Run Right Back In

Thank you for the lovely comments on the last blog. :) I was a bit unsure about posting the blog, maybe I was overreacting. But thank you. ♥️

Today I had terrible cramps. /hmph Frigging great. It didn’t help that it was super hot either. I was sitting my chair trying to feel comfortable, but after some time I gave up, took a Nurofen tablet and curled up on my bed. The fan still doesn’t do justice, and I’m still incredibly jealous of James’s air conditioning. One day I will stand in his room on a hot summer’s day, turn the air conditioner on and just stand there. (H)

Well, speaking of James, really… he’s going for this internship every weekday this semester. And it sucks.

Why does it suck? Because it means I won’t see him as much at university. :( No, well, I won’t see him at all, because he’ll be down on the south coast all the time. 😢

Which leaves my Fridays very terrible indeed.

I found out late last year about my university timetable, but only now have the ungodly times sunk in. I don’t start until the beginning of March, but the four-hour break I have on Fridays is epic hell. I could go home during that time, and go back – but what’s the point? It also wastes money.

Thankfully Ryan is in most of my classes so if I ever get bored… I’ll take a trip to the library? LOL. Well, Ryan likes the library.

Perhaps I’ll use the time to study, because it can’t be that bad, right? I would take the time to go and see James, but I doubt they’d let me in because I’m a girl… and girls can’t do engineering.

Just kidding, haha. But I’m not meant to be there, so I’d better not.

I remember considering engineering when I wanted to go to university, but I realised that despite how cool it sounded, it was not something I wanted to do. I’m happy with what I’m doing now, and I feel lucky that I made it into university, currently studying a communications degree.

Yesterday I had to walk the hell home from work. I didn’t want to wait for a bus, because it would mean waiting for quite some time (and I hate waiting). I walked the whole way home and it took nearly 40 minutes. It wasn’t that hot, but I was still heated up from walking a lot. And I’ll have to walk again on Thursday. /poo

I finally upgraded WordPress, and as you can see, this is my new layout. It’s a bit janky and I know it needs some tweaks, so if you have any suggestions, pipe up! :) Jamie figured that James’s and my anniversary was coming up soon (it’s on the 5th February /love) and she gave me the idea to do another photo layout.

I haven’t done one in a while which is why this one looks a bit dodgy, and not quite my old style, and the colours not so great either. And the pictures didn’t quite work out, and I ended up doing this layout style. The layout was inspired by Armor For Sleep as well. But to make it a little more personal I put just one photo of me and James in the corner. ;)

Don’t forget to look at the footer. It’s cool. :D And the link hovers :)

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It’s not exactly the quickest air conditioning in the world, but if you turn it on before the heat hits it’ll save you /ho
You can stand under it anytime, if you know what I mean ::

This internship sucks. I’ll wait till the power-tripping older intern pisses off at the end of February and see if my impression of it changes; which it should. :)

Girls can’t do engineering. It says so on their website D:

One improvement? Bring back the emoticon panel /bounce


You forgot the emoticon was (Y). Like MSN. :O

Thank you for telling me that; I went to look at your comment as you were going to bed and I was like… uh oh. 😏

I thought all air conditioners were like that. In the office at work, we have to wait a bit after we turn it on before it gets cooler. It’s like 18 degrees there all the time; the other day it was so cold!

I hope it does. :) Imagine six months of this. /poo What a slob.

That’s so slack, LOL. They had some article in the newspaper about girls being engineers and it being a good thing. I wouldn’t have liked it anyway. /ehe

Fuck, my emoticon didn’t come up because I didn’t leave a space. /um



I am hoping I get first comment D: Hehehehehe!

Anywayyyys! Omg, you poor thing :( Craps REALLY suck. Especially in hot weather. I hate being cursed with cramps. Nurofen doesn’t work so good for me :( Nurofen PLUS works GREAT though :D

Yeah, I wish I had air conditioning in my room too. :( It’s sooo hot! I think fans probably contribute to heat in overly hot days. Because of their motor and stuff. Well if it’s cool outside and you open the window, I guess it kind of circulates the cool air, but other than than. It’s like…UUUUUGHHH. /angry

Or maybe it helps you breathe by circulating air for you :P Ever notice it’s harder to breathe when it’s hot? :P

I’m glad James is doing an internship, but it really does suck that you won’t get to see him at uni this semester :( It sucks a LOT. 🤬 But it’s okay, you can still talk to him everyday on msn :)

Omg, a four hour break on Fridays is really EPIC. You must send me your timetable sometime! I have to make my timetable tomorrow :P Hopefully it’s a good one. D:

Lucky Ryan is in most of your classes :) It’s nice to have someone you know, but I bet you wouldn’t have too much trouble making new friends if he WASN’T in most of your classes. Me and one of my friends agreed to try and synchronise our law tutes yesterday :P

Library! You can steal the uts wireless in your four hour break. Then you won’t be as bored ^^ Hehehe!

Yes! It is James’ and your anniversary SOON :D I AM SOOOOO EXCITED! I’ll totally dedicate a blog to you guys ♥ Hehehehehe!

This layout is AWESOME! I love the darkness of it. It’s a massive contrast to your other layout, which was so light. Haha. Ooooh…I just noticed the leaves in your footer. COOOOOOL :D (H)

And what are you talking about? This colour scheme is awesome. DARK PURPLE = ♥

Aw man, I hope you’re not too tired walking home tomorrow D: Walking home in hot weather sucks! /sweat

FAIL /wah 😢

** cramps, not “craps”

God, what an embarrassing typo D:

Sorry Lilian, I stole first comment. :P

LOL, no worries!

I’ll get it next time! RAWR!

(I hope XD )

Hello! :D Oh well, we’ll see if you get first comment… no wait… I am going to blog soon and you’re not online. Maybe James will beat you… we’ll see. :P

For me it depends… sometimes my cramps aren’t that bad. My mum says Nurofen is too strong. Yeah right. O_o

Ugh, yeah, fans don’t really help. At least my ceiling fan doesn’t. But I don’t want to open the window because it’s way too hot.

I think his internship is compulsory anyway, they have to find one on their own and stuff. /poo

Ahaha that’s true, like how you and I talk every day. /bounce

I practically pulled Ryan into taking Media. I hope he didn’t go change to Aboriginal Studies… The class was cancelled so he chose media, and when it came back due to “popular demand” (or whatever), he said it was like some sort of sign telling him to stick with media. Win. (Y)

Haha I guess not. I’d rather not use my time to go on the computer though – crazy! I might use it a bit, but I don’t want to feel too cramped up. After all, it’s the city… there will be something cool to do.

