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I’m really angry right now. In my last post I outlined my problem with my phone credit. After recharging my phone credit, it has bloody fluctuated non-stop. I didn’t use any phone credit and it went down to $13, then to $2, then next time I checked it was $13, and then earlier today it was $2, then I just checked now and it’s some $12.60.

I am outraged. /angry Now there is seriously something wrong with my phone company, because this has never happened before. Never. I’ve had my phone number and been with the same company for eight, nine years… never had this problem.

I hope it’s a glitch. I hope it’s a glitch. Nothing else would explain why my credit keeps jumping from two to twelve dollars over and over. /angry

This has caused me so much trouble for the past 48 hours. I cannot sleep without getting angry about this. I cannot stop thinking about it.

It has even made my parents fight and argue. Over something this stupid. Whatever the outcome – whether I did something wrong or whether the company had serious problems – I just want it to end right now. I’m fine with admitting I did something wrong, but that does not explain why my credit is going up and down non-stop. /hmph

Sigh… today my dad and I went to church. I hate it so much that my younger brother gets out of it, just because he’s moody and has “work” to do. Yeah right; he plays games right until the last minute. It’s just not fair that he doesn’t go. 🤬

My mum didn’t make an effort to make him go. :( I talked to my dad about it, upset. He asked why I didn’t like going… and I kind of spilled the beans that I didn’t really have much faith in God anymore.

He said, “Well… I won’t force you then.”

I guess he kind of forgot about it later. Lately I’ve been so distant from God and I don’t feel like he’s helped me much these many years, and that’s why I don’t feel it. I don’t feel the faith because of that.

It has left me feeling a little upset. Now I feel like I shouldn’t have said anything, because I feel like it was bad. It was a “sin”. To say it out loud. /ehh And now I feel sort of bad. 😢

Being a Catholic since I was born, I can’t imagine just stopping. It’s hard to figure out my feelings now. I feel like it would be so weird to step away from my religion. I’m open with religion now – I respect other people’s beliefs and so on.

I don’t really feel like talking about that anymore. I just needed to get things out. I’ve felt so angry and sad the past few days. :(

I’ll facilitate discussion and hopefully you can all tell me a random fact about yourself and your family. :)

… I need a hug.

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:( *hug*

I’m sorry things have been really shitty for you lately. I understand.

I have no idea what’s going on with your phone company. You’ve called and spoke with them..? Do they know anything? If so, I would keep calling back and asking to speak to higher ups until they can figure something out because that is awful. They should give you back any money you have lost and then credit your account extra. Just keep pushing; don’t succumb to them. Something similar happened to a friend here and my sister, who used to work at a phone store, said just keep pushing until they give in, because they will.

I’m not a big fan of going to Church, I’ll be honest. But I do believe fully in God. I know life has been really hard for me, starting from.. birth. I had to watch my dad beat the shit out of my mom, lived in a house with drugs and alcohol (mostly just pot) until I was 8, then they started making/selling/using Meth in the house. My mom left my dad and married some asshole who had a gambling problem, then shortly after my father passed away, and the list goes on and on and on.. but throughought it all, I have still managed to keep faith in God. Actually, I didn’t know much about him until I was a teenager. I sin, I know I do. But I am also saved and believe fully in God and know I will go to heaven.

God gives us many obstacles in life. MANY. Sometimes they make no sense and sometimes it feels like he isn’t even present anymore, but he is. He will never give us more than we can handle; just our limit. It’s our job to keep the faith in him and try to live a peaceful life with whatever problems we may be having. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I get so sad and angry and I feel like there is no point and that he doesn’t care at all about me.. but in the end I know he does. From my own personal life, he has helped me out in so many ways I can’t even count them.

Maybe Catholicism isn’t the religion for you? Maybe you would be more satisfied with another..? or maybe you just need to find your own beliefs; whether religious or not. Regardless, try not to give up on him.

Hope that wasn’t preachy..? Didn’t intend for it to be.

I pray your day/time gets better.


*mega hugs* /rose That is really nice of your dad, though! I really admire the fact he respects your feelings and decisions. Please don’t feel bad about feeling that way, you are entitled to be honest with yourself and your spirit! *hugs again* ♥

Random fact about myself and my family, oooh! Hmm.. None of us where ever christened/baptized – mainly because my parents wanted me to make my own decisions when I got older. /eee So they kept that path open for us, I guess!

Wow. That sucks; it’s probably a glitch and I hope they fix it soon :) If the problem persists would you be able to contact them; that’s what I’d do.
I never knew you were a catholic. I was christened but the only time I go to church is on christmas eve because we sing carols (badly) xD and get free christingles >D Do you think you’ll stop going to church altogether? I’m never really too sure about what to believe when it comes to God; I mean, Id like to think that I believe in God but sometimes I get quite doubtful.

A random fact about me and my family – hmm. When we (me, my mum, dad and sister) were on holiday in the lake district, we tried to take a short cut and ended up going high up into the mountains, surrounded by snow and the car was so close to falling of the edge of the cliff face. We all thought we were going to die as the car started to fall backwards. :O Luckily we’d reversed into a turning, so we were able to turn around and head back down. It was a heart in mouth experience xD

I’ll end this with a virtual hug. *Hug* ^^

Hug ♥ ♥

I’m sorry about your phone. :( I really really hope it works out for you!

Random fact about my family…

Well let’s see…. My parents are fine, but my grandparents are realllly messed up. Both of my grandfathers are/were alcoholics. One is reformed (quadruple bypass surgery). The other still drinks and I’ve never met him. I’ve never even seen a picture of him…. Yep and my grandma was a teen mother….but my parents turned out ok…

(sorry that was random) /eee

*HUGS* :(

That’s so frustrating about the stupid phone company? What company is it anyway? (or is it an Australian one?) D:

Have you tried contacting them about it? Maybe the network are having problems with all iPhones or something? D:

That’s really sad that you’re losing your faith in God. :( My family aren’t religious so I was never brought up with religion, so I’ve never really been a religious person myself. It’s not that I DON’T believe in a God, it’s just I struggle to understand things that don’t have evidence. I guess I’m pretty narrow-minded with these things..

