How To Save A Life

I’m typing this at work, knowing full well that I have to take it out of my break. I’m not going to lie about my breaks.

If you need to know what’s up – head on over to my previous post. Long story short, my mum took my laptop away from me because she was in a mood with my brother. Not fair, right? Well, tell me about it…

I just thought I’d let you all know how I’m doing without regular access to a computer. Well, it sucks, as you probably predicted. I’ve been trying to sneak online, I’ve been using the desktop computer in my room late at night, and I’ve been talking to people on Twitter since it’s free on my iPhone.

The way I’ve been feeling is so mixed. I’m so happy (as corny as this sounds) that a lot of my friends online continue to support and hope for me. I really feel like I owe you something. ♥️

I’ve had feelings of running away, punching pillows, anger, sadness. And all because I got my laptop taken away? O_O

Well, to put it bluntly, yes.

It’s hard for me to live without my laptop or a computer. I thought I just had an addiction and that this would teach me some sort of lesson. Well, no, it hasn’t.

I’ve realised that web designing and coding is a real hobby of mine. I know I love other things, like drawing, reading and playing music – but having something taken away from me like this – it feels terrible. Yesterday, I felt so bored. I did some house chores, watched television (which I hate) and talked to people on Twitter using my iPhone.

I wrote a few things down on paper, with plans of what to do. But writing on paper is nothing – it’s nothing, when I want to design something in Photoshop or play around with code.

Technology is such a huge part of our lives – I can’t go a day without checking my email, and I’m annoyed at the Webmail format for my site email when I want it to be imported into Outlook as usual, and I read the news (I hate watching it on television – it’s just me), I deal with my bank accounts…

Finding myself bored? It was like, woah, what a shock. :( I don’t like that because my mum took away my laptop, it’s like all my hobbies, enrichment activities, “me time” – is gone, just like that.

I’m happy that I managed to put up a new caption competition and deal with other things. As I said, this might be teaching me a lesson. I’m going to cut down on my domains and just relax.

I appreciate all the comments – I did get up to the ones on the last post, and I promise you, replies are headed your way. In… well, a timely manner. And hopefully I’ll be able to keep the blogging going… though I can’t promise it’ll be much more than “I’m bored”, *whine* and other things.

It sounds lame, but comments are like my fuel. You guys keep me going, make me feel loved and it almost makes me cry to know I’m appreciated, and cared for. I’ll take my mind off it and let you answer questions too. :)

  • What are your hobbies?
  • Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why?
  • What do you do when you are bored?

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Ahh, sneaking around to get on the computer/internet… Gah, last time I had to do that, I was 16! lol

Hobbies! Blogging, webdesign, Blythe (rotfl), crocheting, knitting, designing and making jewellery, sewing, reading, writing.

Laptop! Because it’s my own. If I wanted to use a desktop, I’d have to share it and I like having all my own settings (lol). Plus, it’s portable. I can go downstairs, upstairs, living room, kitchen, bedroom, anywhere, yay =)

I go on Flickr… Instant boredom-killer.

There are so many pretty pictures on Flickr. I actually like browsing as it showcases the best photos from Flickr. ♥

I remember when I was 14 years old, I woke up in the middle of the night to do things on the computer. I don’t know why but I seemed to not be able to get them done before my mum told me off to go to bed. LOL.

After a tussle with my mom, I got my laptop taken away- a situation not dissimilar to yours. I don’t usually like telling people about my personal problems though. Anyway, Ron (my laptop) is such a huge source of joy and inspiration to me and that is all I learnt after that. Webdesign is my hobby because I like creating things NOT watching what others have created.

1. Art, Webdesign, Athletics, Music/Piano.
2. Laptop because our family doesn’t own a desktop ever since we threw out that virused XP one we had.
3.I moan about being bored? I find Ron to get something done.

I know what you mean. I really don’t like talking about my family on my blog – at least not in a bad way. I try to avoid it.

I named my laptop Fin. :)

It’s hard – I can’t live without my laptop because I do so much on it. I think this has made me learn my lesson not to spend hours on it all the time, but also that it really truly is my hobby.

My mum did give my laptop back though – I need to write a new post about that. :P

Your layouts are a nice change from all the over-coloured ones. I don’t like it how some people edit celeb photos so much that you can hardly see their face D: It’s just too white.

