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I have a flurry of comments to return but hey, I’m catching up – as usual.

I need to announce that I am selling 5 domains. Please if you are interested have a look. And, as a result of that, I only have 15 domains! I’m happy about that – I moved some fanlistings around, moved some projects around. Visit to see what I’ve moved around! ;)

It might not stay at 15 for long, because I am planning to get a few more domains possibly for hosting and a new portfolio. AND speaking of hosting, I have bought a reseller from Holdfire to host people on. :)

Two days ago, I received a package in the mail. Very exciting. I completely forgot that Laura was sending me a package. This time a friendly reminder from Dayna told me not to rip open the package straight away but to take photos!

Laura is from New Zealand and she told me to expect a sheep in the mail. :O

Package from Laura!

I opened the package and woohoo… there was indeed a very cute sheep! /eee I did blog about this on my photoblog at and showed a few photos but I thought I’d show the lot here!

Plushie sheep

She got me a pen, and a figurine of one of my favourite Pokemon, Starmie. What’s your favourite Pokemon? :D

Starmie + pen

It’s funny that the pen makes me want to write more now, even though I use a computer most of the time. /um I’ve told people this boring story a few times, but in high school shortly before I did my HSC, I developed a huge cramp in my wrist. It was so bad that it hurt to write, and I was holding my pen in a fist to write during a few of my exams. My hand blew up to twice its size, and it was so huge that when my hand finally healed, the skin was dry and saggy because it had stretched so much. 😢

Though I can’t say that it compares to Lilian’s ganglion; she had to get a freakish operation to remove the… “big ball” in her wrist; let’s just say. 😰 (Since I’m sure most of you won’t bother looking up ganglion, but I just linked you to Wikipedia. :P)

Laura also gave me a panda badge (hmm, Lilian will like that!).

panda badge

I also went shopping the other day and bought clothes. My mum was pretty angry because I spent $80 on a shirt and jacket. Ugh, big deal. She thought it wasn’t worth it because the clothes were “ugly”. Hello. Plaid is not ugly. She further ranted about my appearance and how I look like an idiot when I dress in black.

She never said anything when I dressed like that in high school. I always dressed in some grunge gear, or like a rock chick, or like a punk. /hmph

Here’s the jacket. I didn’t get a picture of the shirt… but anyway. I love the jacket because it looks like Ben Jorgensen’s cool shirt… /hehe

plaid jacket

Oh and I killed a spider today. /clap It was a red-back, a really scary one. I posted a photoblog with a picture. I didn’t want to post it here in case some people were scared… D: But I used deodorant spray (James’s idea), camera flash and a shoe to kill it. :P

That’s it from me; tell me of your encounters with bugs and arachnids. :O

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Georgina, I DMed you on Twitter re: one of the domains :) I hope you got it!

I love receiving packages from mail. Haha! I’ll remember not to rip off the plastic and take a photo of it first. The sheep is so cute! Plushy? I love pens. I used to collect them when I was in elementary. And though I spend my time more in computer, I see to it I still write notes when I’m at school or even at my planner. Glad to know I don’t have a big callus. Heh.

Your mom must have not a taste in modern fashion. Hahaha! Plaid is so nice! Tell that to your mothar.

I never had a courage when killing bugs! Especially cockroaches. :/

I hope you like the domain you bought from me! :P

I always just ripped packages open in excitement. I love getting packages so much – usually I know what’s in it, but it’s just exciting to get.

Yeah, it’s a plushie sheep!

I loved stationery in high school and when I was younger but now I don’t really use it so much anymore because I’m on the computer a lot.

My mum’s taste in fashion is really good, actually. She doesn’t like the grungy style I adopt. /bash

Cockroaches are just GROSS. I stay away from them. Spiders aren’t as disgusting though, so I felt okay with this one. It was scary. Spiders are scary but not gross like cockroaches.


♥ ♥

YAY! Fifteen domains :D Hahaha, someone’s been epically culling. Man, I’m so sentimental, that if I were you I wouldn’t be able to get rid of ANY. LOL. Fail :P I’m sad to see Enchanted go though :P But I am all excited about your new portfolio when you get it. ^^

You stress so much about comments! :( Poor Georgie. It’s okay! No one will /bash you if you don’t return comments *that* fast. You’re only human (as you keep reminding everyone. :P Quite rightly).

:O YOU GOT A PACKAGE IN THE MAIL :O That is SO cool. I want one! Hahahaha. I shouldn’t be so greedy. I get plenty of stuff. Even if it’s not by mail :P But yes, it is HUGELY exciting to get stuff in the mail :)

Yay for remembering to take a photo before ripping off packaging :D Hehehe /bounce

THAT SHEEP IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! I saw the sheep on your photoblog, but it’s STILL CUTE :D It’s all fluffy and white and innocent looking /faw AWWWWW!

