Explosions in the Sky

Stress: Is it so hard for people to understand that I have university and I work and I’m not online every second of the day? Does it have to get to the point where I feel like I should hire someone to do things for me? Do I really have to be there at 2:00am to respond to an email? Am I a superhuman? No.

Emotion: I’m really angry because someone, hosted by me, went and moved their domain elsewhere without even notifying me. Other people have the decency to send me a really short message or email telling me they’re leaving. I thought it was just downright rude. I found out that they had moved myself, after just randomly browsing.

Reasoning: To be honest, this whole hosting site is pissing me off. I don’t mind helping people. I really, truly don’t. But I’m not a robot. I repeat; I am not a robot. And the server problems are getting on my nerves. I don’t mind spending more money for better hosting with better uptime, but of course that doesn’t mean the crazy “unlimited space”. You don’t need that much space; all 18 of my sites take up about 500 MB. /ehh

Smiling: Well, I don’t want to sound like a “douchebag” (been using that word a lot lately today) so I’ll move on from my stupid paragraphs being introduced and sectioned off into their own little worlds. :P

I used to be so anal about my comment numbers. I wanted them to be even, and to have large numbers that were sort of consistent. I find it weird when my blog posts jump from something like 100 comments (okay, that hasn’t happened since last June) to 50. Er… that’s about half, you know?

So I don’t really care – at least, I’m trying not to. It’s not about the numbers, or the quantity. It’s the quality and the meaning of what people write.

It’s James’s and my 25 month anniversary today. ♥️ I haven’t seen him in a while. 😢

I am much better from my funny neck pain. I was scared I had tonsillitis but I’m glad that after some sleep and medicine, I woke up better. :)

I am really, really exhausted from university. My body needs a rest. My foot got a blister on it from walking a lot. Yesterday though, I had the subject Designing for the Web. My tutor is great; she’s really outgoing and confident with what she’s doing. I’m not just saying that because I coded an HTML page in ten minutes while everyone else took an hour… she’s really great. :D

I’m going to be pretty bored in that class, though. Maybe I’ll work ahead or something. 🌹

Today, I had the scheduled day I was dreading. My four-hour break wasn’t so bad, because Ryan, Vicky and I walked around and had lunch and went to the market. I bumped into my high school friend Jewon! /eee He’s still the same (still taller than me, like everyone else…) and going well.

I was so worried that I was going to fall asleep during class in the afternoon. I had to have a cup of coffee this morning, and I thought the break would actually tire me. But the class went well, and hopefully I’ll be a little more productive and do assignments in the break next week instead.

Keep on smiling. :)

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I am so sorry. I thought I notified you through email. Maybe it didn’t get through because of my slow internet connection. I am so, so sorry. ♥

It obviously didn’t. I would have responded if it did. That’s fine, but it’s a bit too late now.

Sometimes University’s life makes us really hard to breathe right? Sigh. I totally understand how you feel. I feel so stress right sometimes I just burst out crying or vent my frustration and stress on someone. I feel bad after that but it’s really hard to control our emotions when we are stress up.

About the hosting issue, perhaps you should let them know you start hosting them that they will need to give you a month advance notification if they are moving or something? It’s really irresponsible of them to just shift and not inform you about it. You know I’ve been thinking why some people always wanted “unlimited everything” for their hosting account, be it paid or free. Seriously, there are no such things as unlimited everything since there’s a cap on it somehow. They don’t use so much in the first place and since it’s free, why are they so demanding? Pttf. It’s really not easy being nice eh?

Cheer up though! It’s not worth it to get so upset over such issues. :)

Often when I am stressed I get moody as well. I actually recently snapped at a friend because I was in a bad mood from being stressed out. :(

I used to think that unlimited would be good – a lot of people are fooled by it. It seems unlimited but it’s not! I used to be fooled by that too, but in actuality, bandwidth is needed a lot more than space. However, regarding that issue I’ve decided to purchase my reseller from Holdfire in the next few weeks, after reading your review about it and also hearing other good words. I asked some questions and their support is fast responding and very friendly!

YAY! first time! LOL. :)

:( I hate stress, it ruins everything. 2am :O that’s very early in the morning.

That is rude, if someone has a hosting site and moves websites. They should definitely send an email to people who they are hosting. They owe you an apology..

Wow 100 comments, good job!

Happy 25th month anniversary! that sucks that you haven’t seen him in ages :(

That’s good that your better :)

I hate walking, I am so lazy to! LOL. :O Ten minutes! great job XD you are really good at designing XD

That’s nice that you bumped into your high school friend! it’s always nice to see someone from school!

It sounds like that your classes are going well :)

P.S Sorry for the short comment :(

O_O My internet went weird writing the comment.

Too much pressure in life can really stress you out :) Get some time off if you notice you are getting older or your face color isn’t so nice anymore.

As for the hostee who suddenly left, that is indeed annoying. I’ll be pissed if i were you as well.

Happy monthsary to you guys. ♥

Thanks! I didn’t think of that; better keep a good eye on my skin now. :)

Thank you! ♥

Hello! Here is my proper comment :D Hehehehe.

Stress: OHMYGOD. University IS stressful. It’s great, but oh-so-stressful. I can’t even remember the last time I was this stressed, but I bet it was during finals. LOL. But anyways, it was still ages ago. You poor thing! :( You must be super-stressed with uni + site work + evil, mean, inconsiderate people hounding you all the time. :( *hugs* ♥ You should NOT have to be online at 2am in the morning! You need your sleep. Other people can wait. If they have a problem with that, they are more ethically and morally devoid that lawyers. HMPH!

Emotion: That was extremely rude of that person. /angry /argh 😒 Hmph! I mean if you want to move, fine, but you should at least TELL your host. That’s common courtesy. How very repulsive of that hostee. And disrespectful. It’s called “MANNERS”. Get some.

