Edge of the Ocean

Ahhhh. Overwhelmed. I have a lot to do… a lot of work… blah. 😞

Yesterday and today (it’s past midnight so theoretically I’ve just said the wrong thing) I spent hours working on my hosting site, which, instead of being located at Heartdrops.info, will be at Floriental.org. Yesterday I moved about 45 accounts over to my new reseller at Holdfire, and rearranged pages, sorting out hostees’ files, and getting the new site ready.

I think I’m beginning to get used to these four-hour breaks at university. Vicky, Ryan and I were (for the most part) incredibly anti-social and were on our laptops nearly the whole time. Vicky was watching some Fringe (I think James is going to start bouncing 😁 about this very fact), Ryan was reading (something) and replying to emails, and I was doing the general site-stuff and pretty much spacing out.

Of course I regretted not doing work. 😰

I swear I will next time! And I plan on going to the market as well. 😧

This weekend I’ve got lots of work to do – not really catching up, but working ahead. I really want to get ahead so that later I’ll have time for my other assignments.

But as I said, the four-hour breaks aren’t too bad. πŸ™‚ I thought I would be dead tired by the time we had our afternoon class, but I wasn’t. The thing I hate about this class is that we’re working on a debating project. It sucks because we’re not going to be marked as a group, but individually. Too bad I’m second speaker. I don’t like that idea, but apparently because I’m the weakest at debating, I’m going in the middle.

Ryan’s going first… because he’s the master, really. πŸ˜› I can just stem my points from whatever he says. I’m not looking forward to it though. It’s just building up for what’s at the end of semester – a ten minute presentation. 😦

I don’t like being so caught up. Looks like my sites will be a bit behind – or at least here, with comments. Hmm.

Today, shortly before class, I wanted to buy seaweed. Ryan told me just to get some from the vending machine. I refused, because it was close to $4 for a packet. Expensive.

Instead I decided to run to the Asian supermarket and buy a packet of seaweed, since I knew it would be much cheaper. I grabbed a whole packet for just $1.60. 😁

I mean it when I say I can live on that stuff (seaweed). I don’t really care about brands or types because most seaweed tastes amazing to me. I love Japanese food, but no doubt people think it’s insane that I can eat packets and packets of seaweed. Ryan kept stealing my seaweed; he was so shocked that I was just eating more and more. O_O

Also, Tiffany and I are nearly ready to announce the opening of our much-awaited forum. I’m so dead beat, I haven’t had the chance to fix up things and do my part! Yagh!

[edit] Tiffany and I have opened our forum! Visit Skeletons MB! [/edit]

Also, yesterday, an embarrassing moment. I wasn’t looking ahead of me when I was walking with Vicky and Rachel… we were talking in the hallway as we were walking, and all of a sudden I ran smack-bang into a cabinet on the wall. Fail. πŸ˜•

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