LOL, why are YOU excited? XD ♥

I was going to make this one really dark (as in this light purple background here) but my smilies look like shit on dark backgrounds. It was hard finding a shade to fit, but woo. :) I need to make the solid lines at the top and bottom a bit thinner – apparently they look weird? :P

LOL I love the colours but I guess it’s not perfect. Hmm. XD

(I love how you logged in with your WordPress account to see past Maintenance Mode. XD)

The leaves in the footer are actually a default Photoshop brush. They were “free”! :P

Yesterday’s weather was not too bad. Today it rained. :O

I don’t think you were overreacting with the last blog; I would have been the same.

Wow, sorry you had bad cramps. :( I get cramps in my legs sometimes but only when I’ve been playing soccer hah. I don’t have air conditioning in my room, but weird thing is, it’s the coldest room in the house during the Winter but the hottest in the Summer. o_O

Awww that sucks you won’t get to see James. :( I’m sure you guys will come up with something!

Wow, a four hour break?! That really does suck. Like you said there’s no point in going home either. I had that when I was at school, I had first lesson which ended at 10am, but my next lesson wasn’t till 4pm. :| There was no point in going home either, just wastes money.

Wow screw walking all that way. :| I wouldn’t do that. It would take me about 2 hours to walk from work haha.

I actually LOVE this layout, I think it’s awesome. :) I especially love the colours, yum. The footer and the link hovers amused me for quite some time, you know.

I won’t kill you, don’t worry. :P I know you don’t need telling to go to bed, you know you should be. :P

Don’t worry about the other comment. ;3

I know, the question did amuse me though; they left like 3 or 4 like it haha. I don’t wanna take mine down, but if I get anymore abuse or people taking me for granted then I might.

Yep exactly. I’m not a robot. It would be kind of cool if I was though, in a way haha.

I know, once you help someone once, they come back to you over and over and don’t even bother saying thanks. They can fuck themselves.

I find it amusing when someone asks me the exact same question that has already been answered on the same page… learn to read jerks.

Oh I know. I wish people would look first. I get people asking what plugin I used for something yet I have a plugins used page?

Google is my best friend. I always try and find things on my own before asking…

Oh I get that in emails LOL. “OMG I LOVE YOUR SITE IT’S AMAZING… Oh yeah I need help” Go away please. It’s like the only say that to “butter” you up so you help them…

I know I’m not the only one. I know you feel the same and get treated the same. *hugs*

WTF?! Someone done that?! Not speaking to you for 2 years is bad enough but asking you to PAY for their phone bill?! Jesus Christ.

Hehe I love it when you ramble. XD LOL stupid WordPress!! :P 96 words in a minute? I think mine was 92 or something. :3

I don’t wanna leave your site; I’m freezing cold and it’s making me feel all warm, hah. ♥

Sorry, I’m sort of spamming your blog. :O

I really love the new layout! It’s beautiful and hey, anything purple is good in my book. :) Plus the link hovers at the top are awesome. I’ve just been hovering my cursor over them for no reason just because I like the effect. I’m weird like that, lol. 😏

Sorry to hear you won’t get to see James at uni next semester while he’s doing his internship. :( But you’ll still have evenings and weekends, won’t you?

I have to say engineering has never been a career field I was ever really interested in. I loved science though – when I was growing up I dreamed about cloning stuff. /hehe I even tried to clone a cockroach once…not surprisingly I wasn’t successful (luckily for my parents! haha).

Ack, I can barely even stand to be outside at all in this weather, nevermind walking for 40 minutes. Hat’s off to you though for braving it! I doubt I’d even be here to tell the tale if I spent that long out in the heat! XD

I actually really like this layout, especially the footer. But the hovers are titles are showing red, which seems a bit of a strange colour to choose…? Are they supposed to be pink?

I had a weird time-gap like that in college, but I got so much work done it was crazy, and definitely worth it in the end because I had less work to take home :)

Georgie!! I love this layout so much! I am not exactly a fan of purple but its use on your layout makes me drool with envy. Hahaha!

I agree. It would be nearly impossible to put in trust in someone who had betrayed it in the first place. I know there are times when you can be given a second chance but in this case, I don’t think so. It is best for you to cut off all ties with her.

Yeah, if the parents are so concern about their daughter’s safety, they should get her away from the internet. Stalking other people seem to be an immature way for parents to do. Shame on them!

Haha, yeah I like fish too, but only when they come as fish and chips. The smell of raw fish is just… too much for me. Having said that, I have no problem with raw prawns. Weird.

It was a low cliff so even if he fell from it it wouldn’t cause too much harm (I think!). The authorities are not doing anything about it because they assume no one would be idiotic enough to fall off the little cliff. Then again you have kids running around so the authorities should take some precautions.

I know arguments can keep the relationship alive because you get to learn to solve conflicts whenever they arise and they help you to grow mature because you’ll learn that love relationship isn’t all about flowers and sunshine. But I also feel bad because I am the one who usually starts all the arguments. Ahh…

>_< James will be away eh? And you won't be able to see him. Ooo not a happy thing at all. I feel the same way too whenever Leon and I are having our semester breaks. I don't get to see him, sometimes for the whole 2 months which sucks big time.

I don't really like my university's timetable arrangement. The people who does it have the habit of screwing the timetable up. There is always clashes here and that gives us headaches. Ughh!

Ick! Walking all the way home from work. I know it probably isn't a big deal for most people, but here in my country, walking is not an option for 99% of the population. If they want to go to a shop that is only 10 minutes away from the house, they'd still take the car. Hahaha! We're a bunch of lazy bums here. XD

And ahh yes, I forgot to add, thank you for joining the fanlisting. That means a lot to me. Hehehe. ✌️

Well, this is a very pink layout. It suits you though! I like the header image, and the torn paper edges. Nice touch!

And that sucks you won’t be seeing James much around because of his internship :( But it’s only for a semester :)

Awh, that sucks! I love tacos! I know! Bleck. It makes me sick to my stomach when I think about it. My mom can eat a whole can of chocolate icing in one night, but she is actually skinny. D:

Yeah haha. I think my mom might get worried if I told people that but I can tell when people are who they say they are :P

I know, her parents are the creepers. :O lol.

