Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts

Outside the door of any change room in a shop. Outside any clothes shop. Outside the fitting rooms of a fancy dress shop… there is a chair.

They call it the boy chair. And quite so appropriately too.

When my brother was younger my parents took him everywhere they went on weekends, because they didn’t want to leave a kid of his age, alone at home. They usually took me as well. But usually, my mum wanted me to go clothes shopping with her. And she would bring my brother.

My brother hated it and would whinge and complain. He hated waiting for my mum and I to try clothes on and for my mum to pick out the best clothes. My brother hated it with a passion. My mum takes quite some time picking out clothes. I don’t blame her – you gotta be a happy customer and be satisfied with what you’re buying, especially when you are going to wear it time and time again.

My brother would whinge and complain, “Can we go home already?”

Then again, I don’t blame my brother either. Most boys don’t like clothes shopping, and that’s a fact. When boys go shopping, it’s a fact that they spend less time shopping than women. They shop quicker. But then again, did you know that it’s a fact that women spend more time thinking about their purchases, keeping in mind the prices and quality? Women like to shop around.

Even if they do… I have to admit, even if we take just ten minutes buying a dress, boys get bored. Usually when I go out with James and want to browse, I take forever to look through jewellery or accessories, and James just chooses to sit on the “boy chair” outside.

Today, Vicky, Ryan and I went to the markets and to the shops. As usual, out of boredom, since we had a few hours to spare. The lecture this morning was surprisingly really interesting. But during our break we shopped around.

Vicky was looking for a pair of skinny jeans. :O She seriously looks good in most clothes I see her in, but she wears straight leg jeans most of the time or ones that flare out a bit. She wanted ones to wear with boots.

We searched through quite a few stores. Ryan was just standing there a little out of place. :P One of the stores didn’t have a boy chair. XD He told me about his experiences shopping with his mum.

See, can’t blame guys for being uninterested. :P

Afterwards Vicky and I went into another store and Ryan chose to wait outside and sit down. LOL. Boys just don’t like shopping.

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Dude, you left this comment at 12:00am exactly! /bounce

LOL! Oh my god. That is so true :P

Guys really don’t like shopping. Or even waiting for us to shop :P My dad ALWAYS sits in that boy chair. When me or my mum are looking for clothes XD It’s so funny!

But at least they carry our purchases for us /eee Nice guys *nods*

Hehehehe, yeah I don’t blame your mother or your brother either :P My brother was like that. Even I was like that when I was younger and wasn’t into clothes. Or generally didn’t care. Hahahaha. But taking time to choose clothes is IMPORTANT, especially if it’s expensive. D:

God…why is it so easy for guys to clothes shop? They literally go grab a random shirt they think looks good and they buy it D: Maybe it’s also cos girls clothing is more expensive than guys clothing. /huh SO NOT FAIR!!! Hahaha. And maybe cos most guys just get their mothers or girlfriends or wives to shop for them :P

Hehehe! Vicky is like me :D I usually wear straight jeans or bootleg. But I bought two pairs of skinny jeans so I didn’t have to stuff the ends of my jeans into my boots :P Cos man, is that annoying.

Now I sometimes just wear my skinny jeans anyways. Cos I wake up late and don’t have time to search for a pair of NON-skinny jeans. I look SO BAD. D: Oh well XD

Poor Ryan. Got dragged clothes shopping in his break :P

Hahha, look at the times we’ve been with James and he just follows around. My dad rarely comes clothes shopping with my mum and I anymore; he has his own techy shops to go to! :P

LOL true! My dad carries stuff for us too! :)

I hated that too. As I got older I think I became more bored though, because I wanted to shop for stuff that I wanted, and sort of on my own.

But we established that shopping on your own sometimes isn’t as fun as shopping with friends. :P

Well James didn’t really like shopping for his formal shirt either… boys are so unfussy about clothes. Except gay boys like Jason, I guess. Jason always liked clothes shopping. :P And Jack!

Oh yeah, why are our clothes so expensive?! It’s not fair at all. :(

Yeah, Vicky wanted jeans to fit in her boots. I have skinny jeans but I don’t like them so much anymore and I prefer to wear dresses and skirts now. :P

Oh well, we’ve dragged Ryan around a lot lately! XD I guess it’s better than being lonely. He buys food too. *nods*

Haha, I’ve never heard it being called the boy chair before! I don’t really like other people’s squeezes sitting on those chairs right outside the changing rooms when I’m trying things on though – especially the annoying stores without mirrors IN the changing room, and you have to come out into the changing room lounge bit to have a look. It gets a bit awkward/embarrassing… Actually the “boy chair” in lingerie stores annoy me the most, because, don’t girls ever think other females might not be comfortable with some guy lurking whilst they’re bra-shopping?!

