An Important Message

I needed to tell you guys this important message quickly. Well, or not so quickly.

The gist of it is that I’m grounded for no reason. I do not have my laptop.

Last night was a pretty crummy night for me. James and I had a dumb fight. We’re alright now, but last night I was crying myself to sleep because I knew I had been a right idiot again. I promised not to start fights with people and far out, I go off and do it again. :(

It had something to do with the Australian Open tennis finals. I was going for Andy Murray, not Roger Federer. Truth be told I’ve been a fan of Andy Murray for a long time. And he’s come so far, he just deserved to win as much as Federer, I guess.

I really didn’t want Federer to win. I honestly don’t know how Murray even survived out there. The whole of Great Britain was depending on him and it’s like their whole weight was on his shoulders as he was out there playing.

I pretty much cried when I was watching the tie-breaker. I just fully started crying when he lost, I didn’t want to see the rest.

My brother had put my mum in a bad mood. At the last minute, he said “I have a swimming carnival tomorrow”. And right then and there he expected her to get all his gear for him. I don’t know why he couldn’t have done it himself. He’s so lazy. /angry

I am not really angry at him right now. But right after that, my mum was annoyed that she had to get everything ready for Brandon and she basically took it out on me. She accused me of being lazy and selfish and at that moment she told me to get off the computer and give her my laptop. Right then and there. 😢

I was crying so hard, not because of my laptop but because James and I had a fight over blasted nothing.

I cried when I went to bed, thankful that my mum didn’t take my iPhone. I talked to Lilian on Twitter via Direct Message… so we had a private conversation. I just needed someone to talk to. :(

Right now I’m on my desktop PC. I just wanted to say that you might not hear from me in a while. I will be able to get on when my mum’s at work, and I can use the computers at work too.

You can reach me on Twitter, as I’ll be on my phone.

Please don’t worry about me – I will definitely be back for good in a month when university starts. You’ll hear from me every now and then, I promise. I cannot promise that I will get to comments and emails and reviews, though. Kate, I’m nearly done with your review and might be able to finish it this week.

I must be off to work now. I really appreciate you guys being there for me. I hope you can understand.

James & Lilian, I love you. ♥️

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That’s so unfair =( My dad can’t take my laptop away from me, lol, because I’m currently going to school and my profs only communicate with students via online discussion boards… and I have to hand in things online, so there’s no way to take my laptop away.

Honestly though, my dad’s done the whole grounding me by taking away things like the internet or tv or computers completely, but it never lasts long, because once he gets over what he was pissed about, I get everything back. Hopefully that works out for you as well =)

My mum seems to think that when I have a break from university, I do “nothing”. Well, most of the time I’m having fun online anyway, but please don’t make me do work when I am on a break and would like to not have more work to do! I had enough at university. O_O

Some of our assessments are handed in online, but most of them are handed in on paper. Though if I am in need of help, there are the online discussion boards, and our tutors encourage us to email them.

My mum rarely takes things from me but I believe that exactly a year ago this same thing happened and she took away my computer privileges. Must be because of the holidays. :(

I totally understand how you feel. I have arguments with Chewy other pointless things too. It’s common among couples I guess. I’m sure James will understand! He’s a good man. :)

Anyway, being grounded sounds like one of the worse things that had ever happen. I do not know how I will survive without my computer/Internet connection since my blog is my second home! :D

Hope you will be getting your laptop back soon. I’ll be checking your updates via Twitter then. See you soon! :)

I feel pretty upset because I feel my mum is being unfair. I feel like I am old enough to use the computer when I wish to – but I guess she wants me to help out a little more around the house and whatnot. :(

James and I have ironed things out – I can never stay mad at him for long!

I feel like the internet is my second home as well! I think we are all so dependent on the internet for many things. It’s been tough having time restricted and having to sneak on in the wee hours of the morning and when my mum is out (a bit like a naughty girl) but at the same time I will try not to anger my mum any more.

I’m sorry you had such a crummy day );
You don’t deserve it; you really don’t. I wish I could make your mom see just how much you do for her and your family. You study so hard, work hard, and come home just to get used even more. I wish she could see just how well you manage your time, and that you need a break for yourself every now and then. I’m sorry that whenever you take that break for yourself just so happens to be the moment your mom is frustrated and assumes you’ve been doing nothing for a while.

It’s a shame that I won’t be hearing from you the normal amount. I hope that this time away from your laptop will be used well to sort out offline matters.

Great that you and James are okay now (: I know how you feel. When I fight with Harry it feels SO awful, like I’ve hit rock bottom ..but then when it’s all over, it’s so great (:

Lilian is such a great friend. I wish my bestfriend was as good as she is (: She is just ALWAYS there and takes such a huge interest in your hobbies and online works. You have such a great friendship-based support system when it comes to James and Lilian. You are so blessed !

One day, your brother and my brother will repay us for all the havoc they unleashed upon us, our families, our countries, all of mankind, and the universe as a whole. Mmhm (:

Awwwww, Georgie, I’ll miss you! Argg, I hate when my mom grounds me. :(. I would return you entire comment now but I am in my iPod touch…it would take ages.

I love youuuu! :). I’m sure everything will be okay. :D

Well, you already told me the whole story. And even if you tell me not to be sympathetic, I’m still going to be, because I feel your pain.

