Being Your Walls

I’m a little annoyed because my mum won’t let me out on Sunday (Valentine’s Day). James and I totally had a plan and everything. 😞 I text messaged him about it when he was on the way home. He was shocked and asked why.

My mum was arguing with my dad and then she got angry at me and said I wasn’t allowed out. She knew I had plans too! 😑

I explained this to James. He said, “Don’t worry, there are dozens of Valentine’s Days for us yet”. ☺️ I love him so much. He always makes me feel better about something I feel crap about.

I also did not win the iPad in the NameCheap competition. The three winners were tied first, so I didn’t even get chosen randomly. Nothing lost though – just sleep. πŸ˜› Better luck next time, I guess. I didn’t desperately want the iPad anyway.

I’m happy because I got a package in the mail! Unfortunately I forgot to take photos before and as I opened it – like Dayna does. I love when she does that. I was just too excited and didn’t even think of it!

So the package was what I ordered from; some Armor For Sleep (my favourite band! – or at least one of) merchandise. My dad had discovered it on the doorstep and asked what it was.

I told him it wasn’t that expensive when he questioned me about it. Lilian was a real star, and in January, helped me sort out the cost and what I was going to buy. It was all under $30 USD which was good for me. πŸ˜‰

I tore the package open because I was so excited. I bought a shirt:

I was worried it would be too small but when I told Rachel about it, she was guessing it would fit me and wouldn’t fit her, so that reassured me a bit. I didn’t really bother checking my size and measuring up when I ordered it. Lazy. πŸ˜†

I’m too lazy to take a photo of them, but I got a badge and keyring too. I was so excited about the poster though. Just because I can have the band up on my wall, to replace all the crap I had before. Here’s what my wall looked like before.

You’re on a really old post! Sorry but the image associated with this post no longer exists.

I sort of got over the bands that were up there. /um I wanted posters of my very favourite bands. I know my wall isn’t going to be looking like Dani’s any time soon though; I know she’s got tons. And it is so hard for me to find posters of my favourite bands.

I just took everything down, and then put up the one poster. It came folded because I didn’t buy a poster tube but everything would have been a lot more expensive with the tube. πŸ˜› They were thoughtful enough to put it in an envelope so it didn’t get too damaged in the package.

You’re on a really old post! Sorry but the image associated with this post no longer exists.

I had to wash my sheets last week, so you can’t see my Armor For Sleep pillow in the picture.

I like having a clean wall. Tell me about your bedroom walls. 😁

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