Shine On You Crazy Diamond

With the problems regarding my phone company… I’m still majorly pissed off. I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong anymore; it’s making me really upset.

I did call the phone company. I almost feel sorry for them because of this problem and them having to listen to me. In the end, after a lot of waiting and explaining, they were able to give me $10.73 of my credit. That’s the money that came up on my call details as being used for internet usage. They were nice enough to make the adjustment and give that much back.

They couldn’t give the rest back, so I was left with $23 instead of $30. The reason was because the details couldn’t be updated in real-time so unfortunately they couldn’t give any more money back.

I am pretty disappointed. I asked them about the problem with my phone credit going up and down, and they said it was a system problem. Far out, I really hope so, because it’s giving me a heart attack every time I check my credit and I barely have any money left. 😢

I just hope it gets fixed soon, magically, amazingly… :( In the meantime I’ll steer clear of doing too much on my phone. I can handle that, at least. I don’t think I’ll be checking Tweetdeck non-stop. I hope that eventually the problem will be sorted!

Today my mum got a haircut and we went shopping and spent some time together. It was nice, but I was ticked off that she didn’t like me having my hair boofed up in a “scene”/”emo” fashion and that I chose to wear a plaid dress. /hmph I don’t mind dressing up nicely and in a more feminine fashion but I wanted to wear something comfortable. Needless to say I had an okay day, even though I really wanted to be home and lazy at my computer.

I’m not annoyed at my mum, but at the fact that she did take a while trying to respond to an email which led to a lecture about my bad grammar (ugh, excuse me…). /oh

It just ticks me off when people waste my time. Maybe not in this sense… but sometimes someone sends me an email asking for help. I love helping people but not when they aren’t even thanking me. I have wanted to make custom layouts for people but since a bad experience a few years ago, I don’t want to. Someone had asked me to code a layout for them and they didn’t even use it at all. They asked someone else to completely make a layout. /angry

Another thing: comments. I love to return and respond to comments, but now I don’t really care. I might “restart” a few conversations I’m having with people through comments, because I’m just feeling worn out at the moment. :(

I also don’t see the point of responding to comments when some people don’t ever respond back. Or even through an email or on their website.

A while ago I commented on someone’s website. Yesterday I visited their site, and I read on their recent blog, “I returned all comments!”

Save mine. 🐽

University starts in seven days. Don’t bring me down… no no no no no, woohoo… tell me once more before you get off the floor. Don’t bring me down… ♪ ♫ /ehe

Tell me what song you have in your head. 🙄

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I don’t have much to say, I just thought since I had nothing to do, I might as well drop a comment.

It’s good you had some of your credit back, but it could have been better if they gave you back 30 instead of 23.

It’s nice to hear you and your mom had some bonding time. I’m much more closer to my dad than my mom, and sometimes I feel like I pay more attention to my dad that it makes my mom sad.

I wish I could bond with my mom sometime in the future. I know that would make her really happy.

Ugh, I hate it when my mom lectures me about my clothes or something. I’m old enough to know how to dress properly. She forces me to wear flashy clothes like skirts and stuff. I’m not a skirt and stuff person.

Your mom lectured you about your grammar? Haha. Why did she have to? Your grammar is perfectly fine. I haven’t read any mistakes in your post so far.

Um, I guess that’s it. See you!

Woot! Second comment! Yaaaahhh.

Awww…crappy phone company :( I hope their system fixes soon. Crappy system. Crappy vodafone. Crappy, crappy, crappy. Hopefully your credit doesn’t disappear when you need to make a call because that would be annoying D:

It sucks that they couldn’t give you back all your credit /angry I would be so angry. I mean if you PAY for $30 that’s how much you expect to use. Hmph! /pow Oh well at least they gave you back some :) Better than nothing.

Ughhh…it is so annoying when parents don’t let you wear what you want. They want you to do stuff and only want you to do it THEIR way. It’s like. Hello? I’m not a little kid anymore. And I don’t even LIKE your way. Grrrr! /angry It’s so frustrating. Because you’d get in trouble if you argued with them.

