Seek Out And Destroy

I am annoyed.

In my last post I mentioned that I went to the aquarium. On that day, I had recharged my phone credit with $30.00. Since I only had about 60 cents left, I had no choice.

Last night, before I went to bed, I felt like sending James a text message. It was already morning – about 2:00am, but I was bored and naturally, I thought of him. /love

I was shocked to discover, when checking my credit by calling the free phone number, that I had only $13.00 left. I hadn’t sent a single text message or made a single phone call. I was so shocked and worried. I hadn’t even used internet on my phone.

At first I wondered if I heard wrong, and heard “thirteen” instead of “thirty”. But I checked over and over. To double-check, I requested (for free) a text message be sent to my phone, with how much credit I had left. I was still in shock after noticing that it indeed, was $13.00.

I was so ready to sleep, but this prevented me from doing so. I went on my computer to check the details of my calls online. I had apparently been charged a large amount of money for using the internet at 5:00am. This was utterly ridiculous. I have been waking up at that time for a few days, but I most certainly did not use my phone at those times.

After panicking, I decided I would worry about it in the morning. This morning I told my dad straight away and printed the table showing my usage and charges. My mum woke up and we had a discussion about it.

They think that perhaps my phone was hacked by someone when I used the wireless internet at university. I don’t think that’s possible because it requires a username and password.

It’s really left us baffled but it’s made me angry. I definitely did not let anyone use my phone since I added the credit, and have only used Tweetdeck (which is free). Unless recently it is not free? I also turned off my network so I wouldn’t use my data and use my credit. So I am really confused. O_O

My dad will be calling the phone company on Monday; that’s when they are open.

In other news… I haven’t really “announced” it formally, but I won’t be continuing with ballet teaching. My principal told me something different now. Apparently I have to attend classes as well as teach, in order to qualify for the teacher’s certificate.

I hadn’t been told earlier, and I don’t see the point when I am studying to teach. I will have no time to do both, and I don’t want to spend less time on my studies for university when I know that I need to up my grades. I feel upset and disappointed. One day I will notify them of my decision and pick up my final exam certificate.

I guess I can be a supervised teacher with what I have, but my passion has sort of died out after this.

On a brighter note, I have jazzed up the comments, and my photoblog will soon be moving to

[edit] is now open. It was my photoblog previously located at but has now moved. /bounce [edit]

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it’s No Ballet Wuggs
/bash /um
3: ! Maybe you can get back to it later :) *floog*

Your phone probably connects to a 3G network and downloads crap without you noticing; since you bought it outright it’d use a very high cost/kb rate to download even very small things. Maybe auto-updates for programs, etc. *gloof* or maybe it’s a bill from Tweetdeck /sweat
See how that goes. But it really is quite /bash


I feel pretty out of it now; it really disappointed me so if I do go back… it won’t be any time soon. :(

Probably. Maybe I did it in my sleep. D: Really, I don’t know. It’s queer. With 3G turned off, it usually doesn’t download or open anything. But I realised that this morning, after all the mishaps, opening eBuddy worked with it off. Maybe something changed without me noticing. :S

It is $2 per megabyte, but strange how I was charged $10 for about 40 kilobytes (which of course I do not recall using). O_O

Tweetdeck might be the problem; I’ll have to find out why I was charged and if they can’t sort it out… well.. /angry But I’ll stop using the phone in the meantime. /bash

Hm, thats quite mysterious about your phone. And second comment, sorry I’m tired and I’ll write you a real comment tomorrow 👏

i have a love/hate relationship with phone companies. i don’t know how many times my provider has fucked me over and even over-charged us at one point or another. you HAVE to let them know and actually fight it out because if not, they’ll keep doing it without you knowing. these companies are corrupted. they’ll do just about anything to take your money. hopefully things go as smoothly as possible in resolving this. could they be charging you for past usage? maybe at one point you went over and as soon as you had credit they went ahead and took it out? i don’t know if that’s even possible but just saying :)

I have to agree with James.

Unless you completely turn your wireless internet connections off, it’ll pick up something. Do you have e-mail running on your Iphone?

My boyfriend’s Gmail refreshes every 2 hours to check if he’s gotten email.

Tell us what happened. When it comes to mobiles and lost credit, we need to know. :)

Take care,

It’s really weird, actually – I don’t have wireless at home but I went to uni the other day and used it there. I even turned off the 3G network. Now I am confused as to why I got charged for using the internet in the wee hours of the morning. I’ve taken out my SIM card and I plan on just not using any email applications or anything in the future, or at least tread carefully. (It’s gonna suck…)

But it’s never happened before. I’ve tried using email applications and surfing the internet but because I turned the settings off, it wouldn’t load and said I had no connection.

I’m on prepaid so it would charge me if I used the internet, but I completely avoid that. :S

Second comment? I hope so. Someone else might have commented before me. Anyways….

Oh, wow. That really sucks. I agree with your parents, but who could be using your phone? I think I’ve nothing more to say related to your post but “That sucks.”

I’m sorry for getting back to you late. I’ve been.. busy and lazy. I always read your blogs. But sometimes I don’t comment. Since it’s comment-returning day today, I decided to drop a message.

I think it’s really funny and cute when people name their gadgets. Say hi to Fin and Ben for me!

You’re right. We have to spare ourselves a vote sometimes *cough*I vote for myself all the

I would never connect my credit card. They ask you to buy them a domain? Tsk, rude people.. I wish someone would give me their domain. Some of the domain were given to you, right? I also hope I’ll win contests more often.

Yeah.. people are crazy nowadays. The Mayans are the only ones who are going to die on 2012 if they believe it so much. I mean, no offense Mayans, but yeah right!

I agree. A simple, modernistic, healthy people, everything natural. I could live in a world like that. But not everyone cares.

