Crucify The Insincere

If you happen to be a fan of the song Tonight Tonight by the Smashing Pumpkins, join my fanlisting for it! ☺️

Since I gave my brother my iPod touch, and got my iPhone, he’s been incredibly desperate to get wireless internet. At home we have ADSL2+, so, broadband internet pretty much – but our movements are restricted because we’re connected to the modem with a cable. Not that my brother needs wireless for his computer (it’s not a laptop) but now he wants it for the iPod touch.

I would like it too, so I could do some things on my iPhone and I could move around with my laptop as well.

It’s not very good in the summer in Australia. Our house only has air conditioning in the living room, so it isn’t in Brandon’s and my rooms. It gets super hot in our rooms, and the fans do no justice.

Yesterday I actually moved to the cool air conditioned living room with my laptop. I had to open all the pages I wanted to browse and read, disconnect the internet and then move.

I did what I had planned to do, with no internet, and I got a nice hour in that cool room. Nevertheless I’m still jealous that my boyfriend James has air conditioning in his room now. 👊

And yes, I’ve tried using my neighbour’s wireless, but anywhere I can connect to, it’s protected with a password. Dang it.

However, there is this house down the street, on the corner, that has unprotected wireless. Well, I’m not even sure if it’s that house, but I can access the internet on my iPhone for about 30 seconds when we’re in the car and drive by that house. I was so amused when I quickly connected it and was able to refresh Twitterrific to see new tweets. 😛

The other day after church, my brother, dad and I were in the car and drove slowly by that house. We also stopped briefly near the house. We were near a strip of fence so it didn’t look too suspicious.

My brother wanted to jailbreak his iPod and needed the wireless. O_O Fair enough… I hope he doesn’t totally wreck it because I threw the receipt away. /um (Hmm… I could probably show them my bank transactions.)

After a few minutes (my brother’s weird-ass jailbreaking thing taking a long time to download) my dad got angry and said he didn’t want to get caught and get in trouble. My brother raged and said that no one could tell we were using their internet.

Well, my brother got what he wanted today because he went to the shops and I’m sure he went to McDonald’s to use the free Wi-Fi.

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