Given Up Giving Up

One word: Stress.

Today I was so close to just closing my site and going into an endless slumber like Sleeping Beauty until the stupid prince comes to kiss her. /pirate Or was that Snow White? Shite, I can’t even keep track. 😰 Too bad modern-day romantic comedies have quashed classics the likes of Cinderella and Romeo and Juliet. Oh dear.

But I am going to keep on smiling and looking ahead. It’s been so hectic that I just need to put it all behind me and face what is in front of me now. :)

Old iMac
Old iMac

The other day at work, instead of packing away the tables like I’ve done for about two years of working at the same place… I decided to pack the shelves and the computers. This is what the computers there look like – old iMacs.

As stunningly gorgeous as these may look and how epic they were in the 90s, its tough exterior gets worn out after some time. These super old computer monitors are as heavy as anything.

Once my friend dropped one, and it landed to the ground and literally bounced. It was quite surprising and funny. It didn’t break, but when my other friend dropped it again another time, it stopped working altogether. My friend broke two in total. XD

The other day it was my turn. /hmph It was sitting on a wheelie table and I started pushing the table without caring to hold the monitor in place, and it fell on the ground with a large crash. All these broken pieces of plastic and glass escaped the machine and we all gaped in shock at the mess on the floor.

Oh man, that was a little embarrassing. The computer stopped working but my boss took it home, taped it up and it was working fine today. :)

As for my home computer… well, it’s a laptop really. I put my laptop to sleep mode last night before I went to bed. I didn’t want to lose anything I had open.

My laptop restarted after installing an update. This meant that I had lost all of my unsaved work. I was NOT saving my work for a reason… I didn’t know whether or not to save it, and I wasn’t completely done with my work. I was really angry when everything opened up empty and I realised what had happened.

Most of what I had lost were a few Photoshop documents. I had saved the final products but not the actual Photoshop files. I was planning to write some icon tutorials too. /angry Oh well.

And… my internet is capped thanks to my brother playing games and downloading stuff. /hmph It’s so slow. However I managed to add some textures and smilies to the site.

It’s James’s birthday tomorrow! I’ll send along any birthday wishes! ♥️ He’s turning 19, by the way.

My mum’s gone to the doctor. Her blood pressure is fine. They took some blood to run some tests though. :)

Vote for the best icon at Tiffany’s site. Mine’s in there somewhere – but vote for the one you think is the best. ;)

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Stress is an evil little thing. I’m so stress up over my exams right now and I told myself I’m not going to aim high but just a pass will do (well, it’s the mocks).

Maybe you can squeeze out some time to work on things you like such as designing or something? I tend to do that and it makes me happy even if it’s just playing with Photoshop for a few minutes. :)

We used to have the old iMac in our library as well but I got freaked out when I’m using it. The CD I slot in couldn’t be ejected. /ehh Comparing them with the iMacs now, the designers at Apple has improved so much! :P

Happy Birthday to James! Hope to read an entry about his birthday celebration soon.

On a side note, why are most people so hyped up about posting the first comment on your blog entries?

LOL. About the first comment – I’m not sure how it started! But my best friend (IRL) has been trying to beat other people online who try and get to it. :P

In the past, people really made a big deal about it like it was something special. Though I don’t really mind; it’s a bit spammy but so long as they leave another proper comment I’m not too fussed.

I’m sure you’ll do well in those exams! I wish you all the best. :) Sometimes it’s good not to aim so high so we might do better than we think and be a little surprised.

It’s quite amazing really; I look at my iPhone and how things have changed. I actually own an old Apple mouse and I was so amused by the single button and the shape. :P


Oh noes! D: Stress. I hate stressing! Poor you. It doesn’t seem like it’s been much of a holiday for you :( *hugs* Hopefully things get better for you. But if they don’t, don’t worry. I will yell at the sky for you or something and scream ‘WHY MUST YOU INVISIBLE FORCES BE SO UNFAIR’. In the case that it doesn’t work, at least it’ll hopefully make you laugh :)

And I think BOTH Sleeping Beauty and Snow White had to wait for their handsome princes to come and wake them up :P Yeah, a lot of modern adaptations of these suck, but I’ve read some that are really good. It’s just we’ve been overwhelmed by these crappy adaptations ==

Omg! Those old Macs! They were so cute. I LOOOVED the mice as well. The round ones. Hahaha. We had green and blue ones at our school. I always wanted a purple one. I wish they still had them because I totally LOVED them! Just cos they were colourful and sort of bubble-shaped :P

Wow, I didn’t know they bounced. I want one even MORE now. :P Maybe I’ll get one as a collector’s item. When I can afford it. That is XD

Hahaha, that is so funny. The computer cracked, and it still worked when your boss taped it together. LOOL!

UH! That was so mean of your laptop to update and restart without your permission! HMPH! It sucks to lose all your work :(

GRRRRR! /angry /argh at your brother for capping the internet. He’s such an inconsiderate /poo /pow He SUCKS.