I believe it’s because of some features/apps that activates when connected to the internet that caused a deduction from your credit. /ho

You can try checking all your apps and turn any updates off. :3 Good luck! (Y)

Eeep!! I’m sorry this happened to you. Losing $17 is definitely something. Similar thing happened to me as well a couple of years ago. My phone line account was due for the yearly fee ($25) so I had my dad to buy me the credits. So when I recharged my phone credit I was surprised when it still said $0.00. My dad and I tried calling up the phone line company that same evening (their call-in customer service is said to be 24/7) but to our disappointment, the line was busy all night. WTF.
I hope you’ll get to hear from your company soon. :)

Ahh, too bad you decided to drop the ballet teaching. But as you said, no point of going for lessons and teach it as well. It is a matter of credential. If your students ever find out that you are taking ballet lessons, and at the same time teaching it, you won’t look very qualified in their eyes.

My finger is getting better now, though it still hurts whenever it accidentally bump into something. I guess it’s only the outer skin that’s healed up.

Thank you for your support. It’s really hard to go through the difficult times without the help of people around you. :)

Wow, your phone has gone coo coo bananas. That’s really creepy. Hopefully everything will all get fixed straightaway :)
I’ll probably be freaking out and my sister would be yelling at me (since she runs all the cell phones and such :P )

Well that sucks how you can’t teach anymore. If they knew earlier, then they should have told you. I think you should mainly focus on your studies though then maybe you can go back to dancing. But it really is all your decision :D

You do happen to get more comments than I do. ;) But now that I’ve gotten some more affiliates that have been chatting with me, I feel much better and not at all alone. :)

Goodness, that’s strange. o_O The most likely thing to me is that whatever you used that was free is no longer free. It’s fortunate that you noticed the mishap.

Unlike me (sort of. I’m just trying to transition here :P). I think I lost the $40 my grandma sent me for this month’s allowance. At least, it’s not anywhere that I can tell, and I’m pretty sure she already mailed it to me this month. :/ Oops. :(

Ooh, the borders of the comments are cool. Is that what you changed?

Man, that’s crap -_- having you charged for a large amount of money without you ever knowing it :/
Cellphone Bills here are high too, especially if you use your phone for Internet Browsing :/

That’s too bad :/ But of course i agree with you, studying should be prioritize before other things. :)

Yeah that credit thing has happened many times with me also O_O ….but that’s because I did the stupidity of installing some radio software on my old cell :P …which had practically nothing in it….when I bought my new Samsung model :D :D …I kept the same sim card and the radio thing is still cutting my charges for it!!! /wah /wah

OMG I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOUR NEW PLOG TO OPEN UP!! weeee. hahaa we have incredible timing, eh? well you’re normally on around this time…which is when i should get off & sleep (it’s 12:13am) but hrm yeah. excitedddd.

damn i can’t believe that just as i was about to return your comment, you blogged again & have 11 friggin comments already. OYE. people are fast! damn. i mean i subscribed to your feeds but..I DON’T GET ANY NOTIFICATIONS. THIS IS LAMEZ. i don’t know how to subscribe to someone’s feed via outlook & i know you can do it..UGH EFFFFFF.

yeah seriously my anchor doesn’t like me right now & i’m going to attempt to fix it..& i’ll report back to see if it works. if not, i’ll probably ask if you can help me when you are free. but we still gotta get that forum to launchhhh.

i won’t put up another theme just because that means you’ll have to make more pixels. perhaps we should just make little pictures that aren’t pixelized to get things moving faster…? like just words “new post” “hot topic” that stuff..? haha.

I WONDER IF YOU’RE CAUGHT UP WITH COMMENTS NOW..since you have like 11 comments to deal with ON TOP OF MINE.

Watch I’m going to be the 13th person to leave you a comment or something.

OMG I LOVE OXTAIL. it is possibly the best meat i’ve ever had..IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. OMG<333 when it is completely braised correctly & long enough, it is just so amazingly delicious. i crave for it sometimes. i gottta try some indonesian food.

when you said $7 did you mean USD or in AUD? because of course that makes a huge difference hahaha. but if you meant usd..& you meant pho being $11 in usd, it's probably because there isn't a huge vietnamese population in australia as compared california haahah omg we have a HUGE community here. probably 80% of the vietnamese population is in california. just kidding, i just made that up but i wouldn't be surprised if it was true. i mean, we have a friggin little town called Little Saigon. but anyone, it must be expensive because you guys have to import stuff from vietnam for the ingredients in pho or just import things in general.

australia is an island after all! a huge island but importing..probably makes food expensive. but i don't know for sure. 😝

yeahhh those labor stories are reallly cute! your dad running the red light hahaha. so funny! i'm so scared of having my water break at the most inappropriate time that i've decided that i'm going to get a c-section. sure i'll have a scar, but by the time i have children..THE TECHNOLOGY WILL IMPROVE SO GREATLY THAT I WILL PROBABLY HEAL UP SO NICELY & IT'LL BE HARDLY NOTICEABLE!! plus there's something called…laser removal…wooo ahahaha. :D anyway yeah, & the scar will be at my bikini line so no one will really see it.

i just can't imagine having to push a friggin baby out of my vagina & waiting for my vagina to dilate 10 cm. HOLY CRAP. ugh that is friggin huge. but nowadays women don't even break a sweat because there are so many drugs that you just have to push & you won't feel anything. hahaha.

zomg ahahaha your letter is hilarious.

man wtf i was writing this comment & then i left three other people comments before i finished writing yours. i'm so sorry -_-

and i haven't even gotten back to your e-mail yet. ahh i don't even know why. i'm baddd. so sorry dear.

