Yes Please

This calls for a celebration. Why? For many reasons.

Firstly, it’s James’s and my two-year anniversary today. /love I’m so happy. We’ve made it this far, and I feel sort of proud about that too. :) Yesterday he was feeling a bit down (read his post on Fire The Arrow?), but I’m sure he’s a lot happier now. ♥️

Also, his dad comes back from Hong Kong. He’s been gone a year, nearly. But I’m sure he’ll be welcomed back. /clap

We won’t be able to celebrate this week but hopefully next Sunday on Valentine’s Day we’ll be able to go out or something.

In a previous post I went into detail about what happened with our car. Our car door broke, it got fixed, polished inside and out, and we got it back yesterday.

But then today, in a stroke of bad luck or… well, I don’t know what… my mum had an accident with another car. The car’s really badly ruined, apparently (she just called me). And we’ll have to wait another two weeks or so to have it fixed again. My mum’s alright, thankfully, but it sounded shocking and serious.

A small part of me is annoyed because this means I will have to catch the bus and walk everywhere again. :( I know I shouldn’t be pissed, though. My brother Brandon was so angry when the car broke the first time. It takes him nearly two hours to go to school every day when he has to completely rely on public transport. He was swearing like a nutter; I don’t know what he’s going to be like now. :O

Going back to good news; I got my laptop back. I was discussing with my mum about jobs and hopefully finding something to replace my current one. My job at the publishing company ends today. In fact, today, sadly, is my last day. There might be an opportunity to work again later on in the year, though.

My mum returned my laptop and told me to go job hunting online. I found a lot of web/graphics designer positions but they all required experience in Flash and other skills that I do not possess. I found one job in print production and web design – I applied for that – I guess I’ll see how it goes.

Hopefully I have my laptop for good! I sort of annoyed my mum this evening and she growled, “Do you want me to take your laptop again?”

I immediately became polite and listened to her. 😰 I knew I couldn’t live without my laptop!

But, from that, I have learned a lesson. My sites really do drag me down a bit so I’m going to cut down. I know I’ve got too many domains and there are a few sitting around, so I’m going to get things moving! Also, I have a lot of fanlistings, some which need a layout update.

I wanted to get back to my ballet principal about teaching, but I guess I can’t for a few weeks again because of the car. It’s too much trouble to catch a bus and since it’s at night, a lot of the buses have stopped by then. I also don’t want to take a taxi as it’s too expensive and I can’t trust taxi drivers (hearing scary stories about rape and kidnapping is scary), and, finally, it’s much too far to walk.

Long few weeks ahead. /oh

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Happy Anniversary to the two of you!! ♥ ♥ ♥ That is awesome. Im so happy for you both :) Final and I have our one year coming up, next month.

Ugh, terrible car luck! I’m really sorry to hear about that. I feel bad for you all not having transportation of your own..but especially your brother. Ick.. 2 hours to get to school? Blah. Hopefully they will fix it uber fast! Right?!

Oh me.. I couldnt imagine not having my laptop. Actually.. I take that back. Binkerz.. my ‘original’ laptop broke at the end of July :( I still have ’em but can’t afford to fix it or do anything to it so I got another at the end of August as a birthday/christmas gift from my grandmother. Doing that again, though? No maam. Im glad you got yours back!!

Domains domains.. what are you planning to do? I cant imagine having all of those domains. Im really wanting another right now though.. with a company that doesnt suck so I can keep it and update it for once. Oh how I miss it. Goodluck with all of yours and your fanlistings and whatnot that need updating!

Im really excited for you, for the job you applied for. Sucks that yours has ended but if you get this one, I think it’ll be really good for you. Ill cross my fingers :)

Once again, Happy Anniversary!!

Hey lovely :)

Happy 2nd anniversary to you and James! And two years is definitely a lot for teenagers. But I think and hope you guys are made to stay together for another 239839 years. xD

It really sucks that your family’s car has to get fixed again – just after it got fixed because of the door. Glad your mum is doing good though! But it sucks that you and the rest of your family will have to rely on public transport for even longer now! Hope they manage to fix the car really soon!

I am sooo happy for you that you got your laptop back! But I guess your mum will maybe use it against you again, if you don’t do things the way she wants them to be done. Let’s hope that won’t happen though.

Good luck on moving your sites around and stuff. I hope you find a way to maybe cut down on the amount of domains without having to give up some of the things/sites you really love!

Aww, yay for you and James being together for two years! ((LOL, I just typed ‘Jimmy’, as that’s what I automatically call anyone named ‘James’ … LMAO. XD)) Hopefully you’ll get a chance to celebrate sooner than you expect. /eee

Ugh, our mothers are wayyy too much alike, it seems! >__< She occassionally takes my laptop away, as well, which is insanely annoying, considering my age. Apparently, though, since I still live in her house, ((And can't find a job,)) I get to be treated like an actual child. It's so fucked up, because she constantly tells me to 'grow up', and yet she treats me like I'm about 12 … Ugh, whatever. I'm just glad we both currently have rightful possession of our laptops! /bounce

And oh, man, now you're TOTALLY stuck with public transport … How lame to have to rely on it, ugh! Would you believe I've only had to use a taxi once, and that I've never had to take a public bus in my life …? Thankfully, we live kinda in the middle of my city, and our city isn't too big, so I'm able to walk everywhere I need … I wish you were able to do the same! :(

I already commented on your site but I figured I’d return your comment here. :D

LOL, I have to laugh at that! You know what Mallory, I was looking up my regular favourite singers and whatnot – and I found so many famous people whose real first names are “James”, but they are known as “Jimmy” or “Jim”.

Take Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Smith, Jimmy Sullivan – their first names were all James!

I feel like I’m treated like a child as well, even though I’m legally an adult. But such is life… and I know I cannot live on my own. I’m happy I have my laptop back! :)

You’re lucky you get to walk everywhere you need! I live in a quiet part of the suburbs so it’s not quite so close! :O

Happy Anniversary! lol
I bet James is happy his dad is coming back.

It sucks that you have to take the bus a lot. I don’t even have my beginners (G1) yet…lol. I’m going to take it tomorrow :) The only time I’ve ever rode on a bus was when I was in Florida at Disney on their buses…lol and when I went to Seattle. I’m not a big fan of them.

I bet your happy to get your computer back. I bet it sucks being without a computer. I know that I wouldnt be able to live without one…ahaha. Luckily you had your iPhone though, not that it’s a computer but it’s like it…lol :)

You think, I would miss a blog? Yeah, get off the dope Georgina. Grounding or no grounding, I’m reading your blog! I’m sneaking on my brothers computer (yes the one pulloted with porn) whie my moms in the basement… Pretty risky, but hey, its Georgina. ;) .

Anywhoo, congrats on your laptop! I think I was the first one to go all ” ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ SHESSS BACCKKK <3333333333333" On MSN, or Twitter…. You get your computer back, I get mine taken away? STUPIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

I know, I know, I know. You will get the job for the web-designer.. Like look at your site, and if you don't. Time for someone to go die. Cause your the best web designer/coder I know. Your like amazing, ♥. I hope I come back soon cause god damn it I need to blog, its fucking killing me.

Congratulations for you and James, I am happy for you guys. ♥.
My dad did something like James' dad did. Well, sorta. My dad went bankrupt (litterlly, not filed for bankrupcey, he had 0.00$ in his bank account and once a week there was 500.00$ in it, while he has 2 kids…. WTF?). So he went to Alberta for 2 years, so I never seen my dad for a while. I cried myself to sleep like every night. /wah .

He would come visit every once and a while, but it wasnt the same to seeing him every weekend. One night I heard my mom on the patio, talking to someone…. I opened the door and there was my dad, I jumped from my patio, into his arms which were like 10 feet away (No exageration here). 😳

Anyways I see my mom coming up, I gotta go. Sorry for the long comment. Byee! ♥

Oh, sorry for all the ♥ ‘s too… $:

Sweet Jesus, I hope she’s okay. /sweat
Right after all that repair work too. D:

I hope you guys don’t have to buy a new car. That’d suck /um

Yeah, yesterday kind of sucked. And that lecture I just got from the manager. That just evaporated my good mood like anything

Happy 2 years /bounce
Glad you’re here /love

Maybe see you later :)


James James James! ♥ I saw you yesterday! /love

My mum seems to have gotten over it now, but she was in such shock. I think she’s a bit worn out though; she’s been very tired lately.