Oh, now I see. Of course it’s a beach. How could I think it was anything else? I’m silly. *slaps self* ouch.

OHH, I see. I downloaded one like that before, obviously it was a fake or something. I’ll download that one and try it out soon :) Thanks a ton! Go WP plug-ins!

Mmm I don’t like sub-domains either. I used to think they were cool, but sometimes they seem tacky. That was part of the reason I adopted a domain :) I didn’t want a sub again.

Yeah, sometimes It takes me ages to get back into things. And sometimes I think I should go back to basketball. But now that I am in year 10, and what I want to do with my life is clear, I don’t think I can fit it in. ;D

So what do you want to do with your life?

– – – – – – – – – – –

I read the “important message”. I was wondering what was up when you said you didn’t have a computer, on Twitter. I figured I should just read your blog and find out :)
Well that just plain sucks. Brothers can be ass holes. And your mum is probably very hormonal or something hahah :3 Who knows? It was horrible for her to take away your laptop. I mean my computer is like my second home! I turn it on as soon as I get home. And you have so many domains to take care of (so SO many, haha).

I’ve had my computer taken away many times, most of the times were from me crashing it. I learned to live without it. But the last time I got it taken away was like a year or two ago. I wonder how I would cope now? I mean, I have a “good” website now, instead of a Webs or Piczo that nobody likes to visit. hah.

I don’t think it sounds lame that we are your fuel :) I’m happy you said that. :D you’re going to live through this e-drought, and you are going to come out of it stronger than ever! ;D

What are your hobbies?
Website/graphic/fashion design :) I love putting on make-up and trying new things.

Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why?
Desktop. Because I crashed my laptop (haha) and Desktops can hold more. But I had my computer (sorry Alfred).

What do you do when you are bored?
Sit and watch my computer screen, or eat. haha :) I talk on MSN, … come to think of it, my whole life is technology based.


Ah, glad to see a new blog :) And good for you for not lying about your break while writing up the blog :)

I feel almost the same way. I remember when we didn’t have a laptop and something had happened to the desktop, the internet went out or something, and Donnie and I were so bored that it was ridiculous. Sometimes you don’t realize how much time you spend on the computer until you’re without.

But it keeps me busy, I watch my Youtube make up gurus and vloggers, I blog and talk to my blog friends, I tweet, etc. It’s like access to everything without going across the world.. or outside my door step, hah. And with my anxiety right now, it’s even easier. I try to stay off here as much as I can, but I find myself getting on here more than doing anything, lol. I think we should all take a break sometimes!

What are your hobbies?
Uh, the computer >.< LOL. Okay, and reading. I love reading!

Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why?
Desktop. We sold our old laptop and then couldn't pay for the one we rented :

What do you do when you are bored?
Interwebz.. or watch tv, read, play with make up and try to learn a few things. That' s about it !

It sucks about your mum taking your laptop away from you. That must suck. I don’t know what I would do without my computer. D: But at least you have been able to sneak online, go on at work and go on Twitter on your phone.

I get so bored when I haven’t been on the computer for a day or something. Especially when there’s nothing for me to do at home. I always try and read but then give up after a while. Especially since I’ve read everything about heaps of time.

Ah well hopefully everything is okay and you will get your laptop back soon. :)

1. Drawing, photography and graphics designing.
2. Desktop. I’m not sure why. I prefer desktops over laptops.
3. Usually I read some books and manga. I try and draw and do some photography.

It was really shocking for me,if my mom get my pc away from me,but she usuall does not do,but my father always do that.
i also cant stay even if i cant check my mail box every hour.
and last night my pc rotten,it hurts me a lot but it is fine now .and my great hobby is surfing internet and do online and offline works connected to internet.

Ithink it’s sort of like a reality check as we spend so many hours on the computer, and we are so used to it.
Just read your previous post, it’s so unfair of your mum to ake your laptop away from you, but I’m sure she’ll give it back to you soon. Sometimes when you get angry, you just put your anger onto someone you love. I think that’s what happened with your mum. Your mum took it out on you and I’m sure she doesn’ mean it. Oh, and don’t you need it for assignments and stuff? So you should get it back soon.
Don’t worry, try and maybe go out and survive without internet. It feels like time is really slow. Heh.