WTHHHHHHHHH @ that whole phone business of yours. jeeez. you should just switch to a plan that allows to just pay a monthly fee of like $20 or $30 & then you'll never have to worry about phone credits. omg that's just so

someone might've hacked your account. some people can even if you need a username & password. they can get through that by their little hacking programs but that's just so extreme. i don't know, hope things get sorted out.

OMG IT'S RAINING!! yayayy. i love this weather. last month & this month have been..really rainy for me! woo. did you see the pictures of my over flooded lake!?!?!? so insane.

anyway ..gahhhhh that's ridiculous that you have to teach AND take lessons at the same time. that's just stupid. i think you're better off without that whole deal. besides, like you said, you're studying to get your teaching certificate anyway. not a big deal.

What a weird thing about the phone. Maybe the company stole your money or something. Its really weird. I read it that on Twitter too. This happened to me too one year ago I think. I lost around 30$. I was so pissed off. /angry I hope that you hear from your company and somehow to get your money back!

I’m sorry to hear that you won’t teach ballet, but it’s true that University is more important than ballet.

I can’t wait to see your Photoblog. I think that it will be great. :) I want to make one for myself too!

I really was and still am busy. /wah

Hahah! My Chemistry teacher yells a lot, but she’s really nice. Hahah! I know that it sounds weird.

I love watching sports especially Figure Skating. But I got bored easily of Basket Ball because nothing interesting happened since we all the time gave shots. XD

Its pretty interesting. I know a lot of people you are infected with it. XD

I absolutely agree with you. He might do it again. Everything is possible, he should go to Psychiatrist.
I know people who are really insensitive. How could the be? I really hate them when they say rude things. Ugh! /angry

Oh well, at least you had fun other day with James. :)

hey thats really strange that you’ve blogged about this because i’ve been having trouble with my contract recently i keep being overcharged for stupid little things and this month it’s because i used mobile internet that wasn’t Blackberry internet which is really weird because how can i get on my internet on my blackberry and it not be my blackberry, and i get unlimited internet in my contract so i have no idea whats going on but my dad’s going through my contract and my past bills which involve a 56 second call to the emergency services??!?

aww i’m sorry that youre not continuing with ballet teaching but education comes first right, and perhaps you could pick it up again when you’re not so busy

💥 is me right now lol

thanks for the advice :) i have talked to my friend and my mum about them, i think its because i’m living with him and i see him all the time i cant get over it i think it’ll be better in june when i finish uni for the summer until september.

yeah i suppose i should tell him but i dont care anymore i’m just fed up with the lot of them there’s so much drama and deceit going on i’d rather stay out of it he don’t give a shit about me so why should i
sounds mean but i am so fed up with everyone in this flat treating me like shit

ooh cant wait to see your new photoblog and i do rather like the new comment style :)

i really need to update but i’ve been so apathetic of late with getting no sleep and having uni work and obviously feeling down over the flat situation i’ve just not wanted to do anything i’ve been returning this comment for 3 days lol i’ve been coming to your site leaving the tab open then never doing anything although i did read your blog yesterday about you going to the aquarium which looked like lots of fun and i liked the pictures as well :)

Yeah it’s really weird. Parents not knowing what their own daughter goes around doing.

It’s really silly, what Anika did. I’m seriously thinking she needs a psychiatrist. Although I don’t care whether she is crazy or not. XD

*sigh* I really don’t get what goes on in a person’s mind when they are killing someone. It only leads themselves into danger of being put in prison.

It’s natural she should be afraid. My mom is a coward, kind of. She never drives by herself. She even dreamt that she had a car accident.

My sister’s older university’s buldings were also really boring. To get to one building from another, you had to cross the main road. XD One of the main reasons why she got tired and went to study in Malaysia.

There’s no aquarium here. And I’ve never been to the zoo in this city either. :(

That’s weird that you had so less balance left. Maybe someone did hack your mobile phone? It really is ridiculous that you did not use your phone at 5 am but still it says you did.

That’s not really such a good thing that you have to be learning ballet as well as teaching it.

The comments look great. :D Hope that your new photo blog opens up soon! :)


And OMG, that’s terrible :O /angry /argh Someone had better pay for this. /angry $17 of credit gone. JUST LIKE THAT?!

Vodaphone sucks. (Change to Three! Hahaha, then I have someone to use my 3 free minutes with :P ). No, seriously, I hope they reimburse you or something for this. I mean, that’s more than half your credit gone.

And even if they don’t, if someone really DID hack you, hopefully they can change your details or something. Wow, what a terrible thing to happen.

I’d be so totally angry about it, too D: :(

And awwwwww. No more ballet for you! :O But you’re right. It’s probably best to concentrate on uni. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get heaps good marks this year :)

It sucks that you’d have to take lessons as WELL as teach. That would be totally exhausting. And Uni is actually a LOT of work. And I guess you could always go back and teach if you have time in the future. It’s not like your final ballet exam certificate has a limited usage time :P

Yay for your photoblog moving :D I am excited /bounce

Hello! :)

I don’t know how it happened. Now I’m starting to think that I accidentally turned something on. Well I put my SIM card in my old phone and nothing has been happening, so something probably went funny with my iPhone. :(

Bah, but I’ve had my number for close to nine years and have never had a problem like this. Perhaps it was an accident. At least it wasn’t a hundred dollars or all of my credit, though.

I really hope I wasn’t hacked. I like my number! 😢

Yeah, I hope so too. I’m disappointed about ballet. She could have told me earlier. I had no idea!

Wooo. I love my new photoblog. /eee

The comments look really snazzy. :3

That’s really weird about the money disappearing on your phone. I’d be so pissed if that happened! I hope it gets sorted out soon. Maybe your network will be able to reimburse you?

