Hold The Door

Bah. Yesterday my mum and dad had an argument and the car broke. :O

Yesterday my mum had to go to work in the morning. Let’s say she was running a bit late. She and my dad both went to the car. My mum decided to drive there, and my dad would drive back.

I didn’t see the incident when it happened, but I heard it, which allowed me to see the aftermath.

I was on my computer and I heard the car reversing out of the driveway, then all of a sudden, a loud crash/bang. I couldn’t tell which, but it was enough to startle me.

Shocked, I got up from my seat and went to my brother’s window, which has the best view of the driveway. He was still sleeping, but that didn’t matter.

The car door on the passenger’s side (where my dad was sitting) had been dodged out of position and wouldn’t close. There is a wooden plank fence that separates our driveway from the neighbours’. And quite a few planks had broken off and fallen down.

My mum had reversed the car when the door was still open and the car door had become caught between two planks, bending the door’s frame and causing the fence to break. /bash

I could hear my mum and dad shouting at each other. It wasn’t a serious argument but my dad was so shocked. My mum told me that she got scared because she thought he was having a heart attack. My dad has high blood pressure and other heart problems. :(

Luckily my dad was fine and just in an extreme state of shock.

Well, I don’t want to put the blame on anyone but it was really both of their faults. My dad had left the door open too wide, and parked the car too close to the fence previously. But my mum was in such a rush that she thought the door would be fine for one second if she reversed, and she assumed that it was okay, when it wasn’t. Does that make sense? I mean, both of them are angry at each other!

I talked to them separately. My mum had told me while my dad was outside still trying to fix the door. And my dad had told me after my mum had gone to work by bus.

It’s so inconvenient because now we’ll have to take a bus to work, and my brother has to take a bus, train and walk to tutoring on Wednesday. We have to take the car to get fixed. /hmph

Because the door won’t close, my dad had to get my brother and I to push and hold the door in, while he used string through the front and back windows to tie the door in place. It started to rain really hard last night after such a hot day (41 degrees Celsius, or 106 Fahrenheit… 😰) and I worried the inside of the car would get wet. :P

My mum and dad covered that part of the car with plastic wrap.

This is so inconvenient. @_@ We’re taking the car for service tomorrow (Monday). Bah.

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LOL hooray! You don’t have to return my comment if you don’t want to. We can start a new conversation. /bounce

Haha okies. :P Danke! :D

You’re welcome! Hurry up and blog or something so I can return your comment. Even though I’m a bit lazy now. LOL.

Haha I’ll blog later if I get comments returned. :P

Awwww I’m sorry, that does not sound fun. :( For you OR your parents….I’m hoping everything gets better. Anyway, hope y0u get it fixed and sorted out and everything that is good! ♥

I don’t like it when my parents argue, over anything. They tend to argue over money the most.

I would have crapped myself hearing the car hit something lmao. I’m a baby, I get scared over everything.

OK, I must admit I did laugh because of the car door being open lmao.

That must have been scary though; I mean, with your dad and everything. I think I would have shit myself to be honest.. especially if it was my mum. Glad he’s OK though!

Wow, that’s such a pain though, with the car needing to be fixed and what not. I mean, I’m used to traveling by bus etc but If I’d had a car for a long time and all of a sudden had to get the bus; I’d cry lmao.

Fuck it was 41 degrees Celsius?! I was like 6 today LOL. Dude. I’d die in that heat though, I can’t even stand it when it’s like 25 lmao.

That was like my step dad, he spent all weekend fixing his car because he was due an MOT and then he smashed it up one day before hahaha. Typical isn’t it?

I kind of waffled, sorry. I’m tired you see.

I still need to return your comment eh. Shall I leave it or just return it whenever? (Reply here or on Twitter for that question lmao).

Thank you for the review again. ♥

Oh, and this is my attempt to type a thoughtful, genuine, and thourough comment while still acheiving second comment. :P

I really hope everything is okay between your parents. My parents argue a fair amount, never too serious really, but I hate it. I don’t like to see them going at each other (I don’t think any daughter/son does) when they are supposed to be united.

It sounds like a pretty rough morning for everyone. :( I’m sorry that the car is in the state it is now, and that everything went down the way it was.

It’s really good that your father is okay and wasn’t having a heart attack or anything, although being in shock isn’t all that great either, I suppose.

They were both at fault; I agree with you here. It’s kind of a situation where they both need to forgive each other and move on. I’m guessing that they both feel pretty bad about it (of course I wouldn’t know for sure) and really do hope that it all turns out fine and dandy.

I despise public transportation (it’s so crowded, messy, dirty, and filled with idiots) so I really feel for you that now your whole family has to use it to get around.

I hope the fence isn’t too difficult to fix either. It probably isn’t top priority right now, but I know my parents would be freaking out even about just that little detail. 0-o

I really thought the review helped me. I changed those spelling and grammar issues, and was kind of laughing to myself about the little things that slipped my mind.

I really do value your opinion, so it meant a lot to me that I recieved five cookies (although I do understand that it isn’t just the rating number that matters).

