Blueprint From Hell

Do you ever notice that the tiniest things annoy you? Or some important things are so little, you don’t want to bother with them?

How many times have I woken up in the morning and not bothered with breakfast? Thankfully not too many times, since I look forward to miso soup most mornings (waiting for it to cool down sucks, though). But after jumping out of bed and making my bed (yes, I like making my bed) I do not want to brush my teeth. It comes to that point where I do not want to spend three to five minutes exercising my hands to make my teeth less yellow than they already are.

I just want to jump out the door and be done with it. But of course, who goes out with stinky breath?

This one time when I was in high school, I ran to the bus stop and realised I hadn’t brushed my teeth. The first thing I did was look at my watch. 7:20am. I stopped in my tracks and thought, “Shit”. There was no way I was going to run back home just to brush my teeth. /argh

I rummaged in my bag for any gum or mints… I didn’t have any. I thought, “Fuck…” until I noticed that I had a bag of grapes. I was looking for pretty much anything that would freshen my breath, and upon discovering the grapes, I thought that it was the best thing I had discovered that day. /bash

Apart from brushing my teeth, sometimes I’ve been too lazy to eat, to shower, or to take clothes down from the line. This might tie in with my computer addiction, but sometimes when I’m watching a video or something, I don’t want to get up.

It might also not be the fact that I’m lazy, but it might be because I just don’t want to. So many times I have not wanted to wash my hair because I know it will take a long time to dry, or I just know that I’ll have to part my hair properly and make sure my fringe doesn’t go wonky before my hair dries.

Today I talked to Rachel on the phone. It’s cool because she has Google Voice which allows her to call me for cheap! :O /bounce

We had a little discussion about old singers. Really old singers. Like everyone from The Rolling Stones. I know they’re making a comeback and everyone wants to see how they’re doing after all these years, but Mick Jagger looks like a wrinkled grape.

Speaking of comebacks, Whitney Houston is touring in Australia right now but everyone is very disappointed with her concerts because she can’t sing as wonderfully as she could in the 80s. Come on, she’s older, she’s gone through drugs and abuse – cut her some slack? Maybe she is terrible sounding now but it’s not like she’s doing it on purpose.

Hell, I’d be hitting the ceiling now if Armor For Sleep made a comeback. I’m glad Ben Jorgensen is still around. And on that note, I’d like for you guys to visit It’s my newest project, and it’s just a little collective/shrine for Armor For Sleep/God Loves A Challenge fanlistings and icons. /bounce I’m really proud of the domain and the layout.

And my domain count sits at 18. I got rid of two in the past week and I’m happy. :D

Oh, and I added an icon tutorial!

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:D ✌️ (H)



This is so funny; you nearly always get first comment!


ROFLMAO she’s nearly always online when I write a new post. :P

Hello! Here comes the proper comment because just saying “First comment” and leaving it at that is mean :( /bash

Tiny things annoying me too. Tiny things annoy me ALL the time. And when I have pms, they annoy me even more. Especially when they turn into big things. Like, I get so pissed off when my brother doesn’t hang his towel on the towel rack properly. It seems little, but he KEEPS doing it, and he basically just shoves his towel on the towel rack on top of mine /angry Consequently my towel doesn’t dry properly. The arsehole. /argh

And omg, when you can’t be bothered with something but you force yourself to do it anyways. That makes me so frustrated because I really DON’T want to do it. It’s like…and infringement on my free will! 🤬

Miso soup! You got me addicted. Hahaha, I tried it, and now I LOVE it :P I’m usually lazy to eat breakfast too. Because I don’t know what to eat /ehh Oh well, most of the time I’m not up early enough to eat breakfast anyways. :P

Hahahaha, that’s a funny story. :P Using grapes to “clean” your teeth or fix your morning breath :P That’s kind of smart though XD I’d just go home. I hate leaving home without brushing my teeth. LOL. You wouldn’t have to do that now ^^ You could just go to uni and buy gum :D

I don’t want to wash my hair so much either :( But unfortunately my hair gets really gross if I don’t wash it everyday, and then I can’t sleep. So at the end of the day, it’s counter-productive if I don’t wash my hair, so I wash it anyways. *sigh*

Hehehehe, old music! I love old music. Heaps of old music is way better than most of that crap they play on the radio nowadays. If I hear that “Let Me Be Me” song by Jessica Maulboy ONE MORE TIME, I will happily stab myself with a pencil. It makes me 🤬

Mick Jagger does look like a wrinkled grape. Hahahahaha :P

Yeah, it’s a little mean what they’re saying about Whitney Housten. I mean, she did have a GREAT voice. And she’ll always have that great voice. Just she’s a little old now, and she’s been through so much. :( She was brave to do this come-back tour though :) And at least she SINGS. Britney Spears doesn’t even SING. D:

I, too would be ESTATIC if AFS came back /bounce They will always be totally AWESOME.

I have visited :) YAAAY. It looks waaay cool. ^^ I love your icons too…^^

Haha yep! You know I get annoyed when someone says that and doesn’t leave a proper comment after. :P

Ooh. My brother does the opposite. He goes out of the shower and takes his towel with him to dry his hair when he is done, but he doesn’t put the towel back until ages later. And since you share the rack, that’s rude. It’s fine if he goes and makes a mess of his room though, because it’s his.

Woooooo! /bounce 🤤 I love miso soup a lot. The ones at Woolworths (I think?) are cheap and they’re really thinned out. I don’t even think they have the miso paste in it! :S Anyway…

My brother wakes up late on the weekends, so he just eats lunch straight away. XD

Yeah, I would be able to buy gum! But I would hate leaving the house without brushing my teeth too, because it would feel really uncomfortable and weird. 😰

I’m glad I don’t have to wash my hair every day, but it’s still annoying to do so. Eventually it just gets greasy and dirty and that’s a sign that it’s time for a wash. :P

I don’t think I’ve heard that song. I might have, but I don’t recall the name at all, or the words. :S But it’s terrible when something is overplayed!

I agree! She was definitely really brave, especially after all that time and after what happened in her personal life. She was cool before too! :)

I would be ECSTATIC TOO. /bounce I’m happy Ben is still around. ♥

*hugs* They better fix it soon. They should give your money back. /bounce

So than you and your dad will left. What’s the point of going to church, if the whole family doesn’t. I would never go to church alone.

I’m sure that god hasn’t betrayed you. He’s always there to help us. Just some times he wants us to learn some lessons. I’m glad that I didn’t bore you.

Sometimes I get too. But I manage that somehow. I hate teachers who aren’t fair with the grades and plus they are strict.

Yeah. Who doesn’t know her? /hehe Really she likes them too? That’s my favorite team ever.

Small things piss me off too. I’m to lazy to brush my teeth at the morning too. But I always too. :D And I’m way to lazy to make my breakfast. /bash Unlike you. I hate making my bad. Well sometimes I like. /hehe

I hate when I forget to wash my teeth and then I have stinky breath. But the good thing is that I have a store in my school if I forget to get gum. Hahah.

Sometimes I’m lazy to put clothes on me, when I’m in pajamas. I would stay whole day in them. /hehe I hate when I’m lazy.

I’ve never heard of Google Voice. What’s that? Mick Jagger really looks like a wrinkled grape. Whitney Houston is really old. I love all her songs. She had a wonderful voice.

HEY!! lol XD

I understand what you mean (I think that is my new favourite line! :P ) sometimes I’m just wayy to lazy!

I make my bed. I wouldn’t 😒 but I get paid 5 dollars a month to keep my room clean. (My parents are cheap right?!? 😒 )

I have never heard of google voice. I have skpye though! It must be really neat to talk to someone who met thruogh the online world…


Thanks for the congrats! It is very appreiciated. :D
Oh and thanks for the very early b-days wishes. It is on march 8th but thanks anyway! lol.. /eee

It is in celcuis so ya.. It is really cold. Lucky though today is only -5 C /bounce

Damn what does Lillian do? Sit on the computer all day long and refresh constantly? LOL j/k. I wanna be first commenter again. That was fun!