Aw, I’m sorry that you won’t be continuing with ballet. As so many other people have said already, maybe you can pick it up again after you’ve finished at university?

Wow, I hope you figure out what the heck happened with your phone! That is insane! Hopefully you get all that money back and the company is helpful when you call. Hopefully if it is completely irregular activity compared to what you normally use, they will understand that it is bogus, especially if you have been using their service for a long time.

I love your new photoblog! It’s in my RSS reader. I might have to make my own photoblog soon. A lot of people have been inspiring me.

Hmm.. I had that problem with my phone before. I’d put on credit and then it would disappear. It turned out that a company had been sending me reverse charge messages which had been charging me a few pounds to receive each time. It was totally ridiculous and uncalled for. /angry In the end I managed to get compensation and the company gave me £50 which was about the amount of the credit they’d taken from me.
Have you been receiving any texts from any short code numbers? They’re usually the things that get people without them realising. It took me a while to click onto what was going on. O_O Sometimes the phone company records don’t pick up on it straight away either.

It’s a shame that you won’t be teaching ballet. It does sound like it’d take up a lot of time though so you shouldn’t sacrifice your uni work for it I guess.

ive had that many times happen to my phone, i just changed my number

That sucks about your phone. When I first got my phone I was texting like crazy, using the internet, calling. I had my phone for six days before I had to get rid of it. What a shame. I didn’t get it back until the end of the year, but only because I did good on our grade tests. So now I have my phone, no texting, no internet just calling, and my mom STILL gets upset when I call people, not after nine or not on weekeneds. But if your dad calls, I’m sure they’ll figure out, and it was a simple mistake :)

Thats cool that your a ballet teacher ! /wave I used to take ballet with my friend, along with jazz and top but it got WAY to expensive and we had to quit. It was honestly the best time of my life !

Hope you have a nice weekened :)

I don’t remember, but did I ever mention that I love the newish layout? I guess it’s not so new anymore. XD Still – I love it!

Gosh, sorry for not returning any of my comment earlier. My parents went out of town, and I stayed with a friend. :P

Wellllll, I am glad you’re back. :3

Oh my gosh! That whole phone situation sounds bizarre. Good thing you will take it to the phone company.

I normally don’t worry about my phone bill, my parents take care of that. ^^ I also have unlimited texting so yeah. :)

I hope your phone problem gets fixed up!

Awww, I am sorry to hear about your ballet teaching. It must just be what is best. :) It doesn’t really sound worth all of that work hahaha.

Congrats on your new domain! I’ll be sure to check it out after writing this comment. ;)

Ooooooo. You snuck on…I am telling on you! Just kidding…I don’t know your mom so that would be creepy. O_o XD I have snuck on before. :) I have never been caught hehe.

Ahh, starting over would be beneficial. I am starting to forget what we were talking about!

Ooh, they’re up now! I have all A’s and B’s now. I am soooo happy. :3 It just took a few exams and poof! They’re upppp!

I have heard that in a lot of comments. My best friend told me so too. I hear that all of those girls grow out of their behavior in high school. It is much less cliquey. :)

Ugh. I could totally hate that! I have about three girls like that at my school. They don’t care about anyone else but themselves. @_@

Awww, you’re not a freak or weirdo. :) I am just regular I think. XD Our school is sort of hard to explain haha!

Wow, that really is a mystery. I know if that was me I would be pissed. Like now, my phone is off. I can’t make calls or sent texts, use the internet or anything :( Hopefully it’ll get cut back on today, maybe tomorrow or something and hopefully the company gets everything straighten out with yours (:

Aww, that sucks that you can’t teach ballet. What are majoring in at the university anyway? I love ballet, I really want to do it again but I don’t know if I can. Maybe when I go off to college I’ll join the dance team or something.

Yes, we really shouldn’t judge but it is indeed in our nature. We want a lot of things to but in reality it all comes down to whether or not you want them for the right reason. I’ve learned that thankfully so I’m sure I want a boyfriend for all the right reason and not the wrong ones like most girls but like you said, only time will tell if I get him or not.

I really like the way you have your comments now. Very Spiffy! (Y)

I’m actually suprised that you’re not on some type of plan from your cell phone comany, like a contract. You know, so many minutes per month, roll over minutes, etc…

But than again, there are ALOT of things about your country that I don’t know about, lol. /bounce

But I do thinks it’s really weird to charge 30 bucks to your phone and all of a sudden it goes to 13 bucks.

Whne you dad calls the company on Monday, I’m sure you’ll get a decient reason why that happened. :)

yuup, especially for long subway rides :/ youre just packed for a full 15 minutes at least !

haha a shark as a pet :P unfortunetly its not for sale (i think you can get those pet sharks which are real small and never grows big haha).

oh jeez, thats not good ! maybe its like a glitch or something on your phone and hopefully they didn’t actually charge you that much for doing… nothing !

aww im sorry to hear you wont be continuing with ballet, but maybe after university or whenever you have more time so you can study and teach (:

I thought a similar thing had happened to me when I got my debit card statement in a couple of days ago and it told me that I’d topped up 2 days in a row. I only top up once a month, so I was getting pretty freaked. :L Then I realised I’d topped up my mum’s phone for her that day, and all was well. :) I hope everything works out for you, and that you get your money back. That’s a lot of money to just disappear. o_0

Britney Spears should focus on singing rather than dancing. After all, she is a singer! I bet that recording software would make even me sound good!!

I wish there was no war. Why can’t we all live in peace?

My computer is very important to me. I use it for everything so I do spend a lot of time on it. Oh well, that’s what it is there for!

Haha I know, I should check my writing through carefully. Sometimes if I’m on my iPod it spells things wrong because of the prediction text. Everyone loves my handwriting for some reason. I should turn it to a font for people to use!