And yay! A pen + Starmie :) I LOVE the original pokemon. Hehehehe. I can’t remember my favourite pokemon. I think it was Rapidash though O_O I always had a thing for fire pokemon. Or maybe it was Charmander. LOL. This is so weird. I love fire pokemon and your favourite pokemon is a water one. Aren’t we supposed to be twins? :P Haha

Ughhh! The HSC played havoc with LOTS of people’s hands. 🤬 OUCH! Your poor hand! Luckily since you are young, skin will not stay permanently stretched. Hahahahahaha. I remember you saying you switched to your left hand at one point :P Or maybe that was a year 11 exam. Damn HSC. Causer of RSIs and cramps and crap. /angry

Heh! My evil ganglion. So glad it’s gone. Cos I wrote out like…8 pages of notes in my Contracts lecture today. D: If I still had that evil thing in my wrist. MAJOR OUCH! 🤬

OOOOH! A PANDA BADGE :D You are correct :P I LOVE IT! Pandas are AWESOME ^^ The ones on that badge are super cute ^^ But I’m sorry, they’re not as cute as the ones on my bag. :P Hahaha pleasedon’tkillme! D:

You look awesome in your plaid jacket! Hmph! Your mum just doesn’t appreciate your style. Maybe you should find a picture of her with a bad 70s perm (if she had one) and be like “You looked like THIS. You can’t tell me off for my CLOTHES. Look at your HAIR!” .

You look great in grunge rock style! Hahaha.

*Sigh* when are parents just going to leave our style alone. ==

And it’s not like you dyed your hair electric blue or something. /ho

YAAAY for killing the redback :) *so proud* I looked at the picture! It WAS a scary looking red-back 😰

Hehehe, you totally know about my bad experiences with cockroaches and having to trap the cockroach in a SHOEBOX to kill it ==. I’m hopeless with these things. I always scream and get my mum. Generally bad experiences with creepy-crawly arachnids and what not. There was a harmless spider inhabiting the corner of my desk, but I think I accidentally vacuumed it up when I was cleaning my desk. I wonder if it’s still alive inside the vacuum :P

Holy shit your comment is long. ♥

Yep! And I really want to get my current domains and my collective cleaned out before I register any more. I do have sooo much more in mind though. And yes, one is my portfolio. ;)

I was talking to Ryan about that today, actually. I was only mentioning the coding aspect of it, and then he said I could add graphics too. Why does everyone know me so well? :O

Yeah, Enchanted came up in our little discussion about the internet filtering. Because my friend in the UAE couldn’t see Enchanted. The government blocked it, thinking it was porn. D:

I blogged just now and I actually had returned just one or two comments from this old blog. /um But it’s no rule… and I’m getting used to ignoring comment numbers. :)

I should send you a package! But I wouldn’t bother because we can just see each other! :P

I should give the sheep a name too… maybe I’ll just call it Laura. :P

I love the original Pokemon better than the new ones! I think Mantine was the only new one I liked, because I owned the card.

I think I liked Starmie because s/he was pretty! :P

Your hand got the worst of it! But now I use the computer a lot; I’m still at risk.

I did switch to my left hand! Stupid essay I got 7/20 for. /angry It was nasty. I had the dedication to practice but I could barely type because of the pain too.

Apparently next year they’re having the HSC typed/with laptops?

It would have hurt like hell if you still had it now! 😰

LOL yeah, actually, I like the ones on your bag better. /eee Go pandas!

ROFLMAO. My mum had a perm alright! I think all our mums did… back in the 70s or 80s. My mum’s perm was funny. XD

I’m sure when I grow up I’ll be less grungy. I’m trying to enjoy it now before I get into my 20s and I’ll just look silly in grunge… and to avoid wearing fishnet stockings and a daggy dress when I’m pregnant. Ew. I’m a teenager! Let me live! :O :O

Oh, I’d love to colour my hair purple though. :D

Cockroaches are just gross though… worse than spiders. I kill those tiny ones because they’re so fast and run around everywhere!

I vacuum a lot of spider webs when I clean my room. XD

Aww, what a cute package! /rose That was nice of her to send you those things!

My favourite pokemon is Raichu. :D

I love your jacket, I think you look very pretty! /wave /heart (Take no notice of your mum!)

ARGH, look at that thing! D: I hate spiders, completely shit scared of them! 😰 One time I was in my bedroom, I rocked back on my chair to stretch, and above there was a spider, dangling from his web and lowering himself onto my HEAD. O_O I leapt up so fast, I was pratically lightning! My parents bought me a “creepy crawlie” catcher vacuum-like thing to suck those buggers up! (Y) 💥 *shudders*

Hehe thank you.

Well I got my braces off and they feel so good. I have 2 retainers now but I only have to wear them for 2 weeks, yay!

I went to see Alice in Wonderland which is a great film :) I really enjoyed it.

