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I’ve written posts about death the past few days, but today a news story caught my attention.

I heard about it on television. A 12-year-old boy by the name of Elliot Fletcher was stabbed in the chest at a school in Brisbane, Australia. He died shortly after arriving at hospital.

A 13-year-old boy was charged with his murder.

Hearing this story brought tears to my eyes. My heart goes out to Elliot’s family. As news reports quoted from parents – you take your child to school expecting that they will be under the care and supervision of teachers, and then this happens, and you expect your child to come home safe.

The parents of the boy who killed Elliot think that the media is being a nuisance about their son being charged. Tell me how? They should be grateful that the media isn’t revealing his name or photos of him at all (maybe because he’s a minor, but making such complaints?). Where did their son get a knife in the first place? What brought the boy to do this? Sources say that Elliot was bullied and that this boy had signs of self-harm.

Even so, his parents should have noticed this and taken him to see a psychologist or a specialist. What if this murder resulted from this boy’s possible depression?

Whatever made him want to kill Elliot – he should not have. I can understand when one hates another for whatever reason, but to actually pull up the wits and inner strength to go as far as to kill someone – maybe this boy had problems. But, quoted from The Holy Grail by Hunters and Collectors, “nobody deserves to die”.

What made me angry was that after a tribute page for Elliot was set up on Facebook, vandals had hijacked the page with rude messages and pornographic material. Among them was “Woot, I’m dead”, and other posts by people with the display picture of Pedobear.

Fuck, seriously? How insensitive can you be? I want karma to get to these rude, insensitive people. /angry

Yesterday I was attempting to clean my laptop keyboard. It proved difficult when I pried out all the keys and realised I was ruining the brackets under the keys. 😰

I thought it was going great as I was able to (easily) pry out the keys with a screwdriver, happily clean out the dust (I don’t know why, but I was grinning like mad when I was able to pick out the dust bunnies :D) and press the keys back on. I had done the arrow keys first and was surprised at how easy it was.

That was until I took out the spacebar and completely stuffed it up. I didn’t realise until I put it back that it wasn’t functioning properly and wasn’t as sensitive to the touch (or press, if you will).

I was annoyed and asked James to help me out. I was stressing out so much about it; I was trying to fix it the whole day. I realised the problem was that the wire wasn’t fitting into the metal teeth, and I had pretty much ruined the teeth. I had to use pliers and tweezers to bend the tiny teeth back into place. But it’s all good now. /bounce I rock. /pow

Here’s a picture of the inside:

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(I hope)

Holy fucking shit.
That’s horrific that one kid – let alone a 13 year old – would kill another boy.

He’s my age D:
That’s somewhat creepyass depressing, yanoe? The world is a shithole and yet there’s douchebags who are thirteen stabbing younger kids….

Yes; a school is to create a safe environment for children to learn and have fun and grow up and have friends and…

Just. You know, not be stabbed. D:

How horrible. :( I hope he’s in a happier place and that kid who did it has fucking counselling or something.

A nusiance? My left ass cheek. A boy killing ANOTHER boy should be in the fucking news and teach people a lesson. Or just let people know that there are creeps out there….

Or weirdo psychopath kids who stab others.

Whether he was depressed or not, it’s no excuse for killing another human.
Let alone a boy who was just 12.

His parents should shape up and accept that maybe they should have kept a better eye on this kid.
I mean, yeah – where did he get the knife from?

Nobody deserves to die. That is so damn true.
Taking someone else’s life isn’t going to make him feel better, even if he does have mental issues. That’s going to stay with him for the rest of his life.

And then to write that… on Facebook… those vandals should learn some respect.

Elliot hardly chose to be stabbed. Whatever he did would never EVER should have become murder.

Did he even DO anything wrong? He’s just a kid. Kids learn and grow up as they get older.
Now he’s never going to grow older.

Glad your spacebar is fixed! As I mentioned on MSN I’d be wayyyy too lazy to clean my keys. xD



Take care! xx

I guess it’s because the boy was so young. It’s horrific. Well, both boys were young. It makes me wonder what was going through his mind or how he came to do it. :(

A lot of news stories have come up recently regarding bullying, and not necessarily stabbing. Some kids are punched and kicked. A parent was on the news saying she didn’t want her child to attend school anymore because he had been bullied and hurt physically.

I hope that the killer is alright – hopefully he has learned his lesson. :( Something is wrong with that kid, otherwise. His parents should not be complaining. This opens eyes for other parents. About their own children.

It definitely is going to stay with him forever. This man on television had killed a man by trying to defend himself, since the man was obviously going to bash him dead. He couldn’t live with it. Despite what happened – he did not deserve to die.

Haha I love cleaning my keys. It makes me so happy to see it all cleaned up. O_O

It’s second comment alright. :) ♥

Thanks! I’m really proud. :D Yeah, my parents are not fighting anymore. Hopefully it stays like this for some time.

Me neither. My mom told me at once to stay away from her the first time I told her about Anika, and I gladly do that. But sometimes I feel bad because when I met her father, he had told me that he thinks his daughter is kind of crazy and needs someone to guide her and good friends at school. And he asked me and my other friends to be friends with her so I’m kind of confused. O_O
She had been suspended from the school, because she hadn’t sat for the mid-term exams. She got re-admitted.
LOL yeah. At first she said she has asthma to one of our teachers, and a few days ago she said she had fever. I wonder what’s next. :P

I think there was a show of Amelia Jane but I;m not sure.

Yeah. I’m really glad that they stick together. Most of my parent’s fights are about my dad putting too much pressure on my mom.

Hehe I’m a huge fan of Westlife. I have always loved pop music since I was born, I think. XD So I love them.

Yeah. I’ve never actually celebrated Valentine’s day as most people here are not that interested in it.I gave this old withered flower to one of my friends. :P But this time I did see a lot of people dressed in red, mostly young couples.

OMFG, a thirteen year old killed a twelve year old? It’s so horrible! It’s just so creepy. This world is so creepy, kids (of my age) killing other ones.

A school is supposed to be a place where you learn things, and be safe, not where boys bully other boys and then kill them. How can that boy be so angry at the other boy that he kills him!?

And those vandals. How can people be so insensitive? /angry

Yay for cleaning your keyboard. /bounce I also feel pleased when I’m cleaning something that hasn’t been cleaned in ages. :P That’s bad luck about the space bar, but it’s all fixed now. :D

It’s okay, my Fanupdate is seriously messed up! I think I should get wordpress.

I just won’t let my mum teach me how to drive. She is so slow and scared of motorways!

