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I was going to write a new post yesterday, but I didn’t have much to talk about. I was going to rant about being made to go to church again, and comments… but I didn’t want to ramble. But I do have a load of comments to respond to. Don’t kill me. I’ll get to them. :)

I was reading Kya’s post about how she never used to try hard in regards to education, and now she’s very focused on school studies. I was the same in high school – I never took education seriously. I absolutely loved learning new things but I believe I didn’t put in as much effort as I could. I tried very hard in my HSC but I still have that lingering feeling that I still could have studied more. I tried – but I could have studied more.

Looking into the past, perhaps in some cases I was lucky. Receiving 70% for the subject history nearly every year was probably a gift. I hated history and I refused to study for it. And maths – scraping past with marks of 40% and 50% was something that was my own fault.

In primary school (up to grade six) I was very good at maths. It was a natural talent I had. But I took it for granted and as I went into high school, I didn’t put in extra effort to study and try, because I thought I would pass with flying colours if I kept coasting along.

Boy was I wrong. I was good at maths but because I never tried, I took it for granted and as the work got harder, I failed more.

Now that I’m in university, I feel really lucky. There are people out there who struggle to make it into university, or they don’t realise their options. I should feel lucky that I made it in – and I do. I’m not doing something totally amazing like law or accounting (haha… really now, no maths for me any more) but I enjoy what I’m studying.

Some people seem to treat school the same way I did. I think everyone out there should try really hard, no matter what they’re doing. It shocks me to see younger teens complaining about homework piling up – it’s just the beginning of it, guys. The end of high school is worse, and if you’re heading into university, there’s more to expect. It might not be a lot more, but it’s definitely more challenging.

I know some people don’t really take education seriously, but sometimes you don’t realise how important it is. Looking to the future now always makes me smile. I never liked thinking about the future. But for those still studying in school – try your best. You might hate some subjects – but after high school, you can study whatever you wish. :)

But the way I think has changed. I didn’t really care about my education, and now that I’m working towards a Bachelor’s degree, I feel like it would be nice to get a Master’s degree or even a PhD. I am so odd. Am I aspiring to something beyond the sky? :O

That’s where we should all aim… for the sky. For further than the sky. And not just in education. /faw

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Omg, fuck yes! Finally first baby!! ♥

LMAO. James is… probably going to hate you for that. @_@

“I absolutely loved learning new things but I believe I didn’t put in as much effort as I could.” –> YES ME TOO! And sadly, until now I still tend to do this, yknow, not putting a lot of effort. -_- i don’t know i just lack motivation nowadays. ugh.
I also feel lucky that I’m in my uni. here in the Philippines, my uni is one of the top uni’s and only a few people get in, and now I feel sorry that I don’t take it that seriously. That’s probably because I’m moving to another school and repeat everything anyway (we’re migrating to Canada). So I wasnt motivated to do well anymore until I transfer to a new uni. =_=
Math! :O I have little talent for math. :3 haha but I did good in highschool algebra XDD haha!

Hmm- I can see what you mean. For me, I had a different problem: I was always bored in school. I felt that the teachers taught too slowly. (And if I finished early, they made me grade their papers).

But, then came AP Calculus and all thoughts of boredom were forgotten :)

After reading your post I feel rather guilty now cause I am currently taking my education for granted. And I’m doing it now by procrastinating the piled up work I have due for tomorrow. I can’t remember the last time I really tried my best for something in school, must be about 3 years now 😰 The only time I remember studying a lot for something was over a year ago and even now I think I could have put more effort into it or at least try not to study the night before the exam.

In primary school I was good at maths as well, then after about 2 years in high school I started failing though I was good in physics (its that damn geometry!) but I also never really tried like some other students.
I think I’m very lucky getting back into my school to do advanced level before heading off to university but its so much more difficult, I don’t even want to imagine what university would be like.