I think I’m 5 foot 4, I’m not sure :S

I’ve had a look at your photography. It looks really good! You must just be a natural!

Your latest blog title is similar to a song by kasabian!

That is really strange about your phone. I’m not sure what has happen. I always think my credit goes down quick but then I realise that I’ve made a long call and just forgot. I think Tweetdeck is still free. If they had started charging for the use they would have notified you. The best thing you can do is get in contact with your network. You should get your money put back on if its not your fault.

It sucks about your ballet teaching. People should understand that you are at university and it is a busy time. You should be allowed to just carry on teaching and not have lessons yourself. I expect it would have been a good qualification to have.

I will take a look at your new photoblog now :)

I hope that the phone company solves this problem, I would be annoyed knowing that $17 disappeared from my phone credit. I know that in other countries it is popular to have cell phones with you load money into and have a balance, here in the U.S. we get billed at the end of the month with a summery of our phone calls and text messages, my family’s plan gives us 1,700 minuets (free) to share between four people, which is really a lot, we never use all of them because we text each other more then call each other and texting is free.

I’m going to go check out your photo blog now.

I also had a quick question. How much do you charge for advertising? I’m interested in advertising for my hosting website.

Firstly, OMG you were thinking of James? AWEE. So sweet.. ♥

*ahem, back to topic* I’m sorry to hear about that! That must be really fustrating, especially since you didn’t even use the internet or called etc.

I’ve had something similar happen to me before (by similar I mean NOTHING A LIKE, lol!) , my brother was on my phone (mind you he was 3 years old…) And he went on my internet. I was downstairs helping my mom and when i went back upstairs, i found him playing with it and randomly typing sites like, ‘2hdjhajhkafafsasf.kjfka’

-sigh- Wasted my phone credit and my parents told my brother off. BWAHAHA. :D

Hopefully, this will get sorted soon. I hope the phone company give you your credit or something. They better do or esle I’ll throw a cookie at them. Cause I’m (H)

Awe. *blush* Thanks! I’m glad you like them anyway. And i will defiantly do that. ‘Cat-eyes’ sounds great, I’ll also add on author’s note: ‘Thanks to Georgina for the cat eyes thing MWAH *smiliey face*’ LOL.

No one seems to like Leona Lewis for some reason. But yeah, her lyrics are amazing.

I really can’t write a poem, I tried once before and screwed it and said FML. /hehe

Yes, it would still make me happy to see Spongebob…even though he’s technically not Spongebob.. -sigh- LOL.

Well, best of luck with your phone and all. :) Bye!

Oh and thanks for following me on Twitter, that was nice of you. 👏

Wow, I hate it when things like that happen! I hope you’d get a refund. It’s really unfair on your part and I’d be angry too.

Phone credits here used to be gone so fast – even though the credit’s expiry didn’t reach, your credit would expire, unless a Senator complained about it. Yes, that matter went to the Supreme Court. I found it quite funny, but I’m so glad someone fought for it because I have been thinking phone network companies are having a tight competition while corrupting us. /angry

My mom used to complain a lot about why her credit is gone quickly, but she keeps forgetting the expiry date so she can’t forward it to the company.

I really hope your lost credit would be given justice. Money doesn’t grow on trees after all. And if they do, forests would be barer than it is.

Aww, seems like your ballet teaching is a mess. Weren’t you informed that you’d be studying as well? I’ve always thought that it’ll be part of the agreement. :S

But anyways, I hope you won’t regret your decision, considering you love ballet.

Oooh, snazzy comments! I like how it looks like a UI of Windows 98. Haha.

May I ask why you don’t like pizza? Ah, it’s my favorite food. :P I can’t resist it!

Haha. I wouldn’t take the keys off my own computer. There’s a device that would help you clean the keyboard without doing it but I think it’s expensive. I forgot the name though. -.-

I’ll practice taking out the keys on our laboratory. Hahaha. Nasty.

I like sunrise more. :P

Urgh, that’s really strange / annoying / frustrating about your phone /angry It might have been some of your apps updating, maybe?

I know my brother told me that on his iPhone, he only gets free internet for the first year, then it starts to cost him (on PAYG), so maybe it’s the same for you? How long ago did you get your iPhone?

Then again, if it’s connected to Wifi, it shouldn’t cost you anything anyway, because it’s not connecting through the network..

Aww, that’s a shame about ballet, because you were really looking forward to teaching (by the sound of it) :( but, at the moment at least, your university grades are more important than teaching ballet. Maybe once you get more time on your hands you could go back into it?

Wow! is looking incredible! It’s a shame you don’t have o1s anymore, because you had it so long, but I definately prefer this name and extension! :D

I’ve never really timed how many words I can type in a minute to be honest.. I’ll google it and see if there’s a website that does it for you..
apparently it’s 80WPM /eee Is that fast?

Maybe, at least it only happened once, and it’s not something that keeps on happening! I hope she’s okay though, whatever it was ♥

Trains are definately more reliable! And that’s the reason! :)

ahaha, are you sure it doesn’t look smaller now because you’ve grown? :P

I think that I’ll miss high school, actually. I only have three/four months left. It’s gone so fast! D:

Wahoo! Elbows are pretty easy after the first attempt: becca ;] – see, my elbow can even do smiley faces xD
I vaguely remember Vicky having “type your name with your elbow” as a Q on one of her blogs, now that you’ve mentioned it.. ^_^

PS: The Jazzed Up Comments Are Looking Smexy /love

Ugh, I hate when phone companies are dumb. This month, my mom realized that every month our phone bill has been increasing, even though we have a flat rate on our family plan, and it shouldn’t be increasing. I just hope I’m not the cause of it. 😰

Did you figure out why some of your credit is missing yet? I hope it’s not some dumb sneaky hacker.

