Taking The Risk

Kya hasn’t moved everything over to the new server yet, but I’ve still decided to take the risk of… dun dun dun… posting a blog! (And allowing comments!) It’s okay; due to my paranoia I am also sending myself a backup of my databases every hour, so I restore it if it happens to be lost along the way on the new server. Yes, paranoia to the max. 😰

I’ve decided not to worry too much about the server change. It’s too exciting to worry about… and we gotta take risks in life! *eats some cake* /brow

However, the new layout is still going as planned. It’s not quite done yet but I still plan on putting it up when the server has completely moved. That way you’ll know everything went well! :D So do please, keep an eye out. :D

I promise I’ll get to all the comments as soon as I can. I’ve just been stacked with work. :(

Yesterday I had walked partially in the rain (yes, it’s finally raining!) from the university library with a small stack of books. I had decided, for the first time, to borrow books from the library. I’m so out of the loop I didn’t even know they had a self service borrowing thing. I could just scan my books myself and hop out. Apparently though, the library is moving to a partially underground new building by next year. Well, that will be interesting.

I am glad I borrowed those books though, because they’re really helping me with my assignments. Instead of being distracted after looking at online copies of books – I got the real thing – and it’s making me a little more motivated. I’ve done about half of an assignment where I have to write commentaries on usability/accessibility/browser compatibility (after those reviews and using my background knowledge, I’m going to do well!) and create a website to display them on. This is so fun. :)

They were giving out free pancakes at uni yesterday morning. That was so cool. /drool

I still haven’t received my ballet exam certificate from last year. /huh I’ve been calling up but getting no answer except for the answering machine. I just want to get my certificate so I don’t have to worry about this anymore! I left a message but I haven’t received a call back. :(

The other day I was looking through some old files, and I found a list of domain names I had in mind before thinking about Heartdrops. I wanted to share them. Feel free to use any of these names but I ask that you credit me and don’t claim that you thought of the name if you grab it from this list!

  • out-the-window.net (my old site name was Out The Window)
  • your-threnody.net
  • crimson-threnody.net
  • paperwings.net
  • fallfromgrace.net
  • mayepilogue.org
  • emptyrevelation.org
  • butterflycomet.net
  • do-re-mi.org
  • pastfailings.net
  • brokensoliloquy.net
  • ask-me-tomorrow.org
  • this-is-all.org

Did you have any funny site names lists, or do you remember having site names in mind that you’re glad you didn’t use?

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FREE PLUM /bounce
But I wish I had pancakes. Hrrng
Get some tomorrow *flap*

I’ve never borrowed anything from the library; any textbook I need is long gone before semester even begins. /sweat!

Call your teacher again /pow this is getting silly D:


PLUM! /bounce

Ugh I don’t want to call her again; it sounds pushy because I’ve called so many times and it’s like she’s ignoring me… well she could be. Apparently the phone number changed too, so maybe she’s in the middle of moving house? 😰

The pancakes were a little shitty and kind of small. XD

It was the first time for me borrowing books! Some have double copies… I think us communication students are notorious for never using books. No one seems to borrow them! :O

You are hosted via Kya now? I thought you have an account with Holdfire. Anyway, it’s normal to be paranoid about servers changes and transfers. I’m super worried when it comes to things like these as well. :(

I’ve never really borrowed books from the library becaus most of the ones I want wasn’t available. Pttf. It’s really frustrating that every time I go to the library, I can’t find anything I require. I decided to just save myself some time and buy the books instead.

mayepilogue.org sounds good. I like domain names without any dashes! :D

Oh, I’m actually hosted by Kya and have been since 2008. It’s just my hosting site Floriental.org that is on Holdfire. :D

The good thing is that Kya is moving all her hostees to a VPS on Holdfire. :)

I really don’t like buying books because they’re so expensive. I usually like to borrow but lately I have just not been to the library at all. I can often find e-books online but not everything is available and requires paid subscriptions. :(

I love domains without dashes too. I always try to avoid them when thinking of a new name, even though that’s not always possible. :P But it’s funny looking back on the old ideas I had!

Oh, I see! That’s makes all your sites hosted on Holdfire too? :P

Yea, the price of books are actually increasing very fast. I use to get books at under 10 bucks and nearly none of them (even the kids cartoon books) are below 10 now. I’ve never tried e-books myself. I like the feeling of how the actual book feels on my hand (I’m weird, I know) so e-books may not be as appealing for me! :P

True. It’s always funny looking at our past ideas, writings and designs etc. I try to keep all of the old stuff too. They contributed to who we are today. :)

It’s okay to be surer than sorry! XD *hugz* am sure the server change will be fine! :D Our new library (just opened last year! :D) also has self service too and it’s awesome! Wanted to play with it for a while XD

And yeah, real thing > copies! ehehee :P I do like the domain names!! But good that you stuck with heartdrops :p It’s the best! :D

Hi! I’m finally returning your comment. I’m sorry it took me so long, I was procrastinating. :D

I don’t know about asking my parents to renew the domain for me. I don’t want them to know about my sites (but I know they already do) and always ask me if I even know who I talk to online and stuff.

