Dream To Make Believe

Well, hello world. Just then I was about to write a rage blog, but my mum calmed down. But gee… it’s tough trying to squeeze in time online. Most of the time when I actually get time online, I just want to chill because site work often feels like a chore. O_O

And worse still, I’m on holidays now, but I wish like hell that I was back at university for the year. Because whenever I’m home now, and because I’m on holidays, my mum knows I don’t have work to do. It’s just not freaking fair that she doesn’t let me have a break when it is my break. 😢

I made an update today though, and wrote a film review on the film 9. It’s a wonderful film (animated) and the review is pretty lengthy. ;) I actually typed the whole thing on my iPhone, believe it or not. My mum was using the computer at the time. O_O

I have a lot of fanlistings to make, seeing as I adopted them. Head on over to my fanlisting collective if you wish!

I had a freaky dream the other day that I was pregnant. :O It’s funny when you have a dream and it feels so real, or you even feel like it’s telling you something. Perhaps it was the bloated feeling I was feeling after new year, after eating so much chocolate and junk food, that made me have this funny dream.

I don’t intend to get pregnant for a while, obviously… and definitely not until I’m married. This dream reflected much of my true inner feelings. I remember feeling scared in the dream. I remember feeling worried, aching, and overall, not good.

I don’t really believe that dreams come true. I don’t really believe that they tell you a message, either. I recall my dreams as I wake up, but they’re that vague that I can’t really remember them for much longer than a minute after waking up.

I went to work today. I don’t have work again until Monday – hooray! /bounce Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on my site. If not, well, such is life. This isn’t my only website and I do have many others. 🙄

I finally plucked up the courage to call my dance principal yesterday. I was so scared to pick up the phone and just ask about my results and how I would go about teaching ballet this year. It was so nerve-wracking. On the phone she seemed a bit distant. Probably because I was so n00b about it. Hey, this is something to be nervous about!

She didn’t have my final exam certificate with her. But she said I did well. I hope that means I aced it with honours! Still, I’m impatient and I want my result. XD

But this year, I’ll have to voluntarily come in on Fridays, regularly, to teach. I’m a bit scared, because I’m usually shy around the people at my dance school. But nothing wrong with coming out of my shell, right? :)

Final note: Vote for the best icon at Tiffany’s site! My icon is in there somewhere. I’m not allowed to tell you which one it is, because that would be cheating. But get active and vote! /clap

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✌️ (H)

LOL hooray. /bounce

My friend said it was amusing how you were always so excited to get first comment. :P

It’s kind of funny because sometimes you end up getting it anyway! Hahaha!

i also try to get first comment now.

That’s great… but the first comment has already been made. /hmph

i mean on ur next post

Yeah, crawl out of that shell. /bounce
That’s so cute. You in a shell /eee hahahaha
It’d be most Huggs. :3

I had a dream where people were fighting over something that had fallen out of the sky, only to find it made them horribly sick or something /sweat

The scarier dreams I remember very well D: *hugg*

You teaching ballet = /love Just like benjamin button! :)


It was a figure of speech! /pow :)

Sounds like Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. :P I also had a dream that someone hacked my site and other people’s sites and wrote evil nasty blogs to humiliate us. I remember seeing 13 comments on that evil blog on my site, and when I clicked the comment button, I woke up. Humph.

Oh I remember this dream I had when I was five years old. I was in a big pond, and it was dark. I could only move across the water on these giant lilypads. In the darkness, I could see shapes of “giants” moving in the bushes. And then all of a sudden these large red balls just come splashing into the water and bouncing around. It really scared me. Now I look back and sort of laugh, but I remember it so vividly. :O I think I even remember going to my mum’s room after that. :(

Benjamin Button didn’t teach ballet, LOL. Daisy did! /rose


I’m glad your Mum calmed down. Hahaha, it’s definitely not fun when she’s in a bad mood. :( But it IS quite unfair that she’s abusing the fact that she knows you don’t have to do work. I mean, you need a break. Your BREAK isn’t supposed to be for her to make you do all this crap. It must by majorly frustrating.

Uni’s not exactly stress free. I usually make the MOST of my breaks because during uni, I’m thoroughly exhausted half the time. Although I love uni ♥ so I guess it’s okay. Don’t really want to go back yet, though :P

Yes, you DO have a lot of fanlistings to make. Hahahaha. Well I guess it’s a good thing cos you’re adding to your collective. I’m still in love with your Eyethief layout. Hahahaha :P

OMG, you dreamt you were PREGNANT. If I dreamt that, I’d have woken up screaming my head off. But since I don’t remember most of the dreams I have, I’d probably be all: “Why the hell was I just screaming?” right after XD

But WOW. Dreaming you were pregnant. Dreams don’t get weirder than that. Hahaha. That would be a total nightmare.

