Being Your Walls

I’m a little annoyed because my mum won’t let me out on Sunday (Valentine’s Day). James and I totally had a plan and everything. :( I text messaged him about it when he was on the way home. He was shocked and asked why.

My mum was arguing with my dad and then she got angry at me and said I wasn’t allowed out. She knew I had plans too! /angry

I explained this to James. He said, “Don’t worry, there are dozens of Valentine’s Days for us yet”. /eee I love him so much. He always makes me feel better about something I feel crap about.

I also did not win the iPad in the NameCheap competition. The three winners were tied first, so I didn’t even get chosen randomly. Nothing lost though – just sleep. :P Better luck next time, I guess. I didn’t desperately want the iPad anyway.

I’m happy because I got a package in the mail! Unfortunately I forgot to take photos before and as I opened it – like Dayna does. I love when she does that. I was just too excited and didn’t even think of it!

So the package was what I ordered from; some Armor For Sleep (my favourite band! – or at least one of) merchandise. My dad had discovered it on the doorstep and asked what it was.

I told him it wasn’t that expensive when he questioned me about it. Lilian was a real star, and in January, helped me sort out the cost and what I was going to buy. It was all under $30 USD which was good for me. ;)

I tore the package open because I was so excited. I bought a shirt:

I was worried it would be too small but when I told Rachel about it, she was guessing it would fit me and wouldn’t fit her, so that reassured me a bit. I didn’t really bother checking my size and measuring up when I ordered it. Lazy. XD

I’m too lazy to take a photo of them, but I got a badge and keyring too. I was so excited about the poster though. Just because I can have the band up on my wall, to replace all the crap I had before. Here’s what my wall looked like before.

You’re on a really old post! Sorry but the image associated with this post no longer exists.

I sort of got over the bands that were up there. /um I wanted posters of my very favourite bands. I know my wall isn’t going to be looking like Dani’s any time soon though; I know she’s got tons. And it is so hard for me to find posters of my favourite bands.

I just took everything down, and then put up the one poster. It came folded because I didn’t buy a poster tube but everything would have been a lot more expensive with the tube. :P They were thoughtful enough to put it in an envelope so it didn’t get too damaged in the package.

You’re on a really old post! Sorry but the image associated with this post no longer exists.

I had to wash my sheets last week, so you can’t see my Armor For Sleep pillow in the picture.

I like having a clean wall. Tell me about your bedroom walls. /bounce

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✌️ (H) (Y)

2nd is the best! (A)

HELLO! :) ✌️ ♥

Your mum is so mean :( It sucks that you don’t get to go out on Valentine’s Day. I mean, it’s VALENTINE’S DAY. /angry

So mean of her to say you can’t go out on Sunday when she KNEW you had plans. That’s just really vindictive. It’s not fair that she takes out her anger on you :(

But at least James was understanding :) That’s so sweet of him to say that /eee 👏

Awww…too bad about not winning the ipad. If they have another competition, hopefully you win that. :P Hahaha. Well you have an iphone anyways. I bet the ipad is probably something like an over-sized iphone XD

Waaaaaaah! I’m jealous. I want a package in the mail too. *pout* I rarely get anything by snail mail :( The last thing I got was a bank statement. /ho

Getting packages must be exciting :P

The shirt is AWESOME :D Hahahaha. I was seriously, SERIOUSLY expecting it to be black for some reason. But white looks really good :) Hahaha, as if it wouldn’t fit you! I don’t think it’d fit ME though :P

Well if it didn’t fit you, you could always just look at it XD Or maybe dress one of your teddybears in it :P Hehehe.

Your wall looks totally neater now. And the poster is SO awesome :O But, omg, I just realised. THERE IS NO MORE MUSE ON YOUR WALL! D: Waaaaaah! LOL XD

Hmmm…my bedroom walls. My room is such a tween-like room. There are posters EVERYWHERE. There’s a heap of animal pictures with quotes…(like from that calendar we both have. The ‘Think big thoughts, but relish small pleasures’ one) on half of one wall under a map of the world.

And then there’s a picture I drew from Charcoal when I used to go to art classes above my vanity table. Umm…lots of photos and a family tree I did in year 7 on the side of my wardrobe…a guitar chord chart, katakana chart and F4 posters + a picture of a baby panda in front of me above my desk…

3 more posters above my bed. And a picture of a Tiger I drew next to my door near my light-switch and a bear-factory birth certificate. Like I said. A heap of crap. LOL. I should just take a picture for you sometime :P

Yeah, blech. I hope to ask her about it some time and hope she doesn’t mind. I don’t know! But it’s not fair. :(

I didn’t really do anything either. So maybe I was on my computer a lot. By now she should expect it… I’m annoyed that she always mentions it when she’s in a bad mood. :|

Hehe, I love James. ♥ And I love you too! ♥

I hope so haha. Most of their giveaways are ten days long and I wouldn’t be able to stand that. I did this one because it was only two days… but oh well.

I got my bank statement yesterday too. XD I actually liked opening that too, hahahha.

It was very exciting! I should send you a package, haha. Though the shipping would be stupid and annoying.

Oh, I should have shown you the page online! Maybe black would be better… but I don’t really mind. :)

They only had it in the one size too, damn. I was worried it would be too big but it’s even pretty tight… haha.

I love my wall now haha. I miss Muse but I still have the poster.

I remember your room hahaa! From all the pictures of course. I kind of like it… but I think, had I done that, I would have grown out of it. :P

You should take pictures of your room and show them all to me… even though you gave me a really detailed description. My mum never liked me putting stuff on my walls, though. I always dropped the blu-tack and it went into my carpet. Fail. XD

Aawww. Not going out on Valentine’s day with your special someone! That’s so not good… I hope there’s a rule that going out on Valentine’s day is not prohibited by parents. lol. How sweet of him. :D (Y)

Everyone is excited whenever they receive packages. Small or big. Big or small. It doesn’t matter, as long as it is a package. ;)

Ohh. That shirt is so cool. It looks good on you. I never heard of that band. maybe I need to search some more cool bands. :)

Takecare!(: :D

Awww I’m sorry, it kinda sucks that you and James can’t do anything, especially after you had plans.

James is so great to you! It’s awesome that he does that! Most guys would just get mad at you an what not…but not James! /bounce

Anyway, darnnnn, you shoulda won! You deserved it…not the other bitches who know nothing! I mean come ONNNN you live in another country, and you still got on the leader board, shouldn’t that count for something? I think it should…I would give you an iPad, but yea, don’t got that money (damn).

Haha I do that too! Although I only get packages like once a year…if that. So it’s like…not often…at all. So when I get one, I’m like “Yipeeee!!” and do a happy-ish dance. :)

Armor for Sleep! That’s the one I knew you liked on twitter…but couldn’t remember the name, member? Member Georgina? (haha that was supposed to be said in a voice like a little kid–those ones when the go like “Member? MEMBER?”–as in remember)…okay I’ll shut up now.

But it was awesome you got a package…I’ll stop there.

$30?! That’s a really good price! That shirt is cooooool! :) I love it! ♥ I don’t get how people come up with such amazing designs for tshirts *sigh*. Or for websites *cough* YOU!

Haha, I like the poster too, love everything! Talk to you later!

