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If you happen to be a fan of the song Tonight Tonight by the Smashing Pumpkins, join my fanlisting for it! /eee

Since I gave my brother my iPod touch, and got my iPhone, he’s been incredibly desperate to get wireless internet. At home we have ADSL2+, so, broadband internet pretty much – but our movements are restricted because we’re connected to the modem with a cable. Not that my brother needs wireless for his computer (it’s not a laptop) but now he wants it for the iPod touch.

I would like it too, so I could do some things on my iPhone and I could move around with my laptop as well.

It’s not very good in the summer in Australia. Our house only has air conditioning in the living room, so it isn’t in Brandon’s and my rooms. It gets super hot in our rooms, and the fans do no justice.

Yesterday I actually moved to the cool air conditioned living room with my laptop. I had to open all the pages I wanted to browse and read, disconnect the internet and then move.

I did what I had planned to do, with no internet, and I got a nice hour in that cool room. Nevertheless I’m still jealous that my boyfriend James has air conditioning in his room now. /pow

And yes, I’ve tried using my neighbour’s wireless, but anywhere I can connect to, it’s protected with a password. Dang it.

However, there is this house down the street, on the corner, that has unprotected wireless. Well, I’m not even sure if it’s that house, but I can access the internet on my iPhone for about 30 seconds when we’re in the car and drive by that house. I was so amused when I quickly connected it and was able to refresh Twitterrific to see new tweets. :P

The other day after church, my brother, dad and I were in the car and drove slowly by that house. We also stopped briefly near the house. We were near a strip of fence so it didn’t look too suspicious.

My brother wanted to jailbreak his iPod and needed the wireless. O_O Fair enough… I hope he doesn’t totally wreck it because I threw the receipt away. /um (Hmm… I could probably show them my bank transactions.)

After a few minutes (my brother’s weird-ass jailbreaking thing taking a long time to download) my dad got angry and said he didn’t want to get caught and get in trouble. My brother raged and said that no one could tell we were using their internet.

Well, my brother got what he wanted today because he went to the shops and I’m sure he went to McDonald’s to use the free Wi-Fi.

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XD (H) ✌️


gg :)

Hoorayyyyyyy! /pow /type 😏 /bounce /bounce

Hello! Someone has been very busy with fanlistings lately :P I have already joined your Tonight Tonight fanlisting. (Yay) :)

Glad to see that your brother is enjoying the use of your itouch. Hahahaha. It’s funny that he wants wireless just so he can use it on the itouch :P But wireless is annoying to set up.

When I set ours up, it stuffed so many times. Later I found out that half the time it stuffed was cos my stupid retard assface of a brother was trying to do something with my mother’s laptop and the not-even-set-up wireless while I was setting it up. No wonder it refused to recognise my computer thing. /angry

And trying to put a password on it was a pain in the arse. I ended up having to call netgear. 😳 But then again, the freedom to move around is pretty cool. :P

Yeah, our house is similar…we only have aircon in the dining room. Because that’s where the people who owned our house before us put it in. (strange). My room gets SOOOOO hot…@_@ Fans don’t do anything unless the window’s open and it’s cold outside. Ughhhhh… 😰

Hahahahahaha…That’s funny how you parked in front of that house for your brother to be all cheap and jailbreak or whatever. Hahahaha. If I were your dad, I’d be terrified too =P Lucky he didn’t break it, but if it did, it’d totally be his fault :P

Haha indeed! I just got approved for another one. :)

It must be annoying. It’s probably like normal internet – any setting up takes some time. Gosh, your brother’s an idiot. Of course you shouldn’t fucking try to mess with it when it isn’t even fully installed. /angry

LOL I want to move around too! Maybe I should just not get a Netgear router. :P

Aww, you’re the same like us. At least you can move though, haha.

I don’t remember if we had air conditioning in our house prior to buying it. I actually don’t think so. My parents were recently thinking of putting air conditioning in my brother’s and my room. /eee Who knows?

Fans don’t do anything at all; I swear they move the hot air around. I have carpet which doesn’t exactly help… and hot air rises! 💥

LOL now, guess what? My brother wants to walk down there now (not a far walk) to use it. LOL.

Well jailbreaking… is so you can get all these free apps and stuff. @_@ It lets you customise your iPod and whatnot. I’m worried it wrecks the system but apparently you can just restore the iPod and it’ll be fine…

A decent router costs between $50 and $75 without an integrated DSL modem which’ll you already have. :)
Wireless cards are cheap too /frog
Very easy to install in your PC’s too

Phew, it’s gonna be 43 deg tomorrow. 😰 age! That air con came just in time /um but it may rain; there was thunder on the horizon. /love


Haha you shall have to help me through this. :) I know nothing about networks. So confusing. /um

Ugh, I hate it! I woke up at 5am today because it was fuggen hot! 😰 And I couldn’t go back to sleep. But I saw the sun rise (more like the sunlight coming up, stupid fucking houses in the way…). /eee

I hope it rains. ♥ These hot days tend to end with thunder. ✌️

Yes, same. I usually have a “base layout code” as I like to call it, saved on my computer. I just changed the CSS and add a header image or something :) It’s so much easier than having to code it from scratch all the time.
I’m happy that I can code almost everything myself. I mean not javascript and flash, but you know, html, php, and css. I want to learn how to code scripts, but it looks to hard. But then again, I thought HTML was hard the first time I tried it.

omg, same. I used to be so bad with all that. I never used to credit. But then again, I never thought the word “credit” existed in the online world. But this was about three years ago.
Whoa 2003? It sounds weird when you say that. I was in grade three then. haha :) I was a little girl.