I don’t enjoy sports all that much either, to be honest. I’m really small and not that strong, and pretty lazy too… it’s just not my thing. Unless it’s figure skating. That’s completely my thing. :P

Religion is such a touchy topic. I question a few things about even mine, but love that my pastors are so incredibly willing to answer questions I ask them, even if all they can say is that they honestly don’t know. Part of the reason I love church so much is because everyone there is so kind and like my own, much bigger, family.

Take care~ xx

Eeek! I’m glad your parents are OK even though they got mad and argued with one another.. I hope the car can be fixed right away!!!

Oh wow that sounds so horrible. I hope everything will be ok (with the car and your parents etc.). I suppose it could have been much worse @_@

OMG I’m so sorry that happened to your folks. I know what that’s like. I got balled out today for not picking up my dirty dishes. Bah parents.

Are they still fighting? That sucks big time that you guys have to take public transportation again. But I guess you gotta do what ya gotta do.

I hope the car gets fixed soon! Waiting is gonna be hell. I’m telling you. I’ve waited for stuff to come and it’s hell, pure hell. I know you guys are a day ahead of us, but still three whole days of public transporhellation. :|

Hey do you know what my twitter username is? I can’t seem to remember it. I know I’m following you on twitter. But I can’t remember it.

That really sucks. ):
I remember when I was on holiday with my parents when I was 6 I was talking to my mum in the car while Dad was reversing, and he hit a fencepost. The boot was all bent out of shape, and because we were on an island with no garage it was a fortnight before we could fix it. We ended up tying it shut with rope. :3
My dad was going mental at my mum though, but I think it was more taking out his annoyance at himself than anything else. He’d been driving for about 20 years and that was the very first accident he’d had. :o

That seems like a mess! I can relate, though. A few years back, I did the same thing with the car door. My mom started moving before I had completely closed the door, and it hit side of the garage. It was left hanging on one of its hinges :s
I wouldn’t have thought to use plastic wrap x3 How about aluminum foil? That would be quite the (car) fashion statement!
Anyway, good luck with your car troubles. They can be quite a bother.

I’m sorry that your parents argued with each other and the car broke. :(

When my parents argue, I wouldn’t have the guts to even take a sneak peak of ’em. It’s really upsetting when parents argue. :(

Wow, that’s really terrible about what happened to the car. I can imagine it clearly how the car door looks like right now! D:

Thank god your dad was alright. It gets kind of serious when people who have high blood pressures get shocked terribly. If I were in your mum’s position, I would be worried myself too.

You were right about both of them being at fault. If they weren’t being angry at each other in the first place, the incident might not happen. But they both made a big mistake, really. I just hope this will turn out as a good lesson for them later on.

That sucks about you weren’t able to take the car to go somewhere! It would be inconvenient having to take the bus, train and take a long walk for all of you. :(

Let us both hope that the car will be repaired as soon as you sent it for a car service tomorrow. *Crosses finger*

41 degrees?! That’s freaking hot. It rained this week so it’s very cold for us on the other hand. But I’m glad the rain fell in Sydney eventually! (H)

Yeah haha it’s great. I hope you get it. :)

Ahh it sucked. I had to dry out the battery for the whole night. xD

Yeah it takes forever to get to say the mall from my house, even though it would take shorter time to WALK. =/ And they’re dirty.

Hee yeah it really hurt. It’s fine now, though! Thanks. :)

Aww! I really, really hope that your dad is okay! D:

Oh, and your car. LOL plastic wrap. xD

Oh, lol at least your boyfriend knows much more about routers. :)
*high five* Now I know at least two other people who hasn’t seen Avatar, yay. You don’t know how happy I am. ahaha.
You had braces too? My dentist is mostly nice as well.
You’re parents are ok, right? I know how this must be; both my parents have crashed their cars at least two times. And then they have all these arguments-it actually makes me argue with them too. /ehe Oh btw, my dad has high blood pressure too and other things so I can relate. I’m always worried if he’ll have a heart attack.
Hopefully the car is as good as new after the car service! I feel sorry for the door, :(

Sounds like an overall shitty day!!

My god I know what you’re saying about the weather.. it was getting close to 50 C here about a week ago.. it was shocking.

I agree that it is both your parents fault. But arguing doesn’t solve the problem. If it was my parents my dad would shout reall loudly and yeah. Not a pretty sight.
Yeah, it started raining and the night was cool. At least the weather isn’t really hot today.
I remember once my mum had parked in a narrow parking space and when we were going home, my mum was too afraid she’d hit the rearview mirror as there was like a pole there, so she asked some stranger to help drive it out of the parking space. i was scared that he’d drive off but luckily he was kind and he actually didn’t hit the rearview mirror to the pole. :)

Are you doing anything for Australia Day?

YAY!!!! Thanks. :D It’s actually almost over. Only 10 people left. We’re currently on round four and half of them will be eliminated. There were trick questions and they got it wrong.