What’s wrong with puffy emo hair anyways? It looks cool! At least you didn’t fully paint your eyes with eye-liner!

Omg, I can totally sympathise with your time-wastage thing. I absolutely HATE it when people waste my time. Like when someone calls me and takes FOREVER to ask a question. And in the end the question is something they could have easily worked out themselves. It’s like: HELLO? I AM NOT YOUR FREAKING DICTIONARY. And omg…when they say ‘I forgot what I was going to ask you’. That is total crap. How could you forget the reason why you wanted to CALL in the first place? Jeez, at least make up a reasonable excuse.

Grrr! You took all that effort to make a layout and they didn’t even use it. Hmph! That’s just mean of them.

And it’s also mean of that person to ignore your comment. Rude too. All comments my arse!

Wow! Uni starts soon for you D: Hope you don’t have too much uni work.

Yeah, it’s so crappy, crappy, crappy! :(

I did have to make a call the other day. Other than that I have barely used my phone, but the credit still keeps going up and down. /angry

I guess they tried, though. If this problem just keeps on going then I am going to call them again. It’s their job to fix it!

Ooh, you’re totally right. I know some people rebel against their parents, but you and I can’t. I like that we’re alike in that way. Sometimes I badly want to snap back or rebel, but that would only make things worse. Sometimes I take comfort over looks… I might not want to dress up nicely! Pfff.

LOL true. I didn’t paint my eyes and make myself look like that. :O

Yuck, I agree. It’s most annoying when it’s someone you dislike. I didn’t really mind my mother wasting my time but obviously the consequences leave me quite annoyed. But, when someone bothers you and then wastes your time… it makes you so mad. Usually they can sort things out themselves. /angry

Yeah, I can say I’m never doing that again – unless they pay me and I get something in return for my hard work. I wouldn’t mind doing it for friends I can trust, but ehh. /ehh

I hope so too! I swear I’m going to be on top of it all and actually do all my readings this time! /bounce

Hellooooo :)

Haha yes I saw your tweet saying your mom was getting a haircut. I kept remembering your car. haha XD

Haha I don’t return all comments. Only when I feel like it. But somehow I feel kinda burdened when I return them so I just do. -_- sniffsniff.

:( for your phone problem! At least they gave you some money back. Why don’t you change phone company to a better one or one that isn’t going to cause you to loose money?

Mums always want their kids to dress all old like and not to follow fashion or whatever. My mum buys clothes for her sister still (she’s 14) and she dress all old fashion like! She doesn’t care tho because he isn’t even in to clothes or having her own style. She just wear whatever my mum gets her. I however refuse to wear anything my mum buys me! It always looks a bit funny :S

Argh, phone companies are such a pain to deal with. /bash Sometimes when I have to call Optus I feel really glad we don’t use corded phones anymore because their call centres would seriously make me want to strangle myself with it. O_O It’s good that they credited you back some of the money though.

That’s nice that you had a bit of “mother-daughter time” with your mum, even if she wasn’t terribly approving of your hair and clothes. But I guess most parents are like that – conservative I mean, lol. I’m not sure what her problem with the plaid dress could have been though…I always thought plaid was kind-of cute. *shrug*

I can understand how irritating it must be when people are so rude and ungrateful. For me that’s one of the best things about being completely useless and untalented – no one ever asks for my help. XD I don’t think you need to worry so much about returning comments and such though. Sure, it’s polite to do so, but if people are going to get pissed because you miss one or two, then I reckon that’s their problem not yours. I think because you do so much online (with all your sites I mean), people forget that you have a life offline too. :(

Ah, uni starts for me in just 6 days now – eek! I have to go to campus this Thursday though to do a lab safety test so as to reassure them I’m not likely to burn the building to the ground with an unattended bunsen burner or something. :P

As for the song in my head, right now that would be “(I’m gonna be) 500 miles” by The Proclaimers. Classic! :)

Haha, we’re on Telstra for our home phone and our whole family is on Vodafone for our mobile phones. It’s not that bad – this is the first time we’ve had such a problem.

