Diamonds For Tears

It was sad enough seeing Gillian leave the web world, even though I’ve been contacting her by email. I still haven’t replied to her email because things have been just that hectic for me.

Okay, maybe not… I lied. I’ve been posting on boards and exchanging emails with my classmates, since we have a few projects going on. But let me tell you this – I need to stop procrastinating! I know I eventually do get things done but this must stop. I think my being drawn to the internet is worse than ever. Now I’m so behind responding to people, ugh.

I managed to open, my hosting site, yesterday. :)

Today I found an old letter our neighbour wrote to us.

We don’t live on the corner so we have two neighbours; one on either side. On one side we have an old couple, who have lived in that house for many years. When we moved in, they had already been living there. We moved into this house when I was three years old, and that was before my younger brother was born.

The old couple are very nice and friendly. But it does sadden me to see that they are becoming hearing-impaired. The wife is disabled and confined to a wheelchair but the husband is still able to drive. They already have grandchildren and great-grandchildren. :)

On the other side there is a guy who lives with his family. The house is a duplex which he and his workmates built. Sounds pretty cool… but in the beginning, he annoyed us.

The letter I found today was from 2004. It was just a letter this guy wrote to people in our street.

Before 2004, an old lady lived on her own in a cottage next door.

My brother and I were scared of her. She never really talked to us. And she always hid her face with a bonnet. We would be scared to go out in the backyard when we knew she was there in her backyard. For years we just avoided seeing her at all. We’d see her getting mail from her mailbox and would just tread quietly, not even saying hello.

One day my brother accidentally kicked his soccer ball over the fence, into the old lady’s backyard, when we were playing. An eerie silence surrounded us as we stood still.

It was my mum who told my brother to pull up some guts and ask politely for the ball. She came with us; I just accompanied my brother from a short distance.

The lady turned out to be very nice. We’d just never tried to know and talk to her. She got my brother’s ball, and she said that if it happened again, the latch on the wooden fence to the backyard was always unlocked. :)

I think, sadly, the old woman passed away in 2004.

The letter from the guy currently next door was written to inform us that there might be some noise of the demolishing of the cottage. He was building a new home, and apologised for any inconvenience.

We don’t talk to the guy much now. We say hello and wave when we just happen to be in the front yards.

Maybe he is just a nice guy too, but we haven’t come around to knowing him.

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Oh dear. D: Someone is mad! :O

I think this first comment thing is possibly getting old. XD

Oh wow! I’m going to open my small hosting website too :D

Oh that’s good! I hope it goes well! I’ve had a lot of mishaps with different hosts being really terrible, with terrible downtime and support. I’ve moved to; they’re more costly of course but they’re great. I just love hosting people for free because it feels really good to help people out. :)

Most of the local hosting companies are way to pricey (I’ve been there, and their customer service is somewhat unfriendly), so I’m hoping to provide cheap hosting for fellow Indonesians. I want to give them a help and personal touch, making them my friends as well as customers. If everything goes well, I’ll put up contests with free things to give out. :D

Have you considered talking to this neighbor? Seems like there’s the tiniest bit of “regret” for lack of a better word for not getting to know the old lady neighbor sooner, or better at all.

Have you ever seen The Sandlot? The whole being afraid of a “creepy” neighbor, kicking a ball over the fence, and being afraid to retrieve the ball is a huge plot in that movie. But you and your brother are a group of young boys and it’s over a baseball. Turns out the neighbor is a really cool guy, but the ravenous dog and crazy rumors scared them (:

I’m being a hypocrite though because I’ve lived on my street for nearly 12 – 13 years, and have never really got to know my adult neighbors. Growing up, I had a lot of friends on my street because 5 of them were around my age. If my neighbors didn’t have kids, I don’t think I would have gotten to know them at all. As the years went by, people moved or got divorced, friends made new friends, and everybody lost touch. It’s a shame really. I wish I could throw a block party or something. And my family is going to be moving soon.. weird.

Yaay Floriental is open! I think it’s a good idea to have that as your name hosting site. I like the name (:

Hello Joyce. <3 I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely comments you left me; they really mean a lot! I did go and comment on your blog but I decided I would respond to this comment here. :)

We have tried talking to this neighbour and saying hello - we didn't like him at first but I guess we've become used to him being there. He doesn't strike us as the friendly type, nor someone we'd get along well with. When they demolished the old lady's cottage they caused us some trouble needing to fix the separating fence and other mishaps. But then again, we aren't too close with other people in our street. :P

I haven't seen The Sandlot; nor heard of it. :P

The funny thing is that in our street there are barely any children, and across the road, before the family moved out many years ago, these children didn't like my brother and I, and - no joke - threw tomatoes at us. /hmph

Thank you! I'm glad you like the name! :)

What could you have possibly done to make them want to throw tomatoes at you? Sometimes I wonder how we would be if we knew each other in real life…lol !