Yeah, I should have put my hand up, but I’m shy like that. Your not way off at guessing my age! Your actually really near :D

* What are your hobbies?
Craft, Photography, art, designing, reading.. I have a lot :D
* Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why?
I use a laptop, because my computer broke and my sister gave me hers so yeah.
* What do you do when you are bored?
I will read or watch tv, if I’m able to go out with friends then that’s good.
Oh and maybe you can play some games on your Iphone, my sister has heaps.

Hey, Georgina!

Aw, I’m sorry your mom took away your laptop. Don’t worry, she’ll give it back to you sometime. I hope she realizes what she did was unfair.

Oh, believe me. We had a 3-day vacation. We had laptops, but there was no connection, I was so bored I could die or cry.

Same here. I can’t survive a day without checking my email. So does that mean I’m a computer addict, too? LOL, I already know I am.

I hope everything gets better over there. :) *hugs*

Oops, I forgot this:

* What are your hobbies?
Webdesigning. Using the computer, in general. Reading, Watching TV, listening to music.

* Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why?
Yes of course. :) I don’t know. Being an only girl, I barely played with my brothers, because they’re playing boy games. Then I realized “webdesigning” exists…

* What do you do when you are bored?
Watch TV/movies, sleep, listen to music (and sing along :P)

Sorry for commenting a lot. Regarding

* Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why?

I gave the wrong answer. We use a desktop because we can’t afford a laptop and….. it has more space?

Suxx. D:

I hope you get it back soon. It’d suck if it filled up with dust /sweat
*HUGG* find a new hobby /bounce /um

What are your hobbies?
Woodworky stuff, except the only wood I get is terrible and not very good for making anything large with. Archery, and little electronics project things

Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why?
I use a desktop for more powerful things, but the old laptop I have is good because I can take it to the crummy internship and still use the Dvorak. Hrrng

What do you do when you are bored?
Play with Keeks; she’s always there for me /love


*huggg* You told me that last time. *pokes* I love you so much. /love

There was a fair bit of dust on the laptop when I got it back. I found it amusing. 🤫

Dvorak… if I had a Dvorak keyboard we could be… Dvorak buddies! /bounce /um

I want to see Keeks again. ♥ Tell her I said hi? :)

I completely understand what you’re saying – for a lot of us, the internet is a really big part of our lives and to take it away actually does create real feelings of sadness and frustration (and even loss). I know “the experts” keep saying it’s unhealthy to be so attached to our computers and online stuff, but really, there are much worse things to be addicted to and at least (for the most part) being addicted to the internet doesn’t hurt anybody. =/

I’m glad you’re still able to go online a bit at work and with your desktop though, and that you can use Twitter on your iPhone. And I agree with what you said about getting comments – it is a nice little boost and it really does make you feel appreciated and loved. :)

As for your questions…
* What are your hobbies?
_Mainting my website for starters (even though I go through periods of being really slack with it!), writing (mostly poetry), playing The Sims 2, SHOPPING, and lately I’ve been trying to learn to cook too (even though I’m seriously bad at it – you’re talking to someone who ruins hotdogs and can’t use a can opener! lol).
* Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why?
_I use a laptop, mostly for convenience. I used to divide my time between both my parents’ houses, so I always had laptops then so I could bring my computer back and forth with me. Living arrangements have changed now, but I still prefer laptops just so I can move around the house freely with the computer (and use it in bed, teehee).
* What do you do when you are bored?
_I tend to do really weird/silly things when I’m bored. For example, making a home-made Mr Potato Head (out of a real potato!), painting my light switch, attempting to fry an egg in the driveway…etc etc. You’ve probably heard me blog about these sort of things, actually. :)

Whee, glad to know that you can still update your blog at work! Seriously speaking, maybe you should talk to your mum about it after she has cool off? I am thinking maybe you talk to her and let her know how you feel about the entire situation, maybe she will understand. You never know! ;)

I won’t miss checking my mails because I really dislike replying to emails. It always take me at least a week to reply to emails unless they are really urgent. :P

At least you have an iPhone to play with. I wish I’ve one. That will have to wait till September or until the new iPhone is launched.

Hopefully your mum returns your laptop back to you soon! :D


I am still very indignant on your behalf that your mother confiscated your laptop in reaction to her annoyance with your brother. MOST UNFAIR.