Yeah, it was alright actually – I don’t usually mind hanging out with my mum… but grrr.

You’re right – it’s hard not to take a glimpse into past incidents though – people making a big deal out of me returning comments late. 😰 Oh well, it really is their problem and not mine.

It’s most rude when someone doesn’t really think of me having an offline life and think I am here 24/7. That is not the case.

I start next Tuesday! I am looking forward to using the wireless since my brother capped us. /angry

Good luck with that lab safety test! As fun as it may be, there are other times to burn down a building… /hehe

If it was the system’s fault of your phone company, I think they should get to the bottom of this. What if other people are experiencing the same problem? But at least they are willing to give you most of the money back. I’d say, try another phone company. I know they have been reliable to you for quite some time, but sometimes there are faults and things can change. Have you looked at any other phone companies that you may be able to switch over for better service? I would at this point. I wouldn’t want my credits to keep disappearing like that. :

My mom always makes me go out with her and most of the time, she says…during our outings together that she doesn’t like bringing me out and all that stuff. Ironically, she keeps bringing me out. Sometimes I like going out with her, but for the most part I don’t. I just wished that she can honor my decision of not going out with her sometimes instead of making me. Yeah, she likes me to make myself presentable and nice-looking when I go out with her, but that’s not me. I like my hair down, but she likes my hair up and all these things she wants, but I don’t like doing. I’m so fed up, but I don’t want to talk to her anymore so now, I just do some (or maybe most) of the things she says.

Aaarw it really sucks about your phone thing! At least you got some of the money back, though. Over here they wouldn’t even make an effort to find out what the problem is. Customer services are rubbish in England, from my experience anyway..

Urgh I hate it when people judge you or don’t want to be seen with you because of what your wearing. So what if it’s a bit less feminine than usual? They’re just clothes. The other day, I painted my nails a really pretty purple colour, I loved it. But my Mum said that although she liked the colour, it looked too gothic because it was too dark. She made me take it off, her excuse was you’re not allowed to wear nail polish to school /poo

I hate time wasters! Especially when you have more important things to be getting on with.. it just makes no sense. But you can’t turn round and say, ‘hey, stop, I have other things to do, sorry’ without sounding rude. It gets so annoying!

I hope you do go back into ballet!

Surprisingly, it wasn’t awkward at all meeting up with him. One of the reasons why I took a couple of friends along with me was because I wasn’t sure if I would still get along with him as well as I used to in the flesh. But we do, and he’s lovely XD Not to mention the fact that I think he’s rather good looking.. /ho

Oh dear. Atleast you stuck with it and got some credit back.. it’s more than I thought you’d get that’s good. Crazy system. When does your contract expire with them/when can you go elsewhere? I’ve been with the same phone company for ages and they’ve been great.. thank goodness.

I’m interested to see what your hair looked like all emo’d up. Thats the supposed haircut I got last time I got it cut, in November, but I don’t style it that way. When she first cut/styled it though it looked good! I’d also love to see that plaid dress. <3 plaid. It's really a bummer to not get to dress how you want..? I couldn't imagine. My mom never cared what I wore (or did for that matter) so I could be as crazy or plain as I wanted.. I think I took it for granted :/

I can't believe people keep screwing you over. It sucks for those who want stuff and would properly credit/appreciate it, but at the same time.. you can't just keep getting burned over and over, ya know? :/

Ahh I know how you feel. I actually haven’t been able to return comments lately even though I wanted to, so I’m doing it all now haha. I hope all goes well with your phone usage. My mom actually wants me to have a better style like what you have described. Apparently I wear clothes that are much too casual, while my mom loves extravagance. Yet she lectures me on being to eccentric haha

Well it’s good that you got some of the phone things worked out. I’d still be pissed if I were you as well. This situation must be so frustrating. 😰

Ugh, moms…they can get to be soo annoying and piss you off sometimes, but I think they only want whats best in the long run. And I totally get where you are coming from; just wanting to go home to get on the computer. Lol /eee

Okay, talk about waste of time. I don’t believe some one completely disregarded the coded layout you made for them!! That’s one thing I am kinda iffy about doing when I offer my free services, because some people take advantage of the things that you work sooo hard on. :( Did you ever confront that person? I would have. /pow Haha!!

