Lies For The Liars

I’m quite aware of the consequences of giving out personal information online. I believe I am old enough to responsibly give out information, and to keep these consequences in the back of my mind.

I understand about using a different name online, not giving away your last name, or displaying photos, but I believe there is a limit to what you should falsify.

Late last year someone online wanted to meet me – Cindy*. I got to know Cindy online and we lived in the same state. To be honest I didn’t know much about her. She was a lot younger than me but we were sort of close. I didn’t know whereabouts she lived, went to school, or even what she looked like. She didn’t give away much information on her site.

I was heading out into the city for a university project and she wanted to meet me then. I didn’t really want anyone accompanying me but soon, I warmed up to the idea.

Her mother looked up all this information about me on the internet. My websites, my YouTube, my Twitter, my photos. To make sure I was a real person and not someone out to get her daughter, I guess. I felt a tad creeped out about it but I understood the position she was in.

Shortly before we met, she told me that Cindy wasn’t her real name, and that her real name was Cheyenne. Fair enough, I thought, but she could have told me this earlier, especially since we were actually meeting and I trusted that she would tell me more about herself. Which she didn’t. She wasn’t even allowed to take a photo of the two of us. @_@

Some time after that Cheyenne disappeared from the “online world” because she had been grounded. She had been gone for months and I worried. She had my phone number; I didn’t have hers. I then decided to look up her domain information on WhoIs to see if I could contact her. And I found out that she had lied about her last name as well.

She “came back” this month. I was sad that she had “forgotten” about me and talked to other people, so I started a conversation with her. I casually asked her about her real last name. She denied and kept saying that it was “McDee”. It was a lie and she even tried to cover it up with more lies. I wasn’t going to use the information in a bad way. I just wanted to know.

I dropped it. Then I asked her if she lived around Libreville*. Because she knew where I lived and she even knew what university I go to.

She went and told her parents. /hmph Her dad contacted me through my Formspring. It made me really angry, completely furious – the way he said he could “dig” this information about me too. /angry

It’s not hard to find information about me, because of the amount of information I give out. You don’t even need to bloody dig for it. This raged me so much, because of how much Cheyenne’s parents know about me and how fucking little I know about her, and the fact that she lied even after meeting her, in real life. I had trust in Cheyenne, well, she can fuck off now. 🤬 She’s not even talking to me and has hacked off all ties with me.

I’m not saying it’s hard to trust people online. But I found this extreme, especially since we were close, and talked offline too.

* Names in this story have been changed.

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FYI: Just because my best friend gets first comment on my blog, doesn’t mean you can spam my blog without reading, thanks.


The girl n her parents were really ridiculous D:
moreover the girl asked u to meet her not did u

Firstly: ew at comment comments. :/
Secondly: WTF?! I don’t even know where to start. I’m speechless. 0.o
You even met her, and she wouldn’t tell you the truth! Maybe she’s overprotective about something, or she’s just a liar. But her mom not letting you take pictures, that seems a wee bit suspicious to me. I’m guessing the overprotective, but whatever. And not talking to you anymore after that?!? That’s just creepy.

Me, just like you, I pretty much give everything away online. Well, I shouldn’t say that, but yeah. Everything but my street address, my city, stuff like that. First and last names can’t really do nothin’. :P Zach Theriault. (H)

I love the title of this blog, it relates to it so much, and I just randomly love it, just because. xD

Haha. Yeah, it’s weird because after I finished my layout I went to check out her site and saw the greyness, and I was like “fuck sakes!” I was gonna change it, but meh. I like it too much. :P

Yeah, you probably wouldn’t. It was back when I was struggling with a site, and it wasn’t really commented a lot or seen. :P

Well, it sounds like to me that a lot of interesting stuff happen to you!

Hiiiiiii ✌️ :D

Wow…what a huge bitch. Excuse my language. Really. If someone trusts you, I mean okay if you don’t trust them back completely 100%, but you should still offer them some trust in return. Relationships, whether they be actual relationships or just friendships can’t just be one sided.

That’s rather rude of her. You trust her enough to give out all this information to her, and make sure it’s okay with her parents for you guys to meet, yet she just keeps lying to you. What could you possibly have gained by abusing all the information she gave you, no matter how little?

It’s not as if you were going to commit identity fraud or something. God. It’s almost insulting. /angry

And I can’t believe her Dad looked you up on FORMSPRING. WTF? That’s almost stalkerish. D:

It’s so mean of her to be ignoring you now. It sucks when people you think highly of and think of as good friends just suddenly decide you’re not worth their time. Well that totally reflects badly on THEM. /argh


I mean, it IS hard to trust people online. There are heaps of dangerous people out there online, but you don’t need to be extreme about it. Seriously. It’s perfectly clear that you are an 18 year old girl, who is perfectly clean-cut. What did her parents expect you to do? Sell their daughter to child-stealers? Judging by that, I think this person is crafty and deceptive enough to get herself out of that situation anyways. /angry

It’s not as if you were asking about her bank details or anything. She is totally not worth your time. /pow

I think it’s really dumb. Considering she wanted to see me in the first place. Come to think of it, she’s pretty immature, even if we were close. I felt like I was somewhat “stooping” down to her level, in a way. :|

I can’t believe her parents got involved. It’s ridiculous, after they pried into my life. I know my blog and sites are here for all to see, but they shouldn’t have snooped around like that if they weren’t even going to let their daughter be a real and true friend to me.

He pretty much contacted me on there. What a jerk. I guess it’s her loss, really. I was being a concerned friend and she goes off and tells her parents just because I questioned her? If she was so uncomfortable with it she could have at least said so and not covered it up by making up more lies.

I can’t believe they probably thought I was a “bad influence” – well not necessarily influence – or a bad person. Do I look like I have the time to even bother? Sheesh. Well now I most certainly won’t, since she isn’t talking to me anymore. Perfect.

Oh and by the way: not using pictures of yourself online makes you sound like a total 40 year old creeper, don’t cha think? :P

Lol at your second comment above XD

How old is this Cindy/Cheyenne girl anyway?

I do understand about using online monikers but I don’t think that’s smart of her to keep on lying. I mean, dude, wasn’t she the one who wanted to meet up with you? I don’t know, at least she could’ve be honest about some stuff when you’re finally about to meet face-to-face right?

Way to go looking at Whois and then finding information! Well sometimes we just need to know the truth about something so that’s not a crime, right? It’s only a crime when you use the information for blackmailing and other bad things but in this case you did not cross the line. Also, everyone with a domain needs a Whoisguard (Y)

Okay I’m digressing /ehh

You know what this Cindy whoever she is should be banned from the internet if she is too much of a liar and having such paranoid parents.

