A spoonful of sugar

Two assignments left… one is nearly done, and the other is going to be tedious but I’m telling you, it’s already a thousand times better than that database assignment I had to give in on Monday. I am just relieved that part is over and there really isn’t much more to go. :D I only have a week of break before I go back to university for my photography class… but that should be alright. I’m looking forward to it.

Yesterday, James and I went to a noodle restaurant. We’ve been there several times before and the food is good. I felt like getting fried noodles this time, because I usually get soup. I’m a sucker for soup. I had made my own lunch and eaten that sandwich I made, and James gave me a bun, so I was filled up when we ordered, but I thought I could do with a bit more.

James’s spicy diced noodle soup came first and he gave me some of it. It actually wasn’t all that spicy even though he asked them to make it as spicy as possible. James loves spicy food… so it could be rubbing off on me I guess? We noticed that the waiter was bringing other people’s food and mine still hadn’t arrived. It was weird. After twenty-five minutes had passed, we realised that a group of four people had arrived after us and were already leaving because they finished their food… and mine wasn’t even there. O_O

After about eleven dishes came out, and the waiter apologising to a few people, “sorry for the wait”, James asked, “what’s she going to say when yours comes?”

Eventually mine came out and it was pretty huge. Hmm. I didn’t even get very far with eating because I was already pretty full, from eating some of James’s dish too. Which was really lovely, might I add. :3 I enjoyed just drinking the rest of the hot soup left because I didn’t feel like finishing much of my noodles.

James ate my noodles. XD And he’s still so fit. I am amazed. /bounce

We walked all the way to the shopping centre (which was pretty far and on any ordinary day I’d hate to walk there) because we felt like burning off all the food we ate. I felt so full. We were laughing and it actually kind of hurt to laugh. James said he hoped someone wouldn’t punch him in the stomach as we were walking.

At the shopping centre I looked in a stationery store and just as I got out, James was going to tell me to stay inside so he could try a massage chair. I decided to try it as well, and it was $2 for four minutes. Dude, it was pretty intense. It sort of killed my back because it didn’t know I was so small (and weak perhaps :P). James was pretty much yelping in pain. Hahahahah. Afterwards, we couldn’t really feel our feet and criticised the chair to no end. It was the first time we’d ever tried them… but after the blood went back to our legs we felt refreshed and decided that it would be a good way to end next semester. Worth the $2 each too, I guess.

We walked all the way into the next town to get further exercise. My feet hurt a lot but it was rather liberating… after how much I ate. YAY. I feel accomplished, dude. /bounce

Today I got free food at a post-graduate information night. I registered because I’m planning to apply for a Master of Information Technology. Yes, I don’t think I’m quite done with study, even this is the final Bachelor year. Ooooooo.

Over and out.

James, I really loved that hot soup. /drool

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TAHEE you ate so much! /love
I don’t think you eat enough. No wonder you’re so Small /faw *huggs*

I can’t believe I had around one and three quarter meals D: . Although I only had a banana and a sandwich for breakfast /um
was sort of in a rush to get to uni, considering I woke up at 9 /cactus

How dare you laugh at me Yelping. :P it sure felt odd, those knobs rolling around your back ribs /sweat
but in retrospect it was pretty darn nice, and decent value for money /eee. I just hope they’re there next sem /bounce

I’ll take you to a nicer place for that soup. It’s called sour and spicy, for your reference /love


hey there hun
how are you? it has been ages since we last spoke. ive been so busy at my new job when i get home i just eat then sleep lol.
thats cool that you did a database, what coding do you use for that, ASP or Visual Basic? i am doing one for the company i work at now and i’m kinda struggling to do a Report button.
when i use to go out with my ex (my boyfriend at the time) i never ate so much, my appetite just vanished and sometimes when i go out with friends i dont have an appetite. Now that its winter here (south africa) i cant stop eating, i swear ill just about roll in and out of bed.
i love spicy food as well, but i dont think as spicy as you and james like lol.

OMG I love noodles and soup. I remember when Mingyun (my boyfriend) took me to this Korean noodles place … I generally dislike Korean food, but noodles … I’m a sucker for noodles lol. Asians love to binge on carbs so noodles I get are always in huge bowls, but I don’t know if the place you went to was Asian or not.

I hate massage chairs! They always make my back hurt rather than help it! I don’t know if that’s supposed to be the way it is? But massaging is always so painful. When I get my hair done the people always try to massage my head, and I can’t even say no because I don’t speak Chinese. GRH.

Oh wow, you are only 20 and are graduating soon! Maybe it’s something common in Australia? I always hear about college graduates being 23 something because American people start school late and also take a year off before bachelors. Not in my family though, apart from me. Bleh.

Lol I know my mom wouldn’t ground me, she doesn’t ground. Just yells at me and calls me a horrible person. Though all hell will break lose if she finds out I’m dating in secret. Lol like you said, yet. Cross it out cross it out!

Aww that’s really sweet! Makes me feel kinda sad I didn’t really get to spend time with Daniel before he took off for China for 2 months (LUCKY BBBBBBBB no cursing no cursing XD) Does Michael live far away from you?

