Because Of My Grace

Gillian and I have been talking via email. Recently we have been talking about true friends. The only twist on this is that I’m talking about true online friends.

I hate how this sort of thing always leads to me as a busy person. But I don’t get much time to visit people’s sites and keep in touch, since responding to comments takes me a long time. The wonderful friends I’ve met online keep in touch with me through ways other than commenting. They follow me on Twitter, add me on MSN, and send me emails.

If I receive an email or my online friends talk to me on MSN, it keeps me on the ball; we keep in touch like real friends. I have met people online through becoming affiliates, and sometimes, people delete affiliates when they don’t keep in touch.

I don’t understand this. I have developed friendships online through this, and I’m sure other people have – but the moment someone is drowning in exams or has things to deal with – the other party takes this as some sort of pejorative gradual distancing from that person.

Dude. Just because your “affiliate” has a lot of exams and troubles going on – it doesn’t mean you can just delete them and cut off all ties with them just because they might not even have the time to notify you personally.

Writing this situation out into an experience of mine: Someone deleted me from their affiliates. They didn’t care to tell me either (obviously I found out myself), and stated that “you were deleted if we didn’t talk”. May I be excused? I was the one who visited them when they never responded to my comments and questions. I was the one who initiated conversation when they didn’t talk to me.

Define affiliate. /ho

Yesterday I bought some things to send to Laura and Tiffany! ♥️ Expect a plushie in the mail, guys. :B

In the morning I idiotically forgot my wallet. My mum was annoyed because she would have to make another trip to the station. :( When I got home, I started to run to my room to get my wallet so I could get out as soon as possible again. I slipped on the plastic runner that runs across our lounge room, and fell on the hard floor in the kitchen. 😢

I hit my forearm and knee, and it really hurt! That will teach me not to wear slippery shoes with little heels. /bash I’m expecting some big bruises. 😰

I didn’t eat breakfast yesterday so after our lecture, Ryan, Vicky and I went to get breakfast. Funny how we all didn’t really eat our first main meal. Vicky had chocolate milk and chips. LOL. As for me, I chose a cheap packet of instant noodles. We went to the student lounge and Vicky pointed out the tea room where I could get hot water. Mmm those noodles were yummy. And not bad for $2.40. /drool


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Hello! I’m glad you guys still keep in touch even though Gillian has left the online world :) That is so cool :D

Wow, you really DO have a lot of awesome online friends :) I don’t! Cos I’m not really an online person. Hahaha. I have no idea how I would ever keep up with stuff online though D: WAY TOO BUSY! Go you for keeping up with comments most of the time :P

Yeah…that deleting affiliates thing is kind of mean. I mean if they’re not responding to everyone or to anything, then obviously they’re not ignoring you and something is up. It’s entirely different if an affiliate is responding to everyone BUT you, in which case, you’d be totally justified in deleting unless they had a REALLY good excuse.

But seriously, it’s mean to just delete affiliates like that with no valid excuse. /ho How would THEY like it?

It was mean of that person to just delete you like that :( Hmph! Oh well you have better online friends :P

OH COOL! :D You’re sending stuff via mail :D That’s cute ^^ Omg, I want to go plushie toy shopping now. Hahaha! But I already have way too many plushie toys. LOL.

I hope it wasn’t TOO expensive D:

Oh NOES! You poor thing! Forgetting your wallet. That is so inconvenient @_@ I would DIE, literally DIE if I ever forgot my wallet. D:

And OWWW! That fall sounded painful O_O *HUGS* I hope you’re not too bruised today! :( Hahaha, the blisters on my heels from wearing crappy shoes STILL haven’t healed properly and it’s already been a WEEK D: They feel a lot better now though :P

Awwww! You all skipped breakfast! LOL. That’s kind of coincidental :P I just grab a breakfast bar. I saw those noodles on your plog :D Hehehe, they DO look yummy ^^

Ahaha yep! It would have sucked to not keep in touch; she’s such a lovely person! And I do still have to reply to her email. Yikes.

Yeah, I always seem to be full of site stuff. It’s a bit sad, actually. :( I’m always to the top with it!

I’m not sure if the person was just ignoring me but I did find them annoying nonetheless, so good riddance. Some friend! I should have been the one deleting them because they never replied.

I’m hoping the shipping isn’t a bitch – that’s all. But buying from the markets means all the stuff was cheap so hopefully it’ll account for the expensive shipping, heh.

