The Catcher in the Rye

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A few days ago, an author by the name of J. D. Salinger passed away.

He was best known for his book The Catcher in the Rye, colloquially referred to as “Catcher”. I know many of you might have heard of this book, even though you haven’t read it. The book that uses the words “phony”, “goddam” and “suave” a lot.

The book is told from the main character’s point of view (Holden Caulfield). He shares with the reader his experiences from school, suspension from school, death of his brother, his days alone in the city and his love for his sister.

It’s a deep book, and I’d highly recommend it. I don’t really want to write all about the plot so there’s a sentence for you. I wanted to talk about this, because the novel was very controversial, and nowadays a lot of teenagers are calling it a “stupid” book, a “dumb” book, amongst other common adjectives. I understand if you don’t like the book, but in my opinion this is a truly amazing book.

It’s hard to deny it. This book is not written like any other. The character of Holden Caulfield has been captured so well by Salinger. He uses the word “phony” a lot. So what? People can’t even look past the language and profanity in this book. You don’t even need to look past it. It’s obviously right there – Salinger has created a protagonist with extreme, vivid character. Without the language Salinger has used, this book would not be what it is.

This book shows you how much society fucks people up. And how much “phony” (superficial) people can leave the people with true identities off down the street. It isn’t just a book recounting the experiences of some regular teenage guy. I quote from the book:

“New York’s terrible when somebody laughs on the street very late at night. You can hear it for miles. It makes you feel so lonesome and depressed”.

It’s just one, out of many. The character of Holden Caulfield was insightful. He might have been a bit of a loser, but his character is just as revolutionary, if not more, than a sullen teenage girl with her beady eyes set on some sparkling vampire dude, or a guy who has a scar on his head who is just the best wizard of all time. I’d like to think that Bella Swan and Harry Potter don’t think as deeply as Holden Caulfield.

There are really good writers out there. Authors have their own way of telling stories. If you start being critical towards books and how “shit” they are, not liking the characters, the style of writing – you’re criticising no one but the author of a book. It’s fine to not like something they write, but think about the hard work they put into it. There’s a lot to read out there.

If you find it hard to appreciate something that is so widely considered wonderful, like The Catcher in the Rye, you don’t have to conform to society, but maybe think of reading it because chances are, Holden Caulfield feels the same way you do.

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Huh, I’ve never really heard The Catcher in the Rye called a stupid book before. I always heard about it as some anthem of teen angst or whatever. I think it’s also stereotypically classified as a book that “emos” are supposed to read. Strange. O_O

I’ve never read The Catcher in the Rye myself, but I do own it. I could tell you where exactly on my bookshelf it is sitting! xP My mom bought it for me at a used book sale one time.

Catcher was actually a book we had the choice to read in tenth grade English class. Maybe that’s why so many people seem to think it’s a dumb book… people tend not to like books they read for school. =/

EITHER WAY, I agree that all they’re doing is criticizing the author, which isn’t fair. Authors put so much effort into their books; a novel isn’t something you can write overnight or on a boring, rainy day! Critiquing a book is fine, but being overly critical of it is less acceptable. I think that’s true for most anything, actually.

I must admit, I am partial to dissing Stephenie Meyer, whether it’s fair to her or not. :P

It’s interesting how you said that people have a hard time getting past the language. I remember in English last year we had a lot of discussions about swearing/vulgar language in novels, and it’s really not something you SHOULD look past, like you said. It means something!

I don’t think you did a bad job concluding this post. :D

Hah, well like you said, you had the choice to read it for English – we actually did too. Maybe people just didn’t like it at all because of that. But apparently it’s a book that really signifies rebellion and “emoism” in a way.

You should read it! I think you’ll like it or at least deem it a good one. I only have an e-book copy. :P

I know J. D. Salinger was a strange man and never really liked sharing his work, but nevertheless, he did write an epic piece that “changed the world”, so to speak. Some people just go way too far with the criticism.

Ahaha, well I think Stephenie Meyer wrote a “good” book, but it wasn’t amazing. I think it’s now just been blown out of proportion.

