Adding To The Flood

We finally got our car back yesterday. My parents went to pick it up while I was going home. 🙂 My dad is worried about my mum having blackouts when she drives, because it’s so strange how the road is clear and my mum can’t seem to remember what happened. 😰

I was in bad luck yesterday. I was heading out to meet James so we could hang out and get our concession stickers for this year. It probably sounds cool, but it isn’t. We were just going to university to get a new travel sticker. This means that we can use public transport for cheaper – at a student price. We had to register online for a session. We registered for the afternoon session at 2:00pm.

James and I were going to meet up early. Since my family didn’t have the car, I caught a bus to the train station. The bus didn’t turn up. It must have been super early. O_O

We met up later than planned but I eventually made it to the station, and we made our way to the city.

We spent some time at university, since James won’t be there for the next six months due to his internship. He misses the grey buildings. 😅 After debating on what movie to watch though, we finally decided to go to the aquarium.

I started to regret it when we were walking because I was getting tired, but I haven’t exercised a lot lately. And I was looking forward to seeing some sharks and fish (as odd as that sounds). We were trying to hurry up because we might not have enough time.

We spent about two hours at the aquarium. Admission is so expensive though; it’s about $20 for a student. And it’s $30 for adults. 😧

But we had a good time! I was taking pictures of pretty much everything. 😆 I know we should have been enjoying the views instead of just taking photos but it was all so amazing that I had to document all the pretty fish! 😚

The bad thing was that the glass often reflected light, and most places were dark, so the photos weren’t that great. The blue tangs (Dory in Finding Nemo) kept running away from me; they’re so fast! I managed to get a few good pictures though. James took the one of “Dory”!

ClownfishBlue tangfishies and coralShark. 😄

After getting our travel stickers we went to eat lunch. It took a while getting the stickers because I had to line up again – I was one of the unlucky people who got attacked by the system rejecting my name, so I had to register again. 😐

But we had a great lunch. We don’t usually eat in the university cafes but there was one that was selling pho (Vietnamese rice noodle soup) for $7. 😋 It was a bargain for something that yummy. 🙂

I bumped into my friend Jess, who’s in grade 11 at my old high school now. We had a talk about what changed in the school (nothing much; the principal is apparently really lenient, as is the she-male PE teacher haha!). Apparently my sweet English teacher still hasn’t proposed to his girlfriend of, what, 15 years?

Looks like Lilian and I will have to rock up for a visit soon! 😁

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