they know. Maybe I go and live with one of my aunts or something.

You know today on Facebook I found my old Bestfriend from preK, I remember we were talking about it and I immediately thought of you.

Happy Valentines day! for yesterday!
Sorry that your mum ruined your plans :(
It didn’t feel like Valentines day for me, I was so lazy that most of my day was on the computer :O not good.

That’s cool that you wrote a book, when I tried in primary school, I only got up to about 10 pages /ehh I suck at writing stories.

I am still so angry at Allphones! my phone is getting worse /angry I don’t know what to do. It’s becoming slower, I have to press hard on the screen to go to messages and writing text messages.

Now I am getting used to using my iPod Touch, I spent last night until 11:50pm on my iPod on MSN. I really want an iPhone now! they look so cool XD

When my friends went to Taylor Swift’s concert they shook her hand. Apparently she was flicking her hair nearly all the time after a song.

I’ve been to a Opera before! I saw one in Italian so I had to read the subtitles all the time :( what did you see?

It would be bad if someone found out who you were using their wi-fi :O I hope they can’t see many details.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year to you too! :D

I also love to write, but not in English since I can’t write with proper English grammar haha. But I must say I’m pretty fluent in Indonesian. :D I’ve written a book too, and got it sent to a publisher but got rejected three months ago haha. No wonder, I sent it to Indonesia’s most famous book publisher. I’m an amateur, so yeah… I’ve sent it to another publisher for consideration :P Hope they would accept it this time.

Oh nooo, that guy was such a jerk -_- He was so rude! He had no right to throw the flower right to your face like that. Bah. If I were you, I would have run straight to him and give him a kick on the face lol. He deserved it!

Oh you were 13 at that time? You reminded me of this silly thing I had when I was 11 or 12, I forgot. I used to have a boyfriend around that age. LOL not like a real boyfriend, but idk, he admitted that he liked me and I liked him too. I know I’m too young to be with him now, but that time I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to have a boyfriend at a fairly young age haha. Stupid me.

But guess what, we were together for one year and one month. MWAHAHAHA we were cool stupid kids LOL. We “broke up” because we were not in the same class anymore, even though we were in the same school.

And after that one-year-not-being-in-the-same-class, on the next grade (grade 7) we were in the same class AGAIN. Bahaha. I haven’t talked to him for a very long time so when we met again it was just awkward. And now on the 8th grade, we were in the same class again. Boo. Look what my life has done to me haha. But now we were still best friends and no more awkwardness between us XD Glad I survived after that oh-so-lame relationship with him O_O

Yup, now my site is like a challenge for me. I have to survive with returning 20+ comments and update it regularly. One question: how did you survive after returning bunch of comments every day? LOL. :P

Woah! I haven’t commented in forever! Sorry about that, I’ve been busy.
I’m in serious need to shop for my military ball dress.
I’ve seen the icons at Tiffany’s site. They look really good.


Happy Valentine’s Day!! It sucks how you didn’t get to spend time with James, but I know that you’ll have the bestest time when you do get some time ♥

I swear, shopping is fun until you realize how much clothes you’ve bought and when you wash all of them, it’s a pain XD

The plot sounds cool! I wanna read it! It may be cheesy, but I like it. I wish my school would do that rose thing. Were too cheap for that.

It’s weird how you can grow up from relationships. I’ve never been in a relationship before so….yeah. XD I’m not really freaking out about it. I know some people who haven’t had a girl/boyfriend before either and they freak out and say they really need one. It’s pathetic to me. It annoys me how people try to be a love guru and they’re like 15 or 16 years old. Just because they went through like one break-up they think they know it all /angry

Aww, that sucks. I take it you’re a romantic type? I don’t think you should of given him the rose back, you should of given it to someone else instead. He sounds like jerk. Good thing time heals, I hope. And you know what they say, what goes around, comes around. I’m glad you found someone better too.