Hmm, the new site looks interesting. I love the icons, and I tried out the icon tutorial and it’s fab!

Anyways, I tried listening to J-pop music again and well; let’s say it didn’t last long. Yeah, I guess my love for the japanese has died down some or something. I dunno what it is. I just like don’t want to have anything to do with Japan. I know I should bite my tongue when I say that, but still there are other great countries out there including yours that isn’t in the “danger” zone. Ya know? And they (you) speak english. Well; needless to say I’ll be heading off to england or australia in a couple of years, because I wanna get my room done the way I want it done. Ya know? And by that means getting a new bed. This futon that I have now is killing my back not to mention the chair I’m sitting on.

I would really like to paint my new bedroom blue with white clouds on it. lol. I know that it sounds like for a baby boy’s room but oh well. I love the color blue. And maybe get a single bed. Ya know those half of a beds like little kids sleep on when they’re like 12? or something like that.

Haha, that’s a good guess, but I’m not going to sell out my icon just yet. I will however reveal what my icon number is when the contest is over. If Idon’t win this round I can always try the next round. :D. Yay!

whoaaa you weren’t kiddding! you really cut back on the domains & you made a new icon tutorial!

I want to copy & paste your entire blog. Not going to lie. hahaa i feel exactly the same way about most things. I love showering but I hate that I have to walk around with wet hair & then blow drying my hair is just UGHH forever. Sometimes I’ve gone to bed without brushing my teeth on accident & I’m like, “NOOOOOOO I’M SO COMFYYYYYYYYY” but i force myself to get up & brush them because it’s really vital to before you go to bed. OYE.

Or sometimes I forget to put this cream on my skin under my nose (it’s supposed to be like anti-bacterial, because my under my nose is mysteriously really red & it won’t go awayyy. :|)

hahaha yeah there is probably no way i’ll be friends with this guy. he is sooo incredibly annoying. i was thinking about being fake friends with him & act like stephen colbert (i don’t know if you know who he is, but he parodies this guy named bill o’reilly who has this talk show. it’s really funny because he’s such an idiot so stephen colbert parodies him & makes fun of his political views but he does such a good job that a lot of conservatives think he’s actually conservative. hahaha). but anyway! i could definitely be like, “hey so .. yeah the’s like what..6 thousand years old..dinosaurs. lulz fossils are fake.” & we could be bffs. ahahahaha.

haha i gotta write you another e-mail. eh yeah i don’t know hahaha i forgot what i was going to tell you. oh yeah it had to do with hosting. whatevs i’ll email you about it haha.

zomg lulz whitney houston, true that. drugs, bobby brown, & age = bad voice. ahaha. poor lady. i blame bobby brown, her shit husband.

YOUR BLOG REMINDED ME..i need to buy more gum. i always have asian food for lunch & well, i don’t brush my teeth afterwards although i should & i’m always scared that my breath will smell like seaweed or something ahaha so i always try to grab something to drink like tea! haha or coffee. coffee breath > fish breath i guess. omg that reminds me. i need to eat breakfast. it’s 10:33am right now which means.. it is..

5 am!! where you live!! we’re only 5 hours apart in the morning but as the day drags on..haha. well technically we’re always 19 hours apart but it seems so we said. hahaha

i have google voice toooooo. but you guys can talk for free & see each other if you use skype or oovoo! you don’t even need a webcam, just as long as you have a mic. :) i feel like if we ever talked i’d somehow adapt a horrible australian accent. -_- that’s what happens to me..when i’m around people with accents. i don’t even do it on purpose. IT JUST HAPPENS.

my cousin is dating a british guy & when we all hung out, OMG it was so weird, I’d randomly say words in a british accent & he always thought i was making fun of him but i was like, “oops…ahaha” & johnathan would give me weird looks. ahaha.

NOW I REMEMBER WHAT I HAVE TO E-MAIL YOU ABOUT. OH MAN. -_- annoying people. haha.

aww when are you going back to uni?! :( what classes are you taking? are you prepareddd?

Hey lovely! ♥ :)

No matter how much I dislike starting our conversation over new, I kinda have too. I barely know what we were talking about earlier. Sorry, Georgie. /rose

Thanks for both of your comments – I read them both.

I guess I just kinda needed this “I am gonna delete everything” moment to get back to work on my site.. because like, 30 minutes after I said that – I started to work on it a lil bit. Changed the theme and finally re-wrote the about page for the webite.. though I am not 100% happy with it as of now. xD

Oh hell yes! I can get annoyed by the smallest things for sure too! Like, just one “wrong” sentence from either one of my sisters and I get pissed like hell. xD They just have the ability to piss me off really, really quickly and easily.

When I was younger I was like that too.. I like kinda hated washing my hair and mum had to tell me to wash it every day and stuff.. but when I got older and I started to wash it regularly mum started to complain that I wash it too often.. like, decide what you want mum! My hair usualyl needs like 3-4 hours to get dry on it’s own.. which is really annoying. And it’s not even that long. I never put my hair into the right place before it’s dry though.. I love seeing it all over the place. xD

Oh boy.. I definitely wouldn’t have run back home either.. Isn’t it always like that? When you don’t really need a gum or a mint you have them and you have enough of them – but when you really need one you don’t have any..

Woah, that’s soo cool that you talked to Rachel on the phone! And lucky her for having Google Voice! :)

I heard about the Whitney stuff on the news over here too.. I mean, this woman used to have one of the best voices in the music business back in the 80s, but that’s year and years ago. Voices change. I always really liked her songs – my all time favorite will probably be “I will always love you” from the movie “Bodyguard”.

Oh you actually cut down your domains? Great job, Georgie! ;)

*off to check the AFS/GLAC website*

HOLY COW I was in that same exact situation in the 8th grade when I woke up late and all I had time to do was eat and I forgot to brush my teeth. It was one the of the worst days of my life, since I didn’t want to open my mouth to talk to anyone. I just chewed on carrots and crunchy stuff because they “increase saliva production” so that the bacteria in my mouth could wash away a bit, LOL.
Sometimes I take naps after school and when I wake up at like 6pm my breath isn’t the best smelling, but I’m always TOO LAZY to get up and brush my teeth! I’m so disgusting, I know, but I have homework!
All I can ever say about this is that gum is my life saver. Especially after I eat garlic bread. I’m ADDICTED to garlic bread. /bash

Sorry for the belated comment. I haven’t been on my site very much!

I love watching the winter Olympics. My favorite events are curling, ski cross and speed skating. I can’t wait for the next Olympic as it is in Britain :) I will be 18 then and I have signed up to be a volunteers there. I think it’s a really special event to happen so close to home so I ought to go, whether I’m working or just watching events.

Ace, my brother almost went in the British Big Brother! He got down to like the final 50 but my mum told him not to go in. It would have been funny to see him in there XD

I hope the next term at university is good :) I know this term for me is going to be none stop work!

Before I got my iPod I used my phone for games and everything but now because of the games on my iPod I can’t see much use for my phone.

I think everyone has different views on religion. From what I can see from my relgious studies lessons at school, only like 3 people in a class of 30 are religious. And nobody is particularly really religious. I think it depends on the way you are bought up.

I can’t go out the house in the morning without brushing my teeth, doing something with my hair and having something to eat.

I’m never too lazy to eat or wash. I guess they are routine so I just do it.

I love chatting to my friends about music and stuff. I’m a big fan of older music. I love bands like the Who, Led Zeppelin and the Police. Their music is the best! The Rolling Stones are awesome too but your right they look mega old!

I’ll take a look at your new icon tutorial. I’ll see if I can get some inspiration for icon making.

The most annoying tiny annoying thing is something that is trivial but still annoying all the same but you can’t be arsed to get up and fix and then you feel regretful all day. Like folding up your clothes at night instead of flinging them everywhere. I always go to bed feeling unclean but don’t want to get back up again.

