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In case you haven’t caught up or heard, Tiffany and I opened our forum. We now have over 60 members in the space of just a few days, and nearly have a thousand posts in total! I would like to thank everyone who has joined so far. :) Visit Skeletons MB!

It has been somewhere I procrastinate, unfortunately. I’ve been posting there just to avoid doing other work. Bad. 😰

How do you guys procrastinate? I find that I just get distracted from what I’m doing and start playing a game or surfing the internet, when I’m supposed to be typing an essay or something like that. When I procrastinate, it’s usually because I got distracted in the first place. I seem to be a worse procrastinator now than I was before – that being in high school.

I always used to get my work done on time and sometimes earlier; that way I had less to do and I could just muck around.

When I’m engrossed in something it’s a bit hard for me to break out of it. I think I’m really on a roll, and I get super pissed off when someone distracts me.

The past few days have been really terrible. My mum has been pestering me to do housework since she had a weekend off, and when she has weekends off, she wants to clean the house because it’s the only chance she gets. It’s not like our house is a pigsty, or its condition needs to be maintained because it sparkles everywhere. But, admittedly, our house is a bit of a mess. The funny thing is that it looks like there is so much stuff everywhere, but everything seems to have its place. And she has interrupted my studies a few times. :(

We had another huge fight the other day. Not something I really want to talk about, but it was terrible, and sometimes I just feel like running away in the hope that everything will be better. It really hurts inside. And I felt like cutting myself again. I don’t want to go back to those dark days. I tried so hard not to. I bit my lip and my hands just to stop myself.

It’s hard. Some parts of me struggle. I know I snap back at my parents a lot. I have an awful temper. But I’m always trying to look on the bright side. I know that sometimes I just have to keep quiet and obey… It’s hard to talk to my parents about things that concern them, of course.

It doesn’t help that someone was impatient for me to open my hosting site and was really damn rude about it (not you Jamie; don’t worry). I want to do reviews again but of course, I just think that someone is going to snap at me for not doing reviews quickly enough. /angry

It’s come to the point where I have to use my laptop in the wee hours of the morning just to get stuff done.

There was a time when James sat with me for two hours as I was crying – pretty much about the same family problems. I was crying over and over but I was talking, telling him my feelings, choking it out. Sometimes it just helps to talk to someone. And I can’t thank Lilian enough for reading my garbled angry words on MSN when I suddenly explode to rant. ♥️

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First? ♥ :)

Yay! I’m first. :D XD

Congrats on opening the forum. :) It looks great. I’m probably going to join it next week since then I’ll be 13 years old. I can’t wait. :D

I procrastinate a lot. And I hate when I do that. 🤬 I get distracted easily by the computer. When I have to do some homework or do something for school. I just say I’ll do it later, now I’ll be a little more on the computer. And I absolutely hate it when I do that. So I try to not get distracted by the computer. I think that will be really hard. XD

Wow! That’s weird. This weekend my mother had a weekend off, and she asked me to help her with cleaning the apartment. I’ve worked my butt off. I was so tired. And my muscles hurt from the working. We have a lot of stuff in our apartment, but the there isn’t a lot of place. It’s so tiring when you have to get the stuff out just to clean the place and then put them back. :(

I had a fight with my mother too. It wasn’t that terrible, but it just rips my heart off when I fight with her. I have a really bad temper and say things that I’m not supposed to say. I hope that you will get some faith. Just look on the bright side. I hope that you will feel better.

You shouldn’t rush because of some people just to open your hosting site or open your reviews section. Just take your time. And as I said you should take some sleep.

I really hope that you feel better. If only I had somebody to say my problems. Its always good to let out your feelings. *hugs* ♥

Thank you! Can’t wait till you join. The forum is on fire since so many people joined. :D

I hate when I procrastinate too. It leaves me feeling so bad because then I have to catch up on all my work. I try to make a plan and sometimes it works but other times it doesn’t. The worst feeling is feeling guilty because you have procrastinated.

The computer is an unfortunate distraction but I need it for most of my studies now. Terrible!

Aww, I hope you feel better and less sore soon. It annoys me too when my mum asks me to help out a lot. But our house does look a bit cleaner. :)

I hate that too! Getting stuff out of the way just to vacuum and sweep and dust – is very annoying.