I sort of feel like I’m falling off a cliff here, I don’t put much effort into my work and I have final exams in 2 months, it scares me but somehow I always try putting off studying and doing work by distracting myself with anything – painting, blogging, cleaning /bash I haven’t even reviewed Physics for almost 6 months now and this was my favourite Science -_-
I know how much I’m taking for granted (I wonder) but it seems like I just don’t care though I know how much this will hurt my mom and make my future even more stressful. Oh I feel like my heart is hurting thinking about it. 😢

I know a lot of people who didn’t really care about high school but now are trying their best to get their degree, I think its admirable and its nice seeing them try their hardest with that positive attitude. Ah I feel like I’ve just realized something painful and I can feel that all too familiar lump forming in my throat, its amazing how people’s blogs have these sort of effects on a person. I had more to say about your post but now I feel…disappointed. ugh

I think you’ve just inspired me to actually be motivated to not fail in my math class this year XD I’m gonna try harder to get an A- for math this trimester at least.

By the way, thanks for the warning about more homework, I’ll have to keep that in mind for the future. It makes me scared O_O lol.

Thanks. I did very awesome on my economics test, a 40/40. I’m really worried that I failed my math final, because I still had a lot of problems my teacher didn’t let me finish. :(

Yeah my mom has bigger boots than me also, because I’m a 9 ( I know, very big feet) and shes a 10. Somehow, I still get them mixed up!

I for one enjoy history. It is one of my best subjects! I don’t like math but I have a talent for it so I must deal with it. I got 100% on my math exam in grades 7 and 8. I was the first in my school to do that 2 years in a row. Math has gotten harder though. I am taking precal next year. Fun! -_-

As for homework.. I hate it! @_@ it gives me headaches! I haven’t gotten much though lately. I am a procrastinator. I have a short storie due tomorrow. I had all weekend but I was busy and waited till last minute. It is only first draft so I should be able to finish fast. :(

Well I must go work on it. Ttys!

You should always reach for the sky! Keep going! Some people don’t realize how fortunate they are to have an education. I think it’s wonderful that you value it and want to keep pursuing it as long as you can.

I absolutely agree with everything you’ve said here :)
This isn’t going to be a long comment because I have a history assignment due tomorrow that I have A LOT of work to put into (teachers keep making me do extension)

I love school, but sometimes the work is too monotonous (did I spell that wrong?) or too much work that is too easy.

Ach – gotta go do this assignment and de-stress :) You don’t have to reply to this if you don’t want – there isn’t much to reply to and you have better things to do :)

Woo! Someone agrees! ;)

That’s totally fine; I understand. It’s been a while since you commented though, so I hope everything went okay with that assignment. :)

Yeah, monotonous is correct. I guess sometimes it seems a bit repetitive and you never get anything interesting either. But I found maths a real challenge. 😰

Aw that’s okay! I still felt like replying. ♥ :D

Hi Georgia :) I haven’t commented on here for ages D: Actually, I haven’t been doing much on the net these past few weeks. I hope you are well. :)

Whether you gave it your all, all the way through your schooling years (and you still are going through it XD), your doing what you love now which matters the most. :)

I was pretty average in primary school and I only started really pushing myself in year 9. I fear ‘burning out’ before the HSC I guess.

I’m the same, I don’t understand how people can’t take education seriously. Struggling for 5 or even 10 years can, and will affect the rest of your life. I always say to myself (well I try anyway :P) that ‘although I may not be completely enjoying my life at the moment, it will pay off in the future, and I won’t regret it’
It’s so difficult for me to hear about people going out every weekend like most teenagers would, and I’m confined in books and taking notes.

Go ahead and get your PhD! It will be a fun, exciting and probably a stressful experience that you won’t regret getting or trying out for in your life. :)

Sorry for my delayed reply to your comment D: But nonetheless, here it is:

Yeah I was shocked when I got my first vaccination at school when they asked me whether I was pregnant or not -_- I was like “why, do I look pregnant?” but that was all in my head of course. XD

Same goes with when I first got my x-ray, they asked me if I was pregnant or not, but I was sort of prepared for it as there were signs everywhere saying it was dangerous to get an x-ray if you’re pregnant.