Last days of school are always filled with crying. And stuff. I’ll miss my friends and everyone who helped me this schoolyear. Next year, I’m going to be in 6th grade then High School. How fast time flies.

I actually didn’t cry because I won’t see my friends anymore. Maybe we’ll still be classmates next year. It was my teachers who I cried on. I know they won’t be my teacher anymore. :(

It’s so hard saying things to my friends’ faces. Sometimes I say it in a joking manner but I really mean it. My friends are just so.. sensitive sometimes and I’m afraid we might fight or something.


I guess it’s okay to take backups every hour. It’s natural for you to be afraid that you might lose your site updates or something.

I can’t wait to see the new layout!

Wow, it’s your first time to borrow from the library? I’ve never heard that before. :P Your library is cool for having a self service thing, by the ways.

I’m glad to hear that your having a great time doing your work! I’m sure with all that motivation, you’ll finish everything in no time :)

Ooh, pancakes! Just a question though, what’s the difference between hotcakes and pancakes? /huh

Why is your ballet certificate taking so long? I think it’s rude that they’re (sort of) ignoring your calls.

Those are some cool site names. What’s a threnody? :D

I can understand. Work and assignments come first. I had exams for nearly a month but now I’m free but just for a week /argh
A pancake? Well I haven’t ever tasted it so just can’t comment on it.
Ya, when I had my first sub-domain, it was named modernworld, which I later thought was very simple. So, later when I applied for sub-domain hosting, I made a list. It goes here :
flawless, everlasting, tenderhearts, priority, symphony, etc.
Some I got from the dictionary whereas some are shops in my city XD

thanks for the uuubberr fast reply! Thanks!! that dress (i still wore leggings though! XD i don’t wear dresses much you see and am conservative ‘ol me) was bought 2-3 years ago I think? And bought it at a flea market too! :D

Aww we’re both guilty dear! I doo wish I can go vegetarian but I really can’t…. i feel craappy :( me going all save the sharks but me eating cows and pigs… but howell…

OMG PEPPER LUNCH!! (lol at the sizzling sound effects in their site) that looks so much like the one we have here, Sizzling Pepper Steak :D I did some research and Sizzling pepper steak actually got the idea from Pepper lunch? And that PEPPER LUNCH IS WAAY BETTER!! Can you pls ship some over dear?? wah XD hhahaa kidding!! But it must really be tasty! hope my bro finds it there :P

Wow…good luck with the server change, oh and I’m really really looking forward to a new layout. I bet it will be awesome!
Borrowing books is always a nice thing. Sometimes our professors give us so much research papers to write, and searching online makes my eyes sore. Books are always better to use, and everything on the internet is not accurate. At least the book has an author. If sth goes wrong you can just blame the author /hehe -what a mean state of mind- 🙄
I actually want to ask sth, I have wordpress on my site but it get’s really tiring to code a wordpress theme :( , I’d rather code php themes and integrate some codes to display my blog and so, is fanupdate better for that? I guess you use fanupdate…Are you pleased with it. I read that some people were sick of fan update but if it’s easier to code a layout for it I’d go for that /eee

I was really glad that I didn’t have to use what I was planning to use “Blue Fyia”. Your idea of “mayepilogue” gave me the idea of a name called “My Epilogue” which would be such a cool name for a website! :D

I can’t wait for your new layout, although I still like this one. :3

I’m not hosted by Kya, so I’m alright… I was thinking about being hosted by her, but I’m way to lazy to do all that moving. >.<

That sounds a really cool assignment. I didn’t take ICT for my GCSE because they didn’t do anything interesting like web design. I have to do an ICT qualification when I go to college though.

I always struggle to think up blog title names!

It’s not compulsory to cover our books, thank god! But once we had to cover them for English and i was there for about an hour trying to cover it.

Well it hasn’t snowed here yet. We have just had a lot of rain like you!

Haha sometimes I think that can happen. I think I am way to critical of my work so I just let my visitors let me know their own opinions of my work.

I always back my site up because I worry about my host deleting my account or something. They probably wouldn’t but like you I get paranoid!

I haven’t borrowed a book from the library in years. I always forget what day to take them back and then they send me a letter asking for it back.

Those site names are so nice :) I’m not the best person for thinking up website names. I like paperwings.net though. It sounds so cool!

I wanted to use my name in a website URL and I always liked chaos-holly as a website name.

Hey Georgie!!!

Guess what?!!! The house closed escrow!! It is finally ours!!! WOOHOO!!!

Hmm those are some pretty interesting names you have there. I always try to be poetic or so my friend says. I to have a friend named vivien. :).

I’m retracting my blog to butterfly-whispers.net I just need the right inspiration for a blog layout and I’ll be set.

But yeah we got the house now the painting begins. I can’t wait. I think I’m gonna paint my room half pastel baby pink and half pastel baby blue. My two favorite colors! Heehee forget the skies. That’s too childish if you ask me.

But yeah. Congrats on the new server change and what not I hope you get it done very soon! And I can’t wait for the new layout.