Hopefully! There is always final exams! haha. I know, it’s very boring. I’m more into creative subjects XD

Ah, I just found out I might be a strep carrier. Only 1/10 kids are, which is a lot. At least I can’t spread it to people and stuff. Yeah, it doesn’t hurt at all. /hmph

Thank you! I’m going to school tomorrow /eee

This new layout is amazing. It is definitely one of my favorites! We both put up a new layout on the same day XD I love how it looks but it’s also personal. The footer is great too. I need to put more work in my layouts. 😳

Awh, sorry about those! I love air conditioner. I will just stand in front of mine sometimes /hehe

D: That does suck! At least he won’t be gone all the time though.

4 HOURS! Wow. That is a long time. If I lived close to my house and it didn’t waste a lot of money, I would probably go home. That is a really long time for a break. :O

I have no idea what I want to do. I wanted to be a marine biologist until I did some reading and found out most of them struggle to live a normal life with family and such. 😢

I hate waiting, I lack patience. Which is bad because I have to wait a lot. I also hate walking. Heat would make it even worse. /bash

I think I need to upgrade, I keep forgetting. O_O

I just been here earlier, and n0w new look! Wow! Love it.. Adv. Happy m0nthsary! That is nearer.. Oh its good that you t0ok up not engr. because, it will only turn out bad,since you really n0t into it. Hey sis, mind if we tweet? Follow mine here: thanks.

Wooo! New layout! It’s lovely! <33 I love the notebook effect + Armor For Sleep. My only complaint is the horizontal line. It looks kind of out of place in the layout. But overall, nice job! I specially like the navigation! /eee

Wow. Cramps. I've never liked them. Well, who would want them in the first place? I get really jumpy when I have them. I'm lucky I haven't experienced a terrible one. I hope you feel fine now though.

Uh huh. Your friday schedule isn't actually good. And that sucks about James too. But he needs it and I'm sure you understand though. A four-hour break for me is nothing if I have a laptop with internet connection. I have lots of things to do online lately and it'll be handy for me. LOL. Going to and from home isn't expensive for me here, so I could do either of the two.

You're quite productive and resourceful so I'm sure you can think of ways on how to spend those four-hours every Friday.

Engineering. I like how it sounds but when I knew I had to do lots of Maths, I backed out instantly. And come to think of it that my father is an engineer. Gah, if only I have his intelligence when it comes to Math… :S

Wow. You walked? How far it is from your house? :O Once there was a overpass (sort of like a small bridge) construction on the road heading to school and every day is a world of traffic jam and there was this time when the cars didn't seem to move a centimeter at all. I couldn't sit and watch the time pass by as I'll be late for school and had to walk for like 30 minutes. T_T It was tiring!

Yay! Thank you. :D I was quite worried that the tutorial wasn't detailed enough.

Woah! Doing the import manually would kill me, especially if the fanlisting has a lot of members! :X

Wow, I envy you. T__T Lately I've been feeling like time is always running after me. I don't know what this thing wants from me. X_X When February comes, I'll get busier and would end up on hiatus like the last time. T_T I'll be having a feast when this semester is over! Wanna join? XD

Wow. Free wireless! Lucky! I won't get bored in your school then. I just have to bring a laptop!

Haha. Thank you for informing me. I haven't actually registered, but I'll do so. I think they're basing the opportunities or the prices on how popular your blog is. A friend of mine didn't have any tasks since her pagerank fell down to 2. :S

WOOT I got a plug! Thankie so much! I’m glad I gave you the boost to do another layout.

Yeah I too hope that Vanessa and I can work it all out. I emailed her instead of typing what I had to say on here. I’m sorry for that by the way.

I love the new layout. It’s cool. Yeah I wouldn’t trust “Cheyenne” anymore if she came back and wanted to start “fresh”. At least you have your head on your shoulders and know what to expect about it.

I know I go back to the layout and to other stuff a lot but hey I like the layout and links it’s cool the footer is cool too. I just love everything about it. You can always change it if you’re not too satisfied with it like tweak it or something.

One of my dogs had 5 puppies a couple of nights ago. Two of which are twins and they’re so cute. I want to keep at least one but we have three dogs already. I understand where my dad’s coming from it’s such a tiny house but but I still want to keep at least one. Ya know?

Well; I gotta get ready. Gotta take my grandmother to her doctor’s appointment.

You get a four hour break? omg. :O

This layout — Oh my god I cant even find words it’s stunning! ♥ ♥

I read the last blog (I lurk but occasionally comment. I thought it was about time I did though.) and I don’t think you were overreacting at all. If you met this girl I still don’t understand why she wouldn’t give you her proper name. /bash

I hope you’re feeling better now, cramps are a bitch. /hmph

It sucks that you wont see James but I’m sure you’ll find a way around it. :) At least you have Ryan for your company.

40 minutes of walking… In my eyes you are a saint. Maybe it’s because I’m so lazy and would never do that unless there was no other choice at all. /argh

I don’t want to leave your site now, it’s so pretty. hah. ♥

Thanks :D I really liked how it turned out. This time I just ‘went with the flow’ because when I have an actual plan and a set up as to how I want it, it never works out.. so annoying /angry . I love your layout! I like the shades of purple that you are using as well. :D The funny thing is, when I make a layout (or attempt) the first time is always purple.. I have no idea why. :/ Yeah, hating a layout would suck! I’m never really pleased with the layouts I come up with because they seem too.. blah.
Ohh, the weather here isnt great at all. It’s winter.. so snow is every where, but then it rains and its all gone and it gets really warm then it snows.. it should really make up its mind lol.
LOL aw, yeah that’s true. I hate dealing with older kids, like 7-12 because their so rude sometimes. I guess all kids can be, but at this age they really speak their mind lol. 2 of my older nieces, their 7 and 9, and well known for this. They don’t care what they say and to who they say it to lol.
yeah :/ losing a nail or cutting it too short is always a sucky thing. I’m surprised my dog was OK with it, I would have been complaining all the time lol. I remember one time I shut my brothers fingers in a door.. I had locked the door and shut it and then hes like open the door, and im like NO! but I didn’t know his hand was in there.. I was a terrible sister.. he ended up losing a finger nail but it grew back lol. Poor guy..
YUP! it’s really stupid that her parents were so omg! I can’t imagine LOL, her having a boyfriend would be a nightmare! Im sure her parents would have to ‘date him’ as well. I feel sorry for any guy who gets into that situation…