I was very annoyed. I could have survived since I had money but I didn’t have my ID. And there has been a case where a guy has checked!

Ugh, I suck. My stomach is picky in the morning so it can’t stand many things. O_O

I haven’t really commented before, but when I read your blogs, Georgina, I can’t stop thinking “Georgina knows how to write down how I feel once in a while!”.

This is exactly the same right now. Everytime I see people say “affiliate clean up” or “we no longer link your site because you don’t update that often” … I hate it. Why do you have to update or so? Affiliates are friends and it’s about talking with each other, having fun …. not updating /hmph

Ouch! >< I hope you don't have too many bruises =( *hug* *steals the noodles meanwhile 8D*

DEARRR!!! You do blog so fast!!

I was able to visit Gillian’s site once but we didn’t come to be friends who are as close as you! Hope she’ll do well in her offline life as you mentioned that she’ll be going away already.

I agree with you! I don’t do affiliates, I mean I do link exchanges but if you become one of my closest or favorite sites, I’ll link you in my TOP PANDAS list on the front page. I don’t know how to define affiliate so I just do this. I hope that we’ll become real close! I’ve become real close with some and we also send stuff to each other and twitter and ym too :D We use yahoo messenger more than msn.

Man that must have hurt! I also slip a lot except I manage to “save” myself most of the time but one time I fell down the stairs and I hit my tailbone and I sort of sprained my ankle. OUUCHHEEE

Yummy noodles!! :D

I don’t understand why some people delete affiliates for not commenting back, or telling them they won’t be able to blog for awhile. If something happens in life, they should understand that considering the fact that they have their own life and know how hard it can be to keep it going when you’re going through hard times. It’s just inconsiderate to not be patient and be there for them :/

MMMMm, those noodles look yummy :D

But eek, I know how you must’ve felt. I fall ALL the time. Once, I was running upstairs to get the phone and I was in a good mood, so I decided to do a little bit of a ballerina spin, except I started to fall so I tried to grab the oven handle to keep myself up, but it just brought the door down with me and I fell flat on my back…. the answering machine had to get the phone xD

Urgh, I know exactly what you mean! That’s part of the reason that I gave up ‘affiliates’ and just linked friends. (or websites I adore) I don’t expect those people to link me back, so then no arguments can be caused from it. :)

It’s strange, but I get far more interesting conversations through commenting and Twitter, I don’t really talk a lot on MSN. I just set my status as busy and only talk if other people start the conversations. MSN bores me, I suppose.

Urgh. What an ass. That ‘affiliate’ wasn’t worth being affiliated with, to be honest. She/He sounds like someone who is hard to get on the good side of, so you shouldn’t bother wasting your time on them! :/

ouch! that sounds really painful! :( I hope you don’t get bruises and I hope that they don’t hurt anymore! :(

Mmmhm, those noodles look super yummy. :D

Aha, I’m not sure, I don’t think you did, because I have a comment from you a few days before that one, but it’s a completely different conversation, so i think I replied to the first one, if that makes sense? ;)

Yeah, I’ve heard of Vodaphone! It’s one of the main phone companies over here! Have they sorted out the credit problem yet, I haven’t actually spoken to you in ages! (SORRY :( )

Be part of more than one religion? but religions have completely different beliefs? *confused*

Aw, maybe when you finish university you might feel more passion for ballet? Hopefully.

I only know Warner Bros because I’ve watched the Harry Potter movies so many times I have the image of the logo appearing through the clouds permantly scarred into my brain ;)

Its great you & Gillian have been keeping in touch. I had several true online friends, one of them was my best friend for 3 years. Now I rarely ever go online, maybe once in every few months so I’ve lost touch with all of them. Its sad and I’m not close with anyone online to send them random emails like I do with my real life friends.

That happened to me several times, “affiliates” delete me if I haven’t commented in a little while and it sort of hurts. It also sucked when I was the one who always took initiative to comment and then they remove me -_-

Plushies via mail is awesome :D
:O Sounds like such a painful fall, I hope you don’t bruise too much
The noodles look delicious 🤤

Hey Georgina. :D Thanks for your comment on my site. <3 You really don't have to take the time, but I appreciate it, especially since I know you're busy! And yes, I have been moving my fanlistings! I got my new domain,, and that one I'm keeping while is going to expire. So they have to be moved. :3

I find it rather stupid when people remove affiliates because they don't keep in touch. You don't offer affiliation if you expect them to become friends with you. There's a difference between affiliating/link exchange and being friends. Some people just don't understand that…

I saw you mention that injury on Twitter! I hope you're going to be all right. D: I know bruises hurt, but at least it's not broken! Same goes with my finger. I slammed it into my desk today, and it's going to be bruised, but at least it's not broken!

