Very Invisible

Yesterday I went back to university for the beginning of my second year. I was planning to wear my boots with heels. I was too lazy to prepare everything the night before. I put my laptop away and roughly packed my bags.

When I went to get my boots in the morning, from the wardrobe, I realised that there were so many boots in there (both mine and my mum’s) that it would be difficult to find the boots I wanted. Of course it did not help that all the boots were black. 😰

My mum was very angry with me that I took so long finding boots. This is pretty funny now (but at the time it was not funny at all), but initially I had put on two completely different boots before realising, and blurting out, “Fuck!”

Yes, my mum was annoyed, and she was about to leave with my brother and without me. Thankfully she waited, even though I would rather she had left and I be a little frustrated, instead of her getting angrier.

Bad morning already. /hmph I left the mess of boots near the wardrobe and figured I’d clean it when I got home.

University was alright, and I really took my time walking. I sat at a computer desk with my laptop and soon after, Ryan found me. He didn’t say anything; he just sat there while I was setting up things on my iPhone. Because I don’t have wireless at home, I never got the chance to set things up on my iPhone, so I was using the university’s wireless. :P

When I looked up I saw Ryan and said hello. :) Then Sebastian found us and then we went into the lecture room. A good thing we went in early, because the room was packed. It was an interesting lecture.

We just talked during our two-hour break and walked around. Then we split for our tutorial classes. I knew a few people in my class, which was good. I sort of hate walking into a room where I don’t know anybody, but I think last year, everyone was in a similar situation. As usual, we talked around and introduced each other. They always force us to do this ice-breaking thing to get to know everyone. :P 🙄

On the way home I bought some bubble tea, then called my mum on the train to pick me up at the station. I was so tired and had a headache; I just wanted to go home. Unfortunately my mum wanted me to buy some Chinese takeaway for dinner, and some mint lollies.

I got so frustrated looking for the Chinese takeaway place, that I genuinely forgot about the lollies. When I got home my mum was furious that I forgot, and furious that I had actually bought from a different Chinese takeaway place. :( And we got into a massive fight. 😢

Things calmed down that night I guess. Today was a bit of a better day, but I woke up feeling gruggy and my neck felt really sore. It only felt sore in the front of my neck.

During the day, it got worse and it became hard to talk or swallow food without feeling pain. It’s painful to move my tongue around and to look up. :(

I think I might have tonsillitis or something. Ugh. I did do some studying/work today, but I’m angry because now when I want to do “fun things” online, we’re capped and the internet is incredibly slow.

James is feeling better. /love We talked on the phone yesterday; it was the first time we’d properly talked in a while. ♥️

My mum went to the doctor today to check up on the results of her blood test and it’s nothing serious. But she does have a vitamin D deficiency. It’s really, really low. She barely spends time in the sun. And because of that, the calcium she’s been taking is all for naught because the deficiency means that no calcium is absorbed by the bones. But she’s getting it all sorted out with some special supplements and is going to have a bone density test. Fingers crossed. ♥️

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Hiiii… I’m feeling so gruggy at the moment, but congratulations… you even got second comment too, yay. :D

I might return your comment later. I’m so dead. @_@

Helloooooo :)

You are officially back to University. How’s THAT for stating the obvious? No, really, officially second year students. /type YAY. /eee

Wow, you and your Mum must have a LOT of boots. D: That must have been way inconvenient considering you were being told to hurry up. D: I only have 2 pairs of black boots, and my Mum doesn’t wear boots. But I think we’d keep them separate anyways. I keep most of my shoes in my wardrobe. LOL. It’s running out of space.

I really wish your Mum wouldn’t get so annoyed at you for random things like that. :( It’s not like you MEANT to take forever. I mean, okay…maybe you should have been a little more organised, but it’s like she expects you to be PERFECT. We’re all human. We make mistakes. /angry

Hahaha, no-one found me when I went to uni. :P Me and Belinda agreed to meet up somewhere and go to the lecture together so it wasn’t so intimidating. LOL. But I kept bumping into people. It’s like “HEYYY! HOW WAS YOUR HOLIDAY?!” :D /bounce

Hehehe, my first lecture was pretty interesting too. ^^

Man, those ice-breaking things are so bad sometimes. One of my friends told me in her tute last year for law, the tutor made them play a game where they have to go around the room and say the names of all the people before them. So the person at the end would have DIED. D:

But sometimes they’re fun. ^^ Most of the people I meet in my tutes are pretty friendly :) Except for today because the tute started at 9am and everyone (me included) looked grumpy. Hahahha.