It would suck having to search for a new car too.

Ugh. :( That’s poo. *hugs*

It’s going to be so terrible for you when I start going to uni. There will be less days we can talk… but at least we’ll be closer, in regards to distance. /hehe /mwah

Ya!! Laptop!! Lol. Sorry to hear a hobbie you love so much is dragging you down.

So happy it is your 2 year!! Congrats!!!

Wow. Hong Kong. My school went there lat year for a trip. I am going next year to Europe.. It is neat to explore new places!

Sorry to hear about the car. We just got a new sienna ( well it is used but it is a 2008) fairly new an I cannot see over the dashboard… So I am NOT going to learn how to drive next year with thy car..

I am flabergasted that you don’t know how to use flash.. I thought you would. I am start my second semester next week and I get to use flash a we are learning how to use it. We are also getting an assignment for a website layout. I hope I don’t have to use dreamweaver becuase I like to code on my own with notepad. I found all this out from last semester kids.

Hope you have luck finding a new job!

Congratulations on your and James’ second year anniversary. It’s a milestone in any relationship so YAY for you guys. Hopefully when James’ Father settles back home from his travels you and James will be able to to celebrate. <3

Yay! I’ve probably told you on Twitter, but I’m happy your mom gave you your laptop back. Thank goodness. Now hopefully she doesn’t take it again. I think she’s kind of realized it’s your go-to when you get in trouble though D: I was happy when I bought my first laptop because no one could take it from me then, ha.

I wish I could do 100 sit ups a day! I get to like 20 and it burns so bad that I’ve got to take a break and breathe for a minute, then go back to doing them. I’m so out of shape. Plus my belly being bloated, it’s getting on my nerves so bad.

I agree about PE. I hated that you HAD to take it in school. They had like Yoga classes or something within that area, but I believe you had to pass both PE classes to even get into that. I think something else to chose from would be much more fair. Ugh >..< lol.

Good luck with getting the job.. and getting rid of some domains. The job thing I know you can do, but I'm iffy about those domains :P

Hahah I saw a lot of hearts as I was scrolling down (Why didn’t I just click, jump to comment form? Idk, I’m weird like that :P )
Well I hope you guys get to have a nice and awesome day together on Valentines Day with all the love in the air ♥
I was thinking to myself, YAY NO MORE BUS & WALKING FOR YOU. But when I read more, I was like AWWW MAN!! I hope the car gets fixed real soon because walking and finding other means of transportation really does suck.

Hahaha I can understand how you instantly started being extra nice with your mom, I would go crazy if she banned the computer from me once then again.

Taxis are expensive and creepy. I know I shouldn’t believe that what happens in the movies can happen to me, but I can’t help it. I’ll be really scared. Again, hopefully the car will get fixed in a short amount of time.


Yay, your laptop’s back lol!!

And OMG what is with your mother and cars lol? Just ban her from your car from now on lol.

And awww sorry to hear about your last day at work. I’m sure your new job will work out :)

Lol I just love listening to Andy Murray’s accent!! He can talk about the stupidest things and I’ll will be completely invigorated because of his accent lol. And he’s a really good tennis player. He just kinda came out of nowhere and his rise to fame was pretty cool.

Ugh, I know! I don’t really care much for Venus Williams but Serena is so freaking annoying! Did you see how she threatened the poor line judge lady at the last open? She said “I will shove this fucking ball down you fucking throat!” and “After this game I am going to HAUNT you!” Dude……I got kinda scared myself lol. Plus she’s fat and ugly lol.

Haha thanks! I didn’t get the shirt myself because I hate going to the mall but my sister was going so I said “Get me an Avatar shirt from Hot Topic and you’re not allowed back until you bring it!” lol. And I’m a HUGE movie person. My friends and I always try to go to the movies whenever possible. Lol we go to a dollar theater most of the time and it’s pretty awesome.

I know. The books were so great and then they go screw it up. The part that really depresses me is that the director directed 2 Harry Potter movies so I’m like WTF you can’t respect Percy Jackson like you respect Harry Potter?? GO DIE. Lol.

Haha I’m gonna laugh when Justin Bieber goes through puberty and his voice starts to go all raspy and off pitchy and all the fan girls will just stop dead in their tracks lol.

It’s a very great blessing that your mother is doing fine. Accidents are scary, especially when it isn’t your fault. I got in one a month ago and boy was i pissed. I wasn’t even grateful for the fact that my mom and made it out just fine, i was more angry at the fact that i have to go through a line of duties to get my car fixed! =/
it’s always a grand feeling when anniversaries turn into years! it’s a lovely feeling. congratulations to your 2 years together! i wish you both many, many, many more to come! (Y) make it a good one when you guys have time to celebrate it. it’s a must to celebrate the yearly anniversaries ;)

i’m glad to have heard you got your laptop back. like you stated on your previous post, i don’t know where my mind would be without mine. internet alone, actually. i know how hard it is to occupy every single minute of your day without technology =x it the sad truth. oh well at least we’re doing SOMETHING, right?

i hope all goes well with the job hunting! keep us posted ;)

Congratulations on you and your sweetie’s anniversary! Awesome! Another year to go through together and hopefully it will bring more happiness and love to both of you. ♥ ♥

And congrats on getting your laptop back. Ahh, you must be feeling all relieved and happy.

Glad your mom is alright. Accidents are real nasty things. I had a car accident two years ago. My own fault. Long story short, it still gives me goosebumps everytime I think of it.

I hope you’ll find a job soon Georgie! You deserve something good. Web designing job really is something you should go for. ;) I haven’t started mine, still waiting for my job descriptions from my employer. Hmm..

Hahaha, I’ve definitely learnt my lesson. I’ll be sure to check for my things before leaving home. Driving there and back again and getting exhausted from it is not a positive way to start the day. XD

I love February too! And yeah, it must be because of Val’s Day. I’m really looking forward to it this year. Hehehe.

First off congrats on the anniversary of you guys and for getting your laptop back! I knew she wouldn’t keep it long. I’m glad she didn’t.

I hope you get that job you applied for but that sucks that she totaled the car again. I feel bad for her though. Maybe she was running late and ran a red light or something.

Oh great, now you got me thinking about taxi’s and what not. I’m pretty sure I’ll be going to Australia within the next two years because I wanna go somewhere local first and see how I like traveling and if I like it than I’ll go to Australia and meet up with you :). I first want to go to New York and see the Tyra Banks show, I can’t wait. I better start saving up for that trip so I can see her. Haha.

But yeah that would be undeniably awesome if we met and took pictures and what not and show me the sights and all that. So I’m definately looking forward towards that. It’ll be extremely fun! heehee.

Hmmm, I’ll probably be doing nothing for Valentines day. Again as I’ve got no boyfriend but oh well.

Well; hmm, I went back to listening to J-Pop and Rock again after several days of listening to pop. I just couldn’t stand it any longer. I wasted a two hundred dollars on music, that I’ve only listened to like once or twice. Oh well lesson well; learned. But at least I got some make up so yay!! :).

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you on getting that job and I will definately take pictures of the house and my room and show you all. Heehee.

Happy anniversary to you two! xD

:O That’s so scary! it’s great that your mothers okay though. It sucks that you have to walk and take the bus now :( hopefully the car can get fixed soon. I still don’t know about whose fault it is about my mums car. It’s been a while.

YAY! that’s awesome that you got your laptop back! xD

I hope you find a really good job :) it sucks that it’s your last day at your current job.

That guy who opens his locker door wide is really weird, he said to me yesterday ‘Jess, talk.’ I was thinking, WTF? and I just looked at him like, WTH! he said it to me again today. He’s starting to piss me off.

I really want to work in the Fashion Industry! I am more interested now, because I watched The September Issue. It’s all about Fashion! it’s about VOGUE magazine making a issue in 2007. I thought it was good xD

The thing I hate about high school is that there’s so many projects! (oh and P.E!). This weekend I have so much homework, I don’t know how people do it! I probably don’t do as well since I’m not focused enough!

Some teachers don’t care if we have phones in class. Most people put there phones on their lap and text. My friend sometimes even texts on the table and NONE of the teachers notice.