Yeah, swearing just conveys so much emotion. I even learned that from my English teacher. Swearing is a better way of expressing yourself. My teacher said, “It’s much better to say ‘Fuck off!’ than ‘Go awayyy'”. :P

Haha, thank you! ♥

good bye J.D. 😢 I loved the catcher in the rye ♥ I even made my boyfriend read it and he liked it too haha :)

I couldn’t get into the book.

I tried to read it, but I just couldn’t get into it. Maybe I’ll try it again one of these days. I tried to read that book before I studied The Beats and whatnot (who are from the similar era of Salinger), so maybe I’ll like it this time.

Even though I never read his book, I know Salinger contributed to the literary world with that book, so in that aspect, I do respect him. It’s a shame he died. It’s always a sad thing when we lose someone like him.

Aw. Well, it’s alright! I know people just totally hated it right from the off. I’m glad in a way that you respect him. :)

We had to study the book for English in high school, but I’d read the book prior to that and liked it.

Oh man…I remember reading this in 11th grade.

It’s especially weird to be hearing all of this news when it happened because literally the DAY OF, we had been talking in my english course about how he is still alive! :(

So unfortunate…

I heard about his death. My dad was wriin a tribte to him on a website when I walked in and found out. It is a great los. The books sound interesting. I am thinking about reading one of them.

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My teacher told me that The Catcher in the Rye is a good book. I keep forgetting to buy the book though! But after I finish the Percy Jackson series, I’m definitely going to read the book.

I honestly like books where they have profanity in it, it adds a little zest in there! /hehe
I agree, when people are criticizing a book, they are just criticizing the author. I do understand that it took the authors a lot of time and dedication to write the book. I’m thinking of being a writer someday and I know that not everyone is going to like my book. But the fact that those authors can say they have written a book is really cool /eee

Great blog, like always ✌️


But yeah, he’s easier to relate to because he feels so alienated. Here, he can’t shoot thunderbolts out of his dick or have sparkle-fairy suck his…fluids.

But sheesh, why bother with the tags? 😰 You’ll never blog about this again Hrrng

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Ahahaha I thought those were the names of the books. Hell, I haven’t read the books at all really, so I didn’t know what to describe him as. Kids seem to think he’s their hero. O_O

That’s a good point actually, which I didn’t think about. It’s actually real, and he’s got qualities we can relate to, whereas all the popular books nowadays seem to be about magic shiz.

I had to manually do the tags because the plugin went funny. I couldn’t think of anything… and I like tags. Hrng.


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I haven’t heard that book before, I should look at it xD

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Yeah JD passed away T_T and it’s sad since I’ve always considered the catcher in the rye as my favorite book. and you know when he said he really likes books which make him want to call the one who wrote it, i could totally relate. and i want to call him, since is book is one of those books. amazing.

I’ve never heard of that book before, Imma check it out. :) RIP to him. It’s so sad when somebody dies. T.T

There’s honestly only a few authors I like. They have to have a certain style of writing for me to read the book, or I just find it boring. I’m very specific. :P

Yeah and as you know, I decided not to go with the schedule, just couldn’t be bothered. :P I’ll blog when I wanna. :)

Yeah, it just makes YOU seem like a 40 year old man. Creeeeeeeeeeep! xD

I don’t know how much this comment is going to make sense.. I’m getting kinda tired. D:

Well its a big domain collective xD

Wow!! 50 comments?! How long does it take!?

Yay!! Your cramps are gone. :D

Yeah. The bus to my house comes every 20 minutes. Gr. Sometimes it gets delayed for an hour and I decide to walk home and the bus just comes up from behind. /angry

Ugh, if we missed our flight we would have been totally dead and screwed because I had school coming up.

