Hairline fracture

I’ve got a backlog of comments to respond to and I realise I haven’t responded to comments that are nearly a month old… shit, sorry… just… yeah. I’ve been so busy, dazed, annoyed, irritable…

My god. I’m still kind of fuming. I just… I can’t stand using this idiotic program we’re meant to be using for this stupid database assignment.

I didn’t go to class yesterday, and that was alright. It was just people doing presentations. I didn’t miss out on much. And I made up for skipping by waking up very early this morning and doing my assignment for that subject. I know 7:00am isn’t all that early, but considering I slept at 1:00am… it’s good. I worked on my assignment until 10:00am, and I have nearly hit the halfway mark. I’m going to put it down for now though, because it isn’t due for another week, and I’ve got that stupid database assignment to deal with.

I’m starting to rip my hair out at all of this. As I mentioned in my previous post, I gave my tutor some bad feedback, but also suggested some improvements for all the bad feedback. I didn’t want to be completely bitchy.

Speaking of ripping hair out, I hate mine. I cut it last October and I cut it in a style that was shorter at the back and longer at the front. I don’t think I got the front cut thinly enough, because from the front I look like I have long hair, and from the back, I look like I have short hair.

It might have to do with the fact that it’s growing out and it’s just growing out in a really ugly manner. My mum told me not to cut my hair or do anything to it. I actually got a pair of scissors the other day to trip the split ends. I have been spotting a lot of split ends lately. Maybe I really am getting stressed out. I am sure it’s been worse though – this is definitely not the most stressed I’ve been. 🙂 And I’m a bit thankful for that.

I am actually disliking the style of my hair because I can’t do anything with it. It was versatile, as it grew out – and I could tie and adorn it different ways, but now that it’s longer there isn’t much I can do. I can’t fully tie it up into a ponytail because the back isn’t long enough. I have never hated my hair this much before.

There was a point where I had really, really long hair and I had been waiting ages to cut it. It was about two years after I coloured my hair blonde, because the ends were blonde at that point. I started trimming the ends myself because I could barely see the layers in my hair anyway, due to the hair having grown out so much.

Now I hate my hair to the point where I actually want to wear a wig to cover up the ugliness. I deal, I deal, but I still get annoyed with it. 😛 Normally I get a haircut once every year, but because I got such a ridiculous style, I have to grow mine out for a while.

Unfortunately some weddings of my cousins’ are coming up so I have to have nice hair for that. And I will have no choice but to cut my hair – at least in a nicer style.

I’ve dealt with a fringe/bangs for at least six years now and I hated growing it out every time. I hated how it stuck to my face… so next time, I’m just getting my hair layered up. I’m not going to get my fringe cut short.

We have regrets. Haha. 😞

I’m making a promise though – just watch me: After I next cut my hair, I won’t cut it for two years.

Something might come up, another wedding perhaps… but two years. Two years it is.

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