Autumn Haunting

Today I skipped class because it was just a Dreamweaver workshop. I refuse to use that program when I can code in Notepad, and from my head too. My tutor said it’s fine if I want to do that so I decided not to attend. :D

I have news. My superamazingwow host Kya is moving all the hostees at to a virtual private server. Yes, this sounds incredibly fun. I’m excited because it means we’ll have more control over the server and other super awesome stuff. /bounce

The low points are virtually nothing compared to this exciting change but just for hilarious dramatic effect… *drum roll*… There will be some downtime from Monday.

Relax, people. It’s all natural. This means that most of my sites will be down for at least some time, from Monday. I’ll be backing up all my files, though. Closer to Monday I will be posting another blog and closing comments temporarily, unless you want to convince me otherwise, even though you know your comment might get lost during the move.

I ask that you please email me at georgina.luhur (at) if you wish to get in contact with me because not all emails will be going through at my webmail address.

I’m hoping to do reviews again so maybe with this short break in scene and with Easter coming up I will open them again. I really want to re-write the rules and whatnot, though. Having picked up a few new pieces of information at university I feel a little more into it. :B

Speaking of Easter, why have there been eggs in the shop since February? Insane. But then again it’s like that with the Christmas decorations. You see them come out in September – months before Christmas.

The Sydney Royal Easter show is coming soon but I don’t know if I’ll go. People usually go to get the showbags. It’s all about the showbags now… maybe the rides too. I’m not such a fan of the rides. I remember going there just twice, both times with my family. I doesn’t seem like anyone goes to see the animals or watch the music. Ahhhh.

One time I went with my family, I got lost. I was so scared. I was only about eleven years old. 😰 I was watching this guy sitting above water as people threw balls on a target so he would fall in. It was quite interesting.

When I turned around, my parents and little brother were gone! :O I stood there in panic and worry, all these people around me, huge crowds swarming by, as I tried not to panic. I remember seeing a big “LOST AND FOUND” building, and I remember thinking of looking for it as I did begin to panic.

I stood in the same spot, though, looking around, carefully, to see where my parents could be. Then I saw my dad’s head above everyone’s! I was so relieved; you have no idea. The sighting of that head saved my life. :P Thankfully my parents were only at the next stall, but the sea of people and me being so small made it seem so far away.

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First comment? Real one next! ♥

I think I would have expected your tutor to force you to use Dreamweaver; it’s lucky she didn’t! And you got a day off out of it too, yay. :D

Dude, the little lists that pop up when you’re coding in Dreamweaver bother me so much. I’d much rather just code in Notepad (or Notepad++ as I have been… I’ve started to like the colors!). I remember Greg (ewww xD) and I were talking about coding once, and he was shocked that I didn’t use Dreamweaver. He was like “how do you know what to type?” I told him I just… know. -_-

SUPERAMAZINGWOW. Good luck with the moooove. Hopefully you won’t lose anything! Psh, if you lose a few comments, that just makes life easier for you. ;P

Reviews! You’ll be more stressed. D: You can do it though! What new information did you pick up at university that’s so encouraging to you?

Lol buckteeth! :B OH OH. POTATO.

Man, it’s ridiculous. They put all the Easter stuff out so early, but so many stores around me have neglected to put out any Passover food! The first night of Passover is 29 March as far as I know… we Jews need our special food! D: Luckily my mom found some at a store near my house that is Jewish-owned.

Do you have a week off for Easter?

Lol, you mean a dunk tank? I love how you described it. xD

Eep, that’s so scary! Reminds me of the time when I got lost in a Kohls when I was like three because I was amusing myself walking around a bunch of clothes racks in a circle-ish. I was so focused on my little pastime that I couldn’t find my mom and brother when I was done. D: Luckily an employee saw me and directed me back to them.

HEADS SAVE LIVES, NUTS DO NOT. Benadryl does though! :3

Aha my tutor is cool; I’m glad she didn’t mind. She even put a smiley at the end of her email. :P

Ew, Greg. How dare he insult your intelligence? That’s kind of funny though, that he asked how you knew. I don’t know how people can depend so greatly on editors when you just click things and it does everything for you. O_O

You’re right! But I think I’ll close comments (for the first time ever?) before the move so I won’t have to keep on checking or anything.

We learned more about user design and stuff – well it’s nothing new, but after finding a quote from a piece of theoretical literature about the user being the most important aspect in a design – I feel like I am so educated. LOL.

