Hairline fracture

I’ve got a backlog of comments to respond to and I realise I haven’t responded to comments that are nearly a month old… shit, sorry… just… yeah. I’ve been so busy, dazed, annoyed, irritable…

My god. I’m still kind of fuming. I just… I can’t stand using this idiotic program we’re meant to be using for this stupid database assignment.

I didn’t go to class yesterday, and that was alright. It was just people doing presentations. I didn’t miss out on much. And I made up for skipping by waking up very early this morning and doing my assignment for that subject. I know 7:00am isn’t all that early, but considering I slept at 1:00am… it’s good. I worked on my assignment until 10:00am, and I have nearly hit the halfway mark. I’m going to put it down for now though, because it isn’t due for another week, and I’ve got that stupid database assignment to deal with.

I’m starting to rip my hair out at all of this. As I mentioned in my previous post, I gave my tutor some bad feedback, but also suggested some improvements for all the bad feedback. I didn’t want to be completely bitchy.

Speaking of ripping hair out, I hate mine. I cut it last October and I cut it in a style that was shorter at the back and longer at the front. I don’t think I got the front cut thinly enough, because from the front I look like I have long hair, and from the back, I look like I have short hair.

It might have to do with the fact that it’s growing out and it’s just growing out in a really ugly manner. My mum told me not to cut my hair or do anything to it. I actually got a pair of scissors the other day to trip the split ends. I have been spotting a lot of split ends lately. Maybe I really am getting stressed out. I am sure it’s been worse though – this is definitely not the most stressed I’ve been. :) And I’m a bit thankful for that.

I am actually disliking the style of my hair because I can’t do anything with it. It was versatile, as it grew out – and I could tie and adorn it different ways, but now that it’s longer there isn’t much I can do. I can’t fully tie it up into a ponytail because the back isn’t long enough. I have never hated my hair this much before.

There was a point where I had really, really long hair and I had been waiting ages to cut it. It was about two years after I coloured my hair blonde, because the ends were blonde at that point. I started trimming the ends myself because I could barely see the layers in my hair anyway, due to the hair having grown out so much.

Now I hate my hair to the point where I actually want to wear a wig to cover up the ugliness. I deal, I deal, but I still get annoyed with it. :P Normally I get a haircut once every year, but because I got such a ridiculous style, I have to grow mine out for a while.

Unfortunately some weddings of my cousins’ are coming up so I have to have nice hair for that. And I will have no choice but to cut my hair – at least in a nicer style.

I’ve dealt with a fringe/bangs for at least six years now and I hated growing it out every time. I hated how it stuck to my face… so next time, I’m just getting my hair layered up. I’m not going to get my fringe cut short.

We have regrets. Haha. :(

I’m making a promise though – just watch me: After I next cut my hair, I won’t cut it for two years.

Something might come up, another wedding perhaps… but two years. Two years it is.

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Aw, nu! :( I’m sure there are people who don’t mind you skipping theirs (me included), and you could always reply here @ HD to make things easier. And comment on their blog later. But I figure you won’t do that because you’re so stubborn with your comments, silly. ♥ I wish I was like you, paha. I’m terrible with comments…

Stupid weirdo Greenstone program. My ICT end-of-year was mainly on databases; screw the bitches. I mean, hello? Do I really give a fuck about some crazyass fashion show shit? Though in an end of module test we did it on snowboarding… I gave all the instructors crazy names (Edgar M. Snowman, for instance) and made the MCR members the members of the club. That was amusing, as least, to make up their addresses and snowboarding level.
At the moment, we’re doing spreadsheets in Excel. Which were quite possibly shat out of Satan’s backside, they suck so bad. /poo

Wow. Never used that comparison before. 😏

I went to bed at 1am last night too. Well, I went to bed earlier but started reading Double Cross again – mistake. That book’s so good it’s unreal and I quite quickly got sucked in. Oh dear. Congratulations on your progress with that assignment, though! Sounds like you’ve killed a whole load of it already. Always nice to get things done nice and early so they’re out of the way. /eee

Your hair’s lovely; don’t rip it out. :( And paha, bitchface, eh. Screw her. If you justified your point, what’s her frickin’ problem? Seriously. I hope you saw my tweet on Twitter as to what you should do with her. /bounce

I’m sure your hair’s not that bad! As I said, I love your hair. I’m growing mine out long again, like it used to be, and it’s reaching that stupid-as point when you can’t do anything with it ’cause it’s not short or long. Meh. I wish it would just sprout inches in moments but you can’t always get what you want (sneaky Rolling Stone reference there… like a boss).

