Edge of the Ocean

Ahhhh. Overwhelmed. I have a lot to do… a lot of work… blah. :(

Yesterday and today (it’s past midnight so theoretically I’ve just said the wrong thing) I spent hours working on my hosting site, which, instead of being located at Heartdrops.info, will be at Floriental.org. Yesterday I moved about 45 accounts over to my new reseller at Holdfire, and rearranged pages, sorting out hostees’ files, and getting the new site ready.

I think I’m beginning to get used to these four-hour breaks at university. Vicky, Ryan and I were (for the most part) incredibly anti-social and were on our laptops nearly the whole time. Vicky was watching some Fringe (I think James is going to start bouncing /bounce about this very fact), Ryan was reading (something) and replying to emails, and I was doing the general site-stuff and pretty much spacing out.

Of course I regretted not doing work. 😰

I swear I will next time! And I plan on going to the market as well. :O

This weekend I’ve got lots of work to do – not really catching up, but working ahead. I really want to get ahead so that later I’ll have time for my other assignments.

But as I said, the four-hour breaks aren’t too bad. :) I thought I would be dead tired by the time we had our afternoon class, but I wasn’t. The thing I hate about this class is that we’re working on a debating project. It sucks because we’re not going to be marked as a group, but individually. Too bad I’m second speaker. I don’t like that idea, but apparently because I’m the weakest at debating, I’m going in the middle.

Ryan’s going first… because he’s the master, really. :P I can just stem my points from whatever he says. I’m not looking forward to it though. It’s just building up for what’s at the end of semester – a ten minute presentation. D:

I don’t like being so caught up. Looks like my sites will be a bit behind – or at least here, with comments. Hmm.

Today, shortly before class, I wanted to buy seaweed. Ryan told me just to get some from the vending machine. I refused, because it was close to $4 for a packet. Expensive.

Instead I decided to run to the Asian supermarket and buy a packet of seaweed, since I knew it would be much cheaper. I grabbed a whole packet for just $1.60. /bounce

I mean it when I say I can live on that stuff (seaweed). I don’t really care about brands or types because most seaweed tastes amazing to me. I love Japanese food, but no doubt people think it’s insane that I can eat packets and packets of seaweed. Ryan kept stealing my seaweed; he was so shocked that I was just eating more and more. O_O

Also, Tiffany and I are nearly ready to announce the opening of our much-awaited forum. I’m so dead beat, I haven’t had the chance to fix up things and do my part! Yagh!

[edit] Tiffany and I have opened our forum! Visit Skeletons MB! [/edit]

Also, yesterday, an embarrassing moment. I wasn’t looking ahead of me when I was walking with Vicky and Rachel… we were talking in the hallway as we were walking, and all of a sudden I ran smack-bang into a cabinet on the wall. Fail. @_@

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Oh gosh finally I’m up to returning comments on this blog.


Awwwww! *hugs* Yeah, I feel your pain. I am also overwhelmed with a heap of work. I don’t even want to think about how behind I am in readings (only 3rd week too :O ) and the fact I have a test next week. D:

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! You’re sorting your new hosting site and stuff :) Wow. Forty-five accounts. That is EPIC. Like, BEYOND epic :O Somebody has been very busy indeed :P

Hehehe, I’d never get used to four hour breaks. I’d be totally lost. I suppose I’d force myself to do work though :P Or watch a movie ^^. It’s cool that you guys can all be anti-social together. I’d find it really awkward to just sit with people and all do work in silence for a while :( Maybe that’s just me.

YAAAAAAAY! Shopping next time *excited* Shopping is so fun. Yes! You must do work next time ✌️ XD

Yeah, getting ahead is a good idea. I need to get ahead. I need to CATCH UP. Oh my god. Good luck with all the stuff you have to do :)

Ooooohhh…so cool :P A debating project. I would LOVE that. Wanna switch? You can do my calculus subject for me or something. I will debate FOR YOU. :P Hehehe, yeah, if I were not that good a debater, I’d go in the middle too. :) You’re not THAT bad a public speaker! You talk really professionally from what I remember :) HAVE SOME MORE CONFIDENCE, GEORGIE! :P I think you will be fine ^^

Don’t worry! I’ll help you :D

OMG! $4 for a packet of seaweed? That is a TOTAL rip off. I would rather DIE than eat that. Dear GOD. Hahahaha. Maybe Ryan told you to get it from the vending machine cos he’s not Asian. Us Asians…extremely intent on saving money :P

I remember you used to eat seaweed ALL THE TIME. I ♥ seaweed too. I don’t know, it’s just THAT yummy. Hahaha. SUSHI! I could totally LIVE on sushi :)

YAY! You’re opening a FORUM. That is SO cool :P Wow, you really ARE going to be busy D:

OH NOES! POOR YOU! You walked into a cabinet :( *hugs* That must have hurt D: Well at least you didn’t walk into two poles at the same time, like I did. Like, can I get any more retarded? Haha.