Happy Valentines and Chinese New Year.
Here’s my rose for you /rose

Hahaha I was about to curse her out but I thought about it and was like nahhh, I’ll just be ignorant. After the last reply I gave her she hasn’t replied lol. :D

I don’t get why people love to hang out at night. I really do not like it. Once it’s dark I want to be indoors. Not walking home from a party or something.

YOU DID????????? That is soo awesome!! Is it from the same people that offered me my job? They finally paid. I am soo rich on PayPal now. :) I explain the job to my sis and she said she will verify my paypal for me when I’m ready. I’m still saving because I want to mega shop in the summer. :D

Never tried Opera before lol.

I think I got a different plugin but I’m going to look at Fireshot now. :D The one I have puts a camera on your tool bar. Next to the search bar. :) It’s cute, it makes the camera noise when it takes a picture. :)

She is in a better place now. :) A pain free place. :)

All my teachers saw me. We got it resolved though. The teacher said I was tardy to class so she marked me absent and then forgot to change it when I came in. Everyone is always late to class because she’s a pushover. Some people have over 46 tardies in her class lol.

We school got these cheap knock off roses. Soo ugly!! They should have got fake ones. You know how they say roses scent? Well the one they got doesn’t smell like anything. You cannot smell anything at all.

It’s hard not to get jealous but it just frustrates me sometimes lol.

I am a day late but still lol. (H)

Ohhh i want to read your book lol. I love cheesy stories. :D As long as there’s a happy ending lol and it’s short!! 88 pages, it’s soo awesome. /hehe

Ugh what an idiot!!!! He is soo dumb for that. If he wasn’t a moron he would have had a chance with you. You guys might even be together right now. But fate had plans and you met James and you guys lived happily ever after. :)

hi there ill have a look on youtube soon.. happy valentine for yesterday, did u get anything? dont worry i feel pathetic on valentines day cause when i was in school all the rest of my class got a valentine present apart from me and it really hurt

I don’t feel like my age. It feels hard to believe that I will be old enough to drive next year!

Communications sounds quite interesting to study. I like science and I want to study marine biology at university. It seems a really fun subject to study.

Exactly, if people don’t like you they should just not visit your site. But your website is very popular so it shows you are a nice person :D

Me and my boyfriend want to study completely different subjects at university. He wants to be a doctor so training from that takes a very long time. I think the degree I want to do is only 4 years.


Wow, that guy does not seem too great. O_O
Anyway, happy belated Valentine’s Day! ♥

oh thankk you ! yeah theres lots of cleaning up but my mom managed to clean everything up , she looks real tired though
:O how nice of you to send him a yellow rose, so rude of him to quesiton it D:
it sucks that sometimes how a friend turned boyfriend cannot remain friends anymore…

How rude! Did he even explain himself? That’s just plain mean!

Almost everyone’s schools are handing out roses for Valentine’s Day. My school doesn’t. But I think that’s ok though since I don’t really know if people are even going to buy them. LOL. Some people in my school are just plain assholes.

I’m not alone!!! :P I didn’t go out for Valentine’s Day too. I was stuck at home doing chores and finishing my homework. But I guess its a good thing we didn’t go out coz the mall was probably packed. And plus, I really don’t want to see lovers sucking each others faces. Some of them are just really disgusting. I mean, they’re over the mountain disgusting. HAHAHA. If you get what I mean. Sigh, tough being single. LOL. But gotta love it :)

Two days, ago my mom was talking about how I should go back to the Philippines to study university. That means, I’ll be farther!!! I really don’t want to coz I’m actually having a life here now. But then again, she’s my mom… :X

My WordPress broke and I can’t view any comments, posts or pages but I want to comment on your blog, heh.

Happy Valentines Day & Chinese New Year for yesterday (or day before for you?) Heh.

Sorry your mum stopped you going out; I still find that completely out of order. :( Yay for a new clothes rack. ;D I have so many clothes, but I only wear about 20% of them haha. Me and my sister share a wardrobe too so it’s pretty full. Actually, most of the clothes are mine.

The story line for your book sounds pretty cool actually. I’d read it, if it were published lmao, even if I don’t read. XD

My school always done those sorts of things with the roses. The money went to charity so I always bought a bunch and just gave them to my friends.

