A Day in the Life

It’s times like these I wish my mum would be quiet for just one second. I can barely concentrate when she won’t quit telling me off.

Again, today, I procrastinated. But I guess it’s okay, since I’ll be paying the price later. I have gone past halfway with my part of the debate – it’s due Friday. I forgot to mention that it is an online debate. Weird, right? But at least I don’t have to stand up and talk in public!

The first speaker from the opposing team hasn’t posted their part up but I have potential rebuttals. We’re affirmative for “The internet should be filtered in Australia”.

On that note personally I am against the filtering of the internet in Australia, because I think we all have a right to look at what we want to look at on the internet, and we can do what we want to do. But doing this debate has made me research and think a little differently, on issues such as preventing child pornography being circulated incessantly on the internet, on copyright issues, so on and so forth.

I remember Manda mentioning on Twitter that sometimes having a fanlisting for a subject can make you love it more.

I often feel that I hate a lot of things but in time, come to accept them.

I don’t know where I’m going with this but I was just about to make a reference to Facebook. I don’t hate Facebook. I’m just anti-Facebook and won’t conform. I’ve got enough at the moment and I really do not want to face the possibility of old schoolmates finding me and stalking me. O_O

I’ve had people try and convince me but it’s not happening soon… I got my first invite in 2006 and I’m still getting invitations. :P

Onto the weather now; it’s been really warm here even though it’s autumn and should be cooling down. It’s funny how on the other side of the world other people are talking about spring coming and snow melting away. /hehe

We have a limau (pronounced limo) tree in our garden. Limaus are like Asian limes:


Our tree is planted near the side of the house with the air conditioner. It’s quite funny because lately the limaus have been falling off the tree’s branches, and hitting the top of the air conditioner system that is outside. It sounds like someone is throwing rocks at our house.

It’s quite funny because sometimes when I’m with my mum or brother in the living room, a limau will drop and we all stop in shock before realising what it is.

At least later we can collect them all and use them. :)

PS. Comments will be done, duh.

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I know I just returned your comment on your last blog post, but I can’t just do “FIRST COMMENT” without leaving you a proper comment lmao.

Don’t return the last comment, just return this one… IN YOUR OWN TIME PLEASE? Kthnx. ♥

An online debate sounds like fun, something that would interest me too considering I HATE talking in front of people. I’m so self-conscious. :/

The whole filtering thing is kind of stupid, but I guess it is to protect us as well. My step dad blocks all those porn sites and what not, but he also blocks MSN websites because well, he’s mean. I’m 21 years old and he still prevents me from using MSN and using the internet during the day. (This doesn’t really have anything to do with your blog but hey ho).

I hate a lot of things, well I say I do but deep down, I probably don’t. Same with a lot of people.

I never thought you hated Facebook, I actually admire the fact you’re anti-Facebook. Don’t ask me why, heh. I rarely use it now, I only talk to my brother and play Bejeweled Blitz, haha.

My sister refuses to make a Facebook as well, it’s quite interesting.

LOL, invites since 2006? Amazing. :’)

I wish it was hot here lmao. Well, it’s been around 13/14°C which isn’t too bad to be honest. I hate seeing bald trees, though.

Mmm, they look gorgeous! I wouldn’t eat them, cause I’m a fussy eater but they look so nice haha!

We have tomato and strawberry plants in our garden. My dog usually ends up eating them before we get to pick them. :P

Send some to me. :D

Why, those limau fruits sure look delicious! We have them around here but they call it dalandan. ;) I believe if I have the right fruit in mind they taste like oranges, so they’re known around here as green oranges. :D

Haha I think these little ones are actually sour, and more like limes, though. :D

wow, those lime things look cool, and good to cook with! :) what do you use them in?

thanks so much for the comment! lol, i tried templates but hated it :p

That limau really looks like a calamansi to me. O_O XD

Anyway, I’ve been part of mini-debates during English class. I think being in the affirmative is really challenging especially if the topic is really hard where most people would say the opposite. :3 I guess it makes you see the bigger picture when you’re on the other side. I’ve witnessed a formal/real debate before in school and I am just amazed with how both teams would state the facts and counter each other. I am just amazed really. :3

I’ve learned in the forum that you do not have a Facebook. :3 It’s okay… it’s not like people will kill you because you don’t have any. I also know some people who does not have a Facebook! ;) And oh my, you have a lot of invitations. HAHA. *u*

Weather here on the PH is really weird. It had been sunny these past few days… and what do you know, I just heard from the news that a typhoon/storm will arrive here on Thurs. /hmph The climate is really weird! @_@

Facebook…Umm I have one but it’s not the best thing to spend your time with. The only reason I have it is to keep up with school club activities.
Old mates are everywhere it’s really scary that people that you don’t wanna talk with reach you via facebook within seconds, there are privacy settings ofcourse but they may eventually find you…I experienced those kinda things before…Well, I would not force you to have one because I know how hell that place can be O_O
Limau? I have not had one of those yet, but they look like a combination of lime, orange and lemon :)
It’s nice to grow your own vegetables. We had cherry tomatoes in your back yard but crows ate them damn it… /argh

That’s alright, lol, most of the time I forget what we’re talking about too. :)

That’s good! It’s good when friends still contact each other.

Mmm, it’s like hmm, a lot of hours? I’ll probably just sleep through it. Once when I was 6, I went to Cuba with my mom and aunt and I fell asleep before the plane took off and I woke up just as we were landing. It was like a 3 hour flight! LOL.
I WISH! I think we’re flying with Air Canada, or West Jet.
They have movies!
But no computers, :(

But I found them! Weeee!!
The boots are like chocolate brown and white, and were like $230. I know, really expensive…
My dad said he may buy my ski pass for the ski place and then I can go whenever I like next season, and he said he MAY buy me a The North Face jacket I’ve been drooling over.
If not I can buy that :)

Lol, I like the warmth to LAST. Last year, Morgan and me went kyacking in her grandmother’s kyacks in late September, :)

I know, it’s kind of a lot of over acting, (not as much as other shows) but some of it they learned a good lesson. :)
And apparently it’s not ending, new season is coming.. @_@

I feel the same way, then when I snap at my mom, she lectures me on not to sass her. /angry

That debate should be interesting, I hope it goes well.
Hmm, that seems like a touchy subject. But still very interesting.
On one point I agree it would be lovely to be able to catch all the criminals out there and stuff like that. It’d be easier and whatnot.
But on the other hand where’s the privacy? Must everyone know everyone else’s business?