Oh Georgina,
wordpress automaticly marked your comment as spam for a reason that I don’t know why. I changed the settings, so I just saw it 😳
I was experiencing some problems with my gmail so I got a new one, which I entered in the comment form. Sorry for making you feel “ignored” 😳

I can’t wait to see the new layout! I know I’ve been kind of lacking from the internet, I’ve been working on crafts hardcore lately. lol. I’ve walked to Ryan’s from the library in the rain before with a bag full of books. lol. It’s always an adventure. Our library just got one of those self service check outs. I was kind of scared to use it last time I was in there, but we always end up borrowing a movie or CD and you can’t self check out with those, which is a good thing. Good luck with your assignments. I’m pretty sure your assignment on usability/accessibility/browser compatibility will get a great grade. It’s always so much easier to do something like that when you have background knowledage about it. Free pancakes? Oo I would have been there! lol. I hope you get a hold of the people you need to for yuor ballet exam certificate! Sounds like they know the people that run the dress shop I had a wedding dress in lay-away at! They never answer their phones either. I had a huge list of names before picking Stupid-Eyed. lol. I asked Ryan for help to pick out the name so I think I’m going to keep it for a while. :) I think I still have the list of names somewhere on one of these computers. lol. My first domain was angel-complex.org…then I went to right-2-choose.net…and now here I am with Stupid-Eyed. :)

I just finished my new layout set for the week of birthday and realized I need to back it up! :)

It is raining over here too. It was really funny. It started hailing then these snowflakes as big as who knows what started coming down. I have a video on my blog.

I just love having motivation to do things I’m supposed to do. It makes me feel cozy and secure. :)

I would turn mayepilogue.org into myepilogue.org :)
I’m so raw when it comes to things like domain names. I’ve only recently had to start dealing with them. I’ve been delivered from Webs only for 5 months. :D

Oooh – new layout on the way :) Awesome ;D

School finished yesterday. I’m so relieved. So I’ll be commenting on ALL blogs now instead of missing some X_X

Paperwings.net is epic – but it’s taken *cry cry* I went through such a long process thinking of site names. I still don’t think the name I picked was my best, but I can live with it, and if I don’t love it by the time it expires I’ll register a new one :)

Haha – I visited the coolest library when I was at another school debating on Tuesday. It was like a massive glass donut, but several stories high, with an outdoor giant chess set in the middle. And there were patterned laptops XP

I’m excited to put it up! But I’m only going to do it when the server change is done so… like a celebration. :D

It finished for Lilian and my brother too. Damn you guys; I have three more weeks until I get a holiday.

Yeah, I figured it would be – Paper Wings is a song by Rise Against, and so many sites with the word “paper” in them are too common.

I think I love the name though! And I’ve had Heartdrops for over a year and I’m glad I still love it this much and didn’t pick a shitty name. ;)

Holy crap… that sounds like an amazing library. :O At the moment they’re rebuilding parts of our university with fancy stuff… I hope it’s just as cool. :P

I really liked those domain suggestions! Hahaha.

Life is about taking risks! Hellyeah. So correct. ♥ But sometimes, I am afraid to take risks. Gah. I suck. /hmph

Anyway, I think you won’t lose comments because you’re in control with the backup! ;]] I wish I did that so I didn’t lose my mini-updates and a number of comments when my host did a server change. :(

I am so excited with all the new upcoming stuff! Please do update us with it! /ehe

Wow at self-service borrowing. I wish we had that during college. It’s useful and easier and faster especially when there’s a lot of people who wants to borrow. O_O

Hurray for free pancakes! You have an awesome uni. /faw

Ugh… what’s up with that delay on that certificate? 😒 What the hell is wrong with them? D: They should return calls already and update you. :X

Nice list of domain names. Actually, when I came up with my domain name…. I just wanted it to be associated with the moon. I know it’s so common. :( But I couldn’t think of anything. I wish I had a list. But I got really excited so I decided to buy the name already. /bounce

When I buy something, I always ask for the package/deals. Haha! Who doesn’t love freebies. :D OMG! Maybe the camera is badly damaged that’s why it’ll take that long to fix it. Yeah, buying a new camera would be a really nice move than have it repaired for so long. /oh

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Now that I am on a break, I am fully feeling your excitement at the server change :P /bounce

And HAHAHAHA, you ARE paranoid :P A backup every HOUR. Well it’s a good habit XD I should totally back up my important uni files, but I never do. Oh well, hopefully I don’t regret this in the future.


OOHHH! A new layout :D I’m excited about that too! But I shall wait patiently /bounce

Oh! Your library is moving? My uni library is moving too! Except we’ve been building a new library since I started uni, and it’s STILL not finished D: LOL, but yeah. That’s so coincidental.

Poor you! Having to carry all those books home in the rain D: That reminds me of when I had to carry all my textbooks to Macquarie Centre when I bought them, except it wasn’t raining.