Wow! He shoved it back in your hands?! How fucking rude. :| I wish you did have the courage to punch him in the face because he would have deserved it for sure.

He should of at least given you a hug or something, that’s so rude.

That said, boys at that age are so god damn rude. Well, 90% of them anyway. Jerk.

That last paragraph was awesome, just thought I’d say haha.

Don’t worry about returning this by the way, my site won’t be open for a while. o_O

Aww that’s okay. *hugs* I still insist on responding to your comments to give you something to read, still. Even though I’ll still be blogging. :P

You have such bad luck with WordPress! I bet others have told you too. /poo

Haha, the day before. Timezones are funny.

Yeah, it’s annoying. :( But tomorrow I’ve got to go to uni to sort out some things and James is coming with me so hopefully we can catch a movie or something. :)

I’m probably the same haha. When we cleaned out the rack, my mum pointed out all the clothes that I barely wear. I have so many clothes. Most of the time she buys me clothes. And don’t get me wrong; they’re gorgeous but sometimes I just don’t know when to wear them. :(

My mum puts her clothes in my wardrobe too. I know how you feel haha.

I think the money just went to the school, for us. Oh well. :3

Yeah, too bad though! I’m happy I’ve moved on and forgot about him. Not worth it. Idiot.

He did give me a hug but it was so lame. /hmph

Haha absolutely. So stupid. Since they mature later than girls, maybe he had the whole “girls have cooties” thing still going strong. ROFL.

:) ♥

Awh. I’m sorry that he did that to you. That’s horrible. That probably felt the exact same way I felt when Tyler did that horrible football thing to me. :/

Yes, Forgive & Forget is the double F standard you should ALWAYS remember. It may not be easy to Forget but it’s easier to Forgive. :) I like to call it the Double F standard, easy to remember, right?

You wrote a book? Awesome? Hahahaha. Although, you said it was lame…idk..I think I could judge that if you let me read it. I doubt you will though. Hahaha. I probably could write a book but it would be lame as well. Hahaha. I wrote about the water cycle in 4th grade. I got a 100% and I wrote it as a raindrop, because that was the object, and it was talking to the reader. hahaha. I love that thing. I still have it. :) I could put it up as something lame I’ve written on the about me portion of my site. :P

Awh. I’m so sorry your mom ruined your vDay. :( Dante almost ruined ours by his battery dying. hahaha. He got it fixed early though and then he had Lacrosse practice so I didn’t get to see him until like 6pm. UGH! I was trying to work on my site, I woke up at like online at 6:30am and worked until like 9:30am on Dorine’s request and then I just lost my “productivism”. Hahaha. I was just UGH! I don’t feel like doing this anymore, I kept trying to stay on but I was just like…you know what? I’m offline now. Hahahaha. :) I’m good today though. It’s back. :) Loving the fact that is back, too. :P
Yeah, it’s always random on what I comment on first. Sometimes it’s the blog, other times I reply to the comment but I always separate it by that horizontal line that you see above, that way, you can tell what is what and it’s not as confusing. Hahahaha.

Yeah-sorry for the language, in advance-jackasses like him are just aggravating. They hurt you and don’t care what you feel, they are just “Me” people as my ‘rents call them. Hahahaha. “Me me me me me.” That’s what they say when they talk. Or they say, “I I I I I.” XD Either or, I don’t think it matters. :P

I’ve tried too hard to forget Tyler, I think that’s my problem, I’m trying too hard…I’ve never forgotten anyone though. :/ I remember everyone who were/are my friends and they all have a place in my heart, Tyler’s place just happens to be a black whole. Have you heard the song “Undo It” that I linked in my blog? That’s totally what I want to do with the time I wasted on Tyler, undo it. That isn’t possible though…I’m sure me, and everyone else in the world, has wanted to make that possible. & I kinda thank him for what he did, if he didn’t I’d still be that annoying freak of a girl that I was in 9th grade. :/
You agree that I was annoying, too. People say that I’m still annoying and I ask them, “How am I annoying? Please tell me so that I can stop whatever it is that is annoying you.” & Their reply ALWAYS, without fail, is, “I don’t know, it’s your voice, or something.” I’m just like, “Wow…that is helpful. :/”

If Tyler EVER apoligizes for what he did, I will be like “WUT?!?! Woah…am I in an alternate universe? o.0” haahahaha. I doubt he will…EVER.