I’m so lazy – I skip out on lots of things, but some are just too important (like nice food ^^) I hate washing my hair, because although I like the non-greasyness that comes after washing it, removing my army of bobby pins and spending time brushing conditioner through my knotty hair drives me insane :)

And then I wake up the next morning after having gone to bed with my hair wet (too lazy – and I did this last night) to find my hair in a gigantic poof of layers and very exaggerated scene style :) Then I have to brush all that before I go anywhere :/

I know you’ve cut down a lot, but I don’t know if I could handle 18 domains :/ I’d just host most things as subdomains on my main site, if I even had that much content (which I never will – I’m lazy *smacks*)

You just made me realise I haven’t brushed my teeth today :/ Now I have to go do it…

Haha nice food is too important for words! :P

My hair doesn’t get too knotty but it’s extremely annoying to wash and to wait for it to dry. I like the feeling of washed hair too, though. :P

I like having “scene” hair; sometimes I don’t even brush my hair in the mornings. I don’t like doing it, haha.

Aha well you’ve never left me your URL. :O Now I’m curious; I’ve always been leaving comments on my blog like this because you don’t leave your site. ;)

I haven’t brushed my teeth today yet either. D:

Haha, my site is more-or-less non-existant at the moment. I’m slowly putting it together – it isn’t even open yet but as soon as it is I’ll be sure to add the link :)

Or you could be all stalker and do a quick google search :P It isn’t that hard to find.

I went stalkerish and found you. :) I won’t tell anyone. But I left you a comment. :D

And the site looks really good. /bounce

Told you it was easy to find. Google is a very powerful thing ;D

Haha thanks, but it looks like a MESS… I only have tiny windows of time to code. I’m getting there though… :P

Indeed it is! And that’s how you found me. 💀

You’re welcome. Believe me when I say it looks terrific! :P But we’re all busy people. I can’t wait until the “big launch”. :D

Yes… tacky, that’s the word. Stupid corsages. For charity ball two years ago, I told Jimmy I didn’t want one. :P If we go to prom together, I’ll tell him the same thing. xD

Omg it would be so awesome to wear jeans to prom. :P I love doing things like that to protest. No really, maybe if I go, I won’t get a long, really formal dress. You’re supposed to wear really long dresses when you go to prom, but they seem so heavy and difficult to move in. =/ WE SHALL SEE.

Eh, I have pretty much no attachment to my class. :P I mean I do have friends in it and people I will probably miss, but as a whole I really couldn’t care less. It won’t be the last time I see them anyway… there’s graduation. :P

I know, I can’t wait for it to be over! Woooo.

Eh, I dont’ know about my hair being in better condition than yours, since I use a straigtener, and I doubt that you do. I don’t use it every day though, so maybe it’s fine. I used to know this one girl, Kat, who had really curly hair, and she spent a long time every morning getting it perfectly straight. Her hair was in such bad condition that it would actually BREAK. O.o

Lol it wasn’t a shitty comment! I’ve said that like three times now, but it wasn’t. :P

HAHAHA. Must I? MUST I? :P Nah, IDK, maybe I’ll go. I got lots of encouraging comments that make me feel better about going. I might. Lala.

That sucks that you were only allowed to bring a date from your grade. =/ It’s lucky you had James! At my prom, you can bring anyone. The only way 9th-11th graders are allowed to go is if a 12th grader brings them to the prom as a date. I think that makes more sense than the rule at your school. O.o

Aww, I love getting comments! I do agree that it can be such a pain though if you’re really far behind. I’m trying to get caught up again today, since I wrote a new blog and all. I don’t think I have too many left, but I haven’t counted. Maybe 15?

I just counted, I have 13 left after yours. Most of them are pretty long too. Meh.

Has your credit stopped fluctuating yet? :@

That’s so dumb that your mom doesn’t want to rage at your brother. O.o She rages at you all the time! Not fair. It’s Sunday again… do you have to go to church today too?

Grr, stupid creep client. I need to do work for him today/tonight after I finish returning comments. I can’t wait to finish the job, get paid, and be on my way. I want to find another job.

His poor kid indeed. I hope he isn’t exposed to too much of his parents yelling at each other, like you said, and I also hope he doesn’t grow up to be like his dad! D:

Haha yes I did write “G-d”. I don’t write it out in full because then I’m not supposed to delete/erase it or throw something away that contains it.

That reminds me of English class on Thursday. My teacher asked, “how many of you say some form of ‘oh my G-d’?”, and a bunch of us raised our hands, including me. Then she asked, “how many of you consider that to be taking the lord’s name in vain?” and I raised my hand again, along with only one other girl as far as I could tell. It kind of bothered me that she asked the question like it was some ancient, out-dated way to think of things, but whatever. It’s what I was taught. I still say “oh my G-d”, but I usually feel bad about saying it. (She was using that as an example of something about the play Antigone).

LOL why don’t you like to think of it as a sweet thing that your parents need each other to live? I think it’s sweet. :3

Omg dude I’m the same way! Most of the time when I wake up in the morning (when I don’t have school) I just sit at my computer for hours, even if I’m ridiculously hungry. I’m just too lazy to go eat. Or when I’m tired and want to sleep, I’m often too lazy to actually go to bed, so I sit up for another hour or so. It’s dumb. :P

To be honest, I don’t usually brush my teeth at night. My teeth are fine and I have yet to have a cavity, so I’m just too lazy. Plus I usually go to sleep really late, and I don’t want to wake people up. :P I always brush my teeth in the morning though because I can’t leave the house with gross breath. I used to sometimes like freshman year, but I always had gum then. :P Plus then I would brush my teeth at night instead. :P At least I brush them once a day, right? xD

Did the grapes work? O.o

Omg know what I hate? Whenever I eat breakfast after I brush my teeth (which is not often), I always feel like I have bad breath from the food I ate, and like I didn’t brush my teeth. I hate it so much.

This is a long comment. O_O

Yep! I was too lazy to shower today. :P All I did was brush my teeth and wash my face. My unwashed hair makes me laugh today when I look at it. :P The part got all funny and it’s just all over the place. Plus I still have my bangs clipped back from when I was sleeping.

Woooo we talked on the phone! It was cool. /bounce

Hahaha a wrinkled grape! Maybe you ate his relative when you wanted fresher breath that morning. O.o

Aww, it’s sad that Whitney Houston can’t sing as well as she used to be able. I haven’t heard too many of her songs from the 80’s, but I’ve heard a few of them, and they were good. I used to really like “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”.

I agree, people should cut her some slack. At least she’s trying!

Haha, Ben’s not old though. xD Will you still love him when he’s old? ;P

Yay for Neverfly! I see you managed to slip those updates in like you wanted to. ;) Because of Neverfly, I’m kind of considering doing something more with To Dust. I probably won’t though, at least not for a while.

Wooo, less than 20 domains! :D Good for you.

Haha that’s funny how you’ve never heard of a cartoon platypus yet you have real platypuses in Australia. I really wanna see one! Oh well I’ll just google it XD

Chemistry is such a pain. My teacher always pushes the class to become better so I guess that’s good. But I just don’t want to learn it! /wah

Actually next year, I can only run for Princess. When I’m a senior that’s when I can run for Queen. One of my classmates said I should. So I am! Hehe
I am like that all the time! When I get out of the shower, I know I have to brush my hair, but I just don’t want to. I remember one time I forgot to brush my teeth. I ran in the house and brushed like crazy. My teeth feels all yucky if I don’t brush it. And the dentist always nags so I don’t want to go through that 😝

That’s the thing about comebacks: everyone complains that the singer or band aren’t the same. Well of course there not going to be the same! Some people just expect singers to be naturally great, but they have flaws too. I’m glad that Whitney Houston made a comeback. I love her voice, and I don’t care if it sucks at concerts because a lot of singers voices don’t sound as magical :P

I love the layout for NeverFly. Unfortunately, I don’t know those bands. But I’ll definitely listen to their music later and tell you what I think via Twitter /heart

Woah 18 domains. At least you got rid of two.