I hate making mistakes when editing files. I’ve made a few while validating my coding! Just before christmas I accidentally deleted my downloads pages :S

Aw that’s awesome! None of my family is really into sport except for my brother. :P

Yeah nobody likes their home country. Britain is freezing at the moment. I can’t go out without my coat, scarf and gloves!

Ace, I have two pairs of converse too. A red pair and some limited edition ones that are so nice! I find them the comfiest shoes ever.

Aww that is one cute sheep! I live in a county where their are lots of sheep in the hills.

Pokemon! Hmm my favourite… well I cant really remember many put I always liked nine-tails.

My mum always has a go at me for spending to much money on clothes. Well, mainly handbags! I have too many. I like your new jacket :)

Crimeny, you are obsessed Georgie. But at least you keep them in check, lmao. As for the pokemon… I’m quite an Articuno fan myself!

A whole domain for writing? That’s pretty impressive! I love to write, but sometimes I get too lazy to put it on my site. *shrugs* It’s a bad habit.

Yeah, I love calling them ‘ist’ people, but I”m afraid it’s in a lot of childrens’ nature. I hate that a lot, but it is the truth.

As for New Jersey, I hate it here. We’ve got anyone between wanna-be ganstas to normal ganstas. -,- And a lot of stupid boys, but I bet that’s true everywhere!

My hair used to reach down so far I could sit on it, but I never took care of it, so it looked dead. =( My fault!

Herro Georgie!!! How are you?

I’m good thank you. I finally got my domain back up and to my liking. I also have a cbox and a comments area now :D. Yay! Of course it’s back to a blog.

Anyway, I was wondering, if you wanted we can become pen pals? I probably won’t send you anything until we move out to Beaumont, so if you want to wait and do it than we can do it then. We can exchange gifts and what not. Sound good no?

Hmm, I really want to travel. Yeah, You’re about a day ahead just like Japan is. Probably traveling to a foreign country like Australia will probably be good first and than to Japan or something like that. I can’t decide but all I know is I want to get used to my surroundings before I go out and venture off to school and travel ya know? In Beaumont there is no street lights there and I hate driving in the dark. I drove in the dark once and hated it. The reason why I hate driving at night is because of the glare of the car lights and my glasses which I need in order to drive around.

Hmm so you’re giving away 4 domains? I really want enchanted but I don’t know how much it would be to purchase again. Isn’t it like 65.00 bucks? Can you place a hold on it until I find out how much it’s going to be? That’d be awesome if you did. Like I said I’m really interested in enchanted.

Hmmm, was that spider you killed a poisonous spider? I forgot what they’re called Arachnids or something like that? How’d you cover him with deoderant? Is it the spray kind? What does the flash do to the spider? Let me know!

Kinda sad to see creepesque go, I loved the name when I saw it on your collective /love.
15 domains? D: I can’t even wrap my head around how much time it must take to maintain all of them!

The sheep looks adorable! My favourite Pokemon is charizard, especially Ash’s charizard because of his fiery temper XD

I love the panda badge, pandas are so awesome!! /eee
Plaid is most definitely not ugly though I’ve never owned anything plaid I still love the way it looks. And the jacket looks great =D
My mom doesn’t really say much about my fashion, as long as it doesn’t have holes or any food stains or paint she’s good 😰 Moms should just let their daughters have their own style…unless its insanely slutty. /poo

D: Creepy looking spider, I’m fine with them…as long as they’re not coming my way. I love those green garden spiders, they’re so cute. I hate cockroaches, even if they’re dead I’m scared of them. That CRUNCH they make when you step on them just makes me shudder.

Oh after reading your previous blog, at one in the morning, it motivated me to complete all my work due for the next day :D

you sure do love taking photos… i have to admit to not even owning a camera! But I DO love getting mail that isn’t a bill. Must remember to get back into penpalling or something similar, thanks for teh reminder!

Aw that’s not cool! I feel like a camera is a must have for me. :)

You’re welcome. :D Funny that – I love getting any kind of mail; I get excited about bank statements (I save most of my money). :P

My god, 15 domains? o_O I don’t know how you do it. The most I can handle is two. And I can’t believe that you’re going to get more. You’re amazing.

When you said that you were going to get a sheep, I was thinking, “Wow, a real sheep?” But the plushie is even better. So adorable. And OMG it has a tag that has a baby chick on it. I have an obsession with chickens. ;)

Awesome pen. :O My favorite Pokemon is Mew. I don’t know why, I just think it looks pretty. =)) Maybe because of the face. I grew attached to it after watching the first Pokemon movie when I was little. I also used to have a plushie of Pikachu but then I lost it. :(

Wow. Ganglions look slightly gross.

PANDA BADGE. Wear it with pride.

You’re mom is so wrong. Plaid is beast. I have a couple of plaid shirts and a pair of plaid flats that have no hint of uglyness in them at all.

