I used to have a category/tag on my blog, “idiots”. I took it out because I kind of ran out of funny stories to tell about idiots on the train, and in essence, there weren’t many stories at all. Perhaps people have become smarter and have more common sense, or I just pay no attention anymore? If it’s the former, well, today just proved that hypothesis wrong. More specifically, this afternoon. It was just the incidents of this afternoon, but overall it was an eventful day.

I was sitting in the car and my dad was giving me and my brother a lift to the train station. I had been in a rush so I was putting eye cream on my eyes while peering at my blue pocket mirror as we were waiting at a traffic light. I wiped the tip of my nose, and suddenly, blood started pouring out of my nose.

Yay nosebleed. /bash

It was just way uncool. That is the only phrase I can think of to describe what happened. I thought it’d stop after some time but the blood started soaking through the tissues in my hand. Let me just say, thank goodness we have tissues in our car. I had a whole bunch of them in my hand, clasped to my nose, and blood was dripping from my nose. It spilled on the mirror in my lap and dripped on my skirt. At least that was black, so it wouldn’t be obvious if it left a stain. :X

I was struggling to move the bundle of tissues in my hand so that blood could be absorbed by clean parts of the tissue, so I could actually tell when it stopped bleeding. After a while it finally stopped, but my dad gave me a few minutes at the station to wipe my face and gather nearly the entire contents of the tissue box. :P I swear, my nose would have been like puddle! if I had no tissues. I must have been nervous or my sinuses and nervous system must have hated the heating in the car.

Greenstone is officially uninstalled from my laptop. Absolutely no more. I am really relieved. Our presentation was alright. The database worked fine, the layout was good, it was all fine and dandy. Our tutor pleaded us to give her feedback about the subject, saying she had a thick skin and could take anything. Haha. I did not use that opportunity to attack her though, mind you.

I had an interview at around lunchtime, which went alright. The lady looked at my resume/CV and apparently the job I applied for was a senior role. She felt that I should take on a smaller role to build up my experience, so I really appreciate that she’s had a look and will help me out. :D She found a position at a place not far from home, but I wasn’t too keen on it because of transport and such.

Right. So I was talking about idiots. I don’t think anyone is going to believe me at this point, but whatever. I was on the bus back to the train station after my interview. There was a mother sitting up the front with her husband and a baby. The baby was crying. The baby stopped crying every now and then. Unfortunately, this really inconsiderate and unbelievably rude middle-aged man had to keep shouting “shut up” at this poor mother’s baby. I thought he would just give up after a bit, but the baby continued crying and the man continued saying “shut up” and mocked the baby’s cries. To be honest, the man was making my blood boil and I would much rather have listened to the baby crying.

I wanted to snap at the man, ‘you were a baby once so shut your fucking gob’, but it didn’t come out. I could feel my ears heating with rage. After the woman got off the bus, I thought the man would shut up, but he wouldn’t. He continued shouting out, “hurry up” to the bus driver. I wanted to step on his face so badly.

Further down the road I realised I had to get off soon and I walked past this man, sitting in his seat. He said to me, “HURRY UP”. I glared at him for a moment, and said, “why don’t you shut up.”

I continued walking towards the door of the bus and he said, “shut up, bitch.”

I turned around and yelled, “fuck you”. At this point the bus driver yelled at me and said, “oi”. Loudly, bluntly. What, just because you don’t have the guts to speak up to a man who is making your bus a shithole? It is ridiculous how disrespectful people are, how rude they are – I just had to stand up to it. Sure, I might have offended someone, but as Lilian told me, people wouldn’t likely be thinking I’m an ill-mannered child for shouting expletives, but would probably be a little grateful that I stood up to an idiot who was annoying quite possibly everyone on the bus.

After all, if I tried to get my point across without using an expletive, the brainless monkey wouldn’t have had a clue what I was talking about. I fucking hate public transport.

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These are a subspecies known as crazy. They are better kicked in the dick than shouted at. Just make sure you run after that.

Yay nosebleeds.

I used to get them a lot when I was younger, though I think this had more to do with the fact that I would run around in the heat, and not bother hydrating or anything. Fortunately YOU HAD TISSUES :)

Congrats on your presentation :) How many more projects etc. do you have to go before you finish?

and wow, that guy sounds awful. I probably would have done the same thing to him. Yay for you for standing up to him!

I always wonder how, in this day and age, people are still so damn ignorant and rude. A baby isn’t gonna shut up if you yell at it to shut up. In fact, the opposite will happen. The baby will probably start crying more, terrified of you and your stupidty! GRR!

Oh my, Georgie! :( I hope you’re okay now. I used to suffer a lot from nosebleeds in summer as a child, but when they hit you as a grown up they can really put you in embarrassing or difficult situations. Glad you took it more lightly than most people do. *hugs*

That’s so good about the interview! Mistakes happen, but seeing people helping you finding the right position is just so heartwarming. :) There’s good people in this world.