It might be weird but I’m sort of scared of the volleyball! since they’re so HARD. They hurt my hand when I serve /wah

That sucks that on the iPad you can’t look on flash website D: they should make it so you can. They should also make it so you can use flash on the iPod Touch.

Congratulations on your two years with James, Georgina! And many more to come. ♥

Ohh nuu, Uni soon!

Hahaha. XD It’s okay that nobody is over dosing. But I’ll watch out for you. XD /ho

Well, where were you teaching before? People usually teach here in school. Haha. XD

Haha. XD Well you are. :P Thanks for admitting. XD Hahahah!

It was fixed? Oh yeah! Now life is better. Haha. (Y) I know that it passes. It just flies. Haha. :)

Oh well, they aren’t some what mean, but they just bug us sometimes for our good. :P That’s good that you have friendly and nice neighbors.

My mother tells me that too. LOL! XD I can’t stand it either. /hehe

I guess they will. If they won’t come, we will go there in summer or spring maybe.

Oh well I don’t want to get a shoot. I don’t really trust the doctors. Hahahha! XD Well I don’t know what they have in the shots. Maybe I’m allergic of something in it. /hmph

Oh they are? LOL. Well you shouldn’t be upset. He will win other games.

Thank you so much fort he review. I really appreciate everything you said. I will take the review in consideration. Oh and I made the scribbles from a stretch. But nobody was hosted by me since I started my website. :S Oh and I know the font is small, I realized that after putting up the layout. :P Oh and about the font. Can you check if now people can see the font “Adorable”. :) I can’t check because I don’t have other computer. :( Hahha. Yeah the “Owner” page wasn’t updated in a while. LOL! XD The dog wasn’t mine. It was my the dog of my grandmother. But since my grandmother died, there was nobody to feed the dog and it died. I loved them both. /wah ♥

That’s good. I hope that she will not take it again. XD


Happy anniversary. I’m so happy for you to. :D I know that you will be together another 917846852018484678990 years. :) I’m sure that James is so happy now.

Oh gosh. She had an accident? Omg. Its good that she is alright! Now you have to wait about the car again. But all it matters that your mother is okay. :D

Awwee, I’m sure you will find another job. You are a smart girl. :)

Good luck with the domains. :) Once again, Happy anniversary! ♥

too many domains is actually a bit hard to handle. Laptop is a necessity, don’t let it escape again from your hands lol.. Hope you can find a job, I think you had a potential being a web designer.. so look for that.. :) and Happy anniversary to you guys!!

Yay!!! Your laptops back! XD I’d be jumping around and dancing if I were you, haha.
I hate PE altogether anyway-the only sport I like is swimming. So I’m not athletic.
We of course! As we all grow up we all mature. I can not wait to go to Uni!! :)
I would probably choose UTS if I could get in. I like it because I feel like it’s better in the Arts. There’s like two campuses-I could go to the one near my house or the city one. Sydney and UNSW is really old so I see what you mean of the buildings freaking you out. @_@
Yes, I can’t really leave home either. It’d probably take me ages to move out in the future!!
LOL, I’m sure the icon must not be that ugly!
I’m having the contest now, haha. You can enter the contest by giving me the icon link by commenting. (Y)

Yay!!! Your laptops back! XD I’d be jumping around and dancing if I were you, haha.
I hate PE altogether anyway-the only sport I like is swimming. So I’m not athletic.
We of course! As we all grow up we all mature. I can not wait to go to Uni!! :)
I would probably choose UTS if I could get in. I like it because I feel like it’s better in the Arts. There’s like two campuses-I could go to the one near my house or the city one. Sydney and UNSW is really old so I see what you mean of the buildings freaking you out. @_@
Yes, I can’t really leave home either. It’d probably take me ages to move out in the future!!
LOL, I’m sure the icon must not be that ugly!
I’m having the contest now, haha. You can enter the contest by giving me the icon link by commenting. (Y)
Ahh young love, ♥
HAPPY ANIVERSARY GUYS!! 2 years together is an achievement! Have fun on Valentine’s Day!
Aww that was bad luck. Your car got ruined. Again? I know how pissed you and your brother must be-walking, or taking public transport to and from school/work. 😰 I know it sucks, :(
Good luck with getting the job I hope you get in! I’m also glad that you’re cutting down on your domains, :)
I’ve heard about the stories about Taxi drivers. /ehh
Just keep it together and you’re fine for the week!

Heeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

Happy, happy, happy, happy, HAPPY two years! ♥ ♥ Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I am sooo majorly happy for you guys and very, very proud /eee WOOOOOOOOT! Congratulations :D Hopefully I will be congratulating you on this date for the next several hundred years or so.

Okay, maybe not several hundred years, but you know…a substantially long time :P

It’s a pity you can’t celebrate today, but oh well, you’ll celebrate eventually ^^

And yaaaay for James’ dad coming back to Australia. Hahahaha. I hope he hasn’t developed a chinglish accent from too much time in Hong Kong :P Man, I couldn’t ever imagine my dad being away for a whole year. I’d miss him SO much. Oh, I better get used to that. :P If I ever want to move out properly. LOL

Oh noes! D: Another car accident! I’m glad to hear your mother wasn’t hurt though :O Let me know how she’s going tomorrow.

But yeah…That is quite inconvenient. Not having the car again. It sucks. But the important thing is your Mum is fine. *nods*

Hahaha, I guess it would be frustrating for your brother, but still! He should learn a little patience! The world does NOT revolve around him, despite what he may think. *nod*

Awwww…last day of work :( /wah It’s a little sad! Hahahaha, but like you said, maybe you get to work on another project later this year. In the mean time, I hope you get that other job you applied for! :)

And I am so glad you got your laptop back because twitter’s character limit is seriously a pain in the arse. /angry Hopefully your mum NEVER confiscates it again D:

Urghhh! Yeah, those scary taxi horror stories. I’m terrified of taxis! And some taxi drivers are scary. I mean the way they drive…It’s like they’re all suicidal. I’ve been overtaken by taxi drivers in the most ridiculous ways. I mean ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD WITH ONCOMING TRAFFIC? WHEN I AM ACCELERATING? Dear god. I’d only ever take a taxi if someone was with me.

And public transport at night is also a little intimidating. I better get used to it because I have night classes at uni in semester 2 🤬


Thank you! ♥ And thank you for your story on your blog post too! /eee

Ooh, several hundred years? That would be epic! :P

I saw James though, just on the train. Quite boring. But it was better than nothing. :)

I can’t imagine my dad being away for a year! But I feel grateful that my dad has a good job and it’s going well. It would be hard living without parents altogether but you and I both know that we’re both not ready. :P

My mum was in shock but now she’s calmed down. I think it’s strange though; she seems to be pretty tired.

Thankfully Brandon isn’t behaving too badly. I think he understands that it was an accident and something more serious than just the car door breaking. So I’m glad he’s not pissed; hopefully he won’t start raging on Monday morning when he has to go to school. :)

LOL, at least we got to talk! ♥

I never really noticed how taxi drivers drive! But I think that none of the drivers look very friendly at all. 😰 I’m always scared to go in a taxi, and especially by myself. That’s not happening. I’d only take a taxi if someone was with me too. :)

Night classes suck! I wish I was there though, I wish I was. So I could keep you company! I’ll admit it would be a bit interesting to have night classes, but grr.

I wish I had super-early morning classes, actually. The only thing I hate about my classes is that they aren’t interesting in terms of time and allocation. O_O

Congrats! Two years is great xD Happy anniversary to you both!
WOOO! your laptop is back! :D

It’s really good that your mum is ok :) that sucks that you have to walk or catch the bus everywhere now :(

I hope you get a great job :D it sucks that it was your last day though :(

Hehe I love the smilies you use xD I wish I had some like these :P

Thank you! :)

Yeah, I’m pretty glad my laptop is back. It was hard living without it!

I think the important thing is that my mum is fine and she wasn’t injured. It’s going to be inconvenient but I’ll get used to it, I guess. :)

I loved that job but hopefully I can find another one I love as well.

Thank you! I got the smilies from, but many years ago. So the site doesn’t exist anymore. :(

My mom says she would love to have foreign friends, so as long as I’m not sharing too much information online I don’t think she would mind.