At least your dad understood and didn’t force you to go to church, though. Maybe over time your faith in God will grow back again?

Oh, so even if you do the teachers exam, you’d still have to go to classes then? D: That seems pretty pointless to me..

exactly! I think if they timed me to type this comment it’d be faster than when I’m copying one of those boring paragraphs. The one I did was about astronauts 😴

Yeah, I remember the dress now! It was so pretty! :)

Yeah, it probably is Disney, I mean, what classic childrens films AREN’T Disney? (well, maybe Warner Bros) :D

hey there. i cant blame you if you feel that way, i’ve been there, but ditching your religion for another would not change what cards you have. i always keep in mind and heart this phrase i once heard: “everything is perfect in God’s plan.”

Oh yeah, complain (it’s how we usually communicate with Him), but keep rowing to the shore. =p

I’m not “ditching” my religion. Religion is a belief and there is no point in sticking with something you cannot believe in. This isn’t in my case, but anyone can change their religion if they want to. Not everyone believes in the same God, to start off with.

hello ✌️
hope you’re doing ok now. i think so, although i haven’t read the most recent post. anyway, it really doesnt matter be it my God or yours, there is only one God above us all. and what he wants is- for us to lift ourselves up. i didnt mean to start a discussion, i was just cheering you up. are you filipino?

No, I am not Filipino, if you cared to read the owner page…

i just did /hehe

Hope that the cell phone company gives you your money back. That’s horrible.

As for church I can’tgo today because I have lifguarding courses. I am happy you told your dad how he feels. I think everyone feels distant from their faith t one or more points in our life. Unfortunatly something bad must happen for our faith to grow stronger. Well atleast that was for me.

Take a step back for a while. My friend ask a god in a prayer what should he do. He opened the bible to read and it opened on a scripture that said (in simple/small words) God is always with you even if you lose faith. if 1 sheep is lost out of 99 he will leave the 99 to save the 1.

I thought that was neat. I personally have never been really “away” from my faith. I have always gone to a private school skit is always their.

Here is a hug! *runs over, squeezes you* I know it is virtual but you get the idea. Lol

must go got an exam ttyl!

Have you gotten in touch with the phone company? I have similar problems with mine, I pay all my bills online and one day it will say I owe £35, then I’m getting a phone call saying I’m £70 overdue, then I check online and I owe nothing. It’s very frustrating! I hope you get it sorted!

I’m also a roman catholic, although I’ve never had my holy communion nor do I go to church, I used to when I was a lot younger, but like you I’ve sort of lost all belief. I don’t really know what to believe, I had this debate with my best friend and she believes god is behind everything and that I should say a prayer every day… but I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right :/

HUG! /eee

I am sorry about the way things are going for you right now. It seems like everything is just going wrong and your completely stressed right?

I feel like that most times too. And it feels like I can’t get away, when absolutely nothing is going right. But I am sure things will clear up. I know how that confused feeling is as well, where you don’t know how to feel about somethings.

But I think you should just listen to yourself and what you are thinking. How do you really feel? Just take time out to relax and focus on you and eventually, you should feel better. :)

As for the phone issues, I am so sorry that they are adding to your stress. Maybe you should switch companies.

I hope all goes well. :D

HELLO TO YOU TOO. I’m also glad I blogged. :D I’m going to blog again today~.

Hahaha that made me laugh. You’re not a stubborn loser! :) You’re a… stubborn winner? For getting lots of comments, I guess. :P Like I said on MSN, I miss getting more comments, even though I know they are much harder to return.

Speaking of which, I’ve gotten caught up with the ones on my old blog and am onto the ones on my new one nowww. :) It didn’t feel like a chore when I spread them out! I even did more than 30. :O

Yay,! I still love it, of course. :3

Ugh, stupid phone company. You’re still planning to call them on Monday, right? Ohhh it’ll be Monday when you see this comment… you’d better call today! D: Hopefully it’ll all get worked out. I think we can rule out actual usage of the phone, since it keeps fluctuating. It would just stay low if your credit was being used. It has to be a glitch! Like maybe something happened and you (or someone else) did use your credit until it was down to around $13, but after that, there’s no way it would keep fluctuating like that. O.o It must be a glitch. I hope the phone company can figure out what’s wrong and fix it! Then you’ll be able to stop thinking about it too. You’ll feel much better. :)

At least you’re willing to take responsibility for it if it in fact was your fault. It’s the not knowing though, like you said! D: YOU WILL FIND OUT SOON.

I agree that it’s not fair that your brother doesn’t have to go to church! I almost never go to temple, but neither does the rest of my family, so it’s not a big deal. My brother and mom have been going recently, but that’s because he needs to go to nine services by May to finish his confirmation.

THAT REMINDS ME. Remember the stupid creep client I told you about yesterday? Well he called me at like 9:30 after sending me an email, just to tell me that if he didn’t answer his emails, I should call him and yell at him. He was like “I get yelled at enough by my wife anyway”. It’s like wow… he shouln’t be making those kind of comments!! He has a little two or three year old kid who needs happy parents. =/ (I was reminded of that because he made a joke about how I must be at church, since it was Sunday morning (he knows I’m Jewish).) Ughhhh.