Yeah, that’s right, if you’re too scared of what your daughter’s been doing online and wanting to meet up with people, you should ban her until she’s 30 (Y)

In response to your comment..

Aww thank you! I love fruitysocks too! The domain, that is haha. You knew the person who had fruitysocks before me? I hope she’s uber nice! :)

Dayumm you know what, I’ve been craving Maccas for 3 days in a row. That’s really bad right? D: I’ve been wanting to go get Oreo McFlurry late at night recently O_O Though the only things I order at Maccas are their nuggets and Double Cheeseburger /love Mmmm all this talking about fast food makes me want to drive right at the drive thru right nao!

Indonesia’s public buses are SCARY! /wah We used the blue cab the whole time when we were in Jakarta. I really don’t want to get mugged in the bus. It looked unsafe as well 😢 😢

I hope you’re enjoying your iPhone! :D

D= it’s the main thing I dislike about the internet; how anyone can just be anyone else. You always get these dipshits on forums and stuff who can talk big, because it’s easy to be a 300 pound Olympian weightlifter who’s also some kind of streetfighting god from behind a keyboard.

Sucks how this happened, but heh. Well, humof. /sad


It’s poop. :( But like everyone said, good riddance to bad rubbish… haha.

I know a lot of people who are very honest on the internet. But I always got the feeling that she was really mysterious and odd. O_O

I’m guessing this is the “long story” I asked about yesterday on twitter? Anyway, that’s completely stupid and if she met you in real life she knows she can trust you…hopefully, but no, instead she goes off and disconnects from you? Pretty pointless I say. Maybe her parents ARE really protective….maybe not.

I mean, yea, there are dangerous people online, maybe even someone me or you know….but this girl just seems stupid to me, the way you give her your whole life, and she gives you nothing….not even her phone number.

I don’t give out everything….but I do give out my Name (not last usually) and easy stuff, but not like my street address, City, and stuff like that. I mean we’re getting to the age where we make our own decisions (of course, your already there) and we HAVE the decision to give our info out online…and if your at the right spot on the internet, not much bad people are going to use it.

And by this whole little comment here’s what I should say: She’s a bitch. Leave her alone and just forget about her. :D

oh my goodness. >.< theyre being careful about 'stalkers' when theyre the ones who are actually kinda stalking. if only i could slap these people…..

Hey sorry abt that last message…..abt your blog….if that girl didn’t trust you why the hell did she come to meet you…..and the way her parents were acting was even more astonishing and ridiculous. O_O /eee

LOL I just looked at the first three comments, that’s harsh! But I see you got a point on that 😏

Okay, I understand when people lie about their names and stuff, and frankly I don’t really blame them. There is an affiliate of mine who lied about her name, but she dared to tell me and the rest of her affilaites. Even though what she did wasn’t necessarily as I mentioned before it’s okay to hide your identity., and she didn’t do anything wrong but she confessed. However, Cindy did the complete opposite. You trusted her and she lied to you, okay maybe she is afraid of certain stuff by you can go online with a nickname without revealing your name like Nugget from, so you don’t have to make up a name. And if you don’t want to tell people about your age then that’s okay you can mention that you don’t want to but you don’t have to lie about it.

What bothered me the most is her parents searching for information about you? that’s just creepy, I wonder what they’ll do when she dates a guy /snort . And you know not knowing anything about her that’s just not fair! You agreed to meet with her and she did too, she could’ve mentioned that her parents are like that, or she could have just not agreed to meet with you so what’s with all the drama she’s causing? If she knows how her parents are like she should have never agreed. /angry . I don’t know why she didn’t contact you after that, it’s not like you did anything wrong. I’m starting to think she blamed on when her parents questioned her (if they did), but of course I’m not sure and I don’t want to judge. She shouldn’t have told her dad that, it’s not like you were trying to kill her. Some stuff should be kept just between friends and it’s really weird that she told her father, and what’s more weird is her dad contacting your on formspring O.o
It’s just my opinion but it hard to trust epople online, you don’t really know who they’re like in real life.

Thank you! I considering doing those changes :) . I’m really glad the exams ended, I hope I did well too.

Huh! Imagine being in my place

LOL yeah it’s really funny, there are lots of places with my name! hell, there is a country called Sophia, well I think it’s country XD

I can understand to a point about some people (particularly younger teens) needing to keep a bit of privacy online, but the way Cindy/Cheyenne treated you is just downright rude. :( Plus you’d think if she actually sought you out for a face-to-face meeting she’d be prepared to be honest! There are tons of people who pretend to be someone else online of course, but it seems strange to actually meet someone in person and still lie about who you are. (Aside from the obvious exception of sexual predators, of course). I can understand you’d be angry and upset…I would be too if I were in the same situation. :(

I don’t really give out a lot information on the internet. If I’m really close to someone I would give them my last name and one of my phone numbers, but I would never give out where I go to school or at which place I live. There a lot of weirdos on the internet.

Well I’ve never lied about my real name. I prefer to keep my nickname because I like being called like that. It kind of irks me when people use my full name, but I don’t really mind it a lot.

So anyway. That girl its a huge freaking bitch. Excuse me for the language, but its true. She knew every personal information about you and she even lied you about her real name. She could tell you at least that if she was a friend.

Well its okay some parent to be concerned about their child. But to look trough all your websites, its just weird. Its really completely unnecessary for her father to contact you. So what is you was asking a little bit more to find out about her. Its not a big deal.

It was really rude from her side to ignore you. Its not like shes the queen or something. She could just tell you some fair reason that she’s not contacting you anymore. You did a good decision about stop talking to her.

Beware… I’m stalking you as well… Bewareeeee…

Ha, kidding. Oh dear, that is bloody awful of that girl and her father to do that to you. I can understand them digging up your information from the net because they want to make sure the girl is meeting someone real. But how could they do something like that when they are lying about themselves. How are we going to trust them?

I admit I do not use my real name on the Internet, but I do state my real name on my site so that people know I’m a real person and I walk on the earth.
And it is unfair that they should have a lot of information on you and you have so little on her. Looks like the mutual trust is one-sided. It is understandable you are outraged by this.

By the looks of it, they probably won’t stop here. That girl’s parents might start going on a ‘stalking frenzy’ to check up the information of every single friend she has. Eeep, God save everyone.

Take care Georgie.

Hey, you must realize the name is akward. I’m at school, that’s the thing. I’m not typing my name in school XD whatever…

Interesting blog, it’s kinda weird how she looks up you in the WWW. :P

Oh there goes the recess bell, got to go to class=D

You know what mistake have you done ?