Yeah I guess there isn’t a point to brushing your teeth before breakfast, but I guess I’ve just grown accustomed to it, and I don’t really have time to brush my teeth twice after breakfast, because I hate eating with a smelly breathe. XD

Oh, I see, it’s just the hosting site you mean.
I know what you mean with those fights and the trust. /um
And, you’re welcome….and thank you, too! 😝

I really feel the same way with my math. And now in 7th grade it’s slowly and aggravatingly beating up my grade until it reaches a KO. /pow Haha… /type
I think it’s perfect to think about your future. Aiming for a PhD and a Master’s is like adding an item to that checklist that also includes goals like skydiving, bungee jumping, and feeling the exhilaration of a racecar; or is it just me?

Yeah, that’s right. :) You’re welcome!

Haha, well you’ll get there. Maths was something I got increasingly bad at. But we’re all good at what we’re good at and bad at what we’re bad at.

Hmm, it might a bit different in this case because you’re aiming towards something academic. Probably on a checklist, but it’s more like an ambition rather than something to simply do. It’s hard work to get to that level. ;)

I agree..they are all wasting up the money and didn’t even study hard. And they gonna say “they miss school” when they reach older. I mean, I’m not really good in school too back then. I’m also a bit nutty. But, I don’t take my studies for granted because I don’t want to repeat again. So yeah I never got failed remarks. I just dont take it so seriously like a nerd..

Couldn’t have said it better. I hate it when people find ways just to embarrass other people. Well even though I’m sorta like that with my mom, ( :P ) I still think that’s wrong.

Haha. Well I guess that’s better than them seeing you have no underpants on. LMAO.

I would probably get annoyed if that happened to me. Well I pretty much think all hosts would get annoyed. You gave them space and all of those stuff then they just leave you without even telling.

I half wish that I get loads of comments like you and I half wish I don’t. I’d be so happy if I see that lots of people are commenting and actually reading my posts, not advertising. I wish I don’t, because I’d get lazy and I won’t be able to return them .

You’re welcome *hugs back*

Sigh. Same thing has been happening here. I just want to use the computer so much I don’t even care about my grades anymore. My dad was right. I try to force myself to exert more effort, but I don’t know, I just can’t keep myself away from the computer! :'(

I love history :) Because it’s fascinating and I get high grades in my history class! I only like I subject if I get good grades at it. :P

Lucky you. I feel so stupid because my family (dad’s side) are all good in Math, and I get really low scores at it. My mom isn’t good at Math, either, so sometimes I get angry at her because she passed me the “Stupidity at Math” virus, but I know my Mom isn’t the reason why.

Haha, well I want to be a lawyer someday. I would get rich and be able to fight for the rights of (rich) innocent people. :P Though that would probably be hard. The Bar Exams thing. I don’t know what other opportunities are out there but I’m sure my mind will change again about what I want to be.

I hate homework, but I guess I just have to deal with it. I totally agree. I know I’ll have a harder time when I go to High School. I’m going to Grade 6 next school year then High School. We don’t have Grades 7-11 and stuff.

This post totally inspired me to aim higher than the sky :)

Hahaha, maths. I remember helping you with differentiation/trig /love
That was zoocute, but I think maths really is very important 😰

There was something someone said once that goes along the lines of ‘The more you learn, the more you realize there is to know’. That’s truer than a lot of people care to think, because they’re gonk. /bash

Well, university for me has much less homework. I just have quizzes and exams and graded labs and stuff, but they’re fun and enjoyable. Actual homework, as in write a report etc, I’ve only done around three in the past year /bounce

I think I’ll just settle for the Bachelor; I’m looking into TAFE courses like welding/fabrication /um . I sort of want to be a jack of all trades /eee
Like the machinist guy at work, who’s also a licensed, qualified bartender and DJ /ho


Aweee. /love It was difficult. Physics too, stupid aether. O_O

I guess you’re right; maths is important. :( But I’m not good at it. I keep coming to a point where I feel so guilty of being a “bad mathematician” that I want to study maths again. What is the world coming to? :O

But that’s very true. There is a lot out there to know. People just think that the more you know, the more you forget and don’t really use the knowledge. Well, there is a lot of useless information out there.

LOL. Quizzes and exams… fun and enjoyable?