Your dad is so much better than my mom. I’ve said to her a couple times that I didn’t believe in G-d or that I didn’t want to go to services or do some other Jewish thing, and every time she yells at me and tells me that while I live under her roof, I WILL BELIEVE. It’s so weird… she can’t make me believe something I don’t believe in. O.o I do have more faith than I used to though. :)

I don’t think you should feel bad about what you said. You spoke your mind, and whether you say it out loud of not, it’s what you feel, and not saying it won’t change that. Besides, if you’re not sure about your faith in G-d, it can’t be a sin, right? ;)

I hope your days improve starting today! No more sad and angry Georgina, okay? /love

Lol although on a sad and angry note… the random fact I can think of about my family is that in about a week, my parents are going to get divorced. =/ My mom said her attorney told her the papers would be ready in about a week. I know it’s for the best and things will be a lot easier, but it’s fjosahofahd too, you know? Nice word choice, right? :P

I need a hug toooo. D: Let’s give each other hugs. /huuuuug

*hugs you*
I don’t personally think it’s a sin to tell others you’re feeling distant from God. I tell my other Christian friends when I’m feeling distant from God, and they understand and help put me back on the right track. I know sometimes we go through times in our life where God isn’t the most important thing…and I know sometimes Church makes you feel like you’re a loser when it comes to religion :P That’s why I always say “I learn from my bible, not my preacher, because preachers are human too.” when people are always trying to force me to go to Church “just because I’m Christian”…I feel that going to Church every Sunday does not automatically = Christian…and I can be close to God on my own XD I’m sure if you pray about it you’ll feel better…eventually :)

Um…my family…hmm…well, my sister has anger issues and we have to deal with her “hating” and “wanting to kill” us at least once a week xP

OMG DAMN IT I WANTED TO BE THE FIRST ONE ON THIS BLOG. -_- DAMN real comment coming after this. i’m just so RAWRRR

Ahaha, I’ve never before imagined that anybody could be jealous of my cold, icy room! I have to wear gloves when I’m on the computer. :O So I am jealous of you! How funny.

Why would your parents be fighting over this issue? About what best to do?

My friend Jenny is Christian (I don’t know what kind specifically), but whenever she ends up feeling lost or whatever, she usually goes to church or to a church activity that’s over at least one night, and every time she comes back she’s like, “I feel so great! I love God so much and have so much faith in him and he is my whole life.” Which is nice, since she feels happy, but she also says that she’s absolutely nobody without God and made it almost sound like she regretted everything she did when her faith wasn’t as strong (she spent a lot of time with friends then).

But since I just looked and you don’t feel like talking about that anymore, I shall stop. :)

*hugs* *hugs* *hugs*

*Hugs tight* ♥

What the fuck? That’s hideous. They stole again? There is definitively something going on from that company. If it’s not them then somebody is stealing from the company. You should call them immediately. They should do something about this.

I’m Christian the Orthodox type. I don’t really go to church that often. I only go on occasions. But I do believe in God. I have faith in him. My life has been okay. I’ve had many ups and downs, but somehow I manage to go on. I owe everything to my mother. Since my father died when I was only one and half year old, my mother was working hard to get some money. She was on her own and nobody even tried to help her. I have no idea how she managed to work and keep me save. But still I’m happy that my mother is by my side. I love her the most. ♥

Sorry about this. I hope I didn’t bore you.

I saw the photo blog. I commented over there. Heheh! XD I also like the color of the layout. :)

No my teacher is not strict at all. She is really nice. But when we are really bad in class she yells sometimes. But she’s not strict at all. She’s reasonable with the grades.

Also I get bored easily when I watch Football. I don’t like it too much. But my favorite team is Chelsea.

He does need help. I understand that he was angry about something and if he punched him in the face once. But to kill him is a lot more and you can’t forgive that.


gahh!! has your family called the phone company yet?! DAMN THEM wtf they better give you a month free or something because your credit fluctuating is giving you so much grief!!!

Ahh you’ve talked to me about your doubts & faith slipping away before. I don’t know if I told you this..maybe I did haha but my family is Buddhist. Not super Buddhist but when asked what religion they are affiliated with, they say Buddhism.

My whole life, I was raised to believe that I was a Buddhist but I didn’t even know anything about the religion. I knew more about Catholicism & Christianity than Buddhism. But I guess because I was raised Buddhist, I put “Buddhist” under my religion affiliation on Facebook. But one day I just realized that I’m not a Buddhist. I don’t believe in the things they believe in, I don’t participate in anything Buddhist whatsoever, I don’t go to temple, I don’t even know anything about the religion. So I thought, how could I even call myself a Buddhist when I simply just don’t know anything about it?

Then…I changed my religion on facebook. It was actually hard to let go because it’s supposed to be….my religion..but meh I felt like a weight kind of lifted off my shoulders. I wasn’t really lying to myself anymore. It’s not that I think Buddhism is silly because I think their way of life is very wholesome, but I just don’t particularly follow it.

Georgina, you have choices. You can choose to follow the religion you were raised to follow or you could go soulsearching & find something that is better suited for you. Your religion is something you can change because you were kind of cultivated to believe in it. All children are brainwashed to follow a certain culture. I know the term “brainwashed” is harsh but it’s the truth. We’re all brainwashed to believe that murder is bad, stealing is bad, giving & sharing = good. It’s just culture. Anthropologists have a term for this CRAP i totally forgot it. damn okay whatever butttt you get my point. haha you have a choice. the only thing you dont have a choice in the matter is your skin color, your sexual orientation, or your ethnicity.

but you were raised in australia but you could move to brazil if you wanted. you were raised to eat both meat & vegetables but you could choose to be a vegetarian or vegan (OMG PLEASE DONT. WHO EATS PHO WITHOUT MEAT??!!?!?!). it’s your choice! :) you always have a choice deary, so don’t fret. don’t feel like you’ve sinned because if there is a god, he gave you the gift of curiosity & freewill.

okay no more talking about that like you said! my parents once wrote me a letter telling me to be a good buddhist girl because i had a boyfriend my senior year of high school. ahahah i was only 17 & that freaked them out i guess. ohno our baby is growing up.

yeah well i luckily didn’t get any letters from them when i started dating johnathan. they were just like, “why can’t you just be friends?” and i was no. he’s not just my friend, he’s my boyfriend. if i let him go, some other bitch will grab him. i am not gonna risk that. FCK THEM BITCHES. hahaha.

i just can’t wait to say, “I TOLD YOU SO” at my wedding. maybe it’ll be in my vows.

the day you told me you loved me I knew I’d spend the rest of my life with you but my parents & even my best friends doubted us. well I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO BITCHES BECAUSE LOOOK WHERE WE ARE. WE’RE GETTING MARRRRIED. FUCK ALLLL OF YOU.

