The Desire To Deconstruct

A few hours after posting this, I will (sadly) have to close comments. I don’t want to risk losing many comments during the server change. If you haven’t heard, my host Kya is moving us to a VPS (virtual private server) so my site will be “inactive” for a few days.

I plan on putting up a new layout after the move. I’ve been working on it for a few days but it looks pretty messy. All I can say is that it’s brighter than this layout! And I love this current layout so, so much… but I think it’s time for a change. A simpler one. Yes, this layout was revolutionary, in my opinion, but I really want to try something different! I made such a wonderful layout for my fanlisting collective at Eyethief and I wanted to do one similar for Heartdrops, but maybe another time.

I didn’t want to go on Maintenance Mode as I know people might want to use my tutorials. I’m hoping the downtime doesn’t affect anyone greatly. If sometime next week you see a new layout and a new blog post, everything is fine and dandy. /bounce

I’m anticipating that reviews will open sometime next week, closer to Easter. I’m a little excited to do them again. It’s been so long but I have been through enough stress these past few weeks.

Yesterday this creep phoned us up at around midnight. I was on the computer, as usual, and my brother was still awake. I picked up the phone, thinking it was my relatives from overseas (since their time is different).

This guy on the other end said in a raspy voice, “Oh baby…

I nearly shitted my fucking pants. I remember freezing, then just hanging up, suddenly calm. It was just a joke, I told myself. Just a fool mucking around. I told Brandon on MSN, who was shocked.

The phone rang again. I picked it up, ready to hurl some verbal abuse. Ready for a fight. /pow I didn’t respond, then I heard my mum on the phone from the other side of the house. She had picked it up too. Damn.

I heard the guy in his raspy voice again, then I hung up. I think my mum did too, because she came to my room to ask what happened.

After telling my mum, the phone continued to ring, and my mum kept disconnecting the idiot. Finally, we ignored the phone the next time it called, then it all stopped. For fuck’s sake. Now my mum thinks that it’s someone I talked to on the internet and they’re out to get me. Ugh. She knows about my site and how I contact people online but I don’t think she understands that these people are my friends…

It’s just a harmless joke. Yeah, it freaked me out, but I’m over it. When I was in high school everyone wanted to make those kinds of pranks.

I don’t find it funny now. 😰

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OH NOES! YOUR SITE WILL BE INACTIVE FOR A WHILE D: But it’s okay ^^ I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end. :D With a new server and everything :P WOOT! :D

OH! A NEW LAYOUT!! :D :D I am so excited! As much as I LOVE this layout beyond anything, I’m always excited when you put up new layouts :P This is so cool :P

Your eyethief layout is awesome! But I miss the green and pink one :( I loved the colour scheme and the heart brushes :P

Opening reviews again D: Sounds exciting, but also a little intimidating. I hope no one gives you hell over them. I’ll hit them for you /pow

Omg, that freak…I can’t believe they have nothing better to do so late at night. They are so sad to resort to prank calling you == SO VERY SAD.

That’s so disgusting too “Oh baby”? EW! EW EW EW! 🤮

I hope your mother gets over it soon. I think she’s over reacting. Your online friends are AWESOME :D You’re not dumb enough to make friends with someone online who is…mentally retarded. LOL. Or a paedophile. Jeez.


That person is SO immature ==

No need to fret! Hopefully the inactivity won’t be noticeable. :D It’s all going to be so exciting and relieving at the end of it all too. :)

I don’t think the new layout is as good as this one but it’s a nice change. ;)

I miss the green and pink Eyethief layout too – I still have it in my files, but I love the current one a lot more!

I’ve got two reviews to do already but I’m sure I’ll get them done!

I got a bit scared but then I realised, like you said, it was just someone playing a prank. For fuck’s sake. Jerk. At least he hasn’t called back again. Obviously was just someone playing tricks. Idiot.

Ugh, I’m old enough to deal with it too. It’s not like I’m stupid… these people have videos, photos, sites, a life. It would be too much to fake, and even if they were, they would be bound to reveal something accidentally later. Fook.