My father is an architect. Sometimes I find his work really interesting. :)

My mom and dad are completely different. I have almost always been a good student, so my mom says that she doesn’t care how everyone else does, she only wants to see how I did. My dad says that as I have always done good, doing bad once in a while is a good thing because people should have all types of experiences. XD

Compared to the books, I guess the Twilight movies are good. But if you don’t compare them to the books, they don’t make much sense.

The Pink Panther movies are awesome! You should see them some time. Hehe yeah I do it as well. I plan to see a movie but then I don’t.

Congrats on the two-year anniversary! 👏

D: That’s so terrible about the car accident! That sucks you and Brandon will have trouble, but at least your mom wasn’t hurt.

That’s great news you got your laptop back. I wouldn’t be able to be without my computer either. I hope you get that job. :)

There are lots of stories here about taxi drivers raping and kidnapping girls and all of that. I would be scared as well to get on them. Thankfully I don’t need to use taxis much.

Congratulations with your 2 year aniversary ;)
Good luck with the comming few weeks, and just wanted to say you have an amazing layout ;)

XX Becky

Reply to comment: yeah lol.

WOW. thats a lot of domains

Hey! :D

He’s definitely cute! Just today I started a new Tumblr blog to let out all my crazyness for Jensen/Dean Winchester. That should be a great thing to do when I get bored (aka. don’t want to study)! I can look for hot and sexy Jensen pics and post them and stuff! Soooo awesome!

I heard about that too! But unfortunately I never wake up after 30 minutes to say if it’s true or not. xD I will usually sleep for at least an hour or so. xD

There actually was a fuckyeahJensenAckles Tumblr but they didn’t really update it.. and the fuckyeahDeanWinchester one was taken too.. but who ever used to have the URL fuckmedeanwinchester decided not to use it anymore.. so lucky me took it! :)

And those Jensen fans are pretty freaky sometimes.. I am follow some of them on Tumblr and wow! But I think the Jared ones are even “worse”. I read some comments on what his fans think of his wedding/engagement with a co-star from Supernatural. They kinda pretty much hate her. And not just because she played demon Ruby on Supernatural. xD They want Jared all for themselves. xD

I mean, shouldn’t a fan be some kind of happy that his celebrity is happy and has somebody who loves him and stuff? I mean, I would be/am happy that Jensen found the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with. I don’t know her or anything (knowing as I haven’t heard about her before), but as long as he is happy – everything is cool.

Definitely.. but most of the time I am like that too. If my sister makes me really angry I’ll bitch at pretty much everyone. Its like “UGH! Just leave me alone!” all the time then.. but of course they won’t.. so they have to deal with bitchy me. xD

Yep, that’s exactly what I wanted to say. :)

It’s been almost a year now?! Wow.. than I am talking to you longer then I thought! Because I remember how I kinda started to comment on your site around the time you opened your photoblog. You also had this layout with the “cubes” up I think.. the grey one with the green&blue “cubes” on it I think..

Oh hell yes! It’s scary. There are only 4,5 months left and I will be done with all this stuff.. 4,5 months! It seemed like there was plenty of time left back then.. oh boy! I think I will study during the night today and on Saturday, because while everybody is up I kinda can’t get myself behind my notes and stuff.. and its not even really the internet that is keeping me away. Its me.

Your chances are definitely not that good if you graduate early. I recognized that before I got into year 11. I had done this year in between to get the required qualifikations and I applied for jobs too. I actually wanted to start working and earning money and al that stuff. But nope, I didn’t get a job. And my repord card wasn’t bad at all. I had an average of 2,67 (1 being the best you can get, 6 worst)… and a dude in my class whose repord card was definitely worse than mine got a job..

I know how you must’ve felt. Our normal “tests” are usually 90-135 minutes long and after at least 90 minutes my hand starts to hurt and I have to do some stretching and stuff so I can write more.. I am really not looking forward to 5 hours of writing..

Awww, thanks Georgie! ♥ Your little “speech” was really motivating. I hope I finally get myself behind my notes and start to study now.. Because I definitely don’t want to do everything all over again!

Thank you. :D Oh i remember that, it was when she was still on audiorush. The layout totally fits her site name lol.
Thanks. :D I added brushes and they looked awful. So i left it plain. :D

Thanks. :D Ohh I haven’t been on your photoblog in forever. Mine is just until the domain expires and that’s it. I don’t know if I’ll renew it. I’ll just keep updating for now and see what happens. Maybe i’ll renew it. :D

I’m making money already. :D I am soo happy lol.

I don’t even talk to her anymore. Which i am soo glad for. She’s just soo fake.

I will never hit my child. I do not believe in that. I will yell and go crazy i cannot hit my own child at all. *hugs back* you are welcome. :) Parents do that, they try to keep you very busy so that you will stop what you’re doing. It doesn’t work at all lol.

I started reading Alice in Wonderland but i didn’t finish it lol. I have no idea how it ends. All i know is she went in a hole lol. I’m going to watch the movie. Its coming out soon. :D

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU AND JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope he feels better now. :D

OMG!!! Thank god your mom is okay. :) Bad luck sucks badly /angry

Your brother will probably just go off. Damn 2 hours?? Why is his school so far away from home?

Why is your job ending? So much questions lol. I am feel soo lost. 🤬

Congrats on getting your laptop back. :D I have never been a taxi before. I hear scary stories too and the freak me out. I prefer the bus where there is a lot people.

Wrong site address lol.

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG, my Ab Circle Pro came today. It cleared my account yesterday and was shipped the same day! It’s finally here! They must live in California in order for it to arrive here so quickly but it did!

Anyways, I can really feel the burn on that machine heehee. I did like 10 reps and than tried doing the side routine that was showed in the instructional video. I could only do the right side I guess I’m weak on my left side haha. Oh well. I think I’ll save the buns and thighs for last or when we move. haha.

So James’ dad came home? That’s awesome. I can’t believe that he’s been gone that long of time. I bet he’s thrilled about it? I’m sorry you guys didn’t get to celebrate your two year anniversary on your day of getting together. But hey Valentines day is coming up so you can celebrate it than like you said. I’m proud of you guys for the short term of knowing you guys. Congrats again.

I’m glad your mum decided to give you your laptop back so you can look for jobs. But again it sucks that the car is smashed again. Glad she’s okay though.

Man it hurts when I breathe lol. I guess that goes with the exercising? But if it hurts than it must be working than? Right? I wasn’t on that thing for more than a minute and already I was sweating lol. My dad’s probably going to want to see how it’s done when he gets home. Haha!! We’ll see and I’ll let you know how it goes!

oops. i just noticed that your mom has issues with your car lately. i remember your blogpost when your parents fought and all. oh why am I bringing that up -_- sorry bout that.
anyway, a big CONGRATULATIONS!! ♥ 👏 ive never been in a long relationship, probably because i havent found someone good yet. erhm. what am i gonna do on valentine’s day T____T probably read your blog to find out what you did and turn green with envy X( haha i might become a glow in the dark chiburger XD

Congrats on the Anniversary! When you do get the chance to celebrate, I hope you guys have tons of fun. /bounce

Also congrats on getting your computer back.

Aw good news & bad news.

The good: happy 2 years to you & james. :) ♥ LULZ at first I thought you wrote, “hopefully next Sunday on Valentine’s Day HE’LL BE ABLE TO PUT OUT or something.” rofl sorry my mind is totally in the gutter. ahaha i was like, “omg georgie, raunchhyyyy ;) ;) ;)”

But glad you got the laptop back!

GAHH it’s a good thing your mother is alright though..jeez that sounds awful. Will you have to pay for the damaged car as well or is the insurance company somehow handling that? Sigh. :( Well, even though you’re crazy skinny, I would tell you that walking is great exercise but to a person who is already physically fit, it’s just like, “BLAGH DAMN LIFE”. ahaha.

Yes! Cut back on all of those domains! Going online to play around with your domains is suupposedd to be fun not excruciating & annoying!

In due time, you’ll gettt a chance at getting a job as a ballet teacher. That’d be so cool. I wish I could do ballet. Perhaps you should post youtube videos of you giving out random lessons so I can follow along! ahahaha.

Hi Georgina!
Happy anniversary to you two ♥
Time goes by quickly. Before you know it, you’ll probably be married to James :)

YAY! You got your laptop back :D yeah, my dad is always like “SEARCH THE INTERNET FOR JOBS” and I’m like…err.. just check the newspaper or something.
Thankfully your mum is alright but hopefully your brother will be okay and not get too mad.
You can’t blame him for getting mad though, 2 hours to get to school! It only takes me 15 mins by walking.

