Adding To The Flood

We finally got our car back yesterday. My parents went to pick it up while I was going home. :) My dad is worried about my mum having blackouts when she drives, because it’s so strange how the road is clear and my mum can’t seem to remember what happened. 😰

I was in bad luck yesterday. I was heading out to meet James so we could hang out and get our concession stickers for this year. It probably sounds cool, but it isn’t. We were just going to university to get a new travel sticker. This means that we can use public transport for cheaper – at a student price. We had to register online for a session. We registered for the afternoon session at 2:00pm.

James and I were going to meet up early. Since my family didn’t have the car, I caught a bus to the train station. The bus didn’t turn up. It must have been super early. O_O

We met up later than planned but I eventually made it to the station, and we made our way to the city.

We spent some time at university, since James won’t be there for the next six months due to his internship. He misses the grey buildings. /hehe After debating on what movie to watch though, we finally decided to go to the aquarium.

I started to regret it when we were walking because I was getting tired, but I haven’t exercised a lot lately. And I was looking forward to seeing some sharks and fish (as odd as that sounds). We were trying to hurry up because we might not have enough time.

We spent about two hours at the aquarium. Admission is so expensive though; it’s about $20 for a student. And it’s $30 for adults. :O

But we had a good time! I was taking pictures of pretty much everything. XD I know we should have been enjoying the views instead of just taking photos but it was all so amazing that I had to document all the pretty fish! /faw

The bad thing was that the glass often reflected light, and most places were dark, so the photos weren’t that great. The blue tangs (Dory in Finding Nemo) kept running away from me; they’re so fast! I managed to get a few good pictures though. James took the one of “Dory”!

ClownfishBlue tangfishies and coralShark. :D

After getting our travel stickers we went to eat lunch. It took a while getting the stickers because I had to line up again – I was one of the unlucky people who got attacked by the system rejecting my name, so I had to register again. /hmph

But we had a great lunch. We don’t usually eat in the university cafes but there was one that was selling pho (Vietnamese rice noodle soup) for $7. /drool It was a bargain for something that yummy. :)

I bumped into my friend Jess, who’s in grade 11 at my old high school now. We had a talk about what changed in the school (nothing much; the principal is apparently really lenient, as is the she-male PE teacher haha!). Apparently my sweet English teacher still hasn’t proposed to his girlfriend of, what, 15 years?

Looks like Lilian and I will have to rock up for a visit soon! /bounce

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(Y) (H) ✌️

Second comment… AGAIN, lmao! :)
Oh, I’m gonna get first comment, believe me! >:)
Real comment’s commin’ up Georgieee. ;)

Haha I’ll respond to your real comment soon! Maybe one day you will… hahaha. :P

*floog* You were late! /um

Hahah, yeah. I’ll miss UTS D:
I dunno. I must say, I really enjoy going to uni /frog

Whoahaha, you didn’t put in a jellyfish photo /bash I like how they glowed red :3

That pho was good. Well, good because I was starving my ass off. The guy in the convenience store wouldn’t let me use his eftpos thing as an ATM until I bought more than $5 of crap, so I just walked to building 2. Hrrng

Photographer Wuggs was so cute /love


It wasn’t my fault… /um

I thought I wouldn’t like it but I surprisingly really enjoy it.

I didn’t think the jellyfish photo was that great. I have to send you the lot, though. And I just picked a few photos for the blog, since you were going to sleep. :P /eee

Oh you didn’t tell me that ahaha… or maybe you did and I wasn’t paying attention. 😳 Five dollars, yeah right. Might as well buy another pho. :D

zach is a sleazebag. hrrng

I told him that, and he was upset. Haha. I said you were joking. :P

Sounds like you had a great time. I live in Maryland so I go down to the Baltimore aquarium a few times a year. It is a really cool place and my favorite would have to be the dolphin show. Also I’m glad you got your car back! It’s a bit scary when your mom doesn’t rememer what happened. Anyways glad you had fun and great pictures!

Yes we did; thank you! :)

I think there’s only one aquarium in Sydney – it’s the only one I’ve been to anyway. I don’t think they have dolphin shows here! I know they have them in other states; the Sydney aquarium isn’t all that amazing.

Thank you! ✌️


in person..(?)

haha, your car is on the blogpost again. im becoming a fan of it. XDD ohyay. oh! oh! in those places I look for sharks too! And the manta there a manta ray there? it’s creepy. heheheh! but its mouth is kiyoot.



Let’s see if I can comment quickly before I have to go pick up my stupid brother. /angry This is going to fail. It failed last time 😰

Yaaaaay! For getting your car back :D Hahaha that must be a whole lot more convenient for you guys then. Hopefully no more mishaps D: (touch wood)

Awww, I wouldn’t worry about your mother not being able to remember what happened. I’m pretty sure it’s cos she went into shock, rather than because she had a blackout O_O Cos apparently sometimes if you go into shock, you have difficulty remember certain details and events. It’s like this body-protecting-self-mechanism. But maybe she could go ask the doctor, if your dad is really that worried?

Awww…it sucks that you had some bad luck yesterday. :( But at least you still got to see James ^^ And also got to go to the aquarium :D I LOVE aquariums! I haven’t been in ages :( But then again, ever since the Singapore Sentosa Island Aquarium, I’m probably going to be comparing everything to that. Which totally SUCKS! Far out, I want to go back to Singapore! :O

Damn buses. They’re so crappily annoying /angry It probably wasn’t early, it probably just didn’t come. How annoying for you 🤬

Wow, it’s really expensive to go to the aquarium. I think we totally discussed this on msn before, but still! REALLY expensive :O D: $20. You could totally buy like…2 movie tickets with that. But only if you went on Tuesdays. Hahahaha.