Hell yeah! I have to go to like Rome, Paris, London, etc, to really know what Fashion is all about. Well, that’s what everyone has been telling me :) *sigh* It’s so expensive though.

Lol :) I’ve only just started entering domain competitions. I really want to win the one at Misty Clouds, but I know I won’t. It’s only my first Domain Competition I’ve entered, anyway. There will be more to come :)

It sounds like fun, but I won’t do it. There is so many out there already, like you said :)

Thank you for telling me that :) I was scared that I would have this fear for life, but I am currently too scared to overcome it. Like you said, the more I call people up, I’ll get better. I just need experience. ;) Sometimes It’s even awkward talking on the phone to my friends.


I have wireless interenet :) Hehe :) But I don’t have a laptop so i can’t take it wherever.
Yeah I think it would be cool to have it on your iPhone :) My friend has it on her ipod touch, it’s fun to watch youtube videos at night, in bed :P

OMG, it’s super hot. Mostly in the mornings when I wake up, though. I litterally jump out of bed, pour water on myself, and pull of all my clothes at put my shorts on lol. It’s actually cold mostly here at night because we have the air conditioner on :P

Good old Mc Donalds :) I’ve never used free wireless there, but it’s certainly a good idea.


Woah, I’m amazed that you already have 50+ fanlistings in your collective. I still have to reach 10. XD

Haha. I would love a wireless internet connection too, but I don’t really need it right now, as we only have PCs here. But I would really love the speed since our connection here is kind of slow and my parents don’t want to upgrade it. T__T

Congrats on having an iPhone! It’s expensive here, and I’d rather buy a laptop with the money. :P I don’t mind not having a phone since I lost mine. XD

Oh, it’s summer already there? Are you on a break from school now? 2 months from now and it’ll be summer again. Yay!

LOL! Our department has Wi-Fi but they have it password-protected, but we were able to connect to Wi-Fi through the other departments. Lucky. XD

Haha. Your brother sure is funny. We go to this pizza house just to connect to their Wi-Fi. Who wouldn’t grab that internet connection for free, right? But I guess they had that covered up with their prices though.

My butt would feel flat if I keep sitting in front of the computer and my hands would hurt because of typing too much. So I always wash myself before using the computer because I wouldn’t want to abuse my body, especially my defective eyes. T_T

Iframes. XD Yes, they don’t look good right now. Even web design has trends. XD And my teacher told us that if we make our project using frames, he’ll fail us. LOL!

Ahh fanlisting, cool! I want to make a fanlisting collective but I’m afraid I can’t manage it XD

Whoa iPod Touch and iPhone! I want those. But my dad won’t buy them for me since he just bought me a new cellphone lol. I won’t use my savings too because I think it’s like a waste.

Oh is it summer there? It has been raining all the time here in Indonesia. We’re so aware of the flood now. The river besides my housing estate becomes higher and higher as the rain falls.

LOL I think I have told you about my neighbor’s unprotected WLAN network :P Haha you can use it freely if you’re here. And the best thing is, I’m living right besides his house so I can use the WiFi everyday, every time XD

Talking about McDonald’s free WiFi service, the WiFi services in Indonesia is not really good even if it’s provided by a famous restaurant. Like the WiFi in a fast food restaurant (something like McDonald’s) is so lame and I can’t even view Google homepage. My neighbor’s WiFi is even better lol.

Yeah, but I can’t really think of a thing before I sleep. Well, I always think of one thing at first, but few minutes later I realize that my mind has gone somewhere else and I end up thinking of other thing. It’s so funny that the first thing I think of changes into something related to it and I end up thinking of something I don’t want to think about.

I think my readable face won’t be so annoying if my teachers at school can get a life and give me a little privacy. They show me that they’re totally care about me, but I think they’re so over the limit. They want to know everything about me, which is so annoying :(

Most people in my school know me and they always feel worried if they see my sad or mad face. They will ask me what happened, and they show me they care. But when I show them a happy face, they don’t seem to care at all. So the conclusion is: when I’m mad or sad, they don’t gimme a privacy and when I’m happy they act as if I’m not there. LOL.