You’ve told your full bio data,but you didn’t ask his/her data,you must be careful doing things online,because it sometimes may be much dangerous,because it happen’s with me already,and now i m so careful treating people online.
as far as the information is concerned,just give out ur gender,age and 1 pic if needed,if you give more then this it may harm you!

Haha oh my god. Next time, dude, read my blog properly. I didn’t make a mistake. I am comfortable with giving out my information online.

If you had actually read my blog then maybe you would realise that the subject was a she and you wouldn’t have to blindly type “him/her” because you would have read it properly.

Haha, I wasn’t even in danger. This is pathetic. It hasn’t “harmed me at all”. The main point of my blog was to discuss the person I had met who had lied to be when I was their friend, not about giving out personal information online. Sheesh.

you know i read it full,but you use many phrases so i get confused and i write he/she,
and I em fearful about giving info online because smth happen to me,and you’ve given her info so that she can meet you,other wise how will she meet you?

any how – i prefer not to meet with internet friends….

I use many phrases? Are you kidding me? This my blog, I can blog however I want. If you don’t understand it, it’s simple: don’t comment on it.

She was the one who wanted to meet me. Again, fail on your part because you didn’t even read properly. The way I write is no excuse to leave a crappy comment.

And if you don’t plan on meeting with internet friends then you shouldn’t bother to meet them in the first place.

hey i see that Australian guys get angry quickly,are you Australian?
Don’t angry on me dear,i was shocked,coz i’ve face many disorders in my life,but i can not express.
sorry,if you don’t want me to comment i will not!


thank you.

Wow, blind are we now? Perhaps if you looked in my sidebar you’d see that I am from Australia.

How dare you be so racist. Go on, talk about yourself, you’ve got nothing on my heart problem, depression and ADHD.

well,you guys have no manner to talk with other’s.If I said sorry for 1 time it’s mean I accept my fault,and still u’ve some problems then keep them with yourself,I good with peoples those are good with me ,and very bad with those who are not good with me,and I em not the one who will follow ur directions,I will do the things in the direction on how I like,and you are not allowed to order me.
I read or not read I comment or not comment what the hell is to you ?

Fuck offff /angry

..Did you just comment to plug yourself? Fail, love.

i really did not understand you,what do you mean by plug?

Guys don’t angry on me,i read it full,but my English was not good,so may be i didn’t understand it good!

anyhow – sorry,and if you don’t want me to comment I will not.

Next time don’t go throwing your poorly explained opinions around, read the actual content properly. It may also prove beneficial if you consult an optometrist about those eyes of yours.

Australians > you.

Racist mofo.

enough is enough,I already said sorry,and you guys are now getting more free and free,mind ur lang and business,I read or not read any thing its up to me,and you are not the one to stop me,and mind ur own business.

Wow, that’s a tad.. creepy, if you ask me! /ehh I totally agree with you! I too would be a bit offended and angry; “double standards” sort of sceneario! “Hey, I get to stalk and lurk around you, but you get to no nothing about me in return”. 😰 But for her “dad” to even get involved?LOL! :) Then to ignore you? Good riddance to bad rubbish! /rose x

Yes, I understand her parents’ concerns because I have had a stalker from being open with who I am on my old domain, but I haven’t falsified any information at all. I just keep names, and certain locations private. If Cheyenne didn’t want the whole world to know where she lived or her last name, she should’ve just kept it private and not made one up, unless she made it clear that it was just an alias. Parents can be annoying with their threats, its just weird that they think “digging up” information will make you scared XD

That is Crap! *Pardon my language*

Why would you even do that! I can see why you are pissed off.

There are so many ways of this happening, and it doesnt have to be online either. How do I know becasue of my friend. She had something similar happen.

:X that is how I feel for you.. And i saw the formspring questions. Why didnt he ask you through email instaed of public. that was really rude! /angry

Well all you can hope is that is never happens again.


Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am snowed in at the moment.. Kinda sucks… 😒

Sorry for not replying O_O

I hate that, it is so cold it burns.. :O

Yeah, my mom said “But, they won’t eat stuff there. Maybe nachos but that isn’t a meal!” -.- It is a fast food place nothing really counts as a meal XD

Crap, I will fix that thanks for telling me :D

I have been wanting Taco Bell for a long time. But my brothers are always with me. I stopped liking Burger King after I got a chocolate shake and there was still like..not blending chocolate syrup at the bottom. I hate just plain chocolate syrup. D: We just had a Taco Bell go out of business here, but then they moved about 2 miles down where more travelers would see them XD

Haha, I guess it would make it more personal and inviting. /hehe

Here in the summer and winter there is a climax for about a week. I’m glad it’s not cold or hot the entire season though. I think spring is my favorite. :)

Wow, I don’t have a problem with saying my real name because Amber is a common name. Maybe my last name, only because I’m still a kid. I can tell people what state I live in, only because I can tell that they are who they say they are because they never ask information about me or anything. I only have one persons phone number. :P

Wow. She told her parents. She could have just said she wasn’t allowed to talk about it or something. That is weird that he would do that. I mean, parents can be protective and all but that is a little extreme I think.

I don’t even really see the point in making up a fake name. I mean, most names are very common. Even with the last names. /hmph

Jeez what a loser. Having her parents dig up all the information about you and nothing on her for you to read and what not. My friend offline was like that. She’d be your best friend and than like a month later you’re enemies. Her mom would always stick up for her. I remember one time her mother came to the elementary to fight with the principal or teacher or kid I can’t remember which but she fought with someone to protect her daughter. Her daughter has a disabled problem like mine but it makes her limp.

I can’t believe Vanessa actually wrote about me. Just out of curiosity what did she say? Or is it better kept a secret? I guess she’ll never grow up. I got fed up with all her whining and complaining about her sister and father so that’s why I left that comment. I had a right to leave it. In an email she stated that I was never invited to come to her new site. I was like WTF?! Than she proceeded to say some more nasty stuff about me. It didn’t effect me, I laughed at it. Some people will never grow up. She’s older than I am too by one year. And yet she’s writing an entry about me and telling me I owe her an apology and all this and that. I already apologized to her and she sent me an email back stating she’d need to think about letting me back on her jalopy website. I was mad so I was like you know what forget it, forget I ever apologized. I take it back. So on.

But anywho, I can’t believe that Cheyenne would do that to you. You don’t deserve that kind of shit. I would cut all ties with her too. Just like boo @ you and be gone.