(sorry for my rant-ish-ness)

-Shane :)

Haha, you will. And hopefully she will let you go out, which I will talk about a bit later in this comment. ;)

Lol, oh, I will, believe me. :3 I wish I had last night, since there’s no school today, but whatever! I didn’t know school was gonna be canceled.

Awee, and you caught up and now you have forty or so (well the last time you talked about it on MSN you had 40 xD) Probably a lot more now, but yeah. (: You have a busy busy busy busy busy life, fo reals.

LMAO! Oh stop it. :$ It’s not THAT great, now come on. I actually kind of hate it now. >.> I might change it later today, most likely just the CSS though, it’s turnin’ me off. Haha, yeah, well you do hate to get rid of domains. xD I’ve NEVER renewed a domain in my life, as of yet. :P So we’ll see. I think QH will be my first one. :D

Well then! D: I’m gonna have to force to you watch it then. It’s hilarious!!! :P

LOL YEAH THAT WOULD BE EPICC. ;) You’d pick my ass though. /bash :P

I really love these smilies by the way, IDK if I told you, but it’s purty epic man! :D

Your mom can be very mean sometimes, but I guess so can every mom. I still don’t think it’s right for her to take her anger out on you, but what can you do. You and I both know you’ll be able to go out with James this weekend, and besides, it’s only Monday, well Tuesday for you. The weekend is days away. :)

That’s so romantic what you told him. ^^ You guys are so cute together. <3

BOO FOR NOT WINNING! :( I was really rooting for you. Stupid bitches, why didn't they die like we wanted them to? HAHA! ✌️

LOL. Nice poster and shirt G, hot stuff. I really like the shirt more, it's pretty grand. (Y)

wow thats so cool about ur top u got in the post.. im sorry u cant go out with ur boyfriend on valentines day but that was very cute on what he said to cheer u up. i have paintings on my wall, my parents have stopped me from putting my posters up long ago, o well..

James is really sweet and understanding. I wouldn’t be celebrating Valentine’s with Chewy on the day as well because it falls right on Chinese New Year.

James is right, there will definitely be many more Valentine’s to come and I will be looking forward to reading your future Valentine’s Day posts. :)

It’s always very exciting to receive packages in the mail. I have trained myself to stay very calm and snap a photo before I ripped it open. Let me know if you are waiting for a package next time, I will remind you! :P

Ugh! That sucks a lot! It HAD to be on Valentine’s Day. That’s so unfair; it was your parents’ fight, not yours. :( Maybe tomorrow, she’ll cool off and will let you go out on that day?

Aw, that was so sweet of him! ♥ hehe!

Oh, better luck next time then. =] And an iPad just seems like a bigger iTouch to me. :/ It doesn’t even have a webcam; but it’d be so cool winning one anyway. :P Were there any other prizes? Or is it just the iPad?

Awesome shirt! It’s simple yet cool ‘cos it’s white! Haha, I have this weird obsession with white t-shirts and a simple logo or quotes written on it. It just matches any pants and skirts. LOL. XD

I like your ‘before’ wall. :P Just ‘cos there’s lots of posters on it. XD

There are no posters on my bedroom wall. My parents won’t allow me, and I’m not really a fan of posters.

Oh man, you’re just not able to catch a break with your mum and all her rules and grumpiness, are you? :( That really sucks that you can’t go out now on Valentine’s Day. I know I usually just rag on the holiday and make snarky jokes about it, but I know it does mean a lot more to other people who aren’t as bitter and cynical as me, lol. But like James said, it’s just one V-Day out of many in the future, and besides, you can always have an extra-romantic date another time, can’t you? Be a rebel and celebrate on Feb 15th or something. :P

Yay for your new Armor for Sleep stuff! I don’t think I actually know the band, but I know how much you love them, so woot! /eee And yes, your walls look so tidy and uncluttered now! It makes the new poster stand out a lot more.

My walls? I think you probably saw the photos I posted on my blog last month, but in case not, my walls are mostly covered in posters, photos, framed pictures and so forth to detract from the ugly blue wallpaper. =/ I also have a black king size bedsheet tacked to one wall to cover the hideous mural behind it (it was of a house on a lake and for some reason always scared me a bit). The sheet has tons of stuff stuck to it too, like a poster of the periodic table, my Morrissey photo collage and my fake PhD. /hehe

OMG you should see my wall. It is full of posters.. :D I love them all. XD

Happy you got the teeshirt. I orderd a pair of Jonas Brother sweat pantes last year and I got a size to big. /wah But they fit anyway. They are suposed to be baggy and way right? casue there sweat pants. :P

I really love that shirt. it is soo awesome! ♥

Sorry to hear that you cannot go out on valentines. That really sucks. I can see why your annoyed especially casue your mom knew you had plans and she ignored them. I thkn she will forget about it by the 14th.

/bounce Anyway must go i am in computer class at school! ttyl!

You’re lucky to have James as your lover Georgina. He understands things very well. And for your mom who’s very inconsistent, well, she should change. How about setting aside all the anger? After all, it’s just days til Valentine’s.

I love getting stuff from mail, too! And just like you, I didn’t bother to take some picture of it because I got too excited. Hehe. $30 isn’t bad. And it looks good on you. Your walls are starting to be full of posters! I had posters before of my favorite korean boys but I got tired of it making me throwing them all away.

Thanks for the advice on the layout! I know I always forget to put the site name, haha I’m so forgetful on the little things. But I don’t really wanna tweak it, I like the way it looks.
Thanks for the support with my sister’s anniversary and such. Really needed it ♥

Aw that sucks! Your mom just had to ban you from going out on Valentine’s Day! But at least James was really understanding about the situation so that was good /eee

It sucks you didn’t win the iPad. But it wasn’t like you were dying for it so I guess it wasn’t a HUGE deal.
The shirt looks really cool! I love mail packages! I wouldn’t have took a picture either. I would’ve just ripped it apart XD

I like how your starting off fresh with a new poster. I’m definitely thinking of doing that. Right now on my wall is just a bunch of my little bro’s posters because we share rooms. I asked if I could take his off and he was fine with it! Yes!! I’m really not sure of what to put on it but I’m thinking it’ll be a huge collage of some sort :P

Yeah. I’m really young. XD and thanks so much :D

Aw that sucks that you parents won’t let you out on Valentines day :[ I hate it when my parents take out their anger on me ¬__¬! Aww :’) James sounds like a really nice guy :)

Ooh I love that shirt :D! I get really excited when I get packages as well, I open them as soon as I get them :P

Like you I did a bit of replacement on my wall a few weeks ago, just neatened some stuff up. Right now though I have so much shit on my wall, all relating to exam dates and stuff x|

You shouldn’t be scared. I know that you can do it. (Y)
I agree. That’s so mean and weird.
I don’t really hate them, but erm. I don’t really like them. XD
Yay! That’s good. But I don’t know how to fix in Google Chrome. It looks so small there. /wah
Ah I know. 😢 Its okay. *hugs*
I’m glad that he is happy. :) I love when people are happy, it makes me happy too.
It keeps getting better. :) But it keeps getting cold. I hate coldness. /ehh
Thank you. I already finished them both. The exam wasn’t really easy, but I finished all tasks. :) I get really nervous to when I’m presenting, and I get nervous before tests too.
Thank you, again. XD I should add things too.
I don’t really know which is the best. They are all funny. Haha, and a bit weird.