It sucks that you have to use your breaktime to get this stuff done. :(

Waaaah! *hugs* Don’t run away! :( We’d all be really worried about you. Punch pillows… /eee Just make sure your AFS pillow case isn’t injured in the process. :P

I can’t imagine how you feel at the moment. Your Mum depriving you of all your web-design hobbies and stuff is like the equivalent of my parents burning all my books and not letting me borrow/read books. I’d DIIIIE. As in /bash @_@ O_O /wah die.

Actually, I’d also die if I didn’t have internet access. Well I probably wouldn’t, it’d just feel weird. I mean I could handle not having internet access if I were overseas in Malaysia, because then I wouldn’t be bored, but if my parents didn’t let me on the internet as much as I get one, I’d get SO annoyed. I’d be so worried I’m missing an important email or something. D:

Waaaah! Your mum took away your ‘me’ time. :( That’s so not faiiiir! (I’m whining with you. Or at least on your behalf). It’s seriously very oppressive. /angry Hopefully it’ll be back to normal soon. D:

Okay here are my answers:

– Hobbies…Ummm…READING. Definitely reading. I read HEAPS. Drawing, painting (only I haven’t painted in ages), sleeping, piano, guitar…typing maniac (haha, I know I’m sad XD)…and ping pong…to name a few. I’m sure there are more, but I can’t think of them at the moment =S

– I use a laptop. Because then I can use it in my room with wireless. If I want to use a desktop, I have to put up with my brother’s ugly face. Okay, I guess I use both because sometimes I do use the desktop. :P But I mostly use a laptop.

– Hmmm…when I am bored. I sit there and mope. Hahaha. No, I guess I read or watch anime or other movies and stuff. Just do my hobbies I guess. Or blog xD

Hello hello. :)

Thankfully I have my laptop back; woot. I hope she doesn’t take it away again. :(

Well, there’s a lot I want to do on my sites. I can probably guess that it’s not all going to be done by the end of the break. :P

Ooh, it’s just a pillowcase. But I put it in the wash because it was time to wash the sheets. :) I now have green pillowcases!

Awww! I’m sure your parents would never burn all your books, though. That would be too terrible. The equivalent of my mum destroying my laptop completely – which won’t happen!

I know what you mean. D: I was worried I was missing important emails too. Eeep.

I guess I still have that punched in my mind from Mrs Drury saying it. It’s important to have “me” time. :)

I mostly use a laptop too. I barely use my desktop PC anymore. :S It’s so weird using it. Mostly the keyboard. It’s so odd because I have to push the keys so hard. The screen is also strange because it’s so big and I have to put my neck in a different position. :S

I undertsnad what you feel. Its hard when something has been taken away from you specially if that’s already a part of your life. But i guess, you still have to be thankful cause you still have a desktop….you can still connect and you have iphone.

Me…nothing…no gadgets for this year..why? i dont know, they all broken in just a few weeks after the new year!so boooring and jsut got nothing to do!….No musioc player or even a mobile phone!huhuhuhu. Inly books.

Just pray that mom will return your laptop!…she will or else…….(just kidding,haha)

1.Hobbie?for today, maybe watching tv cause i have no choice.

2.I use a desktop cause that’s only my option and i have no choice!

3. when i am bored, I look at the sky and think my special someone, things about life and reminisce memories..hahaha(corny).

anyways, care to link ex?

Haha yep, you’re right. :) Thankfully my mum did return my laptop to me today, so I’m glad. I hope it stays that way!

I really like books though! Oh well – maybe next year? I know my mum thought really hard before buying me an iPhone because she was sure I would break it. :P

Sorry, but I don’t do link exchanges. :(

Georgina! ♥ I’m sorry to hear that you’re so bored. :( That’s to be expected, I suppose. It’s like me yesterday! I totally would not have gotten mad at Jimmy if I had had my computer to occupy and distract me. Well, I would have gotten a little annoyed that he took like 30 minutes to reply to a text, but I wouldn’t have been all hioewufhieushfiuhieufa like I was.

I still don’t have my computer, since I haven’t been to school yet today; I’m on my mom’s right now. My dad had better come home and drive me to school… I don’t want to be stuck home today without it! D:

Anyway… keep your morale up! Like you said, being away from the computer for most of the day should be good for you.