You gotta watch The Sandlot. It’s one of those movies that really aren’t that great, but you love if you’re a kid. There’s two: the second one is crap. Don’t even bother watching it. Watch Air Bud while you’re at it (;

I applied for hosting Ha! Yeah I know I said I wasn’t going too, but out of the hostesses I’ve had you’re the only one who actually talks to me. I applied for a small package though. :).

I honestly don’t want to travel. I mean it sounds pretty scary and I’ve had a bad experience in San Francisco with several chorale members. The experience was on the first night I shared a bed with who I thought was my best friend, turned out to be my enemy later on in life. She grabbed a hold of my cd player and tried yanking it away from me but I was tough and I wanted to smack her. The other two roommates whom we did not sign up with were talking all night long. I was tired and snapped at them. There was more stuff that went on. But seriously though shut the hell up we’ve had a long drive to the airport and a long wait at the airport and a long flight, then a long wait for dinner, I wanted to sleep. Whenever they talked loud I would turn my music up louder and they would get pissed. So I got pissed. I told on them though >D lmao.

But yeah, knowing your neighbors is kinda hard. Our next door neighbor on the left of us were really rude when we moved in. They blared their television sets as loud as possible and at all hours of the night, I yelled “TURN IT DOWN!” and they’re like “NO!” So my friend and I one day just started starring at them through the window lol. And we’re like *stare, get down, get up stare* lol. I mean it was silly of us to do so but ya know they deserve it. They were rude. One night my cat (my old cat) got out and we were looking for her and accidentally shined the flashlight in their room, and the dad was like “If you shine that light into our house one more time I’m calling the cops” I snapped back with “I’m looking for my cat” “I don’t care don’t shine it in our house”. After he left I flipped him off lol. I wanted to do it so bad in front of him but I dared not. I mean we really were really looking for my cat.

We also had another neighbor of ours on the right who always came over and talked with us and such. He was the nicer neighbor, then we have the neighbors across the street who were always nice to us.

Some neighbors are just nice and some are just as mean. Luckily you have nice neighbors.

I saw Gillian’s blog and I was shocked. :( It’s such a shame she’s closing but everyone has their reasons and, of course, it is her choice.

I remember we were once on MSN comparing websites to boyfriends, if you remember that. :P As much as you love them, sometimes you have to let them go.

I’d love to email my classmates and post on boards but I have some stupid French to translate. There’s like a whole fucking page of text. D:
When it comes to GCSEs I am so screwed.

I read your past blog about procrastinating and getting distracted. It’s frustrating, especially as time kind of whizzes by whilst you’re busy doing stuff that doesn’t HAVE to be done.

I’m behind responding to people too. For example, this comment is three days late, I think. /um /wah
However your situation is certainly different. :( But in the end you manage, and if you can’t people understand. :) Personally, if I were you, I would never be able to cope with the amount of work I had to do.

I love the layout at! I always found the “Let There Be Love” layout here at HD adorable. :) I’m glad it hasn’t totally gone to waste and that your scribble is still being used… even though you did it in 2005.

I live in between loads of houses… I think I have seven neighbours?! There are the people who live either side of my house, and the people at either side of the garden… which makes five… and some other people nearby.

Okay, that’s six. So my maths is a fail…

I’ve lived in my house since before I was born. I say ‘I’ve lived’ because my mum was pregnant with my brother and I at the time.

Everyone has to grow old, and that includes losing their hearing. Despite the wife’s disabilities I am glad she still has her husband and her large family to keep her happy. :)

Wow, that does sound pretty cool. The house your neighbour lives in reminds me of one in my village; a guy built his own house here too.

Aw, when you are young old ladies who hide their faces do tend to be scary. :( We had old people living in the house next door, a man and a woman, and they were quite intimidating (though the woman didn’t have a bonnet). They’ve moved out now, but not before we also found out that they were both very nice and polite. :)

Somehow I find that, when kids are scared of older people – or just people in general – it’s cute. :P

My brother reguarly kicked his football over into the nextdoor neighbour’s garden, on purpose, because he was trying to hit this kid he didn’t like on the head with it.
He wanted to hit this kid because he was a turd and was rude to my brother… relating to his mild cerable palsey.

I’m sure, however, that your brother was not intending to get the ball into the garden, let alone hitting her on the head with the ball. /ehe

It all turned out well in the end. It’s good your brother’ sball went over the fence because you finally met the old lady. :) It’s a shame she’s no longer with us, however. :(

And as for that guy, you are right – who knows?

I know, however, that our nextdoor neighbour’s – set three – have loathed my family ever since my brother kicked a soccer ball over the wall and suceeded in smashing the arrogant, rude, spoilt, know-it-all boy (who had earlier been yelling rude remarks across the street) on top of his big head.