I feel better now. :D Vomiting is the worst. It’s like all my organs are about to come out…I am soo nasty lol.

So they basically asked for the domain for no reason what so ever.

I know I saw the blog. She said she didn’t like Vicky anymore. Then she started a story about how hard her life is and how she wanted to kill herself. That’s all bullshit. She isn’t going to do any of all that. She just want sympathy from people.

OMG what if you forget that you don’t have internet and then you mistake click submit?
I get distracted with or without internet lol.

My dad is a loser. He actually cheated on my mom a couple of times. They don’t really talk that much unless its necessary. I told her to divorce him but she said she can’t because of me and my siblings. I still think she should.

Glad they are both okay. :D
Hope the car gets fixed because walking and taking the bus does not seem like fun. I took the bus once and fell asleep. Luckily i didn’t miss my stop lol. That is lesson for me to never take the bus again lol.

My mom has her own car and she is soo protective of it. She doesn’t like someone else driving her car. She let my dad once he got into a car crash with. He was fine but the car wasn’t. She paid lots to get it fixed and he still acted like a bitch, telling her it was just a car blah blah blah. He got his own car into a crash, again he was okay but the car wasn’t. He is getting a new car though, some junk. He like old and used stuff.

:O Wow, that would of been scary. That’s great that they’re okay :)
And hopefully it won’t be expensive to get it fixed.

D: WOW 41 degrees, where I am it used to have like two weeks of a heatwave! you’re lucky you don’t have that XD but I heard that where you are there are lots of storms.

I hope that the stabbing was a one off thing too, I hope I am not near any of that in the school, I start soon so…I’m sorta scared.

I hope that woman does get caught out! she shouldn’t lie, it wasn’t even her car! it was her boss’ work car. So they shouldn’t really care since work gave it to the boss! now our car looks bad since theres a dent and some of the paint came off.

Sorry for the late reply, I have been very inactive lately with my website.

Oh wow. That’s really got to suck to not have a car. But I’m glad that you mom and dad are ok.

I’m sure it won’t take long for the door to get fixed.

My brother has had so many accidents with his car(s), breaking the car door off is about the only thing he hasn’t done.

I wasn’t planning to comment on this post, but I’ve already read it and I’m returning comments so meh.

How can you not get tired of returning comments when I hate returning 1? You get 58 comments or something. How could you STAND returning all those comments?

Yep, I also learned that I’ve doing some bad stuff. /ho
But whatever.

Yep, my current layout is nice. I get the CSS thing, but I don’t know how to code a layout. But I know I’m almost there!

My mom wants us to have a better relationship because my I’m much more closer to my dad. He took care of me and my mom took care of my older brother. 2 years apart. I hope we both have better relationships with our moms!

Yeah, you’re 16 and you have a baby to take care of and school to worry about. Plus, all the stuff you have to get for your baby! What if you’re parents hate you for getting pregnant at such a young age and they won’t help you with the money? O.o

I just chatted with our group leader today and she said camping was dead boring. Glad I missed it. :P I wasn’t able to go because I might get sick again there and I might infect other people. Aw, it’s too bad you don’t have camp in High School.

Oh yeah, I heard you made a fanlisting for her. :) I can see you guys are really great friends. It’s nice being close with one of your hostees.. sometimes they take advantage of it though. They suddenly demand for more space or something…. Oh yeah, I heard she’s hosted by you *group hug even though Jea’s not here*

Haha, yeah, I think Twitter layouts will be something new because I’m a (bad) pixel person.

I hate seeing my mom and dad fight. I used to hide and cry a lot when I was kiddo whenever my mom and dad would fight. Sometimes I want to stop them, but I think it’s safer not to interfere. Though sometimes I think that would work.

That’s really inconvenient. You have to take a bus, your brother has to take more than a bus, and you still have to pay for the car. Well, not really you.

Hope it all works out there. Take care girl!


That’s the Palm Centro I have. xP

Hehe, I’m an evening person. I like to stay up late and wake up late. :D Probably because I feel like all that energy built up during the day, so I have more energy at night. :3?

I actually found a font maker called Type Light – it’s pretty good, but thanks for your suggestion (:

My parents argue a lot; mostly about little things, though. Like lost medication prescriptions, who locked the car door, muting their phones… :P It can go on and on. It’s good that no one got hurt in your incident, though. Must be really inconvenient: you have Monday tomorrow, no car, and stressed out parents. /poo

22 COMMENTS shit! lol

this is a natural thing that wife blame husband and husband blame wife,when smth goes wrong,i’ve also seen some living examples in ma home! /hehe

but it was natural and happen every where! em i right ?

and i feel sory for this bad incident which was happen out there! 😒

Reminds me of the time when I was eating mcdonalds in the back of my cousin’s mum’s car. I pop the empty bag when I’m done and she craps herself and my cousin was D:

Wow, your dad makes a loud bang when he has heart attacks? Ouch :(

Sides you shouldn’t leave the doors open. Who knows what may happen! Gonx /sweat


My mum doesn’t like us making sudden noises in the car. She freaks out and says that she really needs to concentrate when driving. D:

Nuuuuu. I heard the bang from the fence, silly. /hehe He’s never had a heart attack before but my mum’s scared because of his condition. :(

LOL my mum thought the car would be fine for one second if she moved back a bit, but noooo. 💀

Haha yeah, sorry for this late reply. I’ve been reading my new book for who knows how long. XD

Yeah, I think people should stop lying about it. It could one day become a huge issue. What do you think is worse? People say that you should be worried about the people going slow because they don’t have experience and not be scared of the people driving fast because they must be good to drive fast. Or vice versa?