Hahaha yeah, books do actually make you concentrate better. But it’s SO annoying when they don’t stay open on the relevant page cos it’s too fat. And when they take up too much room. I’m glad you’re finding your assignment fun, because my contracts one was TERRIBLE D:


I’m so jealous of your free pancakes! I swear, I’m having the WORST craving for pancakes right now :P *sigh*

Awww! YOU STILL HAVEN’T GOT YOUR BALLET CERTIFICATE!? That’s terrible! And why do they not answer their phone? That is very bad for business. I hope they get back to you soon.

Ohh! Out the Window. I remember that! I LOVED that name. If I ever get a website, I’m so calling it that! Only kidding. Me getting a website is NOT likely :P

I like “Broken Soliloquy” I swear, you had a layout or something named that!

And that list actually sounds familiar to me. Maybe you showed it to me. Yeah, I think you did :P

I like ‘paper-wings’ too ^^

I’ve never really thought of site names. Any site names I’ve thought of were when I was trying to think up ideas for you, I think. Not even that, I think we were meshing up the names of your existing sites :P

OMG HELLO I am so happy that you have a holiday and like yeah and you can see me on Friday and wahoo!

I should be sleeping now but you know me… loser. :D

Oh well, it’s automatic so why not? The only bad thing is being spammed with emails in the morning. Oh well. :)

Oops, I don’t back up my uni files. I should at least – by sending them to myself. I think later I might actually put all my files in a zip file and email them to myself! Smart. /bounce

LOL I don’t think I’ve given you a sneak peek yet. Maybe I will… or I won’t… Hmm. Maybe I will after this comment. :P

That’s weird… apparently our new library will be done by 2011. It’s being moved to the main building and is going to be super fancy. They’re adding other things too, weird…

Oh, those books are annoying! I have to practically turn them the other way for them to stay open.

The pancakes weren’t amazing… if that helps. XD

I hope so too, ugh, she still hasn’t called me back. O_o

Haha we shall see! One day you’ll want a blog you can prettify! :P

I did! OMG you remember. I did have a version called Broken Soliloquy. I think I wrote a poem on it. :O

LOL EYEDROPS? Eyethief + heartdrops. FTW.

Me, i love going to libraries, i donno, especially if it’s big!yeah!

And it is very true that you really have to take risk for you to know the answer the question “what if” cause if you dont do that you’ll forever wondering..

happy blogging!

hey hun
ye everyone must take risks in life or else u dont live. im glad the books helped at the library :), i havent been to a library in years.. i unfortunately dont own my own domain so i had to go with whatever was available like i couldnt have a site called ‘http://bianca.com’..

O happy easter if you celebrate it!

Yeah, Hanna’s scripts are really awsome do you know her email? I’d like to email her and asked her when she learnt how to script. So far all I have coded from scratch is a little form where you type 2 numbers then it will times them together xD Its silly really /ehe I added HTML and stuff to make the page look nice. /bounce

But I actually made my wordpress theme from scratch /eee I amazed my self. I just looked at the docs from wordpress.org; they are SO easy. It does a little tutorial on make each page like explains each wp tag. But when I download some people’s theme you can tell they’ve took it from someone eles. There are stuff Like div tags that are really irrelevance and aren’t even in the CSS. /ehh

Wow you are the person I know the most that needs to reply to comments. (H) lol /hehe


Hey Georgina!

I used to be “MetalPopHeart” and took a long break from blogging, but now I’m back. I must say…this is a beautiful layout, so I’ll be sorry to see it change but I understand the need for new looks. I hope your server change goes smoothly.

Self service booking? Really? I wish my library had that. I guess the closest thing we have is the Bookmobile, from which I checked out two books last month. They should be returned next Thursday when the Book Mobile drives back to my neighborhood. I just wish it had better choices, cause I got one I already read but hadn’t read it in a looong time.

Mmm, free pancakes. That’s always a plus!

Congrats on the ballet certificate! I remember how excited you were about being able to go back to class. I hope they call you and tell you when you can get it, you deserve it! XD XD

I’ve had my fair share of thinking of crazy sounding domain names but thankfully I couldn’t remember a single one HAHA. Paperwings.net sounds pretty good, though!

I didn’t know they did self service in libraries now. That’s pretty awesome. At our school library we still have librarians to monitor the borrowing of books. Seems like everything’s pretty high tech now! It’s a different feeling of doing assignments with the help of books though. Makes you feel a bit more productive, yes? ;)

Hello! ♥

Aha, better safe then sorry, I suppose. /hehe The move is almost over though, isn’t it, so you can soon cancel your hourly database backup soon enough!