Reasoning: That’s so stupid. It’s like they want space for the sake of having space. Ohhh…extra space @_@ Stupidity. You buying a better package for them is NICE. If they don’t like it, it’s their problem. SCREW THEM /angry

Smiling: Yay :) Hahahaha

/end sub-headings :P

Sorry, I couldn’t comment chain with you today :(

Happy anniversary to you and James ♥ wow, it really sucks that you haven’t seen him in ages :( You’ll see him more next semester ^^ And hopefully SOON D:

Yaaaaay! You’re not sick :) I’m so glad. Hahaha. That crappy melon frost crap actually worked :O I woke up all stiff today, and I still can’t figure out what from O_O

Hahahahahahaha! Trust you to be so pro at web-design that you can code a page in 10 minutes :P That’s so funny. You’ll totally get HD in that class. It’s great that you have a good tutor though. It’d suck if you had a crap tutor for a boring subject D:

Omggg…a four hour break is epic. I’d be so lost. I’d be wondering around Macquarie Centre for ages D: Lucky you have Vicky and Ryan to keep you company :P And hahaha, you bumped into Jewon :P Hahaha, he IS tall. And when you hit him, his bones are so hard, you get hurt more than he does. /ehh

Hello! :P

I love uni, but now that I’ve gone back for semester, it’s pretty epic. So much work to do, yet again. :O

I think I tend to be stressed a lot nowadays, what with my sites and domains and hosting. 😰 But I remember the HSC was a terrible time too! I should feel lucky now that I don’t have exams. :)

But sites… sites… why did I choose this? D:

*hugs* I have been sleeping really late but I should stop. I should sleep early so I can wake up early. It’s much easier said than done.

Lawyers are not morally devoid! And when you’re one, you definitely won’t be. :D

I wouldn’t have minded a simple sentence explaining that they were leaving. Humph.

Space is a good thing to have especially if you think you’re going over the limit, but chances are they won’t be – well, with the space package I have in mind, anyway. :)

Aw, that’s okay! I have learned not to care about comment numbers. I must not care. It’s more important that I return them all and try to be on time, instead of making myself get more. How silly.

Thank you! ♥ I haven’t seen you in ages too! :( Easter break! Easter show! … if you’re interested. :P

Yeah, that melon frost crap was disgusting. /angry I trust my mum but that green stuff is gross. 🤮

I hope I do! A high distinction would be a good mark to get after last year’s lame passes and credits.

This week I’ll probably occupy myself with my laptop… or maybe I’ll go shopping. I really want one of those red and black checkered shirts! (You must have heard me say this a million times on Twitter.)

LOL I don’t think I’ve ever hit Jewon. XD

Gonx! Happy 25 months /eee
Glad your neck pain’s gone. that was /sweat
Damn Jewon. I only saw him once; I don’t know why but I do miss him. Maybe we should dig him up sometime haha

Let’s sleeg soon D:


Happy (belated) 25 months! ♥ ♥

I was scared because it hurt to move my neck and to touch the front of it. D:

I miss a few people from high school… even I didn’t talk to them much. Where’s Esmat? :O

My sleeping patterns are terrible. I always plan on sleeping early but it never happens. /argh


Wow, that really sucks how you’re feeling, but I bet your just doing that because, like you said, you have a lot of work. Our age difference is MAJOR (I’m 13) and I’m totally feeling what you are. I’m only in 7th grade, and now all the teachers are piling up our homework. That’s probably because it’s CLOSE to the end of the year or something. My teacher threatened to send me to guidance because I forgot my homework D: (It was the third I forgot out of four, but, still).

Anyway, happy anniversary!

I am really sorry that you are so stressed, I hope that you can find the time to calm and relax yourself. It’s horrible when internet things catch up with you (especially when you have a busy life outside of it) and then people don’t understand properly. Don’t feel bad about anyone else though, you can only reply when you have time!

It’s a shame when people abuse your space and generosity and move out without letting you know. It has happened to me a number of times and it can be a little disappointing sometimes. :(

I used to be the same with comments as well, I was so concerned with the number of them I received, but now I don’t worry at all. It’s nice to receive the words of friends, but like you said I would rather I had comments by people that were interested in reading my blog then just anyone posting to promote or something random (unless I am having a blog spam session with a close friend hahaah).

I love the internet so much but it’s easy to get carried away and forget my studies, or for it to all pile up! I know you’ve been in that situation too, Kya! :( Some people should open their eyes a little more to see that running a website is a hobby and those behind the websites do have a life outside of the computer.

It was definitely disappointing for me, but we can always learn from these things. :) I can’t imagine – from all the trouble checking at Bubble, out of hundreds of people, all those ones not even linking back! :O

TEHEE. I absolutely love doing that with my best friend – having a little conversation in my comments to up my comment numbers has been hilarious. But now I’m not looking at the numbers anymore – it’s the lovely comments that matter. ♥

I’m glad your throat is much better. :)

Shoe stores here don’t sell boots, maybe that’s why I don’t have any.

I use the computer early in the morning also, that’s the only time I can use the computer. Why don’t you reply to emails in your 4hr break?

I will angry also, I guess you have to state that in the rules.
Congrats on the comments, I guess we all love your randomness :D

Happy Anniversary ♥

The certificate might be expensive, and I’m using a number of photos taken by him. Now I just use mom’s phone and take pics of the random stuff we have at home then I save them on the computer.

I agree. It’s a nice song that tells wonderful things about the world. Sadly, it’s not as wonderful anymore. :(

I got your application. It arrived a bit late but I guess it’s because of the timezones. I hope more people join! It would be a tough competition for them because you’re in it :P


Oh man, tell me about it! First it was really funny to me then I realized how embarrassing it really was. Haha, poor guy being mistaken for your friend.

Well said. Though the fact that other people can notice such small things that can embarrass you sucks. The smart people in class barely get embarrassed, and they’ve achieved something.

Thanks for the luck, I need loads of it.

Haha, I also trip on my own feet sometimes. Ooh, nasty XD (It’s what my brothers say when something bad and embarrassing happens to me) I hope your underpants weren’t ducky or polka-dotty and stuff :P


Aw, it sucks to hear that you’re have a lot to deal with right now. Don’t worry, your a good person so things will get better for you soon enough :)

I just found out that Jea was the hostee who moved to Dorine. Well she should have emailed you at least.

Wow, you once got 100 comments on a post? I cannot imagine you returning all those comments.

Haha, well you’re probably ahead of the class considering you’re a webdesigner already. But I hope you learn more stuff from your class!

Happy Monthsary! Remain faithful to each other!

Ah, I’ve noticed your life has been pretty hard lately. But we’re all here for you :) *hugs*

I also hate when people whom I helped ask for more. I really love helping others, but sometimes it gets on my nerves if people ask for something more and more and more. I will help them if I can, but if they keep on bugging me to help them 24/7, it’s enough, LOL. Even more than enough. It forces me to explode and boom, I will end up sending an e-mail saying “you are rude, I don’t want to help you anymore, the end.”

Mahaha no I have never really done that XD I forced myself not to be rude to people. But it’s hard to stay calm sometimes.