Haha you’re right actually – though I’ve never been in that situation! It is a bit awkward when that “boy chair” is just outside the cubicles.

I think most cubicles should have mirrors though – some don’t, and that makes it annoying when you have to exit the cubicle to know how it looks on you. D:

Hi! ♥

Haha yeah; my mum, sister and I still drag my brother out constantly. And he does hate it, one hell of a lot, and always goes to sit on the “boy chair”.
Like your brother he always whinges, asking how long we’re going to take or whether we can go home yet.

I feel kind of sorry for him sometimes, haha. :P

My sister takes a lot of time picking out clothes, too. But you’re right, gotta find something you like and are comfortable in, if you’re going to buy it.

I can imagine those facts are very true! You always see men in the supermarket rushing around with tins of soup and loaves of bread and the majority of them have baskets. Then there are often women, some with kids, who are obviously on a family shop and are stacking bags of fruit or whatever into a trolley.

Normally, when my dad or brother want to go shopping, it’s only for one or two things. Whereas when my sister and I chose to go shopping, we both tend to have a big browse without really knowing what we want (a sign that we’re going to take longer) or if we know what we want to buy, we have to go through loads of stores to find one that we like. :P

I love skinny jeans. :)

Haha yeah guys always look awkward in shops, especially clothes shops. I was in Topshop once and this girl came in with her boyfriend. He just sat on the squishy seats you use when trying on shoes and left her to it.

Boys don’t like shopping; agreed.

Take care! xx

You’re opening soon! ♥

My brother does feel the same; it’s quite amusing really. I feel a bit sorry for my brother sometimes but now he’s old enough to be left home alone; my parents don’t really worry. When I was his age there was no way they were leaving me home alone though. :|

My mum takes a while to look for clothes but hey, I’ve picked up that quality from her because I always check that the clothes are all good before I go and buy them.

My dad on the other hand, tends to just go off to stores he likes to visit, while I’m stuck with my mum. :P

When I want to buy something sometimes I don’t know what I want to buy and I end up window shopping – as usual. /eee

All my skinny jeans suck now; they’re really out of shape and look terrible on me. Or maybe that was just a realisation. LOL. I’ve noticed I’m more into wearing skirts now. :P

Hahaha, oh well, I know my gay guy friend likes shopping… but that’s probably because he’s gay. :)

I agree wholeheartedly – I haven’t yet met (or even heard of) a guy that really enjoyed clothes shopping. Well, not a straight one. ;)

I actually remember sitting in “the boy chair” myself as a child, because my mother would drag me clothes shopping too and I’d have to stay in the entrance to the fitting rooms with my brother.

Ooh, you went to the markets as well? I love going to those things, but there aren’t really a lot of them here besides the Friday night markets at South Bank. I trust you got some cool stuff? ;)

I heard once about some shopping malls overseas having “man-minding” centres for women to leave their husbands/boyfriends/etc when they went shopping. Apparently they set the guys up with things like video games, TVs showing sports games, pool tables, etc. They should really introduce those at Australian Westfields! /hehe

LOL, now that you mention it, I had gay guy friends who loved to shop with me and my girlfriends! :P

When I was younger I don’t think I cared about clothes, and my mum never got me to try anything on before buying. As I got older she helped me out, but now that I’m old enough to get clothes on my own, I can try clothes on on my own too. XD

The markets are sooooo cheap but I didn’t buy anything; I’ve really been trying to save up lately! I am quite the window shopper. ;)

LOL wow, I had no idea about that either! I think it’s quite extreme though… my dad just hops over to Dick Smith or an electronics store when my mum and I go shopping. XD

This is so true. I remember when my family and I went shopping while my mom, sister and I were looking through clothes and bags, my dad and two brothers just stood near the escalator and waited until we’ve finished shopping.

LOL boy chairs FTW! When I was little I was just like your brother I hated shopping with mum or my sister, they simple took so much time. I still hate shopping tbh, if I go browsing around with other epople for them to shop, but if the shopping is for me then I LOVE shopping! Not to much though XD , I hate meeting someone from school because they gossip behind my back about they way I dress >.< .

I always sit in boys chair though XD .

Hmmm but some boys take longer to shop than women, they even spend more. For example, my brother he can spend one grand on a button for our traditional Emarati clothes O_O . It's just the button, not the clothes. And these days I see men shopping more, which is weird for me.

Oh you've been hanging out with them a lot these days, i wish I had "suitable" project group like them. mine are control freaks. They want to do everything by themselves, but when something gets wrong they go like OMG YOU HELPED ME WITH NOTHING.