Whoa! Sounds like a lot of food for one person to eat. Hehe. But at least you got to enjoy it and then walk it off. /hehe

Ah, it’s Friday in your part of the world. If I remember from one of your previous blogs you said your last day of the semester was the 10th, right? Ah, now you’re almost halfway done with the year! Time flies so fast, doesn’t it? It’s really hard to believe that I’ve gone on to college myself so soon after graduating high school. But I’m ready for life, so I guess it’s not too bad.

I’m not much of a soup person for some reason, haha. I usually end up avoiding all the little vegetables and pieces of meat and eating only like half of it!

I’ve never really liked spicy food either.

(I guess I’m a bit picky when it comes to food).

I feel accomplished when I eat a lot of food as well, haha, probably because I’m so picky! But I did eat a lot this vacation; I even managed to gain a few pounds!

I avoid massage chairs. I get grossed out for some reason. It must be the thought of another person’s sweat on my back… *shudders*

:-D Yay for Masters. I have started mine. I was told I should go as far as I can because these days a Bachelor isn’t as uncommon as it was …
Spicy soup kills me :-( Even just a wee lil bit. SO unfair!!!

I know right! I don’t even understand why people have to ravage blogs with spam- it’s not cool D:

Cool! What instrument did you play? & rehearsals suck! They get boring and tiring after a while, especially for brass/woodwind players :(

Oh my gosh, GPS is horrible! I hate it! It’s so hard to use and stuff (the car ones…the maps on the phones are alright) and I don’t trust Google maps anymore…I got led into the wrong direction. Argh!

Thanks. I just feel bad for our conductor :|

Awesome! Almost all your assignments are done! Woot!

I love noodles. And soup. Therefore noodles + soup = ♥
I don’t really like spicy food though, I’m such a wuss when it comes to eating Thai food with spice or kimchi or Indian food. I chicken out and drink more water than a camel. But you guys are pretty tough! :D

Aw, I hate waiting for food! I get really hungry when I wait… 🙄

I’ve never been on a massage chair before! I’ve sat in them and they feel pretty good, but I never really wanted to try the massage…haha x) Sounds like you guys had a pretty good time!

I love noodles…I love eating them when I go to eat out and I love cooking them as well XD. Ahh I like soups too but I can get picky…but I definitely am a sucker for noodle soup because they are soo filling!!!

Ah I love spicy food too but most times they don’t even make it medium spicy even when I ask for extra hot. I guess because the majority doesn’t like it spicy they don’t have the means to make it spicier. I am guessing you both would love Thai food because it is usually hot. 🤤

Hmm usually they bring all orders for a table together so that people in the same party don’t have to wait for their food to come out. Haha I guess boys have a different kind of metabolism so they don’t tend to put on fat as easily as females 😢 I like walking off the food too…always a good way to feel better after being stuffed lol.

LOL @massage chair…personally I don’t like those but maybe the ones you tried were good? /bounce

YAY! 2 More Assignments, which by this time are probably almost done! :D Photography sounds interesting, can’t wait to hear your experience.

I love trying new restaurants, it is always very exciting! :D I know how the waiter feels when it takes for ever for food to come out. They must have either been super busy or ran out of something. It can be a bad experience from both ends.

I tried one of those cars in Europe on the boat, against my won will, my guy friends picked me up and put 2 euros in for about 5 minutes. They also stuck one of the teachers on there, I am short so it was not very comfortable. :S Your experience on it sounded 10 times better than mine. :P

I love spicy food, but in America their spicy isn’t spicy enough lol. I hate going out and they take forever to bring out your order, I just want to scream “is it ready yet?” I get really cranky when I’m hungry lol. You and James has soo much fun lol lovebirds. ♥

Thank you. :D I always feel awesome when I see someone using my premade lol.

I tried eBay but it didn’t work out for me because I don’t like the fact that you have to bid. Especially if it’s something I really want. The only thing that sucks about Amazon is that they don’t accept PayPal. Same here, I really want that iPod so I can’t be spend money too much.

Apps are the only thing that the iPhone has that interest me, everything else doesn’t. YAY Android buddies lol. 🙄
I have the iPod shuffle, I need something new also.

Masters huh? You’re braver than I. Love walking off a big meal. Unfortunately for me, I think I would have to walk for three days straight to burn off what I’ve eaten the last couple of weeks X(

it’s amazing how guys can eat a lot. 8D
I love spicy food, but I’m forbidden to eat lots of spicy things. intense stomachache will attack me for sure. @_@ well,I guess it’s in the blood. my family all love spicy stuff. /eee
aiye..massage chair.. my parents , mostly my mom, loves trying massage chairs and the like when the store’s doing promotion. I just don’t get it… massage chair seems so…weird and creepy and…. just not good. O_O
Master of IT eh~ so cool :O is Information Technology something like studying Information System? anyways, knowing that a female wanting to excel in technology stuff is cool, or so people said, since guys are the one usually doing all this system stuff. (just like how they usually comment on me when I said I’m either taking graphics or programming).
how long does it take to get well from pneumonia? does it hurt like so so bad that you can’t sleep? *curious*