Cramps suck! my mom made me get birth control when I went to my boyfriends house in the summer for his birthday.. I didn’t want to, but i guess the result was good because I no loner have to deal with that kind of stuff which is nice.. but I think it’s really messing my body up lol. Cause since then.. I’ve had a lot of problems with my stomach and it always hurts :/ . Air conditioner is awesomeee, you should take it from him and use it muahaha :D . I hate the summer because for some reason our air conditioner doesnt make its way upstairs so it gets really hot and stuffy :(
awe, sorry to hear that James isn’t around as much :( that must suck.. but what sucks more is seeing your boyfriend once every 3 months or so (aka me and my boyfriend) since he lives in a different city..
4 hour break?! my gosh.. thats a long time! I guess you could take that time and study as you said, it could come in handy after all, especially when it comes to exam time- extra time to study lol.
I’m like you, I hate waiting! I get so impatient and very easily. I wouldnt want to wait forever for a bus either, even if it meant walking for 40 minutes. Luckily it wasn’t that hot out, how terrible would that be!
I have to upgrade my WordPress, but knowing me, I’d probably screw it up and lose everything :/ so I’ve just left it for the time being lol.
CUTE! Happy early anniversary :D
well, if you think your layout looks a bit dodgy, then you’d think mine is disgusting because I SUCK when it comes to graphic making lol. You’re a pro compared to me /bounce

Lol yeah. I like having gaming systems because they give me something to do once in awhile.

Yeah. I’m a good driver, I just tend to pay attention to other things that I shouldn’t. I’m trying to get better at it because I’ve came close to wrecking a few times. It’s true though, you have to watch all the people driving around you, they are CRAZY, lol.

Ugh, I hope it cools down for you! Lol. You can send some of the heat this way. It snowed last night again. I hateee it.

Ah, I really like this layout :) And the colors are so pretty.

Awh, I remember being able to see Donnie during the school hours. That definitely made it a little better of a day. At least he’s doing something good while you aren’t able to see him though.

Wow, a four hour break would be horrible. At least you’ll have some time to get extra work done, but still.. 4 hours is a lot, lol. But at least it’s not every other day or something, only one day a week.

Ugh, we used to walk to and from school. It’s over 2 miles. It was HORRIBLY freezing in the winter time and HORRIBLY hot in the summertime, lol. Never a good thing to do.

I like the word janky! Lol. This one make up guru I watch said it all the time and it’s just.. a cool word, lol.

Awws, it’s okay that you cannot see James as much and often, but at least you get to see him at the University. :( Lucky you, I am about to go back home and be away from my boyfriend that is at the University. (Why? I will update a blog about it soon…) I envy those now who can be with their boyfriends/significant others/partners at their University and be with them often. :( I no longer can do that, soon. But James will be off doing something good and beneficial for his future. I love going to internships. I had a few in high school and they all dealt with children. I wanted to become a teacher at the time, now I see how hard it is for me to be a teacher because I have no patience for them. :

I love the new theme you put up! :) It looks gorgeous as usual! It’s very different (in my opinion), from your other themes that you have used. Your talent gets better and better. :) Continue the good work!

Luving the new layout gurl!!! ROCKING JOB!!!! Awe, that sux to walk home!!! Even though is not that hot – I do get what you mean when you say walking makes it “a tad more hotter”…essh!!! 40 minutes to get home???!!! DAYUM!!! Although that aint bad but still…essh!!!! At least you are getting a good work out in the process!!!

I often hear engineering is a good degree but I don’t wrong you – I can’t see myself doing that either. Your degree communications is a good one!!! I am going to be going back to school soon since where I just got a part time job is at a career institute has some really awesome career courses including Computer Networking Management which I think I may end up taking up but than I seen they offer Health Claims Specialists (Medical Billing/Coding), Paralegal, & Professional Medical Assitant which also catches my eyes. So, am not sure which course of study I will be taking up as of yet but I got some time to figure that out before I return to school. Either way it will be something I want to do and will be happy with.

Oh, you got the monthly curse heh? Mines is due anytime now…I can feel it. I start my new job tomorrow and am hoping I get it today or before I start my new job. As I know I get killer cramps but I got some “lovely” pills for that *gigglez*

Anyways, have a good one hun!

Nice layout. /bounce But I don’t see any link rollovers in the footer :(

You and I are in the boat with the cramps. 😳
But mine have subsided a little.

I always hated walking home in the heat. After I got in the door, I plopped my but on the couch with something nice and cold to drink before I started my homework.

But alteast you only have to do it twice a week (right?) and not everyday. That would really be /poo

I just read your previous blog. I think it’s kind of creepy how she got her parents involved so much, but really if she was willing to meet someone from the internet, you’d think she would have least posted her real name, or even told you personally a while before.

Okay I am also jealous of James’ air conditioning! I don’t have a fan in my bedroom right now, since it’s winter, but my bedroom gets so stuffy in the winter!

Oh I hope that you get to see him more. ):

I’d probably spend the four hour break maybe, studying, spending a little time online or taking a walk. I like walking. (:

This layout is absolutely lovely, I don’t think it needs any tweaks at all, it looks, really great! I love the footer too! :)

My friends don’t really understand what I do with my website, I don’t like to explain either, because I once explained it to my friend and she wanted to do one too, but I got so annoyed having to explain FTP, PHP etc to her, that I just gave up and set my status to offline. :’)

I definitely talk to my online friends more than my offline friends more, because I feel I can tell them more, since they don’t know anyone from my school, they wouldn’t go telling my problems.

I really want the hoodie so bad, I love it! I might buy it in a few weeks.

I love your new layout ♥ the colours are supercalifragilisticashpealidoshus. Yeah, I can’t spell that.. xD And your link hovers are scrumptious ;D

Does it get cold in Australia? xD Well, actually, I suppose it does because it’s not that near the equator. It’s wierd that you get such hot weather though, and in the winter it’s still cold. And it’s even wierder that your winter is in our summer.. I think thats true /ho

I did read your last blog, and that girl must have been really rude and ignorant to still lie to you after you had physically met up in real life. That’s pretty harsh..