Whoa, those seem pretty interesting. Do they taste like limes?

Lol, that would scare me. Like falling snow, I’d jump 10 feet in the air if a limau dropped out of no where.

Maybe you’ll be able to make new recipes with the limaus! :)

I know how you feel. Sometimes when I’m doing something, my mom is talking to me about random stuff. I’m trying to finish it. /angry I like to go in the bedroom and do what I need to do there.

It’s not good to procrastinate. You want to do it right. That way you’ll feel better about it. When you procrastinate, you’ll just rush through it. You’ll think back, I hope I did okay. I wish I would of done it earlier when I first got the assignment. I’m crossing my fingers I get an A or B on it.

Wow. A online debate. There’s something new. I’ve never heard of that before. I guess people are coming up with all kinds of creativity ideas.

I don’t like the idea of having the internet filter. I guess it’s for our own protection. There’s a lot of viruses, trojan horses, anti-ware, etc. now days. You just never know what, when, where, why, who or how you’ll get it. Parents should monitor their child when their on the internet. Either that or they can filter certain websites. That way they won’t be able to access it.

The Hawaii State Public Library filter their internet. You can’t go on certain websites. I’m not able to access the control panel. I can’t upload pictures on Photobucket. Your not allowed to save things on the computers. I have to go the internet cafe by my house. It sucks.

I hardly check my Faceook. I have to do my job search, check my emails, update the site or post a blog. I run out of time. I only go on if it’s important. I only add people I know. I have classmates who sends me a Friend’s Request. I don’t even know them. I see them around school.

Winter is my favorite season. I like snow. It’s too bad we don’t get it here. I want to travel to the mainland to see it again. I like it when it’s really cold. You can see smoke coming out of your mouth. That’s so cool. The weather here changes from time to time. It could be hot, warm or cold no matter what season it is.

Darn I didn’t get first comment! Oh well; I’m super duper excited about moving to Beaumont. But the bad news is before they can close escrow they gotta go through two fines that was on the house. I’ll know more about the subject later.

Those Limaos look really good. I love lemons. Did you make any lemonade with them? Or do you put sugar on them and just suck the juice out of them? Haha I do both if I can.

You got me something already? Gee, I still have to get you something. I don’t even know what to get you yet. Hmm what do you like? Do you like plushies? Cause if you do I can get you a plushie of some kind.

Hmm I can tell you sending it to california and me sending your stuff to Australia will be pretty expensive but well worth it I think.

I’ve never heard tell of an online debate before. Heehee that’s silly.

Hey Georgie. I sometimes wish my mum would be quiet too, it’s not nice to say but sometimes you need to. /oh

I’m also not to keen on Facebook; it’s quite annoying. /pow

Your limaus look lovely /mwah

Michael /eee

Limau looks really good. Send some my way will you? Stop procrastinating!

Okay, then every time you want to just think about me. Okay. Think that I would be very very sorry if you start cutting and that I may just do it, to get you not to do this. :)

Aww thanks for the hug. Everyone is special, everyone loves everyone.Every life is worth living, whether than it is crappy or really great just try your hardest at making the best of it.

The car is going into the mechanic tomorrow. The worst part of that night was my cousin who is a Pennzoil guy ran over a flower barrel. That is pretty sad.

Oh I came onto your site on my phone and it was not right, your image at the top was so small and I had to scroll all the way down just to see the main area. I found out that that plugin doesn’t work for the layout on my phone. I found a better plugin that is pretty good if you want to use it. Just saying. :)

A lot of people say that the Iphones internet is somewhat good. (Y)

I just redownload it, I found out that it was the stupid wordpress widget code that I tried, because I wanted to learn how to use the widgets in my theme. But oh well. I guess it don’t like my theme. :( i am an epic fail! /wah

I wish my mom would stop doing that too, but you can’t force a person to do anything. 😒
I can perfectly fine with speaking publicly. Although when I’m speaking to an adult who has to judge me through my presentation, speaking, and such I get really red faced and stutter too much. /ehh I agree with your standing in your online debate. Internet shouldn’t be filtered in Australia but there’s still inappropriate topics to consider if it wasn’t to be filtered.
Social sites like Myspace and Facebook are confusing to me, I understand they’re to contact your friends but can’t you chat with them through AIM too? Can’t you check out photos of them through email too? Yeah, don’t get them. 🤬
Citrus fruits are awesome! I don’t eat them but I just love their wonderful fragrance. I’ve tasted out Filipino limes but I keep forgetting what they’re called. Oh I just remembered; it’s calamanci, I think that’s how you spell it. ✌️

Especially when they’re your parents. :(

I don’t really like being judged either but sometimes there’s situations when you have to get up on stage for a competition of sorts. I don’t like speaking but I actually don’t mind performing, maybe playing the guitar or piano (without singing; that makes me shake) or dancing.

I don’t believe the internet should be filtered, personally, but there are a lot of good points on why it should, and that’s what I should be focusing on in my debate. It’s going well so far! :)

I don’t have AIM, but I use MSN. Not everyone uses social networking sites and nowadays it actually annoys me that people just assume you have Facebook and look for you there. /hmph

Ooh, I haven’t actually heard of calamanci but I do love the taste of citrus fruits if they’re not too sour… :D

i procrastinate a lot too:( And mhm your debate sounds interesting. Like i think they should filter it to some degree i guess. Well then again i think people should feel comfortable doing stuff without having the fear of the government. My friends and i, at our lunch table were debating about if people with AIDS should be allowed to America. Half my friends thought they should and half should. I think they should be allowed, because everyone has a right.. right?