What… a… JERK! O__O I would SO slap him in the face too! And that bus driver too… he tells “oi” at you?! He should have kicked that idiot out of the bus, while he was mocking a little baby and other innocent people! I’m really speechless… and I’m proud of you at the same time. :) You were brave, standing up for the innocent. You’re a gem, Georgie dear!

Ughh, I hate nosebleeds. I use to get them like ALL the time when I was younger, it sucked. People told me because of dry skin? I dunno. I still get them sometimes now, rarely. D:

Woww, and that’s so rude what that guy did to on the woman and her baby, the thing is with me I always like if someone gave me a fake scenario I’d probably tell them I’d do this if that actually happened to me, like something brave and mighty, but if that were to actually happen I’d probably wimp out.

And yay for you standing up for what you believe in. :D That guy was an asshole and deserved it. Sometimes when I think I’d do that and something that involves a lot of swearing, since I’m like a kid/teenager like younger, not an adult, I feel people would be giving me less respect and would like give me a dirty look more, compared to that man if I were to do it. I guess they’d thing I was like a brat or someone who doesn’t respect their elders or something, but if you want respect it’s gotta be mutual.

The only thing I’d be most scared of is after getting off the bus the person would follow me and try to kill me for aggravating them… but then again that’s such a TV scenario that would never happen in real life, but I always wonder “what if?” :P

Oh wow, If I was in your position then the bus driver would have to have been holding me down from punching the living crap out of that man. /angry People like that make me sick. Unless he had a disability (Like severe Autism, I think it’s called) or something where they cannot understand how them saying or doing something can affect people’s emotions, but we’ll never know.

& Yup, I stuck my pictures on my wall. :) I’ll have some pictures up of it soon, probably in my next blog :D

Ahh spontaneous nosebleeds scare me! I think I might have had one maybe once or twice but that’s about it. I always used to get freaked out when someone’s nose randomly started bleeding at summer camp or something lol. My nephew’s nose bleeds a lot, and randomly like that. Good thing you had those tissues lol. I think I actually saw your Tweet about that happening.

Ahh what a douche that guy was. There are always people like that around, unfortunately. What a weirdo, though. Some people are just…strange. And you just have to wonder what’s going through their mind that would possibly ever make them do the things they do. Unbelievable. Kudos to you, I would have gone off on him lol I have such a bad temper. I think ‘Fuck you’ was sufficient and to the point. :) It’s true, people are truly idiots. /bash

I’ve always wanted to experience a nosebleed just because I haven’t ever before. I probably won’t thought because it’s a lot of things that happen to other people that just don’t happen to me. Like pimples and stuff, I just don’t get them.

Anywhom, wow what an idiot. That was so rude of him. I mean, it’s public transportation and when I think of public transportation I think about crying babies, well idiots too but that’s just wrong. It’s a baby for goodness sake and what do babies do? CRY. I’m glad you stuck up for yourself. Smh, he had to a man that was just hurt on the inside taking out all his anger on other people but I don’t have sympathy for people like that. All I really do is shake my head at them.


OMGOSH LMAO I LOVE YOU GEORGIE! That idiot sounded like he had it coming! It was very brave of you to voice what, no doubt, everyone on the bus was thinking. 👏 He really had it coming to him. And from the way you described him he sounds like a total drunk.

I so wish I could have seen you do this, I know that I would be grinning in awe at your sheer awesomeness! /faw
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

and sorry to hear about your nosebleed! That really sucks. ;A; As you said, at least you had tissues (something which I, being the idiot I am, would neglect to have).

wow, what a jerk! glad you said something back, though it sounds like he really deserves a beating. One day he’ll piss off a large, unstable man and that will be the end of that.

I don’t get nosebleeds, but I can imagine that they’re awful! At least it stopped before you had to get on the train; that would’ve been awful if you had to of tried to stop it when you were on it! My boyfriend gets them sometimes, but they’re usually not too bad and don’t last that long. I’m glad you’re okay!

Some people are such jerks. -.- I’m glad you stood up to that guy. I mean, who yells at a baby to stop crying!? Yeah, he was never one either. Eye roll. Idiot. I’m kinda surprised no one else said anything to him though, especially since he was being so loud. Then again, I probably wouldn’t have said anything since I’m so quiet. O.O

Hey GEORGIE!!!! I’m so glad your presentations are finally done (well; except for two assignments but hey it’s better than a whole sh*t load pardon the french). Yup I agree with your statement, losing the weight is more important than toning but you can tone and still lose the weight I’m sure. But yeah, I was craving cheesecake for the longest time and finally got it, but I also did it in moderate proportions. So all’s good. I had the rest that weekend on Sunday night when I came home. Haha! But yeah a hot dog is 5 pts! There are lean ones that are less than that. But still. 5 pts isn’t bad. I also found a nutrition fact sheet online that tells you how much fat and protein and what are in what you eat. So I can add that up on my calculator that I bought and well; it’s just cool! Heehee.