“and the people at either side of the garden…”

JSYK, there is a house at the end of my garden, which is why it makes five. :)

Five and then six. /ehh

I looked through my many comments, counting what I had left, then thought… fuck it, let’s do Jorja’s, because there’s no blog to read! :P

It wasn’t really a shock to me because she had been so busy. But it was very sad. :( I’m still in contact with her through email though! :)

Yeah, nasty, huh?! But then that would mean I have 15 or so boyfriends, which is not cool. XD

You’ll get there with the GCSEs. The same way I did with the SC and the HSC! Don’t fret. Come on, at your age I was slacking off big time. You’ll definitely get there; you’ll pass with flying colours.

This comment is three days late too. But I didn’t notice how late yours was; don’t worry at all. :P

Yeah, and I used that Floriental layout on my super old site too. :P Lilian says it’s timeless!

Hmm, it sounds like you live in a villa of sorts… :O We have a bland boring straight street.

My maths is terrible. :(

I was three when we moved to the house we live in now.

I think it’s damn cool the guy built his own house! Even if we don’t talk to him much I respect that.

I don’t know how your brother lives with it. He must get teased a fair bit. :(

Perhaps the whole family is big-headed and need to see how despicable their son is. /hmph Parents never see their children as wrong sometimes.

Lol, it’s alright.
Yeah, half the time I don’t remember either. Just kind of like, whattt??? @_@ what the hell are you talking about?

Thanks! :)

I know! I wish Morgan could’ve been excited about it, it was pretty darn cool. How many times are you going to get chipped nail polish in the shape of your home country?

We did that at sleepovers, and slept there, then we’d get hot and itchy and have to take down the fort.
But when the weather is nice and I have the supplies, I like to build stuff.
My stepdad builds windmills and stuff, and does stuff with solar panels, someday I want him to teach me all that stuff. :)

It’s really fun, WHAM!

Yeah I know, you could be swallowing something poisonous. Hmmm, I wonder what type of tree? GOOGLE TIME! /eee
It says something about a Para rubber tree and then a wild rubber tree. LOL, I don’t know.

Lol, well saying “eh” that’s Canada for you. :)

I guess so, judging a book by it’s cover I’d say. But I’m like that too. I won’t eat something that has an icky name, so yeahhh :P

Oh I suppose, he’s just some creature. That is cute. :)

I tried wearing them, but I just look weird and awkward in dresses and skirts.

Yup, sorry to say, but I still believe I’m right. 🤫

I heard about Gillian leaving too. :/ Her blogs were so funny, I’m gonna miss them.

Aww, that sounds sad. But I was like that too, when I was younger and my mom and me lived alone in the blue house.
All the neighbors without kids scared me.

Well that was really nice of her, guess it shows you really shouldn’t judge people until you get to know them.

At least the neighbor was nice enough to let you know about the noise. So you didn’t think he was being noisy for no reason. He seems alright if he decided to let you guys know and stuff.

Hmm, maybe one day by chance you guys will get to know him.

I live on a private road, and so we know basically everyone on the road. (Not sure if they know us, we’re nosey)
But most of them are nice people. I don’t know them well personally, but still, a friendly wave or two. :)

Hah yeah I remember when my friend and I were scared of a lady that lived on our street. Her house was really old and creepy looking with vines ALL over it from not being cleaned up. Sometimes we’d see her standing at her door just staring out… and we’d always get scared/creeped out but later found out she was just a sweet lady with an old house that needed to be cleaned up. It’s amazing how we can blow things out of proportion when they really are good people or situations.

It actually feels really good to be back, with no problems with my site being up….a breath of fresh air. :)

Oh I know! I completely agree, the internet contains everything….soon enough they’ll be creating online food where you can actually taste the food! Oh my god…I just thought of something that would be so cool, if you could like step into your computer! I could like…meet you…in real life, haha and you could walk across the web page :D I’m having too much fun. Haha.

Thanks! It’s actually an inside joke type of thing….oh MSN chats. It’s entitled “layout corner”–containing everything I need to create layouts and web design and crap…:D

Yea, I usually don’t but I got some recommendations to this site…it’s really not unlimited, just space I will never run out of. Seriously. It’s a lot. And yea, I suppose. And no problem! :)

Well sometimes, like last time, I paid $100 for only 10 GB, when now I’m paying $50 for 1000GB, and I’ve had no problems….at ALL. So I’m happy :)

Thanks :) Everyone seems to like the cherry tree…something about em. And that made me laugh SO hard “And yeah… sometimes I take pictures of dead flowers too. We’re cool.” Posted it on twitter and everything! :P

I just found out Gillian left….when I read this blog, that is really sad..I read her blog and everything now, and I’m sad now…:(

Yea, with the internet, you don’t get much done, unless your like working on your site, which, when I have homework, I usually don’t…I do pointless things, haha.

I saw Floriental! It’s awesome! I remember when so many people had scribble layouts, hahahaha. It was quite fun, although I’ve never had the talent for it.
On the subject of hosting, how did you get your own nameservers? :P

That sounded like a horror story at first…but she seems nice that you knew her afterwords…it’s so sad how people you just meet pass away…not enough time to get to know them fully.