And facebook. haha i have one. It’s good if i need to get hw from friends, or if i have a question for some of them. Im not crazy into it. I just go on haha, make sense? And you do not need to conform, you aren’t missing much.
that fruit look so good:) yum! lol. I want some now. I might make an apple later;)

And thanks, i think i might make a portfolio, i still can’t decided. Cause if you knew me for a while, you would know i have not updated in like forever haha.. my content been getting lazier. i still didn’t add pages. idk i just like making friends… which that is lacking of at the moment.

awww, i am glad you and Gillian were so close:) I hope you keep in contact, and yea i knew her since freewebs, though i never got closed to her. I think we had mutural friends. haha that sounds like we are on a networking site.. “mutural” lol, sorry but yea everyone i feel like left, beside like Vicky and Tiff… and then theres a bunch of new people. but it’s my fault. I mean i think i should go on a lot more, if i think i am going to make friends.. (sorry for ranting), but it’s been bothering me.

I was just really close to my neighbor, i think that’s why i was sad. I sometimes think, how would i be if he stayed? I think i would be different. i think everything happens for a reason too.

OMG tomatoes?! did that stain? lol. omg i would be like WTF?! haha yea i will probably hold a grudge, i hope you didn’t that much.

Huhu, a debate! At least it’s online where it’s easy (and..quite odd. D: )

Limos are good on fish /bounce

I think I’ll go home early. ngege!


Haha yeah, it is easy. I’m nearly done! /bounce :D

I gave you a bag! If I can save some more I’ll give you another bag or something. :3

You went home early today, you naughty you. :P

Yeah, I’m not a Facebook kinda girl either. My sister is on there like everyday or everyother day and I’m thinking to myself “What is there to do on that?” I have a Myspace and I barely use it. Nothing to really so on Myspace either…

WOW! It seems like your mom yells alot. I feel your pain. But what I do to block out the complaining is to put my head phones on and turn up the volumn on my Ipod loud enough to where I can hear myself think.. or anyone else. XD It helps alot.

LOL, I thought those were limes before I read what they really were. They look good though. :)

I would only get a MySpace to keep in touch with the bands/artists I know on there, since I know that they add everyone. :)

But as for Facebook, I understand why the games are there and that you can keep in touch – but what, really? As it stands I don’t have too many friends and if they really were my friends, they could contact me via other means. Not to mention, I hate how now everyone assumes that you have a Facebook. /hmph

Haha as much as I’d love to, I wouldn’t want to miss out on what my mum says just in case she gets angry at me later. :O

They are like limes but I guess they’re the Asian version so they’re a little different. ;)

HELLOOOO! I am semi-late in commenting once again. I’M SORRY! /um

I FULLY AGREE WITH YOU! It is freaking IMPOSSIBLE to concentrate when someone is telling you off INCESSANTLY. It’s like…THE SOONER YOU SHUT UP, THE SOONER I CAN GET THIS CRAP DONE! /angry /angry Its hard to concentrate when someone else is being told off in your hearing range too. Like when my brother is screaming at my parents. /ho

YAY! You are past half way in your debate! :D I wish I had a debate. Hahahahaa. Good luck! I know you’ll own the other team. Because you guys got the harder side, and you guys probably had to think harder and more creatively, so yeah…


Let me know how you go :P

Yeah, internet censorship…it’s a little offensive. I’m anti-censorship, but I can sort of see both sides. So I guess I sit on the fence a little XD No one wants child porn circulating…and protection of children is PARAMOUNT. BUT what happens when it goes too far? That’s the main problem, right?

Hehehe, don’t worry! You are always welcome to steal my facebook :D We can share ^^ Oh wow, that was really cheesy. But yeah, use mine whenever. I don’t mind XD I don’t mind if you ask people to contact you through my facebook either :P Or if you want to add the rest of GLAC since you’ve added Ben Jorg. LOL

OHMYGOD! It felt like SUMMER on Sunday and today. D: Yesterday was fine. I’M WAITING for the cooler weather. Hahaha…

AND THE PRETTY AUTUMN LEAVES! Except they look gross after it rains.

OMG! I have that tree in my backyard too! I didn’t know they were called ‘Limaus’ though /um I only know how to call them by the chinese name. Hahahaha.

They’re epically sour. D:

Our tree is no where near our house though :P So we don’t hear them when they drop. Otherwise I’d jump a foot in the air everytime I heard them :P Ours is in the far corner of our backyard :)

We use them too, though :P

Hi! I’m fucking annoyed at this reading I am reading (for my assignment) because it is set out in a disgustingly painful manner, making it so hard to read. Far out.

Don’t apologise about being late! Then you’ll turn into me with constant apologising for not adding things to my site, etc. :O

My mum was only telling me to sleep but yikes, it is definitely really hard to concentrate when someone is talking to you. Ryan can probably tell how annoyed I get when he’s trying to tell me a story and I’m glaring at my screen engrossed in responding to a comment. :P

Now I’m nearly done! I’m annoyed because just then I procrastinated. Far out. I have to get this done!


I guess it’s not so much the debate but how much effort we put in. So, hopefully, we will do well as a team and I’ll do well myself. /bounce

I’m anti-censorship as well but there are so many reasons pro-censorship that I feel so strong about my part of the debate. :D And they are all valid reasons to do with the law, as well.

Haha! Don’t mind if you see PJ DeCicco on Facebook soon! Sadly, Sierra only adds friends on Facebook. :P

Oh yeah, I remember my photoblog post last year with the stone path with wet autumn leaves. Looked kind of terrible.

Oh well, not like limau is English… or is it? @_@ I have a feeling it’s just an adaptation on the word or something. But they are sour!

Haha I didn’t know you had a tree like that. :D Yay, I learned something new. /love

I like the idea of an online debate :) It gives you time to think and really make a point with your words. I just got back from an actual debate, which was the first one for the season – it was awesome and we won, which was a good start ^^ Pretty funny though, it was about banning advertising for junk food products, and when we made a point about subliminal messaging, the other team was like ‘Well if the subliminal advertising is what you have a problem with, just ban that!’ At the end of the debate the adjudicator explained to them what subliminal messaging was. Needless to say they were quite embarassed.

Anyhow, enough about my debate :) I hope you do well with yours. You might have mentioned it earlier, but I can’t remember, so what’s the topic?

