Love Is A Tower

Happy Valentines Day, and happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it. 😁

Unfortunately, my mum did ruin my plans for Valentine’s day so I’ve been at home. I’ve done a few chores – the usual… and we put together a clothes rack, because we needed to replace one of ours. It’s unbelievable how many clothes we have in my room on the rack. The rack pretty much broke, so the new one was needed. πŸ˜›

I remember chatting with Asmiya about how we both love to write. I told her about my “book”. I wrote it when I was about 15 years old. It’s only about 88 pages really (depends how big the text is, haha). I’m reluctant to show my book to anybody, but Lilian and James know that it is a very cheesy piece of writing.

It’s about a girl who seems to be cursed every Valentine’s Day. Yeah, not such an interesting plot. I wasn’t really enthusiastic about February the 14th, so I wrote the book in pessimism.

About seven years ago I liked this guy (too bad it wasn’t James). We became friends. We were friends after I moved on and found somebody else. It seemed to be going alright and we were really close.

It took a turn for the worse, and maybe we became too close. I don’t know if it was just dragging down that my then-boyfriend happened to be his best friend. I liked my boyfriend at the time though; I’ll give you that.

Near Valentine’s Day, my school would always sell roses so that you could buy one for the person you liked. It was also extremely common tradition for you to get one for your best friends. These were yellow, as opposed to red. 🌹 πŸ˜…

I got a yellow rose for him, and a red one for my then-boyfriend.

Little did I know he was going to be a rude ballsack and throw it back in my face.

“I never asked for this,” he blurted out, shoving the rose into my hands.

I wish I could have plucked the courage to punch his face, or ignore what happened and not let it get to me. But I’m too sensitive.

I ended up explaining my heart in the most awkward, pathetic fashion, essentially begging him to take the rose back (LOL damn, by the sounds of it, I might as well have been begging him to take me back πŸ™„). His friends (also my friends) were urging him to take it and give me a hug.

I was only 13. Damn, geez. I always knew I had a lot to learn.

I didn’t talk to him for four years until a simple “hello” brought it back. Our friendship was never the same again, but sometimes you need to forgive and forget.

They say love is a friendship that has caught fire. I guess that too, might be why my past relationships have failed. There wasn’t even a source for the fire in the first place – the friendship.

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