That spider is HUGE. I applaud you for killing it.
There’s a really small spider about 1/6 (yes, I guessed the exact measurement) of an inch on my ceiling, and it’s been there for three days. It won’t move. I think it’s dead and stuck there.

i talked to my art teacher today and yeahh i’m looking forward to painting my surreal art piece :D

blehh i usually sleep before 12, but lately, i feel like my days are shorter or something which is weird cause summer is approaching.. computer also keeps me awake heh….

gassppp selling domains? must take a look !

omg i love recieving mail hehe

STARMIEE NO WAY. pikachu will always be my favourite but i love a lot of the starter pokemons..

omg a plaid jacket? can’t really see it in your picture but i see the top part and i can pretty much imagine how it looks like haha

Yeah, that’s a better way to say it. :P

The sheep looks so fluffy! Omigawsh, I just want to feel it. XD
The figurine and pen look nice too, I’ve always wanted a pen or lead pencil with a little charm on it, haha.
My favorite Pokemon would have to be…(so hard to choose) Riolu. I think that’s how you spell it, I haven’t done anything Pokemon related in a long time.
I can’t exactly see the jacket, but I would imagine that a red plaid clothing plus a shirt totaling up to $80 would look hardcore. XD

Haha it’s definitely fluffy! But I love plushies and I have more squishy ones in my room! ;)

Ooh, that reminds me actually… I haven’t written or used stationery in a while, so I completely forgot – but I had some cute mechanical pencils with charms on the end. I loved charms a lot before, especially on my phone, but now that I have an iPhone there’s nowhere to hang charms off.

Haha, apparently Riolu is right; I wasn’t familiar with it because it is one of the newer Pokemon. I can’t remember any of those at all! /um

LOL it’s pretty grungy; that’s my general style. :D

Thanks! I think I did pretty well.. or at least I hope, haha.
You used to do tap dance? How long did you do it for? :)

Aww, the sheep is cute! It’s sweet that she sent you that! :D
I’ve never actually been interested in Pokemon. I’ve actually never been that interested in any anime/manga book, cartoon, etc. D: Some of my friends are obsessed with things like that.. I’ll have to give it a try, though. :P

I’m scared of spiders, ants, insects, slugs, etc. I’m not scared of snails though, which is strange because they’re pretty much just slugs with shells. But maybe it’s the shell that makes the difference, haha.

Ooh, a package! I love those. And you got such great stuff. The last time I got a package was from my friend in Australia and that was a long time ago…

Anyways, you have soooo many domains- I am impressed. I love the names aquapheric and midnight-mist best, though the other ones are all lovely too!

A red-back spider? If it’s anything like the USA’s “black widow” and according to wikipedia they’re similar- then that would be sooo scary. I remember when i was really little, maybe six or so, my neighbor was talking to my mom and my mom suddenly pushed her out of the way, and they both fell on the ground, apparently, a black widow spider had been about to crawl up my neighbor’s leg. :o

I think your mom should relax. It’s not like your clothes are too revealing or anything. It’s a nice plaid jacket and looks like something I own (except not the same color)

I hope things work out :) <3

Good luck on trying to control your domains! I would buy one, but I have enough already. :) Oh and best of luck trying to sell them to people! I am sure they will be gone like really soon. :P Domains are in such high demand these days!

HOW IS PLAID UGLY? I love plaid. ♥ Some plaids I am not such a big fan of, but I love most of them. I realllllllly like your jacket; it’s so cute! I think it looks great on you. :)

AHHH. OMFG. What is wrong with that spider?! I have never seen anything like it! :O I would be so scared…once I found a huge cockroach on my wall at like 1am. I was just about to go to bed and bam there it is. I stared at it for awhile, and then it FLEW OFF THE CEILING; it was flying all over my kitchen. Oh god, I was scared to death! /um

LOL. Good luck kicking your stress in the butt. ;) Really. I never get any good quality hostees; no one serious about web designing and they take me for granted. OH. I have one good hostee who is Victoria at :P She is so respectful, and she keeps up with her site!

I know because that one little final test can make or break your grade. I make grades that are always on the line – either low A’s or low B’s. It doesn’t matter..they are always on the border of crashing. XD

You’re welcome!

HEYYY, no big dealio. It is not your fault. I hadn’t returned your comment in like a week and a half. It is totally my fault because I took so long! :( LOL. I hate when I do that to people – forget what we are talking about. XD It is alright though! You don’t have to walk away. 🙄

I need to take one of those! That would explain so much to me…whenever I go to the doctor, they give me an exam asking how long I spend on the computer. I lie and say 2 hours a night..normally it’s like 4-6 hours though. -_-

Hey! I love getting mail, especially packages! They’re the best! When I first started getting college mail, I was really happy, because it was something (non-electronic-yay snail mail!) and addressed to me!
My dad always tells me, that when I’m older, I won’t be so happy to see mail addressed to me, because that means it’s the taxes! XD I love the jacket! It reminds me of something I gave one of my friends a while back for her Birthday.