And YAAAAY! It’s James’ Birthday ✌️ /bounce Happy BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAY =D Hahaha. I hope he gets lots of cake :P

I totally voted in that competition :)

Hi! This is so late hahaha. I should have started commenting earlier.

I actually want to eat yoghurt so maybe this will be some motivation? :X

*hugs* Hahaha invisible forces… LOL. That just reminds me of Star Wars and physics rolled into one!

I can’t remember. I think Snow White is the one I remember better because I had both the book and movie, and I watched the movie quite a few times. Though I don’t think Sleeping Beauty was poisoned like Snow White was.

Haha were you there when Amanda and I stole the computer mice? Probably not (terrible memory here)… but during sport we were asked to carry a few boxes of old computer equipment to the dumpster, and we stole those funny mice. :P

I want a purple one! The bad thing about those though, is that they are one-buttoned, like any old Mac. You have to press Command then click if you want to secondary-click.

And since my mouse was left handed, when I plugged that mouse in and clicked, it never properly clicked so all that came up was that menu that comes up on secondary-click. (Right click for you, that is.)

LOL they’re terrible things. They’re probably considered a collectible now though. :)

Yeah, I think it was just the framing of the computer that broke… thank goodness she wasn’t mad and that I wasn’t the only one. :P

Ugh, I think it’s happened before with the laptop; it’s stuffed up sometimes when I put it to sleep, and I end up losing crap. It happened when I was typing comments and didn’t save them in Notepad. Sometimes I just don’t want to save something and waste space! I guess I’ll have to now, just in case.

Wooo! James did eat cake today. He’s horribly full! /bounce :P

Ah, I remember those old iMacs! I remember thinking that I wished they’d make Windows PCs in funky colours, lol. But yeah, those old iMacs did look pretty flash. :)

Argh about the sleep mode thing though! That’s happened to me before too…you’ve got to be careful even if you step away from the computer for 5 minutes because they only seem to give you that long to postpone a restart and if you’re not there to tell it nicely to get stuffed it will just reboot automatically. /angry For me it always had a tendency to happen when I was in the middle of playing The Sims 2 (which took FOREVER to load every time) and had just stepped away to get a drink or use the bathroom. Grrr.

At least you got your textures and smilies done though – they look awesome! The heart smilies especially are just too cute. :)

Happy birthday to James for tomorrow! Hope you’re doing something nice to celebrate with him. /hehe And that’s good that your mum’s blood pressure is fine too. :)

PS: I voted for my fave icon – hope it was yours!

I think that our family was into the old Compaqs instead! I never actually owned an iMac but I remember using them, and I still own one of the mice; a blue one. :P

Yuck! I must be completely missing that warning message to restart. That’s nasty. I just hit “sleep” and leave it. Gosh. And I have to admit; this isn’t the first time it has happened either. I have lost loads of comments from something like this happening before. D:

Thank you! :)

James spent time with his family today since he hasn’t spent much time with his dad since he came home from Hong Kong so maybe we’ll celebrate another time; I know he had a good time though! :D

Thank you for voting! Sadly I’m not winning though… /oh

XD At the fact some of the IMacs bounded when dropped. We had one at our beach house for the longest time. It was running AOL 5.0 when they were up to 9.0 already XD.

It also ran extremely slow because it was my aunt’s old work computer. I used to want one back in the day, ahahaha.

Aloha! ✌️

Amen to your post about stress. Work has been pretty stressful for me, too. There are days when I don’t want to go for work. @_@ And every morning, I don’t want to get up even if I end up being scolded by my Mom. /ehh But… like what you’ve said… we must keep going forward. It’s not really nice if we’re left behind and we let stress ruin us. :D

Wow, when I enrolled in College… I saw monitors like that. Old iMacs. Didn’t know that they have the capacity to bounce. ;) 😝 But it’s kinda awesome that your boss managed to revive the broken computer! (H)

I am sorry about your unsaved files. D: That sucks! D: It happened to me once, in Photoshop. I always save it when I’m done… so when it crashes… poof! All the things that I’ve created– gone. D: /hmph But hurray for the textures and smilies. Thankyouthankyou! /faw

Advanced happy birthday to your James! ♥

I shall vote in Tiffany’s site. I hope I get to pick yours. O_O

And yes, I knew you were /jazzmo! /eee I just thought you already forgot me. /wah I was kinda shy to ask if you still knew me. 😳 But yay….. /wave Will link you ASAP! ♥

hi im glad u decided not to close ur site.. my computers at college are old as well and they break so easily, but this year we get to work on new apple macs, i dont know how to work on a mac lol so one day at a time.. send james a bday message from me, hope he enjoys his day and gets spoilt. that really sucks about ur work being lost cause of that update.. thats good that ur moms pressure is fine…

Yeah, customer service sucks over here..