I think you should just go over to his house…say hello. I mean what do you have to loose? We did that to one of our new neighbors…brought them brownies, now we’re all friends! :)

A lot of people are leaving their online world before. They either lost interest or have a really busy schedule where they don’t have time anymore to update or post a blog. I was one of them. I remember closing my site countless times. I love to blog. It became one my new hobby. I decided to set some time aside, even though I have a busy schedule to either post a blog or update the site. Some people aren’t able to do that. I could understand why.

I hope you catch up on leaving comments on people’s site. I could tell your behind. Normally, you would leave a comment after I leave you a comment. I understand your busy with school, friends and family. You leave your comments on my blog when you have time. No rush. How’s that? I’ll join your forum soon. Sorry about that. Every time I want to register, I don’t have enough time to do so. I’ll register tomorrow.

I was watching Big Time Rush yesterday. Kendall’s mother was saying, “Don’t judge someone before you get to know them first.” This old lady sounded like a nice person. It’s too bad they have to torn down the cottage.

Yeah, I just read that on Gillian’s blog yesterday. I’m going to miss her. :(

Arg, I always procrastinate too! I really need to stop wasting time. That’s why I take a long time responding to comments. 😳
Aw, that must suck. D: I’m sure your going to catch up soon.

Awwn, Floriental is a really pretty site name! The scribbles on the header are really cute. I kind of remember that layout on Heartdrops with those on it.

^ I just realized that the 3 paragraphs right above all start with the letter “A” haha.

That’s sad that she died when you were getting to know she’s nicer and stuff.
Oh I have a neighbor beside us that… I don’t know if I should say it, but like stalks us. She always stands on her front porch when my brother and I come home from school and stares at us walk back home and open the door. And sometimes when we go out she asks questions like “Where are you going?” and things like that. It’s kind of creepy.

That’s nice that he wrote a letter to the people on your street about the noise going on. :)
Sometimes I wish I could get to know my neighbors a little bit more but I’m just too… shy. XD

Procrastination is my enemy. I find myself procrastinating at this minute actually.

It seems like you have pretty nice neighbors! I feel bad for the lady that passed away though. That was sad. :(

We have newly wed couples who moved in to the house next door to us and it is horrible. I mean I am trying to get some SLEEP on the weekends and all I can here is them blasting their music. /bash It’s horrible.

Also, when we had two little dogs, their dogs would always come to our fence and our dogs would have a little bark off. A lot of digging and confusion was involved. Eventually, there was a hole made, and the neighbor’s dog got in on our side. /ehh So yeah…you can imagine the repair that needed to be done. We scolded our dogs but they didn’t even CARE! It was very annoying. I don’t quite like my neighbors. 😒

Yay for!! I’m glad the server issues have been fixed. I really thought I was the only one experiencing problems for a while, but everything is pretty smooth now. Thanks so much. :D

To be quite honest, I wasn’t at all shocked when I read Gillian’s blog. She hadn’t updated in awhile and she had school and things like that.

I haven’t been visiting her site for long, but I’m sad to see her go. I hope she’ll end up coming back soon after things calm down.

My neighbors are ok. The ones to the right of us are nice. They have the sweetest dog. She’s nice to everyone and my dog Maggie playes with her when she’s outside.

The neighbors to the left of us are nice too, I think. Don’t really see them that much, but they are the third family to live there. The family before them, were ok. They had this young girl, she was about 12 or something, she was really annoying… and loud. I mean you could hear here all the way down the street. Plus he would just walk into out back yard and ask if she could swim in her pool even though she had her own.. /pow

Ach… I didn’t know Gillian had left until then D: Now I’m sad :(

Our house is next door to a set of four villas, and on the other side a little house whose occupants are always changing because it’s rented. So I don’t really know my next-door neighbours well, but almost everyone else in the street my family is close with. We’ve lived in this street since I was one, so I’ve pretty much grown up knowing all the people there.

Maybe you wouldn’t procrastinate as much if you didn’t have so many sites to update? Are all your domains really necessary for different update-intensive sites? I’m not saying to get rid of any, but off the top of my head I can think of at least 5 0r six domains that you need to update once a week/fortnight.

It was sad to see her go! :( But I’m still contacting her by email, which is good. :)

Ooh, the house across the road from ours is rented too. I remember a nice young couple living there. Now a family lives there – we’ve never really gotten to know any of them too well apart from the young couple a while ago.

I don’t really need to update my sites; it’s not so much the amount of sites that keeps me busy. Some of them, as you probably noticed too, don’t really need updating or haven’t been updated. I do have some daily projects but to be honest it’s the comments. It’s the comments that are the bulk of my death (excuse me for being so dire).