Yeah, I’m writing a couple right now. Yeah, I like going to the zoo because the one in my state is really big, with a big aquarium in it too. My favorite parts were going through the “jungle” that actually had birds flying around, and of course going in the aquarium to see all the types of fish and other underwater creatures.

Haha, I did freak out at first!
I guess there’s not many dangerous things that happen everyday and so yes they must be naturally curious about the whole situation.
Yeah I’ve heard some students in schools smoked and stuff and I think I heard a rumor that some of the students at my school smoked too, but I think the teachers took action immediately so it’s resolved now.
Haha, yes I enter for fun and sometimes…. the prizes too if it’s really good! 🙄
Your mum sounds like my mum before. Let her take a break from working if she can and relax at home, do some shopping and go to a doctor! The only way you’ll find out if her condition is not serious is a statement from your doctor. Hope she feels better though, :)
Haha, yes Emily was always the scare-dy cat!
Lol, that’s so cute when you were younger!
Wildlife world was alright- I think they built it recently like 2 or 3 years ago.
Me too! I don’t like the green vegetables in Asian food but I remind myself to eat it because it’s healthy.
Oh my god, that must be so annoying! I don’t have the credit plan for my phone-I have the contract one, ahaha so I don’t have to worry about credit.
You paid for $30.00 and you get $13.00! Woah, maybe the company did a mistake? Because I’ve heard things like this happening. I hope you solve this problem. I know this is frustrating when you don’t know what is happening.
Aww, I don’t know why they’re making you attend classes in order to teach and get your certificate. But don’t ever give up on ballet if it’s your passion, ♥
BTW, I love your new photoblog!

Wow, that’s really weird how someone may have used your credit. I hope it gets sorted soon. Surely they can track down the number to see who used your credit?

At least you didn’t have a plan/bill, otherwise they could end up spending hundreds on your account. O_O

Well it’s good that you’re putting uni first. You can go back to do ballet teaching almost anytime really.

Anyway, take care. :)

Yeah, I think this layout’s been up for three or four weeks. Possibly five, but I don’t think so. Funny how I always get tired of my layouts after about the same time for each one. :O

Ah, I’m glad to hear your very good explanation on the color differences! That makes me worry a little bit less, since I probably can’t do too much about it (except use ugly colors). I wonder why web colors can’t be standardized if HTML and those things can. It seems like there’s gotta be a way to make colors look the same for every computer without actually getting into the hardware of the computer. Then again, I dunno, really. Taking programming makes me think of ideas that I’m not sure are possible. :x

LOL. I wonder if I’ve noticed this smiley before: /ho

Thank you for the compliment on the isometric. :) I think it doesn’t do my room justice, but then again, I’m the only one that would notice. ;) The one thing I really don’t like about the pixel I did is that it makes my floor look ugly. I mean, yeah, my tile is olive green with pink and white flecks, but it doesn’t look as ugly as it does in the pixel. XD

That’s really weird how it came out to be $13 when you have recharged it with $30. Could you have hit the Internet by accident or anything? But at 5am, I don’t think you would’ve. Hmms, maybe someone did hack you or something? Hacking seems like something people do really often now. I don’t believe everything is really secured nowadays even with anti-virus protection. I think hackers aren’t that stupid. I think they would have some ways to get through it.

But yeah, it’s best to call your phone company and settle the matters with them. For the time being, I don’t think you should use your phone unless the things you use are free for it. : I hope it gets settled, so you wouldn’t have to worry so much about it.

Good luck. Let us know what happens.

Sounded like you’ve got hack or it’s the carriers fault.
Your lucky, I always wanted to do ballet but it’s too expensive.
Atleast you will get good grades in ballet since you already teach it. ;)

Is three days long for you to return comments? I always return comments after I write a new blog. Do you do that or do you return them once you recieve them?

I’m glad that you’ve gotten your laptop back. :D It must of sucked not being able to do anything for a long time. I agree, you don’t realise it until you don’t have access to it or anything. :)

Yea, we’re always got to look at the good things whenever something bad has happened. I’m always looking at the bad things so yeah. :/ But it’s good to hear that you were looking at the good things when you got your laptop taken away. :)

It is nice that they’re said hello and welcomed me to the school. It sucked that I did have to move right after I settled in to my previous high school but I guess it’s nice to meet more people. Especially since I don’t really get to meet new people much since I don’t do any sports or anything. I probably won’t be moving anymore after this. Dad really wanted me and my sister to move to my current one because it was better than my last one and my older brother and sister used to go there.

That must of been so annoying about what happened with your credit. I would of been so angry. Hopefully you do find out what happened to the credit that you lost. Something like that happened to me, but it was because I was trying to download free music from this magazine promotion but it kept taking my credit. >__< I wasn't very happy in the end. It would suck if someone did hack into your phone and used your credit. Especially with $17 of your $30 gone.

I’m really sorry to hear about your phone. I would definitely be panicking too if I in fact found out that my credit was lessened especially because I don’t have unlimited, so I am always cautious. D: I never really thought that someone could hack a phone. Ekk! That’s scary. I hope you get things cleared up Monday though! (Y)
As for the ballet teaching, I’m sorry. Maybe you can find something else that you have a passion for. :)
Love the new photoblog. Recently, I have seen a couple photoblogs and they really are inspiring. I am debating on whether I want to start one or not, considering I really want to get into photography..hmm, we’ll see! Anyways congrats on that!

Wow. I would be highly angry if a phone company was doing that to me. We once had a $10 ‘data’ charge on our phone bill and we weren’t able to even use that stuff, so no idea. I think they try to get away with random things sometimes. Good luck I getting that fixed! At least you showed your parents and explained so they don’t think you’re trying to be sneaky or something.

