Walking At Night, Alone

Blasted bollocks. Swetlana told me my site navigation was “fucked” (haha, nice use of language there) in Internet Explorer. I realised it’s only in the older versions. At least upgrade, people, if that Internet Explorer hacking from last week didn’t scare you. 😐

Sigh. So. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with my sites. Twenty domains – it’s a lot, right? I’m definitely going to get rid of one within the next month. I have plans. 🀐

Not only am I feeling overwhelmed with sites, but well, life in general. I cannot believe that this is how I am feeling on my break from university. What will it be like when I return in March? Maybe I need to get that sense of routine again. Maybe if I cut out everything online, I can see what really needs to be done.

long escalator

Our car isn’t fixed yet, but it will be late next week. Hopefully their estimates are correct.

I feel like I’m going under so much stress. Even if I put aside what I want to do online – I still have to clean the house every day, go to work…

Also, I was thinking about ballet again, and teaching. I still feel too scared to go ahead with it. I’m available for the class I’m going to be in/teaching. But I know I must. I know I keep putting it off, putting off telling my teacher. πŸ™

high escalators

I caught the train to work yesterday, instead of catching a bus for ages. I had to catch three trains, as well as catch a bus, and walk. It wasn’t that bad. Needless to say it was a little exciting and thrilling.

They built a new train line last year. It’s so sleek inside the stations, but the stations are so deep underground that the escalators are plentiful. They go up and down and there are many of them (how wonderful would it be if they went around and around and upside down…! 😏 ).

That was just one escalator going down. There were about three of these going down altogether to actually get onto the platform. Some people think it’s freaky because the escalators are also steep, but I think it’s alright. πŸ˜›

It’s such an open space to get out of one of the stations via the escalator. It looks pretty high too. I didn’t want to look strange taking photos (though it was admittedly less subtle using my iPhone) since there were so many people.

Those were the highlights of my trip. The low points involved:

  • An old woman stepping on my foot (I was wearing open shoes) several times without even apologising. She just shifted her eyes every time I glared at her. Bitch.
  • An old man sitting next to me on the second train, trying to see what I was typing into my iPhone, not to mention constantly staring at me. Talk about rude.
  • Going to the wrong platform and then having to check my iPhone for the correct one. Fail.
  • Trying to take a photo of the escalator and the man in front of me constantly moving from left to right. πŸ™

Today I had to walk home from work… again. It was alright, since it wasn’t that hot. But the sky was thundering, dark and the rain was sprinkling. I had to stop by the Chinese takeaway store on the way, because we only had rice for dinner. It wasn’t a long wait, but while I was waiting, the rain picked up and when I went back outside I had to open my umbrella to walk home.

I wasn’t very used to it. The humidity was still high, so when I got home I wasn’t really cooled off. 😞 My white shoes got a bit dirty but I left them to dry.

Oh, how odd rain can be.

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