POTATO! /bounce

Oh that’s a relief. It’s a shame Easter is so widely known that… well, like you said about Christmas, it’s so commercialised. :(

Yeah, a dunk tank! I seriously didn’t know what they were called. I think they’re common in America… :P Well, I saw one on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Hahahha.

LOL oh man. Your story was so funny and cute. :’) I remember seeing that in a movie, I think. Someone hiding in a clothes rack. XD

Yay for getting a new server! I know absolutely nothing about that sort of stuff, but I gather it’s a good thing since you’re so happy about it. :P

Ah yes, the bombardment of Easter Eggs. Only since February though? You should have been in Queensland! We’ve been seeing them in the supermarkets here since January 6th (as my photo blog can attest to!). It’s crazy.

The Royal Easter Show in Sydney sounds a lot like the Brisbane Exhibition here – same sort of thing with animals, rides, showbags, etc. I usually end up going most years, but I’m really starting to lose interest. It used to be all about the showbags when I was a kid/teen, but mostly now I go for the wine tasting and the stalls that sell posters and button badges. /hehe I was never really into the rides though, which was just as well because my parents never let me go on them (I know – OPPRESSION! haha) and then proceeded to scare me with dubious tales of children who had died or lost limbs on the crazy mouse coaster. *sigh*

That story about getting lost at the show gave me a real “aww” feeling. :) I can just imagine a little Georgie trying to be all brave while feeling so panicked, and then relieved to find your dad again. :)

PS: If this comment ends up coming before Rachel’s next one…sorry! =/

Congrats for getting a new private server! Sounds very pricey to me but I hope not. Wow Georgina, you must be very bright when it comes to coding that you don’t need to use Dreamweaver.

By rides you mean, uhm, ferris wheel and the like? I love them! Since I was I kid, I enjoyed riding at them on amusement parks.

Easter eggs hunt is so old to me (or to us!) Not really a tradition for that matter.

Aww poor little Georgina, you must be so scared! I haven’t been lost (thank God) yet. Your dad must be tall because you saw him first. :D

I aswell find dreamweaver to be a pest. At least your teacher under stands.

Wait. Hold on. Did Kya send a message out. If so I didn’t recieve it! When do I have to have all my files backed up before?!? Georgina if you could please if there was an email forward it to me.. If this posted on Bubble. Nu somewhere? I was just there. It’s great news but if I hadn’t read your blog I wouldn’t have found out.

Sorry to hear you got lost(ish). When I was 6 I went to staples with my dad and I was looking at the graphic program on the computer (yes I was a geek at a very young age) he stepped away for 2 seconds and I got lost.

Wow. We havnt talked in a while. I have read your blogs though. Life is never a dull moment right?.

Nice to hear about your private server move! Have fun with that. 😝 I think people will understand, especially since it will only be for a day. Though I guess you never know.
I’ve read a couple of reviews you’ve done and you give good advice, lightly tab on the cons, and always have an enthusiastic ending. Lovett! ♥
I don’t like it when they do that, but at least the decorations remind me of what holiday is coming up! Hahah. /eee
The Sydney Royal Easter show sounds fun. I hate it when people go to a community event just to get the free items that come with it. Of course the free items don’t include the lil’ (and gigantic) plushies and squishables you get to win through games. Your experience when you were eleven sounds horrible though. /ehh

Thanks! Well it’s my host doing the moving but I hope it all goes well.

I haven’t moved this site for a long, long time… I did have to a few times after getting the site, because I didn’t have a good host until I found my current one. But hopefully there won’t be too much trouble with the server either. ;)

Aw, thank you! ♥ It’s good to know someone likes my reviews and doesn’t think I’m being too harsh or critical. :)

Yeah, you’re right! In fact I don’t think there is anything free at the Easter Show; you have to pay to get in and pay to play games too. Oh well – the showbags are always a hit. :P

I plan on going with my friends this year and hopefully I won’t get lost!

I actually like Dreamweaver but now that I switch to WordPress…I don’t use it much. Unless I have to. I like to freely type and not have to worry bout the coding unless it is some special coding than yah I will go to the HTML Source and do it. Call me lazy…*LOL* But yah, alot of folks prefer notepad to Dreamweaver but than gain some folks work more with PHP than HTML (I don’t think Dreamweaver works with PHP but I could be wrong).