Wow, it must suck that James will be going away so much near your anniversary :( I hope you still get to see him lots though! You two are just the cutest couple ever :D

hey :)
I can’t believe you walked for 40 minutes. Pfft, I’m too lazy to do that lol. Ha, I feel ya on the cramp thing – I need to have cool air. Sorry you didn’t get any. I used to have fun in the library – maybe you will or not. I’m not quite normal lol. Anywho, I love the layout. The header is awesome!!! This is my fav layout you ever had :)

Peace ♥

I do really like this layout. A bit too pink and girly for my taste, to be honest, but still really nice. The search bar is half on the paper in the footer and half off, in my browser and resolution, as well. :P

I read your last blog but looking back on those comments, I don’t think mine went through. Whoops.

She seems rather… well, she lied after all of that? It’s just weird. I give out quite a bit of information on the internet as well but would never lie to someone who I had become that close too. It doesn’t seem right to me, and sounds really quite rude.

Haha, I feel all lucky because I have air conditioning. In WI though, it only gets to be about 85 or 90 in the summer, so it’s not a HUGE deal.

I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well and the fan wasn’t serving its purpose very nicely. :(

It really stinks that James is going to be away so much and you won’t get to see him often. :( I guess though, the mark of true friendship or a true relationship isn’t being inseperable – it’s being apart and nothing changes. :) You two have been together for a long time and I think you’ll still be as close and everything.

Sucks you had to walk home, as well. :( My school is about a half mile form my house so in the rare occasion I DO have to walk it isn’t that bad :) except in the winter, Wisconsin is helk in the winter. -shudder- It’s nice for sledding and skiing though, I suppose.

Take care :] xx

I ♥ neurofen! It got me through my first 3 weeks in my leg brace after I dislocated my knee!

When I was at college, on a wednesday I had a 4 hour break too, and it was so not worth going home….however, I didn’t go to the library to study, I would sometimes go to the pub (that sounds bad, but I wasn’t drinking!) or just goof around with my friends in the common room!

I can’t comment on your air con woes- I live in the UK!


Heellloooo! /wave

AAAWWW cramps really suck! I hate them so much! I never use anything to heal the cramps, I just go through it. I wonder if that’s a bad thing? /huh

I don’t think I can live in the hot weather with no air-con. I just couldn’t stand it. The fan really DOES NOT help.

That’s great how James got the internship. But it does suck how you guys won’t be together a lot. But that still doesn’t mean you won’t ever see him again.

Four hours?! That’s too long in my opinion XD
That’s good how you have Ryan in your class. It’s always nice having someone you know in a class, makes it less boring.

I can totally understand why you walked home. I hate waiting in the hot weather! On top of that I’m like one of the most impatient person EVER.

I think that this layout is great! I think the colors mesh well. I love how you added a picture of you and James ♥
The header is gorgeous, I like the fonts of the blog titles /eee , the footer is cool! I wish I knew how to do that. I’ll learn it some other time. I love the link hovers! How do you do that with wordpress themes? Just wondering.

Wow, this blog comment is really long. I love your blogs! There’s always so much for me to comment on ✌️

Happy early Anniversary. :)

I don’t think you were over-reacting in the last post.
Not in the least bit. :)

I used to live where it was really hot. Now where I am it isn’t so much but the car doesn’t have air conditioning for the moment. It shouldn’t get too bad though when summer hits.

Engineering is what I’m going to do. I think it will be a lot of fun. Web design (which is a little bit of your degree, right?) is even more fun. :)

I like this layout. But I especially like the footer.
In the header, the top quotes or whatever they are, since I can’t read the small words, I think the bolded text would look better if they showed a little more.
The navi hovers are cool, but maybe a little wider.
And maybe it is my screen resolution but IE totally whacks the navigation.
I hope I’m not coming off wrong. :)
Hey your footer background changes to black. Another cool thing. :)

Oh I love your new layout Georgina! I like the dark colours you’ve used. :)

Bleh I hate cramps -_- Especially during exams! I heard that banana and chocolate helps as well as a hot water bottle. But who wants to use a hot water bottle in this weather?!

Awww. At least you can look forward to seeing James in that 1 week. :) You can have a countdown XD

Sorry that you’re not happy with your uni timetable :( My brother hates loitering around at uni waiting for his next class. Last year he finished at around 9pm about once or twice a week.

LOL. I was about to have a small rant about equal rights when you mentioned how women can’t become engineers. XD

Bleh. It sucks that you have to walk 40 minutes home :( I would of given up after 20 mins haha.


I guess I’m lucky to have a few friends interested in photography. But I admit, I prefer going out to take photos by myself because I think I spend so long taking photos that my friends gets a little inpatient. 🙄 But I also like taking pictures of people. I guess It’s because I don’t always have a ‘model’ in my photo.

I actually heard that to go to the snow trip with my school you have to do PDHPE. I hope not because I didn’t choose that subject ;P It explains a lot as to why so little people went to it. I guess I’ll find out later on in the year.

/pow What assholes! Calling you and James ”fucking tourists” I haven’t been to Manly beach for a long time, but tbh I think the only beach that you won’t get stared at or harassed at would be Bondi because there are usually tourists there anyway. Maybe I just get paranoid that people stare at me, and it ends of being something I imagine? I don’t know, but I just know that there is definitely racism in Australia.

I mean just use the Indians as a current example. I read on the news that there are like over 50 thousand users who joined a group called ‘Speak Australian or piss off’ or something or rather, and other stupid groups like that. People are just to ignorant about the benefits of migration and tourism in Australia. I could yell out a bunch of tourism stats to those racist jerks (I looked the stats up in my geography textbook lmao), but as my dad told me, he said there was no point arguing with people of a ‘lower intelligence’. /hmph

:O WHAT?! 17 DOMAINS?! I can’t even afford one, let alone 17. You must have like a domain nest or something :X

It takes me at least 1 hour to return 10 comments. or something. /bash I have no idea how you do it xD

First, :O I love love your new layout!! I think I’m a few blog posts slow or something but !!! the purple is fabulous ^^;

:( sucks about the cramps. I hope you get over them soon! cramps + hot weather + dead fan = bad combination. D:

Aw :( sucks that you can’t see James much anymore D: and four hour breaks?!?! That’s way too long!!