I completely agree with this! I hate visiting sites where affiliates are nothing more than a colourful button and a way to drag in a few more hits to someone’s site. And I hate reading entire blog posts about the owner’s ‘Affie Sweep’ where everyone either passes or fails.

Often the reasons for failing are so inadequate, like ‘You haven’t posted in my cbox for a while’ or ‘your blog isn’t updated regularly enough’. When I started web designing, it’s no wonder I believed that affiliates WERE just sites you link to.

I especially hate it when tiny, very poorly made sites, often with a domain redirection, awful layouts and cutenews as a CMS judge other people’s sites for affiliation. Some of these very poor quality sites have REQUIREMENTS to be their affies such as ‘You must have more than 20 pages’ and ‘You cannot just be a blog’. Some even go so far as to discriminate against Freewebs and other free websites, even though having a redirect isn’t much of an improvement :/

I’ve learnt since I joined Icecaves several months ago that you can have online friends, not just affiliates who comment on your blogs ONLY for the sake of remaining an affiliate. There are quite a few people I’ve met online who might not even have a site, but they still comment faithfully on people’s blogs nonetheless, because they are true friends and they want to continue the conversation. I don’t have a site (yet) and so I have no affiliates or obligations to comment on blogs, but I do anyway.

Ouch X_X I slip/trip/fall/fail like that quite a lot. I fell down a very long flight of stairs at my school, and they were cement so it hurt D: Are you okay now?

:O They are the best looking instant noodles I’ve ever seen D: It’s like, 9am and I WANT SOMEEEE D:

Ahha I find it really rude nowadays. The definition of affiliate has changed over time and some people just choose to link their friends. A lot of affiliations are just for the hits but they should really state that in their rules or something.

I feel betrayed because this person didn’t respond to my comments; I should have been the one deleting her!

Oh well – to each their own, and I know some people just see it as a link exchange. But others don’t and that’s where things clash.

The requirements are quite terrible though because since affiliates help populate your site, only affiliating with popular sites doesn’t really leave much for those with less popular ones. :(

People just shouldn’t judge or categorise like that; it’s human nature but sometimes it seems nasty.

I know what you mean! O_O Some people just comment for the sake of staying affiliates. But see, most of my “affiliates” don’t do that. I have other lovely people who aren’t even my affiliates, commenting on my site to keep in touch and I consider them as friends. You don’t need a link to deem yourself “friends”.

I’m fine, haha! Once I had it really bad; I fell down the stairs, got my foot caught in a drain at the bottom and twisted my ankle and totally couldn’t walk. 😢

It’s 11:54pm and I want noodles now that you mention it. LOL. Uni tomorrow – might buy some! /bounce

I be honest with you – am guilty of that whole affiliate business although you never had me as an affiliate – I had you as an affiliate as well as a few others. But I decided to get rid of the whole affiliate and link exchange thing and like you do just friends only or those who I consider close and dear friends. I am not going go any further but I do consider you a friend and hope you feel the same way in return and I do love to visit and read your blog. I know what you mean by the whole busy personal life and no time to visit other’s blogs due to your life being too busy – that is me right now.

And sorry to hear you fell and hurt yaself – at least it happen at home and not in public, that be even more worst. One time I was coming out of the shower and slipped and fell on our tile floor – next day I got my monthly curse and had killer cramps in the area where I hit (fell on my ass) the day before…not fun…*LOL*

Instant Noodles are always da best…I would live on those if I could but not very nutritious but than gain am not really healthy as am into junk food most of the time.

Anyways, have a good one hun!

Eeep! /ehh

I feel a bit guilty about the first subject you blog about, because I’ve done that exact thing you hate in the past … Deleted Affiliates because they never spoke to me.

In my defense, though, they TRULY never spoke to me! They never made their presence known to me anywhere else other than an Affiliate application eMail, and literally months would pass, ((Sometimes up to six months!)) of them never communicating with me whatsoever. /argh

I don’t think this is exactly what you mean, though, because these types of ‘Affiliates’ are clearly just in it to try and get hits from my site. /snort Ugh!

