Diamonds For Tears

It was sad enough seeing Gillian leave the web world, even though I’ve been contacting her by email. I still haven’t replied to her email because things have been just that hectic for me.

Okay, maybe not… I lied. I’ve been posting on boards and exchanging emails with my classmates, since we have a few projects going on. But let me tell you this – I need to stop procrastinating! I know I eventually do get things done but this must stop. I think my being drawn to the internet is worse than ever. Now I’m so behind responding to people, ugh.

I managed to open, my hosting site, yesterday. 🙂

Today I found an old letter our neighbour wrote to us.

We don’t live on the corner so we have two neighbours; one on either side. On one side we have an old couple, who have lived in that house for many years. When we moved in, they had already been living there. We moved into this house when I was three years old, and that was before my younger brother was born.

The old couple are very nice and friendly. But it does sadden me to see that they are becoming hearing-impaired. The wife is disabled and confined to a wheelchair but the husband is still able to drive. They already have grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 🙂

On the other side there is a guy who lives with his family. The house is a duplex which he and his workmates built. Sounds pretty cool… but in the beginning, he annoyed us.

The letter I found today was from 2004. It was just a letter this guy wrote to people in our street.

Before 2004, an old lady lived on her own in a cottage next door.

My brother and I were scared of her. She never really talked to us. And she always hid her face with a bonnet. We would be scared to go out in the backyard when we knew she was there in her backyard. For years we just avoided seeing her at all. We’d see her getting mail from her mailbox and would just tread quietly, not even saying hello.

One day my brother accidentally kicked his soccer ball over the fence, into the old lady’s backyard, when we were playing. An eerie silence surrounded us as we stood still.

It was my mum who told my brother to pull up some guts and ask politely for the ball. She came with us; I just accompanied my brother from a short distance.

The lady turned out to be very nice. We’d just never tried to know and talk to her. She got my brother’s ball, and she said that if it happened again, the latch on the wooden fence to the backyard was always unlocked. 🙂

I think, sadly, the old woman passed away in 2004.

The letter from the guy currently next door was written to inform us that there might be some noise of the demolishing of the cottage. He was building a new home, and apologised for any inconvenience.

We don’t talk to the guy much now. We say hello and wave when we just happen to be in the front yards.

Maybe he is just a nice guy too, but we haven’t come around to knowing him.

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