Ah, so yours is also at said stupid-as point. *squee* Well, let’s just grow it out together and stick it out. Hopefully by the end of summer (winter for you) it’ll be much longer! (Y)

Your fringe was cute! But six years is a pretty long time. My hairdresser never cuts my fringe long enough so I’m constantly getting it sorted out. Sigh. Plus my hair is curly so it just flicks up and out all the time. Ugh. Least yours had the sense to stay on your face. ;)

Two years? Frickin’ gee. Wow. That’s ages! Good luck, Georgie! (Totally didn’t just put my own name there).

It probably isn’t but I hope this comment is first. /um

Take care! xx

I wish you luck with the program. I saw you post on Twitter about Greenstone. :|

I have a lot of issues with my appearence every single time I cut my hair.
The phases: Oh, it looks nice –> Eugh. It’s looking a bit iffy –> Ew. Why’d I cut it this short again? –> *a month or two of growing it out* –> It looks nice now –> Augh! It’s too long!

My hair grows fairly quickly, and I currently have a slightly grown out bob. I think I’m in the ‘Augh! It’s too long!’ phase at the moment (mostly because some of my bangs are poking into my eyes and I haven’t found the time to trim them).

Hey, Georgina!
So sorry for my late response! I went on vacation and after I got back, I’ve had so much homework… D:
Thank you so much for your sweet comments regarding my layout and photo manipulations! They are extremely hard to make… I seem to be having trouble with it too lately. :( Well, I’ve actually been having NO inspiration at all lately! :(

I know how you feel, I’ve been feeling super annoyed and dazed too these days. Although, for me, it’s probably a puberty stage that I’m going through… hehe :P
All I want to do nowadays is sleep, sleep, sleep, and talk to no one at all.
Your hair is longer in the front than it is in the back? That’s so cool! I’ve seen some people who have it like that and I’ve always wanted that style. Haha ^^ Anyway, good luck with everything! I hope the stress will definitely lessen!

Gah! I used to hate my hair too last year… especially last year when it was dry… reaaaallllyyy dry. I hated it to the point that it was always tied up. Luckily around mid-November/December last year, I got to had it relaxed. I LOVED IT BY THEN! /bounce and until now… i’m still in love with it. :P

i also had a very short hair once… but i swore to myself never to do it again. i looked fatter and stupid. LOL. /wave

6 hours of sleep? Oh, that’s already a big sacrifice, especially for an assignment. :)

I hate my hair a bit right now. My hair used to be really silky and smooth but when I started being a varsity swimmer, my hair’s completely dry. o.O

When I was 6 years old, I had really long hair and I didn’t want to get it cut because I really loved long hair at that time. It was only when I was 10 years old when I decided to get it cut because when the electricity goes out, it’s so hot compared to having short hair. :)

Sorry you are going through such a tough time right now, I hope it all straightens out for you. About your hair, I used to have the same (sounding) style hair cut, and it always looked terrible when the style grew out, so I stopped getting that cut because I don’t like getting my hair cut too often. But I don’t think I would like to go two years, either! :X

managing database is like a routine activity I do in high school I.T class and I hate it very much. I hate making all those stupid queries and reports. (good thing that my high school is over. no more studying stupid database and such. 🙄 )
your mom’s like mine. haha. my mom always tells me not to cut my hair and whenever I’m going for a haircut, she’ll be like “remember. don’t cut it too short like boys.” but in the end I do anyway, since I wish to have anime kind of hairstyle. /ho
when I had long hair, I never realized split ends… lol. :P maybe because I’m too lazy to take care of it 24/7. (I really look like a messy beggar back then /snort )

haha. don’t worry. I live in the country but I’m still clueless about some Indonesian traditional food. ==”
I once thought that calamari was some fancy western food..turns out that it’s just fried squid /snort
I’d love to enjoy winter~ or autumn since they’re so beautiful. too bad I only have two seasons here.

P.S: I love your emoticons. how do you install it into wordpress?

I cut my hair after not touching it for 18 months (just got the fringe cut every 3 months)… OMG I feel REALLY bald but I love how it’s cut and I can grow it again now XD
I am so vain about my hair so I can fully sympathise with how upsetting it can be when you want nice hair and a haircut doesn’t go exactly as planned.

Ugh, I know what you mean about bangs/fringe. For awhile, I kept getting mine cut straight across but then they’d grow out so awkwardly and there would be a period of about two weeks where I just couldn’t do anything with them because they were too short to put up, but too long to be front bangs. And I usually just get my friend (a hairdresser) to cut them but I didn’t always see her that often, so it was hard. I haven’t gotten an actual haircut in over a year, and I have pretty bad split ends. I use some product though, and it seems to help a bit :)

My hair is super long now, and there are some days where I’m just tempted to chop it all off into a super short style.. but I know I’d end up regretting it. I got it cut rather short (at least, for me) last Feb. and I’ve just let it grown out after that ever since.