Yeah, plus medicine school is a nightmare to get in. Apparently you need some thing like 10 A*. My boyfriend is worrying so much. He is very clever but I don’t think anyone in our school with get that many A*.

I’m quite slim but I eat so much junk! I really should eat some more fruit and veg. My boyfriend is a vegetarian but he doesn’t eat enough good stuff. We both like pizza too much!

Oh, man.

That really sucks about that boy’s death. Wow. Kids these days . . . Ugh. Why are people like this? Ugh. That kid who killed . . . man, oh man. I don’t care if he’s only a kid . . . at 13 he still knows better.

. . . UGH. :( This news does quite dampen one’s spirit.

Wow I can’t believe what I’m hearing about that poor little boy. I seriously don’t know what goes through people’s minds – especially when kids so young are committing murder. I really feel for the family. You’re right – school should always be a safe place to be. I am always so horrified when it isn’t.

That is just horrible about the kid’s Facebook page, too. People are sick.

I’m the same way about electronics. I always want to fix it myself. I’m glad you seemed to get it working again, though.

Knife Crime? AGAIN? Honestly, it happens too much espeically nowadays in school. It angers and saddens me.

In my school, this older boy and this other boy had a massive fight. They hated eachother so much. The next day, the older boy brought a knife into school and luckily the teachers saw it and suspended him from school. If the teachers didn’t see it, the other boy would surely be dead and not only him but his parents would be hurt and be in so much pain. :(

WTF!? The little boy is already dead and they fucking BE FUCKING RUDE?! UGH. I hate people like that. I hope Karma will bite them HARD on the butt. /pow

I’m glad you fixed it in the end though. WOW GEORGINA YOUR SO UBER COOL. *smilies* ✌️

Racism. No one can stop it, it’s an ‘uncurable diease’ you could say. :( People will be racist and noone can stop it. It makes me cry you know? Because we are all freaking human.

Back then, I didn’t tell anyone. Even my parents or sister. NO ONE. I just kept it bottled up inside, and still to this day, I havent told my parents but I did tell my friends. For some reason, I don’t want to tell my parents…

I DIDNT WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL. I always tried to pretend to be ill sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

Yeah. I got called a “Chinese Whore”, i wanted to shout at them and punch them and tell them that I’m not chinese, I’m filipno. GRR, people are so freaking mean. WE ARE ALL THE SAME DAMN IT.

LOL. I buy at least one new piece of clothing a week. I spend so much money you can tell by looking in my wardrobe..

I hope to read it one day! Umm, you can read my stories if you want, they are really bad though.. Haha.

AWE I hope you and your boyfriend will stay forever, you guys sound so sweet together! ♥

Ugh, SCREW STRESS, even though it’s not paper… XD

Yeah, I don’t know why WordPress posted it twice, I was on my iPod Touch at the time of replying that comment so it must of done something werid. -sighs- LOL.

OMG! That’s so horrible!! When things like this happen, I start to wonder what gave the killer the motivation or the will to just kill someone? And when it’s a young boy, I just start to wonder what the parents could’ve done ot prevent it.

For the boy’s parents to just complain was pretty pointless. And for those 4chan site people to just go to the facebook page and completely vandalize the place made me even more pissed about it. They’re the most insensitive people EVER! /angry

I think we should start cleaning our keyboard, I bet it’s incredibly dust under it. That’s good how you got the spacebar fixed!! I would’ve been freaking out! The spacebar is pretty important /hehe

omg! the story is kinda creepy!! rest in peace to that Elliot boy. :(

I know. I don’t even know how she got on my MSN, but shes there lol. I ended up deleting her because she was constantly asking me to find her tutorials or to give her codes to simple things such as bold and italic text. She knows NOTHING about coding. I know we all didn’t at some point. But shes been around for years and she still doesn’t know how. And she doesn’t know the purpose of crediting people. She wants to make her own themes, which i can’t see why because she can’t code for shit- she says she wants to make her own so she doesnt have to credit anyone. She’ll just steal from people and say she did it. Shes had the exact same as me and Vicky time after time. She never learns so we got most of her websites closed on her lmao.
I wouldn’t mind having people I know in real life knowing my website. But, I just don’t think it would be interesting to them or they’d think i was a complete nerd (maybe I am?) but oh well lol.
that’s the one I used, but Iguess you can’t upload it to a new website to retrieve your stuff. Cause I tried, or unless I did it wrong. I completely messed up my website and lost the articles once and for all lol.
yeah, I know in her last blog she mentioned something about an accident and all that happened to her from it. so maybe its still bad or shes doing other things to help improve herself physically. I don’t blame her, but its kind of annoying since it happened before.. Iguess it’s to be expected anywhere
wtf, really? your parents must be REALLY strict. I’m sure my parents wouldn’t let me drive around with a new driver, but I’m sure your bf is experienced. I get that my parents are the way they are because of my siblings actions and everything, but I’m a different person, and I have different goals and dreams in life. If I was like them , I’d have kids now and living off of government money. I hate that guys get more “respect” in a sense. like they have more freedom- I guess because their more likely not to get kid napped or raped or anything crazy like that. But I mean come on.. we’ve been with these guys for a long time and they should see that their good and that they have good intentions. I don’t know. I know when I have kids (if I ever do) they’ll be treated the same. Not just because ones a boy and ones a girl- so stupid! sorry for all the ranting lmao.
I know what you mean.. cause I plan to live here as long as I can, have a job and save my money up and get a house. I mean, I’m already 20 and they still treat me like I’m 10 years old. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like in even a year or two and even more. I’m sure nothing will change. What are they going to do when we move out and possibly move in with the bf’s lol. There’s nothing they can do really… I’d laugh in their faces cause I’m like that lmao :D
same… and same to you, our parents need to have A LOT more trust in us *hugs* :D

a 13 yr old murdered another boy!? omg! I would love to know what it was over. I’m sure it was something stupid and not worth it.. and like the quote you have posted, no matter how angry or what the person has done to you, no one deserves to die. Especially at that young of age. Wow… there seems to be a lot of young people dying these days. My brothers girlfriends cousin who was 13ish hung himself… its just crazy! Their young and don’t know how to deal with things I guess.. and like boys, it’ll come out as aggression.
aww, sorry to hear about your laptop keys. Mine need a good cleaning thats for sure lol, but I’m scared to take them out :/

To the stupid people vandalizing that boys tribute page seriously needs to grow up. /angry

But you can’t blame the school or his parents.
It’s obvious this boy had plan to kill Elliot. For him to bring a knife to school and did what he did.

I buy one of those aerosol sprays to clean my keyboard.