Hahha you would have been first even if you didn’t write a silly comment first. Oh well. :)

Hello! How late is this reply? Hahaha. Help. I’m so behind damnit!

Oh no, you’re behind in readings too? Don’t feel bad! I am behind too… ugh. Thank goodness I don’t have a test. Maybe then I shouldn’t feel bad for being just a bit behind in readings. But I do feel bad! :(

I’ve been way too busy for words! And most of the stuff is site stuff, which makes it worse. I want an uninterrupted break. /hmph

I wanted to watch Alice in Wonderland on Friday but I guess I changed my mind. I didn’t really feel like it, and you know how stuck I am to this computer.

I think this week I’ll have a bit of a shop, and actually do some work – both site and uni work.

I need to catch up on everything overall! And thank you! ♥

LOL wooow how I would love to do something else besides debating, even if it is calculus. At least I don’t have to formulate a stupid argument – I just need to solve problems. Trade! Dumb thing is we’re getting marked individually for a group thing. You are too nice for helping! :(

It was indeed a rip off – it’s vending machine stuff, what would you expect? :P Oh well, being Asian is a good thing. :B

Seaweed is exceptionally delicious! :) I love sushi but sometimes I’m not in the mood for all the rice… and I’d rather have ramen or something. Japanese food FTW!

The forum has not really been keeping me busy but it’s keeping me procrastinating! Ugh.

Ahaha I’m glad I didn’t walk into a pole but it was still pretty embarrassing walking into a cabinet. :O

Haha no worries. I was wondering what happened to you and why you were only responding to emails. Lol. Ah well; time does catch up with us.

Yeah, I did finally make up my mind. Japan first than everywhere else next. lol. Oooh I’m a fan of seaweed. Have you ever had seaweed salad? It’s scrumptious .

Yeah I couldn’t be away from a blog and I brought back http://photolog.time-for-miracles.org . :D.

I think in America those are called black widows. If they have red on the bottom not on the top like yours does. Scary though. Glad you scared it, but caught it in time to kill it! Haha. One of the “LOST” cast members has a spider for a pet. I don’t think I could ever have an icky thing like a spider for a pet. Nasty.

As for the whole pen pal thing yeah it’s gonna have to wait until we move to Beaumont. Hopefully if all goes well; the escrow account will clear through on Monday (this coming Monday). I can’t wait to start painting my bedroom. I have a before picture of my bedroom but still it doesn’t do the room much justic and my dad wants to carpet my room. I don’t want too because I like the wood, but they’re not really real wood floors :( . Ah well. Maybe carpet will look good in it. My closet on the other hand is a semi walk in closet and is perfect for what I want to do with it. I might get a single bed like I’ve mentioned previously.

Ugh! a 10 minute presentation? I hate those! I had to do one in Government class in my senior year. I hated it with a passion. We had to choose what we wanted to do either positive or negative side and all the ones I wanted to do were taken by others so I was left with only a few left so I took the negative side and it was hard to understand.

So what’s this? A message board with Tiffany? Cool let me know when it’s up so I can join and what not! Heehee.

Lillian’s so funny on the whole comment thing. She must be notified when you have a new blog post or something because she always gets first comment lol. It’s kinda funny.

Yeah Beaumont doesn’t have any street lights isn’t that crazy? That’s why I said I’d get used to my surroundings before venturing off onto my own with out knowing how to get back and what not. Thank god that the cell numbers are still the same and what and the house phones will still be using verizon. Thank goodness.

hehe thanks. nice hosting site :D yeah I like your current layout alot.

Ugh. I suck at debating. That’s why I didn’t take history because in that class, you debate about who should win and what not. Plus, I’m not really good with history in the first place.

OMG. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Even though it’s March break, one of my teachers just have to give us a freaking test on the day we come back! That’s so stupid! Now, I can’t really enjoy my break. Plus, I have to do some packing and unpacking and stuff since we’re moving. UGH. Too much work!