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Our train ended at Shen Zhen :P

My mum doesn’t bother with cameras. She leaves that to me. 🙄

Plastic ones look worse than the brown leathery ones D:

LOL – I’m always early for school! I get there 30 minutes before it starts. No idea why. Such a bad habit – I miss out on sleep. :(

Jelly bracelets? Like those fluro ones? :P

I haven’t read the Catcher in the Rye before but it sounds pretty deep from the way you’ve described it. Everyone says its great and stuff so I don’t get why some people say its stupid. I guess we are all different :P I’ll probably hunt down a copy in our library :P

It’s really terrible about J. D. Salinger’s death. :(

I think I’ve seen the book once or twice in a book shop before but I’ve never read it.

It is wrong for anyone to call it a “dumb” or a “stupid” book. I understand everyone has different opinions about different books. Whether they like it or not, there’s no reason to call it a dumb book or useless.

I agree, the book does sounds deep and a bit more life meaning rather than some fairytale like Twilight and Harry Potter. XD

I really can’t stand it when people say a certain author is bad or doesn’t know how to write a proper book! Just like the way people criticise Stephenie Meyer’s writings on Twilight! They talk so big as if they’ve published a million books before. -_-

You’re absolutely right. A writer puts up a lot of work and thinking and time and such for their book(s) but to simply receive a rude statement about their writings? There’s a big difference between being honest and being rude. Sheesh, people. /angry

All writers are different and same goes with their style of writing. Not all writers can write the way we want to read it so no one should blame them.

The way you describe the book made it sounded like a very interesting book and I would definitely consider reading it! /eee

how can you diss Stephanie meyer? :O

oh. silly me. anyways, how are you? yeah. I.E sucks :p

YES! J. D. Salinger died. It’s the saddest thing. :( /wah 😢 He did live a long, long life though, so I guess that’s one thing, but still! When someone that great dies, it’s like /faw 😢 /wah x infinity.

We have just heard of the death of a literary genius. Sure he was a little…odd. And reclusive. And very…I don’t know…paranoid, maybe. But he was great. You can’t deny that.

Yes! The Catcher in the Rye. I can see why people would hate the book. Because Holden Caulfield’s whining does get to you a little, but I think that sometimes people hate the book because Holden sounds exactly like they do, and it hits a little close to home. They’re in denial.

I can understand if you hate the story, but seriously, it’s such a good book. I think it’s really HARD to hate LEGITIMATELY.

The way he writes it in first person perspective makes everything that’s happening all the more vivid. And you can relate to this guy who if he existed in real life, you’d probably ignore because he’s such a whiny person.

Yeah, I can’t understand why people can’t see past the swearing either. There is a heck of a lot more swearing in books these days. The number of f-bombs in a book that is supposedly a historical-love story cross thing I just read a few months ago totally trumps the number in The Catcher in the Rye and people don’t complain about that…go figure.

It was important that J. D. Salinger used all that terminology. Otherwise the book wouldn’t be the same. DUH!

The Catcher in the Rye really does point out to you how flawed society is. I’m really glad we got to study it :)

And RIP J. D. Salinger!

Random: You have no idea how weird everything looks on this screen!

Also, I had trouble finding your comment before I realised I was scrolling past it!

It’s very sad! I mean, you wouldn’t get much of the same thing with a more recent author, really. His novel/s changed the world. It’s pretty obvious too.

I remember Varun and Thiba dissing the book and not understanding it; just reading the beginning and end and trying to convince me that he died. Grrr. 🤬

I have to agree! :O People often won’t admit their feelings when they’re so pessimistic. A bit like how depressed people don’t want people to know they’re depressed.

I read a small review on the book – the way Holden Caulfield is telling his story is like he’s totally engaging with you (the reader). It’s different from someone just telling a story in first person.

Ahhh obviously! It wouldn’t be the book it was, for all the qualities people “hate” about it.

Ah, I love the book. I actually read it prior to study (and I didn’t even get assigned the book, haha). Thanks Kiah. He told me about it, LOL.