Speaking of away from the computer, I should be in the shower right now! -_-

* What are your hobbies?
Web design! :D (I really wish you had a /dance emote. :P)

* Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why?
I use a laptop because that’s all I own. Plus the portability is nice… unless I forget it in my locker. 😒 fjioahfoiase. My mom has a desktop, but it’s pretty old and sluggish. It doesn’t like to go on the internet either, even less than my laptop!

* What do you do when you are bored?
Go online. xD Or play games on my iPod or watch TV I guess. Practicing guitar is fun too.

You keep smiling too, okay? :D ♥

Rachel! ♥

Ahh, I’m happy I’m back. ;) I need to blog about that though. This is what I get for being “rawr” about comment numbers. I suck. D:

Anyway. You’re right! I’m so dependent on the computer that I pretty much dreaded my day and how boring it would be.

I’m glad you and Jimmy are alright now though!

Random note: Go back to your site! /angry Just kidding haaha. I now know how you feel because I honestly felt sort of good not having a laptop and not having to return comments. But look at me now. *dies*

Speaking of away from the computer as well, it’s nearly bed time! :P

(I’m obviously just replying to your comment here so I can up my comment count, in case you haven’t guessed already. Muahaha.)

I use the /bounce emoticon in place of a dancing one I guess – I wish I had a dancing one too. But you know how I am about everything matching and perfect. 🙄

I’m glad we don’t have lockers. At uni or school (at least, the school I went to). But then again I’d want to carry my laptop all day anyway.

You were looking to get a Mac some time! ;)

LOL, “Go online”. XD


Awww, you sneaky little girl. Your becoming more and more like me every day :).
You don’t have buy me a new one or anything, but when it expires I will probably come over to your site and take up your offer and get you to renew it or get me a new one. But you don’t have too..
Yeah, I cant believe we wern’t friends in the beginging either (sorry for shit spelling). Your a really good friend, love ya ♥

That sucks your laptop got taken away, sorry to hear she took it out on you. Did your brother apologize?

And yeah, it’s true, everyone is so dependant on technology to the point where it’s almost impossible to imagine life without it. /type Personally, I can live without my laptop provided I get a book, mp3 player and email on my phone. Then it’s all good ✌️

I hope you cheer up and have a good week regardless. ♥

1. What are your hobbies?
Shopping, music, arts & crafts, reading, volunteering and going AWOL

2. Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why?
Laptop, because it’s portable, thinner and cuter than a pc, and I bought it ♥

3. What do you do when you are bored?
Read, do puzzles, origami, draw, decorate, clean up, shop, eat, listen to music, do homework, die of boredom and erh…hang out I guess?

Hobbies: Hm… I enjoy writing and sketching. I do not upload my sketches onto my website because their done in pencil, and I really do not wanna outline them on MS Paint… I do not have PS.

Laptop/Desktop: I use both, but neither are mine. I perfer the Desktop because it’s quicker(despite that it’s Vista, and the laptop’s XP), it holds a lot more things, and all my music and files are on the desktop. I use the laptop whenever I do not wanna use the desktop!

What do I do when I’m bored: I text people mindlessly, I eventually check my email when I get that desperate, go outside to the lake I’m not supposed to be at… Uhm, draw something… and, and be with my brother….(if I’m that crazy to do so)

Sorry that you got your laptop taken away. I will probably get my cell phone taken away from the English Pop-quiz I had today. :

Oh I’m so glad you got your laptop back!!

It took me a while to decide what I wanted. Tattoos are permanent so I wanted to get something I would never regred. Of course that’s harder then it sounds. Every tattoo could be a regret for me!

I’m one of those types of people who thinks and thinks and thinks something over so much that I’ll regret it no matter how I look at it. So I try to do things on the spot. If I say “I want a bunny tattoo!” I’ll get the tattoo and regret it later then get over it with “It’s what you wanted, it’s never coming off. It’s cute, adorable, get over it!” Believe it ot not, it does work! lol

*hugs* Yeah, it was an accident. Nothing I can do about it now. Still, I was pretty bummed about it. :( I gotta be more careful next time! :)

Ooooooo, you like Vista? A lot of people don’t. I actually would love to try it! I’ve only tried Windows XP (my desktop) and Windows 7 (my laptop). I loove them both! :)

WOW! I’m sure I would die without my computer. I mean, I spend almost all of my time here with it. I wouldn’t know what to do without it! So I know exactly how you feel!! D: It’s horrible!!