Essh, lost in a crowded fair…that would be scared. I once got lost in the toy department when I was five in a local department retail store – I honestly thought my dad left me to this day when I go shopping with friends I always find myself wondering off and doing my own thing which is why I prefer to go shopping alone. Take my time do my own thing and not worry bout others lookin for me. *LOL*

Congratz on ya host getting a VPS – those are awesome!!! More space and less restrictions!!!

Have a good one hun!

wow having more control over the server seems fuuuun!! but i hate having downtime.. mine was like down for 5 days because my host did something so terrible.. I’m so excited for holy week because of easter.. idk why, we dont even have an egg hunt thing but still, i feel that something great’s gonna happen to me this easter.. LOL and wow, good thing you saw your parents, when i got lost at age 5, i went back to the car so my dad was wondering how did i remember the car then my mom told him that maybe i was just smart.. haha i miss those days

Hello! Bad Georgie for skipping class! Hahahaha :P Only kidding.

I’d have skipped to if I were you. Actually, knowing me, my parents wouldn’t have let me. I’d have gone to the workshop but not paid attention. Oops XD /um

It’s nice of your tutor telling you that you didn’t have to go :) It would suck if she/he FORCED you. That would be like…EPIC suckage!

Oh wow! A server change :P Sounds extremely exiting. Judging by your drumroll of course. :P

I hope the down time isn’t SO bad, but since Kya is “superamazingwow” according to you, I’m sure it won’t be ^^ Hahaha.

Ooooh! I have a moot on Monday D: I hope I can still comment on your blog in time D: Stupid moot.

Wooooow! Someone’s going to be busy this holiday. [Hopefully not too busy to meet up! Hahaha]. Opening reviews again. :P I hope no one hassles you over reviews. I’ll hit them for you /pow

I KNOW! The easter eggs have been at the shops since…like RIGHT after Christmas. It was like WTF?! Lol, marketing people…==

Yes! The Royal Easter Show…wow I haven’t been in AGES. Years and YEARS. But then again, it’s SO expensive. And apparently the showbags are getting crapper. I don’t know if I’ll go this year /oh I totally went to see our goats from Girraween when I last went, but we couldn’t find them! Hahahahaha!

Awwww! Poor Georgie! You got lost! D: I’d have been terrified! Luckily your parents were just nearby. It’d suck if you actually DID have to go find the LOST AND FOUND place. D: But I’m sure your parents would never have actually left you behind. :P

I had a similar experience when Wonderland was still open. My parents took me when I was like…5 or something. And I was watching someone dressed up as a cartoon character…and then when I turned around my parents weren’t there, so I was like D: OH NOES!

And then this other person dressed up as a cartoon character came up to me and asked me if I was okay, but I was so scared, I just started crying, and then she grabbed my hand and I started crying even louder. And then my parents turned around because they heard me crying…and it was like: Oh..they were just in front of me, only I was too short to see. Fail.

That’s quite an embarrassing story, actually :P

HELLO. I’m not bad! I emailed my tutor and she said I didn’t need to use Dreamweaver… so I’m glad. ;)

I did talk to my mum about it though. I hope this doesn’t oddly encourage me to skip more classes or something. It better not!

Haha, it’s exciting indeed. I usually hate server changes but this will be a good move. The downtime might suck, but at least I can close comments and not have to worry about the site for a few days. What I am worried about is my 365 projects because then I’ll have to post everything once everything is back up. Nooo.

Oh don’t worry! Looks like there might be a change and I might blog on Sunday… I don’t know; you can never tell with me… LOL. Good luck in the moot!

I hopefully won’t be too busy to meet up! I have to find out when my actual break is though. I think I only get a week. 😰

It is expensive to go! But I feel like going just for fun. Though now that I think about it and the money… I don’t really know anymore. I feel like getting shitty showbags for the sake of it. XD

Well it was very scary since there were so many people! I think my parents thought I was following close behind. 😰 I was so scared! Okay, I’m glad I’ve grown up and I’m not going to get scared if I get lost anymore. :B

If I got lost in a foreign country though, that would really suck…

I never went to Wonderland, haha. Everyone talks about “when Wonderland was open”, and I say I’ve never been they’re and they’re surprised. James was surprised. :P

Awww, I can see why that was embarrassing. But we all get lost and these things just happen. At least you found your parents in the end too! :D

Awweee /bounce
More power for Wuggs! 💥 /ehe

Hrrng. Stupid Easter. To be honest I’m not even completely clear on what it’s all about /um
Shouldn’t they have chocolate Jesus instead? /sweat
Two months early. Just in case, you know. Pffft; at least it’s better than Christmas. Wankers. /frog


LOL I’m mostly excited because Bubble deserves to be on a private server with all 300+ members! Oh well, I’m really happy about it. 8D

Easter is when (biblical) Jesus rose from the dead. The eggs are a sign of new life, apparently.