Don’t get into a taxi. It’s just unsafe. Imagine if the taxi driver drove you to somewhere else… or something and besides, it’s expensive.

Well that someday has come, I revealed my age :D

It’s great to hear that you got your laptop back! And I hope you get the job you applied for :)

and it’s awesome to hear about you and james, congrats! ♥

I do think it cheered her up a bit. The only problem was that his ex gf was there, adn the girl that likes him, and all of their friends, watching the same movie, just STARING at us.. one even came over when we were waiting for my mom and “had to get napkins” while bumping into me and all her friends were watching o.O so immature.


Two years is a long time. I hope James feels better now!
Oooh that’s good. My dad used to go abroad a lot, to Croatia and Hungary, for weeks on end when I was younger. Nowadays he has a new job and goes to Germany every now and then, but for nowhere near as long.

Valentine’s Day, eh? /hehe Well have a good time whatever you do ;)

Aw, sucks about the second car, but what matters is that your mum is okay.
Public transport is the shits but where I live there is practically none whatsoever. We need a car, badly. That’s the advantage of being in the city.

Wow, two hours is sure a pain in the ass. I’d hate that… it’s way too long just to get to school.
I’d be swearing, but not like a nutter. 😏 :P


I hope you get the job you applied for, and maybe at some point you could go back to the publishing company job.

Yeah, when people kind of blackmail you or threaten you, you do start to listen. :P
I hope she doesn’t take your laptop away again though. D:

Good luck with the domains and FLs! /type

I hope the car is fixed soon, because relying totally on public transport doesn’t sound too good. D:
Taxis are pretty expensive. :(

Ahem. What colour are the taxis in Sydney? I’m curious, LOL. In London they’re black but you see the occasional green or pink one. xD

Take care! x

Thank you! ♥

Yep, James has cheered up and is super happy. :D And his dad did go there for job reasons too. I feel lucky that both my parents work here. My mum only recently started working again but it’s great. :D

Thank you! :P

I guess so! I’m not in the “heart” of the city, so to speak. I live in a quiet part of the city, in the suburbs. But there’s still public transport around even though it is shitty.

I feel sorry for my brother sometimes. But he does go to a good school. :)

Yep! Oh, I hope they have another project going on; I’d love to go back.

I hope she doesn’t hahaha. Well, university does start in less than a month so it would be nasty of her to take it back so soon, again. :P

Thank you! Ah, I’m so excited for one of my domains. ;)

Oh, we have white taxis. Boring. Some are silver, when they’re the bigger kinds that take you to the airport with all your luggage. But they are very expensive indeed.

Love you! ♥

Happy 2nd Anniv dear!! whoot! :D So happy for you!

But man… another car accident? But good thing your mum wasn’t hurt! You can do it dear, think uh… exercise! It’s good for the body! And you have great weather there unlike here and you won’t inhale that much pollution there unlike here *i think… whenever i commute from school to home, I think my lung is dying every second I walk*

Yea being online can really be distracting! Wow you have another domain? Hope that you’ll be able to juggle them! And wow it’s nice that you work, I only rely on paid posts T_T wish I can work though, maybe I’ll apply too. Good to hear your laptop’s back! Hope you get the job ;D

Hahaha, at least you’re honest about my singing ability! I know I’m not a good singer and I don’t really like singing in front of people but I did it just for you guys. One of my visitors asked if I would ever try out for AI. I told her no way. I don’t sing that good. I agree with you though that at the end I did some what good. Country is hard to sing. Hell; in fact any song is hard to sing if you don’t have the right pipes. My dad always told me I couldn’t sing. Haha. I guess he’s right.

Yeah I bought two cd’s off ebay. I would’ve bought three but the ebay seller required immediate payment, which I couldn’t do so I had to cancel. Oh well; at least they had a cancel button and so I won’t get any negative feedback. I bought Ayumi Hamasaki’s best cd and Boa Kwon’s Valenti cd. Heehee.

Yeah the Ab Circle Pro is really really really fun! Haha. I haven’t worked out in ages. I just didn’t like sit ups because it wasn’t making me hurt or anything it was just like what the hell am I doing it for if it’s not gonna work? I wanted to see results fast and I wasn’t seeing it. So I got discouraged. So eventually I ended up quitting.

I hope you get to go to New Jersey to see Ben Jorgenson. Or however you spell his last name. Haha. Yeah, it’d be awesome to see Tyra live I love watching her. So hopefully within the year I can see her. I can’t wait.

I’m glad you got to see James for a bit on the train though. That must’ve been fun and exciting?

I bet your mum is still in shock. I would be too. After an accident like that! I hope she recovers soon!

Congrats on you and James anniversary! And Good luck to the next few weeks :) . Thanks! Haha I never heard of Cadbury. Thanks, I’m almost done with it. All I have to do is add my new pages.

YAY! You’re back! You got your laptop back? :D

Woot! Belated Happy Anniversary! Gosh, I’m always late in greeetings and such! I know your Valentines’ Day would be a really memorable day. ♥

I remember when my father worked in Saudi, he used to work for like one year and would only have vacation for a month.

Wow. Bad luck indeed. :O The important thing is your mom is safe. I feel bad about the car. Oh, the things it had underwent. If it’s a person it must have undergone surgery or operation a few times. Like ours. :S

Haha. You got your laptop, I see! That answers my question. XD Good luck on finding a job! There are a few companies who doesn’t require flash though; there those who focus on coding, but there are specifications like ‘Senior PHP programmer needed’. Anyway, I believe there is a job set for us, so keep searching. :)

I don’t trust taxi drivers too. When I ride a taxi, I make sure I know the road and where he’s heading to. Rape stories are just plain sick and I feel deeply sorry for the victims.

LOL at your mom scaring you. I’m sorry but my imagination is funny. XD

I only have 5 sites, and it takes me so much time to update all of them, and I’m letting one expire. T__T And you have more than that! Roughly estimating, how much are you paying for all of them?

Haha, you’re really smart. You guessed it right. XD It’s still waiting approval though. :S

Our car is old, yes and it died after a few days when my grandfather passed away. :(

I don’t mind not having a car since we don’t really need it as we have a lot of PUJs around. XD I’d let my parents decide if they want a car or not.

Hahaha. Yeah, I adopted from her too. I used your premade layout for my Fudge fanlisting. XD I’ve just finished it and the crazy part is she already submitted the moved form and used redirection to my listing even when I didn’t have the members list yet. I hope she didn’t delete the listing from her site yet. She didn’t reply to my e-mail for like two days now.T__T

Thank you for the link! You’re a lifesaver! *huggles*

HEYO. :)

Yay I’m so glad that you didn’t mind me returning your comment so late. Although, your sweet understanding almost makes me feel worse. xD That sucks that you got grounded but HOORAY for getting your laptop back. That’s great news. :)

I’m glad to be back! I missed my site, when my exams were going on. Especially during exam week, I didn’t even have time to turn my laptop on at all. It was crazy. I actually almost forgot my FTP password when I came back.. it took me a couple tries until I finally got it right LOL. Nah you haven’t gone bonkers. Some other people thought that I had died as well.. xD

I really, really hope that I did good on my exams too. I think I would be completely crushed if I didn’t achieve what I was hoping to achieve in terms of grades. I usually never study that hard for exams either, but my last semester was absolutely brutal cause I had 2 sciences, and 2 math courses to study for.. so I was pretty much going insane. Heak yah I’m going to be a CA. :D *tackle hugssss*

Yeah you’re right. I should be happy with the fact that I tried hard for my chemistry exam. But I am dissappointed in myself for not trying my hardest. I could have done so much better on my chem exam if I had studied more thoroughly. Unfortunately, the night before my exam, the Grammy Awards were on. So instead of studying I spent over 2 hours watching that. Huzzah. Ah well, I guess I can’t be good at everything.. so I’ll have to face the ugliness of my potentially horrible chemistry mark. But I don’t really give a shit, cause I want to be an accountant. And I don’t think a chemistry mark would really be taken into consideration to get into a business program in university. So it s’all good.