* What are your hobbies?
I spend most of my time writing actually. I would love to be able to publish a book one day – I’ll have to see. That’s a big dream after all! lol

I like to draw and work on pixel art too! :) I really like reading too, though I read mostly online.

I don’t do as much web and graphic design as I used too anymore though. :( With the struggle to make my coding correct and learn wordpress, etc it became more like a chore then anything. I was so busy struggling with it that I wasn’t getting anything done. :(

* Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why?
I own both a desktop and a laptop.

My mum gets a new desktop every few years and I would get her old one. Well, my desktop now has some HUGE problems; pages don’t wanna load, internet is as slow as slow can be. The computer is only like an 04 (if not newer) so it shouldn’t be that bad.

Well, long story short, we couldn’t afford to send it to “Get fixed” we had already been trying to fix it, have people over, etc. So my mum and uncle wanted to get me a new one. I had been asking for a laptop so as a Christmas gift my uncle gave me $300 and my mum gave me $300 to get a laptop of my choice.

So, this past January I picked one out and got it! :D So now I have a laptop and the best part, is it never belongs to anyone else! I got it brand new! :D I still have my desktop but until I can get it fixed I don’t use it much.

I don’t really have a reason as to why. I just love the computer! :D lol

* What do you do when you are bored?
Um…Play on the computer? Sometimes I’ll watch anime online or something though too. :) I just try and find something to do to keep myself busy. lol It’s hard though!

Wow, that’s totally unfair of your mom to take away your laptop like that just because she was pissed at your brother.

But I’m sure in a few days or so, you’ll get your computer back and you can go on doing the things that you love to do. :)

What are your hobbies? – I like being on the computer playing games and messing around with my site and fanlistings.

Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why? – Desktop PC. It was my mom, but she got a laptop and gave me the desktop. score!

What do you do when you are bored? – I usually just play on the computer, but sometimes I get bored with that cause there isn’t anything for me to do or I can’t think of somehting to do on it. If I had a game system, like Xbox, I would split my time with that and the computer. I love video games. Especially Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It’s the sleeping with the prostitutes and then killing them for their money. XD

Anyway, I hope your mom gives you your computer back soon, we visitors miss you and your blogs. :)

Haha this is kinda late (replying) but yep – my mum gave my laptop back. :)

I have a desktop as well but it’s pretty crap. It’s always freezing and humming like a madman. I can’t believe it’s survived some 500 viruses. O_O

Oh, hilarious! I used to love Grand Theft Auto so much! I didn’t even play the missions properly; I just went around killing people and looking for guns in hiding spots. ROFL. :P

Thanks. Really? Whats the biggest brand name chocolate in Australia then?

What are your hobbies? Reading, Programming, Web Designing, Soccer, and Ice Skating.
Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why? Desktop. Because I feel more grounded in one location (it’s really weird)
What do you do when you are bored? Watch TV (if I can stand it), text friends, take quizzes on facebook, tweet! XD

I would love to buy second hand books but it scares me because what if there’s one page missing? And there might be something good on that page? That will really suck. But I mostly buy books that are on sale :) Except when I need them for school, if they’re really expensive, I just have to pay for it. Well, the Twilight series, they weren’t on sale, so bye bye $90. But its worth it :)

I know. I just hope I do good. Especially for my Biology course. Since I’m going to Nursing, Biology is really important for me :S

ooh, i know just how you feel. my mom used to always say i couldn’t go on the computer for stupid reasons, and it would always piss me off and i’d ALWAYS cry, but thats just something i do whenever i get pissed xD

she had no right to take it tho o.O you did nothingggg wrong.

and thanks, its nice to know i’m not the only one dealing witht hat kinda stuff xD it just sucks, cuz the times we CAN hang out, like tonight, he doesn’t want to ask his parents and it just causes more fights and whatnot :/

I hope you’ll be feeling better soon Georgie. It’s hard to survive without doing the thing you love.
I love the internet, my online friends and the things that I do on the web. They are part of me and the net is the place where I can truly be me. Then again, I suppose I can live one day without my laptop, but I can’t survive half a day without my phone. The phone is my babyyy!! XD

You are right, doodling on Photoshop is not the same as drawing on paper. Somehow drawing with pencil and paper lacks something that Photoshop has. Hmm..