You’re mean, I was just commenting on your old blog, I was nearly done but I’m nice so I just took out what I said on your old blog, baha.

That’s a shame you have to close comments and what not but so awesome you get to move to a VPS. ;D It’s a very good thing for Bubble, though. ;D

Oh I really can’t wait to see your new layout. :D I love every layout you make haha, I do love this one but I love seeing what you can come up with! I love the layout you made for EyeThief. :D

I love that saying “fine and dandy” weeeee.

Yay for reviews. :D I was considering re-opening mine, but I think I go back to work in May so there isn’t much point.

I saw your tweets about that weirdo… Some people are such bloody freaks, honestly.

I don’t blame your mum to be honest, she doesn’t exactly understand what you do online to the full extent. For all she knows, it is someone out to get you… but then it could have just been a dickhead who thinks he’s funny…

Maybe you should change your number? o_O

I used to make pranks myself, not as freaky as that but yeah they were fun, but they aren’t so funny anymore. o_O

Oh yes, I’ll marry Rob too~

LOL! I love it when people do that, pretend to be the worlds biggest fan. :’) Pathetic… I know you’d marry Ben. 8D

Oh Forget It was the first song I heard by BB. It always makes me fall asleep, it’s just so nice. :’) I love Diary Of Jane and Give Me A Sign too, obviously. xD I can never pick one song I like by them. :( I love the whole of Dear Agony *drools*

“Like hello, as if I’m straying from ELO!” LOL, ELO! I’m so easily amused. Dead By April are awesome. I love all of their songs too, except for one Angels Of Clarity because they scream ALL the through, I don’t mind a bit of screaming but that’s just too much haha.

Listen to Trapped first, I’m obsessed with that song. ;3

WTF, your own hostees stole your fucking hosting layout?! How rude can you get! You offer to host them for free and they do that to you?! How low can you get. I wouldn’t care if she was crediting me, I’d be screwing. People are just so pathetic. I thought the whole stealing layouts/coding was out the window… clearly not.

I should give Armor For Sleep a listen, but IDK. :3

I do see how you roll. ;) I used to love Pink Floyd, haven’t listened to them for a long time though.

Yeah, I’m generally REALLY nervous to begin with then when it’s done, I pat myself on the back. ;)

Yep, they should consider finding an alternative, rather than blocking important sites. They may have now, cause like I haven’t been to school for 4 years lmfao.

You’re lucky your parents are like my step dad. It’s awful, he first done it in 2005 I think it was. Other times, he’d actually unplug the internet so I couldn’t even get around it, stupid.

I quite like sour fruits. I mean, I eat lemons on their own all the time haha.

I hope Habari doesn’t give me any problems either, it hasn’t so far. I just keep getting people asking me how to use it and such… erm hello, I learnt how to use it myself so why can’t you?!

Haha there probably is a tutorial on how to make WP plugins, maybe. :P

LMAO, you make me laugh. :P

Lol I know you didn’t make them, but I do sort of see them as yours… cause they are just so you. XD

I admit it is easier to put them into moderation, it’s easier to see who you’ve replied to and stuff. Using Word is kind of easier too. I do mine like this lolz:

Haha I get amused by all of your posts. I hope I get to 100 at some point… I doubt it though. XD

Awwwwwww. I just got on this blog post via Twitter so I hope you will not close the comment form NOW because I’m writing my comment already! But, well, once the server is up, I’m sure you’ll not regret the “downtime”!

YAY! A new layout would be wonderful! Maybe one that has photography would be nice – but it’s your choice, that was just a suggestion! :)

What a crap-ola creep! There was one person who prank-called my home phone, but didn’t say anything. He/she just kept clearing his throat, like, “Uh hem.” I just listened in case it was an important phone call but I slammed it down after five secs.

I hope those creeps will stop their tricks.

That sucks that you have to close comments.

I can’t wait to see the new layout! I know it will look amazing xD

What a creep. Prank calls are really stupid, that stupid guy has you worried now. He shall go die now :)

I would freak if that happened to me. Maybe you should convince your mum to get a private number, I never get pranks because I got a private one. Only occasionally on private numbers you would get calls from people selling things. Do you use the home phone much? if you don’t, maybe you could get rid of it! But most people like having home phones.