Yes, that is so true. I have to forget, and I know that, but Idk if it is possible for me. I mean he hurt me and I don’t wanna think about it anymore but I don’t think it is EVER gonna be forgotten.. :(

OMG! Yes, I know, I’m just like, wtf? why a “ball of hurt” instead of “i don’t like you”????

Yeah, she isn’t a lesbian but she could’ve been. I called her one once but her friend and her totally denied it saying, “No, she has a boyfriend.” I was just like Oh, cuz I didn’t know about ‘cover-ups’ with a husband and wife for lesbians/gay people. Hahaha. I don’t see anything wrong with them, don’t get me wrong, but she was TOTALLY showing that she had a thing for me. XD

Never heard that saying, but it makes total sense. Hahahaha. I’m better at Math than I am at any subject besides Geography and anything having to do with Biology. Geography & Biology are SOOOOOOOOO easy. I was just like OMG, wow…not much studying needed here. :)

I’ve never heard of most of your songs then. Hahahaha. I’m so sheltered.
OH! I forgot to mention what Tyler did to me before the football game. He would ask me what an “orgasm” was for example and I said, “Idk.” he would laugh and have his friend, Bonnie, tell me. & Shit (sorry) like that. I was just getting so red and laughing so hard because I was soo embarrased. He did it on effing purpose, too. That’s where I learned most of what I know that is considered to be perverted. :/ Makes him even more of a jackass. (sorry, again)

LMFAO! Wow….I don’t think I have ever heard someone say that to me before. It is true, which makes it funny. XD
Yeah, I used to be kinda annoying, like I said earlier. I used to love to annoy people because I wanted attention, now I just get it by non-stop talking or acting like something is wrong. XD I don’t want as much attention so I am mostly quiet but yes, I did want attention back then….way way back then…XD Makes it sound like I’m freaking old. /hehe

She is annoying. When I met her, we had tons of things in common, the music we liked, shows we liked, and stuff like that. So I said, “We are gonna be best friends!” That was such a lie.

Yeah, I have friends that I talk to and friends that I don’t talk to…that aren’t really friends. If you know what I mean. The group I mostly stand in, I talk sometimes but they almost never let me get a word in when I want to talk, I have to wait and wait and then I end up forgetting what I wanted to say or their conversation has changed. I’m just like omg…meanies!!!

Oh, I was thinking of someone else. XD Wow…Don’t you hate it when you are thinking of someone and you think you are talking about the same person with someone but really it’s someone completely different? So awful. This was my FAIL moment. :) One of my MANY. XD
Here’s another: Until Thursday (last Thursday) I thought vDay was on Friday the 12th. XD I was 2 days off.

Oh, really? I wouldn’t think you, of all people, would be scared to talk to another person with a big site. & Yes, I loved her site. She told me she quit (I just talked to her earlier today) because of her exams so that means she may be backk. YAY! I hope she does come back, she is awesome. :)

I’ve never heard of GMH until Paige showed it to me. :) It is a good site though. I’ll keep it handyyy. :)

Yes, I love twitter as a playground. Lots a blue birds chirping. OMG! TOO MUCH CHIRPING!!! Ahhh!! TOO MANY TWEETS AHHH I’M GONNA DIE! -runs away from the playground- Ahh. So much better. :)

Awh. I hope you can catch up this weekend. :P

I want a SUV because it’s a small car but yet it’s bigger than my dad’s which is TOO small. Hahaha. WAYY too small. I used to drive my mom’s van which was also a good size, I’d drive on like that, too. I don’t think a van is such an ego killer. I could drive 6 other people in it, VAN PARTAYY! hahahaha.