Honestly i havent heard of Smashing Pumkin. I may google them and see what the fuss is about :)

I don’t think i could do without wireless internet- i have it at my university house and were allways watching TV in the living room whilst on our laptops.
Though i can remember how annoying it was in my student flat last year when i had non-wireless. So i feel your pain!

heyy thanks and I know right what did they think i was gonna do yell at them or cry or something if they said it to my face, sure i’d have been upset but i’d have accepted it a lot better than being totally humiliated like that
yeah i’m glad i’ve got her too i think i’d feel really lonely right now otherwise

thanks :) i think my exam went okay considering i slept through all those classes all semester lol, in my defence it was the dullest thing i’d ever done including maths!!
ooh thanks and 1st march thats quite a while away yet it must be nice having a break from uni at least

oooh a fanlisting i like that song, i might join it later :) i’m totally into fanlistings now haha

aww that sucks that you don’t have air con in your rooms at home we have these little mobile air con units which is nice in the summer when it gets hot (not as hot as where you are obv tho :( :( )
fans dont do anything except move the hot air around :( :(

ooh i hope you get wireless!! we got ours 2 years ago because my mum wanted the computer shifted from the living room because of space issues and i said i’d have it in my room but we’d need wireless because the cable is downstairs so we got a cheap router and it’s so much easier but we’re getting a new router in a few months because ours is shit and gives a crap signal so the internet is sometimes slow. wireless cards are decent too I just fitted one into our desktop pc (we had a usb adaptor before) which is easier because it doesnt disconnect in bad weather or while i’m on farmville (dont ask i have no idea ) but i hope you can get it :)

i dont have wifi at my flat but the cables long enough to stretch from my wall to my bed so it doesnt bother me too much apart from the fact its a physical connection and we have wifi in uni so it’s pretty good

glad your brothers having fun with your old itouch though :)

Your brother sounds so, good.
My brother woke my whole family up at midnight last night; because he felt so guilty he had spent £90 on his mobile phone, and we have no money to pay for it.
He ran away.
He came back, 10 minutes later. But I got scared; very scared.
I also didn’t get to sleep until about 2am when I had to get up to go to the toilet at about 5am. /um

Is it Summer where you are? It’s winter here. @_@ When I was younger in the Summer I always used to have a fan, but it never worked. Sometimes when it reached me it worked; but that was only my head which wasn’t even hot. /pow

We have wireless internet here. It’s really good; we never used to have it but now I can get to the other side of the house and use it. XD
I took my laptop to my Nan’s once and we went by car, I had internet for about half the journey. ✌️

I emailed you about the sub domain by the way. /heart Thanks for hosting me. ♥

That’s really sad. :( I would have been scared too if I was in your position.

My brother is only 14. He’s the younger one. But he can be pretty stubborn. It depends on his mood, and he’s pretty moody sometimes.

I slept from 1am last night. But you know what, the heat is so bad here. I woke up in the middle of the night at around 5am. I couldn’t go to sleep because of the heat. :( So I just stayed awake. *sigh*

I have a ceiling fan, but the heat is unbearable. It’s like 41 Celsius right now (106 Fahrenheit). 😰

That’s good haha. I wish I had wireless so I can move my laptop around. I am the only person in the house with a laptop but my brother might be getting one soon so maybe we will get wireless after all.

You’re welcome! ♥

Thats more than we’ve ever had it here. The highest temperature while I have been alive is about 32°. In other countries its been hotter though. ;)
It’s about 3° here now.

That’s good you might be getting wireless internet, good luck with it. /bounce

Yeah I too am glad we agree on the sex thing. It should only be for adults. That are married.

So your brother wants some kind of internet on his itouch? Will it be expensive? What kind of internet is that?

No offense but your little brother sounds a bit spoiled. But in a way he’s not ya know?

Gah, I just took my new medicine that you put under your tongue and let it dissolve and boy is it nasty. I can’t eat or drink for 10 minutes. YUCK!! But I heard if it tastes nasty than it’s supposed to work. Not really sure it’s correct or not but I hope so cause if it works than I can get rid of the voice that I hear.

I’ll trade you my winter season for summer any day. I love the rain as long as I don’t have to go in it, but I’ve been in it every day this week just about. Even when it was pouring down rain. In some areas there were tornado warning’s. I guess Long Beach had a tornado, and than other place as well. Crazy aint it? I live in Southern California and it’s not supposed to have tornado’s. What’s this world coming too?

I’m glad you were able to get close to the air conditioned room. Sorry that the weather is really hot. My dad likes it hot too. I don’t. But he does. Ironic? So are you going to get wi-fi internet or are your parents against it?

We have wi-fi that’s how I’m connected with on my computer. And it’s funny because it works exactly like a laptop. But than again we have DSL so an ethernet cable would probably work like a laptop does? I dunno.

I’ve read some of your “9′ review. It seems pretty interesting. 80 minutes long? That’s pretty good length for a movie. I love Elijah Wood. Heehee. Anyway, I better go.

/hehe you guys are so ghetto. Why don’t you all get a wireless router, because jailbreaking will take a while.
Cool, your McDonald have wifi.
Does it ever get cool where you live in Australia?
It’s January, and you are already using the a/c.