It should blow over, I really hope it does.
Good luck Georgina ♥

Awh. I hope everything goes well once you go back to the university. I’m sorry about the fight and being grounded. That really sucks MAJOR A$$. I would also cry because I had a fight with Dante or got grounded I have cried over that before so why stop now?

How are you gonna get rid of the domains? Raffle? Largest # of comments on your site? Biggest Referrers? Those are some of my ideas…in case you need them. :)

I bet it does I mean public transportation = hell, in my opinion. I mean you have to WAIT for a bus to pick you up or a train or a taxi or whatever the case may be & you also have to plan getting to work/school on time while riding it so you have to ride it once before you have to use it to see how long it takes you so that you aren’t late. That would be stressful in my opinion, but I haven’t really been under that much stress in my life compared to other people.

Yes, I agree. I made an 85% on the Earth & Space Science Test and my history test hasn’t been graded yet, but by the looks of that Science test I did fine on the History Test. Which actually is amazing cuz I SUCK at History BADLY!!!! History is my WORST subject out of all of them. I will be so excited to come out of this class with an A. Even more excited to make all As cuz I’m not expecting that. I’m expecting an AB Honor Roll like always but I’m trying for all As. :)

Oh, My room is in between the hall closet/stairs [to the left] (to go downstairs) and my sister’s room [to the right]. It’s a small room but cozy. :D

I’ve never had that…or I just have never cared about the rain. My dad always would yell at us if we complained about the rain and I have played soccer in the rain so it’s no biggie for me. If I get wet then I’m wet. Hahahaha. Oh DARN! Lol.

Oh, that is awesome. :) I hope I can take Dante. I asked my mom but she was like, “It’s not gonna be awhile ’til we go to Disney.” So I have to wait and ask her later. I’ll probably ask her in May. Cuz we make all of our summer plans by then. :)

Do you like my current layout? I’m going to make the green and black one for a version 3 after the VDay Holiday. Dante and I don’t really want to celebrate it cuz it’s just inconvenient and I think it’s GAYY! Lol.

Yeah, you don’t want them following you. On Saturday I felt like a criminal cuz we had a Mardi Gra Parade that was gonna start and there were police officers EVERYFREAKINGWHERE! I was like OMG! Lol. I just went to go get gas then head home it was so busy in Downtown, which is where it was. I was like AGH DON”T PULL ME OVER POLICE I”M DOING THE SPEED LIMIT I HATE THIS!! Lol.

OMG! The other day I was heading home from Dante’s after dropping him off and an off-duty cop on his street looked at me and mouthed, “SLOW DOWN!” I got so scared. Hahaha. If I get 1 ticket I no longer have a car. I hope I never get a ticket. I’m scared to but yet a speed. How ironic…Lol.

YAY! First comment, I hope. :)

Darn. I’m not the first comment. Oh well. :)

Awwh Georgina! Sucks he list the tennis match :( and your brother is exactly like mine! I’m glad you and James are all better now! I hate getting in stupid fights for no reason!

Sorry for the shortness and I still haven’t replies your comment! But o think you deserve a break after all the work you put on your website!!! Anyone whomakes yougo online and gets mad at you fr being grounded is stupid!

Can’t wait till a month, hopefully my site will be back on track too by then :) btw loveee this layout, it’s gorgeous! The picture you used is really cute and I love how the like text is only half :) well done as always!! Purpley love <3

WOW. I hope everything gets better soon. :( At least you still have your iphone though and all of your great friends online who are always there for you! :) It’ll be okay, so don’t cry anymore.

Aww thanks for your support. I really appreciate it :)

And I’m sorry about your fight and everything! I’ve had my laptop taken away tons of times and I thought I would die but I stuck through it :) I’ll miss you!!

And I was rooting for Roger Federer lol. I like Murray but I liked Federer more. But my favorite is Andy Roddick. I was crying when he got out lol. He’s just so young and I think he deserves a chance. And the Williams sisters just plain annoy me lol. People say I should cheer for them since they’re from the USA like me but I just don’t like them. Serena scares the hell out of me lol!

What a load of /poo ! That seems so completely unfair…I can see what you mean now; you really have been punished for no apparent reason. *glares at Georgie’s mum* I know parents can get stressed and sometimes take it out on the wrong person, but this just seems overly harsh. :( It’s good that you’ll be able to go online on the desktop though while she’s at work, and also that she didn’t take your iPhone too.

I’m sorry to hear you had a fight with James too, but I’m glad you’ve made up. :) I can’t imagine either of you can stay mad at the other for very long anyway. /eee

Anyway, *hugs* and good luck getting through all this stuff. I’ll be thinking of you! /rose

Ugh, you don’t want this cold. It’s horribly cold. I believe I looked it up the other day and it was like -13C.

With that said *hugs* ;) Things seem to just not be in your favor at home. I know my computer is my only ‘get away’ so it’s probably going to be hard. I don’t think it’s fair when something is taken out on the wrong person. Hopefully, BEFORE, you go to uni, things get settled and you get your laptop back. We’re all here for you :) Just try to make it a positive thing and get some things done that you’ve been meaning to do!

I’m sorry, Georgina :( I’m sorry your mum took her anger out on you. My mum does that to me often, so I know how you feel.


I’m glad you’re taking it all right, though. You have many people who care about you, so thanks for letting us know what’s going on. I only hope it gets better for you.