The story about that boy is just horrible. It actually makes me feel sick thinking about it. I want to know what it’s over, but at the same time I don’t, because if it was over something very unimportant as I suspect it was I think it would just make me feel worse. I always get really emotional about things like that. XD

I wonder about those people who fucked up the facebook page as well, about what was going through their minds when they wrote what they did. It’s beyond sick.

Whoaaaa I just checked out that link. I’m absolute agreement with you…god those parents..I mean ..there are always two sides of the story but HOLY SHIT YOUR EFFIN SON JUST KILLED A BOY. WTF?! LIKE TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY. fucking pussies. excuse my language but that just ticks me off. None of their names have been exposed, they need to chill out. The media has every right to be up in their business about it. I mean, yeah if my kid killed someone I’d be reallly upset but then again I’d never teach my child to kill someone. We don’t know what kind of parents these people are, that’s for sure..but to think that the media is bothering them. I mean, how do you expect them not to? Your 13 year old son murdered an innocent little boy. As parents, they should be groveling at Elliot’s parents’ feet. They should be telling them how incredibly sorry they are … goodness what a little devil they harbored..I mean I don’t think I could love my child after they’ve killed someone..I couldn’t even protect them. I know we all make mistakes but that’s a huge mistake. Biting & kicking, whatevers but stabbing..why aren’t these kids being told that taking someone’s life = NOT OKAY?!?!? ogalfjkl;zjxclvjklkajsdfkljasld;fjka;sldfjasdl;f.

Truly a sad story..on top of the bull that those insensitive people pulled with the FB page. ugh. People on the internet just haven’t any respect these days.

Oh yeah you e-mailed me about the keyboard deal. hahaha you poor thing, at least you got it figured out. I suggest next time, you buy one of those air cannisters that just blows out air to clean out your keyboard! I need a new keyboard..I hate mine. But it’s the stock keyboard -_- oye.

Hey Georgie. :) ♥

Yeah definitely. And I guess if they wouldn’t be up to season 5 in the US already I would’ve started to watch it from the beginning.. but they start to show season 3 in Germany next month so I’ll just watch it then to catch up on what happened during that season.

My brother used to into games on the internet too when the desktop computer was still in my bedroom. But now he kinda gave up because my sister doesn’t like it when he is in her bedroom playing computer..

Hehe, that’s totally cool that your mum met the wife of a famous actor. Who cares if she was as famous as he was!

Isn’t the color also pretty expensive to buy all the time? Dad always gets pissed soo easily when I ask him to buy new one for the printer every time.. and I don’t really ask him that often. We barely even print stuff out. xD

I took pics like that when I was on a school trip in 2000 too and dad was like WTF is that?! He said pretty much the same about some of my Spain pictures too.. parents just have no clue. xD

We used to play some cards – if Anne had them with her. Or like when our business class teachers gives us our tests back at the end of a semester she would usually do that outside the class room so we would take the time to play cards and the boys would do some silly stuff – just like boys are at that age. xD

I saw a post about the song on Perez Hilton’s site and was like “Oh, let’s check it.” and I was kinda disappointed.. especially because they had Lil Wayne doing some rap on it..

Hope you and James have a nice time out and watching a movie. :) Which one are you going to watch?

I think you’ve told be about the story too.. but I can’t remember it anymore. I totally get old. xD Hehe! I am the same way.. I want’t to change that one story I once wrote but I am kinda too lazy to really write something lately.. but I hope you’ll find the time and motivation to do the changes you won’t to do. :)

Yeah I think I kinda agree with you on that. Because, like you know that there is a baby inside your belly and that it’s growing and developing. But it’s different thing actually seing the baby for the first time after you gave birth. You have to realize that it’s the baby you carried around for 9 months you are holding in your arms. But I think it doesn’t take too long to have this love at first sight feeling afterwards – even if it isn’t love at first sight anymore then.

This dude on the “Teen Mom” finale special said that women kinda have this inlove feeling with their baby and that it’s a totally different kind of love than a dad has to it’s child – not saying that he can’t love it as much as the mum does.

Okay.. this story is like really scary. How can a 13 year old KID even think about killing somebody?! Like, IDK I just really can’t imagine having such strong hate feelings towards a person. It’s really shocking.

And those parents should really just shut up. They can definitely be happy that no body really talks about the boys name and stuff..

They should try to imagine what the family of the dead boy is going through. Just like you said, you bring your child to school and think he is safe there and than something like this happens.. wow!

The parents of the 13 year old should’ve definitely spend more time on taking care of their kid and maybe realizing that something was wrong with him before such a tragic thing could happen. It’s really, really sad.

I tried cleaning my desktop computer’s keyboard like that once too.. in the end the space key was pretty much fucked up and wouldn’t work properly. I had to hit it like really hard. xD

Now I am smarter and I definitely won’t try to clean my laptop’s keyboard like that. My parents would probably kill me for ruining the laptop’s keyboard. xD

Sorry about that. I always read your blog so I’m really sorry I forgot to comment about it.

It breaks my heart when I hear about those things too. There are some really cruel people in the world and I can’t believe this was the act of another child. It’s just terrible. Have you seen the film ‘pay it forward’? It’s sounds very similar to this film. It made me cry so much :(

my friend took the keys off her keyboard, notto clean It though but to rearange the letters to spell her name. Then she couldn’t type properly because she forgot the locations of all the keys! It was so funny!

OMG! A 13 year old boy was the suspect? I can’t imagine that happening. No one can! When you’re 13, its expected for you to enjoy yourself and go out with friends, not thinking about killing someone. Yeah, we can hate some people, but its not a hate where you actually end someone’s life. Especially a 13 year old life. Condolences to Elliot’s family..

And the family of the suspect? WHAT THE HELL. I mean, I understand how they don’t like the fact that the media’s all over them, but hello? This is earth. The only place where people from the media will be over you especially if your kid murdered an innocent child. Yeah, they are lucky that they’re not showing the kid’s face. Apparently its the law that you’re not supposed to show a minor’s face to the media or something.

Well, I don’t have a laptop, but I’ve been trying to clean my keyboard for a LONG time. I actually tried putting it upside down and shaking it, but no dirt comes out. So, I tried vacuuming it, but there’s still no dirt. And now, I’m out of ideas.

I know! I don’t even know who invented PDA! For goodness sake! Keep your hands to yourself! I mean, even people in my school do it in the freaking hallway! The HALLWAY where lots of students pass by. I mean, we get that you’re going out, we’re not asking you to prove it! SHEESH.

Well, she’s not really pushing me to go there, but instead, she’s “asking me to think about it”. GAHHH. Well, I’m thinking about it too since its cheaper there, and I know the language too. But then, I’ll be so far away and I’m not used to the environment there anymore. Well, I have like 4 months to decide, and time flies by so fast. So I better make the decision fast! @_@

Oh my goodness! How absolutely terrible. People like that make me sick!