“I just have quizzes and exams and graded labs and stuff, but they’re fun and enjoyable”… James… what is wrong with you… since when do you like exams? 😰

Ahhh. I feel like I could do a lot of other degrees right now – it’s nice to be able to do many things… but HELLO. PhD, HELLO. /bounce

Can’t anyone be a DJ? Karen is one. :P And so is Ben Jorgensen (no I’m not joking!). :)


If you take whatever rank this comment came, which shall hereby be known as “n” and subtract “n-1” then I SORT of got first comment :P LOL. I’m only kidding. But how awesome is the way I just related this comment to your blog, but speaking in mathematical terms? :P

Actually, that’s quite sad. Oops /ehh


I was totally different in highschool. I was like: OMFG, SCHOOL! HAVE TO STUDY D: But I think that has more to do with not wanting to be a disappointment to my parents and giving them something to be proud of rather than me caring about my education.

But I think I’m lucky in that my parents taught me from an extremely young age to study as hard as I can and value my education because it’ll take me far in life. I think it’s also because my parents emphasized so much how their lack of education was something they didn’t want to pass on to me, and they gave up SO MUCH for me to get this education, that I could never take it for granted. EVER. God, I’m such a sucker for a guilt trip. Hahahaha XD

But yeah, having said that, I may have studied, but only now am I beginning to REALLY, REALLY realise how far my education has got me. So I’m totally more motivated now. Especially since Uni is getting so much more awesome in terms of how interesting my subjects are :P

Hehehehe. You were a smart one in high school. You got 70’s in history when you didn’t study that much. Hahaha, if I didn’t study for history, I’d have failed SO bad. But funnily enough, I actually quite liked history. When we were learning about world wars, that is. :P

Omg…maths D: Maths is EVIL. RAWR!

I’m like you! I was naturally talented at maths in primary school. I actually got awards for it. Which is totally hilarious considering how much I hate maths now (I still have to do maths at uni :( ). But yeah, in highschool, I think I just lost confidence in my mathematical abilities and got crap. Hahahaha. FAIL.

Awwww! You shouldn’t think “what if” about the hsc. :( At the end of the day, you did the best you could given your circumstances. I mean sure, in hindsight you COULD have studied more. So could everyone. The important thing is, you got where you wanted to go in the end :) And you probably had a lot more fun than me getting there, cos you weren’t so: OMG, THE HSC IS MY WHOLE LIFE.

You did good ^^ You totally beat like…80% of the state. I know people doing LAW in my uni that got a lower uai than you :P (just don’t tell them I said that).

Hahahaha, law is totally glorified. I bet your course and what you do when you web-design would totally confuse the crap out of me (actually, it DOES confuse the crap out of me @_@ ), and I do law. :P


Yep, you are totally right. All you highschoolers; DON’T LISTEN TO ANYONE WHO TELLS YOU IT GETS BETTER. The work gets WORSE, but I think we eventually learn to value it more, and then we interact more with people in uni, so uni is SO MUCH BETTER ♥

NO WAY. Of course you’re not aspiring to something beyond the sky. NOTHING is beyond the sky XP You can totally get a PHD! :D I would TOTALLY call you Doctor Georgie. (OMG, SO CUTE XD ) And I’d totally give you a phd if I could too :P

Oh wow your comment is massive. :P

I can’t remember what number your comment was though… it’s been over 24 hours and my brain doesn’t quite work that way. XD

But never mind, you got first comment all the other times, and you still remain my top commentator (but that might be because you comment twice on each blog to get the first comment, haha). :)

Oh well, it made sense in a humourous way. And you know I like Hitchhiker’s, which makes one too many mathematical references. :P

My parents didn’t really tell me about their education! But they both had a fairly good education (whee, my dad did civil engineering). I feel terrible taking things for granted, even though school was… well, free. Except for the contributions which some selfish people did not pay. /angry

Your subjects are interesting! Even I learn a bit from them. Most of my subjects suck… they’re not too interesting, but I’m learning valuable communications and people skills. :3

I was bad at history! End.

Oh, I got awards for maths too… high distinctions! XD

I don’t think the HSC was fun! I think it was just stressful… of course, we all did. I think we were all looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel. It amazes me how different university is from school. The freedom and flexibility… woah. @_@

I think we also get used to all the work we have to do. It sort of helps us organise ourselves too. :3

LOL, that’s because you can’t touch the sky… but let’s not get into science. As much as I remember about the colour particles and composition of air (maybe not). :P

I have sort of the same sentiments except I’m still grade conscious and I was really pushed into education as early as kindergarten. My parents pushed me to do my best in EVERYTHING and I grew tired of it at high school and relaxed a bit because, I needed to enjoy life now!

