Ruled By Secrecy

I’m behind with comments. I know it’s no rule to return them all, but I choose to. Some people don’t return comments at all, and I feel like there’s no point leaving a comment on their website too – when they won’t respond. I’m not saying that you have to – I think of it as common courtesy.

Since people know me so well to be familiar with the fact that I choose to respond to all my comments – I’m going to head into something different, and that sort of thing will… well, stop.

I’ve decided that I’m still going to return comments but I’m going to return them at my own pace. It’s been hard keeping up and it seems that every time I return a bunch, I only get some more. It’s incessant… and I don’t really like it. /um On some occasions I might respond to your comment on my blog (you’ll get an email notification) but also visit your site. /eee

People keep asking me how I earn money. I don’t know if I should think this rude or not. People ask me how much I get paid for my job/s and where I “get money” from. O_O

I’m not rich, I can tell you that… and I have to work in order to earn the money I need. I guess people are familiar with me having a lot of domains and a reseller and wonder where I get the money. I’ve won some money online. I have entered competitions in which I have won money or credit to fund the reseller and the domains.

I’ve had the same job in an education centre for two years, but I don’t get many hours a week. This is why I’m always hunting for other jobs, at least ones that I can work at over the summer break or during the days off university. I mean, you work to live, right? One cannot really survive without an income. I know I have to keep up with my university payments, because my parents do need me to pay them back. They can’t just pay for everything for me and then sooner or later, we run out of money. /ho

Some people ask me how much I get paid – it’s not a lot and I’d rather not say how much it actually is.

On a slightly more annoying but less rude note, people also ask how I keep up with my domains. I’m sorry to put it so bluntly – but I just do. I manage my time wisely. Some of my domains aren’t even updated as much as the others. I just work on them a little, balancing my time between them.

I’m not looking forward to catching the bus and walking to work tomorrow. Not looking forward to it at all. There’s chance of rain too. /hmph

I’ve been trying to win an iPad on NameCheap by answering as many trivia questions as I can (they’re all about the Superbowl, which isn’t even in Australia, so I don’t know about it haha). Every hour at night I’m waking myself up so I can answer the question. It might sound lame, and I don’t really want an iPad very much anyway, but I thought I’d give it a go. XD

I painted my nails blue! Yeah, I’m holding my iPhone. :P

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WIN!!! 111 ONEONEONE x/5 where x = 5



I’ve been answering Namecheap’s trivia questions too. Some are hard so I weren’t able to answer. 😢 I just wanted the domains anyway. Lol.

I was one of those wondering how you kept up with your domains and thanks for answering previously via twitter. ;)

Good luck in Namecheap’s contest! I hope you win the iPad.


I think it’s GREAT that you return your comments :) It’s nice. Hehehehe. I bet a lot of people can’t even be bothered D:

BUT, having said that, I also think that it’s great that you’ve decided to return them at leisure. Otherwise you’d be all @_@ O_O /wah which is NOT good. Like you said, your websites are a hobbie. It’d suck if they began to feel like this horrible chore. (Like cleaning my room. Hahahaha).

Yeah…if someone asked me where all my money came from, I wouldn’t know whether to find it rude or not. I’d be like…=S Whyyy do you want to know? I mean if you asked me, I wouldn’t mind cos we’re close. But if someone I barely knew asked, I’d be a little affronted.

Well I don’t have a job, but if I did and someone asked me how much I earned, I’d be a little. Hmmm…I don’t know whether to answer that or not. Hahahaha.

Awwww…good luck paying your parents back! D: Poor you! University is so expensive. *sigh* But at least you get a HECS discount, right? Hahaha. My parents were perfectly willing to pay my WHOLE student contribution for uni, but I put my foot down on that. They pay for everything else for me, so I just got HECS for ALL of it. Screw my 20% discount. Hahaha. I’m putting myself through 5 years of uni to earn a 6-figure salary one day, you know! :P Or not XD

But yeah, I should probably get a job for the experience. Man, I’m beginning to regret not making a bigger effort to get a job this holiday. I SWEAR I’LL START LOOKING PROPERLY SOON! D:

Hahaha, it must be tedious always having to explain to people how you just DO keep up with all your domains. I’d get frustrated after I was asked the 3rd time. I get annoyed at repetitive questions easily. You’re a lot more patient than I am :P

Oh noes! D: I hope you don’t get caught in the rain tomorrow! That would totally, totally SUCK more than…leeches suck? *ahem*

Oooooh I hope you win in the Namecheap competition :D It sucks that all the questions are about the superbowl though @_@ God, I’m not entirely sure what the superbowl IS. I *think* it’s a football game =S

And yes! I saw your blue nails on your plog. Hahaha :P

Hi! :D

Yeah, some people just can’t be bothered at all. Not even one bit. O_o

I hate it when it starts to feel like a chore so I’ve decided that once and for all, I am going to do it when I want and take as long as I want. :)

I would find it weird too – I mean these people were asking me on places like Formspring. I feel it’s a bit rude especially when I don’t know the person that well.

Some people ask how much I earn but I don’t really like saying that online for all the world; sometimes if someone asks I’ll tell them.

I’m sure my parents don’t mind paying for things for me if it’s needed but of course I’m not going to be a lazy ass and never work. :O

HAHA! I got HECS for part of mine because we made an upfront payment. It was only about $600 or something. :P But I totally keep forgetting that I’m on HECS and all that. They’ll be taking our money sooner or later. :P

LOL. I don’t know what my expected salary is but bleh… money issues are probably the least of my worries now. XD

I still don’t think I am patient though; the questions do get annoying to the point where I start ranting to someone else. :P

Leeches are gross! (Leech FT is cool, though.) It’s actually not raining now so I think I’m in luck. It better not rain later. /angry

I think it’s football as well. O_O Well, I just looked up the answers on Google. I don’t think I’m going to win though. I have a chance, but I’m not going to, I’ve fallen behind now. I’m angry because they wrote a question wrong. I answered it and went to sleep and when I woke up again they had changed the question but I didn’t get to correct my answer. Sucks. /argh

Haha, yeah. I hate it when people ask me about more personal things

Garooo, an iPad. I dunno. it’s more of a novelty than anything that’d be really useful, but I must admt it looks rather sleek at first until you use it.

damn clothes

I hate being asked those sorts of things. And when I don’t want to answer… I get stuck.

Apparently the more you hear about the iPad (lack of Flash..) the less you want one. Well, like you said, it’s more of a novelty thing. It looks pretty cool but I don’t think it can do much to be honest. :P

Being in a band would be awesome. :D I wish I could be confident as well. I can’t even answer confidently if someone asks me whether I want chocolate or strawberry ice-cream. :P

Hehe, yeah. He will be very pleased and proud. And architecture would be a good thing for me as well, because even though I don’t like drawing stuff, I like designing them.