Awww *hugs*. It sucks that you had a fight with your Mum. :( Not fair. You were tired. It’s not like you didn’t TRY to find the Chinese takeaway place and all :(

And AWWWWWW! *HUGS* I can’t believe you’re sick on your first week back. That EPICALLY sucks. 🤬 I hope it’s nothing too serious, and you get better REAL soon. ♥

Yay for talking with James ^^ That must have been nice. Hahahaha. Wow…you must really miss him :(

OMG, now I’m worried I’M not getting enough Vitamin D. EEP! Okay, maybe I shouldn’t avoid the sun so much. BUT I HATE SUNLIGHT! 🤬

Hello! :)

Haha yeah, it’s kind of scary, actually. I only have a year left. Unless I choose to do a PhD or something. Hmm. That’s quite in the future but I can’t believe I’m nearly halfway there.

We have many, many boots! I was annoyed. I should have gotten prepared the night before. My mum wears a lot of boots. She has a lot more pairs than I do. :P

I know, but my brother was pretty worried about her having an accident a few weeks ago so he wanted to leave earlier so as not to be in a rush. :( I kind of accepted that. She should have left!

Haha, it’s kind of funny how people say hello all the time when you pass them at uni. :P

That sounds like a fun game actually! I personally wouldn’t mind doing that; I’m not so bad at remembering names. XD

Oh well, that’s what you get in a morning class; no one is really paying attention and everyone is a bit dazed. @_@

Yeah, I was annoyed because it really was just a little mistake. *hugs*

I’m actually feeling better now! :) After that ugly green herbal stuff. 😰

I do miss him!

And you should get vitamin D! :3

aww dear!! i got into a big fight with my mother too the other day :( and parents about getting impatient and angry before leaving the house happens to me too

*i feel you! hugz*

You need to check your tonsils dear! Hope you’re feeling well!

Hope your mum stays out more under the *morning* sun! haha it’ll be good!! Go out and have fun! :D

doesnt sound like u had a good day at all, im that way this week im so emo and then my day turns out emo.. im glad that james is better and that ur mum got her results and is taking pills to help

Everyone seems to be ill right now! Hope you feel better soon :) I love boots. My worst boot mishap is buying two left boots and sadly not being able to return them because the shop closed down :(

I’m sorry you didn’t have a good day yesterday and the day before. That is horrible. :/
Did you ever find the correct boots that you wanted?
Our family doesn’t own that many boots and I don’t really wear boots so I would easily be able to find mine.

Are you gonna go to the doctor anytime soon to get your throat checked out? I hate it when my throat hurts. I mean I have had strep throat at least 100 times in my life. Same with ear infections. Long story as to why I get so many ear infections and strep throat.

I’m glad you got to talk to James. :) I hope y’all can go on another date soon. ♥

YAY! Congrats for your mom being okay. :) Good Luck with the Bone Density test.
Yeah, my mom didn’t understand that. I was so mad. I’m just glad that I’m really close to getting another job anyway. Well, okay, I’m not that close. I gave the manager my application and I keep going in there when she isn’t there. I am going to go there before school today. It’s not that far from my house.

Yeah, I have FINALLY been stung twice so I am def not allergic. It took me 15 yrs to get stung. XD

True true. :) There is always a law and a little loophole that they go around to sue someone. No one is generous anymore. :/

Yeah, here it’s like $10 an hour. (for the city) That’s good but I’m good with any kind of income. I don’t care whether it is minimum wage ($7.25 an hr or something around there) or $10 an hour.

Yeah, I’m just glad you are still doing this website stuff with the University going on again. :)

Okay, I just have to be determined. :) Thankies!

Awh. Thanks. Yeah, I am a pretty good people person now that I am outgoing. XD

Yeah, I think I saw your site through Gillian’s website and I was like OHHH she is good so I applied for a review. :)

Awesome. Can’t wait until you succeed in that. :)

Oh, that is really good. I love that. ♥

Yeah, I heard that it is hott but it’s good for pool parties! :)

Sounded like everyone was agitated that morning. Is it the start of a new semester for you guys? What classes are you taking now? Sounded like a long and tiring day since you guys were so annoyed at this and that. But I guess I can understand for parents because they have to do so much compared to us. They have to take care of us and do this and that for us. : Parents seems to always have it hard, but we have it harder with school even if it doesn’t seem so.

I hope your mom will do alright and that she can be better soon! :)

Hey :)

YAY for being back at university and getting back into a somewhat normal daily schedule. I do hope though, that university won’t take away all your time so you still have the chance to come online and do fun things – and not with capped internet. I hate it when the internet is slowly..

I’m sorry that your mum got mad at you for taking so long to find the right boots! But it’s definitely difficult to find the pair you’re looking for if all the boots are black and stuff. That makes me happy about the fact I only own a handful of shoes and always wear the same pair to school, because it’s comfy and stuff. :) Better luck next time, I guess. ;)

I really dislike walking into a class full of people I don’t know, too. That’s kinda how most of us pupil feel when we first get to a new school or university. Glad you had some people in your class you already knew. :) Makes the lessons a lil bit more fun, too!