Awee, that’s so mean of your mum. No offense. Its true.
That was so sweet of James. Ah! (Y) So romantic. Heheh! :)
Oh that’s bad. But at least you tried. (Y)
Wow that’s great. :) I love the shirt. It’s really pretty. :)
I don’t even have a single poster on my wall. I’m to lazy to add them or even replace them if I had ones. Hahah! /ehh

It sucks that you can’t spend valentines day with your boyfriend. I probably won’t spend the day with mine.

My room has lots of posters on the walls. I have also added some shelves for all my junk!


hey love<3

Your wall looks so clean.. mine's the same. I have one wall with one picture – my wedding picture ♥ and one other wall with Psalm 100:5 written on it. It's really pretty, lol.

That shirt is really nice – I like it, even though I've never heard of that group.

You know it's kinda cool that your mom "grounded" you on V-Day. It's more romantic when you have to kinda fight to see the one you love. I'm pretty sure V-Day will be fabulous for you! James is pretty cool to be so understanding – hold on to him!! lol.

Peace! ✌️

Georgie!!!!!!! OMG I’m so sorry you don’t get to go out on Valentines Day!! But that was sweet of James to tell you that valentines day is like every day with you. I wish I could find a boyfriend like that! D:

Oh btw, you’ve inspired me to make a fanlisting collective type of blog. Yup yup, nothing’s up yet, but you can go ahead and leave a comment if you wish. But just so you know it will probably be deleted after I erase this post I made. It was a test post anyway.

Oh poo! You didn’t win the Ipad. Those are pretty cool little gadgets. But I don’t think I’ll ever need one any way, so looks like you don’t either by the sound of it. I’m proud of you.

OMG that shirt is so cool! I wish I could find cool shirts of band names that I love, and fit me. But alas, poor yorik I knew him well. Haha okay, so I didn’t know him, but you get the picture. Uhm, yeah still no keys to the house yet. So I guess I’ll be seeing you.

It sucks that your mom isn’t letting you go out :/ She always seems to take her anger out on you and it’s just not fair. Maybe if she’s calmed down by the time Sunday comes, you could ask again and maybe she’ll let you?

But what he said was very sweet ♥ my ex probably would have been mad. Oh well, I get to spend Valentines Day working xD joy. I hate that day anyways :/

I don’t really have anything on my wall except two calendars: one for last year that’s the tv show the office, and then one for this year that’s grey’s anatomy <3 i just haven't bothered to take down last years from when i had two for that year xD

Awwww I’m sorry you and James can’t go out on Valentines Day. :( That’s really… rude of your mum though. Why does she take everything out on you?! :(

James is actually the sweetest guy ever! You’re so lucky Georgina. ;D

That’s a shame you didn’t win the contest, but like you said all you lost was sleep. I guess you would have been a bit more annoying/upset if you were actually trying to win the iPad.

That shirt is so freaking awesome. I was looking on that site for some Breaking Benjamin but couldn’t find anything. :(

Yay for the poster. ;D Do you know, I’ve never had any posters on my wall… still don’t. All I have is a newspaper cut out from when my soccer team Chelsea won the league title in 2005 LOL. Sad.

Good luck with the search for more posters. :P I really want a Breaking Benjamin one but they aren’t that well known so it’s hard. :(

HELLO THERE. LOL. Yeah I thought I’d return your comment now cause I’d get too lazy tomorrow and I really wanted to comment your blog heh. :P

You don’t suck at all, but I could never cope with having 40 to return. I don’t know how you remember which ones you’ve returned either LOL. I get well lost if I don’t moderate them. o_O

Blog police?! That’s a good one. :P

LOL ballsacks. :’) Yeah, you’re definitely not a robot!

Oh really? That does suck balls. Well, I get less than minimum as well because it’s an agency. :( I’ll get a little more when they take me on. Though, I still haven’t heard anything. :(

Yeah I know. Though, I did use my benefits for shit like that LOL. Though I did give my parents 1/3 of it for my food and shiz. My sister is one big pile of sack, far out. (I love that saying, especially in an Australia accent, but my attempt fails).

LOL yeah I love doing that too. But it annoys me when people don’t bother looking for stuff. Some weirdo keeps asking me if I have “sweaty toes” on my ask page?! I keep deleting the questions and they asked me why LOL.

Haha yeah, I mean it would have been cool if you did win the iPad. I wouldn’t mind having one but I wouldn’t personally go out to buy one.

LOL it’s OK, no one else would have told me. I find loads of mistakes or broken links on my site, yet no one tells me. o_O I downloaded one of my themes the other day and it had my PSP in it? :S No one thought to tell me though…

Oh phew, glad you didn’t think I was copying! ^_^

Hehe you always come up with such cool, unique names for things. :3 I love the name for Rachel’s too!

Yeah that’s definitely true. I always know when people comment just for a comment back though, they’re comment to me is usually pretty effortless.

Then just after they comment you, you see them on Twitter going “COMMENT MY SITE!!!!” ugh.

LMFAO, the sign might work. :P I thought about it today because I went to Rob’s, and yesterday because he came to mine. It’s just “meh, I should be having fun and getting away from it” oh well.

Hehe yep, I’m enjoying my sleep… and bed. Oh how I need so much sleep right now, I need my injection. :(

My nails are constantly blue, even if I’m hot atm. Bad circulation is one of the symptoms, apparently.

Yeah I know what you mean. Sarah was trying to buy but NC was being a noob and not accepting her card. She wasn’t begging or anything, but I offered to buy it for her cause well, she’s my friend and I knew she weren’t hinting and not using me, if that makes sense.

LOL yeah I know you. :P Problem with the domains I gave her though, is that you need to be a UK resident or something, so she may not be able to renew them.

LMAO, I never noticed that. I thought it was grey. :P I changed it now though, thanks. ;D

Hope you’re OK? :D

Sorry about your Valentines Day and iPad disappointments! I know it always drives me crazy when stuff like that happens :(

Ooh, congratulations on your new stuff! My bedroom walls have little wall-art things on them, a huge memory board, a bulletin board with all my cross country and track ribbons on it, two windows (hahaha), and a cat calendar a friend bought me as a joke (for our Christmas gift exchange thing I said I wanted ANY 2010 calendar except a cat/kitten themed one, so she went and got the most obnoxious cat calendar she could find. It made me laugh so much I kept it on my wall.) /eee

Aren’t you allowed to make your own decisions, why is your mom so strict?
By the way, you are very pretty!

arghzzzwtf! That sucks your mom won’t allow you to go out on Val’s Day. After all the planning and such, finding out that you can’t go out on that day really is a bummer. Lucky James is so understanding. He’s such a sweetie! ♥ ♥ ♥

Aww, sorry you didn’t win anything from Namecheap this round. But as you said there will be plenty more of that coming so I’m sure you’ll have a better chance next time. :)

Hahaha, getting a package in the mail always bring out the child in me. I’d tore them open and drool over the content like a child does with Christmas gift. Haha. I can imagine your excitement, especially it has something related to your fav band. *giggles* That shirt looks good on you :D

My bedroom wall is pretty disgusting to look at. My sister (we share the room) used to cover the wall with posters of animes. Now that we’re already grown up, when we took the posters off the wall, the glue had already embedded into the wall so it left dark marks on the wall. Ewww!