I have shown only a few of my poems to my family. I don’t know why, but I have never felt like showing them to people. I think it falls under my “not able to express feelings” trait. XD
My writing has improved a lot as well since I first started writing poems. Ooh, I would love to read that story you wrote! :D For some reason, I like reading what people wrote when they first started writing it rather than when they are more experienced with it. :P

Hehe, same here. I don’t think I will be able to see most of the movies I want to see.

That was very brave of that girl. I would rather get physically hurt than getting raped even if I’m not very brave.

Not returning comments is kind of like when you don’t respond when someone says “Hello” so returning them is definitely a good thing. I think you return comments very quickly seeing as you get so many of them and you have so many other things to do. So you should take your time to return them, or else you’d be stressed.

Paying for university is really expensive. My parents pay for both of my sisters, and I know they’ll have to do the same for me. Female students don’t get jobs very easily here and the ones you get don’t give much salary.

I answered some of the questions of the Namecheap trivia because I really want a domain. I also really want an iPad, but if somehow I won one, my parents would be all “HOW did you win that?”. XD

Blue is my favourite colour and I love blue nail polish. They look awesome. :)

It’s really nice of you that you return comments 👏 It get’s really annoying when I visit some people’s site and leave a comment, also help them increasing their hits..They don’t even bother to return or at least visiting my site and leaving a thank you note.
It’s great to be on a website owned by a comment returning owner ;) and I cannot stop myself from mentioning this YOUR LAYOUT ROCKS!

I think it’s really rude that people ask you how you make money. Isn’t the answer obvious? People work to earn.
They also asked you how much you make? gosh..That’s insane? How dare…that’s none of their business.
I don’t know how you feel about those silly questions but I would be mad if some one asked me those.
It’s really nice that you work to pay your parents back…That’s awesome. This will help you to be stronger when you graduate, you won’t be like the others ;)
Take Care /heart

I’ve actually wondered before how you (and other people who get as many comments) manage to keep up returning them all! I agree that you shouldn’t feel obliged to always return comments the moment you get them – at the end of the day most people just blog as a hobby, so I don’t think any part of it should really feel like a chore. And of course sometimes you go to return a comment and you really can’t think of anything to say in response to their latest post. =/

I don’t get why some people always want to know everyone else’s financial situation. /ho Is it just so they can feel smug if they earn more or something? Same with asking people about their clothes size, sex life, etc etc…I can’t think of too many situations where anyone even has a right to know stuff like that. Maybe everyone’s just become too nosy these days, lol.

Anyway, sorry this comment has seemed so negative thus far! O_O Good luck with the NameCheap contest though! And your blue nails are really funky. /cool I only ever paint my nails boring colours like pink, mauve and occasionally red. I can’t really carry off anything dark or dramatic though because my nails are usually all stumpy and bitten down. :(

Yeah, it’s been a while since I last commented, too. I read your posts but sometimes I don’t comment. I’m either too lazy to or I just don’t want to.

I’ve heard you got your laptop back. :) Good you finally have it back! What’s the name of your laptop again? Your iPhone has a name too, right? You got that right. I’m addicted and if we don’t have internet, I would hate my life so much I would kill myself.

*hugs too* no problem! glad everything’s back to normal over there. Well, not so much. Your car broke again, right?

Cool. We used to have two desktops, but I broke my Granny’s laptop so my dad told us that he would be giving our other desktop to Granny. I hate it when desktops hum and freeze like that.

That’s awesome! I’m sure you’d win if you join.
Oh? I haven’t be able to vote for myself lately (shh, it’s our secret! :P). Too bad. But thanks for trying!

Haha, I know right! I’m glad Bridget made one for me.

I think we all are. Including me. I’m such a procrastinator. As much as I want to, I don’t have enough will power to actually do it. I only start return them when they pile up. Which is bad.

*cough* *cough* People ask you how you earn money? :P I was just curious because I thought you get your money online. I forgot you could also use your credit card on Paypal.

I never knew what your jobs were. You have two, right? You might get too stressed if you look for another job. But if you really need the money…

I actually thought iPad was joke. People refer to iPad as a sanitary napkin so I thought they only made those up. I was surprised to see that there really WAS an Apple iPad. I know, it’s so cool right?

Cool nails! They’re bluish-violet/purple-ish. I love your wallpaper!

You don’t have to answer all the questions, I try not to and be ambiguous because the internet is a scary place. Still i applaud you managing 20 domains, really. At this rate of lifestyle we’re living, it’s hard to manage.

And I do return comments but not all the time, I used to do it everyday before but now I can only do it on weekends. Do it at your own pace dear, no prob :D

good luck with the contest! I joined something similar but at another site :D

Hope you win the iPad! Looks kinda cool, but I rather just get an pocket size iphone or ipod touch. I live in the US and I don’t get half of the questions about the Super Bowl, except the easy ones, so I rely on my brother XD . Thanks, I wasn’t so sure about the name either, but I bought it before I could change my mind :D.

It’s very true, she did not want to see their ugly faces xD

Winning an iPad would be pretty cool, even tho they seem just kinda like a weird computer xD

I agree with you about the money stuff.. Idk, i find it kinda rude when people ask stuff about that, just because it’s personal and I always feel like they’ll be judging me :P

Oh the comments! Yeah and sometimes bloggers think they can just say what they want and all, like link exchanges, blech. -_-;;
Namecheap! Yeah I was answering too. but I stopped because I didn’t know the answer to some q’s anymore. wahaha.

Awesome of you to have joined the campaign, I did so too. ^^

I love your layout !! Cute picture of you two.

Hey I like your way of replying to the comments, Georgina, it makes the person feel good!! /eee

Also asking a person about his/her payment for a job may be rude. :O

And your nails are looking beautiful. I’ve just painted mine light brown and i’m too keen on growing my nails. :)

And you have an Iphone!!! I have always wanted one!! /wah Maybe I’ll get one when I become and comps engineer!! :D :D :D

I love how your site always saves my data for the Name, email, and website portion it makes it easier to return a comment. :) Did you do that or is that my computer? I bet it’s my computer.

I hate rude questions from people online…it aggravates me but I just deal…and on top of that I don’t receive that many rude questions.

I’m sorry for asking that question about how you handle your domains. I feel bad now…I was just curious. /um I guess there really wasn’t an answer besides “i just do” for that question… :/

I joined the Stop Stealing campaign a while ago. She hasn’t linked me yet but I have her linked. :) Finally, you reminded me to link the campaign actually. hahahaha.

I am determined to do the same thing. Return ALL of my 7 comments. Hahahahaaha. I feel lame compared to yours. You probably have 50 pending comments right now. I would be overloaded if I had that many though. I guess I’ll go back to returning the comments as soon as I get them to prevent that overloaded feeling from ever happening. :/ I doubt that would ever happen to me though, I always get low comments. & I have commented on TONS of people’s sites the other day…My luck. /hmph Oh well. I’ll get over it. :)

Good luck on returning those comments, btw!