HAHA dancer’s legs. I’ve never heard that term before. I’ve heard of piano fingers or something around that term. But never a dancer’s legs. Well; it could be swollen from all the dance movements you’ve done recently because you weren’t used to it or something. But I guess you can always do some exercises. I hate exercising too. It’s boring but the AB Circle Pro looks like fun though. I still need to get a web camera. But I dunno if I want to get one this quickly.

HAHA my dad had me bid on a lost magazine that had the women of lost on there. His girlfriend is jealous of the fact he likes Evangeline Lilly aka Kate from LOST. LMAO. It’s only a $1.00 + something. So I can buy it if it doesn’t go any higher. haha. Isn’t that funny?

Yes you did have the right to leave the comment on my site, but like i said before, it’s my site and if you (and anyone else..) doesn’t like it, I’m not holding a gun to your head to stay and I can and will blog about anything that I choose too. It’s at this point in my life where my dad and my sister are complete assholes. And you have no idea who they are or what they are doing. So of course I don’t think you would understand. I could really care less right now about you or what you think of me or of what I say. /bounce

But that’s not even the issue. This whole thing started when you asked if I wanted you to pay me for helping you with your site. I only said yes to see what you would do. never in a million years would i think that you would actually send me any money. I may not have graduated highschool, but I’m not that gullible. I also don’t have to accept your apology if I don’t want too. And I don’t. (H)

Good than leave me the hell a lone you fat slob. Sorry Georgina that she decided to do this here. And to Vanessa, why are you even bother trying to explain it to me anyway?

Also, I felt bad for asking help with my site hence the reason why I offered some money. I knew you’d say yes, but when you said you overlooked my site when you plugged others…that was a red flag to back away. So sorry.

I think that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. (Y)

I also find it very irritating and mildly confusing that you are complaining about what I am blogging about. Why should you even care if I randomly plug other people’s site(s)? They don’t. (Y)

I emailed you please respond.

Wow, that girl seems quite pathetic to me. Lying about stupid things like a simple name (MANY people share the same name), even when you guys were going to meet up, etc. But honestly, you gotta be careful who you give sensitive information to. If you didn’t have her number, how come she had yours? It doesn’t sound “fair”.

The fact that she lied about the state or town she lived in was also strange in my opinion. And her parents searching you up like that… Wow. I mean, if you’re going to meet someone, then YOU are taking responsibility for it, not your parents. And if you’re just too young, then simply don’t do it at all, unless they’re willing to go with her or drop her off in a public place and make sure the person she’s meeting is who she says she is

Your site doesn’t like me and it’s not opening. :(

It didn’t sound fair to me at all, but for the most part, I don’t think I would have been able to trust her again even if she apologised. It was rude that she went and told her parents.

I actually did meet her mother, and she made sure I was a real person, but after that she left us both to hang out. And still, after that, she couldn’t even be honest. /poo

Yeah that definitely was not right. She continued lying, even after meeting you, and that’s just weird and kind of pathetic.
I think the server was being rebooted when you tried to access it or something , lol. I always check the server status to make sure everything’s running smoothly and I noticed some things were down, but now they’re working just fine, lol. I don’t mind that you reply to my comment on your site, it actually makes it a lot easier to continue a conversation.

Wow, I really don’t understand why she lied so blatantly. That girl just sounds plain stupid.

Anyway, I really like your layout, you are a great designer. has a great layout too. :)

Your content is also very complete too, i.e. the recipes are cool.


yeah, I love kids :D their so much fun and I love watching them grow up and all the changes they go through; teeth, walking, talking lol. Aww, I’m sure I was a shy one when I was little, because I still am… /hehe
I know :S even when you cut your nail “too short” it hurts really bad, so I can’t imagine… they just ripped hers off :( . It didn’t seem to cause her too much pain though, she still walked and ran on it normally without showing any pain lol. She was still her normal hyper self :D
she looks so small with her hair cut, people always ask if shes a puppy thats how small she is. But shes not lol, she just turned 4 on Saturday :D
Yeah, I always get ideas as to how to set up my navigation, but when I attempt to put it into action, it never works. I was happy when I got one to work, then when I activated it, it went to crap. So I just gave up and made the layout I have now lol, nothing special.

Oh wow.. I can understand the parents being a little worried especially since “cheyenne” was younger and met through online, but I wouldn’t expect them to go that.. extreme. I find that a little odd… actually, a lot lol. I mean, if you go and meet someone in person, then you’d think the person would be more comfortable with being more open. I mean, you both are female, correct? What do her parents, or even her, think what you’re possibly capable to do to her? lol. Nothing at all.. After all, shes the one who kept insisting to meet. That would really annoy me; knowing that her and her parents know more about you than they are WILLING to let you know. That’s ridiculous O_O

GEORGIE. Fuck I haven’t commented in like one week *facepalm*. Obviously you know why but I stole my dad’s computer again and read your blog. This is from memory because I am on the other computer now because my dad had to do German, so yearrr.
I’ll return your comments when I get the Internet back for good, if you don’t mind? Easier for me. :) Hopefully we can kinda manage through comment replies and stuff (my site is on MM).

You do have a formidable amount of information online, but not the unecessary or the most personal ones like telephone numbers. That’s just stupid. Your name, first and last, and pictures and age and where you live is okay really.
Funny about Cindy. (I’ll call her that because I can’t remember what her ‘real’ name was… Cheyenne or something?). How old was she? Or didn’t she say? About my age?
I can understand why her parents were concerned about you meeting her. I don’t understand why she made up a name, both first and last. That’s… strange. Like trying to be someone else.

I know quite a bit about you. Harrumph. xD I don’t know your university or address or telephone number but I know your high school and stuff. I consider that to be ‘a lot’ because you are on the other side of the world from me…
Well, I trust you with this shiz.
Likewise I told you my full name and my current school and you’ve seen some pictures of me (you’ll see more when my fucking acne pisses off).
I’d love to meet you in real life. Because you know, you ARE a real person. It is very obvious you are a real person – and like you say, you don’t even have to dig. Your domains and accounts all link up; Cindy’s parents have a right to know you are real, of course, but I think digging for information was a bit much.

Mind I don’t know how I’d ask my mum/dad to meet up with you if you ever came to London. xD I’d be like “uh okay so I have this friend in Australia called Georgina who’s going to be in London in 48 hours… can I meet her?”
My mum and dad and ‘friend’ don’t mix, especially an ‘online friend’. I guess I’d have to show them your site and accounts and shiz… maybe not even that if they’re convinced already,
Why was she grounded? :S I’m confused about that part.
If I lived in Australia I could get a cool accent! *cries*

Wow. Whois don’t lie and her LYING to cover up is pathetic.
Rude of Cindy to start ignoring you. D: Argh.
Sorry. My brain’s run out of puff and I’ve forgotten the rest of your blog. I hope you don’t blog when I’m asleep because I’m planning on sticking this Notepad file on a memory stick, putting on my dad’s computer, visiting your site, pasting and posting. *hug* Sorry but that’s like, the amount of time my dad can afford to give me on his computer. I’ll try my best to keep up with any replies you give me though!