ahahah just kiddddddinggggg. but seriously. I TOLDYOUSO is definitely a letter i’m going to write my parents the day he properly proposes. ahhah. INYOFACELKJASL;JAKLJS;

OMG WTF WHY DO I ALWAYS GET THESE TIMES WRONG. what is your time zone? is it +10 or +9? if you are +10 then that means we are 19 hours apart. if you are plus +9 then we are 18. because i though you lived in new south wales, right? their time zone is +10. UNLESS YOU LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE ZOMG LAKJSLJLKZJXL;KJV. WHY ARE TIME ZONES SO CONFUSING?!!?!?!?!?

damn it. you’re like so far away from where i live that i just don’t even know what’s going on over there. apparently there are areas that are observing day light savings time & others that aren’t. WTF?!? CONFUSEDDDDDDD.

well it’s 11:13 am right now & according to this current local time in australia, it says it’s 6:13am for you. HRM so that means you’re +10. zomg i will get this right. it’s funny because even though it’s 11:16 am for me & 6:16 am, you’re like almost a day ahead. ahaha but it sounds so close but not. oh well.

okay i need to friggin do my goddamn lab. -_- it’s not hard, i’m just lazy hehe

I checked out your photoblog! It’s cool, plus I like the name, it’s unique.

It has to be a glitch. When they figure out the problem, the should give you extra free minutes for causing such a disturbance :D

I didn’t go to church today because my mom was too busy, but I don’t know how I would feel if I stopped going to church.

Hmm…my family is weird. In Nigeria, were actually a royal family of this one land in Nigeria, and it’s really cool. We have these 2 big house and I love going there. In America, were just a simple family with 2 parents, 2 trouble maker brother and sisters, 1 gamer geek of a brother, and one computer geek of a girl (that’s me!) haha.

Yeah, my mom wants to switch to a new cell provider because the one we have now (Tmobile) is being really, quote, “jank” these days. XD

Oh! Hugs! from me! :)

I think when we don’t feel God helping us out that is when he helps us out the most. Have you heard something like, part of my parents protecting me is me not knowing how much they protected me?

I hope that makes sense. And I’m praying for you. Whichever way you decide. :)

Wow, that is really annoying. Really hope it is the company’s fault. Try phone and complaining loads to know. They might get really scared that you’re upset and don’t want you to leave. You might be able to get some money back or some free credit.

That really sucks about your phone company, I really do hope it’s a glitch. It must be so frustrating, I do hope it works out.

That’s nice about your dad. My parents were like that, I told them I don’t really believe in their religion and they were fine so long as it was my choice and I would have to answer for anything I do. But don’t worry about feeling like that, you’re human and you have a right to be honest with yourself.


Also, I love your new domain name!

Aww! I think you do need a hug! *hugs you*

Cheer up, missy! =] You must know that God always loves you and maybe he’s putting you through so much to bring you closer to Him. Just keep your chin up!

Oh and hey! There’s a Giveaway going on over @

Little things can get us annoyed really easily and sometimes that feeling can be placed on other people as well. For example, your phone situation. : I just hoped your phone company can give you a logical and reasonable explanation for what happened to those credits and hopefully, it’s their fault seeing that you haven’t done anything for it to be your fault.

I have mix feelings about my beliefs in religion. My family believe in Buddhism and I don’t know if I agree to believe the same, but I am Atheist. I don’t feel the need to believe in religion and I don’t somewhat agree with what religion says. I’ve read about many different religions before, and I don’t see myself as believing in a particular religion. And so, I chose to become Atheist than fight to believe in a particular religion.

It’s okay to have doubts, everyone does. Just try to see if you can believe anymore or not. If not, it’s not much of a sin, since you don’t believe in it anymore.


I’m sure it’s just the phone company being stupid. Don’t let it get you down.

I’ve never been brought up with religion, I suppose I’m a bit of an agnostic. I’ve never even so much as picked up a bible though, and I barely even know the nativity story. xD My dad was brought up catholic, and I never even knew until last year. He’s never mentioned God, or gone to church or anything at least since I was born.

(((((HUGE HUGZ)))))))

Am not one to force religion or religous believes on anyone as I would hate it if anyone done that to me but I will say this maybe you need to open your heart and soul up to God and pray to him. Get a little one on one time with him and tell him what is really and truly in your heart and soul – tell him what troubles you so, have a little bit of faith and maybe he will give you the answers in which you seek.

Personally I have always had good experiences with god and any bad experiences I have had is my own doing as I haven’t opened myself up to him completely as I should and whenever I opened up myself up to him completely and let him in – accept him in my heart and soul – he always is there for me and answer my prayers in one form or another. Me getting this job is a way of him answering my prayers and I have seen him worked his miracles so often recently and even over the years.

What you are going thru now – I believe if you talk to him, he will give you the answers that you so desperately need if only you would open up your heart and soul to him and let him in…let him know what is on your mind via prayer…

And hun no it is not a sin to speak your thoughts so openly…God understands and he is a merciful God – he forgives you and loves you no matter what hun.

All The Best Sweetie

As if I haven’t prayed enough? The reason I have lost faith because every day I have prayed to God, saying the same prayer every time and has he helped patch my family together like I asked? No. I’ve had that faith and it’s gone now. If he’s giving me a challenge, so be it, but this challenge is a struggle, not a challenge.

Hey Georgina! Didn’t return your comment yet, but this is just to tell you that voting is now up at my site. You can start telling people to vote for you ! (: Voting ends on February 28th at 7:00 PM EST. :D Best of luck!

Oh hun I’m sorry about all this! What a crappy day!


First of all, I really hope you figure out what happened with your phone company. It has to be a glitch because otherwise something is seriously wrong or, like you said, someone stole your minutes somehow which doesn’t make sense. That’s just crazy!