I’m glad you have your laptop back. You can return all of those comments that got overloaded while you were gone. I am sure it was hard to return them with your iPhone; I WANT ONE, btw. Hahahahaha. I’ve been going GAGA over them recently, I have no idea why. I guess I’m tired of my Razr. I can’t wait until I get my first job. I’ll raise like $500-1,000 then get a touch screen phone. I want to make sure I can pay for it so I want to raise a lotta money first. That may take a while but it’ll be worthwhile cuz I can get the coolest newest phone that is out in our markets.

I made more updates this weekend. I put up like 3-4 reads, 2-3 tutorials, and now I’m returning my 7 comments and doing my 3 reads AND coding and creating 1 layout as a request. That seems like a lot but I start last night at like 11. I was like WOAH with how productive I was. :)

Thanks. I made it just for valentines day. I showed it to Dante but he was like, “okay…” like he didn’t really care. :( Oh well. Once me skillz get betterrr I’ll be fine. Hahahaha. Sorry, I had to talk in lingo for a sec. I’m good now. :)

Yeah, I was. :) I have a new fanlisting up, too. It’s the one for hummers. :) I hope I get fans for it soon, or at least when I convert it. Enthusiast isn’t working for me so I’m hoping PHP fan base will, or whatever it’s called. I think that’s it. Not sure.

I use my iPod for ALL of my music so if it ever died I would DIE! Omg. I love that thing with my life. I would also die if someone stole it, which is why I keep it at home most of the time…we can’t use it at school most of the time anyway so it’s useless just sitting in my purse.

Awesome. I’ll probably put them up today. :) You can join when you have free time tonight (since that is the morning for you…YAY! I finally got the time differences. XD).

Yeah, my cousin and dad both have to use public transportation. My dad lives in Boston because of the Coast Guard…they transferred him there to be a Master Chief and now he has 1 more year until he retires. He’ll be so depressed but we will help him get through it. Hopefully, it doesn’t cause a mid-life crisis. I don’t want him to through one of those cuz he is SOOOOO strict when he wants to be. It’s HORRIBLE. I like him better without it, KThanks.

Yeah, we had a worse fight on Friday. I’m blogging about it as I’m returning my comments…well, I haven’t started it yet but I’m planning on blogging today. :) It’s a HUGE fight this time. I can’t wait to blog about it. I’m not telling you anything about it besides that. Although, I want to REALLY REALLY badly. :) You’ll just have to read the upcoming blog. :)

Yeah, I can’t wait to drop English, History, and Science…Science I’ll probably NEVER be able to drop because I’m gonna get a Mathematics/Science Teaching Degree which means I need Science. Ugh. I hate Science. I’m only good at computer classes and Mathematic classes. Idk I guess it’s the way I think. I’m not that clever…I only know that only cuz my Pre-Calculus teacher said that you have to be clever to solve some of these problems and I made a B in his class when I could have made an A easily if I actually studied. I don’t persevere so I guess my grades will slip. I am determined to make my first A in History and Science since early 8th grade. I am already studying for a HUGE test I have on either Wednesday & Thursday or Thursday & Friday. I hope it’s Thursday & Friday so that I can study more. It helps that I’m [technically] taking 2 history classes. I have my Honors History class and I’m a teacher’s aide for a regular History Class. There’s really no differences in the classes just the name and the teacher. Our high school doesn’t even weight grades unless they are AP classes. Which makes it harder. But the college I want to go to weights the classes though so it’s all good. OH! I get to choose the classes that they weight also so I can have the best of all of my classes there instead of just all of my classes. I really like that. I want to take AP Calculus next year so if I make a B in there I’ll use that as a math credit. :) I wanna do really well. I need to do really well. Ugh…I just have to study and take the SAT in June. I hate those tests.. :/

Yeah, even if he sleeps on the couch it’ll be AWESOME to see his face and know that I caused it and I am the owner of the :O face. Hahahaha. I’d be SOOOO happy after that. :)

Hahaha. Are you going gaga over my new layout? Thanks again! :)

Yeah, it was still pretty scary. Hahaha. Prattville (where I live) has like 10x the amount of cops they need. You see one every 5 min when at least 1/2 of them are on duty. It’s like OMG! hahahaha.
Yeah, I know. You are just like, “i’m fine..I’m going the speed limit..” Next thing you know you here sirens & you are like WTF?!?! AHHH! hahahahaha.

I’ve toned down my driving. I only speed when I am passing someone now or I am on my street..there are almost NEVER cops on my street so it doesn’t matter. My mom still thinks I haven’t toned it down but I have & I’m proud of myself. :)

HEY. HEY! ;)
I agree, I think it’s just ‘respect’ to return all the comments you recieve. :) There wouldn’t be any point in commenting on other people’s site… Haha.

I think it’s AMAZING how many domains you have. I can’t even manage with this one I have. LOL. FAIL. /hehe

You won money online? That’s awesome. I wish to earn money for my parents… but I’m only 13 going to 14 so it’s quite hard you know? /oh LOL.

Hopefully, you’ll win an iPad. I’ve been trying to win some money from the NameCheap contest to renew my domain for next year so I don’t have to bug my parents. Lmao.

Your nails are so pretty! :) I might try blue, I always use pink or red. That it. I’m werid like that.

Ooou! You have an iPhone? Which one? The iPhone 3G or 3GS? I have an iPod Touch, I really want an iPhone so I dont have to take my phone and iPod to school… Does that even make sense? Oh well. LMAO. 🤬

Thanks for the reply back! :D

I’m hopefully adopting from

I’m not old enough for, you have to be 13. :/

Returning comments at my own pace is what I do. Sometimes I’m just way to lazy to return comments, but I always get around to all of them. I think returning comments is just kind, if I don’t return a comment (for example, the persons site goes on maintenance mode or something) then I feel bad, lmao xP

Wow you have loads of domains o_o!! I’m gonna check them all out after I write this comment ;DD Right now I only have one domain, lmao, but I def. want more in the future.

Good luck winning the iPad! I wish you the best of luck ^^ It’s not sad that you wake yourself up – you know what you want and you’re working hard to get it :D

I am definitely on like fanlisting fever! haha
It’s really hard for me this time of year, with my sister’s passing and all. I just know that me and my family are gonna support and love each other even more to get over this ♥


I saw your tweets for the Namecheap contest. You seem to know all the answers to the Superbowl questions. Did you google them or somethin?? /huh

Love your polished nails! The colors is pretty! Like that iPhone too :D
I can see why your going to go your own pace on commenting. I totally understand, no one’s rushing you.

It must seem annoying for you to hear how you get money for your domains or how you can handle all of them. So it’s good how you put a stop to all the repeated questions (H)

I like to return comments as well, although I often forget. I always say “oh, I’ll reply when my homework is done” or “I’ll reply after work” and then I just forget. But you’re right, it’s only the right thing to do, although there’s no blog police telling you you have to.

I totally agree about working. Sometimes, I wish I didn’t have to work, and that I could be like some of my spoiled university friends who get everything handed to them, or are living off of student loans. But then I feel grateful that I won’t be in debt after I graduate. Working sucks, but it’s just a part of life, and I know that I’ll eventually have a real job that I’ll be interested in and that I’ll love.