Ahaha, you’re welcome. And you’re definately right! It was a rare moment to receive first comment on here. LOL. I shall keep trying. However I do spend a lot of time on the internet, so who knows I might be first commenter again? Maybe in the future. Or something?

Haha, you won the last round as far as my memory recollects. I can always guess what your icons are. I think you’re number 2. However you maybe number 7 on the icon thing. I’m glad you’re showing your skills off. They’re pretty rad! Haha.

I’m sorry for constantly changing the domain layout from one to the next, but I’m happy with this one now. I hope I can actually keep it up for good. But you know me and how easily tired I get of the layout when I see others having a new layout it only makes me want to change it again. ROFL.

Yeah having your room painted like the sky would be pretty neat. I hope to achieve this goal. I’m gonna write up a post because I have some very exciting news. :D. I don’t want to share here, but I will share it on my blog. :D. I can’t wait to see your reaction to it. Haha.

Meatloaf’s album is pouring out in the UK right now. They even have a big banner on a billboard with Meat’s new album cover which is “Hang Cool Teddy Bear”. How cool is that? That’s the name of the album. I can’t wait till it releases in the states. I can pre-order it, but I’ll wait till it hits bestbuy and get it there. Or something. Lol. I’m such a nut. Oh btw, the Armor For Sleep cd I got is really good. I think my new stepmother might like it. Yeah I might have a new stepmother. My dad divorced my former stepmother (who’s my sister’s mom). He’s engaged to this other chick. She’s friendly, good natured and very family going but not around us it seems like. Ah well; maybe she’ll warm up to us once we move out to Beaumont.

A lot of things used to bother me and I used to not want to most days brush my teeth or wash my hair… gross, right?? I just DO things now. I don’t even really contemplate on it but I used to.

I miss breakfast most mornings. I shouldn’t because at dinner time I’m more prone to pig out on crap that’s not good for me, I don’t get up in the morning, that’s my excuse. XD

I’m exactly the same as you with not wanting to wait for your hair to dry. I actually love washing my hair, I like it being soft and smelling nice, but my hair is so thick that it takes hours. It’d be nice to just click my fingers and it’d be bone dry and poker straight.

Aw, that’s so cool you got a call from Rachel! I’d love a call from one of my online friends, we usually just text or talk on Facebook.

Whitney isn’t sounding as great as she used to, but yeah you’re right, people do need to give her a break! She’s still one of the greatest artists from the 80’s, I Will Always Love You was number 1 for months!

I quite like Muesli cereal so I guess I could try a Muesli bar!

I’d never hate on McFly for changing, it just doesn’t feel like them. I think their new song is good, and catchy, it’s just not what I’m used to. I guess I’ll loosen up after listening to it a few more times, I didn’t like my favourite song the first time I heard it!

The really old computers were so cool back in the day, but if I ever had to look at an actual monitor instead of a laptop screen or one of those plasma screen monitors, it’d be so weird haha!

Hello Georgina! I hope you are well. :)

Wow, I’m so with you there. Sometimes I really just can’t be bothered either >_< It used to take me like 20 minutes to go to dinner because I wasn't bothered getting off the computer lmao. Now It takes less than 5 (Y)

I think I've forgotten to brush my teeth once as well; I was trying a new routine of brushing my teeth after breakfast rather than before, but I somehow ended up forgetting ;P

Yes, there seems to be a lot of comebacks at the moment aye?

Ooh, I'll check out your new domain now :)

Nope, the keyboard cleaner was an epic fail. I just wasted $4 on a piece of crap @_@ ahh well, that will teach me a lesson. Hopefully. XD

Ah yes, I suppose I can dream on. Besides, It's not as if I'm aiming to fly to the moon anyway. Well, theoretically that's possible, but my dream is more possible than flying to the moon. O_O Yes, definitely more possible.

Whoaaa miso soup! Is it that yummy Japanese soup with tofu? Ahhh it’s my favorite! LOL. You have such yummy meal for breakfast. I nearly always have instant noodles or fried rice for breakfast -_- or meatballs, if I am lucky LOL.

I never wake up and go straight to the bathroom to brush my teeth LOL. I usually brush it few hours after I wake up XD

Oh Mick Jagger reminds me of Ke$ha’s song. It has his name in it haha :D

Wow, many singers are touring in Australia! Taylor Swift was there sometime earlier this month. Cool! I really wanna go to Taylor Swift’s concert but an Indonesian promoter rejected her concert submission -_- They accept Justin Bieber’s instead. Gosh, they prefer Justin Bieber to Taylor Swift! This makes me laugh LOL.

Yeah, it’s such a touchy movie. My sensitivity makes me cry in few movie scenes LOL. It doesn’t only happen while I was watching Another Cinderella Story but it also happened when I watched Toothfairy. Almost all movies are touchy for me LOL, except those action and mystery ones.

Glad my foot isn’t really broken, haha. I put a kind of traditional medicine which is super hot that I had to put it off after one hour wearing it LOL, but glad it made my foot much better now. At least I can walk properly :P

Oh you used to wear braces? Ah, you know the pain then. I got my four teeth plucked LOL. And it made my gum swollen *phew* The injection hurt too! The crazy dentist injected me 5-8 times per tooth. Ha. O_O

yuup, that ski trail totally needed a lot of strength to go past, but i still loved it :P

skiing once a year is enough for me !! too tiring.

its so weird to go to the same place with my sister ! what are the chances of that, eh? :P

i just remember when i was younger, at school, there were pinkish colour, orange, green, blue ! and you can change the colour of the browsers too :)

in the morning, i hate it when i can’t find my belongings… its so last minute and that really annoys me :( i can not, not brush my teeth, i feel weird if i dont brush my teeth ! i think its cause my stomach is real sensitive so the ucky things that gets into your mouth overnight makes my stomach feel sick and thats not a good feeling :(

i dont shower in the morning, but im sure if i do, i’d be too lazy to do that haha.

I usually don’t get annoyed by little things, but when those little things start to get bigger and bigger, then I seriously get annoyed and just blow up. 💥

Grapes save lives XD Haha, I hate eating them after brushing my teeth though because they taste funny /hmph

I hate being lazy, I think my computer causes it. Sometimes though, I think I get lazy on the computer. Like right now, I should be finishing my articles, but I realized that I just wont write good if I rush myself, so I’m going at my own pace.

Google voice ftw! I used to use mine to text friends when my parents had messaging block on my cellphone. Now I just use it to talk to online people when necessary.

Haha, I have no idea how I’m going to deal once I get into the working world. I know I’m going to be working at this store this after-school club I’m currently in is going to build for this fall, but I’m going to work at the candy store, so I don’t think I’ll have any problems there. XD

Little things aggravate me the most. Which is somewhat ironic. In my opinion, they always add up! I mean, just a few minutes ago, my brother missed the hamper when putting his dirty clothes in there. I told him to pick it back up and he started arguing with me. 💥 It really ticks me off when small things like that grow into big quarrels or something.

Neverfly looks amazing! I love the layout! ♥ :D

It’s amazing how much I can relate to your blogs. It’s quite the coinky dink too. Just last night I was laying in bed thinking and I vowed to take better care of myself and care more about my appearance. I mean I do take care of myself and care about how I look at all but sometimes I get lazy. I don’t want to take the extra minutes to fix my hair some days, brush my teeth, shower, put on lotion and all. I of course do it anyway because I’m a girl and I must take care of myself I just don’t do it to the best of my ability all the time. It always seem like those days when I get lazy are the days when someone catches my eye but I don’t catch theirs because I didn’t want to take out the extra time to do whatever. So this week I’m starting new. I’m getting my eyebrows waxed seeing that they have gotten bushy , I’m treating myself to a manicure and I’m pulling out my good clothes because I’m on a mission. A mission to find that special boy. Hey, you just gave me my idea for my next blog!

When I was little Macs were more common, especially in schools but we always had PCs. Now though since Macs have upgraded obviously and become WAY more expensive PCs are more common in schools and households.