Ergh… I really wish it were winter now. Doing PE in winter is better than summer!! Except that I’ll always get runny noses and the tights I have to wear are itchy, /ehh
You know, I wish I was in university right now. It sounds a lot easier than school. You just go there, learn, do work and have awesome breaks. And no noisy playgrounds!!
LOL, haha, I won’t tell anyone, (H) Yeah… you would’ve left already… DO A MASTER’S DEGREEE!! ahaha, just joking. My dad wants to get me in one of the top uni’s too. I was thinking of going to a university overseas too, but it’s years away so I don’t have to think about it right now. /eee
Haha, well it’s still a wonder how you can keep up with your sites when you have uni, work and stuff.
Thank goodness the rest of my day went alright, I was so nervous.
Yeah I saw the cartoon version when I was little. It was cute and I love Tim Burton’s work too so I’m definitely going to see it. :)
Glad to see that you like making icons though maybe after you get your laptop back or something haha. Even if you couldn’t enter this current contest I’ll make sure I’ll add a page for icon contests later on, :P
It’s so sad that your mum took your laptop away for no apparent reason. I hate it when my dad does this, but he never keeps his word so I end up having my laptop back!
I hope it turns out well for you and James. I sounds like you had a really bad day, and had useless fights. At least you can tell Lilian about it. I’m here for you too, :)

I hate it when i get grounded by my mother. It always feel for absolute no reason. Gahhh, parents. 😒

And so sorry about the fight. I hate it when my boyfriend and i fight, i just hate that tension.

Don’t worry things will get better ;) They always do /cool

They aren’t great, but painkillers are amazing. Hahaha. XD

I like Fridays too, especially at night so I can hang out with my friends. :)

Well that’s okay, you have a lot. And it will be a lot easier. I know that you are a domain addict. Hahah! 🤫

Oh that sucks. I hope that the car will be fixed soon!

Well that’s great. Ballet is interesting. I always liked ballet, but I’m not sure I’m the one who should play ballet. Hahah! XD

Yes that’s true! I usually get a sit too, but I hate when you have to stand and there is just a big crowd and everyone goes left and right and the kick you and eh. XD

Well we should. I do respect them, but there are really some rude older people. There is this old man in my building and he complains why we sit in the building on the stairs and not outside.

Eh its okay. *hugs back* We should really switch the weather. *switches them* :D

I know. I always blow my nose hard too. I don’t know how people blow it so gently. LOL!

We usually go at my relatives places too. We are not really rich or something. Haha! XD And they come sometimes too, but they usually don’t have time. /wah Its okay. I just really missed them. I just want to hug them. Ahh. /faw

It is really scaring me. I know that they exaggerate it just to scare people to get shots. But they shouldn’t scare us. I didn’t get the shot. I don’t trust them.

They songs are really beautiful. Most of them are for commercials.

I’m glad I’m not the only one. :)


Awee, that’s bad that you had a fight. /faw I’m glad that its better know. You are perfect couple.

Its already the finals? Or the finals are done? I really don’t follow Tennis, but my friend does. I actually just know Roger Federer and this other guy, nobody else. /bash

Oh that’s bad. /wah I hope that everything will be okay, and that you can have your laptop back.

Awee, I’m sorry for everything that happened to you. Its okay that you wont be on the site for a while. And you shouldn’t worry about my review at all. I really hope that everything will be okay. *hugs*

Yeah. I’m never telling anyone about anything related to Googling anyone’s name. :P

I don’t think my parents would like it much if they knew I talk to people on MSN. If they knew about it, they’ll think I’m irresponsible because they would think I add people who I don’t know, and I wouldn’t be able tell them that I only add people with whom I’ve talked before through commenting or something because that would involve explaining about my site. XD

I guess. That’s why I’m really confused about what I’m going to do when I’m older. The only thing I’m really interested in currently is architecture, but if you’re not an awesome one you don’t get much work here.

Me too. :)

Aww, I’m sorry about your fight with James and that you got grounded. That’s great things are good with James but I hope things are better with your mom as well. I understand why your mom got mad at you. My mom is also the same with my sisters and sometimes with me as well. Your brother shouldn’t be so lazy. That sucks she took your laptop. I’ll miss you. :(

Hey Georgie!

I can’t believe how unfair your mum is being :( Seriously, I guess parents can get really frustrated sometimes, and your brother was an ass for not doing the crap himself and telling your mum LAST MINUTE (inconsiderate, much?) but that doesn’t give your mum the right to take it out on you. Jesus.


It sucks she took your laptop. I mean you’re EIGHTEEN now. That means legally autonomous and an adult. She shouldn’t even be GROUNDING you. How are YOU lazy and selfish, when your BROTHER expects people to do stuff for him which he could easily do himself. /angry

And your MOTHER does that too sometimes. Gets you to do stuff she could easily do herself. I am angry on your behalf! :(

Yeah, I went for Roger Federer last night, but Andy Murray was so…heartbroken, my heart broke watching him too. He totally deserved to win as much as Federer, but I think he had too much pressure on him. Poor Andy. I swear, I’ll go for him in Wimbledon. Or the French. Whichever is next. I think it’s French.

But OUCH! He was all /wah and 😢 the poor guy!