I have a bad temper as well, and sometimes I snap back. I know my mum hates it though. I’m trying hard not to annoy her… but it’s hard because everything I do seems to be bad. :O

I used to feel so alone in the past, like no one could listen to my problems. But now it’s changed and I know there are ways to deal with my anger. I can talk to people or listen to angry music; just let it all out. *hugs* ♥

Jesus, Georgina. Sounds like you really have rough lately. But I beg of you to continue doing your best not to cut. You don’t want to go down that road, not again, since it seems you were there before. Cutting does not help…it just causes more and more pain. Physical pain cannot possibly cut out the pain of your emotional.

When it comes to your procrastination, I totally know how you feel. I’m pretty stressed myself, actually. I am so focused on my website, and then I get distracted, when I shouldn’t. I need to do my website so I can do even more important things. I should do the important things first, but I just want to get my site done and out of the way, you know?

I wish I could help you with that part, but all I can do is tell you to try and relax yourself and always remember that you can do it and many people believe in you. I know you’ll be able to do it. <3

Don't worry about those people who make a fuss. It's your life, you can take as long as you want, and if they're going to complain about it, screw them. They can't rely on someone and then expect things to go their way. If they want their way, they can do it themselves.

I know we don't know each other that well, but if you need someone to talk to and I'm around when no one else isn't, I'll be more than happy to hop on MSN and talk to you anytime!

And Katerina, not to be rude, but Georgina's blog post was filled with pain and she needs comfort, not someone claiming the first comment.

Hello! I’m sorry, I was losing my moot when you posted, so I didn’t get first comment :( /wah I SHALL HAVE MY VENGEANCE! (H)

Yaaaaaay! You and Tiffany have opened your forum :D That is SO COOL. I have a best friend, who has a FORUM! /love *squeeeeal* I’m so sorry, I’ve been so caught up with mooting lately, I haven’t had a chance to join, but don’t worry! I shall join at the first free moment I have (hopefully tomorrow). Remind me, okay? /um

Hahahaha, me too, me too. I procrastinate more now too. And that’s bad because I have WAY more to do, which sucks :( We’re too of a kind. Don’t worry. I think we’re still managing to SORT of keep up with everything. HIGHLY stressful though.

How do I procrastinate? God, I have the dumbest way to procrastinate sometimes. I just stare into space. Or lie in my bed and stare into space. It’s so bad. Or I find a random book I love and then I read a random chapter. Or I go to facebook (I suck, I know) or tumblr. Or research random things on the internet. Hahaha. I’m so bad.

Yeah, I’m like you. When I’m really concentrating on something, and someone interrupts me, I just feel like STABBING the person. /angry It’s like momentum GONE. It MUST be so hard for you trying to do ANYTHING when your mother keeps interrupting you. Lucky for me, when I’m doing work or playing piano my parents largely leave me alone. :P

It sucks that your mother had to disturb your weekend. There is SO much you can get done during weekends. :(

And it sucks you had another fight with your Mum :( I hate fighting with my parents. Even if it rarely happens for me.

I’m glad you didn’t cut yourself though :) You shouldn’t EVER cut yourself. You shouldn’t hurt yourself when other people have hurt you :( ME AND JAMES LOVE YOU LOTS :D


And I will listen to you rant on msn ANYTIME :D ♥

Hello! Haha don’t worry about first comments! :)

Join when you want! Just be aware that there are so many people there now… you’re missing out on all the fun… haha. Remember the Girra forums? Like that but more fun. :D

I feel soooo bad because you know how I was usually on top of things in high school (okay, minus the maths homework). I think your ways to procrastinate are less distracting than mine though.

I haven’t been on Tumblr in a while! I just occasionally post. :O

I’m so behind with online things! We both need a break. Yet again.

I guess the internet is a distraction in itself but it’s annoying when my mum chooses the worst time to ask me something. :O

I could have done a lot last weekend but no. :( I shall have to wait again. I don’t have much work this week that is actually due, but I have assignments to start now.

*hugs*! ♥

I don’t have a lot to say in response to this – but I’m glad you resisted the urge to cut yourself again. It always seems like the best thing to do at the time, but knowing you’ve “fallen off the wagon” again is an awful feeling. It’s not worth life-long scars just for a moment of peace.