I love skinny jeans! I think I wear them too much though. And skinny jeans with boots are cool! :D . LOL poor Ryan, I bet he won't go shopping with you guys again LOL, he learned his lesson :P

You’re so right :D

I used to go shopping with my BF’s and they would HATE it, though they like the things you wear, they hate shopping, but than again, f you don’t take them with you when you go shopping and you show your new outfit hey’re like, buuuh, i don’t like it, so, if they want you to look nice, or at least, how they want you to look, good for them that is, than they’ll just have to sit in the boys chair xD

It’s a shame when there are no boy chair s though xD


I love the forum you guys set up by the way xD

i’m glad your relationship problems where all sorted.

I like shopping actually. Idk why boys dont like it.

Actually now that you mention it, I have two gay guy friends, downright awesome, who love to shop. :) I love that they don’t mind providing an opinion either. :D

I guess some guys like to shop but it depends what for. O_O

Hi :)

Lol, I didn’t know those seats are called boy chairs. Ha.. With me and my husband it’s quite the opposite. He’ll be shopping around and trying on dozens of shirts that look the same (seriously) and I will be sitting in that chair. I say we change the name, “boy chair” doesn’t go with me hah.

So funny that Ryan chose to wait outside, I don’t blame him lol.


Well you know what.. I just made it a word, so it is now xD

I love brushes that are little doodles and what not! I wish I could make some like that, but I’m not good at drawing/doodling so they would just be one big fail. I might try some hand drawn ones sometime soon, but I’ll have to see :P

I’m really not sure if I will get to go. I found other people to go with, but now another two people I know are going.. and they are two incredibly annoying people :/ So I’d have to deal with them..but it’s like NOOO I HAVE TO GO, IT’S HEDLEY <3

I'm like that with my phone. The times I forget to charge it, or when I think I've charged it but it came unplugged during the night so it still goes dead .<

Thanks <3 Hopefully I can find something soon. My friend is quitting her job, so maybe I could just apply there and take her old job xD

It is kinda rude. Or when you comment someone, and actually read their post and comment about it, and they just reply with something like 'thanks for the comment!' yeah, 'cause that makes me feel like I'm talking to a human and not a robot..

It's good that you found good points even though you don't agree with it. Debates are always better when you agree with the topic though :P

Haha, I know what chairs you're talking about. I like to go shopping, but I remember when I was younger my parents would tell my sisters & I to stay together, and I hated shopping with my sister. She'd take FOREVER in stores and try stuff on, so I'd always end up sitting and waiting for her. But then she'd have to do the same for me in the stores I wanted to go in :P

But it looks really good. ;) Did you use Levels, though?

For me, doing push-ups is much easier. I guess I have more strength in my arms. I really do need to work on my abs, though.

Nice term. “Boy chair.” xD

Whenever my dad takes me shopping, he’ll just sit down and do nothing, or go to the hardware or kitchenware section.

They should have a row of those chairs. Yeah, my mum and sister take forever too. It’s so annoying, picking something out and putting it back, three times over. ._. Make up your minds! D:

Once I got so bored I asked my mum when she was done and she goes “Yeah, just a bit.” 15 min later I got so bored I started looking at bras until a woman asked me if I needed any help in choosing one. /sweat

My brother always calculates how much time my mum takes. Unfortunately it’s the same thing, my mum says, “just a bit longer” and Brandon keeps saying, “It’s been 20 minutes…”

But sometimes you have to keep going back and forth if it doesn’t fit… 😰 Because sizes across different stores are different too.

LOL. I burst out laughing. She probably thought you were buying one for someone. AHHHH. XD

Lol. I didn’t know they were called boy chairs. XD It must have designed specifically for boys. I don’t think we have any more of those boy chairs in front of fitting rooms and such because we have a much longer version of it… a bench. :P /wave /bounce

That’s a true fact. And I agree with you 101%. :P My brother whines and makes super loud noises when we me, Mum and my sister go shopping for clothes. My brother hates shopping most but he loves it when he’s allowed to buy toys. He has a whole bunch of those “Ben 10” toys. /ho
And now his craving for a Playstation. /hmph

Sometimes (heck, most of the time!!), he’d do anything like pinching me in the arms without a reason. My mum said that it’s because his filled with boredom and making me suffer the pain is just a way to amuse him. WTF. /angry /argh

It’s funny how women usually take the time to go through their purchases throughly while men don’t. I used to bloody hate shopping for clothes because it’s super boring. Mum always gets cross if I don’t come along with her. /oh

I don’t know what guys are usually interested in. I mean seriously, shopping is the best. (Although I must admit to myself that shopping for clothes is the worst. XD) You can buy books, food, accessories, tools and other sort of amazing things. What is there not to like?

Lmao. At least Ryan didn’t (or did he?) brag while you and Vicky were enjoying yourselves shopping!