Yay for sneaking! Hahaha. Aww lucky we’re going back to Uni really soon. :P

Hang in there!



Hello! As you may have guessed, I am sneaking.

Rawr. Agreed. :( I guess things will be back to normal soon – or at least I hope. *hugs*

That’s exactly what I was thinking! I’m an adult by law and she should let me do what I want. :| But then again, the law is different from family rules and whatnot. Which, is the sucky thing. Asian parents, or just… crap?

I am so upset about Andy! Still gutted. :(


Awee, you and James had a fight too on top of your mom? D: I honestly don’t understand what the fight you guys had was all about… but yeah. Glad everything’s alright between you. As I said on msn, she’ll probably give you your laptop back soon, when she realizes you didn’t actually do anything.

Haha, yeah. And the book even has to have the right text size or I won’t read it. :$

Yeah, true, true. :P And right now I’m tired to death. -.-‘ Only got 4 bloody hours of sleep. :( I feel like my eyes are bleeding out dry.

Haha thanks. And I meant to write homeage. LOL. I thought it sounds cool. (H)

D: Holy shit? Already… :( I think you probably should have turned the comments off on this post, so you don’t get exploded with them… just a tip. :)

Good luck with everything, and I’ll talk to you… sometime. :) <3

Now why would your mom take out her frustrations on you? Anyway, I guess we just have to understand that moms are like that sometimes.
Hope you and your boyfriend will kiss and make up soon. Goodluck to you sis! =D

OMG! You and James had a fight AND your mom yelled at you?? Well I hope your doing alright now ♥
It’s good how everything is alright between you and James though.
That is so unfair! I hate when parents just yell at you for no reason whatsoever! /angry It even sucks when there taking out there anger on you. *sigh* parents are sometimes confusing. But yet your brother shouldn’t have been so lazy.

It sucks that she took your laptop. But she didn’t take your iphone! Which gave you an opportunity to have a shoulder to cry on (yay for Lilian!) :)

Don’t worry, were all her for you too ♥ ♥

Aww. She took your laptop? thats mean. :/ Don’t worry, fights start all the time. :S

Thanks for the comment :) One time me and my friend ACTUALLY started digging a whole, but my mom made us fill it back up…we were almost there…I could feel it (to China).

That’d be horrible! In movies, they kill all those people . :D Good thing they don’t!

Awww I’m sorry, that does not sound very fun at all. I’m glad you and James are better though, although not your whole life is yet.

That really sucks, and pointless, your a pure better person then I am, I would’ve got mad at him, haha.

But I really hope you get better, we all love you Georgina, I hope you know that! ♥

And I hope you get your laptop as fast as possible :)

And as well as that, I hope you and James never fight again. :(

Awe!!! I’m glad though that everything between you and James is better. I know exacty what it is like though. My brother is a big bum! He actually yells at my mom when she doesn’t do something! It gets me untroubled afterward becuase then I get blamed. It is total garbage.

My mom did that to me in november. So when she wasn’t ome she would foget to lock he computer so I couldn’t go on. My school has blocked sites but it is funny becuase I can access all my cpanel and webmail and wordpress stuff from school. All I do is erase the history after.

Hopefully she lossens up and she cuts the time short.

Yourfriend Lilian, the way she supports you like that reminds me of my bffl Jasmine. Hold on to her tight!

Ouch that sucks big the toe! It really does. But I already left you a message yesterday about it.

Well; my Japanese has left again. I don’t know what is up with me lately. It’s like switching from American music, to japanese for a while than to Chinese/Mandarin music for a short term period, and than back to American Music. I don’t get it. What’s wrong with me?

Anyway, my dad and I made up yesterday. So we’re all good now. Oh btw, I added a new youtube account pixiesparkle01. So if you have the time could you possibly add me back as a friend or something?

I hope you and your mum makes up, and that you’ll get your lap top back. Good luck.

*hugz* aww dear! It happens all the time with me and my friends when suddenly our parent gets angry at us for a sibling’s fault. It happens all the time but you being grounded is just not fair. :( *hugz* I hope you get your laptop back and make up with your mum and James too. *hugz*

Wow, it sucks that you got your computer taken away from somethinglike that. Hopefully you get it back soon! Think of the bright side: at least you aren’t totally cut off from the digital world?

Oh no, I hope everything get’s better soon! Maybe your mum’ll loosen up and give you your laptop back soon!

I do hope everything get’s sorted out though and that you and James are okay now.

Yeah, I usually only buy CD’s if they’re my favourite band, it’s nice to have a physical copy of it when you love them.

I might make an account just for them to see and convince them I’ve deleted my old one. I’d feel bad lying to them. Thanks for following my new Tumblr BTW. ^__^


I had to teach my mum to use MSN today. Whoever thought anyone could find something so simple so complicated?! XD

Exactly! I’m sure if my friends had the sort of online friends I have. A lot of my online friends have made vlogs or have done a live streaming on the internet of some sort, clearly, they CAN’T be creepers!

