10th June (was yesterday)

It was the 10th June yesterday. It’s hard to believe it has come and gone. It seems like just yesterday that I was dying for the day to come. Weeks ago, knowing the 10th of June was the end of semester, I was itching for it. I was waiting for the end of semester because I could not wait until I would be finally done with the horrible subjects I had. Admittedly my media subject wasn’t all that bad, and it turns out, from the results I’ve received so far, I have done really well. My animation one was not so bad either, and I really enjoyed it and learned a lot of new things, but I don’t think I did very well in it. I received a high mark in an assignment that wasn’t worth very much and not such a good mark in something that was worth nearly half the assessment of the subject. D:

I hated my database subject the most because of my tutor. Today I received my last grades for the subject. I was really pissed off. I have come to the conclusion that my tutor is really very biased, and I am so glad I don’t have to deal with her anymore. In fact, today I picked up all of my assignments from that subject, tore them to shreds and threw them in the trash. I could have put them in the recycling bin, but they are not even worth recycling. That is how much I hate that subject.

Yesterday, I was stressing out because I hadn’t finished my assignment. Generally, I didn’t have a very good day. I slept at 3:00am, since I really wanted to finish my media assignment. I was 2000 words over – I was that enthusiastic about it, I guess. I really hope I’m not penalised a lot, but judging from how well I did in my media subjects last year, and considering I went many words over the limit as well, perhaps I won’t do so badly in this one. However, I didn’t get much sleep, and I struggled for the entire morning and afternoon doing my animation assignment. At the eleventh hour, I finally finished. I hadn’t eaten for the entire day, and after handing in my assignment I finally headed home – tired, hungry, but for the most part, relieved.

A little too relieved to celebrate immediately, but I did later on; actually danced to Walking on Sunshine and sat here at my laptop… sort of wondering what to do.

Today I spent half the day dealing with these two dogs who keep coming into our garden through a hole in the fence and doing their business all over our lawn. I was hand washing some clothes in the laundry and when I went out, the dogs were just there, standing on the lawn, staring at me. I inched towards them and one of them barked at me. I took a picture and I felt like Rory in Doctor Who, taking pictures of all the suspicious “people”. Eventually, my dad and brother nailed up the fence so hopefully those dogs no longer bother us.

I also got bored… lack of things to do, maybe? Not even thinking about assignments and having none makes me realise how much of life university takes up. It’s a bit of a sad thought. I cleaned up a few websites today… and I’m moving the bulk of my fanlistings to the one domain – so that means no more silly fanlisting hubs for me.

I only have about ten days of break. I guess I’ll have to make the most of it, because I have class again on the 20th. I think I’m really looking forward the subjects I’ll be doing for the rest of this year. I am just relieved to no longer be doing the subjects that annoyed me so much in the first half of this year. I’ve also blogged less frequently, and I realise that I hated returning comments a lot before. I haven’t returned comments for about a month now (properly, anyway), and when I read some blogs yesterday I think all I needed was a proper break from everything, what with university stressing me out so much. I think that’s what I need now too. I need to relax. :)

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I hate biased teachers /angry
like you, i throw my assignments and other paperworks in the trashcan. hoho

I know the year is going so fast! It’s my birthday today! I can’t believe it has come so quickly :O :)

The last day of the semester is always the BEST! I know the feeling. Finals week came for me and I was like what?! When did that get here lol?

And your tutor sounded really horrible. I remember the last couple of posts where you were talking about her and your class and it sounded horrible. But be glad it’s over!

And lol at the trashing of it. I totally did that with all things organic chemistry after I took it. I HATED the class because of a lot of factors which also included the professor too. It feels good right?!?

YAYYY! This made me miss school a bit. I just graduated last March so yeah, I wouldn’t be having problems with school works anymore ’cause this time, I’m in the corporate world — which means, bigger responsibilities and harder tasks! Yayy!

But yeah… time does fly so fast. I remember celebrating with my friends whenever a hell-ish semester ends. :p

Have fun on your break! I’m sorry about the database project your tutor assigned you… Is your tutor like a real teacher? Do you get graded for the assignments? Because to me, a tutor is merely someone who helps you. I don’t know – I’ve never had a tutor, although at times I wish I had. I remember seeing your tweets about this project, though, so I can only imagine how stressed out you were. D: I was going to say something – to try and brighten the mood and make you feel better – but I haven’t been very social on Twitter lately because when I @reply, I just end up making the whole thing one great, big mess. :( So I didn’t, and I didn’t want to frustrate you more. /faw

On a greater note, enjoy 10-day break! :)

I believe I’ve told you this before – our tutors are are our teachers and in particular this one held a senior position so it was not possible to appeal. Tutors teach us as well as help us, as in most cases they are our lecturers or professors. You don’t wish you had a tutor in this case; this bitch was completely unhelpful. :P

Oh, sorry. D: I don’t have the best of memory. .-.