I think it’s nice that you respond to comments. I respond to all my comments.

That’s kind of awkward to ask how much you earn. Personally, I think it can be considered rude, despite the fact that their just genuinely curious. I for one cannot get a job at 12… >.> Although I’ll need one if I want a domain….

I used to want an iPad, but there’s a lot a defects on it, so I’ll just wait for a better tablet computer…

Oo! Blue… Mine are bronzeish-clearish

Love the iPhone! xD Mine’s slightly like it, but it’s by Tmobile. It’s called the Behold.

Okay, I’m so so so sorry for returning comments so late, I actually thought I had left you one…but no…I didn’t. I’m so bad at this, I don’t know how you can do it! O_O

Yay, I’m so glad your blogging again, haha, if you wouldn’t online life would be hell, your blogs are what I look forward to (well one thing at least)! And you guys can overcome any difficulties you guys are so great together! ♥

Haha, yea, I forget sometimes people aren’t in America…meaning that debate would be extremely confusing to you. :) Sorry bout that…

Yea, as 14 year olds, I doubt most of us really know what half the great leaders in America have done, like Vinton Cerf…my hero (main creator of the internet :P)!

Haha yea, I dig into things a lot, so debates come out of them, which I really like…cept some people just don’t haha. And thanks so much, love ye! /love

Okay…to this blog, lets see….

As you can see, I’m behind too, but I always return them eventually, because I think that’s just the “right” or “good” thing to do, just sayin. :) I really don’t like people not returning comments, it seems pointless to comment there, well not pointless, just it feels like they don’t care about their visitors, blogs, or anything.

It’s your website! :) It’s great that your actually returning them though! Because really, you get how many comments a blog? Yea…a lot. I would find that next to impossible, so it’s a good thing you do it at your own pace now! :)

Haha yea, it’s a bit…weird to ask how much money someone makes, it’s a personal question really, and they should respect it as one! :O

I personally don’t have a job…not old enough…but I babysit sometimes and such, random stuff that’s legal. /hehe

Haha, good answer Georgina! Luckily, I only have two, but in the upcoming 2010 I hope to have like 2-3 more (by 2011).

Haha, it’s defiantly worth it though! I would’ve tried to answer a bunch, but I was a bit late (I didn’t realize there was a contest till Question #9 or something).

Anyway, wohoo! Blue nails for the way…and I <3 This smiley: /faw

Yah, youre correct, i also dont like those people who dont return comments, that’s why whenever someone have visited my site i always see to it that i returned their comments.


/pow /pow /pow

No need to rush to comment. I think (most) people realize you have a life.

Lol, people have actually asked you how much you make? I always thought that was one of the questions you never ask anyone, pay, weight… and something else.

I heard a lot of people aren’t pleased with the iPad…

YES I think returning comments is turning out to a MUST.. just like what i am doing now.. LOL @_@ and thats one of the reasons why sometimes i am too lazy to blog.. returning comments makes me dizzy.. i read a lot of stuff and ugh.. i cant put it into words.. I get a range of 60-80+ comments in a post so goodluck.. makes me really really dizzy.. lol my mom wants an iPad.. haha cool right?? I looove your nails.. and your iPhone as well.. Somebody borrowed my blue nail polish and didnt even give it back to me..

I’m so behind with comments people actually stopped commenting me :|

Lucky you have an iphone XD i might, just might get an itouch, might, just might but probably not lol.

I hate being busy :P

Bye <3

Hey :) I really admire how you can manage all your domains and everything and I think it’s great.. managing time is very important. I need to do that too cause when school started I had my site, a twilight fansite and well I had school stuff and all and I tried to manage my time sometimes it worked and sometimes it failed.

I saw on twitter you were trying to win an iPad! I don’t know how you can wake up every hour! haha but it would be very nice if you won one, you deserve it! ;) Your score on namecheap can’t be that bad if you anwsered most of them, you might still have a chance to win! :D Well I hope for you anyways! ;)

That blue nail polish looks good on you! My nails are blue at the moment but not quite as dark as yours. I’m actually getting tired of mine but my drawer would get jammed this week when I need things out of it the most :/

I find it to be sort of rude when people ask like how much money you make, where you get it from and all that. Sometimes I think they’re jealous or their insecurities takeover. Idk, but that really does bug me. I would find it annoying when people asked me all the time how I manage all my domains and that ish, you better than me :D

I know what you mean about returning comments though. I think it’s common courtesy to return comments otherwise why would you want people to comment on your site anyway but you get LOADS of comments. Way more than the rest of us ;)

Your welcome XD I think I did come by when you first put your layout up but my computer was acting up and the header image wouldn’t load so I didn’t actually get to see it.’ve gotten it mixed up. I didn’t literally mean “old” friends. Like, something happened causing us to fall off so now we’re like enemies. Actually one of them never was my friend..I was sort of being sarcastic. That’s why it makes me wonder why do they go through the trouble to see my posts if they so say “hate” me for something that I didn’t even do..

The boys at my school..that’s just another story of how they act towards me. It isn’t always bad though. As for those girls, I really don’t know what their problem is but all I do is laugh. I must be doing something right, it actually sort of feels good that they hate on me at times though. I have to admit.

The Saints won the superbowl! haha :D My family was rooting for them because of the Katrina hurricane some years back and because the Saints the New Orleans team. It was really great they won because they definitely deserved it. How difficult for you were the questions to answer?

Have you ever thought about managing websites for businesses? You are very good at all you do online. There’s definitely a business out there that needs your expertise :)

I don’t really drink carbonated drinks either, haha, but my mom LOVES diet pepsi. So we have bags to be recycled with tons of those cans.

You’ll just have to wait and see what the prize is :)

I like donating to causes too. I want to be able to raise a lot of money sometime to donate to a cause.

wow, People write write such huge comments on this site….. /bounce . I can understand it must be a really really hard job for u to reply to each and every comment….but I’m glad u do! /rose ;)

It’s rude if someone asks you how much you earn, they don’t even need to know. That’s one of the questions you don’t ask people.

Take time on replying comments :) thank you for replying on my website, sometimes I am late at replying because I am too busy with homework.

Nice nail polish! blue looks great. You’re so lucky to have a iPhone! I have a gay Samsung Star! LOL. It is slow and hard to text with (I can’t remember if I told you before).

That guy is still annoying me, I want to punch him in the face :O LOL! I can be mean…

Really? I didn’t know they could hack into the system D: I don’t know much about that sort of stuff.

Thanks :) I just find it hard since it’s my first year of high school, and I haven’t had work in a while. Well 7 weeks break from work, that’s not long though.

I won’t help in the musical, they probably have bad times for me to go to help.

That’s cool that you had your own band! the reason why I don’t like music for a subject is that I have guitar lessons. Sometimes I’m at my mums house and my guitar is at my dads, then the lesson is the next day. So then I won’t have my guitar, also I hate theory. I haven’t done much of it so I am really bad at it.