As for your blog title. OMG. The Used. :) I’ve been listening to them all day, pretty much; and the song ‘Liar Liar’ makes me laugh. I think it’s just the general idea of using an old ‘playground chant’.
But that album is quite good.
Is listening now (so darn catchy, like ‘Paralysed’). Aha. You just kind of reminded me of both songs. :3
And weird. I was going to title a blog this too… but I’ll leave it until later~


Oh fuck I just turned it up and started headbanging because it kind of reminded me of Gekko and my dad was on the sofa looking at me like ‘WTF child?’
Oh well, you only live once.

He’s left. 8D *schemes*
Love you sexaybitch~

Sorry for the crap comment but I wanted to comment :(

Take care! x

hey :) you’ve been nominated in the starstrukkawards! :D come pick up a button so people can vote for you [: [c&p]

ps. sorry this isn’t blog related |: i just needed to send this message to the people who’ve been nominated. hope that’s okay.

Haha, yeah sometimes I am too tired for any brain related things too. xD

Yeah I think it’s on one of my earlier pictures I post on Dailybooth after I got the laptop with the webcam in it. Hehe, yeah I’ve seen those posters too but I have no clue who the artists are that are on them.

I wish I could make my own. The one I have really isn’t that beautiful and it’s also kinda small and stuff.. I wish I’d have bought the bigger one.. stupid me didn’t want to spend more money on a dreamcatcher. xD

I just hope that he realizes that if I send him a PM it’s supposed to stay between me and him, because otherwise I could’ve just sent him a normal message – for everyone to read… I don’t really think that he is that kind of a person, but I also don’t really know him that well.. we’ll see. But it’s good to know that you are right here if I need somebody to talk to! Just like you always are. ♥

This girl I blogged about on my site a while ago told everyone about her giving birth too… no matter if you wanted to hear it or not. And she gave out a lot of information – even things I really didn’t want to know. I really don’t understand taht either. People probably have to get to know them first before they say they are funny or anything. Or at least get to know those mummys through their blogs as much as possible if they don’t want to talk to them.

I will definitely make sure to somehow stay in contact with you if I should ever lose interest in all this. And probably a handful of other people too. You guys are just waaay to important to just forget like that. ♥ :)

A full week? Wow that a long time! I hope it flies by though, because buses really aren’t fun and because of poor Brandon.

Hehe, yeah you definitely don’t listen to that kind of music. :) Thanks! Even though I think the next time I decide to have a “photoshoot” in the middle of the night I will have to make sure to look at least a little bit better. xD

It definitely is the guys job to ask a girl out – even if that might be really old-fashioned. I think it’s kinda romantic. :)

Haha, but those were kinda great times! I still think it’s cute when young kids are like “Ewww, girls/boys suck” and then after a year or two, boys/girls are the best thing ever invented. I am really glad I am out of that phase – or at least 95% of the time. xD

This girl is just such a weirdo and just really unbelievable in the way she acts.

Just like I said yesterday, I woud understand if she used a fake name to make sure nobody was able to track her down or anything – but seriously, if you are close to somebody you should be able to say that you used a fake name and stuff.

I think you would’ve understood it. But if she tells you about all that soo late it’s unbelievable. And it’s seriously creepy how her mom looked up you online and stuff.. wow! I don’t even know what to say.

I do understand that she wants to make sure that the person her daughter meets is real and stuff, but why didn’t she just bring Cindy and see that it’s really you. Now they have all this information about you.. they better don’t use it for something bad.

Oh and those people up there being like “Second comment!” and stuff.. it’s stupid. Lilian does that, yes. But it’s something different because she always reads the blog afterwards. I’ve also seen her posting a real comment and still being the first one! Did they even leave you a real comment afterwards or did they just disappear without leaving one?

Hi, Georgina! I just came by to post a quick comment and to see how are you? I haven’t had time to go online at all… If anyone asks about me please tell them I’m just really busy!

That friend of yours sounded like Renee. :X Impossible how even though we’re far apart from eachother, being brought up in different ways and all, they really end up having the same mentality and such; in a way. Don’t you think that it’s quite funny, too? Haha.

Hope to see you soon! Take care! ♥ :)

Wow that’s silly for the girl to do?! Request to meet you and then not give you any info. about her, it’s so silly.

I get it from the parents point of view of course, my parents are exactly the same. But I guess it might have been how she made it sound, ‘that girl online wants to know where I live and my last name’, must be hard for a parent to hear.

That girl honestly just sounds like an idiot o_o.

Hahaha yeah. I find it so interesting how dreams are so vivid, and when they portray them in the movies, they make it all like light and dreamish XD

Haha yeah it does suck. One time I studied right before bed and for some odd reason, when I was dreaming I was dreaming about like everything I studied! It was weird XD But it helped :D

Hahah yeah same here. My sister buys textbooks on Amazon, then she sells them when she’s done. I like to borrow books too. My friend, she doesn’t believe in the whole “saving money” and borrowing books from people. So even though she lives next to my house, she goes out and buys the same book at me, even though I could have easily let her borrow it for free.

Haha yeah true true. As long as it’s entertaining, most people like it.

Haha same! I hate though when I’m reading a really good book, and it’s so late that my eyes hurt. It’s like, just a few more pages LOL

LOL yeahhh. One time I bought this book by an author that I really liked. I didn’t know it was sooo vivid. I was like WHOA, when i read it. It was inappropriate XD

Oh awww. That stinks, well alternative transportation :D

Wow! I’ve never met anyone that I met online. I do wonder though one day, you know, just seeing all the people you’ve befriended online? Pretty cool, but yet kind of scary XD That’s so weird how her dad was like digging for info about you. Creepppyyy. Odd how you guys talked a lot, yet she still lied about stuff.


Haha yeah. And woooh New jersey FTW!!!

Yaa I’ve been getting good grades lately and i dont know why :P

Umm a flower? LOL

The movie was good. It would’ve been better if it were shorter though, there were too many boring spots lol.

Ya I’m real tired from it though :P

Urrrrg. That online person isn’t real nice LOL.

We’re pretty close even though I’m 12 right?

Hmm, then we shall agree to disagree. (Y)

Yeah, that’s probably what will happen I mean that’s what happened to my mom and my grandmother. My mom didn’t like her mom much when she was younger, but now she loves to see her. Still annoys her, but my mom understands now I guess.

