Yes Please

This calls for a celebration. Why? For many reasons.

Firstly, it’s James’s and my two-year anniversary today. 😍 I’m so happy. We’ve made it this far, and I feel sort of proud about that too. 🙂 Yesterday he was feeling a bit down (read his post on Fire The Arrow?), but I’m sure he’s a lot happier now. ♥️

Also, his dad comes back from Hong Kong. He’s been gone a year, nearly. But I’m sure he’ll be welcomed back. 👏

We won’t be able to celebrate this week but hopefully next Sunday on Valentine’s Day we’ll be able to go out or something.

In a previous post I went into detail about what happened with our car. Our car door broke, it got fixed, polished inside and out, and we got it back yesterday.

But then today, in a stroke of bad luck or… well, I don’t know what… my mum had an accident with another car. The car’s really badly ruined, apparently (she just called me). And we’ll have to wait another two weeks or so to have it fixed again. My mum’s alright, thankfully, but it sounded shocking and serious.

A small part of me is annoyed because this means I will have to catch the bus and walk everywhere again. 😞 I know I shouldn’t be pissed, though. My brother Brandon was so angry when the car broke the first time. It takes him nearly two hours to go to school every day when he has to completely rely on public transport. He was swearing like a nutter; I don’t know what he’s going to be like now. 😧

Going back to good news; I got my laptop back. I was discussing with my mum about jobs and hopefully finding something to replace my current one. My job at the publishing company ends today. In fact, today, sadly, is my last day. There might be an opportunity to work again later on in the year, though.

My mum returned my laptop and told me to go job hunting online. I found a lot of web/graphics designer positions but they all required experience in Flash and other skills that I do not possess. I found one job in print production and web design – I applied for that – I guess I’ll see how it goes.

Hopefully I have my laptop for good! I sort of annoyed my mum this evening and she growled, “Do you want me to take your laptop again?”

I immediately became polite and listened to her. 😰 I knew I couldn’t live without my laptop!

But, from that, I have learned a lesson. My sites really do drag me down a bit so I’m going to cut down. I know I’ve got too many domains and there are a few sitting around, so I’m going to get things moving! Also, I have a lot of fanlistings, some which need a layout update.

I wanted to get back to my ballet principal about teaching, but I guess I can’t for a few weeks again because of the car. It’s too much trouble to catch a bus and since it’s at night, a lot of the buses have stopped by then. I also don’t want to take a taxi as it’s too expensive and I can’t trust taxi drivers (hearing scary stories about rape and kidnapping is scary), and, finally, it’s much too far to walk.

Long few weeks ahead. 😔

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