Oh okay, I don’t listen to music that much anymore. Usually I would listen to NOVA 919 (the SA one), but now I don’t really listen to the radio.

namechaep has a lots of contest. I wish i can give it to you if i win… as if i give it, i love ipod too. I see you enjoy life with the internet. there are many jobs but only few of them where you can find yourself happy.

Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for your comment. :) I unfortunately didn’t win, but I didn’t have anything to lose. :)

I honestly think that it’s great you return comments. Most people don’t even do that like you said and it is rather rude. I try to return comments on facebook, and leave messages on facebook and sometimes never get a single reply back on facebook. I also try to twit, some but it’s really hard when you’re not really into it.

Gosh, it’s been raining here like crazy. I hope it doesn’t pour down rain on you tomorrow. That would major suck! I hope you get the car fixed soon.

I agree with you people asking you how much you make is down right rude. Just because you have a bunch of domains doesn’t give the person a right to ask how much you make. It’s just rude and uncalled for. So you have a reseller account, so you have 20 domains. Big deal. I make a good amount of money but I don’t have a reseller and I’m not on any thing where if I answer questions and get a domain in return but if I was I’d probably do the same to them like you’re doing. People just need to back off.

Hmmm, I didn’t watch the superbowl at all. I don’t like football. I like hockey more. Even though I like hockey I still don’t really watch it. I don’t like watching television ever since the computer arrived at our house. Haha. I do watch movies once in a while and watch LOST and Deal Or No Deal, but that’s about it.

Again, I hope it doesn’t rain on you tomorrow while walking home in the rain. Oh get this on my phone (since you showed us yours), mine has a world clock, so I have my time zone and sydney’s time zone. How cool is that? So I know what time it is there and it’s monday already over there. Haha. Well; I’mma gonna go my buns are hurting from sitting on this chair to long making the new layout. Take care and return comments when you have time :).

Yeah I like how trains can get you anywhere but what I don’t like about it is that some of them are so dirty and old. Sometimes they move so slow too.
Haha, I guess it’s hard to choose which house your boyfriend’s parents want to go to. I’ve actually never been in that situation because my grandparents are in China.
Thanks, :) I’m sure I’ll have a good *cough* time. ahaha. I usually hate family gatherings too (because well no offense but I’ve got heaps of relatives who I don’t know about or remember)! And it’s always the same BBQ’s. /oh
Haha thanks again! I know the grid does remind me of maths too. :D
I know how you feel about the comment thing. It feels like a “job” we all need to do. But we don’t really have to. I also think it’s polite to return comments and I love doing that anyway. :) I like returning comments on my own pace. (Y)
Oh and I know how annoying the “how much money do you make” questions are. I mean why do we need to know all of that? It’s just really rude to ask someone about a person’s income.
Ergh I wish I can make money right now. Since my parents are divorcing I just want to help my dad end this and give my mum the money.
Money is what society needs right now since the recession. Everyone is working but losing their jobs. And yes you need income to live your life. Sad thing really but money still doesn’t buy happiness.
LOL, I want an IPad too. But it’s not on the top of my very very long list!
Anyway very nice nails! /bounce I love blue, it’s my all time favourite colour!

That’s a little…random how people ask you how you make money. XD I mean no offense, but it’s not as if you’re a self-proclaiming millionaire :P Ahh well, I guess people are just curious? 😰

Hmm, I thought your uni fees get deducted from your tax when you have a full-time job? At least that’s what I thought :(

There, there Georgina. :( Maybe you could sing along to “Singin’ in the Rain” on your way to home. Though I must warn you, from personal experience people tend to stare. Haha just kidding, I’ve never dared to do that. Yet. 🙄

Apparently it’s forecasted to rain for the entire month as well. What the hell is with that?! 😰

Lol, I only managed to answer two questions on namecheap, even though they were like 40 minutes delayed. /snort I was hoping to get lucky with the random winner. xD


I guess people are either sticky beaks, curious, or just plain rude when they try and see what music your listening to. I find it a little creepy to be honest. XD

Nope, it hasn’t changed yet. Year 11 still doesn’t count. But nonetheless, I’m going to strive to do my best as I’m hoping it’ll help me in year 12. At the very least I’ll be used to working my ass off by then anyway :P I think my year is the last year that will have the HSC hand-written, cause ya’know, those younger bitch of a year groups all have laptops now. :( My year was SUPPOSED to get it but the government ran out of money so he post-poned it for a year and gave it to the year below us. -_-

:O Only one person chose general maths! We have like 2-3 classes in my year. Same with English. That’s strange that you couldn’t pick standard english…did you go to a selective school? I heard that they didn’t allow you to do standard or general if you went to selective schools. >_>

hehe, thanks. 😏

Hahaha. I can’t say much since I myself is always behind with comments. I used to return all comments quite fast last year, but doing it stresses me out so I return them in my own pace now. I don’t mind if I get less comments. There’s no point in having lots of comments if you feel forced to return them. Sometimes I return comments when I’m in the mood. You could notice that I return comments really late when I don’t feel like returning them, and yes, you’re right, returning comments isn’t mandatory, but I think that’s it’s one form of courtesy.

I hate it when people don’t leave blog-related comments while you leave decent ones. :S

Haha. I suck at time management, which explains why more often than not, I come to school late. XD

iPads look really interesting and yummy to me. Bwahaha. I’m too lazy to answer questions though. I easily give up in Namecheap contests, even when I do think it’s worth a try. Good luck! :)

I want to have a part-time job too, but I’m not too willing to fit it in my already tight-packed schedule. T_T

Well, I’m letting the domain expire since I don’t feel too connected with the name. T_T I feel sad though since it was my first domain, yet I’ve always considered Rawrbie as my first one.

Thankfully, she didn’t delete the list yet. YAY! But I feel really lazy after import half of the members. I’ll continue working on it later. /eee

You’re welcome. :)

Wow. Sorry to hear about that! I think maybe she was panicking when the accident happened and fainted?

True, especially in the morning. Ugh, couldn’t even move an inch without someone glaring at you. It’s even hard if you need to get out of a station without being pushed. I feel kind of claustrophobic whenever I ride the train in the morning. :P

That is unfair >.< Did anyone complained to the teachers about it?

Yeah, but I won’t experience camping in a tent this year because it’s canceled ): It’s raining here and there will be a thunderstorm later this evening.

I hope so too, but I doubt that the teachers would know that because no one would tell them.

Haha XD

Thank you! =]

Um, could I put your link on the sidebar instead? I don’t really have a footer (or maybe I do, but I don’t use it) and I’m not planning to have one. :P

In my opinion, not returning comments is like ignoring a person when they complimented you. Haha, even though it’s not a must, I feel like I’m being polite by returning a comment. Don’t let it pressure you. :)

Hm, I think it’s not really rude when they ask how much money you get from the job you do. But my teacher says it is, so what the hell. That still doesn’t stop me from asking questions on how much salary they get. :P I’m curious like that.