Ice-breaking things are really annoying – most of the time. Hope yours wasn’t too bad and you had fun getting to know your new class mates! :)

You had Chinese food? Yummy! That just reminded me how long I haven’t ate anything Chinese by now.. I need to change that soon. xD Sorry your mum got mad though. I mean, we forget things sometimes – it shouldn’t be such a big deal. At least things calmed down until the next day.

URGH! That sucks that your neck is hurting so bad that you can’t even move your tongue around and stuff.. hope it’s gone by the time you wake up again later! :)

I really love Vicky’s site too. She is putting a lot of effort into it to make it great. She should be really, really proud of what she has achieved by now. :)

OMG WOW! My grandma’s hair is that long now.. I couldn’t imagine to handle such long hair. It must’ve been freaking hard to wash and stuff..

oh yeahh my family uses plastic bags for garbage too haha
but since we use reusable bags now, we dont have much of those plastic bags left… its gunna be a problem haha

a rushed morning :( hate those ! i get annoyed when my mom rushes me because i like to take my time (kinda) haha.
yay for wireless at universities :) i had wireless at school for a year or so.. until the school board decided to shut it down or something. sighhhh.

fingers crossed for your mum :)

Georgieeeee ♥

Hi. /bounce

University again for you! Before you know it you’ll be halfway there throughout your three year course, and you’ll always be ahead of people who take gap years. As we once discussed I don’t think there’s any point to taking one.

I’d rather get myself to uni and get all this education shit over with. /oh
My edcucation shit is certainly… in the mid stages, maybe. Done primary (elementary?) school, getting through high school. 2nd year of high school, nearly 3rd… then two GCSE years… and then two A-Level years… and then uni… /ehh

It nevers ends, seemingly.

I love boots but I don’t suit them. :( I’m glad that you eventually found the right pair after all your struggles. I know I’d just walk out with two different boots on my feet without noticing they were an odd pair. /bash

Aw they were all black boots? You could get a brown pair for variation. xD

My mum would kill me for “being antisocial” if someone sat down next to me that I knew whilst I bummed about on my iPhone or whatever, even if my friend understood or didn’t care. LULZ.

I’m glad your lecture was interesting; boring lectures must be total hell to get through alive. I’m not sure I could manage, haha.

Two hour break. :O Whoa dude. Mind we have about an hour for lunchtime. xD

Oh God same. Because when you sit down it is pretty damned awkward when no one knows you… and it’s even more awkward when they all knowthe other people. /ehh

Haha yeah! They do that here… at the beginning of high school we had to say our names and talk a bit about ourselves. Which I failed at. I pretty much said, “Hi, I’m Jorja…” and shut up. /um

People worked out I was crazy when I got friends and not little Miss Shy. 🙄 😏

First impressions can be decieving, after all. /eee

Aw I hope you feel less tired today! <3

Poor you, trudging about looking for a Chinese place. :( My skills of navigation are pretty crap and as for my memory, oh boy, I'd forget about the lollies too. *hugs again*

I hope you're both over the argument now. Hard day for you both, it sounds like. <3

I'm the only one in my family who hasn't had tonsillitis, but if it's what you've got, it sounds horrible. :( I hope it's just a quick throat infection that will go away soon… tonsillitis involves all the shitty antibiotics.

Whenever I want to do "fun things" online I have shitloads of homework to do. Sigh.

Glad James is better!

My sister has Vitamin D pills which mean that the calcium stuff does get absorbed… will your mum have to have those?

Fingers crossed.(yn)

Take care! xx

Sorry for the crap comment. As you can see, lack of commenting has totally killed my commenting skills. /um

It’s not a crap comment OMG, shut up. :P Longer than everyone else’s? I’d think so. Not only that, but a meaningful one. Unlike some people. /ho

Aw, Jorja, thank you for your comment. ♥

I’m nearly halfway, man. That’s a scary thought. But I’ve been considering masters and post-graduate degrees following this, and maybe even a PhD (doctorate, so I believe). It’s a long journey, if I choose to do so.

Yeah, you do lose momentum if you take a break. I know that personally it would not have worked for me, and the breaks we get at the end of each year are definitely long enough.

No, I call it primary too, not elementary. :)

We spend about a third of our lives in education. Heh.

I was so close to walking out with the odd pair. I was so frustrated but yes, it’s a little funny when I look back on it now.

I’ve been told off several times for being anti-social and not talking to people. Usually at family gatherings, but we haven’t been to one of those lately.

Boring lectures aren’t really hell – my laptop usually occupies me, if I can connect to the internet. Otherwise, it most certainly is hell trying to connect. 😰

I had a four hour break today though. /ehh

Well you can’t really fail at it. If you don’t want to say anything much and just want to say your name, that’s your choice! But sometimes you can be forced to do so. :P

I used to be really shy in school, but in university it feels different because everyone is so bubbly and confident, and no one judges you, no matter who you are or where you’re from. I’m serious. You don’t have people being “cliquey” or judgmental. :)

It’s human nature to judge, but you shouldn’t let first impressions get the better of you.