That really sucks! Almost the same thing happened to me yesterday.
I was minding my own business on my computer while my dad and brother where yelling at each other because my brother had to get of the PS3 so he could go to bed. My brother got the PS3 taken away and my dad came to let me know so i wouldn’t let him on it. And then he started telling me that I couldn’t go on it today (my last day off until school starts again).
He said that I play it too much and that all I do is sit my lazy but down and play video games. I got really mad at him because he doesn’t know what I do all day cause he is never here. I mostly work on my website (which he never cares about) and rarely play on the PS3. So he got even more mad and took the whole PS3 with him to work for the rest of the week, so no one could play it! /angry I asked him why he is doing this and he told me cause my brother has no respect. My dad is such a control freak. /argh

So I know how you feel. Hope everything gets better! ♥

I am so sorry to hear about your being grounded, and I cannot help but wonder if your Mom might give you your laptop back once she’s calmed down and if you approach her like an adult. It’s always worth a try.

I am also sorry to hear that James and you had a dumb fight, and I am glad that you were able to clear things up between you.

As for the whole little brother thing, they are rotten little shits, aren’t they? Just be thankful that there is only one…I got stuck with two. :(


Talk to you proper sometime :3

♥ take care


LOL, I know.. it’s so weird. I saw some girls wearing Leg Warmers sometime in June last year. :O
People are bringing the 80’s back…

I know! Sheesh, it’s not cool!

Whoa, 80? Ummm, I don’t even get that in a month! :O Everyday! How did you keep up with all those comments! Sometimes, I barely can reply like 6.

Ackk, actually I downloaded it, it doesn’t work. :(

Really? I got mine for like $20 and I set it on my table. And it still works when I got it like 4 year ago. :O

Haha, no I cannot make pixels like that! But I do like them a lot, being purple and all. :P

LOLOLOLOL, again, purple is best!

It’s like “Dude, are you joking me?”

That’s what I always think! But no, when I move she follows me like a little puppy. Saying “Why are you moving? Do you not like me anymore?” I feel like saying “OF COURSE I DON’T, CHEATER!” But I can’t /angry

There was definitely no proof hers was any different! And it made me just so mad! I mean, jesus people! I kind of obviously finished mine first? And umm, made it first, then after I’m done she comes out with her ‘wonderful art’.

It’s insane what some people get away with these days.. /angry

Ahh, I guess. But really, I can’t very well take a Print Screen of her copying me and displaying it to the teacher…
Although, I would like that :)

Thankfully she’s moved. I don’t know what, but I guess she moved on to copy on someone else.

Gahh, boys! I would’ve been so mad! It’s not my fault if my siblings are lazy. I should not be held responsible, no matter the age! By his age he should be able to gather his own gear!

Awww *hugs* Georgina, don’t feel to bad. All friends have big fights over nothing. Hell, it happens 24/7 to the majority of people. Don’t feel to bad :)

See ya around on Twitter, when our timezones match up sometime :)

I’m sorry about that that *hugs* I’ll miss your blogs.

I hope you’re alright. And I’m glad you told us. :)
I hope you’re brother gets his act together before someone bops him on the head. :)
Your mother must have been pretty annoyed at him.
See you soon!

Aww feel better honey <3

That sucks :( I hope you’re okay.
I hate it when I’m grounded, I like need to use the internet everyday :O it’s good that you can use Twitter on your iPhone xD

Yeah that guy is rude, I was at my locker before he was next to me today, he opened his locker, then it hit me :| he didn’t even say sorry.

I’m terrible at sport too, well I’m okay at Netball, but others I suck at! only once I was good at Soccer and Basketball :O

I hope I do get an opportunity to buy Chanel stuff :D I want to work in the Fashion Industry when I’m older, I don’t know why. In school there is a musical coming up, and I’m going to help backstage with costumes. So it’s like working in Fashion :D it’s going to be fun.

Thanks for helping me with the API key xD I don’t know much about that stuff, I should since I have my own website D:

It is a while 3 weeks, I haven’t started yet D: but I’m going to on the weekend, I have been busy with other school stuff. Today I found out I have another project D: projects, projects & more projects LOL!

I am really lucky that I got 3 friends in my home group :) one of my friends is always texting in class though, but that’s what most people do. She never gets into trouble, even if the teacher is looking at her.

We were going to go to the pool today, do activities, and Volleyball D: (I suck at Volleyball). Today was 35 degrees, they said if it was 35 or over we weren’t going. So we didn’t go, but we didn’t do much xD instead we are going to a BETTER pool next Tuesday. I don’t think we will have to do Volleyball, because there’s no gym at the pool. I still hate the public pools! they are so gross, LOL.

Have you seen the new iPad? I really want one :P hehe they look really cool xD someone on the news was like “How are we supposed to use it as our mobile?” they thought it was a mobile. LOL.

Have a great day :D

You had a pretty tough day, I’m glad you feel fine now though. But it sucks that your mom grounded you because of your brother. I hate it when people do that. It’s not fair and childish.

I could complain for years about my brothers, but that’s all I could do so it’d be better for me to shut up or my mom would get angry at us fighting over small things again. -.-

I haven’t been grounded yet but if I’m banned from the computer, I’d run off to the internet cafe to do my stuffs. Bwahaha.

*hugs* Hope you’re doing okay! Fighting! ^^;

Haha, you’re welcome! Your layout is pretty all the same. :D

Are malls there also far from where you live? I live in the city so there are malls surrounding us here. Haha.

I just adopted a fanlisting whose owner just hand-coded everything. :O There are like 150+ members and I don’t want to manually add them using the join form. I’d probably just use the “REPLACE INTO…” function in MySQL, but still it would be tiring. LOL.