Will your family’s car get fixed anytime soon? I hope it does, so you wouldn’t have to experience the torture when riding a public transport again.

Good luck with winning an iPad!

Ah! I love the color of your nails. :D It’s cute!

Haha, I do that as well! Mostly the server just stares at me as though I’m an alien or something. 😳 I jumble up my words a lot.

I guess..and also architecture is kind of exciting. My father goes to a lot of different places and meets different kinds of people so it’s quite fun.

Haha, had to start somewhere. :) I’ve never written a story like that. My only complete stories are the first few ones I wrote when I was eight or nine. :P

Yeah. Hope you watch a good movie! I also want to watch one but no one’s there to come with me.

I would never have that much courage either. But I’m also not brave enough to fight. Hehe yeah screaming and shouting would be a good way to keep the guy off. :D

Yeah. Most people think males are better than females. As a result a most females here are either unemployed or don’t have a good job.

Hopefully you win an iPad! :)

I think it’s a good idea to take your time with returning comments. I mean, it really does stress you out.

I only usually let mine build up to about 20 at most to return but I couldn’t imagine how many at one time you have to return. You get double the amount of comments I get.

Like you said there’s no rule to return comments but of course, you feel you should out of common courtesy. But that doesn’t mean we HAVE to do it straight away. Some people take advantage of that too.

I find it quite rude when someone asks how much another person earns from their job. I mean, that sort of thing is private. Especially when asking someone you don’t actually know in person.

I hate it when people just live off of their parents though. A bit like my sister, she doesn’t work, she’s not getting any benefits and she expects my mum to pay for her fags all the time. *Sigh*

I couldn’t imagine how annoying it is when people are constantly asking you how you keep up with your domains. I mean, you even wrote a time management article, they should just read that.

If you think about it, it’s NOT hard to keep up with that amount of domains. I mean, it’s just common sense to manage your wisely.

At first I thought it was a bit silly waking up every hour just to answer the NC questions cause why would you fuck your sleeping pattern up to answer a question?! But if I weren’t working, I would probably try it just for fun haha.

The iPad seems cool, but not something I would want. ^_^

Yay for blue nails. :D

Trust you to notice my grammar mistakes. :P I wrote it at like 1am last night lmao.

I hope you didn’t think I was copying you with the blog thing. I just thought I’d better say it now rather than later. I can’t keep just blogging once a week, I’d lose my lovely visitors. :(

LOL I do keep checking how many people have joined, hehe. ^_^ I love the name of it though, hehe.

Yeah, I wanted to blog about it a while ago but I thought people would call me a hypocrite. But since you blogged about it, I thought it was OK because like you said, it doesn’t feel weird because others agree.

Yep exactly, my site, I do what I want, when I want. People shouldn’t even get pissed off. Some people don’t even return comments AT ALL.

I know the pressured feeling. Whenever I used to go out, like shopping or round to Robs, I always had the thought “shit how many comments will I have to return when I get home”. I started thinking like that at work, that’s why I closed comments for ages. :(

Hehe thank you. :D I’m happy about it, but I’m not… just because it tires me out so much but I’ll get used to it. I don’t even know when I go back though, I gotta wait for the manager to set up an interview for me.

OMG I hate that as well, when people on Twitter are like “OMG I NEED A DOMAIN, I HAVE NO MONEY” it’s like they purposely make sure certain people see it so they offer them one. A domain is NOT a necessity.

Yeah exactly. I’ve only ever had one domain competition, but the person doesn’t use the domain anymore so I gave it to Olivia along with 2 others. Some of my old ones are expiring now which is good, means I can “get rid” of them.

Amen to that indeed. If I wanted to buy domains for everyone, I would just do it or even hold competitions. I only offered to buy those people domains because they couldn’t afford it.

LOL glad you like it. ;D I prefer the blue still but yeah, I haven’t used pink before. :3

ROFL. You can steal them!! I didn’t make them. :P


Well, I may add them to my site in the future /huh Thanks for the wonderful comment I really appreciated it. I get very excited when I saw new comments added on my site 👏
Don’t be too modest, your layout is great. I really liked it /love /love
I’ve to go now Georgina right now, I would have written longer but I’ve no time left. I will make it up though /heart
*hugs from Istanbul*

Being a student is tough even with a student loan as a source of money … it only lasts for while especially if you have certain bills to pay for. My parents help me out too but of course, like you, I pay them back so that’s another reason why it’s not really enough. That’s why I actually JUST got a job to help me a little bit more. It was hard finding a job though. I must have sent out like twenty-something resumes and only two people called me back. working to live is right … it sucks but that’s life I guess.

I’ve been trying to find contests to win money too but I guess I’m not looking in the right places. I rarely ever win anything though lol. I guess I’m just not lucky in those things. I’ve tried so many online contests and never win anything hahah.

I LOVE blue nailpolish! My nails are always so inconsistent though. They constantly break because they are so brittle and it’s hard to keep nice pretty nails.

Bah. I always comment here when there’s the prospect of Chemistry homework. :P
But that’s only on Mondays, of course. ♥ *hugs*

And also because I wanted to return your comment, hum.

I admit I do skip some comments when I return comments because I don’t feel they’re ‘worth’ returning. You know, a line or whatever or just questions, it’s hard to respond.
I use the Reply plugin thing on WP for people whose sites are closed though :)

I do, however, believe that if obvious effort has been put into the comment (i.e it’s not one sentence and is blog related) I’ll return it to the best of my ability.

I feel awkward when people ask me where I get money from. I get some pocket money but not much at all and I can’t work yet, so my parents buy me what I need and I buy what I want.
I’d be afronted if someone asked me where I earned money, or how much I earned. Even if I grabbed £92385498598459854 a year, it would still be awkward basically exclaiming I was a millionaire.

I doubt that will come my way though. XD

Competitions! I have about $30 from the NameCheap trivia and am saving the money for renewals, but from reading Vicky’s blog I’d buy someone a domain if I felt they deserved it and had tried hard to get one, yanoe?

Anyways. Your blog. xD

Two years. Quite a long time. :O
I don’t mind you not saying, because let’s be honest: I’m not gonna find this information particuarly useful. Lmfao. Besides dollars, either US or AU, are nothing I understand. I use Google my baby. :P

Sheesh. Awkwardness. D:

I have always wondered how you kept up with your domains but after reading your time management article I just left it at that – good time management on your part. EXCEEDINGLY good time management, might I add /bounce

Whether you struggle or not, you manage. Personally I prefer the total not-struggling part.
So don’t rush comments and you can skip this one if you like. But I’m hopefully opening Friday evening (early Saturday for you) because then I have a week off. :D

Do you have any ideas for a layout subject though? I hate to ask but I’m totally STUMPED. >:(

One cannot survive without an income. *nods*

I hope it doesn’t rain! It snowed here but it was all mushy and didn’t settle. :(

Hope the bus ride isn’t so bad! You can listen to AFS and GLAC and chillllll. :3
I try and chill on bus rides but it’s hard work with bitches/ assholes/ Gekkos/ etc. lurking around the place.