D: I hate waiting for buses or trains. Especially if I miss some. Sometimes I end up waiting 20 minutes for a bus when I could walk home, but I can’t really be stuffed. O_O

BTW – I love the new link hovers!! looks great :D

Loving the new look and the scotch tape link hovers.
I think going to the library in that 4 hour break would be better than nothing.
What do you do in communications course? What can you do career wise?
When it come to cramps, Advil saves my life.

I just loved your new layout. The colour combination and all are just superb (Y)

And if you want some suggestions – it would be to change the way you’ve placed your links diagonally. Don’t you think that it’s taking a lot of space. These are just suggestions ;)

Even I feel very lonely when my best friend doesn’t come to classes as he is very busy with his IIT. You must be wondering what is IIT /huh
Well, it’s the top institute for Engineering in India – very very difficult

Even I’m planning to do engineering ;)

Cramps….oh! I just hate it. Whenever it’s cold, I get cramps O_O

I love the new layout! you are great at making layouts :)

I hate having cramps! I hope you’re getting better :)
Today was weird, where I am it was boiling and sunny, now it’s dark and I think there’s a storm coming.

That sucks that you can’t see James much anymore :( Hopefully some how you can see him a bit more :)

It’s annoying waiting for buses, I always think ‘hurry up!!’ but I only really wait for buses when I go to the city. But soon I will be using them for school, I started today D:

This layout is awesome! all of the layouts you make are awesome xD I really like the colours in this one, they go well together. I just noticed that when you hover mouse over home (or the others) and it has the little purple picture behind it, it looks cool :P I don’t know if I made sense then O_O
The footer looks cool xD

I think my mum will find out next week who’s fault it was, everyone who I told also says it’s her fault.

Today it was my first day of high school D: it was scary at the start, when we found out what our home groups were it got better. I am so glad we didn’t have homework on the first day XD I am excited to do home economics. It’s going to be fun because I get to make the food and eat it! :P

I guess it’s different, being an adult. My parents believe I’m responsible about somethings, but think that I’m still a baby to do others. XD

That’s good. That girl should never have lied about all those things.

Hehe, I think you would set a good example for your brother! :D

Same here. Once I start reading an interesting book, I read it past 1 am. And my mom gets mad because I sleep so late.

I love this layout! ♥ The purple is so nice and warm. And the header image and the footer and the hover on your navigation is awesome. :)

I didn’t think it was overreacting. What that girl did was bound to make anyone angry.

That sucks it’s so hot. And it sucks you won’t get to see James much. AND it sucks about your timetable.

Engineering is pretty cool, but communications is also cool. :D My sister wanted to study communications, but she went for business instead.

I hate waiting as well. Hopefully when you get a driver’s license you’ll be able to drive home maybe?

Your new layout is sooo pretty good job on it! Its cold here but at night it gets so hot that I have to open my window all the way to get some kind of oxygen.

Georgie! Sorry for the late reply. Awww I missed out your comment :( Thanks for reminding me! Maybe that’s why I’ve been feeling so weird recently. Like there’s something I missed out haha.

Aw I hate hot weather :( I feel terribly burnt during hot season. Phew, lucky me, it’s still raining heavily here. The hot sun won’t appear here for awhile. Jakarta is already hot without the sun, blah. I turned on the AC in my brother’s room and yet I feel so hot (and it’s raining!).

I sometimes go to the library when I’m bored at school. I even know the librarians well haha. They give me the opportunity to borrow as many books as I like while eight-graders in my school aren’t supposed to borrow more than 4 books at a time.

Oh yeah, you have a new layout! Cool! :D I love the colors ♥ I love the link hovers! And that half-written text on the layout makes it more unique. You got a style :D

heehee i love it when i hover on the nav links XD cute!^^ 👏
i have a lot of layouts in my mind that i cant seem to materialize because i cant code stuff. mehehe!

You’ve got a pretty layout Georgina! I love it when I hover on your navigation.

So, James is in the engineering field? I thought you were serious about girls can’t do engineering. LOL. I hate being away from my boyfriend but we can’t do anything about it because it’s needed.

Remember to always bring umbrella with you. Hehe!

I envy you for making your own themes. Ha, it’s hard to code!

Well, on a positive note, absent makes the heart grow fonder! I’m sure James will miss you too. Maybe he will give you some surprises when he’s away? *hint hint* (Maybe he should read this. lol)

Congratulations on the successful upgrade to the latest WordPress version. I always dislike upgrades since WP does not like me recently. It’s always giving me problems.

Anyway, regarding the new layout. Here’s a few of my suggestions:

1. The background colour above the line ( in the header) and below the line (in the footer): try another colour with a greater contrast? I think it makes the “wide header/footer” effect more obvious.

2. I like the footer but the text is slightly difficult to read due to the complexity of the background image. Maybe add a low opacity background colour such as black or white to enhance readability?

3. Bigger/more prominent site title would be good.

4. Hmm, maybe you can try a divider between the sidebar and content to differentiate between the different sections of content.

I LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT!! ♥ It is soo awesome!!

Thanks for the comment on my blog and entry for the icon contest. I will have to fix that form… YEAH /hmph another thing on my long list for the next 12 days.

Congrats on the upgrade in wordpress.. And sorry to here about not seeing James.. Don’t get to worked up over it because he is going to miss you a lot too.

My dad wants me to get into engineering. He also wants me to never date boys and become a nun. Like thats is going to happen. lol XD

I do understand though why it isnt something your into. Personally i want to get into something where i am always leraning and enjoy. The university courses you are taking sound interesting. I just took 2 highschool level ones and my last class was yesterday. The only part i dont like is having to disect the media. That was the only boring part. 😒

Well hope you have a awesome week! :P

/love Are you kidding? It’s awesome Georgina! I love the layout it’s amazing! I usually dislike purple it you make it look so good. ♥ Mmh, maybe it’s not such a bad colour @_@

Gah, timetables fail. I have free periods like that too. *hi-fives* I wanted to do mechanics too. I was like CARS? AND TOOLBOXES? SAWEEET! 🤤 <<haha, creepy stalker face. Win ✌️ I just decided not to because like woodshop, there were no girls in the class, and well I changed my career anyway.

Cramps blow. We were discussing them in English, and we came to the conclusion that men should be kicked in the balls once a month so they can understand what we have to put up with (Y) :D

To me you weren’t overreacting, I would’ve done the same thing maybe more LOL. But seriously, if that happened to me I would’ve been unbelievably pissed.