I totally agree with you about Facebook. I don’t have facebook and I don’t plan on getting one any time soon. I don’t like the idea of pouring so much information into a third party that could potentially do whatever they like with it, and I think I procrastinate enough already without adding facebook to the list. It annoys me when we’re in class and two people sitting next to each other are chatting on facebook. What’s wrong with normal socialization?

Limaus look tasty :) We have a lemonade tree outside our house and the fruit looks similar. What to limaus taste like – limes or lemons or something different again?

Not the longest of comments today, but I need to go sleep X_X I had stuff on before school today and I’m exhausted, not to mention procrastinating. Pssh, it isn’t even near when I usually go to bed either :P

I thought this debate was dumb but I’m actually enjoying it now because, even though I’m against my side, I have soooo many good points. :D

Oh, well done for winning that debate! Luckily I don’t need to practice since mine is an online one.

I think a while back, maybe when I was in primary school, I did a debate about junk food being banned from canteens. XD It was rather lame.

Oh that’s so embarrassing though, about the subliminal messaging. Silly thing to say – they didn’t know what they were talking about. Go you. :D

Haha yeah that’s basically it, like I mentioned in my blog. Internet being filtered. ;)

Yeah, I’m not planning on getting a Facebook either. Endless rants would occur if I even began, but let me tell you, I hate how now, everyone assumes you have one and look you up on there.

Limaus are more like limes. :3

That’s fine… I don’t go by length of comments. ♥

Shh, I’m going to try and sleep early today…

Thanks for your interest in my necklace, I have emailed you back about that.

Completely off-topic and not related to this entry but you have inspired me to buy domains! Now I want to buy domains for different things like a domain collective, fanlisting etc. How do you find the time to manage so many blogs and sites? I find it hard to keep up with just one blog.

Anyways back on topic. You’ve been invited to FB since 2006, wow. I’m a massive FB fan because that’s how I connected with my unviersity friends during uni and after. I have hardly any of my old high school friends on there. Besides I set my privacy to pretty high and set up limited profiles so I restrict what certain people see on my FB. Although I check FB often, I hardly post up a new status anyways or have any personal info in my profile.

I don’t think I have ever tried a limau before (I’m chinese), never knew they even existed. I might need to check them out at my near by chinese supermarket (if they have them). Do they taste the same as lime?

Haha don’t worry, I’m late with this comment as well. I had fever while my teachers started torturing everyone with homework. O_O

Not just in Australia, we are also given work to do when we go to field trips. But this one was mainly relaxing. :D Looks like I’ll start wishing that we hadn’t gone, the teachers seem to be taking revenge by giving us HEAPS of homework. D:

Reedma had another program she had to go to with her family, and apparently she enjoyed there. At least she is not disappointed. If it had been me, I would have been really upset because for me, programs with friends always come first before all others. :P

That’s too bad. :( Don’t you go from, you know, clubs and stuff? My sister went a few days back. They were taken from this photography club in her university.

Water Kingdom is also kinda small. It is actually inside another theme park, and that’s called Fantasy Kingdom. That has all the other rides and stuff. We got on one of the rides, and it ended up as a complete waste of my friend’s money (she paid for all of us). XD It was really slow and it stopped working when we were high above ground. Thankfully we were able to jump down. @_@

There was one that go round and round. I was too scared to get on it. XD The others who got on it said that it’s really awesome and stuff but I still wouldn’t get on it.

Haha yeah. Let’s see how the apartments turn out. Actually I prefer the apartment that we live in. My dad designed it so I guess I’ve got taste like him. :P

I don’t think they are ever going to say yes. xD I wish I could go. But my sister isn’t sure whether she will be able to go in the first place. If she goes to study anywhere abroad, it’s likely that she will go to Malaysia, where my other sister is also studying.

I like learning about the history of things that I know about. Currently we’re studying about some stuff that make no sense to me no matter how many notes we’re given. XD

Hopefully that did not hurt a lot! D: I tend to have a lot of accidents like that. I’m pretty clumsy.

My mom is always telling me off. /hmph I cannot concentrate in anything as well.

It’s much better that it’s an online debate. You don’t have to speak up in front of other people! /bounce

I sometimes feel that the internet should be filtered, for young kids. They browse through websites that are inappropriate. Parents definitely wouldn’t want their kids to see those stuff.

I’m anti-Facebook as well, mainly because just because I’m a teen people automatically expect me to have an account on Facebook. I don’t think that’s true. /huh

Spring’s come here, but I feel like it’s already summer because it’s terribly hot. 😰

I’ve never heard of limaus. They look so juicy and delicious, just what you need in a hot weather. :D
I would get pretty scared. I get scared when I hear someone sneezing at night. :P
As we live in an apartment we don’t have a garden, but I once planted chillies in one of our balconies. Crows ate them. /hmph

It’s quite alright! I guess I had to learn the hard way, anyways. I’ll be sure to email if I need any more help. I guess I was just quite frantic and you seem to be one who knows a lot and that actually replies unlike others.

Northern Reflections is a clothing store for older women. They look mostly like Grandma clothes to me but they do have amazing colors sometimes. They were so nice but only because they had great employees but since they fired all of the great employees now they’re all just shit!

Thank you! I adore it as well. When I saw it I looked at Mom and said “that’s the one”. Since my Mom was having a hard time with money at that point (and still sort of is) I went to my grandmother and great grandmother for help. I tried it on for them and they both started crying and gave me 100 dollars each. My boyfriend gave about 183$ and my Mom is paying the rest. It was 600 in total but they gave it to us for 500 because they saw how much I loved it and we needed to get alterations too.

If I could cook I’d probably do that for Dustin but I’m not a great cook. I must say that I’m AMAZING at cooking Russian Chicken and I cooked that for him on New Years Eve which was also our 1 year anniversary.

Isn’t it weird how you can be against something and your mind can change so easily? It’s amazing how I’m slowly finding myself and finding out the things I said I hated I really don’t hate.