I am also Catholic and I went through a large period of time where I didn’t go to Church, didn’t think I’d ever have faith again, and didn’t really have any hope in God. I can admit it. I think a lot of people go through that stage in their lives in early adulthood. They have to find it for themselves. Sometimes they come back to Church, sometimes they find something else, and sometimes they decide that having nothing is right for them. Sometimes just being spiritual is all that they need. I went back to my Church and now I’m involved with singing at Mass every week. I am the leader of song and I also sing at funerals and weddings and my music ministry has brought me a closer to my faith. I still have beliefs that don’t connect 100% with the Catholic Church, but I think that just makes me who I am. Going to Church always makes me feel better, especially when I get to share my gift of song with everyone.

Keep smiling. ♥


I am sorry that you feel so angry right now. T_T I really hope that it gets better for you. I bet it all turns out okay. :) I would just kind of stop letting it get to you as much, and try to think about something else. :)

Aww, I am so sorry to hear about you losing your faith on God. I think I have heard this from you before… :O I guess it is your decision.

I honestly don’t know why God have some lives perfect and some horrible. I guess it is maybe how you take it.

I don’t really think God is the one who controls your life or if he can even make things you want to happen, happen.

I just know he has your whole life planned out for you. He knows everything. Everything just sort of falls into place. :)

You’re welcome!

LOL. I did…the truth is, I was kind of glad to have a weekend with no computer. :P

Man, that is weird. O_o Perhaps your slept walked and used the internet? XD Probably not, but it was a thought hahaha!

I always feel bad when sneaking on haha. I don’t really know why; I guess it is because I am breaking the rules. I am not really a rule breaker. :P

Aww, thank you! I worked hard for them.

Ah, well we can all be selfish at times. :) I will be so grateful when people mature. I think I need to mature, myself. :P I am a complete crazy woman with friends. XD

Hahaha, when I was 10, I had a computer that we use today. XD When I was little though, we had a HUGE, boxy computer. :O Well, some little kids may not know not to accept strangers. They may not notice and realize what could happen.

Well, Facebook doesn’t filter out everyone. My mom, actually, had a random man off Facebook email her and ask her to marry him. O_o

My friend and I also experienced a “girl” who says she was 15 and in high school. She was a fake because they found her profile picture on Google.

I know….spoiled is the right term. :/ I don’t see why kids would need to have a phone.

Now – if they have a good reason, let me hear it because there could be some good reasons for kids to have phones. Who knows. -.-

It is ridiculous! >.< It is one thing to get your kid a phone, but to get them the highest price phone out there is over-the-top.

*huggles her to death*

Awww, we had that problem with half of the phone companies that we’ve tried here out in Southern California. It was like dropped call after dropped call. And add-on’s which we didn’t add on and so fourth. So I know what you’re going through.

I’m sorry that your parents are making you go to church. I’m not really much of a church goer anymore myself. I used to be cause it’s a few blocks down from where I live, but ever since I got my car I probably went like two or three times maybe. It’s just that I don’t have much faith in god anymore either. I mean, he’s never answered any of my prayers, except the car, and I did that on my own, so maybe he had something to do with it too, and maybe not. I dunno, but after that everything has just gone shitty/down hill from there.

I hate it when younger siblings gets away with everything. My younger sister is like that. But oh well; hopefully you won’t have to go to church again next sunday!

I checked out your photolog, and it’s cool. I love, love, love the layout. Who did you feature this time? So in total you have 21 domains now? Gosh that’s a lot. I’m gonna e-mail you with my new domain, when it’s up and ready. I already have a layout for it made. I’m getting better and better at making layouts I think. Now if I could just do better in coding wise, than I’ll have it. But noooooooo I suck at coding I can do a lil php but that’s about it.

Well; girlie I hope things are going well; with you. Talk to you later. OH yeah, when I get my new domain I will get a new twitter account and will definately let you know what it is ok?

What phone company are you with?

I lost faith in the Catholic religion when I was around 14.

I’m with Vodafone. I’ve had the same number and been with the same company for eight years and not had this problem.

HUGS!! ♥
I’m sorry that all of that is happening in your life at the moment. I think that your phone company has some serious problems. It doesn’t seem like it can be all your fault. Odd how the prices keep going up then down.

I’m a Catholic too and I used to go to church every Sunday while I was in Guam. When I moved out here, our family rarely went. But when our sister passed away, we decided to go a lot more. I don’t go every Sunday, but I go frequently.

I used to have that feeling of not going to church. It’s great how your going out and open and saying you don’t have that much faith in your religion anymore. I always feel much better when I go to church though. It’s like all my problems suddenly don’t matter that much.

Anyways I hope that everything gets better with you and your phone :)

Wow, that has got to be a glitch. If you aren’t going anything wrong and it goes from one price to another all through the day then it’s the company and not you. I hope your dad gets things straightened out D:

I’m of the Baptish religion. I hate going to church. I have faith that God is real and everything and I am open to other’s opinions but I just hate getting up early in the morning and sitting through the boring service. Maybe if it was a later service in the day and it wasn’t so boring then I’d enjoy going much more. I like Sunday School more than the actual service though :(

My phone is off and I just feel so lost without it. I hope it gets cut back on soon 😒 It’s sad how I let such things make and break my life.

Lol I’m attracted to some guys on sight but I don’t always want to talk to them. I do want a guy that loves me for me and all the right reasons though but sometimes you can’t tell if he’s true or not.

I can really relate to you at with the church thing. Going to church feels like a chore lately. Just when my younger sister started to go to school, that’s when my parents became really focused on going to church. My sister goes to a school run by sisters, so I can understand going to church is part of their grade. I really really, want to tell my parents that I don’t want to go, but I’m afraid of them getting mad at me. O_O

I still believe in God, though. It’s just that my parents haven’t practiced us to go to church every Sunday since I was like 3.

Ugh, yeah. I thought I was the second to comment. *wipes tear*

I’m always not in the mood to return comments, but I just feel bad when I don’t. I’m trying to return all comments ASAP so I can start on my school work. Haha, hi again, Fin and Ben!

Thanks. I recently joined a domain contest in We had a chat just to get to know each other. I don’t know how that’s related to the domain competition, but it was fun. Ugh, I know. I joined myLot and I only earned $0.18.