Hi Georgina :)
It’s been a long time since I’ve commented.
It’s so true. My brother hates it when we go shopping for clothes. He makes excuses like ‘that shop stinks’. He’d be happy just to browse through Kmart and check out the toys section. :P
My dad, is a fast shopper, buy what he needs and goes. He doesn’t browse around and can get quite impatient.

To be quite honest, I don’t really like shopping for clothes. I go around a million shops and at the end of the day, I don;t find anything that I really like. I just shop for clothes when I need it or I really like the item of clothing. OR it’s cheap :P lol.

Boy chair. Pretty good description :)

Hey! :)

I think I couldn’t decide who to go for first if I’d get the chance to chose though. xD Like, imagine I am standing there to my left is Mr. Jensen freaking hot and absolutely unbelievably awesome Ackles and to my right Mr. Alexander man of my dreams Skarsgard. I seriously doubt I could chose.. xD

You could do that blog and put James as your #1 and Ben as your #2 – I bet James wouldn’t mind that. :)

Hehe, I could do that for you but I don’t think your visitors would be too happy about it. ;)

Haha, that sounds like such an awesome thing to do though! My friends aren’t that much into gossip – and they are all girls… something went wrong I think. xD LOL, no just kidding.

Oh those entry fees can be really high.. I remember when I went to that club in Spain I spent like almost 15€ just for a drink and to get into that damn club.. At the club we usually go to entry is at 4€ so that’s pretty cheap. And we also prefer to go to that club when they have their “All drinks for just 1€” night. You can get pretty drunk without paying too much money. xD

Mum stopped telling me to go to sleep a couple of years ago. Though I try not to go to bed too late since I have to get up in morning and make breakfast for my 8 year old brother and do some stuff around the house before mum comes home from work.

Yay! Congrats on finishing that debatte! One thing less you have to get done. :)

Having an air conditioner in every room must be freaking awesome.. but at least you guys have at least one cool room to go to when it’s freaking hot outside. :)

Haha, I’ve never really heard that they would call those chairs boy chairs but it’s definitely true!

I personally don’t love loooong shopping sessions either – I get bored easily. But my dad is 44685968 times worse. But I do understand him.. he has to deal with 4 girls/women going shopping and that’s definitely not easy. That’s why he usually just sends mum to go shopping with us. xD

My parents used to take my little brother with them all the time too – and boy did he complain. Especially when they went grocery shopping because mum has to go into all the grocery stores we have before she is done and that might take up to two hours or something. We were never really allowed to go with them.. though I like to join mum now when she’s doing the grocery shopping. And she likes it too because then I put everything we bought where it belongs to and stuff like that – less work for her.

Are you and Ryan&Vicky in many classes together because you seem to hang out with these two during your class breaks a lot?

Poor Ryan though. Going shopping with two girls and the same time. xD

Shopping, eh? I don’t blame them boys. I don’t like to shop either. Sad, eh I am a girl and I don’t like shopping for anything other than electronics. I was raised like that I suppose.

I don’t remember a lot from my childhood. I blocked out images I didn’t like. I dropped out of preschool, but that was because my sister said I was not socialable there. My mother said the same, but I don’t remember a thing about it other than this “dream”, they all say it was a nightmare, but I remember it clear as day.

I was in there, I wouldn’t take a nap, so they put me in the baby room AGAIN. I looked through the crack and watch my mom and pa standing in the entry way talking to that lady( I don’t remember who) The lady said I was a bad girl and I had to stay all night there. My mom and dad just left me there.

I hope to God it was a dream, I just remember it, and that is pretty much all I remember from my childhood, other than breaking my toes and the ghosts.

You love me, awe! you don’t even know me and you love me. I feel special.

Oh and sorry about filling your space with my dream.

Lol, the boy chair? So that’s what those benches at the mall at for. XD

I like shopping, although I’m faster than most girls I know. The only problem is, I take forever deciding because I go in, go out, go around the whole mall, then decide I want the first thing I saw at the first store and go back again :D

I know girls who hate shopping though, and guys who love it.

After going on my trip and going shopping there too I showed my boyfriend what it’s like for me to shop. Slow. That was the first time he ever saw me shop and now he’s terrified of going shopping with me again. He thinks that by the time I get done (if he doesn’t end up pulling me out of the store) than the “apocalypse” will be here already.

I doubt I’d enjoy it…waking up the next day being cranky, ehhh….

Yea, I guess I’m occasionally depressed, haha, that sounds like I’m trying to like turn emo or something but I just can’t! :D

Re sized or not, they are still awesome and 1000000x better than mine! Just sayin.

They are nice, so you don’t have to use like a site’s name servers and people don’t think your ‘unprofessional’ or something.

