Walking At Night, Alone

Blasted bollocks. Swetlana told me my site navigation was “fucked” (haha, nice use of language there) in Internet Explorer. I realised it’s only in the older versions. At least upgrade, people, if that Internet Explorer hacking from last week didn’t scare you. /hmph

Sigh. So. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with my sites. Twenty domains – it’s a lot, right? I’m definitely going to get rid of one within the next month. I have plans. /finger

Not only am I feeling overwhelmed with sites, but well, life in general. I cannot believe that this is how I am feeling on my break from university. What will it be like when I return in March? Maybe I need to get that sense of routine again. Maybe if I cut out everything online, I can see what really needs to be done.

long escalator

Our car isn’t fixed yet, but it will be late next week. Hopefully their estimates are correct.

I feel like I’m going under so much stress. Even if I put aside what I want to do online – I still have to clean the house every day, go to work…

Also, I was thinking about ballet again, and teaching. I still feel too scared to go ahead with it. I’m available for the class I’m going to be in/teaching. But I know I must. I know I keep putting it off, putting off telling my teacher. /bash

high escalators

I caught the train to work yesterday, instead of catching a bus for ages. I had to catch three trains, as well as catch a bus, and walk. It wasn’t that bad. Needless to say it was a little exciting and thrilling.

They built a new train line last year. It’s so sleek inside the stations, but the stations are so deep underground that the escalators are plentiful. They go up and down and there are many of them (how wonderful would it be if they went around and around and upside down…! /brow ).

That was just one escalator going down. There were about three of these going down altogether to actually get onto the platform. Some people think it’s freaky because the escalators are also steep, but I think it’s alright. :P

It’s such an open space to get out of one of the stations via the escalator. It looks pretty high too. I didn’t want to look strange taking photos (though it was admittedly less subtle using my iPhone) since there were so many people.

Those were the highlights of my trip. The low points involved:

  • An old woman stepping on my foot (I was wearing open shoes) several times without even apologising. She just shifted her eyes every time I glared at her. Bitch.
  • An old man sitting next to me on the second train, trying to see what I was typing into my iPhone, not to mention constantly staring at me. Talk about rude.
  • Going to the wrong platform and then having to check my iPhone for the correct one. Fail.
  • Trying to take a photo of the escalator and the man in front of me constantly moving from left to right. /huh

Today I had to walk home from work… again. It was alright, since it wasn’t that hot. But the sky was thundering, dark and the rain was sprinkling. I had to stop by the Chinese takeaway store on the way, because we only had rice for dinner. It wasn’t a long wait, but while I was waiting, the rain picked up and when I went back outside I had to open my umbrella to walk home.

I wasn’t very used to it. The humidity was still high, so when I got home I wasn’t really cooled off. :( My white shoes got a bit dirty but I left them to dry.

Oh, how odd rain can be.

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Internet explorer is so fail. Although I must say firefox hasn’t been that much better for me lately. It’s so slow. Maybe because I haven’t updated O_O

Well at least firefox is still displaying your navigation correctly :) :P

Awwww…*hugs* for feeling so overwhelmed :( That’s not fun. Hopefully things lighten up! 20 domains IS a lot to manage. :O

I hope you’re not even MORE overwhelmed when uni starts again. But don’t worry. I know you’ll be fine. :) You’ve always been super organised and stuff. ^^

Man, having no car must be SO inconvenient. :( HOPEFULLY YOU GET IT BACK NEXT WEEK WITH A FUNCTIONAL DOOR :P

Teaching ballet! Wow, I’d be so intimidated by the whole concept of teaching ballet, I wouldn’t know what to do. :O I hope it goes well for you! :D

Hahaha, it’s kind of funny that you caught the train, because I GO to Macquarie university, and I’ve NEVER tried to catch a train there. But I have been down to the train station, when I walked some friends down. The escalators are pretty epic. But the steepness doesn’t bother me. :P Because I am well aware that if there were no escalators, we’d have to take stairs and that would put me into cardiac arrest because I’m so unfit. D:

Hmph! What a mean lady on the train. Very ill-mannered indeed. You should at least say SORRY. Jeez… And a rude man too. It’s rude to read over someone’s shoulder and to stare! I hope little faery pixies sour his milk and tie knots in the lady’s hair. Rawr! /angry

Rain! I love rain. Even if it is inconvenient sometimes. It must have been pretty inconvenient for you walking in the rain carrying chinese takeaway. :(

Bah, it really is fail. I think that I have updated my Firefox, but apparently there’s a newer version. It hasn’t asked me to update. :S

I’m glad I finally fixed up the navigation for real, now, though. :D Well, no layout is perfect and I think I have tweaked this one enough.

Yep – I’m going to start moving my domains around. I also don’t need some of them and some are more precious than others, so yep! :)

I think I might just need that sense of routine, LOL. ;)

YES, and OMG, they’re going to polish the car up so it looks new, too. Since it would look weird if the door was just new and everything else was not. :P

I’m going to have to get back to my principal too, eep! I was so scared when I wanted to call her about it but I have to get back to her soon. D:

Ahaha! You know what it’s like. It’s pretty amazing, but it’s like, “woah”.

Oh, agreed! Imagine if there were stairs instead! At least they have an elevator if you’re a lazy butt. I think it’s really small though… or maybe I just ignored it. :P

LOL I bet the woman’s hair was already knotty. James told me about this rude man who kept looking at him typing on his phone. D:

Ahhh, it was so crap though, because it was very humid and it was raining but I didn’t want my bag or the bad of food to get wet. O_O

Hey Georgina, ya now your links are appearing straight in IE, yesterday when I checked it out, it was diagonally placed. Not your mistake, IE always has some or the other problem :P

20 domains?? My God! I can’t even manage a single sub-domain because of my studies and everything :(

Some people you meet on train are seriously disgusting 😏 They stamp on you, push you and God knows what not

Well, talking about rain, I like watching or rather gazing at rain from my bed-roon window, it’s all very romantic and pleasant, but don’t like to walk through mud and all. I just hate the idea of water touching my legs during rainy season :P

Hellooooooo! Thank you for the lovely comment on the layout I appreciate. Yeah you just gotta love Marilyn Monroe.

I’m sorry that we were spamming your comments. I decided to put a stop to it. It was rather rude. So I e-mailed her instead and still to this day haven’t received a reply back. Guess she’s still being a you know what.

Anyway, I’m sorry you had to go through shit at the train port. But I guess everyone has to go through that whenever public transportation’s involved? I think?

Anyway, yeah I want to go to China. I don’t care if it’s dirty. A really good online friend of mine went there and it was only for a week, but she got homesick and than was later told she has anorexia. Which kinda scared me a bit. But she said the food she tried was delicious and the great wall of china was beautiful. I can’t wait to try it out for myself. I never in my life thought I’d try a seahorse, but they do look scrumptious. Yeah they have fried seahorse. Weird no?

Last night I went on a chinese/taiwanese downloading spree. I have like four T-pop cd’s. Three of which consist of F4 and one Coco Lee. The rest of the songs I downloaded were from Jolin Tsai, Jay Chow, and Meteor Garden 1 & 2 songs. haha I feel like such a fan girl now. I thought I was over that. I guess it came back to me when I stayed up till midnight to watch the Jimmy Kimmel Show because Harrison Ford was on it. LOL. He was funny as ever. Hiding a pair of wool socks in his pants ROFL. It was Jimmy’s seventh year episode. So that’s why Harrison Ford did that. haha.

If I haven’t mentioned this before but I do love your new layout :).

Heh, I voted for yooou! =)

WOW, 20??? My goodness! I hope things settle down a little bit for ya *hugs*

People can be so rude eh??