I admit I haven’t read Catcher in the rye, or anything else of J.D Salinger’s either, for that matter. But I can see how passionate you are about it – you actually make me curious enough to want to read it now, which is quite a feat considering how infrequently I actually read -nevermind enjoy- a book! I think though it’s partly the way you described Holden Caulfield’s character – he sounds like someone I might be able to relate to. :)

And as for books like Twilight and Harry Potter, I think it’s all well and good to enjoy them (I did once upon a time myself!), but I don’t see them as terribly profound or insightful. For simple (dare I say mindless? :X ) entertainment though, they have their merits. :)

Aw, you should! It’s a definite classic. The only book of his that is worth reading. I’ve read one other, but it’s a little janky – for want of a better word.

I don’t know if the book is very “you”, Aly, but I’d recommend you give it a try. It’s less Gatsby-like (just read your blog!) and it’s something you can easily relate to with simple language. :)

Ahaha, agreed. Just mild entertainment – Twilight that is – I haven’t quite brought myself to be absorbed in Harry Potter – I read a few pages and I reacted so strongly – I just didn’t like it at all. :P

I’ve heard of the book before but never actually read it, it sounds like a kind of book I would actually enjoy.

I think the idea of ‘reading’ has been lost, I know a lot of people who wouldn’t think twice about absorbing themselves in a decent story. I just can’t imagine NOT picking up a book – I dunno, reading is something I’ve always loved.

But it’s never about characters or actual plot these days – it’s about selling a millions of book, allowing it to be turned into a huge blockbuster and relying on the dweebs that idolise to keep the money rolling in. *sigh*

Pretty much like films these days too, all about the money and not the actual point of a story.

Sad really.
RIP J. D. Salinger.

I’ve heard of the name of that book before, it’s just that I’ve never had the time to read it. It’s probably too advanced for me to read it right now… I kinda consider Sherlock Holmes a “sorta” hard book to read, but I get the main points of it. But anyways, I’m always open for a good read. I’m a book-a-holic…. if there is such a thing! :D

I do not like it when people are being bias to a book they haven’t even tried. It’s pretty insulting if you actually like the book.

I’ve heard of the book, but never read it. Reading what you said about it, It sounds like a really great book, and I definitely want to read it! 👏

Soo sorry I took forever to reply comment.
I’m actually not on her side. If that stuff was actually true, she would not have posted that blog. I mean people don’t just put all their issues in one blog like that. Obviously if someone does that then they are looking for pity because thats the only thing they will get out of it.

I would have clicked submit lol. I always forget stuff. :P You said you got grounded. How long? Obviously you can’t answer this till you get back lol. I hope you find something useful to do while you’re grounded. I have never in my life being grounded. My parents don’t do that. I guess it’s because they weren’t raised like that. If i have kids I will ground them though lol. My parents just yell and yell and yell and sometimes even hit you. All that is not necessary if you ask me.

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My parents are wack lol.

Oh i heard about that in the news. I hope he rest in peace. I haven’t even read the book. I am not person who reads for fun lol. It has to be a school thing lol.

Some call it dumb because they don’t understand the book. Some people just don’t get stuff like that sometimes. From what you say it sounds like and interesting book. I’m not going to read it though lol. XD

I’ve heard of it but never actually read it…I think it’s ridiculous that nowadays just because a book isn’t trendy or new it’s “stupid”. The thing that gets me is people saying that something is “dumb” or “sounds dumb” before even reading it…I’m sorry, but a book about an average teenage male seems a lot less dumb at first glance than a book about a girl who falls in love with a sparkly vampire, or a boy who goes off to a school to learn to do magic (using your two examples).
I agree with your blog completely. Whenever someone disses a book I like, I say, “Oh, so what kind of books do you like?” and they go on to list books that were basically written for the money and have zero to no deep thinking involved, and then sort of nod and say, “It’s good I consider the source of any criticism I receive.” And the average high schooler I’m talking to will kinda go “whut?” and not even realize I just dissed their books back. I guess that’s a little immature on my part, but honestly. People don’t even try to read decently written books anymore!

my dad MADE me change to firefox right away because he knew it was safer and all :P if my friend used firefox, she would probably not have to face half of the computer virus problems she has !!

