For Just One Night

Today was the first day of autumn. And it was cold, which was a nice change from the heat of summer. But when I went to have a shower this evening, I didn’t want to get out because it was warm. :P

James was sick today. :( One emoticon: 🤮 That explains it all, hopefully. I hope he feels better soon. He’s having some sleep now. ♥️

Speaking of sleep, last night (or this morning) I idiotically slept at 2:30am. Please don’t ask me what would have occupied me in the wee hours of the morning. I’m pretty sure I was doing site stuff, as usual. I didn’t mind doing it, so don’t think I’m bleeding my head out just to do so.

Having slept at that ungodly hour, I thought that waking up early would make me tired, and I would be sleeping early tonight. I don’t know if it’s working, but I woke up at 6:00am. That’s only four hours of sleep, and I’m running on that right now. I’ve been yawning this evening so hopefully that is a good sign. If I sleep early tonight I will be able to wake up early tomorrow, because I have university. /bounce

Hmm, why am I bouncing. I was looking forward to going back to university this year, and I still am, but at the same time I know the workload is going to be a real bitch. Hello blog posts of complaints about people on public transport and tedious assignments, and lonely days without James at uni. 😰 😢

He’ll still be at his dreary internship. :(

But going back to the sleep topic. On my phone I can request a “random trivia of the day” or something like that, for free. One boring morning I decided to request the day’s piece of trivia.

A person will die from total lack of sleep sooner than starvation.

You would die from starvation after a few weeks, but it takes about ten days for you to die from total lack of sleep. But it would be a little hard to get to that point, because you would be having no sleep at all. Just as I read up on this fact again, I realise that maybe I have a shitty memory because I don’t get enough sleep.

Of course, it’s a scary thought that holding your eyes open for so long and not sleeping for just a few days will cause you hallucinations and memory loss. But I think many of us would drop to sleep even after being awake for a long time. Maybe some coffee and TV (LOL, Blur song reference there) would keep you up for a bit, but there isn’t much reason why you’d pull yourself through sleepless days and nights.

Sometimes when I am really tired, I can feel my eyes shutting. I think this used to happen a lot last year for me, but it hasn’t recently. Maybe because I always slept late when I had university the next day, and this break has been a little refreshing for me. Lilian and I planned to regulate our sleeping patterns for the new year… and they’re not. /hehe

But, I don’t think I’m going to drag myself through terrible days where my eyes are going to close of their own accord. That just tells me that I need sleep. /zzz

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(H) ✌️

Wow I nearly had a heart attack. I went to respond and I realised that the name and email fields had James’s email and site… then I realised it was because WordPress automatically logged me out, and one time James commented on my blog using my laptop. XD

Second? I hope so. Then it would be my second one!

Aw, I know how it feels to know someone you love is away or sick. I hope he gets better soon!

Wow, you slept at 2:30 and woke up at 6:00? I would throw a tantrum if someone wakes me up. I’m not used to waking up early, but I guess I should be, because I’ve been going to school for years.

I’m tired myself right now. We got home at 12:00 yesterday because we watched the Pyrolympics and I was so tired.

Yeah, I also feel my eyes shuttering. Like my eyelids are SO heavy I just can open them anymore. I was lucky I wasn’t irritable at school today. I’m usually like that when I’m tired and people get in my face.

Hellooooo :D

Yes! It was a huge sudden change in temperature today. You could TELL it was the first day of Autumn. I have a retarded way of deciding what weather to dress for which involves me looking out the window and making a judgement based on whether the sun is out or not. Stupid me. Fortunately today there was no sun, so I was smart enough to wear jeans to uni or else I would have FROZEN to death D:

Awwwww! Poor James :( I hope he gets better soon too. But at least he doesn’t have to go to his internship when he’s sick, right? :P Hehehehehehe.

OHMYGOD. FOUR HOURS OF SLEEP?! How are you still functional?! I got something like 7 hours of sleep…and I am completely dead. I can feel my eyes drooping as I type. My head feels like bricks now. D: Wow….*bows down to Georgie*. Hahaha, I remember a time I used to be able to function with 4 hours of sleep. A LOOONG time ago. This holiday killed it for me. Hahahahahaha.