Yeah, I don’t want to get pregnant until AFTER I’m married either. Hahahaha. Imagine if I did fall pregnant this year…That would be HORRIBLE (but you can still be my baby’s godmother :) )

YAY, a break from work. Use it wisely young padawan. :P I’m sure you will XD I hope you get LOTS AND LOTS of stuff done. And that your mother doesn’t bother you too much. D:

Ooooh! I hope you aced your exam with honours too! :D But she said you did well, so that totally means you passed :D I’M SO PROUD ♥ ✌️

Wow…a student teacher. That is cool. :) Good luck with the teaching next year :O Don’t worry, I’m sure your students will be all friendly and stuff because unlike in highschool, everyone in your ballet school presumably WANTS to learn properly, so if they muck up, then obviously they’re stupidly wasting lots of money and time. And that would be retarded. *nods*

I HAVE VOTED! Hopefully I voted for your icon. Hahahahaha :P

Oh hello! :D

It is. I tried to tell her nicely that it’s not fair, but she tells me I’ve been on the computer enough. Which is true… but my sites keep me very busy. @_@

I love uni! I want to go back just to have something to do and get back into routine, but it’s great not having anything to do, and I still need to catch up with my site stuff… O_O

I love my Eyethief layout too. /bounce It’s my favourite one there. But yes, I’m constantly adding to the fanlisting collective which is great. Makes up for the other domains that I don’t update. Why do I keep buying domains? Like major wow, when I have so much to do when updating. Hahaa.

LOL but what if by chance I’ve been married for a while and want to start a family and you’re still dealing with some 10-year-old court case? /angry Just kidding, LOL. Fat chance I’m going to be pregnant soon. Ten years, maybe, highly doubt earlier. Unless I can find a job that I can work from home – that would be great. XD

Hehehehe. /blink Most of it will be spent on the computer, unless I have somewhere to go on the weekend – no doubt the weekend will fly by! Got some site goals, though, if I can do those I can catch up with my comments and everything. :O

That’s true – they’re all willing, they’re not like students who are there just because. :)

LOL next week I can tell you which icon is mine. XD

That’s good that your mum calmed down. That sucks that your in holidays and your mum isn’t giving you a break :(

Wow you had a dream that you were pregnant :O if I had a dream like that, I would wake and be like WTF was that dream?! I would wake up with my heart beating fast and very shocked.
Once I had a dream I was held down by these green vines or something and it seemed so real, I was trying to get out, and I found out I was moving in my sleep D:

I have always wanted to learn ballet :) I hope everything goes well.

I voted! I hope it was yours xD

But all the teachers, Government, & the parents say it’s a great school. Well I’ll find out on next Wednesday, that’s when I start! – scared /wah

Yes, it sucks when you can’t be a witness! /angry I wish I could be the witness for the accident. I hope the truth does come out, and that woman has to pay for the damage, it’s not $2000 damage, it’s actually $3000 I found out recently.

The more you talk about your mom the more she sounds like mine. I don’t know what’s wrong with them. I seriously think she is bi-polar because at one point everything is cool but the next it’s like hell! I hate when I’m on break and other people take advantage of it making me door all sorts when it’s my break and I should be able to do what I want. I love breaks but sometimes I’d much rather be in school.

Your iPhone seems to be coming in handy. That’s what I love about my phone. It’s equip with internet. I can get on Facebook, blog, return comments and all when my mom is hogging MY computers, notice its plural, seeing that she has one of her own but she feels the need to keep it in storage :/

I don’t really believe that dreams mean anything or are a sign or anything like that but I must admit my dreams are pretty crazy. I remember when I was little I use to have some stupid dream about killer sheep.

I use to do ballet, I really want to do it again to. I just miss it so much!

I had a new layout but I wasn’t satisfied so hours after I blogged and just stared at the sight I just switched back to this one and changed the CSS so now I’m good :)

Haha he is pretty strong. He hurts people haha. His favorite move is biting, lmfao.

Yeah, I’ve still yet to put up that caption contest. I’ll do it when I’m done returning comments. :)

Haha, I go back to school soon and bahh I can’t wait. When I’m not at school everyone finds more work for me to do here. I hate that. :/

Haha weird dream. Dreams are so creepy sometimes, aren’t they?

Great job on your dance results. I’m sure you aced it with honors. :)

Wow, you are so busy it’s not even funny. I still don’t know how you do it! :P

I had to read that line about preggers a few times before understanding it. I kept reading you found out you were pregnant and I’m like D: but yeah. What an interesting dream I must say. XD

Good luck with everything!! :)

You still haven’t received our ballet results?! Whoa. I would be a crumbly mess having to wait so long, but it does sound like you did incredibly well, so then again, I’m not too worried for you. :)

I definitely know what you mean in that site stuff can often feel like a chore. Sometimes there’s just so many other priorities in life that put the internet world on the back burner. You have to do what feels best for yourself, even if it means neglecting something you love every now and again. :(

It’s funny that you wrote about your personal weird dream – I had a few long, intense dreams last night. Odd ones too, that kind of left me feeling all eerie this morning. Luckily I was never pregnant (as far as I know!), as that would freak me out. /ehh

Hey Georgina! I’m REALLY sorry about the last comment, I was so rude. I am hoping that we can be friends again. I got out of webdesigning, thats why I never replied to you.

I tried to adopt a domain at so-pink.org two times, but they replied saying; Please do not apply again until your webdesigning extremely improves.

So basically, saying I am bad at webdesigning! That’s one reason why I left.
I started making a few layouts, but then my computer got cleared out. @_@

Its funny that you dreamed that you were pregnant; because I did too. Well obviously, not you. But I dreamt I was :P It’s weird tbh, with my age and everything. I don’t know why I dreamt it.

Good luck with that icon competition, I hope I voted for you. I was tempted by your type of styles, it was a hard decision.