Sorry for the short post, I’m on my iPod Touch. It was hard writing, sorry if there are mistakes in it.

*short comment

Goodluck on the move. I won’t reply to your comment just in case you will lose it. After the move I will (happily!) return your comment :)

Phone calls like that are very creepy. They only happen to me from my friends – never anyone I don’t know. One time I put porn on the TV (wasn’t watching – not into that) and held up the phone for my friend’s answering machine. Then her Mom sort of listened to it……………… :D

Georgina! :) I hope the server move is going to be successful! ♥ I know it will, I can’t wait to see you’re new layout by the way. It sounds uber cool. :D

That is really weird. No kidding.

I always hated prank calls – it’s not funny, espeically if they call at midnight. The heartless bastards. /angry I hope your okay and less freaked out now. Haha. If someone phoned me and I heard “Oh baby…” I would tell them to get a fucking room and never call again. Then slam the phone. /hehe

Oh no! I hope your mom understands that it wasn’t any of your online friends. ✌️

Love you! XD

That sucks, about the call, I would have been scared shitless myself. I’m sure it was just a prank though, my brother prank calls me all the time- you know, the heavy breathing kind of thing. Still, that pisses me off.

I doubt the guy was some internet creeper. It’s not as if you randomly post your telephone number everywhere.

Oh, and I can’t wait to see the new layout!

thank you Georgina! Glad you like it.

oh did not know that Australia is Autumn. This is in contrast to Europe. That does not prevent you to share your experiences of spring. You’re right the days are longer and have more sunlight.

You’re lucky because you have no afternoon classes. Unfortunately, this year I have afternoon classes, and when I get home it’s already dark. I love too morning classes

That’s okay :)
Here in Spain we have already changed the time, now is an hour more. Yes, maybe.

thank you! Means a lot of to me your words about my grandfather. Yeah I hope so.

Okay. I have a Facebook account and not use. But Tuenti is different.

thank you for answering the questions! oh sorry that you live where it rains in spring.

I hope you enjoy the days off at Easter that you have.

Oh that’s okay. If you were born in Australia, it is normal to feel more identified with your life in Australia than Indonesian. I understand. I’m glad you feel fortunate to live in Australia.

I guess it’s like that.

your welcome! Okay, thanks:)

oh that’s cool your dad bought a chocolate bunny. Today in my country hold on Palm Sunday.

Your site will be inactive for a while. Good luck with moving! I can not wait to see your new layout, I’m sure it will be as amazing as you have now.

I love the layout you made for EyeThief :)

That sounds so disturbing. Maybe you should change your phone number or persuade your mother to have a private number.
I do not blame your mum to be honest, she does Understand Exactly what you do online to the full extent. For all she knows, it is someone out to get you… but just then it could have been a dickhead who thinks he’s funny.
Such jokes are not funny.

OMG I missed your blog! it’s vacay so I’m free to surf the net. UGH.

Closing comments? D: oh glad I was able to make it before you did. :O

Ewww the guy must be freakin bored! He should find something better to do. I made phone pranks before, though. But it was me talking in a different Filipino dialect’s accent O___O wasnt funny anymore now, too. hahaha.

Parents are such losers (lol sorry) when theyre like that. they should try blogging in order to understand.

OH NO! Did I just type that? D: Nooo dont let parents blog HAHA..

hey :) it’s been wayy too long since I talked to you :( I’ve had so much trouble of late though but enough about me how are you :)

ooh you’ve just reminded me to back up my site with the vps thing going on tomorrow i read the email then it went clean out my head lol hope the server move goes okay for you lol

ooooh cant wait to see this layout, I really need to do a new one I’ve had mine up for ages now

woahhh that’s so weird and annoying!! I can’t say we’ve ever had calls like that, we always get sales calls though they’re so annoying.
You could get an ex directory number or something i dont know but he must have been super bored to something so pathetic
Aww I can understand your mum worrying because of the online thing but surely she understands you don’t go around posting your personal details for anyone to see
mehh I don’t know I hope you don’t get any more calls though

Good luck with the move and can’t wait to see the new lay. Slash ew, what a creeper.