I actually feel a lot better today, finally. When I wrote this, it was pretty painful to even move. But I took some medicine and had some rest and it was all good. :)

Sometimes when I’m online I should be doing homework, but I’m not. :|

My mum does have to take some form of vitamin D pills, yep. :)


Mmmm, hair flying past you and all you see is white and the dots of other people flying with you. Definitely fun. (Y)

Yes! It was really frustrating, like everyone was making it look so simple, and I was mad at myself for not being able to do it. D: But I guess really, it’s supposed to be hard for me, since it was my first time and it was their 6 billionth.

Dangg! You should of, it was a great game, okay, actually I don’t know a lot about great games in hockey. That was actually the first hockey game I watched the whole way through.
Shows how much I love hockey.

It just looks sooooo good in the ads, they make their product freaking incredible. (No duh) Once when I was little, I bought a Barbie because in the commercial the little girl’s bedroom turned into a pretty lagoon with fairies when she played with her Barbie.
They lied an broke my four year old heart when nothing happened. 😢

Lol, nahh, it’s alright. :P Thanks for the offer though! *hugs* You rock! :)

That gnawing feeling is shit, :/ Sometimes you just want to enjoy something without feeling it.
That’s alright, tons of people feel that way with their site too, it’s fine. :)

Really?! We don’t get spring until like April, or May… wait, I totally forgot when spring starts.. /huh

Loll, yeah, Neon is the new ‘in’. *puts on pink neon suit* DAYUM, we’d be sexy going down that hill. :)

Haha, yup… I uploaded them, but it kind of sucks, since I only got like two pictures on the actual hill. The rest were in Morgan’s cottage. So yeah.. kind of sucked.. :/

Yeah I know! It’s so cool, I honestly, couldn’t believe the grade 11’s were going on the trip. Hmm.. if I snuck into someones luggage, I wonder if I could go too.. hmm. :)

Yeah, I know, not fun.

It’s just kind of easy to forget, you know? Like you get up, eat breakfast, watch t.v. a bit, do homework, get online, lunch time! More homework.. and then it’s easy to forget :P

Hmm.. I guess so, simple CSS probably is the key, but it’s just you do it so well.. *cough* jealous *cough* :P

Aww *hugs*, your morning sounds frustrating! Boots, shoes, they are hassles.

Haha, I do that too. When I find some wifi connection I take advantage of it and use it like crazy. :P

Aww, *hugs* your mom shouldn’t have yelled at you over that. It was a tiny mistake and it was still chinese takeout all the same.. right? It’s still edible, that’s what my dad says when I say I don’t like some of his cooking.
Mint lollies? Hmm, I’m sure you could buy them the next day, it’s not like they’re going out of stock right that day.
And umm.. dumb question but what are mint lollies?

Hmm.. maybe you should go to the doctor about that.. it could be tonsillitis. :/

Hope your mom gets well and feels better soon. The vitamins should work so she’ll be better soon. :)

You must have a lot of boots XD
I only have 2 pairs of shoes; my converse-type things and my UGGs ♥

Glad to hear that James is feeling better :)
Just hope you will be ok soon, with your neck and all :(

Oh and good luck to your mum for that bone density test.

I can’t comment on your website because I don’t have an account to log in to comment with.

Yeah, my mum has a lot more boots than I do, though. :P

I used to own very little pairs of shoes until I bought a few more thongs and boots. I’ve never really been into shoes anyway.

Thank you! I am actually feeling much better; I just wrote a new blog mentioning that my neck is fine now. :)

Shiver looks really interesting! I kind of like thriller books but they freak me out.

I have always wanted to see The Lovely Bones especially since people read the book and said the book was great. But it does seem like a dark movie. I didn’t know it would be that scary.

It usually annoys me when someone talks in the middle of a movie. :P I’m glad you had a great time though!

Yay! your back at University! :) it sounds like you and your mum have lots of boots!

YUM! bubble tea :D I love bubble tea. I forgot which flavour I like the best thought! what’s your favourite flavour?

It’s bad that you got into a fight with your mum :( she should be nice since it’s your first day back at Uni! :)

I hope you are getting better. I hate it when I get sick! I’m home today because I feel sick :( my nose is blocked and my ears hurt O_O

That’s good that you talked to James :) you must miss him.