But those photos look really pretty. :) I like the ones with Nemo in them. Oops, sorry, I mean clown fish == Damn Finding Nemo. Hahahaha. The coral look pretty good too ^^ Except I think maybe they need to clean the tank. Hahahahaha.

Awwww! Stupid UTS system rejecting your name. How very inconsiderate of it. /angry Uni sites and systems are always so fail…*sigh*

Oh well, I guess uni’s are pretty big with lots of people so it must be hard to maintain and all =/

OMG! HE STILL HASN’T PROPOSED?! Does he have commitment problems or something? LOL. That’s half-funny. Aww…maybe he’s saving up for a ring. :P But 15 years is a LOOOONG time to have been together :O Hahaha…I guess it’s a kind of relationship almost everyone wants XD

Yes, we must visit sometime, but since I’m going back to uni next week…Hmmm…Don’t know when we’re going to be able to :(

I feel like this is deja vu because last time you had to pick up your brother before commenting! :P

I hope not either. It would be terrible if one of us had an accident again or something. It’s weird with the car because I’m so used to walking out of the house after a month of all that!

Hmm. I’m not sure. Maybe it’s possible she just can’t remember because of shock… she’s been having a lot of headaches lately though, and I think it’s just because she’s tired.

I forgot to mention that I forgot about the fares increasing so when I went to the ticket machine, I thought, “Why does this say $4.60? It’s meant to be $4.40…” until I noticed the sticker on the machine.

We went to Sentosa but we didn’t go to the aquarium! The second last time I went was when I was about 10 years old. O_O

Well at least we got our car back so there’s no more worrying about that. ;)

That’s true. I asked James if he would rather see two movies or go to the aquarium. He went goggle-eyed. Haha.

Multiple Nemos! There were a lot of blue tangs though, and they were really fast. /hmph It was just so hard to get a picture of them close up.

And they call us the university of technology… anyway, moving on.

I suppose so – he even said that she earns more money than him. He could be saving up – after all, he is a teacher.

Aww, poo. /poo We can go during break or something… we’ll see!

Eep. How did so many people beat me to the first comment? D: I was convinced I’d get it this time :(

D: I hope your mum’s okay, that’s quite scary if she can’t remember anything! Does it happen a lot, or just recently?

Stupid buses. I wish they would just stick to their timetables! They always seem to be really late or really early! Typically, they’re always early when I’m late, and late when I’m early. Because that’s the way it works I guess :|

Aww those fish are really pretty! I love Dory! and there’s a few Nemo’s on the first picture (I think..) In the SeaLife Center (Aquarium place near me) there’s a Shark tunnel and you walk through this glass tunnel and the sharks swim all above you and around you – it’s actually quite scary (and I’m not scared of sharks)! D:

Stupid name-rejecting-system. :| I’ve never had / heard of Pho, but I love noodles, I love rice and I love Soup so it sounds uber-tasty to me! 🤤

Aw that’s so cute that even after fifteen years he still hasn’t proposed. Maybe he’s waiting for the perfect moment? I think you should go have a chat and try to convince him though ^_^

I’m going to return the comment you just left here so that these comments are both together ^_^

Thank you. It’s already growing on me, which is good :D
I really like those other names, but I definately prefer Heartdrops. It sounds stupid saying a site name “suits” someone, but I really think Heartdrops does suit you ^_^

YAY BREAKING BENJAMIN ♥ Give Me A Sign and Anthem of the Angels are probably my favourites on the new album, but I really couldn’t decide out of all of their songs. I think I over listened to a few songs when I was making all of the BB Lyric Brushes though, because I kept thinking I was getting the lyrics wrong and repeating them :P

Aww, I’ve missed you too ^_^

Urgh, yep. That is super annoying, agreed. Bad grammar is a big turn-off.

Maybe I do want to check out your hand-drawn brushes ^_^ (even though I think I saw them before). In fact, I’ll go check them out right after this comment :P

Actually, I like the idea of icon textures. I always use them but I’ve never tried to make them before!

Nice attempt.. You got the “G”, there’s a start XD

So here’s da real comment, yo ready for this, can you handle this, CAN YOU HANDLE THIS?!?!?!?!?! D: YOU CAN’T HANDLE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But you’re sorta gonna have to, so here it goes. /oh /love

Holy shit, good luck much?! :O Dayum. :( Thinks like that always randomly happen to me. I think I’m missing something from your previous blog about the car. :P But I’m taking from this it broke down or something. Happened to our car LOADS. Always a problem. :(

Woah! That sounds like so much fun! I’ve never been to an aquarium before! I’ve always wanted to though! /bash

That’s so expensive! Holy shit!!! :O

Omg they do look like the fish from Finding Nemo. God, I love that movie so much! ♥

She-male PE TEACHER? ROFLMAO. That sounds like a whole lot of fun! :| Haha, omg. You slay me. :P

Awee – you’re so sweet. ♥ Yeah, I know I’m still young and stuff, and I did tell you about my friend that, did stuff. 💥 It makes me feel like, weird and stuff. xD I actually think I just got back feelings for someone else that I’ve liked for a while, and is one of my close friends. Yesterday, it got pretty heated. /hehe

Yeah, that’s my I guess legal or whatever religion. I’ve only really been to church a few times, and just yeah. :/ I don’t know, that’s a whole other thing! /argh

I really love your emoticons! LOL. Just gonna say that once again. :D

Yeah. :( It was very hard on my brother too. He got his feet tattooed on his leg. /faw

LOLOL! OMG, YOU KINDA SUCK… now I’ll be probably singing that at school. :P


Fishies! I love aquariums! It looks like you had a good time.