LOL. Yeah, gah, I hate when there is flashing PLUS blinding stage lights. It’s like ahhhh.

Haha! Yeah, I mean, it is good to help out here and there, but we do want to spend our break with a little fun. Haha of course we’ve been on the computer enough. When have we not? X]

Ah, I guess my friends just weren’t into that kind of movie XD

LOLLL. One time I had this dream that I got an autograph of this celebrity and I told them to sign it on a paper I ripped out of my English binder. When I woke up, I thought it was real, and i was trying to look for the autograph. Then I realized it was a dream, and I was like *sigh*

Haha yeah. We’re supposed to study, but I don’t start studying until like 8-9 o clock. I like studying before I sleep. It stays in my head while I sleep (:

Haha aww thanks. Yeah, there would be tons. I just have to find the time to work on it. I’ll make time (:

I like how the library is so much more practical then buying every book you want. Then it starts to add up on your shelf. At least with library books you just return them and no mess :D

Hahah oh that book sounds cool! I’ll do some more research on that book later :D Yeah, I love books that aren’t predictable. I mean some movies, I don’t mind being predictable. As long as they are funny along the way (: But books, I like twists :D

Ah I love romance books! I like Teen Romance books since I’m not yet ready for like adult books. Those are a little bit too much LOL

Aww poor car, especially the door! I hope your car problems don’t cause too much of an inconvenience. Of course you’ll have inconveniences, just hope you can manage for a while. I can’t believe that happened though! Haste makes waste XD. This girl I know, she was backing out of her driveway, and without noticing she backed up into another car, that was parked in the driveway! She didn’t see it what so ever, and it wasn’t /oh ike it was dark out. It was so bright out ! XD

ohmy :O
Sounds pretty crazy to me. I’m glad your dad is just fine. I do believe that this situation is both of their faults like you sound so no one can really point fingers :/

Yes my mom sound take her pills but she’s so stubborn. Maybe that’s where I get mine from. I guess I do sounds quite strong but behind close doors that a whole different story. Things are starting to get worse and I’m almost at my breaking point…

I am lucky for my cellphone plan. I can talk all day everyday for the same price every month where like most other people have to wait until after 9 or on weekends unless they want to pay extra.

OMG! What a crazy story. Well at least your dad was okay. I agree that is was both their faults for the incident.
Hope you get the car repaired :)
No one likes to ride the bus, well I know I don’t /hehe

ooer. guess it’s time for a new car.

I was trying to help, but shes really funny when she gets wound up and annoyed. I was only having a little fun, and tbh, its just some stupid pens. 😝


27th/28th comment! FAIL XD Hahahaha. Next time! :P

Woooooooow…that’s like a mini-epic story :O Your poor car/parents. D: Your parents don’t sound too happy with each other. I hope everything turns out okay and fixes itself (car included).

It’s kind of ironic how your Mum tried to save time and then ended up super late in the end. O_O

I’m like your dad sometimes, when it comes to parking. Sometimes I park so close to the fence. Oops. I’m getting better though! Luckily when I do that, my dad backs the car out for me, so I don’t hit anything. Hahaha :P

Wow, your mum must have been reversing pretty fast to damage the fence AND the car. :O

Thank god your dad wasn’t getting a heart attack. That would have been pretty epic @_@ D: (I KNOW CPR!). You’re Dad’s like mine. My dad has high blood pressure too. Haha. He used to joke that it was because he kept having to learn my primary school maths to teach me and it stressed him out. :P Liessss!

It sucks that you guys have to rely on public transport for a while, which of course is totally NOT reliable. The day public transport becomes semi-reliable is the day I become prime minister. Which is so never going to happen. Sorry public transport reliability, you’re going to have to await a miracle or something. But yeah…I hope the car gets fixed soon! Your poor brother having to catch a train and a bus and walk.

Aww man, it must suck getting to work now. :( *hugs*

Hahaha! Don’t worry; I got Vicky to get first comment. /bounce Not a random person, hehee.

My parents aren’t arguing so much about the car anymore; thank goodness. It’s just going to be pretty damn inconvenient to get around, for at least a week. @_@

Oh yeah, that was a turn for the worse. I know she didn’t just want to leave the situation though. We thought it would be okay to drive the car and get me to hold the door (thanks AFS and blog title) from the inside but after calling NRMA insurance they said it would not be safe. :(

Ahaha well I can’t park at all; I tried to park in a section marked out with lines and I was way off. FML!

