You’re so great

Correction: I’m so great.

You will not believe this. For hours and hours and hours, I was repeatedly complaining on Twitter about this program called Greenstone. It’s a shit program. We pretty much only learned about it in class on Monday, and our assignment is due the following Monday – in about a day from now. I was so infuriated about this, and I even left negative feedback on the student feedback survey (without being rude). In our group I was assigned to do the coding and the layout (who else? 😉). It drove me mad. Because it wasn’t just regular HTML and CSS. It was mixed with macros and other scripting. It drove me absolutely insane. And to be honest, I thought, if I couldn’t do this, then how could anyone else? A lot of the people in my class are not code-literate. 😛

We basically have to make a database with an appropriate interface design for a client. We have to collect all the objects and write appropriate metadata/properties for them. We managed to do that early, so this week we were just putting everything into the database and I would fix up the layout. For a short time I felt like I could get all the coding done and done quickly too, as well as nicely. But it was definitely a lot more difficult than I thought. There was one error that drove me mad, and ten minutes ago, was still driving me mad.

The title was coming up twice. And it wasn’t coming up twice on every page – it was coming up twice on just one page. Because of the way the shit is coded and structured, I had to look through nearly a hundred macro files to find out where things were going. The documentation was of no help, and neither were the tutorial sheets that were given to us. I pitied – well, actually, to be more accurate, I felt incredibly sorry for – whoever wrote those tutorial sheets. (If it was my tutor, no matter how much I dislike her… still.) They weren’t explained properly and there were even some incorrect instructions. I felt sorry for whoever wrote it, for they would think that they would be helping people when they weren’t. They would probably get a few complaints, too.

A few hours into this afternoon, I was sure I’d fix the error, but I didn’t. One minute I heard the birds outside, the next, it was pitch black and I’d forgotten to take the clothes down. I was so angry I had to eat lemon cheesecake because I couldn’t stand sitting, staring at my screen, trying to figure out this stupid problem.

After eight horrible and very shitty, tiring hours trying to find out why this title was coming up twice on just one page – after hours and hours of hacking at code, dealing with trial and error because of the endless variables, it hit me. I was just having a browse through the demos and through the original interface and I realised that the title had to be replaced by an image with a function inside the editing interface. FUCK.

I think I just exploded when I refreshed the page and everything was how I had wanted it to be. I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or throw buckets of meatballs at a pinata. I… don’t know what to say. Endless complaining. I can’t say complaining worked, I can probably say I’m an idiot as I could have figured it out a bit earlier. I am just relieved, but angry that I wasted so much time – pretty much all day – on this stupid error. I want those eight hours of my life back. 😡

I find it unbelievable that I didn’t actually give up. That might be a bad thing though. I’m never spending that long on part of an assignment again. It is now nearly 1:00 in the morning; I slept at 3:00 yesterday morning… far out. But I still want to have a quiet celebration.

10th June. I can hardly wait. I just need a break. Dfdlkgjdlgdjgdlgjfd. 🙁 🙁

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