Seek Out And Destroy

I am annoyed.

In my last post I mentioned that I went to the aquarium. On that day, I had recharged my phone credit with $30.00. Since I only had about 60 cents left, I had no choice.

Last night, before I went to bed, I felt like sending James a text message. It was already morning – about 2:00am, but I was bored and naturally, I thought of him. 😍

I was shocked to discover, when checking my credit by calling the free phone number, that I had only $13.00 left. I hadn’t sent a single text message or made a single phone call. I was so shocked and worried. I hadn’t even used internet on my phone.

At first I wondered if I heard wrong, and heard “thirteen” instead of “thirty”. But I checked over and over. To double-check, I requested (for free) a text message be sent to my phone, with how much credit I had left. I was still in shock after noticing that it indeed, was $13.00.

I was so ready to sleep, but this prevented me from doing so. I went on my computer to check the details of my calls online. I had apparently been charged a large amount of money for using the internet at 5:00am. This was utterly ridiculous. I have been waking up at that time for a few days, but I most certainly did not use my phone at those times.

After panicking, I decided I would worry about it in the morning. This morning I told my dad straight away and printed the table showing my usage and charges. My mum woke up and we had a discussion about it.

They think that perhaps my phone was hacked by someone when I used the wireless internet at university. I don’t think that’s possible because it requires a username and password.

It’s really left us baffled but it’s made me angry. I definitely did not let anyone use my phone since I added the credit, and have only used Tweetdeck (which is free). Unless recently it is not free? I also turned off my network so I wouldn’t use my data and use my credit. So I am really confused. O_O

My dad will be calling the phone company on Monday; that’s when they are open.

In other news… I haven’t really “announced” it formally, but I won’t be continuing with ballet teaching. My principal told me something different now. Apparently I have to attend classes as well as teach, in order to qualify for the teacher’s certificate.

I hadn’t been told earlier, and I don’t see the point when I am studying to teach. I will have no time to do both, and I don’t want to spend less time on my studies for university when I know that I need to up my grades. I feel upset and disappointed. One day I will notify them of my decision and pick up my final exam certificate.

I guess I can be a supervised teacher with what I have, but my passion has sort of died out after this.

On a brighter note, I have jazzed up the comments, and my photoblog will soon be moving to

[edit] is now open. It was my photoblog previously located at but has now moved. 😁 [edit]

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