*gasp* :O UNIVERSITY FOR YOU TOMORROW. Yeah, the workload. Oh my god. I’ve been back since last week and I am already inundated with work /wah I’m so stressed out already, and dear GOD, I have mooting competitions coming up. Not to worry: I WILL SURVIVE! *sings*

But admittedly, I’m kind of glad to be back at uni. I didn’t realise how much I missed all my uni friends. Hahaha. I keep bumping into them and it’s like “HEEEEY! :D /bounce ”

That’s a little scary…the fact that you could die from lack of sleep sooner than you die from starvation. Wow. But then again, it’s probably easier to die of starvation than from lack of sleep. Even if someone held your eyes open, I’m pretty sure you could still sleep with your eyes wide open O_O

Hahaha, yes, we did! We were supposed to regulate our sleeping patterns, but we so totally failed /bash 😳 Oh well, I’m sure we’ll get them regular eventually :P


Yeah, I was happy about the weather, haha. :) I usually check the weather nowadays. Sometimes it’s alright to look out the window and predict but it’s not very accurate. Surprisingly, the weathermen do an okay job… :P

It was sort of windy and cold today too. I wore stockings. :)

Yeah, he’s going back to his internship today though (theoretically, since it’s past midnight).

I’m not very functional now, I’ll tell you that! What the fuck am I doing at 1:25am? I’m an idiot. Yet again. /bash

This is terrible though, I should definitely fix my sleeping patterns otherwise I’ll start feeling super dazed in class, which is not good.

I feel sorry for you! You have huge amounts of work already and it’s only been a week!

I’m glad too – I don’t talk to many people but it’s good to see everyone again! When I went to uni, Ryan found me and just sat in front of me until I responded. Which was after a minute when I looked up from my phone. Funny. :P

Yeah that’s true! I’m sure if someone forced your eyes open you’d still shut off and actually sleep. I know you can die and pass out with your eyes open… it never seemed possible to sleep with your eyes open though. Still! No one should be forcing anyone’s eyes open in the first place!

We will one day, when we’re 30 and have children… or maybe not. The children will wake us up all the time!

Whee! Autumn is a lovely weather. While you get to look forward to cooler weather . . . I’ll look unhappily forward to hot weather. Ugh ~_~;

And ahhh . . . those nights of staying up late and waking up so early in the morning. I hate those days. I don’t know how I survived my university days like that.

I’m glad you’re looking forward to going back to uni despite the negative part! I miss uni! I miss studying and BSing on essays LOL.

Hope James feels better ASAP! ^^

I really am looking forward to the cooler weather! But I guess your cold season is over, so it’s time to say goodbye yet again.

I survived; that’s why I’m here now! But I have to admit, I don’t like the feeling and I often feel very tired later on during the day. :(

I’m actually going to give it a go this time and try hard, haha. :P

I’m last. /poo

The first day of autumn? A lot of time difference! I hate autumn. /ehh But the good thing is that Spring comes for me. YAY! XD

I don’t want to get out too. I love taking shower. I love how it’s warm. /hehe

Awww. I hate when someone close to me is being sick. /ehh I hope that James will feel better soon. :)

At 2:30 am? You are definitively crazy Georgie. (in a good way XD) Site work can always wait. You should sleep to have energy for the rest of the day.

I hope that you will have great first day of University. :D And I hope that you’ll work that with James somehow.

Whoa that’s so scary and weird. Maybe it’s a reminder for you to get to bed more earlier. XD Who would like to stay awake for days? I wouldn’t. I would get in my bed and sleep for days. Oh yeah! XD

When I’m really tired, I can feel my eyes shutting too. I was really tired yesterday. I was learning history. Somehow I fell a sleep, until my mum called me. I realized that I fell a sleep. XD It was few minutes, but still. My mum scared the shit out of me when she called me. XD

Yeah, probably because you’re on the other side of the world! :P I quite like autumn, actually. Maybe it is because in Australia, the summers are so hot. 😰

It’s been cold so it’s been nice having warm showers!

It’s been a few days but James does feel better! :)

I don’t think it’s a good idea – tonight I’ll be sleeping early for sure. I don’t feel too well, and I do have to get up early again so it’s time to sleep earlier. :)

I had an okay day actually, thank you! :)

It is a fact, and I think it would be terrible to stay awake for days. Sleep is a good thing and everyone needs at least some sleep.

LOL. Once at work, I was typing things on the computer, feeling tired and blinking again and again. The next minute I opened my eyes and I realised I had just fallen asleep for a bit! D:

Dang I thought for sure I was going to get first comment. Darn it. Oh well.

I just learned something new, on your piece of trivia there. I didn’t know that lack of sleep for 10 days would cause you to die rather than starvation. Weirdness I say.