I think people just associate it with chocolate now. 😰

I don’t know what else to say. /bounce

hey hun thats great news about the move wowee, ill miss you when you transferring ur files on monnday. dont worry i got lost in a supermarket when i was little and i just went up to a shopping assistant and said im not and then she told everyone on a mic and then my mum came and got me, she was just two aisles ahead lol..

You’re right. Some people only write comments to get hits.

oh well :)

thanks for your concern!

oh sorry to hear that about your family. At least you feel fortunate to be in Australia, despite the fights in your family. I understand that you do not consider Indonesia as your home, I guess it’s because you have lived long in Australia, no?

I also hope to spend with my grandfather his last moments, but I hope it lasts a long time.
That’s okay. It is entirely understandable that we are all busy and have a life offline. yeah we should be respectful of that, although some people do not.

thank you Georgina! :)

It’s okay your tutor will let you decide whether to attend class in Dreamweaver, if you refuse to use that this program, when you can code in Notepad. You’re lucky.

Congrats for getting a new private server! Sounds great.

That’s okay. Good luck with the backups of all your files! :)

Okay take note of your mail, in case I need to get in touch with you.

Oh I’m not sure because easter eggs in stores from February. Here we begin to put them in the store earlier this month. I love Easter eggs. The Sydney Royal Easter show sounds fun. Sorry to hear you got lost when I was 11 during that show. It is normal that you had so many people scared. It is best you found it soon your father.

lol. my friend up the street told me about piczo.

that server thing sounds cool!

Yeah, also if it is an interesting image, people may be attracted to it and may want to find out more so they read my blog. Success!

I hate a lot of the teachers at my school. I find a lot of them are big headed.

I had my speaking exam yesterday. I was so nevous and I ended up messing up some words and I even spoke in Spanish (which I haven’t studied in 2 years). I tried to use difficult vocabulary and sentences as much as I could. In the end I got a B which is what I wanted and is what the school had predicted me to get. I was so happy. Especially when I found out most people got Cs.

I’d love to go to Italy! The food is so good. The best food is Italian. Pizza, pasta, lasagna! Yum. My mum and dad went a few years ago to Rome for their wedding Anniversary. I was gutted because I want allowed to go. They wanted it to be just the two of them for their anniversary :(

Yeah, my brother had trouble putting a screen protector on his iPhone. He told me to use a credit card to run along and help smooth out the bubbles. I should try that.

Actually I haven’t seen Titanic. Everyone is so shocked when I tell them! I don’t like films about boats sinking because they scare me and I would never be able to step on a boat again. It’s the same with movies about plane crashes. Ahhrr!!

Ah, I’ve never used PayPal. I will have to try it out. I hate it when websites rip you off for shipping prices. You think you are getting a bargin until you add on all the extra costs.

I know what you mean. Damn those one liner comments! I also hate it when people insist on sending you a message when they have written a new blog saying something like “New blog at my site. Come and read it and leave a comment.” Why do people do that? It just annoys me. It’s even worse when you can tell its copied and pasted.

If I’m looking to buy something that is quite expensive I will make sure it is good quality. But like you say, food isn’t that important.

I have never used Dreamweaver in my life! I wouldn’t bother going to the class either.

I use to have really bad downtime but then my hosted switched to a new server. I don’t really understand much about serves and stuff O_O

I like Easter but I don’t get many chocolate eggs. I use to when I was younger. Now I just forget to eat them and my mum or dad will end up eating them!

Before Christmas they started selling Easter eggs here. It’s mad! They starting selling it all way to soon!

What is The Sydney Royal Easter show? If it kind of like a fair? It sounds interesting :)

We switched over to some new servers.. or new something haha so hopefully you wont have trouble viewing my site anymore. Exciting about your new change!

I knowww.. they always bring out the holidays so sooon in stores. When is Easter anyways? I know I have a break for it coming up.. sometime.. not sure when haha.

Aww, haha how dramatic! I remember one time I got lost in Disney World, I was watching the night parade they had and my family had just walked away from me ): But then they came back haha. Thankfully <3

Hey Georgie!!