The classes you’re taking actually sound kind of interesting! Sucks that they weren’t that fun though – at least their over! My finals don’t start till the middle of this week, thursday, friday, and then monday and tuesday.

I hate random things like those dogs, this guy is related to my neighbors and I guess he doesn’t know the law or something, but when he visits he walks his dog all over peoples lawns. and waves in their windows. o.o

I suck at returning comments that I haven’t done it for a month D:

Just wanted to let you know that for tutorials on this website, you’re like my savior haha. I can’t figure out wordpress each time I kept switching back and forth to it without the creating a wordpress layout one a while back.

Glad you made it through the semester! It’s always a big relief to finally be done with all those crazy subjects you don’t like ( a little sad to be done with the ones you DO like though! ) I hope you have a great break, however short it may be, and hope your next semester is amazing! :D

HEY GEORGIE! I’m so glad that you’re done with those horrid classes! My gosh this has been a long journey! But I’m proud of you for sticking with it! Time sure does fly, when you least expect it. I actually did watch the first episode of Dr.Who, and I actually like it. :D . But yeah, those 10 days of being off will go by so fast you’ll wonder what had happened to those days?

But you’re doing a lot more than just school work as well. You have a family to look after, a boyfriend, chores and the like. So we all know that this and school really stresses you out so no worries about the lack of blogging and commenting! I know I’m doing that now! I honestly feel really bad about it too. But I’m still in the process of fixing up the site and what not. So I’m relieved with that.

Hmmm, honestly I’m so glad you got good marks on your papers, and just shredded the b.s. ones that you should’ve gotten higher grades on. I’m proud of you for that! I would’ve done the same honestly. I had to restore my computer back to it’s factory settings today, cause of my media center not working. But my dad’s friend who’s an expert on computer has a cd for me, that he’s going to burn me a copy that has like all the Windows 7 home,premium and ultimate on it, as well; as other files. So I’m really happy with that idea.He also knows how to burn movies and what not onto dvd’s as much as I do :D . So that helped out a lot, but since my computer’s going to be hooked up to my t.v. soon, it won’t matter if I have a disc or not lol. :). I’m happy about that.I’m also getting that new bed too (well; not really new, but new to me!). I’ve been keeping my room clean and everything like that. You’ve seen how messy my closet was. It’s all cleaned out except for a few things in there. Which will be removed as soon as I get everything situated and what not.Well; girlie I gots to go, but I’ll talk to you later! Take care!

Urgh, I totally felt the same way about counting down until my semester ended too. Why is your break so short? Only ten days? I have 5 weeks whilst the rest of AU has about 3 or 4. And also – 2000 words over the limit?! I reaaaally hope you don’t get penalised. I’ve never heard of anyone going THAT over the limit, haha. But better having too much to say than not enough, i guess?

glad you don’t have to deal with that awful class anymore. but only 10 days break? :( hope your next set of classes will be better

It’s a good thing you finally have a break! What’s with Australia this year, my friend has been having a busy time right now too. There seems to be a trend with quantity of major assignments and biased teachers. I remember when I was counting down every single day down to May 9th. Not fun when the end was close because I had a lot of stupid projects too. So glad it’s over now.

Hmm people are telling me that they are bored because lack of things to do. I am in fact the opposite. I’m busier now than during university … I think I actually blogged more when I had school and didn’t have time to work on my own stuff.

I see you must be taking a winter course. 10 days isn’t very long but make the most of it! I think I had 110 days … but only 76 left. Wow time has flown.

You’re June 10th is my July 5th :P I still have a few weeks to go before I’ve wrapped up all the university stuff. Hopefully, I’ll pass all my courses! I usually don’t know what to do with my time after I have nothing left to do for school, either, but this year I’m flying to America the day after my last final ^^ Although I guess I’ll still be bored since I’ll be on a plane for 14 hours, haha!

I hope you enjoy your free time (and that those dogs don’t come back)!

Relax, relax, reeeelax. And relax some more. You deserve it.
I had classes I hated to and when the semester was done, I went out with friends and got REALLY drunk, haha. We all were so relieved.