Geeze! What type of spiders do you have there!?! I checked out the pic. I’m not at all scared of spiders, if anything I’ll leave them be, but that!? OMG! It totally looks dangerous –deadly!
I saw this spider once, it was black (and huge! Like the size of a nickle!) and it was covered with bright yellow and orange spots! *shudders* Now that was scary looking! Luckily (for both me and the spider) he was outside… /ho
That sounds hilarious, actually. You used deodorant spray, camera flash and a shoe? How did you manage that? If it comes to killing any bug, it’s usually a rolled up magazine or newspaper. lol.

I love getting stuff in the mail :D I haven’t in so long though.. I think the last time was from a contest that I wont online that I totally forgot I even entered until I got an email asking for my address :P

I have no bird stories I want to tell, because I despise birds. I’m slightly terrified of them, and David laughs at me everytime when I freak out about them. When we were hiking last year, he decided to stop and put bird seed in his hand to feed them. They all kept flying towards me and I just kept freaking out. Maybe it’s because I had a bird cage fall on me when I was little, but either way.. birds are not my friends.

All the stuff in the package looks cute :D Ditto and Charmelon were always my favourite pokemon xD

Plaid shirts are not ugly! I love them! It’s just always so hard to find ones that I like the colours of :(

Only fifteen? That sounds like a crazy ton from me (: Mail all the way from New Zealand? That’s awesome, and the sheep’s adorable! Was it your birthday? If so, I missed it, happy belated birthday! And that’s ridiculous, the jackets cute, and if your mom says its not, well, with my mom, that’s usually a good thing. Congrats on killing it, I just run away and get my six year old brother to do it for me XD

First of all, I do not approve the comment of your mom on how you want to dress. 😒 Plaid is never ugly. It’s so cool and beautiful! So I really don’t get it why your mom had to say something about your newly bought items and the way you want to dress up. /oh Parents should be supportive of their children!!! Maybe your mom is so being conservative, me thinks. But I hope she understands the fashion nowadays. :(

Really nice packages!!! I rarely get one from my mail. Receiving things (packages, gifts, letters, etc) is awesome!!! I really like the sheep plushie. It’s so cuuuuute!!! 😳 My favorite Pokemon is… Jigglypuff! ♥ But the Starmie you got is cute too! Yay for the pen! /love And the Panda badge is love! /eee

And about the domain, you really have a LOT. /faw Though I think it’s kinda sad to let go of some, on the brighter side— it’ll be more easy to maintain now that they’re fewer in number. /bounce ;)

Plaid isn’t ugly D: How could anyone say that? And compared to what some people spend, $80 on a jacket and shirt isn’t very much. It’s a bit slack of your mum to say the clothes you wear are ugly. She’s entitled to her own opinion, but it crosses the line into downright rude to argue that someones clothes are ugly awful/make them look ugly/awful.

My grandma is VERY conservative, and when I first got a sidefringe she told me I looked stupid and ugly, which considering her own fashion/hair choices, really isn’t bad at all. Every time I see her she tells me to grow it out, and once when I’d just been swimming and my hair was all awful and slicked back, she told me ‘See, your hair looks MUCH nicer that way.’ Um… yeah…

That is a very cute sheep :) I want one! I don’t know what my favourite Pokemon is at the moment :) It used to be Rapidash and Ponyta because they looked like pretty horses/unicorns, but that was a long time ago, lol :)

I had a look at the domains you’re selling :) I like but I can’t afford it, and the domains you own I like the best aren’t in the for sale list, which is understandable (’cause they are the awesome ones)

…Homework time. Yay?

Haha I guess my mum thinks it’s a little old fashioned (my friend Ryan said that grunge is back though!). She said my dad had an old shirt like that. O_O

Ohooo you don’t know; my parents are real intense bargain hunters. $80 is a lot for them. D:

That’s nasty. My grandparents (they’re all long gone now) never said anything of the sort. My family is really honest and with that, they have never said anything so rude.

But our elders grew up in a different time so maybe that’s why slicked wet hair looks like the bomb to your grandma. 💥

Funnily enough I never liked Rapidash and Ponyta! I’m not really a huge horses fan.

That’s alright – someone else wanted anyway. :)

Haha, if you wouldn’t mind, you could tell me which domains of mine you really like? What if I do decide to drop them later on? :D

(Heartdrops is not going. Muahhaha.)

Good luck with the homework!

Lol I can’t believe you said you were selling some of your domains! Then I read that you were planning to buy more hehe :P sneaky!

I love getting packages in the mail! I don’t know what my favourite Pokemon would be… probably Clefairy ^_^ that sheep is super cute :)

Oh my! I clicked that link to the spider! That looks disgusting! I’ve never seen one like that before! But yes, share my experience with arachnids?

Well, one time I was sitting in my room on the computer as usual. My floor is a wooden floor and I wasn’t wearing slippers or anything at the time. I stood up to go to the toilet and the heel of my foot crushed something which snapped like a twig.

