Shine On You Crazy Diamond

With the problems regarding my phone company… I’m still majorly pissed off. I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong anymore; it’s making me really upset.

I did call the phone company. I almost feel sorry for them because of this problem and them having to listen to me. In the end, after a lot of waiting and explaining, they were able to give me $10.73 of my credit. That’s the money that came up on my call details as being used for internet usage. They were nice enough to make the adjustment and give that much back.

They couldn’t give the rest back, so I was left with $23 instead of $30. The reason was because the details couldn’t be updated in real-time so unfortunately they couldn’t give any more money back.

I am pretty disappointed. I asked them about the problem with my phone credit going up and down, and they said it was a system problem. Far out, I really hope so, because it’s giving me a heart attack every time I check my credit and I barely have any money left. 😒

I just hope it gets fixed soon, magically, amazingly… 😞 In the meantime I’ll steer clear of doing too much on my phone. I can handle that, at least. I don’t think I’ll be checking Tweetdeck non-stop. I hope that eventually the problem will be sorted!

Today my mum got a haircut and we went shopping and spent some time together. It was nice, but I was ticked off that she didn’t like me having my hair boofed up in a “scene”/”emo” fashion and that I chose to wear a plaid dress. 😐 I don’t mind dressing up nicely and in a more feminine fashion but I wanted to wear something comfortable. Needless to say I had an okay day, even though I really wanted to be home and lazy at my computer.

I’m not annoyed at my mum, but at the fact that she did take a while trying to respond to an email which led to a lecture about my bad grammar (ugh, excuse me…). πŸ˜”

It just ticks me off when people waste my time. Maybe not in this sense… but sometimes someone sends me an email asking for help. I love helping people but not when they aren’t even thanking me. I have wanted to make custom layouts for people but since a bad experience a few years ago, I don’t want to. Someone had asked me to code a layout for them and they didn’t even use it at all. They asked someone else to completely make a layout. 😑

Another thing: comments. I love to return and respond to comments, but now I don’t really care. I might “restart” a few conversations I’m having with people through comments, because I’m just feeling worn out at the moment. 😞

I also don’t see the point of responding to comments when some people don’t ever respond back. Or even through an email or on their website.

A while ago I commented on someone’s website. Yesterday I visited their site, and I read on their recent blog, “I returned all comments!”

Save mine. 😀

University starts in seven days. Don’t bring me down… no no no no no, woohoo… tell me once more before you get off the floor. Don’t bring me down… ♪ ♫ 😜

Tell me what song you have in your head. πŸ™„

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