Eeek I hate when it’s humid and rains, blargh! Sending you many hugs!

*Voted* – I do believe it though!! /hehe

I can’t believe you have 20 domains, I just couldn’t keep up – or i would give one much more love than the others!

I think Australian rain is very different to rain in the UK. Here it is never humid, and when it rains, it is always cold and horrendous!

I hate huge long escalators, once when I was coming of the tube, the elevators were all ful and there were no escalators, so i (stupidly) decided to take the stairs.


I think it was possible the steepest set of 314 stairs. I was nearly dead when i got to the top! I didnt realise the underground was so freakin far underground!!! Plus they were a spiral staircase so i was dizzy! LOL – so the lesson here is to be greatful for escalators!

I usually do, well have some sort of idea as to what I want my layout to look like, but I guess I should stop that because they never work out lol. I think its because grays are easy to use and easy to match them up so it looks good, I think its the same for purple as well lol.
Wow, that’s a huge change in weather. This has been one of the most mild winters we’ve had here in Ontario. Well, the part I live in. Normally the weather is really cold and snowy for this time of yr but its the complete opposite, but some days are freezing! Ew, I hate rain lol.
For sure, but I guess it doesn’t matter on the age, all kids these days seem to be really rude for some reason. hahha so true, when I was younger I used to think I was right all the time, and it didn’t matter what other people told me; wow.. I was stubborn lol.
Ouch :/ I shut my brothers finger/hand in a car door :/ LOL but I guess he got pay back because I was trying to get into his room and he was pushing the door shut and my finger got shut in it and i had to get stitches lol. I also remember he had model cars, the kind you put together your self and what not; well, when he would make me mad I would smash one :( I was TERRIBLE lol.
I didn’t want to take it either, but my mom made me since she knew we were going to be alone at his house (his dad and his brother went back to their home country, Albania for the summer) and he’s older, so I guess older guys are into one thing or so she thinks, but whatever lol. It’s good for some reason, but bad for others.. for me anyway.
we only have one air conditioner too. I remember when we came to view this house it was summer and the air conditioner reached the upstairs cause it was cool up there, but now, for some reason, it doesnt :/ . So I’m in the same boat, I suffer like you lol. It really sucks! Fans don’t make it any better either (most of the time).
Yeah, we’ve always been this far from each other. I hate dealing with the distance and theres always arguments from time to time about it.. mostly caused by me and me wanting to spend more time with him lol. He doesn’t have a job atm, so it’s pretty hard. He’s doing some things to find a job, and once he does then it’ll be easier. Yes, I could go there, but there’s some complications.. his father is ‘old fashioned’ and wants him with an Albanian girl, so hes pretty racist towards me (and others) because I’m not ‘Albanian’ lol. so when I do go, we just spend the time down town toronto, which is nice in the summer, not so nice now since its winter lol. We mostly talk online, since it’s long distance to call and neither of us have money to pay the extra money on the phone bills.
Really? awesome! haha, I wish the program I want to take didn’t have exams, but thats high unlikely since I want to take an RPN course. (Registered Practical Nurse).
Thanks for the questions :) Of course I’ll have fun answering them lol :D

20 domains?! my gosh LOL, are you currently using them all? I could never do that lol. oOo getting rid of a few, interesting ;) Uh oh.. what happened to your car? I hope everything turns out okay :)
TRAINS! I’ve only been on one in my life time lol. Wait, thats a lie. BUT I rarely get to go on one. Runny because my city is known for the railroads and what not, but their not used anymore, they’ve made them into museums lol. I love escalators! Those don’t look too steep, but I guess they do at the same time lol. I can only get on them if I’m on the right side; if I try the left side, it takes me like 5 mins just to feel comfortable enough to get on lol (if had to once because there was a ton of people, and I felt really stupid :D )
lol, I remember seeing tweets about the old lady and the old man on Twitter. That would be really annoying, especially because she knew she was doing it and didn’t have the nerve to say sorry. You should have told the old man to take a picture, it lasts loner ;) lol.
Once again, EW about the rain! Sorry to hear about your shoes, hopefully they aren’t stained or anything from getting dirty :/

Aww, I’m sorry that you’re still feeling so stressed about all the things going on in your life, hun. I have a feeling a lot of it is your Mum … I don’t know this for a FACT, of course, but I’m thinking that maybe she puts a little too much pressure on you with basic stuff like cleaning and cooking and running errands and so on. :(

Only reason I say this is that my own Mum does the same thing — Like, she’ll get me to do a giant batch laundry or three, and then complain I didn’t fold everything perfectly. Or she’ll send me to the store for bread, and if they don’t have any of the kind left she wants and I get a replacement, she complains. Or if I vaccum and wash all the floors, she finds a single dustbunny in an out of sight corner that I missed. And instead of thanking me or saying I did a good job or whatever, she just complains about everything I DIDN’T do.

Again, I dunno if your Mum’s like this, too, but if she is, I totally understand. It’s insanely overwhelming sometimes. /wah

I actually still love the crap outta IE, but I’ll agree with you that coding for the older versions — Mostly IE6 — Isn’t much fun at all! O_O I always have to add extra invisible margins at the edges of stuff. /snort

I always think it’s funny that Aussie and England call it ‘takeaway’ whereas in America and Canada we call it ‘takeout’. So random! XD

I’ve been to China! And I’m going there again this summer, I’m so excited!

Sorry about the low points. Some old people can be forgetful and rude, it’s because they have lost their…”sharpness” over the years. (although some still have it)

Oo! I love trains, sorry it’s my obession. I love riding in them. It’s so fun, especially if it’s a bullet train. :D I was on a bullet train over night in 1st class in China three years ago… IT WAS SO FUN! :D


Hey Georgie :)

Definitely. I mean, like if you have problems with breathing through your nose and you decide to get a nose job – fine. But if everything is just perfectly fine, there really is no need to get any surgery done on your body. And I definitely agree, that some celebrities need to realize that they are role models. But in the end it’s probably still a thing of how someone was raised to have a look behind the “beauty” of those celebs and realize what makes them great – besides their outer appearance.

Yep.. I guess she wants to be some kind of a barbie.. and when we’re honest Barbie had unnaturally big boobs too.. perfect way how to teach kids about beauty and stuff. I mean, who didn’t love Barbie when we were little?

Georgie, you’re getting more amazing each time! A Jensen Ackles poster – wow! ;)

I have a picture the dreamcatcher I own that I took at the shop in Spain, when I get back on the laptop I’ll upload it. :)

I am really hoping so too.. but he didn’t react in any kind of way – even though he was online and so he read the PM.. Thank you ♥ The same goes for you too! If you ever need somebody to talk to or just to rant – I am right here. :)

I wouldn’t really say that you look bad in the pictures you take in the morning! I think you look really good considering the fact that you just got out of bed and stuff.

I guess some parents just really go waaay over the top with being protective. He could’ve just asked you in a normal and friendly way not to use any of the information you had about that girl! He makes himself look freaking ridiculous.

Oh yeah I saw Vicky trying to get the first comment a couple of times by now too. But she definitely always leaves a normal and blog related comment afterwards. It’s really not about who comments first.. its about the content of the comment.

This new layout looks really great Georgie! I really like it when you make them more personal by using pictures of you or of you and James! Great job. ♥

Haha xD About the “fucked”. I was sitting in class while I wrote you that comment and my friend was sitting next to me asking why I was so rude to you because I used the word “fuck”. xD I had to explain her that I wasn’t talking about you, but about your layout. She thought the way it looked was awesome and something really new! xD

20 domains is really a lot. Hm.. are you planning on giving it away or giving it up for adoption?