Awww, you still seem very busy though you’re on vacation. Having lots of sites really take up some time. But you’re doing well! I can’t see myself doing what you’ve done. Haha.

How did Heartdrops lose its pagerank? T__T Poor baby!

Haha. Thank you. I was lucky that time. XD I guess I answered it correctly and briefly, while my classmates were giving examples and such. :P

I didn’t pursue the internship. @_@ It’ll make me crazy.

Wahaha. Edward Cullen. I read some parts of the book and I find everything he says corny and gross. Too sugary. For me, that is. :S

I love the new layout, again. The colours are really pretty ♥

I’m so sorry about the fight with your mom and also James! :( I hope you guys get back together soon :) Be happy!

I don’t have Twitter, but I wish you luck and all the best ♥

Gah, there isn’t really anything interesting about me :P Well, I have a math test tomorrow, and it’s a biggie. Although I revised a lot, I’m still really nervous and anxious. :P Do you get many tests in Uni too? Sorry this seems like a really stupid question xD

Talk to you soon! xx

Grrr grounded?! That suckss :| I hate being grounded :(

Don’t worry about your fight with James, all couples fight :).

Aww I remember one time a few years ago when my Mum lost her bag and immediately blamed me and told me off about it, I was like 10 and it reallyyy pissed me off, plus my Mum was already in a bad mood.

I doubt your Mum will take the laptop for toooo long. She’ll HOPEFULLY give it back soon :x

AHHHHHHHHHHGAWSHIFEELSOBAD. How many times have I freeken done this to you? -.- Not returned your comment for ages, GAH. I’m just so sorry, exams hit and well.. the rest is history. At least it’s all over now. I appreciate it so much that you took the time to return my entire comment.. it was so freeken long! And now, I shall return it back. The whole thing. Even though we probably both have forgotten the topics that we were discussing. :/

Yeah speaking of the Bachelor.. I watched it last night, yet again. And once again, it was a hilarious show. Never fails to amuse I swear. It is evil to laugh at other love misfortunes, but it’s also really funny. Sigh. You’re right, you can’t call it “true love” because it most simply isn’t.

I’m pretty sure nothing on American television get’s “axed”.. they show anything and everything on TV these days haha. All they care about is their TV ratings and making as much money as possible. For some reason, the badder/stupider the show is, the more popular it is. Weird how the world works.

LMFAO yeah the girl who had an affair with the staff member had a criminal record. Gawsh, I still think that’s soo funny. I should probably get over it sooner or later though. xD

Thanks, I’m glad you don’t think I’m a slutmanwhore. I feel like one for taking so long to return comments though. I just feel so fail about it.. seriously. :( And don’t you say, “STOP APOLOGIZING FOR HAVING A LIFE” lololol.

I’ve always liked the Georgie porgie nursery rhyme. Although, I can understand why it annoyed you when you were young.. it probably would have pissed me off as well, the same way that GILL (pronounced as a fish part) pisses me off today. :P

Gilligan. That nickname I kinda have mixed feelings about haha. Sometimes I think it’s funny, but if I’m in a bad mood I may just tell someone off who calls me that. xD

WOOO that’s great news that Vicky bought a new reseller and everything has settled down now. Don’t you have a master reseller as well? :O Don’t be jealous, I’m just thankful to have an awesome host like you!

Obama’s son definitely would have been gangster. I think if I did some research on his daughters I may just find some gangster characteristics about them too. Who knows.

Yes. I do actually study when a test comes around. Sometimes the studying gets sidetracked with stupid shit like downloading new itouch and blackberry apps or watching TV.. That’s what happened when I was trying to study for my chem exam. The freeken Grammy Awards came on TV, and I just had to watch that.. so then I barely studied and probably epicly failed my chem exam. Whatevs, I’m just happy to say that MY EXAMS ARE OVER FUCKYES. I hope that my hardwork for my other exams paid off though. :P

TRUST ME, I HATE CHEM TOO. Biology is my best science so far, and I have physics next semester (which starts tomorrow FMLLLL).. so I’m hoping that I’ll do well in that course.

Your brother is so lucky that he’s good at math. I wish I was. O_O I would kill to be a math nerd, haha. It would make me feel so accomplished.

LMFAO. “I AM OATMEAL AND FROOT LOOPS AND CORNFLAKES” bahahaha. Good to know that you were cereal, Georgina. Well I think just the opposite. My parents would love YOU if you were their daughter. xD Cause you’re probably like really efficient and obeying and well.. nice. Unlike me. xD At least I can have comfort in knowing that I would be loved by your parents. Huzzah. >My weird way of saying hooray.

I would love it to death if the driving license levels had smexy names like that too! The robotic names we have now are so.. bleh. Yeah our society should start treating robots more like humans and give them cool names like BERT or BOBBY. :3 K so those names are cool in my mind. At least.

LMAO. I can imagine you sitting down with a drivers book, wideeyed just thoroughly enjoying all the pretty pictures in there. I should start studying for my drivers test now. Or soon. Unfortunately I don’t think I’d be as amused as you.. I can imagine me half asleep. :(

Wow this keyboard knowledge is truly amazing. I will memorize the fact that ‘end’ takes you all the way down and ‘page down’ only by sections. :D

I had the earge to press “ctrl+alt+del” when I read your para about it in the comment. But I held back because I really don’t want my computer to shut down on me while I’m in the midst of writing this monster comment. xD Dayum, that would put me in an awful ugly mood.