Yes, quite like this: 🤮

And then the parents of the boy who stabbed him had the nerve to make such an asinine comment? Ooooooh, what morons.

I seriously blame the day and age we live in. Kids are getting worse and worse and worse. It’s terrible, shameful. I wish I was born in earlier than what I was…or at least go back to when I was born. I want to somehow, someway…help the kids of the future to not make the mistake kids of this day have.

I saw the message on your site and I’d like to wish you luck moving everything in! And I am familiar with Jyuubi. ;)

It’s really terrible. I know is a community of people who are known for their antics but this was really crossing the line.

The parents of the boy should look up. Their son needs help now that he’s going to be living with what he’s done.

I definitely agree. Kids are getting involved in violence and drugs and so on, at a much younger age. It’s a shame and somehow I think we can fix things up, but only if people are willing to try and parents are willing to go back to slightly older discipline practices.

When I heard about that, it literally made me sick to my stomach. Poor kid. 😳 And I agree, that boy needs some help! And the parents need better parenting skills.

D: Your this post shows that still in world their is peoples who only cares for them self, like the person who hijacked the facebook page of that children who was died,i think he was totally selfish.
I don’t think so that peoples in Australia so such things …

It wasn’t just one person. It was a few people part of the community at It was very insensitive. People in that community come from all over the world.

When I heard about that on Channel 10 news, I was shocked. A 13 year old killed Elliot. It was sad hearing about it.

I agree, that kid needs help.

:O People hijacked the facebook page. I hope those rude people get karma.

I would of been so annoyed if I couldn’t get my laptop keyboard working. I probably would of freaked out heaps, I would of had no one to help me. That’s good you had James to help :)

Yesterday I found out that the lady who hit my mums car was her fault! I’m glad my mum doesn’t have to pay. Yay the truth came out! XD

Damn, Eliot. Poor guy. “Woot, I’m dead”? Jesus. It’s kind of funny, in the way that a paraplegic falling down a fire escape is funny. 3:

Ahh, kids these days. Soon everyone’ll be like this /bash

You were so 😰 about the spacebar, but now it’s fixed /bounce

I’m so Sleegy D:


Blech, I never really liked 4chan because they’re so… crude. I think they crossed the line this time. It was an insensitive thing to do.

It’s quite worrying. Some woman took her son away from school after he got stabbed in the back with a pencil and was kicked and hit by other students who were bullying him. :(

/bounce I’m glad it’s fixed; I wouldn’t have wanted to take it to get replaced. My parents would be angry. :O


its crazy what young kids do these days
my old highschool is right next door to a primary school and the last time i walked past it i swear i saw primary school students SMOKING! i was shocked. i didnt know what to think. … i think that due to all these children’s conditioning.. either through the media or through the impression of people around them (lack of support by parents, bullying) contributed to the other student stabbing and killing elliot.. though the news usually puts a biased perspective on things.

i didn’t hear about the parents thinking that the media coverage ‘was a nuisance’ and if they really do think that then what the hell!!? what did they think would happen if their son killed someone!? that everyone would just forget about it the next day!?

oh yes i’d like to ask are all keyboards easy to pry off? because i normally use my small laptop and i’d like to get my keys off a do a bit of cleaning but im scared that i’ll end up breaking it D:

Damn I wanted to respond to your comment but I’ll have to do it here, since I got a bandwidth error on your site. :(

It’s creepy. I mean, feeling hatred is one thing but to totally want to kill someone takes a lot.

The news is pretty retarded. I studied that Truth unit in the HSC; I don’t know about you though! That opened my eyes to the media’s exaggerations.

Nevertheless I think the boy’s parents need to get him some help. He’s going to live with this for his whole life. :(

Haha nope. Laptop keyboards are so much harder to pry off and break. The normal keyboards are easier and easier to clean too. The laptop keys have little brackets and things. That’s why I was so worried haha.

My mom did that to the keyboard I’m typing on right now.

She totally messed up the spacebar when she was cleaning the keyboard. 😒 But after awhile, I got used to it. It’s still annoying, but I’ll live with it. :)

I really don’t know what to say about the first half of you blog. Other than it happends here in the states too.

The young kid was probably buillied by the kid that he killed and just had enough. But it doesn’t make it right to do something like that.

My theory on why the parents of the “killer” didn’t notice any signs of depression or anything is probably because he hid it. I could be totally wrong and the parents just didn’t want to admit that their son had any problems.

Who knows. I’m sure more will come from that story.

That is such a terrible news. Kids going around carrying weapons (a knife, in this case) are crazy! Poor Elliot has became a victim to this outrageous act. Bad enough we have adults killing each other, now kids too!? What is happening to this world.

That unnamed murderer (I shall refer him as Mr. X here) should be sent to some juvenile institution. I understand young kids have more difficulty in keeping self-discipline than adults, they react to what they feel. But Mr. X seems to have more guts to commit this horrible act. And his parents’ actions didn’t help either. As you said, they should be thankful the media didn’t reveal their son’s identity.

The Facebook account got flooded with porns and nasty messages eh? That’s just plain mean and rude. Not to mention insensitive. How can some people be so not feeling? We’re talking about a HUMAN LIFE. And a young one too. Even if the victim had done something wrong, taking his life from him is too, too cruel.

Yea, I’m beginning to think there isn’t truly a safe place in this world anymore. Last year, 3 people (a guy and 2 girls) were killed by a group of angry guys (I don’t know what the reasons were). One of the girls was gang-raped and then threw her into a drain before she died. Horrible!

You got the spacebar working again already eh? Good. =) I never tried prying open my keyboard before. Whenever I want to clean it, I just use the keyboard vacuum cleaner. Doesn’t pick up all the dust of course (especially the ones beneath the keys) but it was good enough for me. Hahaha! ✌️

I didn’t read/see that story about Elliot Fletcher. I seem to avoid reading stories about murder and tragedy in the newspaper online nowadays. It just tears my heart to hear that someone has died. The most I could do is read the headline and the bi-line so I just simply know, and not the cringe-y details.

I don’t understand why people would do such a thing and vandalize/spam the facebook page! Can’t people see the real picture? I wonder if society has just become prone to tragedies in society.

Bleh, I hate cleaning my keyboard. It’s such a pain! I actually ordered this cheap USB powered keyboard cleaner on ebay but it hasn’t arrived yet /angry
If I end up getting it I’ll recommend it to you, it was only like $2 or something lol.