I feel so empty without my phone. It weird though because I can receive texts, send pictures and get online..I just can’t send texts and send and receive calls. My grandma says we’re going to go to the company sometimes next week though.

I think that maybe if all my dreams come true and I be the model that I want to be or just the Nurse that I want to be and become everything she doubted me on then she’ll come to her senses and realize her faults…you know after I’m gone and moved on with my life.

I have no doubt that’ll find that special someone, I just want someone to keep me company now!

I know. I have no idea why she blocked me, I mean, I should have been the one doing the blocking, but whatever lol. I wouldn’t block anyone anyway, maybe just delete so their not an easy access to talk to. People can be so silly these days lol.
Yeah, I mean sure they used to dance around and ‘sing’ a lot of the time long time ago, but its 2010 and most of us have become urban if you will. We no longer do that kind of stuff unless their competing at Pow Wow’s. But still, regardless, it’s disrespectful. She used to always make comments like “your mom” and rude stuff to go along with them, like wtf? She’s such a bitch lol.
Lol I know. I mean literally when she was applying mascara her eye lid would become filled with it. She acted as if it was the right way to do it and she was okay with going out in public looking like that lol. She’d even take and use mine or my eye liner.. Ew, right? So I’d throw it out and make sure to hide my new ones :/ .
She never came off as a whore when I first met her and even up to a certain point. She uses her chest to get male attention; and typically, that’s what guys like so they always go for it. It’s stupid because she has a boyfriend, and the guys shes all over have girlfriends. I mean, how much more disrespectful can a person get? Even more so right in front of the persons girlfriend. Maybe she’s never heard of self respect or morals? Lol.
Aw THANKS! I wasn’t too sure about the header; I suck at graphic design. It’s simple enough to pull off and for it to be okay I guess lol, and it’s actually growing on me. I’m glad you liked it :D
They really should; I don’t get why a person would host someone when they know of their past and that they continue to steal from people even though they’ve been caught time after time. She was given a subdomain a while ago, like 2-3 months, and it’s still not open. Shes got it on maintenance saying shes lost interest and will be back soon. Or that shes working on a new layout or something. I wonder if its possible to have “police” to get these people banned for ever. Well, maybe not forever, but until they learn their lesson.
Ugh I know what you mean. Our parents can’t be around 24/7 holding out hands and showing us right from wrong, good from bad. I’m sure they’ve learned all that they know by themselves, or for the most part.
Ohh wow, 2 hours? Crazy! Lol. I don’t live in the country, but it’s a small town, about 30 000 people or more. We don’t have a mall, but he have a walmart and canadian tire and other normal accommodations. Colleges and Uni’s have housing here, it costs quite a bit though. It would be the same or just a little less than getting an apartment on your own. I was looking at some close to the school that aren’t a bad price; 600 a month or so. The places are really nice as well.
Your right.. Now I’m really confuse lmao. I never really watched those disney movies though, the only one was Lion King hahaha :D . Ohh, well luckily you never lost anything major. I remember once we were doing assignments and had to hand it in the same day and my computer froze and shut down -.- so lame!
Oh boy, this is going to be one long comment!
Hahha I know how you feel. I dread brushing my teeth even though its an important daily thing to take care of. Sometimes I’m like whatever at bed time but in the morning its like ewww. Standing there and moving your arm for a few minutes sure seems pointless. I wish the tooth brush would do it on its own, hah. Haha don’t worry, your not the only one who doesn’t feel like doing things when you should. I’m very bad for that
LMAO, I have no idea who that is, but a wrinkly grape sounds funny.. So he’d be a raisin :D (ew I hate those things!). I have no idea who those other groups are, I’ll have to do some research lol.
WOO 18, you’re getting there lol (ps. if this msg is very choppy I’m sorry! I typed it on Word lol)

Yup, trying something new is good. I used to do a lot of blend-ish layouts and dark ones but not now for some reason. Lol, I love your layout though, :)
Haha, we all have to learn Flash this term for year 8. And my computing skills teacher is so….. scary!
Me too! My favourite kind of designing is on the computer. Aw, you used to sound so much like my sister! Emily is really crafty and arty and does cool drawings and stuff. She LOVES origami and makes a little thing everyday because my cousin bought her an origami calendar. Ahaha. We both used to have jewelery lessons from my cousin except somehow, we dropped that.
Yeah I guess it all comes down to what you’re making. I like making/baking cake, muffins and so on. But I don’t like cooking meals so much.
Sometimes I do like shopping for stationary and getting cute pencil cases, folders and books. But I don’t do a really big stationary shopping at the start of each year like everyone else does anymore. When I run out of things I go and buy a new one.
Reading a book takes me to another place. Like you can just get lost in a book and not have to worry about anything else in the real world. That’s mostly the reason why I like books. Oh and I also read on the laptop too, ahaha.
I can’t really draw! But I want my dad to take me to art classes.
OOHH! So you can play the piano, guitar and drums? That is awesome! I can only play the piano.
Lol, I sing in the shower or car when a really catchy song is playing on the radio.
Yeah, those bitter white carrots. I didn’t know they were white carrots until my mum told me. To me they taste like… blah!
How come your wisdom teeth are coming out? Did you like bang your mouth somewhere?
My Christian Studies teacher tells us to respect each others religions every single time we have our lesson. So I do respect others.
Lol, how long have you had your site anyway? And plus you’ve had done so much work on your site! If your site sometimes is stressing you out, take a hiatus?? :)
Those old Macs look weird now! They’ve been here for so long….
Haha, I’ve frozen my laptop so many times. And then I got a new one and everythings good.
My dad is searching for a new internet company because TPG is crap. Well, that’s what I reckon.

Yes! Tiny things annoy me all the time! In the holidays sometimes after I’ve eaten my breakfast I DON’T brush my teeth. Oh and I don’t bother making my bed unless my friends are coming over or something. /ehe
Ergh I just hate waiting for my hair to dry after washing it. And then finding out the next day that it’s gone really, really poofy.
I’ve heard about Whitney Housten. My dad used to be a fan of hers but after all the drugs she did he didn’t like her very much anymore.
And now she’s touring Australia. So many people were disappointed. Her voice will never be the same again.
I love your new collective! The layout is so awesome!
I’m going to congratulate you for deleting 2 domains and only having 18. *claps* lol.

I feel the same way; almost the same as yours. I tend to feel lazy most of the time because I’m too attached with the internet. It gets to the point that I’m no longer interested at school making me skip my classes usually. But HIGH FIVE to us. LOL.

I’m thinking of getting Crest Whitestrips to make my teeth look whiter because it turned yellowish. :(

You are soooo not the only one. I am so attached to the internet that during my lectures at university, I am responding to emails or tweeting or doing things on the internet that cause me to not pay attention. High five indeed! XD

I wanted to try some kind of whitening product for my teeth but they’re a little expensive here. My mum tried to get me to try one ages ago but I had to hold my teeth in a grin for a few minutes and I couldn’t stand doing it. :|

I don’t brush my teeth before I eat. /um
But I gargle a lot; the crappy retainer means it’s hard to naturally keep my mouth shut so it’s full of half-dried saliva. Disgusting. I can’t wait till I don’t have to wear it; how long is that, anyway. Aren’t they meant to tell me somehow? /gonx

Damn, that Mick Jagger. He could smuggle cocaine in those wrinkles. too bad saying that reminds me of that Shitmunchers thing I made up a few weeks back /sweat


Haha neither do I. O_O I used to brush my teeth before breakfast then I didn’t see the point. So I brushed my teeth after instead. :)

My retainer isn’t that bad, but I think most retainers make your breath stink in the morning… gross. They said I could wear mine until my wisdom teeth came out. But I still have to wear it every night? It’s supposed to help me because I grind my teeth. But ugh. Sometimes I don’t wear it because it hurts. :( But he said I didn’t need to come back unless I had a problem. Me confused! O_O

Shitmunchers…! /poo LOL. D:

Hey :)

OMG.. I hope the people that got that girl to the point of commiting suicide feel freaking bad! I really can’t imagine how people can live their lives when they know they got a person to kill themselves..

