I used to have a category/tag on my blog, “idiots”. I took it out because I kind of ran out of funny stories to tell about idiots on the train, and in essence, there weren’t many stories at all. Perhaps people have become smarter and have more common sense, or I just pay no attention anymore? If it’s the former, well, today just proved that hypothesis wrong. More specifically, this afternoon. It was just the incidents of this afternoon, but overall it was an eventful day.

I was sitting in the car and my dad was giving me and my brother a lift to the train station. I had been in a rush so I was putting eye cream on my eyes while peering at my blue pocket mirror as we were waiting at a traffic light. I wiped the tip of my nose, and suddenly, blood started pouring out of my nose.

Yay nosebleed. ๐Ÿ™

It was just way uncool. That is the only phrase I can think of to describe what happened. I thought it’d stop after some time but the blood started soaking through the tissues in my hand. Let me just say, thank goodness we have tissues in our car. I had a whole bunch of them in my hand, clasped to my nose, and blood was dripping from my nose. It spilled on the mirror in my lap and dripped on my skirt. At least that was black, so it wouldn’t be obvious if it left a stain. ๐Ÿ˜ถ

I was struggling to move the bundle of tissues in my hand so that blood could be absorbed by clean parts of the tissue, so I could actually tell when it stopped bleeding. After a while it finally stopped, but my dad gave me a few minutes at the station to wipe my face and gather nearly the entire contents of the tissue box. ๐Ÿ˜› I swear, my nose would have been like puddle! if I had no tissues. I must have been nervous or my sinuses and nervous system must have hated the heating in the car.

Greenstone is officially uninstalled from my laptop. Absolutely no more. I am really relieved. Our presentation was alright. The database worked fine, the layout was good, it was all fine and dandy. Our tutor pleaded us to give her feedback about the subject, saying she had a thick skin and could take anything. Haha. I did not use that opportunity to attack her though, mind you.

I had an interview at around lunchtime, which went alright. The lady looked at my resume/CV and apparently the job I applied for was a senior role. She felt that I should take on a smaller role to build up my experience, so I really appreciate that she’s had a look and will help me out. ๐Ÿ˜„ She found a position at a place not far from home, but I wasn’t too keen on it because of transport and such.

Right. So I was talking about idiots. I don’t think anyone is going to believe me at this point, but whatever. I was on the bus back to the train station after my interview. There was a mother sitting up the front with her husband and a baby. The baby was crying. The baby stopped crying every now and then. Unfortunately, this really inconsiderate and unbelievably rude middle-aged man had to keep shouting “shut up” at this poor mother’s baby. I thought he would just give up after a bit, but the baby continued crying and the man continued saying “shut up” and mocked the baby’s cries. To be honest, the man was making my blood boil and I would much rather have listened to the baby crying.

I wanted to snap at the man, ‘you were a baby once so shut your fucking gob’, but it didn’t come out. I could feel my ears heating with rage. After the woman got off the bus, I thought the man would shut up, but he wouldn’t. He continued shouting out, “hurry up” to the bus driver. I wanted to step on his face so badly.

Further down the road I realised I had to get off soon and I walked past this man, sitting in his seat. He said to me, “HURRY UP”. I glared at him for a moment, and said, “why don’t you shut up.”

I continued walking towards the door of the bus and he said, “shut up, bitch.”

I turned around and yelled, “fuck you”. At this point the bus driver yelled at me and said, “oi”. Loudly, bluntly. What, just because you don’t have the guts to speak up to a man who is making your bus a shithole? It is ridiculous how disrespectful people are, how rude they are – I just had to stand up to it. Sure, I might have offended someone, but as Lilian told me, people wouldn’t likely be thinking I’m an ill-mannered child for shouting expletives, but would probably be a little grateful that I stood up to an idiot who was annoying quite possibly everyone on the bus.

After all, if I tried to get my point across without using an expletive, the brainless monkey wouldn’t have had a clue what I was talking about. I fucking hate public transport.

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