That’s a good idea. After my advertising on these 3-5 sites end I’m gonna do that! :) I get an income if people ask and I can offer that. & I was just asking for your opinion, btw. hahahaha.

Hahahaha. Yes, I am so flirtatious. XD Partially because I don’t understand how to not be flirtatious and partially because it’s just my nature..I’m trying to stop and only flirt with Dante though. I just walk away from guys that I start flirting with if I do start flirting to help me stop. hahahah.

Yeah, I’m running out of ideas though, I have 1 in my blog but that is about 1 I bet I’ll get inspiration for another one when I blog about that one. XD

Awh. Yeup. I tend to accept things that I don’t like because it’s not the tiny things that you should break up with someone for it’s the bigger things that you should do it, like cheating or something like that.

Awh. What are y’all gonna do? & Yes, I did. After 5:30 I saw him. :)

I decided to just comment on your blog for now, and return your comment later. My day flew by and now I find that I still have homework to finish. :( Hope you don’t mind! ♥

Happy belated Valentines Day and Chinese New Year to youuuuu. ;)

Oh my gawsh, I never knew about this book of yours. :O That’s pretty cool. I don’t have a book of my own. :( The story sounds pretty interesting too.

My school did the same thing! Buying roses and all that jazz. I think it’s incredibly corny. xD Funny how the roses were yellow though. At least that’s a bit more unique than the typical red roses.

WTF, that’s SO RUDE of him to throw it back at your face. What an asshole. >:( And you were so young too. AWWW, that’s such a sad story. :'(

But you’ve learned a lot since then, that’s all that matters. It’s important to have that “fire” coming from a frienship in a relationship, although, it’s not always necessary since there are many couples who weren’t close friends before their relationship began.

Hope you had a nice Valentines Day, even though you didn’t get to go out. ILUHYOU. (:

I’ll be back very soon to return your other comment!

Oooh belated Happy Valentines Day and Chinese New Years to you too! ♥ Well I’m kinda late but whatever hehe.

Whoa, I could never finish a book haha. Your book sounds pretty interesting actually. I would read it – if it was published. :)

Yellow roses – awesome. I love the color yellow. :P

Sheesh. How rude is HE. It’s a gift, your not suppose to “ask for it”. You should of slapped the hell out of him LMAO.That’s kinda sad though actually, like you were close friends – but you never knew that was coming.
BLEH. Anyways he’s a jerk. XD

Ahhah, the computer. Very addictive indeed. 🙄

Thanks for the speech bubble tutorial! And I’m glad you liked my footer.

Oh my goodness! My mom says that all the time! Freidship should be there first because it will be there when if everything else dies away.

88 pages is a whole lot more than I could ever write! I’ve tried to write a book several times and 15 pages seems to be the limit of my awful plots…haha.

That guy seems jerky to refuse a “friend” rose…I mean, hello, if you wanted to be freaky you could’ve given him a red one, but you didn’t. So he should’ve been appreciative of the yellow one. The rose thing seems fun. I wish my school did that xD

Happy late Valentine’s Day, by the way! ♥ Sorry you couldn’t celebrate it the way you wanted :(

I’m actually attempting to write a book. It’s a bit weird but having to write nearly 10 pages is an achievement for me, I’ve never typed 10 pages for a story before. :D

Wow, geez, your then-boyfriend was rude. You were only 13?!

I KNOW! I mean, my hoodie was pink, not black ==” I don’t think I should ever wear a hoodie again. People will probably be walking extremely fast and running away from me. How sad. Hehe.

My parents can understand english but when it comes to speaking…. things get funny. It’s not nice but it’s really funny. They’ve been here for over 10 years and they still can’t speak english very well. Probably because the hang out with chinese people too much and always speak mandarin. ==”

WOO I’m the 50th comment.