Wow, now I’m scared, I have to go outside more often. Hope your mum is getting better :)

My locker is so messy at school! I am a very messy person :P

I will listen to them :D maybe I will have a new favourite band! I haven’t been on my laptop much so I still haven’t listened to them /angry

It was the first time in ages since I’ve been to sleep after 2am. I really do need to get more sleep! I just like going to bed late :P

Wow. You must have a lot of boots for every outfit. XD I like to watch Cribs on MTV. These female celebrities have a lot of shoes, purses, clothes and accessories. I’m like, “Wow.” You know what they say, “You can’t leave home without it.”

Sorry to hear about your bad morning. I was like when I went to school. The feeling is mutual. I didn’t like to be rushed in the morning. You have to get ready, change clothes, grab your bag, put on your shoes and make sure you have everything. I have to catch the city bus. Sometimes I make it to the bus stop and it didn’t came yet. I get to the light and it’s there. I just missed it. I end up being late.

My computer tower is still not fixed. I just don’t have that kind of money right now. I have to go to the public library. I’m not able to access the control panel. I only have a one hour limit. I’m able to access my WordPress Dashboard.

AT&T said I could of upgrade to an iPhone. I decided to stick to something simple and cheap. Haha. :P I may upgrade to an iPhone later on. We’ll see. My next phone that I want to get is the Sony Ericsson. I always wanted that one.

Yeah, I hear what your saying. First day of school is nerve wrecking. You may know someone. You may not. Once you get to know them, you’ll be fine. I’m sure you’ll make plenty of friends. Oh well. It’s there lost. They don’t know how much of a great person you are.

I had one of those bubble tea without that black stuff at the bottom. I forgot what you call it. I liked it. I’ve never heard of Chinese takeaway place. Only Chinese take out if that’s what you meant?

Sorry to hear about you not feeling well and your mom. I hope the both of you get well. It sucks being sick. Your mom should drink some milk. Find a supplement with vitamin D. Maybe that’ll help.

You must have closets full of boots. Haha. :P It must be hot wearing short or long boots all day long. I guess your use to it already. I like to wear slippers. I’m use to wearing those. I can wear shoes for maybe a while. After that, I want to take them off and put on my slippers.

It must be awesome to live in Australia. The weather must be nice there. I like the Australia accent. It’s so cool. I remember “Power Rangers Turbo: The Movie” being filmed there.

I know what you mean. I can’t live without my computer. It’s like I have to be on it. I can be on the computer all day. That’s how I felt before. I always wanted to play The Sims game and do nothing else. I do take frequent breaks in between.

I’m not a morning person either. I can get up if I don’t need to go anywhere. I can’t get up if I do need to go anywhere. I have to hit the snooze button a couple times.

Thanks. I’m glad the public library have computers. A lot of people including myself don’t have the money to buy one. They like to come here and do their computer stuff.

The prices on the iPhones goes up and down over here. I guess it just depends on the location. I know how you feel about friends. I know that it won’t last a long time. I’m always the one getting crapped on. Yes, pearls. That’s what they’re called. I knew it was something like that. XD

Yeah, I hate fumbling for things when you’re in a hurry! I did that this last Sunday with a skirt I was trying to dig out of our closet.

I’m glad today was a better day! Eeek hopefully you’re not getting sick! Also glad to hear that James is feeling better and you got to talk, awww.

Hopefully your Mum can get more of that Vitamin D she needs!

Lol, yeah we all have different styles.
Maybe have a typography AND a picture layout next time. That’d we cool, (H)
OMG you had a pixel/kawaii site before? Huh, it really is hard to believe.
Haha, my comp. skills teacher is big too and looks like Phil from the Biggest Loser. LMAO
Lol, I can only cook Spaghetti, pasta and pizza. Oh and I don’t watch My Kitchen Rules, I used to watch Masterchef.
Yeah, I just bought a new ruler which I haven’t used yet. I keep forgeting to take it with me to school.
XD I go to Morning Glory too! And I’ve been to Artbox once. I love the cute stationary and my friend gets her pencil cases from there. And she changes her stationary so much-it’s like she owns Morning Glory or something, ahaha.
Are you watching Alice in Wonderland, now that it’s out in cinemas? I like need to go on the weekend!!
I sometimes read some fiction online, but not all the time too.
Haha, that’s funny, I was going to quit piano after grade 6 last year. And then bam…. I was back on because my dad told me that I’m nearly finished and I only have about 2 more grades to go. So I’m in Seventh Grade now. I can’t stand those exams too.
Lol, maybe I should choose Music for my HSC. I mean bonus points!!!
Ehh, well I hope your teeth get’s better! My braces will be taken out soon, yay.
OMG HIGH FIVE! TPG buddies, all the way!
My interent was slow and then a few days ago… bam the internet was fast. Ahh, I think I’m changing internet companies soon.
Lol, I hate my hair!! Since I got that stupid haircut last year…..
Haha, you’re the first person I know to say that domains are addicting….but are they really?