I like the new comment look :)

Haha I will (:

LOL, TRAVEL WITH JAMES :D Haha then you won’t be alone! (: Or just with a group of friends who would want to go as well !

Hah yeah, but I think that’s natural for most people, to be iffy about their work. Some people though, are quite the opposite. Always thinking their work is amazing. But it’s always fine to be proud of your work, just not in a show off-y way.

Yeah! Also, you should even be grateful that someone let you dissect them, and you make fun of it?! Not cool at all. Yes, such a silly guy. You would think someone would have told him that it was rude.

Hah yeah it would, also because it isn’t a very common job. You won’t find thousands of keyboard cleaners in your area. And you can charge a lot because there is no competition XD

LOL WHOOP! I heard you had NO comments to return left! Congrats! Hopefully, these comments don’t put you behind :D

Yeah, sometimes it depends. I’ve been best friends with my friends for so long, I can never imagine going to school without. Especially people like me, who don’t handle change that well. I always fear that people won’t accept me -__- in elementary school, people always made fun of Asians, and there were only 3 Asians in my grade, and me being the only girl, I got offended easily.

LOLLL! Hahah awww! The kid who is going to an all boys school, his school is like right next to an all girls school, and my friend is worried that he’ll find another girl LOL. Haha ah, young love XD Haha, that’s good though, that he is doing well.

LOL. I read this list called “You know you’re Asian if..” and it had a list of things. I related to like ALL of them. Haha XD. LOL, I’m sure you’re brother will do great, especially since you just said he’s doing really well LOL. XD Well, both of your interests sound really cool. No doubt your parents are proud ;D

Haha yeah! I told my dad about that 60 year old at your university, and my dad was like “Yeah, people do study when they are older, because they missed out on the opportunity when they were younger” That’s why I have to start early and not put it off ! :D
Aww, maybe she needs some good old sleep XD. I hope she’s fine (:

LOL. Ah, I haven’t been to the zoo since the summer. I went to Hershey Park, in Pennsylvania and they had like a zoo! It was really cool !

Haha, I need to find a Viet place here! I’ve seen it where my sister is at college, but not here! But I’m sure I’ll find SOME place with it.

LOL, you should go visit him, and be like “DUDE WHAT THE HECK, MARRY HER” LOLLL Haha XD

Wahhh! I hope you can get things cleared with your phone. My sister once, got charge like $130 for texting fees. Meanwhile, she didn’t text! Turns out, something was like “sending” texts from her phone, every single second, to a number we’ve never seen. We got it fixed though, and they blocked her texting to prevent it from happening again.

Aww sorry to hear about the whole dancing situation. That must stink, they should really have told you before!

YAY for Indecisively! I love the name (: Haha xD

Aww, sad to see o1s go. But I love the sound of! The name you chose is fabulous. :D I enjoyed visiting o1s once in awhile to enjoy the wonderful photography you take.

Aargh. I hate being charged in big numbers. I hope the phone thing gets resolved soon, and isn’t too serious!

Take care, Georgie.

Hey Deena. :) Thanks for your comment.

It is sad, because I’ve had o1s for a whole year, nearly. I love my new photoblog though! I guess now you’ll have to visit instead. ;)

Thank you! ♥

Take care. I hope everything is going well with you. :)

Ah, I’d rather have carpet! With tile floors and cement walls and being the basement of the house, it gets very, VERY cold in my room in the winter. :( And while everybody else in their houses sleeps without blankets in the summer, I can still keep three or more on because it’s so cold!

Ahaha, when I first started dabbling in HTML six or so years ago, I always used the web-safe colors. XD Some of them aren’t too bad, but there sure aren’t many options!

Wow… hm. Making your site look all right for the color blind… I guess all that would really matter is that they can see the text. That still things like a hard thing to do. :/ Yeah, you certainly can’t cater to everybody. Still, I wish that I could look at my layout in either of my two computers and see the same thing. I just made a really cute base on my desktop, and now that it’s on my laptop the shade of pink is all off and everything looks a little weird.

Ah, well. Such is the life of a webdesigner. :P

Why, congratulations on having moved your plog to a new domain. I’ve been wanting to move my photoblog to its own domain as well but my lack of money is keeping me from doing so. Hmph. Hopefully I get to save myself enough money to get myself a credit card and finally be able to buy me a few more domains I could use :D It would be nice to be just like you guys, managing several domains at once, though that would definitely make me lose time ;)

It always sucks when cell phone companies charge you for something you didn’t do right? Meh, that always happens here. :( Text messaging around here is cheap; it only costs 1/50th of a dollar per message, and you could also get unlimited texts for a fixed rate, but that still hasn’t kept companies from cheating their own subscribers. In fact, they often secretly charge for unwanted spam originating from their own system, and charge too much for connecting to the internet. It’s always unfair business, and us typical people have absolutely no say about this, knowing what giants in the business telecom companies are around here; they could even mess and muddle in politics. Alas! They’ve made everyone’s lives revolve around them.

I like your new domain name! But I’ve always wondered, when you transfer something like a photoblog, what do you do with all the other posts? Because you used the other for a year, so is all that photo blogging gone? Just curious…

I’m sorry ballet has lost its fun for you due to not being able to teach. But even though, you should see if there’s a way to try to continue it, like practice on your own and such. I used to do so many things when i was little, like ballet, and tap, and soccer, and gymnastics, and I dropped everything and now I wish I had stuck with something.