I hate when people don’t return comments and they say they do. I mean, yeah, I get if they are busy or something but I hate that they aren’t busy enough to comment some people’s blog and not yours..ya know what I mean? It makes me feel kinda weird /hmph

I love to use your smilies, can you tell? HA, well good luck with school!! I hate it so…I hope you the best!

Oh and I have Look at me by TaeYang stuck in my head. It’s a great song!!

Well atleast they gave some of your money back. But hopefully the problems will go away or work themselves out.

I always have a song stuck in my head, but right at this moment, I don’t. I’m blank all over. lol

Yeah, it’s better than nothing. It’s so frustrating but I’m trying to forget about it. I don’t want to have it constantly on my mind!

I usually have a really annoying song stuck in my head. Lately Lady Gaga has found her way into my head… LOL.

thank you for signing up! It means alot =]

I’m glad that you atleast got some of your money back. i don’t think its fair that you didnt get it all back but its better than nothing, no?

I know how you feel about comments too. I hate when I comment someone and they answer everyone elses but mine and I comment regularly! Even if i’m super busy and can’t find the time to blog, I comment back. Ugh! Some people =/

The song I have stuck in my head right now is “Help! I’m alive” by the band Metric. I love it!

That’s good that you got some money back, but at least they didn’t give you no money. They still should of given all of it though! hopefully it wont happen again.

There’s nothing wrong with scene/emo hair, it looks cool :)

I hate it when people waste my time, :O that’s so rude that someone asked you to make them a layout and then they asked someone else. Shocking, I would be so pissed off.

I would rather be at Uni than school! sometimes school is so boring and I just want to get to Uni! but people say I will miss school.

Right now I have “Riding Solo” in my head, by Jason Derulo. My friend always gets it in my head since she loves the song so much.

LOL! most of the time I pick expensive things :O I have expensive taste. Sometimes I might pick cheap things if my mum gets angry at me!

Sorry for replying to your comment late, I just forgot to check my website for a while and not replying much of it :(

I don’t have a song in my headd that is stuck but DAMN WTH AT THE PERSON WHO DIDN’T USE YOUR LAYOUT.

Why ask someone to make you a layout when you don’t even use it!?! rude. i can’t believe you actually make custom layouts for people!! that’s so nice. i’m so afraid that they’ll tell me how horrible it looks or criticize that i’m secretly crying behind my monitor or something haha. but i can see why you don’t do that anymore.

BUT I JUST WANNA LET YOU KNOWW..i appreciate your wonderful help when you helped me out with validating. hahaha i gave you a little shout out a while back! :D

but i’m not the type of person to ask in my blog, “georginaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa help me with my messed up anchor. it’s not working.” ahhaha

i can imagine your comment, “SCREW YOU BETCH DO IT YOURSELF” just kiddding lulz.

OYE so sorry to hear about this phone crap. system error..they better fix that shiz or you call them up & ask for you $7 or else!! OR ELSE YOU SWITCH PHONE COMPANIES!! hahaha

mothers are so critical! my mom is like that too although she’s flippy-floppy. hahaa she’ll tell me i’m fat one day & then another day when i tell her i want to lose like 10 lbs she tells me, “NO YOU’LL BECOME ANOREXIC & DIE.” or something to that extremity. hahaha OR OR..she’ll tell me that i’m ugly & then another day she’ll tell me i’m pretty. -_- mothers. your biggest critics but also your #1 fan. sometimes. haha

The current song stuck in my head right now is: Owl City’s If my Heart was a House. :)

Anyway, I am glad that your phone’s service provider returned some of your credits. Here in our country, it’s very rare that phone networks wouls return missing credits. They’re greedy like that. But I really do hope that they can fix that system problem that they are experiencing right now. It’s no fun when there are missing credits.