Georgie.. *hugs* Maybe you really have to get back into some kind of routine and hopefully that will help you to feel less over-whelmed with everything. I really hope that the start of the new semester won’t make things even worse for you. You are really stressed all the time and you don’t really get that much sleep, it will sum up to something bad one day I guess.. and I really don’t want this to happen.

If I were one of the people that are still using IE I would be really scared by now I think.. I mean, it’s unsafe. They seriously should update or switch to another one like FireFox or Google Chrome.

The escalators look really high on those two picture! I bet it’s an adventure every single time you have to take them to get up or down!

That old lady definitely is such a bitch.. can’t she watch where she puts her feet?! Or at least apologize. And people say that the youth isn’t nice.. HA!

And that old man too.. hasn’t he ever heard about something called privacy?!

I hate walking home.. and my busstop is like 5 minutes away from where I live.. but if it’s like really hot outside those 5 minutes seem like at least 30 minutes.. poor you!

Sorry for the late reply, hadn’t checked the blog for a while…

Summer? You have summer? IT’s currently blowing snow.. it’s crazy outside. (H) how cool! ♥

Twenty domains? Wow! I don’t have one xD How do you keep up?

University over for now? =)

I can’t stand IE or at least earlier versions, my site never looks good in them, lol .

20 domains! Man that’s a lot, I had 7 at one point and I couldn’t even keep up with that many.

I know what you mean about routine, I have one right now and when sometimes it goes out of routine I fail. I think it’s slightly important to have some routine in life.

That old women you mentioned would have annoyed me so much. I know sometimes it happens by accident that someone steps on your foot but she must have known she was doing it, and to keep doing it – how annoying and rude.

Those Escalators look scary to me! Then again I am afraid of heights so.

I’ve voted for you. Good Luck.
2o domains?? seriously, I don’t know how you do it. And you want to add ballet and teaching.
I don’t think you will have time for online stuff when you go back to school.
Those pictures came out great. I want an iphone!!
Lol!!, I would have pushed that old lady.
I never heard IE getting hacked?!?!
IE 💥 Firefox ♥

I LOVEEEEEE your new layout! I would have commented earlier, but I’ve been out of the commenting mood XD

Congrats on the 20 domains! I heard about floriental.org. I lovee the name! Very original :D

I hope you get a little more “stress free” with your site and with life.

Hah aww your poor car. Still out ): Hope it comes back on time :D

Whoa those escalators look really steep! I’ve seen really steep escalators but those look steep and long XD

aww stupid old lady. I hate when people step on my feet ): Especially with open toed shoes! haah I haven’t worn open toed shoes in soo long, since its winter here XD.

LOL whats with the annoying old people!? Old women, old man XD

Haha yeah. Sadly, I never had a dream like that afterwards when I studied XD

Yeah, but one time, I seriously felt like screaming at her because she got this book, and it was really popular and all, but she wasn’t into those types of books [the book was Twilight] but everyone was going to read it so she wanted to read it. She bought it at school and when she got home, her mom got all mad since she says it goes against her religion, but it really doesnt, and her mom just threw out the book! A perfectly new book, thrown in the garbage -__-

LOL! I know that happens all the time! It’s like “whoa” when you get up. Ah I love good books. XD, but who wouldn’t?

Hah yeah, sometimes they are WAYYYY too descriptive though. I get like the chills when I read it sometimes XD

Yeah exactly! Like when you meet them, you wouldn’t want to find out that they lied about themselves. Especially if its a big thing. That’s bad.

I voted for you /eee
I still don’t know why people are using Internet Explorer. It’s so slow and annoying! /angry

20 domains, woah! I think you should definitely get rid of one if it’s overwhelming you. The internet world may at times feel like a chore. So that’s why I try to not make myself all overwhelmed with it. I hope all your worries go away! Everything will be in order sooner or later :)

Yay for your car almost getting fixed! /hehe
I think you should go through with the teaching ballet, it sounds like a lot of fun. Even though teaching a class does seem pretty scary

Ooooh the train station looks cool! We have a Bart where I live. It’s like a subway, I really can’t describe it. I barely go on it, only when I got to San Francisco.

I hate it when people look at me weird for taking pictures, it’s not like I’m gonna take a picture of them. Grr! People staring at me or try to see what I’m doing is so annoying, especially people I don’t even know 🤬 Privacy much?
Gosh, that old lady didn’t even say sorry. And she even knew she did that too. She is a bitch.

I love the rain. But that must have sucked for you to hold the umbrella and carry chinese takeout.

Yay for the heat dying down. On the otherhand, it’s FREEZING here. Like barely-standable freezing. I absolutely hate winter.

I enjoyed walking for the most part, but summer sucked and then I just never wanted to go to school. I actually kept a lot of weight off from always walking, so that’s mainly the part I miss the most.

I actually LOVE filling out paperwork too :) Haha. Donnie always gives me his stuff to fill out when he needs something ’cause he knows I like it.

I don’t want to take birth control, but she told me if I get pregnant while on this medicine that my baby would end up pretty severely deformed.

Thanks (about the picture!)

Gah, I’m so happy I switched from IE. I can’t stand it anymore, lol. I don’t think it should be allowed to be used anymore. So many things have been upgraded in other browsers.

20 domains /ehh There’s no way I could keep up with all those, lol. Not even half.

Ah, so many trains. I think it would be kind of cool. We don’t have buses or trains to anything to catch. I mean, we only have taxis and around here, there’s no way I take one, lol. I’ve only taken one one time, not to mention at 4:30 in the morning, and that was scary.

Geesh, sounds like you had a busy, iffy JANKY day. Yeah, I don’t even know if that works, lol. At least it’s raining a bit.

I know, those glasses are just nasty little buggers. I do not see the hype, it looks like those glasses my mom would wear. Only bigger. D:
Morgan is like that, I guess. Well ever since she started hanging out with Amanda, whatever Amanda said.. she did. Ew… it’s tough at the moment.

I agree, some trends are so cute, like the boot and headband.. plus, it was good because it kept my bangs out of my eyes. While keeping my toes toasty warm. :)
Glasses, make you trip and fall. :O

DANG! I must find some horsey ones. Sparkly preferable, but still. A new cute horse, a paint maybe? Dapple? Appaloosa? Hmm… I shall have to google some horse cursors…

They woke me up plenty. :O I didn’t know my family was so noisy..

LOL, the depths of Georgina’s secret life.. ooh, what shall it say. :P

I know, it’s insane how many you get in a day! Remember that time you got 50 in ONE DAY! :O Think if you didn’t reply in a week. :X @_@

WOW! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!! That is soo cool, lucky man..

NO WIRELESS?!! Now that is amazing! Hmm, would it work on an itouch?

Yeah, you can like send a bomb out and it will like throw something at the other player’s screen. Blinding them for a second. Then you can send out lightning, ect..

I think your mom should believe in portable fans! It gets quite hot!

It is, but I was so excited to see that there were SEVEN wireless connections.

*fingers crossed* he doesn’t..

Good for you Georgina! 👏 You don’t need some bitch like her, you have Lilian and James and all your online buddies! :) And we all do a lot more than she ever did.

LOL. Thanks, but all credit goes to Georgia at Dreamanchor.org She made them and I thank her :)

LMAOLMAOLMAO. He actually said that? Woww.. :P That is pretty amusing.

Excuses suck, there once was this poster in my Grade 4 classroom. It said “Make an Effort not an Excuse” Pretty cool quote, stuck with me through the years. :)

DUDEE!! I LOVE YOUR LAYOUT! It’s so cool, purple. Which is an AMAZING colour, already made me love it. And I think the header is so cool, just the way everything seems to ‘flow’. The footer is AWESOME!