Glad that you’re day at Uni went well. I hope that you and your mum don’t fight too much again. My mum gets frustrated too and gets impatient when I take too long to do something.
Ehh, your mum needs Vitamin D. How come she doesn’t go out in the sun too much?
Oh and I can’t believe you own so many boots! I only have one pair and I normally wear it at Winter.


Okay I saved this comment until I got home. I just heard about the earthquake that hit Taiwan. MAMA EARTH BE PISSED. 3 months, 3 earthquakes?! Talk about a lot of movement in the plates! Move over, Georgie. I’m moving in!

Good to hear that your mom isn’t in any medical trouble. I’m kind of looking for a comment that’s going to correct your blog. ahahahahah. YOU’RE ALWAYZ WRONG. RETAKE A BIOLOGY CLASS. GAWZSH. llulzzzz.

ZOMG you know my dad has been on like this parade about how 90% of the world has a vitamin D deficiency so he’s stacked up our medicine cabinet with vitamin D tablets & makes my brother & me take about 3 or 4 of them a day but I don’t. ahhaha I walk around campus, that’s enough sun exposure.

But your mom’s deficiency makes me feel the need to take those vitamins. Get your mom those vitamins!! maybe it’ll make her less cranky at you & more loving!!! No more arguments!!! it’s hard to be sweet to someone when they’ve been barking at you all day. :(

So sowwie georgie.

Yay for James feeling better.

Isn’t it really hot (too hot to wear boots..?) in Australia right now?! Oh wait, you guys just had rain a few days ago. Hey! It’s raining over here too. :D wee. i love the rain. my mom hates it. but it’s fun! johnathan & i always drive our cars through the puddles to make a splash. i almost splashed this pedestrian one time though. MY BAD. hahaha.

TIFFANY I FEEL SO BAD. I keep blogging without even returning your comments. I suck. /bash

I read your blog post like three times but I was just BLAH when it came to commenting. And I’ve written a new blog and I’m so tired. I feel mean! But you’re the person who would care the least about unreturned comments. ♥

Hang in there yo! I’ll be “back in the game” some time! Yes… the commenting game… @_@


Aww D: Back to university… That must be awful after such a long break. But I still envy you your extra holidays :( I went back at the end of January and finished at the start of December… Not exactly the longest break.

Your mum sounds like she was pretty annoyed with you in general today/yesterday *loses track of date* Is she always like that or was today a one off? If I forgot to buy mint lollies, honestly it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Haha – just use the university’s wireless ^^ Next year ’cause of the laptop rollout by the government I get a (crappy) netbook, but it will be awesome for blogsurfing while I’m waiting for my bus in the afternoon (I sit in a wireless enabled part of the school for 40 minutes waiting for the darn bus to turn up) Hopefully they wont monitor our internet use… I’ll have to learn to disable it.

Oh, and following from last blog – although it rained enough to cancel it they decided they would make us train anyways. The oval was pretty much flooded – every step was an ankle deep squishy surprise which meant I had wet, grassy, muddy socks for the rest of the day. It was pretty fun though ’cause I was batting and I hit some epic shots that made a girl on my team I don’t like run through the mud A LOT :) She wasn’t impressed.

It definitely is! I’m finding it hard to get used to the schedule again, since it’s different from last year too, but I’m a little glad to be back. :)

University breaks are pretty long. That’s why they say that university is a lot more flexible and you have more freedom. It’s really quite good.

My mum has been like that lately because she’s been stressed out from work. I can trust that she’s not always like that. I think she was annoyed because she thought she had given me clear instructions what to get and where to get it. I was so effing exhausted, though! 😢

Ooh, my brother gets a laptop/netbook this year. I think it’s going to look ugly. Apparently they put a lock on it so only you can access it – which is good, so no one can just steal it and try to use it. Hopefully they won’t have unbelievably strict restrictions on it… :)

Eww that’s disgusting. That’s terrible. I can’t believe they made you play in that weather. And I thought my school was bad when it flooded the walkways.

I would not have liked walking around with wet muddy socks. :( But good on you for hitting those shots! (Y)

Wow, you and your Mom get into fights a lot huh? I hope things are better though. Ohh, and tonsillitis sucks. No plans of having it checked? :)

It’s a good thing your Mom’s condition isn’t anything bad. I wish her well.

The boots part was really funny- you wearing two completely different boots and blurting out f*ck. LOL

He didn’t say anything! /bounce
That’s so creepy. But sure nicer than Pimpin’ Zach (who is Teh Sleaze)

Damn, the only ice-breaking thing we had was at the start of a subject last year. So lame /um
Engineers are a reclusive bunch. D: and your lectures Smell. /um

Wow, who’d have thought where you buy the food is so important. What’s a few grams of MSG, give or take. Hrmph. *hugg*


It was weird because I knew someone had sat down but I didn’t know it was him!