One of my ex-hostee also did that to me. :( She moved without telling me first. Someone also applied for hosting and after I accepted she said she didn’t need the hosting service anymore. People need to be consistent, really. They need to learn that one.

Yes, yes! Quality over quantity. Ah, I remember my art teacher who follows the quote “Quantity over quality” :| My friend who drew 6 pictures in low quality got 90 and my friend who drew 1 picture in super-high quality got 75 O_O Weird, LOL.

Happy 25-month anniversary! Yay! :D Do you guys do anything special to celebrate it?

Take a good rest, Georgie :3 I also feel tired from school. I caught a cold last week because I didn’t sleep well. I have to go back to my sleeping pattern and rest more haha. And you do to :) Health is number one!

:O Aw, a scar? When did you get it if you don’t mind me asking?

Aww. :( Well children don’t really think before doing something so I guess what you did is just what children usually do. I also kicked my brother’s nose when we were both little :| Luckily he didn’t get any serious injuries.

Ah yeah I usually study at night. I learn better during the night LOL. I guess I’m a night person. But sometimes it pisses me off if I have studied til’ late and I end up getting bad marks. Boo!

Oh yeah, yoghurt is good for skin. I have pimples on my face so it’s good for me to consume it. Frozen yoghurt is kinda expensive though. It costs way more expensive than ice cream XD

Man I’m sorry about your hosting issues. And you’re right, you’re not a robot. *hugs* We all have lives off the computer, and if certain people can’t respect that, then that’s their problem.

But happy 25-month anniversary to you and James! ^^

Hope the hosting issues clear up soon! <3

Yeah, I’m sorry that I changed hosting. But my domain was blocked and I thought it was your server that was doing it. So I changed sowwy :( forgive me?

Anyway, yeah I’m being impatient about the house. I wanna get packed and moved in before I do anything else. But it’s so hard. I have money coming in each month, and it’s just so damn frustrating that I can’t buy what I want because we’ll have to move it. My dad even said “wait until we get out there and than buy it”. I don’t want too! Jeez. I wanna buy a new lamp now and some other things, but really how can one person wait so long?

Paranormal Activity was kinda boring in the beginning, but it got better in the middle (like all movies do). The ending is hella freaky! Though I must say I will never touch an ouija board ever, EVER! I did that stuff with pen and paper once, and look where it got me? Sick with a mental illness! Yikes!

Firewall is a great movie done by Harrison Ford.

My dad does like Disney in a way because he did get me started on it but he only likes “The Little Mermaid”. He hates/despises Disneyland, so yeah I totally agree with you.

Hey no problem for the “crummy” comment. I don’t mind. :). I’m gonna be adding some of your smilies to my wordpress soon. So look out for that!

I’m sorry about the stress in your life I hope it gets better soon! Take care!

And happy anniversary to you and James!

You’re like the nicest person ever. Why are you encountering all these rude idiots! Sigh. it’s so unfair. I hope your stress level goes down. -hug-

LMAO I used to be just as OCD with my comment numbers, too. I usually wouldn’t write something new unless I had at least 100 comments, and it had to be a number that ended in a 3 or 7 because numbers like 100 or 105 looked like they weren’t real or something. I dunno… I’m weird.

Thanks for your reply/comment :)
I’m sorry you couldn’t comment through my site, I didn’t think you needed to log in; I thought you just typed your name and comment and click post. Idk hehe.

Glad to hear you’re feeling better :)
Shame you’re always so busy, it’s nice to have some ‘me’ time sometimes. I know how you feel (highschool)

You’re welcome! Yeah, I was disappointed haha. I was so looking forward to commenting, then it was like… noooo. :P It told me “you aren’t logged in”. Mean. XD

Darn :@ clicked post by mistake.
I wanted to sort out that typo ‘high school’ and wish you and James a belated 25 month anniversary, although here in the UK it’s not belated ;)

I’ll shut up xD

Aww :( I feel sorry for you. I could never deal with as much as you deal with, what with adding content, blogging, replying to 50+ comments, checking your emails, sorting out hosting, RELAXING (although it seems you don’t do a lot of that), and that’s just the online part. I’d hate to think how you balance uni with that :/

It took people an hour to code an HTML page? My HTML is pretty lame, but it only takes me 10 minutes to code a basic HTML page and style it :/ And I’m not at university…

Four hour break – I wish I had one :) And just a random note while I’m here – I’n listening to the radio and the song playing is ‘In my head’ by Jason Derulo. If you know the song, do you find it annoying the way he sings ‘Jason Derulo’ at the start? Ego, much?

Haha I read the ‘I’m not a robot’ part as ‘I’m a robot’ and I was like -doubletake- Oh. :) No-one should be expected to come online at 2.00am… Just because some of us live in a different timezone to the rest of you…

I guess sometimes a lot of my online time is counted as relaxing. :( But you’re right, I don’t seem to get much, do I? 😰

Yeah, and I don’t know how I put up with two jobs late last year. It was a lot worse then, though, I think.

Well, come to think of it, it is basic HTML and these people have never created a website in their life. I tried to get exemption for the subject but wasn’t allowed. How boring is this going to be? :O

Sorry, but I haven’t heard that song! I don’t listen to the radio at all. I used to, but I’ve completely steered clear of mainstream music as it’s not my thing. But that’s a little bit arrogant of Derulo. :P

Yeah, I guess some people also get impatient with emails. :(

Well you know what they say, you can’t please everybody : It sucks when people expect so much from you and they kinda forget that you have your own life to deal with. Sheesh.

College life can be pretty exhausting alright but you just have to find something that will keep you motivated to go to school and not give you a burned out feeling. It’s amazing that you were able to code something in 10 minutes! Haha. I’m not surprised that you’d be bored in that class, though. You’re obviously more advanced than your classmates!

Happy 25 months to you and James! :)

Happy 25months to you and James! Stay in love and happy and awesome! ♥

Anyway, I haven’t hosted anyone yet, even in my domain. So I haven’t experienced yet how is it to be a host. Well, hosting is a tough thing because you get to interact with different types of people: good and bad hostees, face different sorts of site issues and more. So I really admire people who host sites! :3

But like what you’ve said, you’re a human being and you’re a student. You have a life. :3 I guess some people needs to be sensitive at times. They should also be a little patient too if there are some issues. If they are planning to move, then it’s just right to leave a note to the host. :3

I remembered emailing Liza before that I will be moving out of her network and it was kinda hard for me. O_O I didn’t know what to say. HUHU /wah But she’s really a nice host and very accommodating! I love her~~~ ♥

Whoa… I envy you, you receive a lot of comments. JK~ :D But I have to agree with you that it’s all about the quality of the comments. I get pissed off when I receive one-liner comments. And it’s even off-topic. /oh I would have appreciated it more if people wouldn’t comment at all if they just leave one-liner off-topic comments like that. :( /ho

Glad your neck is doing fine now! Yay! :D Good luck on the pending school works! /hehe And do not forget to rest! Take care! ♥

I feel so bad for you, having to put up with this crap, all of it right in front of your face. :( People expect so much of you yet they act like you don’t even have a life. It’s so mean and I wish they’d learn to grow up.

