Lies For The Liars

I’m quite aware of the consequences of giving out personal information online. I believe I am old enough to responsibly give out information, and to keep these consequences in the back of my mind.

I understand about using a different name online, not giving away your last name, or displaying photos, but I believe there is a limit to what you should falsify.

Late last year someone online wanted to meet me – Cindy*. I got to know Cindy online and we lived in the same state. To be honest I didn’t know much about her. She was a lot younger than me but we were sort of close. I didn’t know whereabouts she lived, went to school, or even what she looked like. She didn’t give away much information on her site.

I was heading out into the city for a university project and she wanted to meet me then. I didn’t really want anyone accompanying me but soon, I warmed up to the idea.

Her mother looked up all this information about me on the internet. My websites, my YouTube, my Twitter, my photos. To make sure I was a real person and not someone out to get her daughter, I guess. I felt a tad creeped out about it but I understood the position she was in.

Shortly before we met, she told me that Cindy wasn’t her real name, and that her real name was Cheyenne. Fair enough, I thought, but she could have told me this earlier, especially since we were actually meeting and I trusted that she would tell me more about herself. Which she didn’t. She wasn’t even allowed to take a photo of the two of us. 😕

Some time after that Cheyenne disappeared from the “online world” because she had been grounded. She had been gone for months and I worried. She had my phone number; I didn’t have hers. I then decided to look up her domain information on WhoIs to see if I could contact her. And I found out that she had lied about her last name as well.

She “came back” this month. I was sad that she had “forgotten” about me and talked to other people, so I started a conversation with her. I casually asked her about her real last name. She denied and kept saying that it was “McDee”. It was a lie and she even tried to cover it up with more lies. I wasn’t going to use the information in a bad way. I just wanted to know.

I dropped it. Then I asked her if she lived around Libreville*. Because she knew where I lived and she even knew what university I go to.

She went and told her parents. 😐 Her dad contacted me through my Formspring. It made me really angry, completely furious – the way he said he could “dig” this information about me too. 😡

It’s not hard to find information about me, because of the amount of information I give out. You don’t even need to bloody dig for it. This raged me so much, because of how much Cheyenne’s parents know about me and how fucking little I know about her, and the fact that she lied even after meeting her, in real life. I had trust in Cheyenne, well, she can fuck off now. 😤 She’s not even talking to me and has hacked off all ties with me.

I’m not saying it’s hard to trust people online. But I found this extreme, especially since we were close, and talked offline too.

* Names in this story have been changed.

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