It sounds like everybody gives you a really hard time, and you’re doing your best to cope with that (which I admire), but don’t hesitate to just tell them all to go away (except your Mum — I don’t imagine that would go down too well!) when you need them to. It’s not worth all of this stress just to keep people happy.

Re: Procrastinating: I tend to find other things I ‘need’ to do and do those instead, heh. At the moment, instead of working on one of my three upcoming FLs or revamping the five in need of new layouts, I’ve finally started filling a folder up with website-related documents (installed scripts, passwords, domain certificates, etc). /hmph

Thank you, Jennifer. Your comments always make me realise that I am stronger than I believe. ♥

Ooh, it would be nasty if I snapped back at mum since that has put me in trouble so many times. Too many times, in fact. Thankfully no one has piped up since I raged on my blog more about it recently. But whoever is impatient or rude… *smacks face*

Surprisingly I am organised with all my files and folders on my laptop, but I think I’m starting to suck at making plans with my time. XD

i feel the same way about my parents, i can never do what i want because of my “condition”, i hate it when my parents use that excuse. i want to run away to, i always think that, but dont think of cutting again, it never proves anything trust me ive tried :(.. do u have facebook? maybe i can add u or MSN?

Yeah, i pretty much procrastinate every single day. Especially in my first period class and all those assignments my english teacher assigns…sooooo boring! Usually i get side tracked by seeing the computer (it calls out my name………… /ehh ) and then ill get on it and get on facebook or something haha well now its facebook and your new message bored, congrats to u and tiff for getting it up!

you kind of sound like what my boyfriend is going thru right now . i feel terrible b/c i dont know what to do to help him and make him feel better other than to reassure him that i love him and that i care about him that im here for him. but it sucks cuz i hear that annoying woman constantly yelling at him and making him work around at home and it is aggrvating seeing as he already has school, football practice, his own job, and then she wants him to be the maid around the house too? i just think its pathetic. plus she takes half his money when he gets paid, and it pisses me off since she doesnt even have her own job! /angry

he says when he turns 18 he is getting out of that house, he’s also wanted to run away. so have i sometimes, but ive never had the guts to do it. lol mostly cuz idk where id go…

but anyways, i really hope things get better for you and improve :) take care<3

I have a habit of snapping back at my parents (well in this case just my Mother. I don’t know my father) as well. She’s done me wrong in the past and we were never close. She was always a bad parent in a way but she had her days when she was decent. I turned out sweet and caring only because of my Nan – she made an impact on my life as to not let people down because if I do I feel as if I let myself down.

it hasn’t got better between my Mother and I and doubtfully ever will though I hope things get better with your life.

I procrastinate a lot and it’s my goal as to not to anymore because when I do I end up handing in things late and getting well needed points taken away for something I could’ve prevented. I’ve always procrastinated so it’s a big step not to.

I know how it feels to have to clean the house and whatnot by your mom because my mom does that too. There just isn’t enough space to put everything so it becomes a bit of a mess. : We need a bigger space seriously or more drawers/shelves to put things away. Maybe you guys just need more drawers and shelves as well? But is it necessary for a mom to ask their child/children to clean the mess up or do chores while they are studying for school? Maybe if they’re taking a break I’ll understand, but not when they’re studying.

My mom and I have been arguing a lot lately too and I wished that I was to disappear as well. I’ve never cut myself before, but sometimes it hurt so bad that I want to do it. I cannot stand pain so that is what stops me. But you shouldn’t cut. You should find another method to try and take anger out on. That’s what I’m trying to do. Mind I suggest you a pillow or something? Maybe just step out and take a deep breath of fresh air and walk around the neighborhood to forget some of the worries for awhile. That should work.

Woops! Sorry bout that, I thought holdfire was the hosting site. I’m dumb like that sometimes. Just so you know, I sometimes miss things when reading blogs. XD

woops! I pressed submit to soon. Dont worry about the family issues. It happens to everyone at times, but just try to stay calm, however hard it may be, and just try to get through everything as best you can! :)

How did you cope with a brace like this for a year?! It’s driving me mad already. I’ve only got to wear it for just over a week now so I’m happy. It’s a pain having to take it out every time I eat because I’m always eating!!