I hate the whole ‘unlimited space’ thing on hosting sites. It’s never true & you don’t need unlimited space either. It’s just to attract people’s attention.

Wow, all 18 of your sites only take up 500mb? That’s pretty amazing, I never would’ve guessed it.

I find it strange how sometimes comment numbers go up & down but you don’t know what you said that made them change.

Aww congrats on your 25th month anniversary. That’s good that you don’t have tonsillitis!

I love it when we do stuff at school that I’ve already done. Like we had to use Photoshop to design a website layout & I was ahead of the whole class for a lesson so I just helped my friends.

I’m glad that 4 hour break on Friday wasn’t boring. You actually found something to do. :) Well done, hehe.

Dear Georgina Luhur,

Hitheresexaybiatch. /bounce

Aw. :( I don’t understand that either… why people can’t realise you’re 18 and have a life and everything to keep up with. University and friends and family and chores alongside your 18 domains. (WHICH, can I add, I would never be able to cope with).

Stupid pooey people. /poo Don’t push yourself, it’s not worth it. ♥ Do a Rachel, at your own pace and stuff. ~

I’m going to regret opening soon LOL. But I shall do a Rachel and see how that goes.
You’ve probably got until April 8th-ish to wait though. /um
At the moment my WP theme is stressing me out and that’s enough to kill me. Stupid bloody single.php and page.php are showing up as total shit with the headers, content, etc. all fucked up when it was fine before.
SIGH. I shall start again then. /bash And it was going quite well too. ¬.¬

I wouldn’t be able to manage with everything you have to deal with. Like all your 365 projects and hosting and blogging and updating in general.

No one is superhuman, sad to say; but you are very productive with your time and I guess others aren’t. :P (For example, look at me. Haha).

2am to respond to an email? What kind of BS is that? :@ Of course you shouldn’t be fucking expected to stay up that late just to return an email. Sheesh.

…… That’s low. Just moving your site without even dropping you a quick note. And, obviously, it’s annoying. Silly person. :/

You are not a robot. *nods* You are certainly NOT a robot because as a general rule robots do not suffer from emotion, stress, reason… etc. :P

Depends, of course. You could be a special robot /bounce
But being a robot wouldn’t be so cool as being human… little things taken away, you know? Little tiny things that matter a lot without you realising it.

UNLIMITED space? I always find those packages ridiculous. It’s a waste. I’m not sure how much my site uses but I think I assigned it 50MB and I’m fine with that, as were my hostees (I’ve got none left now. xD)

I love the word douchebag. It’s such a cool word. :P

I thought your weird sectioning thing was quite cool and unique for a blog. Lulz.

My comment numbers change all the time, and also depends on whether I’ve just been totally dead or not. :P As a general rule I get about 10 – 30, sometimes 40 and a bit higher if I’m lucky.

100 comments? /ehh
You get loads of comments so I guess it’s understandable why you’d want a consistent number~

Quality over quantity! I find my shorter comments are normally more to the point, whereas my longer ones involve a considerable amount of rambling.

*cough and looks up* ^

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! ♥ I hope you meet up soon.

Glad your throat pain thing has gone away. It sucks being ill, and I find throat infections horrible.

Go to bed earlier? :P 😴

Yeah, I’m tired from school. ‘Tis hard work, all this stuff; walking around and then sitting and working.

Glad you’ve got a nice tutor and you’re enjoying the course so far. You might get bored but yes, you could just work ahead :)

Aw, but you got a four hour break! That’s a lot of time to do things.
I bet I’ll leave school and everyone will be taller than me. Maybe you’re not that short, just everyone else is too big. You never know. /hehe 😏

Glad you didn’t fall asleep in class; I never have but I sure think it would be totally embarrassing. xD

Keep on smiling, that’s right. /bounce

Take care! xx

Hey Jorja. /bounce

Here is your long awaited reply. I love responding to your comments – it’s just a matter of finding time, of course. :)

I’ve been trying to get rid of a few domains, actually, as you might know. I’ve got a few in mind that I can get rid of – but the funny thing is that I feel like I’m “running out” of domains to use! :O Strange.

I’ll do a Rachel alright. :D You too! I feel like she’s a famous person now. :P

I hope all goes well with the theme! Starting over might be easier, instead of trying to fiddle with what could possibly be wrong. Good luck!

No more 365 projects though; I’ve promised. :P

I think everyone is quite productive in some way, but to some extent. 😰

Robots have no feelings, sadly. :P Robots are pretty advanced nowadays; maybe they do have feelings now? :O

It’s not just a waste, but there is no such thing as unlimited. There’s somehow a limit on it – the point at which the server will break. Haha.

It’s not a great word… but it’s funny.

Thanks haha! Some people do section off their blogs though. And you know me and my comment numbers.

My first blog on WordPress got 101 comments. O_O

Well, sometimes rambling is a good thing. :P Although admittedly sometimes I’m not quite sure what to say because you are rambling and it would be odd for me to ramble back.

Thank you! ♥

I did sleep a little bit earlier yesterday. ;)

I’m looking forward to working ahead. I haven’t quite yet, but I’m glad I know the work already. :D

I think I’ll go shopping in my break instead this time. :)

Hmm probably… I think I’m short, though. All the little ‘uns are taller than I am. :(


I am so sorry that you are stressed. Hopefully, I will get better. :3 I don’t see why people can’t understand that people have a life outside of the computer. I have hostees that expect me to be on ALL THE TIME. :S I actually have a current hostee that is waiting for me to set up their site, and they keep freaking emailing me. >.<

I can see how university would be very stressful for you…I am in middle school, and I am super stressed already. Well, I always get stressed the last week of the semester since grades are final. XD

Hostees can be pretty annoying. @_@

Happy 25 month anniversary to you and James! ♥

Hahah thank you! And….you're welcome!