Anyway, I don’t blame you for not wanting to wake up early for uni. I went to bed early last night after watching the simpsons. I was dozing in and out of sleep at 8:30 p.m. (sunday night), and was like “wtf?” and “I guess I should go to bed”. LOL so I did. Now I’m hungry. Misou soup time!!!

So in other news, how’s the iphone or itouch? What was the one you got again? I’m really thinking about getting a new phone but I dunno.

If the price is right, at Fantastic sams, I might get my hair layered and highlights. :D. Well; gotta go girlie. Will write a bigger comment next time.

I wish we could experience some cold weather as well as rain, there’s been drought for a little while now and its badly affecting people.

Its great that you’re looking forward to going back to university, such a positive attitude :P I’m counting down the days till I come out of school.

My mom is always telling me that I would collapse from sleep deprivation, sometimes I go 3 days with only 7 hours of sleep…its complete torture and when I try going to sleep early I have all these thoughts that seem attack me when I’m trying to sleep.

Its scary to think that you’ll die faster from lack of sleep but at least for sleep all you’ve got to do is close your eyes and your body does the rest. And I doubt anyone would force themselves to keep awake for days!

My eyes are always shutting on my ride from school to home, its embarrassing! And unhealthy that I have these blackouts -_-
All these things scream that I should be getting more sleep.

Anyhow I hope James feels better.

Hey :) Yes I think it’s a good idea to try and make your sleep hours normal that you go to bed late, then you wake up early so that the night you will be tired and go to bed early. :) I hope you have a good day at university tomorrow. ;) It will be way better if you don’t feel tired the whole day. :P

WOW.. I didn’t know you could die sooner of lack of sleeping than starving.. XD Well I will always go to sleep now.. haha XD Really, I sleep at reasonable hours.. I think. XD Week nights I sleep at 10pm and wake up at 7am.. Sometimes it takes time to wake up but I will make it through the day. :D Weekends I sleep when I want though I try not going to sleep too late.. cause I used to a while ago like read vampire books until 1am.. but then the saturday I was tired and I couldn’t do my school work cause I was too tired. :P

I’m on prepaid too, and I have unlimited text messages. :D We were about to take a contract, but we decided not to so I stayed on prepaid. Example you top up your account of 20$.. well you can chose an option (250 texts for 5$ per month, 2 500 texts for 10$ per month and unlimited texts for 15$ per month) so you need to add money to the phone every month and it will take the 15$ and you have unlimited texts for the month and you can use the rest of the money to talk.. I don’t know if it works that way for you.

Though I got myself the faily option of texts.. it means that they will take 0.50$ from my account per day and I get unlimited texts. (if you do 0.50 times 30 days it will do 15$ so it’s the same as the other one) though if I know i won’t be texting for a whole weekend I can cancel the option for these days and you won’t get charged. :D


Ditto. ♥ I slept at around 2:30am too and woke up at 8am. 6hours of sleep, but I’m not yet sleepy although I was yawning a while ago. :D And what kept me up at that wee hours too was because of my site. Haha. My fanlisting collective kept me busy. /wave

Anyway, I hope James recovers soon. (Y)

ROFL at that random trivia. When I was in college, I experienced a lot of sleepless nights. Argh. Well, if that is correct— it means we can die because of school! Mahahahaha. Just kidding. 🤤 /hehe

Lack of sleep is actually bad. But it is inevitable. O_O :( So just catch up on the ZZZ when you have time! 👏 😴

w00t! I’m part of the first 10 comments on your blog. I feel proud of myself for commenting so soon on your blog. :D

I guess since you had the first day of autumn it would be the first day of Spring for us? It def doesn’t feel like spring yet. It is still cold like winter…although it is a little warmer than it has been the past few weeks. :/

I hope you get to see James soon! I would hate being away from Dante like that. :/ Although, since you guys can get through that you can surely get through anything. :)

I have that all of the time. I have it right now even. I could just lay my head down and fall fast alseep right now if I were at home but I’m away from home so I don’t feel it as much. But still…I can feel it and I know that I should have fallen asleep before 1 am last night. :/ Stupid me. Oh well. :D
No problem. *hugs again*

Oh, I never use my Dailybooth. Hahahaha. :)

I have that contest up. :) Could you help me advertise it? I want to actually have 2 contests that get a lot of entries not just 1. :/

Good for you. :/ I lost all of my 2-3 ahahahahaa. :) I’m glad I didn’t have 300+ that would have been horrible. :P

We did. We always did. :) Thanks!