LOL. My dad just gets really tense when he’s angry. He rarely gets angry, I don’t know if that explains why when he is, he boils up… but it’s sad. :(

Oh I would vote for you for Prime Minister! I can’t say Kevin Rudd is bad, but he isn’t overly great… XD

*hugs* I guess it’s good exercise. I hope it doesn’t heat up too much now. O_O

Lol you are bad ass :P Hah. I sucked so much on webs >_> My website was sooo ugly. I didn’t know how to link style sheets so i copied the css on every page, and all the bold tags and stuff were different, LOL. it was hideous, but I learnt a lot from webs.

Japan is just so awesome. Everything about it. I love their school uniforms… the anime fests… and no one calls you a geek for going to one :P

Whoa shit. Wow. Go your computer! Do you have a name for it? I mean does the computer have a name?


Damn sorry to hear about the car. That sucks big time. But from what I have read I would say it was your mums fault. How silly can she be? Your dad was closing the door (from all the way out) and she just reverses into the fence? It sounds like something out of a sitcom :P

Hey Georgie :)

I just saw on Twitter that you feel dead – go to bed and get some rest lovely. Even thoug it might be still kinda early.. isn’t it like around 11pm in Sydney right now?

Definitely. And most of the time I don’t mind reading a new blog and commenting and stuff, because the comment kinda dies and stuff. But sometimes I visit the person and think “YES!” because its still te same blog. xD

Yeah I read that blog post. :) But I was in my “too lazy to return any comments” mood so I didn’t comment on it.. my motivation to return comments is being weird anyways.

My walls are pretty empty now. A couple of years ago I had the wall next to my bed full with posters.. But then when we decided to get me new furniture and stuff and so I took all the posters down and after I moved to a different room there was only one poster on my wall… but the one that is up right now has to go really fast.. it’s a Twilight poster from the time when I really loved Twilight.. xD

But I think a dreamcatcher wouldn’t be something you can’t put on your wall. I mean, it’s decorative and looks beautiful. :)

I kinda believe that too. I didn’t have any bad dreams in almost a year now I thnk and I really don’t mind it. No matter if it’s because of the dreamcatcher or if it just happened.

Yeah he is definitely strange.. and I think I might have done something really stupid. I copied that blog post I wrote about him and copied it into a Private Message and sent it to him on this social networking site me and him are on… and now I don’t know how to feel about that. I mean, why on earth did I even do that? And I am also kinda worried that he might show it to some other people (for example my sister, her boyfriend or his friend who also happens to be my neighbor), because I don’t want anybody to know about how I feel..

I am really grateful for that too. But I guess dad wouldn’t have any kind of reason to get like really mad at me so that he would feel like he “has” to hit me. But he was pretty close to hit my sister once after she disappeared over night and didn’t answer her phone and stuff like that. But didn’t do it in the end. I agree. I mean, having a “perfect” family would also be kinda boring I think.

I don’t read many blogs either. Most of the time I just read the blogs from the people who commented me or yours and Vicky’s if you post new ones before I returned your comment. But sometimes I just take a “time out” from the regular blogs and visit those three. :) It’s kinda a different “world” reading their blogs because they live a different life to some extend.

I think I will give Caity’s blog a go. :) I am looking for some new blogs to read and from what you said it sounds really interesting and worth reading!

I think a blog is also a great opportunity to write down all thsoe things and the progress the baby/child is making. Cristina (http://www.flickr.com/photos/_girlwithcamera/) used to do that on her website too, but I think she doesn’t have a personal blog anymore so she is posting a newsletter kinda thing each month telling her friends how her son Nicholas is developing. So cute! I wish I could read it, but she’s posting it in Italian. I also like to just take a time-out and visit her flickr account to look at all those great photos she has there.

Being a mum is part of the life of most of us girls, so why not share that part of our lives in our blogs? I mean, we blog about our lives so it shouldn’t be stupid or anything like that. It’s great and interesting to read.

I want you to stay right here too! Imagine when in a couple of years we are older (of course, LOL) and have the man and maybe a marriage or kids and we get to share it with each other – just like real life friends. I would definitely love that!

Me either. I’ve been into this whole blogging thing for a little bit more than a year now, but I got to know most of the people that mean a lot to me later. I really hope that those relationships will turn into real friendships one day and that I get the chance to stay in touch with all of them. :)

Wow.. like really. Your poor mum in that situation! I think I would have freaked out if I knew that my husband had heart problems and he was like really shocked and stuff. Glad both of your parents are doing fine though!

It really sucks that the door is broken now! But I guess it’s kinda really both of their faults. If you dad wouldn’t have parked the car too close to the fence and you mum wouldn’t have drove out of the driveway while the door was still open things would still be fine.

I hope they get the car fixed soon though, because it really sucks that you and everyone else in your family have to take the bus now. And poor Brandon! Is his tutoring that far away that he has to take the bus and the train?