I wonder if Zach saw what you wrote. /ho

We seem to have the ice-breaking thing nearly every class. All our classes are different and have different people, so it makes sense to introduce everyone. I like it because it wastes about an hour of the class. /bounce Well, only the first class. /eee

Engineers suck. /bounce My lectures don’t smell; you just didn’t like Jim. :(

Sigh. I guess she was annoyed because she thought she had given me clear instructions. I was confused. “Near the escalator” didn’t quite cut it when one was on the left of the escalator, and one was on the right. 💀

I always regret not preparing for school the night before. I’ll be scrambling like crazy in the morning. But I’m usually the one yelling at everybody telling them to hurry up XD

It sounds like the first day at university was a good one, except for when you had to run that “errand” for your mom. I hate when I forget to buy things, but at least we took the time and bought it?? /hehe

I sometimes like the ice-breaking thing, it really does get me comfortable with who’s gonna be in the class with me. Walking into a room of strangers is so horrid for me, I tense up and be as silent as a mouse. But I think I’m getting better at it so that’s good :)

Hooray for James getting better! And I hope your mom will be okay too ♥ ♥

My dad quites like sport. When my brothers were younger, he coached the football team. He still likes football and tries to show off when a ball heads his way!

You should come visit that UK. You’d probably like it. Most people do, apart from the weather! There is so much to see and do. Not just including the traditional sites and stuff.

Yeah, I come on my laptop to do my work and then I get distracted by talking to my friends. Then I feel I can’t be rude and ignore them so I spend my working time talking to them.

I do that too. The other night my mum told me to turn the heating off at a specific time. I totally forgot until 2 hours later!!

Yeah I’ve looked at your fanupdate tutorials before. They really helped me set up and everything, so thanks :)

I’ve had a good look for the entry but I can’t find it :( Oh well, I’ve added the picture of my graphics again so you can see it if you like. And I’ve virtually said in my new blog everything I said in the one that got deleted.

I don’t have many shoes and I’d probably be able to tell mine and my mums apart because I wear bright coloured converse like 95% of the time.

I love Chinese food. I don’t think my mu would trust me to buy food for the family because I would mess up the order! It sucks that you argued about it but it’s good to know you’ve sorted it out.

I hope your mum is better soon :)

Uggh! I hate when I can’t find the right shoes either. Hell, I hate when I can’t find anything to wear..ESPECIALLY when I’m late! LOL.

Now, I get everything ready the night before. Since I also have two children to get dressed in the morning, it’s SO much easier!

BTW, I hope your mom feels better and gets the condition under control. It could always be worse!

I read your beginning paragraph as something from a book… XD
In my house, all the shoes are different. Mine are easy to tell apart because they’re white with lots of colourful doodles and signatures on them. :D Sucks that my mom is always moving them to some random spot in our little “closet room” type thing. My parents call it a “mud room” and it’s where all the coats and shoes and such are kept, including a fridge that doesn’t refrigerate anything and a freezer.
Are all the boots the same size? Must be hell. D:
-also crosses fingers-
Everyone’s mom’s seem to be getting ill lately. D:

I used to use “gay” as a way to say something is stupid/lame, but it was just stupid itself saying it. I get offended if someone calls me gay, like something I’ve done, or me personally, because a lot of people in real life don’t know about my sexuality, therefore, they don’t know how much it affects me.

Your layouts always amaze me. They’re so simple and put together so well. Brushes tend to get overused and make everything look congested and

It’s almost like I jinxed Sabrina and her boyfriend’s relationship. They broke up the day I blogged about her. -facepalm-
Luckily, Josh shows plenty more interest in me than in her. I’m just being bitter and selfish, and I need to stop.

I’ve actually added all the excerpts I feel comfortable with putting up. There are more, and Josh wants to see them (he’s hooked on the ones I’ve showed him, which are the ones in my portfolio) but I can’t let them because the character I have is named Joshua. XD

haha, I know how you feel! I’ve got so many pairs of boots, it takes forever to decide which ones I want to wear. And the times that I want to wear shoes, it takes me forever to be able to find them underneath all the boots. Usually I’ll find one, but then wont be able to find the other. It’s so annoying!

I hate those icebreaking things on the first day :/ We do them in EVERY class, EVERY year and it just gets so tiringgg.

I hope your moms test comes back fine, and that she’ll be okay ♥

And yeah, david’s parents are KIND of strict, but more in the sense that they just don’t want him to be staying out late on school nights, which I understand.. but it’s the only time other than weekends that we CAN hang out, because he works until 8:30 every night.

welcome to another year of university @___@
you guys start tutorials in the first week of uni!? usually it starts in second wweek doesnt it?
currently im revelling in the fact that uni hasnt been too stressful YET… but i bet you soon theres going to be so many assessments due ugghh T___T

you and your mum remind me of me and my mum.. we used to argue HEAPPSSSS everydayy!! even about the smallesst things! but now its a bit better… we dont argue as much thankgoodness

HOORAYY its finally the perfect weather for boots!! ahhh i really like autumn! nice and cool, though the first day was particularly rainy! do you like summer or winter better??

oh yes my site is back up!! 👏 lol im going to watch my future uses ofbandwidth so it doesnt die on my again.. i also installed wordpress .. and being the noob i am it took me about 4 hours to install UGHGHHG

Ahhh that’s the same in my house! Once I was rushing for school, and we have so many black boots, so I picked up my moms on accident and wore them to school. They were so uncomfortable.