Yes, time will tell. :)

I totally suck at ice skating. My dad is really good because he use to roller skate when he was younger. I’d love to learn.

Haha it’s okay! I can’t imagine it will be the best Olympics ever. Everyone here is already making jokes about how rubbish the opening ceremony will be. I do hope it doesn’t make the UK look at rubbish place! Hopefully we’ll try our best.

Yeah, some people mess up their lives in Big Brother. This year is the last time they are doing it. I’m kind of glad. I don’t really like it.

I love the apps on the iPod/iPhone. They are so random and fun!!

It makes a change that someone has heard of the police. Most of my friends have got no idea who they are!

Aww I hope James gets better soon! I always feel low when my friends are ill.

I am a terrible sleeper. Especially on week nights when I need the sleep. I can’t get to sleep until after 11. I must have some sort of timer on me that won’t let me sleep until then!

Hmm, my memory is not too bad which surprises me. My long term memory is better than my short term.

I think my sleep patterns are quite regular. I go to bed between 10 and 11 most nights but when it comes to getting up, I can be up anytime between 7 and 11!!

Well, I feel very oblivious now. :D Thank you! Maybe I’m just too impatient to stop and look around…

A lot of my writing seemed really childish to me and almost a “wanna-be-emo” type. But, I realised that I shouldn’t be criticising my work by thinking what others would think about it. It’s a personal thing, at least to me.
I’m more embarrassed around my parents than my teachers. 0_o It’s strange. I’m more comfortable showing things to my teachers than to my parents…

I usually only chew gum to get rid of the texture. After that, I spit it out. (I recall us having a conversation like this before, all about gum. XD)

When I get really tired, I start bouncing around and become extremely hyper. Then, I hit a limit and just drop dead. I can last for about 3 days on around 4 hours of sleep. -proud of that-
Lately, I’ve been up to around 1 and 2 reading books that I’ve borrowed. I don’t regret it, though, because the next day I’m all hyper and can entertain my friends easier. :)

Wow, I didn’t know you could die from sleep deprivation. :O You learn something new every day.
I always seem to go to bed at ridiculous times. I always feel tired but I can never sleep early.

I thought your theory would work too, going to bed early and waking up early but it never does. I always seem to take ages to go to sleep and then I don’t wake up until at least 10. I woke up early today though which surprised me. I was awake just before 9am which is really early for me, lol.

Aaw, I hope James gets better soon. :)

It’s already 5 and I’m not sure if I would even have time to sleep. God. O.o /bash

Autumn?! We’re going onto Spring in New York… that’s pretty awesome, though, different weather climates in different areas of the world. Yeah, I totally knew that. I hope James feels better. Lately, I’ve been sleeping a little later than usual and it has affected my attendance to school. I show up late sometimes and it just ruins my class grade… I used to be able to sleep at 9pm but now its more like 11pm through 2am. Its really ridiculous. Its crazy how you can die from not sleeping… I didn’t even think that was possible. /ehh Weird. Well, now I know…

I hope James feels better soon! /eee

Oooh Autumn. One of my favorite seasons. :3 The reason is because all of those pretty colors and it isn’t that cold as winter or as hot as summer hehe.
Aweh, I hope he gets better soon! That emoticon gives me shivers. D:
Whoa, I never knew you could die from no sleep earlier then starvation. 😰 I don’t know if you could stay awake for that long. I mean seriously, what would you be doing for all those sleepless nights? :P

The latest I ever slept at would be at 3ish 4ish AM. Blame the computer haha.
Whee thank you. :) The smilie package came with the plugin.

Haha yes, I’m sick of that layout. XD
It’s probably because I’ve been working on my site a lot and previewing, and testing so I’ve been looking at that layout everyday at least five times a day LOL.

Yes, it is a pretty long abbreviation… but if you type the words to that abbreviation, wouldn’t that be longer? 😏

Really!? How was the aquarium for you? It was my boyfriend’s first time going to the aquarium and the one here is pretty small lol.

I know what you mean about not wanting to come out of the shower when it’s warm! Sometimes I just stand there for a few more seconds to feel the warmth ^^

Hope your boyfriend gets better soon :(

And about the sleeping pattern thing. Mine is absolutely all over the place :/ I sometimes sleep at 7 in the morning! And at other times, I’ll sleep at 10pm. I really really need to just get it sorted to be honest. I just seem to sleep when I’m tired and plan my sleep around my university timetable. Eeek!