We have gotta take risks… otherwise your life would be pretty damned boring. :/

New layout! 8D I might just drag myself out of bed early to see that… if it’s definitely going up tomorrow of course. Technically TODAY as you are ahead of me, but you know what I mean. :D

I feel like such a loser randomly commenting on your blogs when I don’t have one of my own that’s open… I haven’t even finished the damn layout yet. D:

Dw about this comment, you’ve been preoccupied whilst on MSN and that’s cool with me~ just so long as you don’t get stressed and keep stuff steady /type

I like rain, but when carrying books in the rain as well, it begins hell. Especially when you have so many books that they’re nearly at jaw height, but you have to lean forward so that you can kind of keep them steady with your jaw.
If that made any sense. /oh

I think the libraries around here have those self-scanning things… you just put the book on this thing, it beeps and you keep on going with all your books? And at the end you get a reciept /bounce

The ‘partially underground’ things sound epic. /faw

I always find that when I use books to help with my work, I feel dead clever. Don’t ask me why LOL. All I do is use a book, after all /ehe
I guess it’s going back to old methods. The Internet doesn’t necessarily have all the answers, I guess~
And sometimes books can make a nice change from the online version, as you noticed. :)

Free pancakes! ZOMG. I’d love some pancakes right now but…

I hope you get your certificate soon! I wonder why they haven’t called back. @_@

I made a list when I was thinking of my next domain name. I have a lot but I’ll paste the top part of the list (MCR related, haha!).


Some of those are horrible… but some I quite like. I keep on thinking I’ve seen “tonightless” as a site name before though. Bah.
I came up with Fluoresce and ED by bumming about in MS Word… using the synonym feature. I was looking for unusual/cool words. Aha.

I love the name Heartdrops. /love But out of that list, Fall From Grace (that’s in an MCR song somewhere, I’m sure of it), Paper Wings and This Is All are my favourites. :)

Take care! xx

Eh I messed up in the first sentence…
“you can soon cancel your hourly database backup soon enough”

should be

“you can cancel your hourly database backup soon enough”.

/um ♥ /type

Damn, and “it begins hell”

should be

“it is hell”.

Forgive my typos 😰 /bash

Who knows. I might be superbly insane and still want my hourly backups… haha. But yeah, life isn’t always a smooth path, or perfect. If it was, it would be boring.

Oh well, the server change isn’t done yet but whenever you see the new layout, it’s good news.

It’s okay, geez. ♥ I love getting your comments. And I know you’ll open your site when you’re ready. :)

That made sense alright. ;) I usually don’t carry that many books though. I carry them in front of me so my arms are so outstretched if I have that many. XD

Yeah, that’s right! I got a receipt! Well you do even if you don’t self-serve. I was excited about the machine though. :P

I love having books! I sure as hell felt clever when I was carrying the lot. Even though it hurt my arms.

Sometimes you can find e-books online but not all the time. :(

I read “lightsout” as “light sout”. Shit.

I really really like decimated though; it’s a cool word. Tonightless is also pretty cool.

In relation to last-parade, I thought of sad parade, derived from AFS. /bounce

I still love looking for unusual words. Love! ♥ I thought of a possible “transience” once. ;)

I loved Paperwings. You know, Rise Against. ;) Fall From Grace was a book and from a Smashing Pumpkins song. :3

I know, haha, I do to most people! :D I’m glad nothing really stresses me too much, the only thing that does is people talking in front on me about me…like I don’t care if people talk about me behind my back, but it annoys me when they talk right in FRONT of me. Oh well…can’t have everything.

Holdfire isn’t bad, you shouldn’t be afraid you are are hosted by them! :D

Yea, my cousin goes to University….well college and they told me about the whole time thing haha :P Not only that, but I went college touring this past week, so I found a lot out about it.

It is sad, I don’t really get what your saying in that little section though….:/

Oh I hate waiting, but I end up doing it a LOT! :( Oh well, haha, I do hate shopping for others though, except furniture and stuff for houses, I love interior designing :D

I go shopping..once every 3-4 months haha, not much, at all…I don’t really got money to shop with.

Whatever you say….:P

Haha I wouldn’t do that…I would just post the blog, say if ya wanna comment, then comment and then not worry about it…I don’t have paranoia really :P

A server change is a…risk? HAHAHAHA! I must really take risks in my life according to you. :)

I need to make a new layout…I have an idea, but it’s gonna take a long time, I’m not really good with layouts though, so ya know, cold take more than a long time. :D Can’t wait for your new layout though, it’s gonna be amazingggggg!

I have been lazy…not any work, hence the reason I’m behind on comments…the reasoning I’m returning yours now.

Can you tell me again what you are studying, haha, I’m always intrigued by what your studying…oh and I love rain! :P <3

…well sometimes.

That's not fair….I thought nothing was free, apparently some people actually CARE about you guys…unlike us, haha.

Sorrrry, hope they call you back…NOW!