I think there is nothing wrong with wearing clothes that you’re comfy with. Maybe your Mom is not that used to seeing you in another fashion statement. But since it’s what makes you feel comfy, she’ll understand it… I hope. XD

And I also hate it when people waste my time. D: I had an experience once, and this person was the one who got angry to me. The nerve of this person!!!! Anyway, people who waste other people’s time are awfully insensitive.

Ooh, sorry typo. Wouls = would. Sorry. :/

I have the rather profane Tik Tok parody (by the Midnight Beast) in my head :/ We studied it in class today O_O

That phone company business is dodgy… You can’t just have your customers’ credit muck up, then not give it all back?

Oh well, at least you have a little more than you did before. I don’t have a mobile phone (shockhorror!) so I wouldn’t know, but hopefully it’s enough.

One off commenters are annoying, especially if you take the time to reply to their comment and they never come back. But I’d hate to have to reply to the amount of comments you do D: Sometimes you get over 80 on one blog!

Haha, I have heard a few Tik Tok parodies; not that one though. :P

Yeah, it sucks. But I’m trying to keep it off my mind, I guess. You’re lucky you don’t have a mobile phone because it’s a little less worry! ;)

I try to respond to comments whenever I can and whenever I have the time. It annoys me when someone just doesn’t return mine back at all. :(

I used to get at least 80 on the same blog but now it’s down to about 50 or 60. Ahaha.

Aww, it’s Scammed Wuggs! *HUGG*
At least you got the $10 back /bounce

It’s a start.

Ngawee, I think it’s cute how you went with your mum for her to get a haircut. That’s so cute /love
it’s Nice Wuggs /eee
Too bad about the clothes thing. /bash

Yeah, screw comments. HRRRRRRNG

The song in my head right now is Seagull, by Bad Company. It’s very :)


*huggg* It’s something. :) But I’m annoyed that my credit is going up and down. :( Maybe I really am accidentally doing things or Tweetdeck is being a whore? I’m trying not to let it get to me, but it’s so frustrating because nothing is actually coming up on my call details showing me what I have used.

I usually go with my mum to get a haircut. /eee

But I must respond to your comments at least. /love

aww, wtf is wrong with your cp company? err.

bonding time with Mom. I know it was fun, even though sometimes you think you should be sitting pretty at home bumming. :)

Phone companies always seem to give us some kind of problem! Glad you had an OK day!!

Ack, sending you positive vibes for University and all things! *hugs hugs* Hope the rest of your week is great!!

I’ve got Chris Daughtry’s “No Surprise” in my head right now =)

awww , im glad you got some money back, even though not all of it ! i hope it doesnt happen again :/
your mom sounds like she cares about your image a lot , but it is your choice of your hairstyle and just style in general (: im sure she’ll understand your choices !
i get ticked off real easily, especially with my mom cause she’s real slow at things and i’m like my dad, real fast. but idunno, my mom just says im such a troubled girl haha.
sometimes i dont have anything else to say to someones comment so i really do ‘restart’ a comment, just like this one haha (:

GEORGINA! GUESS WHAT?! I GOT A DOMAIN! :) :) Lol, *jumps up and down* 👏

LMAO, my mom is sooo like that.
Whenever something pisses her off and she feels like she’s being ripped off, (she’s touchy about money) she’ll go off at the company who made her mad.
But we usually get our money back :)

Aww, man, that definitely is not fair about your phone. But hopefully (leprechaun magically, St. Patrick’s Day, tehee) it’ll all work out. :)

Aww, that person is definitely not nice. :/ I mean, if you go through the time and effort (and backbreaking coding) they should at least put it up! If not I believe they are /poo

Aww *hugs* yeah, the number of comments you get, could be a bit overwhelming. :/
It’s alright though, people will understand if you don’t reply right away or something.