I am sleepy now and I got up like 15 minutes past time to get up, and I went to bed on time last night.

Arg, I hit enter to early.
Anyway, I hope you get all the sleep you need.
I too think we would all fall asleep before we die of no sleep. :)

I like picking classes with my friends. For some reason, I get better grades when I have friends in the class. Being alone kind of makes me focus, but I still want to have fun and stuff /heart

Purple and green is a cute combination of colors to me, so I decided to use it. It sucks when bands break up, especially when they were really good.
Yay for autumn! Goodbye the super hot weather :P I always liked the cold ever since I moved out here.

Well it’s cool how your excited to go back to university, yet it still sucks that your going to have to go back to having a truckload of work.

I tend to have those weird sleeping patterns in the summer. I would sleep really late and wake up really early. I’ve heard of that fact before. My friend told me it. It’s kind of crazy to me. I mean what about those people who suffer from insomnia?? /huh

That’s soooo weird because my memory isn’t the best. It probably is from the lack of sleep. But I can’t help sleeping late. It’s always in my nature /eee

Sleep is a very important thing. But I hate when I’m about to sleep and then I have that jumping off a cliff feeling and I wake with a start. That scares me soooo much!! Why can’t my brain just go to sleep? XD

Let’s just hope we both get back to the good sleeping pattern :)

Oh hopefully James will recover soon. Seems like some bug is on the loose. A couple of people I know are down with flu.

Good luck with university. I’m on my half-semester break but I don’t feel like I’m on holiday. I have heaps of work to do and still have to attend some make-up classes during the holidays. What a bore.

Mmm.. I never knew shitty memory is due to lack of sleep. Well, at least now I know why I keep on forgetting things.
I’ve been losing so much sleep lately, which explains why I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee before class almost everyday. This has never happened before.

Speaking of hallucinations, I haven’t been suffering from any, thank God. But my mind tend to drift from what I am supposed to be doing. Normally this isn’t so much of a problem but it is kinda worrying when I’m driving. I would be thinking of other stuff while driving. :/

Hope you’ll be able to sort out your sleeping pattern AND stick to it. :)

Autumn :) Nice and rainy. I’m hoping it will have rained enough by tomorrow that my school’s oval is closed and therefore I don’t have to rock up for softball training at 7.00am. Especially considering that the drive to my school is a good forty minutes, given Sydney’s ungodly traffic.

I have a feeling I’m going to forget to check my school email, and then arrive at school bright and early and no-one will be there :P More likely, the dodgy sport department wont email us AT ALL.

Reading this blog made me feel sleepy. And I just ate a chocolate ;D Now I wanna go to bed……… /wah

The ‘big opening’ – hehe, probably wont be fore ages due to my tiny amounts of spare time which I usually end up procrastinating away anyway… One day :)

It takes 10 days to die of lack of sleep? I’d die earlier, honestly. I don’t think I could stay awake that long…

Poor James :( Hope he feels better later…

Your sleeping pattern isn’t too bad. I know someone (online) who sleeps from 6am to 3pm, works from 4pm ’till 9pm and then does it all over again.

Aw, I hope it rained enough for you! The weather today seemed a bit sunny, though. Usually if it’s early in the morning, the sun wouldn’t have been out enough for the oval to dry.

Haha, our school posted updates on the website if there was going to be bad weather for a carnival or sports event.

I’m already sleepy now! D:

I can’t wait though, haha. I love the way your site is looking now, anyway. :)

I don’t think you would die earlier! You wouldn’t be able to stay awake that long because your body would naturally put itself to sleep. Of course, if you start hallucinating, it’s bad. :O

It’s been a few days, and James does feel better today. :)

Hmm, that’s not too bad, I don’t think! At least they are working and sleeping for nine hours (which is a lot). But yes, they are sleeping at funny hours. My dad works night shift so he sleeps during the day. :)

It’s still winter here, though in the past few days it has been to hot, but surprisingly it rained so hard that we got sent home from school.

Aw I he gets better, being sick sucks. Especially when you’re at uni, they don’t take sickness seriously. Like at my sister’s college lol.

2:30am isn’t that bad, if you got a nap in the afternoon or something. When I have school I sleep at 1am after I finish HW and all that jazz XD . But I don’t have anything other than school, and you have to work and all.

I can’t believe your excited because of uni LOL. But yeah there will be overload of work. hopefully everything goes well and organized.

Yeah first time I knew about that when i read your tweet, i don’t know when you said it though, but it was a while back. And I saw an episode of house where the girl couldn’t sleep and they said she’d day after 10 days of lack of sleep. See TV is helpful mum.