Sucks for having your phone credit. D: I have had the same problem but it was my phone company’s fault. They keep sending me this supposed to be “free” ringtones and stuff and after checking my balance, I lost a LOT! /pow And to think that the ringtones they are sending are super nerdy and ugly too. /poo

What phone are you using btw? Its true that sometimes it can be hacked in a university. My friends phone was hacked when she was using it on our campus. D: Luckly, her nude phones were safe. Jokeing. ;)

Anyways, I feel bad about you not being able to do ballet teaching. I hope you will be ok abou it. And congratz on getting a new domain for your photoblog! (Y)

Hey Georgina, Nice to hear from you, I visit your site every so often but wasn’t aware you knew mine existed lol. I am weird like that, I think no one knows my site exists since I dont get many comments. Anyway that was kinda random…

Thanks for the comment by the way :) Glad I am not the only one that thinks vlog recording is weird, I don’t like it, i sound unnatural and forced.

Yeah I like seeing other sites made by Australians since most are American or something.

I hope you had fun with your boyfriend when you’s went out.

Hopefully you can get your credit situation sorted out, I am with Optus so when I buy $30 credit i get $300 of credit for text and calls etc. Unfortunately though it expires after a month. I need to buy more now but I have to wait for a week or 2 till I get some $$.

By the way, I am amazed by the amount of comments you have :) I would die if I got that many, I find it hard enough to reply to 10 comments lol.

Anyway, take care :)

ARGHH!!! I hate it when that happens… am not sure if this already happened to me but urgh, i hate people hacking into accounts and urgh, STEALING things. *hugz* I hope it’ll all be settled soon! You should really explain to the phone company.

Wow awesome you know ballet!! hahaa I would have loved to learn it but mum never did take me to lessons when I was a kid. hehe


Oye i just closed outlook but zomg i just had to tell you..

I JUST MADE 68 CENTS FROM ONE CLICK. I HAD NO IDEA..i thought one would make like 6 cents per click or something. crazy.


don’t worry about being lazy about the forum. i think you might’ve emailed me this but i forgot to reply about it..gah it’s like 1:23am & my brain is slowly shutting down. SO IT IS 5am for you..right now? i hope i’m right gah. or would i not subtract 24 & add 18 hours to 1:24am to get 19:24 am which means 7:24pm…?

i’m guessing it’s 7:24 pm because last time you said it was 9 am & well, you can’t have gone by that fast to 5 am. wtf. okay so you don’t subtract 24 when you can easily add 18 hours & be within 24.

ANYWAY. so yeah no worries. zomg i forgot to make the stuff though because i have been procrastinating on my effin lab report. okay tomorrow. i will work on the damn report.

ive changed my number twice and its stopped, lets hope it doesnt happen to u anymore

Yes. My parents still care about my sister although she is 24.

Yeah, exactly. They will get caught SOME day.

Hehe yes. My mom saw that dream years ago but still does not want to drive. XD

Most of the universities have buildings like that here. So I would rather study somewhere abroad than in these buildings. :D

Thanks. Me too.

That’s better then, I guess. Is your SIM card still charging you like that? Hopefully you did not do anything like that. I downloaded a software by mistake once. And then I saw all of my balance had disappeared. XD

Hopefully if you want to teach again you won’t have to take the classes then.

I left a comment on your photo blog. :)

Thanks for your congratulationamabobs! Yeah, that’s a word now. I’ve decided.

My Mum’s okay with everything now, we’re getting along again- it’s my Dad that’s the problem now. He’s a git sometimes.. /angry But I’ll be okay, I don’t see him so much.

Woahh thats alot of money to lose. I hope you get it all back, it really sucks that you haven’t even spent it… But I agree with the people up there, it’s probably some evil sneaky app using your internet connection. I doubt it’s a hacker if you need a password, but then again you don’t have anti-virus/spyware on phones so maybe somebody managed to get a keylogger on there? I’m not sure, I’m better with computers then phones. xD

I guess in a way it makes sense to have to take lessons to, like they have teacher training days- you have to keep learning to be able to teach updated things, but after you’ve been taught so recently it doesn’t make that much sense. I hope you do go back to it soon, though- I know it’s something you enjoy. It’s a shame something like this has put you off of it :(

Aw, stupid website. Mr. Dino likes you though ;)

Urgh, that must be mega-mega-annoying! Silly iPhone D:

Isn’t there another way though, like, another exam you could do, so that you don’t have to attend classes anymore?

Then again, I suppose they want you to teach what you’re learning in those classes, maybe?

Yeah, those websites are really annoying though because you have to type what they want you to say so you stop typing every few seconds to see what to write next – I don’t think they are very accurate. :P

YEAH! I do remember your dress now that you mention it! It was beautiful! I remember you were sitting on a bench with James in the photo (I think the photo was on your caption contest, actually..) :)

The Fox and the Hound?? I’ve never heard of it! I went on a bit of a Disney day yesterday and watched The Little Mermaid and Pocahontas online ^_^ They were adorable <3

They sure are "Classics" for that reason! :D

Yeah I know what you mean. Anyone can be a singer these days. It’s more about your look now, rather than your voice.

I turned of the predicted text on my phone because it annoyed me. The predicted text on my ipod can be annoying but I agree, sometimes useful. I have found it ofter changes “of” to “if” and “o” to “off”. I must have fat fingers or something!

Yeah I will have to research about making fonts. I heard you make them on photoshop. I’m not sure though O_O

Cool. The Kasabian song is called “Seek and destroy”. It’s not one of my favorite songs to be honest.

Maybe it was voicemail. That eats your money! I hope you do get your money back though.

I wanted to start ballet when I was younger but I was really shy back then so I didn’t want to join in because I knew no one there. I wish I had started. I love to dance.

aww that sucks. Fortunately, I don’t experience the same prob. I barely used my phone and it’s ALWAYS has zero credit balance. I should really throw my phone now eh? LOL


if that happened here in our place that won’t really be a big deal. it’s not unusual for phone companies here to ‘eat’ our credit.
but i guess it’s a different case there. very mysterious..