I regret not liking math. I mean I was good in math, had 90+ scores back in the day but when I entered college (computer math), I’M DYING because I sometimes really have no idea what they are talking about. And I really need to study and make an effort. It’s still not sinking in T_T

Good luck to us though!! :D *hugz*

wowee what aspiring words hun, go girl!!. i hated school with a passion, i didnt have any friends in school really that i could call up they were just acquantices. i love college tho, ive made two good friends for life :). wowee u studying a bachelor degree, sounds very hard, is it?

This post really made me think… I’m one of those ones who doesn’t make the effort, doesn’t study, and it’s a rare occasion that I do my homework..

I guess I try hard in Music, as I LOVE music, but the other classes? Nah. Not at all. I’ve been saying to myself lately “I really should try more in school.” and reading this post has made me think even more so, if you get what I mean?

I guess it the fact that I’m a bit loud, a wee bit (or a big bit?) too chatty, kinda cheeky to teachers (I don’t realise most of the time) and I get distracted reeeeeaaly easy doesn’t really help. XD

…I REALLY don’t like thinking of the future. I love my life at this age, and my friends, my routines, and everything… And the thought of getting older and all my friends moving to different places and colleges/unis scares me. A LOT.

And now when I think about it? I REALLY should start working hard, as I have no idea what I wanna do with my life so I’d better try hard in school now! I’ll try working on it (:

Thank you, BTW, for giving me the wake-up-call I needed. XD

Oh, and sorry if this comment made no sense. I’m bad at wording things… I better work on that too. XD

I never take my education seriously. I’m the laziest person I know and I just don’t put the effort in. I know that I should, but meh, I’m just lazy.

History is the only subject I feel confident in. I got an A* on my mock exam, and I get my final exam result on Thursday, I’m hoping to have done well in that, but Maths, I cannot stand. I’ve never really been any good at maths. If I tried, I’d probably do well, but yeah, let’s not go back to the lazy thing…

Your advice is so good! Haha, I really am going to start trying harder soon.

My friends all think I’m strange for my obsession haha, I don’t care though. :’)

I felt like I was the rude one, having kept asking what he said, but there was no need for him to be like that with me!

Thanks for pointing that out haha! I don’t have my laptop though, so I can’t change it. :(

Hey georgie,

I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately to comment and what not but I did respond back to your email. Anyways,

I’ve added a shoutbox to the main domain. I might change the layout again I don’t know I’m not really diggin it right now. I made it late at night that’s probably why. I dunno.

Hmmm, yeah I never took studying seriously either until I reached junior college. I’ll probably get back into studying once I reach a real college. I’m gonna get used to my surroundings before I venture off and what not because were we’re relocating to does not have any street lights. What so ever. Freaky dinky huh? But I keep hearing that it’s a safe neighborhood because police patrol up and down on every street. So I think we’re going to be safe there.

My dad’s seriously thinking about getting rid of the dogs and keeping my cat and just the one dog that we’ve always had. They poop and piss everywhere and it’s unhealthy to live in that enviroment. And the dumb thing is, they go outside but they don’t sh*t outside unless they’re left outside for a really long time. But even than they sh*t inside, after coming in from the outside. Most of our paper towels goes towards picking up their dumps. It’s gross. I can’t stand it any more. I almost wish my dad never brought the female dogs home. And now the older mut is in heat again and our male dog (the one we’re going to keep), is going after her. So he’s gonna have to get neutered. I hope so. Maybe than he’ll quit trying to run away. Do all dogs do that? Run all the time?

Well; girlie I gotta go I gotta go think up of another theme for my domain.

Sorry this is so late, I’m so behind xD

ahaah thanks (:

Ahaha me neither. I was hesitant to try it, but it doesn’t taste like it at all xD

Haha i know! So much it’s so overwhelming xD

Ah we went to the store yesterday and we got muffins! We got apple crumble muffins! I had them for breakfast today, they were sooo yummy! :D

Ahahah ! I know right! I wonder when she’ll open up again!