Hey Liberty. :) I’m sure we can just put it behind us and forget now. :)

I’m sure you will get into web design again, or at least have a blog! My hosting site is located at Heartdrops.info if you’re interested.

I think So-Pink is pretty selective though, maybe that’s why you weren’t accepted. If you want to get back into web design then I’ll host you if you like. :)

That’s really odd, yes, for your age too. :S I thought it was weird, because even though I’m 18, I really do not want to get pregnant for another ten years, maybe. :P

Thank you! :)

Thanks :)
Yeah, I’m going to sign up for your hosting now, if I have time before school.
Otherwise I’ll do it when i’m home.


Thanks :)
Yeah, I’m going to sign up for your hosting now, if I have time before school.
Otherwise I’ll do it when i’m home.


yeahh haha laserquest is just shooting each other with laser guns :P

i have like phases… sometimes i feel like blogging/site work is the best thing ever… but past 2 days i’ve been busy and it does feel like a chore.

oh gosh it must be scary dreaming that youre pregnant ! i watch shows like 16 and pregnant but i dont plan on having kids until like at least 20ish+

Parents can be like that, sometimes they just don’t understand that we need a BREAK too :( I wonder if it wasn’t an excuse for your mom to use your computer, hehe :P
Oh, I read and commented your review of the film “9” ^^ I can’t wait to watch it!
And I had a dream of being pregnant just 2 days ago too: there was me and another 2 friends with the round belly cheerfully discussing pregnancy issues and emotions. It was cute though :3 Anyway, don’t worry: sometimes they reflect our hopes and fears, but in the end, they’re just dreams.
Aww you own many websites too XD great! I’ll go checking them all out. You’re so interesting, girl! ;)
And I just voted for an icon, but of course I have no idea if it’s yours or not. ^^

Take care, Georgina. :)

– Luana

LOL hopefully we don’t get too lazy though with all of this online stuff xD

True. I wouldn’t pay so much attention on the hours myself either. I would pay more attention to my skill at driving and if I feel confident behind the wheel. I would probably get more then enough hours before I would feel confident anyways. Yeah, it is their risk that they take when they lie about it. They are the ones who are putting so many peoples lives in danger. Unless, they are seriously really good at driving XD

Ohh yeah I’ve seen things like that at the high school plays. Their plays were like Broadway ones, very professional so they videotaped it. I think the photos can get distracting though. All the flashing!

Awww! Yeah mine don’t fit me either anymore, well I don’t remember. I haven’t used them for a while.

Yeah, I wonder how people would think that stealing online is no different then stealing offline? Immature is the word XD. Ha, an email would definitely shape them up (:

My parents do that to me all the time. When I am on break they are always telling me to do homework or study, meanwhile, I don’t have anything to study XD. I always have to tell my parents that I’m on break, and I’m relaxing.

Whoo! I’m going to read your review on “9” My sister really wanted to see that movie. Some people said it was really bad, but if you liked it, then that’s good!

Whoa! What a dream XD. I had quite a frightening dream last night as well. I thought it was seriously real, then I woke up and I still thought it was real. Then I just relaxed and was like “Okay, it was a dream *sigh of relief*

OH WOW!!! SCARY DREAM!!!! I actually take dreams as messages – sometimes. Cause I always have crazy as hell dreams…*ROFL* LIke stuff you know that IS NOT TRUE…IN YOUR DREAM…*LOL* So, if it is so obvious that it is just a dream in my dream…you know I don’t take it seriously!!! *LOL* I got an active imagination…*LOL*

Best of luck in your dance exams hun – I hope you did pass with honors…that be awesome!!!! WOW!!! A review on your iPhone – IMPRESSIVE!!! Although my close friend blogs with her iPhones and she be having long as hell blog entries…*LOL*

I totally know what you mean when you say updating your site is like a chore – I got a few fan sites that I been dreading updating as I honestly feel as if it is an OBLIGATION which is why am looking to get rid of some.

And this one site – due to drama with this other topic related site – I think my feelngs towards the site has changed alot but I want to keep it going only because I honestly feel my site is the only site out there on that particular subject matter which offers nothing but the best of the best and accurate info…all the other sites are so shitty or half ass done…so I just feel it is my job to those who are true fans of the actor in question to provide them with nothing but the best of the best in his career and life.

Anyways, have a good one hun!

Voted! Hopefully it was yours! :)

Dreams can be really freaky! I hate the ones where you wake up and then go back into the same dream! :(

I’m itching to get back to school too, but not to get away from work. I’m so bored. My family probably should make me do stuff…

It’s good that your mum calmed down /bash
I know what you mean. I keep ‘chilling’ when I’m online. I better stop it though because Ed will be sleeping over here soon which means I probably won’t be able to even touch the mouse T_T. I have so much work to do.

LOL. Not having a break when you’re supposed to.

I’ve never heard of that film. It was only released last year? Hmm, probably why I never heard of it – people only ever talked about New Moon and whatever XD

You typed all that using your iPhone? I can’t even type my phone number without making a hundred mistakes.

Ooh, that must of been freaky. But I’d rather be pregnant than have some maniac cut off my hands. O_O

I still feel bloated. Even after Christmas. I’ve probably put on weight because I haven’t really gone anywhere.