Definitely. And people also have the guts to say things a lot worse than what they would say if the person they are bullying stands right infront of them..

OMG! That poor girl.. Just like I said above, I really hope these people are feeling freaking bad for what they made her do! And then even saw her doing it which must be a lot worse than “just” hearing about it.. I for sure couldn’t live with knowing that I made this girl go this far and jump onto the tracks..

Hehe, lol yeah Vicky. xD She has a really awesome site and still she sometimes thinks it sucks.. xD I’ll definitely take my time in the future and if I don’t feel like doing anything site related I just won’t – just like I did this time.

Mum always washed my hair when I was younger because she didn’t trust my hair washing skills.. I always got annoyed by that. xD I am happy that my hair never was like really long – though at some point it was somewhere around the middle of my back so I got it cut. I don’t like it too long and I look better with my hair shorter too.

Maybe you can transfer some of the things you have on all those domains into one and just let the domains be there and not use them.. IDK, if that’s a smart advice though. xD

Hehe yeah. That would be awesome if we could meet. /bounce

Hopefully you won’t have those problems any more.

I don’t have any plaid dress. And I don’t think I’ll be able to get one because now that I’m older everyone expects me to wear traditional clothes. :( And I don’t like wearing traditional dresses. Sometimes, it’s ok. But now always. x(

Me too. When I first heard One Time on the radio, I actually thought it was a girl singing. :P Then I started wondering why a girl’s name would be Justin and Googled him and saw that he was actually a boy. XD And I was totally D: and /ehh and 😳

Ughh I really don’t like bothering with all those things that seem small but are important. Like brushing my teeth, I don’t feel like doing it at all. But then I don’t want to have smelly breathe so I have to do it.

Oh, that’s lucky you had those grapes. I once dreamed that I was going to school with no pants on. And when I woke up I couldn’t believe that I had actually seen such a weird dream. XD That was probably because sometimes I feel too lazy to dress up as well. :P

Your layout at looks awesome. <3 From what I read in your blogs, you would definitely go crazy if Armour For Sleep got back together. :D But at least you have God Loves A Challenge.

Sometimes I just feel like “forget it.” but it takes a lot of persuasion to actually do it. I made myself a list of things to do in the morning so I don’t forget. :D I’m so sad. /hehe
I don’t normally eat breakfast, it probably explains why I lost weight last year. /hmph

I often get times like this, where I don’t want to do something or simply can’t be bothered to do something. For instance in the morning while getting ready for college I often can’t be bothered to get up earlier and get breakfast just so I can get an extra 20 minutes in bed. :P

Although I always have to brush to my teeth, whether I want to or not. I have braces and I never want to make the mistake of heading out with smelly breath and food caught in my braces from breakfast. I’d be very embarrassed if that happened.

I don’t really think it’s laziness though, I just think it’s sometimes you just can’t be bothered. Everyone gets moments like that.

I know what you mean about singers getting older. I went to a Meat Loaf concert about 2 or 3 years ago and the crowds were horrible just because he couldn’t sing like he used to. I don’t think it’s very fair for entertainers to provide a good performance all their life only to be screamed and shouted at when they get older and their voice isn’t what it used to be.

I still can’t believe you find time to manage 18 domains, it’s like superwoman of the internet world. :P

Gahh I’m finally back! And during this time i’ve been missing out – you have a stunning layout right now! :) i can’t stop scrolling back up and looking at it, lol.

As for being lazy and not wanting to deal with annoying things… i totally know how that feels. Especially with the teeth-brushing or laundry line thing. And making sure your hair’s right before it dries wonky? Fuck yes, i hate it too! Also, i hate when i’m on the couch, comfy, cozy, dozing just a little to some late-night silly movie or tv show… and thinking, oh i can just fall asleep now… and then realise i havent brushed my teeth, and really really should – but doing so always wakes me up when i want to sleep :( urgh..

skiing gets REAL expensive if you skii many times haha. i just would never be able to afford it.

i dont even remember what i did on those mac computers, probably just type. it wasnt until the newer ones when we played awesome games like KID PIX , which is like MS PAINT for kids with awesome features haha.

yeahhh i also try packing the night before so i can just wake up, wash my face, face routine, makeup, bnlahblahblah , grab my things and go :)

I always suck at mixing colors together, but at least you like it so that makes me happy :D
That sidebar problem is really weird, but I’ll figure it out sooner or later XD
Yeah I’ll be sure to not let anyone influence my decision on college. But that’s really difficult when your parents and relatives are telling you what you should or shouldn’t do.

Haha I used to be like that always! When I wake up, I sometimes just don’t feel like brushing my teeth so I’ll hold it off until like an hour later I’ll decide to brush. /hehe

I listened to Armor for Sleep yesterday, and their music is awesome! Why is it that the underrated bands have really good music than the popular bands?? It doesn’t make sense to me XD

Aww. I wanna have miso soup every morning too. But we have fried eggs every morning here. I’m so sick of it :|

There are times when I forgot to brush my teeth too. Thankfully, I always have candies in my bag XD

My finger got a workout from scrolling down because I was too lazy to click and drag the little bar in the scroll bar.
-cheers for the icon tutorial- :D

Thank you so much! :D To be honest, I feel a bit embarrassed putting the excerpts up. I just feel silly because I get so into the story and, well… It just gets over-the-top and takes over. XD
At first I thought the lone-woman situation was pretty cliche and unoriginal.

It’s the same way for me, the brushing thing. I feel weird if I go to school without brushing my teeth and chewing on a piece of gum. I hate the texture of toothpaste, and it’s always lingering in my mouth afterwards, so that’s what the gum is for. :P

i know exactly where u coming from, i sometimes dont feeel like dinner.. and a few other things.. i wander y we get like that, r we lazy or just not in the mood

i love ur icon tutorial, i suck at making icons lol

Hey!! :) Long time no comment ;)

Aw, sometimes I don’t really feel like doing anything :/ sometimes i just lie on my bed staring at the wall…

Oh what’s google voice? also what’s google wave? BTW that reminds me that we still have to videochat sometime :)

I love how God loves a challenge sounds, but i can’t buy it anywhere. -_-

Wow, my domain count is 3. lol

Bye <3

Haha I can’t wait to get the keys either. I can’t wait till I start decorating my room. My dad’s fiancee’s or however you spell it, sister’s husband daughter painted a picture of orca’s swimming and the first time I met them (the family) was on thanksgiving, and I told them I fell in love with that painting and you know what? At the end of the day he gave it to me! I was shocked. I was constantly telling him “F” that it’s gorgeous. I wasn’t asking to have it, but he gave it to me any way. I love killer whales. Speaking of which did you hear the news about the killer whale killing one of it’s trainers at Sea World in Florida I think? I thought that was horrible. She probably did something to him to make him do that. If you usually do something to an animal they will attack. So it could’ve been her fault or the whale’s fault, but I was shocked.

Yeah, I know I change layouts quite a bit, but this one is staying up for sure. I called it cotton candy because that’s what it looks like. LMAO! I think we all get the urge to change layouts when we see someone who has a new layout or is thinking about changing it. lol.

Hmmm, there’s only 13 more episodes to go on “LOST”. And it will be over :( . NOOOOOOOOOOOO! But I guess all good things must come to an end. Just like Saw movies. How many times can the guy want to play a “game”? Ya know?

Hmmm, so that actually meant that you got first place since the other chick didn’t have a website? Right? Well; my icon isn’t doing too hot. I checked all the other icons and thought okay 7 and 10 is going to go at it, and than I saw 2 and was like woah. Maybe not. But yeah, it’d be nice to win. But if not keep trying right?

Hmm, Yeah the new stepmother is nice and very talkative and everything but since she had to drop out of highschool and marry a douche, she’s kinda distant and besides that she has a retarded kid that’s like 29 or 30 years old. My grandmother can’t handle the retarded child, she despises her in fact. Which is a shame because the retarded child and I get a long well; except for when she starts snooping around and getting into things and I tell her to quit and she starts crying. (It’s her way of saying Jamie yelled at me or a way to start having a fit). But it’s not her fault she wasn’t raised the right way it’s the mother’s fault.