Lol@Lillian you always get first comment, it’s very rare that you don’t get first comment :P .

Wow sounds like you’ve had a busy day indeed! I’m so glad you got the car back today! I bet you’re excited about that?

I wrote a new entry about one of the puppies dying, on us yesterday, it’s so sad. We all think that the other dog (the cocker) bit the puppy to protect her puppies. It’s just so sad. But one of the puppies yesterday just slept in my arms while I was watching Maury. He was content and happy. He jerked around a bit but still very content. I guess that goes with the territory?

Anyways, sounds like you had a great time at the aquarium. I’m not going to Disneyland anymore, it’s too expensive and besides that I want to save up for Japan. Lol. Call me a nutball if you will but I still want to go. I’m teaching myself how to speak write and read the characters and sayings that I’ll have to use. I can only stay a week so I think about $5,000.00 should do the trick, what do you think?

Oh speaking of the fanlistings, I’m not doing them anymore. takes so long to return to you it’s not even funny. I hate the waiting period. So I’m sticking with just a personal blog. ya know? Speaking of which, I made a layout featuring meatloaf. Go see!! Well; girlie, I’m getting tired (I woke up at 4:50 a.m. this morning), so I’ll talk to you later.

I’m glad your car is back, wow, that must of been strange for your mom.

OMG. STUPID BUS. /angry How dare that stupid bus… not coming when your freaking waiting. Rawr.

Wow. that is expensive. I’m glad you went though. I don’t have the money! LOL. I suck like that.

Anyways, I’m glad to see you had a good time! OMG, I luh Dory, she’s amazing. When i saw that film, I always wanted to see a actual real picture of a fish that looked exactly like Dory… And now you’ve posted it! Thanks Georgina! Now all you need to do is find Spongebob then all my dreams would’ve come true. (H)

Yeah. When HD told me the story about the boy who tried to choke himself.. I was like /oh Your lying! NO WAY! But she wasn’t, she said that it’s true and she was there etc. The boy was either insane or just tried to show off, like you said.

LOL! Thanks! :) Yeah, what did you want me to do though? He was pissing me off and I HAD TO DO SOMETHING. It’s called self-defense… LMAO. /hehe

Yeah. He was so young when he died as well. It’s shocking. /wah

I hate Racism. One day, I will be some kind of super hero and stop racism! Hell YEAH. :)

My mom has eyes for sales. Honestly, when she sees SALE, she literally buys everything.. LOL.

No Problem! You two are adorable together! Best of luck with everything! ♥

I love British music. My itunes is fully of albums by British groups and singer. Yeah, Oasis have really good music :)

When I first heard Florence and the Machine I was watching her on the television preforming at the Glastonbury music festival and I thought she was rubbish. She was drunk though! But after listening to her at the Brits, I’ really starting to like her.

Lady Gaga has wrote some amazing songs and I agree, very catchy!

Haha you’re so lucky you don’t have to know who Cheryl Cole is! She is constantly on the TV and in the news. She was once in a singing competition so she can sing but I don’t know why she doesn’t sing at live event O_O

Yeah, it’s so sad to hear when young people die. Like all the soldiers in Iraq. They are so young and they have had no life at all. I feel so bad every time I hear of people dying.

It would totally confuse me if I swapped the keys around. I can now type without looking down at the keyboard so I guess that would make it easier.

I wish I could get cheap transport. It’s a rip off here! Once you are 16 they start charging you full price so I still tell them I’m a child and if they ask for my age I say 15! I wonder how long I will get away with that! When I start college I will get a student card which will allow me to get discount at certain shops which will be good.

Hehe I would be excited about seeing fish and sharks but then I like that sort of thing! That does sound quite expensive for admission. Aquariums and zoos are always expensive. I’m glad you had a good time though. The pictures look great! I’d love to go in to underwater photography, two of my favorite things together :D It sounds like you had a nice lunch too.

hey there
y does ur mum get black outs? ur pics are so more professional than mine wen i visted our aquarim i love them, how did u block out the flash on the window? its good u finally got ur stickers, it always helps to havee them ive heard from my friend in the uk, he got a pass saying hes got a disability so he gets rides on the bus for free

FISHIES!!! I would love to go to the aquarium again! Glad you had a nice time out =)

lol!! that smilie you used to describe the pho is hilarious.
$20 is expensive, do you have Atlantis hotel in Australia?
15 years, I don’t know should she leave him?

wow those shots are gorgeousss.

I thought the story was going to be sad or something. Casue the title made it seem like that. Guess I was wrong.

Sorry to hear about your mom. I thnk she should go see an eye doctor. Just to make sure nothing is wrong with her eyes.

Buses are annoying! /angry Sometimes just dislike them a lot! /pow
The nice part is you get a discount! /hehe

♥ Everything is better when it is onsale or free! /eee 👏 /bounce :D XD

Dont you agree!!

Glad you had fun looking at fish. Those prices are expensive! But if you stay really long it is worth it! The pictures are pretty good for the flash getting in the way. ;)

Thanks for the comment. Really helps to get advice. Especially when you can get help from some very awesome online buddies!!! 👏

You make me feel special! /eee

It is wierd telling friends about it though. They just don’t understand. 😢 I guess most of them never will. to bad because they are missing out on something amazing! ♥

I posted the winners for the icon contest. my bff’s can actually understand how to judge graphics atleast. I didn’t want to favouritise anyone so I got them to pick winners.