Back to university! Have fun! :)

I usually take the liquid medicine because I cannot take pills/tablets. : I usually choke on those and then it’ll be a waste of money. But I’ve gone through half the bottle now and I am not getting any better. I guess I’ll have to find another brand or a stronger dose of medicine. :(


Hey you, my domain that you’re hosting is up and running and I will no longer be blogging at Yay! The biggest thanks in the world goes out to you and my grandmother. ^_^.

Also have you ever did a tutorial on custom_smilies? I think you should. That’ll give you something to do. If it’s not there at the moment. I looked and couldn’t find it so I’m assuming you haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Anyways, I know what you mean about making someone something and not using them/it. I got rid of my visitor’s section because I know for a fact, that noone’s going to use them if I did make them icons/banners/whatever. Ya know? It just seems so pointless.

I’m sorry that the girl asked you to code a layout for her and she didn’t even use it. What a jerk. I’d never do that. I would’ve made her pay for it.

Hmmm, what song do I have stuck in my head? Time For Miracles by Adam Lambert. Yup Yup that be the song. lol.

Hmmm, return comments when you can. You get a butt load of comments each day, and it’s hard to keep up with them. I know I’d be stressing myself out even further if I had a butt load of comments to return. :O.

Oh yeah! is up and running!!! :D Go me! WOOT WOOT!! Well; girlie I’ll leave a more longer comment than this one but I’m tired as hell. So I will talk to you later, btw add me on msn.

If that was my phone, I would be calling the phone company non stop. It’s because my parents are the ones who pay for my bills. So if I don’t call, I’ll probably either dead or have my phone confiscated.

I haver been shopping for a while. Which really sucks. Heck I haven’t been outside the house for a month! Except for school and church. I guess school’s been keeping me busy as usual and the olympics too! Plus we’re moving on March so it’s pretty hectic here.

I can’t believ I’m watching the olympics since I’m not a big sports fan. But man the olympics are keeping me hyped! Are you watching it too?

That’s really rude! Asking for your help and not using the layout? That’s a big slap on the face! Did you talk to the person? She better have a good explanation! That’s just so rude!

Ugh I hate it when people are wasting my time. It’s just a waste of…time. I don’t like it when I help someone and I don’t even get a thank you. I mean it’s only two words and it’s not that hard to say too.

That really sucks. :( At least they gave you some of your money back. Hopefully it will all be back to normal soon!
Haha,Twitter is so addicting.

So rude. Why would you ask someone to code a layout for you, and not even use it once? /hmph

Blah. Even though I don’t get much comments, I know how it feels. You comment on someone’s blog hoping they will comment back… but in the end bleh.

This song I have stuck in my head, is “un-stuck” now but in the morning and afternoon it was stuck; Don’t Talk to Stranges – Hedley. It’s getting annoying since I hear it everywhere. :S

Oooh awesome. Must be fun. :3
Ahah, yes. It looks very realistic. When Nemo swims around a big rock or coral or something, it actually looks like he’s behind it, and then comes back out. :P

Mmmm, I just had Pho yesterday and it’s sooo good. 🤤 I want to have it every single day… but I know I’ll get sick of it after a while.

That stinks about the whole phone issue! I would be so annoyed. D:

It gets me angry too when people say that will or have returned all the comments, and then never return mine. I don’t care if people don’t respond to mine – unless they say that they will or have already.

I’m glad that the phone company was able to give you back something, even though it wasn’t everything that they should have. At least it was something, right? Hopefully none of these mysterious charges happen again and it was just a one time freak thing.