Yea, I did, hahaha. I forgot to copy it somewhere, and I put a little ‘<3' in the comment section…shitted up the whole thing. *sigh*

Yea, same. It depends if you've been forced to use something or been around something long enough.

That would suck I presume, having HOT Christmases. :/ That's my opinion though. Wait do you have a "summer break" or a "winter break"…like when do you get outta school? Haha…I found this:

I ALWAYS use too many smilies, not even kiddin, see: :D :D :D :D :D :D

Me too, haha, I was looking for domain names for a long time, so I'm glad you had some on sale! (:

I know what you mean, and I completely agree! They helped so much, some giving their lives….and all most don't even get remembered.

Yea, the best articles are online! :D

It is a shame…but really…what can I do? :/

Ughhh I hate shopping with girls…seriously, it takes so long and it's so annoying, haha. I actually love shopping for myself though, since it's for me…I know it's selfish, but just saying the truth! :D

I get bored after…5 minutes, I usually bring something to do though, so ya know, it's alright. But it's still boring…haha.

I really don't like shopping…at all. Haha :)

Sorry for the bad comment, I just didn't have a lot to say this time :/ And I'm tired, so….sorry :(

XD i enjoyed reading this entry .. my brother does the same thing. .aha..if and when we go shopping my daddy and brother would go off on their own looking at toys :) ..and my sister, my mom and i would take our time looking at clothes.

when we’re done with the store, we go to our next destination..nd my dad and brother would have to search for us /angry they get sooo mad.. LOL

btw, we only buy things that are on sale or if we think its worth it then we buy it. haha we’re asian whaddya want? ;)

oh p.s i hope you dont mind me adding you to my blogroll? ^^ ♥

I love shopping. I think it has to do with the hunter/gatherer thing that our ancestors did. Shopping is a form of gathering.

But I am glad to hear that all of you had a very productive day. I personally cannot wear skinny jeans…they make my bum look huge. :D

Aha well personally I don’t think I’m as big of a shopper as most other girls. :)

Skinny jeans aren’t good on everyone! I should feel lucky that I am skinny and look okay in them. I used to like them but now I prefer dresses and skirts. :)

I can’t help but laugh at this blog – it’s so true.

My brother (He’s four years old) doesn’t like going in to shops where theres clothes, he only goes in either toy shops or food shops – by food I mean, candy and cookies. Haha.

Once I went with my friend who is a boy to a clothes shop and since he was the only one with me… I would ask him if the top I picked was okay or if I looked fat in it etc etc and he would just look at me like: WTF I DONT GIVE A SHIT. Haha. Those were good times. :D

YAY. Thank you hun, I’ve followed you back. It’s good to be back on Twitter – tweeting about lame stuff.

Yeah, i think my crush is coming back on Monday so i’m quite happy! ♥

LOVEYOU TOO. *cuddles*

Anxiety attacks are very scary… He’s using every excuse in the book to not go see a Doctor though.

Yes, Dora the Explorer :) I still watch little kid shows if I’m overly bored. Little Bear will always be my favorite – and Franklin. I really wish that they’d still play Hey Arnold too.

Last year when I threw my boyfriend a surprise birthday party mine turned out great. Though he thought that because his bestfriend and I were talking so much that I had a crush on his bestfriend, LOL. He had no suspicion at all because it was my birthday too and I did it AFTER his birthday (since his birthday is a week from mine).

I have Windows 7 so I’m able to split my screen that way as well.

I just don’t believe in drinking. I don’t think it’s a “necessity” to have fun nor do I think smoking is cool. I can’t stand one night stands either. They make me sick.

I really want to change from T-Shirts and Jeans to more dressy. Badly. But not having a job kind of stops me from doing that and that upsets me. I can tell my boyfriend likes it when I’m more dressy because he gives me more compliments than usual.

My boyfriend and I knew eachother since we were 4. We went to church together but didn’t like eachother: he said I chewed like a horse and he had a head like Mojo jojo off of the powerpuff girls back then. Then we met back in our Mikmaw class last year and sort of fell in love. Haha.

GAH I haven’t returned your comment in so long, I’ll just start a new one xD

Hahah the boy chair. I’ve never referred to it like that xD Is it actually called the boy chair or like just referred to as the boy chair, because of the majority of boys who sit there? xD

It is a fact! I was watching the news once, and they talked about why Women like to shop more then men do. They said how since men would hunt, they’d take anything, they want to be in a out. They just need something that satisfies their need. Women though, since they were gatherers, they needed to gather like the best of the best. Haha xD

Ahaha boys and their desire to just sit on the boy chair rather then shop. We don’t have boy chairs. My dad usually just sits on the bench outside of the store, or he walks around other stores until we call him to tell him we finished.