My throat does that all the time. It feels like the sides are slowly pushing in and I hate that!!

YAY! ✌️ it worked! I changed the css a bit so on my blog it would still have the padding and margin as zero, but on pages it shows the spaces! You’re my coding hero. Haha.

Yeah, I brush my teeth after I eat in the morning too. I get very lazy on the computer. I plan to work on my book review for my English class, instead I end up wasting an hour on youtube watching lyrics to songs. :D

Woah, that’s a pretty good deal on Google voice. Haha I won’t be tempted to steal any candy, I promise.

Heyyyyyyy georgie!

Well; I’m sorry for the late comment. But better late, then never right? So here’s the deal on the house situation, my dad’s former boss went out there in Beaumont with my dad and his ex boss fell in love with the house. He even said that he’d pay for the paint and that will go on the house money if my dad wanted it to go that way. So Ty sent in the paperwork on Monday, and well; we haven’t heard anything from the bank yet, but we’re hoping by the 15th or the 16th to get the keys to the house.

We just saw two new puppies of the cocker’s pups. They’re so adorable. They have wide eyes, and have a bit of tan on the face just like their daddy does. Haha. So adorable yet I dunno if I want to keep Shadow (female) or give her away. If I keep her I’m gonna have to sign up for an obedience class and learn her how to go potty outdoors because I’m just not doing it right. I’m introducing her slowly to the outdoor world, but she just sits there and looks dumbfounded like “Well? Why’d you take me out here” Lol. It’s so cute. But like my dad and grandma both say “You probably won’t want Shadow after she gets bigger” and they’re probably right.

So yeah, I went and saw “Shutter Island” today it was friggin COOL!! I love Leonardo Dicaprio ever since Titanic. I saw another one of his movies called “Man In The Iron Mask” with my grandmother. When she was capable of doing things like sit for long hours at a time etc.etc. I saw Titanic 5 times lol. I love that movie. haha. What movie is your favorite? I also have another favorite movie and that’s “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”. It’s about a true story about a young woman who horse dives and goes blind from it and continues to horse dive. Very good movie.

So yeah, I went to target today and was just going to pick up “Flash Forward” season one. Instead I came out with 4 movies. LMAO. My dad likes the movies I picked out except for the Disney movie. LOL. The funny thing on that though is he’s the one who got me into Disney by collecting the disney movies. Weird huh?

Well; I’m gonna go watch one of my movies now so I will see ya latah!

Hehe yeah. And this was the first time I took my camera to a place which is camera-worthy. :P

Neither do I. XD

I don’t get much comments but I still feel lazy to do it sometimes. Yeah, sometimes I also really love doing it. I love getting comments but sometimes it feels like a chore to return them. Haha that gets confusing. I usually wait for a person to return my comment before commenting on their latest blog.

I really don’t like Lonely. The only song of Akon that I like is Beautiful. And there’s this other song, Sexy Bitch that makes me feel like dancing. :P

That’s nice to hear James is feeling better. :)

My school starts at 8:45 so I usually wake up at 8. I still sleep after 12. But nowadays we’re being given a lot of homework to do so I feel really sleepy and get to sleep before 11. :P

Same here. It still sounds scary.

I’m always too lazy to prepare stuff on the night before my school starts. :P My mom gets mad at me as well.

That really sucks you had so much confusion and trouble with the boots. I only have a couple of boots and I rarely wear them. My feet start sweating. /ehh

That’s so like me to have a friend sitting beside you while you worked on your iPhone. I totally stop noticing everything else when I’m working on the computer or phone or something. :P

That’s lucky the lecture was interesting. Otherwise a boring lecture would have been really…boring. :/

I would hate to walk into a classroom full of unknown people. Even when I walk into a room full of my friends, I feel kind of embarrassed as though everyone is staring at me. /sweat

That was really unfair of your mum to get mad at you like that. It wasn’t your fault. You were tired anyways.

Hopefully you don’t have tonsillitis. It really sucks. :(

That’s nice to hear James and you talked. :)

Lol, I have no boots – how sad.
Strange, even though I don’t know you – you’d seem like someone who would have there stuff laid out the night before.
Maybe you’d should go to the doctor, sounds like a throat infection.
I hope your mother bone density test comes out all right.