A spoonful of sugar

Two assignments left… one is nearly done, and the other is going to be tedious but I’m telling you, it’s already a thousand times better than that database assignment I had to give in on Monday. I am just relieved that part is over and there really isn’t much more to go. πŸ˜„ I only have a week of break before I go back to university for my photography class… but that should be alright. I’m looking forward to it.

Yesterday, James and I went to a noodle restaurant. We’ve been there several times before and the food is good. I felt like getting fried noodles this time, because I usually get soup. I’m a sucker for soup. I had made my own lunch and eaten that sandwich I made, and James gave me a bun, so I was filled up when we ordered, but I thought I could do with a bit more.

James’s spicy diced noodle soup came first and he gave me some of it. It actually wasn’t all that spicy even though he asked them to make it as spicy as possible. James loves spicy food… so it could be rubbing off on me I guess? We noticed that the waiter was bringing other people’s food and mine still hadn’t arrived. It was weird. After twenty-five minutes had passed, we realised that a group of four people had arrived after us and were already leaving because they finished their food… and mine wasn’t even there. O_O

After about eleven dishes came out, and the waiter apologising to a few people, “sorry for the wait”, James asked, “what’s she going to say when yours comes?”

Eventually mine came out and it was pretty huge. Hmm. I didn’t even get very far with eating because I was already pretty full, from eating some of James’s dish too. Which was really lovely, might I add. :3 I enjoyed just drinking the rest of the hot soup left because I didn’t feel like finishing much of my noodles.

James ate my noodles. πŸ˜† And he’s still so fit. I am amazed. 😁

We walked all the way to the shopping centre (which was pretty far and on any ordinary day I’d hate to walk there) because we felt like burning off all the food we ate. I felt so full. We were laughing and it actually kind of hurt to laugh. James said he hoped someone wouldn’t punch him in the stomach as we were walking.

At the shopping centre I looked in a stationery store and just as I got out, James was going to tell me to stay inside so he could try a massage chair. I decided to try it as well, and it was $2 for four minutes. Dude, it was pretty intense. It sort of killed my back because it didn’t know I was so small (and weak perhaps πŸ˜›). James was pretty much yelping in pain. Hahahahah. Afterwards, we couldn’t really feel our feet and criticised the chair to no end. It was the first time we’d ever tried them… but after the blood went back to our legs we felt refreshed and decided that it would be a good way to end next semester. Worth the $2 each too, I guess.

We walked all the way into the next town to get further exercise. My feet hurt a lot but it was rather liberating… after how much I ate. YAY. I feel accomplished, dude. 😁

Today I got free food at a post-graduate information night. I registered because I’m planning to apply for a Master of Information Technology. Yes, I don’t think I’m quite done with study, even this is the final Bachelor year. Ooooooo.

Over and out.

James, I really loved that hot soup. πŸ˜‹

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