I was always afraid that if I got a boyfriend the retarded child would be all over him like she is with any of the new stepmother’s boyfriends. She was like that with my dad for a while. Until the new stepmother finally told her to behave. It went on for like a year. And they’ve been together for almost 7 years. Can you believe that? The stepmother is nice to your face but she always gets me in trouble. Or tries too anyway. Like when I first got sick, she wanted me to go to a mental institution. She thought it’d help me out. My dad and her got into it a lot about that. But oh well. She got her wish I was in a mental institution because the voices were so outrageous telling me to kill my family and what not I was breaking down crying and called the clinic and told them I was going to slice my throat and they called the police and they came and got me and took me to a hospital. I only stayed a week but it was hard. I met two good friends there. One of which I don’t speak to anymore because I forgot his cell number, and the other is engaged and getting all prepared for her wedding. So yeah but it’s quite different. I don’t recommend it lol.

Well; my tummy is getting hungry so I’ll leave you with this note : I will let you know if the paper works goes smoothly or not. As soon as I know something you’ll be the first to know!

oh my God, that reminds me of something, like i went to this tour and i forgot to bring tooth brush and toothpaste.. then there wasnt a store nearby so i have to use my finger to clean my teeth.. haha and im like a beggar asking my roomie tht time to give me some toothpaste.. lol yeah, ive heard about Whitney too.. and she’s old now so her voice changed

Awww thanks! Hahah xDD

LOL yeahh, they did a really good job with it though. They are the nice ones XDD. Haha, they talked about it on the news. I think it’s better then We are the world 25. I watched a video on it, and they said how the celebrities could just be doing it for their image, and the people who did it on Youtube, did it because they wanted to help. But I’m sure all of the celebrities joined because they cared ;D

LOL, it’s good like the first time you get a snow day. Then after that, it gets kind of bothersome. It’s a safety hazard.

Haha thanks! My mom was like “Look at Casey!” and I was like, AWW, MUST GET CAMERA XD

Haha thanks those were actually from the last snow storm. I still have more, but I didn’t get the chance to add them. But I resized them ;D

Hah, you so should! It’s soo good. It doesn’t taste like bread, or pumpkin, it’s just like moist cake XDD

LOL you lucky lucky person! Haha, for me, 10 is a lot XDD.

Ahh i haven’t had apple crumble in FOREVER. XD. I miss it!

Haha same! Sometimes it’s like, DANG, then you try to find another tutorial, but you can’t. Then I just wait until her site opens again XD. Then I end up forgetting XDD

Ohhh haha whoa! XD, I don’t know. My computer is wack. Like it works fine, but I hate those updates. XD, when I do get them, I always do, remind me in 10 minutes. Hah, I just keep clicking that.

LOL i know! Right now, my ring finger is cramping. Haha, my wrist hurts /hmph After every few comments, I like rub my fingers and my hand XDD

:O YOU DON’T HAVE SQUIRRELS?! OMG THAT’S IT. Next time I see one, I’m taking a picture. OKAY, I’LL KEEP THAT IN MIND :D I see them EVERYWHERE.

LOL. I always get breakfast really late, unless I have school. On the weekends, I always end up eating breakfast at 12, which is more like lunch, but I always want my cereal or waffles xD. The first thing I do when I wake up, is brush my hair and brush my teeth. I hate when my hair is all knotted, I can’t do anything until I brush it XDD. As much as I brush it though, my teeth don’t get any whiter LOL

Ah haha, I don’t think I’ve forgotten to brush my teeth lately. Maybe in elementary school, because I didn’t want to, but I always do. It’s part of my daily have to’s. I remember my friend forgot to bring her backpack to school o.o We were all like “HOW DO YOU FORGET THAT” XDD

I’ve never really heard the Rolling Stones. No one really mentioned them when I was growing up. I think the band that I really did hear about was like the Beatles. I grew up with like the Backstreet Boys LOL. I don’t think people should get mad about Whitney Houston. No singer really sounds AMAZING, live, like compared to them on a CD. But they should just be happy that they got the chance to hear her sing.

I saw Neverfly, and it’s awesome! I love the name too (:

I know how you feel. I’m usually lazy about…a lot of things. So far I’ve been neglecting my room. I even cleaned out my refrigerator and pantry, and for some reason I’m too lazy to do my room. I guess it could be because of the fact the TV and computer call out to me… “Manda…Manda! Stop cleaning! COME PLAY WITH ME!” And yeah, I’m too weak to fight it. /type

I feel too lazy to brush my teeth, shower, etc. But hey, it’s stuff we gotta do, and it makes us feel nice and fresh. ♥

I still can’t figure out how you and Kya and other multiple domain owners can afford all those domains, hosting, and etc… 😒 I’m hoping I’ll be able to simply afford to renew my TWO domains!

haha! sometimes i dont feel like anything but i worry wayy too much about what other people might think of me to skip or forget =/ It’s actually almost compulsive

Hey! :D I always always eat breakfast.. it’s so important. :P I usually do my bed.. but never as soon as I wake up.. I need to go do some other stuff and then go back and do my bed… I don’t mind brushing my teeth though.. :P

Once I forgot to brush my teeth before school.. I was walking to school and I was like crap .. but I didn’t bother going back I just drank water.. :)

Sometimes I don’t want to go eat.. or sometimes even sleep.. I’m just like.. bahh waste of time. XD

I know, I really didn’t want to quit, because like you said, you miss it later on and stuff. But really, it was a lot to handle. The teachers are giving more work to do. I want to be able to go to the barn, or go to movies or just hang out without having that knawing feeling, that I should be practising piano. :/

Yeah, it’s always so weird. Whenever I see your comments, I’m like “But it’s winter? Why can’t Georgina go skiing?!” But then I remember the hemispheres… gahh, they confuse me. @_@
Good luck with Uni! :P

Really? Lol, people with bright suits stick out like a sore thumb to me. I don’t mind it, it’s just it’s kind of funny to see. This weekend I saw a guy in a zebra coloured snowsuit. :P

Yes! I was totally going too, I took some really cool ones, but Morgan kind of has my camera at the moment, so I’ll have to do it tomorrow.

French is so fun! Like it’s easy and too the point, there’s rules, not like English sometimes. Grammar is quite tricky in the English language..

Yellow and black would be so cool! Bumblebee, buzzz, buzz, :P

The Greek culture interests me much more than any other, but it sucks since I can’t choose to study it. But in grade 11, I shall go to Greece for a school trip! :)
Only like 5 years to go, but youknow, I can wait.

Haha, thankss :)

I know, my mom’s like that too. Jeez. -_-

Ughh I’ve been soo lazy too lately. I don’t know why, I swear it’s the weather. Winter just makes people sluggish and less hyper. Summer heat waves suck too. It just affects your body and stuff I think.
I don’t brush my teeth sometimes on the weekends, like in the mornings, I’m just like “Oh screw it,” Because on the weekend I snack a lot so I basically will brush my teeth then 2 seconds later go get a granola bar or something.

Wow! 👏 The layout looks awesome Georgina! Great job, really! Your layouts are always so cool, they’re interesting but in clean uncomplicated way. Wonder how you do it.. /huh

Have a good day! Or night? Since I’m in the night time right now, or.. whatever. :)

First of all, i’d like to say good job in letting go of your other domains! But woah, I can’t imagine myself managing 18 domains all at once :o Haha. Good luck with that Georgina!

I can’t imagine myself not wanting to take a bath or brush my teeth either. Haha. It’s been part of my routine already. But when it comes to eating breakfast, it isn’t part of my daily routine so I don’t really mind if I eat or not. But with brushing my teeth, oh wow there’s no way i’m going out of the house not doing that :o Hahaha!