And I know! I have so many different ways of getting out of things and sometimes they just don’t work. For the business thing I have at my school, we have an old fogey as some kind of business advisor but he is completely crap and treats us like we don’t have a clue what we’re doing. Which we do, because we’ve been through the process before. He goes through these long winded lectures about what to do next and things like that and he never catches on that we don’t need him to do that xD And if you do something he doesn’t like the sound of then he will send you like a totally evil look. If looks could kill…

Uh, yeah I sort of do have a crush on him /love ahaa I’m not sure what will happen but hopefully we will stay friends :)

Stress is such an ugly word, with such an ugly meaning. And PLEASE don’t kill heartdrops! :( Us web people will not have any more inspiration.. xD But I hope things to brighten up and calm down for you.. and I’m pretty sure if you did do a sleeping beauty James would be there to help out :D

I’ve never seen an iMac xD They look like one of the old TV’s that people used to have hahaa. At least it worked after you patched it up! I wish my computer would bounce.. that would just be awesome. I love things that bounce or ping back to their original shape.. I can be kept amused for ages with just an elastic band xD

GRRR at computers killing your work. I spent nearly two hours doing a piece of geography coursework yesterday and what does my computer do? CRASH. /angry So now I will have to do it all again, because the program I was using closed itself and didn’t recover my work. I hate computers sometimes, but then again I wouldn’t be able to live without my laptop..

Happy birthday James!

Those old mac monitors are so pretty. I love all the colors. Ive never personally owned a mac though.

I understand how you feel about going into a deep slumber. I used to feel that way constantly, before. Thankfully, things have been better since (although we have our rough parts) and I dont quite feel that way anymore. Not lately anyway.

I usually leave my laptop on sleep, doing the same thing you did. Thankfully I havent lost anything to stupid updates -_-

Happy Early Birthday, James! Final’s is the 2nd of their birthdays are pretty close together :D

Your new smilies are cute <33 Ive been trying to make lots of new content. Im working on icons right now, added some smilies yesterday.. just gotta keep on while I have inspiration haha.

OMGosh wow you dropped a computer? Jeez, I bet you were pissed? I remember getting pissed off at my first job, because I was a waitress and a cook and a cashier. I was told to bang one of the instruments to get the mashed potato’s out, and as I did it broke and the manager said “It’s coming out of your (my) paycheck” I gave him like a “WTF?” concerned look and told my dad about it later. He told me they can’t do that and nothing was done. So I guess the manager was trying to joke around or something. I dunno after I quit of 3 months working there, the manager got fired >D . Buahahaa….

Hmm I entered the icon contest as well. Oh I bought an Armor For Sleep cd last night. I’m proud. Yeah, it has smile sunshine I think that’s what it’s called but I”m not to sure.

Anyway, I hope your mum is doing okay. And that sucks big time for your laptop doing that to you. I hate it when it does that. Sucks big time!

Oh no! Don’t close your site!! Please? What will I do if you did close your site? Which I hope you won’t do! Well; girlie I’m getting tired (again) so I’m off. Take care.

Giving up is so tempting, I hate the feeling where I just want to put a big closed sign up and try to get on with my life but I know that if I do that I probably won’t have anywhere to express my feelings and complain so much. It’s great that you’re going to carry on though, so many people would miss you if you closed your site!

I remember when those iMac’s were so cool! My friend had one and we only had a crappy PC and I felt so loserish! But now when I look at that it shows just how much things have changed, going back to the iPad, things have really moved on!

Breaking things in public or in front of people is so cringe-worthy! Good job it got fixed though. :)

That happened to me before, I had just finished 4 pages of school work, and my laptop crashed! I could’ve cried, it took me until 1am the next day.

Happy birthday to James, for tomorrow! :D

It’s great that your mum is okay. :)

Thanks haha. :D It was seriously the greatest day of my life!

Joe is a sweetheart haha, he’s got an amazing voice and he’s such a cutie. :’)

That’d look pretty stupid, connecting something that’s supposedly a mini-computer to an actual computer, haha! I definitely wouldn’t buy it anyway though, I’m happy with my iPod and partially happy with my laptop!

Oh, sorry for the stress you’ve been experiencing. I’ve been so delayed in site work, but I hate to think about closing my site just for the smallest time. I feel as if I’d never be able to get back into it.

Haha aww poor Mac. LOL, dang those things are big. Ah, ahaah that just shows how much technology has improved. LOL good thing your boss fixed the monitor XD

Awww. That happens to me all the time. I hate it ! I try to save right before I log off, but a lot of the time, my computer is able to like keep whatever I had when it shuts off. It comes in handy sometimes! At least it wasn’t anything too major. A project would have been horrible, especially if it was due the next day. Oh god. I won’t even talk about it anymore LOL

Aww Happy birthday James! I hope he haves a good one ;D

Aww good to hear that your mom’s blood pressure is good. :D

LOL, oh god, I’d never want to see another computer keyboard once I retired XD.

Awww ahah, I hate that! I hate when once I finish returning comments, I’m like DONE! Then I refresh, and BAM, another comment. It’s like GAH XD Well for that time of happiness, I applaud you :D

Ahah yeah, well they grow up somewhat. They’ve gotten over the Asian eyes, but they are all for the Asian accents and places in Asia.

LOL, well that’s good. As long as he’s happy !