I just wanted to to protect the back of my ipod from getting scratched. It’s already got loads of scratch marks on the back. I haven’t managed to drop it yet though!

That’s lucky you get the wall charger with your iPod/iPhone. It must be different in England. They give you the tiniest box ever with barely anything in it.

I didn’t use to go to the cinema very often. I’ve got more into going with my friends now. I loved Alice in Wonderland but everyone has their own opinions.

I know, forms annoy me!

Yeah I looked for my shoes on the official converse site and they weren’t there!

I only ever use one handbag despite the fact I have so many.

My computer always distracts me from my work. Especially my website. Anything to be honest is better than work :)

Uhh I hate housework and I will avoid it as much as I can.

I know how you feel. I snap at my parents a lot and then I feel bad. But sometimes they annoy me so much, they push me to do it.

Sometimes we all need a good cry. I’ve cried on my boyfriend loads and he always supports me. Sometimes he cries to because he hates to see me upset.

I’m a procrastinator as well, and it’s very bad lol. I get distracted easily at home because there’s so much I would rather do than homework… I guess that’s going to have to change lol. I usually come on the internet- my website, others, facebook, msn… it’s weird because for me, being under pressure makes me get the work done and I usually get a better mark on things than when I do it when I’m supposed to -.-

it seems youve had a lot of problems with your parents, and believe me, you are not alone. my father and I dont see eye to eye a lot of the time and we’re constantly on each others case about something. We both have a bad temper, so when things happen or go wrong.. its really bad. I try to avoid him for the most part, but that’s not always easy.. lol. I hope things get better, and I hope you don’t turn back to cutting.. :( *hugs*
you shouldn’t feel rushed to do reviews- its something you’ve chosen to do and it should be something you want to do when you feel like it- not because people are pestering you, but I get that that’s annoying… maybe take a break for a while? I don’t really know…
it’s good that you have people like James and Lillian to talk to, and your right, talking about it and getting your feels out always make you feel much better about things… i hope everything turns out for the best for you :)

Georgieee (:

Remember when I said that I would read your blog during my break at school today? I lied. I didn’t do it ); Instead, I watched The Office while I was studying for my Management exam. I hate that class.

I’m actually in that class right now. I’m pretending to take notes on my laptop so I don’t completely fall asleep. Yaaay <3

I was reading your blog earlier, but got distracted by your new forum! I signed up. I don't regularly get involved in blogger-made social websites, but I'm gonna try this time. I know that it's important and chock full of great stuff because you took a lot of time to create it with Tiffany even though you're so busy! I'm expecting great things …(:

I'm so bad at procrastinating. Well, I guess I'm GOOD at it, but that's a bad thing, lol. I get so submersed in whatever TV series I'm watching (usually Friends), that I focus more on the show instead of actually doing work. I especially put papers off because the due date seems so far away… when in reality, it creeps up on me so quickly. I'll tell myself "just one more makeup site to browse" or "just one more blog to read" and then 5 hours later I'm Googling McCauley Caulkin o.O

Eek. I feel like you and your mom fight a lot. Please correct me if I'm wrong, because I don't want to say anything bad about your relationship with your mom, but that's how it comes across sometimes from your tweets. And it seems like whenever you two are in a fight.. it gets pretty bad. I'll always think that your parents put too much pressure on you and let your brother rot around in front of his computer. I know what you mean! My house is like that too. Maybe our families are such packrats and just keep stuff "in their place" even though we haven't seen/used/touched those things since like we moved in -___-

I didn't know you used to be a self-injurer ..? I know it's a very sensitive topic, so you don't have to answer any of the following questions, but: how long ago were you doing it? What caused it? How and why did you stop? Did James know? Does your mom know? I'm sorry girlie ); I used to do it too.. but I never actually cut myself to the point of heavy bleeding.

James is so good to you! And so is Lilian! You have such a great friendship-based support system. Don't let go ♥

I spend soo much time on Facebook instead of working, when I was a student not long ago.