Yeah, not that I have anything against Taylor Swift. I mean, she is a great artist, and yeah, she was extremely successful in the past year. But, all three of the nominees for that award performed that night. And seriously, the performances were pretty much proof that Taylor didn’t deserve it. Lady Gaga’s opening number with Elton John on the piano was just unbelievable and then Beyonce’s vocal ability is just out of this world.. and Taylor swift was just kinda.. there. I mean, she did this innocent guitar routine.. and it was nice, but it didn’t have the “x-factor” that the other performances had. This is just my opinion though. Good news is, Beyonce broke the record for the number of Grammy’s that a female artist won. She won like 8 Grammy’s. HOLLA.

Thanks for not thinking I’m insane hahaha.

I don’t think your weird for liking Physics. I know some people that are the same way. Physics is just their thanggg. I sure hope it’s my “thang” too.. cause I have it this semester.

Aw thanks! You’re a naturally talented blogger and web-owner yourself. (:


Yar, I know it’s a big ass comment. I don’t know whether I should say “you’re welcome” or “sorry” lmao. Psh I don’t think this layout looks like shit at all. I haven’t viewed it in other browsers though, only in FF so far. Who cares if it doesn’t look as good in the other ones, as you said, nothing is perfect.

Agreed. If I don’t remember what we were talking about, I just won’t comment on it. Otherwise, soon enough our comments are going to be long enough to write a fucking book. :D “The insane comment chain between Georgina and Gillian” >that’s what the novel would be called, incase you’re lost.

AHAH of course I’ve heard of the biggest loser! Although, I never watch it. Idk why, but I think it’s kinda boring watching fat folks work out. xD I don’t know how the game works exactly.. but wow, that immunity thing is sooo stupid. Definitely extremely ironic if the point of the game is to lose as much weight as possible. I know that the name of one of the trainers is Jillian though! :D

YUMMMMM creme brulee. I want some of that. LOL. But lmfao, that girl is so stupid. I’m guessing that she won’t really have that big of a chance at winning the prize money at the end. There are a lot of crappy aspects to these reality TV shows, but once again, that’s probably what makes them so popular in the first place. xD

Yeah you’re probably right. I guess people in different parts of the world have different preferences in the type of TV that they like to watch. North Americans tend to really enjoy the stupid/disgusting/whatthefuck shows… sadly.

I feel like I do have to apologize for taking time with things! LOL. Cause you’re always on top of it, and you don’t take that much time at all! It’s not fair that you return my comments so fast, and then I end up taking forever to return it. :( Yeah, that’s so true. It’s not a rule to return every single comment, and some sites don’t do it at all. :O Yay for being nice bitches though. *high fives back*

Yeah, Gill pronounced in the “Jack and jill” way is a nice nickname. But as soon as it’s get’s the fish pronunciation… Well, that’s just not cool dude. Not cool.

Oh I see. If it makes you feel any better, I don’t have any of that shit. Master, reseller.. none of it. xD So, good for you for being happy with what you got! :D

OBAMA is going over there? COOLIO. Yeah you should totally just break onto the stage while he’s giving his speech and be like, YOYOYO so I hear your daughters are pretty pimpin’. But then you might get arrested.. possibly shot.. so forget it. :) Omg, this is a random story.. but it was so funny I have to tell you. So I was sitting in Physics class and the kid sitting in front of me turned around and asked “HEY DO YOU KNOW WHAT OBAMA’S LAST NAME IS?” And I was sitting there like … “his last name is.. Obama..” LMFAO.

Anywhoo, yeah I doubt that I’m going to do well in Physics since I did pretty poorly in math. I hope it’s interesting at the least though. So even if I fail, I could potentially be interested in the course. :P

That’s a very good idea! We should swap parents ahahah. See how it goes. I bet your parents would be begging to have you back after about one day.. or a few hours. :)

Y’know what? I think booby is a better name than bobby. They should just change bobby to booby. It’s more amusing. Glad that you think they’re good robot names though. :D I haven’t seen the movie, Bicentennial Man. What is it about? (I’m guessing robots.. lmao). Have you seen the movie IROBOT? Pretty sick, pretty sick. (:

Oh shiyat. That was a bitch move by your Firefox to just “update” on you, when you were returning my comment. So I think it’d be smart idea for me to copy what I’ve typed in this comment so far. :) There we go, all copied and safe in my computers memory. Hopefully.

Aweh yeah that quote is one of my favs. I love it. It’s so true though, even though life can be a real bitch, at least you’re constantly learning from your mistakes and flaws.

Of course I know Cozza! Heheehhe. LOL funny that she asked you that, when they actually did date eachother. :P But yeah, I think we’re all glad that things worked out the way they did. I can’t imagine you with anyone but James. :) And the three of you are like the BESTIE FO’ LIFE TRIOOO. Holla. (:

Believe me, I would tell you if you typed testes without even noticing. As weird as this may sound, it would have been one of the first things I noticed as reading your comment. xD

GOOD LUCKING FUCK. LMAO. Yeah.. uh, thanks? xD You’re welcome, and oh em gee, as soon as I have more than 20 comments piled up, I usually go on Maintenance Mode HAHA. Fail. Kudos to you for not doin that though, I hope you’ve caught up with those 50 comments. D:

Oh so you did make it up. xD But it’s a good one, because it is a phrase that people may use often. It’s kinda like “fml”.. but now we can say “pkm”. Huzzah. Yeah, I know my “GTTK” failed cause I doubt anyone would use that. xD I’ll come up with a legit acronym soon, don’t you worry.

TUBING IS EPIC. OH EM GEE. That should be one of the first things you try out when you come to Canada. It’s totally awesome, yo. (: But it is kinda scary cause you’re zooming down this gigantic ice tube in this small rubber circle thing. LOL.

Aww, my dad has the same fear of heights as you. He never admits it, but my mom told me he’s scared of heights, heheheh.

Yeah I know. I always thought that those people were totally crazy for going into the icewater.. even though it’s for charity. I mean, putting yourself in icewater is pretty much risking your life. You could freeze to death. D: OMG I wanna see this video of this fat dude jumping into the frozen lake. It sounds pretty epic.. and sad.

Yeah Ryan’s gf doesn’t go to our school, so there’s no issue of him not giving her a seat on the bus. :P But I bet he would if she did go on our bus. I mean I’ve hung out with them at the mall, and he’s so lovey dovey towards her so I don’t think that would be problem. xD Although, their relationship isn’t all that great. I mean, it seems kinda one sided. Ryan really seems to like her, but she doesn’t really show him affection the way that he does for her ya’know? They’re still dating, but I mean, they hardly even talk to eachother. O_O So idk, I don’t think it’s going to last that long.

Yeah I totally agree. The unexpected weird facial expressions that are caught in pictures are always the best ones. Stages ones are really hard to pull off.

HUZZAH FOR THE IPHONE. I love how Tweetdeck is totally free, and Wi-fi ftw!

Yeah I think at this point I’m about 60-70% through your comment as well.

Gawsh, everytime that you tell me that you guys didn’t have lockers in high-school, the more shocked I am. xD That really must have sucked sooo much to carry all that heavy shit around all the time. LOL I don’t think it was pathetic that you tried to take as many little things out as possible. That’s smart. Cause a few grams less can make a big difference, since the little things start to feel heavier and heavier the longer that you’re carrying them.

Yaaay, makes me feel better than I’m in your top commenters. And hell yes I leave massive comments. Which you leave me as well! :D So kudos to you for that. Too bad there isn’t a symbol on the keyboard for “kudos” like there is for “plus”. Maybe kudos should just a bunch of exclamation marks and hearts: !!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!!!!!!!! KUDOS.