Yeah. Dreams never come true. Like that time when I had a really good pair of jeans and when I woke up they weren’t there XD Well, yeah. Dream’s are usually impossible. The Power Rangers would never kidnap my mother!

Yay! You did well. Congrulations ✌️
You do that, Georgie! Come out of your shell XD Let’s hope you don’t teach anyone snobby.

I voted for an icon :D

Take Care.

Gah, my mum used to be like that with my holidays, but over the years she’s finally learnt to let me have my break and be a lazy bum, haha.

And I hope you aced your dance exam! What kind of dance was it/what grade? I remember sitting ballet exams back in the day… urgh yeh, i didnt like them lol.

My mother is the same, she tends to think that if I am not doing work, then that means she should pile some on me.

Bah, it’s really annoying. I don’t think it’s very fair considering I am having a break from university, yet I still have work. :|

Hey! Wow, it’s been forever it seems since I last stopped by! @_@

Ah! I’m the opposite! I want holidays! Not school! I have my midterm exams this week. Ugh. Fail. I’m so freaking nervous. It’s stressing me out!!!

I hate typing on iPones, iTouches, anything touch screen. Not having a real key or button just annoys me. I can type soooo much faster with my regular keyboard. /ho

OMFG! You have so many fan listings! Woah…

Oh! I love dreams… They’re my favorite part of sleeping! XD
I’ve gotten good at remembering them and even manipulating my dream while I’m sleeping! It’s pretty cool. But I can only do that occasionally.
I think that dreams are not so much the truth, or an omen, but your personal feelings and thoughts in your sleep. Or what you really feel subconsciously?

Ah, well hopefully after the craziness of exam week is over, I’ll be able to stop by more often. ^_^

Ah, hopefully you get a break some time or another. I haven’t even been doing anything and I just feel overwhelmed with my site. I hate when my comments get to be like a chore, so I just take a few days off (like now, lol) and then I get back into the swing of things. Sad thing is, I just blog and comment, lol.

I have random dreams all the time. Normally it has something to do with something I watched, read, or seen that day. I think a lot of dreams actually work like that, so it was probably just your bloated feeling!

Ah congrats! I hope you get to start teaching and stuff soon. I’m sure you’ll get used to going in on Fridays and feel good once the kids (or adults) start learning different things you’re teaching them!

I wish I can go back to school too. Because holidays to me are boring. 😴
Woah, your dream is freaky. Getting pregnant? I’ve had really weird dreams too. I remember once when I was younger that Voldemort captured my dad and that his Death Eaters were chasing me. /oh I don’t believe it’s a sign or anything, maybe it’s just because I read too much Harry Potter, haha.
I’m crossing my fingers that you indeed aced your exam, good luck!! :)

Thanks for the little plug! I’ve seen a huge influx of voters. It went from like 72 to 100+ in a day. That’s really awesome. :D

Anyway, so about your dream. See there are many theories about what your dreams mean or whether or not they’re just random firings of your neurons. I mean, of course they are but I also feel that sometimes your dreams are just what you’ve already been thinking & they just kind of illuminate in a fantasy world. . . but then again they’re completely random. But sometimes, I do feel that when you’re feeling strongly about something (like a fight with a boyfriend or something or even a break-up), you dream about it because it’s on your mind.

But I’ve had a pregnant dream too!! Omg I think almost every girl has gone through one of them. I think when I had a pregnant dream, I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time or something..& I didn’t know who the father was & it freaked me out. I wanted to get an abortion or something but apparently it was too soon to get one & then I started thinking how sad it would be to destroy the bundle of cells that was forming in my womb that could blossom into a child in 9 months. It was really crazy. haha oh man.

BUT FUNNY THING IS my friend pearl said that she had a dream that i was pregnant with my boyfriend’s baby & i was trying to hide it from my mom. Apparently I was 4 months preggers. That’s so ridiculous, eep.

Well at least you know you’re not ready for a baby unlike some crazy 14 year olds that want to have a baby..for reasons unknown to me.

Dreams don’t generally come true but sometimes they can scarily predict the future. I’ve had like 3 or 4 dreams that came true. . . but I’m no psychic. haha. I’m sure you’ve had a dream that coincidentally came true before but I mean, I’ve had a dream that there was a tsunami that hit the golden gate bridge but i HIGHLY doubt that’s going to happen any time soon.

okay, i’m done with my rant about dreams.

I’m really sorry to hear about your mom giving you a difficult time when you’re on your break. Is it your summer vacation? Gah, mothers can be frantic. I think when you really tell your parents that they gotta get off your case in a polite tone, they’ll listen. Well, hopefully your parents are understanding. My mom is more understanding than my dad. He’s very stubborn so it’s hard to convince him of anything.

Maybe you should teach me how to do ballet. I quit after a month. I just really want to do toe. or is it point? why do i always forget? okay i apologize for not capitalizing all of my “i’s” because i get too lazy to hold down the shift button. i need a new keyboard.

so when you do teach ballet at an academy, you’ll get paid for it right? that’ll be cool. i think being a teacher for something is really awesome. you’ll get to meet new people & you can play a bunch of work out songs so that they warm up. haha.