wolfram alpha , omg. love it. use it every math test to look at graphs and all haha ! its just amazing…

aww RIP JD Salinger ! i think the catcher of the rye is part of the cirriculum here… not sure when we’ll be reading it in school though. honestly, i dont read books unless teachers make me :P or the world is ending, im bored to death, ill pick up a book.

i also think that if i didn’t read it through school, i would not get the meaning of this book and think its totally stupid. teachers would force you to find the story BEHIND the book and it all makes sense , just like how you said how society fucks people up . so yeah, ill be lookin forward to reading this book (:

The Catcher in the Rye has been on my to-read list for a while. I totally assumed the author died a long time ago, though :(

Oh aww! I really liked the name kisstherain! I thought it was really pretty (: Oh well o1s, you adopted right? Yeah you can just move those to another domain :D You have lots of domains to choose.

Haha I do that too! It’s like “Uhh do you mind!?” Haha, then they’re like “Oh sorry! Didn’t see your foot there..” XD

Yeah it is. My mom does that same thing. I try to help her shop though XD. I’m like you don’t have to worry about me! I am a big girl now XD

LOL! Haha yeah, the caption gave it away, so I didn’t even need the picture. But it was so funny watching my friends reaction when she saw the picture. She was like “WHAT THE HECK” XD.

Aww, I’ve never read The Catcher in the Rye. I actually have the book, its my sister’s, since she read it in high school. I’m going to end up reading it in school XD Maybe I’ll read it before we do in school? It can make it easier for me :D

Glad that you liked the book :D

I’ve certainly heard of Catcher but I’ve never read it. I didn’t actually really know much about it, only that it was famous because I knew about it. LOL.
I saw about his death in the newspaper. :( So sad. I like it though, when people die their good work lives on. Kind of like Shakespeare or something. I bet the Catcher will go on for a long time.

Nothing wrong with expressing someone’s character by using certain words repeatedly. Kind of like a catchphrase! Mind, when you read a book and all you get is a multitude of ‘shit’s and ‘fuck’s on one page, it gets tiring.
The book does sound deep, dealing with those kind of issues. I’m writing one at the moment which is almost stupidly depressing, sigh. I should really change it and the depressing-ness. I mean I didn’t mean for it to be so depressing/ grim but the kind of issues involved (death, injury, too-emotional-people, mental issues, etc) it’s hard not too. :P

Personally I like books that are deep or at least contain a multitude of human emotions. Or at least ones with characters that are proper humans. By ‘proper humans’ I mean ones that are shown to maybe base themselves on one motive, like revenge, but be able to feel other stuff too.

I read this post earlier and I saw you’d mentioned Harry Potter and Bella Swan. Aha. Don’t get me started on Miss Swan >:D
Anyway. From what I remember of that paragraph, you are right in saying that sometimes being a wizard or fancying some amazing vampire creep isn’t as amazing/ interesting/ realistic/ personal as reading about the life and everyday troubles of others.

I need to stop using ‘/’.

Who says it’s stupid? Ehh? Have they even read it? Would they rate it above Twilight and shite because it’s a classic or something?
Sheeessshhhh. Some people can be so narrow minded. /pow

Vivid characters are cool. To me, Bella Swan is just flat like paper. Harry Potter is better but not amazing, like some books I have read. I love Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman, and the entire series. Except it gets a bit lovey dovey. 🙄

Society kind of sucks balls…

That’s quite an interesting quote from the book. Insightful, indeed. /bounce
I think losers aren’t so bad. After all, I am kind of considered to be one myself. /um

OHHHH here’s the paragraph about Bella and Harry. I thought it was higher up. LOL. *facepalm*
Hm, you can’t please everyone but you have a point, in dissing a book you might as well be dissing the author.

A lot of people diss my writing but somehow it gets through to me because I wrote it. Hm. I write too much depressing shit and when I try and write something vaguely happy it sounds plastic. Eahuuisjgsgjer. If I wanna do writing as a possible job or anything I need to get going with this crap.