And sorry, I forgot to reply to your last comment – I’m sure I’d love Australia, so there wouldn’t be much to say lol :) I have yet to hear a single bad thing about it !

Yeah that’s what I mean – sorry, I was on my iPod touch when I was writing that blog. :)

Really? I’m into eating in resturants – they have better food then in places like McDonalds lololol.

Well, I’m glad you listen to some kpop! :) Nice to know really. Haha.

Ah. That has instantly made me happy. I’ve got Georgina – what more could I ask for?

Ugh, screw prank calls!!! :( Haha.

LOL! If I did ask my brother if I looked good in something… He would say ‘heeeh’ LOL. He’s only four that’s why. Ahaha.


I put my site on Maintenance Mode. I can’t wait to see the new layout :)
I love the layout for Eyethief! It’s so simple and pretty! The header and footer is great ♥

I hate prank calls that people do. It has always been pretty stupid to me. But that’s seriously creepy. I would have been ready for a verbal attack too XD

Oh baby…EEWW! That sounds creepy and disgusting. I think it’s a pedophile (no durr /hehe )

Oh gosh; I’d be so scared. :X Someone on the phone 😰

Yeah I heard Kya was moving to a VPS so you’ll be changing. A new theme should be nice! /kiss

Do you have a master or a reseller?

I always love commenting on your site the emoticons are great. 😏 Lol /eee


I guess it’s just different depending on the lineart. If you increase the levels it’ll definitely look different. xD

I might just do that. I’m too lazy to put up resources now, though.

Really? Revert back the chickens!

When I watched it, I found out that the disc was scratched a little. But it was still good. :D

Ew, creep. If I were you I would’ve slandered him as much as I could. =)) It was probably just a prank call.

Okay I’m not too sure whether to comment because of the server change but seeing as though comments are able to be posted, I’ll go ahead. XD

I really like this layout you have up now, I really think it looks great but I can’t wait to see your new one. :) I just checked out the one at Eyethief and wow, I love that one too!

That’s so creepy! I can understand maybe a prank call or something, but to do it repeatedly after hanging up several times? Now, that’s just weird!

Did you trace the number or anything? I usually do that when I get prank calls. I think it’s funny though when someone calls me on my mobile and I have their number saved in my phone so I know it’s them straight away.

Thanks for adding me! Yeah, I recognised the name from somewhere, I knew it was you. :)

I’ve spent the whole day doing coursework, eurgh. :| It’s nice to just have it out the way now, so I can spend my Easter holiday relaxing!

I saw The Crazies a few weeks ago, I went to see something else a few weeks before that too, but I can’t remember what it was. XD I want to see Alice In Wonderland so bad!

I like a lime flavouring in food, maybe next time I’m out with my mum shopping we’ll look around for limaus!

Well, I really want a Mac, but I’m thinking maybe it’s a bit out of our price range, and I do really like the look of the Dell Inspiron, and you can get them in so many colours so I might ask for a pink or green one of those. :]

Lol, I had a blast! :)

Yeah, I guess, I just wish it was less expensive. Because when you think about it, it’s just like boards that boots attach too.
Well. Not really, but kinda.

I was!! XD Saw this one dude starin’ straight up at mah skis and I knew den, dat mah skis hardcore shizz. :)

Nahh, LOL, the guy was looking at a bug that was crawling in the snow by my skis. LOL.
Yeah, I thought it was weird too, beatles in snow. :P

When I was younger, me and my friends used to make nests for them in boxes. And try to make them house pets.
Our moms got pretty mad when they saw a caterpillar making an escape plan on our bedroom floors. :P

Like the ugly duckling!

Lol, I find them easy, except for when my ears pop and stuff. Gum didn’t work last time, until we were like actually soaring high in the clouds. So for the first 5 minutes of taking off and getting situated in the sky, my ears pop like crazy.


That’s good, I love it when I finish things early. I feel so accomplished. Especially when everyone else is like going mad because they didn’t. /hehe

Whoa, that’s awful. Man, I don’t think I can really choose now. I mean, if freaking wars started…
And you’re right, if internet was filtered, less children would be getting hurt.