And aww, I’m so sorry you fell down while you were running to get your wallet. Ouch! @_@ Although on the bright side, at least you weren’t seriously injured — Sometimes people fall like that and fuckin’ bust all their front teeth, or break their nose or wrist or something really fucking horrible like that. A few bruises don’t seem as bad in comparison! /argh And hopefully if any form, they fade quickly.

And ooh, those noodles looked freakin’ delicious! ((Although what the eff, how come they cost so much?! You can get packages of those here for around 25¢ to 50¢! /huh )) The only part that sucks about ’em is that they’re so high in calories … 😢

Hey Georgie! :) ♥

I honestly feel like I have been a pretty bad friend lately.. I never really talked to you much besides through comments.. I sometimes feel like I don’t know what to say to you if we like talk via MSN or something.. and I don’t even know why. I just really hope that things change on my end so we can stay more in contact – besides commenting each other – because I actually really miss talking to you a lot. ♥

I honestly can’t understand it when people delete their affiliates or friends because they are busier and have less free time on their hands. I mean, we ALL go through the same thing with school. We all have to study for tests & exams and also do homework and all that stuff – some of us are faster some are slower. No need to cut off all the ties because of something like that.

OMG ouch! That sounds really painful. I hope you don’t have any or at least not too many bruises from that fall!

Lucky you that Ryan & Vicky hadn’t really eaten anything too. That way you three got to go and get something to eat together. I usually never eat breakfast in the morning. I would have to get up even earlier and I had getting up earlier. xD I usually eat something during our first break that is around 9:30am.

Those noodles look yummy! I wanna have some right now.. even though it’s 5am. xD

I agree with you that true online friends are ones who keep in touch other commenting, unless they’re uncomfortable giving out their other online accounts. :P
Good luck with those bruises. I hate it when I get bruises, they take so long to recover to its regular color. > <
Incomplete breakfasts are bad habits! *hypocrite<3* XD

I’m glad you agree. :) I know some people are uncomfortable with that but I am definitely not. If I feel close enough to someone I don’t mind giving out my MSN email, or other information. I have swapped numbers with some online buddies!

Thank you! Yeah, my bruises are blue at the moment, LOL.

They ARE bad habits! But I never used to have this bad habit until now. Better keep it off. :O

Jeez amen to that xP There was one period last year when I was really busy where about 3 of my affiliates just deleted me :| I was so pee’d off. I was kinda going through that period again one/two weeks ago, but none of my affiliates deleted me this time (:

I hate it when people do that, because it’s not even being a good affiliate?

Oh I hope it doesn’t bruise bad x| I hate it when I get bruises :|

& That food makes me wanna eaaaaaat. In fact I’m gonna go get breakfast now.

Huhu, noodles! Sodiumage /bounce

What did Ryan eat? /ho

short comment /frog
short like Wuggs. /love


Haha there was a lot of chili in there and it was very spicy. I think you would have liked it. :)

I… I was going to write it down then I couldn’t remember. /um I think Ryan had a sandwich from home. :P


haha yes, i know its a state. :P oh and my dad was just in australia – he said it was awesome! so it’s definitely, on my list :)

and thank youu <3

Even if returning comments takes you some time, people should still appreciate the fact you actually return them. Some people don’t even bother.

I mean, even when we were both working, we still kept talking through DMs on Twitter. Mainly bitching but you know, we still spoke.

That’s the main reason I stopped doing the whole affiliates thing. People were just deleting me for no reason without telling me why or anything. It’s just plain rude.

I only ever deleted an affiliate if they never responded to my comments but returned everyone else’s.

People generally just want hits and comments hence why if an affiliate isn’t commenting, they just delete them. It’s pointless.

That person was just damn rude for doing that. I mean, you commented them, you visited them if anything you should have deleted them. *Sigh*

Ouch! That sounds painful!! :( I hope you’re not too sore or bruised!

Those noodles look yummy. :D I love noodles, mmm.

Haha you didn’t have to come visit or comment! XD

I already tried importing the WP comments table to Habari but the Habari tables are… weird haha. It just kept fucking up. :( I’ve deleted the WP database now anyway.

I do still love WordPress. I mean I’m using it on Tranquilium and going to use it on AudioRush so yeah. But Habari is just as awesome. XD

LMAO, I know! I was like “I didn’t get an iPhone, I got an iPod Touch” I love it when it’s obvious that someone hasn’t read your blog properly. :’)

Thank you. XD LOL I know, I love my presents. :)

Hehe I know, I love my necklace! :D He bought a ring that’s similar for Christmas in 2006 as well. :3

Don’t laugh at my goodies page! It’ll be offended, mmkay?

