Dream To Make Believe

Well, hello world. Just then I was about to write a rage blog, but my mum calmed down. But gee… it’s tough trying to squeeze in time online. Most of the time when I actually get time online, I just want to chill because site work often feels like a chore. O_O

And worse still, I’m on holidays now, but I wish like hell that I was back at university for the year. Because whenever I’m home now, and because I’m on holidays, my mum knows I don’t have work to do. It’s just not freaking fair that she doesn’t let me have a break when it is my break. 😒

I made an update today though, and wrote a film review on the film 9. It’s a wonderful film (animated) and the review is pretty lengthy. πŸ˜‰ I actually typed the whole thing on my iPhone, believe it or not. My mum was using the computer at the time. O_O

I have a lot of fanlistings to make, seeing as I adopted them. Head on over to my fanlisting collective if you wish!

I had a freaky dream the other day that I was pregnant. 😧 It’s funny when you have a dream and it feels so real, or you even feel like it’s telling you something. Perhaps it was the bloated feeling I was feeling after new year, after eating so much chocolate and junk food, that made me have this funny dream.

I don’t intend to get pregnant for a while, obviously… and definitely not until I’m married. This dream reflected much of my true inner feelings. I remember feeling scared in the dream. I remember feeling worried, aching, and overall, not good.

I don’t really believe that dreams come true. I don’t really believe that they tell you a message, either. I recall my dreams as I wake up, but they’re that vague that I can’t really remember them for much longer than a minute after waking up.

I went to work today. I don’t have work again until Monday – hooray! 😁 Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on my site. If not, well, such is life. This isn’t my only website and I do have many others. πŸ™„

I finally plucked up the courage to call my dance principal yesterday. I was so scared to pick up the phone and just ask about my results and how I would go about teaching ballet this year. It was so nerve-wracking. On the phone she seemed a bit distant. Probably because I was so n00b about it. Hey, this is something to be nervous about!

She didn’t have my final exam certificate with her. But she said I did well. I hope that means I aced it with honours! Still, I’m impatient and I want my result. πŸ˜†

But this year, I’ll have to voluntarily come in on Fridays, regularly, to teach. I’m a bit scared, because I’m usually shy around the people at my dance school. But nothing wrong with coming out of my shell, right? πŸ™‚

Final note: Vote for the best icon at Tiffany’s site! My icon is in there somewhere. I’m not allowed to tell you which one it is, because that would be cheating. But get active and vote! πŸ‘

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