Namecheap had a contest :O
lol, I’m so late!
haha, iPad is a funny word, it reminds me of pads.
That’s a cute shirt, it would totally fit you :D

Yeah, the exercise thing isn’t going well, haha. I think I’m just down because of my belly, but I’ll figure it out soon, hopefully. I’ll definitely start walking more once summer comes.

Awh, it’s sad that your mom took that out on you, but at least James said it was okay and that he understands! He’s right, there are many more to come for you two :)

Ugh, the iPad seems like another way to make money. Not saying it wouldn’t be cool to have, of course it would, but it’s basically just like a giant iPod Touch. Then again, winning one isn’t the same as buying one, lol.

Yay for your dad not getting too angry (ha) and for the shirt fitting. I like the design and it looks really comfy!

I like the back wall better :) My not-anymore-step-brother used to have a whole wall covered in Eminem and I loved it. I tried doing the same not too long ago and it looked horrible, haha. You either do it right or wrong, I guess. But either way, looks good!

This comment was very random, ha. I think I’m a little tired.

Ooooh your hair has gotten so longgg! Hey mine too. Although I’m probably going to give it a little trim sometime…sooon. Yeah, just because I want some layers in my hair & I look so bland these days. :( I also seee that the blonde is gone! Haha I had blonde in my hair my sophomore year of high school throughout my senior year of high that’s only about 2 years. haha but now it’s all gone. You put it in because you can & you think it looks cute then you grow up & you’re like, “yeah……so i want to be taken seriously now” & then you let it out. My cousin who is…15 I going through the, “I think I’m punkrock” phase so she has blonde in her hair but her favorite bands consist of bands you hear on the radio. Not so punkrock.

ANYWAY. YOUR MOM IS BEING SUCH A POOPER. I can’t believe she keeeps ruining your February. First the laptop, then the car accident (well actually, that’s pretty serious, she could’ve died but you haahha you complained about how you have to walk to school now but on a serious note, glad your mom is okay but it suckz), & now she’s taking away your valentine’s day with james!! ARGH. James is so adorable. You guys can always plan something out on Monday when Valentine’s Day is over & restaurants are less crowded!! It’ll be your belated Valentine’s Day. :)

If you two get married, I totally want an invite to the wedding. aahahaha. Or at least have it live broadcasting for all your stalkers to watch. lulzzz just kiddding.

I only have…two posters on my wall right now. haha I wanted to put more up but I ran out of tape & I’m too lazy to get more ahahhaa. I have one poster of The OC because..well they’re hot. & I have a poster of Josh Hartnett. That’s about it. Actually, it’s not a poster, it’s an ad he was in. hahaha I don’t have any posters & I don’t want to buy any! I’d rather just tear them out of magazines or something.

This is really weird. It’s 8:41pm & I’ve finished all of my homework & now I have all this free time to do site stuff so here I am, returning your comment. I’m kind of excited. I mean, it’s a school night so I can’t get too involved with anything right now but I have a lot planned out for my weekend. I made a strict schedule (I think you once said you made yourself a schedule but couldn’t follow it completely because your mom would pester you about cleaning the house or something. hahaa) & I followed it..& holy cow I’m more productive than I thought I could be. Although I have some French homework left…but I’m way too lazy to do it. I’ll do it tomorrow..before class because I have a 2 hour lunch break. I have to make a powerpoint in french about on article i like in this magazine.

the magazine was printed in 1997 so there’s nothing too special that I was interested in…but I found one on Christopher Reeve & I’ll probably do it on him because he is dead right now but I think in the article, he probably talked about how he will walk again one day. So sad.. :( Pooor Superman. I just loved that his wife stayed by his side the whole time.

ZOMG my stupid smiley plugin is out of whack. I hate that there’s this random one smiley that you have to click on to see the rest of the smilies. I’ve been trying to fix it so that I can display all of them. God, this will teach me not to constantly update my plugins.

Georgie, I really like your textures! I mean, I don’t know if you should put them on this site but I don’t see why not. The only thing is..your other site will become obsolete. Where are you moving your plog to?

OMG THIS TALKING..about plogs is making me want to make a new effin’ theme already. I’ve browsed around looking for free wordpress themes for inspiration & I’ve definitely found some so I’ll be making a new one soon.

Oye. I did save the PSD for the first layout for TB but I don’t really like it .. I didn’t save the coding apparently. I don’t know how that happened..because I thought I edited it on my computer & then uploaded it but apparently not. THIS WOULDN’T BE A FRIGGIN PROBLEM IF MY OLD HOST DIDN’T RUN AWAY WITH MY FRIGGIN MONEY. MOTHER 3FF3R. grrrrrrrrr.

Anyway, it’s also my fault. I feel like I accidentally deleted it somehow when I was downloading the finished coding from my server & just kept the draft coding or something.

Well, I basically use my old coding & then just change a bit the colors & what not. I uploaded that file onto my server, modified stuff through wordpress, downloaded the theme, but apparently i deleted the wrong folder!!

But I have my brother’s theme that I made for his’s almost the same thing, just different colors. I just hate going through the hassle of rebuilding it because I kind of forgot what it looked like.

But, I’m going to go for black again. I think since TB is more personal, I’ll use my favorite color: pink! I’ve had a few comments on how I’m obsessed with blue for layouts. Dude, I can’t help that blue is an amazing color & is not only neutral, but EVERYONE THINKS BLUE IS A NICE COLOR. sheesh. I mean, I’d go for green, true light green, but I get sick of green really fast..and is. haha.

Ahh the iPad. You know, my boyfriend was really excited for it but when he told me what it was called, I immediately thought, “EL OH EL TAMPON?” as if the ipod shuffle didn’t look like a pantyliner already. ahhahahaa. steve jobs = obsessed with feminine napkins? but he (my bf) said that he was really disappointed with the iPad because it doesn’t have a camera & it can’t multitask so it’s basically an oversized iPhone that can’t make any calls. There was this picture floating around on the internet of steve jobs holding up the iPad but..they photoshopped 4 iPhones duct taped together. ahahaha omg i laughed so hard. that’s what it is basically.

totally sorry for jumping around on the topics & what not. i’m semi writing this from memory. you know i leave you the longest comments out of everyone else. only because you leave me the longest comments so i always have a ton of things to talk about haha.

oh yeah, i’m really flattered that you think so highly of my photoskillz. i’m a n00b, it’s all about the camera. i wish that i had a little more creativity to come up with better pictures though. but yes yes, i will definitely post up a tutorial on creating bokeh very soon. It’ll be pretty short but I’ll try to include diagrams..although it might be hard because everyone’s camera is different. maybe i won’t include diagrams. hahaa..gah.

I swear you mom and mine seem so much alike. I really do hate it when she can be arguing with someone else and then takes it out on me. Its like I always make plans ahead of time of course…she confirms them and then when the time comes for them to be done she gets mad and says I can’t do this or that or is always like leave me alone or some crap. Ugh, she really just gets on my nerves .

Nice T-shirt! My walls are white and clean, except for like two paintings…I’m not one for putting up posters and all that jazz.

I wish I could open that darn drawer and get out the polish remover because my polish is peeling and it’s not a good look. i guess I’ll try again tomorrow since I’ll be getting home early from school.

That is actually very rude and sort of personal information. It’s sort of like being on a job and like when you all get your checks you go around asking everyone how much they made…sort of but not really. I’m sure some of them probably don’t know any better though although I think they should.

