Hold The Door

Bah. Yesterday my mum and dad had an argument and the car broke. 😧

Yesterday my mum had to go to work in the morning. Let’s say she was running a bit late. She and my dad both went to the car. My mum decided to drive there, and my dad would drive back.

I didn’t see the incident when it happened, but I heard it, which allowed me to see the aftermath.

I was on my computer and I heard the car reversing out of the driveway, then all of a sudden, a loud crash/bang. I couldn’t tell which, but it was enough to startle me.

Shocked, I got up from my seat and went to my brother’s window, which has the best view of the driveway. He was still sleeping, but that didn’t matter.

The car door on the passenger’s side (where my dad was sitting) had been dodged out of position and wouldn’t close. There is a wooden plank fence that separates our driveway from the neighbours’. And quite a few planks had broken off and fallen down.

My mum had reversed the car when the door was still open and the car door had become caught between two planks, bending the door’s frame and causing the fence to break. πŸ™

I could hear my mum and dad shouting at each other. It wasn’t a serious argument but my dad was so shocked. My mum told me that she got scared because she thought he was having a heart attack. My dad has high blood pressure and other heart problems. 😞

Luckily my dad was fine and just in an extreme state of shock.

Well, I don’t want to put the blame on anyone but it was really both of their faults. My dad had left the door open too wide, and parked the car too close to the fence previously. But my mum was in such a rush that she thought the door would be fine for one second if she reversed, and she assumed that it was okay, when it wasn’t. Does that make sense? I mean, both of them are angry at each other!

I talked to them separately. My mum had told me while my dad was outside still trying to fix the door. And my dad had told me after my mum had gone to work by bus.

It’s so inconvenient because now we’ll have to take a bus to work, and my brother has to take a bus, train and walk to tutoring on Wednesday. We have to take the car to get fixed. 😐

Because the door won’t close, my dad had to get my brother and I to push and hold the door in, while he used string through the front and back windows to tie the door in place. It started to rain really hard last night after such a hot day (41 degrees Celsius, or 106 Fahrenheit… 😰) and I worried the inside of the car would get wet. πŸ˜›

My mum and dad covered that part of the car with plastic wrap.

This is so inconvenient. πŸ˜• We’re taking the car for service tomorrow (Monday). Bah.

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