Haha. Sounds like me. XD I remember I used to be like that. My parents would drag me everywhere. They didn’t like the idea of leaving me home alone at an early age. I don’t remember if my brother ever baby-sat me one time. I forget. I didn’t like the idea of going shopping. I would get tired and give them that look. I’m okay when I go grocery shopping. I go look at some stuff in the other aisles.

I agree. Women spend more time thinking about their purchases, keeping in mind the prices and quality? Women like to shop around. They want to get the best bargin.

LMAO! XD Oh man, I had no idea that those chairs were called ‘boy chairs’! I’m LOL’ing all over the place at this, bwahaha … :D I haven’t the slightest clue why I find this so funny, but I do. XD

You’re right, too — Taking the time to choose clothing is important! I don’t understand people — Whether they’re guys or girls — Who just wear WTFever simply to cover up every single day of their lives. Where’s the joy in the that? The fun? The creativity?

And I don’t mean people who just choose to wear a tee shirt and jeans every day, I mean people who literally just slap ANYTHING on their bodies. My city’s one of the worst places ever for this. You walk about downtown, for example, and every other person’s wearing worn out pajama bottoms and a dirty tee shirt with the name of a sports team on it, or some stupid saying or random logo. Bleh! 🤬

I know it’s not right to be stuck up about stuff like that, but I can’t help it! People should put effort into their appearence, even if they just go for simple looks. Simple doesn’t have to mean dirty and unkempt! /snort

Oh! And I take forever looking at accessories, too. Even longer than I take looking at clothes, most of the time. XD

Yeah, girls tend to take longer when shopping, and go shopping more frequently than males. It doesn’t mean that males don’t care about what they wear, though it seems like some really don’t. My stepbrother is actually quite picky when it comes to clothing. For example, sweaters MUST be baggy and the sleeves MUST be slightly longer. He refuses to wear things he didn’t pick out at the store himself. It’s quite silly, really. 🙄

I never knew that they called it the boy chair. It makes sense, though. :3

I actually haven’t gone shopping for clothes in a while. I probably should soon, though, seeing that spring will be arriving. I love going shopping, though I usually do a lot of window shopping. :P

I’m so sorry I took a decade to reply. I was busy this past week. I think I’ll be up to commenting 24/7 when it’s Spring Break.

Anyways I’m gonna start commenting on the comment you left me a year ago XD
It’s okay you didn’t know I had a Twitter. I’m like an invisible ninja ✌️

I accepted your request on Twitter! Thanks for the email, I’ll be emailing you soon.

I like the slimness of my layout too. It just looks cleaner to me. The sidebar was pointless to me. Thanks for the background attachment thingy. It really helped. And I fixed the font in the textarea box.

It is a given fact. Boys don’t like shopping. But that has an exception. I know some boys who have a million shoes and shirts. It’s really weird. I used to remember when boys didn’t really care what they wore. Now boys are all of a sudden going all color coordinated with their outfits. It’s creepy.

Hehe I call it the guy chair. I’m glad they made those, it really helps for boys :P

My little brother doesn’t like waiting for us either. He just wants us to hurry up so he can get something. /hehe He’s so spoiled. Scratch that, my mom spoils us all in different ways.

I hope school and everything else is going well for you :)

This is so true! Although, I’m not much of a shopper myself, either :p I have to be in a “shopping mood”, or else I just want to hurry, go in, find and buy what I’m looking for and leave XD

I’ve honestly never seen what you are calling a “boy chair” o_O I guess we don’t really have those where I live…? Heh.  

LOL awwwe! I don’t ever recall going shopping with my mom and siblings.. well, I do.. but I don’t think my brother was really there. He and my older sister (who is a tomboy) would roam around the mall together while my younger sister, my mom, and I would shop. So I guess instead of having a “boy chair” my brother had.. a boyish sister to spend his time with ? LOL.

I work at Aerie which is an underwear/loungewear branch of American Eagle Outfitters… and we have a day bed in our store, lol. It’s because we KNOWWW little girls are gonna want their horny boyfriends to come look at underwear with them…but they’ll just want to sit down. We also have a bench outside the store because we know little brothers of girls are too embarrassed to look at bras and undies ^^ hahaha.

Your birthday is in like 2 months! How exciting! Do you have any special plans for it? Ooh I wonder what James is gonna do for you ^^ <3

Yaaay I call you Georgie !! I think that's such a cute nickname. I have a friend named Georgia who I always call Georgie too, lol. It's strange.. I call girls by a nickname, but I always call boys by their full name. I sound like their mother ;P ahahaha

What particular states do you want to visit in the states? I hope Pennsylvania is one of themmm (: that way you can visit meeee! There is SO much American history in PA because of Philadelphia.