:O I really need to get a picture then! Haha, hopefully with the spring coming soon for us, I can get a good picture ;D Come out of hibernation! xDD

Haha that’s cool though. I always wanted to do that, but I never actually did. xD

XDD that use to be my excuse when I was younger. I always thought it made more sense to brush after I ate, but now I just like feeling fresh when I wake up. xD

LOL I have no idea. Maybe she got distracted xD

Haha that’s like my school everyday! Everyone always asks for pens or pencils. Usually though, someone has it or you can just find them on the floor xD

You’re welcome :]

My parents always talk about trying really hard. I kind of grew up with that expectation that I have to do well in school. I do try my hardest, but it’s always nice to slack a bit. It’s kind of annoying though when your friends expect you to get a 100 on everything, and when you don’t, they freak out.

School these days though, give us a lot of work, not necessarily hard work, but time consuming ones. I use to think that 2 things for homework was so much, now it’s like a blessing xD

Haha you should definitely aim as high as you can. If you have the willpower to achieve it, then you can definitely can.

i think i was the samme as you georgina
during high school i didnt put alot of effort into my work, especially during the hsc.. it was weird though because most my friends and people i knew thought ii was getting super good grades or something when in fact i wasnt… i was honestly failing one or two subjects.
Even when people told me to study hard because its for my own good i refused to listen.. i dont know why.. i guess it was just a rebellious state i was in at the time.. but i dont know.. i dont think that telling younger people ‘ to study for your own good, for your future!’ is going to have much effect on them. i absolutely hated it when my mum kept on pushing me to study.. it only made me more NOT WANT to study so i just rebelled and didnt study….
howeveer NOW i’ve definately learnt my lesson.. since i ALMOST didnt get into university last year
so phew phew better put more effort this year! (Y)

I’m glad that I went to the military ball though. I got closer with a lot of people so that made me happy :)

I love the layout too. It was 10 times better than the last one.

High school does seem to have really bitchy people. I guess they all have a stick up there you know where and we all think were better than each other. *Sigh* I can’t wait to see how I’m going to act when I’m 22 XD

The thing about the music was that the songs were old. I really wanted recent music. That would’ve made me happy. But our Sgt Major said that the DJ was playing good music when we were all outside taking pictures. Well we didn’t know that! They could have said something!! Geez 😝
——————————– (I always seem to put this to split the comments. It hleps me :p)

I’ve always taken school seriously. I guess I’m just a big nerd like that /bounce

I always loved History and English. But I loathe math and I still loathe it. It was never my subject. At elementary school, I would always get 2’s (Which is low, haha) on my math and 3’s and 4’s on English.

I know kids who just don’t commit to school and that saddens me sometimes. I know kids who ditch every single day. To me it’s stupid. Why go to school if your just gonna leave? I mean going home early because of a doctor’s appointment or you just don’t want to be at school that’s fine. But coming to school in the morning and leaving 2 hours later is really stupid.

Everybody I know that went to college tell me to stop complaining about the amount of homework I get because it’s gonna pile up once you get to college. I know that but I can’t help to complain! XD

I love thinking about the future and where I’m heading or want to head to. I’m thinking of getting a Bachelor’s degree. But PhD sounds really nice. I think I’ll aim for that too :D

To the people who don’t value education, they are going to for sure once they realize how tough the “adult” world is.

I think a lot of people feel like that, regarding education.

For me, high school was a breeze. The only class I ever really put an effort into was math/calculus, and I ended up with a high B in Math 12 and a low A in Calculus 12. High school, to me, wasn’t that big of a deal. But this mindset followed me to university, at least for my first year. I didn’t do too well at all, and it was an expensive lesson to learn. But I learned it, and I think a lot of people learn the same sort of lesson when it comes to going from an easy four years of high school to university level courses. I take school seriously now, put in effort into all my classes and it pays off (for the most part), so I don’t know. Sometimes it’s what some people need to get their butt into gear, so to speak.