Those Limaus are BEAUTIFUL. I’ve never saw something with so much COLOR. Maybe I’ll make a palette with the site you showed me with them ;)

/heart Hello…have been here visiting ur site n btw is very lovely. ♥ Greetings from my sweet corner. /mwah

Haha I love Facebook :x

Those limes look good, yummos! Yup, It’s spring here now and in fact we had a lovely day today =)

Hope your week has started off good

My mom is just like that; she’ll run her mouth off at us for hours at a time.
And then she doesn’t realize her own fault. D:
Haha, I like debates but I can never come up with good reasons and stuff. Good luck on yours, that’s quite an interesting topic. (:
Those limaus look good. xD Are they like limes, sour and all?

Thanks for the advice! I’m going to try a mix of vintage and typography for my next layout. I’m still very undecided, though. I still want to mess around with my site some more and go on revamp again. I just get tired of everything too fast! :P

5 years of tap dance is still a lot! LOL, I only got to wear top hats during one recital. They were fun, but I was like 8 and was annoyed by the straps. :3

When it comes to Facebook, I do honestly hate it. Just when I started to get used to the older version, they changed it. Then when I got used to the latest “old” version, they updated/changed it.. AGAIN. Now I’m trying to adjust to the current version. I originally joined out of curiousity. I only logged in once every 6-9 months or so.

I started to use it more after I’d worked at a local amusement park because we got foreign students. They don’t have MySpaces. The majority have Facebook. So it was the easiest way of keeping in touch.

Nowadays, mostly everyone seems to have moved on over to Facebook… Causing me to use the site I pretty much hate to use. Now I’m on it regularly just because it’s the only thing anyone uses anymore. -sigh-

When it comes to the internet filtration… I really don’t know what side to be one with it. Just because there’s certain things we want filtered and other things that we don’t want filtered. I just feel if we allow one thing to get filtered, it’s going to snowball into a bunch of others things. So it’s just a “meh” kind of topic for me, personally. :/

As far as procrastination goes… I’m sooooo guilty of it as well. It’s easier to get away with in high school and earlier on.. But not so much in college and other things. Unless it’s a writing class with simple papers to do based on personal experiences, it sucks when you realize you’re procrastinating. XD;;

heya georgina :)
haha my mum goes on and on about me all the time.. she even randomly just starts complaining about me/yelling at me for NO REASON…. really gets on my nerves..

i recently wrote a post on my blog about facebook.. and in some ways i kind of regret joining facebook.. and i’ve thought of deleting my facebook altogether. having 300+ friends on facebook doesnt mean that you are close with every o ne of them.. it basically creates lots of meaningless ‘friendships’ .. haha and i’d probably be the one stalking all the friends i know … not the other way around.. my best best friends dont use facebook and i think this is why we are still so close even after graduating from highschool (we mostly stay in contact through the phone or text message)

IM SO GLAD ITS AUTUMN!!! I LOVE AUTUMN!! hell yes for coooooler weather :D i think its pretty nice weather to play sports!! yay volleyball and badminton!! do you play many sports???
assessments are starting to pile up for me at uni :(ugh.. but we have holidays in 2 weeks so i cannnnnt wait for that hahah! relax time :P

at the house i used to live in we had a few fruit trees too. we even had banana trees!! it was pretty cool because we’d get sooo many bananas a year.. but we couldnt finish it all because they’d be such a large amount of bananas… not many people to eat it.. so theyd all go off :(. we also had grapefruit treees!! though i dont really like grapefruit..

I would rather have an online debate than talking in front of many people! it’s a good idea to have one :) good luck!

I like Facebook, but they have changed it a few times which gets annoying. Since not many like the changes. That would suck if they banned it :( tonight they are going to talk about it on the 7PM Project. So I will know more about it tonight :)

The limaus look good XD I want to eat one! LOL. Usually I wouldn’t like to eat limes, but those ones look nice :D

Sorry for replying to your comment so late, I have been banned from the internet /angry my mum thought I answered back at her, but I swear I didn’t.

Thanks! it was easy for me to think of it though, since I like the word ‘Vintage’ for some reason.

I have a bump on one of my fingers from writing, it looks horrible.

XD touch typing is cool! it makes me feel special! haha.

Eww cockroaches are EWW! they are disturbing.. lots of bugs are disturbing. I hate the look of bugs, some make me feel really sick. I don’t want to talk about this, but I nearly threw up once because there was a disgusting bug which look so yucky.

Today in maths I was good at it for once in my life! I was really fast at answering questions for a site called ‘Mathletics’ we have to do all the tasks on it though :(

Singapore airport is the best airport ever! I could live there :) I wouldn’t mind being stuck in there if my plane was late!

:O I’ve been there too! the miniature houses are really good! it’s amazing. I love going to those places to see miniature houses.

There is one week left of school! next week the last week. I will miss home ec, we only get it one term. I don’t want to do P.E! I am probably annoying for saying that 50 million times! I found out we have to do Baseball :( I get sort of scared from the ball! since it’s really hard. Last year we had to do Softball and I was scared of the ball. I’d rather them to use a tennis ball.

I just realised that someone from a band replied to me last year. I didn’t send them a reply though, I think they had their music on a TV show called ‘Packed To The Rafters.’ That was last year when I talked about the show on my Twitter. I only noticed it recently O_O I still hope I can get someone famous who I know of to reply to me!

Thanks :) I sort of talk to her still. I can’t believe that Taylor said I was controlling. Now a girl called Casey is actually the controlling one. I was always a better friend to her, Casey and her actually fight heaps. I sort of would have a argument with Taylor but it wasn’t that often. Casey slapped her once, they had a water fight before that. In the end Taylor forgave Casey, why can’t she be good friends with me again? I hope she sees soon how I was actually the nice one :) Thanks for your support :)

Your comments on my last blog post were like an actual blog post!

Just heard an update about banning some websites in Australia.. :O they might ban GOOGLE :'( Google is the best! also they might ban Youtube. NOOO! I hope they don’t, especially Google! Google helps everyone so much, with homework most.

Aw, I hope you finished/did well with your debate? Heh.. I’ve never heard of an online debate XD Was it at least fun? :P

I used to hate Facebook at first… I thought that it was too nosy, and it gave out too much information about you. Like, whenever you become friends with someone, it tells everyone in your news feed /hmph I just didn’t, and still don’t really understand that haha. But, I have grown to love it more and I actually prefer it over the other sites such as Myspace!