Whilst scrolling down I saw Rachel’s comment and the line ‘I must admit, I am partial to dissing Stephenie Meyer, whether it’s fair to her or not’.
I’m afraid I’m the same, aha. Too much distate for Twilight, I’m afraid. As much as I try to find positives… I get sick of it.

Hm I want to respond so. :)
I’m surprised I CAN actually because this provider is meant to be cancelled. Talk about WTF.
When we get the new one I’ve gotta finish the layout and return comments and then we’ll be back to normal with the commenting thing.

Yeah after I posted I realised it had gone. I was like ‘oopss’.
AFS are cool, and their lyrics are amazing. :’) I see some of ‘My Saving Grace’ up there! One of my favourites.

At the moment I’ve been listening to the same song all day and will be for the next month aha. (And no, it’s not Breaking Benjamin)! It’s ‘Just to Get High’ by Nickelback. Too catchy. (Y)

No problem. :)

Yeah, public transport. I would say it’s the shits but really, school transport is the epitome of shitiness…
You really don’t understand until you’ve been on my bus for just ten minutes. Then all will become clear.

Of course I expect you’d want to decline that invitation. LOL.
You could kick Gekko up the butt though. And you could see what a fackdoovoomerfuck he is. Him and his stupid iPhone. Argh.

Of course iPhones are pretty nifty gadgets but he abuses the *thinks of word* responsibility to use his. All that music, arh.

I can see why! :P *HUGS*

Personally I never go for the stairs. I think esculators are cool and they’re easier to take, obviously. You just stand. On stairs you have to walk… except I prefer running LOL.


Yeah dude. She doesn’t really earn any respect. Sheesh.

Ooh it’s the other way round there! So random BTW: do you drive on the left or the right of the road?
I feel moronic for asking that question… I guess I should know. It’s probably the right, because we drive on the left and like no one else does that.

Views from esculators are pretty cool!

Take care! x

Hey Jorja. :) This comment is from my old blog but I wanted to respond anyway. Sort of to secretly up my comments too… and just to respond. ♥ :P

So. And I might return this comment in parts. XD Just so you know… And, this comment is rather old too, considering I also wrote a new blog.

But I feel like I am talking to you through here, and I miss talking to you! ♥

Well, it was a famous book so it’s no surprise that you’ve heard of it. Though I highly recommend reading it!

It is definitely really sad, and the book is pretty much a classic. :(

I have to agree – sometimes a book can be written in a deep way, but in such a painfully depressing way. There’s quite a difference between expressing a character, and just totally whoring out profanities in the form of complaints… it makes the character disliked rather than sympathised with.

I’m sure you know what I mean!

My English teacher in high school told me:
“Swearing expresses emotion. It’s much better to say ‘fuck off!’ than ‘go away…'”. True. :)

I said “go away” to a child at work once though, because obviously it would be inappropriate to say “fuck off”.

I love books and stories that have that deep emotion as well. It’s just different from someone simply recounting incidents and events. It really pulls you in.

Ahaha, if you can even call her a “Miss” Swan. XD

I think it’s not right to judge a book having not read it thoroughly. You don’t just put a book down because “phony” and “goddam” are written in it many times. :/

Lovey dovey books are okay – they can get a bit soppy, admittedly.

I think Harry Potter and Bella Swan are okay characters, but I don’t think they have that depth, to their personality, and their lives. Heh, Bella.

Society really does suck. :(

I know I wrote soppy shit stories when I was fourteen years old. It’s nothing to be ashamed of – whether your writing is too moody, soppy, or “too” – whatever. It’s your writing and we all have our own styles, not to mention we develop over time.

I’ll be leaving the remainder of your comment for a new reply. 😏

Ah, PS. I am at work.

Right on! Next half of comment!

I hope we’ll be back to normal with commenting. :( You know what’s happened as I’m sure you’ve read my newest blog.

Well, I’m planning to blog again, but you know what I mean. /mwah

Ahhh! You recognise the lyrics in the layout. I love you. :D

There’s some from “The Way Out is Broken” and “Walking At Night, Alone”. :)

I haven’t heard any Nickelback songs lately. New or old. Just haven’t listened to them or taken a sudden liking to their stuff. I know their old songs though! I don’t know why but some people absolutely hate Chad Kroeger’s voice. :S

Wah, I don’t want to catch your school bus.