41°C???? I would’ve died probably. But I think most of us Europeans just aren’t used to temperatures like that. I think the most that some of us over here get is like 30°C or something. And I think it also depends on where in a country you live. Because I remember a couple of years ago we had this really hot week and so we decided to go to the North Sea on the weekend and even though it had the same temperature outside – it felt cooler. I guess the sea did its job and cooled everything down a lil bit. And when we arrived at home and got out of the car we got like hit by the hot temperature again…

Like I said to you, I would be willing to switch homes for a day or two. :) Because here it’s been really cold for like a month at least now. A real winter. Didn’t have that in a while! xD

I bet you were really thankful for the rain you got that day! Because I am always like really happy and relieved if we get a rain day during the summer months and after a week or so of hot weather. :)

Aleast everyone is okay, it could of been worst.
Will your dad ever let your mother drive again?
/hehe mines wouldn’t.

Wait 106F???!!!
That’s way hotter. But our humidy is around 100F – 102F.
For now on I am going to stop complaining about how hot it is.

:( nawww i hope things are better right now! and i hope the car would be fixed. argh, i hope this wont happen when my mom learns how to drive. -_- she’s usually careless.

Hey! Oh no!!! You only have one car? Well at least you have good public transportation. That’s one thing that we (as in my country) should put more work into. /hmph
(probably one the reasons the US has one of the highest emissions rates… bad public transportation so everyone drives their own car… you can see where I’m going).

Well sorry about your car Hey! How’d your brother find that you had a site in the first place? O_o
Ah, well I don’t do the whole “deep thoughts” on my bogs. More just thoughts. hehe. I don’t post anything that would hurt anyone or get anyone upset should they read it. For me it’s not necessarily a diary, than a way of my just expressing my interest and thoughts.

I actually did the reverse. My original sites had a pen name (Kyana) on them, but when I got a domain I switched to my real name (Cara). lol. Just a little funny I think.

I like Lily, but I guess it’s whatever you want. It depends on how annoying your brother is…

Don’t you mean “study for” I don’t think revise is the right word, but ah well, I get it. XD
Thanks! Yea, I hope I pass too! I’ve really amped up the difficulty of my classes.

Ah, returning comments and stuff will be a nice thing to do after exams are over… XD. That really does suck. Last year (if this makes you feel any better /wave ) my dad didn’t see if anything was behind her in the driveway, just assuming my mom had parked (like usual) on the other side of the driveway, and backed up… right into the front of her car!
My mom usually parks on the left and my dad on the right, but our friend’s car had been parked on the left, so she parked behind my dad on the right. And my dad just backed up, like usual… /bash
It’s interesting when they say that most car accidents happen within a mile of your house… lol.

Well good luck with everything!

Aww, that sucks so much. And I can’t believe your brother was still sleeping through that. He must sleep like the dead if that crash didn’t wake him up @_@ I hope your car gets fixed and your neighbour doesn’t get really fustrated about the fence. Hopefully, they’ll be understanding. I agree though, they’re both at fault but accidents happen right? (Y) On the bright side at least you’re parents weren’t injured. (H)

Muaha really? It’s really close to here! I’m in the middle of town pretty much, so there are a lot of places I can walk to. xD

Yeah. And taxis are out of the question. They’re way to expensive and no one really takes taxis much here. :P

Haha yeah, true. Take care :D

Aha! I knew it had to be seasonsappear, I guess I was just entering the wrong password. Thanks for checking it out for me. Your unblocked btw. I followed you. ha :P. Now you can follow me too. :P.

Yeah I think it’s time for a new car. Well; either a slightly used new car like what I got or a brand spanking new car right off the lot. I’m not sure on how much cars are overseas, but they’re pretty expensive in the states.

The ab circle pro does look like fun. I told my dad about it last night and he’s like “See? I knew it’d be something else before you’re satisfied” and I told him “No remember I told you about it before but I forgot what the name of it was?” and he’s like “Oh okay” lol. It was kinda funny. Yeah you just spend 3 minutes on it a day and it works your love handles, abdominal, butt and legs. haha now I’m sounding like an infomercial.

I’m writing a screenplay about a leukemia patient who can see angels, but when she wins the leukemia and is better, she can’t see the angel anymore, until the leukemia comes back and she’s back in the room where the angel died in before. Now she can see him and falls for him after a while of not trusting him kinda like city of angels ya know? So they end up marrying each other and than she dies. I’m kinda wondering how to end the story. Any suggestions would be nice.

Yeah you guessed right on the person. It starts with a V no it’s not vicky. But yeah.

Hey that’s pretty cool that one of your aunts owns a tea shop! Nothing wrong with wanting to do website design or anything like that.

Omg, that sucks horribly. That’ll probably take a while to fix. :( I would be so pissed if my parents did that to my car. Well, it’s not my car it’s my dad’s but I call it mine when he isn’t here. Hahaha. :)

Dang. That is some long cables. We just used to have the computers right next to each other and have the broadband right in between the computers to save the look of the cords and the fear of tripping over them.