Like lemons? Sour like lemons but they’re limes? LOL. /huh

Smanks! :)

Hopefully the server change will work out well. Hope you don’t lose anything! :O

YAY! Can’t wait for a new layout. *shakes pompoms*

Ah! I’d be so creeped out if that happened to me. I’d be putting the phone down, unplugging the cord. Run under the safety of my bed covers and wait for morning light to take that creeper away.

If my mom got it, she’d probably use the F word a couple times.

Yeah… prank calls like that kind of don’t tickle my funny bone either.. :O

I hope the server change goes well! :)

Ugh, yeah they are. I’m so tired of crying over stupid jackass things he does :(

And EXACTLY! He kept telling me I should understand because of the reason why he changed them, and I did understand WHY but that doesn’t change that I’ll be pissed. I told him to change them at first, and he said no. Then, TWO HOURS LATER he decided he wanted to change them. It’s just annoying, and obv. I’m gonna be mad :/ The worst part is he didn’t even seem to care that our plans got changed, or that I was mad .

Yeah, hand drawn brushes always are more unique because even if they are the same shapes or whatever, they will never look the EXACT same.

I guess that’s true about thanks for the comment. If someone sent a rude comment though, I probably wouldn’t respond at all just because it’s not really worth your time if they’re just being immature.

I like shopping with friends so much better than with family, except my friends and I have some different styles so I don’t always get to go in the stores I want to :(

That’s really creepy about the call o.O Why wouldn’t they get the hint after the first, and even second time you picked up and hung up. People like that are just annoyingg :/

haha, I better hurry and read this then, before it changes. Can’t wait to see the new layout, all your stuff is so cute (:

Eeek, that sounds disturbing. Have you ever seen Valentines Day? Something like that happens in that, but less freaky.

My mom would probably be like that, too, but I really don’t tell her much about it. I just keep pictures of me off my site, but I think the whole things a little ridiculous… I mean, if someone wanted to find out who you were, or whatever, it wouldn’t be very hard (At least at my school, where security is a foriegn concept) to get everyone in our school’s full names, phone number, and address from the giant binder they leave right on the counter. And people go around calling you by name everywhere, too. But still, better safe then sorry, right?

i’m guessing the move was sucessful , right? :)

damn… those phone pranks aren’t that funny :( especially when parents are around… my parents always think its one of my dumb friends who ‘prank call’ whenever the other on the other side isn’t responding when we pick up the phone. but really, its just those annoying telemarketers that don’t say hi until you say hi twice. its weird.

I saw you tweet about those prank calls. I think it’s pathetic when people do that… why do they feel the need? It’s not like they get anything out of it surely, and it can leave people really nervous or scared. /angry

I got a call a while ago and when I answered I could only hear breathing, so I put the phone down. Luckily I don’t get them regularly though. I do change my number quite often though so I guess it’s hard to stalk me properly via phone even if someone wanted to. Every time I change my number I give it to less and less people.

Anyway, I hope you don’t get any more phonecalls like that. :)

I hope the move goes well for you! I can’t wait to see the new layout! I agree that the current one is beautiful, it’s honestly one of my personal favorites from not just your site, but others too. :]

OH BABY! man, wow. Random. Gross. Perverted. Grow up Kiddies. That is all I have to say about it.

I love this layout though. It so purty. Don’t make the new too bright if you do I wont visit. I don’t like bright.

Oh thanks I like the name, too. It took me like a couple of minutes to name it though. I love the layout on it. I want to study it and make my site more like it.

You defiantly helped with the twenty-four comments. Your site brought some people into my site actually yours and Jacks.

Goats. I want a pygmy(sp) goat. I need help naming my sheepers, can you help?

We don’t have much selection in shopping here and that is why I really never go shopping. I never even been to a mall. Sad, eh?

You were scared. I am sorry. I used to get scared and would sleep under this lip on my mom and dads waterbed. It was really warm under it.

Well good thing it was a dream or you would never had talked to me.

Oh I forgot. Bad memory. :( Fail.