Well ttys! ✌️


OMG, the photographs you and James took at the aquarium are freakin’ wonderful! I agree that’s is pretty difficult to take a picture of glass, but I think you guys did an awesome job anyway — Even if that’s only four of the shots, haha.

Did you try shutting the flash off to see if that made a difference …? If you’ve just got a point and shoot camera, then it likely just made the pictures turn out blurry, instead. x_x;

Which sucks, but yeah … Unless you’re gonna shell out a thousand bucks for a SLR, then there’s nothing in between! /wah

And I know, why must those sorts of things be so expensive?! /snort There’s no need for them to be that pricey when the places are usually so damn busy. O_O Not that I’ve been to an ACRUAL aquarium, but I’ve been the Toronto Zoo a bunch of times, and they have a large underwater area, so yeah.

Did they have any of those creepily awesome glow in the dark jellyfish at yours?! The ones whose tanks are lit by blacklights?! OMG, I hope so … They’re so freaky looking, in an awesome way. When I saw ’em at first I thought I was just looking at CG characters on a computer screen, LOL. They’re full of win. :D

And oooh, you always eat such tasty sounding food. I can’t even bloody well find a single pack of … Aw, shit, I forget the name now … That soup you eat all the time for breakfast. Dear Lord, I simply can’t remember the name of it now, and when you’ve got nothing other than ‘Georgina eats it for breakfast’, you can’t exactly Google it. /type

At any rate, I’m quite sure you know the kind I mean. I saw a chick behind me in line at a grocery store buying a dried pack, so I was all, ‘FUCKING A THEY SELL THAT HERE?!’ but the next time I went, I looked EVERYWHERE over the store for it. In the soup section, the ‘Foods Of The World’ section, the noodle section, everyfuckingwhere. I even once sent my brother to go get some, and at the time I knew the name, so I told him to ask an employee if he couldn’t find it … So he did, and the employee goes, ‘Oh, I guess we don’t sell that here …’


So yeah, I can’t find it anywhere. /ho Any tips?

Thanks /eee

you can order it from ebay. they are very cheap.

Oh, I thought Australia had Atlantis. It’s free to look at the aquatic life. Everybody likes the clown fish.

Come on 15years ? Atleast they should be engaged.

Yeah, I hated my previous layout. I like this one better also.

Wow, the photographs look gorgeous!

Is aquarium a sort of underwater world place? I actually haven’t been to such a place in Singapore. I’m not sure we even have something similar! :(

The admission ticket is cheaper than the underwater world here, it’s nearly $30 for a student ticket if I’m not wrong. There’s nothing much to see either.

Anyway, our concession is basically “invisible”. We throw (okay, slot) the card into the machine, press a few buttons, pay and that’s about it. Concession cards have the photo of the student there though. Mine doesn’t. :( Do you guys need to pay for it? I think ours is about $30 to $50 a month.

Thank you! I thought they were pretty good considering the aquarium glass was a bit dirty, and I don’t have the best of cameras. :P

An aquarium is a place with lots of large fish tanks where you can see creatures of the sea. They’re not always underground, but some aquariums have large glass tunnels in them which you can also walk through. :)

Ooh, no. That’s unlucky. We don’t have to pay for our student concession. The only requirement is that we need to be studying as a student. It would be too much since we are already paying our fees!

* I mean that we don’t have to pay for concession, but the concession allows us to get cheaper travel. I don’t think I made that clear. XD

Oh our concession is a monthly payment and unlimited free rides for the month? It’s like we are paying in advance for the fares. :)

Hey Girlie!! How be thee? I’m good, tired but good why am I up so late? Well; truth be told I’m downloading music right now. I’m re-downloading Adam Lambert music from the two cd’s I have of his, and Pearl’s cd, and the goo goo dolls. And get this, I’m in love with Armor For Sleep. I downloaded a couple of their songs and I listened to them and I couldn’t resist to download more lol. Aren’t you proud? I don’t know why I didn’t like them before when you first mentioned them to me. I guess I was being a teeny bopper or something at that time. I still love Meatloaf of course noone can replace him at all, and Adam Lambert too. But Armor For Sleep kicks butt! ROFL. I can’t wait to get some of AFS’s cd’s. I could use my $100.00 to buy them and the rest for my trip to England haha.

Yeah you heard right trip to England. I’m not into Japan anymore. It kinda died down some. I’m not really sure what’s to see in Japan anyway, and Tokyo I heard is just like New York City. So why go half way around the world to see something when you can fly a short distance to it? Ya know? So yeah, I’m saving up for England. I can only stay a week out of the country which blows but if I stay longer I’ll lose my S.S.I (Social Security Income). So I gotta abide by their rules I guess. Dang it.

Anyway, I’m glad you got the car back and not have to walk in the rain anymore. I’m sorry your mum is having black outs. Those are never any fun. I know before I got sick I was blacking out a lot I called it passing out because that’s what I thought was happening to me, but I guess I was just blacking out. Than the voices kicked in. I hope nothing serious happens to your mum. And that she’s okay. Maybe she should give driving a rest for a few days or something and take tylenol or see the doctor? I dunno. Just some suggestions :).

See you gave me suggestions on downloading some music I gave it a try the first time and I didn’t like it, than I downloaded it tonight, and I like it. I gave you some suggestions and you liked it or loved it and downloaded some of the music. Which I hope you were able to find. If not I can burn the cd and send it to you? Let me know!!