I just have to post a photo, quote and album design daily. That doesn’t take more than twenty minutes. And I blog every second day; just because I’ve got something to talk about. Imagine if I had no comments; that’s everything done, isn’t it? :)

Most of my procrastination isn’t even on my actual sites either… I think it’s just the random browsing. /hmph /bash

Lol, peeps still competing for the first comment on your blog =)

The street we live on is the full of old people. My grandma first moved over here when the houses we’re first being built and if I’m not mistaken she was the first to move in the neighborhood. Its good the relationships we have with everyone on the street but sometimes it’s bad we’re they’re always in my business then it’s always sad when someone dies.

OMG, I can’t believe Gillian is leaving. Her blogs always brought a smile to my face but people moved on :) Maybe she’ll come back one day.

Hellooooo! I’m so sorry about the lack of proper commenting yesterday D: I was SO stressed (as you could TOTALLY tell on msn :P Hahaha) and TOTALLY frantically studying/law-tute homeworking. It was EPIC. D:

Anyways! Awwwww, I don’t know Gillian, but if you’re sad she left the web-world, that must be a pretty big thing :( Well I wish her all the best :)

Hehehe, yay for opening your hosting site :D /bounce It looks AWESOME! I ♥ the layout. It’s soooooo cute! It’s like, timeless too! It NEVER gets old :D

Don’t worry! I have a pretty bad procrastination habit too D: WE MUST KICK THIS HABIT. Crap, I still have to join your forum D: Okay, TOMORROW! I promise!

Oh wow. A letter from 2004. Hahaha that’s ages ago!

Hahahahaha! Your fear of that old lady neighbour reminds me of those books by Ann M. Martin. Baby Sitter’s Little Sister. With Karen Brewer. Do you know of them? But it’s cos the main character, Karen Brewer, was SO TOTALLY convinced her neighbour was a witch who’s real name was ‘Morbidda Destiny’ or something equally retarded, but she was really an old lady.

At least the old lady turned out to be nice :) What if she was one of those grumpy people who tell people off for having lives cos they hate the fact that they themselves don’t? D: That would have been epic suck!

Awww, it’s sad that she passed away :( It’s always really sad when really nice people pass away. I always feel like they shouldn’t go so soon because they have so much more to offer, and deserve to be that much happier, alive for just a little longer. They have so much to share. Hell, it’s sad when ANYONE dies. Except those rapists and stuff who are just super malicious.

Wow, if I were you and I’d read that letter, I would have cried so hard. Because that other guy demolishing the cottage would have felt like some part of my childhood was being destroyed. D: LOL, I think I’m too sentimental :P

Hehehe, your other neighbours remind me of my next-door neighbours. A really old couple used to live there. They were husband and wife, and now the wife is bed-ridden cos of a bad heart and cataracts they can’t operate on because her heart can’t take the anaesthetic. :( It’s so sad because they were so nice to my parents when they first moved here. And me when I was younger. They used to collect McDonald’s figurines and give them to me :( Her husband passed away like 2 years ago. *SNIFF* Their son lives in that house now. We say hi to him every now and then. My Mum visits his mother in the nursing home :P

Hehehe, at least you say hi to your neighbour :) We rarely wave at our other neighbours. But they have the cutest little baby girls. She’s got like, white-blonde hair and she’s so cute!

Ah hello. :) I knew you were stressed! More so that I was… Noooo!

I’m going to be undergoing stress soon if I don’t start that idiotic debate. Far out.

I’m still emailing Gillian, which is good. :) She’s going well!

It is timeless! I just use it over and over and it suits whatever I put it on. Haha. Makes me feel good. :P

Yay, you joined my forum! Don’t get stuck on it like all the times I did. /bash

The books sound familiar but I don’t think I ever read them hahha… I didn’t quite think my neighbour was a witch but she didn’t look too approachable or like she was ever in the mood to say hello. :P

Oh! :O I didn’t feel like crying, but I felt a little sad for the old lady, because we never really knew where she went. She’s probably long gone now. My mum said she saw her son with his wife looking around the house before it got demolished, so she thought that maybe she had passed away. :(

Awww that’s so sweet! 😢 It’s a shame she’s living in a nursing home now. I hope her son visits her too! :)

We usually just wave at our neighbours if we see them. We don’t really have much of a talk with them except for the old couple next door. :B

Go and try to talk to him. He might turn out to be a good person. Afterall, he did apologize for the noises he makes. :)

Oh No
No more Gillian D:
Who will protest. Against Scrobbles! *scrobble* /bounce

Huhu, that was a nice old lady :)
My neighbour is kind of like that, except for a while following the time I threw a lemon at his cat /um
who, in related news, passed away a few weeks after turning nineteen. 3:
Still got a small scar where she scratched me. /love


I still email her, so just you wait… LOL.

She was a bit creepy in the beginning because she never seemed to smile or say hello. :O

That’s… that’s so nasty. How long ago was that, when you threw the lemon? 😰 That must have hurt.