Whew, it seems hot there! DX It reminds me the summer I went to China and we were at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house and the air conditioning is only in their room so we were pratcially sweltering…. DX

McDonalds’ Wifi is sometimes not free.. Barnes and Noble always blasts the AC and has free Wifi! :D My favorite store. It has a Starbucks in there. Also lots of books. (Coffee+books+Cappy=uh oh)

Oo… it stinks that you have AC in only one house. My room seems like it doesn’t have any AC because the AC doesn’t reach it… Not that I need AC right now. (I live in America)

Yeah, that was a mean question. I didn’t even notice my haircut looked that bad at the time, it was when I looked through pictures I noticed. Lol.

I agree, sort of. I think my school opened beacuse we’d already missed 2 days, but I was still annoyed about it. Last Wednesday it was extremely icy and they made us go to school. Me and my sister had to walked and it took us 10 minutes to get round the corner, lol. Then the people on the buses had to walk down the hill near our school ’cause the bus couldn’t get down there.

I just think Celebrity Big Brother’s amusing. I love the tasks they have to do. So funny.

A one snowball snow man would be cool. He/she would look like a baby snow man, aww.

Hopefully you can get wireless internet. I think we got it when my dad or sister bought their laptops, a couple of years ago I think. Ours is password protected, but quite a few people don’t protect it on our street.

I think it would be quite cool if neighbours paid for internet together, if they liked each other that is.

Jailbreaking, tut tut tut. Everyone gets it done at school, ’cause this guy knows how to do it. The school must have Wi-Fi, lol.

you can use router,
in this way you can easily use your internet without wire,it cost you a little,but it change your current wired dsl to wireless one. ;)

Yeah, I know that, but it’s a matter that needs to be discussed with my parents because it does come at that extra cost and setting it up can be annoying.

yeah! sure

Haha, with you around, I think wi-fi owners should star to learn how to protect their wireless connections. We’re going to get one soon, and definately will protect it with a password or two :P

Well, it’s their loss. Besides, it’s rare that you find connections that are unprotected (save the ones in the cafes).

I don’t know that song but I’ll listen to it and check out your fanlisting :) . Our McDonalds doesn’t have free wifi 😒 not fair lol.

Please don’t feel rushed about the review thing at all – I just hope I didn’t come across like that. I’m fine with waiting for a new layout, and I actually kind of think that if I wait some better inspiration will come along. :] So take your time; I know I’ve asked for reviews form you a lot, but I guess your website just seems so superior and I value your opinion. =P

I do have a pretty good relationship with my mom and dad. I love them both to pieces (well, durh, they’re my parents) and as far as teenagers or almost-teenagers go, we’re pretty close. My dad and I even have our own handshake and I guess I’m very blessed with such wonderful parents ♥ (even if they do deny me the ability to go and see BB…)

Ahh, I love smilies though. I’m a complete addict… but otherwise fairly literate.

Sports houses? That sounds pretty interesting. =P Kind of cool, though, and a bit better than numbers and letters.

I’m jealous – carnivals? All we ever have are pep rallies and maybe a football game every so often (our team sucks though…) haha.

Tie-dying was pretty fun. I rather liked the teacher-student bonding, the better relationships us kids have with the teachers, the more we learn. And of course the social aspect of interacting with classmates was nice too.

I like my school too; the design is welcoming and I’ve grown to really feel at home their. I think it’s cool when universities and schools and everything are set up in unique ways – it proves that creativity is still out there (it seems to be lacking lately).

I’m a very strong Christian, so I’m going still. :] I understand that you aren’t that into it though, it all depends on situations and personalities and religions themselves and… so many variables. =P We get confirmed at the end of 7th grade, so in just a few months for me.

I almost forgot (well, just blanked) about the whole time-zone summer-winter thing. Here in Wisconsin it’s freezing cold and a few months away from spring – there in Australia it’s summer! I can see how it’d get so hot. WI is pretty chilly year round, but we have heat and air conditioning (most houses and buildings do). It rather sucks that your room doesn’t have air conditioning – at least it’s somewhat bareable, I hope?

LOL, up at my grandmother’s house her neighbor has internet but she doesn’t, so we always go on the laptop near the west side of her house so that we have connection. =P

I’m glad your brother was able to do what he wanted; I also see where your dad was coming from. Perhaps stealing someone’s internet isn’t the best thing, but it isn’t really horrible either – you aren’t really increasing their bills or anything. =P

Take care~! xx

In England, we seem to have the opposite problem- with heating instead. Nowhere is heated enough! In science today one end of the room was being blasted with a heater, and so the people that end opened all of the windows. Which meant the the people who weren’t being blasted with the heater were absolutely freezing. As in, shivering and teeth chattering freezing :/ The boys opened all of the windows that are high up, so none of us could reach to close them.

Of course I appreciate your tutorials and content! Trust me, it can be a lifesaver. I’ve used your centering a layout tut recently, you taught me PHP includes, external stylesheets, installing fanupdate and smilies, CHMODing, and favicons.. and that’s just having a quick look at some of your tutorials. Don’t you ever think nobody appreciates the time and effort you put into your websites! Seriously, you’re amazing. /bounce

Here’s to hoping you get a router someday /type

What’s jailbreak? I never understood when people said that. I’m curious. Is it like overriding the ipod or something? Doesn’t it overheat?