I feel like that with my parents as well. I lived out for 3 years during university and completely loved the freedom. For many many years I’ve wanted to leave home and live away from my parents. I got that chance finally during university. I thought I was going to miss home after awhile but I didn’t really.

Now that I’m back home again I really hate it. I can’t afford to move out yet because I only just started this job. I’ve had times where I’ve cried because I wanted to move away but don’t have to ability to.

Don’t hurt yourself tho, even if it doesn’t really hurt and feel really bad, just try really hard not to. It’s really really dangerous, I’m sure you can find other ways to remove that pain or something to distract you from it!

Can you really consider it dating if your twelve? I guess you can when your twelve and think you are all grown up. It seems like the older you get the more stressful every choice comes. I remember when I was little and the biggest choice I had to make was what candy bar to choose at the grocery store. I hate that feeling when you know you should do something but you just don’t want to. Like right now I should be doing my homework, but I feel compelled to just type away on the computer. There’s a lot of things I wish I made time for, but some how the computer and TV totally divert my attention.

Ngawwee! *hugg*s
That was D:

Don’t cut yourself. That’s silly /bounce

Gonk, I’ll have a look at Skeletons when my net’s back. Hrrng

I should be able to get out early on Friday :)

Talk to you later *scrobble*


*hugs* I love you. ♥

I thought you had a look already! :P Ah yes, you’re capped too. I forgot. :B

Hopefully I can see you on Friday… I have Pez for you. /bounce I finish at 4!

I understand where your coming from. When things like these happen, some of us take the route of punishing ourselves for things we can’t do.

Just like you, me and my mom fight a lot. I tried talking to her about her parenting issues but of course she wouldn’t listen ‘coz she thinks she knows better.

I know my life is not perfect, but I like encouraging people to stand up and move forward with their lives. Just think of this as another challenge.

But it’s nice to let these frustrations out you know, whether through writing or talking to a friend. Whatever it is that’s bothering you, I’m pretty sure you’ll find a resolution to them.

I procrastinate the same way you do, plus doing the work I need to do but like start to think about my life’s fails and wins.
I guess I understand that you stopped cutting. Although, I occasionally cut when I’ve reached my breaking point. /um

I start having a daydream or even just surfing the internet. Today I planned to work ahead on my assignments but I didn’t… and I surfed the internet instead.

I feel like I want to explode sometimes. But don’t cut! ♥ I know how it feels but sometimes I feel worse after doing it. It’s all in my past now. Sometimes I feel like all I need is a pillow to punch, to scream at something or to talk to someone and have a hug.

Nice forum. I just checked it out. I’ll register the next time I come online again. I’m trying to rush on getting things done. I have to go after I leave this comment.

I used to be like that. I would procrastinate too. I don’t want to do the assignment. Sometimes I tend to get distracted too. I want to just watch tv, go on the internet or play The Sims game.

My parents would make me do my homework. They don’t want to see me watching tv or on the computer. I know I’ll get yelled at.

I’m sorry to hear about you and your mom fighting. I’m sure you two will patch things up. Just give each other space for the time being. Maybe you should talk to a counselor. That might help. Before, I never get along with my mom too. My dad would say yes and my mom would say no.

wow. it’s really weird… just two days ago i was thinking about how much i missed good MBs, and now you’ve created one (: lol
anyway, i’m def joining once i get a moment to register and whatnot

and i hate procrastinating, but i can’t stop it :( i’m actually quite horrible with regard to that – i have a test and an essay due tomorrow, and i haven’t started working on either. oh my.

The forum is great! The name is really cool too. A lot of members joined quickly so that’s a good thing :)

I procrastinate ALL the time. The way I start procrastinating is that I get really caught up with the internet and tv and then when I have time later I decide not to do it. It’s really bad. I wonder if it’s a disease?? /huh

We always clean our house. My mom always makes sure the house is very tidy and neat. I’m not a slob, I’m just way too lazy to clean sometimes. I clean on my own time and pace and my family always nags me to clean this and that. I’ll do it, but not right away.

Please don’t do anything drastic!! I know you’ve been through hard times, and all the people close to you and you yourself will get through it. So don’t worry, you have a lot of people that love you ♥ ♥

That was really rude of that person to just keep nagging you and asking how long your going to take. They probably don’t understand that you can’t do everything all in one day.