We had these children in a family living across the road from us once, and they threw tomatoes at Brandon and I. :|

Thanks! But so far no one has bought anything. No one has even applied for advertising :(

They may have hurt me, but I guess if we get angry at each other I am partially to be blamed because I overreacted at what they did. Everyone backstabs.

It’s very hard to tell things to people’s faces because it’s your guys’ friendship at stake. I’m having a hard time saying “Why do you keep leaving me and going with someone else?” with my friend. But at least she barely leaves me now.

Haha, I guess it IS pretty easier to return comments if they only answer the question, but as you said quality not quantity.

Oh wow, 60 comments? That MUST suck. Good luck! I’m glad so far no one has complained about me returning their comment so late :)

Haha. Well what subject do you like? I love History so I’m sure I’ll find Greek Mythology interesting. :D

Good luck to both of us in finishing our work. *hugs back* Well actually I’ve already passed everything so I’m safe.


Aw, that lady sounded very nice and I’m sad to hear she passed away already. I guess if she stayed longer, you could have been really close to each other.

You should go talk to the old guy. Maybe he’s nice like the lady :)

Thanks! But so far no one has bought anything. No one has even applied for advertising :(

They may have hurt me, but I guess if we get angry at each other I am partially to be blamed because I overreacted at what they did. Everyone backstabs.

It’s very hard to tell things to people’s faces because it’s your guys’ friendship at stake. I’m having a hard time saying “Why do you keep leaving me and going with someone else?” with my friend. But at least she barely leaves me now.

Haha, I guess it IS pretty easier to return comments if they only answer the question, but as you said quality not quantity.

Oh wow, 60 comments? That MUST suck. Good luck! I’m glad so far no one has complained about me returning their comment so late :)

Haha. Well what subject do you like? I love History so I’m sure I’ll find Greek Mythology interesting. :D

Good luck to both of us in finishing our work. *hugs back* Well actually I’ve already passed everything so I’m safe.


Aw, that lady sounded very nice and I’m sad to hear she passed away already. I guess if she stayed longer, you could have been really close to each other.

You should go talk to the old guy. Maybe he’s nice like the lady :)

Oh and, I haven’t experienced any problems with the new server so far. I like the new server. Waaaay better :D

Thank you Georgina! Do not worry if you’ve been busy, I understand perfectly. What matters is that you replied, and that’s what counts :)

I guess, sometimes everyone has ever felt overwhelmed by the college work.

I am glad that your teachers understand the workload you have. You’re right.

Yeah I agree with you. Life is good sometimes, and you can always smiling about something or someone. /hehe

I also wish you the best in your studies :)

I read on the blog Gillian leaving the web world. It’s a shame, though their reasons are a lot of weight. I will miss her funny blogs.

I love to exchange emails with some classmates, it’s fun.

I love the layout at, it’s nice.

I found very interesting the story of your neighborhood and your relationship with the various neighbors. Sometimes people are not as they appear to be or as others say they are. In the end, the lady turned out to be pleasant :)

lol. people you dont know often do turn out like that. aww, its sad that she died. thanks so much for the comment! and freewebs? you started on webs? :p
coding or templates?

Georgina! :3 Hello! I’m glad you replied to my comment, I was missing you and yeah – Its so uber sad that Gillian left. :( I miss her, she’s freaking awesome, she’s the defintion of AWESOME.

Your hosting site is lovely. :) I left a comment.

Your brother must of been brave. ^_^ Aha. She sounds like a lovley mysterious women. Lol.

Aw, hopefully Shes happy now in heaven (if you belivie in Heaven etc) :)

It just goes to show that you need to get to know someone to like them and judge them. Etc. Etc.

hey thx for the advice on my layout ive chosen the second one and ive edited the navigation to make it smaller… i know what u mean i sometimes feel frightened about old ppl especially ones that dont speak much

You should try to contact people, who knows what might get out of it, i mean, what’s the worst that can happen ? =)

Thankyou (A) I like your photo’s too, i even used to envy you =P


awww. i recently moved, and i have yet to get to know my neighbors. There’s a girl my age just across the street, but she looks kinda bitchy lol
she’s friends with some people in my school, but we’ve never really met… i’m sure she’s nice, but she doesn’t seem it. lol

So many people have been leaving the web world, it’s getting depressing O_O .

I procrastinated epically today, probably because I was playing outside and going on skeletons mb. XD

In my neighborhood, nobody really associates with other homes. Everyone keeps to themselves. It really get’s lonely that way.

Yeah, I still haven’t watch Alice yet! I’m going to try my best this weekend, so I can see for myself if I really like it or not.