You're the first person to answer that teeth question the way I wanted my visitors to! LOL. Thank you for actually counting your teeth!…all 26 of them ;P

So true! I love shopping, so does my mum. It’s lucky that I don’t have a brother, otherwise my mum would get angry from him asking, “Can we go home yet?” LOL. I take forever shopping XD

I hate being banned. It shouldn’t be allowed! haha. It gets really annoying, I have nothing to do at home apart from using the internet. Well and TV, but usually there’s nothing on the weeknds.

It is really annoying typing on my iPod Touch. I could never write a whole blog post on there, it would be so frustrating. Like it is when I write tweets and use MSN on it. When ever I write a tweet I take forever because my iPod has been acting strange and keeps on having mistakes. It was working fine when I started using TweetDeck on there, but now it has gone weird.

Yeah her music is catchy! even though some of the songs can be about wrong things, they are great though. Some of her music videos are really strange, she has been naked a few times in them. I like the Telephone one, even though it’s more than 9 minutes.

Usually I wouldn’t like Esprit, but I have got two tops that are really nice too! they had a nice top in there, but the colours didn’t go together.

LOL! they do look like that. I don’t know why I watch it though. It just can be interesting at times.

When Facebook has a new layout, everyone at school would be talking about it. Saying that they hate it.

I guess I am scared with any sort of ball too! sometimes I close my eyes when it is coming at me O_O in year 6 a basketball hit me on the head. For some reason I started crying, how embarrassing. Well I had a big bruise on my head where it hit. But it was still so embarrassing! /wah

If they did ban Google, I would be sad. We use Google everyday! well I do :D it’s better than Yahoo and Bing.

It would be bad to block Youtube, it’s very useful. It helped me with a school assignment.

For a update on what they were going to talk about on the 7PM Project, they said that Google could be banned and Youtube could be blocked. But when they talked about it on the show, they didn’t say about that.

I have not commented this site in such a long time. /ehh It really feels like forever since I’ve worked on my own site or gotten around to commenting blogs. It’s just… bizarre. I miss it.

Boy chair. Are they really called that? I’ve never called it that, but I see that it fits.. completely.

Oddly enough, I didn’t like shopping before. Probably because I was a little girl who didn’t care about what I wore and all I wanted to do was play outside. But nowadays, I LOVE shopping. I thought I never would but I do. Kuya hates shopping, and I think most of my friends who are boys do. I’m not surprised. Watching people shop isn’t fun. However, boys… well boys are boys. :P

Thanks for everything by the way, for fixing the site and renewing it and moving it and all that stuff. (: Best host ever. ^^

Lolz! When I was a kid, you could say that I also sat on the boy chair (or couch XD) because I hhaattedd shhooppinngg too. I only loved browsing over books in bookstores and didn’t get for all the long wait in choosing something!

But as I grew older and went to my late high school, I started loving buying clothes, accessories, etc and became a girl I guess XD XD My brother is still impatient with us shopping but when HE’S shopping for guy clothes, man HE TAKES EVEN LONGER!!

I think it depends really, some guys are metrosexual and care for their looks so they take a long time to shop while other guys just hate waiting for their girl or mom to shop for women’s clothing XD

Didn’t know that chairs like that are called boy chairs! Haha.

Guys hate shopping. And I do not know WHY. 😒 They can’t understand why girls take forever to shop. Shopping is an art! You must take note of the prices, the deals, the quality… EVERYTHING… before you decide to buy something. :P

Whenever we go to the mall and shop, my Papa and my brother would always find the boy chair and wait for us. They already know that we three girls (Mama, my younger sister and I) take forever to shop. :D

Actually, it’s me who takes eternity just to shop. Even my Mama and sister complains about it. (H)

I remember once when I was supposed to buy a mouse for my PC. I dropped by in a mall after my on-the-job training along with my close guy friend. It took me 3 hours…. just to buy a single mouse. /ho My close guy friend didn’t mind it because he too was like me. He said that he really thinks very hard and consider other factors before he buy stuff. /hehe I was surprised because I didn’t know that some guys know the art of shopping. Wow~ ✌️

Hehe, boy chairs..I didn’t know they were called that. But it totally fits. /bounce

I don’t really like shopping, so I don’t blame boys. I find it really boring. I don’t spend much time on choosing my own stuff. :P But I guess shopping for accessories and stuff is not that bad.