Hmmm, I didn't have too bad of ones, but I do remember one really bad one:


Creative, huh? Jkay. Anyway, have a great day! :)

I know! I was so tired of hearing about Miley. I was so glad someone new came along but now I’m seriously tired of hearing about him and hearing people complain lol. I have no problem with him, it’s just a problem with the complainers :D . I was at my cousins house last weekend and she was playing his music :| it was terrible! lol. It’s like bow wow when he first came out ‘puppy love’ songs :P
It’s okay, don’t worry! I took long as well for replying back :| . I sometimes get in the mood to reply, and then after 3-4 replied the mood is gone. It’s actually really bad.. and I tend to reply from the top to bottom, so older comments wait and wait and wait :| I should go the other way around lol.
I liked the creepy ghost layout as well, but people were complaining that it looks like amourchaleur so I took it off, even though it looked nothing like hers; I’m not that good!
haha yeah, I’m a terrible procrastinator as well. I always say I’m going to change but I never do, heh.
same here! my dads more ‘cool’ about things, it’s like whatever, you’re old enough- where as my mom its the opposite. I get that I’m the youngest and that I’m female, but I’m now 20 and I can take good care of myself and I know good from bad lol. I’d never make the same mistakes as my brothers and sisters, and she should see that, I mean, I’m not 16 anymore and I didn’t have kids at 16 (and I still don’t have kids).
yeah, very true. We seem to have A LOT in common when it comes to family and being treated differently- as if your a criminal or something! *hugs*

haha yeah, life is always about takin risks :D but at least your getting a lot of backups in cause something goes wrong. I can’t wait to see the new layout! I’m sure it’ll be amazing!
a library partly underground?? awesome! that’s cool that they have a self sign out thing. I haven’t been to a library in years, but something tells me that once I start college I’ll be visiting one quite often. oOo that’s good that you already have background info on your assignment. You’ll do great :D
I tend to make a list of domain names as well haha! I love the paperwings one!

It rained last nighttttt so I didn’t get to walk in the rain. I finished like all of my homework while I was on vacation because I didn’t connect to the internet. Amazing, eh?!

Damn the internet. I need to do so much stuff too. Well, I have to write some paper & start on my biology homework & then I can have all this free time to play. I only have 4 days left of vacation. :( Aw man. Anyway…dang the server change must be really driving you up the wall with anxiety. Perhaps you have another e-mail address you want to use to e-mail me in case my e-mails don’t get through..?

My old names used to be like: pinky designs or something stupid. Then there was Andrea Tiffany Designs…but anyway that was about it. Hahaha.

LOL I wanted to return your comment but you have that voting thing up and I don’t want to look like a douche. :P I voted for someone though! Oh and I wrote a new blog so you don’t have to reply to this. Hehehe.

I’m glad you finished your homework though! *proud* *hugs* I finished one assignment but I just can’t get my ass on the other one. Far out. Tonight and tomorrow I’m going to work my hardest on it. I just don’t know how to get started and can’t find the motivation…

Oh yeah, I have gmail! georgina.luhur (at) gmail…yeah yeah you get how I roll. ;)

LOL this one time I got bored and read your site history. I remember the mention of Andrea Tiffany. XD

Thanks for the site name. Honestly, I’m really grateful. I’m in love with it. ^_^

Books, I think, are always better than using an online book or website. Like you said, they motivate you to do your uni/high school work. There are so many websites that distract you, it’s crazy!

Mmmm pancakes <3
The Friday before we broke up for Easter Holidays/Spring Break there was a thing called Coffee Morning in my school (well, really it was called Morgen Kaffee but you know, the English name was Coffee Morning) and they sold amazingly good pancakes! 1euro per pancake is a bit of a rip-0ff but oh my gosh they were heaven! I ate about four. :3

I have no clue what else to write so I'll leave it here :D <3

You’re welcome! I’m really glad you love it. It came from both a line from a song (Take Me Down by the Smashing Pumpkins if I recall correctly) and a book I read (forgot by who… damnit). I’m glad you love it though, really. :D

I know! :O I get distracted from my own email sometimes, yikes. I should really be borrowing more books. I used to borrow a lot, but only to read (novels), never for research. :P

Haha next time urge them to give out FREE pancakes. :D I know, sometimes it’s hard to resist food even if it’s a bit costly. 🤤

(Aha, I can’t remember if I’ve returned this comment. I don’t think I have.)

I don’t think you’re being paranoid. You get such a large amount of comments and it would suck to the max if you lost them!
I can’t wait to see the new layout! :D I probably won’t be first to notice, but I come to your site every day, so I’ll eventually see it… :)

I never really borrow books from school or libraries. I’m too shy to get in contact with the librarians. It’s silly, I know, but it’s not really something I can do. I feel awkward when I have books that I don’t know where they’ve been. I hate borrowing from public places. It feels like I’ve got a dirty tissue in my hands. DX

The only past site name I can remember is cloudy-paradise, and that was on Piczo. It got hacked, so I made another one that was cloudy–paradise. XD
Looking back, it’s a weird kind of name, but at least it’s not all xoxo-28529 like a lot of cliche “starter” website names are.

Josh was busy on the weekend, and again this weekend. -snaps fingers in disappointment-
Ah, well. Maybe next weekend. :P

I dunno if Josh would do anything lovey-dovey with me yet. We’re still trying to get passed the slightly awkward transition from friends to dating. It’s weird. Before I asked him, we would shove each other around and poke each other and such, but now physical things seem different. We were walking together today, but got stopped, and I had to back up a bit, and I backed right into him. He didn’t seem to mind that I was right up against the front of his body. Of course, I didn’t either, so I stayed a bit longer than I needed to. ;) As well as brushing up against his arm a lot. :D

Atreyu is great, and, looking at the music I have by them right now, I appear to like their more recent songs. XD Although, I haven’t listened to the album that came out last year. Still gotta download that. Lead Sails Paper Anchor is one of my favourite albums of all time, though!