I would never have guessed why your iPhone’s called Ben. /hehe

Thank you. I actually got it off a disney picture and went to the CSS Drive site I mentioned, got the colors, went to colour lovers and made a palette.

The site you mentioned is actually better than the CSS Drive site I mentioned! I love how it’s “dull” and “vibrant” because on the CSS Drive site there’s only “light, medium and dark” but those don’t always look good. Vibrant is the one for me!

He sure does really weird things in his sleep but that was the weirdest by far. I told my friend via text and she said “AWWE He loves you even in his sleep” but I asked him what kind of dream he was having when he woke up and he said that he had a dream about killing zombies (wtf) with his little brother so either he made out with his little brother or… a zombie. (Y)

It’s quite alright that your comment has been delayed. At least you reply to comments unlike most amazing sites out there who simply don’t have time “”””””at all”””””. Pfft!

Oh, and in reply to your post….

That’s horrible. As a high school junior, I know how it feels to have all that work pile up. Affiliates should understand that! And ouchies, I hope you don’t bruise to bad… That sounds painful :P

PS. Those noodles look yummy :)

This makes me think. I feel guilty in some ways but I’m thinking to start all over with the affiliates thing and keep those who really talk to me more often. Maybe I’ll do blog rounds and approach those people nicely via email. I hope I won’t be rejected. Hehe.

Oh sucks! I hope you didn’t get serious bruises and some fracture. LOL what I’m thinking too much.

I love instant noodles! :D

Its weird how DRIVING, out of all things can be stuck in your mind haha! Thanks Georgina <3 Yeahhhh, I pretty much did well on everything EXCEPT parking *dies* but it's something dumb.. just makes it worse heh. Just waiting for the next chance :)

Ohhh no problemmm, take your time returning comments, I understand being busy haha. SPEAKING OF CLEANING ROOM, my room is HORRIBLE.

Awesome to hear that you've calmed down with your mom :)

AHHH, good topic good topic!! Honestly, I didn't even APPLY to be THEIR affiliates and they go ahead and DELETE ME???? ROOOARR.

Oh nooo :( Sounds like a hard floor, just like when I fell when skating. It hurted but never felt any bruises until I went home haha.

Mmmm noodlesss.

I’m also self-taught, and lies! You are way better than me.

He doesn’t stare at other people like he does at me, but he sure knows how to creep up on them.

You’re welcome, and thank you. :D I might post a rant there if I’m not to lazy.

I still don’t know the results of my dad’s CT scan, yet. I’m starting to think that my parents are keeping it from me. =/

I’ve had affiliates delete me when I was busy with school or having personal issues. Even when I post about them in my blog. And then there are those affiliates who never keep in touch with me blog-wise, but I always talk to them on forums and Facebook. Which is why I always keep them. :)

Ouch. I hope the bruising on your forearm and knee isn’t too much. I remember when I was walking down the steps from the 500 building at my school and someone accidentally shoved me, and I landed right on my butt. The one time when I was glad that I had some fat right there, lol.

My family has two boxes of instant ramen cups. :O I can get sick of eating them after two times, though.

woman, you are so right. its wrong to delete an affie when they have exams or something going on in their lives that is keeping them away from their site. people should have the ability to understand and realize that if they’re true friends with that person, they should be patient and sympathetic towards their situation.

i guess there’s always gonna be those people who are just plain rude and don’t have a clue what the definition of affiliate or more importantly FRIEND is. i’m pretty sure there’s a difference b/w affie and friend right? friends more personal.. i think. i may be totes wrong. :D

AWW poor you. that fall must have hurt a helluva lot. i’ll keep my fingers crossed that those bruises aren’t too big . D: and i’ve fallen on my ass too many times to count, if that makes you feel any better. hope you heal soon! <3


btw, you by no means have to return this comment even if it's through your fancy smancy comment thread plugin LULS. this comment is just something for you to read, and hopefully put a smile on yo face. :D PEACE.

Honestly, lately I have been thinking alot about what a true friend is too. Except I”m talking about offline friends. I don’t really have many true ones, even when I think that they are true ones they end up hurting me. I never had a real best friend, one that considered me their number one best friend. I really hope that I have one, ONE day.