Btw, I changed Bookwormy back to a blog. After much of convincing, I decided to do it again XD

hehe yeahh i wore that trophy around my neck the whole day .

break time for students is just a lot of homework and staying home heh. sucks. my mom wants me to clean my room too but.. thats not happening…

no problem, the forum is off to such a great start!

yeahh we’re putting our clocks forward too :D longer dayssss.

i always procrastinate. it takes so much motivation to actually stay on task . i have an awful temper as well… my mom knows i do heh. omg no georgina, no cutting :( nonono. deep breathes, you’ll get through those moments. i had one of those fustrating days today with my grandma but i just went to my room and ranted online and to my friends. yes yes, crying is an option and ranting to friends on MSN :) its better than the dark rode.

Ahh procrastination. I’m actually doing it now XD I usually get distracted by the internet or I even start cleaning my room O_O

Aww *hugs* sorry about you and your mother. Working makes mothers angry (it makes my mother really snappy), and I’m sure if she knew you were studying she wouldn’t want to bug you. Maybe you could distance yourself from your parents when you feel like you’re about to explode at them? Take time out, and get back to them later, even if they get annoyed about it. Maybe that would help?

Well I’m glad you have James and Lilian to comfort you, and be there for you :) I myself am lucky to have a friend that will listen to my raging and complaining. XD

Thanks for the big comment at my blog! ♥

I joined your forums yesterday. I will have to try and post there but I feel like I’m the oldest person there. I feel like an old fart!

I am sorry that your mom was making you do lots of housework and that you got into a fight. That is never fun. It’s hard when you are at a stage where you really need your independence but you can’t have it yet. You’re mature for your age and your parents seem to want to hold you back more than the average parent. It’s a bad combination. Haha!

James is so good to you! That was so nice of him to be there for you when you needed to let it all out! ♥

AHHHHHH FACK REVIEWS. I NEED TO EFFIN’ DO THOSE. LULZ dude I finished like one a long time ago & I got no feedback from the person I reviewed! I sent them an e-mail. Shit. ahahaha. I should really get on that crap. EFF ME I’M A TERRIBLE PERSON..& I HAVEN’T EVEN GOTTEN TO THE STUPID AWARDS. DAMN IT. FCK. AHAHA.

OKAY onto your blog: woooooooo. Srsly let me check our member count right now: 76 members! If we get 100 members by the end of the week, that’d be sooo awesome. We’re kind of slowing down in the member count but whatever, as long as we’re growing, it’s fine.

I need to make a signature too because mine is so plain. :( Plus we gotta make use of my bandwidth! & space! Despite our like 1500 posts, skeletons has only taken up like 5 mb! hahaha. so amazing.

Aw you talked to me about the fight you & your mom got into. *hugggsss* stay positive, love! :)

Um I would copy & paste your blog but seriously that’d be ridiculous. Skeletons has been the #1 thing that keeps me from going to bed on time lately. wtf it’s 1:23 am. I should’ve been sleeping an hour ago.

This forum is way too exciting. -_-


I think it’s normal (for those who webdesign excessively as a hobby) to procrastinate. At least, the above is true for most of us ^^ It doesn’t help that we continue to make excuses to procrastinate like that gorgeous forum (which I joined – now I’ll never get any work done ^^), but I honestly can’t say I mind ;D Procrastination is the new productivity…. ^^

While I’m on the topic of Skeletons, I find it funny that the gender options, while including the generic ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ also include ‘None’ and ‘Other’. If there was an option for Alien, I would definitely choose it.

D: I hate housework. I feel sorry for you… Every holiday I have, my mum makes me clean my entire room, regardless of how clean it is X_X I’m so sorry you fought with your mum, but don’t let it get to you! Chin up, Georgie, we all love you here. Don’t cut yourself, it never makes anything better.

As for the laptop in the wee hours of the morning (this comment does not follow any kind of order X_X), I have the same problem. I had eight weeks to do a very simple Photoshop folio for design tech, but I kept procrastinating (partly because Windows 7 is awful on the school computers), so I did pretty much the whole thing at some ridiculous hour the night/morning before :/ Stupid me.