I just cannot get over how strange that it. :O I am not sure if it has been fixed…I haven't been on my site right now, so I didn't get to read your previous blogs to this one. :(

I can see that; I hope it gets better!

LMAO. If I was not completely not able to have the computer (like at my friend's house), I would NEVER be able to go around my house…with my laptop right there and not be able to go on! XD I am a bit addicted at times. :P

What the heck… :S Why would a stranger come up to random person and offer money? I would not take it. What a creep!

Ickkkk. I know right? It was completely stranger. -_-

Some people can be so rude. /oh Failcakes!

Don’t let ungrateful people get you down, we all love and appreciate you! ✌️ ♥ I’m sorry you’ve been feeling stressed out lately; take some time out for yourself and put other people second to your needs. Let ’em learn to tie their own shoelaces and survive! 🙄 /hehe

Congratulations on the 25 month anniversary! /rose ♥

Terribly rude indeed! Even an email with one line would have sufficed. :(

Haha, I remember the days I couldn’t tie my own shoelaces! But I feel that more people should stop depending on others and should really try things on their own. Some things are as easy as Googling them, but unfortunately… /hmph

Thank you! ♥

I’m the same too. I’m very timid when it comes to meeting people in real life. Sometimes high school students can be real douches and they think there better than everyone else and stuff. That annoys me a lot. But I’m actually going to try to get out of that shell :D
Okay I’m going to comment on the subheadings ;)

Stress-Stress is really difficult. And although I’m only 15 I actually do stress on a lot of things. As in getting perfect grades for my parents. That’s the main thing. If I get a C I start to cringe and become super nervous. School is actually the only thing I stress about and I’ve come to realize that I just need to relax because I’ll start to drive myself crazy.

Emotion-That was extremely rude for that person to just go off to another host and not notify you. I always make sure I contact people saying that I don’t want to be hosted by them anymore. It’s just the right and respectful thing to do.

Reasoning-Unlimited space sounds nice, but I doubt that they’ll take up that much space. I’m only taking up 35MB with both of my domains. I’ve learned that I have to give a limit to my host and not be so greedy.
-end of subheadings ;p-

I love comments that have good quality. It makes me feel good to know that people actually took time to read my blog.

Happy 25th month anniversary ♥
I love being ahead of the class, I tend to feel very smart and powerful XD
I wish you all the luck and fun at school and don’t overwork yourself! :)

i think that’s kind of messed up that the person you hosted moved with out saying a word. Some people.

Wow! 25 months?! thats awesome! My boyfriend and I are at 18months.

Designing class sounds fun. I’m always in some kind of design class which is why i’m not too super excited about it lol but it can be fun. It’s just that, after a while, its not challenging anymore

AWE!! I feel bad. :O

I hope you life goes easier. /faw I understand how you feel (Again! :P ) I except have been having stress, emotions, and failure as my 3 bolded words in my life. It is so annoying how it all comes at once. I just wish that it came a little at a time so it didn’t feel so overwhelming.

People just don’t understand it do they! How can they be demanding like that. It is common sense that once you have to pay more they get less. I guess no one understands unless they have been through it themselves.

25 months! Congrats! ♥

No one is superhuman. They should understand themselves as well. I just wished people wasn’t like that, like they need you at a rare hour up and helping them. That’s rude and wrong. Everyone needs time to themselves to do whatever they want. : Maybe you can ask someone to help you out if that’s what you really want. Seriously, no one is that superhuman to be on every minute to help.

Congratulations on your anniversary with James! I am so happy for you two!! ♥ You guys seem so strong and so in love! How are you guys celebrating? Did you guys buy each other a present? :)

I really want to take a introductory course for Web Design, maybe that’ll also count for GE. But it’ll be nice to see what I have missed and what I have learned from having a site, you know. :) Have fun in that class!! And of course, in all your other classes as well!


You’re taking three classes only? How many units are they totaled? I’m hoping to take twelve units in the Fall. :

awww happy anniversary to the both of youu ! sorry you have to deal with ungrateful peopleees. it’s awfully rude of them not to let you know. :/

Yo. Feels good to be commenting again :)

Ngaw. Man don’t let stress bother you. No wait. That’s impossible. I don’t know what you could do to stop it but I just really hope that people will stop thinking that you’re super. I mean, you are super just not superhuman.

I can’t believe that person did that. After you offered free space, they just leave without you knowing. Actually, 1 of my hosts did that to me XD. But that’s different because I took their space.

I hope your hosting site isn’t adding to your stress. :S Honestly, I suck with the whole domain server yeah…err. I suck at that sort of stuff.

But I do hope that everything works out.

Everytime I visit your site, you either have around 30 or 60. I don’t ever see any other numbers, really. Unless it’s a new blog and I’m one of the first people to comment :)

Happy anniversary, yo.
This is a real anniversary.
People at my school get hyped over a 3 week anniversary but I think that’s a bit weird. XD

Yay! I’m glad your neck pain is all gone.
I’ve had the same neck pain for over 3 years. I don’t think it’s fixable. I think I have … like… a permanent stiff neck :S It only started when I did a somersault on a mattress on the floor.

Ouch. Sounds like you need comfortable shoes. I only ever get blisters from ballet flats (weird, right). Oh, and I recently discovered that cooking a whole meal also hurts your feet.

LOL. What did you do for the rest of the class? Is she only teaching the basic things? By the way, is this web designing thing part of the Communications course. I have no idea what I’m talking about. University sounds really confusing.

You were dreading a four hour break? I’d swap 2 periods of DT and 2 periods of science for that :D

To be honest, coffee doesn’t really make me hyper or anything. I drink it sometimes hoping that it’ll work but it doesn’t. In fact, it makes me drowsier sometimes.

Hopefully I will also be productive. This is the second comment I’ve returned in like, 2 weeks. But I promised myself to return them and blog more often XD.

Good luck with your assignments (and good luck to me as well).

Yeah. I live in an apartment. Yesterday, I was home alone and they freaked me out by thumping upstairs. I thought that they were going fall through my roof (if you could call it a roof).

I wish I could sue them. But my mum promised that we’ll be moving out soon so yeah.

Yeah man, when Matthew Bellamy’s voice get’s all high pitched. It sounds so cool. And he breathes so loudly. “So be mineeeeeee” *LOUD BREATH* “And your innocence, I will consume”.

For some reason, he sounds sort of demonic. Or maybe it’s just me.

My house has gotten so boring, that we eat all our food for entertainment.