Haha, and people believe in 2012 so much. Why, do they want to die already?

Yes, photo booths can get really expensive. But at least they’re laminated! :P Me too. I think swimming is good for me because I haven’t been exercising lately and I eat a lot. Tsk tsk.

I wish I would get a laptop, too. I don’t really need it. I want it. But maybe I’ll make use of it when I go to College! Now that you’ve mentioned it, I remember I was having a hard time typing in my Aunt’s sub-notebook. The keypad is so small.

Yeah, I didn’t know much about jobs back then. I really suck at dancing. I’d say I’m better in singing, thanks to my mom who also has a nice voice.
Haha, it’s okay if you’re not into history. What subject are you good at?

Try reading it! It has a fantastic story. I want to tell you the story, but I don’t want to be a spoiler. On the other hand, I’m not even sure if you’re going to read it. :D

Oh man, they really have to fix that. I would be so worried and angry, too, if that happened to me. But I don’t have a phone, so…

I hate it when my parents argue over something so small. It’s just so stupid and silly. They once fought about a food recipe. I was so angry at them. They were being completely stupid. But it’s best not to join in.

It sucks to hear your losing your faith in God. I’m a Catholic, too. I guess there are times when we feel like God doesn’t care about us, but I’m sure he does.

I hope everything works out for you. :) *hugs*

Before I start my comment, woah…I love how you have the indented border around the comments. It looks AWESOME! :) You are such a good designer. :D

Awh. *hugs* ♥ This will all be better eventually. Don’t worry. I’m sure it’s a glitch with the company. I wouldn’t be surprised if there server for the whole company got hacked, you know people out there. Dumb, idiotic, and stupid. :/

I am on the same note as you on religion. I respect other people’s faith while I don’t really have one. I mean I don’t understand how “God” can exist. /huh @_@ It’s very questionable to me.
Basically, your situation with your brother was my situation when I told my parents that I thought I was Atheist…which I did think I was at first. My dad didn’t have to go to church. Now I don’t. Church has always been a burden for me. I always have hated it and envied that my dad didn’t have to go, so I just did that and it worked to my advantage. :)
Hahahahahaha. We can start over if you want. :) I can start a brand new one next time you blog. I’m gonna do that anyway, well, not next time you blog. I wont be on until Sunday so I will read that blog and comment.

Yeup. I have most of it back up. :) All I have to do on Sunday with my hosting section is add the “Current Hostees” section to the page and BAM! I’m done with that. & Then my site is completely up. I’m not doing the tutorials/reads anymore…I may put the reads up but idk. I mean I want to but I want to see how my content does on it’s own, ya’no?

Hahahaha. That’s what I did for this blog. I only scrolled up ONCE. BOO YA! hahahahaha.

I’m glad you fixed it, too. Non-working keys are the worst. My history teacher just told us his “i” key doesn’t work anymore. He has to press it two, three times just to get it to work. Hahahaha. I just laughed.

I know. HORRIBLE! I just told Kya and other people who didn’t read your blog about it and they agree. :/ KARMA RULES!

Yeah, but then again, I saw him at the movie theater on Saturday. I saw Valentine’s Day with Dante. He saw the earlier showing at 7 (we were watching it at 9:55; we arrived a little too early XD) and he walked out. My heart fell out of my chest and I got all hot and sweaty (idk why I got hot and sweaty) and I said, “Omg! Let’s go over here.” Dante just stood there not knowing what I was doing then he saw him and he looked at me & he started walking with me. I ran into a corner where I could easily walk away from him and I just looked away until Dante said, “AND, he’s gone.” I was just like wewww. hahahaha. I figured out that I’m just like that because I’m afraid that he’s gonna do what he did to me again. I don’t want it to happen again. Dante helped me figure that out. We can easily talk about stuff like that. I love him for that! ♥
Anyway, doesn’t that fearfulness make sense. Everytime I think about him, I am going to think NO and everytime I get nervous because I see him I will think NO…because that may help..I mean can’t hurt to try. Do you have any suggestions?

Yes, ahahahahaha. Some things. XD

Hahahaha. :)

Wow…that’s pretty good. I would go to it probably just as much as you do because if you go there too much then it just spoils the fun. I mean I’ve been to Disney a little too much and it’s making it less fun. I think we should wait a year or two before going again. I’ll still be able to take Dante. :)

Yeah, same here. I mean that’s stupid. It’s natural for us to eat meat-it’s the circle of life-that isn’t part of the circle of life.

Yeah, I get approved and I wait until the WARNING emails come then I get it up within a few minutes then I finish with it for good. :)

Yes, two words that rule my life. I do so LOVE MYSELF! :)

I KNOW! I totally agree. You should make a fanlisting on that. Accepting the differences in people. OH! That is good! XD I swear though, that’s what people need to do. Accept what is different from themselves.

Yeah, he does. I love him, too. I just dislike him because he is so much like me. I mean he is me basically. I don’t like that about me but I’m changing my yelling habits so that I can be a mom like my mom, a mom that your kids go yelling and crying too because they are afraid of their father. XD That’s what I did when I was younger. I swear my dad would have strangled me if he could at least 30 times in my life. I’ve had too many scary encounters with him. :/

Right…why would you do that? I mean come on that can give the wrong impression. Some girls may even think you are a whore for doing that. But who cares about them. They don’t know you, right? Or do they? o.0 Hahahaha.

Of course schools care about their reputations! If they had a bad one people would know not to send their children there.
Yep, especially when there’s a HUGE prize. That makes me want to enter.
Tell your mum to relax a bit and don’t let work stress her out, :) She could get headaches and stuff.
Ah, I don’t like Bok Choy either. And shoots, beans, broccoli, artichokes, brussel sprouts, leek and the list goes on! I think I’m lacking a bit of nutrtion, ahaha.
Oh and I like carrots too except I don’t like those white carrots.
Ehh, your credit thing is still getting on your nerves, huh? I don’t think someone hacked into your phone. Probably a glitch in your phone company like you said.
My parents don’t like prepaid for some reason. So when they pay the amount of money for the “credit” I get, I have to try and use it all up!
LOL an insult to a ballet shoe, aye? I don’t think of them that way-I think of them as shoes styled as ballet shoes which you can wear them for everyday wear. :P
I don’t like algebra at all. It’s… annoying with the x’s, the y’s, and all those terms.
I know right? lol, I probably need retainers later on.