LOL. What happened to me was worst. Me and my friends were walking and talking. I thought that the door was open coz someone was right in front of us. And as I was about to walk out, BAM. My face just smashed with the door – and it was glass! Plus, it was in school, so there’s a couple of students who saw it. HAHA

Amazingly, when I was about 11 or twelve I stopped calling people ‘black’; and I never thought boys had cooties or anything. Because I figured out that if it would make a difference, it should have already.

Anyway, sorry ’bout not reading your post, but this is quick!

OMG *HUGS* ARE YOU OKAYY? hahaahah you poor thing…running into a cabinet. Aww. :(

Okay I’ll make a fairly short comment so that you don’t have to think, “ughdamnittiffanywhydoyouleaveme long comments?!” hahaha.

I’ll just reply to your blog by numbering your paragraphs.

1. Dude that sounds like a shizton of work. You are a superwoman. At least you’re excited about holdire!! woo.

2. The show Fringe?! I’ve seen it before. It’s really cool but I haven’t had time to really really get into it. I’ve only seen the first episode. But it’s really neat.

3. I have a 6 hour break. So I go home & do whatever. But oh mann…you stay on campus..right? Or honestly what do you do with those 4 hours? OKAY this is what you do to become a better debater: think about a person who makes you angry & use that as fuel for a powerful debate. Don’t be emotional, don’t use fallacies, just use facts & point out THEIR fallacies. :D

4. 10 minutes goes by pretty fast! Don’t worry! I had to do a 10 minute presentation with a group of people for my english project. It was awesome. We wonnnn. We also debated. ahha.

5-7. I LOVEE JAPANESE FOOD..especially seaweed. Omg that’s why I make myself handrolls of nothing every morning because I haven’t any fish so I just make it out of rice & pour some eel sauce over it. So yummmy. I just love the combination of seaweed and rice. Whoa your school has seaweed in the vendors?! Too bad it’s way expensive…$4 is so expensive! But $1.60 is dirt cheapp! I should just send you various japanese lollies even though you probably have them. Japan is way closer to Australia anyway. ahahah.

WOO FORUM. shit that is not a short comment. But it’s okay, it’s not like you can reply to any of that anyway ahaha.

Yeah, we didn’t really end up talking it through, because he never seems to think that will work.. so it just kind of got ignored and we tried to just be happy.. which is always what happens, and then the same stuff happens a month or so later.. It’s a vicious cycle that he doesn’t seem to want to break.

I might try to make some new icons over the march break next week, thanks for the idea :) I loveee making icons, so I’ll just need to find some good categories to make them for.

And yeah, my paycheck should at least be somewhat decent now because of the shift. I don’t think I’ve ever worked a constant shift for as long as I did today.. my feet were killing me after.

I do find that a lot of plaid tends to be ugly. I don’t mind some of the coloured ones, but the colour just had to match nicely.. there are a lot of different plaid patterns too, and some of them just look weirdd.

At least you did site stuff during your 4 hours break, so it wasn’t totally a waste :P I always do that.. say to myself “okay, during this time I’m going to do this…”, but of course.. it never happens, so I say I will next time.. but next time doesn’t happen for like a week or two xD

Lol, you can eat seaweed? o.O I just picture the seaweed raw from the ocean.. what exactly is it/does it taste like? It sounds rather odd to me :p

Good luck on the debate! And on the presentation at the end o.O I absolutely hateee presenting.

Ow! Cabinets are so bad to run into. I have this cabinet in my kitchen where it’s over the counter, so it’s sorta hanging from the wall in a way, and I always hit my head on it because I’m much taller now!

Seeweed? Hmm….I may have to try that one day. Does it taste sort of like spinach?

Debate! I love debating. Once I’m a freshman in high school next year, I want to see if I can join my high school’s debate team.

Thanks! I’m just trying my best. What keeps me motivated: trying to beat my friend because he’s always bragging about his grades XD . Whenever I get a better grade than him on something, it usually shuts him up. I wanted an A, but I’m going to have to settle for a B in math, because I sorta failed my math final O_O .

Good luck with getting all your work done!

Yea I just now got my website fixed and have been crazy busy otherwise so that’s why I had to put off fixing my site till now.

Ooo yay for breaks and P.S. – I love FRINGE.

Wow that’s a big diff on the seaweed, woot for cheaper!!! Makes me want SUSHI!