Don’t worry about not getting to my e-mails or even returning my comments. Honestly it doesn’t matter to me if you get back to me via e-mail or comments because we end up talking one way or the other anyway. haha you could even return a comment via e-mail if it makes things easier for you. :) I don’t mind. :D ♥

Hrm so I was looking through your plugins list & I downloaded the archives one. man I was going to ask you where to get it but i found it! wooo. It’s so neatttt. Awesomeee. I’m probably going to make a plugins page too because I have so many and my credits page is getting stuffy. /faw

GUESS WHAT?!?! I INTEGRATED MS OUTLOOK WITH MY WEBMAIL. WEEEEEE. Now I gotta add my other e-mail too. But my AI emails pile up more obviously haha.

I guess now I really won’t be tempted to buy that gmail deal for my server. PFT eff them. ridiculous. $50 for gmail. :(

OMG I’M STILL SICK..well my nose isn’t running like it was before but I can’t reallly smell all that much & today Johnathan & I went to go eat sushi & I couldn’t taste much. Stupid tastebuds are dead because of my illness…& i can’t hear out of my left ear. My mom & brother can’t hear out of their right ears. It’s kind of funny. lulz.

Oh I have a quick story to tell you about my mom. Hahah..okay so they threw this party shindig for all of their colleagues for lunar new year & my mom was telling the guy whom made this banner that his grammar was off. My mom’s first language is Vietnamese, she came to the US when she was like 11 or 12 so she doesn’t have an accent and she speaks perfect English & she told the guy that he should correct it.

The banner read: Vietnamese Physician Association (& the rest i don’t remember but it’s not important)

My mom told him to change it to: Vietnamese Physicians’ Association

because OBVIOUSLY there are a bunch of physicians so it is plural & it is their association so therefore the apostrophe goes AFTER the s. But the guy was arguing, “no we’re using physician as an adjective” and my mom & my dad (he has an accent & his grammar isn’t that great but he actually knew they were wrong) were arguing with them telling them that they were wrong physician is a NOUN not an adjective. Nouns like physician are NEVER used as an adjective…wtf I even looked it up to make sure I was correct (my mom asked me if she was right on the matter because she knows I’m a grammar nazi) & I told her that even said that physician is only used as a noun. The adjective form is therefore physicianly. And that word is underlined in my browser so I don’t know. But seriously I just told my mother not to worry about it because they were right. She was laughing & happy that she wasn’t crazy. Some other people apparently went up to her & said the guy was right. I told my mom to tell them to go back to school & take a proper English class. sheesh. Gah. That frustrated me. My mom’s english is so much better than all of theirs so I don’t know why they’d even think to argue with her. Lulz. oh well at least we’re the ones that are laughing in the end. ahahahha..physician as an adjective. lulz.

He is a physician. Sure, the word describes his occupation but it is a noun because it means he is a doctor. ROFL. oh man people these days.

Okay end of that story. Just thought I’d share a little laugh with you. hehehe. :)

Oh yeah my days are soooo busy. Well just Mondays & Wednesdays but I actually don’t mind. My first semester in college, I really dreaded the days I packed all of my classes but this semester, it’s just not that bad & it’s my 4th semester in case you were wondering. Yeah so it’s not that bad & it’s pretty cool so far. I really like Anthropology but in the morning, for some reason, even though I think I get a lot of sleep, I apparently fall asleep really easily so I have to make myself a cup of coffee in the morning. But since coffee stains your teeth, I’ve switched to tea. Although the caffeine isn’t nearly as strong as coffee, I think it has a placebo effect on me. I drink my tea & tell myself, “COME ON WORK TEA, WAKE THE EFF UP, TIFFANY!!!” so I stay awake. I’m not allowed to sleep in my classes. If I do, my professor will get really upset & tap me on the shoulder to excuse me from class. Then I won’t learn anything but everything is in the book anyway.

I’m currently studying for my Physical Anthropology quiz that I have tomorrow. Our professor told us to just study off our notes and we’ll be okay but sometimes I don’t write any notes because I already know it. But then again I forget things & now I regret not writing it down. I think the only thing I really have to study is Meiosis & Mitosis but my class doesn’t go too much into it the way my biology class does, you know? Because it’s only an anthropology class and not so much a biology class.