Urgh, that must of been awfully terrible for your hand to swell up when you wrote! I can’t imagine the pain. Well, I guess having the HSC electronic will benefit in many ways.

Ah, I have 13 units. I would of only had 12 if I didn’t go to a Catholic school -_- We have to either do catholic studies (which doesn’t count towards our atar) or studies or religion I or II. I chose to do studies of religion I, as seeing as I had to do religion, I may as well make it count. -_-

Ahh, I’m glad to have made you feel a bit better. :)

The boy being murdered made me really sad. It did somehow make me realize how your life can be cut any moment. And the parents of the kid who did that to Elliot! I mean, that’s really mean. Blaming the media for their son’s sin? I was like “WTF?” And the facebook thing was horrible! How rude can people be nowadays?

It was really upsetting to hear. The boy was so young and so was the killer. I think that the killer really does need help now, though. He’ll be living with this for a long time. His parents should be helping him out now!

I think people are so insensitive. Those at are known for their antics but this was crossing the line.

You’re on Maintenance Mode so I responded here. Good luck with your site! :)

Hey, I saw this story about Elliot Fletcher on Sunrise, I cant believe it, I dont know how someone can do that to another human, and at that age, they are so young why the hell would a 13 year old have a weapon at school?

Those vandals who hijacked the page with rude messages and pornographic material, how sick and low can you get? This little boy has just died, and people think its funny to put all these rude and awful messages on the facebook tribute page.

Ugh I really hate cleaning my keyboard. Things get stuck in between the keys and its so hard to clean lol

take care x

T__T Gosh, why are there so many deaths lately? /wahWhy did that freak kill Elliot? I hate to say this but he maybe got it from his parents. What right do they have to say to that the media was a nuisance?

I agree with you. They should be thankful that they didn’t reveal any personal information about their son. They should send him to a psychologist or something. /poo

I guess that child is disturbed or something.

Yes, you rock! Bwahaha. I would have panicked if that happened to me. That’s why I find it really hard to clean the keyboard. I keep looking for a keyboard protector, but there isn’t any here. T_T

There was once when we dismantled the keys and placed them at different places while we were in school. One of our classmate who used it was confused. Hahaha.

I heard somewhere that death is just the beginning. Beginning of another life, perhaps? Death’s probably one of the reason why I like sunrise more than sunset. Sunset could mean death, if you’re pessimistic. But it could also mean hope.

I really hope I could catch up on it! D:


I’m ridiculously late commenting today D: I’m sorry! I’m usually earlier, but I was detained. Hahaha.

I heard about Elliot Smith on the news. It’s such a horrifying story :( It’s just so confronting and tragic. I mean a 12 year old kid just DIED. That’s BARELY out of childhood.

And the poor parents. What they’re saying is so true. You DO send your children to school expecting them to be relatively safe. When this happens, it kind of really shakes your faith. I mean, you might worry about bullying, but surely it can be THIS bad?!

My heart goes out to Elliot’s parents too. This is going to be ONE HUGE THING to deal with. D: God, what are they going to think everytime they pass another 12 year old boy? :(

I kind of pity the parents of the 13 year old kid. The one that committed the crime. It’s as if they don’t know how else to defend their son, so they’re lashing out at the media stupidly. I mean you can’t help it if you love your son, but I guess they could deal with it a little better. =S God, it’s so stupid to make this big deal about the MEDIA, who everyone knows are annoying anyways when your SON is being charged for murder as a THIRTEEN YEAR OLD and someone else’s son is dead. Get your priorities straight please?

What that 13 year old did was wrong, but I think that they’re two sides to every story. It makes me really sad to think that he did this because basically no-one listened to his side of the story. :( Maybe he needed health. I really want to hate this guy, but I can’t :( But he can’t just go unpunished for murder and UGH this is so complicated. :(

But really, really scary. I’m so glad nothing like that happened to us D:

I can’t believe those freaks hacked the facebook dedication site. That’s just the most malicious thing to do. You shouldn’t dishonour the dead like that. I hope karma gets them good too. /angry It makes me SO ANGRY to think that there are people like that out there /angry /argh What horrible arseholes!

I’m so pissed off at them!. Grrr!

I hope Elliot Smith rests in peace. His death was so sad :(

And I’m glad you fixed your space bar. Hahaha. That would have been so inconvenient if it stayed stuck D: At least you’re clever enough to know how to fix it :P I would be all 😰 FML!

Hello! :)

LOL, well I did post this in the wee hours of the morning, so it’s okay. :)

It’s really upsetting. Last time I heard someone that young die, it was someone from my primary school who was a few grades below me. Apparently he fought with his parents and “accidentally” killed himself when he hung himself. I don’t think you can accidentally do that. He probably had intentions. :(

But Elliot probably didn’t want to die, of course. It’s sad that that boy killed him, because he will have to live with it too.

There have been a lot of news stories about bullying lately. One mother took her son from school after he was stabbed with a pencil as bullies fought him. /angry

I think that the boy who killed Elliot needs some help now. He committed a crime but his parents should be looking out for him instead of complaining.

I heard that Elliot was a bully and the other boy couldn’t stand it so killed him – I really don’t know. :S

Eww I know. And the 4chan community is known for… that kind of stuff. But this was really crossing the line. Insensitive idiots.

Ahaha eep. I was trying to type with just the stub of the key, after pulling it out… impossible! /poo I was worried but I’m glad I fixed it now. :D

Seriously people now a days needs to learn some manners and shut the fuck up about their kid killing another. That’s just down right rude of his (the killer’s) parents to say it’s not fair on their son. I think it’s very fair, if you’re going to do something that stupid, of course the media’s going to do all they can and take action. My condolences goes out to Elliot’s family.

I can’t believe someone hacked into their facebook account and wrote disgusting things like that. I remember that happened to me when I first got a computer. People would always hack into my account and deliberately and I do mean it deliberately cuss at my contacts in every way possible. People have no life when they do things like this.

Anyways, don’t worry about not returning my comment sooner. I know you lead a hectic life. By the way, how’s the car coming? Is it fixed yet? Let me know!!

death of children hurts me the most . facebook people always has extra unncessary things to say :(
yay for fixing your keyboard ! thers always so much crap under my keyboard ahaha. my friend would pull out the keys on computer keyboards but idunno how to do that :(

Oh my, twelve years old? TWELVE?
That’s just sick. I know a lot of people say that when a person dies young that they haven’t even lived, but this poor boy really hadn’t.
Think of all the things he (probably) hadn’t experienced;
love, first kiss, marriage, children.. All of that taken from him from a mere thirteen year old. The depressing thought is that the boy that did it to him was younger than me. You’d expect a thirteen year 0ld to have some innocence.