Hah, yeah i’ve ran into walls walking too, lol. Hope you have a productive, good weekend! *hugs*

Good luck with getting all your work done! The debating thing sounds fun. But I don’t think I’m a good debater. I think I’ll just start yelling at my opponent instead of giving valid arguments XD

Seaweed is amazing!! /heart
I can eat a lot of packets too!! The Asian market always sells them cheaper. Machines are a rip off /argh

10 minute presentation!! I can barely stand doing presentations for 1 minute!! @_@

I’ll be sure to check out the forum board that you and Tiffany made :)

Eww… lots of work :( I have heaps at the moment, but obviously not on the scale of what you have (9th grade just doesn’t compare to uni ;P)

Good luck getting it done! My problem is procrastinating too… Like what I’m doing now ^^

I’d love a four hour break :) Sounds awesome. But then again it isn’t like you can really go home during the break so you feel like you were at uni for longer.

10 minutes for a debate presentation isn’t very long :/ Good luck :) I love debating (maybe just ’cause I love to argue and be right :P)

I’ve never had seaweed (apart from in sushi). What does it taste like, and where can I get some from?

Oh, I just saw your reply to the my last comment. The domains I love the most would probably be aquapheric.net, eyethief.com, and neverfly.org :)

Aw, thanks for letting me know! :) Aquapheric was one I didn’t think of, since I found it on the NameCheap marketplace. I love the name though!

Eyethief was just a funny joke between James and I. XD

Neverfly was just… kind of stolen from an Armor For Sleep song, haha. :)

Yeah, I have lots of work… I’m being a little lazy at the moment. /um But thank you!

Since Tiffany and I made the forum, I’ve been procrastinating and posting there instead of doing my work. :O And obviously now by returning comments I am procrastinating too.

Yeah, I am at university unnecessarily longer, but there isn’t much of a point going home, and it would cost more money.

Haha it is – when it’s ten minutes per person. When you’re up there it is SO much longer. 😢 But thanks; it’s a while yet but I’m still scared. I like arguing but debating is really formal so I don’t know… I don’t know how I’ll go.

Seaweed is yum! It’s hard to explain the taste but it’s like a really soft vegetable (in soup) or really crunchy (straight from the packet). :B You can get them in Asian supermarkets!

Thanks so much for your comment on my other post! *hugz* aww man, :( So sorry to hear that your fave band disbanded, it really sucks!! :(( Hope that you’ll be able to go to a concert still though! :D

Wow you really post regularly dear!!

Aww man.. i have debate nightmares… I’m okay with debating AS LONG AS I KNOW THE TOPIC, omg, I remember in my fourth year high school when we also had to do the same thing as you, I was first speaker though but it was a MISTAKE because the topic we picked was the TOPIC I DIDN’T READ ABOUT. Because man, just think, our English teacher gives us about 20 FRIGGING debate topics, and we have to research the PRO AND ANTI side of each one and it was just too much for me so I just did majority of them but lo and behold, came debating day, I the unlucky one picked the ONE I DIDN’T READ ABOUT. My gosh… I was able to scrape some things but it wasn’t enough, it was about the Aboriginals in Australia and I had some idea about it but not enough sources.


I too love seaweed and can finish PACKS OF THEM XD XD /bounce Haha XD

Good luck dear with the debate!!

Wow, sounds like you are really busy. I use to eat seaweed crackers all the time, they are so amazingly delicous ♥ all y friends thought I was weird though and I made them all try it. I love exotic foods and I wanna travel all around the word tasting different foods from different cultures XD

OMG! No wonder you always get so much done! You probably manage your time really well as well. I am not very good at that.

I have never tried seaweed. Now I want to.!

Can’t wait to see te forum. I will join!! :)

Haha, yeah, my mom tells my aunts embarrassing stuff that happened to me and my cousins heard the news so UGH. But yeah, I embarrass my parents intentionally a lot.

LOL, yeah, let’s not talk about that no underpants thing :P

Yeah. Well I know you’d get angry if I don’t inform, you.

Ugh, yeah. I hate it when they just advertise or something. I hate people who only comment answering the question I leave. They suck.

Yeah, I guess I wouldn’t want to get loads of comments. I’ve been trying to return all comments ASAP but now I just don’t feel like it anymore. But I still try to, because I want to :)

I like History a lot. You’re right, it’s really interesting. They said we’re going to have Greek Mythology in High School. I know how interesting that will be so I can’t wait!