Woah you must be pretty pissed at your phone company. It’s Monday today so tell me if you sorted it out!
Aww, I guess it’s what you believe in then. If you don’t have faith in God anymore, then that’s what path you chose to take. I don’t have a religion but at school I still learn Christian Studies purely because I think it’s interesting. Not because I am a Christian.
This is a random fact about me and my family: Whenever we go on holidays it starts to rain. I don’t know why but when we were in Queensland, it rained the whole week we were there. Then in China it rained the whole week when we were in Beijing. Except it stopped and became sunny when it was Emily’s and my birthday.
And now for your VERY BIG HUG!!! *HUGS* I wish I can give you a real hug but a virtual hug will do, :)

Have you contacted the phone company about it? Call in or something and let them know that you aren’t happy with what’s happening. That’s really poor service imo!

About the religion, I’m a free thinker so I’ll say I believe in myself and my family? Follow what your heart tells you to, I think that will be a right decision. :)

A random fact about me…. I like the rain? :P It’s always very comforting for me to know that it’s raining. There was once when I’m alone at home and there was a storm. The entire flat blacked out. That was the only horrible experience I had with rainy days. I usually like storms. :)

*hugs virtually*
Honestly, if I knew where you lived I’d walk there and give you a hug. This phone company business sounds like absolute crap. How on earth does your credit jump up and down like that? Just be patient but keep calling them. Mention legal action and they might listen to you /hehe

I know exactly how you feel about religion and going to Church. I hate going to Church, but as a Catholic from a Catholic family its hard NOT to.

One of my closest friends is a very strongly opinioned atheist who will stop at nothing to prove that religion is pointless, while my other closest friend is an incredibly devout Catholic who takes offense at the smallest mention of a rude comment towards her religion. Its hard being stuck between them, with both of them trying to convince me that their way is the right way.

Hang in there. Its okay not to go to Church – you can still be spiritual without going to Church. And even if you just feel too distant to even do that, all religions follow the same general morals and principles, so its not bad to just be unspiritual but do the right thing by you and your beliefs.

Don’t feel like you shouldn’t have said anything – its good to let it out, if that’s how you’re feeling. Who knows, things may change, but no-one is going to force you to be any religion or to go to Church or whatever.

We still love you :) *hugs*

*hugs* This is a little late since I already blogged again but thank you so much for your comment. ♥

I eventually called them but they do still have a problem with the credit going up and down. I hope it stops soon. :O

Legal action would scare them off, but I’ll have to ask my best friend about that since she studies law and I’m not too familiar with the grounds. :P

I am a Catholic as well, and usually my family does go to church, but it’s annoying when my mum doesn’t go because she’s tired, and my brother makes silly excuses.

I had a friend who was an atheist and continually made fun of other religions. It was very rude but thank goodness he changed. I also had a friend like yours who was very into God, but all of a sudden she lost it and she was completely against being a Christian. D:

That’s what I always thought. :) I never really liked church but my underlying reason is that I don’t feel like God has been answering many of my prayers. I’ll see how things iron out; maybe I’ll find my faith again.

*hugs* :)

Hellooooo! Commenting late. Bad me /bash /bash

Well actually, it’s probably my brother’s fault. Or my internet’s fault, in the rare chance it wasn’t my brother’s fault. Whatever. /pow

I have already visited and left you a comment on :) Yay! I didn’t get first comment though :( *pout*

Grrrrrr. Vodafone is so evil. They can’t even spell ‘phone’ correctly. And their site screws up too. Hmph!

It’s so strange that your credit keeps fluctuating like that. I mean, wtf? It’s not like you’re using it. And I can’t believe they only gave you $10 back. HMPH! /pow 🤬

I AM FURIOUS ON YOUR BEHALF /angry /angry I am so angry, if you could see my anger, it would be bright, bright red. Or if my anger could do something tangible, Vodafone shares would definitely be dropping in value. BY THE SECOND. RAWR!

:O They let your brother get out of church? That’s so not fair to you. I mean you’re the UNI student. And I can totally guarantee that Uni students have way more work to do than highschoolers who are in year 9. Or 10. Or whatever grade your brother is in. Seriously. We never got that much homework when we were his age. Is he forgetting you’ve been through highschool already? WE KNOW!

Hmph! Skipping church to play games. That isn’t fair at all. /angry

I’m really sorry you’ve sort of lost your faith in God. I can’t really imagine how horrible that must be for you. I was never religious but if I suddenly stopped believing in something that was a huge part of my life for such a long time, I would probably be heaps devastated too.

I hope everything works out for you. *hugs*

[And that your dad doesn’t force you to go to church anymore :( ]

Hello! Gosh, superbly late comment reply much? /um

Aw, don’t worry; I still got your comment! :D Though I do have a bunch to respond to, and you’re probably watching television right now… hehe. :)

Don’t worry! It’s the comment content that counts. /eee

Yeah, I guess that’s just their way of being fancy. The part that sucks is that this has never happened before; it’s irking me more than ever. :(

I guess they couldn’t really give me any back though. Their system problems are pissing me off big time. /angry

Sadly, it has been happening a lot lately, just because my brother is the lazy ballhead who plays games every day instead of doing his homework, then makes some stupid excuse. /angry

(Year nine, BTW.)

*hugs* I guess I don’t really mind going to church sometimes but it is not fair when it comes to my brother and mother not going. Not fair at all. :(


I hope they get it sorted out. It’s their fault it’s so Jumpy D:
And you spent so much time on the phone too /bash

Hahah, at least your dad was open minded about your decision. Which is, of course, your decision.