Ewww. It is raining outside. Like really hard. HORRIBLE! I hate the rain, only cuz it ruined our last visit to Disney World (florida) it rained the whole week we were there, except the first day. We were like OMG tired of rain after that.
Yeah, the heat does make I think EVERYONE tired. People just wanna cool off after that by sitting around.

Oh, okay. How can you have the time to update all of your websites? I mean I have like 3 websites right now and it feels like I have the 10 I had before. Which actually is weird cuz 1 is a tumblr. Hahaha.

Yeah, I love the color black. It’s my tied with Green as my favorite color. OH!! You just gave me an idea for a layout. :) Thanks. Hahaha.

Yeah, I was thinking that would happen. & I’m not trying to but your site is awesome. I remember reviewing it when you had the “Daisies for James” layout up. I used ForeverAngle.info back then. Hahaha. I couldn’t type that well. XD

Well, we only go around the block, literally. We go into a street with no curbs and do a three point turn and then head back to the DMV. I made one extremely wide turn and the dude said I “hit the curb” when I did the three point turn. Other than that I did pretty well. :) I wasn’t expecting it to be hard and it wasn’t. Luckily. If we had to go on the highway I would’ve been like HOLY CRAP! Hahaha. I’ve gone on the highway several times on my own now so I’m kinda used to it. I still get shocked and grab the wheel as hard as I can but I just have to get used to it.

Yeah, I’m sure it will too. I can’t wait to get my GPA up to a 3.6 so that I can get a scholarship. I need a 3.6 GPA and like a 26 on my ACT but I’m taking the SAT instead so I’m not sure what I need on that. Hm…
Do you have the ACT/SAT there?

Aww… sorry about the car. Our family cars are so ancient and break down so much that my parents are so eager to get another car. They’re always looking at cars. :| It takes them a long time to make a decision. I want a bug… I really want a Volkswagon Bug in bright yellow! :D

Parents are just like best friends, they have arguments.

I have high blood pressure in my family too. I’m not so worried though, it was only for my Grandpa who died… when I was two.

I’m sorry to hear that your car broke, that sucks. At least you have have public transportation. There isn’t to much public transportation around my house, If you want to take a train you need to drive at least 15 minuets away and park in a commuter parking lot. If you want to take a bus you need to walk about 15-20 minuets away from my house, which isn’t to bad.

By the way, my domain collective website is done. The URL is vintagecupcake.org

Arguements between parents are horrible. Especially if you still live at home and you’re in the middle of it, even if the arguement isn’t about you.
I hope the car gets fixed soon! ♥ AND OH MY GOD, 41c?! I’d die. @_@

I hope everything between your mum and dad are okay now! It’s a good job your dad was fine though!

Wow, that sounds pretty bad about the car, hopefully it can get fixed and not cost too much! When people are in a rush they do things in such a hurry they don’t really know what they’re doing. I’m sure it’s nothing that can’t be fixed at the end of the day!

Good luck with getting it fixed though, I remember when we were younger, our car broke around Christmas time, it was so inconvenient because of going to see family and such!

Our group at school is usually quite big and there are few groups within that big group. I’m close to the two friends but I’m the one that’s left out. :(

I’ve become so close to people online, we’ve planned to meet up at the next McFly tour, or when Jedward go on tour with The X Factor, it’s really exciting. :3

Yeah, I saw that post actually! I’ve noticed how people are always like “OMG YOU HAVE LIKE 3829832837382 DOMAINS!” I don’t see the problem because web-design is clearly a hobby of yours and you give a lot away, that’s a kind thing to do!

I hate it when people take a joke so far that it’s not even funny any more. /angry

I hate when my parents argue. I can’t control myself and I start crying, but I don’t want they see me. Usually they fight for stupid things, but after few hours they make-up and everything is OK:).

Your parents should stop blaming each other and go with the car for service, because it’s obviously that you all, need it.

Looking at the comment you dropped me, you should change the layout, you had it for a while, but it’s time for a change. I can’t wait for a new one:D.

I finally got a decent sleep. I slept 12 hours this night and I feel a lot better, but a new week it’s coming and I have a feeling that I won’t sleep too much. It’s the last week of this semester and I need to get marks at some subjects.

You wasn’t good at English? Are you kidding me? You’re the best English speaker I ever met. I didn’t even saw a mistake in your blogs, reviews, tutorials etc. Also, you are an amazing writer.

Love ya and get that car for service.

Wow, you’re car broke?! I hope it gets fixed soon. Isn’t it annoying when parents have fights though.
Good idea on covering the car with plastic though.
Gosh, it must be super hot where you live! We’ve had heaps of rain here this season which is odd because it’s supposed to be summer.

Ah yeah I noticed you gave away those domains. You’re so genereous!

Thanks so much! yeah I’ve thought of self publishing. My aunt did it when she wrote her book although it didn’t sell much.

*dear georgina, here is a cookie to say hi and thanks for coming to my tea party :)*

That must really suck but I am glad you’re parents are okay. Arguments between parents suck not to mention they cause more stress. I hope you can get the car fixed. 41c? I die when it goes over 20 over here.