Don’t worry about people being impatient. Most people are impatient, although it’s really rude to pressure someone with your impatience… Relax :) The worst thing that could happen was that they said something rude and decided not to get a review here, which wouldn’t be much of a loss anyway because by doing that they’d be a pretty darn awful person. That made no sense.

Okay, I’m off to Skeletons :) Actually wait, I need to shower first… I’m still in my potato sack of a school uniform…

I think you’re right – but I feel damn terrible about it. Looking back on the days when I was 14, I didn’t let it take up too much of my time. Maybe because I didn’t get so many comments. /hmph

OR have so many domains. I feel pretty bad about procrastination because I used to get things done quickly and fast too. :(

Ahaha you’re not an alien, Zaphiie! But we have to account for other people of course – who don’t really have a gender. ;)

I’m trying hard to be strong. It seems that my mum is annoyed at the littlest things lately. :(

Most of the time I stay up really late, then sleep. But now I find myself sleeping then waking up later. It’s pretty bad now though because my mum has noticed bags under my eyes. Oh no. :( If you’re stupid, so am I. :B

I guess now that we’ve opened the forum I’ve been really relaxed and having fun. This is my worst peak, honestly, the way I’m not really caring about my site. I do feel bad. :O

LOL, a potato sack. :D

I have the same relationship with my mother. Not a day goes by without a fight, and during these she has a tendency to say the most hurtful things that makes me feel pretty worthless.
I’m so proud of you for resisting to cut yourself. I know that requires a lot of strength. Believe me.

The forum looks great :)

Thank you. ♥ It was hard in the past though, because I’d just cut myself without thinking… I’ve definitely learned from my mistakes now.

And today – my mum snapped at me. But I know, I didn’t do what she said right away. It hurts to be called a bitch and selfish and lazy among all the other things she calls me. :(

Thanks for the comments on the layout :D I’m probably going to end up changing it within the next week or so, because I made a new one that I love so I’m slowly starting to hatee that one xD

No need to thank me for joining the forum xD It’s really awesome, especially for only having just opened. It kept me entertained when I was bored.. although I think it also kept me from sleeping as early as I should :P

No, it wasn’t a nice thing to say… if it had just been like “Oh, you should eat healthier, I don’t want you to become really unhealthy, die early, etc…” it wouldn’t be a deal.. but the fact that he said he wouldn’t date me.. just like wth. He denies it now though, of course..

Thanks for the link to the icon script! I’m going out soon, so I’ll have to download that later and try it out :)

As for your blog, it’s really good that you resisted the urge to cut. My best friend cut for three years and stopped last year, and she said that when she had the urge and did it again, she regretted it.

It’s really nice that you have James for the support, especially for the times like that.. for him to just hold you and let you cry ♥

It sucks that you have such bad fights with your mom :( Maybe you can try talking to her about it?

Well, my dad just got a CT scan today, but we don’t know the results yet. Grrr, the anticipation.

I really hate going to the theater. It’s either always unclean or too loud. I don’t like going in the mornings because I don’t want to wake up early. I enjoy spending my time to sleep in on the weekends.

Darn, I really should have. I kind of miss my stuffed Pikachu now. The nostalgia grew when I saw my friend pull out a Pokemon folder yesterday. It was old but so eye-attractinggg.

Oh, nice one. =)) I’ll bookmark the forum so I can sign up later. 70 members…is a lot.

I either don’t have enough info or too much info when debating. Sometimes I need to expand out my speech, and sometimes I have to cut some stuff out and talk really fast. Which ruins it, since people won’t be able to follow.

Vending machine revolution, I tell you.


-raises hand- I, too, am a procrastinator. Unless it’s something really important, then I just wait until the last day to do something.

My parents are always forcing me to clean up around the house, too. I completely understand your view on how things have their own places. My desk is a huge mess, but I know where everything is. If someone cleans it up, I lose my hidden organization.

I hope your family works it out. You love each other, right? I’m sure that the conflicts will reach a resolution.

I used to do reviews on my old site but now I’m too lazy to do them. ;)

Looks cool! I’ll be sure to join sometime! The layout has Tiff written all on it! I ♥ it!