Aww, *more hugs*
Try not to feel to pressured. I mean, this is your break. And I know that’s crappy advice, considering all your work and hectic schedule. But maybe, just try to sit down awhile and read a book or watch tv. Or take a nap, I find if your doing nothing, it helps relieve stress. Again, you don’t have to feel so obligated to this site. It’s alright to slow down a bit. :)

Teaching ballet could be fun you know. You could teach the kiddies all you know. Which would be fun!

That sounds cool. I love sleek airports, that look all shiny and new. Shiny and new things are cool. :)

I HATE THAT! I hate trying to get a picture of something then some random stranger just GETS IN YOUR WAY! Jeez people, MOVE IT!

Weather is always odd. @_@

Oh, thank you so much for bashing IE. Please, get Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome (my personal favorite), people. PLEASE. haha.

And wow, 20 domains? I can hardly manage 1 subdomain XD I don’t even pay for it! Wow…you’re amazing.

Ooh, that subway is sleek and modern-looking…and teaching ballet sounds fun! I personally think you should go for it ;)

There are many sites and polls to vote on there. I definitely voted and I voted for you amongst others as well. Good luck on the polls though. Most of them are ‘Webs’ site. :

I don’t like going anywhere at night, alone. I would ask someone to pick me up and where I live isn’t very safe to be around at night either. :( It’s very scary. You don’t know what will happen. You should ask someone to accompany you if you are out alone though.

You have new train lines? We have new bus routes. They are all over now. I don’t even know what bus goes where anymore. But I haven’t been home for awhile since I am away at school. I’ll be home soon and I will need to figure what bus goes where.

Be aware at night and get some company!! :)

Hey Ivy. :) I noticed that you turned comments off for your current post. I hope everything turns out for the better for you. I can understand why you don’t want to share family problems – I know not many people do. I wish you a safe trip and hope everything gets better for you. ♥

Thank you for voting for me! :)

In the summer at night, it’s pretty bright, so I didn’t feel that scared. I also had an umbrella, and from this course we learned in high school, I heard that people don’t like to attack girls who have things like umbrellas because they are an easy weapon. ;)

Ooh, our bus routes rarely change. But that sucks. :O

Hahahaha. The very end sounds like a children’s book with the rhymes, “high/dry”. hahaha.

EEK! 20 domains? DANG GIRL! I always knew you had a lot but 20, HOLY *%($). /huh Hahahaha.

I hope you get your car fixed. It’ll be nice to have it back, I’m sure.

I voted for you in the contest, twice. :D I hope your stress gets better when school starts. My stress was going through the roof these past 2 days cuz I had a test yesterday, today and I just found out that I have a test tomorrow. The test tomorrow is easy though. No studying needed. :D Finally. I hate studying but you gotta do what you gotta do. I just think…just get through it and eventually you will get to a point where all of your classes are a breeze and then you’ll be teaching. Just waiting for the day…as all of the days fly by me. Ho hum…Lol. That actually sounded pretty cool. XD I’m sooooooo weird. (Y)

Yeah, your’s would be the family car since you only have 1-2 cars between everyone.

Yeah, I bet they are. I am hiding in my room all of the time so I like it, too. I can concentrate on my websites better than normal. Sometimes I have to go in the dinning room though just to concentrate. That would be horrible for you. Just moving from where my room is to my dining room. You could probably only go about half way cuz I’m guessing your brother’s room is right next to your’s which means they are only like 12 feet long or something close to that.

Yeah, we hated the rain so much. We were like OMG! Why did we have to go now?? It pissed me off. I just wanted to go home after 2 days. The worst part was the fact that we would leave the hotel around like 3 but before that it was all nice, no clouds just a beautiful sky and then when we would leave, it started to rain. Like WTF?! It hated us. Hahahaha.
I hope you can go to Disney as well. It’s an amazing place. Next time we go I’m planning on convince Dante’s mom and my mom to let Dante come with us. He’s never been there and I think that it would be pretty cool to take him even if I do have to pay for it myself. :D

Yeah, I make myself a to-do list. That way I know exactly what needs to be done the most and least. & I can mark off what I have already done.

Yeah! I’m making now(:

Hahaha. I wasn’t sure. That was a while ago! Hahaha. Yeah, that daisies for james layout is old. I liked it besides the colors.

Yeah, that is true. I can’t park in parallel parking spots but those diagonal ones are sooooo easy to park in that it is a joke! It wouldn’t surprise me if you tense up. Now that I got pulled over I tense up every time I see a police officer, it doesn’t help that they tend to follow me now. /angry

Wow…I wouldn’t like that, although it is easier to get into college. Yeah, we have the same thing it is called the High School Diploma. It’s the same thing, just named something different.

I like the colors of your new website layout! It’s a really great purple! Are those actually pictures of pieces of paper of yours, or are they stamps?

Luckily, I use FF or Google Chrome, so I don’t worry about weirdness on IE.

20 domains? Wow, I never realized there were that many! How are you going to choose which to keep and which to depart with?

Those are neat pictures of the escalator! I love the angle, even though I’m pretty sure that wasn’t intentional. But I love the lines haha.

That sounds like a really long train ride! Is it longer than just taking the bus, or is it faster?

Hi Georgina! :D
I Love your layout :) So awesome :)
Thanks for helping me realise that revealing my age online isn’t such a big deal and that you don’t try and judge people by their age :) There should be more people like you!
Catching public transport is a pain but it’s sort of like an adventure, you never know what will happen on the train, maybe you’ll see someone you haven’t in a long time that has been catching the train or whatever.
Wow, 3 esculators just to get down to the platform?!
I remember when I was young, I was scared of esculators /eee

Ahhhh! I love that we changed our layouts around the same time. I absolutely love yours! I think it’s the best you’ve ever madee! Ahhh. I knew you had it in you to make amazing graphics! You said you didn’t really have a knack for it but this proves your statement wrong, now doesn’t it?

I can seee that you’ve changed your font to georgia. :D Wooo me too. Haha we’re so awesome. *Hi 5!!* Goodness, I sound like such a dork. I sound like I’m so super hyped & happy right now but I’m just dully sitting here, trying to stay awake (it’s 3 am) & I’m trying to return comments & leave comments. Gotta be a good affiliate, yaknowwhatimean?

I’m glad that you’re actually trying to cut back on your crazy online work life. I call it work because you have 20 domains & you have so many things planned & what not. I don’t know how you keep up but like you said, you don’t really! haha. I feel so bad for you though. :( Work & cleaning the house..I feel like you clean the house everyday that it makes me wonder how friggin dirty your house could possibly be everyday..like how much dust can possibly accumulate that you have to clean everyday?! /huh That is just .. baffles me. Tell your mother to give you a break!! Make your brother do it!!

ON top of all that, school comes back for you soon & how you will even have a life & time to play…well, you will be considered a superwoman.


I can’t believe you have to take 3 trains & then finally a BUS to get to your destination. That is just insane. You live in the city, right? Wait, I honestly don’t know. You’ve told me the area you live in but I don’t know what it’s like. You gotta educate meee. I live in the suburbs so we don’t have any trains :( but we have buses…but I have a car so there’s no need. Lucky me..although I hate driving. If I weren’t so lazy, I’d ride my bike! Too bad I don’t have a bike. It’d be great exercise.