Haha it sounds yummy! May have to try it some time. ✌️

I’ve missed Gillian too. I’ll truly miss her now that she’s leaving the web world, though I’m also glad she’s decided to keep in touch using Twitter. She was one of my inspirations in creating a website of my own back in April 2009, moving up directly from Blogger to a domain I had managed to acquire as a complete newbie back then. ;) Gillian was one of my first commenters from this network, and I remember I used to comment a lot on her vlogs and articles while she would leave long comments on my blog (then unpopular, just like today) that I’d truly appreciate. It was also through her blog, I believe, that I got to yours. :) I’m just thankful you’re sticking around. :D

Congratulations on opening your new hosting site! I believe I’m now hosted on it :)

Aw, that’s so nice of the old lady who used to live next to you. It’s just sad that she passed away so soon and you didn’t get to talk to her that much. Perhaps if you had more time together you’d have become close, and be like grandchildren to her so she wouldnt have to be so alone all the time. It’s strange how this “old lady living by herself in a cottage” stereotype came into existence; I honestly haven’t got a clue as to why it got to be so bad. Most old ladies I’ve met are nice. Some just tend to be dreadfully crabby but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a soft side.

You’re lucky to be close to your neighbors. Technically our house is not at all separate from that of our neighbors since they are lined up in a row and there are no spaces in between but we don’t talk to our neighbors much. Our family is in speaking terms with them, but we never pay visits to each other unless it were a holiday or some other important occassion.

I sent you about three emails, Cza, and you never replied. I moved to the new reseller over a week ago, before opening the new hosting site (and there is an update saying that you have not responded to my email), and I asked you to change your nameservers but it appears that you still haven’t.

I’m aware that the old reseller might be deleted soon which is why I am responding here, hoping that you’ll see it? :O

I met Gillian a while back in 2007; she remembers me before then, apparently. It’s definitely sad seeing her go. It’s been all too stressful though – try not to keep your hopes up, because closing my site has actually passed my mind recently… :(

When I went to Indonesia I definitely saw houses like that. I stayed in my aunt’s house but they didn’t seem overly close to their neighbours.

Such a nice neighborhood! I never talked since I was 10. When I was younger, I usually talk and play with the children. But now not again. I hope I have nice neighbors like yours /eee

Gillian’s blogs were always the most amusing to read. There was so much emotion and enthusiasm put into them, so I got really into them. xD

Before I moved to my new house, I had lived in the same house for 14 years. Before that, I lived near Toronto, but that was only for about a year and a half.
We had the same neighbours until recently. There were this grumpy older family on one side, and then another with a drug-addict creep as their son. He scared me so much.
I can’t remember when, but the grumpy family moved, and a nice little family with the most adorable little twin boys moved in. I never got to know them, though.
My old house was in an awkward position, I suppose, because there were neighbours all around us.
We could walk through our yard, through a little trail, and get to another house.
It was a massive mansion. There were 3, I think, families that lived there. We were close friends with the first, pretty good friends with the second, then the third (yup, three families) we never got to know. They’ve been there the longest. xD

If Josh gave me a piece of clothing, I wouldn’t have given it back. :P Well, I probably would have given it back when the smell got worn away by my smothering…

Josh is such a sweetheart. I mean, he’s a mix of everything. Nerd, dork, jock, church-boy, and the really nice guy everyone knows. I will definitely attack him when I see him on Wednesday. (Meaning I’ll give him a hug. ;))

There are a lot of lockers at my school, but the best ones were made into lockers for the “responsible” kids. I mean, it’s ridiculous. There are at least 60 lockers there, and you need to apply and work your ass off to get one. There’s also a bunch of lockers that are completely disgusting. Graffiti, broken, you name it, we got it.
Because of the damaged ones, and the “elite” ones, as well as the number of kids, there’s a huge shortage of lockers. I know so many people, myself included, that are sharing with a friend.

I hate missing school. Plus, there’s never a reason NOT to go.

I got yelled at for trying to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show. In 1975, it would have been Rated R (18+) because of the transsexual that stars in it, I think. The version we have is still saying Rated R, but it would be more PG-13 (13+) today.

I’ve been lazy with the reviews. :P I often don’t check the email that the requests go to, so they go unnoticed for a while.

I used to be terrible with my classes. Skipping constantly, not doing assignments… But, this semester, the classes are simple and the teachers are great, aside from my math teacher, but I love math, so that’s what drives me. (Plus, that’s the class between Spanish and Lunch, so the sooner I get my work done, the sooner I can wait to see Josh. Mwahaha.)

My school is a nasty fruit salad of druggies, gifted, mentally challenged, then people like me. The druggies and slackers take up most of the population. I hate it. D: I’d much rather take a test to get into a better school, but I guess I’ll have to stick with where I’m at, seeing as there aren’t any gifted schools I know of around here. XD

I end up thinking my neighbors are nuts too, to be frank. They scare the be-jezees out of me! 😰

There’s an old lady, who constantly yells over the fence. My brother and I don’t stop to ask why, but hurry on away. Then there’s a little boy, who used to be normal, but living with his grandma made him a little crazy too. He’ll just walk on our yard, dig a hole near the mail box and leave!

Maybe I don’t know them very well either, but I’m in no rush, even if we accidentally kick our soccer ball over the fence!