But, you’re right, if you don’t want to get stalked by old classmates… definitely don’t join Facebook. It’s probably the number one site for stalkers lmao.

I love the picture of the fruit! That’s pretty awesome that you guys have your own fruit trees growing so closely to your house :) We have a few, but it’s taken years for any of them to produce anything..

Your not the only one, my mom is as bad as yours – sometimes I think she tells me off cause she wants to (like a hobby or something…)

We do all have the right to look at what we want on the Internet. I agree.

Facebook is great (my opionion) cause I get to keep in touch with some old friends and never loose contact with them. :) So, it’s pretty good for me.

UGH. It’s raining right now in England, it’s so annoying! I Dislike rain, I love the sun… That’s why i’m excited to go the Philippines again this year. :)

Yum. Yum. Please send some over here in cold ol’England. :D Aha.

Yes, Ive been friends with Gillian for a very long time and Ive got to know her so much. I was actually so sad that she left – she was a legend. LOL.

No problem! Your hosting site is awesome! ^-^

I know, I find it pretty offensive too. :'( How rude of them.


they sound cool! oh I know, webs templates are soo complicated! I used them after a while, but moved back to piczo. I didn’t learn css until i got my freehostia subdomain. :p

An online debate sounds like an intriguing idea, but I am not sure how effective it would be. Part of debating/arguing is seeing the other person’s reaction to what you are saying. It enables you to emphasize certain points more, or concentrate more on them and less on others.

As for the fanlisting thing, I haven’t really joined any. Maybe it will work like Manda said?

When it comes to Facebook, well…I have an account but I am hardly ever on it. Just like with Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr, and LiveJournal. I don’t know about the wisdom of opening an account if you aren’t going to be truly interested in it.

Just out of curiousity, what do limaus taste like?

Yea, I noticed that too, I always got behind like two posts! It was dreadful, but now I’m actually staying up, and enjoying it too, so it’s all good! :) I usually don’t get stressed…I give up before that stage, but that’s kinda….bad :/

Yea, we all wanna meet each other I’m assuming…well some people will find me really annoying probably, haha. I’m so happy all the time :)

Yea, seriously, people think they need 50234219483214731829473128947312893 GB of space…but you really need like 1-2 TOPS.

They are, and they can be just as beautiful! Like…on the inside…right?

Yea I’m not great friends with her…so I barely getta talk to her, but I think she thinks I’m annoying anyway, haha, oh well, it’s better for her then I guess XD

I found out that’s what my hosting company does too, so I got some nameserversss! :)

Sorry…I forgot to comment your blog, on instinct I pressed submit, and I was trying to exit the browser real fast so it didn’t go through…but it did, so you just get an extra comment! :)

You probably need to stop that procrastinating habit thing, it’s gonna get you in some serious trouble, and that would not be good. :( That was my idea for a site a while back…online debates, but I couldn’t figure out how it’d work, so I just stopped working on the project haha. :P

That’s the same with me, once I’m forced to do something, I sometimes grow on and, eventually learning to like it…maybe my brain thinks I like it since I do it so much? Reverse physiology…on yourself?

I barely am on facebook since twitter, it’s much more fun to me, I think it’s just my online friends though…they all cheer me up, well most of the time. :)

Haha I’m at least joined though! :P

Hehe, yep Spring over here, so is like Christmas really hot for you guys? :D For Christmas movies is there deserts? Or do you guys still have the ‘traditional snow’ movies?

I wish we had a fruit tree. They are so colorful and would be great for photography! :D

Did you notice how many smileys I put in your comments??? Quite a lot…

Thanks! :D For the comment about the layout, and showing me the screenshot. It looked fine on my computer, but after seeing that I changed it to a bigger and different font :) so it should all be good now.

I’m sure your textures looked good too, I think everyone is just way too hard on themselves :P

Yeah, I don’t get paid much more than that right now.. so I’m glad it’s going up, because a lot of places were just $9 now, and so I figured I might as well stay where the pay is good, but now it will be better anywhere so :P I’ve started applying to some places online, and I’m going to go to a job fair next week for the new Best Buy that they’re building. Hopefully I can find something pretty close to my house though.

I REALLY want to go to Hedley, and I don’t care about the price. I specifically worked an extra long shift so I’d have the extra money to pay for it, but now my friends backed out. So I’m trying to find other people to go, but it’s just under two weeks away so I need to get tickets soon. I think David + two of his friends might come with me though, so at least I’ll still get to see them :D

I only randomly get a lot of comments. I don’t really understand that, because I’ll go around to many blogs and comment, but then people just don’t bother commenting back.. even if I see them commenting back to others :/ Oh well.

The mods are doing a great job so far! And haha, Tiffany said the same thing when I was PMing her. I think I might, as long as someting insanely time consuming doesn’t happen that takes away forum time for me. I doubt anything would happen though xD

Aww, I hope he does too! And haha, yes living together would be one thing, but the other is such a great plus ;)

And yeah, she is your mom afterall. Maybe after you do eventually move out things will get better because there will be more distance and less time for fighting.

It’s cool that it’s an online debate.. I didn’t know they had those for school xD I’d like that A LOT more than going up infront of the class.

I think I’d be on the middle line for that issue, because there should be limits to a certain extent.

The Limaus look really good! We have apple trees outside our house, but they’re our landlords, not ours. We still eat the apples though :P He has peach, plum and pear trees as well.

I know how you feel, my mum has been telling me off a lot lately too! :(

That’s actually a pretty interesting debate to be part of! I like discussing stuff like that but at school I don’t do it much because I didn’t choose ICT as an option.

I agree with you about people having the right to go on what they want on the internet, but yes there are some things that definitely shouldn’t be circulated on there!

Facebook isn’t actually all it’s cracked up to be! I’m an active member of Facebook but really I only go on there to talk to my friends.

Those limau’s look pretty tasty! Do they taste just like limes, or are they a bit different?

I’ve had my laptop around 2/3 years, I had one before this one which was even worse though! My mums laptop was great once I got used to it! I wish I had Windows 7, I might be getting a new laptop for my birthday though. :)

Thanks haha! I’ve changed my room around since I took those photos though! :’)

Thats horrible that they don’t respond! I hardly even talk to my affiliates anymore… it’s all about people who take their time to comment on my blog!