I like to read before I sleep. I stay up an extra hour to fit in a little bit of reading. It makes me sleepier and when I wake up, I feel refreshed or something like that XD.

I can’t really read too much on the internet because the computer makes my eyes hurt.

One day, I’ll go to one of the 2 Apple stores in Sydney with $1500 and buy a Macbook. :D Looking forward to that.

Speaking of laptops, I might be getting a new one WITH 4GB RAM! Well actually, I only discussed this with my mother yesterday but now she’s in a bad mood xD

Oh my googleplex.
I think I replied to everything I remember talking about :D. I DID IT.
I returned your comment/s!
And I managed to keep it under 800 words :D

I’m trying to shorten everything and not just online but offline too. I keep getting low word limits in my assignments. Maybe I ramble too much. XD


That’s exactly why I don’t really like asking for help from others. I always feel like I’m wrong, like I’m always asking for too much and they may not like me or think I’m to needy. . I guess it’s one of my insecurites. I think I really feel this way because whenever someone asks me for help to often for every little thing it really annoys me. Like you said, I don’t ever mind helping someone but I don’t really like people who are helpless and I wouldn’t ever want to be in the position.

Hmmm, that is very rude in a sense. It’s almost common courteousy to at least tell you hurt that you’ll be leaving. I bet I would have been mad too /ho

This is quite the coinky dink! I was singing this anniversary song earlier so Happy Anniversary to your and James! The word tonsilitis popped in my head today too…I think I have it, I’m scared to go to the doctor and get it checked out though /ehh

Lol, I don’t really have anyone to impress either but I think it’s time I gave a little more for them to look at seeing that they are already looking. I always look presentable unless it’s a down right LAZY day and those aren’t very often.

My brother has got a MAC and I fell in love. That’s when I realized how cool they were, when I got a taste of it myself. Before I always seen them on TV or other’s handling them. What do you think of that iPad…?

Yes, that is very weird. ThankGOD I got my phone back today, it was about timee and the pampering went well. Got my nails done and eyebrows waxed. I clean up pretty nice /hehe

yeahh for sure :) my little group of friends, i’m sure all of us likes different things. maybe thats why we’re all so close, cause we talk about different things haha.

:O making you reply an email at 2am?!?! thats horrible :( eveyrone needs their sleep at 2 !

i also used to care about comments a lot.. but not anymore. there are people who are REAL hungry for comments and comments dont really signify anything :(

woo 25 month! thats a long time :)

i always feel proud that i know HTML :D you’ll probably get like 200% in that class haha.

Wow, that was kinda rude of that person to move their site without letting you know. An email might have been nice.

I persoanlly don’t ask for someone’s help unless I really can’t figure it out. Other than that, I do it on my own.

BTW, do you know how to add a members list to a fanlisting if it’s adopted? The only way that I can do it is through an add on called “Members Addon” for enthu..

I’m really glad your feeling better.

I think your bady is going to get used to going back to school. It just takes a little while.

I was like that too, but after about a week or so, I got used to getting up for school. :)

That person who just left without telling you that they are leaving, they took advantage of you. 😒 They shouldn’t do that to you.
Stay healthy, and study hard on your studies. :)

Owning a domain collective must be hard. Maybe you should “hire” a “staff member” to help you share the hell. Maybe you should just take a little break from it and have a trusted friend run it for a while. Either way, I wish you good luck with your hosting site and the other domains you own! ✌️

Congradulations on that 25th month anniversary! That’s so lovely. And it nice to hear that someone is in good health. :D

It is hard work – though I mean a hosting site, not a domain collective. :P

I’ve thought about hiring people to help me in the past – but I’ve seen a lot of people have fights with staff and lots of problems – it would be hard to find someone to trust.

Sharing hell is a great way of putting it. :P

Thank you, and thank you for your lovely comment! ♥ ♥

Thankss. <33

Haha me too. :D

Hehe like I said, I don't get a lot of comments but still I don't feel like returning them, so it must get really confusing for you as you get so many.

Yeah that's the song. I don't really like Sexy Bitch and I rarely listen to that song. But it does help me when I'm upset or something and I start wanting to dance every time I hear that song. :D

I would die if I had to wake up earlier than I already do. D: Every morning my mobile's alarm and then the alarm clock goes off. But I don't get up till my mom comes to wake me up and starts screaming when I don't. XD

Hopefully you'll sleep earlier from now on.

Yeah, it's really hot here. All the seasons except winters are really hot. Although I don't wear boots I do love them. :D They're really awesome.

I do that too. People keep on calling me and I don't respond because I don't even realise they're calling me, as I'm on the computer. XD

I wish I could do that. We're not allowed to take our ipods, phones, laptops or anything like that to school.D: We can only take pen drives, and only if we really need them. :(

My school has only about a 100 students so everyone knows one another. Only the new students have to introduce themselves. But once in ECA class we had a new teacher who made everyone stand in front of the class and talk about themselves and I felt really embarrassed to do it. I talked so low that nobody could hear me. :P

I'm glad you feel better. :)

Ughh, that's so rude of that person to move to another host without even informing you! That person needs to learn manners. /angry You're not a robot after all.

I don't think anybody really needs unlimited space. I have only used 28MB from my 300MB of space. /ehh

Happy 25 month anniversary to you and James! :) Aww, I hope you get to see him soon.

Haha, of course you would take 10 minutes to code a web page. You've got 18 domains after all. :D We're only just learning about HTML and databases and stuff in computing studies at school. It's pretty boring as I already know about those. /ehh And our teacher told us we're not learning how to code in HTML until we're in senior classes, which made me feel proud of myself. :D

Most of the girls I know are taller than me, but half of the boys in my classes are shorter than me. It's kind of weird, since boys are usually taller than girls. :P

Haha I'm glad you didn't fall asleep. I never have, but there are a lot of chances I might. XD

Georgie, I’ve missed you too! <33

I really apologize for the late reply. I've been busy in the past two weeks. :(

I'm so sorry to hear about those people. Sometimes they have to not expecting you over everything. They should understand that you also have a life offline too. They should get a mirror or ask themselves, if they were you could they do better than you? I'm sure they couldn't. *hugs*

Lol, I don't understand why people are going crazy about unlimited space. It's not like they'll manage 297321 sites or a site with 247931 scripts and things that require unlimited space.

I noticed that many people's sites are dead, and that could be one of the reasons why your comment numbers are jumping to around 50. Earlier, I browsed my old comments and I clicked the sites that I remember I used to comment a lot, and *drumroll* half of them are dead. I miss those times when most sites were still alive. Mine has been in coma for months, anyway. :(

Happy anniversary <3 I hope you guys would last long! And I also hope you'll see him soon.