I KNOW! But damn’t, I can’t find one. I wonder if a site can make me a sparkly horse cursor… :P Like the free glitters site, only for horsey cursors.

LOL! I know! It’s so damn annoying too. >..<

Whoaaa, now that's a long time for writing!

Hilarious shit is epic, huh?

Haha, I was quite a cusser back in the good ol' days. LOL,

Really? lmaoo, :P I did that too because they always kept me up. They slept in the guest room, which is RIGHT beside my room. So I could hear snoring, talking in sleep, and the occasional someone walk down the hall in their sleep.
Evil words were written at 3am with a very sleep eyed Kaela.

Lol, but they are wonderful stories to tell the grandkiddies.
"When I was a youngin' just like you. I did some wild and whackkkyyy things. Like…"

Same here, like you know you'll regret what you wrote as soon as you open it.

I was in the habit last year, this year I kind of have to remind myself so there aren't months in between entries.
Lol, tisk tisk. Georgina what will we do with you?

Returning comments is quite fun, lol. :)

Lol, yeshh. I wrote a reply, but didn't comment at all on your blog. Which I reallly wanted too, because I could so relate to the everlasting wish of wifi for your itouch. LOL
I was going to tell you on Twitter, but then I went to supper and then it completely blew my mind when I got back. D:

Lol, yeah I do like blogging a lot because I get other people's input on my day and rants. But in my diary I can be very personal and quite frankly don't have to make sense. Just blurt it all out and draw cute pictures without opening up Paint MS and having to Save. Then upload to tinypic. Get the URL and paste into my blog.
With journals, you can just draw squiggly lines, :)

I KNOW! Like tap tap revenge. That game is fucking awesome to play in a chat room. You can send out weapons.. 👏

OH! Well now that definitely sucks a lot. Hmm, I think you should get a portable fan then, dear Georgina. It may solve this heat problem.

I checked it at my dentist office, LOL and it had like 7 connections. Me, now peeing my pants excited, because am about to connect. When I realize all 7 are locked.

I know, it just kind of feels wrong to me. I looked it up. Apparently it is illegal in a certain way. Like, it is illegal, but you won't get in trouble. You'll basically get no warranty on your ipod that's all.
Well, at least that's what I think, I'm not entirely sure.

Whoa, umm dude. This Cindy person sounds like a real bitch. No offense or anything but honestly. I mean, you gave her everything she needed to know, hell her parents even knew you weren't someone creepy. She got close to you. Then she totally blew you off.

Plus, that is kind of creepy, she knows what university you go too and she knows your phone number. Like, and she won't even give you her freaking last name! I mean, c'mon, a last name isn't much to tell after you told her all that.

Now she doesn't talk to you at all? Irk? That's quite annoying.

Whoaa, some people aren't reading your blogs and kind of posting what number comment they are?
I hope they know the difference between a bestie commenting and stranger commenting..

Hey Georgina!
OMG, that’s some crazy story! It’s a shame. You’re a great person and she let a friendship (online and offline) fall away like that!
That’s so stupid how she did that. I get the whole “don’t release your name” and everything, hell I did that too for a while! I can understand that part, but to go so far after meeting in real life do that?!? That’s totally ridiculous! She knew you and everything. Saw that you weren’t some weird creeper XD. I mean like WTF! And what her parents did? Overprotective jerks much? :X

Oh, where did you get your emoticons? They’re awesome! The site you got them from is gone… /hmph but you wouldn’t happen to know if that site was moved elsewhere or anything? Thanks!


I’m sorry about this part below. That was for one of my other friend’s blogs. I actually don’t know how that got in there. O_o maybe I accidentally copied it in there? I usually copy the entire post before I submit it, because I’ve had it rest on my before, and I don’t want to be stuck retying everything… ugh, that’s annoying.
So you can ignore what I said below:

[IGNORE]Don’t you mean “study for” I don’t think revise is the right word, but ah well, I get it. XD Thanks! Yea, I hope I pass too! I’ve really amped up the difficulty of my classes. Ah, returning comments and stuff will be a nice thing to do after exams are over [/IGNORE]

Sorry again!

I feel like an idiot because I used iframes but still copied the css on every page. hahaha :3 Oh yes when I first started learning PHP, I didn’t think it was any different from just html.. I thought you had to copy and paste EVERYTHING on every page D: But before I got too far with that, I found a PHP includes tutorial :) It saved my life… ^_^

I found this perfume range called “Harajuku Lovers” and my brother later told me that Harajuku is the trend of cosplaying and walking about in Japan :) I want the frangrances even more now.. so bad.. And the adverts and the bottles are too cute!


Whoa. I can’t believe this Cindy girl. Why would she lie like that? I mean, even after you met her? That’s just weird, seriously weird. Something is wrong : And you guys live close together, so it’s just like any other friend basically. I’m sort of glad that you are not friends with this girl, because her family seems really weird … : Why would her dad do that? She seems like a selfish brat. Please warn me if she has a website.. I don’t want to get involved with her D;

Oh what the hell.

That’s so annoying. I mean I’m all for protecting ones identity, but I figure if we do make plans to meet up, it makes sense to eventually tell each our names, and whatnot. ~_~;;

I think what makes me mad about this whole situation is that she has your info, and then when you try to get a bit from her, she goes around and tells her father? That is not cool.

At least this just makes me add another reason why I don’t really want to talk with anybody under 18 now LOL. ^^;; I mean, I know not all teens under 18 are going to be like this, but I’d rather be a bit distant with them then close to them since their parents could come after me.

That’s a good idea that they had to come to school the day before an exam. You only need a doctor’s certificate when you’re sick at the exam day, but less people would skip school if you also need one the day before the exam. Sometimes there are 5-10 people missing in several classes and teachers always ask if there was an exam the next day /ehe They know about the “mass skipping” and get really mad and I totally understand it.

I eventually wanted to choose a presentation topic, but there’s this girl who can attend PE for the rest of the semester so she has to give the presentation about healthy food.

Wow /huh that’s a crazy story. You had talked to her online for so long and she didn’t even tell you her real name. I do understand if people use a different name at first when they don’t know the people they’re talking to, but you were really close and had known for a long time. I don’t have any problems telling people my real name. I’m just a bit more careful when it comes to my last name which I only tell people I can really trust.
And her parents are like really crazy people /bash It’s not like you’re a 40 year old men trying to get some information or a stalker.