Yeah, having wireless is nice, but now we don’t have anything that uses wireless, lol. I hope to get another laptop sometime. We sold our iPod to the pawn shop when in need of money.. as well as our Wii and Playstation 3. The two gaming systems we were supposed to get back though.

Woah. I wish our winters were 12 degrees Celsius, that’s be amazing. Nope, we get -13C + (or minus, I guess you’d say). I hate winters, lol.

Yeah (about Donnie). We’re still waiting, I found out he gets his final grades on Thursday, so I’m hoping he passed everything else. Like I said though, I’m pretty sure he did.

Oh wow. I could see myself doing something like that. Sometimes, I feel like a danger when driving because I always do something way before I think it through. At least they didn’t get in a wreck or something and only the door was damaged. That’s much better than if someone had gotten hurt. And whew, 106F?! I lived in Florida for a few minutes and it had got that there, it was HOT! Lol.


Sorry for being gone for so long and not staying in touch. I explained in my newest blog.

So how are you? What’s up??

Oh my god! Sorry to hear about your car!! I hope the repairs aren’t going to be really expensive!

Hahahahah. Oh my that is quite funny.. I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time, but its funny to me =]

I hate when those things happen though. Your so caught up in the moment and just need to get your stuff done.

If you look at it from a positive angle is shows that you really need to slow things down no matter what kind of rush you are in because you never know what will happen. Gotta be careful ;]

The keyboard is really annoying because the buttons are so tiny and it’s hard to press one without hitting another. And it feels so fake and plastic, too. 😝

Haha, I don’t feel guilty at all. Probably because when I wake up all groggy and tired at 6:47, I convince myself to wake up at 6:50. Then I miss the deadline and end up waking up at 7-something. :P

Gosh, thank you! I agree with the background. I was having a problem with it and my sister sort of helped me solve it, ;) I just suck at coding, :(
0.0 Retainers must be annoying, I think I might get them after they take my braces off.
My parents argue way too much. You have no idea what it’s been like over the past year. So that’s why they’re getting divorced. But I’m over it now.
Don’t worry, public transport is alright. I’ve been going on buses after school and it’s fine. Well, except for people always pushing you to get a seat, lol.
High cholesterol? Woah, now I’m starting to think I’ll have high blood pressure soon. :O
You have a pretty strong car so I think it’ll be alright, :D

I’m glad to hear that no one was hurt. I seen on TV where a guy had opened his door while he was in a car wash to get a ticket off his window and the car wash things did the same thing to his door. I hope it doesn’t take a lot of money to fix it though.

My mom has been on her husband about her car not working right and I must say I kind of enjoy it. Mostly because he doesn’t have a job right now so why can’t he at least work on the car. I mean my mom has to have a way to get back and forth from the doctor.

That’s just too hot. Today it was finally around 50 (F)…but it rained all day! There’s a chance of snow this week too. So I guess right now no one is going to get nice weather. lol.

thankgoodness none of your parents got hurt right?
that sounded frightening D:
hmm since its monday already has your car gone to get fixed?? hope its not tooo expensive..mechanics always charge so much for repairs! :(

anywway how come you didn’t go fireworks?? its fun ;D ye haha my mum actually wasnt toooo happy with me coming home at around 2/3am considering i had work on new years day starting at 9am..

it was crazy at milsons point though… wayyyyyyyy toooooo many people for my liking during new years.. ugh

have you got any plans for the rest of the holidays?
going overseas or anything? sigh i really wish i could go overseas right now :P

im glad that currently the temperature has dropped now! i really really h ated the passed days that were 40 degrees!! yuckkky humidity

Yikes! That’s bad news about your car. :( Will insurance cover the repairs or anything? No wonder your parents were fighting afterwards though…they both must have been really stressed. O_O

My mum actually did something similar to her car many years ago – she was backing out of the garage with the passenger seat door wide open still and knocked it clean off against the garage wall. D:

Btw, this is a bit OT, but I just wanted to say I’m really enjoying all your daily projects you’ve been doing lately (the quotes thing, album covers, plog etc). I really should comment on them from time to time…sorry! I just never think to. =/ But I do think they’re awesome. <3

Hi there!!! /bounce hahaa loving these smilies! XD

OMG…. i haven’t told anyone this but I know how your mum feels…. i mean I just got into a car accident and I was the one driving. I know how the shocked feeling must have felt. Good thing your mum didn’t hit a car or something like me. I was lucky because the part of the car I hit was our right front lamp and it really needed to get fix. And good thing the guy I hit was a good guy and just let me go because he knew I was just a student driver. I am so happy that all went well… but I will be frigging careful now in driving a manual. Dad was angry at me at first and we did argue like that. Sighs..

I hope your car gets fixed soon! It’s hard without transpo and your poor bro!

What an extremely hot day! Ugh I hate it when that happens. Sighs…

Take care! Nice blog :D