But anyway, yeah it’s not too bad because I have a two hour lunch break & then an hour break between my biology & french class. Last semester I got out reallly late so that sucked but this semester I get out at 6:40pm so it’s not too bad. I mean, when I get home I have time to eat, play the Wii, & also get some homework done.

Tomorrow, I don’t have a biology lab! Woo so I get out at 11am & I can do whatever I want! Which is probably just doing my biology homework & lab write up. It’s a lot of stuff. Have I told you that my biology homework is only 5 points? I think I told you that. haha. But I have to do it or else I’ll be missing points & they could really count!! I’m hoping that I’ll be getting A’s in all of my classes but I’ll give Biology a B..just because I’m a little afraid & I don’t want to get my hopes up too high. That should greatly improve my GPA (grade point average–just in case you don’t know but I’m sure you do haha).

But yayyy for 3 day weekends. They’re the besttt! :) Although a lot of my friends tell me I suck for getting out at like 9:40pm on Thursdays because Thursdays are normally the days most college students get out & go clubbing/partying/whatever. A lot of places have special Thursday deals but I’ve only gone to a club once. It was reallly fun but that’s because I like to dance! :D

I try not to think too much about the afterlife because it takes time away from your current life! You could be doing something productive! haha just kidding though, I always stuff like that but it’s not like I’m actually doing something productive. I wish I weren’t so lazy so that I could out & do stuff but it’s 10 pm so the only thing I should be doing is studying. haha.

Wow I honestly didn’t realize how hard it is to actually beat Gillian’s record comment to you. Jeez. I mean I’m only half way returning your comment anyway but I’m only at like 1300 words or something. This is just crazy. I mean in Word, I’ve filled up 2 and a half goodness. Okay seriously I’m sure I could leave you a longer one if my blog weren’t so short but I didn’t have much to write about haha.

OKAY let’s get back to what we were talking about.

Alright so yeah the afterlife, so many theories but no one really knows. I just hope to live a great life. So even if there is a hell & I end there, ..wait you know I was going to say something like “well at least i lived a good life” but then I just thought about how ridiculous having to be eternally trapped to a firey pit with the devil sounded & I immediately stopped thinking the subject. I honestly do not believe that my soul or spirit or will be forever trapped in a terrible place with hitler & everyone else with fire & eternal suffering. That’s just ridiculous. I think it’s a scare-tactic people use to get you to believe in their religion. You shouldn’t need to use a scare-tactic to get someone to believe you. If something makes sense enough & has evidence to back up a claim, there’s no need for scare-tactics! sheesh. anyway but yeah it’d be cool if we were reincarnated though. Then we’d never really die!! :D It makes me think about all of those books or movies that talk about how some people spend their whole lives trying to find their soulmate from their past lives & how sad it is when they can’t find them during this present life but will just have to find them again in the next cycle.

I don’t know, it’s a cool idea to think about. It’s better than just dying & going nowhere. ahaha I’d love to believe in reincarnation but there’s no evidence for it & I’m a logical person so I can’t believe in emptiness until I have proof. BUT SERIOUSLY SO COOL. What if we were reincarnated to be like sisters or something?! Whoa. Crazy. Or what if you were my mother in another life?! ahahha. Or cousin?! Or brother..? hahaha.

That’d be kind of cool though, to try out the other gender to see what it’s like. I’d love to be a guy for a day. I’d want to pee standing up & do all the inappropriate things guys do that they talk about alll the time. I mean how amazing can a bj honestly be? I’d like to know. & what does sex feel like for a guy? Johnathan says he can’t imagine what it’d feel like for a girl because he says he’d have to envision a penis penetrating him & that’s just too much ahahah. But I it’d be awesome if we could pee standing up. How convenient.

So I celebrated my valentine’s day with Johnathan today at an all you can eat sushi restaurant (they only have it on mondays) & I’ve been so stuffed that I haven’t even eaten another meal today. I’ve only eaten one meal!! That was at 1pm!! It’s 10:24pm!!