Yeah Anne Marie really did go through a lot with him. But I’m happy that she seemed to have pulled out of it, and is starting to just live her life without concerns or worries. So true. Failed loves can teach you so much. Make you so much stronger as well.

LMAO thanks for typing the “you want them to be together” in caps so that it’s easier for her to notice while stalking our comments. xD But, I don’t think she has stalked them just yet because she hasn’t mentioned anything about it. :P Ah well, even if she does notice, it won’t be a big surprise to her that I wanted them to be together, since I told her that quite a few times. xD

Of course we ain’t talking bad about her. She’s awesome yo. (:

Whoawhoa, I never knew that James used to like Lilian. That is actually hilarious, cause you wanted them to be together, but little did you know that James was meant for you. Ngawwwwwwwwwww. Well, it’s pretty obvious that everything worked out for the best in the end. :3

Yah, I don’t think my mom will ever overcome her driving fear. I’ll be sure to take good care of her in those scary driving situations. Hopefully we won’t encounter any of those. D:

I don’t think that was the first time you almost wrote “testes” instead of tests. LOL. Would have been hella funny if you had typed that and not even noticed though. I haven’t taken too many IQ tests.

I ain’t surprised that you got 25 comments over night. That sounds just about right lmao. All I can say is GOOD LUCK WOMAN. GOOD FUCKING LUCK. Ooh and I never knew there was an acronym for please kill me > PKM. Or did you just make that up?! I can never tell anymore lmao. Cause there could be a lot of little phrases that people could just make up acronyms for. Like I could make up “GTTK” for “GO TO THE KITCHEN…”


I’m still waiting to see that video of you chucking a tantrum. You’re pretty much already famous, but that video would boost the fame all the more. xD

Ahahahahha, yeah I don’t think my mom cleans her bags either. Pretty gross. We oughta sit down with our mothers and lecture them about hygienic purses. It’s my once chance to actually lecture my mom instead of getting lectured by her. >:O

Y’know, I never really thought about that before. But you’re right, if you were a dentist or a doctor it would save you a lot of money in providing health care for your family. :O Smartsmart.

What the heak? We were talking about butt numbing? .. k I really have no idea so I’m not going to go any farther with this topic. xD

YAY, you should come to Canada during the winter time. It’s awesome. You can go skiing, and sledding, and tobogganing, and TUBING and make snowmen. Hell yes.

I would probably feel really weird having a Christmas in summer, but as time passes I would eventually get used to it too.

That sucks that the chairlifts took forever. The ones at the skiing park we went too, were super fast, and they weren’t that scary .. cause heights have never scared me that much, so when the chairlift took you high up I wasn’t like terrified hehe. Gawsh the long lines must have been a huge pain in the arse. I’m glad I didn’t have to go through that. D:

Yeah I’ve seen tons of Youtube videos of people swimming in ice water. Crazy indeed. Although, it’s turned into some kind of charity thing here. They make people jump into ice water and the longer they stay in the more money gets donated to the charity of their choice. :P

Huzzah for not getting sunburned. xD

I know what you mean. People are always using tutorials, especially Vicky’s and yours, so I can’t imagine the amount of complaints Vicky may be getting about opening the site because of her tuts. :O That would be awful annoying actually.

Yah, I’m taking the time to return your comment too. I would feel extra bad if I didn’t return the whole thing cause I’m returning it so late. D: But by all means, you don’t have to return this massive thing, you have like 40 other comments to return. xD I would totally understand.

That’s is a VERY good message for Ryan. I think I will pass that message onto him through a text right now. “RYAN GEORGINA SAYS THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN A MANNN AND GIVEN ME A SEAT ON THE BUS. WHAT NOW BITCH.” That should tell him straight.

Maybe one day I’ll Dailybooth that dirty look that I gave the hottie on the bus. I would be very lucky if I manage to capture the look in a photo. :P It’s gonna be hard, but I’ll try.

WOOOOO I think I saw your tweets a while ago saying that you got an iphone? Well if you did, CONGRTUFUCKINGLATIONS! That’s awesome, and I hope that you’re enjoying it. If you didn’t get one.. well then sorry. D:

HUZZAH for reaching the “final stretch” was the part where I was commenting on your blog hehe. This is like the semi-final stretch for me because I still have to comment on your blog. :)

Yeah, I agree. Umbrellas really annoy me because they just weigh me down. Even though they don’t weigh much, they still weigh something and even the small weights can start to feel really heavy if you’re holding them for a long time. It turns into a nuisance. I hate when there’s like “extra stuff” to hold onto. Pisses me off.

Whoa some of your friends take an umbrella everywhere they go?! That’s crazy. I admire them, I would never be able to do that without going partially insane.. well, I’m already partially insane but whatever.

GREASY BREAKFAST BURGERS FTWWW. Speaking of burgers, my dad just brought home a big ass Macdonalds burger for lunch. Hell yes. Time to go eat a heart attack. xD

I’m pretty sure you did comment on that blog where we got lost downtown and had to use the GPS on the itouch. You’ve commented on almost all my blogs. :O Which makes me feel more fail now, because I’m not even close to commenting on all of yours. :'(

Ngaw, that’s too bad that you couldn’t find the cubes online. They were super cute!