People HACKED his memorial and said those things? /angry That has angered me way beyond pissed-off. What kinda heartless fuck does that? The boy’s DEAD for fuck sake. Isn’t that enough for them? Not only did they make his life hell before they murdered him, but now they’re making it hell for everyone who ever loved him. What are these kids thinking?

Eeep. I did that to the ‘enter’ key on my old laptop! Except I just got angry with it and rammed it back in. Ever since then, just nudging the key set it off.
You did it the clever way and actually looked at the brackets, clearly /eee

I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I’ve been a pretty terrible friend disappearing like that :( But, I should (hopefully) be back now, and, hopefully, back for good ♥

It was really upsetting because the boy was so young. It’s really sad. :(

When my cousin died last week, I felt the same. She was 15 though; a bit older, but still. It makes me feel so torn up when someone dies, especially at a young age.

Well they just made all these crappy fake Facebook accounts and vandalised the page. You know the people at; known for their stupid antics. But this was crossing the line.

Haha. I was annoyed when I had to press the spacebar even harder for it to work. Thankfully I fixed it. :P

That’s okay; I understand. Come back soon! ♥

It’s SCARY how kids act these days. Parents seem to let them run rapid and then they wind up hurting or KILLING others… *shakes head*

People can be so crude and uncaring about those that have passed. They will get their judgement one day.

Yeah, I probably need to take apart and clean my keyboard too!

Ergh. That’ s a horrible story.

A 13 year old kid stabbing another child… It’s a joke. Why on earth does a 13 year old boy have access to a knife? – And at school too?!

I can’t believe that somebody had the audacity to hack the myspace page, it’s sick. Why do that? I don’t get it, it’s horrible enough for the poor boys family already.

These are the kind of events that make me lose faith in people.

Oh dear, I’ve never done that to my keyboard before, however, people at school seem to think it’s fun to mess up keyboards. – I’m talking 16-18 year olds. Like they have nothing better to do with their time?

We’ve ended up with 15-20 computers that we can’t use because they don’t have all the keys. Argh.

Holy crap. A 13 year old boy? *mouth drops open*
No parent wants to hear that there son got stabbed at school. That’s just horrible. :'(

How can the kid just… stab him. How does he have the guts to actually KILL. I mean, when your just a kid you just want to have fun and enjoy your life… but kill someone. That’s insane. /argh

Arrgh. That’s really sad. He’s already dead and their saying “WHOO he’s dead”? Damn.Those guys are so rude. Sheesh.

“nobody deserves to die”, that’s very true. Everybody deserves a good loved lifetime.

Good job cleaning out your keyboard teehee. I should really clean mine; I see dust and little crumbs in the cracks of the keyboard. :|

LOL me too. I hated the color yellow when I was little, but I started liking it. :P

Wow, that’s so stupid! A thirteen year old killing a twelve year old that’s been harassed in so many ways?! That’s insensitive, and really stupid. Some people in this world are just twisted into a creature beyond fixing.

Ooh, that’s what a spacebar looks like underneath the plastic stuff! xD

That’s horrible to hear. I’m sorry for the parents of that child. I really am. /wah
I can’t believe that a boy killed Eliot. Its just terrible. This world is becoming an crazy world. What is going on with these children minds nowadays. Its totally insane.

They should really take him to psychologist. The boy maybe is inner crazy. He could do it again.
And it’s true that nobody deserves to die.

I hate how people laugh at somebody others death. Its just disgusting. It makes me puke how some people are just so insensitive.

Great job with cleaning the keyboard. I should clean it too. XD

*hugs* I know you can. :) I believe in you. :D

Oh it’s okay. Don’t worry! Hahaha! :) I’ll figure it out sooner or later. It will take a while, but I’ll figure it out. XD I guess. 🙄

I know, I heard on the news. That’s really not good. Its getting warmer here. I’m so happy because of it. I’m not sick at all now. :)

It happens that to my mother too. Well she’ll probably let you. I hope she already did, since Valentine’s day already passed.

You are welcome! :D My mother doesn’t want me to put posters either. I don’t like either. I don’t like my room. Posters won’t make my room prettier. XD

Awww! Hah yeah Canada is SOOO cold! I went to Canada a few years ago, Toronto, and I thought it was SOOOO cold in August [our summer] and everyone there like wears shorts, and I’m like “HOW DO YOU SURVIVE?!” Haha they are so use to it! Also, in Toronto, there are like tons of Asians & the houses there are HUGE ! My like 2nd cousin whom I visited in Toronto, had like a 4 floor house. They had 2 basement things. I thought it was UNBELIEVABLE! Like houses where I live are no more then 2 floors above, and a basement. You should’ve gone this year! Ahaha Winter Olympics! My sister& I want to go to England for the Summer Olympics in 2012! I doubt it though, but you never know!

Aww thanks!

haha it’s pretty funny how you think something you write is horrible, meanwhile, everyone loves it. That happens to me in English. My teacher like loves it, and I’m like “Seriously ? That was like HORRIBLE” Haah. But you are seriously a great writer! Like all of your blogs are so like nice and proper. I’m jealous of your awesome writing abilities !

WHOA I think I heard about that news story! It’s pretty sad! Not just for the boy, but just how horrible the world is becoming! I feel so bad. Also, how could they do that on Facebook!? That is incredibly rude & just horrible! Karma should get them.

Haha I hate when my keys get all dirty! I take like paper, and slide it [on my other keyboard becasue my laptop I can’t do that]. I’m not sure how I’m going to clean this laptop now, since I’ve never done it before. The keys aren’t like all together to just slide each row. They are all separate. I think I just have to try to keep it clean. I get so freaked out when a key falls off. XD Haah YAY you rock :D Good that you fixed it though! I would have never bothered fixing it! Haha :D

Oh wow…hearing about Elliot just made me get a sick feeling in my stomach. I…cannot believe that. When I was thirteen — scratch that, no matter how old I get — I could never kill anyone. Even when I am at my angriest…I just cannot imagine what drove that kid to do that :(

As far as your laptop keys, my ‘t’ key was sticking the other day and I was afraid to pry it up, so I just kept pushing really hard on it until now it’s as sensitive as it was before XD I am both very lazy and very paranoid when it comes to my laptop! I’m glad you got out all the dust in yours :D

Thanks so much for the screenshot, I downloaded IE 8 and Firefox 3.6 and fixed the layout in both browsers. It *should* work right now, and be centered :)

That story is just terrible :| the poor family of the kid. Like really, kids THAT age should not be taking knives to school. I have a friend who is 14, and he apparently got arrested last week for having a knife on him at school, and drugs in his locker.