Ohh AWWW. I don’t believe I remember seeing a koala before ! I really want to see one, they seem so cute! /wah no koalas for me ): When you go to the wildlife park, take a picture of a koala for me ! :D

Haha yeah you should! You don’t want to lose the money on it. Especially since you did nothing! I hope it gets all sorted out for you. Things like that aren’t nice, it’s annoying and can be stressful.


Oh my middle school had iMacs!! I thought they were so cool because they were blue. ahhaah I always wanted the blue ones but some of my friends took them all so I would be stuck with the ugly orange ones or something. It always amazed how they fit everything into the monitor!! It’s crazy.

Your boss didn’t really care that you dropped the iMac? I guess because it’s so old it’s not that big of a deal..right?

Snow White & Sleeping Beauty both had a prince to kiss them to wake them up. :D Disney was so unoriginal back in the day..making all girls helpless. hahaa. It’s true though..romantic movies these days. Romantic Comedies..what a joke. -_-


I hate when I put my laptop to sleep or my computer on sleep & it’ll wake up by itself or…SOMEHOW IT’LL RESTART. OGYALSJDL;JZXKLVJC I WANT TO SHOOT SOMEONE EVERY TIME IT HAPPENS. I read somewhere that Macs are really good with sleep mode. Dependable sleep mode. FCK I’d kill for a dependable sleep mode where I didn’t lose anything. Sorry to hear that dear. :( *hugs*

Woo icon contest! A lot of people have voted so far!

OH YEAH. DON’T GIVE UP ON THE SITEEE. i know you get behind with comments but don’t worry about ittttt. especially with me. you can always email me & it wouldn’t matter to me. :)

Hehe – we have old iMacs like that around our school. They don’t work (apparently – go figure)

Did you get in trouble for breaking it? I would :/ I break things a lot. I’m too clumsy.

Stupid computer restarting… I was doing a mock test for English the other night – 45 minutes of work, I went to save and the program decided to crash, taking all my work with it. Now I save frantically every two seconds :P

Happy birthday James :)

Haha wow. They’re that old!

I didn’t get in trouble; thankfully. Seeing as my friend had broken two previously, I wasn’t the only one. And it isn’t new either. If it was a brand new state-of-the-art laptop, I probably would have been in big trouble. But the good thing is that it still worked! :)

Ugh, that sucks! Losing tests or assignments is the worst. Once I lost an assignment that I was typing because my computer crashed. I was so annoyed. Sometimes now, I just don’t want to save something, but I end up losing it. D:

heh, I know. And if I don’t give *her* an answer as to what shes asking, then she goes and pesters a million other people. I don’t get why shes hosted again, her host knows what she does… meh.
I hate the stereotypes when it comes to guys. It’s really annoying. We’re all capable of taking care of ourselves and to know whats good from bad. I mean, we’re just getting old and sooner or later we’re going to move out and have a family of our own. Do our parents expect to still be there every minute and saying no no no! So stupid.
I know what you mean. I plan to live at home as long as possible, but since the college I’m going to be going to is in a different city, then I’m going to have to move out. Theres no colleges/unis where I live, it’s a very small place. Can’t really commute back and forth every day either, it’ll cost too much, especially since the parking passes are taken within the first day so you have to pay to park.. blah. (plus, I don’t drive lol).
That’s true, I’m glad my parents actually care. I know people who have parents that are like “yeah whatever, do what you want.” or they even drink and do drugs with them. Like wtf? my parents would never allow that lol. And I’m glad we live in a good area. I’m native american, and a lot of natives live on reserves; I’m glad I dont. Those people seriously have no life. I’m glad my parents kept us away from that. Most of them drop out of school and just drink and do drugs for fun since theres nothing else to do out there.

LMAO I just got confused now as well.. I think it was snow white? Ya, cause she ate the poisoned apple! :P
oh wow, I’ve never seen one of those in my life! They remind me of T.V’s lol. That’s funny hahaha, I would have loved to see it bounce! Knowing me, I probably would have dropped it as well.
OMG, that is really annoying! I too leave mine on sleep at night or just leave it open and it “hibernates” and when I wake up its restarted.. blah. Luckily I never have anything important, but poor you! That must really suck :(
happy birthday james! 6 days after mine :P
ps. sorry it took so long for me to reply to your comment, I haven’t replied to many to be honest :|. I’ve been lazy lol

OMG, the exact same thing happens to various family members of mine, too — The whole, ‘computer restarting after installing updates’ thing, I mean.

It used to happen to me, but not anymore. I changed the update settings so all Windows does is notify me of updates, nothing else! That way, I’m in control of downloading and installing ’em, and I don’t have to go through the agony of losing a bunch of my half-finished shit. /bash Bleh!

One time, back when I had a desktop computer and used FrontPage to update/manage my entire site, I was in the midst of typing up a tremendous blog entry … When my little brother walked into my room, up to my computer tower, and abruptly pushed the big silver power button just for fun.