Ugh, same here. We have loads of homework to do because we only have a week left before the final exams so we’re all pressured. So many projects due which I haven’t even done yet, so many quizzes to study for and so many sermons from our teachers that we only have a week left so we should listen to them and stuff.

I’d say I’m pretty good at debates because I want to become a lawyer someday. But I’m not entirely good at it, either. We’re going to have a debate about who we want to win as the next president of the country. I hope my teacher doesn’t call me. I don’t want to embarass myself.

Seaweed? I’ve never eaten seaweed before. I can’t imagine how it tastes, either. Hm..

Ooh, that must have hurt. But oh well, a person isn’t a person if she/he has never smack-banged on something.

I hope we both finish our work! Well I PRAY we both finish our work. I have so much on my hands right now. Comments, researches, projects and stuff. SIGH.

Good luck! ♥

Haha, at school when there are vaccinations, there are always a few of my classmates who faint. Like they faint every time there’s a vaccination going on.
I know there isn’t any rule when to change layouts, but I get sick of my layouts easily, which tend to make me change them often. And I can’t wait to see what you have in store for your next layout!
I just like Tim Burton films. He has incredible imagination. So see Alice in Wonderland… if you can! ;)
Ergh, sometimes I feel like quitting piano. I mean it’s just so hard trying to keep up with everything else in my life, including piano. And piano itself also made my mum scream at me too.
Yep, me too. When we first registered with TPG, we had a lot of downtime. And I always had to fix it on my own or if it was serious, I had to call TPG because I knew what modems are, what cables are, etc.
Hmm, I’ll consider both when I go shopping to look for boots. You can only find the right pair if you actually try them on.
LOL, I know about photosynthesis. We have a test about it and plants coming up soon for science.
These days I think about my future a lot. Like what career I’ll have and what are my future goals. But I have absolutely no idea.

Woah you have been busy! I can’t imagine moving 45 accounts!
I would love four hour breaks. But does it mean you need to stay at your university longer for your courses?
OMG FRINGE!! I love that show. One of my favourites.
I hate debating. I don’t like standing up in front of the class and giving speeches. It’s so embarrassing, so I normally avoid it if I can.
Hmm seedweed! And so much cheaper in an Asian supermarket! My friend brings along a pack to school and I always beg for one! There’s something about seaweed that I like. Maybe it’s the saltiness…
Oh and congrats on opening, I’m going to join Skeletons MB now!

Good luck with your new hosting site and stuff. wow your you are forty-five accounts, it is normal for you’ve been busy indeed.

I’ve never had four hour breaks, because I’m going to afternoon classes and only have 5 minutes between one class and another. It’s great that you take advantage of breaks

I guess work ahead is a good idea. Good luck with that.

You have to work on a project for discussion, it should be complicated, no? I’ve never done anything like that, but speaking in public do not really like. I hope you get it right.

Now I will check out your forum.

Georgina! :)
OMG, I miss talking to you. I was going to return your comment ages ago but since I closed my site and all, I didn’t have chance to. But I am now, which is still good. Lol.

Anyways, you sound like a busy bee. Aha. Hopefully, you’ll get everything sorted and blah. :D good luck with your assigments…

Blah. I’m dead scared when it comes to presentations… *shivers*

LOL. I’m always like that, I buy the cheap food…not the expensive one that are exactly the same…

I’ll be sure to check out yours and Tiff’s fourm. :)

Buh-bye, talk to you soon.

Wow you sound extremely busy, not sure how you found the time to make this post.

10 minute presentation? I have never been good at presentations and speaking in front of a room full of people.

Seaweed? Hmm I have never tried that before I just may have to one day.

I saw the forum and it looks amazing I will definitely be joining.

Yikes! I always manage to smack into something as well. I have the worst balance.

Woah, Holdfire’s resellers are over a hundred bucks! You have a LOT of domains. :P

-claps- Working ahead is something I can never accomplish myself. More admiration toward you! :P I’ve got a week off, but there’s nothing for me to work ahead on. For all my classes, I’m caught up, and in Spanish I’m ahead. The most I can do is find a novel for my English class and read the book.

My sister used to eat seaweed all the time. It was dried, though, so it might be different. I tried some and thought it was… odd.

I wouldn’t have been able to do it in person. Even now when I see him (which is between EVERY single class I have) I get all scared and embarrassed. That could be because I haven’t accepted the fact that I’m dating him now.