Online debate?? Thats pretty cool! Do you like type out your debate?

It’s been a long time since I started using facebook and I get really excited when I find old friends haha. I guess you don’t like the feeling of possibily being stalked! It’s okay thoughhh of course :)

ohmygosh that’s so cool you got one of those treses! I used to have this apple tree that grew SUPER sour green apples haha but it stopped growing because we didn’t really take care of it.

Lol, we’ve already established that I definately know how you feel about your mom because I have the exact same problems with mine. I’m just lucky they have gotten better since our last incident /ehh

We pay for the use of internet in our homes so why should it be filtered. You should be able to surf the web as you choose. Now in a school, work place, or something like that then I could totally understand if they filtered the internet there. You don’t have time to be gooofing off at those places ;)

I mean this someone has always made me happy. We’ve just had problems in the past but now we’re goood. There’s only one thing from keeping us from being together again though /pow

Hehe woot. :D

I hate talking in front of people cause of that as well. I get well nervous and shake, but once it’s over I feel good about myself I guess. Yay that’s good. :D I suck at debates, seriously.

Yeah I know what you mean. My school even blocked important sites we needed for our studies because of porn ads on the site… I understand in a way but we needed those sites? “Even though we have a right to freedom, the law outweighs it sometime” Amen to that. I do think it’s stupid to filter, but I guess it’s just to protect us.

My step dads just a douche. I’m lucky I know the password (he has the easiest passwords ever haha) otherwise I’d never be online. :/ Like now, the internet goes off at 11pm and it’s now 10:13pm. It’s stupid. He does it so we don’t spend all day online instead of looking for a job… however, most jobs you HAVE to apply online, no other way. He still thinks it’s 1960.. My school blocked games and such too haha. Sucks.

I actually do hate Facebook now.. it’s so damn laggy and full of shit. I like how you don’t care though. :3

Bald trees depress me hahaha. I like seeing the leaves go brown and fall off in Autumn though. :3

I quite like sour stuff though. :D WOOO.

Hehe woo, I’ll be your Habari Google. :D I thought I loved WP too much to switch but it pissed me off this time haha.

Hehe I know, I remember saying to you a while ago about Habari not having an MM plugin, but yay for it having one now. :D Hahaha yeah that plugin would be amazing. :P There’s a thing on Habari about how to write your own plugins for it, I might give it a try sometime. :)

OMG don’t even go there. Loads of people have said to me “I love how everyone is switching to Habari cause you have” it’s pissing me off now. I’ve drafted a blog about it… I might post it a bit later.

The smilies you have now are actually awesome. *Jealous* Yeah, I think it’ll be easy to add my own smilies, I was looking at the templates for the ones on there earlier, so maybe I’ll give it a try tomorrow or something.

I used to love having my comments in moderation, cause I’d only approve them when I replied to them but I’m just letting them be and writing the names of people who I need to reply to in Word. :3

WOOO, archives are sexy. ;) I love looking at yours haha, it amuses me. *Sad*

Hey Georgie. :) ♥

Yeah but it’s like you have a reason to be behind with them because of uni and homework and all that stuff while I am just sitting at home doing nothing. xD

Hehe, yeah I am pretty happy I went to that party too! I would’ve missed out on a lot of fun and some after-the-party-gossip for sure.. now I at least know what on earth people are talking about. xD

Yeah we don’t have many parties around here either. We could go to this club that is like 10 minutes way but it’s a lot of money you’d spend and it’s not like I want to spend money every weekend just to go to a party. This party was pretty cheap – 5€ per person.

I am not the partying type of person either. A party or just a visit at a club every now and then is ok with me. I just want to dance & drink some drinks every few weeks. xD

Hehe, I am not really a fan of disco music and stuff but it would definitely be awesome for you to find a club like that.. force James and Lilian to go with you, they are your best friend and boyfriend so they have to. ;)

Hehe, obviously. :)

LOL OMG that’s totally immature… they just need to have some “fun”. xD The kids in my old class used to call me Krombacher (that’s a beer brand over here) because my lastname is part of that beer brand.. hilarious as hell! xD And oh so freaking mature! xD

There are some times where I wish my mum would shut up for just one second too… it’s just too much sometimes. But currently it’s my little sister that goes on my nerves like hell.. puberty is a bitch when you’re not the person who has to go through it. xD

That debatte sounds kinda interesting! It’s probably better than an actual real life one where you have to step up infront of a class and stuff.. I’d hate to do that.. shyness isn’t the best thing to have when it comes to things like that.. congrats on being past halfway though! So you’ll definitely manage to get it done by Friday and can cross out one thing of your long list of things to do.. or at least, I think there is this list on your mind with all those things you have to do.

I have a Facebook account but I don’t really use it.. there are tons of other things that catch my attention lately.. I think it’s awesome how you don’t get an accout even if people keep trying to make you get one! :) Stay strong Georgina! ;)

Oh LOL. I remember when I first read your blog ealier today I was kinda irritated first.. I was like “What?! Fall?!” it took me a second to realize that the weather is the oppositve in Australia.

Those limaus look kinda weird and yummy at the same time.. xD What do you usually use them for? Can you eat them just like that??

Haha I would probably be shocked too when I’d hear something hit the walls of our house. xD I think it’s soo cool how you have an air conditining thing in your house! How much I wish we had that too sometimes. especially when the summer months are really, really hot and stuff.. lucky you! But you guys probably need it more than we Europeans since its a lot hotter in Australia during the summer than here in Europe (most parts of Europe).

My mom still tells me when to go to sleep. I still feel like a little kid. /hmph We normally go to bed around 11pm-midnight. When my mom works, I get the bed. When my mom is off, I get the couch. I like to stay up and watch t.v. for little while. If there’s nothing on then I go to bed.

When you apply online for a job, they’ll ask you that question on the application. How well do you work under pressure? Speed up to handle extra work, Stress, etc. I always put Speed up to handle extra work. I like the challenge. Haha. XD

It’s nice to do something new. A lot of sites do the same thing like tutorials, articles, etc. I’m thinking of doing something different. I just don’t know what. /huh

The schools, libraries, government offices, etc. should have filters for the sake of their own protection. They shouldn’t be looking at that kind of stuff anyway. I guess it’s okay if it’s at home. Of course, you must be an adult to do so.