I know what you mean about the comments. Sometimes I get burnt out too and sometimes it is frustrating when all you want to do is communicating and you feel like you’re talking to yourself… or worse… a brick wall! The whole point of blogging sometimes is to start intelligent conversations with other bloggers and when nobody sparks any kind of conversation it can get rather boring sometimes. Also, sometimes I think bloggers lie about returning comments. I’ve seen that happen before. They must assume that everyone would think they returned everyone else’s comments but theirs lol.

Sometimes I get burnt out but I do try and keep my conversations going when I am in a blogging mood which is most of the time.

Super sucky about your phone company ‘Gina, it does sound mega shitty and I would seek some sort of compensations. It’s a crap service, they didn’t even send their customer a text making them aware it was a known problem??! Humph.

I think you should do what makes you happy in regards to the layout things, because however selfish it sounds, you come first in your life, so live on impulse and not on other people’s exceptions or requests. Holding back on making layout just because someone took the piss is wise but it you feel crap about it then just change your motive for doing them. :] <3

That’s good that they gave you some credit back for all the trouble. Once my phone company’s network was down for a whole day…. so many people were mad. /hmph

I hate when parents criticize what you wear, which my mother does all the time. 😰

That’s really cool! People usually never believe me though, so I just never bother telling anyone.

Haha yeah, I call it photolog. I don’t know why but it’s always stuck with me. You’re already linked on my photo log. :).

Yeah that girl is incisively rude. Texting at all hours of the night, and than having me call her boyfriend for her my dad needless to say put a stop to that. I agree with you that she should’ve respected me when I told her I was saving up instead of constantly nagging me to go places that weren’t even cheap. But nooooo….

So yeah, I really like how you did your layout. James did a great job taking that picture of you :). I wish I had a boyfriend that likes to take pictures. I had a boyfriend at one time but he was a sleeze and a douche. All he wanted was to make out and use me for my money because he only gets $100.00 out of his S.S.I check every month and the rest his parents get. I called it off because of that. And he’s been trying to get together with me since than. That was a few years ago.

He didn’t even get me anything for my birthday either. Douche bag. Ah well; live and learn. I really don’t want someone who’s also sick like me or have something similar to what I have. The reason for this is if I ever do get married and have sex and a child, I don’t want to inflict this mental disease on the child ya know?

Hmm yeah God does throw some obstacles at us, and like you I kinda lost faith in him after a while. Not because my so called church friends ditched me after saying they’d go to Disneyland and than not go, it’s because I just lost faith. I’m a baptized christian, and still go to Church every once in a while, but still like you I lost faith. It’s like I’ve lost faith in him after I thought if I got baptized and became a follower of Jesus Christ, the voice(s) will go away. Wrong. I finally figured out what was causing my anxiety attacks and that was my depression medication. That got changed. Of course. I had one episode a few weeks ago and I think it was because I was watching t.v. and being on the internet too much. My bad. :/ .

Thankie for the nice compliments on the Adam Lambert layout. I love it as well. I think it’s the best one I’ve done yet this year or years. I also did a Johnny Depp layout quite similar to the Adam Lambert one but it’s positioned different. Haha. Anyways, I think I need to get my butt in gear and work on that visitor content. Though I’m not really sure what to put up.

I hope you can get this totally sorted out with your phone company. <3 *hugs* Everything will be all right. :)

I want to see some pictures of the dress. I'm sure you'll look fabulous in it! (:

I have the song, "My Life Would Suck Without You" by Kelly Clarkson stuck in my head. I <3 it.

Sorry that was a short comment on your blog. I am kinda out of it right now. Hahahaha. :)
It's okay. You may take your sweet time. I have no rush. :)

Oh, thanks for asking! I will add that portion of the rules momentarily. :)

I only had 2 so it's all good. :) If those two people want me to re-review their websites then they can apply like I am reviewing them the first time. :)

Thanks? What were we talking about when you said, "Have fun with Dante!" Lol.

Okay. :)

Yeah, it happens over time. His "miracles"…which is what makes it so hard for me to believe in him.