Gah, now I wanna go to the mall @_@

But he could have a nose up by his eyes? LOL, I do not know. But I firmly believe that I am right. TAKE THAT. XD

It shall be titled: Georgina and Kaela’s Epic Search List

So let it be written, so let it be done! 👏

Oh, ermm, I think I may have actually. Sorry, :O I’m not quite sure though. O_O

Parents are always doing that, they probably don’t even realize they annoy you. But once you’re older and you both don’t see each other like everyday. You will probably get along much better :)

Yeah! The aftershock, I think it’s just awful. It was already a poor country so this is just terrible.

Haha, :P Maybe I should get a sparkly one too. I mean, a sparkly horse! xP Now, that would be AWESOME :)

Yup, she’s older, but she still comes down the hill with me sometimes. :)

I think it’s sweet, but still, Summer likes my stepdad best. I play with her, my mom feeds her, my stepdad gives her a pat and rubs her tummy. O_o
Dogs a MANS best friend. XD

Oh yes! You’re in the Southern hemisphere, I keep forgetting. I was like, WARM?? WTF? Lol, XD but you’ll probably get snow when I’m in summer. But you’ll get it! :)

I like both, skiing has a bigger rush because like. You’re on a FREAKING MOUNTAIN. Well, part of it anyway. While when your sledding, it’s more of a hill. :P

Sorry and ALSO!

LOL! I know exactly how he feels. I had all these AWESOME apps on my itouch, yeah I can’t access them without wifi. And my mom doesn’t have wifi, my dad does. X_X

I do that in the summer! LOL. I bring the fan out and set it in front of the tv so it’s facing directly at my. Scooch up on the couch and read/watch tv/computer. This fan is powerful baby. XD
Plus, it’s fun to talk like a robot, when you put your face up close to it, :P

HAHA! LOL. That’s so smart. But I mean, seriously! I have tons of connected wifi things around my neighborhood and the connection is medium high. Yet their all locked. :(

My cousin wanted to jailbreak her ipod, really bad. But her mom is big on law and ‘what’s right’ so she wouldn’t let her. I would do it, but I’m afraid someone might catch me or take me to court or something they do to people who do illegal stuff. :O

If I knew what to do with fanlistings, I would totally join yours! I love the Smashing Pumpkins! I had an obsession with them for quite some time, but for some reason, I easily got over them.

Anyways, you have the opposite kind of weather! I live in Alaska, so it’s pretty much cold all year long and the highest the temperature can get to is 60F, well, where I live in Alaska. But I’m never inside long enough to break a sweat since I’m usually always out biking with my friends. xD Talk about fun. haha.

My uncle’s cousin jail broke his iTouch, which then resulted in him having his iTouch breaking. He’s been trying make me help him fix it, but I know nothing on iTouch’s since I don’t own one myself. It’s sucks, but I’ve lived with it. haah.

And I know what you mean about not having wireless. We used to have wireless, but I screwed it up when I tried to hook up with the Wii. And now, we can’t even get access to it unless we hook up to the box. It’s a pain in the ass. But after a few months of doing that, a new family moved in next door. And let’s say, they don’t ever lock their wifi. I love it, really, since they probably have the fastest internet connection possible. (: If only I had the guts to tell them I use their internet, haha. They’re a pretty nice family, though. (:

Oh, and I’m a new commenter which is probably why you don’t know me. haha. (: Nice to meet you, Georgina. I’ve been reading your blogs for awhile, but I just haven’t had the guts to comment on them. It’s quite sad, really. haha. You have really great blogs! I haven’t missed one since I found your site. :D

LOL for a second I though it said, “Since I gave birth to my iPod..” instead of, “Since I gave my brother my iPod..” xD

I have Wireless. My parents told me the password, heh.

Yeah the Samsung Slyde is pretty cool. I accidentally dropped it in the toilet though, LOL. And my last phone went through the washer and dryer and was fried… O.o

Aww. D: I hope she hasn’t hit you too hard. Take care!

I hope sometime in the near future you get wifi. It’s awesome. We got it when we moved here. I know what you mean about the cords. They were a pain in the /poo /oh

I hope it cools down so that you can have internet to do what you need to do with your websites more often. :) /type = ♥

Your Welcome. :)

Oh, I checked it out. So awesome. I like how you named everything. What is the difference between your database of icons and the icons you have on your portfolio? I know that the database has more but besides that, I don’t see any difference. Just out of curiosity.
Thanks, btw. I didn’t make it but I did make the banner, the part that says “Zebraffe Portfolio”.

Yeah, I don’t really get as many comments but I try by commenting other people’s websites. I like to apply for advertising and affiliation at people’s sites too cuz then I get advertising to make my website big like your’s. All of your’s. I’m so jealous! /argh

Yeah, same here. I’m obsessed with websites now. I used to play roller coaster tycoon but I haven’t touched that in at least 2-3 months.