This is why I want to visit Australia! I love how other countries (& states like New York, Connecticut, & Massachusetts) have trains/subways to get places. I mean obviously it’s more prominent in the city but goodness, on my end of the country, public transportation is crap unless you live in LA. Even then I think it’s still crap. That escalator looks so intense. Damn! It looks sooo steep. I’m sure people afraid of heights would be terrified. Do they have stairs you can go down on the side?

lulz @ the people you talked about..haha jeez old people. I love the guy that was peeping at whatever you were typing on your iphone. You should’ve typed “STOP STARING AT MY IPHONE” in caps. Pretty cool that you found your way because of your handy-dandy phone! That’s so convenient. So happy for you that you finally got an upgraded phone!

Dude this is why we talk so much crap on IE. EFF IE. GODDAMNIT MICROSOFT MAKES THE WORST INTERNET BROWSER KNOWN TO MANKIND. I say, if people aren’t smart enough to upgrade their goddamn internet browser that can be easily hacked & what not, it’s their loss. You don’t need to make your site compatible to their incompetence. That’s just me though. Hahah..don’t mean to be arrogant..but that’s just how it is. If you can’t friggin upgrade to at least FF, then tooo bad.

Hello Georgina :) I voted for you! /bounce Good luck in the comp. :)
After the virus scare on IE I finally managed to convince my dad to switch to Firefox!

I’m sure you’ll find your sense of balance soon, especially once uni begins again. It’s funny, because I’m quite different! My social part of the scale doesn’t seem to quite exist during school 😳 I have a feeling that it may be genetic anyway. ;P

Bleh, it just sucks that you don’t have time to do the things you enjoy more than cleaning the house. I hope your brother is helping out a bit :)
Hope your car gets fixed soon as well. I don’t know how my family would survive without a car.

Wow! You have to change a lot of trains to get to work! But I guess it’s good to have a change once and a while. :) Like you said, it’s exciting.

Oh I like the photos you took of the escalators!
Oh my, I always get scared going down steep escalators. :( I suppose I have a small phobia of heights! Going up isn’t as much of problem if I don’t look down XD

-_- I don’t see how difficult it can be to say a simple ‘sorry’ when you tread on someone’s foot! In fact, sometimes I even apologise if someone’s baby pram or whatever runs into me -_- I will never understand the complexity in apologising for such small things. @_@

Typical of a senior to stick their nose into people’s businesses. I get randoms looking at what I’m listening to on my ipod. Not as bad as people reading text messages I admit.

D: That’s so awesome that you get to check the right platform on your iphone!
I just wander around to see if I end up at the right platform. Seems to be working so far. XD

Sydney weather is famous for it’s unpredictability. /hmph

Just replying to your comment on my blog! Thought I’d be better to have it under here. :)

I’m glad you like my marshmallow smilies :D I’ll have to make a grey coloured set soon as you suggested, so thank you. :)

Oh, I’ll have to read your movie on the Tim Burton 9 film! I really wanted to watch it, but somehow didn’t get around to it. Not yet anyway. XD

That’s very typical of not wanting to go back to school. Now that I’ve started again, I realised that I’ve forgotten the many things I love about school. I guess I got swept up in lazing around during the holidays :P

heh. Personally I wouldn’t choose engineering either. Doesn’t really appeal to me ;P

haha same goes with me. No one would want to be my model for my photography :( Well..I’m sure they would if a cost was attached to it, but that wouldn’t be fair because I make $0 from taking pictures. Just for the pure enjoyment really. :)

A valid point! Asians seem to have the (good) stereotype of being hard working. You opened my eyes to something positive Georgina XD I guess as you grow older and enter places with more mature people, you will face less discrimination/racism. So I’m hoping anyway.

haha ‘racism sucks tennis balls’, nice pun. ;P

Aww Im sorry things are overwhelming and stressing you out right now :( trust me, I understand. Just try and take it one day at a time, you know?

I can imagine 20 domains being incredibley hard to keep up with! I really want another with a host that doesn’t suck (which is why KA and SF are gone) but I will have to wait until bills are caught up and whatnot before I can purchase one. Probably sometime in March :/ Im excited to see what youre going to do with one though! Youre always so creative.

Reading about people taking public transit always makes me feel grateful. I mean, there is nothing wrong with it. Obviously youll have some interested stories and good (as well as not so good) experiences. Im just happy that I have a car and can drive where I need to go.. especially considering there really isnt public transit around here so otherwise I would be fubar haha.

I really love rain but having to walk in it, with white shoes, and food would be awful..especially with humidity. It gets soo humid here in the summer.. Im dreading it. Right now we are ACTUALLY experiencing winter weather *GASP*

In fact, I can’t go pickup my check or get tags for my car because of it -_- oh well.

Anywho, sorry it took so long for me to get back. I absolutely love this layout! I really need to make a new one..

TWENTY DOMAINS? oh em gee. :p Well, i didn’t hear about the i.e hacking. XD

I’m a chrome user, and I upgraded i.e ages back. :p

I’ve only one domiain xwebs.org,and my friend like this domain and i give it to him,and now i don’t have even one domain.
you are lucky that you’ve got a bunch of domains.like 20,and it is more then enough.

and how you manage all these domains ?

Hahha! Good good. XD

Hahah. xD I can’t wait to see it. LOL! XD Well I don’t have so much to offer. So you’ll be able to review it easy. I guess? /hehe

I pretty much always imagine a book vividly in my mind so that means every book is a good book. Hahah! NOT! /hehe

I know. Ugh! /bash Oh well. Its good that they invented pills. (Y)

You are lucky that you have in the living room at least. I don’t have an air conditioner even in the living room. /wah

You are welcome. Love always wins. I’m sure you’ll miss each other, but I know that you can work it out. ;)

Well that’s too bad. I’m actually looking forward to Fridays. Haha! XD Since week ends and it means its weekend. :) I love weekends. (H)

Well your mum is actually right. I hate waiting. Ugh! 😝 Hahah. And I’m the one that is always early. /poo I guess I suck. /oh

And you are welcome again. ;)


I voted for you in Startrukk awards. You definitively deserve it. :)

Your site does look a little bit different in IE, but it looks great in Firefox. :)

Its really amazing how you can manage twenty domains. I hope you wont feel overwhelmed at all. :)

What happened to your car /huh I hope that will be fixed soon. :D

Ballet is interesting? You are teaching ballet? Or I got it wrong? Good luck with it. 👏

You needed to catch three trains? Wow! That’s pretty much. I use trains better than buses. I think they are more usable than the buses. In the buses you freeze. /hmph

I love going on escalators up and down. When I’m in mall I go on the escalators. I’m like a little baby. Hahahaha. /eee

Ugh! I hate when people don’t say sorry at all. So what if they are old man or woman. They should apologize.
Oh and people who just stare at you at times and see what you are doing on your phone or something other. Ugh! I hate them too. Its just rude. /angry
Haha. XD Its funny how the man moved to right. LOL!

I like rain. :) I like when I’m home in my bad and I’m watching outside from my window how the rain falls down. I also love the smell of it. XD

3 trains, bus AND walking?! Uhm, I would of killed myself on the second train. /bash
+ I would’ve say something if some dude was watching me text. I would of said “DO YOU FUCKING MIND?” /angry .
20 domains, eh? I think you were at 15 or 16 when I left. Congrats :).
I voted for you in Startrukk awards, duh? I had nobody else to vote for ;)

Those escalators look sexy, the ones I use at our mall are boring and stupid. LOL, just like IE.