Gosh that sounds awfully nice of Kya to do that for you guys! I applied at but never got anything back from her. I guess she’s still pissed at me or something. I dunno (long story). But I’m glad you guys are getting a virtual server! Congrats!

Oh I know what you mean about being lost. I always worried when I was little will I lose my dad or something so I would always stay close by. There was time when I turned around in the store and my dad wasn’t there. I frantically went up and down the isles and finally found him. I was so relieved. So I guess all little kids get lost or stray away from their parents at one point in time or something I dunno.

I can’t wait till you get the reviews back up. I might even apply for them. I dunno I’m kinda scared of the reviews though.

We quit celebrating easter a long time ago after we got older. My sister and I. I mean just the other day I bought an easter candy bunny and I couldn’t resist because it looked cute and scrumptious so I ate it. Little did I know that the bunny had peanut butter in it until I took a bite of it. I was like OH MY FREAKING GAWD HEAVEN!!! I just saw the white bunny and was like that’s a good price and grabbed one. So yeah. I may need to go to the dentist because I have a tooth ache I don’t want too because I don’t have any money left.:S.

Gosh, every blog I go to everyone’s skipping school and blogging about it, ahah.

Ooo reviews, again? Heard you were the best. ;) Maybe I will apply when I add more content onto my site and get things going more than they are right now.

To be honest I’m writing this on Notepad because if I were to scroll up back to your blog it would probably be a lot of scrolling!

The Easter show sounds very amazing. I would love to go. Here where I live there isn’t much going on that teens can enjoy except for getting pregnant, smoking, and doing drugs. Thank God I’m not one of those teens!

Awe that’s so cute. Looking for the “LOST AND FOUND”. Haha, I just think it’s cute. :P

Thank God you were found! If not than we’d all be reading a Hobo’s blog who’s only access to the
internet would probably be the library.

RE: I really enjoy Metallica. My boyfriend got me into them because he’s one of those (sexy) band geeks.

Guys are overly confusing when it comes to being sick and sharing their feelings. I used to have a hard time sharing my feelings and he got upset about it. Now that I share my feelings he doesn’t!

He’s alright now. At least cold-wise. He’s been having heart spasms like stated in my previous blog and my Mother and I think that he has “Anxiety” because it runs in his family.

Yeah, I like to try to figure out things by myself but I find it extremely hard if I’m in a state of panic and no one is around to help!

I’ve never heard of a store call Katies. Maybe they’re just as evil *dun dun duh*

I started bawling when my grandmother and great grandmother gave me money for the dress and I’ve never cried in front of my family like that. Ever. Well, maybe when I was little and I had a “boo boo” that needed fixin’.

Wow! That was very nice of your Mom! I’m not into dresses but when it comes to prom then I can’t stop thinking about them! I believe it will be an amazing night and I can’t wait until next prom (it’s my boyfriend’s prom this year and mine next) to wear it again!

Awe that’s sweet. I love the feeling of more years passing by with my boyfriend. Makes me think that maybe we have the power to be “high school sweethearts” and stay that way.

What a long comment reply!

Good luck with the server move! ♥ *sends virtual bamboo plant*
I WAS JUST THINKING THE SAME THING ABOUT THE EASTER EGGS. They were up before valentines day in england. :| it’s ridiculous.
Woooah, you haven’t been to a gig?! You need to! They’re amazing :D x

You got lost? :( Oh no. Glad your back. I got locked out of my house when I was younger, I thought my dad went out to the car, and I went out making sure the door was locked (my mother always told me last one out has to lock the door). I went out to the car, and no one there. I knew I locked front door so I went to the back door, and it was locked. I pounded upon the door and no was answering. I started bawling like crazy I was only six-ish. There was a car driving by and that even freaked me out more. I hit the door harder and cried louder trying to get someone to come. My dad came to the door and said, “Jesus where have you been.” My mom looked at me and asked why I was outside. Told them, my dad just shook his head.

Sorry completely random, but I thought about that when reading your blog.

Go Kya Go Go! Whoop, Whoop. :)
It is not good to skip school, but oh well.

O brothers where art thou is an American movie. It is pretty good.