(I guess this story is kinda ruined by the fact that you know it’s about a spider lol). Anyway, I looked at my heel and there was this tiny ball of hair or something? So I picked it off and looked more closely realising it was a crushed spider! It was so disgusting! I had spider juice on my bare foot!

And yeah, not everything on my site will validate unfortunately! Especially some of the WordPress plugins ¬_¬!

Wow, you currently own only 15 domains? That’s a great achievement for a domain addict. ;) I’m glad you managed to find a way to re-organise everything & cut back.

Congrats on buying the reseller from Holdfire! Good luck with your hosting company! I might move my fanlisting collective over there because my current host is hosted by a crappy hosting company. :(

Lmao, ‘expect a sheep in the mail’. What cute sheep, from New Zealand. ;) I don’t have a favourite Pokemon. I love them all equally. Okay maybe I do love Pikachu a bit more than others, but still. :)

You got a hand cramp before you HSC? :( That must have made you stress a bit. Poor you, at least you managed to get the HSC over and done with. I’ve got the School Certificate this year & I’m not looking forward to the English part of it.

Poor Lilian too, it looks painful to have a ganglion removed. :(

I don’t think your clothes are ugly, they’re awesome & they’re you. :) My Mum keeps telling me not to wear black but I just ignore her & wear it anyway. I think your old enough to decide what to wear & what not to. :P

Holy crap, a red-back! I never knew their legs were so much thicker. If I found one I probably would’ve run away & gotten someone else to kill it. Using deodorant sounds like a good idea to kill a red-back. Haha, let me know what brand it was so I can stock up. :P

Today in careers there was a spider, the size of a 20 cent coin crawling around on the keyboard. I used my pen to flick it and it crawled around the monitor & the computer then I lost track of where it was. I was really paranoid about the spider for the rest of the lesson.

I already commenteda bout the spider on your photoblog, so I won’t go into that. It’s freaked me out when I saw it though. YUK.

Anyway, that was really nice of her to send you those items.

I don’t have a favorite Pokemon, but my favorite Neopet is a Kacheek. ♥ ;)

Omg, cute sheep /bounce
I liked the green pokemon who sort of resembled a grasshopper, but it had blades on its hands or something /um

You look nice in that shirt :3
I like your hair /love it’s very smooth and soft. And warm :)

The deodorant thing is actually scientific. Hrrng
Deodorant works by blocking up your pores, preventing sweat escaping; since (most) insects/spiders breathe through their exoskeletons..wham. Bam. Alakazam.


Ngege! /eee

Pincer or something… Pinsir. Yeah, just had to be spelled like that. :O

Awww. thank you! /love /eee

I just took your tip… Hahhaha. /bounce I didn’t even think of that. But we don’t even have bug spray at home. Lame.

LOL you put the wrong code for the thumbs up emoticon. :( It’s not “/yes”, it’s (Y)


I can’t believe you own so many domains! I only have two domains. I wouldn’t know what to do if I had so many domains.

I read that you won some of your domains but from where? How do you get domains that have already been bought? Normally I find that they are bought immediately by some domain buyers when it expires after sometime.

I may be interested in buying I’ve always wanted a .nu name!

That spider has some red strip down it! I like the colours but I dislike spiders very much!

hey there
thanks for the ideas for my site, ill show u my layouts ive designed for it in my next blog. thats so cute what ur friend sent u :). i love that top u bought, i wear black mostly, ppl think that means goth but i am far from being goth. i wouldve killed that spider as well im so scared of them.

omg! that sheep is soo cute! :D my favourite pokemon are starmie, psyduck and vileplume. :D

I have trouble returning comments. 😰 I was return them late or I keep forgetting on which ones I already returned. Meh.
Awesome package heh. A lot of cute things inside. :3 I love the plush sheep.
Oooh. Plaid is so pretty! Haha I have a jacket similar to that one.
Holy poo. /poo I wouldn’t go near that. *shivers* I would just call my dad or something to kill it aha. Spiders and crawly things really creep me out.
When I was four, I went to China. I fell asleep and then suddenly this cockroach bit me. I screamed so loud I woke up the whole house and my leg was all red and yeah. Scary stuff. @_@

Whoa!! Only 15 domains now, Georgina? Hahahaa I can’t believe you’re still thinking about buying a new one too! You’re crazyy. I have no idea how you manage to run so many! Wait, you have 15.5 including the forum. WOOO.

Okay so outlook doesn’t work for me right now..not really sure why. Could possibly be because I’m transferring my domain to namecheap right now..but then again I don’t know. I thought floriental was for hosting..?

Yayy!! I’m glad you finally got the reseller from holdfiree! So you got a custom one, eh?

Are you getting rid of then? But anyway since I don’t want to excessively e-mail you..I’ll just tell you..