I’ve missed reading your blog! I haven’t really been in touch with blogging at all over the last few months, or been to Skeletons much :( I’m trying to get back into it, though :)

I wouldn’t worry so much about returning comments. I wouldn’t expect anyone to comment on my blog just because I commented on theirs. I usually comment if I have something to say.

I think you’re a better person than me for giving your tutor constructive criticism. I probably would have gone full out bitchy on her. /oh

My hair is kind of a mess right now too. It’s difficult to tame and it’s in that awkward stage between short and long. I once acted completely on impulse and attacked my fringe because it was long enough to get into my face, but not long enough to push back. I didn’t even think. It wasn’t one of my proudest moments. Especially considering how I looked afterwards.

Ohhh hair troubles… I know them so well XD I’ve been growing it out for almost a year now (although I do get frequent haircuts to prevent it from looking… well… dead) and it’s finally how I like it again! The funny part… your hairstyle sounds exactly like the one I was growing out, and it’s a PAIN! /wah I actually had a nightmare once in which i cut it in that style again. I was close to crying in my dream because I regretted it so much XD

I got my hair cut pretty short about nine months ago, and I really regret it! Though it needed to be cut – I have naturally curly hair so it gets damaged super easily -_- I’ve seen pictures (well that sounds creepy…) of you, and you have very pretty hair! :)

I agree with your mom! I wouldn’t cut it until it grows all the way out, or to however long you want it, and then you can go back to whatever your “normal” style is! /bounce Bad haircuts are never fun; we always want to try something new and different, but then it’s like “Omg WHY did I ever think about doing that?! O_O ” lol!

Ah! That’s so annoying when you can’t really do anything with your hair. I should’ve listened to my friends and not cut my own hair. But oh well. I wish I had my long hair back though. But I swear, I’m gonna let it grow out for a full year, or two like you’re going to do, and see how long it gets. I have a full figured face and it’s better if I actually let it grow out so that my face will look thinner. It’s already thin, but ya. Don’t get me wrong I cut it for the summer. But now I want my long hair back. Dang it. I should’ve just had the stylist layer it up and cut a little bit of it off. But I do like the fringe/bangs to the right though. That’s it! After my hair grows longer, the fringe will stay, but the hair is definitely growing out!

Argh! I can’t stand stupid database assignments! Seriously. I tried applying it on a disc, and that was before I had one of those external hard drives that keeps it on there nice and neat and what not and you can just plug it into the usb port (God only knows where that went to). But when I went to class the next day I couldn’t even get my database program to work and I thought I was caught up so I was fuming. I had to start over from where I saved it on the computer at school. But I love computer classes. That’s what I’m majoring in in the fall. So don’t worry. Split ends also appear from stress as well; as blow-drying it a LOT. I’m not sure if you blow dry it or not but that usually makes it happen. My brown hair dye is starting to come out a little bit. But at least you can’t really tell. My hair stylist did a great job on it. I’m definitely going back to her.

Welll; I just had to tell you I dropped 6 more lbs! I’m now at 201! I may not even NEED the gastric bypass! How cool is that? I’m about 83 lbs away from my goal at 115. I’m so happy about my success in dropping the weight. I know it’s going to take time to get rid of this belly, but heck I can do it! Maybe a year or a few months time, but it’ll be gone! I really wanted to thank you for all your kind support behind me! Your support as well; as others are helping a LOT. Heehee. I was actually praying please let me drop at least some lbs and I was afraid that I had gained cause I had drank like four real cokes but different days (7-Up to be more accurate). But yeah, that’s all I’ve drunk. Mostly it’s water and iced tea now :). Heehee. I also bought a points plus calculator. Which I’m still learning how to use. Heehee.

Well; I better get going. I have a big day tomorrow with my offline best friend. We’re going to the Cherry Festival tomorrow. I can’t wait! I hope I can get some pictures and what not! Heehee. Take care Georgie and try not to pull your hair out ok?

Haha, thanks, it’s great to be back! Definitely going to take some time getting used to, but at least I have a lot to talk about so I won’t have no ideas for a blog entry. xD I swear I already have ten in my head already.

I’ve been creeping around your site, and it doesn’t look that inactive. xD You still tend to post a new blog post within a few days from each other, I say that’s still pretty good. I was about to say “good thing the summer is coming up”, but then I remembered: Australia.

Skipping? Georgiee. How could you, haha! You badass you! I could honestly never skip. I would like have an emotional breakdown and die. Well unless I had permission from parents, which I have had before. xD This upcoming Tuesday is one of them. /bounce

Seriously?! It can’t be that bad that it makes you want to wear a wig! And WTF, you haven’t cut it since October and it’s still pretty much the same? Does your hair not grow?! Lmao. I have to get a hair cut like every couple of months. How can you not cut it in two years? GHJENJHGYDHUJK.

And don’t worry about the comments. :) You have more important things to do. Just return the important ones (like this one, LOL JK).

Good luck with your assignment!!