I honestly feel like I should receive an award for longest comments. haha ♥ just kidding. but that’d be funny. we should hold an ALL FOR THE LULZ contest with silly nominations.

wow you have a lot of domains! How do you handle them all? I think it’s difficult. I’m sure in your free time you will update heartdrops. Maybe a new layout:D…I can’t wait /eee

That dream was weird @_@ but was just a dream. You’ll be pregnant when you will want a baby and you’ll be married:D… :)

Woah your mom doesn’t let you “live” your holidays. That’s unfair /hmph You should take a break of everything and have some fun, relax. Maybe she will understand:d

Yeah, I once had a dream that I was bitten by a vampire and when I woke up, that part of my neck felt like it was really pricked and it was throbbing. Gosh. Freakkkky. And no, it wasn’t because I watch too much vampire movies (I haven’t even watched Twilight nor read the book). LOL XD

My mom’s like that too. When I’m on break, of course all I want to fucking do is plop myself down in front of my laptop and patter away for hours, or go out with Ryan, or hang out with friends for a bit. But she’d rather I do something useful to her, like… making my bed (which I never do because damn, it’s night and I’m going to go and mess it all up to sleep in) or going grocery shopping with her. I don’t mind doing groceries with her, but it’s like she expects me to do it all the time whenever she wants to, she never prods my brother awake at 7AM to go out with her.

I think that’s called a nightmare, Georgie :P not a dream. I had one a few nights ago involving dolphins and a really freaky beluga whale, it scared the shit out of me -shudders-

Ryan has a lot of nightmares and it makes me sad :( he’s had a few bad dreams involving me, including one where I was cheating on him right in front of him. It makes me sad :(

He says he always has bad dreams when he sleeps on his back, it’s weird :P

I also get scared of getting bad grades.

Yay for having the best phone! :D I have an old Samsung. It’s weird, I have to almost shout when I talk to someone because something is wrong with it. XD I’ve owned three phones till now and two of them were old ones once used by my mom. My father had bought the other one from someone who had also used it and he gave it to me :P

That’s good your mom calmed down. That’s not fair that you can’t have a break. My vacation is going in a VERY lazy way. I NEED to work, actually. :P

OMG, I also had a dream once that I was pregnant. It freaked me out because I saw that I was STILL 13 and pregnant. O_O I don’t really believe that dreams come true, although the ones that scare me still scare me even after I’ve woken up.

Hopefully you did good in the exams. I’m also pretty shy around the people in my school, except my friends. It’s mostly the seniors who intimidate me for some reason. It’s really silly because the seniors are pretty nice.

It’s good to hear that your mum calmed down. I get that feeling too, like because I don’t like to go on the computer for so long. I feel like relaxing and not have to worry about commenting and blogging. But yeah, sometimes that doesn’t work out.

It sucks that your mum doesn’t let you take a break especially since you’re on your holidays right now. :(

I haven’t seen the movie 9. I read a magazine article and it sounded like a good movie. But I probably won’t end up watching it since I don’t really watch much movies. D:

That’s so weird that you had a dream about being pregnant. At first I thought you mean’t you were actually were pregnant and I was like :O but then I re-read it and I saw that you said it was a dream. Usually I don’t remember what my dreams are since I’m quite forgetful but for the past few days I’ve been having some weird dreams about one of my guy friends. :/

I didn’t know that you did ballet. That’s cool. I’m sure that you did good for your results. :)

I don’t really like blocking people on MSN. Because usually they ask someone else to tell me to unblock them. >__< Plus when I do unblock them, they're always like "Why did you unblock me" and bombard me with questions. -__-

Hahaha :) yeah I was watching it on TV, and I was like, what’s so funny? Then the pants split and LOOOL. The people watching in the background are hilarious. I can’t believe they didn’t tell her! It would have given her one heck of a wedgie, too. >___<

Oh, haha. That's probably why they look so similar. I think that a lot of people get peoples premades, change the codes a little, and call it theirs. I've seen it done before. *sigh*
Mmhm, a lot of those Piczo websites that have "Photography" pages and stuff just put other peoples are on their website straight off of Deviant Art. They just see other people do it, and think "Hey that looks cool!" and put it on their website.

We won't know what it would be like to raise a child, until we actually do it. I don't even want to have kids. Well at this point in time, I haven't planned my future to have kids. I want to enjoy my life before any of that. Some girls at my school want to get married like, straight out of high school and have children. O_O It's . . . ew.


Whoa girl, you have a loooadd of domains. Do you have to pay for all those? O_O
I don't really understand what fanlisting collectives are all about. Is it like a group, and you join if you are a fan of that certain thing?

Oh I'm so scared of talking to teachers and anyone I don't know very well over the phone. It's a phobia of mine. I just can't do it. I'm so nervous when I talk to people on the phone. My mother had to call up this woman I wanted dress making lessons from. *sigh* I feel a bit embarrassed that my mum and dad have to do most of the talking. One day, I will get over this phobia… I really do hope.

my dad is same as your mom!!! he doesnt like to give me a damn break 💥.. I used to have a dream like that too.. when i woke up i was relieved that it wasnt true.. you would go teach ballet? wow.. you’ve just got to be confident

Hello! Sorry for the late reply (again!) :( sometimes I feel returning comments is like a chore although I love talking to people. It takes me 3 hours to return 30 comments LOL. Not that I’m a slow typist, but I can’t think quickly. My brain is lame XD

Whoa you’re on holidays right now? Lucky! School has started for me and I have to do lots of exams in the upcoming weeks. I need a break. :(

What a freaky dream haha. But I think that’s what dream is; it’s freaky and sometimes sweet. LOL in my dream, I met David Archuleta and he knew my name before I introduced myself to him. It’s weird but sweet XD

Oh it’s so cool that you can teach ballet now! I hope you could teach me too haha. But I’m not good at dancing :P I’m sure you’re a good teacher!

darn, I’ve never thought of the fact that they wouldn’t let me move out.