That reminds me of a thing I once heard. I have a puppy, and a tray of poisoned dog biscuits near his bed. I tell the puppy not to eat the biscuits, yet I do nothing to move the biscuits, make them inaccessible, or throw them away.
Do I really have his best interests in mind?

Maybe it’s just me. Religion never really stood out to me as something I wanted to live within the boundaries of. The Christians I know aren’t much happier, healthier or more satisfied with life than many other people I know in other religions or none, where according to the bible they should be. They lie to me, make me feel like an outcast, they have family fights and so on. Then they go to church and say ‘Ohey lets change the world, guys!’
Like that snide ‘Nothing a bit of prayer can’t fix, eh’ comment I made; it takes a real nut to have the incredible, fanatic faith to override the average grip on reality.

Agh. That was a big sentence /sweat


This is a late reply. 😰

Yeah, I thought it was a real waste of time. I hated how I got cut off and had to wait again. 😢 For some reason I’m so upset about that because their service could have been so much better. :(

I sort of explained to my dad why. I said that I had tried to have faith and believe, but it didn’t seem like he was answering my prayers. I hope he took me seriously because I was crying. :(

I’m pretty open minded about religion, but when it gets to the point when people are being unreasonable and pushing their beliefs on other people, or even being hypocritical… /snort I don’t know; I don’t think religion should change the way you live. Maybe lift your spirits when you feel like shit, and take a bit of time out for prayer every now and then, but far out. /argh

LOL. It was really quite funny when you said it to your sister. /sweat


When I was a Catholic I felt the same way so I understand you, but now I’m a Born Again Christian. I respect your faith and feelings~ Uhm..i dont think saying it out loud is wrong because you’re just being true to your feelings… but having no faith in God anymore-it’s up to you and it’s your choice if youre gonna fix it or it’s just how you feel. [I, as a Born Again Christian, was taught to influence others and share the Word and all. But I believe that if we do that, the choice is till up to the person and we can’t force the person to believe in what we believe in, and we’ll have to respect them of course. :) ]

Oh georgina i have a private post and I hope I could get your thoughts about it^^ password is ‘twentyone’ :) if you have time to read it, that is.^^

That sucks. My mum gets the weekends off work so we have a great opportunity to go off and do some shopping.

I’m not really in to sport either. I don’t mind watching it because that involves sitting down and being lazy! It is nice for once that Everton can win over such a big club. I love Everton :D

He was like the first celebrity I have ever seen. I’ve seen famous people in shows though and I once sat behind someone from Phoenix Nights in a theatre. That was exciting!

Yeah I hope I can do some work on those pages. Thanks for your advice about the HTML coding. I have so much I want to do but it’s just fitting it all in with the rest of my work and revision.

I never use the landscape keyboard. Like you I find it easier to type the right way up.

I don’t use voicemail either. I wouldn’t know how to! I personally prefer my ipod to my phone. My phone is a little rubbish but I don’t want to buy a new one. I don’t mind about not having a decent phone because I don’t use it a lot. I only use it to get in contact with my parents and text my bestfriend and my boyfriend.

Hmm religion is a difficult thing for me to get my head around. I was christened so technically I’m a christian. However I don’t class myself as a christian. Mainly because I don’t think I believe in God. I say ‘i don’t think’ because it confuses me. I don’t think there is a God because of all the bad things that happen to me and my family.

I don’t really have a religion at all. Both my brothers feel the same way. I think it is totally up to you what you believe in and you should never be pressured either way. I think everyone will change their views through life.

My mum and dad don’t really mind what we believe. My dad certainly isn’t religious and I’m not sure what my mum believes. Religion is definitely a confusing thing!


i hope ur phone gets sorted out soon, it sounds very weird about ur credit keeping going down then up.. dont worry sometimes we say to ourselves y does God do this and we question him..

I love the new site it looks really awesome. ♥

Oh my, what a huge pain! I hate when things like that happen and you can’t fix the problem yourself, and you have to make one of ‘those calls’ where you are kept on hold for a million years and then the people don’t understand you, hopefully your call was smoother and they did get to FIX the problem. *fingers crossed*

I hope that you can find the path that is right for you religion wise. This is such a personal journey and no one can tell you what is right or wrong. You have to listen to the inner voice inside of yourself and find what speaks to you, offers you the most guidance and sanctuary to believe. :)

Thank you! :)

The phone call was actually quite annoying. It took a while for my phone call to get through, and I got cut off after I was put on hold after talking to someone. Now the problem doesn’t seem to be fixed – they did give me some of my credit back but they weren’t able to give it all back because the system wasn’t updated… or something weird. *sigh*

They also said that they had a system problem and that’s why the money was fluctuating. O_O I hope they fix it soon too.

Thank you. :) ♥

I hate phone companies. They always mess up!

Hope you don’t mind me flooding your comment box xD Just came to say thank you for the message; you have know idea how happy I was when you said you liked my layout. I’ve always admired your work … And now I’m starting to sound like a suck up :D

I can get online now! I’m back home and had great trip, thank you :) I need to update the site and add visitors content immediately; I’m just finding it hard to keep up with school and what not. :(

Thanks again ;)

Woahh, I hope you get the cell phone stuff sorted out :| that suckss. It happened to my sister before, she had a bunch of charges on her phone bill for ringtones and games that she never bought. She didn’t have them on her phone, but the company said their records showed she bought them.

My mom fought them over the phone for a few days about it, because they just put her on hold half the time. /bash

Maybe it’s good that you did say it out loud. I’ve never been religious, but maybe actually saying it could help you realize how you feel. It was nice that your dad didn’t make you go once you did say it. it’s not your fault that you feel that way, and maybe in time you’ll start to feel differently.

but you said you needed a hug, so *hugs* ♥

I would be checking around for someone else to get a phone through. Or I would be on the phone 24/7 until they got this problem figured out. I hope it’s nothing major wrong with everything tho. When I was younger for some reason my brother always was able to get out of going to church, but I always had to go. ugh. He never had anything to do at all so he just was able to sit home and watch TV.

*virtual hug* How everything gets better!!! ♥