LOL I was going to say that it was creepy that James stalked your Dailybooth, but then I realized that he is your boyfriend.. so that’s just sweet. :)

I don’t blame you for not thinking that the Opera house was an actual building. Some of the buildings today are so oddly shaped that its hard to tell haha.

I hope I get to walk on a warm beach soon. But we’re still in the middle of winter, so I’ll have to keep dreaming. :P

Yeah here in North America THONGS are always associated with underwear.. we’ve never associated them with slippers before. :P

LOLOLOL this is why you don’t walk back up the beach after cleaning your toes of all the sticky sand. Obviously the sand will stick once again. xDDD Bahahah.

You’re very welcome! :)

I know what you mean. I slept yesterday after I got home from finishing my last exam. I usually never sleep during the day.. I ended up sleeping for just a couple hours but it felt like I had just woken up from an entire night of sleep. O_O

Hope you had fun shopping with your mom! KUDOS FOR RETURNING THE WHOLE COMMENT!

Now I’m finally on my FINAL STRETCH WOOOOOT.

Oh no. :( This blog was ever so sad. My excitement for finishing this comment all vanished after I read it. Aw poo.

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re grounded .. and the fight with James too. :O Things don’t seem to be going well at all.

At least things with James have been cleared up. You shouldn’t blame yourself entirely for the fight. :( We all go through those times of frustration. It’s human nature.

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. FINALLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. I FUCKING LOVE YOU. A PERSON WHO WANTS ANDY TO WIN. OMG ME TOO. ME TOO. ME TOOOOOOO. I WANTED FEDERER TO LOSE LIKE HELL. I was like the only one who actually wanted him to lose. And everyone was booing me. Psh. Andy totally deserves to win. Oh thank gawd, you’re like the only person I can relate to on this topic. D: I can understand why the tie breaker was so heartbreaking. :( One day he will win. I have confidence in that. :)

Aw so it’s yet another example of how lazy your brother is. That sucks that he put your mom in a bad mood. It’s so unfair when you have to deal with the grumpy emotions of your family when it’s not even your fault yknow?

I feel for you. :( I would have been so frustrated at life in that moment. Its as if things weren’t bad enough and you had to lose your laptop too.

HEEEEY so you did get an IPhone! I should have read the blog before returning your comment. But you’re lucky to still have that at least. :)

I hope that you’re on every now and then. I’ll just have to keep in touch with you through Twitter. I’m going to miss your comments though! They were always a pleasure to read and return. Anyways, best of luck with everything and I shall TRY not to worry about you. ;)

Can’t make any promises though. Don’t stress over the comments. LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. <3

HOLY SHIT. I completely forgot to say that I LOVE this new layout! The purple is rocking, and the header is so pretty as usual. :) Great job!

Oh dear. I’m sorry you had a rough day. I would hate to have my laptop be taken away from me. What am I gonna do without it? Hopefully your mom will give it back to you soon.

I had a little fight with Leon as well last week (again!). I really felt bad about it because well, it’s my fault again. Don’t worry about your fight with James, I am sure you guys will be alright :)

Thank God your mom didn’t confiscate your iPhone too, at least that’s something to be thankful for.

*hugs* Take care!

Hey lovely! ♥

Hehe, yeah Jared is definitely the cute kinda guy! I saw some pics of him where he was dirty (oil on his shirt and arms) and, damn! He looked pretty hot! But to me he can’t compete with Jensen.. Jensen has this thing going on that makes him unbelievably sexy and stuff! Especially if he bites his lip…

They are probably to lazy to install FF on all the school computers.. we have TONS of them.. and the teacher that takes care of all the computer stuff is a lazy bitch!

A 10 minutes nap?! How did you do that?? Everytime I lay down and actually fall asleep I won’t wake up before at least an hour went by.. Good luck on catching up with all your websites AND getting enough sleep! ;)

Desperate Housewives definitely seems to get boring sometimes! At the end of season 5 I kinda completely lost interest and stopped watching it. But now I am on track and really excited for every new episode!

Jensen kinda overtook my Tumblr lately.. even on my Tumblr crushes there are at least 3 Jensen related blogs.. wow! And they all post so freaking awesome pics of him and i can’t resist to re-blog them and stuff. xD

Hehe, definitely! That’s how I got hooked up on Glee and The Vampire Diaries.. True Blood went on break and will be until June.. I need something to overcome that time. xD

And I am really sorry that you had to cry yourself to sleep that night. And also that you had a silly argument with James over something that isn’t that “important” – or at least to me. But I am really, really glad to hear that you and James are fine again! *hugs*

OMG, seriously, how can Brandon even do that? I mean, your mum practically had to do all the stuff he could’ve done? It would’ve been nice if he would’ve told her earlier so she could have get the things and not feeling stressed about it like that and then get it out on you! My mum is the same way.. when ever one of my siblings pisses her off, she’ll take it out on the rest of us..

It really sucks that you are grounded and aren’t allowed to go on your laptop for a while now.. but maybe, that will get you a lil break that could maybe help you a lil bit, IDK.

I do hope that your mum might give you your laptop back soon though.. it kinda sucks without you. :)

Aww sorry to hear(? read?) about that… I hope things will be fine soon. And good thing you and your boyfriend are ok now. :)