In high school we had a school bus. It was annoying but at times it was tolerable. /sweat

“Fackdoovoomerfuck”? XD

My iPhone is better. I haven’t settled on a name but maybe I’ll call him Ben? ;)


Not to be rude, of course, but you tend to spell escalator wrong (with a “u”). :P /rose

I think it can be dangerous going on the escalator though – I mean running. I did once, and got a huge purple bruise on my shin (the colour of my layout LOL). My friend had blood running down her leg – not good.

My mum also heard of someone who fell and needed stitches in his hand. 😰

I’d rather run up stairs; they’re not sharp and metal. :)

LOL are you kidding. You know how similar our countries are. We drive on the left. It’s American to be on the right. I can’t even imagine driving on the right (I swear, Driving on the Right is the name of a band).

You take care too. ♥

Feel free to keep responding to my comments. I miss you a lot. :( And you know I’ll always get around to them… (Well, unless I’m too lazy to continue the conversation. :O I hope I’m not. ♥ )

I know it’s really bad that I’ve never heard of this author but give me a break I live in the other side of the world LOL :P .

You’re description of the book certainly made me want to read it, and maybe I will after i finish the book I’m currently reading.

I know writing a nook is hard work but I just can’t stop hating on twilight sorries, but really every book I love every book book I read. And maybe (even though I hate to admit it) I’d love twilight. I believe every book has it’s own thing, I don’t think there is a book not worth reading. That’s why I love every book I read.

Aw don’t say that about harry Potter; it’s a good back. yeah it doesn’t mean anything in life but it’s fiction, and I like fiction. maybe you like those realistic books that’s why i you like that book. I like both^^

Ugh I hate when I’m at that time of the moth, specially when i have to go to school. Well, it’s good taht you’re better now.

I wish if it would cool down here. The weather here is weird, it’s cool at night but extremely hot at the morning and cool inside the house O_O .

Haha he’s lucky that he’s good at math, I wish I was. It’s weird that I enjoy and hate Math /ehh

She is very immature, she would have been even if she was 20; her actions are very childish.

Yeah it is. She is a hypocrite and other things as well. That aren’t worth adding because they’ll just mean she’s a hypocrite so describing her by on word is much better XD

Haha, I guess, and thank you<3

hey thanks and omg that sucks about your timetable I think i have a few gaps in my timetable too but because i only live a few mins away it’s not too bad i can just go back to my flat
thanks I hope I passed too and yeah avatar is sooo good i liked the story it was so sweet and the graphics were amazing too :)
I love this new layout it’s so nice :)

Yeah i heard J D Salinger had died, was a good age though. I did read the catcher in the rye when I was 15 but I didn’t understand it at all I think i might have been a bit young, but it’s sat on my shelf right now and I will read it again sometime and perhaps understand it a bit more this time

I like reading classic books as well as new books I’ve read the Twilight saga and it is an easy set of books to read it’s a bit of fluff something to read before bed but some of the more classic books I have a hard time grasping indeed because of the depth of them like The Great Gatsby. I did not understand that book one bit. I like having a varied reading assortment though I think it broadens your horizons

I think there’s a difference between critiquing and being downright rude towards a book because it’s human nature to pick and not everyone will like everything but it’s rude personally attacking the author and if a book is shit or not they’ve still put a lot of work into it.

I haven’t heard or read the book. But I would certainly love to. It sounds interesting :) But I don’t think I have the time to do it right now because I still have two books two finish – well one to finish, and another one to start. Plus, my mom’s been bugging me about those books. “You’re wasting money if you don’t read them.” And I bought those books last year! It’s not like I don’t want to read them, it’s more like I don’t have time. @_@

Thanks :) I know I didn’t too well on my Chemistry exam, coz I saw my mark. But my overall average wasn’t good. Now, I’m waiting for three more…

HAHA. I feel like I want to write something but there’s nothing coming to my mind.. That’s how the mini articles were made :P WOW, it’s been a long time since I made one.