I’ve been wanting to go to the aquarium for a while now. My brother and sister went a few days ago, but because they’re douchebags the fuckers didn’t even bother inviting me.

I had to take the bus yesterday because my mom’s car blew a tire. She got the spare on, but the guy she called didn’t pump air into it so it feels wobbly on the road and she’s too scared to drive far distances.

Hehehehe… Ryan’s taken to calling me piggy because I eat and don’t exercise XD

I don’t know. I think Anika’s parents talked to the teachers of my school and told them to guide her and help her or something. And me and some of my other friends were called and her mom talked to us and told us to make friends with her and we were like “Yeah sure”. :P

Yeah definitely she is lying. When she had said about her asthma problem, one of our teachers asked her what sort of inhaler and stuff she needs and she couldn’t answer them. XD

My dad is kind of a perfectionist. :P

I still love Backstreet Boys. :P I used to be a huge fan before but now I only listen to some of their songs. I’ve never liked Britney Spears. I never used to listen to anything but pop when I was younger. Now I love rock and metal a lot. :D

Yeah. It seemed kind of crazily awesome how everyone was dressed in red. :D

It’s really upsetting. That boy seriously had some problem and now he is always going to be guilty. I wish people were never so violent, then there would be no murder.

Ughh, bullying should be stopped in every way possible. It leads to such stuff as death. Making fun of death is such a WRONG thing. I don’t know why some people are so insensitive.

Hehe my parents would have been mad as well if that happened with me.

Hopefully your mom doesn’t have blackouts when she drives.

My sister has got those tickets. It’s better for students as things are cheaper.

Aw, James misses the buildings. Haha, my eldest sister misses her old university buildings. When she had come back from Malaysia she went to her old university not to meet her friends but to see those buildings. XD

I’ve never been to an aquarium like that. That’s pretty expensive. But at least you had fun. When I went to the bird park I only kept on taking pictures with my dad’s mobile phone (I didn’t have my camera yet). :P

Aww, your English teacher hadn’t proposed his girlfriend. /bounce That’s sweet, kinda. :D

SHIT, used my old nickname, hahahahaha! XDDD;;

Haha, I know. When I realized my site was deleted, I was like OMFG!
The boy shouldn’t have done what he did. I mean even if he was bullied or just hated the other boy’s guts I wonder why he killed him. Why couldn’t he talk to someone first and sort things out the nicer way, instead of taking the first action that comes to his mind. /huh
My friend told me this morning that other schools kept staring at her and her sister on the bus yesterday and kept asking them if they got stabbed. I mean, seriously? We have a school of nearly 2000 people and it’s sooo likely that we’d actually get stabbed??
So yeah I think my school has already got a bad reputation. It used to have a really good one but now, it’s scaled down.
Haha, no problem. And yours was NOT the crappiest icon. Everyone’s style is different. Oh and I think I will put up a page for contests soon because I like holding them too. Except I just can’t think of any good prizes, :(
Any ideas?
Yay, about your car. It must’ve been a relief to have it back. But nay about your mum. Has she gone to the doctors or maybe the optometrist yet?
Ah, those concession tickets. Really bad luck!
I’ve been to the Aquarium so many times that it isn’t funny. I remember back in Kindergarten that Emily was so afraid of the sharks and crawled through the tunnel showing the sharks, ahaha. And ergh, I hate the price of the admission fee, it’s so expensive-like you said.
Have you been to Sydney Wildlife World?
I love the photos, even though the lighting in the place isn’t that great, :)
Oh what a great lunch! I don’t really like Chinese food even though I’m Chinese. I love Thai and Italian food and sometimes Vietnamese food too.

That’s good that the car is back! hopefully it didn’t cost too much.

Nice photos! that would of been fun xD I have to go there when I visit NSW.

It’s good that you got a good meal for a good price. Usually I pick the most expensive things :O haha.

My friends have been to Operas that weren’t in Italian. I didn’t realise that most of them were D: since I don’t know much about them..

I should really get my phone fixed, it doesn’t like me /ehh LOL. Is your iPhone going well? I am sort of used to writing on iPod Touchs now. Maybe I can save up for a prepaid one XD

Thanks! I’m not good at editing layouts, I was only good on piczo.

I like the layouts you make :) all of yours are really good.

i hope ur mum doesnt have anymore black outs for her safety and everyones. ye my first course at college was basic html like the fonts and changing the colours and fonts nothing like we do now on our sites. this course im studying now will show me how to do a site like mine in more detail, i cant wait cause i need extra help on being advanced. ye i need routine as well im getting a bit bored at home

The aquarium looks fun!! Fishies!! I hate when I can’t take a good shot of them (H) Hope you and James had a great time despite the waiting in lines and expensive admission price.

Hooray for getting the car back! Hopefully nothing with happen in a long while. It’s good to hear what’s happening at your past school. Your English teacher should really propose to his girlfriend XD

I agree, as the anniversaries come and go for my sister, I do come closer to accept the fact that she is gone to a better place :)

Hm, that’s strange. It’s never not-loaded for anyone else D: At least it loaded eventually :)

Lillian always beats me to first comment! Shemust be like, a typing whizz or something :P I guess so, but I am determined to get first comment on ONE of your blogs! Just you wait, I WILL do it ;)

That’s really strange. Has she spoken to anyone about it? It’s probably nothing serious. Has it happened since the accident? or was that the only time?

Stupid buses. Yep. Trains are much much more reliable!