Oh well I didn’t know that about your friend. Which I am so sorry for saying that. I regret it now. Thanks make me feel like poopie! Gosh. I will go cry now. (Notice no cutting!) :))

Fine. “My graphic skills are blastedly more awesome than yours by 500%.” ~
Ohhh, did you save it? I want to see the finished artworkkk.
Sometimes when I’m doing sit-ups on a hard floor, my tailbone hurts. Sometimes it switches to my bra, too.
Carpet burn…on the stomach?
Dreamweaver…I’ve heard that it’s a site-builder? I think it’s much better to do stuff from scratch instead of using the default stuff.

Ew, downtime. :O

Shops always do that. They put stuff up a month or two before an important holiday. Last year a store started selling Christmas trees and decorations near Halloween. =))

I always start panicking when I lose my family/friends in a big place.

I don’t like the idea of skipping school either. There was times where I wanted to. /hehe Unfortunately, I couldn’t. Before, you have to bring in some kind of note. Now, you have to appeal to the Board. Department of Education is really strick here. They have a zero tolerance on that.

I started off with templates in the beginning. I learned how to make a site using Microsoft FrontPage. I’ll go to Lissa Explains It All from time to time if I need to. That’s how I learned HTML. I’m a quick study. It’s really simple and easy to understand. I don’t mind when other people teach me. For example, you helped me correct my code for my bullet listing. I like to use NotePad to edit the coding.

Virtual private server sounds interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing what your site will look like once that happens. It’s a good idea that you back-up all your files. You don’t want to end up losing everything. Look what happen to me. I had to re-do all my pages. Thankful I kept the theme that I modified and the Maintenance Mode plugin

I have a lot of catching up to do. I wanted to check out your reviews. I notice everyone is doing it too. I’ll probably will or probably not. I want to do something different that no one else is doing.

Haha. XD A lot of people leave their Christmas lights on the house. I guess they’re too lazy to take it down and put it back up. Wal-Mart likes to put out stuff for the holidays in advance.

The Sydney Royal Easter show sounds like fun. We have something similar here. We have rides, games, food and entertainment. The Honolulu Festival at Ala Moana Beach Park. It’s in March to April. The 50th State Fair at Aloha Stadium. It’s in May to June. The Hawaii State Farm Fair. It’s in June to July.

Wow. Your dad must be the tallest person there. Haha. :P

I used to code in notepad too, but I just like that I can check and see what it looks like right away. Sydney Royal Easter show? That sounds very intense. All my town has is a annual egg hunt, where some guy in my grades going to dress up in a bunny costume, and we have to wake up at like seven in the morning to hide the eggs.

Ack, that sounds scary though :( I hated getting lost when I was little…all the tall bald guys looked like my daddy!

*GASP!* Skipping class?! How could you!! j/k lol.

Oh yes, its scary getting lost!! I can’t wait for Easter cos I finally get to go visit my Mom!

Hey Georgina! Private server sounds very exciting :) Sort of elite, like country club for websites XD Does this mean that I, as your hostee, am also going to have my site go down?

Oh I always code in notepad haha. You definitely learn more than when people use programs to do all the work for them.

I’m sorry you got lost when you were younger! Was it really crowded there, so that it was a sea of people? At least it sounds like you found your dad pretty quickly!

Wow your so genious about html stuff..

Yay! for kya! Actually she is the most awesome I ever known. I never experience any down from her server, bubble hosting is the most friendliest hosting ever!. I also received an email from them, because my other subdomain is hosted in their website. Very generous people. Thanks for reminding me, I’m going to back up my files now..

Easter is coming in a few days.. We also celebrate easter here, but not as fab like in your country. There is no sydney royal easter such thing here.. or maybe I’m not aware if there is one..

Oh Good thing you found them, scary.. that was really unforgettable experience in your childhood. I don’t know what to do, if I lost like you.. Good thing they are just near to you..

I love coding in Notepad as well. I haven’t tried using DreamWeaver :)

I’m really curious how do you celebrate Easter? /sweat

I love Notepad too because I can do most of it from my head and just type.

I don’t really “celebrate” Easter. Most people just give out chocolate and chocolate eggs.

Quick comment since my carpet fitters will be here in a mo and I totally forgot!! I totally understand about the dreamweaver thing, I always use notepad and I find it so annoying that I will have to learn a new program to do something I can already do! /angry

Oh, best of luck with the carpet fitting!

I use Notepad too – I just love doing things in my head. I don’t feel the need to use a program especially when the program does everything for you. It might be convenient to some, but not to me!

Yeah totally agree it just slows me down and confuses me even more!

Thanks :) XD