Yeah it’s scary, especially when I
m such a sleep lover. but when I think about my life I just get too excited and get into able to sleep even though I’m really tired.

Oh, that happens to me a lot. Especially when I have midterms or finals, but hey I have to study.


Aw, I’m glad it cheered you up!

Yeah, they kind of make you say “I won’t have those memories anymore because I won’t see that person again”. But, that’s why we should stick with the epople we love, because at any moment they or us will be gone. We really don’t appreciate what we have unless it’s gone. We’re humans, even if we try not to.

Ah forget about lying thing. i failed, miserably. I’ll try again tomorrow! Wish me luck LOL<3

Oh I love autumn! I have never been in autumn seasno though, but from what I heard I think it’s nice. :P It’s kinda chill and breezy, right?

Aw is James okay now? Hope he would be better soon!

I love doing site-related stuff during sleep hours :P I don’t know why I enjoy doing it during those sleepy time. I only do it on weekends though, because my dad will be mad if he finds out I stay up so late during weekdays. He’s kinda strict about my sleeping time.

I always have that kind of feeling when I am on break. I really want to go to school during the break, and I really need a break when I’m at school LOL. It’s a natural feeling, I think. :P

Aw those days in uni will seem lonelier without your boyfriend :( You can still spend some days with him outside the uni, maybe during weekends? :)

I think I don’t get enough sleep recently. I studied until 11 or 12 and I woke up at 5 int he morning. That’s why I feel so sleepy during classes and I almost fell asleep once LOL. I need to get back to my regular sleeping pattern but these upcoming exams don’t help me at all.

I love milk! I usually drink the banana-flavored one. It tastes awesome XD I love all dairy products except yogurt because it’s too sour for me haha. Frozen yogurt is fine though :P

Yup, I don’t really like Japanese spices. I can’t stand wasabi (that green grated radish) and gari (that pinky pickled ginger).

Oooh kimchi tastes awesome! It’s my favorite Korean food :) I ate it on a buffet restaurant once and I loved it!

Oh I love that movie, Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs! :D The title is kinda long though haha. But the movie is awesome :) It’s so funny when Steve, that little monkey, ruined the sad moment between the scientist (I forgot his name haha) and his dad LOL. That’s the most memorable moment, I think XD

Thank you! <3

Hehe yeah. I thought I was going to be bored going to that shop and then to that guy's house, but I actually had fun taking the pictures. :P

LOL, I think there are three different types of fuel, but I'm not sure as well. Our car runs on gas as well but I my dad prefers driving on fuel. I like it too, for some reason. :D

I'm really happy that they are talking. But I've realised that the moment I start hoping that it would be this peaceful for some time, they start fighting again. So I've decided not to hope anything. XD

Same here. It's people's choice when they want to return comments. It shouldn't feel like a chore. And people shouldn't feel bad if they're comments are not returned quickly. People do have an offline life.

I also don't listen to new artists, only the ones that people talk about a lot and such. I didn't even know Akon some time ago. And when I told that to people they got shocked. :P I don't really like Akon, and that shocks people as well. XD

The weather's opposite here; it's getting hotter day by day. And I don't like getting out of the shower as it's cool. :D

Aww, that sucks James is sick. :( Hopefully he gets better soon!

Now that I have school I sleep early every night, if you could call it early. I go to sleep at around 10, finish homework if I haven't finished them (but I usually finish them at evening), do some other revising and such, get ready to sleep and then listen to music/read a book till around 12. XD My mother thinks I sleep early though. :P

Hopefully sleeping at 2:30 worked for you. If you slept early then you would be ready and fresh for university. Aww, that sucks you won't be able to be with James. But hopefully it isn't too bad for you.

I had no idea people can die from lack of sleep. /huh I hope I never stay without sleep for that long. But I know that staying without sleep for a week is pretty impossible. :P

Thank you! <3

Hehe yeah. I thought I was going to be bored going to that shop and then to that guy's house, but I actually had fun taking the pictures. :P

LOL, I think there are three different types of fuel, but I'm not sure as well. Our car runs on gas as well but I my dad prefers driving on fuel. I like it too, for some reason. :D

I'm really happy that they are talking. But I've realised that the moment I start hoping that it would be this peaceful for some time, they start fighting again. So I've decided not to hope anything. XD

Same here. It's people's choice when they want to return comments. It shouldn't feel like a chore. And people shouldn't feel bad if they're comments are not returned quickly. People do have an offline life.