James should get a DB account! But yeah it isn’t creepy since he is your boyfriend. (:

LOLOL calling flip flops thongs actually sounds like something Chinese people would do. Australian works too. xD OOH random again.. but my Physics teacher is Chinese and he has a pretty thick Chinese accent. LMFAO, he’s like my fav teacher though, cause he’s so funny and he keeps pronouncing my name: GILLING OR GILLUN. :3

Ahahah, yeah you aren’t the only one who falls asleep when they’re bored. I do that a lot.. most often during my classes. Which is probably another reason why I had to study extra hard for my exams last semester. I was asleep while the teacher was teaching half the course. -.-

I’M ON THE SEMI FINAL STRETCH. Still have to comment on your blog hehe. Whoa, I had to re-read that little paragraph you wrote about you commenting on me commenting on the comment on your blog.. or something. :D But I think I finally somewhat understood it. :)

YUSSS ANDY MURRAY FTW YO. Seriously, Federer has won enough, so he should go retire and take a shit or something.. Andy totally deserves to winnnnnnnnnnn. I really believe that one day he will kick Federers arse cause the man is getting old, and his time in the spotlight NEEDS TO END. LMAO, you hate the way Federer looks when he does a backhand? Y’know I never really noticed his facial expressions, but one thing I know is that Andy is pretty sexy. Way hotter than Federer for sure. ;)

Are you fo’reals? People actually booed you? Well shame. Shame on them. Don’t worry, when Andy wins we’ll get to boo them back all we want. Muauahha. >:)

The time will come when Andy takes the title and Federer shall be the pooey runner up. LOL I like how it sounds as if the runner up position is actually a bad thing when it’s actually something amazing. But y’know, WINNING, is a different story.

I have a friend, who I do community service with, who’s a tennis player too. And he’s always the one who just wins. xD So I guess that means he’s really good. But yeah, it’s frustrating when someone is always coming so close to winning, but they just don’t quite make it. Doesn’t mean they should give up though! I bet your friend can pull through and get first place. NGAWW don’t cry. Andy Murray will win someday, and his win will be so sweet that you’ll be crying tears of happiness instead. :D

I feel so sorry for Andy though. Cause it’s like year after year he just gets shot down, after working so hard. But he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to give up, he’ll come back and fucking WINNN.

Oh I see. Yeah I heard that the Internet/data plans on iphones are super expensive. That’s the main reason why I got a Blackberry instead. The other reason was that I already had an itouch so if I got an iphone it’s almost like having two of the same thing yaknoow.

Dayum it took you 45 mins to return my comment?! That is pretty “epicano” lmao. I didn’t even time myself for how long it took me to return yours.. but I bet it took more than 45 minutes cause I took some breaks in between. xDD


Aw shucks, I read your tweet about your anniversary with James. That’s so cute, and CONGRATS to you both. :3 I hope that you guys will stay together for many years to come, this is just the sweet as fuck beginning. :)

I hope that you guys have an awesome time on Valentines day. Cutie patooties. :D

That’s great news that the car door finally got fixed and sent back, but omg another accident?! Now that’s some bad luck. I’m just glad to hear that your mom is okay, that is most important after all.

Ah, I would be extremely annoyed and pissed off.. (probably swearing like a nutter) in the same way your brother was if our car broke. I hate walking places and taking public transport. As you probably already know, but my sexually magic school bus blog. LOL.

Holy shit, that’s absolutely ridiculous that it takes him 2 HOURS to get to school. O_O I thought my morning commute to school was bad.. and it’s only half and hour long. But I can’t even imagine standing on a crowded bus for 2 hours? Shiiiiiiiiiiit. OOH I THOUGHT OF AN ACRONYM. > KMN. “Kill me now”. That’s what I’d be saying to myself if I was in your bro’s position.

Aw too bad it was your last day on the job. :( I’m sure it won’t be long until you find another great job though. Employers would be crazy not to hire a talented web designer like you! :3

Smart idea to play it safe and just listen to your mom when she threatened to take the laptop away again. D: I would have done the same. I can’t go very long at all without my laptop. I rely on it HUGELY as a source of entertainment. :P

I’ve never really understood how you keep up with your dozens of domains. :P But a cut back may be just what you need. I sure as hell know that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all those domains. They wouldn’t only drag me down, they would probably kill me. xD I struggle enough to keep up with my one site. Fail.

Seems like you do have some long weeks coming up. It’s going to be hard to get through it without the car and all. But I wish you the best of luck. We all know you’re awesome, and you’ve pulled through tons of difficult situations.


Have fun reading this comments, heha. /eee PEACE.

Good luck on getting the job, and happy 2 years!!! I just reached 2 years with my boyfriend in January.

Happy belated anniversary /hehe
I’m so glad you got your laptop back btw, I don’t know what I’d do without mine D:

And I’m such an idiot. I just realised that I’d won the caption competition :O /eee

Hey :) Happy two years anniversary to you and James! /eee Cute emiticons! haha! ANyways, it’d be special to celebrate your two years on Valentine’s day, the love day! :) It sucks your mom got a car accident, thank god she’s okay!

It would be so cool if you get the job you applied for, cause I guess you like web design and all so it’s fun to work in something you like!


yeah haha, i have to admit sometimes i like to camwhore :P GPOYW seems like a perfect project heh.
yeah , one family members gets mad? everyone. ugh, it sucks.
ahhhh ! mustve been hard catching up all those comments, cause you probably get like a billion a day haha.
2 years? thats a long tiem, congrats to you guys !!
oh no, im glad your mom is alright but car ruined again? that just sucks >< i can't imagine bussing everywhere… just can't.

Hey again! I read your blog and commented and I forgot to reply your comment! So here’s the reply. xD Sometimes we also get like 3 hours for maths exam but that’s like even bigger exams like midterm and end of year exam. Usually I get the time to finish not too long exams in class, do the bonus question and well check my anwsers! But more the year goes, the longer the exams are and well the longer it takes. :)

Ooooh. Happy belated 2nd year anniversary to you and James! ♥ If your celebrating your anniversary on Valentines day; that would make it extra special. /hehe
Yay, you got your laptop back! :) I wouldn’t be able to survive without my laptop haha.
That’s horrible. :S First a that car, now this car. At least your mom’s okay though.
Never been in a taxi, never will. *shivers* I’m too afraid of the taxi driver kidnapping me or something. :O

Thank you! ♥ Yep, and someone tells me it’s Chinese New Year on Valentine’s Day too. :O

I couldn’t survive! It was terrible. I was so bored without my laptop and I was constantly thinking about what I needed to do online. But I’m glad I have it back!

I would never go in a taxi, and definitely not alone. I hear about taxi drivers driving girls to other places… it’s really scary. /sweat

Happy Anniversary ( a little late) ♥ XD /love ✌️ !!

Glad to hear you got your laptop back. Good luck on your job search, I know you’ll find something!! And thank you for all your encouragement on my end. GO GO GO YOU CAN DO IT ;D!

Ah, your desktop sounds like Donnie’s old computer. Oh how I hated that darn thing. Couldn’t have more than one thing open and even then it sucked. Or even someone talked to you on MSN, it’d freeze for like 10 minutes.


Thank you :) I definitely tried to make the layout my own. I wish I could write up code by myself, but I just get so lost in it, so it’s much easier to edit. And thank you about the colors. I knew I wanted to do purple and I googled ‘colors that go with purple’ to find something good lol. Took me awhile to get the right shade of green. GAH. Colors and their need to match, lol.

Yes, I’m straight edge :) So is Donnie!

Love, sweet memories, feelings, and anything good in a relationship is good to share. we all keep the relation in good terms and its a big big success on your experience.
You have bad new and good news too… hope you find a nice job soon.

Thank you! :) Yeah, I don’t like my job at the moment but I feel lucky to have it – just hunting out for another.

Haha well Jay e-mailed me & said that I should go ahead & give 1st place & the prize to the next person & that was you! I have to put up some new pictures in the stock photography section though. I always love seeing how people iconize my pictures. It’s awesome!

ZOMG YOU HAVEN’T HEARD FROM ME? WHATT. I’ve sent you like 3 e-mails! I assumed you didn’t reply to them because you had your laptop confiscated! Uhoh. I’ll check back in my sent mail (hopefully it saved) but meh whatevs. Lulz I’ve stuff to tell you. I’ll e-mail you tomorrow! hahaha.

Schoool just started for me so no exams until like week 5. But I have to write up a lab report for Biology. eek.

haha well i just read your second comment. anyway! yeah i don’t really know anyone who does ballet & i think it’s really neat that you’re so young & you’re able to teach ballet so i say..go for it! :D

it’s okay though, i’m 19 & turning 20 as you’re turning 19 & even though we’re both legal, our parents like to cap our fun. -_- parents. if they aren’t capping your fun, they’re not being parents. i guess you just gotta think of it that way or else they’re just someone you can easily undermine & then you’ll never have any respect for people.