Good luck on your online debate. I hope it goes well. I’m glad to hear your research went really well.

Trust me. It’s hard to juggle three emails, two Facebooks and a site. One email is for job searching. Another email is for my personal use. The last email is for my friend. One Facebook is mine. Another Facebook is for my friend.

I did have to complete worksheets to enter the campus that we were going on a field trip to and to leave it! o_o Kind of strange that they won’t let you leave unless you finish it. :P

Since DECEMBER? !_! I probably would have died of anticipation first! And you STILL haven’t received your results yet? You should email them until they give you your results. You could always backup yourself up by saying “I took the exam last year and still haven’t got my results”. :P

I love limes, but only as a sub-flavor. I like to add it to soup and stuff. XD

Thank you for the back-up plugin. I installed it and already have it working for me. You are a great person. :)

The movie is good. I like this guy in it. The only reason I like it. I also like the plot, but they probably could have made it a lot better. now I am watching O brother Where Art thou?

My school has high standards and it is quacked up, too.

I mean it isn’t a problem for me to get up, but I just haven’t gotten up at 6 since Thursday. It may hit below the belt a bit.

Procrastination is bad, I am very disappointed within you. But i should be talking I do it a lot like right now I am doing so. So many distractions within this lovely world.

Tell your friend to take a deep breath in and think about those starving kids in India and Africa and remind him that he still has it better than they do.

oh I was just saying it just didn’t work on samsungs. :) No problem or nothing just stating things. My bad. Forget I said a single word about it okay? “:)

Maybe they should just filter the illegal stuff such as child porn and credit theft. I am not sure if American filters, i do not think they do, but who knows, you know? do you possibly know? i am quite curious now haha, wait i’ll google it once i am done:) better option.

yea facebook is only good for homework/hanging out/gossip haha. but its actually bad considering that you get paranoid on it lol Like you start thinking.. why dont i have fun? cause people post so many freaking pictures. But yea my mom likes phone better lol

I never update. I think the last time i updated was when i first opened this domain. this is the second layout.. and i opened in December… yea. i was into it with my old domain. i kind of missed it. I actually liked it. now i dont. idk it’s alright. Like you at least talk a lot, people leave like one sentence responses.. idk so i guess i stopped caring too. I miss people who type a lot and want to connect…. but isn’t it hard for you? i mean you get a lot of comments… how do you keep up?

Yea i have 3 true friends, i guess more 2. who i talk on facebook and MSN a lot. I really miss them. I know one of them isn’t going to come back but maybe the other one will, he kind of made a blog but i dont think hes that into it either. I think i am like satisfy with them, you know? How many people do you keep in touch with that you dont have a blog? It’s hard, i use to have more friends too. Now i can only call like 1 or 2 on my friends list on my blog who i want to keep in touch with.. how sad.. yes it is.

Right…before I start this comment, you have to promise meh that you won’t go “Oh my god, I still have to return Carly’s comment”, please do this “Oh. I have time… I might return Carly’s comment because I FEEL LIKE IT AND NOT BECAUSE I HAVE TO” 8) ♥

My Mum’s been on my back about my weight, I would love to get up in her face and just tell her to shut up.

I’m procrastinating right now actually, I should be putting together my renaissance project xD But its all good, and everyone procrastinates at one point, don’t worry about it.

I love debating! Well, I hated it until I felt the rush after my debate competition, but before it…I was a nervous wreck D: How much have you done since you posted this? Are you enjoying it? Are you as nervous as you would be standing up and talking? I’m sorry…I had to ask D:

Thats a pretty two faced topic, because of the whole variety of things out there on the internet, there will always be bad things and what not.

That seems to happen a lot with my layouts, I seem to hate them when I’m making them, but then I either can’t remember how I originally wanted it, or I couldn’t imagine it any other way :)

OMG! Those look so cool and yummy! I’ve never seen or heard of those! Do they taste at all like normal limes? The colours are wonderful!

Since there are two recesses, when we’re in art on the main floor, and a kid outside hits the window with a ball, I ALWAYS jump. I once cut myself with my scratch tool because of it :'(

Right, so I have been a total failure with keeping up with comments, so if you need me to start a new comment chain, just let me know. Plus, you’re a saint for commenting on my one blog, and then commenting on the other before I returned the other. Gave me hope that you actually remembered my little corner of the web :’)

Yeah :( The stress hasn’t been getting any better anyways, I have a tennis tournament coming up, two projects, a test, a newspaper article and some French shit all crammed one after the other :(

BAHAHAHA! That actually made my day! Its funny because I watched Mean Girls on Saturday :’)

I kicked him out! I put all his crap in a plastic bag, paid him $10 and told him to move the fuck out :) So now I have my own locker, woohoo!

I was so pissed off, she’s like “Oh, she shouldn’t be eating this and that” my Mom looked like she was fuming xD

You’re too good for me, its unbelievable how understanding you can be :’) <3 *hugs*

Hehe, an online debate? Never heard of it before but it sounds pretty cool. :D

Ahah. Facebook. I do have Facebook but I just… dislike it and I never use it. I only signed up because I wanted to see what all the fuss is about. Everybody keeps asking for me to put more stuff and pictures on it but I just keep saying no. :P Yeah, it’s freaky… people stalking you. O_O

So it’s autumn… where you live? So that means that winter for you is like in May, June ect…? LOL. Confuses me.

Limaus. Is it like the same taste as lemon, or different? /hehe

Yeah, I loved that layout with those little scribble dudes. There so cute ahah. ;)

It’s okay, I take even LONGER to return comments.
Well it’s your choice if you want to see Alice in Wonderland or not. I don’t see movies that often too. Before that time I went to see Alice in Wonderland, I haven’t went to the movie theaters in about 3 months.

Yup. I’m getting a new domain. :) I know I should make my own domain name to be more unique, but I really have no inspiration… and besides. I suck at making domain names lol. I guess I could give it a try…? :P

Your welcome! ♥ I’m definitely enjoying the Skeletons forum hehe.