Hahaha. Do you have your permit? I couldn’t wait to get my licence. My mom didn’t let me get my licence until RIGHT before school started cuz then my dad was leaving for Boston. I passed on the first try while some of my friends failed 2-3 times. I was like, “OMG! How could you fail? All we did was go around the block?!” Obviously, they weren’t ready for the test in the first place.

Yeah, we go up to 12th grade. We call those Seniors here. I’m in 11th grade. So I’m almost done. :D

Oh I bet you could do some serious stuff with wireless and the i-phone, mwahhaa!
Believe me when I say I KNOW all about living in a hot living space… years ago Brad and I lived in a place with NO air conditioning in the blazing summer- yeah no fun!

Haha gotta love Wi-Fi!

I love fantasy books, though!! ♥
I know, I hate summer here. It’s so hot. We have air-conditioning but my dad doesn’t like to use them much.
lol, I have wireless and it’s connected to 3 different laptops in my house.
Most wirelesses are connected with a password so no one except the people you want to can share your internet. So in the case of your brother, he really shouldn’t use the house’s internet- he might get caught!
Just ask your parents to buy a wireless router and it’s easy to install. It makes everything so much easier. I have a Netgear router and I think it’s great! Officeworks has a lot of routers to choose from too.
Thank god that McDonalds have Wi-Fi. XD

i only wish i have longer legs haha.

when i got my ipod touch, i was desperate for wireless so i had my dad turn on wireless :)

darnn i hate it when neighbours password their wireless :( but then again, i’d be stealing their internet if it wasnt passworded :P

i wrecked my ipod by jail breaking it but when i went to the apple store, they have a record of your warranty so reciept is not needed. not sure if its the same for you !

I still find you internet service weird. O_O I don’t really understand it at all. But I don’t understand most things /hehe

Isn’t it really annoying waking up because your hot and sticky? Trust me, I know how you feel. When I was growing up, we only had and A/C downstairs. So upstairs would get so friggin’ hot that I would just sprawl out on the bed and think ‘cooling’ thoughts.

I hate being hot. I natually run warm, so when it’s hot outside, I get even hotter. Which annoys the hell out of me.

I think that it was very nice of you to give your ipod touch to your brother when you got an iphone. Did he say thank you? I hope he did, it was a very generous gift. :)

Oh that sucks! I can find so many houses in my area to piggyback on… People in this city aren’t very smart… I don’t even need it though cause I have wireless and I know the pass to get in..

What is jailbreakig anyway?

My mom is the same. She gets mad whenever any of us buy a new phone or something. XD
Yeah, maybe. XD

My school starts on 1st February. I had some homework and I completed most of it. I’ll do the left bit later on, and I’ve got a group project, that I hate doing. :P

Same here! I don’t know why I saw that dream. It was just freaking weird. O_O

We have wireless internet in our house but my phone does not get wireless network. :/
That sucks it’s so hot. It’s pretty much cold here.
I have this air conditioner in my room that does not work. It gets really hot in summer so at night I start sweating like hell. Hopefully you get an air conditioner in your room!
We don’t have McDonald’s here and there’s Wi-Fi in only a few shops. So whenever I get in one of those shops, I star having a fight with my sister over who will use the wireless on her mobile. :P If my father goes then he lets me use his mobile phone. :D

Erm, he should be careful in jailbreaking his phone. I think I read an article how Apple doesn’t codone that so they would not provide him with another.But why don’t you guys just buy some cheap wireless? I don’t really know about the wireless market in Australia but I’m guessing the prices cant be too inflated… idk.

Hi :D
Free wi-fi :D Just go to Mcdonalds or KFC or whatever and they should have free wi-fi. My sister has wireless internet in her room. I don’t mind that much, but the purpose of having a laptop is that so you can carry it around and my laptop screen darkens when the power plug is pulled off and I’m stuck with no internet because I have to pull the internet cord off my laptop. But oh well.
LOL. Driving slowly just to have internet >.<" They should have wireless internet in the library too.

I know! But it said it was going to be really hot today, and in the morning it wasn't that hot until around 11am the sun was really bright and when you walked outside you could feel hot air. Everyone should just fry eggs on their skin. But it cooled down and it actually rained so yeah. Full weather report :) Hehe, yeah I hate hot nights. I couldn't sleep last night because my brother had a nightmare and was crying so loud, I bet the whole street could hear him. Sheesh, he even said he disliked me ==" LOL.

I remember in primary schools I used pacers. But then you would have to change the lead and the lead went everywhere in my pencilcase ==" Rarely anyone uses pacers anymore in highschool.
Yeah, I saw those coloured papermate pens and I was like "I'm going to get them!" They are much more interesting then black and blue pens.