I know EXACTLY how you feel. I swear, sometimes I just can’t bring myself to do even the littlest thing. I can spend hourssss doing nothing on the computer, or just working on my sites.. but other small things offline, I just can’t do.

And holy crap.. 18 sites @_@ I have no idea how you manage them all, I have trouble keeping up with my two! I wish i had your time management :|

I feel the same way most days. Or I’ll be in the middle of something, like watching a movie and don’t want to get up to do anything.

Other times, it’s when it’s really hot outside and you just feel all kinds of lazy. It’s the heat. Even though I’m inside in the A/C, lol

Hahaha, I don’t know why my blog was so funny to you. xD Some of the comments I got made me laugh though. :P What’s so funny about appropriate tags? O.o

Lol I can see myself being the cockface jerk and using “admittedly” over and over again to get the point across. :P I usually just tell people what the actual word is though, or I might like, use it in a sentence right after and italicize it or something. Usually it’s the former.

I don’t think so, because I’ve heard people say “hot damn!” about the most random things. Maybe that’s just because it’s here in America though. I don’t know; I still don’t get it. :P

Volunteering ended up being okay, actually. :) Setting up was kind of lame, but it wasn’t too bad, and then it was kind of fun talking to all the little kids as they played the game I was running. Some of them remembered me from teaching in their classes! /love It was really monotonous though… telling everyone how to play over and over and over agian… and I got a headache from all the yelling and loud music. Plus I’m due for my period any day now, so that couldn’t have helped. But overall, it was pretty good! :D

Wow you got to start an hour later than me… that’s awesome. D: For you. xD

Haha I’m sure Jimmy will respect my wishes too. For charity ball two years ago, he didn’t get me a corsage when I asked him not to. I randomly decided to give him a boutonniere though, and I was sad because it didn’t match his suit. :P He had told Jan he was going to wear a silver tie with a black shirt, so I got him a pink flower because I thought that’d look cool. It turned out he didn’t actually HAVE a silver tie, so he wore a red/black/white striped one. The flower was like CLASH. D:

You can have a short dress for prom here too, but apparently it’s more traditional to have a long dress for it. IDK, my mom told me a prom dress should be long, and I think most people’s were last year from the pictures I saw.

That’s kind of cool that you had prom after graduation. Was it right after? Right after my graduation, we have the senior all night party. I’m not going to that. :P It’s far away from my house, I’ll be exhausted before I even get there, and it’s $65. :P There are a lot of people who don’t go to that.

Yeah I know what you mean about it looking really fake when hair is straightened too much. It gets like… separated or something. It just doesn’t look natural. I don’t straighten my hair that much, just enough to get it how I wish the hair dryer would style it. :P

Maybe I will go! :P

Hahaha omg the blonde kid. xD I can’t imagine dating someone from three grades below me… that’s my brother’s age! O.o Yours too. D: OMG was it weird?

I have nine left now, including this one. I really want to finish before I go to sleep tonight! Especially since I probably won’t really have time tomorrow.

Lol I love how in our comment thread, we’ve been saying how many comments we have left to return.

Rawr, stupid credit. Don’t let it annoy you! It’s their problem, not yours.

Huh… do you think people actually think you return their comments too late? I’ve never really thought about that, and I never think someone has returned my comment too late either. As long as I get SOME comments, I’m happy. xD

Yeah I was actually going to have him wait until the end, but he paid me at the last Totally Shabbat (the thing I work at once a month where he brings his kid). Now I figure he’ll probably just wait to pay me ’til the end. I think that would make sense.

Maybe those three emails I sent him tonight will give him some satisfaction for a while. xP

I’m the same… I usually write “goodness” or “gosh”, but I usually say “oh my G-d” aloud.

Oh I see what you mean. I really hope that whoever I marry and I don’t end up like that, fighting all the time!

Haha, I don’t usually go on the computer before leaving my room, because when I wake up in the morning I usually have to pee really badly, so I leave my room to use the bathroom. :P Then I clean my ears so I can use headphones, and THEN I hop on the computer forever. :D

Yeah when I’m staying at home, I usually can’t be bothered to brush my teeth after I eat either. On those days, I usually just brush them like… hours later when I can’t take the taste of my own breath anymore. Like on Saturday, I woke up at 12:40, ate lunch some time after one, and brushed my teeth after four. :P

I always shower once a day in the morning, and I almost never wash my face at night. xD I don’t wash my face in the morning either, but it gets clean in the shower.

Oh I don’t care about my hair going in my face when I sleep, but if it does, it will be like… oily hair on oily skin… and then I’ll get more acne. :P So I clip it back.

Hahaha I know it wasn’t intentional that you called Mick Jagger a grape. xD It was pretty funny though!

I feel like I should know that song, but I can’t remember it. =/ It probably doesn’t help that I have music playing right now, so I can’t think how it goes. :P

Eh, eight or nine years older than you isn’t really all that much! Haha, I bet he’ll still look great when he’s in his mid-30’s. Lots of people do. :P

Maybe I will! Some other time way in the future. :P For now I’m pretty happy with To Dust as it is.


i feel scammed to find that the pot was only half full :( but ohwell !

awww i’m so glad to get coments saying that their country is doing something about bags too :) SAVE THE EARTH. kinda sucks for those plastic bag companies though :|

Sometimes I can’t be brushing my teeth either. I am glad that my mum always has mentos mints, so I can steal one /hehe occasionally I will have some gum.

I am really lazy to clean up my room. Sometimes I just stuff things in draws D: it’s only at my mums house that my room is messy. It’s tidy at my dads, probably because I don’t have much stuff there.

On the news I heard about Whitney Houston’s tour not being that good. They said that she stopped in songs to fix her make-up, she shouldn’t of done that though. If it was true.

The layout is really good XD great job on the new site. I should listen to some of their music, I forgot to :(

Sorry I can’t remember if I replied the last comment you wrote on my website. I am so tired from sports day today! and yesterday I went to sleep after 3am :O that’s more why I’m tired.

My friends usually just drink milk for breakfast, or they have sandwiches sometimes. I guess I’m the only one who ALWAYS eats rice for breakfast O_O LOL.

I love Japanese food! :D Sushi, miso soup, tempura, udon, soba, ahh just too many to mention! LOL. I wish I could go to Japan one day. I wanna taste the real Japanese food :P

LOL yeah P. Diddy and Mick Jagger are mentioned in Kesha’s song :P

Tooth Fairy is funny! I love the small kids there. The little girl is so cute and the little boy caught my attention LOL. The little boy looks like Lindsay Lohan though, I thought they had some sort of relationship haha.

Yeah I even cried while watching Tooth Fairy -_- You know, it’s a funny movie but there is a part when the boy cried and he broke his guitar O_O His sad face made me cry XD I can’t resist children’s tears.

Yeahh. I guess I will have to start wearing them as everyone wears them. When a girl older than 15-16 is seen wearing something like jeans or such, people start thinking of her badly. /hmph It’s really silly. People should wear what they want to wear, not what everyone else wears.

LOL. Yeah. That’s what Justin Bieber’s voice sounds like. Thankfully I only talked about him with my sister, otherwise it would have been kind of embarrassing if people knew that I thought he was a girl. XD Fortunately my sister also thought he was a girl.

Haha, I don’t like Lady Gaga either. I had heard of her a lot before so I didn’t get confused about her gender. :P

I think you blogged about it once. I also dreamt that I was pregnant. I wish I would have these weirdly frightening dreams. They make me really scared and when I wake up I feel really relieved. :P

You’re lucky Ben Jorgensen is still around. :D I know I would be really VERY upset if one of my favourite bands broke up.

That is actually never happened to me, that I forgot to brush my teeth before I go to school. But I actually had a lazy days too like I don’t took a whole bath for two days, only to shower my body and not my hair.. I also never become lazy in eating my breakfast, it’s a choice not to eat because I think I’m getting fat.. But I understand that we are not perfect. It’s all normal.

Yeah I heard whitney houston is singing again.. Oh well, I never became a fan, so I really don’t mind about how her voice change. I think it’s normal too because people are aging..