Honestly, kids are getting into worse and worse things at such younger ages. When I was 13, the most badass thing I did was swear…

Wow, that is really a shame. I feel for that boy’s family because I know they must be going through so must. We as people go a lot of things each and every day and never think twice about dying or anything but in reality this is a dangerous world out her and we can’t do a thing about it and it won’t do anything but get worse by the months.

I don’t think I could ever bring myself to kill someone because I wouldn’t know how to live with myself but I do realize that there is only so much a person can take. I don’t know why that boy stabbed poor Elliot but I have a theory that the things that my mom puts me through and the things she says and stuff are the kind of things that lead kids to run away , murder, commit suicide and everything else. I’m not taking up for the kid or anything because he quite possibly could have been a bully but often times people like this are going through a lot but he really didn’t have to take it out on poor Elliot if that was the case.

Lol, I often get excited at doing things like you did to your keyboard but the minute things go wrong I freak then when everything it’s back to normal that relieve feels so good!

I know we shouldn’t be quick to judge but there are a lot of people that I don’t like because of the way that they act. I have some friends that I didn’t like they way they acted before we were friends but we when became friends I changed my mind but others I still don’t like their actions…I just choose to deal.

We already know that things won’t be good that’s why we pray that she doesn’t. She strong though but you just never know. Whenever I think about things like that it just makes me cry /:

I know what you mean about wanting a boyfriend but not being ready emotionally. That’s how I went into my last relationship. I liked him and all but I wasn’t ready emotionally and I couldn’t explain it at the time and he just didn’t understand so we made things official because I honestly didn’t want to loose him.

I love them too, that’s what I miss most about Jamal. I remember the days over break when those late night phone calls transferred into early morning talks because we stayed up talking until sunrise /: Anywhom, yeah I love late night talks and texts too. I already hated it whenever the boy fell asleep but usually I was still wide awake.

Yeah, me and Jamal had sort of stop being friend before and my friend brought us back together. Maybe it’ll happen again :(

This is very tragic :( It just makes you realize , by just looking at all the things going on in the world, it’s deffinitly not a perfect place we all might think of it as . As for the rude messages on Facebook, shit, it has’4chan’ written all over it /angry . Just makes you think why?

God bless the family of the poor boy.

xo vanessa

Okay, your blog wasn’t that long but the page for the comment form is so I’m not gonna scroll back up. I’m gonna comment on what I remember. I’m sorry if that isn’t much. I have history on the brain. :/

Awh. I’m sorry you had to stress about the keyboard and the space bar malfunction. At least now I know not to take the keys off of a laptop. I’m glad you got it fixed, that would have been horrible reading a blog typedlikethisallofthewaythrough. That would have annoyed me, too. The not being able to space, I would be pressing it after I forgot that I couldn’t space trying to get it to work thinking, “WTF?!?! oh…CRAP!” hahahaha.

That is a horrible story, I read the news article on how the kids hacked the FB fan thing. That is just plain WRONG. Some karma does need to kick those kids in the a$$. I feel bad about that kid being stabbed, first bullied (I know what that is like) then stabbed?? Omg…that is like HORRIBLE. Now complaining parents? What is next? The killer testifies not guilty and goes free because of a stupid jury? Wow…that would be one effed up case TONS of people would uproar about that.
I’m starting to move on. I just had a dream last night that Tyler was walking past me and I just ignored him and it was easy to ignore him. I can’t wait til that happens in real life, although, I didn’t see him today. YAY!

I want to put it behind me completely but I don’t think I’m that kinda person. I’ll deal with forgiving and forgetting as much as I can. :)

Hahaha. See! I’m good! GO ME GO ME GO ME!!! :P XD

Awh. You should put those up, I want to read them! (:

Yeah, that’s a good idea. Random Facts about Erin by Erin. :) I think I have that page up already, I’ll just add to it then. :P

Awesome. I’ve been to several aquariums. I love them. <3 I'm a nature person but not the kind that will strike for abolishment of nature because yes, I do need electricity, water, meat and those kinda things. But I hate seeing nature being torn down, it tears me apart. :/

Yeah, that's why some days, when I do wake up early, I just get up and get online and work until I become unproductive. You should have seen what I did on Monday. (we had the day off from school, teachers in-service) I put up 5 of my 8 fanlistings, I had 1 already up, so that is 6 total. I only have 2 Donkey Kong 64 one's left. :)

I always enter twice in between sections for my own clarification so that line helps me and other people, distinguish it. :)

YES! OMG! I hate jackasses. :)

Yes, totally. I don't know what I would have done if it weren't for a crappy experience like that one.

Tell me about it, I could change my voice but why would I want to? I mean come on!

YAY! I completed the step before step 1 without even knowing it. GO ME! :P

I know, same here. I wish they could show their love instead of society thinking that gays are weird or maybe even "bad".

Try harder! hahahahaa. :) I'm sure you are now.

I know! People say that I look innocent (which I am not) and bad people feed off of innocence which makes me a target of interest. :/ I hate that about me but yet I love it. Idk, such a complicated emotion. XD

Hahahaha. My family hates it when I am actually "me" and all crazy and that. My dad has yelled at me TONS because, "You are too hyper. I will ground you." It was during my birthday party that he last yelled at me for that & I was just like, "Okay okay…chill." hahahaha. Now, I'm just quiet in front of my 'rents and LOUD when I'm not in front of them, or anywhere near them for that matter.

Yeah, my best friend went from being innocent like I used to be, to punk and now she isn't as punk but she still is kinda. She says that she is bisexual but I think that she is trying to break away from her mother because her mother is strict. I doubt she is bi, not that I have anything against her but she was a full out Christian when she left me and now she is like…not Christian whatsoever. It's kinda disappointing.

I know, worst thing in the world. I go through it EVERY day. Sometimes I can talk, like today I was able to ask a few questions, not many though.

OMG! Hahahahaha. That is a story to tell your grandchildren. That is HILARIOUS! Well, that is an interesting way to meet a new person. XD

Same here. Someone should start a petition, not me, I am about to put competitions up, I don't need that, too.

Yeah, yeah, yeah….Hahahaha. I just felt like talking like I was bored. XD Idk why.
Anyway, yeah, flirting is funn! (:

Yes, most definetly. I'm gonna put up a read soon that talks about STUPID reasons to break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend. :) I can't wait to put it up!!

