Autumn Haunting

Today I skipped class because it was just a Dreamweaver workshop. I refuse to use that program when I can code in Notepad, and from my head too. My tutor said it’s fine if I want to do that so I decided not to attend. πŸ˜„

I have news. My superamazingwow host Kya is moving all the hostees at to a virtual private server. Yes, this sounds incredibly fun. I’m excited because it means we’ll have more control over the server and other super awesome stuff. 😁

The low points are virtually nothing compared to this exciting change but just for hilarious dramatic effect… *drum roll*… There will be some downtime from Monday.

Relax, people. It’s all natural. This means that most of my sites will be down for at least some time, from Monday. I’ll be backing up all my files, though. Closer to Monday I will be posting another blog and closing comments temporarily, unless you want to convince me otherwise, even though you know your comment might get lost during the move.

I ask that you please email me at georgina.luhur (at) if you wish to get in contact with me because not all emails will be going through at my webmail address.

I’m hoping to do reviews again so maybe with this short break in scene and with Easter coming up I will open them again. I really want to re-write the rules and whatnot, though. Having picked up a few new pieces of information at university I feel a little more into it. πŸ€“

Speaking of Easter, why have there been eggs in the shop since February? Insane. But then again it’s like that with the Christmas decorations. You see them come out in September – months before Christmas.

The Sydney Royal Easter show is coming soon but I don’t know if I’ll go. People usually go to get the showbags. It’s all about the showbags now… maybe the rides too. I’m not such a fan of the rides. I remember going there just twice, both times with my family. I doesn’t seem like anyone goes to see the animals or watch the music. Ahhhh.

One time I went with my family, I got lost. I was so scared. I was only about eleven years old. 😰 I was watching this guy sitting above water as people threw balls on a target so he would fall in. It was quite interesting.

When I turned around, my parents and little brother were gone! 😧 I stood there in panic and worry, all these people around me, huge crowds swarming by, as I tried not to panic. I remember seeing a big “LOST AND FOUND” building, and I remember thinking of looking for it as I did begin to panic.

I stood in the same spot, though, looking around, carefully, to see where my parents could be. Then I saw my dad’s head above everyone’s! I was so relieved; you have no idea. The sighting of that head saved my life. πŸ˜› Thankfully my parents were only at the next stall, but the sea of people and me being so small made it seem so far away.

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