Wow, you are really busy. You have a lot of domains, you’re in University, plus you work. I don’t know how you do it.

Maybe, your dream is telling you that you want a baby. /eee

I’ve voted.

Aww… that’s too bad you don’t get to have your breaks even when you have to go back to your university. :(
Sometimes when it’s school holidays, my mum would expect me to do a lot of chores or help her around more. Sometimes, I don’t mind because I have nothing better to do myself but when I’m on the laptop for instance, I don’t feel like helping her around. I know it’s bad and I’ll change my behaviour. :P

I’ve heard of the film 9 but I’ve never watched it before. But your review on it will be helpful/convenient for me to help me decide whether I should watch it or not. (Y) 👏

You typed the whole review using your iPhone? Wow, I would get really tired by the time I start the second paragraph. =D
I guess I’m just not used to it. :P

I have two fanlistings to finish actually! I’ve been procrastinating ever since TFL approved me. But I’ll get to them soon. By soon, I don’t know when. 🙄

LOL. Being a pregnant in a dream is weird. O_O But dreams are supposed to be weird.

Honestly, I could not imagine myself being pregnant. Well, maybe not yet since I’m not even old enough to be pregnant. XD

I understand what you meant that the dream you had reflected your inner feelings. I have that happened before. People that you’ve met before or things that people have said to you will usually re-appear in your dreams. :)

I hope your dance results will turn out to be good! But I believe you will get good results though because she said it herself that you did great. So there’s nothing to worry about. What matters is that you did your best and you’re happy with it. :) (Y)

Good luck teaching the dance class. I get nervous too when I have to speak or do a presentation in front of everyone. Because everyone pays absolute attention to you and you get nervous in case you do something wrong. However, I agree with you, we all have to come out of our own shell! :D

I voted for one of the icons! They were all pretty and it was so hard for me to choose to vote. ♥ Haha, yeah it would be cheating if you or any other of the participants tell which icon is theirs. But let me know which one is yours after the contest ends as I’m very curious. /bounce

Thank you! Yes, I have been dying so terribly for a .org domain for a long time! 🤤 I was only writing it on my wishlist I didn’t actually think it was going to come true. :D
I did feel bad but then you said, “Don’t feel bad; I’ve been…” and it was like you read my mind or something. LOL. I’ll email you later about the domain once I finish writing this comment. 🤫
Wow. Now that you reminded me the time I tweeted about wanting a .org domain on Twitter, I think I was begging too much. Damn. :O

I know, it would a waste if she actually didn’t pick the orange up. But I’m glad she eventually did after I told her too. I just dislike seeing food being wasted away while others who don’t have all that would even appreciate the smallest bread crumb. :(

Hmm both could be true about your mom, she should maybe go get it checked out. Its official though, the doctor diagnosed my mom with bi-polar disorder and post pardum depression but she doesn’t take her medicine so of course that’s why she acts the way she does. When we get into it and others get involved they always tell me I shouldn’t worry about her because she’s sick but honestly I don’t think they really understand what I go through but things always get better in time :)

I use internet on my phone only because my plan is unlimited. I get unlimited talk, text, picture messaging, internet access, long distance and just loads of stuff all for like 40 a month. It works for me just fine.

I hate when my mom saves stuff on my computer too. I really hate it though when I can be online doing something important or anything and I can just go to the restroom or somewhere for a second and when I come back everything is gone because she exited out or shut the whole thing down but she has a fit when someone does that to her.

Once I had a dream I feel asleep in my neighbor’s flower bed and woke up covered in ants. Now that was just plain weird.

Your layouts are always nice and simple, can’t wait to see the next one XD

Sometimes I feel that way about the Internet but I’ve been really pushing myself to try to blog every day. Usually my dreams are really vivid that they also leave me feeling all sorts of things after I wake up! Oh congrats on doing well!!!!! I was scared to start teaching at my church but now I love it!

I voted!! Good luck =)

LOL. I still haven’t put that picture up for the caption contest bahah. I swear this time I’m going to do it in a few minutes. XD

HAHAH. I would love to have a dream like that! Mine always involve some kind of hardcore horror/thriller movie theme. I and my family are always trying to run away from someone who is trying to kill us. It’s pretty screwed up ahha.

Argh, it does. I just watched it again haha. He full on grabs her bottom. I think the scene is interesting but at the same time it’s like argh young-ins (LOL) are watching this. :/

I hope you do get a high mark in your ballet test!

My Mum is always getting me to do chores. The other day she told me I wasn’t doing enough so I wouldn’t be allowed to go to bed as late as I do, so I started by rattling a list of things that I do to her. Unload the dishwasher, Load it, change the snakes water, clean up after them, handle them, let the dogs out, close the curtains, lay the table.. And I said that if I wasn’t allowed to stay up late I would stop. So, she let me stay up late xD

Yeah, something about my snakes xD

Unfortunately the trip was cancelled because of the snow :/ I’m getting really bored of it all now, it’s just wet and cold and its lost the novelty. This time it’s melted really quickly though so hopefully there isnt anymore on its way.

