Very Invisible

Yesterday I went back to university for the beginning of my second year. I was planning to wear my boots with heels. I was too lazy to prepare everything the night before. I put my laptop away and roughly packed my bags.

When I went to get my boots in the morning, from the wardrobe, I realised that there were so many boots in there (both mine and my mum’s) that it would be difficult to find the boots I wanted. Of course it did not help that all the boots were black. 😰

My mum was very angry with me that I took so long finding boots. This is pretty funny now (but at the time it was not funny at all), but initially I had put on two completely different boots before realising, and blurting out, “Fuck!”

Yes, my mum was annoyed, and she was about to leave with my brother and without me. Thankfully she waited, even though I would rather she had left and I be a little frustrated, instead of her getting angrier.

Bad morning already. 😐 I left the mess of boots near the wardrobe and figured I’d clean it when I got home.

University was alright, and I really took my time walking. I sat at a computer desk with my laptop and soon after, Ryan found me. He didn’t say anything; he just sat there while I was setting up things on my iPhone. Because I don’t have wireless at home, I never got the chance to set things up on my iPhone, so I was using the university’s wireless. πŸ˜›

When I looked up I saw Ryan and said hello. πŸ™‚ Then Sebastian found us and then we went into the lecture room. A good thing we went in early, because the room was packed. It was an interesting lecture.

We just talked during our two-hour break and walked around. Then we split for our tutorial classes. I knew a few people in my class, which was good. I sort of hate walking into a room where I don’t know anybody, but I think last year, everyone was in a similar situation. As usual, we talked around and introduced each other. They always force us to do this ice-breaking thing to get to know everyone. πŸ˜› πŸ™„

On the way home I bought some bubble tea, then called my mum on the train to pick me up at the station. I was so tired and had a headache; I just wanted to go home. Unfortunately my mum wanted me to buy some Chinese takeaway for dinner, and some mint lollies.

I got so frustrated looking for the Chinese takeaway place, that I genuinely forgot about the lollies. When I got home my mum was furious that I forgot, and furious that I had actually bought from a different Chinese takeaway place. 😞 And we got into a massive fight. 😒

Things calmed down that night I guess. Today was a bit of a better day, but I woke up feeling gruggy and my neck felt really sore. It only felt sore in the front of my neck.

During the day, it got worse and it became hard to talk or swallow food without feeling pain. It’s painful to move my tongue around and to look up. 😞

I think I might have tonsillitis or something. Ugh. I did do some studying/work today, but I’m angry because now when I want to do “fun things” online, we’re capped and the internet is incredibly slow.

James is feeling better. 😍 We talked on the phone yesterday; it was the first time we’d properly talked in a while. β™₯️

My mum went to the doctor today to check up on the results of her blood test and it’s nothing serious. But she does have a vitamin D deficiency. It’s really, really low. She barely spends time in the sun. And because of that, the calcium she’s been taking is all for naught because the deficiency means that no calcium is absorbed by the bones. But she’s getting it all sorted out with some special supplements and is going to have a bone density test. Fingers crossed. β™₯️

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