THAT I FINISHEDDDDDDD ERRRYTHING for the domain. So it’s ready to launch whenever you’re ready. :)

I friggin love plaid. Plaid on a guy = sooo hot. I already told you that Johnathan wears plaid because he knows how crazy I get when he wears plaid. -_- ahahah.

Okayyyy so you need to e-mail me your address so I can send you some stuff. :) ANTHRAX. jk jk jk jk no way, i wouldn’t want to kill you. love you too much! i’ll send you some random stuff including swedish fish. it’s okay if you don’t like it haha you could give it to james. i’ll try to send you yummy candy if swedish fish is just not your thing. :D

I forgot to add that all that’s missing from the forum is the favicon. Allll you have to do is make a skull & then upload it as the favicon.ico in the images folder & i’ll just edit the header. Then we’re allllll set. woooo!!

Hellos! ✌️ That’s really nice of Laura to send you a package filled with little goodies! I absolutely adore that plushie sheep you have! :) I love plushies. Where have you put it? It’ll go nicely on your desk or something. My favorite Pokemon is Pikachu and Eevee and every other Pokemon that is cuteee! /love I’m a sucker for all things cute. Starmie is alright too. Pens like those makes me be in the mood to write. So have fun writing with the pen you have.

The plaid shirt is niiiiiiiice! (Y) I have one too, but it’s blue with grey. I got mine from American Eagle. I’m starting to like plaid. There are not many people who can pull off the plaid shirts thing and you absolutely can! Buy more, buy more…it suits you well! :)

Lol, very cool. :)

It’s a pretty good movie! I’d recommend it! It’s interesting and really good. The battle scene was a little overused, but still over all very good! :)

He’s incredible! He can play so many different roles. And the make-up is always well done! :)

Haha, :P we’re like backwards people. Confusinggg… @_@

Lol, nope. No one is ever happy with what they have! It’s frustrating but it’s so true.

Man, that would be rather annoying. I like it when it’s hot, but I don’t want it like hot hot burningg…
I wish the heat would warm up the ocean, because even on the sunniest days, the ocean seems cold. :O

Lol, sweet. So in two years I shall ask you what you thought of Alice in Wonderland.. :)

Yes, it looks pretty odd. I’d probably know if I read the phone manual thingymabobber. But I kind of lost it. So yeah :/

I’d think so too.

LOL, fairy floss kind of sounds like a fairy flossing your teeth. Which would be an interesting sight to see. :P Cotton candy, just is cotton candy..

Yeaaa, it breaks your heart when the magic is all a lie.. breaks your heart. :'( SCREW YOU ADS!

Mmmm, well it totally does. It’s just a like a lonely bouncing ball on the playground, YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE TO KICK IT BEFORE THE OTHER KID DOES! :)

I don’t know, liver just doesn’t sound good. It sounds… kind of just ew…

Well those douchebags need to learn to be paitent! Otherwise you know me, I’ll have to go talk to them.. /pow :)

Unlimited is pretty stupid, I mean, what in gods name are you going to do with all that space?

Whoa! Hope you get all those domains sold! They all have such cool names, I’m sure they’ll get sold!

Lol, aww that sheep is so cutee… :)

And I never really got into Pokemon much, but I liked that yellow guy, Pikachoo ? That yellow guy? LMAO..

Whoa, your poor friend! I’m glad they got it removed, it looks rather painful!

That badge is cool! :)

My mom always complains that I don’t wear all the pretty clothes she bought me. Ughh, when will she learn that I don’t like to wear dresses and skirts? -_-

Aww, the poor spider! Killed by deodorant! But at least he was smellin’ good dying. :P

Have a good day Georgina! 🤫 <– Look it's that nose pickin' guy again! :)

Hey Georgina. Sorry, I had to delete your first comment on my site. I just couldn’t keep up with your blog. I decided to start over again. I kept your recent comments.

You lucky you to get a lot of comments on your blogs. I don’t know that many people online. Just a few. I would leave comments on other people’s site, but I’m afraid they won’t comment back. So far, your the only person who does.

I don’t mind being hosted, but I rather have my own domain. I can’t wait to get one. There’s no space limit. I would feel bad if I took most of it. I’m not that kind of person who would do that kind of thing. Currently, I’m the only active hostee. Wow. You must want everyone domain you can think of, huh? :P

That’s a cute sheep. I used to have a stuff animal collection when I was young. One of them I named it Raid R. It was a little orange teddy bear. I got it at the 50th State Fair. It was dirty, but I didn’t care. I finally gave it way.

That’s a nice pen. I remember a lot of people was into Pokemon. Not many are anymore. When I write rather it’s with pen or pencil, I hold it real tight. One of my finger nail, would have a dent mark inside of my hand. My hand cramps up. I have to shake it off.

That’s a cute panda badge. It reminds me of Panda Express. Haha. XD

Wow. $80 on shirt and jacket. It must of been worth it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t cost that much. I like to dress in shorts, shirt and slippers. It feels comfortable to me. It just depends on you. That’s a nice jacket.