I hate going shopping with my mom or sisters. They take SO LONG. And I feel sleepy. 😴 I don’t have a brother, but I guess I behave just like a boy when it comes to shopping. I just can’t bear to wait till whoever is with me has found the perfect clothing. O_O

Customers should find clothes that they are suitable and comfortable in. I don’t do that, unfortunately. Which is why a lot of the clothes in my wardrobe are stuff I don’t wear. :P

Haha, my dad shops like girls. He takes almost two hours just to choose a belt. @_@ But he keeps on hurrying my mom if she is trying to buy something. XD

I love skinny jeans. ♥ And I love seeing people in skinny jeans. 😏

LOL poor Ryan! All stores should have boy chairs, for bored boys to spend their time in. XD

Yes. I wish we had a playground. Unfortunately we don’t. :( We, at least, got to play in them once. The younger students can’t even do that now.

Yeah, that is one of the advantages of having a small school. Everyone knows each other, but that’s also a problem since rumours are more likely to spread if everyone knows you. But it’s fun. In our previous building, almost all of the students used to play games together. It was really great. :D

It is unique, but I find it really complicated, especially with the A’ Levels exams. I don’t think you have those in Australia?

That Mr. Wolf game seems pretty interesting. We played something like that, except that when the person turns back, everyone has to stay absolutely still. Anyone who moves becomes the wolf.

Thanks. :) Chemistry and Physics did go well, but Bangla did not. We didn’t have enough time so I skipped some stuff.

I’m much better now, thank you. Sometimes I still feel dizzy, though. My mom says she will take me for a blood test because I have fevers a lot.

Yeah. Thankfully now we don’t have much homework because of our quarterly exams, but once they end homework is bound to pile once more. D:

I hope you get to go somewhere with your friends. :)

I jumped off. The girl who was sitting with me was wearing heels, and she was really scared so she used a ladder. I felt mad at my friends, I couldn’t sit with them and they left without me. /hmph

I heard a story once about a girl who broke her whole arm because she had put it out when she had been on a roller coaster. That really scared me. I never get on roller coasters after hearing that. In my whole life, I think I’ve been on roller coasters only twice.

Hehe yeah, maybe.

I hope I will be able to study somewhere abroad. :)

That’s great! I can never be so prepared about any project or anything. :P

I guess that’s also a point. People should have their freedom. The schools block websites here as well. I guess that is reasonable, because students shouldn’t visit any inappropriate website or any website that distracts them from studies inside the school.

My friends keep on telling me to make a Facebook account. I’m not interested at all, but they’ve made me promise that I’ll make one in June. /hmph Why in June, I have no idea. XD

Hehe I didn’t know that. XD

Ugh, crows suck. My mom actually used to feed crows with bread everyday. I don’t know if it was the same crow that came everyday, or different, but it was really weird. XD

Boy chair! I wish there was one here. :(

I don’t like shopping. In fact, I hate it. I hate it as much as boys do. I know I’m a girl but shopping isn’t just my thing… ugh. I hate it when my mom and my sister take me to buy some new clothes. Because when they already have two or three pieces of clothes, they’ll walk around again to see another collection/visit another shop. I just can’t shop like that. For me, once I get what I want I’ll stop shopping. :|

When I buy clothes I don’t think a lot about them (I still consider the prices though). But I hate trying clothes. /angry I’m so lazy when it comes to trying clothes…

Firstly – I think I may have missed last blog X_X Sorry – I had a big assignment due in and I actually managed not to procrastinate :O

This is so true about boys and shopping! Although there is a group of guys my friends and I hang out with sometimes and we have a lot of fun trying on clothes in Target, lol ;D Guys wearing stilleto boots and such :)

My brothers can’t stand shopping. Five minutes is ample time to whinge about when we can go home :)

Really short comment – sorry – I haven’t done my homework X_X

Zaphiie, don’t remind me about my homework! :P

It’s fine. :) I think you did miss the last blog but don’t worry. You’re a doll for keeping up with my blogs in the first place. ♥

But congratulations on not procrastinating! Something I should stop doing too, but I’m on a roll with site work… /um

Ahhaha I know one of my gay guy friends likes shopping! I don’t know about guys trying on girl clothes for fun though. Most of my guy friends wouldn’t, but sometimes they try on hats or funny shirts for fun. :P

Recently my brother bought a shirt for himself; it’s funny how he wears it more than the clothes Mum buys. :P

Haha yes! THE BOY CHAIR! I have a couple of guy friends who are quite the “shopper” so they’re usually fun to bring with everytime I feel like shopping. Thankfully, my boyfriend’s quite patient also and sometimes he also goes around with me whenever I shop. Good thing there are “boy chairs” in some stores, though. I pity those guys (like my brother, for instance) who would have to wait reaaally long while the girls go look for the perfect outfit. Haha!

Ahha the guy friends I have who DO like shopping are gay. But it’s all good; sometimes I do love to hear their opinion! :P

My boyfriend doesn’t mind so much but I know that if I take too long he’ll get bored. My brother definitely doesn’t like waiting around. :P