Procrastination….where to start? Well I have homework every night (including right now), and the most I do is lay it beside me…then I boot up my computer and start surfing the web, yea….procrastination. *sigh*

Sorry about your fight, I’m glad you didn’t go to dark days again though, I’ve never really experienced anything like that, I couldn’t imagine it….I’m sorry :(

Hope you get better, you have so many friends ya know, online and off! Remember that lovely!

Oh and hey! I’m not really returning comments anymore, so no need to return the comment I left! :)

Jesus! Sounds like you have a load on your plate at the moment. Maybe take a hiatus from doing reviews? Maybe all these domains you have is stressing you out? Sounds like it to me. I know that it might stress you out because it does me. I hope things for you are going good now.

I joined skeletonsmb, but I don’t know how to navigate around that mb. You guys use a different kind of forum based thingy. So yeah congrats on opening the forum :D.

Yeah Seaweed salad is great! I dunno if you could get it where you live but you might! It’s delicious. I”ve had it one time before and loved it! I dunno if they still make it or not but you can try and find it though. I didn’t even know they sold seaweed in packets. I’ll have to try that! haha. Although I might get looked at kinda funny, cause I’m not asian. But a lot of people have actually complimented me and asked if I was half asian because of my eyes.

I really would like to keep the wood floors, but they’re not really wooden floors. You can’t even stain them. Yeah it’ll be easier to take care of, but I heard from my dad’s girlfriend that you get really cold. So I guess I will go with carpet. I too have had carpet since I was a child.

Thank you for the get well wishes. I’m actually feeling a bit better. I’ve had hot sauce on my food and boy does that perk you up as well; as pink lemonade. Yum. I actually had chinese food. So that made my day. I fed the rest to the dogs cause I know I won’t eat it again. LOL.

Don’t worry I knew you weren’t talking about me about hosting. I’ll probably stick with Bobbi and her hosting account. Sorry but I don’t want to move again. :) Don’t hate me?

Awww that’s so sweet that James can stay by your side when you’re having a bad day and crying and what not. Good for him. I wish I could find a boyfriend like him. :).

Sorry for the spamming of comments, but I’m returning comments again (yes I rethought that in like 10 minutes)…you still don’t have to return if you don’t want to though, your choice! :)

Cutting is not something to be messed with. Honey you are to good to have to resort into cutting, trust me it doesn’t stop anything. Your mind just pushes the pain you have into a new pain, but when that pain subsides the you’ll feel that need to cut again. Just breath. If you need to rant you could even yell at me if that would help, but you don’t really know me and I doubt you would do that. Good thing your man was there so you could let it out.

If it helps I ♥ YOU! :) Now you feel all warm inside Right? :)

Last year I started to procrastinate and it has just gotten worse. Sad deals. I try really hard not to get distracted but it is so EASY.

I procrastinate a lot, but in the end I know I have to do what I have to do. Sometimes I lure myself into thinking that I have some reason not to do something. DX

I’m sorry about your fight with your mother. I’m sure it’ll get better in no time. There’s no such thing as a mother who will hate their own daughter, trust me.

James is so sweet, you’re lucky you have him with you.

Don’t worry, everything will sort itself out eventually. There is no such thing as an unsolved answer, there’s always some answer to anything. It’s just a matter wether you’ve found it or not.


Congratulations on the opening of your new board! :)

Anyway, the only time I can concentrate on what I’m doing is to turn off my computer. It’s so distracting even though I like to have it on.

Like the saying goes, we can’t choose our family so we’ve just got to live with it. I take every argument I have with my family as an experience and lesson and try to avoid it again in the future. It makes life so much easier when there are no quarrels or misunderstandings. Life goes on no matter we are happy or sad, might as well choose to live it the happy way. Take things easy and always look on the bright side! :)

On a last note, those people who snapped at you for not writing reviews etc should be ban. Just ignore them! They are not worth your time.

Thank you, Dayna!

Unfortunately it’s hard for me to turn my computer off, since most of my work is on the computer and needs the computer. :P Perhaps I need to have more control – shutting things like Twitter and email. :P

I know what makes my mum mad – when I snap back at her. Talking back does me no good, and I need to control myself to stop that too. My mum always told me that I could choose a husband but I can’t choose my dad. It was a bit out of the blue, but such wise words.