Well, sounds like your life is getting pretty shitty without that car. Hope it gets fixed soon. ♥

Wow you have a damn good number of domains!!! I checked them all out and I have to say, I am quite jealous of your ability to maintain so many beautiful sites. I say you should try the ballet again ♥

WOW. Those escalators are deep, that’s for sure. But I kinda like it.. They look so cool.
LOL. I know what you mean about how exciting and thrilling it is. Whenever I go to the train station, I always have the sense of adventure. I don’t really know why – maybe because I don’t use the train a lot. It’s too far and so crowded! But the “adventure” feeling is still there though. But it soon vanishes when i find out that I’m lost. At least you have an iPhone. HAHA. I need to look at the map all the time. But if worst comes to worst – I need to ask, and its scary sometimes.

That’s the only downer of wearing open toed shoes. People stepping on your toes and act like they don’t know anything about it. GRRR.. That’s why sometimes, I don’t like wearing my favourite shoes when I take the bus because I know that there’s like a 80% chance that it’s going to get dirty from the “stepping”.

Ah shucks!! *blushes* Thankie for the kind words on the new layout. I agree with you that it’s one of my best if not the best ones I’ve done. I’ve tried for two whole days to come up with something original and it was hard. So today I finally did.

I voted for you btw. I had to scroll halfway down the page to see where you were at haha.

Yeah all types of public transportation sucks. I agree whole heartily with you on that.

Yeah you’re probably right on the whole thing. If she’s not gonna respond back she’s not gonna respond back period. No use trying to mend things. Oh well; her loss.

Haha I have three F4 cd’s, and 1 coco lee cd. I have 4 ayumi hamasaki cd’s and 2 boa kwon cd’s. haha. I want to get more asian cd’s. But after I get my hands on my ab circle pro. Which I can’t wait to get. Haha. I’ve been checking it out and did you know that 3 minutes a day on the ab circle pro machine is equivalant to 100 sit ups? I was shocked when I heard that. I couldn’t believe it. But we’ll just have to wait and see if I don’t get any washboard abs.

Well; chickadee, I shall end it here. But I really do love your layout. Very cute. 20 domains is a lot. I can’t keep up with any of those if I had that many. How do you do it?

I’ll vote in a minute after I return your comment :3

LOL, yesterday my pockets in my jeans were turned out (you know how its usually the front pockets?), and my friend comes over and goes “Your pockets are fucked”. It was great vocab on her part ;)

Who in our blogosphere chooses to use IE anymore? We’re all fed up with it >.> And its probably the versions that have that ugly cursor *screams*

20? I can barely handle 1 D: *face desk* You shouldn’t have to give them away if you don’t want to, but if you do, go for it :3

Oh my gosh, I hate long breaks. They’re fine for a week or so, and then you start to have too much time to think, and then you have an emotional screw over D: If thats just me, I need to shut the fuck up.

I always remember as a kid my parents complaining about how their cars took forever to fix, because their estimates were suckish >.>

You should do it! You’re obviously good at ballet, so you should teach! Like, I help with the little kid tennis lessons, tennis is my thing, so I teach it :3 Ballet is yours, so you should give it a go :)

I love how you say that many methods of transport to get to one place was fun >.> I get nervous on the bus okay, I would have serious issues with switching lol.

Eeee, my sister fell on a escalator once O.O It was only a couple steps though, and she bruised up a bit, but other than that it was fine :)

I fucking hate it when people stomp on my toes, it pisses me off >:( Uhh, rude much? He actually tried to read what you were typing on your phone? I personally find that as people get older, they get more curious.

I personally think the purple works better :3

Ewww, time of the month. And to think that the end it definitely not near is not very comforting.

Awwe, I hate things that are required for a degree etc. because they’re usually the boring things that no one would take anyways >.>

LOLOLOLOL, I can totally imagine that ;) You would take a bit every ten minutes ;) Woah, can you really get bored of chewing? Is that possible?

We already went through this, Federer is going to kick ass >.> Even though Murray is REALLY sexy :)

Oh I know right? I’d being like, Uhhh, G-Georgina? It would be embarrassing if it wasn’t them though. Its the same kind of embarrassing that you get when you see someone waving, you wave back, and then realize they were waving to someone behind you.

Its not THAT private, I just don’t want people to be bored, because part of my blog’s purpose is to make people read it lol :P

I actually don’t know about the friends issue, I don’t really know how to justify it =/

Thank you :) I might take you up on that offer one day :) ♥

I think the teacher asked me to re-do it mainly because I didn’t understand the format, and plus since English is one of my better subjects, she thought I would be dissapointed in myself.

I hope so! The topic is B.I.R.T plastics are bad for the environment and should be banned in Canada lol :P

<33 :) You don't know how much your support means :')

I am definitely going on a join fanlistings rampage! haha I would love to exchange links to you :)

You have 3 365 projects? I don’t I could keep up with all that. I’ll start forgetting :P
I agree, old people are mean. What’s their problem anyways? /huh

High School Certificate is so simple and easy to remember. A lot of people say the CAHSEE is very easy, but I’m still fearing math. It’s never been my friend /argh

So far, I’m loving fanlistings!! They really are fun like people said ♥

I don’t mind at all at the tiny comment you left me. It’s been.. A LONG time since I’ve talked to you. I’ve been really bad about my site and comments. I’m extremely sorry. I’ve missed the site but with Tumblr, I haven’t found much need to blog on my site as much as I used to. :P

Oh, I’m glad you looked at the Q&A blog. i thought no one read it :P

I like running through sprinklers, although I agree it would be a long site name.

I think people don’t have lives if they decide to steal your blog. I mean, what’s the point? Life stealer.

I’m glad you liked the post I wrote on Tumblr. (The letter). I eventually showed it to Kuya.


OHHHHHH, NEW LAYOUT (: I like it. I like it a lot. I like the footer and how it connects to the header image. That’s creative. ^^

Stupid IE, IE is dumb. Period. It killed my computer which is the reason I switched to FF.

20 domains? Egad, that’s a lot. I can’t even take care of one. I think that’s enough evidence to call me a failure at online life.

Buses, trains, walking. O.o That’s a lot of ways to travel. I often travel by car because my parents don’t trust me and public transportation. I’ll probably get kidnapped they say. And I’m too lazy/afraid to test out that theory of theirs.

White shoes getting dirty :P My mom made me stop buying white shoes when I was little because they got dirty so easily. Nowadays, I don’t own a pair of white shoes. (I just realized this). Probably because my mom gave me the idea that my white shoes will get dirty easily. Besides, black makes my feet look… less big.

How have you been by the way? I haven’t talked to you in ages.

I hope no one thinks of Googling my name! I have problems with expressing my feelings, you know, so I don’t even want anyone to know my feelings by reading my blog.
Yeah. My sister saw me close the Firefox window once when she entered the room, and she went all “What were you doing?” and I was like “That was just a texture site”. XD

You are lucky. :) My mom says I look better with my glasses, and nowadays I’m thinking so too. I have actually come to loving them just as much as I love my ipod or computer. :P I don’t like seeing everything blurry.

Me too! Haha, I guess I will need to find something to do. My other sister dropped one of her courses for this semester because she gets home after evening and she gets really tired, so it’s better for me.

LOL, same here! My mom sometimes comes to check up on me after I turn off the lights. She doesn’t realise that I’m doing something on my mobile or iPod. :P

Oh, I hate IE. It screws up everything. /hmph

My sister also wasn’t interested in doing business at first. She applied for a communications degree and even got accepted, but she chose business as it’s better for getting a job here.

Good luck with your driving test, when that day finally comes. :D

OMFG, twenty is a lot. D: I sometimes get tired of keeping up with my only site. And your sites are much more popular than mine. I don’t know what I’d do if I was you.

We don’t have underground trains here. I wish we had though. The roads are so crowded all the time.