Heya (:

Imma try get hold of this book now, you’re the second person I’ve heard recommending it (:

I’m completely in love with this layout, just fyi ^-^ excellent job, I’m jealous hehe. ♥

Sus xx

*cough* Harry Potter’s the best *cough*

I’ve heard of Catcher in the Rye. I’ve never read it, I think I’m supposed to read it next year? If not, it’ll definitely go on the list of books I want to read.

But I’ve heard it’s an amazing book, not just from you. So I definitely plan to read it soon. It’ll probably be something to do in the summer. I promise (to myself) that I’ll actually READ this summer. Last summer, I was planning to read Gone with the Wind. I read two pages and then put it down and never picked it up again. :/ It’s on my list for this summer…again.

… Kuya being weird about…? You said it, and I wasn’t quite sure what you were referring to. You probably won’t remember though. But I’m asking in case you do ^^

Things haven’t been weird though. I realize that to him, I’ll always be his friend and that’ll probably be it. It took me awhile to realize the reality of the situation but when I came to grips with myself, I realized that wasn’t so bad. He’s a great guy, and he doesn’t have to be considered more than a friend to be that.

-hugs back- I am a lot happier, sometimes I don’t understand where it comes from. And other times, I question if its real because sometimes I think I’m just saying I am to make me feel like I am. But in reality, I am happy. It’s a strange sort of happiness. :P

Sunshine after the rain (:

I know, my site looked terrible in FF. O.o That seems like so long ago. Wait, that was only a year ago :P

18 domains.. what are you planning to do with the other 2?

My parents want me to become a black belt in karate before I can take the bus… seeing that that won’t happen, no bus for me. :P

Wow, you have a long break. ^^ is this like your summer break? Or is it midterm? That’s so strange, because I’m only half way done with my year and I don’t get a long break like that for another few months :/

I’ve heard of that book, but I’ve never read it. From the quote and short bit about it you posted, it sounds pretty good. I’ll have to add it to my list of books to read :)

I keep telling myself I am going to read that book but I’m still going down my list of books I’d like to finish by my birthday and I’m not sure if I’ll get to Catcher in the Rye. I can’t wait to read it.

Wow so your brother did something to piss your mother off, and she takes it out on you? Good lord. I hope you’re okay. I’ll follow you on twitter though. I hope she doesn’t take four months to return it like my dad did mine. Long story, I was searching for a boyfriend and wanted one so bad I went on a dating website and told a guy where I lived, and than I told my dad he was in town. I got grounded from the computer for four months.

So you’re better at French? That’s cool. Yeah I’m much better at Chinese/Mandarin. But I’m getting a japanese program so yeah.

My dad and I made up this afternoon. After I let out what was bothering me. We hugged and what not. He’s his normal self now. And I’m no longer crying. So that’s good. To make things worse than that I got that time of month. Blech.

Yeah a sandwich wrap is filled with carbs. I’m sure that the pre-cooked chicken that I want is as well, cause I was thinking of maybe putting cilantro, and chicken on a salad and have my asian toasted sesame salad dressing on it. For lunch. And like drink one diet dr. pepper in the morning, the rest of the afternoon crystal light or something similar to it and than one diet dr. pepper at night and curve my appetite and I’m sure that I can kick this pre-diabetic stuff goodbye. And just maybe, just maybe kick this schizophrenia crap out the door. If I lost the weight. I’m hoping so.

Well; like I said I hope things get better for you. I can’t believe your own mother called you a bitch though. That’s not right. My mom called me fat though so I guess I know what it’s like. Bah parents.

Oh yeah, my grandmother’s home from the hospital. It turned out that it was just low blood sugar. So she’s back home and happy. :). Me too.

Holden Caulfield. Love that boy! Catcher’s probably my second favorite book behind “To Kill a Mockingbird”. To me, it’s well written since it captures the emotions of Holden and Holden in return delivers his notions of society to us well. He’s definitely not “phony”.