Well, what would be a normal thing to have in common? Oddities are more fun anyway. :)
Ew ew ew ew ew. Rap. I used to listen to things on the radio, which is hip hop, R&B and rap. Then I stopped being a loser and found out I like heavy metal. Then I stopped dating that guy and found out I like nearly everything. XD

Pearl Jam? Can’t say I’ve heard of ’em.
I associate a lot of the stuff I frequently listen to with certain people. It got so bad, actually, that I purposefully looking for a band I liked that didn’t remind me of anyone. I can’t really listen to Dream Theater anymore, though, because of my ex. They’re his favourite band. Switchfoot is now my favourite, and they’re Josh’s favourite band. Ohhh, look at the pattern. XD

Atreyu to Hilary Duff to a Korean pop band. It’s taken me, like, 9 minutes to write this because I keep getting distracted. :P

Fiddled around with the layout and I’ve found something I love. :D

I’ve gone through WordPress and, honestly, I literally threw my hands up in surrender. All I was thinking was, “I just want a blogging system, not something that will mess around with my entire site!”
A CMS is a content management system, and I know that, but I wish I could just find a blogging system. It would be so awesome if I knew PHP coding enough to create my own. :P
Heck, if I Google around enough, I probably could teach myself in a week and make one…

Josh has flaws. The main one is just being too silly at times. But, at least he listens to me when I say, “Josh, no, don’t, please,” through laughter.

I used to carry everything around with me. Now, I’ve found out a system to use to get to my locker between each class. I love having stairs everywhere. My friends get lost following me because I go around in circles and paths so much… XD

I usually don’t see a movie until I see it online, in theaters, or through a friend.
If I go and see it in theaters, it’s usually a friend asking me to go, and they usually pay for me. I’m such a lazy butt. :P

Hi Georgina :) I hope everything goes well with your transition to a new server :) The old site names you thought of were really nice, even though you may have thought of then a while ago :D Site names I thought of a while include: The Online Library and Island Refuge, but since I’ve changed my sites a lot, I got Myuri :) My favorite site name on your list was May Epilogue :D


Eeek… I hope you get your certificate soon.

Oh, I’m never good at coming up with names for anything LOL.

Yay for changing servers! Haha I guess you couldn’t wait for it to completely transfer over? P: At least you’re making hourly backups. ^^ Better to be paranoid then not care at all.

I can’t wait for the new layout! /pow

It’s not nice being stuck in work. :( Though to be honest, I’d rather be at work then stuck at home; at least it’ll give me stuff to do.

You’ve never checked out books from the library until now!? Haha I dunno how I would live without checking books out; whether for class or personal. xP Then again… everything is online nowadays.

Wow, that does sound like fun! Considering you already know most of that stuff, I think you’ll do pretty well. :D

I want free pancakes… actually, I just want pancakes period.

I personally don’t think heartdrops would have been the same had you chosen something else; heartdrops just has a nice ring to it. Though I must admit, those are some pretty interesting names. :3

As far as site names go… I dunno. To be honest, I didn’t really have any alternatives. XD It’s not like I thought a long time about it; I just went with first instinct. Did that even make sense?

Hi Georgia! Hope you are well :)
“It’s better to burn out than fade away” that’s very true actually, but I think if I burnt out I would fade away XD I’ll have to try taking it easier this year. O_O

haha that’s interesting that you procrastinate the least on a train! I usually prefer to stare out of the train window though haha.

I wouldn’t exactly call the 1-hour-back-ups paranoia! More leaning towards organisation :D Or maybe even fear :P

I’m glad your getting your assignments done faster when you borrow books rather than look them up online. I sometimes wish you could use control + F in a book though haha XD

:O Free pancakes! Was that on Strove Tuesday maybe? xD We used to make them in primary school :(

That’s weird that they haven’t contacted you! Maybe you should personally drop into their office or w/e if you have some free time.

paperwings sounds like a really nice site name :) I usually get my site names from songs or their lyrics, however I haven’t had to do that for years :O

Not that am bad mouthing anyone here or anything as I try my best to be a good hostess to my hostees but I had to let Jamie go seeing as she was always finding some kinda problem with how my server was set and to be honest I don’t know for sure but am thinking (and am saying this cause of the times I assisted her in setting up WP) but am thinking she don’t have that much experience with the advance setup process of WP as everytime something went wrong with a plugin or permalink – if I manage to fix it and say next time leave things as they are or if you know what you are doing than go for it but if not I highly recomment leave things as they are – she tells me that she knows what she is doing but on my server it don’t work so I said maybe is best she go back to you for hosting or find another host who’s server works better for her or who’s server she is more accustom to. I did try my best but at the end of the day I can’t be there for her for every little thing 24/7 as I have a life and sometimes I don’t have the time to help her. I think I made the mistake of taking her on as a hostee. Am sorry I snagged her from you and apparently she was MUCH better off with you as a hostee. Have a nice day.