As for the layout, ah yeah. At first I wanted to rip her head off. Now, I just don’t care. I know the truth and that’s all I care about :)
Now relax … ♥

Yes, dear Georgie… you definitely need some relax. :( It’s awful how horrible teachers and tutors can turn beautiful subjects into a hell in a student’s life… I truly believe there is no justification for that: if they can’t treat students with respects and try to help them instead of turning down their efforts, then they should just fire themselves and look for another job. Being a teacher means having tact and honest social skills in the first place. They have big responsibilities when they come to make students hate their subject.

I hope those dogs won’t approach your gate anymore, hun. They sound no friendly at all. x(

Hope next semester will be a nicer, more relaxing one for you. ;) Enjoy your vacation in the meantime!

~ Luana S.

P.S. I have a tag for you at the URL in my name. ;)
P.S.(2) My 26th birthday comes in four days, and I was thinking about ordering a layout from you as a birthday present to myself. :D I really love your clean, W3C valid style. Do you have a prices page?

Thanks! I’m really happy with the way it turned out! I hate the series split! Grr… it keeps you so on edge! Thanks, and I do love simple layouts. ;) Yay for Karen!

It’s good that you’ve finally got a break! I hate biased teachers, and believe me, I’ve had lots. So how are you? Anything nice happening? :)

Helloooooo! How funny, you finished semester on the 10th of June and that’s when I started my exams XD. BUT YAAAAAAAY! YOU’RE FINISHED :D :D *dances*. No more stressful uni for you! (At least for 10 days :P). ENJOY YOUR BREAK!

I’m sure you WILL do well in media :). And that stupid biased tutor. Dear GOD, she was evil. Thank GOD that subject is done with. Done and dusted :) :).

ARGHHHH! How terrible! I’d have been SO annoyed if dogs came and crapped all over my lawn D:. I hope the fixing the fence fixes it, otherwise you might have to talk to your neighbours D:.

Aww sounds so nice to not know what to do. Haha. Uni work is so overwhelming!

Well in any case I hope you have an AWESOME 10 day break. Don’t work too hard when you go back! ♥

woah. i turned 20 on the 10th of june.
and yes. everybody hates teachers who play favorites with their students. i srsly want to kick his/her ass. =|

Ahhh, I get the same way when school lets out, but you only have ten days of break?! I have months- although I am on summer break (thank god).

Relaxing is good. I’ve been on relax mode since I was done with school.. maybe a bit too much? I was finding myself falling asleep at 7pm just because I could, hehe.

HAHA YOU & ME BOTH..I haven’t returned comments for real in a month & I haven’t even blogged in like…a month or two. I think 2. Yeah, this is the longest time I’ve gone without blogging or writing something or updating. School…takes up so much of my time & I just get so exhausted.

Sounds like those classes sucked! Good thing your semester is finally over! The quarter ended on June 8th for me with ridiculous finals..but yeah, now we can both try & catch up on sleep & what not. I was thinking of burning my papers & turning it into compost for our small little herb garden. :D hahaha I love that you were so fed up with that class though. Sounds about right.

Aw dogs..cute. :D God, sorry, stupid & lame comment.

Wanted to wish you an incredibly belated birthday & yeaaaaah girl I miss ya! Oh I also wanted to say that I recently discovered Bloglovin.com & started following your blog. hahaa it’s pretty much like an RSS feeder & Google reader, but..better!!! :D

Hooooray for having a break from classes! I can’t believe your summer (or.. is it summer break there?) is that short! :O

LOL your database assignments got what they deserved! I always want to do that with my hated subjects, but then I get all nostalgic at the end of the year and I just can’t. I’m such a dork lmao.

Hopefully you’re having fun on your break! Having nothing to do is so weird after having been so consistently busy for so long. You sort of almost miss it, in a way.

Haha it’s actually winter here, and I have to take a winter class so my break isn’t that long. :( After my winter class I have two weeks off, so not all is lost.

I could never get nostalgic with those databases! I might regret it later but I think there’s a time when all that school stuff needs to be farewelled. :P

Oh my God, you must’ve hated the subject so much if you actually ripped the assignments. D:

Sleeping at 3am, that sounds like me when I was still doing my teaching attachment. I had to prepare and finish my teaching materials for the next day, did the markings, and stuff like that. Horrible life. But I’m glad you got it over and done with, at least you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Considering I’m practically done with university, I’m surprised that I actually miss it. I miss the life as a student and I miss hanging around the campus. It’s weird. /hehe

Waaa, this is my first comment on your blog since… God I forgot when was the last time I commented here. /um

Enjoy the 10 days of break. You definitely need that.