– Rebecca

Ah, I have heard of the hot weather in Australia during this time. Singapore is not any better either. I always feel like I’m being barbecue every time I’m outdoors. I miss the monsoon season! Maybe you can get the kind of fan that releases cold air like an air conditioning system? Except that it’s a portable fan-like thing. It’s pretty popular in Singapore as I’ve seen a few of my friends using those in their rooms when the weather gets hot.

Anyway, I understand your frustration when using the cabled-Internet connection. There is one plus point though. You get to have a more stable connection as compared to a wireless network. Every computer in my house is using the wireless network and I get disconnected occasionally for about 10 seconds or so. I’m pretty sure a wired connection doesn’t have that problem. Think of it on the plus side. :P

Haha Georgina – at least you have a FAN in your room! I live in Australia too, and my room has neither fan nor air conditioning. Actually – I think I live quite close to you – considering things you mention in your blog… Creepy…

Anyhow, I wish I had an iphone/itouch so that I can use the free wireless at Macca’s.

And I’m so jealous about that house with the unprotected wireless – how AWESOME would it be to live next door!

Haha mine is a ceiling fan! It’s not that amazing in my opinion but I think you should have one too. :O

Well I don’t know if you’ve been a long follower of my blogs or just dropped by. But it would be funny if we did live pretty close to each other. Some people know what university I go to and whereabouts I live but I sort of talk about that in private, rather. ;)

I don’t think it’s creepy at all. Just a funny coincidence maybe. :) I do live in Sydney though!

I don’t really live “next door” to the house as such, but it’s a bit of a walk down our street. :P

Lol. I used to try using my neighbours wireless, but we have our own now. I only listen to Paramore when it comes to rock music. Sorry for getting back so late 😝

I’m pretty sure you won’t be covered anyway for a jailbroken iPod!

thank you :)

We use air condition only in the summer because it is so expensive to use.
I wonder if Australia is hotter than the Bahamas?
It should be… Atleast we have beautiful beaches XD

/ho <- hilarious

waaah envious!! i want an iphone too! T^T hehe. so it’s summer there right now? wow.

i have an airconditioner in my room but it’s crappy because it’s really big and noisy wahaha. ANTIQUE lol XD but it still helps.

* we both have*

Aww, thank you! *hugs* It’ll be cooler though if I drew the header. XD Problem is, I suck at drawing. ;p

I don’t mind not having lots of members for my fanlisting/s though. I’m happy with the thought of owning a fanlisting that I really love. XD

Wow, that must mean you recently had the break, probably weeks ago? Enjoy the summer! /love

Yes, you need to buy something. That’s the price. Even the internet in our school library and computer laboratories don’t come for free. -.- At least the price per hour is only haf of the usual price, but still! /pow

Hahaha LOL! That reminds me of my brothers. After they use the computer, the keyboard would get really slidy. They eat on our computer table and more often than not they eat oily foods. And I’ll be the one to clean up their mess.

Omona!~ haha, cute! I hope I’ll pass too!

My friends always tell me to drink orange juice, but since I was a kid I’ve been drinking water when I have colds, so it has become my habit. XD

I even hate talking when I have colds, how much more if I have to sing with my already out-of-tune voice? I hope your performance didn’t suck too much though.

Aww, thank you! I’ll try Blogsvertise. I need money for my braces. T_T Damn teeth! Hope I’d earn from this too. XD

Can a blog only register for one paid blogging service? Or can one blog be registered to 2 or more? I’m quite confused there, because I also want to try; they said it’s nice too.

Thank you for the link! Why didn’t they ask you to write something? You’re good at it! /eee

Just the thought of having to code something completely from scratch now, makes me shudder. Haha. I guess it wouldn’t be that hard…
Whenever i’m doing a layout I do one little change to the css, and then I have to save & preview it. I don’t know why… I just can’t do heaps in one go. I have to save after I do one little thing, and see the difference :P

Oh yes, I remember iFrames, haha. And Absolute Positioning… haha. That was a BIG no no. Blah.

Oh yes, not only fashion, haha. I wouldn’t want to shop for the whole trip… The one place I am definitely going to visit one day, is Japan. I’m going. Yes. I am determined to get there. Though I’m a bit worried about not being able to speak their language.. D:

I did have a laptop. Oh, it was years ago now. It was a very good one… well, at the time I thought it was. It battled with a fair few viruses (thanks to me) and it didn’t make it through the 4th wave. *sigh* I have learnt from my mistakes though! No more crashing computers for me!

Yeah taking showers in the morning normally isn’t a good idea. Unless it’s cold water ;) Sometimes I like to have cold showers. Especially if you feel all greasy from the weather >___<

Haha that’s alright, thanks. I don’t know how to put icons up without them coming up as the actual HTML code and not the image.

That’s good it rained; unless it was hot rain. Haha. A storm? @_@ Normally when it’s sunny here we have rain the next day. ✌️

Our wireless connection is the same thing, but I have desktop PC so it’s no problem for me but my sisters have laptops so they always have trouble. You can get connection in our room but after you sit on the floor close to the door lol and in the living room which is cool because those two rooms are the most important.