You’re very welcome. :D I know you’ll be able to get far.

How big was your school? For my first year of high school, there were around 1,400 kids, and now there are around 1,600. A lot of them are grade nines or grade twelves that are doing another year or semester. It’s funny, though, because other cities aren’t like mine. We’re, literally, a white spot on the map. A 20 minute drive to the next town shows more variety in culture and people. Ridiculous.

We’ve got a shoerack. I hate it so much. My shoes always get displaced onto it because my mom puts her boots, or her shoes, or both, where I usually put mine. Geez, I leave the house first (aside from my dad) every week day. It’s not like they’re in the way, either. D:

I had a four hour break between classes last year. It was painful at first until I realized that was the perfect amount of time to nap in my car. Lol.

I don’t think I’ve eaten seaweed plain. It sounds so odd to me, lol. Maybe I’ll have to try it! :)

I use to be grossed out when I heard some people ate seaweed but than I ordered seaweed salad and tried seaweed crackers once – I became SO ADDICTED to ANYTHING SEAWEED!!! I especially luv seaweed salad – YUMMY!!!!

Your new forum looks cool – best of luck with it!!!

I too hate debate and public speaking – mainly cause am shy as hell…you couldn’t pay me to go up and talk in front of a large group of people even if you threaten to fail me – I take an “F” over me making an ass of myself cause I know I will do that *LOL* As my voice get really small and kinda shrieky – sounds like a little kid…is freaking embarrassing

Hell, wish we had four hour breaks in USA…*LOL* School would be so much more funner had they done that now!!! *LOL*

I hate being overwhelmed with work. When you think you’ve finished something you only end up realising that you have a gazillion more things to do. Such a wonderful thing about life XD

Yay! I’m sure your hard work with switching the servers has, or will pay off ^^ Hopefully they’ll be more reliable this time, I have heard that they are good.

I suppose whether you do your uni work during your break or your site stuff doesn’t really make much of a difference because you can just do the uni work at home xD

Well good luck with your debating project! I don’t think I’ve debated for years :S I can barely remember the rules :o

Vending machine products can be so expensive nowadays. I rarely buy anything from there unless I’m desperate xD Yummm seaweed. I used to be addicted to that. :o

Congrats on opening your forum!
And don’t worry, I run into things all the time :( I ran into a wall once and my head hurt for days /hmph

Oh, wow, I had no idea you could just eat seaweed as a snack — What an awesome idea! 🤤 Before I run out and buy the wrong thing, though, can you seriously just buy the standard type of seaweed that you use to wrap around onigiri …? ‘Cause I have quite a large stock of that already, hehe. /bounce

And geez, a four hour break?! /ehh What up with the über long timespan, dude …? Not that it sounds like a tourtuous event or anything, LOL, but it does sound strange! D: Ah, well, it doesn’t matter anyway — It just means more free time for you to catch up on things.

Or, more importantly, buy seaweed. XD

But if you like Japanese foods, how about Pocky?! I’m guessing you love that, or at least have heard about it, bwahaha … If you haven’t tried it before, ((Definitely doubtful,)) Then I totally reccomend it! The milk, honey, and strawberry flavours are the best, along with the special ‘Dessert’ Pocky in the same sorts of flavours.

Another amazing Japanese treat are wasabi peas … And another cool type of treat I’ve heard about, but never had myself, are Japanese ‘food drops’, which are hard candies with REALLY unusual yet delicious flavours, like udon noodles, natto, Takoyaki, and so on … Plus they also have more ‘normal’ flavours, like cherry — Although they’re supposed to taste like ACTUAL cherries, not the standard manufactured type of faux cherries.

They sound freakin’ awesome to me, LOL. /eee

And I’ve bookmarked Skeletons MB, BTW — I don’t have time to join at the mo’, but I’m planning to, probably sometime next week. It looks fucking STELLAR, though! Such a gorgeous layout … And I assume that once you’re a member, there’s different themes you can choose …? I hope so, I freakin’ love being able to customise the forums I visit. ✌️

Hope you’ll feel a little less overwhelmed soon, by the by. :(

Woah! I hope you didn’t get hurt with the bump! Haha that almost happened to me once, I didn’t notice that a door was open and I was talking to a friend at that time and wasn’t really looking straight! Hahaha.

Long breaks are nice especially when you’re able to make yourself productive. In your case, (as usual) i’m AMAZED at how you’re able to balance everything… meaning ALL your sites!