YAY NEMO! I do love Dory though. She’s just so loveable. ♥ I’m not exactly scared of sharks, I’m just not a fan of walking in a tunnel when they’re swimming around me ;)

LMAO. The tunnel probably looked smaller because you were younger! Then again, if it was that long ago, maybe they did change it around.

I’ve never even heard of pho, so I don’t think they sell it over here. I’ll keep a look out for it though. It sure does look yummy 🤤

Aww. You sure need to go back and talk to him. Fifteen years is definately long enough to determine that you want to be with them forever!

Thank you. I didn’t mean it was stupid, I just meant it sounded stupid when I typed it :P If that makes sense..

Mondegreens? LOL I don’t remember talking about them. I think we spoke about getting lyrics wrong but I’ve never heard the term mondegreens before :P It’s a pretty funny word though 🙄

I always remember if it’s You’re or not by seeing if it makes sense if you say “you are”. If it does, then it’s you’re :) Genius!

I’ve never tried with my elbow. Here goes:

be4ccsa – That was a pretty good attempt for my first try, I’d say ^_^

Aw well it sounds like you had a good day, despite a few bumps in your road! I have never been to an aquarium before.. I’ve always wanted to go to one…but $20 a pop? Ouch. I couldn’t afford that if I wanted lol.

When I was in UCA (my last semester was fall 07), I had to get one of those parking stickers for my’s still on there haha.. about time to take it off, eh?

Aw, thanks :D I like the new cut better too I think, it’s just really different xD

The aquarium seems like fun. I don’t think we have any around where I live though, only one about an hour away that only has dolphins, sharks, etc.. the bigger fish xD I’ve always wanted to go there but never have.

It’s awesome that you get the car back :D Scary that your mom couldn’t remember though :S

LOL yeahh. We all get use to it. It’s human nature for us to adapt to where we live.

Hahaha. If I ever go again, I’ll take a picture of the houses!

Haha, yeah. And you are getting old enough to travel far by yourself (:

Hahaah ! Aww, I never had a teacher like that. It’s cool to have teachers that are like that. I hate how you think something is awful, but yet everyone likes it. So odd. xD

You’re welcome :D

I know! That is so rude though, it actually reminds me of another story that is somewhat similar. Like at this college, the kids who study medical dissect a donated body. This guy who was dissecting it, took a picture with the dead body, and he was all happy and laughing. Then they posted it on Facebook and everyone found out. We all thought that it was so disrespectful for the family to watch someone not taking it seriously, dissect a family member who donated their body. But he didn’t do it purposely, but he wasn’t thinking when he was fooling around.

LOLL. Why thank you ! Ah, I am somewhat smart ;D

Ohhh. Haha, someone who professionally cleans keyboards. Sounds pretty cool XD.

Aw thanks :D Yeah, I feel that when I’m on break, I get super lazy XD Haha, I’m trying not to get too behind though ! ✌️

Ah yeah, our schools are really different. But it’s pretty cool though. Yeah, I hate when parents choose for their kids. My parents don’t even like talk about it with me because my sister went to the public high school and I wanted to go there, so now discussion needed :D It’s okay, hopefully though, we can stay close! This kid that my friend likes and he likes her, they always talk, and turns out, his parents are making him go to an all boys school! It stinks ): And he’s one of our good friends !

Aw thanks, I will try! It’s always the effort you put into keeping the friendship really. If you don’t contact them every once in a while, you’ll never get anywhere. Ah yeah, it was the same for my sister, so hopefully it will be for me ! ^_^

LOL. Haha, my parents will always want me to be a doctor. My sister told them that she didn’t want to be a doctor, and my parents were like WAHH. Ha, but they got over it, since my sister still picked a good major. My parents just says how they want us to have a good life, and you know, pick a well paying job and stuff. Typical Asian parents XD

>.< I don't wanna go to university with I'm 60. I'll just go after high school :D LOL.

Whoot! Yay for your car! I hope nothing bad happens to it again! Aww your poor mother. I hope nothing bad happens when she drives!

Aww yeah aquariums are very expensive. That's why when we go, we try to see everything and stay for a while.

Haha DORY! Haha, to me sometimes, every aquarium looks the same. The scenery and the fish. Ha, but it's still so pretty!

Ah my sister loves pho! She had it the other day. I've never had it though.

LOL YOUR AWESOME ENGLISH TEACHER ! Ah ahah XD Wait the same one as who we were talking about before ? XD

I’m glad you got your car back. I hope your Mum’s okay, does she take any medication which could have a sideaffect of blackouts or anything? I’d get it checked out by a doctor to see whether she’s okay to drive. My sister has a similar thing, when she hurts herself, she goes really pale and drops unconcious for about 10 seconds.
I haven’t been to see fishies in ages! /wah

Yeah I was shocked when I heard that they had split up. They just went all of a sudden.

Haha my mum was singing that song this morning, it was so funny!

I like Lily Cole, she way better than Cheryl Cole! Yeah I think that people like Britney Spears shouldn’t preform live if they can’t actually sing. Artists should show of their real talents and not fake it.

Yeah the soldiers seem too young to die. However many soldiers live but have serious injuries which is just as bad.

Haha I think it shows I’m addicted to my computer. Ah well! I write slower if I’m doing school work so I don’t make spelling mistakes. But other times I just rush and I do make a lot of mistakes so that’s why my blog might sound a bit confusing which random words in sentences.

I think I look quite young for my age. There are loads of people in the years below who look way older than me. My boyfriend is 6 foot 2 though so I’m not sure he will get away with it!