Of course, I had the bloody button set so when you pushed it, it would instantly shut down without any further confirmation, so I lost the whole fucking entry! I was extremely pissed off at the kid for days afterwards. 🤬

And I voted for my fave icon at Aesthetic Intoxication! I’m hoping it’s yours, but I really can’t tell. XD I wish the owner of the site would just put the creator’s names next to the icons! Of course, then you’d win every contest you joined … But still! :D

And LOL @ bouncin’ iMacs. My doctor’s office still uses iMacs, which is pretty sad. o_O; Unless they switched to newer ones … I can’t remember now. I don’t really trust most doctor’s opinions/medicines, so I don’t visit unless absolutely necessary. /snort

One last thing: Happy nineteenth birthday to James! /wave

Hmm actually, now that you mention that, I should change my settings! The weird thing is that it usually notifies me but on several occasions when I put it to sleep, that’s what it does. And only when I put it to sleep. O_O

Oh fuck, that would have been terrible. And a sick joke on your brother’s part. Unless of course he was young back then, but still… /angry

I remember back in the Frontpage days; I used to use it to make shitty webpages before I actually got involved with making an actual website. :P But thankfully, now, there’s WordPress. ;)

Though I hate how it auto-saves so I turned it off. Thankfully I’ve had no mishaps…

Haha that would be true! But I like the way Tiffany does her contests; I’m thinking of doing my own with the same idea (hopefully she doesn’t mind).

I’m glad I haven’t been to the doctor in a while, but I do need to go to check my cholesterol every now and then.

Anyway, since you left me a long comment I chose to respond to it here and then leave a separate comment on your blog – most of the time I do respond to comments other people leave, but they comment back almost straight away so I figured you might be less confused if I split it up… anyway, what am I saying LOL. I’m sure you understand what I mean. 8D

Whoa, that iMac still looks cool in my opinion :P It was popular when I didn’t know anything about it. I was just a little kid back then. Nowadays people use flat-screen monitor because it’s simply lighter, but my aunt still have that kinda iMac at her house! Not exactly the same though, but it’s kinda similar haha.

I prefer laptop to computer. It’s much more flexible and I can carry it any way. Now that I’m in love with my laptop I barely use my computer anymore haha.

Aw, I really hate it when something like that happens. Especially when I’m writing a tutorial, it’s so tiring and it really pisses me off if it’s unsaved. Gah. That’s why I don’t have any tutorials on my site because I’m just too lazy to write it and I’m afraid I will lose the file O_O

Happy birthday to James! :D Wish him all the best. Any plans to celebrate his birthday? :)

Yay thank you! I will make more hand-drawn layout then XD

Aw my writing is not good either, haha. But I just wanna try my luck :P I’m writing another book anyway, while waiting for that new publisher to inform me about my previous book. Waiting is a pain :(

The SAME thing happened to me last night! I was working on stuff, went to go take a shower, came back and my laptop had restarted. Soo frustrating! /angry

That’s the same reason why I don’t write that I’ll return all comments. I usually do try to, but sometimes I forget, get sidetracked, or something of the like. And because I just hate when people get angry with me, I don’t promise much of anything. lol

Wow! That’s quite difficult to not like music at all. I mean it’s in movies, commercials, tv shows. Music is everywhere.
Well that’s nice how the person was being apologetic about it. Instead of him/her trying to make an argument that didn’t need to take place.
Haha I think that was Sleeping Beauty. And it’s true, the romantic movies today semi-tarnished the old classic love stories that I know and love /eee
It’s amazing how huge the old iMacs are. Weren’t some of them called eMacs?? I don’t know, but although there old, some of them still work pretty good to me.

That must’ve been really embarrassing. My face turns red when something like that happens. I hate when they all just look at you too /faw
I hate when the computer just restarts! It sucks when I didn’t save files that needed to be saved. I get all butt hurt that I have to do it all over again.

Tell James I said Happy Birthday and may all his wishes come true and to have a fun and awesome day :D
Oooh I want to see who wins the contest.
I love this friendly competition type of thing XD

Georgie, we are all feeling it!

Stress has taken over many people and that is what everbody is blogging about.

No matter what I love the Mac! I call it macontash and my dad says that is so 90’s. I think is sounds cooler. ♥ That is the reason I eat those apples! ✌️

Sorry to hear about your work getting lost. 🤬 I learned the hard way.. /bash Always save your work!

I was working on a assignment in photoshop for computers /type and accidentally click exit. 💥

I have the program set so that it asks me to save. /oh

I ignored it /ehh and I lost all my hard work. 😒 Well I didn’t try that hard. I don’t need to with everyone else at a low skill level.

So sorry to hear that about your work. That sucks. /hmph

Happy Birthday James! 👏 Hope he has an awesome day! :D

hehe i typed /type in my email address wrong.. :P

Yeah, it is a pain >.< I have close to 750 uploaded now, because I've found a somewhat faster way to do it, but I can only be doing it for like an hour before I just get too tired of it. I thought about trying to find someone to help me, I'm just not sure who would be stupid enough to want to xD

happy birthday to james! do you guys have any plans?

and ugghhhh, i SO know what you mean about the restarting. it happened to me last night, and i had a notepad file open with some quotes that i figured i didn't need to save yet because i'd just have it there in the morning… low and behold i open up my computer to see it had restarted because of updates /angry i was soooo not pleased.