Ugh, I hate it when people step on my foot. And that woman stepped on your foot more than once. /hmph
When I take out my iPod or mobile phone somewhere, almost everyone around me start staring. /angry

Sometimes I like rain, especially when my mom lets me go out and get wet. It’s pretty fun. :D At other times, it makes me all gloomy and restless.

OH! I can see your layout properly now! /eee

I love the footer. ZOMG. It’s so sexy. I’ve always loved those types of image-y footers.

I wanted to comment again because even if I’m not on top monthly commenters (and I never will be because there’s Lilian LOL) I want to stay at the top of the overall top ones. xD So you don’t have to return it or anything. ^^
Also my Internet is liable to die any moment so whilst I have it, I’d better get going ehe.

I love the little extras in the layout like the blog title font and the fancy image for the comment link. Very elegant!
And AFS lyrics. Heheeee /bounce

I voted BTW!

I like saying things are ‘fucked’ in IE… there’s not really a better way to put it.

Upgrade, indeed. Or just ditch it all together!
Aw! I knew you had loads of domains but not 20 :O
I think you will have to get rid of one. Maybe you could hold a contest for it? Or were you just going to sell it or give it away to someone else?

Well you do have a lot to keep up with, even without university. 20 domains, cough *hug*
A sense of routine could help indeed. Don’t force yourself!

I read the blog about the car. I hope you get it back soon! If we lost our car we’d be SCREWED because I live in a village in the middle of nowhere… no trains and barely any buses. :/

*HUG* Take a break from sites if you need to. Whilst my Internet’s been patchy, I’ve been a rather good student. :P Revising for tests, doing homework way before the due date, et cetera. Weird change…

Good luck with the ballet if you do choose to do it. You’d make a good teacher :)
That’s a lot of walking, even without having to walk… to the other trains and the bus.

Oh it’s like that in London! The esculators are quite steep there. But there are two esculators either side of a set of stairs. One goes up, one goes down, and you have to stand on the… right, I think, so that people who are in a rush go down the left.


I want an esculator that goes up in a spiral. That would be pretty damned cool.

Nawwhh, I think it’s okay too. The people in front will take the fall first anyways. XD

It would definitely be more subtle with your iPhone.

How rude of that woman. SHEESH. That’s just bad form. Like my headmistress goes on forever at us about manners and yet when the corridor is crowded she shoves people out of the way. Bitch.

Eurhurgurehugeruh people staring at me. D: Let alone looking over your shoulder. When I have my iPod on whilst on the bus people are forever looking over my shoulder to see what I’m listening too. It would probably be politer to ask…

Aw! But there are lots of platforms so it’s not surprising you got a bit lost. Train stations can be so confusing even though they’re so organised. LOL.

Gawd that guy could’ve made his mind up about the esculator and which side to stand on. Like I said, in London you have to stand on one side… don’t they have some kind of system on the esculators there?

Aw it rained! I’d love rain at the moment. We’ve got more bloody snow. My dad and I were driving home from the fish and chip shop when it started snowing like hell. Barely made it home and my dad put his seatbelt on… nice change.

I admit, I don’t like Chinese food very much. Or rice. /um
Everyone in the UK kind of sighs when it rains and pulls out umbrellas without a word. LOL.

Humidity and rain aren’t that great together. :(

Rain is odd. But here people just kind of get used to it…. you know?

Take care! x

You totally do not need to respond to this at all. I’m just commenting to respond before I write a new post. :)

I’m glad you like the layout! Ah, it’s just a test. I took the widget down now. I don’t want anyone *cough* to spam just to get the hell up there.

The AFS lyrics are everywhere; I just had to put them in. :’)

Thank you for voting!

Yeah, I’m at 20 but soon I think that will be 18. :) I can’t give them away though, the ones I want to close are adoptions or ones that other people bought for me.

Bah, well public transport is still, all the same, annoying. :(

Aw, it’s a change but it’s a good change. I could never close my site or anything. :|

Oh, in one of the stations here, the escalators are on either side of the stairs too. :)

Thank you! I will be going into teaching; I just have to pull my lazy butt up to do it. D:

That’s so rude of your head teacher. Way to go. /hmph I think that even they say “respect your elders” they are all very rude. And ugh, don’t get me started on people asking what I am listening to.

Well, no, but generally you keep to the left so that if people want to walk past you, they will overtake you on the right side. Pretty much common sense but I think he was enjoying the view too. LOL.

Humidity just sucks with rain – it’s like the weather cannot make up its mind. O_O

Hey, just wanted to let you know that I fixed the typo on my blog. /bash sorry about that. Wow, twenty domains! What can you possibly do with them all??

I usually catch buses everwhere but I do prefer trains, they’re sometimes less crowded and smell a lot better. Although there are bitchy old ladies and staring guys. /hmph Glad you enjoyed the bus ride, hope your car is fixed soon :)

I love it when it rains after I get off the train because usually when I get off the train I’m in the city and when it rains in the city everything looks awesome ♥ heaps of people have see-through umbrellas with droplets on them and cars always displace a lot of water which looks like a pretty awesome spray /faw and I just generally like rain. /ehe

Oh goody shortest comment. Imma go vote for you now :)

*train ride, fail -_-

Pfff, My layout is put to shame by yours. I just love the purple/pink scheme ♥ and all the pretty colours… Looking at your header images makes me see the ‘rest of the picture’ Like what the place around that lake would look like ^_^
Oh and I didn’t end up converting my pages, because It wouldn’t let my php include my site navigation, even when i used this plugin… D;

I think paint smells awesome. But not nail polish, haha. Permanent textures smell pretty damn good, too. But if you smell it for too long, it seems to get a yucky scent to it. That’s probably because it’s not good to sniff it. xD

I know what you mean. My group talks together well in a group, but with me and Kim just talking, I don’t think it’d go well. D;

LOL YES. Sorry for being under layout change for a long time! I knew heaps of people wanted to return comments. I’m glad you returned it :) Most people probably won’t now. Guess it’s my fault though.

Well now that I know what her websites are, I’m going to keep an eye out. She sounds like a real nutter.

Yeah, just don’t worry about her anymore. Just ignore her. Make her feel like your above her, that she doesn’t matter. Your better than her, anyway :)


Holy crap. 20 websites? I thought you only had 10. How can you keep up? What do you need all those websites for! Lol xD

You say you have lots to do with your offline and online life. How are you going to fit ballet in with that? I mean even if you are free at that time, you’ll just have more to do. But you should do it, if it’s something you really want to do. I say You should get rid of some of your websites xD

When I went to Melbourne, I went to the train station, and the escalators were also sooooo steep! It was a bit creepy looking up, because I felt like I was going to fall backwards. But it was pretty fun ^__^

I wish for rain. We had a little sun shower at school, but I want winter ^_^ It sucks when your socks get wet, but I’ll deal with it. I just hate sweating in the hot weather – it’s totally disgusting!

Thanks, (H)
Yeah the time of the month comes and you’ve got really bad cramps…. talk about doing PE!! O_O
In term 4 we’re having a whole week of “swim school” so I hope I don’t get it. Lol, what did your friends do then? Did they tell your teacher about it? I hate PE so sometimes I lie about being sick-not about having it though because I have a guy teacher, hehe.
Yes 5 years is a lot. But time flies when you’re having fun. I think I’ll dread going to school when I’m in year 10. My parents really want me to get into university. Like Sydney, UTS or New South Wales. :X
Twenty domains-you really need to delete some. It’s just too hard; if it was for me. How can you handle them? Hope your car will be fixed soon- catching so many trains on one day is not funny. And walking too for that matter. At least you’ll know you’ll be exercising! I hate getting on trains. I’ve had weird people looking at me strangely and I feel sort of protective over my sister too so I normally let her sit in the corner. I don’t know why, but it’s my reflex, haha.