Aw sorry for the cramps! Maybe you’re working too hard. Yeah hot weather sucks, we’ve getting those here in day, not cool. Dad doesn’t really like us opening the AC in the day in our rooms, so i just chill in the living room, it’s hot. The weather here is just awful when it gets hot. LOL maybe you should do that sometime!

Oh engineering! he must be good in Math. I want to enter that field too, but lets be honest I got no brains XD . Communications is cool too! Aw! But maybe it’s a good thing you’ll have time spent in the library..haha, but studying is good maybe you’ll have better grades!

OMG you walked home in 40 minutes! It’s hell for me to go to school walking and it’s just 5 minutes away lol, i always ask my mum to drive or go by the school bus.

YAY for upgrading wp! This theme is really nice, but I like the previous layout more, it sounded I dunno elegant? But this one is nice too, it has a personal touch which is always good and original^^

I don’t really blame you, besides it’s not good to keep your feelings bottled up. And what she did is wrong it’s good that you stood up to yourself.

Yeah it is dumb when I think about. Why didn’t she just come clean? Would have been easier, and yea you guys would have been close to each other.

Yea it’s weird anyway, it’s between you too so why did she tell her father anyway? I think her family is just way too strict.

It’s the capital of Bulgaria, so it’s not a country anyway lol.

nice new layout !! (:

ugh cramps. dont even want to think about them. blehhhh…

aww man i actually hate long breaks between classes… i rather have them all at once. cause i usually can’t do work at school unless i’m REALLY focused. i hope you find something to do between those classes though :)

oh gosshh sometimes walking home is actually faster than the bus, eh? :P and save money.

Oh well that’s good to know. They are some weirdos on the internet. D:

I would feel like that too. It was okay for them to be concerned, but you didn’t do anything at all. You just told the truth. /hmph

I agree. It would be really hard for you to believe her again. I wouldn’t believe her anymore. Its her loss. :D

Hahah! Don’t force yourself to do it fast. :) I can wait. :D

Oh well that’s good. But PayPerPost is stupid. Hahah! xD Well they give some random sentences. :P

I know. :) But I figured it out. Hahah! XD It was pretty hard. :P

Yes there are really heartfelt. I really love when I can picture the book in my mind vividly. Its just like a movie. :)

Ahh those wars. I hate them. 🤮 They make me puke. They are hideous, useless and stupid. /angry Innocent people die from them.


Oh that sucks that you had cramps. /ehh I’ve never had ones. XD I just have muscle aches from exercising too much. LOL! Ahh I hate when I get them. 😢

I don’t have air conditioner too. I just wish to have one. People who have ones are just so lucky. :(

Ohh. :( I’m sure you’ll work this out somehow with James. I hope you will.

Wow! You have four hour break on Fridays? Its so stupid. In my opinion. You have to wait four hours until the next lesson. Ehh. 🤬

I hate waiting. Especially for buses or when I’m waiting my friends. They are so late. /poo I would fall asleep if I’m waiting my friends. /oh

I really like the new layout. :) Especially the colors. I love the touch on the layout and the footer and the link hovers are pretty epic. (Y) Hehe! /bounce

*Hugs* I was at work… Well, I was actually falling asleep when you left that comment lol. I was well tired today.

Oh I used to get them from my time of the month, I don’t anymore now that I’m on the injection, heh.

Yeah probably. :) Ours is… small but not like a box room or anything but we have the north wind hitting our bedroom window and the windows aren’t very thick..

Awww I’m sure you guys will figure something out. :D What dates his birthday? Valentines day is overrated, well I think so. Me and Rob just get each other a card and get a pizza… like we usually do haha.

Well yeah my school days were pretty much that, 8:45am – 3:15pm with 2 30 minute breaks but this was in 6th form; sort of like college so I had free lessons and stuff. xD

Yeah I agree, you should use the time wisely. Maybe do some work or something. Or if you run out of ideas, then work on your site. :P

Oh lucky!! :P I need to find a job closer to home, I’m knackered. I get a lift from my uncle sometimes c.cks her up but still.

Yes we certainly would die before we made it there haha. I’d have to walk in like a bypass thing; I’d get run over. XD

LOL gum? I don’t really like gum, I have a habit of swallowing it when you shouldn’t lmao. Aww, well the hovers were worth it. *Plays with hovers* It’s not crap at all! It’s really unique and just awesome so hush. :P

I don’t know how you stay awake so late lmao, I’m in bed by like 9 hahaha!

Yeah that’s true. Shizzle, I forgot about my formspring lmao. I got some crappy should have been Googled questions today. *Sigh*

Haha I know! That’s what I had in mind when I said I wish I was a robot lmfao. I don’t know if you heard of this show, but it was called Bernard’s Watch and he had this stop watch and could stop time… that would be so handy.

Oh I know what you mean, a few people say they’ll link me but I say no don’t worry but the thought is appreciated. XD I love people who appreciate you!

I always go through people’s question and answers lmao. I used to go through yours. I was like “NOOO” when you said you were taking it down hah.

I get what you mean, I usually ask my step dad or Rob if they are there with me, but otherwise I Google for hours before asking.

But is my least favourite word sometimes. o_O

Yeah, my old friend was like that, blah.

I can’t remember what typing test I done, but it was cool. :3

Comments aren’t going too bad actually; I have like 9 pending I think but would have been about 30 if I didn’t have Tuesday off of work haha.

You confused me with that. :P It’s 9pm here. XD I’m guessing you’re awake now? Not really been on Twitter today so haven’t seen you tweet. XD HI THOUGH!! *waves*

I’m sure I’ve commented like 5 times on this blog, yay go me. Excuse typos, spelling or grammar errors I’m sleepy. :)


OMG! I love the layout! I love the colors and the header, despite what you say. XD It’s awesome! (neat footer too!)

It’s cold here. Dead of winter. Bleh. It’s this time of year that you cherish the heat. (Want to send some of that this way?) lol. Well since it’s nearing February, that warmth should be on its way (I hope), but last lear, like middle of February, with everything starting to seem so nice and Springily, we got a major late freeze. Burrr!

I am so sorry to hear about your cramps and I hope that they don’t last very long. I used to have really bad ones myself but then I went off the pill. It’s weird.

Anyways, I don’t know anything at all about FormSpring since I don’t have an account. Everything is blocked by the computer system that I am using. It’s horrible. I’m just glad that I can work on my site and view sites like yours. :)

I like this layout. The colors are nice. I love purples. :D

I have to be away from my boyfriend too. It sucks.