* What are your hobbies?
– hehe, this feels like re-writing my biography all over again. Anyway, my offline hobby is reading. The online ones are: blogging, web designing, doing something on Paint Shop and Photoshop.

* Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why?
– Laptop. It is much easier that way because I can always lug it around with me. Desktop computer restricts the mobility.

* What do you do when you are bored?
– I pick up a book and read it. It doesn’t matter whether I’ve read it 543835 times already. Either that, or I go to sleep. Hahaha. :D

yeah i really liked some of the books i had to read during school ! i was really hooked onto The Outsiders in gr8.

yeah i do think theyre just being sobby. it bothers me a lot but i try not to make such a big fuss about it infront of them.

AH, she took away your laptop? noooo </3 i had feelings of running away and being so mad whenever my dad took away my computer/laptop. it sucks.

idduno what id do without technology. honestly, i spend so much time on the computer, without it, i really don't know what to do haha.

What are your hobbies? blogging :)
Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why? desktop. i felt like computers were faster and could store more than laptops but now i want a laptop because laptop has advanced so much :)
What do you do when you are bored? computer :| tv … haha

hope your mom gives you your laptop soon and hope you come back soon !

* What are your hobbies?
Websites! :P
* Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why?
Both, I like a good mix! :)
* What do you do when you are bored?

BTw, I am actually Jayfern. I changed my name! ;)

Hm, well I’m almost done the layout… just need to convert it to a theme and for the pages I’m pretty much done so I’ll probably open this weekend but I don’t know.

Awwweeh, well I hope you feel much better soon.
Maybe your mom was just really grumpy so she grounded you. That’s really unfair though. :(

Wow, I never heard you bored before lol. /oh
Yes, technology is definitely a huge part of our lives now. It’s kind of hard to live without tech because we always depend on it and use it every single day.

That’s alright. I totally understand. It must be pretty crap feeling, since you lost your database. That’s the worst. :(

I finally got my laptop back, so I’m getting around to all these comments pretty late, haha. O_o

I use the internet every day. I can’t imagine living without it. It’s so hard. I just have to have access… LOL. /sweat

Gawd, I still think that is unfair of your mother to take away your laptop just like that. It’s not right. But I guess it’s her house so she has the say and do in it.

Well; thank you for the best wishes on the moving. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that we have it. It was a shocker. Haha we did shock my grandmother to an extreme. She literally fell out of the seat of the car, with a loud “WHAT?!” lmao.

Well; from what I’ve been hearing the asian countries aren’t really safe to travel too right now, so that means whenever I stop spending I’m coming to Australia and meeting you guys! I can’t wait. I hope we can arrange that. It’d be awesome. I just feel that Australia is a safe country to visit. Plus you guys speak English! haha!! So yeah. It’d be fun to see each other in person.

Well; I gotta go so I’ll write you more later.

Gosh that sux big time!!!! I know how you feel only I don’t have my pc taken away from me, however I know a fate far more worst than your mom taking away your pc – having your net provider cut your net off due to past due payments and worst when you have no income and not working – THAT MY DEAR IS FAR MORE WORST!!!! And even more miserable!!!

Sorry to hear it happen to you and hope you get your pc back soon!!! And I know all too well what you mean by life without net access nor access to your sites is pure misery – I get really depressed when I loose my net access…I go mad!!! *LOL*

So, you are not alone when it comes to going crazy when you have no access to the net and your sites as many others experience that same emotion when the same thing happens to them.

Hope you get ya pc back soon and hope all is well with you!

I have felt that way many of times. When I was 14 my mother took away my computer, and that’s when I was really into web design. It devasted me, and I almost hated her for it.
My hobbies are web and graphic design, photography, listening to music, collecting random things, reading, and watching my favorite movies over and over.
My laptop is my baby; seriously. It’s a way to connect and communicate with people, and it’s my way of creative expression.
When I am bored, other than going online, I take pictures, read, and organize. Organizing my collections is really relaxing, as strange as that sounds.
Everything will be fine in the end; trust me.