Aw, that sucks about the person who deleted you off of their affiliates. It doesn’t make sense if you were keeping in touch and she/he wasn’t. People are so hypocritical these days! :/

Define affiliate:
Someone who keeps in touch with you, either by comments, twitter, msn, email, facebook or something else. You talk at least 1 time a every two weeks. You can trust them and get their advice.

Ouch, I hope that the bruises don’t bruise to badly!

Have a great day! <3

Georgina @_@
I did something wrong on one of the codings on my WordPress plugins and now I can’t login to WordPress nor delete the plugin via FTP because I upload plugins through WordPress itself Ahhhhh!

Any ideas on what to do? if you can’t get to my site please reply via email.

Meh. I miss Gillian. :( Im keeping in contact with her trhough email like you are! ^.^

I totally agree!! ;) I never delete my affiliates unless they delete me. I hate it when they delete you and don’t bother telling you, it upsets me. :(

awe. *hugs* Hope the bruises heal soon.

Oh man! I love noodles… Aha. Make me hungry why don’t you Georgina!

hey there i know what u talking about online friends. one of my best friends i met online, she lives in the uk, this year we meeting after being penpals for 10 years :) i cant wait. i think affiliates are friends more than just websites u visit. are u ok, that fall sounded bad? those noodles look yuuuummmmmmmmmy

The noodles look delicious :)

That’s one big reason why I don’t have affiliates or I don’t sign up for those things. I’ll then feel like a have a duty to try to be friends with them. If I wanted to create a bond, I will. Signing up or applying for it just isn’t right to me.

I honestly don’t have a MSN, so I usually just use Twitter or email, there better to me :D

Ouch!! That sounds like it hurts. Hopefully the bruises aren’t that bad.

Jrotc is a program that teaches students to be better citizens for their community. It stands for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. We learn about the Army and we even wear the uniform (which is a pain btw XD ) The class itself is dreadfully boring but the people in the program are really great and I’ve made a nice friendship with them.

Btw I always forgot to ask you this, what’s your email so we can keep in touch?? I dislike having really long convos on Twitter because they never notify me that the person replied XD

The amount of comments I get vary. It depends if my blog is interesting or not. I found that people often comment more when I use images in my blog.

I find speaking another language so difficult. I took Spanish for 2 years and I can’t remember any of it! It’s a good job I dropped it. The teacher was rubbish!

No, I’m defifnitly dropping German before I go to college. I would like to learn Italian or Portuguess as they are languages that I think would be useful for me.

Opps! I will probably forget to wear mine when I only have to wear it at night time.

Yeah, I love looking at iPod/iPhone covers. They are so funky but also helpful in stopping the back from getting scratched. I bought some of those plastic screen protectors but I can’t put them on properly. They keep getting air bubbles underneath.

When I talk to other people about films it seems like I haven’t seen the best films that have been made. I’ve missed out on them!

I only look at the styles of the shoes on the converse site. I don’t buy anything off their because all the prices are in US dollars.

:) I think you know when that certain someone is perfect for you. There is just that connection, its strange but magical. It’s always good to have someone there.

It’s so important that people keep in contact with their affiliates. I always have a nosy at my affiliates sites and leave them long comments that relate to their blog. It annoys me like hell when they reply with a one line comment. I feel like it’s pointless keeping in contact with them. That’s why I end up having so many affiliate clear outs. I think some people just want the free advertising space.

Owch! I hope you’re okay after your fall.

Your lunch looked yummy! Cheap noodles taste nicer than the slightly more expensive ones. I think it’s like that with a lot of foods. Well, in this country anyway!

Sometimes things get so overwhelmed that you just can’t handle it all. I don’t blame you for not returning every single comment I make on your blog. I know you have a busy lifestyle with starting uni. and having a boyfriend and working and what not. So I understand.

I’m sorry that you and your mom gets into fights with each other. Sounds like me and my grandma. Fights are horrible especially over petty stuff such as driving directions and wallets. Don’t you agree?

I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately, to comment. I’ve been busy working on my domain (as you can tell). But I guess that’s no excuse. So when would you like to start pen palling?

I love Skeletons. The rules are a little harsh but I understand why. Skeletons mb is great! You guys are nicer than some of those forums out there. I started a forum a couple of times only to have it go down under. Or plunder. lol.

Ah well; well; I’ll write a better comment later on. I’m pooped.