Oh yeah you gotta show me that photoblog when you’ve finished. once I get the icon contest going & putting up another photography contest, i’m going to start making a new layout for the photoblog so that i can effin use lightbox. the elegantthemes themes that i downloaded are so beautiful & crazy but i’m so fail at figuring them out. so many components & i’d rather just make it myself. i just wanted a cool theme & i wanted to learn how to make that theme so i bought membership but now i feel like i’ve wasted my money on themes that are so great but i can’t really personalize it that much. SIGH. whatevs. I’ll come up with a new theme later. it’ll be super simple again. too lazy to make crazy graphics. ahaha.

then i’lll put all my links back. :) damn the last host to HELL!! but at the same time, if i backed up my crap (WHICH I THOUGHT I DID), i wouldn’t be dealing with this problem. i don’t know why i’m so terrible at backing up things. thank goodness for that wp db backup.

OH YEAH i WAS GOING to write a tutorial on how you can create bokeh with just about any camera but i forgot to. glad you figured it out though!

but yeah super simple way: turn your camera on manual & then change the focus to like..extremely blurry & then SNAP! then you’ve got bokeh (course you need light). ever since i figured that out, i’ve been trying to take lots of bokeh pictures. haven’t uploaded any new textures yet though.

Take care, dear! Hope to hear from you soooon. :) God I really need to get my friggin photojournal back on track because ..i think you remember Ma Belle Vie right? Yeah, I have another one! But I haven’t been able to post it because lightbox doesn’t work with the friggin theme I used. GOD DAMN YOU ELEGANT THEMES.

I’m starting to get behind on returning comments! I’ve been a little busy with my fanlisting, which is finally done! WOOHOO! I want to open a new one. XD There so addicting!! I need to join more too. I should get on that asap :)

I haven’t been reading a lot lately too. It’s because of the computer. I have these weeks where I like read A LOT, then all of a sudden it just vanishes and I’m stuck on the computer. It’s weird.

That’s true. The whole PC vs. Mac argument is annoying to hear. It really is all about personal preference.

I definitely took a break after the cahsee! What sucked though was that I couldn’t just go straight home after the test. I really wanted to, but no one could pick me up :(

Once again, yay for getting your laptop back! Hahaha

Desktop. Oh dear, the only times I use them is when I am in the university’s computer lab. XD

I don’t celebrate Chinese New Year but because my neighbours are Chinese so we always get invited to their houses every year. It’s really cool to see all those decorations and the lion dance. Oh I love the lion dance! But when they do the dance on the poles, that’s when I get all fidgety and restless. Hahaha!
Also, one reason why I am excited about the Chinese New Year is that this is the only time of the year McD is having the popular Prosperity Burger. *drools*

Ewhh.. that guy needed an eye-check. And I hope he did so that next time he won’t go around crashing into people again. You were 11 you said, yeah that must be a shocking event to you. Brrr…!






Sorry but it’s so hard to imagine



Let me breathe a little here first…



Whoa, really, I’ve never heard anybody manage THAT MANY domains before! KUDOS TO YOU DEAR! Whooaa. It’s already hard to manage my 3 domains and yet you… 20 O_O

ROFL Arnold Schwarzenegger XD haha HIS ACCENT IS FTW! XD

Loved Cloudy too! :D WATCH PRINCESS AND THE FROG! Just watched it now and it’s amazing! :D

Happy Anniversary to you and your boyfie! Glad you had your laptop back. Goodluck on getting a new job! Hope you get the position you applied for. =D

Happy Aniversary!
I’ve never been in a relationship that long so I know it must feel great. Maybe I’ll have the joy of saying I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 years or more one day :D I’d be so PROUD of myself.

Ohmy, the car is broken AGAIN?! I guess you all spoke too soon. I know it must really sucks to rely on walking and public transport. I hope the car gets fixed soon or you all find a better solution :/

I’m sort of on a job search too. Sadly, I don’t have any luck..I hope you do though and get your laptop back soon..FOR GOOD!

BTW, love the new layout and the picture of you and James in the corner XD

Sometimes I don’t think they would miss me if I went on and left them. I guess I really won’t ever know unless I actually get a move on. I’m pretty quiet too and try to act tough in front of my mom. I think she trys to act tough in front of me too and I really know what you mean about things feeling intense after it all hits the fan. It really does suck but hopefully things will get better for the both of us :/

Yes, my cousin is VERY nice. I can’t wait until I do that photoshoot. I’m just soooooo excited!

Hey Happy Anniversary Georgina!! /rose /eee

Hey-your icon so cute, :D
I can’t have my laptop away from me for just one day. I’d die! So yes I’m glad that you’re really, really happy! (Even though it’s not because of your laptop, haha).
Yep, I live north. But I can still get to the city campus if I have to. I’d just catch the train.
Yeah UTS is more modern so if I’d have to pick a university in Sydney I would go there, :)
Ah Chinese New Year is the same day as Valentine’s Day-I just found out about that too. Luckily it’s on a weekend too because my aunt always has this “party” that lasts 2 days. ahaha. I guess I’ll have to send out Valentine and Chinese New Year wishes on the same day!!
Aww, I feel so sorry for your brother now, I would not want to go to tutoring if it took me an hour to travel there.
Me too! I would never go in one alone-even in broad daylight. I wouldn’t want to risk getting hurt-or worse! /ehh That girl you were talking about was so brave!

EPIC WIN. Yeah I know, you were so close. You should participate in those ‘Guess how many jellybeans are in this jar’ competitions. Does anyone do them anymore?
I know, quite annoying, they stared at me and then looked back front, and then stared at me again. They made me feel like I was going to steal something or something O_O
Yeah, I’d rather rainy days then a really hot day.
Since 2003?! That’s 7 years with the same mobile number. Maybe you should try out for the Guiness Book of Records, aim for 20 or even 30 years. :P

My parents are like fail on the computer, they’ve rarely used one, and if they need to, they ask me or my sis. If I ask them something and they don’t know, they go: ‘Search it on the computer, everythings on it’ and my mum’s telling me how everything involves a computer these days to search up things and blah. It is true. We send emails to friends with a click, although I sometimes wish it was the good old fashioned way of handwritten letters and packages.

Yeah, there are always stories that involve taxis. Ut, I wouldn’t really like to be a taxi driver, imagine if a robber or someone armed with guns was sitting next to you and telling you were to go. Freaky.

Oh, and Chinese New Year is on the same day as Valentine’s Day. :) My mum was like ‘ Who cares about Valentine’s day?!’ LOL.

Awe! That’s so uber sweet, Happy Aniversary! xD I wish all the best for you too. :)
I’m so sorry about your moms car! :(
But I’m glad you got your laptop back!
Lovely layout btw.

I’m fine, hbu? Nah, they’re still arguing over this and that all of the time :p I’m hopefully adopting a domain. :D

Yeah, I used to think that when i was a noob :) haha. I think subdomains are cute and trendy. But it depends on the name, and if it works with the domain. ;D

Haha, I bet you’ve written the same comment (yay I got my laptop back) so many times haha ;D You must be tired of talking about it, lol.

Yes, you did have to admit :) Don’t worry, I don’t think you are being stuck up or anything. It’s the truth haha. you get so many comments, it’s nice :) I mean it’s not about the number of comments, it’s about the people that read your blog and care ;D

– – –

That’s cute. Happy Anniversary :) Is he taking you anywhere special for Valentines Day? Oh psh i just wrote that and then read that you guys are going out. Well it will be cute, anyway :)

Oh man, that sucks. Maybe it’s not bad luck and your mum has just become a bad driver. :P No, I’m sure it’s just karma or something. Your brothers school is too far away O_O 2 hours?! Ghee. How long does it take him to just drive there?

Yeah I wanted to get a job in graphic/website design in the future, but I don’t have flash skills. I don’t see why you would need Flash skills when Flash is fading out.

Good luck with the job :) I really do hope you get it!

Belated anniversary!

Woah, sorry to hear about your Mom! Thank goodness she’s alright. It would really be scary if something bad really happened to her because of the accident. >.<

I take public transport everywhere I go and it’s not really that bad – except when I have to ride the train where there are lots of people; crowded, I tell you. But then again, you live in a hot place and here in HK, it’s freezing. I hope everything gets better for you and your family.

Congrats on getting your laptop back and good luck with the job you’ve applied. :)

Haha, yeah, you do have a lot of fanlistings. :P Good luck with those too!