Yeah, same here. We have never gone as a family so, yah…don't like it.

Nah, I won't. I like this one, too!

You are talking about Tyler just happening to be there at the same time as me right? That's all I meant by that.
I've tried that many times, the ignoring him part. I was ignoring him more when I accepted the fact that nothing is going to change with my thought of him but now that I think something is changed I went back to my old habit. I mean today I was staring at him from my rear-view mirror (he didn't know) and I was like obsessed with watching him today. It's really bugging me. I WANT to stop but can't. AHHH! It's driving me mad!

Yeah, so true.

*hugs self* me three! Lol.

Yes, so true! :)

Well not everyone likes movies, I don’t listen to music that much as people I know XD
I’m usually a camera person too, but lately I’ve been wanting to shoot videos and such.
I really do hope that your family will all get together and go to church, especially your mom and brother.
Well that’s pretty good how your phone company gave you back some money instead of no money at all. Hopefully everything will all get sorted out :D
It’s nice how you and your mom spent some time together, that’s always nice /eee I love spending time with my mommy!

The person who asked to make a coded layout for them and didn’t use it is a JERK! Why would someone do that?? I’ve offered services over the internet before (Loooong time ago) and that never happened to me.

GAH!! It annoys me when people respond a comment by email. I like it when they read and comment my blog (but I can’t have it my way all the time :P )

Aaah! School!!! Haha well I hope you make the best out of the 7 days before you have to go back /heart

Hey Georgina, it’s been a few days since I visited your site, I was on a short hiatus, well I still am.
Well, I read your phone credit story and how it gave you head-ache O_O Even I would have got a heart-attack if it were my phone

Though not all, atleast you got the 23$ back, right?

I saw your new site – Indecisive. me, it’s nice :)

I have no song in my head at the moment, busy with studies /bash

It’s nice to know that your day was good

I’m glad you got some of your phone credit back at least :/ I’ve been having computer problems recently, hence why it’s taken me so long to get back to you! I’m sorry!
At the moment, I have Park Bom’s You and I song stuck in my head! xD xxx

Aww. Things will go back to normal sooner or later, it just needs time. (That was cliche. XD) Maybe you should talk to your brother about it. Tell him what you feel, maybe? But It’ll work out. Like they say, just have a positive outlook on it. (Y)

Yeah, I have to agree with you; the flower thing is eye candy. *u*

I’m not really good with php. I never really knew anything about php until I started studying WordPress themes. /bounce

Oh, I forgot to add my comment on this blog post. Got excited, I guess. ✌️

It’s good that the phone company returned some credit. It’s better that than nothing, right? :D

About that person who asked you to code a layout and never used it – I mean, what’s the point? They should be ashamed of themselves.

I have Only Hope stuck on my head right now, since my classmate brought her keyboard today and we sang Only Hope. Me and one of my best friends had a duet. *u*

I was talking to this friend online and she showed me some pictures of an Australian university. It was a really awesome one and I would love to study somewhere like that. :D And we would get to meet each other! /bounce

Your welcome. :)

Yeah, it’s really rude and people look really stupid playing music in public. It looks as though they want other people to know what they listen to.

I felt really sorry for that girl. :( The flight had been delayed as well so I’m not sure if she had even seen her father for the last time.

Ughh, that’s so irritating about your phone. But that was really nice of those people to return your money even if they couldn’t return all of it.

I think if you don’t use your phone for a while you won’t have any problems any more.

It’s nice that you got to spend time with your mum. I like plaid dresses. :)

Ughh, that’s so really annoying of that person. They asked you to make a layout and then didn’t even use it! Why did they waste your time in the first place? /angry

Take your time to return comments. It’s your site after all. I’m pretty lazy to return comments as well currently. :P

I’ve got One Time by Justin Bieber stuck in my head since yesterday, and I’m not liking it. XD I hate that song but still it doesn’t get off. 🤬