I hate neck pains! Glad you're better now!

You're lucky you have a great tutor! And you must be the best in your class, haha. I can't wait for my ICT class next year; we're going to study HTML. *grins*

The coffee thing reminds me that in the past two weeks I have to take a cup of coffee every afternoon so I won't fall asleep earlier than I'm supposed too. D:

18 websites!? @_@ Wow, I thought owning four was hard enough! You sure do have a busy life, and yeah, I think you could definitely use a vacation (even if it’s only a mini one, pfft xD)

MmHmm, I totally see your point. But even in the past… most people didn’t know it. The UN didn’t want it out, so it was lucky if it had a VERY small article in the paper. At least everyone knew about WWI and WWII.

Well, okay, I’ll grant you that MAYBE my teacher is concerned, but it would get her to connecxt wit me more if she didn’t send me to the Guidance Office and asked me first, lol.

Cheerful Georgina is cheerful!^^ yay great 👏 ugh i cant even code. haha. but it’s not really my thing~
oh i remembered my host from before, i got a subdomain from her and then i one time she didnt even tell me that her domain was expiring /wah and so one day i saw that my blog was gone because her domain expired. *sniffsniff* all my posts bid byebye. </3
lol my comments go like 15-21-7 HAHAHA. and i dont really pay too much attention to the number of comments. i just pay attention to 'who' comments on my blogposts. :)
stay cheerful, yo~ ^^

I hope everything sorts itself out. And wtf at people thinking you should update every damn day?! Offline life is more important than an online life. I only update maybe once every 10 days.
& my comments have never reached over 20, I’m happy with that. :) I don’t really mind.
LOL you must of felt pretty smart after you finished your coding in 10 mins, I’d be sat there like “yup, finished, it was eaaasaaaay” 🙄

i know how u mean about the hosting thing, it happened to me but i was the person with the page, the host removed me without enough notification. congrats on ur 25 month u must be really happy. i hope i find someone again, i miss it. thats great that u feeling better hun.. i know i am the only one who knows anything behind how to do a website in my class, ill be bored lol. for my assignment im going to do a dog website.. any ideas on a layout?

Haha, I know how you feel about the web class. In my graphic design class, we would have projects that lasted like a week, and my friend and I would have them done in one-two days, then be ahead of all the other students. They all got so mad, because our teacher would always tell them that if we’re able to finish it, they should be too.

For our final summative that’s worth 30% of our final grade, I finished mine in half the time we had… so I made another one :P

happy 25 months btw ♥ it’s awesome that you guys have stuck together so long. without the breakups we’ve had, me and david would be at.. 15 months? at the end of march :P

and yeah, I think that’s what I’m going to do. I want to get all the quotes up, and make my own layout. Right now, it’s a wordpress theme that I downloaded so that I could figure out all the features and what not, I just made my own banner to go with it. I hate using things that I haven’t fully made myself, but I guess to get used to the advanced wordpress coding :/

Hey! It seems like it has been a while. I’ve been busy my self, and can relate. Ah! The stress! /bash
I think all website owners can understand when it comes to balancing school (or just regular life) and maintaining a good website.

Hell, I’m stressed without the website (as I’ve been on hiatus for the past month).
I’m still dropping into sites, but not much. I’ve finally put my foot down and told myself that I wouldn’t update my site (as that usually distracts me) until I’m done with my killer research project. *sigh*
Even without time spent there, it feels like other things sap my time away! It’s horrible, I’m getting these headaches (which my mother says are stress induces) bleh.

I hate when people don’t keep you updated. That’s so rude that that person didn’t let you know! Really inconsiderate. @_@

Hope things are getting better! Take care!

I know that you said in your blog that it’s the quality not the quantity that matters, but I’m still gonna apologize for this comment being short. I’m on my phone right now; texting up an entire full length comment just may give me carpel tunnel, lol ;P

I’m so sorry that you have had to blog about something like this more than once. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for some people to wrap their heads around the fact that you DO have a life! You DO have other responsibilities outside the blogging and hosting world. I can’t think of anything more selfish (in terms of being some sort of webowner) than demanding “on call” or “24/7” attention from his/her host or another webowner. I’m so sorry people cause you this unnecessary stress. You don’t deserve it, you really don’t.

That really is uncalled for. It’s just common courtesy to give someone a heads up if you’re moving domains and hosting. I hope I’m not one of your frustrating hostees! Vicly was my first host – I learned from her that downtime here and there doesn’t matter. That’s why I never contact my host about it (unless it goes for days at a time). I figure it’s just one less distraction from doing homework or whatev (;

Happy anniversary to you & James!

When did you go back to school ? I was thinking about taking webdesign courses in the summer just to boost up my gpa since I’ll already know most of the beginners material ;P

Sorry you’re feeling so stressed out! Take your time; your websites are just hobbies. People expect so much from you and everything that they forget that you’re a human too, just like them. They should really think about that. 😒

My mom is feeling better, thanks. :) Yeah, I guess my brother really didn’t know what was going on and the consequences and all. :/

Thanks about the layout! I put it up about 2 weeks ago, I think. xD

Lol, thanks, I thought it looked kind of funny, but those were the only cool ones. :P

I did! But it was on my phone, and I don’t really have a clue on how to get my phone things on the computer so yeah. But I could take a picture of the picture of the ladybug and upload it? Lol, it that makes sense.

It’s gross, and I don’t even think the ski people care. I guess it’s happened so much they hardly care anymore. When I think they should, since a 6 year old could get on the chair and see it.

Man, that sucks, the music is the best part. :P
Really? That’s pretty retarded. I mean, just because you call something different, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. :O

And personally, I think fairy floss sounds pretty cool.

That’s what happens to me! I’m like, I will definitely go see the movie when it comes out. Comes out on DVD, hmm, I think I was supposed to go see that in theaters. This is like the first time I actually went to see the movie the day after it came out. Lol

Yeah, I don’t particularly like it much either, I just liked watching the Olympic game because a lot was riding on it.

I know! I was close to tears when my mom broke it to me that no waterfall actually appears. :O But anyway, it was fun playing with the barbies.

Lol, really? That seems so odd to me, in October it’s Fall for me. I don’t know, Australian weather just seems weird to me. If I went there, I know I’d be messed up for quite awhile.