Ohhhh, so THAT’S what that creepy comment on your Formspring was all about — I was a bit concerned after reading it, espeically with the way that chick’s Dad basically sounded like he was threatening to show up at your house! ‘Guess I’ll have to dig up some info on you, too’, or what the fuck ever it was he said. Yeah, that’s real mature, father of Cheyenne. Not hypocritical in any way at all!

But really, if they were so fucking worried that everyone online was out to raepz their daughter IRL, why would they buy her a domain in the first place? Or, why wouldn’t they pay a few extra bucks to make all the domain’s WhoIs information private?

Some parents are so fucking clueless when it comes to how the Internet works, LMAO … Something tells me they’ve watched a few too many programmes on NBC and FOX about ‘TEH DANGERZ OF CHATWOOMZ!!!1’ XD

I’d be the passive aggressive type to use real names and real cities instead of changing them. I’m mean that way though =P

I get using a fake last name (I do that), or even just a nickname or your middle name. I also get not putting your city up online. But really, how old is she that her parents need to get all up in *your* websites/accounts on various sites in order to “dig” information about you? I give out as much information as I’m comfortable with and if her parents have a *problem* with what you know about her, they should be talking to *her* about what she tells me, not talking to *you* as if mind-bleach actually exists and you can just forget everything.

Did you suggest to them about getting WhoIs protection? I bought it for all of my domains and does what it says it does. Hell, for all you know, I could be a 16 year old American boy who’s name is Nick (erm… I’m actually 20/F/Canadian and Michelle, lol, just wanted to make an example… Wow, I’m tired, ignore me, lol.)

This doesn’t even make any sense to me.
Why is she still lying after you both have met?
You both even live in the same state, what more does she want?
Just forget her. I know it’s hard, even though she knows everything about you.

O_O Wow, did her parents have to be so rude about it? It was a bit hypocritical of them, too. Her mother can look up information about you, but you can’t ask a simple question? I mean, they know so much about you, yet you barely know anything!

I understand about parents being a bit overprotective and strict about talking to people online and giving away personal info. But you guys actually met in real life! She even had your phone number. /hmph Meanie butts. You were right to just forget about the girl.

I think it would be pretty cool to actually get to meet people I’ve known for a while online, and I’ve gotten pretty close to. :D It might seem a bit awkward, though, and I don’t think I ever would really organize something to meet people from online.

Oh my goodness that is outrageous. Especially after meeting you for real. They must have an issue and it could be legitimate but seriously! What are they afraid of?

I only give out my first name, country, and maybe my state. I wouldn’t meet up with someone if I wasn’t comfortable with giving my last name to them.

That’s really stupid of her!

What the heck. I can understand not giving away your last name, etc to the general online world and public as a whole, but the fact that you guys had met up in person – and you STILL didn’t even know WHO she was… that’s beyond my understanding!

P.S. that post made me look myself up on whois. Yikes…

Hmph. I find that girl a bit rude; it’s fine not to give out information, but it’s different when you’ve already met the dang person. I think meeting the person gives away most information.

I really don’t get it either. Most people don’t give out information because of the potential stalker, but if you know the person is no stalker, where’s the problem? Dumb girl. >.<

Why did her parents have a problem about it too? Jeez, what freaks haha. Maybe they're just over-protective!

I would give you our coldness, but one – that's impossible and two – it suddenly got a little warmer here. It's bound to get colder though. :)

LOL. Thank you! I had a great time. Stalk me?! Jeez, you creeper. Just kidding. ^_^

Awww, well I'm sure things can get better with work, and you'll most likely get less lazy! x)

Hmm well if you are a stalker, you're a good one! Very believable. ^_^

LMAO! How do you get so many? Do you buy them or win there somewhere that I don't know about? *odd look* ;) You're just domain happy!!

Hahahaha. I'm sorry if you liked it as a writing portfolio, but it was boring to me. XD If I get another domain, I'll use it for that hahaha. ;) It would be for a photography portfolio. LOL.

Yup! I don't know though since I have swimming and all. During the summer, it would work more for me. I also can babysit so it's alllll good. x)

LOL. You turned her in? XD I don't even know if Kya realizes she's gone; she has so many hostees so it must be hard to keep up with everyone haha!

True… ;)

LOL. Well with your comments since they're long (a good thing because they're such good comments!), I return the short ones first, and leave yours until later. :) I've recently been getting behind on comments though. -.- Ugh. Boo me.

Hahaha…I can see where that can be a problem. You see waaaaay more dedicated to your site than I am to mine. Gah. I'm so lame. XD I've gotten lamer. Schools more important though haha.

Yeah, really. I guess the new year feels like a fresh start. I did decide to become more positive, and an all-around better person. :3

LOL. I've noticed. xP I see you going to sleep near 1am. Gosh Georgina! PULL IT TOGETHER. Just kidding, of course. ;)

That is just crazy. I mean she knew things about you and you barely know her! I don’t make a fake online name, I just don’t give that much information.

But the fact that her dad contacted you through formspring is just insane! Did he send you a nasty note or something?
I just dislike the fact that you had trust in her, and then she did that to you.
It really is difficult and risky to build a trust with people online unless you really get to know them.

But that’s in the past now. You can hold your head up high and move on :D

I was just happy to get the second comment :)
So, what is spamming in that?
Don’t be so rude men 💥

Well, I’ll get used to retainers if I get them haha. At least you’ll know that you’re teeth will look prettier, :)
Oh and thanks. It was hard to pull through at first, but my dad made it easier by talking to me. I guess that was one of the reasons why my sister and I chose to stay with him. I feel really bad about my uncle being a “messenger”. I would actually want my parents to come face to face and settle everything altogether. But it’s hard as my mum keeps changing her terms with her lawyer, /hmph
You know, I think my mum does have much more stress now. I see her once a week at and she looks like she’s aged a lot! :O I feel like talking to her, but she just doesn’t want to. Sometimes I feel like shouting and being mad at her, but whenever I see her, I feel really sorry for her. She told me she’s living in just a room that has no air-conditioning-with this hot weather, I’d die if I was her. But anyway, I’m glad I’ve got this off my chest. :)
That little B*tch. 🤫 (Excuse my language). She sounds so… weird. She just might be too overprotected by her parents or she’s just a liar that you befriended. I mean seriously… my dad doesn’t want me to give out personal info either but I can still give out my name and my age. I know one person in my grade that’s called Patricia with the same last name except mine has an extra U at the end. So what? It’s not like people can find you anyway.
So. You were close and met each other. And you couldn’t even take a picture with her?? That’s just… /huh She came back and wouldn’t even talk to you because she had “forgotten” you. Wow, talk about bull. She and her parents know so much about you while you know so little which is unfair. You trusted her and she didn’t. Trust is important. I learnt that a while ago when something happened to me-similar to your story. I trusted the wrong person too which ended…let’s just say unwell.
Forget the girl because that was the past. (Y) She can keep lying about herself but in the end she’s the one who will loose and end up badly.
Woah this has to be the longest comment that I’ll ever write, haha.