Its ok if your behind. Your not wonder woman afterall and this is a hobby and not a chore of course so it’s not like you just HAVE to do it but it’s only polite of course. I know if I got as many comments as you I would be behind too. It’s hard enough keeping up with the number of comments I get now.

Yeah, that girl is jealous for sure. I found out she’s every taking pictures like me and even is going as far as stealing my hairstyles and everything. My Bestfriend joked about it today saying how she’s probably thinking I need to start being like Simone so my boyfriend will stick around…it’s probably true though. I know how girls think these days.

I agree it does suck when you can’t do something according to plan! However I always see that plans are only a guide line that way everything seems to feel alittle better when it doesn’t go smoothly and the most important factor, I personally believe is what to do if things don’t go so well… to be able to change is the most important part ;) Great post! I like your band posters I use to have posters too but blu tac starts to make marks on my wall :(

It sucks that you can’t see James on Valentines Day :(

I used to have lots of posters on my wall, but now I only have two. I had so many in my room, it was my old old dads house so that’s why I haven’t got them anymore.

My mum won’t take me to see if I can get my money back for my phone :( maybe I can ask my dad, but the shop is far away from my dads house.

Thanks! my Abacus looks sort of weird because the lines aren’t straight (where the beads are on).

LOL thanks, he is really annoying me!! he like put his arm on my books today :| I was going to say something but then he moved. I should have chosen the locker with graphite!

I haven’t been swimming in the pool in ages. I get so tired when I tread water in the deep end. It would be good to be taller so I can stand up!

That’s cool that you got some Armor For Sleep merchandise. I haven’t heard of that band before, I will listen to some of their music soon :)

:( That sucks you didn’t win it, but it’s good you entered :) I looked at a website recently and they said the iPad is stupid. Someone said, ‘What’s next; iTampon?’ I still like the iPad though… do you?

Hehe, yeah well, some people leave irrelevant comments that made me feel like I had to put that message there. :P I hate it when people ask things like “How are you” . They would know that if they read the blog! /angry

Thanks. I hope that I really will have an ambitious future ahead. You’re taking a communications degree, right? I’ve been kind of interested in that as well. XD Haha, I’ll never get over my confusion I guess. :P

LOL, some of my stories had princesses and princes and some of them had little kids who had adventures. :D I tried to copy Enid Blyton when I was younger. :P

Yeah. Even if I’m not strong enough I will try to fight back. At least even if I do get injured/raped I will know that I tried to protect myself.

Thank you. I know hoping that there won’t be any other fight is too much to hope for, so at least I hope that it won’t happen again soon. My father is a kind of very enthusiastic person so when he is happy, everyone is happy so my house is pretty calm and happy now.

I rarely talk to Odreka online anymore. We don’t even talk to each other on the phone because she doesn’t have a mobile phone anymore, and I don’t use mine much. And like I said, it gets kind of awkward. :(
My other friends are not shy like her so I know it won’t be awkward if they leave the school, but just talking to them on the phone is a lot different than hanging out together and laughing and joking. :(

Aww, thanks. :) Your comment made me feel better as well. Whenever I feel depressed, your comments, and others’ as well always comfort me a lot. Like I said, I really do love having my website for this reason a lot.

That sucks your mom wouldn’t let you out on Valentines’ Day. It’s totally unfair she took her anger out on you. Hopefully if she calms down she’ll let you go.

Aww, James is so sweet. You’re really lucky to have him.

I’m sorry that you didn’t win an iPad. But you didn’t want it badly so nothing is lost after all. You can sleep peacefully now now that there’s no more NameCheap trivia to take you up every hour. :D

That shirt is really cute! ♥ And yay for the poster! Your wall looks cool.

I don’t have any posters of any of my favourite bands on my wall. :( As my father is an architect he thinks that anything that is not “artistic” should not be put up on walls. XD

Aaah, even you are not going out you have someone to celebrate it…I don’t even have a boyfriend /argh
Maybe I will spend time out at a tango night with my partner I don’t know..well if he doesn’t have any plans with his girlfriend then that means that I can go out with him and have some fun…But I really don’t really think so :(
Ipad…I don’t really think that it’s really a useful thing…It sounds and looks really stupid for me..Actually I think Apple could have found a better name for it iPad just reminds me some feminine products :D
Bedroom walls…Umm I used to have tons of posters when I was at middle school. Before that I had Little Mermaid stickers on my wall.
Last year, I was studying my ass off to get in a law faculty so I wrote math formulas on my walls, and I sometimes solved integral questions on the walls for just a bit of excitement in my super boring schedule.
This year we got them painted, so they are all clean 👏 And at the same time my mom got my whole closet, bed, and bookshelf renewed for me as a university present.. /eee
I’m happy with my clean walls…it’s nice to make some changes 👏

Aww, I’m hoping your Mom would still change her mind. There’s still time.. How about asking again when she’s in a good mood already? LOL

Cute shirt, and the price isn’t bad either. :)

Ohh, your wall is sooo neat already. Mine is filled with anime posters. They’ve been there since forever! I guess that proves how childish I am still. haha!

Too bad you didn’t win the ipad, but at least you tried. Better luck next time. :)

Aw, moms are like that. When they’re angry at someone, they can scold others too. Boo. That’s why I always keep my mouth shut when my mom is angry or else she will scold me for nothing. Moms are so sensitive when they’re mad haha. We have to be extra patient on that.

Awww, James sounds so sweet! You’re so lucky to have a boyfriend like him :) He’s like one in a million :P Valentine’s day could be celebrated everyday when there’s a love between you and your love. That’s my opinion :P

Wow cool stuff you got there! I have lots of David Archuleta posters but my parents disallow me to stick them on the wall. They said it would make the wall dirty. Boo. I keep them in a nice box instead haha. I love collecting posters!

Yup, I totally agree with you. English is an international language, that’s why it’s important to learn how to speak English. I learnt English when I was 5 anyway, and that time I didn’t know how to pronounce “purple” properly. LOL I tried to pronounce it every time to make sure I could pronounce it well. Haha.

LOL even some Indonesians are afraid to wear Batik in public O_O They just wear it in formal occasion. Well they feel more proud wearing Japanese or Korean outfits, which kinda makes me sad because they don’t appreciate their country’s creation.

I only have few Batik clothings though, haha. *fail* I want to buy more but it’s expensive here :(

Sorry your Mom wont let you out – but your man sounds like such a keeper! :)

Aww sorry to hear that your mom isn’t going to let you go out on Valentine’s day ): But, you guys can always just go out on another day, and pretend that it was Valentine’s day :D Well, you’ll have loads of other Valentine’s days together :D

Aww sorry to hear that you didn’t win! That’s good though that you didn’t want it that badly, but it was worth the try, and the recognition that you got so close!

I love the Armor for Sleep shirt! It looks so cool :D Glad you ended up getting a size that wasn’t too small!

LOL, it’s like a bunch of posters downsized to just one /eee Haha I have a lot of posters in my room, though I’m going to take them down once I paint my room. I’m not that into the posters anymore. I use to be all into posters because my parents wouldn’t allow them, but then they let me, so I went poster crazy XD. Now I don’t like them!

ARMOR FOR SLEEP PILLOW?! haha sounds awesome ;D

That’s a pain, your Mum doing that. Especially seeing as she knew you had plans. :( It’s so sweet what James said though. You can celebrate it on another day. /heart

I don’t even know who Armor For Sleep are, but I really like that top. :) lol. It’s good that you got all that for under 30 dollars. Usually band merchandise and similar things are really expensive.

