The Desire To Deconstruct

A few hours after posting this, I will (sadly) have to close comments. I don’t want to risk losing many comments during the server change. If you haven’t heard, my host Kya is moving us to a VPS (virtual private server) so my site will be “inactive” for a few days.

I plan on putting up a new layout after the move. I’ve been working on it for a few days but it looks pretty messy. All I can say is that it’s brighter than this layout! And I love this current layout so, so much… but I think it’s time for a change. A simpler one. Yes, this layout was revolutionary, in my opinion, but I really want to try something different! I made such a wonderful layout for my fanlisting collective at Eyethief and I wanted to do one similar for Heartdrops, but maybe another time.

I didn’t want to go on Maintenance Mode as I know people might want to use my tutorials. I’m hoping the downtime doesn’t affect anyone greatly. If sometime next week you see a new layout and a new blog post, everything is fine and dandy. 😁

I’m anticipating that reviews will open sometime next week, closer to Easter. I’m a little excited to do them again. It’s been so long but I have been through enough stress these past few weeks.

Yesterday this creep phoned us up at around midnight. I was on the computer, as usual, and my brother was still awake. I picked up the phone, thinking it was my relatives from overseas (since their time is different).

This guy on the other end said in a raspy voice, “Oh baby…

I nearly shitted my fucking pants. I remember freezing, then just hanging up, suddenly calm. It was just a joke, I told myself. Just a fool mucking around. I told Brandon on MSN, who was shocked.

The phone rang again. I picked it up, ready to hurl some verbal abuse. Ready for a fight. 👊 I didn’t respond, then I heard my mum on the phone from the other side of the house. She had picked it up too. Damn.

I heard the guy in his raspy voice again, then I hung up. I think my mum did too, because she came to my room to ask what happened.

After telling my mum, the phone continued to ring, and my mum kept disconnecting the idiot. Finally, we ignored the phone the next time it called, then it all stopped. For fuck’s sake. Now my mum thinks that it’s someone I talked to on the internet and they’re out to get me. Ugh. She knows about my site and how I contact people online but I don’t think she understands that these people are my friends…

It’s just a harmless joke. Yeah, it freaked me out, but I’m over it. When I was in high school everyone wanted to make those kinds of pranks.

I don’t find it funny now. 😰

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