I love the zoo :) I normally go every year. It is sort of like a tradition for us!!

Yeah it does depend on what type of camera you use. I want to learn more about that stuff so that is why I’m taking photography at college.

Aha. Georgina! It’s fine, I love getting corrected. So, I don’t mind. Honestly. :) Thanks for pointing it out though, you rock. Everyone esle seemed to ignore it or just didn’t see LOL. Thanks again.

It’s fine. If you find anymore mistakes, please do inform me! (Why am I being so formal…?) Thanks!

That’s same with me. If I listen to a song and really like it, I sorta get an inspiration. :) Like for example, Leona Lewis, her songs are so thought-provoking and yeah, I just think of something… Haha.

I can’t do poetry… SO HARD. For me anyway.

I really hope she isn’t developing anything serious!

That’s why I don’t use buses. Buses suck. :)

Hopefully you’ll find Spongebob one day! It’s my life dream to meet the little dude. -sigh-

It was extremly shocking! I still can’t belivie it tbh. LOL.

Thanks! But honestly, I ‘m not letting a boy get the best of me… So, I had to fight back… /argh

Cool, my mom loves to shop. My family usal go at least once a week… erm, shopping. haha.

Thanks! /mwah

Haha yeah, I read on your blog that AFS broke up. That’s too bad. I really do enjoy their music. What’s Ben’s new project again? I totally forgot. AFS only has 3 albums? Wow. I never really heard of them until you mentioned them to me and on your blog. Do you know where they originated from?

Wow you don’t carry tylenol? That’s crazy. Maybe it’s called differently in Australia no? If I’m wrong correct me please lol. But seriously though I hope your mum doesn’t get into any more accidents. That’s scary! I started having some episodes again but they went away. I think it’s because I was spending too much time on the computer and stressing my eyes out and than watching movies on top of that. So I think that has a lot to do with it.

Oh btw, I did buy a new domain, I will e-mail you when it clears paypal and is up and running. Ha! Ok?

Of course it’s from Adam Lambert, not meatloaf, most of meatloaf’s song are too long for a domain name, and I wanted something that fitted me anyway, so I went with Adam Lambert on his second cd. So yeah again I will definately e-mail you when I have it up. :P.

Pretty fish! ♥ I love aquariums, I haven’t been to one in a while. I always make sure to find Nemo, Marlin, and Dory :) I love that movie so much.
Wow, going to get those stickers sounds like a pain! Looks like you and James made the best of it though. And the pho sounds yummy!

yeah haha, i wouldnt want to break my keyboard !!

i get so hungry, that im not hungry anymore, its weird ! i would never survive the 30 hour famine haha.

oh i hope your mom will be fine driving from now on !

omg i love aquariums, did you go to a one where its like water all around you and you walk through like a tunnel? those are SO cool. i went to one of those in hongkong, sharks amaze me haha.

whoa $20 for a student? :| i think i’d pay $15 max .

I SEE NEMO AND DORY. i swear, everytime i visit the pet store or something and see those, i just scream out ‘NEMOOOOO !! dory dory dory!!’

Buy from sellers who have a high percentage.

A keyboard protector should cost no more than $5 with free shipping.

YAY for getting the car fixed!

I want a travel sticker so bad after all the trains I’ve been catching lately. I’ve took around 8 train journeys in the past 3 days. :|

Aw, I love your pictures from the aquarium! I’ve never actually been to one myself. $20 just for a day at the aquarium…? That’s pretty crappy!

Haha yeah I’ve seen a lot of jokes about the name! Apparently you can’t put a USB drive in them either. :/

I would like bare walls with maybe one or two posters up but I’d rather not waste the money I’ve spent on them over the years haha.

Yeah they told my friend today that they’re gonna start recording an album soon. Reeeeeally excited!

I hope the time goes quick coming round to the tour and new album, I have nothing better to do with my time now haha. :)


Did you go to the aqaurium in Sydney? I’ve been there as well, it’s nice but expensive! Too expensive since it’s not “that” big :).

OMG HOW HAS YOUR TEACHER NOT PROPOSED TO HIS GIRLFRIEND OF 15 YEARS YET?! why would you spend 15 years with someone & not propose?! well i understand the whole, “well..they’re not really the one” but why the hell would you waste more of your life with someone you know isn’t the one?!?! -__-

but haaay is he cute? hahaha. just kidding.

$20 is expensive for the aquarium! what the…when I went to the aquarium, we had an awesome student price…of $6! hahaha but your money goes to help keep the aquarium alive. especially because it costs soooooo much money to maintain a tank. i mean i spent a lot of money on my own little fish tank haah.

oh that’s a good picture of the shark! blue tangs! woo! they’re friggin fast. all of them. there was one fish i was having trouble taking pictures of because he was just so frigggin speeedy. oye.