Good luck in managing the forums! Hope I could get back to the whole forums mode. I used to be part of some message boards a few years back then eventually got tired of them :

Seaweeds? I’ve tried those once and never really liked it for some reason. I don’t know why. Blah.

I am bad at debating as well. I always have to be the middle speaker so that I don’t open or close the argument badly. When I had a long break between classes, I ate food, talked with friends, and did stupid stuff on my computer. I would never do actual work even though I wanted to haha. That is why I made sure I don’t have long breaks this term. Good luck with everything, and I am sorry I haven’t commented in God knows how long. I have missed your blog and I hope all is well ♥ :)

Haha, i looove eating seaweed, so that totally doesnt sound weird to me at all! :D As for your break between classes… at least you have things to do. I have a friend who has a 6 hour break – how crazy is that?!

I can’t imagine moving 45 accounts and arranging them properly! My goodness, it was indeed a major site work for you. But congrats for keeping it all up!

I actually hated long hour breaks. I remember we had 5-hour during my 1st year in college and it was totally boring. It’s 2007 so I wasn’t blogging yet that time. But it’s totally helpful during these years. Talk about being bombarded with deadlines, projects and a whole lot more.

We just had a debate last March 1st, and it went kind of well. I hate debating (though not when I’m debating with my boyfriend. Haha!). You’re lucky because you’re the middle speaker. The pressure was on me because I was the last speaker, therefore, concluding all what they said will be my task. And it’s pressuring as well.

I don’t have any idea how seaweed tastes like. Meh.

Aw sucks! LOL. I hope you didn’t get a lump or something on your forehead.

Huhu, Fringe! /bounce That makes three of us. Teehee

The seaweed is bad for you /bash
Lot of salt, and sulfur dioxide from the preserving process. Gonk! D: Don’t eat too much/at once

Hahah, Cabinet! /bounce
Reminds me of the time when you walked into the glass door in building 6
It was Hrrng /love


I bet you’ll find other people who like it too. It sounds like the kind of show Brandon would like. He’s been downloading Criminal Minds. :3

Seaweed isn’t bad for your insides… :O I only heard that it’s bad for your skin. *pimple pop* 😰

But I usually eat the ones that aren’t salted. :) The ones in large packets that they use to wrap sushi with; not the special seasoned snack ones. :B

It took me a while to remember that. /um It was quite funny LOL. /bounce I thought it was open!!

Well, our plan was changed. :D We went to a theme park instead. I’ll blog about it, later, maybe. I’ve been really lazy with my site and comments. :P

Thankss. :D You’re really nice too. <3

Hehe yeah. Although I think my dad is going to turn his apartment into a studio or something. 😏 He loves art (obviously, as he is an architect :P) so he is going to work on statues and paintings in his apartment as my mom gets annoyed whenever she sees his paint brushes and stuff in this house. XD

Yep, I try to think positive. I don't get out of the house much anyways so I wouldn't have to wear them much, and I can wear whatever like inside the house. ;)

Hehe, my sister wants to study in Australia, and she once said that she will take me along with her if she can. My dad will probably allow it, since he thinks people should have an experience of everything. But my mom would kill me and my sister if I'm taken away from her, and my dad too if he allows it. XD

Yes you are. :) I slack off sometimes but I know that I want to get into college and do something good in my future, unlike some people. Those people are the ones who should feel guilty. A lot of my friends are like that; they just don't want to study.

History really is interesting, but studying for it just feels like hell. O_O When I'm in class 7 (which is grade 9 or 10, I think) history will no longer be compulsory for us. But we will have some other compulsory really hard subjects. D:

My life is pretty stressful at the moment too. But at least you work on your sites, I don't even do that even though I do have free time. @_@

Being anti-social… I would have done the same thing! :P But that's lucky you had something to do, and two people for company. :)

Ohh boy, a ten-minute presentation would probably kill me. D: Hopefully the debate goes well.

I have never eaten seaweed.