First off, i was not Gillians “friend” but we did comment each other at times, and i have to say she is one of the people i think of when i talk about blogging. She has been here since my first site, maybe even my subby which was over 2 years ago. It’s sad. I feel like all my friends are leaving and i feel alone. I think i complain about that to much, but the web world use to be awesome and then everyone left. i guess i left to, but i had hope to come back. But glad you can keep in contact. Onliners last forever:) or we try too:) lol

and i kind of have the same thing with my neighbors. They live to the right of me. They moved in 2 years ago?! and i do not know them. I know they have 2 girls, a little younger then me, but i don’t know i just do not know them. I think i resent learning about them a little cause one of my best friends use to live there. Before he moved, which was sad. And also my other friend threw a lacrosse ball and it hit their grill, and the guy was sitting there, so i am a little afraid to go haha.

and i really hope they do not tear down that lady’s house. I mean, if it’s the only cottage looking one it has sentimental value. I think people should renovate houses. I want to do that when i get a house. Im very into house design and architecture. Also it’s nice that you and your brother went over to help her.

Gosh, I haven’t commented here in forever. I had to take a break from my blog, I was just getting so drawn away from it and all that jazz, but I feel good again, haha.

Wow, the beginning of the story sounds like some type of movie. That would definitely be eerie to see an old lady like that, but at least she turned out to be nice. I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone like that living by me. We have a home on one side of us that houses disabled or mentally ill people, but they’re all very nice!

I think it’s quite sad that they’re tearing down her cottage. I mean, if he’s building a house then that’s kind of cool, but sometimes older buildings or places just need to stay where they are. Things from history just need to be just that, history, and be cute and from ‘the olden days’ to be reminders for others.

I read Gillian’s blog – aww. It’s really sad to see her go! But sometimes, we all have to move on and become lost interest in certain things. I’ve been there though I eventually came back in a short time. :P

Procrastinations ruin and spoil us. I’ve been procrastinating so much! I do things by the last minute and it just gives me the stress. I think we both need to stop or at least procrastinate lesser. It’s very hard but it’s worth it. It helps me get things done much quicker and I always have extra time for other things later. :)
Good luck but I’m sure you’ll be able to overcome it!

I heard of this new forum you and Tiffany had been working on from Twitter and I also read your previous post. I joined and it’s indeed a very cool place. Sadly speaking, I haven’t got around to post. I don’t know what’s the hold up but I’ll get to it soon or eventually – promise. ;)

Yay, was up. But I went there already. XD

Wow. I love looking things like “historical” stuffs. Letters and photos, especially. /eee

I would be frightened myself to get closer with the old woman who was your neighbour back in 2004 because well… I don’t know really but yeah.

Like you mentioned, it’s always best to get to know someone first before you judge them. But from your event, I don’t think you and your brother misjudged her because you guys were only scared of her. Bleh. I dunno’ what I’m talking about.

I’m so glad she turned out to be a very nice person after all! Shame you guys didn’t get the chance to get to know her more. It’s really upsetting when someone passes away. :(

I really hope you get to know the guy who lives next door better. I’m pretty sure he’s a nice person as well as his family too. :)

It’s such a shame she left.

It is, but you can always email her like I am. :)

Georgina~! I featured you in my post!! And i have some news there that you can relate with! Well because you live in Australia and all… hahaha!

I know what you mean by procrastinating, gaah! I must stop too! XD

Wow… what a story about the scary lady becoming nice! hahahaa. I don’t talk to my neighbors much though because I don’t know… they don’t talk to us too and no one is there is the same age as me so… hhaha!!

Your guy neighbor could be good, hope maybe there’s an opportunity for you guys to talk or whhat :D ehehe

take care!! :D

You seem to be living in a nice neighbourhood. I’d like to see the place. :)

I think it is because of all these movies that usually portray an old lady who lives by herself and likes to eat children, that makes kids so afraid to approach her or even be near anywhere her house. I blame the movies. ;p

I’m sorry the old lady died before you can get to know more about the her.

Congratulations on the opening of the new site. I was actually planning to leave a congratulatory note on that site but never got around to actually doing it. Sorry.

Ah yes, I don’t usually comment on the way people dress. But I do take note of people who dress shabbily to university. Just can’t take them seriously. >__<

I am so addicted to the internet with all my forums and blogs I read. I could spend 24/7 on here and never leave.

That is such an interesting story about your neighbors. It’s funny how we can live next door to people yet not know them very well at all.

The internet can really cause a lot of people to procastinate, then again, it’s just time management. . . . . which is also pretty hard to do for me. Hehe.

I feel sorry for the old woman. We used to have a neighbor like that too. She was also an old woman who lives alone. We were also scared of her at first when we were still kids, but then one Christmas eve , she rang our doorbell and gave presents to me and my younger siblings. Turns out she never married and never had children. She never failed to give us presents every Christmas from then on. Then a few years ago, she died. Her house was renovated a few months after and new people lived there. 😢