I also don't listen to new artists, only the ones that people talk about a lot and such. I didn't even know Akon some time ago. And when I told that to people they got shocked. :P I don't really like Akon, and that shocks people as well. XD

The weather's opposite here; it's getting hotter day by day. And I don't like getting out of the shower as it's cool. :D

That sucks James is sick. Hopefully he gets better soon!

Now that I have school I sleep early every night, if you could call it early. I go to sleep at around 10, finish homework if I haven't finished them (but I usually finish them at evening), do some other revising and such, get ready to sleep and then listen to music/read a book till around 12. XD My mother thinks I sleep early though. :P

Hopefully sleeping at 2:30 worked for you. If you slept early then you would be ready and fresh for university.

Georgiiiiinaaa! nothing. just calling~ hehe. I hope he’d get well soon. a lot of people had been sick these days :( myself included.
Awesome, me too! Last saturday I slept at 4 am and woke up at like 7. i felt lightheaded. hahaa. and that was a cool trivia. got me kinda scared XD

Well; the paperwork is all done, and my dad’s former boss is going to sign it today and go check out the house at lunch today (he’s in town), with my dad, and than send the paperwork back to Ty, and than Ty’s going to send it to Wendall, (the guy on the house) and we should have our keys soon. I can’t wait.

Yeah it was kinda mean of her to say she wished for me to go to a mental institution. I agree with that. But at that time I think she was trying to get rid of me and my grandmother, because we were all new to her. She has a total of 6 kids altogether and the 30 year old retarded one, is the youngest. But yeah I do agree people who are sick like that or have something wrong like a mental disease like what I’ve got or worse, are bright. I was never bright, but I can code and figure things out. I can even imitate a show I like or a movie I like. I’m no actress but I just like imitating it.

I remember one time a bunch of my ex friends decided to break into my backyard in my other house (the one I lived in before this one) and tried to scare me. Unfortunate for them I won and scared the hell out of them because I pretended to be obsessed and sung all country songs and at the time popular Celine Dion song “It’s All Coming Back To Me”. LOL they were scared shitless. We had a fake gun, and I got it and said “If you bitches don’t leave, I’m gonna random fire!” XDDD. Half of them left need to say. LMAO!

Speaking of the new ‘do’ I actually put them up on my photolog you can see a before and after. I will post them on my blog though. It was getting late when I made that layout. I kinda stole the css coding a bit though but I don’t care at this point. Heehee. I’m bad, and you know it. lol.

Yeah I’ll have to find a new show to watch, I’m thinking “Glee”. It looks really good. And I can always keep up with American Idol. Ya know? Hell yeah I’m going to buy the box set when it comes out!! We’ll have the whole seasons 1-6. ^___^. We have 1-5 seasons of “Lost”. Just need season 6 and we’ll have it. Heehee.

She is definately talented. She sells her paintings online. I’ll have to ask my dad if he remembers the url and if he does, I’ll give it to you later today. I can’t even remember her name lol. But she paints seascape stuff and all kinds of other stuff. But her seascape stuff is amazing.

Well; kiddo I gotta get working on my domain so I will talk to you later!

I’m waiting for that comment that corrects you about sleep or something. LULZ.


JUST KIDDING. lulz anyway yeah if you stay awake for 3 days straight, your brain will go nuts & you’ll be seriously “tripping” as if you were on acid. Johnathan’s friend stayed up for three days straight just to see what happens..and he’s never really been the same since apparently. It made him go nuts..just totally insane. DON’T DO IT. Get some sleep. I also went to bed really late (FOR STUPID REASONS site stuff damn) when I had a quiz to study for (but it was not too bad, yay).

But like you said..there’s no way someone can actually stay awake for 10 days straight because its their natural body’s response to put them to sleep to rest. It’s essential. Sleep is good for your brain & good for your body. You need it! I try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night so I can hold onto my memories of whatever i learned in class. heehe. So START PRACTICING GOOD SLEEPING HABITS, I’M WORRRIED ABOUT YOU.

Yay for school…not :(. Poooor James. Sick so soon after his birthday. He needs rest! & lots of water. I hate throwing up. Worst feeling in the world. I don’t know how bulimics do it. Honestly!

Heh heh! It’s the first day of Spring here! ✌️ I also wanted to mention that when I try to upload your wordpress themes they don’t work… /huh

They do work. You’re probably not doing it correctly. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t rudely leave one line related to my blog post then comment on my personal posts with a problem. That’s what email is for.