Thank you so much for the comforting words on my blog ♥ ♥
I’ve been getting advice to not bottle the emotions a lot, and I’m starting to progress from it :)
Again thank you *hugs*

Ooooh the aquarium /bounce Hope you guys had a fun time. Can’t wait to see the pics
I think you were really happy that all the dust was out because maybe your keyboard just felt all clean and you were so accomplished it was all done /hehe

That is really sad.
You would think that the parents or somebody would notice something about the boy who murdered the other boys attitude or something.. but then again.. sometimes these things happen. Insanity, mental disorder or the kid just had a break down of some sort. Its scary to think about it.. I hate thinking about attacks from kids on other kids and/or to the public. Makes me scared to be out and about =x Also thats ridiculous that people are doing that to his page =[ That makes me really sad.

Thank god you fixed it! One time I freaked when my dog some how dug the keys off of my labtops keyboard.. I thought they were ruined..but then I realized they just popped back in. Phew =]

And a few other people have told me that they couldn’t view my site.. i wonder if its the server..

I know the boy must have had his reasoning behind what he did. But he still needs some help now. He’s going to live with this forever. It’s still shocking that he actually had the guts to kill. That takes a lot. :(

Wow haha. I love my laptop; I haven’t had it for long but I try to keep it clean and dust-free. :P

I’m getting a notice that your site is suspended… I keep getting it. :S

Ahh… I’m so late in returning your comment! My fanupdate got deleted because my site was deleted….
Yeah I saw this on the news. Poor Elliot. I mean why would a boy stab another boy to death? It’s horrible… :(
The facebook tribute to Elliot was just…. not right. Those people shouldn’t have posted all these things.

It just so happens that the whole of our school found out that a guy in year 9 took a kitchen knife into class and threatened 3 boys yesterday morning. Police came in the afternoon and the guy got charged and went to court today. In pd 1 we got called to the hall to hear my principal talk about this and told us not to talk to the media about any of this if anyone of them asks us any questions. I was thinking how the press knew about this but after school I saw at least two channel cars (channel 9 and 7 i think) parked near our school.
I didn’t know it was such a big deal!
So yeah over these past weeks there have been a lot of deaths caused by stabbing. I just don’t know why they would do it. And as you said no one deserves to die.
Oh and thank goodness your keyboard turned out alright, :) you are a genius!! (Y)

Ahh… I’m so late in returning your comment! My fanupdate got deleted because my site was deleted….
Yeah I saw this on the news. Poor Elliot. I mean why would a boy stab another boy to death? It’s horrible… :(
The facebook tribute to Elliot was just…. not right. Those people shouldn’t have posted all these things.

It just so happens that the whole of our school found out that a guy in year 9 took a kitchen knife into class and threatened 3 boys yesterday morning. Police came in the afternoon and the guy got charged and went to court today. In pd 1 we got called to the hall to hear my principal talk about this and told us not to talk to the media about any of this if anyone of them asks us any questions. I was thinking how the press knew about this but after school I saw at least two channel cars (channel 9 and 7 i think) parked near our school.
I didn’t know it was such a big deal!
So yeah over these past weeks there have been a lot of deaths caused by stabbing. I just don’t know why they would do it. And as you said no one deserves to die.
Oh and thank goodness your keyboard turned out alright, :) you are a genius!! (Y)

DAMNIT that’s what happens when you write really long comments. :| Oh well, I was the 51st commenter. Now I’m the 54th! Nothing special. ARGH.

BUT anyway, I won’t leave you a much too long one. This one will probably one that won’t be too returnable but..

WHOA I didn’t know Lilian was also born on may 30th! dang! geminis. wooooooooooo. you know that our “cosmo” soul mates are supposed to be aries? for the longest time, i was talking to my friend & i’d ask her, “wtf am i supposed to do? ask people if they’re an aries & say no to them if they try to ask me out on a date if they’re not?” hahaha it’d be cool if i could say, “ironically johnathan is an aries” but he’s not. nevertheless, he’s still “the one”!

definitely understand the whole..”i’ve dated a bunch of guys in the past but nothing too special” because that’s how everyone’s life will be like once they find..THE ONE. hehe.

“I remember wishing in high school (times when I was single) that someone would buy me flowers in Valentine’s, even just a secret admirer.” ME TOO! ahahaha. damn. wait i think i wrote that first to you. ahaha.

” I didn’t have the same feelings but he was a cunning manipulative flirtatious disgusting jerk and he always played the guilt card on me.” ROFL that basicallly describes one of my exes but he was only disgusting because he was unfaithful BUT he was pretty attractive. haha. a jerk is a jerk. so that pretty face goes downhill when you learn how horrible he was to me. and if he ever stumbled across this comment which he probably won’t, idgaf. you did treat me like shit whether you think you did or not! HAH IN YO FACE BETCH. anyway ahaha…i’m not bitter about it. not a bitter melon at all! :P

LULZ @ your mom. she underestimates you. :(

oh yeah i heard carpal tunnel was a hereditary thing too. no one in my family has it i don’t think..maybe i’m inheriting it by sight from johnathan. damn it. you know how sometimes the brain can make you feel like you have something when you don’t..? eh ? no? there are some people who have an active imagination so if you tell them that one of the leading signs of brain malfunction is the smell of rotting fish & then they’ll be like, “OMG I SMELL ROTTING FISH WTF?!” lulz. haha

oh yeah so that’s why you use your left hand to use the mouse. haha that makes more sense. i remember when i was talking about how you’re left handed & then you corrected me saying that you’re not. then i was confused because i didn’t know how i got the impression you were a lefty. but yeah you pretty much do use your left hand more because all of the important letters on the left hand. like a. haha.

you did tell me that story but i didn’t know about that ring part. yikes! i can’t believe your fingers swelled up that much! eeek.

i didn’t think that comment would be that long -_- it was mostly copying & pasting. my bad. lulz. hahahaha. sorry girl. i can’t help it! but you don’t have to return my super long comments with a super long comment. :)

i somehow find time to do this. i think it’s because i’m holding off all my homework until the weekend & because i don’t have a job. my schedule is way too full for me to fit in a job. well not really but i’d be way too exhausted at the moment.

Parents always seem to be blind to their child’s faults. If their child is doing badly at school, they will blame it on the teachers or other kids affecting them and won’t really look at the real problem.

Sometimes parents don’t believe their child even or the child can’t express himself/herself properly for the parents to understand. The child can tell his parents that he doesn’t want to go to school and the parents will think that he is just been lazy and want to play instead of study. They may not think about the reason why he’s saying he doesn’t want to go to school.

There was a similar case with child murder by another child in Japan. Children are probably scarier than adult these days!

Some people on Facebook are just so inconsiderate and think that it’s really funny.

It’s that bad huh?
The trick is to buy a keyboard protector and don’t keep the laptop open if your not using it.

This is unbelievable! Where is this world headed? 🤬