I always used to like having clean walls too. Now my bedroom wall has a huge ugly pinboard on though so I’ve covered it up with all sorts of things. I’ve got posters of Peter Andre, Michael Jackson, Katie Price and Cheryl Cole (yes I’m just that cool :P ), photos, bottle lids, stickers and club promotion flyers.
I really am amazing when it comes to interior design, haha! @_@

I hate it when parents vent their anger at you~! /angry But I do have something to say:

I seem to have dropped of the review queue! /um I was supposed to be first up but I’m gone! /wah I also changed my name to Swiftwind! /eee

I emailed you yesterday regarding your review.

Er, I didn’t get an email so are you sure? /huh

Yes I did. You put your email address as ‘’ in your application so I assumed that that was your email address, obviously.

I know, but I didn’t get any mail on that account either!!!

Well perhaps you should check your junk email or spam, because I definitely sent it and it went through.

Aww, James is so sweet! Give him a hug from me! :) ♥ You like clean bedroom walls? You will actually hate mine. :L I have posters from the bottom of my wall up to the ceiling – loads even on the ceiling. :L and writing on the walls where there are no posters. I may have to post a picture up one day. /hehe

Wow I can’t believe that you are not allowed out on Valentine’s Day! That is horrible. It’s like they are trying to sabotage you. :(

I am so glad you have someone so sweet who says the sweetest things like the fact that there are many more Valentine’s Days to come. What I used to do when I couldn’t see someone on a special day was to plan another day to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Who says February 14th is the day you HAVE to celebrate it, anyway? Just celebrate it another night! It’ll be less crowded everywhere too!

Sorry to hear your Valentines day plans were ruined. I would be just as upset as you.

I remember having loads of poasters on my walls of No Doubt, Nsync, Hanson ans the Spice Girls. They were all over the place! XD But I’ve grown out of them since then. Now there are just some baby pics of my niece’s and their mom on my walls. I still have ny No Doubt poasters though. ♥

I really like your tank top though, it’s really cute. I love band t-shirts.

My bedroom walls are bare. I never put things up!

It sucks that your mom won’t let you go out. I hate it when parents do that /angry

Ack, I’m sorry you won’t get to go out for V-day but I’m glad James made you feel better!!!

Yeah I usually get too excited and then don’t take pics of packages either lol.

Oh sweet merchandise!!! I would like to get some new band merchandise myself.

Our bedroom wall has a picture of a penguin family and another picture of sea turtles and a picture of a baby and a flower! pretty boring lol. My bedroom when I was a teenager was COVERED though lol

Awww, I’m sorry you can’t go out with James on V-Day :( – but it’s only a day with a name and doesn’t really mean anything, you still have a great boyfriend who adores you! /rose So boo sucks to your mum! ✌️

Whoo, I love buying new clothes! :P I used to have TONS of posters all over my walls, but like you.. kinda grew out of some of the bands! So now my walls are just bare. /oh Planning to re-paint in the summer though, so it’s all good! ;)

That’s such a shame about your mum not letting you out on Valentines day. :( Could you not persuade her to let you out?

That was a sweet thing that James said though! :’)

I haven’t heard a lot about the iPad. I’ve seen jokes about it on Tumblr though, it’s hilarious that people can make jokes out of a piece of technology. :P

I did hear though, that it’s pretty much just a bigger version of an iPod touch…

Aw that shirt is really cool. I’m not so big on Armor for Sleep (they’re not as big in the UK) but I think that’s a really cute shirt, I think that’s quite cheap for all that, too!

Haha, when my friends come in to my bedroom they’re like “How do you sleep with all these faces looking at you?” or “Do you not get scared when you wake up in the middle of the night with all those eyes?” but from a young age, my walls were always plastered with posters of popstars and boybands. :P

It’s great you got your laptop back! I’ve been lazy and not replied to comments in a while….Oops!

Jedward never got number 1! :( They did get number 2 though, being as the Help for Haiti single was released at the same time, they got the number 1 spot. Hopefully we’ll still get an album though! :)

Yeah, we definitely need some new bands or for the old ones to make a comeback!

Haha but they’re like 400 dollars :/ i spent all my money on a laptop XD

Ya it was really boring though, we didnt get to do anything :/

haha, we didnt get that, my aunt did tho

I didnt get even a question on namecheap contest :P

I love the shirt :D

My bedroom walls are light blue green and yellow sponged on. then the bottom part is just blue :).

Aweeeh, I hate when that happens. First you plan everything, and it’s all perfect… but then SOMETHING always has to go wrong. :( It’s just wrong that your Mom didn’t let you go out on Valentine’s Day just because she was grumpy. Hmph. That’s so sweet what James said awwnn. :)

The iPad is just this huge iPhone lol.
On the brighter side, at least you got that awesome Amour for Sleep top hehe. /eee Looks good on you. (Y)
I love getting packages and opening them for some reason. :P

My bedroom walls… are really plain I guess. Just a yellowish-greenish color with a calendar, and a couple of pictures on the wall.

Yes, my comment is huge. As usual. LOL. This is probably going to be another big one, but I’ll try to shorten it down as much as possible? xD

I think that it’s a smart decision by your family to stick to the old fashioned maps instead of these GPs systems. They’re a load of crap anyways.

Only thing is, I remember the time when me my family used to try and help eachother with directions.. but that always ended up being extremely..

disfunctional. Haha. Fights would break out and all the rest. So I guess the GPS prevents us from getting angry at eachother, but it definitely

doesn’t prevent me from having the earge to throw the thing out the window. :)

The voice is just a pain in the ass haha. I heard that you can have the GPS talk in an accent .. but I don’t know if those features are available for

ours. I should do some research on it.

I think we do have a voice on the intercom thing at the train stations here. It’s an actual human who’s talking so it’s not always a female voice.

Sometimes it’s a male, depending on who’s on the job for the day.

I KNOW EH? It pisses me off. It’s almost as if the GPS is playing some sort of sick game with us. Taking us around and around in circles. Like for

shit sakes, if it would just realize that THERE’S NO RIGHT TURN ALLOWED it would save a lot of time.

I guess there’s always room for improvement in the world of technology. It gets better and better everyday after all. So hopefully they’ll find a

solution to all these GPs glitches. They better, otherwise I’ll have to give them a piece of my mind LOL. Maybe I’ll send them the blog.

I sure hope that your mom doesn’t take your laptop away again either. That would suckkkkkkkkk.

I’m glad that I finally remembered my FTP password. I didn’t wanna be that annoying hostee requesting you to reset it and all. xD You’ve got enough on

your plate so I wouldn’t want to be a pain in the ass. Which I probably am anyways.. but whatever. :D My passwords are actually pretty different. So I

guess that would explain why I struggle with remembering some of them. Thankfully I have this application on my blackberry called “password keeper”

and I store everything there HEHE. So all I have to remember is the humongo password to get access into the application. :P It gives you ten tries to

get the password right and if you fail then this rather scary message pops up on the screen > “This is your last attempt. If you get it wrong, all

passwords will be wiped.” XD LOL. That’s what it said to Ryan when he was trying to hack into it, and I was laughing so hard.