I’m sorry. :( I’m new to wordpress, and I just wanted to use a theme, and when I clicked upload, it said there was an error. I’m sorry if that offended you.

Yes, it did offend me, because you are commenting on my personal blog post; it is not a help desk.

Read the readme file and make sure you upload the files to the theme directory, in their own folder. If you have a problem in future, email me politely instead of leaving a comment on the first sentence of my blog post and then telling me about your problem, please. As I said, this is not the place to ask for help; it’s a personal blog. That is why I have a contact form and email addresses.

Once again, I apologize. I am not trying to be rude. Maybe I shall try again? :)

Hi Georgie! ^^ I know what you mean about not getting any sleep! I always end up staying up until like midnight or later, and then waking up and just saying, “Can I go back to sleep? D8”

Dying do to lack of sleep does sound creepy! Dx I wouldn’t be able to handle more than 24 hours with my eyes open. It would be quite hard to die that way, because eventually, you’d be so tired that when you blink, you’d pass out. Scary.

I once again apologize. Thank you for the advice! ^^ So are we cool? :O

Thank you for that. :) It’s alright. Please don’t do it again, that’s all.

I have a terrible habit of staying up late. Of course that results in me being very lazy in the morning and not wanting to get up. But don’t get me wrong; I love my mornings – it’s just that my lack of sleep leaves me lolling around in bed for quite a while before bothering to even get up. :P

It is a scary thought – no one should force themselves to stay up for days on end – it’s against the body’s natural processes!

That’s alright. :) If you do need help with something, please send me an email because it’s a lot easier to help that way.

UNRELATED BLOG COMMENT: YOU’RE PRETTY. ahahahahhahaa. weeeeeeeeeeeee. just wanted to make you laugh. :P

LOL you succeeded in making me laugh. This came up in my inbox and I laughed alright.

I’m not feeling well so I haven’t responded to all my comments; don’t feel like I’ve left yours! And I read your email and started typing a reply but I haven’t finished. I am writing a new blog post so I don’t want you to think I’m being nasty, hehe. :3

Awww don’t worrry about it. You know I don’t care if you don’t reply to my comments since we e-mail each other anyway. :D haahah.

DAMNIT. As soon as I got the e-mail notification that you replied, I went to your site to see your new blog & BAM 11 COMMENTS ALREADY. GDLAKJSFL;LKZJXKLVJ;LKAJSDF WHY?!??!

I can’t wait for warm weather! I’m sick of feet of snow…and I think there’s another snow storm coming in. lol.

I hope James feels better soon!

Lack of sleep, now that’s something I know all about! lol. There was a movie on the other night so Ryan & I stayed up watching started at 5pm and ended at 1am. lol.

And doing website stuff/picture editing always keeps me up until early in the morning. :)

i haven’t experienced a winter–cause its always summer here most of the time and just rainy season. but you know, Filipinos always wanted to have a snow experience.

is James okay now?hopefully he will.

whenever i got lack of sleep i always see to it that i have time to sleep because of not having in the past days.

My eyes are shutting now as I type this comment to you but than gain tis late – like two in the morning here.

But I so hear you when you say your sleeping pattern is totally screwed when you go to bed laate – I use to be able to go on two or four hours of sleep with no negative effects nowadays I need more than that. Must be cause am gettin older or something *LOL*

But yah you need ya rest gurl!!! Esp when you in university!!!

Best of luck hun and get some rest!!!

Hi. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I was busy working on Love Strings. I’m supposed to return you comment in Shattered Wind right now, but there’s downtime.

I believe I’ve already commented on your post, so I’ll just return the comment.

Oh, sorry. I guess I better edit the post and the page. Dad said his photos have rights and he didn’t want to them to get redistributed. I was afraid that it might be,, then he’ll get angry at me. So I decided to write the copyright thingy.

Haha, yeah. And the Japanese are really creative. They played the song “What a Wonderful World” (if I got the title right) and if when the song mentioned Green, Blue and Red, Green, Blue, and Red fireworks would appear in the sky.

Yeah. I actually took some of the CSS from Oh darn, I forgot to credit her. *edits footer* Anyways, thanks for joining! Though I haven’t received any applications yet. I’ll go check Wufoo.

I wish I could be like you. You don’t mind being woken up. I just hate waking up from a good sleep.

Since no one’s home yet, and I don’t have any homeworks, I decided to just return your comment. I make you wait too much XD