Lol, definitely! We’d be da bomb! 💥

Doesn’t everything? Different tricks and different methods. :P

It’s just so tempting, like the iPod/iPhone asks you if you’d like to join. That’s practically screaming “HEY I’M AN UNLOCKED WIRELESS, USE ME”

Moms are always like that. They swear they told you and you just did not listen. Mmm, moms shouldn’t jump to conclusions so much. :O

Lol, you’re both right. You and my dad. But still, I refuse to eat liver.

Your mom must really like them, but it wasn’t your fault. If she really badly wanted them, she could’ve gotten them herself when you told her that you were sorry. D:

That’s really good!

Wow, people are stupid. You should not have to be here 24/7 to hold their hand through coding and such. You have a life outside of this and they should respect that.

Wow, that person seems rather unfair. When you put the time and effort for making their account and trying to be helpful, they get up and leave. Without even a thank you or good bye? Notice? Something? -_-

What are people going to do with all that space really? If you upload all of your graphics to a picture hosting site, than your site shouldn’t need unlimited space.

Yeah, 100 little useless little comments aren’t that good, but 50 awesome good quality comments are wonderful.

Happy 25 month anniversary to you and James! ^_^

That’s good it wasn’t tonsillitis! At least you’re feeling better too! :)

Teehee, you totally beat everyone in that class. GO CODERS. xD

You keep on smiling too, Georgina! :)

I don’t know how I would find the time to run a hosting website and I’m not even in school! I seriously don’t know how you manage everything.. kudos to you, nonetheless.
Can’t believe that hostee went and found another host and didn’t inform you. Wtf? I told Kya that my old url (I think you still have me linked at beastiekat.meoow.org.. can you change that when you get a chance? :) ) is obsolete now. Actually Im pretty sure I did. Ill wait another week and tell her again just incase. Dont wanna waste her space..

Happy Anniversary to you! Mine and Final’s anniversary is today :) one year. Woot.

Atleast you have a fairly easy class! The html one. That must be a good, but boring break in your day. Im sorry about your feet :( need to get some better walking shoes for class! I applied for college the other day :O maybe I can go back. I need to :/

Hope you have a good day!

Aw, I’m sorry that people are pissing you off lately with all of their “douchebaggery!” LOL

People do want all those BIG NUMBERS as far as hosting goes and it’s ridiculous. Most blog sites don’t NEED that and people don’t realize it. That was so rude of that person not to even notify you. Ugh.

I hope you get some rest soon. Sounds like you need a nice break. *hugs*

Happy 25 Month Anniversary! :)

Sorry I don’t comment all the time, but I get pretty busy too so sometimes I just read your entries but only comment on the last one.

I understand the hosting situation. I used to have a domain, and I also hosted people. They used up so much space that I actually almost ran out. I ended up getting rid of the domain though. It’s nice not having to worry about it anymore.

Wow I’m sorry that people are treating you that way. I hope you delete their angry comments, don’t pay attention to them. It’s what they deserve. Especially since you’ve been saying this for awhile.

Happy Anniversary. I hope you see James soon.

That’s cool that you codded a webpage in 10 minutes. :) I surely hope the stress relieves and I’m glad you feel better!

I know what you mean about people expecting too much from you online — Not to the same extent, though, of course, since I just have a single domain … But still, with eMail and Twitter on top of domain related things, it can get really stressful. /ehh

I mean, I can’t even sign into MSN anymore, unless it’s for five minutes … Mostly because then I can’t concentrate on ANYTHING but MSN when I’m signed in! I seriously haven’t a clue how people manage to hold up five MSN windows, Twitter, comments, and music listenage all at once. D:

I’m envious, though, as I’m HORRIBLE at multitasking … I gotta do one thing at a time, or jump back and forth from two things one at a time … I can’t really give things my all if there’s too much going on, y’know? And I hate giving anything less than my all … Which, of course, is a problem. @_@

But yeah, I have like three eMails in my Inbox right now that shoud’ve been replied to the instant I received them, but I simply haven’t had the time or motivation to reply to them yet, and it’s really making me feel guilty. /argh But I got other duties online, as well, plus offline ones, PLUS I do like to just just occassionally, y’know, RELAX … But I’m worried that people won’t understand this, bleh. :X

So yeah, I know what you mean, but only to a small extent. You’ve got so much else on your plate, I couldn’t imagine dealing with everything! Yikes. You should really consider condensing all of your sites down to one, girl! /type

Of course, then you’d probably be upset and want to start them all up again after a short while, anyways … O_O

Whatever you decide to do or not do, though, I hope your stress level goes down, and soon. It’s not healthy for a young person, ((Or a person of any age, for that matter,)) To be so stressed allllllllll the time! :(

That was pretty rude of her not to let you know that she didn’t need to be hosted anymore. :/ That’s happened to me once before, and it’s really annoying.

Happy 25th month anniversary! :) Wow, you’ve been together for more than 2 years! That’s awesome. ♥

I don’t really mind how many comments I get. :3 Sometimes it seems like a chore, though it shouldn’t. :/ When I first started web-designing, I was on top of everything, and I never put off returning comments for more than a week. D: It’s horrible. But I still appreciate all the comments, and that at least one person reads my blogs. :)

Your tutor for Designing for the Web sounds pretty nice. :D I bet you’ll ace that class with no problem at all.
Yeah, at the end of the year, if no one claims it, my school donates the things from the lost and found to a charity. Appropriate things, I mean. :3 What charity wants old underwear someone somehow lost at school? O_O

Everyone needs to understand that you have a life outside the internet. You have priorities other then your site. They can’t expect you to be on 24/7. What do you think you are automation? It just doesn’t work that way. If people think that otherwise then something’s wrong with them. You come online whenever you feel like it.

I think it was downright rude. They should of shown more courtesy by taking the time to email you personally and explain why they want to move their site somewhere else. When they don’t, it doesn’t look good. It looks bad on their part. I wouldn’t bother to host this person again.

Wow. That’s a lot of space. 500 MB is just too much. You should set a limit for each hostee. I don’t use that much. I happen to be a hostee myself. Server problems can be a bitch. When I get my own domain, I’ll host only about 5 sites. The limit will be 1GB. That’s about it.

I used to care about how much comments people would leave me. I was hoping it would be a lot. Unfortunately, the number would be as high as 5-10. At least it’s something. Now, I don’t care if people leave me comments or not. I’ll just keep posting a new blog.

Happy Anniversary. Sorry, I know it’s one day late. I hope you feel better. Designing for the Web sounds like a really fun class. I would like to take it one day. I can make my own themes.