Yeah you’re probably wondering how the time flew by so’s because I had to go downstairs to move my car out of the parking lot onto my driveway or else I’d get a ticket. I couldn’t find my keys..I think my brother took them when he moved my car. Darn!

Plus I was showing my mom these pictures of a down’s syndrome cat. It’s so sad yet kind of cute. Google pictures of a down’s syndrome tiger. It’s kind of scary..

Oh! So I’m glad you liked my new changes for my about me page. haha it’s just the picture basically but you knew that haha. The only person who called me Feffany was my brother because we had a live-in maid who had a little son who couldn’t say, “Tiffy” so he’d say “fefe!!” Then my brother somehow adopted “Feffany” & he’d call me that at home & my friend Bryan heard it & we had to explain to him the maid’s son story. So now every now & then Bryan calls me Feffany too. -_- ahahaha INTERESTING NAME RIGHT?

OMG FALKJLKZJXCLVJK i think i have carpal tunnel. i’m kind of pissed. i thought only old people got it but that’s arthritis..eff my life. I had to look it up to make sure..

“Women are three times more likely than men to develop carpal tunnel syndrome, perhaps because the carpal tunnel itself may be smaller in women than in men. The dominant hand is usually affected first and produces the most severe pain.”

YAY. THAT’S SO AWESOME -_- /ehh Gah so I get this tingliness every once & a while & I only started noticing it now. MAN. It doesn’t hurt, it just tingles & it’s kind of weird..not a numbing..just a weird tingle. GAHH. It’s irritating.

Hrm so I think your mom should check out those migraines just in case. Tell her to get her scanned!! Perhaps she also has some severe sinus infections that lead to migraines. Sometimes in the mornings, I can’t hear myself talking so I have to hold my breath & plug my nose & blow so that my ears pop. It’s annoying & I feel like I’m blowing out my eardrums or something. But it gets cured when I use that spray that helps control sinus infections.

Which reminds me, so today my left ear has been totally muted/muffled & I hoped that a buttload of wasabi would clear it up..I was wrong. It did nothing. I had so much wasabie on my chopsticks & NOTHING. Cleared nothing. That was some weak wasabi.

Well my friend & I are going to get sushi tomorrow so I’ll try again..but hopefully by then my ear is WORKING AGAIN. ugh. I feel like an 80 year old. Carpal tunnel & a muffled left ear. UGH. Next thing you know, I’m going to be needing a cane to walk around.

But anywayyyy so if someone gives you grief, let me know. Haha I told Johnathan about you & that insensitive person. I told him the story & he said, “what a bitch!” ahahaha. He asked me to tell him more about the person but I wasn’t going to let anything happen because no one wants to be blamed for the shitstorm he can conjure. hahaha.

Alright, I’m done with this long comment, I can’t beat 3000 words right now. I’ve got over 2400 & I think that’s my personal record for you. haha. ♥

lol!, “rude ballsack” /hehe
You should of punch his face in. But you guys were only 13, maybe he didn’t know how to deal with girls yet.

sorry that your mom had to ruin your day.

Thank You :)

Chores suck :/ Good thing my parents don’t make me do ironing, just the typical dish washing and cleaning stuff XD

I don’ like him back either because he’s just really plain annoying, even his friends sides with me and are against him /argh

Lol, your Principal must have had a tough time leaving your school XD How unlucky he is to celebrate his birthday only during leap years XD
Oh, that must be so cool! To leave school legally at the age of 16 :D I wish i live in Australia XD

I think I will be a dangerous driver! I like going fast and if I have music on in the car I can image I will get so distracted and think I’m playing some racing game.

I can image communications is a really useful thing to study. Especially because of the development in technology. It’s really useful for the future

5 years :O thats such a long time. I think doctor training is about 7 years O_O

Haha wow that sounds cool and very sweet :) My boyfriend knows I like chocolates so that’s what he bought me. If I keep eating them though I’ll end up fat XD