Wow, people must’ve thought you were creepy, taking photos up the escalator *frog*

Geez what a creepy old man. Step on his toes /bounce

Going to the wrong platform and then having to check my iPhone for the correct one. Fail.
HAHAHAHA that is sooooo cute *floog* /um
/love !

You are comment #42! Well, proper comments, without replies. :)

42 is the meaning of life. ♥

(According to Hitchhiker’s.)

Oh, next time you should come along so I don’t look like such a freak. The escalators are so… intriguing.

Ugh, it reminds me of that dumb douche who kept looking at you when you were typing a message. /argh

I should have paid attention; it was one of those intercity trains so I freaked out. I didn’t know its destination was Wyong. D:

Anyway. /um

Voted for youu. Honestly you really are a nice owner and helpful. :)

Blasted bollocks? Never had that expression before. :P
Gahh ditch Internet Explorer, Firefox all the way lol.

Whoaa, twenty domains. If it’s feeling like a chore, then you probably should get rid of one. Maybe that will get rid of all your overwhelming and stress.

That smiley there that you used at the end of that paragraph, I rarely see anyone use that one haha.

Ohmygod. That escalator looks so steep. D:
I’m going to faint on one of those. XD And for the ones that go around and around, and upside down in Georgina world I’m gonna puke… lmao.

Oh, I remember now. It’s summertime in Australia right? No wonder there was rain. I especially hate after it rains in summer. You know the air gets all sticky since it’s summer.

Oh, tell me when your site is back! :O Sorry about the database. :( I hope you can get it all sorted!

Thank you for voting. ♥

Yeah, I am going to merge some of my domains together. I also don’t like a few of the names so it’s time to let them go! :(

LOL, the finger one? Yes, it’s very odd. :P

Ahaha well I was just using my imagination!

Yeah, it’s summer. It does get very sticky! It’s so humid when it rains in summer because you can still feel the heat in the air. /hmph

Sounds like you had an interesting day, I always take the trains they don’t seem to be as pretty as yours… mmm Chinese!!

haha … that rule should definitely be introduced at my school. I’m sure teachers would be glad if more people visited their classed the day before an exam XD

There are also some train stations in Munich that are quite deep underground with long escalators, but I think they’re quite cool. I always look forward to taking the train or subway when I visit Munich because you don’t have a subway when you live on the countryside /oh

I’m so glad I rarely have to walk home from the bus stop. Only when there’s nobody at home to fetch me. My parents don’t like my sister and me walking home because we had to walk along next to a quite busy road and it’s quite far away from our house XD

You’re welcomee!

You’re welcome! Aww poor domains, well its for the better. Which ones are you planning on dropping?

Haha yeah. Sometimes it’s an accident, but when it’s an accident, they should at least say sorry. I know my friend, she is like SOOO oblivious. She sometimes stands on my foot, and she doesn’t even notice until I’m like UM YOU’RE ON MY FOOT XD

Haha I know. I was like, how about donating it? I mean she is always donating her books that she doesn’t want to our library, but I think her mom was just so mad, she just threw it in the trash.

LOL, I think the same about the lady. I just like looking at the clothes they choose XD Some of them are really pretty. But yeah, the people are snobs and they are rude at times.

Haha I know! She said that she always wanted to satisfy her daughters, so she never really focused on clothes for herself. But I mean, that’s a little over the top.

Haha yeah. My friend was actually allowed to go to the bathroom, but since my teacher made me sit right in front of the doorway, she was like squeezing to get through. It was pretty funny though XD

Ohh. We have a lot of classes, since we have electives, languages and stuff. And there are so many classes, that we alternate every other day, and we also get new electives after midterms. I got my new schedule yesterday :D

We all ask a little question here and there. Since we also took the midterms with barely any knowledge of one of the units on the midterm we would have some questions. But she was all mad. On the last question, it was like what time period would this photograph be seen, and the photo was literally all black. We were like how are we supposed to see it? Then she was like read the caption, no more questions. It’s like O.O

Haha I wish it was warm out here. The ground is practically frozen. It’s like so hard when you walk on it XD

I voted for you! ♥
Stress sucks. Sometimes if I feel stressed, I right the ‘stresses’ down on paper in a list – I’m not sure why, but reading them written down makes the problems seem smaller than when they are circling around my head. ;) You could try it.
Aha at the picture where the guy kept swaying left to right – in the end you did get a nice picture of his right bum cheek. /hehe x
P.S. I’ve been using your tutoails on how to center a layout using CSS – thanks! /mwah

i dont focus better in the morning but i like to do everything in the morning so i can relax and do whatever in the afternoon too :D

i really laugh when people say they still use IE. like, REALLY? its so unsafe :| i can never go back to IE. i showed my best friend wolfram alpha (thise math thingamabob) and she couldve even use it because she was using a old version of IE… oh boy.

at least you have an iphone to check which is the correct platform :P

I’m really loving the new layout! ♥ The color scheme is amazing, they all go together beautifully not to mention the great new header!

That is a really steep escalator. I really hate escalator. I have a huge fear of getting on ever since my shoe lace go caught in the top part and I almost fell 😰 .

I hate when people try to look at what your typing. Sometimes when I’m at home and my sister walks by me she just randomly stops in front of me and glares at my screen trying to read everything /angry .

Oh, I forgot to add something @_@ .

20 websites! D: Thats alot to maintain, I have trouble maintaing 4. O_O I could not imagine maintaining all of those, especially since one is a hosting website and alot of time and effort goes into maintaining a hosting site.

I voted for you Georgina ♥ Love the layout by the way (Y)

Great advice Georgina. If I ever need advice, I’m turning to you; anybody reading this comment. Georgina is amazing, and shes a great friend.

Your right about my school, they had no fucking proof.
It’s none of their business. The suspension was nice because my mom knew I didn’t do anything, so I just got 3 days to hangout with my friends who stood by me and also got suspended (-.- Gay), and the best part is, I NEVER GOT GROUNDED. :) Cool eh?

Thanks again for the advice, I really took it to heart.

Haha you’re very welcome. I also voted for you on http://innocense.org/awards.php . Go check it out :). I hope you win!

Thank you for your concern about my grandmother. She’s doing much better now that she brought her blood sugar back up. She’s been wanting to go home since we came back from lunch.

Just got an update from her, she’s in dialysis again and they’ll be letting her go home tomorrow. Phew what a relief. I’ll let her know what you said :).

So you like sit ups? Gah, I have to put my feet underneath something in order to keep my balance. I can’t stand them. I guess that’s what throws my exercising off is that I’m not seeing any results afterwards. I guess once I get my ab circle pro, I’ll have to curve my appetite. When I’m hungry snack on fruit or something. But not a whole meal or something fatty ya know?

Well; kiddo, looks like I’m going back to my Japanese roots. I’m getting into it again. I’m even thinking about picking up a copy of learn japanese on your computer at the mall if they have any. If I have any money left that is. lol. But yeah, I’m really thinking about that. Well; I gotta get going, so I’ll talk to you later. Good luck in the voting!


WOW!!! Ya subways sound so HI TECH!!!! That is awesome though!!!

I hate nosey asses on a public transports…as for lil miss sweet and innocent granny stomping ya poor toes to death unapologetically – if I was in ya shoes I woulda purposely pushed her and made it look like an accident…but that is just me…I too can be a bitch…*LOL*

Atleast you got some excercise today huN!

Take care!