I hate stress, it ruins everything! these days I’m trying not to stress, I had grey hair from it once D: I will tell no one else about that.. I hope you are okay :)

Old iMacs, wow they have changed heaps. The ones now are so thin! still very heavy. I like the look of Apple computers but I don’t like the Mac OS on it. Since the MSN is bad and it wouldn’t let me use my internet on it.

That’s funny that the iMac bounced :P I never knew that could happen to a computer! LOL. I would be so embarrassed if I dropped it, luckily that the computer worked once your boss fixed it.

I hate those stupid updates, they should only pop up telling you that the computer needs to be reset. Instead of just having 10 minutes or so to restart. Once my laptop restarted without even telling me /huh it was really annoying.

That sucks that your brother capped the internet :@ he shouldn’t be downloading heaps of stuff!

Happy birthday James! :)

I hope your mum is okay.

Hopefully I voted for yours :D

The cupcakes were yummy! but I am really bad at taking photos these days… :(

LOL! thank you :) imagine if that was possible in the world :O

I got an extension on the project since I couldn’t print it. At home my printer has no ink still :( it’s been about a year since it has.

Thanks for commenting on my site :) I haven’t got many others who do. XD

Hey Georgina, thanks for the comment on my site and the advice :) I wanted to do something else but due to my hectic schedule, I couldn’t fix it @_@

Happy Birthday to James! Have fun ;)

I like cinderella and snow white /mwah

Oh poor you for not saving your files, such things happens sometimes. Btw, todays even my best friends b’day(my crush actually)

Lol, at our school we don’t have lockers either. We have to just carry our books and stuff everywhere! But I think it’s because our school has nearly 2000 students. My parents heard that my high school was really good so they sent me there even though it takes about 25-35 min to drive there.
It’s great that your mum is better. Yay for her going to the doctors, :)
You like spinich? D: haha, yep there are white carrots. eww my mum used to cook them and I hated it. They’re just so bitter and… ergh!
My friends all have their phones on prepaid but they tend to run out of credit easily. I think that’s why my parents got me a plan-what if it’s an emergency and you run out of credit?
Do you know when you stop using your retainer?
Ah, they should of given you back ALL of your money for all that credit problem you had to put up with.
Sometimes that happens. I mean you’ve been brought up as a Catholic by your parents. I don’t really know much about religion since I don’t have one.
It’s just sad about the holidays. It’s like the rain is telling me something!

Stress sometimes get the better of us. I’m really glad that you didn’t close your site. That would of been really sad!
I’ve seen those old Mac’s before. I think I remember using one of them in kindergarten. haha, I would of thought that they would just stop working after you dropped it but at least your boss fixed it!
Don’t you just hate it when everything you had on your laptop just get’s lost? That happened to me once when I was making a really good layout. The laptop froze and restarted again. My work was lost forever! So now I always check that I’ve saved my work.
Bah, my internet is capped too…. again!
Oh happy 19th birthday to James, :)

It’s my Burfday! *flap*

Huhu, I had one of those iMacs. They were pretty good; they were state of the art when I had mine. 10 Gb hard disk, 256 mb ram with integrated graphics chipset, but it still picked up chicks. (just kidding) /um

Augh we went to some Shanghai place in Ashfield. We had a plate of stir-fried mushroom noodles (they were fantastic) until I got halfway through my second small bowl of them and my mum noticed a stir-fried fly in there. The waiter gave us another plate for free /bounce but it was D: . Good thing my mum spotted it /sweat
Or it would have been Blarg /bash


Wheeee! /bounce

I’ve never actually owned one. But they had them at primary school, I think. Hahaha now they use iPhones to pick up chicks? :O

(Do you mean girls or chickens? :P )

OMG. That is disgusting. I would have been turned off. 😢 Worst I’ve ever come across is a hair in my soup. I like mushrooms though. /eee

When I worked at Cambridge, a bunch of the employees went to lunch, and one of them got a cockroach in her salad. D: They were even going to ask her to pay after they went out but then the Asian lady was like, “Oh, oh, sorry! Okay, you can go”… O_O

I’m glad you are just going to keep smiling and going on.

Oh my gosh I remember those computers from the 90s! Ahhh, memories! I have dropped one, too! I think everyone has or has at least seen one be dropped. Haha. THEY DO BOUNCE! /hehe

They really are pretty computers.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES! Have a great time celebrating. :)

I got so frustrated when I went to that icon site because so many were really good plus I really wanted to vote for yours and I don’t know which one is yours! Grr for you being modest. Haha. Anyway I voted for one that I thought was very good but I swear I looked at them for like 5 minutes being all GRRFACE.


Gosh, same here. I was so close at putting my site on Maintenance Mode when I realized that I haven’t blogged and returned comments, but somehow I couldn’t. LOL. I hate being busy.

I didn’t know old iMacs look like that. It looks cute, like a toy. Haha. It made me laugh when you said it bounced. I was imagining a ball bouncing. XD

Embarrassing indeed. Do you have to pay there when you break something? Lucky it still worked after it dropped. LOL.

