10th June (was yesterday)

It was the 10th June yesterday. It’s hard to believe it has come and gone. It seems like just yesterday that I was dying for the day to come. Weeks ago, knowing the 10th of June was the end of semester, I was itching for it. I was waiting for the end of semester because I could not wait until I would be finally done with the horrible subjects I had. Admittedly my media subject wasn’t all that bad, and it turns out, from the results I’ve received so far, I have done really well. My animation one was not so bad either, and I really enjoyed it and learned a lot of new things, but I don’t think I did very well in it. I received a high mark in an assignment that wasn’t worth very much and not such a good mark in something that was worth nearly half the assessment of the subject. 😦

I hated my database subject the most because of my tutor. Today I received my last grades for the subject. I was really pissed off. I have come to the conclusion that my tutor is really very biased, and I am so glad I don’t have to deal with her anymore. In fact, today I picked up all of my assignments from that subject, tore them to shreds and threw them in the trash. I could have put them in the recycling bin, but they are not even worth recycling. That is how much I hate that subject.

Yesterday, I was stressing out because I hadn’t finished my assignment. Generally, I didn’t have a very good day. I slept at 3:00am, since I really wanted to finish my media assignment. I was 2000 words over – I was that enthusiastic about it, I guess. I really hope I’m not penalised a lot, but judging from how well I did in my media subjects last year, and considering I went many words over the limit as well, perhaps I won’t do so badly in this one. However, I didn’t get much sleep, and I struggled for the entire morning and afternoon doing my animation assignment. At the eleventh hour, I finally finished. I hadn’t eaten for the entire day, and after handing in my assignment I finally headed home – tired, hungry, but for the most part, relieved.

A little too relieved to celebrate immediately, but I did later on; actually danced to Walking on Sunshine and sat here at my laptop… sort of wondering what to do.

Today I spent half the day dealing with these two dogs who keep coming into our garden through a hole in the fence and doing their business all over our lawn. I was hand washing some clothes in the laundry and when I went out, the dogs were just there, standing on the lawn, staring at me. I inched towards them and one of them barked at me. I took a picture and I felt like Rory in Doctor Who, taking pictures of all the suspicious “people”. Eventually, my dad and brother nailed up the fence so hopefully those dogs no longer bother us.

I also got bored… lack of things to do, maybe? Not even thinking about assignments and having none makes me realise how much of life university takes up. It’s a bit of a sad thought. I cleaned up a few websites today… and I’m moving the bulk of my fanlistings to the one domain – so that means no more silly fanlisting hubs for me.

I only have about ten days of break. I guess I’ll have to make the most of it, because I have class again on the 20th. I think I’m really looking forward the subjects I’ll be doing for the rest of this year. I am just relieved to no longer be doing the subjects that annoyed me so much in the first half of this year. I’ve also blogged less frequently, and I realise that I hated returning comments a lot before. I haven’t returned comments for about a month now (properly, anyway), and when I read some blogs yesterday I think all I needed was a proper break from everything, what with university stressing me out so much. I think that’s what I need now too. I need to relax. 🙂

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