Sometimes I try hard in work, but most of the time I don’t. I am lazy :O

I don’t like History that much, but I’d rather it than Maths, any day! I hate Maths, I really don’t want to learn Maths. I’ve already learnt enough that I might need for the future.

I hate homework! we have had about 6 hours of school (that’s what I have) and we get home and do more work. They say to do a hour of homework, but I never do, I just rush through the homework so I get time for the internet!

WOW! you wrote a really long comment on my website :O thanks! :)

That’s what I like about big fonts, it’s easy to read! I like the font Georgia. I don’t know which font is my favourite though.

Australia isn’t bad to live in, but I just get bored going to the same places :( I have been stuck in SA for a long time. Usually I would go on a holiday every few years, do you go to other places much?

I do like Australia, I am grateful that I was born in Australia, it’s sad how there are so many poor countries with hardly any resources.

That’s good about Uni, sometimes I wish I could be there to get away from all the bad things at high school. In my school, they don’t really be mean to others with different skin colour (in my year).

When I was young, I didn’t like the bubble things in the bottom of the drink. But now I like them :) I think my favourite flavour is mango. I can’t quite remember because I haven’t had it in ages :( hopefully soon I will!

It’s good that your feeling better :) that’s really good that your throat has healed!

I am mostly in the sun these days, from being at school.

Yeah, they should of checked. They should of checked their sent mail, to make sure.

I don’t exercise much :O but next term in school I will, I have to do P.E :( I really don’t want to do soccer. Only once I was good at it! I don’t like running. My ankles hurt when I run now, it hurts REALLY bad.

When I go to the shops, I hate it if I see someone from school. Unless the person is my friend.

Well, yeah, everyone was disappointed to hear that we are being taken to a farmhouse. The school management had been looking for a suitable place for a picnic for a long time but couldn’t find one so they had to choose the farmhouse. They would have canceled the picnic but since all the students (especially the younger ones) had been filled with hopes of a picnic, they had to have an outing of some sort. XD

Aww, thanks. *hug* But I cannot really say that I’m that nice. XD

I’m not sure how my parents got the apartments. I know that they’re going to put those for rent. I think they had invested some money in the construction of that building. My dad knows the developer so that’s why, I guess. I’m not really interested in these stuff so I didn’t ask. :P

LOL yeah. They are always like that, my mom, especially. My dad wasn’t really serious, but my mom is almost always mad at him so she said those stuff. XD

Yeah. If a girl goes out wearing Western clothes, everyone stares at her as though she has committed some sin. It’s really annoying and looks like my days of wearing jeans and shirts are getting over. :(

The toilets here are really very dirty. I never use them unless I really have to.

Yes, they can wait. Like I’ve said a lot of times, it is your site after all. I’m glad you don’t feel stressed about the comments any more.

Those songs make me dance as well. /bounce

Haha I do that all the time. My school is close by so that’s not a big problem, but it’s a bad habit. If it hadn’t been for my mom shouting at me in the morning, I wouldn’t have been able to wake up. 😏

Yeah, but it’s still annoying. The schools here have lots of unnecessary rules that are not there in other countries, I think.

Whenever a new teacher asks me to stand up and tell my name, they have to ask for more than twice because my voice gets so low. 😳

Your welcome. :)

I’m the only girl in my year who is interested in learning stuff like HTML. And I have to say, I’m better at computing than the boys. :D

Hehe, I didn’t know that. I realised today that I’m taller than some of the boys in senior classes as well. :P

I used to be very serious about my studies before. Now I have stopped trying as hard as before, instead of vice versa. :P And now I feel kind of guilty, because I know I can do much better in exams.

I really hate history. But I somehow manage to pass it with good marks. I’m good at maths as well, and that’s the only subject I try hard in because that’s the subject I’m most likely to fail.

I agree, you’re really lucky that you got into university and are studying something that you enjoy.

People should not take education for granted. But sometimes I do it and I’m trying to be more serious about it. I feel really worried about my future so I need to try harder.

Hopefully you’ll get a PhD some day. That would be really awesome. :D

i dont think i ever did much “trying” in school. i just did what i had to to get through and i think… if the teachers didnt hate me so much they woulda kept me back xD

I never learned to study, because I’ve always hated school. I hate it so fucking much. It stresses me out and… BLAH. I’ve always been naturally good at English, though, so I suppose that’s the course I’ve coasted along at all these years.