My ipod has died, also my mp3 I so envy your brother /wah . It was so nice and I carried it around everywhere it was the best ipod but then it just I dunno died. Probably because of the many times it has fallen on the floor, yeah maybe. But now I can’t afford a new one, besides I’m saving for an iphone 3G so it’ll be a while before I get an iphone and an ipod. So I just borrow my sister’s without her knowing, it is still borrowing.

Here it’s super hot in the summer and winter, so we have to get ACs, almost every house in UAE has an AC. it gets unbelievably hot. I’m quite thankful I have AC in my room. it must be a pain doing that!

LOL I remember you yesterday saying when you steal internet connection from your neighbor #that’sghetto. It’s funny how your father agreed! lol Honestly I don’t know what’s the big deal in “sharing” connection but inmy house we use a net connection called ‘shammel” whatever lol so you pay 250 every month even if you used the net for ages, so it won’t make a difference if I steal some connection, because practically everyone uses shammel. XD

Yeah, people steal internet all the time. Its hard to really crack down it. If youre a person who has wireless and doesnt want other people getting in on it, its very easy to make a user and a pass to protect it, but people are lazy, so whatever. ;p

Wow, It’s freezing here today. Well, its been cold but today is the worst. Snow finially melted away though. haha yeah in the summer our AC is on 24/7 and usually on highest setting. I’m not good in heat at all. I start feeling sick quickly from it.

That is so weird having wi-fi at Mcdonalds. I don’t think California’s Mcdonald’s has it but I do know of a Pho restaurant that does. Crazy though.

I’m glad that he can at least access it through Mcdonalds wi-fi service. I’m sorry if my comment about your brother being spoiled hurted you in any way. I’m also sorry if it seems like your parents treat him better than you. I know the feeling. My little sister gets treated way better than I do. So like I said I know how it feels.

Ha! In Beaumont where we want to live, it snowed all day and rained all day yesterday. According to my dad’s girlfriend. I just wish that the stupid f*cks at the bank will make up their minds. So we know what to do ya know?

I’m really considering in being a medical assistant. Carry on the family’s genes. My grandmother on my mom’s side was a nurse, and my grandmother on my dad’s side was a nurse, my sister wants to be a nurse and I want to be a medical nurse. But I have to wait before my evaluation period comes up first to see if I can start working again or not. Suckage. But hey at least I’m getting a lot of money out of the state so all is good.

Well; I don’t know what else to say so I’m off. TTFN ta ta for now.

Whoa that must be annoying that you don’t have wireless internet. It’s not too pricey I don’t think to actually get a wireless adapter & the whole wireless setup. I think I paid about $60 for mine. So it’s affordable! But mine sucks. Don’t buy from netgear. Go to your nearest electronic store & look into it! Your brother will probably love you for life if you just surprised him with the wireless thing (I honestly don’t know what it’s it a box? modem? wth?) but yeah it can be pricey for you since you’re a student & you need that money to eat!

So you finally got your iphone!!! That’s awesome. It must be really awesome. :) To solve your hot room problem, I’d recommend just getting a fan. A cheap desk fan could make all the difference. Or opening up all of your house’s windows. My windows are always open in the summer so our house is hardly ever hot but then again I live next to the beach.

When I get my new blackberry curve (one with more memory on it), I am going to sign up with Verizon Wi-Fi service cause they offer a Wi-Fi wireless modem that is portable and purse size (smaller – credit card size) cause the blackberry I wanna get has Wi-Fi and is kinda like the iPhone, has internet access as well as a media player and other features…but it supports wi-fi also.

I think wireless net is awesome…is like the new broadband when broadband first came out it was the new dialup…but much more advanced and faster now we got wi-fi or wireless…

But I will say this cause am guilty of this myself but like cell phones I think all these new connections to the net and whatnot – technology is forever changing and we (or some of us) will always want to be on top with the latest technology trend…

Although in your situation where you have no A/C in your room – you guys should get wireless as it sounds like total chaos and complicated to have to get ya windows all set and than move to a cooler room just to do what you have to do on the net…that sux…

And I know how it is in the summer time when you got no A/C – that is why I bought an A/C a couple of summers ago – although my dad installed it in fall…I originally bought it in June or July…but I ain’t care cause I knew I would have an A/C for the next summer…no more sufferin in the heat with no c0oling solution…

Have A Good One Hun!

I feel bad adding to your 57 comments, lol.

Yes, I love the babies. I wish I had a decent camcorder, the things they do are hilarious to watch.

I miss my iPod Touch. I had wireless on mine.. and on everything else. We have a random router hooked up so that things can all be wireless and stuff.

Wow, the hot weather there is insane! What are your winter’s like? Do they get just decently warm or do they actually get cold? I wish it was summer here, BUT I’m definitely glad it’s not that hot.

LOL about stopping by the neighbor’s house, however, I believe Apple is able to tell if an iPod is jailbroke or not and I don’t think they’ll fix it or anything after that’s done. I think there’s a way to un-jailbreak it, but you have to redo like everything, including iTunes. Haha, your brother seems like the typical brother!