Oh. Yeah. AND the driver.

I’ve seen you at it with the Namecheap trivia! (Y)

I love the wallpaper /love

Glad James is happier now!

Yes, having parents with close jobs is much easier and helpful, of course. Plus you get to see more of them!

Suburbs is still better then some poky, dumbass village that no-one’s ever heard of. I won’t test you on it ‘cuz you’re in Australia so of course you won’t know. xD

2 hours is ridiculous, just to get to school. Does he go to the same school you used to go to? :)

That would be nasty. *nods* I have half-term on Friday! I think I’ve already said that but whateverrrr. :D

AND I finished hockey for the ENTIRE YEAR (and hopefully for the rest of my life) /love
Hm. Then there’s just this Chemistry waiting. I just went to have supper and it’s now 18:49. /bash


White taxis and silver ones. Okies. I was just randomly curious. :P

Love yo’ bitch, fo’sho’.


Take care! xx

Haha well, chemistry isn’t too appealing. :P

I know what you mean. Sometimes I can’t say anything to “haha you’re welcome”. You get my drift. Sometimes there’s nothing to say. /bounce

I do too! But sometimes I’m even too lazy to use the comment thread plugin. I’m weird like that, haha. I also think that a thoughtful comment deserves a response.

I never got pocket money. So when I bought my first domain I pretty much had to scrounge for the money online and/or take from my bank account.

It is such a personal question though; Lilian also said that she would be affronted. I mean, it’s a bit of a rude thing to ask too. “What’s your salary?”

It’s a personal question like asking how much you weigh. Not everyone will give that away.

Thank you! Well, save it up. :) I have bought a fair few people domains (Lily included), because I just know that some people deserve them. I definitely keep some aside for renewing mine though.

Yeah, I love Google. Now I have an application on my iPhone that can convert units though. :)

Thank you! ♥

I think I do struggle – but you’re right… I do manage alright.

Well, you’re opening soon but until then we can go on chatting here. :P I can’t wait for you to come back though. Make sure you’re not still stressed! :O

A layout subject… if you get totally lost you can try typography, or just plain CSS? How about that for a bit of a challenge but simplicity?

Thankfully it didn’t rain but it was super hot when I walked. I bought a slurpee (ice slushie; whatever it is called there) on the way home though; I enjoyd it. :P

Totally true. I love AFS to the brim. Brim of what? I don’t know. My slushie? Maybe.

Unfortunately I didn’t win (ballsacking damnit) the iPad but oh well, I tried.

Haha, indeed. But they call them villages in Indonesia; I know that because my mum tells me stories. ;)

Nope, my brother goes to a boy’s school. :P And it’s pretty damn far. Mine was only ten minutes drive. And sometimes I walked or took the bus. I liked walking. :)

Aw! *hugs* Half-term – exciting crap. Then I will assume you definitely won’t be busy and that’s why you’re opening the site.

Hockey sucks haha. I’m glad you’re done with it. :)

Of course I’ll tell you when my domain is up. :D

*hugs* You take care too, missus! :P

Yea I saw in the picture above. Hope you won! Haha yea, It’s so confusing to keep up with whats American, Australian, or even Canadian! Thanks.

I agree with you, it is kind of common courtesy to return comments. That’s why I usually never venture out and comment sites that I am not familiar with our sites that haven’t commented me because I don’t really want to waste my time commenting them when they don’t return it, you know?

I think that it’s fine for you to return them at your own pace or on your site. I don’t really think it’s a big deal, at least you are returning them! You get so many each blog, and you blog so often, I can’t even begin to imagine how you were returning them all and making them lengthy.

At first I was going to say that I didn’t think it was to rude to ask how you got money, but now thinking about it, what do they think, your pulling it from money trees?! Your parents are giving it to you?! Um… no, it’s called working. Even I am going to get a summer job, because I don’t like depending on my parents for money anymore. I feel it’s wrong, because it’s their money that they need to ues to pay bills and buy food and clothes. Not something that I should be asking for from them!

I really think it’s great that you can keep up with so many domains!

Your nails are SO pretty and well taken care of! Okay, my life goal officially now is to have my nails look like yours, mine are a mess right now, but I have stopped my habit at picking at the skin around them, so this is a start! :)

Have a great day!

Hey :D

Hehe, don’t feel bad – there is no need to link back. But I think it’s super nice that you put a link on your sidebar and also thanks for the plug! It helped a lot. I got like at least 40 visitors from your site – though they didn’t all join. :)

I actually don’t really “study” – I just write down the important facts once and that’s it. Which is probably the reason why my grades aren’t as great as they could be if I really studied. But my exam went okay I think, so I am happy. Only three off them left.

You definitely are superwoman Georgie! I could never wake up every hour and fall back asleep again afterwards.. I think they anounced the winners earlier and as far as I remember you weren’t one of them – which is really not cool. You would’ve totally deserved to win that iPad! Especially considering the fact you got up every hour and stuff!

Their really are tons of people on their! It’s huuuge! I just remembered that I haven’t posted any new Jensen pics on that second blog today.. shit! But school and pre-exam are more important right now. Gonna make sure to catch up on the weekend.

Definitely! And some celebs can’t handle all that fandom and go crazy.. all the fame isn’t really as great as some of us might think in the first place. Like, imagine paparazzi following you 24/7 and taking all those pictures of you and your loved ones. I don’t think I could handle something like that. I need my privacy.

I really prefer studying during the late evening or the night. Everybody is sleeping and nobody will get on my nervous and stuff. xD It’s also sooo quite around the house then.

You guys are soo damn supportive and motivating, it’s awesome! :) Thanks a lot for it. ♥

You definitely should only return all the comments you get on your pace, because otherwise you might get really stressed and what not, and we don’t want that to happen. Visitors/Commenters should appreciate the fact that you do take the time to return them – when you have to the time.

I really don’t understand how people can ask how much money somebody earns. I mean, to me it seems kinda rude. There are things you just don’t ask.

I mean, shouldn’t it be somewhat clear that you have the money you need to buy domains etc. because you work and therefore get paid? I mean, it’s the usual process. You got to work and get paid.

I think it’s awesome that you pay your parents the university money back! My mum always tells me that if I decide to go and study I should do so – we’ll find a way to pay for it. Because it’s not exactly like my parents earn a lot of money and stuff. And with 4 kids to take care of there is practically no such thing as earning enough money.

Your nails look cool in blue! :) My sister is painting hers in pink lately.. I have no clue what happened to her out of a sudden. She would never wear any nail polish and now she wears pink. xD

iPad.. sounds like Apple’s gone into women’s hygeine.

Yeah, it’s no wonder they’re talking “iPeriod” and “iTampon”.

LOL, thanks :)

I know, it’s so cool. A day, two days, it’s cool to have a
best friend who was born around the same time as you :)

Haha, yeah I know. I heard it in some fancy restaurant, it sounds italian to me for some reason… :O

Yeah,, I know! Just does not sound right, now two in one… that is one damn hot shampoo!