I don’t give out too much information out online, mainly because my parents won’t like it.

But I think that faking your entire identity is just silly. If a person makes friends online, they should trust in those friends and tell them the truth. Otherwise it’s just stupid.

You trusted in that girl so much so she she should have had the same trust in you. Keeping their name a secret is one thing, but not telling you about herself at all when she knows so much about you is not nice. And even her mother looked up all this information about you. I guess my mom would have done the same thing, but still, she should have told you at least something true about herself. /hmph

That was so rude! Just because you asked where she lived she had to go complain to her parents! /pow And then she ignored you! That’s dumb.

OMG. I absolutely know WHO you are talking about. I even know the person’s website. I find it weird that I know the exact thing you’re talking about even though you don’t specifically mention it. Like the time about Pop. XD Whoo. But then again, it’s good that I know who you are actually talking about so that I don’t get confused. :P

First of, it’s understandable for Cheyenne to “hide” her real identity but what she is faking is too much. I guess it would still be alright if she’s only lying the basics like her name and age. But it’s so unfair for you too. Because she knows a LOT about you while you barely know her details. Oh for god’s sake. And you should imagine how many times I was mumbling “for god’s sake” while reading this blog. Well I was pissed off with Cheyenne. /angry

And what’s more unbelievable and despicable is that having her parents to look out for absolutely every details about you. It’s as if they were stalking you like random 50 year old prostitutes. Seriously. I mean it’s totally unnecessary for her mum to look at your other networks. Oh for crying out loud. Sheesh. Even my mum isn’t as weird as her mum. /ehh

If Cheyenne knew she was too young and if her parents knew too, then why was she the one who looked so fucking desperate to meet you in the first place?

I can understand clearly that her parents are being so freaking protective of her but they don’t have to cross the line.

Lily isn’t my birth name. But it is what my offline friends call me sometimes as it’s a short form of my name. Did that make any sense? Well anyway, at least Lily has something to do with my real name ✌️

Cheyenne on the other hand, lied almost everything about her especially because you two were going to meet with each other face to face and it’s also reasonable for her to admit and reveal her real identity.

Your sole purpose for looking Cheyenne’s phone number on was nothing harmful! And you wanted to contact her for a right intention. Besides, anyone could’ve looked up her domain on and possible contacted her. /hehe

The fact that she also lied to you even after you guys met offline, is so unbelievable. You aren’t a 20 year old guy who’s damn dangerous. She seen you herself. So what’s there not to believe? /hmph

I would be so appreciative and thankful just to be able to meet you. /ehe

Well at least you found out the real truth about her sooner before you get really hurt. Sometimes it’s ever so disappointing when you give that person your trust and that person somewhat betray you… 😒 *Hugs* ♥

Oh God! This was really shocking to read, I don’t want to meet stranger like that. That’s the reason why I don’t attend EB’s and all. Because I don’t want to have any contact to them, all I want is to just be their friends in the online world.. and that’s just it. Because sometimes, you can’t trust this people, like what happened to you. She keep on lying and you are so patient enough to still look and ask her. Don’t waste your time to her, she just a little kiddo playing around the www. 👏

I agree that your old enough to give out information online because you understand the consequences & you can act responsibly.

It sounds like it was a big step for Cheyenne Mum to let her go, which I can understand why, but it would feel a bit creepy having someone search you up to make sure you are who you say you are.

It was wrong for her Dad to accuse you of digging information because you were just worried and is open for anyone to see. I usually enable the complimentary whois guard when buying a domain.

Wow, Cheyenne’s trying to lie even more. By faking her last & first name to you was really irresponsible. I don’t think her Mum or Dad knew she was even faking her name.

To me all this is really stupid because Cheyenne was allowed to meet you and then you ask out of curiosity if ‘McDee’ was her last name and she just kept piling all these obvious lies & then her Dad contacted you & accused you of ‘digging information’. Things would’ve progressed if Cheyenne had never lied about her last name.

I guess I can sort of understand a bit more than some others on how much information you give out because I live in the same state as you as well & I know what university you go to (the one with the cool cube chairs ;) ) Actually your uni looks quite big.

Thanks! :)

I like some vegetables, but not most of them. Hehe, yeah. I’ve always been influenced by them. My mom gets mad for that, she thinks my sisters should influence me to get good habits, not bad ones. :P

I guess. My sister is really weak. Her university is much further away from our house so everyday she gets sick just coming back home, and then she has to hear my mom shouting because she is so weak. I love carrots as well. :D

I’m not enjoying reading Twilight much. XD But I guess it helps me because reading it bores me and makes me sleepy, so I don’t stay up too late at night. LOL.

Hi Georgina!
Before I make a long comment, I will reply later! as I am completely exhausted and tired but I wanted to say “Happy Australia Day!”


I… I don’t know. I know I’ll probably get a load of people on my back for saying this, but is it really fair for some of these commenters to be calling a girl they don’t even know a bitch or a loser? It’s different for you, because you actually know her. But… I’m not sure. It just bugs me that people are willing to go that far. I understand what you’re saying and everything, and I agree- it’s a bit much for your friend’s father to be inquiring about your personal information like that, especially on something as public as Formspring. And faking a last name is just stupid. I don’t disclose my last name, full stop. There’s no point making one up. What if it becomes identity theft?

BUT. That’s as far as I’m going with it, you know? I don’t think you intended to do it, but like… reading some of the comments makes me sad. If people are concerned with what happened, that’s fine. But hating on someone you don’t know, calling them pathetic… it’s just not right, to me.

I’m not blaming you for that. I just… I don’t think people should be doing stuff like that. :/

I have a really bad feeling I know who you’re talking about. :(

Hey Georgina! Happy Australia Day (for.. well.. Australia Day) :P

I must say I’m a little divided on this issue. I don’t disclose my last name, and I use a slight twist upon my first name (that’s mainly because I hate my name though), but if someone I trust asked, or if I was going to meet someone, I’d definitely tell them what my real FULL name and such – because if I’m MEETING someone, then they don’t need to stalk me, do they???

Besides, if you were some 40 year old creeper (which I know you’re not, because you give out a lot of information), then whether I was using a fake name or not wouldn’t matter, because by going to meet you – I’m eliminating any stalking/creeping that might have been needed…

I’m pretty sure that didn’t make sense… Sorry :P