So true. Chemistry has nothing to do with the accounting world. (Let’s hope) LOL. My chemistry teacher kept saying “chemistry is all around you, it’s

everywhere” and I think that’ll haunt me for the rest of my life. O_O

WOO I’m glad that you got a chance to watch Beyonce and Lady Gaga’s performances from the Grammy’s. They were pretty epic fo’sho.

Sounds good. We can both be insane together? Lmao.

I think Physics may just be my “thang”. Cause I was really struggling with one question from my physics homework today, but I decided to actually

think about it for a second (not something I usually do xD) and TA-DAAAA I magically figured it out! I got so excited lmao. My parents were looking at

me like I was crazy. Nothing new there.

Well if it was only one person who had that problem then the layout issue shouldn’t matter too much. :P It looks great on my screen so huzzah! :D

Yeha you’re right. Our comments could easily be made into a story of our lives. We actually share a lot of personal stuff through these jumbo wumbo

comments. That’s pretty scary now that I think about it.. cause some creeper could be reading about this and planning to stalk us down. OH NOES! K

that was pretty of me. MY BAD.

I guess people could watch the Biggest Loser for motivation to lose weight. You have a good point there. I never knew there was an Australian biggest

loser as well. :O I thought it was just an American thing. LOL I love watching the last minute of these reality shows cause they always have those

really interesting previews of next weeks episode and I always get to excited. xD That sounds HILARIOUS though. Omg, I can imagine what she sounded

like when she said “HOWS THAT CREME BRULEE NOW?” ahhahaaah.

Psh I totally do take forever to return your comments. I feel so bad. :'( You are a very good person! Hehe. You should be proud of your capability to

stay on top of your comments pretty much all the time. I definitely can’t do that. Yeah I agree. People should notify when they’re not going to be

able to return comments. I try to either leave a Maintenance Mode message or leave a message in my blog. Just to let people know so they’re not like

wondering if I’m still alive lmao.

The fish part “Gill” is not cool at all! It is ugly, I agree.

Ngaw thanks, and I’m very happy being hosted by you. :D You’ve definitely been an awesome host! Yeah. I’m really hoping that I don’t have to go

through another move anytime soon. It’s such a painnn. I hate having to back everything up and all, even though I should be doing that on a regular

basis anyways. :P

LOLOL I wouldn’t want to see you get arrested as you tried to find out if Obama’s daughters are gangster. Lmao. I doubt he would be walking the

streets of Australia without body guards. Cause I’m sure some people there have strong opinions about him as well, and would try to attack him LOLS.

But by all means, if you do see him in the streets alone GO FOR ITTTTTT! I’m behind you 100%! xD

Among my group of friends, we always refer to eachother and our classmates by their first names. :P The only place where we call a person by their

last name, is our teachers. So I guess that would explain why someone would get confused as to what someones last name is when they’ve been calling

them by their last name all along haha. I can’t get over how fail that was. I would have been so freeken embarrassed if I was that guy.

Yeah let’s keep our fingers crossed that I do well in Physics! Although, I don’t think my Physics mark will have that much of an impact on my future

career choice cause the business departments of universities don’t really pay attention to your physics mark. Or do they? :O

OMG LOL. I’ve heard of Wife Swap. I actually find that show pretty boring for some reason. There have been “copy-cats” on that show on other channels

as well where two teenagers basically “switch lives” and live with eachothers families for a while. I found that show pretty boring too. :P

Ooh I never saw your tweet about the sex robots. Thanks for the link though. K so I just read that article and I don’t even know what to say. First

off, the guy in the picture at the top looks like a total pervie.. and as for the rest of the article: LMFAO. Just..yeah.. LMFAO. That is something. I

think I’m going to have nightmares about that now. The robot girl he created looks so fucking creepy. O_O

Bicentennial man sounds like an interesting movie. I want to see it now. I usually don’t like sad movies though. :( Cause I hate that feeling of

depression you get at the end. Haha. But any movie that touches you, has to be good. Nah I don’t think you suck at explaining. That was explained

pretty darn well. :P I get the concept of the movie, and it sounds really interesting.

I never knew there was a book for Irobot. :O The movie was pretty epic though. That’s too bad you can’t remember either one. xD

I agree. It does make you feel better to just admit that you’ve made a mistake and try to move on/improve on it in the future.

Ohsss I see. So James and Lilian weren’t an official “couple” at any time but James did have feelings for her at some point. Gotchaaaa. I guess it

didn’t work out between them for a very good reason. ;)

Yeah, it’s not that I’m dirty minded or anything. _cough. Testes would just stand out because.. well, it’s testes. Who wouldn’t notice that while

reading a comment?! Hahahah.

I’m pretty sure you’re never caught up with comments lmao. Cause while you’re returning mine you probably get like ten more on the next blog. That

must totally suck. I feel for ya. But I’m also in admiration of how you’re constantly up to date with the comments. :)

HUZZAH FOR MY AWESOME ACRONYM. KMN. Heheheh. Glad you had fun reading my comment. I’m having quite the ball responding to yours now. :D Although

yesterday I was oober pissed cause my internet decided to pull a bitch move on me. (As I expressed through my rather vulgar tweets xD).

Tubing is a bit cramped. But it’s so much fun. And it’s not like a tunnel that’s completely closed (like some of the tubes that lead into a swimming

pool). It’s like a tube that’s open at the top, if you get what I mean haha. It doesn’t lead into a pool or anything, you just crash into snow at the

bottom. xD That’s probs my fav part.

I’m scared of a lot of things as well, but height ain’t one of them. :P

Yeah I hope that if Ryan does decide to end it with her that it doesn’t turn ugly. Cause I actually like her as a person. She’s a good friend (in my

opinion) and she’s really nice. So it would make me sad if she stopped talking to me too if Ryan breaks up with her. D:

Do you carry a laptop around in addition to all your books? Or is it just your laptop? Cause that’s not that bad. I think I would actually prefer to

do that instead of carrying around fat ass textbooks. Plus, if you’re laptop is a mini light-weight one, that’s even better!

KUDOS ALL THE WAY. !!!!!!!! (Hehe, I always think that emoticon is a smiley face with double chins xD) K sorry about the randomness. The shirt looks like it fits you pretty darn well though, I guess you got lucky there. :D

The new poster looks SMOKIN’ LOLSSS. It was cool to see the change that your wall went through.. the before and after. xD Dayum, you have an armor for sleep pillow case too?! That’s pretty sick. I should really look into getting a whole shit load of Taylor Lautner merchandise .. lmao. :)

LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. THANKS FOR COMMENTING. YOU ROCK MY SOCKS. Ooh and congrats on making it to the end of my comment. :3 <33333333333 KUDOS YO.

Oh btw, sorry if there were tons of typos in this comment cause I typed it at a pretty rapid speed in notepad. :P

Omg wtfffffff LOLOLOL. Notepad somehow cut up my paragraphs into weird little segments when I pasted it into your comment box.
Sorry about that. O_O

Haha, thank you! *hugs*

Yeah, crazy insane all those comments. You have like 50 daily visitors on your site, Georgina! WOW!

I know, I had the greatest one last year. Art teacher, loved her to death. She was so much fun and fun to talk to. I miss her. /wah

Really? It looks pretty cool to me :)

Purple is a rad colour. :P I like painting my nails all kinds of colours. Red, green, black, blue and of course purple. I have yet to paint them yellow though.