And I am so jealous of your heat. It is super cold here. Snowing off and on. It sucks. I would totally trade you. Me sorry about walking. That must suck in the heat.

Hope you get to spend the time with your boyfriend on your anniversary.

Oh I don’t think my mum will change though. It doesn’t seem like she cares for me at all except the occasional gifts like clothes from her. But thanks anyway I really do hope that my mum will get better, :)
Haha, yep, stalkers would maybe go through and follow you everywhere but then we’d all know to go to busy streets and stuff-so, yeah I know what you mean. (Y)
I’m really glad that you could just forget about the girl, she really isn’t worth pondering about. ;) You do have better friends offline and online so never forget about that!
Your new layout is so beautiful, ♥ I love all the purple and the softness about this, it’s so pretty!!
Ergh, I hate cramps. I get them all the time at swimming, or even PE. @_@ I hope you feel better soon. Nurofen does work for me, :) I can’t walk for 40 min, my legs will like die, haha. It really sucks about james and his intership but I guess it’s really important. I’m sure you’ll be fine with that 4 hour break of yours. You’re really lucky to make it into university, I’ll just have to wait until like 5 years before I might head there.

Haha I don’t think you were overeacting, i would be just as mad.

Ahaha It’s like freezing here :P

Awwww. it sucks you and James can’t see each other as much anymore :(.

Who’s Ryan?

Yup you really should study!

I have no clue what im gonna study for :( Im too young yet i guess :P

I luuuuv the new layout :)

Yaa it looks like you’ve tried a bit different style ;)

Haha when you come, visit mwaa

Yaa I really tried to pick up my act :)

Yeah, and we can get even closer <3

Seems like you’ll be missing James a lot but that means you’ll appreciate the time y’all spend together so much more.

Walking home any long distance sucks, for me at least. It especially sucks when its hot outside…when you finally get home your all sticky, hot and just ugh…speaking of jobs, I hope I get at least one of these jobs that I applied for :/

Thanks for caring :) My friend always tell me everything gets better in time and I find that it really does. You said I seem so strong but I have my breaking points. Like you said ‘We’re humans – we’re like rubber bands. But though we can stretch beyond our limit, there is a limit beyond that ‘

Don’t worry. I didn’t run away, that was the first time that I actually thought about doing it. Sometimes I just wonder though, would they be better off if I was gone or would they really miss me. . .

Ooh yeah , today me and my friend signed up for this tutoring program and you like get a phone and new laptop computer/iPhone like for free soo I like have the chance of getting an iPhone…I really hope I do!

First of all, you were not over reacting what so ever. you had all the reason in the world…I would have defiantly wrote it too.

I hope your cramps got better…if it’s “that time” then I have no clue what it feels like, but of course, everyone’s had cramps, and really…they just completely suck and should have never came into this world.

Oh, and how I love cold air and hot air…couldn’t live without em, just sometimes….they come at the wrong time, inconvenient much? Air conditioning in general is great…that little part was not needed…at all :/

Awww, you won’t get to see James? That sucks…a lot. Maybe web cam chatting? I know it’s not the same, but it’s better then just not seeing him at all, right?

A four hour break….that seems like that would be horrible…completely. Sorry for ya :(

Studying is a good idea? It was hard for me just typing that…I absolutely hate studying…it’s pointless to me, as long as you know the content, there’s no need :D …but that’s just me, for real, my friends think I’m crazy. Of course, when I’m in high school or college, I’m gonna have to study a lot. Which will suck…a lot more.

Walking home? I would kind of hate walking for 40 minutes, unless I had company. But my legs would hurt…kind of, I’m used to running a lot I guess (soccer)?

I kind of….LOVE this layout, it’s amazing Georgina….I’m jealous 🤤. I especially like the header and footer, they are so cool, I’m always a fan of this style actually, so yea…I love it :)

Thanks! I really need the luck, especially for the geometry and chemistry final tomorrow!! AAHH!!

The internet is a great thing. I’m actually suppose to be studying right now, whoops. Hehe I’ll finish it. Hopefully.

I’m glad that you can look back and say how silly the whole situation with Cheyenne was, instead of worrying about.

I agree with your mom, waiting IS a boring job :p
If I ever decide to make imagemap layouts in the future, I’ll definitely ask for your help :D

Btw, your Enthusiast tutorials are helping me a lot at the moment!! I’m deciding to open a fanlisting collective. YAY! ✌️

*faints* Your layout, is, urh, I’m…speechless? Seriously, its AMAZING, I cannot describe it in words. The colors, the hovers, the footer ;) The brushes are lovely, and I looooooove the header =)

Awwwe *hugs* I had cramps today too, they were killer, eesh. And it didn’t help that I fell twice O.o Oh well, I just took a Motrin when I got home.

Awwwwe, I’m sure you and James will be able to see each other at least a couple times :) Just think though, its benefiting his education :)

You could always use the 4 hour break to eat something? Just chew really slowly? Okay…lame idea, forget I said that.

I’ve been watching the Australian Open, and it must be extremely hot there on some days because there was literally sweat raining of their hats! A lot of them got sick, or had heat stroke. I was watching a watch today were Djokovic left to throw up 😰

WOO! Thats so great that its your anniversary soon! Its funny because that’s Jess’s birthday :P I will be sure to wish you both a happy anniversary / birthday :)

Are you kidding me!? The colors look great together! I love the color scheme :)

Oh I know, I don’t know what I would do if I saw you, or someone else online. If they were doing something important I probably wouldn’t want to bother them, but then I’d think about how this is probably the only time I’ll see them. Then again, what if its not them lol?

My butt felt very electric after it got zapped lol!

Seriously, if they’re going to steal, they should at least do it right lol! Thats ridiculous, they can’t even think of their own opinion!

I always get all anxious when I hit the submit button and wait for it to load, it really scares me! I get this vision that one day I’ll have to re-do the whole thing.

LOL, the look on my Mom’s face was no where near the look on my sister’s face! It was hilarious though!

Thank you <333

Your layout is just beautiful. I love it!

Georgie, your navi is kinda fucked up in IE.. I just checked your website during class and the navigation is like wrong. xD I would take a screenshot but I am too lazy.. I’ll send you one when I am at home – if my IE shows it me the same way this computer does.. :)