Ha! I never put our computer on sleep mode. When I sleep, I would always shut it down because I find it a waste of electricity if I leave it on or something.

Woah! That’s a mess. Next time, save your work from time to time so you don’t miss some files. I do that all the time since I hate going back to where I started. -.-

Belated Happy Birthday to James! Gosh, I’m always late at greetings. :S

Wow. :O Naughty Georgina. 8D I’m too scared to connect my bank account to my Paypal since I don’t want them to blame me if my Paypal gets hacked and my money is gone.

My last few weeks for the semester is definitely not sweet – it’s bitter and hard instead. -.- I’m really tired of projects and studying for tests. Ugh. But I have to do all these things.

How was your phone now BTW?

Heyyyyy Georgie!!! Haha, yeah surprisingly my icon submission is doing quite well; even though I voted for my own icon XD. I couldn’t resist it. But still even IF I get third place that’d totally rock. Ya know? Which icon do you think it is?

Well; I’m glad that the computer still works and they’re not charging you for a damaged computer. Thank goodness. They shouldn’t be allowed to charge people for something like computers or something like that ya know?

Oh I changed my layout to something simpler and cleaner. The Adam Lambert was okay but I really didn’t like it all that much. I’ve also updated photogenic’s layout and with new pictures as well. :D.

Oooh “Smile For Them” by Armor For Sleep is the one that I purchased and I love it. It came today. It was very fast shipping. Now if only my Ayumi Hamasaki will get here. I’ll be happy. I’m happy right now, but still ya know?

Hmm, I really don’t know what else to say so I guess I’m gonna go grab a snack. Take it easy!

First off, let me send out MANY hugs for stressful times *hugs hugs hugs*

Yeah my hubby has his old computer monitor stored away in our closet and that thing is a MONSTER! Gigantic, bulky and so very heavy!

Happy Birthday to James! Hope you have an excellent weekend!

My computer restarts itself all the time for no reason. It always gives me a fright if I’m on it at the time, haha. XD

Oooh, February 26th was my birthday too(I say was as it’s 25 past midnight, lol). It’s the coolest birthday ever. :L Happy birthday to James! He’s exactly 4 years older than me. :3

LOL I hope you don’t! You are like AMAZING, not just like your site, but you’re so nice! You teach me so much ! Haha, I’d be the same. I like open hiatuses better then closed. Because then, no one can view your site!

LOLL. Haha, that compared the the MacBook Air LOL Such a big change in technology! It just shows how much we’ve improved though (: It’s cool to see the changes.

Haha aww! That stinks. I can’t believe it restarted. When my computer does those updates, for some reason, by the next morning, it is STILL doing the updates. LOL, I don’t shut my computer off very much, I just close it LOL

Ahaha, I hate when that happens. I also hate when I’m typing, and then my fingers or my wrists start to hurt LOL. Especially after like a lot of comments! Ah, I don’t get too many emails, so that’s good :D Ah, imagine, replying to tons of emails AND comments. My fingers would fall off /hmph

LMAOOO. Haha! YESSS! I CAN’T WAIT! Haha, thenn, I’d get a picture of some random animal and it’d say HI GEORGINA :D
:O KOALA’S EVIL ? I hope not. LOL Maybe they had a bad experience with Koala’s XDD

No!!! That would have been sad if you closed you site :(

Man, If I had that job, I probably would have broken a computer everyday, because I’m that much of a clutz.

That’s suckish. I remember I was coding my first wp layout ever for my old sub-domain, and I went out to go shopping. I came back, and all my unsaved work was gone because of a windows update.

My brother used to download games like crazy, which slowed down the home internet, but I threatened him that I would do “very bad things” to his playstation if he kept doing that, so he stopped. XD

Happy Birthday to James! It’s still the 26th were I live, so yeah.

Thanks! I never heard of un birthdays. I would love to do that for my math class. It’s rather boring, so we simple write random words on the chalkboard behind us in the back of the room, where I sit.

yeah haha, i think i might ust do gracious picture of yourself whenever i want , instead of every wednesday :P

lookbook is great for inspirations, the photography is just so amazing too haha.

it was sleeping beauty haha ! i’m glad you didnt make yourself close the site !!

i used to LOVEE the imacs, they were so colourful (: i mean, the 5 (i think) colours of floppy disc drivers… the round mouses… oh man haha.

omg, i’d have a rage moment if my files were lost :|

happy birthday to james !!

It…bounced..? =))) hahaha thats so funny XDD and how it crashed on the floor and worked fine after some fixing. amazing XDDD

wow belated happy bday to him! :) oh wait, i read your comment. you met up like that? it’s so cute!
oh i hope you two get married really. cute couple =)

Stress … I hate how it plays such a huge role in life. It’s so… stressful. :P

The computer bounced? I would think that it would break. :P Those computers ARE heavy, I’ve tried lifting one and well it failed. At least that one that you were carrying still worked. :D


I know, I never seem to get past a simple hello and how are you anymore with my old friends. :P It’s just.. different :(

Yeah, I remember specifically discussing this entire thing with you. (Kuya being gay). Haha.

