How To Save A Life

I’m typing this at work, knowing full well that I have to take it out of my break. I’m not going to lie about my breaks.

If you need to know what’s up – head on over to my previous post. Long story short, my mum took my laptop away from me because she was in a mood with my brother. Not fair, right? Well, tell me about it…

I just thought I’d let you all know how I’m doing without regular access to a computer. Well, it sucks, as you probably predicted. I’ve been trying to sneak online, I’ve been using the desktop computer in my room late at night, and I’ve been talking to people on Twitter since it’s free on my iPhone.

The way I’ve been feeling is so mixed. I’m so happy (as corny as this sounds) that a lot of my friends online continue to support and hope for me. I really feel like I owe you something. ♥️

I’ve had feelings of running away, punching pillows, anger, sadness. And all because I got my laptop taken away? O_O

Well, to put it bluntly, yes.

It’s hard for me to live without my laptop or a computer. I thought I just had an addiction and that this would teach me some sort of lesson. Well, no, it hasn’t.

I’ve realised that web designing and coding is a real hobby of mine. I know I love other things, like drawing, reading and playing music – but having something taken away from me like this – it feels terrible. Yesterday, I felt so bored. I did some house chores, watched television (which I hate) and talked to people on Twitter using my iPhone.

I wrote a few things down on paper, with plans of what to do. But writing on paper is nothing – it’s nothing, when I want to design something in Photoshop or play around with code.

Technology is such a huge part of our lives – I can’t go a day without checking my email, and I’m annoyed at the Webmail format for my site email when I want it to be imported into Outlook as usual, and I read the news (I hate watching it on television – it’s just me), I deal with my bank accounts…

Finding myself bored? It was like, woah, what a shock. 😞 I don’t like that because my mum took away my laptop, it’s like all my hobbies, enrichment activities, “me time” – is gone, just like that.

I’m happy that I managed to put up a new caption competition and deal with other things. As I said, this might be teaching me a lesson. I’m going to cut down on my domains and just relax.

I appreciate all the comments – I did get up to the ones on the last post, and I promise you, replies are headed your way. In… well, a timely manner. And hopefully I’ll be able to keep the blogging going… though I can’t promise it’ll be much more than “I’m bored”, *whine* and other things.

It sounds lame, but comments are like my fuel. You guys keep me going, make me feel loved and it almost makes me cry to know I’m appreciated, and cared for. I’ll take my mind off it and let you answer questions too. 🙂

  • What are your hobbies?
  • Do you use a laptop/desktop computer – why?
  • What do you do when you are bored?

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