Don’t let PITA find out you killed a spider. You don’t want to them come after you. They consider every animals as their loving pets. Haha. ;)

Thanks for liking the way I modified your layout. It’s pretty easy once you know HTML and CSS. It’s not that hard to modified. It depends on how it’s coded. You’re right. If someone with the season, everyone else will follow. I’ll probably just change it, but not the Spring colors. Something more to my liking.

They were saying on the news that having a Facebook or Myspace is bad. There’s a lot of people who goes on those sites for the wrong reasons. They want parents to supervise them. My other friend feels that way too. Why have a Facebook or Myspace? Why have an email address? Why text message? All you have to do is pick up the phone and dial. Sometimes people aren’t able to reach them. The next best thing is email.

That sucks. We can only make a reservation once a week. After that, you have to wait in line like the rest of them. You come before they open.

That’s good that you cut down on domains! wow you have so many. I really wanted to get a .info one on because it’s $2.99 for the first year, but unfortunately I’m too young to buy it online. My uncle (not like normal uncles LOL) was going to get it for me, but he hasn’t replied back to me /angry If he does, I will have to think of a good domain name. Which I am not good at :(

Aww that sheep is so cute! XD

When I was young I liked Pikachu :P and there was another Pokemon I liked, but I can’t remember which one. That’s a nice pen :)

I don’t like writing much, because my writing is messy and big. I write fast, then my hand starts to hurt. I like using the computer because I type fast and get the work finished quickly. I can even touch type! just then I looked at the TV while I was typing, and no mistakes! XD

Nice badge! it reminds me of ads for the Giant Panda’s coming to Adelaide.

:O That style is nice, I think it was worth it for $80 :)

Dressing in black is cool (H) :P black goes with everything! I always wear black, everyday.

OMG! I love that jacket! I like the pattern :) the pattern of your jacket is like the top I really like from the shop Country Road, but the top is $140 :O so expensive.

Eww, I hate spiders! I freak out when I see one. In my last last house there were always huntsmans, EWW! I would scream. There were really big ones in the kitchen D: once there was one in my room and I screamed HEAPS! it came in my room when I was sleeping. I’m so glad it stayed on the wall, and didn’t go on me.

Maths is my worst subject, I am very bad at it. I mostly forget how to do things. I am best at Multiplication, that’s the only thing I sort of like about maths. Since I am good at it. I hate division, I always stuff it up.

I don’t like homework because I like to just be lazy and be a couch potato watching TV! :P LOL. I also I want time for the internet, I am addicted to the internet. Since I go on everyday :O it’s very bad.

I like the font Georgia and Arial, they are my favourites too!

I’ve been to Singapore airport, it was so nice, haha automatic flushing toilets :P it was so nice and clean. From what I can remember, the airport I went to had lots of shops. It was the nicest airport I’ve ever been to. I’ve been to the Gold Coast too! the hotel I stayed in was on the QLD and NSW boarder :) I think the place in NSW was called Tweed …. I can’t remember actually.

I’ve been to Canberra, my aunty and uncle live there. I went past the Prime Ministers house, it looked nice. There was this place I went to and it only had desserts :D it was so yummy! I felt sick after though :(

My dream is to go to L.A since there’s heaps of fashion. Maybe New york and Norway too. I’ve been to Paris but that was when I was young and didn’t care about fashion :(

Sorry I hope I’m not boasting about going to those places.

I haven’t had the bubble tea with milk before, I should try it :) usually I just would stick to the same flavour when I have something. If you know what I mean! XD

There’s about 2 weeks of school left D: or maybe 3, that means… P.E! noooo! I am scared. Since we have to do soccer and other stuff. This term is the only term I get home ec :( it is really fun and soon it’s going to be over /wah

I HATE RUNNING! my worst nightmare! I get stitches easily.

That is so cool that Ben Jorgensen replied to you on twitter! my wish is to get someone famous to reply to me! XD

At first I didn’t like the song, but now I think it’s alright. That’s annoying, the person shouldn’t be playing it so loud.

I still talk to Taylor sometimes but she doesn’t include me in things. I see her diary on her desk, it says all these names on there and mine isn’t on there. She wrote them herself. I can’t believe she called me arrogant, I am defiantly not arrogant. She thinks that I think I am better than everyone else, that is completely wrong. I actually think that like everyone is better than me.

Mine won’t be silly, my friend has good ones, and she said I could make one like it. I don’t make silly videos! I delete most of them, because I either stuff up or I look weird in it.

That’s a good idea :) but I am horrible at drawing, hopefully I will get better at it.

Thanks! :D

I need to watch what I eat too! I eat so much junk food :O but junk food is so nice,it sucks that there’s only some healthy food that is really nice and sweet :P

I’m just a bit lazy making my own lunch and packing my lunch box. I am very forgetful as well, so I would probably forget to put some food in it.

Is this a long comment? .. hmm!