I don’t know if Joe feels the same way. Everytime I ask Kuya he’s like.. I don’t know. And I wouldn’t ask Joe. I’ve never openly talked to him about HIS side of the story.

Yeah, I still talk to Kuya. It’s just majorly different. You see, at school everything seems okay between us. Well until Joe comes into the room. Whenever Joe’s around it’s like I don’t exist. And even when I talk to Kuya, all I feel like we ever talk about is Joe. And it’s come to a point where I don’t know how I can talk to him anymore without being majorly hurt, confused, or annoyed. And it’s not like I can tell him much about it. He knows he’s pretty much obsessed, but he’s like in love with the guy.

And with that love came a block out of everyone else including me. And although we talk, lately it’s died down and now.. now our conversations have no meaning.

Yeah, it really bugged me when she did that. But really what bugs me about CL the most is the fact she has random outbursts that no one cares about and she brags like there’s no tomorrow and she butts into conversations that she has no business in being and she’s just… GAHHHHH. It’s not just lying, it’s just her. She’s actually extremely annoying as of lately.

SINCE WHEN DO COMPUTERS BOUNCE? haha i miss the old macs. i loved the colors they came in :P

and stress is a part of life… you just have to learn to control it, instead of letting it control you. xx

I completely understand how you feel. There have been so many instances in my life where I just wanted to quit everything and go until an endless sleep like Sleepy Beauty. Sometimes I wish I was invisible so like no one would ask me for anything because I get so tired of all the crap. Life just seems so UNfair.

OMG, I remember those Apple Monitors. I was in like 2nd grade, back when I didn’t know the differance between and MAC and a PC…they really have come a long way.

It’s still James’ Birthday in the US so Happy Birthday James!

Wow, I know they better fix that soon and give you ALL or money back, maybe something more for the inconvenice. No, my phone still isn’t on…I imagine it’ll be back on sometime this week. I hope /:

About religion sometimes I just wonder. I’m just so curious about so many things but I doubt if my questions will ever be answered because it’s all too hard for me to explain.

I try to let my mom know but I can’t talk to her about ANYTHING, its ironic though because when I was a little girl before my little sister came along we were something like bestfriends. I miss those times :(

True though, even though my mother acts the way she does towards me I have a lot of other people who show they care. I think though all of this makes me want a relationship too. I have a blog and all these on and offline friends, bestfriends’ family and people that I can talk to but sometimes I wish I had that special boy too.

Oh wow, you live in Australia? My dad actually just came back from there just this evening with presents :D And you’re not missing out much on the snow lol its cold. I much prefer the sun

you’re not missing out on much with regard to the snow * hmm. I think that sounds better. oh well. it’s 1:15 AM, grammatical mistakes are okay at this hour lol

*hugz* whoa I’ve dropped a cake in our car before but… computer?? WHOOA!! and LOLZ at the sturdiness of the old iMacs! You could tell that they were really made of something strong right?? haha it’s soo funny that your boss just had to tape everything

I hope that you’re doing well despite stress. Battle it out dear by relaxing a bit :D *hugz*

Mwahaha yeeaaah that book is so addictive. I couldn’t put it down until I finished it XD But even after I finished it, I kept on reading another books O_O Bookworm FTW! :P

Thankies :3 Yeah I guess everyone is being nicer than last year *thanks God*, except that girl who laughed at me when I failed in one subject lol. Screw that girl /hmph

She was so nice indeed. I guess she deserved the first place because she was much nicer than me haha.

Poor boy :( I really pity him. Almost every teacher in my school insulted his eyes O_O Man, what happened with my school? Teachers should give good examples for their students and insulting their students doesn’t make them a good role model :|

I will! I think I will offer few hand-drawn layouts as freebies on my site, what do you think? :)

hey, just reading. hope your mom’s condition gets even better. :)

oopss, /hehe i thought you were filipino, sorry, i saw your comment in one of my friends’ site. anyway, good day.

Georgina! Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been so uber busy, it’s so annoying. :'(

I think that’s Sleeping Beauty buh oh well. Lmao, that’s so sweet! He really kissed you? Awe.

Wow. That looks amazingly pretty. So dudey. LOL. iMac is amazing. :D Im sorry for your friend who dropped it, and you who also dropped it but managed not to broke the whole thing completely. Haha.

Awe. I’m sorry that happened to you, stuff like that happen to me so your not the only one. *hugs* Stupid computers sometimes have a spaz, lol.

My Internet is so uber slow cause my sister downloads TOO much stuff, I have a weekly arguement with her to delete her stuff lmao.

Happy birthday to James! :) Hope you guys do something nice.

Uniboob and mono brow – Yes, I see the similarities. :) Sophie has the guts to kick a guy in the balls so yeah she posted that tweet with guts haha.

Omg, i’m so sorry. I hope you can get it all fixed and all. Has it stopped Going up and down now? Phones sometimes suck.

Cya Hun <3