I also wish I’ve done better in school when I was still studying. I’m currently a working student. I promised myself to work hard when I get back to school. Goodluck to me. /eee

Yeah, geocaching is really fun :D I think it would have been cool to just randomly come across one, because apparently some people do even tho a lot are hidden well.

It does get super boring at school >.< I mean, I don't blame them for wanting to get their homework done so they don't have to do it at home, but it's still annoying, because if I leave and hang out with other friends, they get mad at me for that too.. so I'm just kinad stuck there. at least today they finished early, so we walked to get tim hortans :D

I know what you mean about not trying. Up until last year, I didn't try at all. My average was generally below 70%, because I just didn't care. Last year though, it slowly started rising and this past semester I acutally got an 81% average, which puts me on the honour roll.

I think a lot more people put more effort into college/university because they have to pay for it themselves, or their parents do. If they know what kind of money is going in to it, they feel its a waste to not put an effort in. I feel kind of bad for those who don't put in an effort, because it's such a waste of money. When I go to college, I'm going to try to put as much effort in as possible.. way more than I have in highschool.

I hated school and was a horrible student until I got to high school. Once there I just kind of cruised by, I got A’s for the most part, but before that I was close to being left back a lot.

I actually did pretty well up until high school; I started lazing off. I was good at certain subjects but I don’t think I put in much effort.

I was a total slacker for my first year of high school, as well as for my first semester. I’ve realised now that I need to work my ass off in my last two years if I want to get to where I want to be.
I’m aiming for a PhD when I get to university! :D I don’t think you’re aiming too high. From what I’ve seen and gathered from you, you come off as the type of person capable of anything they try for. You’re strong, and I admire that. :)

There are so many kids at my school that slack off, fall to drugs, and see their life drive over them, instead of being in that car on the road to possible success and happiness.

Same thing for me. I never get bored, just bored of what I need to do. Hence why I avoid it and claim to be bored. :D

Next time I see Josh, he’ll be the guy I’m dating. ;D
-dances around-

My parents get annoyed if we leave all our shoes near the door. One pair each is their rule. It’s quite effective. If there’s more than one pair, they throw them into our rooms, regardless of the cleanliness.
We never have visitors. They usually end up going to the front door, which leads to the carpeted living room. My parents have the house laid out rather oddly.

Before I started really getting into the webdesign, like researching registrars and hosts, my graphics sucked. I’m more of a coder and writer. Words are my friends. ♥

Apparently Sabrina and her boyfriend are back together. -eyeroll- Sometimes Facebook is useful. :P

Thanks my knee is alright now. But it still hurts when I touch bruise. Of course.
Yeah my doctor gave me some cream for my skin condition. The red patches has faded away, thankfully, :)
But I’ll need the blood results to make sure I don’t have any allergies.
I got that drained feeling too when the woman was doing the test. It felt weird and I had to try and relax.
Yeah try the typography and the picture layout. It’ll turn out great! I’m actually having a layout block right now. It’s annoying, :(
I watched the last bit of My Kitchen Rules on Monday I think. It is so intense and dramatic as you’ve said. And I want to grab the food out of the TV screen and eat it. The desserts are so yummy.
You’re the opposite of me. I’m such a movie person! I watched Alice in Wonderland in 3D on Sunday. It was awesome.
My parents always want me to finish things off so that’s why I can’t back out of piano right now. I have to finish grade 8. I never understand why they want me to.
Nope, I don’t know exactly when my braces are going off, so I guess we’ll just have to see!
We have to switch internet companies because my mum is paying the monthly bills even though she doesn’t live at my place now. She’s giving us till April.
I decided to get new boots. So I’ll be checking out stores for cool boots. Should I get those ankle ones or those knee-high ones?

I never used to take education seriously too, until about last year. But I always knew education is a must for your future.
I’m actually glad that we do get homework except I do complain sometimes when we get lots. We learn new things everyday at school and homework lets us make the best of it.
I would really like to make it into university not only because it’ll make my dad proud, but because I want to so I can achieve more after high school.
I try hard at school, but math just fails me.