OMG, are you kidding me? That idiot just kept saying “shut up” and “Hurry up” to everyone? What a jerk! I’m glad you cursed at him. I would’ve actually boiled up to the point of actually telling him “Why don’t you mind your own business” or actually walking up to the bus driver and telling him the situation. But jeez. What an arse! Seriously. And how old is this guy? 3 years old? Haha! Seriously. Like wtf?

I’m glad you’re able to read your friends blogs again. It is thereapeutic. I think. But yeah, leaving comments can be a chore though. I think? That’s why I took time off from blogging cause I had nothing to say. As well; as designing. But it’s all good. I got my mojo back haha.

Yeah Andrew, and I are okay. But still not talking to each other. And I agree that everyone needs privacy in their rooms! Thank god I have that now. I just need blinds which aren’t much. But yeah, a beige color would suit the room perfectly and make it a bit bigger. Especially the way I want to decorate it. Heehee. I’m still kinda wanting to do the photoblog thing. But I’m not really sure if I should or not. I don’t have rechargeable batteries right now, so I can’t really. My dad’s gf is letting me use her camera for this and whatever else I want to do like my make up channel on how cool is that?

I intend to check from time to time, but I’m not on it as much as I once was. I guess I’m getting bored with it I’m not really sure? But I did get your messages though and I did reply back to them. Not sure if you left me any more recently. But I will check.

Hmmm, yeah, I think I should do full-time, but I’m still waiting for the neurologist to make up his mind on whether or not I should be seen by him. I will hear from him probably within 1 more week. I hope at least. He has to determine on whether or not I should be seen. And as far as I can tell he better see me. Dang it! I’ve been waiting for this FOR MONTHS (to be exact since January of this YEAR). And now they have valid proof of what is going on. So they better see me. But yeah, since I don’t have a job right now maybe I should do full-time as a college student. My dad’s gf is driving me to and from college. And each time she does I’ll be giving her gas money. But yeah. I believe we start in August actually. I’m not really sure?

Anyway, we actually got our dog neutered finally. So he can’t take off and run like he used to to find female dogs in heat. God knows we have one in heat already (my dad’s gf’s dog), so since she’s moving in, we needed to get him fixed and it was an early Father’s day present for my dad and I paid for it. So I’m really happy he went for that instead of the dinner. Once we get the stove/oven in I can cook him this healthy dinner I found. Lemon pasta. Which sounds good don’t it? So yeah, that was his present.

I’m so glad that you got an interview for somewhere and are going to hopefully get the job at a lower level and work your way up. No harm in that. At least you’ll still have a job! And I agree we should grow our hair together! My hair’s already growing out haha. Though I do think once it’s grown out, I’m gonna get it in layers once again (I’ve always had them in layers), and just keep the fringe/bangs. I like them to the right honestly. It gives me something to actually do with my hair in a different way. Ya know? :D. But yeah, let’s grow our hair together!!! :D. I can’t wait. And ugh! Nosebleed. I haven’t had one of those since I was a kid/teenager. I hope you’re okay? But man oh man what a way to pick a time to get a nosebleed! :/. Well; I’m glad it’s over and you’re very welcome for your birthday wishes! I didn’t get much for my birthday last year either other than what I bought and a trip to Bene Hannah’s or somewhere I can’t remember where I went honestly lol. But yeah as the older you get I’m sure the presents are just a thing in the past and you don’t really want much care if people fuss over it or not. Ya know? Well; girlie I gotta look over my dog. Take care!

I don’t think I’ve ever had a nosebleed. But I’ve felt awfully helpless as things kept going and I just wanted it to stop. I hope you have no more nosebleeds. :)
I’m glad you got the job. Good luck!
A lot of people could use a lesson in consideration.

I get nosebleeds a lot because it’s really hot here in the Philippines. But good thing your nose stopped bleeding.

It’s good to hear that your interview went well. I hope you can find a job that would meet yours and the company’s needs and that’s close to your home.

One of my pet peeves is public transportation because that’s where most idiots are. I encounter a lot of those when I ride a bus or a train. That man deserves better than that. If I were you, I would’ve thrown something hard at him the first time he says ‘shut up’ to the poor baby. Agh! What a jerk! /angry

Urgh, I have a history of awkward, awfully placed nosebleeds. I’m paranoid now, that whenever I feel the slightest sniffle in my nose, that it’s going to erupt forth into an almighty blood fountain. I haven’t had a bad one for a while now, fingers crossed, but I’ve had MANY. It’s a bloody nuisance… no pun intended.

I’ve seen my fair share of idiots on public transport – I can empathise with you there. Bit of a double standard, the bus driver yelling at you and not the man. RUDE. You were standing up for yourself (and the standards of his bus, might I add?!). Rude people are rude. <3