Ehh, it was alright. It was bumpier in some places and smoother in one places. Still, rocked!

Lol, you’re right! :P I just put that question out there, not sure if anyone else got it. :)

Haha, tisk, tisk, returning comments at work? What shall we do with you dear Georgina?

It would rock if it talked back. It would be one awesome monkey

Ah, good luck with all those comments! I see you almost have over 40 now and mine to add. :O

I agree, teachers are always dumb.

Hell yes, it would be great! In the future, someone will have to create it. The real life button of Print Screen. Maybe an undo button too. I think they’d be very helpful..

Yay! 👏

I have always wondered how you have paid for all those domains.
I shall have to enter some contests now.. :P

LOL, you want an iPad that bad? Well, they are pretty damn cool. If you win and they give you an extra one, want to give it to me? I’d luv ya for it. /love

Those are some sexy nails you got there! :P It’s a pretty colour too. Ooh, awesome iPhone! :)

I think the key to maintaining a lot of websites is discipline. You got to be able to manage your time wisely. One does not need to spend 24 hours before the screen to keep all the websites updated, unless of course, if you are paid to do that. And you Georgie, is definitely a good example of wise time management. ♥

I like to return comments when I feel doing it. Now that sounds like a lazy bum, but I don’t like returning comments just for the sake of doing so because I would tend to write short, pointless comments because I’m way too lazy to read the blog post.

To be frank, I’ve never had a job before. Not because I didn’t want to, but my parents preferred me to stay at home and do all the house chores when I’m not in school. That’s exactly what I did right after I graduated from high school. I wanted to look for a job but my mom said, “it’s better for you to just stay and do the work in the house while the rest of us are out doing our own work”. She even discouraged me from using my own money (the allowance which I get every month from my school). Her excuse being, “we (my parents) can still afford to pay for all of you.”
I don’t mind if they pay for my stuff once in a while, but I’d prefer to pay the things myself.

:D I don’t really want the iPad either, but if you can get it for free, why not give it a try, yeah? XD

Oh, about chibiholic, Leon managed to persuade me to keep it for one more year. I said to him I would, but I won’t be doing anything to it. He wanted me to keep it because of the word ‘chibi’, which is his nickname. LOL. So giving up chibiholic is like giving him up. Hahaha!

Meh, I haven’t been up to date with my comments lately either. Then again, when am I, really? :3 Yeah, others seem so quick to reply, so as soon as I return their comment, I receive another one almost immediately. XD

Ah, well, being 12 years years old, I don’t exactly have to worry about having to get a job yet. :P My family, well, we’ve never been the richest, but we’re not poor either. My aunt owns a nail salon, and that might not seem like much, but at least my aunt won’t have to worry about getting fired! XD I’d say my dad brings in a pretty good income.

Aw, it would totally suck if it rained. :( I read about how your car has to get fixed because your mother got into a car accident for the second time. :/ (I just didn’t bother to comment. :X ) There’s a big chance it’ll snow tomorrow and on Wednesday, here in “the States.” :P

I participated in the NameCheap contest, too! Okay, so I’m not as dedicated as you, but it’s not like anyone has anything to lose, right? I’d be so tired if I woke up every hour just to check the NameCheap contest. :P And it’s not even at the beginning of the hour! It was totally random this time.

ahahah someitmes i dont like taking pictures of myself cause i can never get ‘perfection’ so i start to be really self concious about my face and all.. it sucks haha.
ahhh that sounds like a good responding comment system (: i get tired returning all comments too.. it seems like a chore.
it really is great that you plan to return money to your parents ! i have a feeling im gunna struggle with that by myself… kinda suck at finding jobs sighh.
your nails loook so shiny and everything, i think i just have crappy nail polish haha.

I too think it is a common courtesy to return comments. But I don’t see the point in gettong burned out by it. I think you are right to take it at your own pace.

I’m a one site only for the time being, I can’t imagine having a lot of domains. But it certainly would be a training tool of managing my time.

Ooooh the Superbowl was awesome! My family had a private Superbowl party, just the three of us. We got a bunch of junk food and sweets to add to out celebration. But my team didn’t win. :( May you get all your answers right.

True. I’m sorry if I offended you that way. I think I didn’t phrase exactly the way I wanted to.

Yeah, I love the young tennis players because you can watch them rise to fame….and get old lol.

Yeah, same. I’m not really invited to movies all that much so normally I go with my cousins because they’re lifeless and always free lol.

Yeah, that’s true. The 5th and 6th Harry Potter weren’t that amazing. The best were the 3rd and 4th, but the books are a lot better than the movies anyways. And there’s all those good movies like Transformers, Avatar, ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS- THE SQUEAKUEL. LOL

Haha, yeah! At Hot Topic the other day, I was paying for a bracelet with my friend when I saw a Justin Bieber shirt on display. I said “Ugh, I HATE Justin Bieber” and the guy at the cashier starting cheering. I gave him a high five lol.

Yeah, I actually think the Pope has it BACKWARDS about Avatar. I see it as a warning of what COULD happen if we don’t put aside our differences. But whatever. That’s just me.

Lol yeah. I should write a letter to the Pope asking why the hell (wait…we’re writing to the POPE….*heck*) he chose the name Benedict lol. I’ll just call him Pope Benny from now one XD

Yeah if I had a boyfriend already it would’ve been different…but I am a lonely hermit so it was awkward lol.

And I hate it when people ask me questions on my wealth, salaries, etc. It’s really none of their business and they don’t need to know.

Your site is very popular and very well known –

And I guess with popularity comes nosey as hell people wanting to know EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU and it can cross the line of privacy

Gurlfriend, you are a BLOG CELEBRITY in some folks eyes!!! *LOL*

I always return those who comment on my blog – I always visit their blog and return comments whenever I do a blog post.

Lately I been getting this one girl who be blog hopping which is not my style and I don’t visit her site only cause I know she looking for more comments and more hits – so not my style nor do I encourage it so if I know you are only looking for more comments and more hits – don’t even bother me with your sorry pathetic one line comment that has nothing to do with my blog post or if it does it don’t sound sincere enough…and so not worth me visiting your blog to return a comment as you only care bout more hits and more comments – AND AM NOT SAYING YOU ARE LIKE THAT but there are those out there who only care bout more hits and more comments which I can’t freaking stand and I seriously hate with a passion.

What’s an iPad? Or did you mean iPod? *LOL* Sorry to ask dumb questions…*LOL*

Have A Good one hun!

Sometimes people ask me how I keep up with all the fanlistings that I have. I just tell them that having a fanlisting or more than 5 isn’t that hard to handle. It’s really easy if you have a script like enthu. That makes things a thousand times easier.

I think you should return comments at your own pace and when/if you feel up to it. Some people think that when a person has a site, they are sitting at the computer 24/7. Wrong, we all have lives to live, ya know?