I'll join your forum right after this comment. :)

Running into things, that's so like me. I hope that did not hurt much! I ran into a teacher today. 😳

good luck with ur work, i have done 2 essays this weekend and im shattered because they were hard. that is weird that u eat seaweed but o well im not gonna judge cause im not like that. ive had plenty of embarrassing moments, you are not alone there so i feel fo r u

Wow…why are you moving your hosting site from heartdrops.info to Floriental? I liked heartdrops.info. I think it would be cool if you owned heartdrops in most, if not all, extensions that way you can make sure no one else is stealing your “identity” on the web. :)
That would probably cost too much though. :/

Awesome 4-hour breaks! :D Well, I am glad you get to “hang” with your friends. You must be having fun! :D

I used to be in speech so I know what you mean. I never wanted to go up in front of people but I was just like, well, if I want to be a teacher then go right ahead. Ugh. Oh well. I didn’t have to memorize anything though, which I am sure you have to do. It’ll all be good though. The ten minute thing you have to do will fly by in the blink of an eye so there is nothing to worry about. :)

When you wrote about seaweed I was just like o.0 what?! ewww. But then again I do live in another country & I am not eating it. So, I can’t really say anything about it.

I joined your forum and made a button. I have it up on my sidebar of my website. :) I also have it as an attachment on my introduction post. :)
Yeah, hahaahahaha. Moments like that are okay, but I’d rather look back on funny moments and laugh. XD

Hahhhaha. Not a boots fan here. :/

YAY! I’m glad it was all better. :D

I was diagnosed with pharyngitis when I really had the swine flu or H1N1. It was just like the regular flu. People are blowing it WAY out of proportion here in the US. People only die if they already had something wrong with their immune systems.

No problem.

Yes, & I hope she is. :)

Yeah, that is so true.

Yeup. I would like $10 an hour but I am good with minimum wage.

I know. I owned foreverangle.info and foreverangel.info. I still own the domains. They haven’t expired yet, that I know of. If they did. oh well. I am sure no one has bought them. Hahahah.

Can you really live on seaweed ?? That’s strange, would like to try it once though it’s like almost impossible to find here in PT so i heven’t ever taste it yet xD

We used t have 3 hours of break on highschool and i would like, go crazy, how do you get around 4 hours ? x|

Good luck with uni, and watch out where you’re walking xP

xoxo Becky

I love having breaks from school, but I usually waste the time not doing coursework. :D hehe. Believe it or not I’ve never tried seaweed – what does it taste like? :S
and AHA I giggled when you said you walked into a cabinet. /hehe that’s made my evening.

Trivium are great if you’re into metal music – they’re really great live too. :) and thankyou for the belated brithday hug! *hugs back* ♥

You’re so… active. XD Like, you have so much to do, yet you somehow get it all done. @_@ I procrastinate. A lot. Until I have no choice but to do it. 😳

Wow. I mean, I like seaweed, but not that much! XD You eat quite a bit of seaweed. :3

Congrats on opening the forum! :) Perhaps I’ll create an account, though I’ll probably hardly ever go on.

LOLOL. EPIC fail, you mean. :3 Ah, well, I bang into things all the time. Once, I was walking backwards while talking to my friend, and she neglected to let me know that there was a person behind me. XD It was very awkward.

Aw, thank you. You’ve actually “up”ed my mood a little.
My dad is fine right now. I guess it really was just a cold. He’s still aching, though.
I think it’s the ringmaster’s top hat…and other colorful objects. I’ve heard that Alice In Wonderland was a disappointing movie…
I’m using Lightbox because I get annoyed whenever I click on a picture preview and it opens in a new tab/window.
Really? I want some Mew cards. <3
I always had this with Pikachu's tale. Like an urge to just rip it off, haha.
I actually forgot about the spider, since it's so tiny. :O I think it's still up there. I'll have to check later.

Wow, you did lots of webbie work. The layout of the new forum looks so beautiful.

Haha, you guys were so anti-social that you were social. In a non-talkative way.
FRINGE. <3 I haven't watched that show in ages. I've only seen a couple episodes of the first season.

Ew, I hate debating. Especially if there's a time limit.

They sell seaweed in vending machines? :O

Wowsers, that’s a lot to move over. I hate moving servers.

I’m glad your breaks aren’t that bad and there’s a lot to do. Good luck with working on your presentation for the end of the semester. I’m sure it’ll be fine! You’ll be great!

I’m going to join your forums. :)

Anti-social, people have called me that. I’m like
I have no exscuse…so? :D
Work, I love work, especially when it is over. :)

I have never eaten seaweed and until I hear how they clean it or how it is already clean I don’t think I ever will. :) Yeah, vending machines are so highway robbery!

I love speeches too, especially when they are over. But I feel really good when I am prepared. 😰

Congrats on opening the forum!

You do better than me, I’ll be a zombie and hit a body part then ten minutes later be like ow! What did I do?