Yeah, after all the exams and practising it just seems no fun. Sometimes I want to quit, but then I want to be able to play as beautiful as Mozart. Or Bach. Gah, sometimes I would shoot the metronome if I could. And I hate the “This piece will need some metronome work”

I guess, but it stills blows my mind that it worked. I thought they put something under it or something. But no, they just built it!

It’s very expensive, I’ll admit. But it was fun and I enjoyed being able to wow everyone with my twirls and tricks. But I hated wearing those stupid dresses. Me in a dress, me scowling through it all.

Like it’s good and funny, but it’d be a cute movie to see. And it’s on DVD I think.

Aww, that was so nice of James. He sounds like a good guy.

That is a cool shirt you got there. :P The design of it is rad…. :P
Would’ve been radder if it were purple but… whatever you know :)

Haha, my walls are very much like what yours used to be. Last year, I went through a ‘phase’ where I wanted my room to represent ME! And the walls had been pink due to the fact they haven’t been painted since I was 6. So I covered it with posters of celebrities. Pictures of me and my friends. And I even convinced my mom to do a little painting on it with toe paint. When I was done, it looked like a madhouse. :O

Pictures would not cover what it looked like :P

Most of the time I am too lazy to check my visitors but this week I decided to do so again and was damn surprised about the amount of visitors I got. And a lot of them came right from your site. ♥

I would usually do it that way too, but I am just waay to lazy. I once memorized like 2-3 papers from my economics class and lucky me those papers were part of the test. I usually just read through my summarized notes a couple of times and that’s it.

I will for sure! AND with Jensen videos. I just spend some time on YouTube today watching videos of Supernatural conventions and stuff like that. It was a great laugh! But my whole family got like really irriated because I kept laughing while looking at the laptop’s screen. They didn’t see I was using my earphones watching videos. xD

It would definitely be a huge change. But maybe like switch lives with them for a day and go to some stylish Hollywood party would be pretty awesome I think. But just for a day.

Maybe some of those people grew up in different conditions and always got money from mommy and daddy and are kinda spoilt and think that a lot of people lived the same way, IDK. But it’s definitely not cool to ask what a person earns..

I just recently (a day or two ago) saw this little report about online bullying and I think I’ll write an article about it once I did some re-search because I think it’s an important topic and needs to be present all the time. Those bulliers need to understand what they do to the victims.

You were probably just following the match because a tennis player you liked was part of the match, too. I tend to do that too.

I think I also already said that on the blog, but those people just need to finally grow up and use their damn brains.

You know, I think I am strong enough to handle a certain amount of hate messages and stuff, but others are already not the strongest people out there and if you leave them things like that.. you just really never know what happens. And I mean, I really wouldn’t want to live with the guilt of maybe getting a person to do something to her or him. I just couldn’t handle it. I think those bulliers never thought about the situation from that side of the story..

I think it really sucks that your mum doesn’t let you go out on Valentine’s Day, but damn James is a sweetie! You’re really lucky to have him right next to you – but you probably already know that. :) He definitely knows the right things to say!

I never really have the patience to take a picture of a package when I get one either. I just need to know what’s in their and if the stuff I ordered fits and stuff. But maybe you manage to do so next time. :)

OMG.. you got rid of Jensen! How could you do that Georgina? ;)

But yeah, sometimes it’s definitely time for a change and a new start and that AFS poster definitely looks good on it’s own up on the wall.

Oh boy! Dani’s wall is for sure full of posters! That’s what my rooms used to look like too. xD But I got rid of it after I had to move into my parent’s old bedroom. Now I only own a single stupid poster.. I’ll for sure get rid of it soon though! I just need to find a nice replacement.

Your new shirt looks great too! Suits you really well. :)

Hey. It really sucks your mum won’t let you go out.. she might change her mind.. :S It really sucks you didn’t win and yeah I saw how you woke up every hour to anwser their question. :O I would never be able to wake up every hour I would be dead because of the lack of sleeping! :P

The shirt looks pretty nice! The only thing I ordered by the mail and got in a package was my first iPod nano.. haha I was so excited to open it and all I would just rip off all the paper and stuff. :P

The wall looks sooo clean and all with that poster on it. My walls are FULL of posters of twilight and disney stars. :P I have about 53 posters on my wall and half of them are the same size as the one you got there. :D I love posters.. I have that much cause I was subscribed to a magazine for one year so I got lots of them. ;)

Yeah it was fun, but tiring. I felt like my arms were going to break off in the middle of the 3hour rehearsal. Thanks, I’m slowly un-drowning out of my math homework because I turned in all my assignments I needed to catch up on because of the rehearsal. Now if I can just get a good grade on my test tomorrow I’ll be perfect… 😰

My walls are rather boring. All I have is above my bed a poster that says “Cutie Fruitie” with a bunch of fruit with googly eyes, and a big class 2014 poster my 7th grade class designed last year, and I had won it to take home. XD

awww, i hope i can be like you and find a good job or two and support myself . its gunna be hard.. but heh.
i cant even start to think about failing… it’s not surprising if people fail but it just gets real expensive ahhh !
yeah haha, im so grateful to have family day here :P another day of no school
what a cute shirt !! i love online shopping heh…
i like to spice up my bedroom walls.. its fillled with everything. trophy shelf, 2 bulletin boards, posters, hung up lots of pictures. opposite of a clean wall haha

Yeah this morning I went on my ab circle pro machine and did 1:45. I’m actually proud of myself. I’m getting there slowly but surely. I didn’t eat a lot today. I think I only do that when I know that something I like/love is in the house like Pizza. I love pizza and will eat it every second I can get. Haha. So I think that’s why. But hey I lost 3 pounds though. :D. I weigh 242. I used to weigh 245. Not bad eh?

Yeah aint it cool that we can see each other’s time and not have to ask “What time is it over there?” lol. I hated people asking me that a long time ago now I wish they’d ask more often. LOL. Call me cooky.

Yeah I was inspired by you to create a fanlisting collective, and the layout was inspired from I don’t think it looks too much like her layout. Her layout is bigger and has different pictures than what I have. The backgrounds are the same however I will admit that. But it’s still very mine, and all mine. Well; I did credit those who I took some pictures from. So yeah.

You don’t have the superbowl in Australia? Wow. I thought all places had some sort of form of football. Guess I was wrong. Haha.

Yeah, I think I’m gonna start saving up for my trips. I really want to go to Ireland, Scotland and England first than travel to Australia. I think my fascination with Japan has died down quite a bit. I mean it’s a foreign country where hardly anyone speaks English, and although I love the music, I’m just not into it. I don’t have the heart for it anymore like I used too. I dunno, maybe it’s just my mood swing for right now and indecisive?

I had 212 songs on my ipod, and it took me two days to listen to all the songs. Haha. Speaking of which my Pearl Aday cd arrived today and it’s friggin good!! I think you might like some of her songs though. It sounds kinda hard rock something you like I know. But nevertheless; it’s still friggin good. I erased all my japanese songs and replaced them with my new cd’s that I got last week.

Last night it rained here, and what a surprise, when LOST was on, the satelite was off. /angry . But heehee, I got to watch it on or something like that. It was cool. Except for the interuptions of the commercials. /poo lol.

Well; kiddo I guess I’m all out of talk for now. So I’ll let you be. Sorry I didn’t return this sooner. But I was tired.

/wah too bad you didnt win the ipad… :(