I can’t remember any of my affiliates deleting me since I haven’t had an actual blog website for so long, but I can see how that would be frustrating. I guess it’s just a lesson learned to not be affiliates with someone unless you really know them.

I only have one true online friend. She sent me a letter once including pictures, and the scent of country apple on the letter she wrote. I never wrote back because I didn’t have any stamps, but regardless we still kept in contact for years! She has my number. :p

Ouch! for bruises. I get the weirdest ones all over my body. Take the back of my knee area for example. It’s purple and ugly. Hope the bruises aren’t too bad..and if they are., take pictures! LOL, that’s what I do with mine. I got them all over facebook.

You know..those instant noodles look quite delicious right now. I wish my house still kept noodles.. it’s a nice meal once in a while.

Ack yeah it’s hard to keep up with people online sometimes!!

Ouchie on the fall – I know one time I slipped in the kitchen and slid into the fridge… y’ouch!

Oooh the noodles look yummie

I delete affiliates when they take down my link, especially without telling me /angry
But if an affie wasn’t a good one (didn’t reply to blogs, didnt keep in contact) and went on hiatus I would say no thank you. But I think it comes down to careful choice of affies and paying attention to each others blogs! I mean if the person who deleted you read your blogs she would find that she had no ground to delete you off her site. At least I think so. :)
I’m learning that even if I didn’t win the argument, or even if my side doesn’t have the power and the other side does the truth remains the same. Truth is not biased, it isn’t on a team you are on its team.
And I’m also learning based on that, I don’t have to fret if someone doesn’t believe me if the time comes it will hit them right across the face. oops.

Haha, that’s okay. I can’t even imagine how you could reply to 31 comments and more each blog post.. especially with the distraction of Skeletons xD I can’t even keep up with the posts on there.

It really was. I think the last train of the night is at 7, and then there are buses all hours of the night except from 3am-5am. Which is rather weird, because there could be some people who need to go to work that early.

We don’t have barriers or anything, so it was pretty easy. And since there was no where to buy tickets near the train, it’s not like there was any attendants watching to see if people did buy tickets.

Haha, yeah.. we all have the same initials.. first, middle and of course last. I swear my dad even gets us mixed up sometimes… even though we don’t look alike, the names just get confusing.

I fell in loveee with the pattern of the shirt <3 And the fact that it was cheap was an extra plus xD

I wasn't expecting the forum to be that addicting either xD I hope it stays active and doesn't die off though, like many forums do. It's a great forum :D

The icon script probably would be easier in the long run. I'm too lazy to actually take the time to get it to work though since I'd have to add all the icons that I already have on my site.

Yeah, I can see why it would be hard to talk to her by the way you've talked about her in other posts. I guess if you just try your best to be good, then she really shouldn't have any *legitimate* reasons to get mad at you. And either way, there would only be a few more years until you're moved out and can get more time away from her.

Yeah I really want to watch 9! But apparently it’s coming out late this year, :( That’s it, I’m gonna download it!
My mum like always yelled at me when I played the piano. It was really annoying and…frustrating. She also used to throw things at me when she was really angry about my piano playing.
LOL. Do you know when you graduate from university?
Yes, seaweed does taste nice when in soup. My parents used to cook it for me. But not so much anymore.
Haha, don’t worry. I’ve been like that too. I’ve had so much homework/assignments from my teachers at school, that I haven’t made an update since… the 13th of March? Which is like… 10 days? A record for me.
Thank you! Yep, Sarah Blasko is an Aussie, yay! And she should get more recognition-I love her voice!
Haha, maybe not a forum. I don’t think I would have time for everything, you know?

Ah, affiliates. I always think of them as friends. I just deleted an affiliates who did not keep in contact with me for 2 months. And she was active on Twitter. -.- I even commented on her site, but she wasn’t answering. I don’t really go on MSN anymore. I sort of just lost interest. I go on Facebook and that’s where my friends have been for the past few months.
Aww, that was really sweet-what you got for Laura and Tiffany, :)
I hope you’re alright. I hate slipping on those hard timber floors at our house. And I always bang wither my knee or forearm.
Ooh, those noodles look good! And for $2.50!! Wow!

:O I hate it when that happens, it’s depressing.