Pho for $7 is actually expensive!! :X haha well i normally get pho for like $5 so when i go to a restaurant that charges $7, i’m like…OMG WTF DID YOU PUT IN HERE, FILET MIGNON?! haha but as long as you enjoyeddd it. :)

which means you should come over & visit & i’ll take you to allll the wonderful places of yummy vietnamese foood. haha but i still like japanese food the best. although i’ve never tried indonesian food before so you gotta introduce meee.

i’ve been meaning to ask you what the cultural australian food is like because you know how american food = burgers, hot dogs, pasta, & steaks..haha that’s what we’re known for more than anything else. so i’m super curious what australian foood would be like.

hrm it looks like you re-did the comments page a little bit. omg i’m having the worst trouble with something. you know how when you click the link to get to the comments & it jumps to the comments area? MINE WONT DO THAT. it used to..but now it won’t…i think i know what’s wrong but i’m NOT exactly 100% sure. meh.

eeeekk tell your mom to see a doctor about her blackouts..that’s so scaryy. i hope she doesn’t get into any more accidents!! but it’s good to hear that your car is back.

you always run into the worst luck when it comes to university. ARGH. damn them for messing with your name.

when i went to high school, i ran into so many problems because there were two tiffany -_- one was born in another country & i was born in missouri (it’s kind of like a redneck state but they have one of the best medical schools & that’s where my dad did his residency so i was born there haha) so they’d ask me for stuff & i’d be like…I WASN’T BORN IN NORWAY.

i have a cute story of my dad. haha i just have to tell you. so since my dad was doing residency in missouri & my mom gave birth to me & then my brother 2 years after (residency normally takes up to 2-3 years) & my dad would be working at the hospital..but then on his lunch breaks he’d come home just to hold me because ..well i’m first child! haha. and my mom would be like, “…wth are you doing home..go back to work & make money or else you won’t be able to feed our child!!” haha i think he also left work early sometimes too. cute right?!

risky, but cute. i bet you james would do that for your first child. you’ll be at home nursing your little Fin & then he’ll be like GIMME HIM RIGHT NOW WOMAN. I GOT 10 MINUTES BEFORE I GOTTA GO BACK TO WORK. hahahaa.

OH YEAH an Australian won the snowboarding event for the Olympics! I don’t know if you heard about that but..GO YOU GUYS! She was amazing! It was really well deserved. :D Haha just had to shout that out to you. lulzzz.

Georginaaaa, gawsh still haven’t returned your comment. I seriously don’t know when I will. D: This weekend is jam packed with fam events. I still have like 20 comments pending on the current blog. Fml luls.

Anywho, I’m going to comment on your blog again because I love reading them that much.. and even though I don’t have time to return any of your comments cause I’m a horrible person/affie, I still feel the need to comment on these blogs. ♥


HUZZAH, that’s great news that you guys got your car back. That’s pretty scary how your mom can black out while she’s in front of the wheel. Oh em gee, I hope that doesn’t get her into any danger. 😢 I can totally understand why your dad is worried, I would be too!

That sucks that the bus never showed up. Usually over here, it’s never a case of the bus being “too early” it’s always insanely late .. if anything hahaha. It’s so annoying. Pretty unreliable at times as well. That’s what I prefer getting a ride to places. Awh well, all that matters is that you and James successfully met up! Even though it was a bit behind schedule. No biggie. :3

Holy shiyat, the admission for the aquarium is expensive! O_O I don’t even think it’s that expensive here. I love the aquarium though. It’s such a serene environment cause you get the blue glow from the water.. but then it’s not that serene anymore if you see a shark devouring it’s food. Tehe.. totally ruined the moment. But for the most part, I love watching aquatic life, I think they’re more amusing to watch than land animals. :O

So glad to hear that you guys had such a great time. :D Those are some awesome pictures! I LOVE THE BLUE FISH THAT WAS IN FINDING NEMO. Omg my fave. As for the shark, it looks awful scary.

It must have been a pain in the arse to register again. -.- Stupid system for rejecting your name! Glad to hear that you had a delicious and cheap lunch. Those are always the best kind. ;) I don’t think I’ve ever tried Vietnamese food, actually. :O I feel so deprived haha. I need to get out and try some of that !

It’s always an interesting experience when you meet people who you haven’t talked to in a while. Those situations are always pretty awkward for me, although, it didn’t seem so for youu. :) LMAO, your poor english teacher really needs to gather up the guts to propose already! 15 years is .. a LONG ASS time. Unless they broke up. :( Ngaww.

Anyways, talk to you soon Georgina! LOVEYOU. <3 So sorry for not keeping in "proper" touch by returning all your comments. :(

Sounds like you too had fun. :)
Whee, you got you got your car back! Eeep. Hope your mum’s okay. D:

Bus schedules can be confusing sometimes.

Whoa, $20 to go in the aquarium? That’s pretty expensive. 😰
Which kind of aquarium did you go to? The ones just along the walls or the ones that go all around you like a tunnel? Those are so cool. :P

The pictures are pretty ahha. I see Nemo and his father in the first one. That movie is so classic. :D

I went on this submarine once and when you looked outside the little circle window you could see the ocean and the movie Nemo playing like you could see the characters swimming and talking, they’re projected. So cool haha. :P

Yumm, I love Pho. :) They’re so good.
Ohmygod, 15 years? Maybe your English teacher’s too nervous or something… but 15 YEARS. :O

its just a top, thank youu !! (:

awww man, i can only leave after 5 and its like PACKED on the subway !!

i HATE waking in the morning but i love doing everything in the morning, its weird !

lollipops? i heard you can only drink water haha ! i think we might do that at school… oh boy.

yeah , never been real afraid of sharks either, theres this kinda pet store with this medium sized shark and i just love starring at it hahah.

Wow, that sounds like a really great day. I love going to the zoo. It’s so fun to look at all the animals, and last time I went,I took pictures of almost everything!! It was insane! :)

Yeah, my writing style has definitely changed since a year ago. It has really matured and my vocabulary grew greatly. XD

Thanks! Yeah it was really interesting, and I found out about things I never knew about the organization.

I’m sick and tired of them and their jokes, but I think their starting to get the message that if they say something out of line, I’m just going to ignore them.

wow that is really expensive for the aquarium. I’ve actually never been to one. can you believe that?