PHEW PHEW i think i made it in time before you’ve disabled comments!!!! anyway
CANT WAIT FOR THE NEW LAYOUTTTTT ;D time to show off more of your artistic skills haha

wtf at the random dude repeatedly calling? do people seriously have nothing better to do at 12am? why dont they use tthat time to go to sleep instead of freaking others out @____@. well good for him if he wants to waste money on useless phonecalls. hope you didnt get too freaked out! i dont normally answer phone calls at my house unless im the closest to the phone at the timme it rings (which is usually not very often at all haha) i reckon if i’d been home along and some dude randomly rang me at 12 i’d be pretty freaked out…

lol at you replying to comments when you’re at university!!! hahahah you should be studying ;D oh man im so glad there are less than 4 days left of the first half of this semester! i even completed an assignment today so woohoooo relaxation time here we come!!!

Thanks for letting me know I spelt your name wrong. ^_^;
OH MY GOD THAT GAVE ME THE SHIVERS. :( That guy’s a creep. Wtf. @_@ do you know how he might of gotten your number? I hope the calls don’t happen again. /sweat

It was scary. It probably sounded like a maniac or something. O.o

hi there ye i know the feeling about a scary phone call, it happened to me two years ago where this guy kept asking me would i fancy sex with him but after a week he stopped cause my dad phoned him then and told him where to get off, Go dad :)

cant wait to see ur new look

Oh yeah we have tonnes of squirrels here. There are loads running around outside my school. It’s so easy to get distracted and just watch them.

Thanks :) I’m so proud of myself.

I would much rather work on my website than do work. That’s why I get distracted so easily.

I like to read blogs with interesting titles. They catch my attention and make me want to read on.

All this talk of Italian food is making me hungry!!

Oh I hate covering my books in plastic. I always get more stuck to me than stuck on the actual book.

I love sites like where postage and packaging is free.

So true. I’m sure they wouldn’t like it if I continually sent them messages saying “visit my site”.

I quite like easter because the weather starts to go better after it, usually. The weather forecasts says it will snow tomorrow O_O

I would like to add a new layout but I currently have very little inspiration :( I tried to make one at school using Photoshop but it turned about a bit rubbish. But then it stopped me from being bored in a business studies lesson. I had finished all the work, I wasn’t just messing about during anything important!!

That sounds a scary phone experience. That has never happened to me, and I hope it doesn’t. We get people calling the wrong number all the time though. Oh and sales people too. I hate answering the phone because most of the time it is a sales person.

I’m glad the phone calls stopped though.

Can’t wait to see the new layout ^.^! I always get excited for new layouts, phaha xP

I would have probably been the same :/ I would have just put down the phone. But it must been scarier as it was during the night! o_O Then I’d be creeeped out.

Lol that’s funny that your Mum thinks it’s someone online x| It must have just been a loser who thought it was funny. I mean prank calls can be funny, but at least do them on somebody you know so that you can laugh about it later :s This creep must have just dialed any random number.

WOOO. Comments are opened against. 8D

Anyways, my site will probably being going down too, since we have the same host. Haha. I just hope it isn’t down for LONG. @_@

About the whole phone call thing, as creepy as it is, it was definitely just some loser. The reason they kept calling was because you kept answering. They knew they were creeping you out, and they were getting their fill of amusement.

The same thing happened to me, actually. It just happened on the computer. My friend was signed in at school and didn’t log herself out and this person got on and started fucking with me BIG TIME. Saying some crazy stuff like they knew where I lived. It had me crying (I was young, so sue me), and my mom reassured me it wasn’t true. Sure enough my friend got on later and explained the whole thing.

Thanks for reminding me to back up everything in preparation for’s move to a VPS. I’d all but forgotten.

The new layout is heavenly, literally. And you own the Song 2 fanlisting?!? I love you! Blur is my favorite band ever. I paid an over-priced £50 to see them reunite in Hyde Park.

Ahh freaks on the phone. I’d have shat my pants too but it’s not a big deal once you think of it in hindsight. My mom always regards anything internet-related as evil, no exceptions. She’s completely suspicious of anyone from the Internet.