We all love you ♥ Hope your mom comes to her senses

I’m exactly the same – I live and breathe the computer and all things internet. I don’t know what I would do if I had that taken away D:

I use desktops and laptops… I have a desktop in my room which I use to mess around with and stuff like that, and I have a laptop also which I use more. Then there’s the family desktop – which is never free so I don’t go near it.

My hobbies are more-or-less online :) I like reading, drawing, listening to music, but I’d much rather be spending my time designing something or making something on the computer. Good to know I’m not the only one…

I feel so sorry for you without your laptop. At least you have twitter on your phone…

Man, we all do, I think! Technology – massive part of our lives.

I have a laptop which is my very own – sometimes my mum uses it to check her email, but it’s mostly mine. I’ve become so used to it!

My desktop – well, I’ve had it since 2004 or so. It’s so old. But it’s so strong! It’s amazing, really. But it hums like a madman.

I love to read and draw as well, but lately I feel like I’ve been keeping up with my sites so much that I don’t have the time to read. Well, you definitely aren’t the only one! ♥

I guess you can consider me lucky… speaking of which, my mum did finally return my laptop. :) I hope it’s for good! :)

oh gahhhh!! i’m so sorry that your mom took away your laptop just because she was a little upset with your brother earlier. Sigh! When will you get it back?! UGH! lame!

You pooor thing! You should sneak it back & say, “look mother, I am friggin 18 years old, give me a break. I’m turning 19 this year. gimmeback my laptop!!”

Well, you could always go over to Jame’s house & use his dvorak keyboard..ahahahaha. Although that would be some serious major suckage. Your comments/e-mails would probably look like, “owl eillenz sleld dkalock ekllxle? alkeucklje oh crap i forgot it’s not a qwerty keyboard -_-”

oh yeah i totally forgot that your font before this was also georgia. i was used to seeing..arial, right?

ahh technology, we depend on it way too much. if we were stuck on an island, we probably wouldn’t even be able to survive for more than a day unless we got a fire going. i don’t know how to build a house out of palm trees. shoot, i watch Man Vs. Wild a lot (because Bear Grylls is so damn fine) but it doesn’t mean I’ll be able to fend for myself in the friggin wilderness! gahhh.

Perhaps you should cut down on the domains! I don’t know how you keeep up sometimes but then again, you don’t really, haha like you said. I still need to do stuff for Tiffany really irks me. I kind of become really relaxed when I don’t have to worry about it.

What are your hobbies? Photography!
Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why? Yes, both. Because it’s awesome & it occupies my time when I have nothing better to do…like you! :D
What do you do when you are bored? Hello Desktop. :)

I’m answering the questions, because that’s fun ✌️!

* What are your hobbies?
My hobbies are photography, singing, listening to music, watching tv, surfing the internet, and blogging.
* Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why?
I use both. I mainly use a desktop computer right now since mom got a new one for Christmas and it has Windows 7, ahahaha.
* What do you do when you are bored?
Surf the web, play WiiFit, text people, blog, eat food lol.

I’m hoping that this experience will teach you to not be so addicted to the computer. But I admit, I am really addicted to the internet. Technology is like a huge part of my life. I really like going on the computer and checking comments on my blog, they put a smile on my face too :)

At least your trying to sneak around and blog for us, we appreciate it because……well we like reading them XD
At least you have Twitter where you can talk to people still. I hope your laptop comes back to you sooner.

* What are your hobbies? My hobbies are tv, computer, writing, reading, & hanging out with friends.
* Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why? I use a desktop computer. I share with the whole family. I seriously can’t go a day without going on the computer
* What do you do when you are bored? I usually read or go on the computer :D

ahwell. at least you got it back :D

What are your hobbies? Basically the computer. I could never ever live without it.

Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why?
Both. I use my desktop computer at home because I have dialup and all of my website stuff is on it. I have a laptop, that I can’t use at home because it doesnt have the phone modem on it. So, I have to go to the library to use wireless. If I can’t go to the library, I’m screwed O_O

What do you do when you are bored? Computer. I know it may sound like I’m obsessed, but you can always find lots to do on the computer ;)

I ♥ your layout by the way. It’s super cute.

*sorry I totally forgot to change my new link :P