I bet you’ll be an awesome teacher! Especially if you’re as good as teaching in real life as you are on paper. (Your tut’s can be life savers!)

Yeah I agree that sleeping around is giving the non virgins a bad rep/impression ya know?

I’m sorry your mum doesn’t think that you should relax on your days off from Uni and what not. I guess all asian parents are strict no?

Yeah I never heard of the skinny bitch diet either until I heard it on Tyra Banks. I was like Wha? And I typed it in ebay.com and got it but not on the first try. The first try was less than $13.00 but it was bumping up at the last minute, so I kept searching and well; I found this one for 13.00 usd not to shabby. And I just left a feedback for them.

“9”? huh? One of the movies I have yet to see, and kinda don’t want too. I want to see the new Harrison Ford movie that looks really good. Ya know? I also want to see “The Lovely Bones” but I’m broke. I even had to ask my dad if I can have some money last night if he had any and I’ll pay him back. He went to the credit union and got out $30.00 bless his heart.

I think since all the war is breaking out and what not I think it’d be safe for me to travel to Florida or New York first to see if I really like traveling. Than if I do, I’ll travel to the other countries that I want to go. I wanna go to Ireland, Scotland, England, Japan, China, and Australia. Lots of places to go.

Hmm, yeah I don’t believe dreams comes true though I was told by a pyschic mine will, cause I’m part pyschic. I dunno I might be. You see in my english class, we were reading huck finn, and I had the movie, and watched it instead of reading the book lol. I thought okay she’s gonna ask something like this on the quiz tomorrow and sure enough she did. I was like dang. I couldn’t believe it. lol.

Well; Georgie I’m gonna go finish my domain.

Oh, man, that’s so uncool of your Mum, making you work when it’s supposed to be a bloody break for you … Sounds exactly like something my Mum’d do, unfortunately. 😒

I wish I could give you advice on what to do, but unless you’re gonna try and escape from the house as much as possible, there’s pretty much no way out of it. 😢 Bleh!

As for that icon contest, I voted for number seven. I certainly hope it’s either yours or Tiffany’s, but they all looked so similar it was hard to tell! XD

And wow, I would never have thought you’d be the shy-ish type — Feeling nervous about teaching your dance class and all! :O Best of luck with that, of course. 👏

That’s sucky that you’re mum is making you work. D: I get mad enough when my mum makes me wake up before noon on weekends, which is fair enough… but I like to give myself a good wee lie in. XD

And AAAAAAA I also had a dream that I was pregnant, a while back! o___o; Which is pretty worrying, considering I am FOURTEEN. But don’t worry, I’m not stupid.. Well I am, but not stupid in THAT kind of sense, if you get what I mean?! But yeah I think I only had the dream cos we were doing stuff like that in Biology that day. o_O;

And HOLYSHIZ you have A. LOT. of sites! I can hardly handle the one! But I have the brain capacity of a … uhh… THING WITH A SMALL BRAIN CAPACITY. …See what I mean?! XD

I know what you mean about site work feeling like a chore, I feel like sometimes, I can’t even reply to a comment or two!

I haven’t seen 9 yet, I saw a trailer for it, it looks really cool!

Woah, it must have been pretty scary to dream that you were pregnant. I don’t want to be pregnant until I’m married either. In fact, I don’t think I want to be pregnant ever, my friends all want kids, I feel odd when I say I don’t. 😳

Well done on getting great results! In your blogs, I’ve noticed how much you love ballet, it’s great you’ve done well. :D

You can get a pretty cheap bar of nougat in most shops, but it’s not as great as the ones you buy in proper sweet shops. We don’t have many around here but my friends mum owns a sweet stall in town, I get a discount when I go. ^___^

I wish things were as simple as they were when we were kids. *sigh*
Yeah, the ice hurts so much when it hits you. They think it’s funny, but I’m just like “no, seriously, stop, it’s not funny” :|

I think Laguna Beach and The Hills are only majorly famous in America, but I watch it on MTV, and thats how I heard about it. :)

I love Blink 182 so much!! Hahahaha. ♥

yeahh i tell people that i’m 16 and theyre all like WTFFF O___O BUT YOURE SO SHORT (cause apparently you HAVE to be tall to be older :P)
omg yeahh, i love these voodoo dolls ! i hope i can get more of them for myself :D too cute.

Hey Georgina,
A dream about being pregnant???/// D: My God!
And it’s good that your mom calmed down (H)
Btw, how do you manage to write such a big blog????? Ever if I have many thoughts in my mind, I hardly manage to write it big :(

My Mom also don’t like me to spend time on the net. :(

Yeah, but I guess that’s their job as parents. It’s not always a good thing to spend all your time on the internet.

mhmm, agreed!
I’m not a really, really big fan of Harry Potter, but I’m still a fan, :) My dreams have become weirder and weirder over the past few days and I tend to dream about things that I don’t think about before I fall asleep. So complete opposite of you, haha.
And yes hearing about these disasters makes me sad too. There have been many tragic events last year but I think that’s also what brings the whole world closer together. How we can help others, share our memories about someone, etc..

u r right! Georgie!
but really i m addicted to stay online ,like people addicted to wine.. /argh

Hey, Georgina! ♥ You are looking fabulous! (H) Hahahaha. :D I finally caught up on my comments after like 3 days, too. That’s actually the first time I have ever had to catch up on comments. Usually, like right now, I return comments and then work on getting my sites up. I’m returning your comment then starting to put up my review website! :D I got my portfolio up like 10 min ago. It’s Zebraffe.info. :D Sorry, I’m getting way off topic. Hahaa.