Haha I feel like returning comments today, though. I want to blog a bit later. Don’t return this until I’ve blogged though, please? (A) Or don’t bother returning it straight away, just do it when you have time. I can wait, unlike some people. o_O

Haha I noticed you using :B a lot. :P

Yeah, I know what you mean. The person we’ve been talking about via DM (I think you know who), well they left me a big comment, I replied like straight away and I bet I don’t get a reply. *Sigh*

Exactly. People think you have to comment each other to keep in touch but hello, there’s MSN, Twitter, Tumblr and other things.

Yeah, that’s understandable. I deleted like 17 before. But that was because I couldn’t keep up with them. I just kept 10 I kept in contact with the most, but now I just link my favourite blogs.

I want some noodles too, we have none. :(

My sites not like a magnet, baha. Yours is, I visit it about 3457385734 times a day lmfao.

Hehe yeah, I like a fresh start. I wanted to keep my blogs though, every time it’s broke on me or whatever, I’ve always started my blogs from scratch but not this time. XD

I’m not going to open it as a photo blog now hahaha, I wouldn’t keep up with it. Gunna use it as a sub-domain option on Tranquilium. :)

Oh I know. I mean saying iPhone instead of iPod Touch isn’t much, especially when so many people write such insensitive things on a sensitive blog.

LOL, yay my goodies page is loved. :3

I remember the true reason I joined the web design community and bought a domain of my own for use with the site I would create was because I wanted true online friends as my real-life “friends” back then didn’t seem too supportive of me and I must admit there wasn’t much of a life back then. So far I have managed to make a number of them, however, on account of my having taken a break from the web for some time due to real life reasons (I was starting to get busy with school, and I finally had friends whom I thought really cared for me) I lost touch with a few and they have not made much of an effort to communicate. It’s true the word “affiliate” doesn’t hold much meaning in it; it’s like a promise of friendship made by a tot to another tot who in reality would only want a playmate, and nothing more beyond the definition of the word, with even less emotional attachment. It is the equivalent of a business deal, wherein parties involved enjoy the benefits of being able to comment on each other for the sake of having comments alone, though the feeling might not be there at all. I have yet to get to the point where I’m to hold telephone conversations with my online friends and send things to them, though I definitely am looking forward to this if ever I get to have enough time to spend on the web communicating. I sure wish I do. :D

You fell on the floor due to all that running around? Ohnoes. It’s never a good thing to be in a hurry, never. Ironically enough I always am, since I almost never get up early enough. Slippery shoes are also terrible, too.

Those look like yummy noodles! I don’t eat much though, and usually I just eat fruits or the viand. :D Looking at the pictures satisfies me though, and makes me hungry somewhat. ;)

It’s really frustrating to see some people delete their affiliates just because they are busy to keep in touch. At least they just should have asked why they were not keeping in touch.
We are not robots so, we have our lives and it’s obvious that we cannot always be online visiting websites. Human beings are social creatures ;)
Btw Georgina, I finally have my site up! 👏 Thanks a lot for your generosity, I wish I had the site up faster but I was really busy with the school. I’m sorry for that I know that I told you that I would do it in a week, but you know life is really busy… :)
Take Care, wonderful my wonderful friend.. ;) ♥

Okay. I understand perfectly, it’s very annoying when you answer someone’s comment, and they never reply back. Sometimes it’s better to be selective :)

I guess it’s a good thing that she does not regret his decision. I also spoke with her by mail, but not talk about it. It’s in your hands, if she want to return. It is perfectly understandable.

your welcome! That’s okay, I did not know, sorry.

thank you Georgina! I also hope so. You’re right, I feel very close to my grandfather despite being old and sick. It’s an amazing situation to feel close to someone important in my life, such as.

oh sorry that you did’t meet some of your grandparents, that is so sad. I’m sorry :(

yeah the best is that the moments I lived next to him will always remain in my memory. You’re right. I try to be strong, but sometimes cost much. While I remain hopeful, I am prepared for whatever may happen, even bad. It is the law of life. thank you for your breath words, Georgina! :)

I guess you could have real friends online. I agree with you, other ways of keep in touch with others, such as Twitter and MSN. And is also well to keep in touch with people online through the mail. I understand what you say about the affiliates. I do not understand why some people delete affiliates for not commenting back, or telling them they will not be able to blog for awhile. Affiliates are friends and it’s about talking with each other, having fun … Some people do not understand that in addition to our site and our lives online, we have a life offline.

oh sorry that you slipped and fell on the hard floor in the kitchen. Hope you do not hurt you much you did the bruises and others. Take care! :)