Thanks for letting me know. I’m not blaming you or anything. I don’t mind that she moved to you because she thought she would be happier with your service. She’s never come up to me with problems with her site though – perhaps it was genuinely some clash with your hosting; not too sure.

I don’t have the time to help people out 24/7 either, love! But hey, chill. These things happen. It’s fine. :)

Sometimes taking risk is fun! LOL. Like living your life to its maximum level. Our library allows us to borrow books but some of them aren’t allowed to be borrowed but can be photocopied.

I guess you’ll do good in your assignment since making reviews about stuff is your forte, right? Good luck! I hate not receiving certificate of what I’ve achieved or attended into. It will serve as a proof, FFS. I hope they will call you back or send you your ballet cert.

I’ve been going on your website everyday to see if the server change started yet. I guess I’m as excited as you. :D

Giving out pancakes for free sounds cool. :D I bet they taste good. XD

I was glad I didn’t use sunshine-blvd and rebelliousschic. I kept imagining things I can’t do for the layout. :D

I’m sorry for the late reply. Your comment form also wasn’t working and led me to a 404 so I am pasting my comment here.

I would be proud of Amber too if she was my friend. She’s an amazing drawer! I think it’s because I’m not such a good drawer that that is the case. :P

Are you on break and is that why you’re missing everyone? :( I’d gladly trade; I’d love a break but I’m stuck with work and uni. :(

I really like the layout, but I’d appreciate it if you didn’t use the coding from my current layout, without crediting either. My coding isn’t just there for the taking.

Good luck with your server changes! I hope that everything goes smoothly! Oh they are so stressful, aren’t they?

Those are adorable domain names. do-re-mi is my favorite but I’m not taking it. I love the sound of music.

My other domains before caity.nu were theroadnowhere, silentmelody, and thatgirlcaitlin. :)

Yeah, WordPress has plugins and all. FanUpdate doesn’t, but for now I don’t really need those plugins. Although I’ll miss those plugins and maybe, Maintenance Mode. Lmao.

Thank you :) I hope I didn’t overdo the dots. Hehe.

So far my favorite years were my elementary school years, I was so immature that time, I fought a lot with friends and I didn’t do my homework, I got bad grades and all but I feel like it was the best time of my life. Maybe I’ll feel the same thing with high school when I’m getting older. D:

I’m a clumsy person and I can’t focus on things. My thoughts can change easily and I’m easily influenced by things that are surrounding me. :(

The school decided that we need trainings because the competition actually is going to be on April 5, haha. So I’m going to school in holidays. Pfft.

Yay for backups! You shouldn’t be worried. Can’t wait for the new layout. :D

I wish my school library was just like yours! I never borrowed anything from there because I don’t like waiting. I used to borrow a lot of books there, but now the books aren’t that good.

When I have to make assignments, I’d rather to get the books as references than looking on WikiPedia. But sometimes the books that I have aren’t really supporting.

Hope you’ll get your certificate soon!

I did have a list of domain names I’d like to use, but I’ve deleted them. :( I still remember a few though: beautifulmistakes.org, urbandecay.com and whenitrains.net.

Hey Georgina. This comment was written yesterday but it wasn’t submitted because my internet got disconnected T_T. Yeah. Bad timing.

I’m prepared for everything that could possibly happen :) I don’t think you should be too paranoid (yes, there are levels of paranoia XD). Everything will be fine, I hope.

I am excited to see the new layout 🙄 It’s going to look really good :D I know that. I WILL put a new layout up. Yes. I did say WILL. Only because I’m trying to get into the habit of changing my layout once a month or 2. I fear that doing that will make me sick or sleep deprived.

Aha! Yeah, it was raining :D The rain was so beautiful that I decided not to take an umbrella out and just enjoy the water. My mum got angry at me though.

I used to visit the library regularly when I leaved near it. But I’ve moved. I would borrow books from my school library if it had anything I want to read. I don’t even go to the library to borrow books that I need for my assessments. I just use the internet.

I don’t like those self service things. I don’t even like the ones at Woolworths. I end up scanning the book twice :(

I start most paragraphs with the word ‘I’. I must be narcissistic. Or maybe I lack decent writing skills. Hmm.

My school was giving out pancakes on Pancake Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday. Wow – my knowledge of Lent is growing). No, well, actually we had to pay 50 cents but the money went towards Project Compassion so it’s all good.
I think I saw the picture on your plog.

That certificate better come soon. I’m sure you’ll get it soon.

Oh lol.
I think I’ve already shared some embarassing site names with you. I never intended to use them I just wanted other people to. I only remember Burnt Dish because it’s hilarious XD Harvest moon FTW. /hehe I think I had headless teddybear in there too. Don’t blame me. It’s not my fault I had ridiculous taste in year three.

Anyway. I’m going to go now. I’m on my cousin’s computer and his screen is pissing me off. It’s one of those bulky ones that isn’t flat so the glare is weird and I can see pixels. I can see them clearly.

Bye :) Good luck with your uni assignments.