I tend to blog every 9 days. I like to let people read my blog and give it a longer “living” time than most other people. Ha.
I’m sure many people have these weeks. My week was better this time though. Only a 4 day week because of a holiday. :)

That’s all you can do now. Helps a lot when you look on the bright side of things.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! x3 XD That is hilarious. /poo -minded people rule in my opnion. /hehe

Oh, that’s nice. I just wish it wasn’t as expensive.

Yeah, that is true. I haven’t seen any games yet that are made for Macs though, at least not yet. OH! That is so cool. I bet it does take up a lot of space though.

Yeah, I love ice skating, too.

Yes, it is. I ♥ him. :) Thanks for the Happy 2 months. I’m so happy. 😏 /rose

I have NEVER been in a mood to play in GIMP/Photoshop. I don’t know why. I just never do.

I think it’s cuz they are OLDDD! Hahahaha.

Yeah, I’m not gonna buy a car until Summer after senior year. :)

I don’t know how it helps…I mean yeah it does build on your basic knowledge on your future career but I want to teach Pre-Algebra and I have already basically finished Algebra so why should I have to learn more stuff just to teach something I already learned? I don’t see the point.
That is true. It does give you 4 years to decide what you want to do when you leave HS but still I don’t see the point when 1/2 the people that are there don’t wanna be there. They should make GED’s mandatory unless you want an actual HS Diploma, like make HS Diploma’s optional so that the people that don’t wanna go to school don’t have to interfere with the people that do want to learn at school. Makes sense in my mind. Lol.

Yeah, at least you have been warned.

You had a dream you were pregnant? That’s weird. I too don’t believe that dreams have a secret message or a sign. My dreams are so weird and I don’t even remember half of them XD

You have so much domains! It’s awesome :D
I’m also thinking of going into fanlistings because I just bought my first domain /bounce
How do you keep up with so many?

Okay I’m getting kind of sidetracked by the domain talk.
Hooray for no work! Hope you spend your time off having fun (H)
I also hope you do a great job teaching at your dance class.
Public speaking was never my thing but I think I’m getting better at it. I just decide to pretend that no one’s there (which is really really difficult! /hehe )

Hi Georgina!
I haven’t commented for a long time but I have read some of your blog posts :)
Yeah, during the holidays, my mum knows I have no schoolwork to be done so she trys and makes me uncomfortable with the “I just want you to do well in life” talk. Then I end up with 4 workbooks. Seriously, it’s holidays!
It was so hot today :O but the sky is darkening. Don’t tell me it’s one of those days where it’s so hot during the day and then during the evening/night it starts pouring rain.
It’s hard to pick out which icon is yours, considering there are 17 cons to choose from , but I know your one is one of the best ones there :)
Dreaming about you were pregnant?! Woah… LOL.
I had a dream once that these robbers came into my house with guns and I was so scared. Dreams can seem so real, but sually I’m relieved that the situation in the dream didn’t happen.
Oh, and I read in your previous blog post that you got an Iphone… AmI right? Lucky you!

I admire you because you can still update all of your sites even if you’re busy. ♥ That must be some skill and passion, of course. /bounce

That is really a weird dream. Maybe you were really just feeling bloated so you had that dream about being pregnant. :D This reminds me…. I haven’t had any dream. Or maybe I had, but I forgot about it when I woke up. /eee

Wow! Ballet! During elementary, I wanted to try it… but I wasn’t that slim and, it was expensive to enroll. 😢 Good luck on your ballet teaching! ✌️

Heyoo. Sorry for getting back to you late. I wasn’t planning to return any comments, but I’d rather return them than feel guilty for not. :P

Yeah. They should. That’s Intellectual Property. We just had our Forum on Computer Ethics yesterday. I learned lots there.

Haha, glad you weren’t talking about me. And I’ve never stolen anything in my whole site-making life yet. And I’m not planning to. Who is that 12-year-old, anyway? :D Just curious.

Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, I like it too. All I want in a layout is a header and a sidebar. It’s pretty and simple. Just the way I like my layouts. I’ve been trying to make an HTML layout a theme, but I always fail. Ugh.

It sure is lovely. I’ve missed Ambry a lot.

It seems like you and your mom always have.. I don’t know, I fight? You have a bunch of tweets about your mom and you mention her in your blog sometimes. I hope you guys get stuff sorted out. :)

You’ve a LOT of fanlistings! I want to start oneor adopt one, but for who or what? And do I need a fanlisting collective so I can start a fanlisting?

That must’ve been scary, dreaming that you were pregnant. Teen Pregnancies happen a lot nowadays. I think we should all be careful. There a show on MTV called “16 and Pregnant.” Tsk, tsk to them.

Sorry, much too lazy to comment on the rest of your post. Voted for you!